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Anastasia by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway

Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 46,680
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Neville, Luna, Teddy, Albus, James (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: OC/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, James/OC

First Published: 10/20/2011
Last Chapter: 08/10/2014
Last Updated: 08/10/2014

The Wizarding World has changed

Quidditch is an all-male sport, Gryffindor doesn't exist, and underground societies are being built

A new generation of wizards, led by the missing Potter daughter, will determine whether their world will rise or burn

Chapter 1: In which I am Brought Against my Will
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  Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to J.K. Rowling


I never realized that true quiet had a sound. How distinct it is, the clamour of absolute silence. The ringing and stillness and altogether way it engulfs you, like the sound of the ocean. If you have ever placed a seashell to your ear, you will understand the rushing sound of quiet, clapping over your ears like a thick fog.

I woke to a blinding whiteness. It wasn’t light, it was just whiteness.

I blinked a couple of times, waiting for my pupils to adjust to the intensity of all the colors of the rainbow combined into this whiteness. A rainbow appeared in front of my vision as I heard the first sound, a thumping that filled the whole room steadily, as if it was surrounded by thunder.

The eye of this storm was where I was lying, a soft platform surrounded by white walls and the blinding ceiling which was now turning into a cluster of white orbs of light. The thumping continued, the only sound to fill the room.

Everything I remembered seemed muddy and blurry. I began to realize that this is not the place I was naturally supposed to be. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t know how I had come to be, here or anywhere. My thoughts began to race, and the thumping escalated.

A crack interrupted my thoughts as a door I hadn’t noticed before opened. A woman with starch white hair opened the door and walked to where I was slowly, the tapping of her heels seemingly loud and boisterous.

I realized as the silence was broken that the thumping had been the sound of my own heart.

I found my voice.

“Where is this?”

The woman looked at me, drinking my features in. It was as if I was somehow and irrevocably recognizable.

“Who are you?” I tried again.

She opened her mouth, as if to speak, then closed it again. She blinked, then said, “Call me Caelator.”
I stared at her, her eyes deep and rich and younger than the rest of her face.
She spoke again.
“Goodnight Lily.”

As I walked through the dim hallway, I listened to the steps that accompanied mine. In front of me was the man who was escorting me, as if I was a criminal or something. His auror footsteps were heavy and loud. Next came mine, quiet, nearly nonexistent. Behind me, was my assigned attourney, her steps very soft, with a quiet rhythm.

I was anxious. I was walking down this hall towards a court room. We grew closer to the heavy wooden door, and when we finally reached it, the auror reached out and grasped the handle, turning it.

I took a deep breath, and stepped into the room. Immediately, I was overcome by a cool breeze. The room seemed incredibly drafty considering the torches along the walls of the circular room. A feeling of hopelessness and dispair came over me as I took another step into the room. I looked up to discover dementors, my greatest and only fear, hovering over the entire courtroom.

The auror pushed me towards the wooden chair at the center circular room surounded on the edges by several rings of pews set high into the walls. He sat me down, and immediately chains were wrapped around me magically, tightening at my wrists and ankles.

"Okay, seriously?" I asked him, irritated. "Is that really nessecary?"

"We don't need you attacking anyone... again."

Oh... so they were still pissed that I had tried to attack this guy's friend when they first brought me to the ministry. "Sorry, forgot." I said. "But still-"

I was cut off by the door slamming and hurried steps coming up to the big podium in the center of the pews.

"Sorry I'm late everybody, I had to get Kingsley to sign the last form for the trial." A woman walked up to the podium and sat down, arranging papers and organizing her most recent documents.

"Hello Dean, how's the family?" she said finally looking up towards me. She seemed to be speaking to the auror standing behind me.

"Fine thanks Hermione." He said.

"Good. Now before we begin, let's get rid of the dementors. It's unessecary and freezing in here." With a flick of her wand, a dome formed over our heads, separating the dementors from view. I immediately felt better. I sighed quietly of relief.

"So let's get started then. Let's take attendance shall we? Let's see... for the Wizengomet, we have everybody but Percy Weasly. I'll have to make a note of that.

"Hello professor McGonagall." An old woman with sharp features and a tight ben nodded in aknowledgement. She looked like she was strict.

"And the jury, say present when you hear your name." She pulled out a list from the stack of papers on her podium.

"And what if we don't hear our names?" a voice called out.

"Ah, George, I see you finally showed up. Did Kingsley finally threaten you bad enough to show up today?"

"More like the wife. But it is a curious case, I must admit." He said, looking towards me. He had bright red hair and long features. I broke eye contact.

"Well then, let's see... Anderson, Cooper?" And on the list went. She only paused when she reached the L's. "Longbottom, Neville"

"Present" said a man sitting with the rest of the jury. He had dark hair and mature features, with scars along his face.

"Oh, hello Neville, nice seeing you here."

And the list continued. When she finished, there were seven people on the jury in all.

"Well, I see the ministry assigned an attourney to the defendent, good to see you here Luna, it was nice of you to volunteer."

"Yes, I was happy to be helpful." My attourney said dreamily. I noticed for the first time that she was wearing vegtable earrings. Of course out of all of the equipped people to help me, they choose the lady who's a nut, but happy to help.

"Well then, defendant, state your name, parents, and prior education in the magical arts."

Wow, that's a lot of questions. "Ummm... my name is Anastasia, most people call me Anna though. I don't know who my parents are, i've always assumed them dead, and I was taught certain spells to defend myself by my master."

Yep, this would be a long trial. I hope they serve us lunch, cause there's no way I can go another hour without food. They can't expect me to tell my vague so-called life story without so much as a PB&J sandwitch.


Chapter 2: In Which I am Assigned... Parole?
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 Disclaimer: All things recognizable belong to JK Rowling.



"Let me get this straight, you were raised by Greyback since an extremely young age, and you christened yourself 'Anastasia', based on a movie you saw?" The judge peered down at me from her high podium. Her eyes were scanning my face, looking for something that she couldn't seem to place. "You know, you do look somewhat familiar... It must be a trick of the light. We'll have someone clean you off and get you some clean clothes as well as a blood sample to test for DNA after this whole ordeal is done with. So tell me, what sort of basic defensive spells do you know?"







I thought over the different spells I knew of, not quite by name, but by task. "Umm, the one that you disarm people with?" I kept going, "The one that 'stuns' people, and the one that makes their body freeze, i think." No use using some of the other useless little spells, I had given a good overview. 




"I see, and who taught you these? Was it Greyback?"







"Yes it was him, but also some of the older kids taught me the body-freeze spell." I remembered those hours past bedtime on nights off, when we would gather and plan on how to make the next days better. After all, our lives weren't exactly fantastic.




Greyback insisted on pushing us to our limits, and often we were forced to steal bread and other necessities of the streets of London and sections of France.




"So you said that you have no idea who your parents could be?" She asked next after writing some things down.




"No, I was raised by Greyback, and Greyback only. Although sometimes the others would help teach me things, like how to survive." I added that last part hesitantly, unsure of how to word some of the unorthodox methods the others taught me to stay alive, like pick-pocketing or fishing with claws.




"Are you the youngest of Greyback's clan of children?" 




"Yes, as far as I know. I am fourteen." 




"Tell me Anna, do you know what Greyback was charged with by the ministry, before his demise?"








"The murders of fifteen innocent wizards and witches, eleven of them children; the manslaughters of countless others; the attacks of multiple children and adults, eighteen in all; as well as the kidnapping of many children, and the conversions of twenty-five known werewolves." She looked at me. "Tell me Anna, is this you? Are you a werewolf?"




There was that word, the word that was spat at me several times before, on several different streets, and in several different languages. The way she said it implied having a problem, as far as she was concerned, but I knew others thought much worse. I pondered for a long time.








She looked at me with a sad smile, as if she pitied me. This bothered me, as I hated it when people gave me sympathy for being beneath them, for stealing their bread, or their chickens. (Yes chickens, raised by wolves, remember?) "Well then, that is all we need to know for the moment. Thank you Anna, someone will take you to get cleaned up while I speak to your attorney and the jury about what comes next for you." She smiled at me one more time and had me ushered out of the room.




The woman who brought me out of the room had thick glasses and her hair was in a tight bun. She led me to a room up one floor that had a cushy couch made of leather, as well as a well equipped bathroom and shower. 




She led me to the showers saying, "Go ahead and clean up dear, I’ll bring you some fresh clothes for afterwards." I stripped down and stepped into the shower. She left, giving me privacy, taking my clothes with her. I stood there for a while, enjoying the pounding hot water against my back. This was without a doubt, the best shower I had ever taken. Actually, that wasn't a big deal, considering that I could count the number of times I've ever taken a real shower on one hand.




As I watched all of the dirt and dried blood wash down the drain with the water, the memory of the first moments of the attack come to mind.




BOOM the walls shook, and dust escaped from the cracks, as our tunnel of refuge was preparing to collapse. 




BOOM the walls trembled and now dust poured on to my head and filled my eyes and nostrils, making me cough, and my eyes began watering.




BOOM the walls began to collapse on us and I could hear shouting above us. Rocks  and debris scraped my face and arms as the yelling began.




"Get in, get out, and grab as many hostages you can! You heard the orders! The other team has Greyback! Now get the kids and get out!" It was a deep masculine voice that spoke as people wearing colorful robes streamed into the south side of the tunnel, about one hundred yards away. I think they saw us huddled together, but before we could even shout out, I felt thick, hairy hands lay on my shoulders. Greyback. 




"Before any of you touch the children, it's time for you to leave." Before the people could even respond, Greyback had cornered us into a grate, trapping us from the people trying to take us away. 




Then Greyback ran, towards the team of people. Before the two sides could converge however, he dodged out the side entrance.




The team moved to chase after him, all except one, who shouted, "Stop! you know the orders! get the kids, and get out!" He began to run towards us, and when he reached us, he blew open the grate, and then all hell broke loose.




We all began running in different directions, unsure of whose side to take. I personally, didn't really fancy either, and being an exceptionally fast runner, had made it up to the street center before anyone else. It was there that I saw it all happen.




Intense, brown eyes flashed in front of me, and I cringed, shutting off the flow of memories invading my brain. I regained my composure and scrubbed the bar of soap against my skin, cleansing my pores of the dirt and cracked skin. I scrubbed the dried blood off of my arms and cheeks, and washed my hair vigorously.




By the time I was done, I realized someone had left fresh clothes for me, waiting for me to put them on.







They were simple, brown pants and a beige sweater, but were made of nicer fabric than I had ever dreamed of wearing. It sort of hit me then. I am no longer living on the streets. I was clean, and wearing nice clothes, and real, clean underwear.




I stared at the face and body in the full length mirror fastened to the wall. Bright green eyes stared back at me, and simple features adorned the face. Long, brown hair, dripping wet, laid flat down the back. Brown wasn't even my real color of hair. I could just barely remember the fiery shade it used to be. He had made me change it. One simple charm and my hair was boring brown. I sighed at this uncanny person that was myself, watching them blink.




Then I found a plate sitting on a table next to the couch with a large sandwich laying there, waiting for me to eat it. I devoured it in record time, feeling ravenous. I could feel my eyes drifting closed, when the door opened and the lady with the glasses opened the door.




"Excuse me miss, it's time to go back now." She waited impatiently for me to follow her back to the courtroom. I felt much more relaxed now that I was clean and fed. There was also a prospect of me having a real bed to sleep in for the first time since I was a baby.




"Anastasia" the judge said as I came back to the chair, sitting down, my legs exhausted. She almost did a double take when she saw me. "Oh my, you look quite different now that you are clean!" she remarked. "Anyways, Anna, we have decided that for now, you will stay with a volunteer host family, as Luna, your attorney has so kindly offered to do so, and she is trusted by the ministry."







Luna smiled at me, giving a little wave.







"This is until September 1st, one and a half weeks from now, when you will be sent to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry to study among fellow young witches and wizards. You will be watched for any suspicious behaviors, as if you were on parole." She gave me one last peculiar glance, before she looked away again. "This is the Wizengomet's final decision."




BAM the gavel pounded on the wood, creating a long hollow sound that reverberated against the walls. The next part of my life, spelled out by wood.


Chapter 3: In Which I Learn of how to be a Lovegood-Scamander
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  Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling


BANG. The door shut behind us as I took a step into Luna's circular kitchen. Her wavy blonde hair swayed softly as she walked past me into the kitchen. "Excuse me, just let me make sure that Rolf swept up the Nargles in the bedroom like I asked." She swept up the circular staircase, leaving me to myself, wondering what Nargles were. I decided not to worry too much. This certainly wasn't the first time today that she had made some weird reference to some mythical creature.


Luna's kitchen had been brazenly painted a bright yellow that reminded me of sunshine and flowers. Their were oddly shaped pots and platters strewn and hung up on racks on any free wall space. There were also many various drawings and sketches, some of them painted, aligning cabinets and the wall. This left little wall space. I went and sat down at a small, wooden table, waiting for her to come back.


"I'm sorry, just had to make sure the room is ready for you. This was originally my father's house, which was a bit worn down, even before my friends blew it up." She swept into the room and set a kettle on the stove. "Care for tea? I don't care for the bitterness much, but Rolf and the boys don't mind it."


"Err.. yes please." I said scowling, confused. "I don't understand, why would your friends blow up your house?"


"Oh they didn't mean to, it was years ago, during the war against Voldemort. They wanted to talk to my father about something or other and some Death Eaters came, interrupting their conversation. It would have been bad to host Harry Potter for tea in those days I suppose. My father was the one who called the Death Eaters, he was quite desperate after all, with me in the Malfoy Manor basement. They weren't fond of his writings."  She sighed and bustled around in a cabinet for a minute, looking for something, then finding it, she pulled out a jar of some home-grown pickled fruits.


"Did you know that you can pickle Diridgable Plums? They're really quite good." She said unscrewing the lid, pinching one of the shriveled fruits and taking a small bite out of it.


"Um, Luna? Who's Voldemort? And Harry Potter?" Her explanation hadmade me even more confused and frankly, I didn't understand 70% of it.


"Oh, that's right, you're not exactly informed of what happened withthe rest of the World's history. Well, Voldemort was a very evil person, who wanted control of the Wizarding world. Did you know that he made seven horcruxes?" She shivered at the thought. I did in fact, know what a horcrux was. Greyback had mentioned it breifly before. In the past few days spent in the normal Wizarding World, it had begun to dawn upon me the evilness of my master. Just this morning, I had been eating breakfeast at the ministry after yesterday's trial, when I saw another man reading a paper with a picture of Greyback being thrown to the ground. I could see that the picture had been from the night before last, and I could just make out my face among the crowds.  The article had described how Greyback had collected children, turning them into werewolves, and raising them to be his army. Ha, story of my life.


"Well anyways, Voldemort was the start of two wars. The first time, he was defeated by Harry Potter as a baby. Harry's story is really quite sad you know. He was raised by his muggle relatives, who were mean to him. This was all before he came to Hogwarts. When he arrived at Hogwarts, Voldemort came back in Harry's fourth year and they fought each other. When he was in his fifth year, no one believed him from theministry, except for people like Mr. Weasly, who was part of the anti-Voldemort order, the order of the pheonix. Did you know that the order of pheonix only eats cabbage on February 17th? It's part of the cabbage united conspiracy."


 "So anyways, when Harry fought Voldemort again that year, with me and our friends, people believed him. So then when Albus Dumbledore died, Harry set out on a mission with his good friends Ron and Hermione and defeated him again. Oh, Hermione was the judge you had yesterday. She's married to Ron. Anyways, after the big battle, Harry married my good friend and Ron's sister Ginny Weasly. You should meet the Weaslys by the way, they live just down the road. Nice family."


"So where is Harry Potter now?" I asked, gaining an understanding of what had gone on, so many years ago.


"That's the thing, no one really knows. He went missing thirteen years ago. They were living in a house not too far from the river. It's abandoned now. Sad, isn't it? His little girl was kidnapped during an attack and Ginny was attacked too. Now she's in a coma. Has been for a long time. They left two other boys, Albus and James, they live with their grandparents now, just up the road. They go to school in America though, where there are less people wanting their pictures. It's hard for them you know, they are recognized everywhere they go." She sighed and just then the kettle rang, squealing oddly, like a frog instead of a train whistle.


"Oh the tea is ready!" She swept up and went over to the kettle where she poured it into a cup with old fashioned tea leaves. "Would you like some philly sweetner?"


"Errr... no thanks." I was still deep in thought as she placed the cup down in front of me.


"If you don't mind, I have to go out to the garden and harvest the anglicans. It's that time of day. If you like, you can go down to the river where the boys are and introduce yourself. Otherwise, your room is the third floor, on the left with the painting of the tulips on the door." She then trapized out the front door, leaving me to my tea.


"Hey Lorc, I dare you to go and knock on the door of the abandoned house over there!" said Lysander. 


I had taken Luna's advice and gone down to the riverbed where her twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander were hanging about. They were my age and would be going to Hogwarts too. They had matching light brown hair and the same light blue eyes, same as Luna. We had been hanging out, skipping rocks and climbing on the rocks for about an hour or so. The river was pretty small as far as rivers go. You could walk across on the rocks easily, and there were a lot of trees around it. It was very peaceful. 


"Yeah right! It's haunted! If you're so crazy to suggest it, why don't you go!" Lorcan said indignantly to his twin. 


"Why don't we all go? It'd be pretty cool, and I doubt it's as haunted as some of the old churches Ive been in. Some of them are swarming with ghosts." I suggested, recalling some of the old abandoned buildings I had been in with Greyback.


The twins looked at each other for a minute. "Yeah that sounds cool." said Lysander. "Have you really been in a haunted church before?" 


"Yeah, tons actually. There's a big building down the street from Notre Dame that is breeming with ghosts, but the muggles don't even notice!"


"Wicked..." Said Lorcan, smiling. "Let's go."


We had to walk about a half mile 'till we reached the front door. The house actually looked like it used to be nice, with red-shutters and some flower beds. It had just been neglected for a long time. "How long has this place been abandoned?" I asked, curious. 


"Dad says about twelve, thirteen years. It was Harry Potter's house before he disappeared off the face of the earth. Albus says that his grandparents couldn't bear to sell it or something, but they didn't want to touch it, so now it's haunted. Well, that's what James said." Lysander explained. That made sense, I guess. Luna had mentioned that they lived nearby.


"Well, let's go in then." I said, pushing open the door, which swung open easily, making a loud creaking sound. I walked inside, not needing to bother with anything to see, because of all the natural light that filled the room. As I surveyed the room, I realized that it was actually nice in here, just dusty. There was a nice, unused fireplace, and a sweeping staircase. I could see that there was a kitchen in the back behind the stairs, and two rooms adjacent to the entry, one of them a private study. 


I wandered into the study. There were a lot of papers and books lying around, and even some leftover "do not cross" police tape on the ground. On the desk, I noticed a picture frame lying there. The glass had cracked, but the picture of a happy, smiling family of five was still in tact. 


I left the room and meandered up the stairs with Lorcan and Lysander. The upstairs consisted of a small landing, next to a hallway with more doors. I went down the hallway to the door at the end. "Any ghosts yet?" asked Lorcan.


"Nope." I answered back.


"Same here." said Lysander. "Do you reckon that little girl who was kidnapped would haunt this place? She was our age, mum said." 


"I don't know. What did she look like?" Lorcan answered. 


"I don't remember but dad said she had the brightest green eyes he had ever seen."


I inspected the door in front of me. It read "Lily's room" in swirly script. 


I was about to ask if Lily was the little girl, but something interupted me.


"AAAAAAHHHGGGGGG!!" Screamed Lysander. "Look in the mirror! The eyes!"  


I swiveled around to the mirror he had been pointing at, seeing big, green eyes staring back at me. Then I realized that they were my eyes, reflecting from a second mirror by the door I was looking at. Before I could explain however, the twins had already run down the stairs. I ran after them meaning to explain. I was a naturally fast runner so I caught up with them quickly.


"Guys! Don't freak out! It was my eyes in the mirror! There was no ghost! No one's going to tear your limbs apart!" They looked at me, seeing my big green eyes, and a look of relief was spread across both of their faces.


"Man that was close! You have some bright eyes there Anna!" said Lysander, laughing. "I could have sworn that a little girl was about to come up behind me and attack me!" 


Okay, that was pretty ridiculous. This had me and Lorcan laughing too soon enough. It felt good to laugh. I'm pretty sure I could count the times I've laughed in the past seven years with a carton of eggs. But I still couldn't shake the weird feeling of familiarity about that house that had been with me the whole time.


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Chapter 4: In Which A Bombshell is Dropped into my Waiting Arms
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling

"So Anna, how do you feel about that?" A woman with kind brown eyes asked me, referring to my previous statement about what it was like to discover the wizarding world. I wanted to ask her how much she gets paid to ask me that question thirty-seven times in the past hour. I figured it would be rude, so I restrained myself.

"It makes me feel suckish." My original statement had been, "It kind of sucks to know that you missed all these opportunities that other kids got." Figures that I felt bad about it. I mean, this lady wasn't even paying attention to my original question.

"I see..." she said as she scribbled on her roll of parchment with a feather. A bit weird if you asked me, but so was Luna's fish necklace. And those fish were still pretty fresh, if you know what I mean.

It had been just over a week since my original trial. I had been living with Luna and her family for that period of time. I still had some buisness here at the ministry though. I had to come in every other day to visit with Ms. Hannels, my 'physciatrist'. More like 'some random dumb blonde hired by the ministry out of pity for my mental state'.
I mean, just now, she was twirling her blonde ringlets and doodling on her parchment with an obscene peacock feather. She was a nice person and all, just annoying. She was probably doing nothing if not deteriorating my mental state.

"Well Anna, I thik weve done quite enough for today. So why don't you wait right here until Mrs. Scamander gets here. I would stay, but I have another appointment right now." Yeah for her nails. She smiled at me sweetly, gathered up her designer purse and left the room.

The moment the door slammed, I stood up, pacing around the room. The walls were a cream color, with a window looking out into the atrium where many wizards and witches were meandering around the fountain on their lunchbreaks. I looked, but there was no sign of Luna or her husband Rolf. This wouldn't be the first time Luna had been late. The other day, Rolf had to take me home after his work was finished for the day because Luna had been attending some conference (about Nowegian Ridgebacks and where to find them in the United Kingdom, none the less) and had forgotten about me.

So today, I wasted no time in leaving the room out the one door.

I opened the door slowly, cautiously exposing the curvy hallway lined with more doors. It seemed empty, so I walked swiftly towards the front offices. I passed the receptionist when she wasn't looking and sprinted towards the lift. The doors shut leaving just me and another man alone. The other guy had curly red hair and spectacles.

"Er, what floor are you going to miss?" He asked, eyeing me skeptically. It was then that an idea sprouted in my mind.

"What floor is the Department of Justice?" I asked.

"That would be floor three. Is that where your'e going?"

"Yep. I need to talk to Hermione Weasley." I said, striking up a conversation. After all, there was no point to having an awkward ride with this nice man for five floors. "Do you know her?" I said, trying to be friendly.

"Yes, she's my sister-in-law." He seemed to be a little irritated with me, but I didn't notice so much at the time.

"Really? No way! That's cool. She's really nice." I exclaimed, looking at him. "What's her husband's name? Is he your brother or something? Or is it your wife's sister?"

"She is married to my brother Ron." He said rather flustered, and a faint blush was creeping up on his face, clashing horribly with his hair. I decided not to bother him anymore. But then I realised I had forgotten something.

"Oh, by the way my name's Anna. It's nice to meet you. What's yours?" I asked, holding out my hand to shake.

"Er... Percy Weasley. The pleasure is all mine." He seemed hesitant as he said so, but I was satisfied.

The door opened moments later and I stepped out. "Well nice talkin' to ya Percy." I wandered into the large reception area, much fancier than the one I had recently been in. The tile was cold marble and big huge pillars framed the cavernous ceiling, connecting it to the ground. I walked over to the huge slab of shiny rock serving as a desk and greeted the receptionist.

"Hi, do you know how I could talk to Hermione Weasley?"

She looked up at me annoyed. She was young, and seemed busy reading some sort of romance novel about vampires. "Mrs. Weasley doesn't have time to speak with any teenagers at the moment."

"Oh, well do you know who else I could talk to about my case?"

"What's your case?" She asked, sitting up and rolling her chair over to some file drawers.

"Oh well let's see, My name is Anastasia..." I began, hoping that's all she would need.

"And?" She rolled her eyes at me. Not a friendly one, this girl.

"I'm one of the werewolf children raised by Greyback, and I need to find out if they have figured out who my parents are yet. Oh, and did I say i'm a werewolf yet?"

"Keep it down!" she hissed. "Some people actually are happy knowing that their children are safe from werewolves!" She scowled, looking around making sure the people walking around the cavernous lobby wouldn't hear.

"Oh, sorry, guess i did say that already. And I'm actually quite nice once you get to know me. I don't exactly enjoy being a werewolf if you know what I mean."

"Oh for heaven's sake, keep it down!" She glared at me. "And anyways, I believe we have moved the case of the remaining ....children to the Auror department."

"Ok, thanks anyways." I said and turned towards the lift again.

This time I referred to the guide and pressed the button for floor two, the auror department, headed by Ron Weasley. Wow, the Weasleys sure were popular around here. I thought, recognizing the name.

The swooping sensation that accompanied the ride in the lift was short-lived as I arrived at my destination swiftly. I entered another reception area, not quite as fancy as the Law Department, but nicer than the first. This receptionist told me to find Ted Lupin, who was holding on to the files for the case. Apparently, Luna was supposed to pick up my file yesterday that contained my parents.

This gave me butterflies in my stomach. I practically skipped towards the offices and cubicles that the receptionist had originally pointed me to. I asked around a bit, gaining a few weird looks. Eventually, i found Ted Lupin's cubicle. It was pretty messy, and a scruffy, brown-haired boy sat at the desk, looking over some papers.

"Um, excuse me." I interjected, making my presence known. "Are you Ted Lupin?"

He looked at me, jumping a little at the sound of my voice, as if he was studying those papers rather intently. "Er, yeah. That's me. Can I help you?" He spun around in his chair.

"Yeah, im here for the werewolf case. I heard you have a file with my parents' names in it? They did some blood test for me? My name is Anastasia."

"Yep I have your file right here." He picked up a manilla folder and handed it to me.

"So, you're a werewolf huh?"

"Um, yeah..."

"Oh don't worry, they gave me this case for a reason. I'm a werewolf too. My dad was one, so therefore I am as well." He smiled at me.

"Really? That's cool. I was changed by Greyback himself." I said, glad to finally meet a normal werewolf. I thought for a moment. "Hey, do you want to open this with me?" I asked referring to the folder. "It would be easier if I had someone with me." I admitted.

"Sure thing. We can head to the break room. I was bound to head there eventually anyways. It should be pretty empty." He got up and led me to the breakroom across the office floor. He opened the door for me and we entered.

We sat at a small table together. I took a deep breath, trying to no avail to let the butterflies settle down. I gave up after a few seconds and simply opened the folder. Inside, was a sheet of paper that said:

'Anastasia; special case, werewolf

Father: Unidentified, assumed to be the late husband of Ginerva Weasley

Mother: Ginerva Weasley-Potter

Age: 39

Description: Red hair, Brown eyes, 5' 6"

Other Family: Mother of James Potter, Albus Potter; Sister of Ron, Percy, George, Fred (deceased), Charlie, and William Weasley; Daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley

Occupation(s): Used to be Quidditch reporter, played professional Quidditch for the HolyHead Harpies.

Current Place of Residence: St. Mungo's Permanent Ward

Current Physical State: In a coma, about ten years, due to attack by Death Eaters



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Chapter 5: In Which I Run
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WHOOSH, that is the sound that came out of my lungs as I read the file. Time seemed to slow as I stared at the white parchment that listed Ginerva Weasley-Potter as my mother. As I read the line that stated my mother to live in St. Mungo's. As I saw that she was in a coma, and had been for nearly a decade.

WHOOSH, that is the sound that followed, when Ted, the junior auror came to my side as I began to hyperventilate.

Time sped back to normal as I jumped out of my chair and began pacing back and forth throughout the room. My heart was pounding and adrenaline was coursing through my veins. It was times like these in which I had trouble calming down. My wolf instincts screamed at me to scratch someone's face out or to morph into wolf form, even though it was technically impossible outside the full moon period, which wasn't due for another week or so.

Was it Greyback who had put my mother in a coma? Probably. Or at least, an aftereffect. My mother had two other children. What were their names? Oh yeah, Albus and James. They sounded familiar. Lorcan or Lysander must have mentioned them. Oh, they lived nearby Luna. They lived with their gran. Figures. Wow, I had two brothers who were currently living down the street.

Wait. What was my mother's name? Ginerva Weasley-POTTER? HOLY CRAP! I'm most likely related to the savior of the world! But he hasn't been seen in years! Does this count as an orphan? One parent missing, and one in eternal sleep?

All of a sudden, the walls were closing in on me and the air was growing stuffier by the second. I needed to get out of there. I sprinted out of the room, leaving Ted there with the files. I could only hope that he would keep it to himself for the time being.

I flew past all of the auror cubicles, gaining even more weird looks. I rushed past the lift in the reception area to the stairs. I leaped down stairs until I had reached the atrium. I pushed through hordes of people and quickly made it towards the exits. I managed to get into a fireplace and shout 'Ottery St. Catchpole!'.

The swooping sensation filled my abdomen as I was sucked through the fireplace portal. I came out through a dusty old firepit in an alleyway most often used by the wizards and witches in the area. My head still pounding, I entered the street and landed on the sidewalk running.

I ran for about a mile and a half when I reached the edge of the village. When the sidewalk ended I landed on grass and went pounding into the earth even harder, my body filled with the scent of nature. Once I hit the grass, I peeled my shoes off as fast as possible and ran barefoot, holding onto them. I passed a couple of small houses before I saw what I had been looking for all along. The woods.

Since I knew no other place of refuge besides maybe Luna's house, the woods had become my safe haven, as they had been for the past thirteen years of my life. Now, as I raced past trees, my thoughts went all over the woods.

If Greyback had not taken me that one night, maybe my father would still be here. Maybe my mother would be perfectly healthy. My brothers with a proper place to grow up, with their real parents. What had even happened to them? Were they healthy? Were they happy? How did they cope with this stress? This pounding stress of knowing who your parents were, but not where they were. Where even was my father? Had he run away, unable to cope with his wife in a coma? Or had he been kidnapped by Greyback or one of his friends, intent on securing devastastion for the wizarding world. I didn't believe that he was dead. No, I couldn't. I would have known somehow.

I remembered right before I had opened that folder, how excited I had been to find out who my parents were. Was I glad to have found out? Or was it better not knowing? I guess it is better to know and be in pain because of it, then to be in pain from not knowing. At least, that's what I thought. This thought calmed me enough to slow down.
It was then that I heard shouting.

"Hey John, pass it here!"

"Al, relax I've got it. Just find the snitch!"

"Rose, be ready!"

The shouts seemed to be coming from about fifty yards ahead of me in a clearing. I ran about forty yards towards the sound and then climbed a tree to get a closer look.

There were four kids, probably around my age, flying around on what looked like broomsticks. I could tell that they were wiards, obviously because of the broomsticks. They seemed to be playing some sort of game. Two boys were currently chasing each other across the huge expanse of grass, flying pretty low to the ground. One was holding a wooden ball the size of a small soccer ball. There was a girl hovering towards the end of the clearing, gaurding some sort of hoop. the last boy was hovering above them all, clearly looking for something.

A couple trees over, I could hear a soft buzzing noise, just loud enough to get on my nerves. I looked over to find the source and caught a glint of gold between some branches. After judging the distance between the two trees, I leapt onto a branch from the adjourning tree, swinging up onto a sturdy portion of the tree. Then I was able to reach out and grab the glinting gold ball that hovered there with wings.
I swiped once and grabbed the tiny ball in my fist. It was then that the branch beneath me cracked.

"What was that?" A voice called.

"I don't know, it sounds like a tree branch snapping."

"Should we check it out?"

"Nah, it's not like anybody is out there." Oh how wrong they were. I looked below to find a way to climb back down, but couldn't find one. I figured it was now or never to save myself, seeing as I was stuck. They did have flying brooms.

I cleared my throat. "Hey, um, yeah I'm out here, and about to fall out of this tree! Don't panic or anything, its only about a fifty foot drop!"

That got them. "Shoot, what do we do?" Panicked the girl. "Where are you? Could you shout again so I can find you?"

"Er, yeah i'm over here." CRACK, the tree snapped even further. The girl screamed. I swore. "Don't worry! We'll help you! I think I see you!"

Deciding that I would be a pancake on the ground before the girl actually found me, I quickly jumped back over to the other tree, just as the branch snapped entirely.

Suprisingly, someone did find their way over to me. It was the guy with the wooden ball. He had nice, curly brown hair and brown eyes. He hovered next to me on his broom. "Hey, hop on. There's plenty of room."
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and swung down some branches before landing on the ground. "Thanks for the offer, but i'm fine." He jumped down next to me from his off his broom.

"Hey are you sure you're fine? That was a pretty big drop, you got pretty high up there." He looked concerned.

The girl ran over next and started gushing over me. "Are you okay? That must have been terrifying!" Her wavy red hair shook as she grabbed my shoulders, looking for marks. "You're all scratched up! look at your cheek and neck!"

"Oh those are old, half of them are scars. And I've been up higher. I'm fine really, just froze for a moment there." I was probably blushing from all of this attention.

"Well, you should at least come back with us! The whole family's coming for dinner! My name is Rose by the way!" It was then that the other two guys joined us.
"Anna." I said.

"And I'm John." said the curly haired guy, holding out his hand. I shook it. He had nice, warm skin. "And this is Rose's brother Hugo." He said, referring to the smaller of the two newcomers. He had curly brown hair that covered his forehead in tufts.

"And I'm Albus. But please, if you have any respect, you'll call me Al." Said the other boy, with short but shaggy dark hair, and bright green eyes.

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Chapter 6: In Which I Meet the Family
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"But if you have any respect, you'll call me Al." Said the shaggy dark-haired boy. "So what are you doing out here in the woods by yourself?" He asked me, his green eyes sparkling with amusement.

"I was in the neighborhood. I came from the ministry, but I'm actually staying with the Lovegoods." I responded.

"Oh really? That's cool. How come?" Asked one of the other boys, John.

"Uh, it's complicated. They're watching over me before I go to school soon." I said, careful to not mention the fact that I was part-maneating creature being watched carefully by the ministry.
"How nice of them!" Said the red-haired girl, Rose. "So Anna, would you like to come back to the house with us? We should probably make sure you're okay after that fall. Plus, dinner is soon, and some of our other cousins are coming!"

I thought about it cautiously. I could, but then there would be a lot of questions. I still wasn't quite sure what to do with the information about my parents. I decided to take a risk, considering I didn't really want to be alone at Luna's house for another hour until Rolf got back from work. "Sure. I guess so." She smiled. "Great! Let's go!"

She grabbed my arm abrubtly and led me past the clearing, her broom over one shoulder. I could hear the other guys following behind us as we tromped through the woods. I tried my best not to trip over any rocks or twigs as Rose pulled me up a steep hill. Eventually, the woods thinned out and we were walking over a clear, grassy hill. We seemed to be in someone's large, expansive yard. In the center of the grassy space, was the most trechorous, messed-up house I had ever seen. It appeared to have been added on to and expanded so many times that the tower-like structure seemed to be leaning slightly to one side. Although it seemed quite bungly and dangerous, it appeared cozy and well-kept.

"Here we are," said Rose. "Let's go on in. My parents are here too, but this is actually my grandparents' house. We're just visiting, but Al lives here with his brother James during the summer."

"Oh, okay." I replied, unsure of what to say.


She let go of my arm as we approached the back porch, swinging the door open, throwing her broom to the side of the porch.

"Come on in." She held the door open for me. We entered into a small, cozy kitchen area. The boys followed, kicking their shoes off. "GRANDMA! Were back! And we brought a friend! She's staying with the Lovegoods!" She shouted into the house.

I realized that I was still holding my shoes in my hand, with the snitch. I dropped the shoes by the door. "Oh by the way, here's your snitch. I got it out of that tree." I said, turning towards the guys.

Their expressions of incredulousness were interuppted by a short, bustling woman with red hair entering the room. "'Hello dears, dinner will be ready soon." She said, checking a variety of pots lying on the stove. Delicious scents drifted over from where she stood.

"Excellent, what are you making?" Asked Al, temporarily forgetting the snitch.

"You'll find out soon enough, dear. Rosie, who did you say your friend was?" She looked over at me, smiling.

"Oh, i'm Anna." I said, introducing myself. "I'm staying with the Lovegoods right now." I held out my hand at an attempt to be polite. She ignored me and gave me a brief, smothering hug.

"Well welcome to the Burrow, Anna." She said smiling. Hugo dear, could you do me a favor and set the table? Albus Severus, get your hands out of that bowl!" She said sternly. Al was currently peering into a covered bowl sitting on the counter. He immediately jerked away from the bowl as its lid snapped shut. He walked back over to John, mumbling under his breath about unintelligable lids.

"Rosie, why don't you show Anna to the loo and wash up. Percy will be here soon and I believe Teddy is coming tonight as well. You too Al, show John the way please."

"Nan, I'm sure John knows where the loo is, he's only been here forty times this summer." Al said, rolling his eyes as he walked with us to the small washroom adjourning the kitchen.
After we had finished, Rose said, "Come on Anna, let me introduce you to my parents." She pulled me into a nearby den as Al and John meandered towards the kitchen again.

The den was small but comfortable and there were two people sitting across from each other in what looked like an intense conversation. One was a tall man with red hair, the other a woman with bushy brown hair, tied into a knot at the nape of her neck.
I recognized her as the judge at my hearing.

"Mom, Dad, this is Anna. She's staying with the Lovegoods." They looked up at me.

"Hello Anna, it's nice to see you again," said Hermione, smiling. "This is my husband Ron." She gestured to the tall, red-headed man.

"Wait you know each other?" Asked Rose. I cringed inwardly, expecting Hermione to tell her daughter the whole story.

"Oh we met the other day at the ministry." She said vaguely. I smiled, wanting to hug her. Rose shrugged. "Well, were going to go find Al and John now. Nan says dinner is going to be ready soon."

"Thanks Rosie. Nice to meet you Anna." Nodded Ron.

Rose dragged me into the hallway that led me to the kitchen again. We found Al and John sitting in a much bigger living room across the hall from the small study/den with Ted Lupin, who must have arrived in the past few minutes. I grew nervous at the sight of him, not sure as to why he was here.

"Hey Teddy!" Said Rose brightly. "This is Anna." She gestured to me as she plopped down on the couch with Al.

Ted looked at me and immediately froze for a second before standing and shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you Anna." He said smiling. I played along, as his stance said that we had indeed never met before. However, his face seemed to say, Funny seeing you here, we need to talk.
"Same here." I said, clearing my throat of nervousness.

"So Teddy, what were you saying about the time you blew up Mr. Filtch's cat?" Asked John, interupting the awkwardness between me and Ted that no one else seemed to notice.


Dinner was quite the production at the Burrow. The Kitchen table was just large enough for all the company, and could barely hold all the delicious food that Rose's and Al's nan, Mrs. Weasly had prepared. Percy and his familiy had joined us shortly after Ted did. Percy had seemed pretty shocked to see me there, especially when I greeted him "Hey Percy!" John and Al thought that this was pretty funny for some reason, and John later explained to me that Percy was really uptight and was simply shocked that someone had greeted him so casually. They also thought it was funny when I told them of when I met him in the elavator.

Over dinner, I learned that Albus was a year older than me, and he attended school in America. John was my age, but a little older. He was Al's friend, and they had met in Diagon Alley a couple years ago. John went to boarding school, here in the UK, up in Scotland. Rose attended the same school as him, but was younger, and in the year below him. I guess. It was slightly confusing. Percy's kids, Molly and Lucy, went to the school too. Molly was a year older than us, and Lucy a year younger, like Rose.

Dinner had been going for about a quarter an hour when Al asked, "Hey nan, when's James coming?"

Mrs. Weasley's brows knit together as she said, "He told us he'd be here about six thirty, looking towards the clock that said it was five to seven, then glanced towards the clock that had what must have been thirty hands, pointing to various positions, including "Home", "Work", "Traveling", as well as several that pointed to the grim "Dead" posistion. I noticed that 'James Potter' was inscribed on a hand that pointed at "Traveling". It was a cool clock, as Rose, Al, Ron and Hermione all had their own hands as well as Hugo and Percy's family.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, I had realized that Al was my brother. I mean, I'm not that unobservant. I just was glad Al hadn't noticed. I had assumed that James was too, but was now positive that he was. A little nervous flutter erupted in my stomach as I realized my other brother was coming tonight. I wondered what he was doing, if he was with friends, if he was old enough for a job, if he was nice, if he looked like me, and so on.

"Well, he must have just gotten caught up at Eloise's." She said, returning to her meal with a worried look on her face.

"So Anna, what school did you say you were going to? You are a witch i'm assuming." Said John, breaking the tension that seemed to have settled into the folds of dinner at the mention of James.

I spluttered, choking on my water. He had just called me a witch? Oh yeah that's right, that's what magic women were called. "Sorry," I apoligized for the spluttering."I'm still getting used to that term. I'm pretty new to the whole magic thing, but yeah, I am. I'm going to Hogwarts, i think."

"Hey that's where we go!" He seemed pretty pleased. "So are you muggleborn then, Anna?" Asked Rose curiously.

"Well, no, I'm not really quite sure to be honest, I don't think so, I was just raised away from magic....I'm kind of an orphan..." I trailed off nervously, scratching the side of my neck, like I always do when I'm uncomfortable. Technically I was raised by wolves, but I could already feel Ted's eyes narrowing on me, and I didn't want to freak these people out by being all "Yeah, my parents are actually Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, who are gone because of me and how I was taken away to be raised as a werewolf under the commands of Greyback, who I'm pretty sure was an awful being.Oh, and Al is my brother." I mean, I just met the people.

"Oh, well it's nice of the Lovegoods to take you in." Said Rose again, kind of awkwardly.
"Yeah it is."

"By the way dear, I let Luna know that you were fine with us, so you don't have to worry about any of that." Mrs. Weasley smiled at me. Wow, what a great grandma. I can't believe that I had forgotten about Luna not knowing where I was.
"Okay thanks. Hey, do you mind if I use the Loo quickly?" I said, standing up.

"Not at all dear." She smiled warmly.

I started towards the loo through the hallways, when I heard footsteps behind me. It was Ted. He nodded towards the den. I followed him in there and he shut the door.

"So, Anna. I need to talk to you. You ran away before, and I couldn't help but see the folder." He said hesitantly.

I avoided his eyes. "Yeah I know, sorry. I kind of went crazy, and I needed to get out of there."

"Well, I'm sure you might have figured out that Harry Potter is your dad right?" I nodded.

"Well, if you need anyone to talk to, I can help you. Harry was my godfather, and I'm a part werewolf too. My parents died in the war along time ago. I never knew them, so I can relate to you. I think its a good idea not to tell anyone. Harry Potter is pretty famous, but there are a lot of people out there who think he abandoned us when he left. There are actually Potter-Haters out there. That's why Al and James go to school in America. After he came clean about what went on during the war, people praised him. But when he left, abandoning his family, people began to doubt him. They thought that the whole horcrux tobocale was a fraud. So be careful who you tell, Anna. I promise I won't tell anyone okay?" I nodded again, meeting his eyes. They were concerned and warm. I felt relieved all of a sudden.

There was a scuttle coming from the kitchen that tore Ted's eyes away.

"Well, sounds like James finally decided to show up." He said, sighing.

"Thanks Ted. I'll be right there." He smiled and left the room.


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Chapter 7: In Which I Name an Owl Tiger
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A door slammed and Ted sighed, getting up. I told him I'd be there in a minute and he walked off. I guess it was time to meet my other brother. Once again, a million thoughts swarmed through my brain regarding James. What was he like? Did he look like me? What if he looked so much like me that people would know the connection right away.

I interupted these thoughts by getting up and walking towards the kitchen to meet him before I could overthink things too much. I took a big gulp of air and entered the bustling room. No one seemed to notice me coming in, slipping over to John, who was awkwardly standing slightly off to the side.


He nodded. "Looks like James finally showed his face." I detected bitterness and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

He noticed and replied. "Oh, James seems fine to me. It's just that him and Al don't really get along. They had a huge fight last summer, and I guess they never really forgave each other." I surveyed the room and noticed that Al had gone missing from the crowd of family.

"What did they fight about?"

"Well, their dad's really famous. He's actually Ha-"

"Harry Potter." I cut in. "Yeah I know, Luna explained to me some of what went on. Apparently there's a lot of Potter haters out there."

"Yeah, some of them can be awful. But James and Al have been through a lot. They lost their parents and they actually had a little sister too, but something happened to her. Al hasn't told me much, he doesn't really remember anything. But James does. He sees things a lot different than Al does."

I nodded. "Ah. I see." By then, most people were sitting back down, and John and I resumed our seats. James was talking about a game he had seen recently of Quidditch.

Yeah, I knew what Quidditch was. I'm not that socially disoriented. More or less. I had aquired a broom once or twice while traveling with the Pack over Europe. I liked the experience. In fact, flying was one of the best experiences I had had before.
After he finished his story and was served a dish of fantastic stew that Mrs. Weasley had made, Rose seemed to remember my presence.

"Oh James, this is our new friend Anna. We met her in the woods today." She said gesturing to me.

He looked up and I nearly froze in shock. I was looking directly at a copy of my eyes, like a mirror. He seemed shocked too, but shook his head slightly and smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm James." His black hair was messy and he had defined facial features that were similar to Al's. I could also see a tiny resemblance between our noses, but the eyes were the main thing. I was suprised no one had said anything.

"Same." I said, trying to keep my voice level.

"So you go to Hogwarts?" He asked, turning back to his stew, trying to keep up conversation.

"Well, I'm transferring there."

"We'll just have to see what house you turn out in. Sure hope it isn't Slytherin." Said John.

"What's a Slytherin?" I asked, confused.

"It's one of the Hogwarts Houses." Answered Rose. "There are three houses you can be sorted into. I'm in Ravenclaw, which is supposed to be for those who are wise."

"Otherwise known as nerds." Chuckled Hugo, earning a punch in the arm from Rose.
"I'm in Hufflepuff, which is where the 'loyal' people go." Said John. "Loyal meaning not any of the other houses."

"Slytherin is for those who are cunning, but everyone knows that they're just a bunch of jerks except for maybe one or two." Rose finished.

"Hey, don't count out Gryffindor!" Shouted Ron from down the table.
"Ron, Gryffindor hasn't been a house for fifteen years." Sighed Hermione. "Not since the ministry decided they were just full of cheek. Rubbish if you ask me. I swear, the ministry has gone to the idiots of the wizarding world lately." This sparked a whole new round of conversation that mostly included Hermione, Ron and Percy, with the occaisonal statement from Mr. Weasley.

Great now I'm confused. "Wait, now I'm confused. What's the deal with Gryffindors?"
"Well, basically, there used to be a house called Gryffindor for those who were considered brave. Pretty much all of our parents were in Gryffindor. But the ministry decided shortly after the big war that Griffindor was just an excuse for people to be cheeky with the newly established ministry. They got pretty intense and got rid of the whole thing." Rose explained.

I thought about this. "Well, I guess Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff sound pretty good. Of course, I'm probably going to be the worst person in the school with school stuff. I've never actually had school."

"What do you mean?" Rose asked, clearly shocked at the idea of no school.

"I was um... homeschooled, at the muggle orphanage." I invented wildly. I made a mental note to start thinking my story straight so that I could remember all this.

"Oh." She said.

"Hey we still have a while before the sun goes down. Who wants to play Quidditch?" Said James. "How bout you Anna? Ever played?"
"Err... no." I said, blushing.

"Aw, we'll teach you. Come on." He smiled and got up.


"Alright, since Anna's just learning, she'll be with me. Then we can have John and then the other team can be Rose, Al, and Hugo. Sound fair?" Said James, after everyone had gathered down to the clearing. Al had rejoined us and he and James were now ignoring each other for the most part. Lucy and Molly had decided to maybe join us later, as they were not big fans of the sport. Or as they said, "Ew. Definitely not."

I had been leant an old battered broom. I had explained that I had flown once before, not mentioning how or when. James had shrugged and grouped our three person team together. "Alright, so I think our best bet is to have Anna play chaser, so she can get a hang for the flying thing. John, you can play chaser too, and help keep. I'll be looking for the snitch."

We were forced to come up with a team name by Rose. Since none of us really had any ideas, we were the Team-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I actually thought it was pretty clever once John explained to me the meaning. Who knew people were actually afraid of Voldemort's name. Although I guess it turns out that Greyback was kind of close with Voldemort's legions.

The other team were the Butterbeer Brewers. I didn't really get it, but apparently it was a muggle sports team that Hugo knew and seemed to think it was hilarious. Whatever.

We started on the ground, mounting our brooms at the same time after John and James explained the basics to me. I steadied my feet, waiting for James' whistle.

TWEEEEET! My feet pushed off the ground at the exact second the whistle blew, and I was immediately soaring, rising higher and higher, until I remembered the actual game, and lowered myself to everyone else's level by diving and swerving into position to take position of the quaffle like I was apparently supposed to. It was pretty easy to grab the quaffle from Rose, who apparently wasn't much of a player to begin with, and even easier to throw the ball past Hugo's grasp into the hoops.

Turns out Quidditch was pretty easy. I just had to swerve around, protect the quaffle, and score, sometimes with the assistance of John. About halfway through the game though, I ended up switching positions with James. I had simply mentioned the fact that I had seen the snitch fly by about four times and he let me have it. The game ended about a minute after the switch as I spotted a glint of gold high above one of our hoops. I turned and sped after it, following it's every move. It hovered temporarily above the hoop, but swiftly dived down as I grew closer. I dived after it, narrowly missing the hoop, and was now in a steep dive, practically perpendicular with the ground. I pulled up at the last second, snatching the snitch in midair as I jumped off the broom to grab it, diving face-first into the ground.

After the initial shock, I came up, spitting out mud, grinning at the faces hovering over me, a mix of concern and shock mixed and splattered over their faces. They seemed relieved. John started laughing. "Hey, what are you laughing at me for? I just won us the match!" I said indignantly. This got Al and Rose laughing. Soon everyone was laughing at me.

"Anna you're a natural." Said James, in between guffaws. I rolled my eyes, spitting out dirt chunks. I have no idea why this was so funny.

"Who wants a rematch?" I asked, standing up, wiping the dirt off my hands. This made them laugh more.

We played until sunset, when we trudged up the hill through the woods to the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley practically forced me into a chair, cleaning the dirt off my face with her wand. "Are you sure you're okay dear?" She said, concerned.

"I'm fine Mrs. Weasley." I looked over at the clock. It was nearly eight-thirty. "Well, I should probably get back to Luna's." I said, standing up after Mrs. Weasley had abandoned the cause, having gotten rid of the majority of dirt on my face. Ted and the other families had left recently and it was just me, John and Al in the kitchen.

"Be sure to stop by soon dear!" Called Mrs. Weasley from the other room. "If you need any help with getting your school things, let us know!"

I'm pretty sure the ministry had already sent over some textbooks and things but I thanked her anyways, and promised to come by soon, saying goodbye to Al and John.

"See you guys around." I said heading out the back door.

"Bye Anna."

I ran home, just for the heck of it, feeling a lot better than I had earlier that day. I still felt guilty for not telling them, but Teddy was right, and I didn't want to freak them out.
The next day, Luna took me to Diagon Alley for some school robes and a pet, as a gift. The lady in the Madam Malkin's shop seemed reluctant with my request for pants instead of skirts, but as there was no official rule, she obliged, altering some boy's pants. Diagon Alley was as busy as the other two times I had been there, but was much more friendly, as I was here with Luna on my own terms.

I got to choose my own pet, and boy did I. I somehow picked the only owl in the store who couldn't fly. The owner of the Owlrey said that he was nuts and that the 'little pipsqueak' thought himself to be a lion or tiger or something. He was an average size, brown tawny owl that tried to snap at me and practically growled as I tried to touch him. Once I did, however, he seemed to calm down automatically. I liked him after that, and no one could persuade me any other way. I named him Tiger, which seemed fitting, and brought him out of the store for quite the bargain.

The most interesting part of our trip to Diagon Alley was picking out my wand. Luna dropped me off, explaining that she had to stop by somewhere, in need of some Mushroom sap, whatever that was.

I approached the desk of the small, dark shop, looking around for someone. An extremely old, wobbly man came out from behind the shelves to answer me.

A spark grew in his eyes as he looked into my eyes. "Why hello, Anastasia. How curious to see you here." 


Chapter 8: In Which I Get My Very Own Stick
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I deadpanned, nearly tripping over the floor. I spluttered, "Bu-, wha-, sp- How do you know my name?"

The old man smiled, oblivious to my incredulous expression. "My dear, I remember every face, every name that walks through those doors, as well as what wands they purchase." He grinned again. I was still confused, as I was pretty positive about the fact that I had never been in this shop before. Then a memory hit me.

"Come on Anna, hurry up, we don't have too much time before he will be looking for us."Called Felipa, one of the older girls in our pack. She must have been about thirteen, as I had been six or seven.

"I'm coming!" I called back indignantly. "I don't even understand why we have to stop here anyways." I said, trudging up the steps behind her.

"It's important, trust me, okay?"

"But why do I have to come?" I whined, stubbornly stepping through the door as slowly as I could, the door slamming as the bell jingled.

"I need you, besides, I couldn't just leave you in the streets, the others would give you a hard time if you were on your own, you know that. Besides, he would find out you had gone off on your own and you'd be in trouble." We were now in the musty old shop. I shuddered at the thought of what could happen if he found me on my own. He would think I tried to escape.

Felipa led me to the counter, her wavy auburn hair swishing behind her. A man came out to meet us, his withered eyes twinkling and his white hair in a disaray. "Why hello there, are you here for a wand?" he asked looking towards us.

"Yes, our parents are across the street, I'm the one who needs a wand." Felipa lied smoothly. "My name's Felipa, and this is Anastasia."

"Ah, I see. I am Ollivander. Will you be attending Hogwarts next month then?" He asked her.


"Well then, let me find you some to try. If you would just simply lift your arms for the tape measurer?" A tape measurer then flittered over to Felipa, who stood tall and confident as the measurer flew around her, taking precise meausurements of everything from her arm length to her head's circumference. Ollivander looked over his measurements as he meandered on to the back room. He came back several moments later with his arms laden with slender boxes.

I quickly learned that wand choosing could take a long time. Felipa had caused several things to explode when I got bored and wandered around the shelves located close to the counter. I couldn't help but to be curious. I watched how Felipa was causing books to fly and pots to explode. I wanted to do it too, I guess. I picked a box by random and slid it out of it's spot.
The box was black and extremely dusty. I blew on it, and swiped it to get rid of the dust that had settled over the neat, handwritten label.
Birch- 9 3/4 inches. Core: Pheonix feather recovered from the Battle of Hogwarts, 1988

I opened the lid carefully. Wrapped up in a bundle of white cloth, was the prettiest stick I had ever seen. Nice and slender, it had a nice sandy wood colorinig.

The moment I held it in my hands, a swooping sensation came over me, and a gust of wind nearly knocked me to the floor. There was a crash as Felipa dropped the wand she had tried, causing a glass vase to crash.

"Anna! What are you doing! Put that down!" She yelled, grabbing the wand and shoving it back in the box. "I'm so sorry Mr. Ollivander. She doesn't know what she's doing."

He just smiled, saying, "Do not fret Felipa. That was quite impressive. And quite curious as well. The core of that wand has quite the history. It belonged to perhaps the two greatest wizards the world has ever seen. I have never seen a wand choose someone at such a young age. Well, I certainly hope that I will be seeing you someday Anastasia." He said, eyes twinkling and boring into my mine as he gently set the wand back in its place. "Curious..." He muttered.

I pondered over what he had said while a wand finally chose Felipa. I only snapped out of my reverie when she somehow dug the nineteen galleons out of her pocket. She later told me that she had nicked them off of Franco, Greyback's second-in-command, who was a right stick in the mud. It was as if I was in a trance the rest of the day.

Afterwards, as Felipa and I walked back to Knockturn Alley with the supplies he needed, she told me the reason why we had to stop there.

"Anna, i'm sorry for making you come with me today, but you need to understand what I have. We can't be stuck in this position forever. And when the time comes, we need to be able to protect ourselves. I wanted to buy that wand for you so badly." Her voice got quieter as she spoke the last sentence. "I want you to be freed so fiercely. You are still so innocent, although I can already see that slipping away." A sadness had come across her eyes as they peirced my own intensely. "I don't want you to grow up like me Anna. I want you to be free."

That was when I had first realized that it was not normal the way I was being raised. It was from then on I had begun to gain my own independence, slowly and surely over the years. I had promised not to let myself be under someone else's command ever again.

"Oh, I remember." I said quietly, coming back to the present time. "Do you still have..." I trailed off.

"Yes, I still do. It has been waiting for you." He grinned, walking over to the same shelf that I had wandered over to those many years ago. He slid the box out and handed it to me.

The box felt so familiar, and anticipation swelled in my gut as I opened it and pulled out the birch wand. The swooping sensation filled me again and wind began to circle around me, picking up stray strands of my hair and twirling them around my face. Papers flew everywhere. Eventually the wind settled down and I noticed Ollivander was smiling broadly.

I was extremely satisfied to finally have my own wand. The ones that I had used over the years were always crappy, used wands that Greyback had used to teach us basic spells. "Well, shall I ring it up for you?" Mr. Ollivander asked from the counter.
"Absolutely." I smiled.


That night, the night before I was to leave for school, I had a nightmare.

In it, he was there, and I was reliving another more recent memory. One that I had chosen to bury deep within me.

I was tied to a chair as he circled around me. "So, you think it to be amusing to talk back to me like that?" He drawled. I neglected to answer, afraid that whatever I said would make it worse.

"You think yourself to be courageous, do you?" He grinned and let out a wolfish laugh. "Let me tell you a little story. I knew your father, and he was full of that bloody courage. But things didn't end well for him, not at all. I would tell you where he was, but that would ruin the point. Besides, I don't need you to make it worse for yourself." I grunted, struggling against my restraints. He came closer. "Your father, he had a certain scar that made him famous. Right on his ugly forehead." I practically hissed.

"Touchy, are we? Well, he needed to be taught that bravery and fame weren't all you needed to survive. Apparently, so do you." He stepped closer, until I could smell his disgusting breath against my neck. He leaned in even closer, as if to touch my neck. The pain came next. I don't know where he learned such a strong curse, but it was blindingly painful. I couldn't hold back the screams. He was cutting the nape of my neck with this ugly curse, searing my body with pain. I thought it was finished when the pain moved to my shoulder. I screamed, letting out a bloodcurdling shriek.

I was straining against my bounds when I was shaken violently awake. I was tangled in my bedsheets, sweating and feverish as I sometimes got when I slept., my neck and shoulder burning. Luna's serene face appeared over mine, looking concerned. She felt my forehead gently. "Oh you poor dear. Just sit tight and i'll get you some tea." She got up and left the room, leaving me on my own.

I stumbled into the bathroom. I looked at the mirror, taking in my palid face, my messy freckles and my brown strands sticking to my forehead with sweat. I yanked my shirt down and saw that my scar had become red and swollen, as if it was a recent injury, not two years ago. My shoulder was the same. Weird.

I wandered back to bed, now shivering. Luna brought me tea and I relaxed, although not enough to fall back asleep. Instead, I climbed out my window and pulled myself onto the roof as I did when I couldn't sleep. This was the first time I had had a nightmare since my freedom. I was deeply shaken.

I laid back, the cool air calming me as it brushed against my face. I stared up at the moon, one of my greatest enemies, yet it seemed to understand me the most. It was about halfway full, meaning I had about twelve or thirteen days until I would be forced to retreat to the woods at night. I had been created at such a young age that I had learned to restrain my wolf-ness to only occur at night during the full moon.

I stared over the hills, towards the forest and the Burrow, at the river glinting silver and the top of my old house. I sighed, thinking about the upcoming day of school as I watched the sun rise. I still wasn't sure about how I would fit in. Luna had said something about how I wouldn't be sorted for a month or so, because the ministry wanted to try and see if Hogwarts was really the best fit for me. They were still under the impression that I could be dangerous.

I came down with the sound of crackling bacon and the smell of coffee wafting up to me through the open window. I joined Lorcan and Lysander at the table. Rolf was reading the Daily Prophet next to Lysander, who was eating his breakfeast as if it was the last meal he would be seeing until Christmas. Luna smiled at me and served me a plate of bacon and eggs.

"Good morning dear. Are your things packed yet? We're leaving in about, oh, thirty minutes or so." I nodded, finishing my plate, before going up and getting cleaned up, throwing on my favorite jeans and shirt. I slipped on my casual trainers and carried my trunk downstairs, along with Tiger, who I still had not had a chance to teach fly.
The entryway was a busy place as Luna bustled around looking for floo powder to get to the station. My stomach was turning and doing somersaults in anticipationi.

"Oh! Here it is! I wonder how it got in there!" Exclaimed Luna as she found the pot of floo powder. One by one, we flooed into the station, into some sort of back-hallway that was currently abandoned except for us. Lorcan and Lysander led the way, pushing their trunks in front of me. As we neared platforms nine and ten, they spotted a friend of theirs with a similar trolley, who was accompanied by his mother and a younger sister. "Hey Frank!" Lorcan shouted, waving.

"Hey guys!" Frank smiled shyly. He had wavy dark hair and a spattering of freckles.

"Okay Anna, this is you first time going through the barrier, so just watch us." Said Lysander. He grinned at me, then set of walking briskly towards the wall. One minute, it looked like he was about to eat bricks,the next he had disappeared behind the walls. Lorcan went next, then it was my turn.

Eager to find out what was on the other side, I nearly sprinted towards the wall, closing my eyes anticipating a crash, but miraculously, I had made it through.

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Chapter 9: In Which I Enter Hogwarts
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I was bombarded with a wave of chatter, anticipation and people rushing about around the platform as I stepped through the barrier. A huge old fashioned train was billowing steam up into the rafters that held up the ceiling. Kids with carts similar to mine gathered around family or were climbing into the train. Lorcan and Lysander showed me where to put my things, and then brought me back to where Luna was waiting. The two boys hugged their mother affectionately while I settled for a brief thank you and goodbye.

"Thank you so much Luna. You and Rolf too. It um, means a lot."

"Of course, I didn't mind one bit. It was like having a third child." She responded serenely.

"Well, goodbye then. I'll see you again sometime." I said awkwardly, hesitant to hug her or anything of that sort.

"Go catch your train dear, have a good year." She smiled. "Boys, be good this year. I love you both!" She waved as we walked to the train together.

Frank joined us as we climbed aboard the red train, chatting with Lorc and Ly about a new plant species he had discovered in his backyard. We had just entered the narrow hallway when I heard someone calling my name.

"Anna! Anna!" I turned, seeing Rose Weasley standing down the corridor, smiling, her bushy red hair fanning out behind her. "Come sit with us!" She waved me over. "Oh, hey Lorcan, Lysander, Frank." She said, acknowledging the other guys, deep in conversation.

"See you guys later, alright?" I said to the guys, joining Rose. "Hey Rose."

"Come on in Anna." She entered her compartment, and I followed. So far, it was John, a guy with shaggy blonde hair, a girl with similar curly brown hair to John, and Rose.

"Anna, you've met John, and this is Scorpius," she gestured to the blonde guy, who nodded his head. "We just call him Scorp, as he thinks his name is utterly embarrassing, which it is. Oh, and this is Lizzie." She pointed to the brunette girl.

"She's John's sister, as you can probably tell. She's in my year."

"Hey Anna, it's nice to meet you." She said smiling.

"We were just talking about who we think the quidditch captains are this year." Said John.

"We know that John and Lizzie's brother is the Hufflepuff captain, but we don't know who they are for Ravenclaw and Slytherin." Filled in Rose.


"I bet that it's Davies for Ravenclaw." Scorpius added. "It's his last year, and he was on the team last year. He led the team to the semi-finals."

"Fred said that he was up for the Slytherin captain, but I haven't talked to him yet. I'll bet he got it." Rose added.

"Yeah but he had to compete with Flint. How much you want to bet that his dad paid for him to get on the team last year." Scorpius countered.

"Yeah, like your dad didn't do that for you Scorp." John said playfully, earning a punch in the stomach.

"Like I'd let my dad interfere with my Quidditch." He said, scowling. "He already tries to control the rest of my life, when he's not working."

"So, you think I'll make the team this year?" Asked John good-naturedly.

"You definitely have a chance now that you're a sixth year. You have enough skill; you just need to beat Finnegan. I heard he was going for the same position." Scorp answered.

"What about you Rose?" I asked, joining the conversation. "Are you going to try out?"

She laughed. "Trust me that would be a bad idea. There hasn't been a girl on a professional Quidditch team since my Aunt Ginny, who played for the Harpies like twenty years ago." She explained, and I felt a swell of pride for my mother. "This means that the captains haven't let girls on the school teams for nearly as long. It's an official male sport nowadays."

"What? That's a load of Dragon Dung! If girls want to play, they should be able to!" I nearly shouted, feeling ticked off at these rules.

"Hey, maybe you'll be the one to change it. I've seen you play, and that was pretty amazing for a first time." John said.

"You bet I'm going to change this." I said, disgruntled.

"Hey, did you hear that they brought in a new head?" Scorpius said, changing the subject.

"No, do you know who it is?" Rose asked.

"My father was telling my mother that it was some bloke from the ministry. Apparently they've been working with that guy Rin, who's campaigning to be the next minister of magic. You know, the guy whose motto is, 'Discipline and Honor create Perfection'." Scorp explained.

"Oh yeah, that bloke. He sort of gives me the creeps." John commented. "Wonder who he sent. Probably really strict."

They went on discussing the new deputy head for a while longer before the trolley came around with sweets. Breakfast had been hours ago, so I was relieved to have something to tide me over until the big feast.

John and Scorp introduced me to Chocolate frog cards, and by the time the conductor came on the speakers to tell us we would be arriving shortly, I had two Dumbledore cards, one Hermione Weasley-Granger, and one Gwenog Jones. That last card only made me determined to fix the no-girls rule for Quidditch at Hogwarts. It was ridiculous.

We changed into our robes, and had just returned to our compartment when we pulled into the station. I followed Rose as she led us to a carriage pulled by dark, shadowy, winged horses.

"Whoa. They use Thestrals here?" I asked, referring to the horses that I recognized from riding one several years back.

"You can see them?" Rose asked curiously.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be able to see them?" I questioned, confused. "Can't you."

"Anna, the only people who can see thestrals are people who have seen death." She said solemnly.

"Oh." I said quietly.

"Are you guys okay? We need to go now." Said Lizzie sweetly.

Rose looked like she wanted to ask me about something, but decided against it, following me into the carriage. The ride was short, but amusing as John tried to push Scorp out the door. We were all still laughing, Scorp pouting in the corner, when we stopped abruptly and were nearly thrown out the door. We scrambled over to the gates where our bags were being unloaded, following the hoard of students who seemed to be forming some very jumbled lines.

“What the hell is all this?” John asked.

“Must be the new security improvements that the new headmaster was promising.” Scorp replied.

“When did he promise that?” Lizzie asked.

“Honestly, did you lot even read your letter this year? All the way through?” He asked, irritably.

“Yes.” Said Rose indignantly as John and Lizzie replied, “No.”

We finally made it to the front of the line where a ratty old man with a cat stood with a list of students.

“Hello Filch, have a good summer?” John asked amicably.

“Hit the road Wood, you’re stuff’s been cleared. Don’t you dare even look at my cat.” Filch responded in a gruff, mean, old voice. “You too, Elizabeth.”

John and Lizzie walked past him to the gates towards the rest of the students, stopping and waiting for the rest of us.

“Name.” Filch barked at Scorp.
“Scorpius Malfoy sir.” He said annoyed.

“You’re good. Go on. Next!”

“Rose Weasley.”

“Let’s see…” he said, leafing through his long list of names. “You’re good. Get a move on. Next! Oh, a newbie. I haven’t seen you around before, what’s your name?” He asked me.

“Anastasia, sir. That’s all.”

“That’s all? What do you mean! What about a last name? I can’t look you up without a last name!” He said indignantly.

“Uh, sorry sir… McGonagall said…”

He cut me off. “What should I care what that old cat says! She got fired! I simply want to know why you haven’t got a second name!” He sniffed. “You smell funny you know that?”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed. “What do you mean, I ‘smell funny’!”

“You smell bad, like wet dog or something.”

I rolled my eyes, not finding this very amusing at all. “You’re a right old bat, you know that!” I yelled, losing my patience.

“What was that?” He asked, seething, while John let out a huge breath of air. “That’s it!

You’re coming with me for questioning.” He tried to grab me, but I countered dodging him to the side.

“C’mon Argus, let her go, she’s no trouble, really.” John said, stepping over to stop Filch.

He looked like he was going to explode. “Like I’m going to take advice from the biggest troublemaker to ever step foot in Ravenclaw!” He seethed. “She’s coming with me.”

“Really, it’s fine.” I decided. “I’ll go with you, but you’re not going to find anything about me.”

“That’s right we will.” Filch sneered. John let out a sigh, and backed off. “The rest of you get checked with Flitwick!” He shouted at the crowd that was now staring at me.

Wow, awkward. I tried hard not to blush as Filch brought me through the gates up the walk to the castle. Once we were inside the doors, he rushed me up several flights of stairs, not even letting me really get a good glance at the halls. Suddenly, we stopped outside a big door guarded by a big gargoyle.

“Siamese.” Spat Filch at the gargoyle, which then opened the passage to a big flight of stairs up to yet another door. Filch knocked, waiting until a high pitched voice chimed, “Come in!”

The door flew open, and we stepped into a huge office. The first thing that struck me was all the pink frills and lace. Doilies covered every flat surface, and there were pink flowers in china vases all over. There were pink lace curtains to match the pink and white floor rugs. I wanted to barf. This place looked like some unicorn had shown up and decided to whiz rainbows and hurl up flowers. It sickened me.

Then I saw the squat woman sitting at the desk, with robes to match the room. She had curly brownish gray hair adorned with a bow and a face that reminded me of a toad for some reason. She also seemed familiar. Weird. “Hello Mr. Filch. I’m assuming this is the new student McGonagall had informed me of.”

“Yes, although she thinks it be clever to not have a last name.” He said glaring at me.

“Is that so?” She smiled sweetly. “Come have a seat dear, I’ll fill you in on some rules we have here at Hogwarts. You may go, Mr. Filch.” I did what she told me to do and sat down in the chair across from her.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, dear. Did you have a good train ride?” She smiled at me again.

“Err… yeah, I suppose so.”

“Splendid. Now, McGonagall has informed me of your special situation, and I’m from the ministry so I understand what has been going on lately.”

“Oh do you?” I asked, kind of annoyed.

“Yes.” She replied, pouring out tea in an ornate pot into dainty little cups. “Tea dear?”
I shook my head negatively.

“Well then, I suppose I’ll just get on with my little speech and let you run down to the feast. I do have to make another speech there as well. So I’ll make this quick.” She smiled, winking. Winking? Who did this woman think she was?

“We have rules here at Hogwarts, dear. Some are new this year, but others are as old as the institution itself. You will hear a complete list of the newly added rules at the feast, but you will be expected to pick up on and follow those unspoken rules that we care for so deeply. Understood?” She tilted her head, expecting an answer.

“Yes, I understand.” I replied.

“Good, now, it is time for us to go down to the feast I believe. I’ll see you there. What did you say your name was dear?”

“I didn’t. It’s Anna.” I said cautiously.

“Oh yes, Anna.” She said as if she had just remembered. “Well, I am Professor Umbridge, the new headmaster here. Welcome to Hogwarts. McGonagall has informed me that you will be staying in one of the Ravenclaw dormitories until you are sorted next month?”

“Yeah that’s correct.” I said, remembering what McGonagall had written in her letter to me the other day. “They have a spare bed in the fourth year girl’s dormitories.”

“Ah, I see. And you are to be learning at a year five level?”


“How splendid.” She smiled at me before she gestured for me to leave.

“Uh, thank you.” I said awkwardly, stumbling down the steps. I waited for her and then followed her to the Great Hall, taking in all the moving portraits and talking armor. I even saw a couple of ghosts, but they seemed to fly off at the sight of us. We came upon a group of small children; first years presumably, waiting in the huge hall I had first come in with Filch.

“Send them on in, Mr. Longbottom.” She said to the professor at the head of the group.

She opened up the doors to a huge cavernous room, in which the ceiling seemed to reflect the sky and was adorned with three long tables laid out with plates and goblets. I spied John, Scorp and the others sitting at one of the tables together. I headed over to them, avoiding all the eyes boring into my skull. They seemed to look surprised and relieved to see me as I took a seat at an empty place next to John, but were unable to ask where I had been as Umbridge took her seat at the head table and the professor I had seen outside brought the group of first years to the front.

“Is that… Umbridge?” John whispered to me, noticing the short woman sitting up at the headmaster’s seat, with Filch and the woman who must have been Professor McGonagall.

“Yeah, that’s her name. Why, who is she?” I whispered back, earning a glare from one of the older students down the table, wearing a shiny silver badge. John noticed too apparently, glancing over at them and saying, “I’ll tell you later.”

The professor mentioned before laid out a stool at the front, and held up a hat that seemed to be decomposing and a piece of parchment, a list. “Applegate, Brendan.”

He called and a first year stepped shakily up to the stool where he sat and the professor put the hat on his head, making the tiny kid’s eyes disappear beneath the large brim.

He just sat there with the hat on his head for a while. I tried not to laugh at the awkwardness when the hat shouted loudly.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” The school cheered for the kid as he made his way down to the table behind me.

This continued with every kid until “Zabini, Cassius” was made a Slytherin.

The professor took the stool and hat, taking them out of the hall, as Umbridge got up to make her speech.

“Well, this ought to be interesting.” Mused Scorp quietly.

“Why?” I said cocking an eyebrow, confused, earning another shush. Honestly, why is it me?

The little woman cleared her throat and spoke. “I sincerely welcome you all to Hogwarts!”

I think I saw McGonagall roll her eyes.

Chapter 10: In Which the Toad Makes us Take a Stupid Safety Exam
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“Welcome all to a new year! I am your new headmistress! You may call me Headmistress or Professor Umbridge!” She clapped her hands together daintily. “Now, let’s all enjoy this feast, and save the rest of this lovely speech for after dinner, shall we?” She clapped her hands again, and food appeared magically on the tables, with every plate filled to the brim with food. It was like I had died and been forgiven of all my sins. During a loll in the food, I asked Scorp and John what they knew about Umbridge.

“So what’s the deal with her? She seems rather harmless to me, just a little physco.” I asked.

“Well, she was a huge supporter of the ministry when the ministry went bad all those years back, you know, when Voldemort was trying to take over.” Scorp explained, as John was currently having a moment with his bread roll.

“So, do you think she’s changed then? Why else would people let her in? She must have done something to ensure a spot on the good side.”

“I dunno… It’s hard to say. We’ll just have to find out. I bet she’ll just be strict, but not as bad as she used to be… Rumour has it that she gave Harry Potter a scar on the back of his hand when he had a detention.” John supplied between bites of chicken.

“Well, as long as she doesn’t do anything crazy like cancel quidditch before I even play my first game.” I said, teasingly.

“Wow, you’re pretty confident there, Anna.” Scorp said, grinning.

I rolled my eyes. “Relax, I’m only joking. It’s not even the first day of class. It’s a long shot that I’ll make the team anyways, even if I was a guy. Besides, I don’t even know what team will take me.”

“Hufflepuff will probably give you a good chance. Maybe Ravenclaw. Slytherin, probably not. But if Fred’s the captain then you definitely might. It’s hard to say.” John pondered, returning to their earlier conversation on the train. “All depends on how good your tryout is.”

“Well, I’ll do my best.” It was then that the hall quieted and Umbridge stepped up to the podium again. “Well, that was a delightful little feast!” She said brightly. “Before I send you all off to bed, I would like to establish a few school rules. For those of you who are new here, I’ll begin with the basic rules. The forbidden Forest is forbidden, of course.” She giggled. “There will be no wandering the corridors after hours, no foolishness, no items are allowed listed under Filch’s ban list and you should be prudent about timeliness and attentiveness in class.

“For all students,” She said, looking out into the huge crowd. “There are a few teeny new rules that I would like to institute. To begin, all students must stay away from the seventh floor tower, formally known as ‘Gryffindor Tower’. All students may not go into or near the Black Lake, the Whomping Willow, or the Boat house for the express safety of all students.” She smiled. “That is all for now, off to bed for all of you. Pip, pip!”

“Well, that doesn’t sound too bad.” Scorp said, climbing up from the table.

“Yeah, except for the part about not being able to go near the Black Lake. That kind of sucks.” John admitted. “And the part about Gryffindor tower being off-limits. I bet they haven’t even bothered to repair it since the Battle of Hogwarts.”

“Yeah, I thought that part was a little weird.” Agreed Scorp.

“Well, I have to go find Rose and Lizzie.” I said, following John and Scorp out of the Great Hall. “I’m rooming with them until I get sorted.” I said goodbye and went to follow Rose and Lizzie up the big staircase down a bunch of hallways and moving staircases until we reached the entrance to the Ravenclaw Tower.

The door handle seemed to speak as a prefect approached it and stood in front of the door. “You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot speak, for it has no lung. What is it?”

Well, geese, if I have to answer a riddle every time I want to go into the tower, I’m screwed from here to Greenland. (That happens to be a long way to swim, thank you very much. And no, I haven’t swum there; I’ve just visited there for a short time.)

The prefect seemed to consider this, than answered, “A Bell.” The door swung open, and we stepped into a large circular room with couches scattered around, with shelves of books lining the walls and curvy staircases leading to the dormitories framing a marble statue of a woman wearing a fancy tiara. Tapestries decorated what wall space was left, and there was a huge window in the ceiling. It seemed like a really nice, comfortable library.

“Our dormitories our up this way Anna.” Said Rose, pulling me gently towards one staircase. “We’ll show you out dormitory.” She and Lizzie led the way up the stairs, following another big bunch of girls. We had to climb a lot of stairs until we reached what was supposed to be our dormitory. The door was open already, and there were two other girls inside, unpacking clothes and other girl stuff. One of them smiled at our arrival.

“Hi Rose, Lizzie!” She said, smiling. She spoke with a slight Irish accent and had plain, dark, nondescript hair and a warm face.

“Hey Erin!” Lizzie said. “How was your summer holiday?”

“It was great, yours?”

“Good. Oh, this is Anna, by the way. She’s new this year. She’s a year older, but she hasn’t been sorted yet, so she’ll be staying with us in the extra bed.” She explained, introducing me.

“Wow, it’s nice to meet you! My name’s Erin!” She smiled and pulled me into a hug. So

Erin was a friendly person. Fantastic.

I smiled back as best as I could, responding, “Same here.”

“Well Anna, here’s your bed.” Rose gestured to a four-poster bed closest to the door, adjacent to a window. I saw that my trunk had already been set neatly at the foot of the bed, with my favorite pair of boxers and t-shirt laid out for me. The other girls were either changing into them now or they had already changed into them a while ago. I quickly changed and brushed my teeth in the bathroom we shared, and then climbed into bed.

“Goodnight, Anna.” Rose said, climbing into the bed next to mine.

“Nigh’ Anna” Said Lizzie sleepily from across the way.

I could still hear Erin and the other girl in the bathroom, but eventually they both stumbled into bed and drew their hangings. Once mine were securely drawn, I lay on top of the huge comforter and tried to relax.

You see, I tend to get insomnia at night sometimes. I either wake up really hot, and can’t fall back asleep, or I just don’t feel sleepy no matter what I try. Fortunately, I fell asleep pretty easily, and dreamt of quidditch tryouts. It wasn’t a particularly long dream, but I do remember trying out for Beater and smashing one of the Slytherins in the head with my bat. I was then rudely awoken, by someone practically shouting in my ear.

“Anna! Get up! You’re going to be late for Breakfast!” So they were shouting. I opened my eyes to see Rose’s face hovering over mine, the light from the window streaming through the hole Rose had created with my bed’s hangings. She was fully dressed, shaking me from my slumber, tangled in my blankets.

“Finally!” She cried. “That took forever! You must be the hardest sleeper I know!” She opened my hangings completely as I stumbled out of bed. “You had better hurry! Classes start in an hour and we need to have breakfast and get our schedules! Everyone else is probably already down there!”

I ignored her and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, getting rid of my horrible morning breath. I then redid my ponytail, combing my fingers through my hair as best as I could. I ended up rushing after Rose pulling my shoes on with my robes and borrowed Ravenclaw tie over my shoulder along with my book bag. She pulled me through the nearly- empty common room then through the hole and down about fifty bazillion hundred flights of stairs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a great natural runner, but it was like seven in the morning and had just woken up four and a half minutes ago. So I was still lagging behind as we entered the Great Hall, Rose panting for breath from the run down stairs and me yawning groggily.

We found Lizzie sitting with Scorp and John at the long table, enjoying breakfast. They looked up as Rose stumbled into a seat next to Lizzie across from Scorp, still panting for breath. I sleepily sat down next to John.

“Where the hell have you been?” Asked Lizzie.

“Anna took forever to wake up.” Rose explained. “I didn’t realize how bad it would be to get her up.”

They all looked at me. “Does anyone have the coffee?” I grumbled, speaking for the first time in the five minutes I had been awake.

“So I take it you’re not a morning person, then.” John concluded, biting into an apple noisily.

“Is your hair green?” I countered.

“Not that I know of.” He mused. “Oh, and the coffee is down there, looks like Lorc and Lysander have it.”

I grumbled as I stood up and ventured over to them clumsily, retrieving the coffee, otherwise known as the nectar of Merlin.

The steam wafted up to my face as I poured my first cup once I had sat back down. I gulped it down thirstily before pouring another one, feeling the effects already. My eyes opened completely, and I didn’t feel as groggy.

“Ahh.” I sighed. “That’s some damn good coffee.”

“I can see that helped.” Scorp noted.

“There are two things that wake me up in the morning.” I explained. “The sound of fire, or coffee.”

“Well that’s just silly.” Remarked Lizzie. “Fire doesn’t have a noise.”

“Yes it does. It sounds like the wind, except not.” I then continued to fill my plate with eggs, bacon and sausage, stuffing my face from the hunger I always feel in the morning.

As I cleared my plate, a woman with shiny black hair came around down our table and handed us our schedules. “John, Lizzie, here are yours.” She said kindly.

“Thank you Professor Chang.” Lizzie said sweetly.

“Rose, Mr. Malfoy, here are yours.” She glanced at me. “You must be the new student, am I correct?” She asked.


“Well, I have your schedule here somewhere.” She rustled around her stack for a bit. “Ah, here we are, Anna. Good to have you as a temporary Ravenclaw. Have a good day, all of you.” She smiled.

My schedule for the day looked like this:

Anastasia- 5th Year
Transfiguration- Professor McGonagall, 5th floor
Care of Magical Creatures- Professor Hagrid, grounds
Herbology- Professor Longbottom, Greenhouses
Potions- Professor Slughorn, Dungeons
Defense Against the Dark Arts- Professor Thomas, 6th floor

“So, what do the rest of your schedules look like then?” I asked after reading through my Timetable.

“Mine seems okay.” John said.

“Same.” Said Scorp.

Lizzie and Rose had already headed off to charms, which they had first with the rest of the fourth years in Ravenclaw.

We compared schedules, Scorp, John and I. We had our basic classes together, as well as Care of Magical creatures, while I had Astronomy with Scorp on Wednesday nights, and Muggle studies with John every Tuesday and Thursday.

“Well, guess we better head to Transfiguration then.” Said Scorp.

“Yeah, ol’ Minnie will have a cow if we’re late.” John added.

I laughed, following them through the doors of the Great Hall, pulling on my robes. I was still tying (wrestling with) my tie when we walked into the class and snagged a couple of seats towards the back of class.

“Here, let me help with that.” John said, taking my tie from around my neck, and tying it loosely around his. He slipped it off and handed it back to me, stringing it around my neck.

I snorted. “I do know how to tie a tie thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome then.” He said, smirking.

Then a bell rang and all the students settled into their seats, pulling out fresh rolls of parchment and quills.

I pulled out my textbook and parchment along with a pen. I know, it’s against tradition, but I just can’t stand using those quills.

“Welcome to your first O.W.L. level Transfiguration lesson. To succeed in this class, you will need to be able to understand the basics of your past years in this class as well as be able to apply that which I teach you in this course. So anyone who does not possess the ability to do so can leave now.” Professor McGonagall spoke severely. No one spoke or even moved a muscle. I actually considered leaving as I wasn’t sure what I was doing in a level 5 Transfiguration class, but decided against it as McGonagall stared me and the rest of the class down. This was a strict one.

“Before we begin, I would like you all to pick up your things and come up to the front of the room. I will be assigning you seats so that there are no unnecessary distractions during my class.” Everybody obliged, traveling towards the front into one large pack. She conjured up a list and told each of us where to sit.

“Anastasia, you will be sitting back there, next to Ms. Ceanne.” I looked over to where she was referring. There was a girl with perfectly curled blonde hair gracefully sitting down at the desk I was to share with her. I gathered my things and marched over there, feeling all the eyes in the room on me once again. I noticed I would be sitting right behind John and another guy from Hufflepuff, who we shared the period with.

“Hi, you must be Anna. I’m Arabella.” The girl said quietly as I sat down next to her.

“Yeah, that’s me. Nice to meet you.” I said, trying to be as friendly as possible.

“So, where did you go to school before here?” She whispered.

“I didn’t really go anywhere before here.”

“Oh, so you were homeschooled!” She automatically assumed.

“Yeah, you could say that.” I said, figuring it was the easiest response.

“Hey, I didn’t know your full name was Anastasia.” Whispered John, turning around in his seat to face me.

“Yeah, well, it never came up.” I said. Arabella seemed to perk up at the sight of John turning around to talk to us.

“Hi John!” She whispered excitedly.

“Hey Arabella. So, you know a lot of transfiguration, Anna?” He said plainly.

“No, not really.” I said honestly.

“Oh, well I’m really good at it, so you’ll be fine as long as you stick with me!” Arabella interjected.

“Um, yeah, okay.” I agreed.

“Now, today we will begin by reviewing the material from last semester.” Spoke McGonagall from the front of the room. John turned around and we began to get to work.

This was brutal, as I only knew the most basic of Transfiguration spells. By the end of the hour, McGonagall seemed to notice that I was having trouble converting my parakeet into a lemon and offered for me to come and take special lessons with her to get myself caught up. I agreed, embarrassed.

Care of Magical Creatures seemed to go better. I liked Professor Hagrid, and we were studying Nifflers, the little black fuzzy things that could smell out gold.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was practically brain dead. Thankfully, this was nothing a good serving of Shepard’s pie couldn’t fix. After Lunch came Herbology.

As we entered the steamy greenhouses, we found a table to sit at with a guy who introduced himself to me as Robert. He had wavy black hair and dark brown eyes with tan skin. He shared a dormitory with John and Scorp.

“So, you guys ready? I heard we have to collect Butober pus as a review assignment. Girls tend to scream and run so it will probably just be us three for the most part.” He said, blatantly ignoring me.

I cleared my throat loudly. “Ahem.” He looked at me expectantly. “I resent that. In fact, just show me how to do it, and I’ll lead the group. I think I’ve handled a lot worse than some stupid pus.” In fact, I had, but I’ll get into that later.

“Well, then. I think this will be a good group.” Said Scorp uncomfortably, sensing the awkwardness. I was still staring down Robert when the professor showed up. He stood at the front of all the groups, explaining the exercise. It sounded simple enough to extract the pus. He gazed across the class whilst explaining the procedure with which to separate the pus from plant parts, when he made eye contact with me briefly. He gave me a cursory glance before stumbling over his sentence and looking back at me. His eyebrows creased and he seemed confused, but he shook his head slightly and moved on before I could think anything of it.

He came around distributing the plants then, passing out thick gloves and safety gloves to go with. “Well then, let’s get to it.” I said, snapping my goggles on. The three guys just stared at me weirdly.

“Come on, what are you gawking at? Let’s get going!” I then proceeded to begin the task of squeezing out the pus, which was quite satisfying. The guys helped amid screams of squeamish girls, which Professor Longbottom was trying to suppress, the loudest of which was the Arabella girl from Transfiguration.

“EWWWW!!! It’s in my hair!” She squealed. I tried not to laugh at this, I really did, but I couldn’t help it. She just looked so funny. John began to laugh with me then the others joined in. We all took a few more goes, making sure to separate the pus from the plant parts. We had collected a pretty decent amount from our plant, squeezing it dry, way before the rest of the class.

A disheveled Longbottom dismissed us, telling us to leave and go get cleaned up before our last class. We cleaned up our station and left the greenhouses, laughing and picking chunks of the stuff from our hair. We had managed to get most of the stuff out by the time we got to potions, where we joined the rest of the pus covered Ravenclaws and Slytherins, who we shared the period with.

Potions went almost as bad as Transfiguration had, but almost as embarrassing. At least we got to choose our seats. I sat with John and Scorp at a table along with another quiet Slytherin guy.

“Welcome to your first O.W.L. level potions class!” Said the professor, Professor Slughorn, cheerily. “To begin our course, Headmistress Umbridge has asked me to have you all complete and pass a short safety exam issued by the Ministry for your personal safety before we continue on with any dangerous substances.” He seemed a little put-off about this whole safety exam thing but he continued to pass out the exam packets to all the students.

“You have the whole hour to complete this quiz. Do your best and when you finish, bring it up to me, and I will correct it. You should find it easy, so you may begin.” He went and sat down at his desk and began to work, leaving us to our exam.

I stared down at the first question.
1. If I were to be required to make the antidote for any negatively balanced potion, I should avoid:
a. Adding pig urine
b. Mixing the antidote with scaly substances
c. Boiling/ broiling the substance to over 900 degrees C
d. All of the above said.

What the hell? I looked around. Everyone else seemed to be getting it easily, so I took my best guess and moved along.

Some of the questions were common sense, even for me, like;
28. What would you do in case of a fire erupting in or near your cauldron?
43. If the person next to you sets your potion ablaze, you should…

I finally reached the last question when most of the class had finished.

75. If my potion were to begin to emit a sulfurous odor, I should:
a. Inform the professor
b. Ring the emergency alarm
c. Ignore it and move along
d. It is probably just my neighbor

I nearly laughed out loud at this question, but instead restrained myself to shaking violently, laughing internally as I circled the correct answer. (Or what I thought it would be.) I turned it in and the class was dismissed shortly after. Overall, it had been an interesting day. Of course, I was still behind in most of my classes, but what could I do? Nothing right this instance.


Well, I hoped you enjoyed this chapter! I know things may seem weird or bad right now, but I promise that things will make sense soon. Like, what the hippogriff is Umbridge doing at Hogwarts, the old coot! Thank you so much for those who have reviewed! At this point, the story has had 1400 reads!!!!! Thanks so much to you all! Now I'd just like to hear from all you people! Tell me what you think so I can make my story better!!

Chapter 11: In Which I'm the Man
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.

So, as it turns out, I actually did fail my Potions safety exam, which means I have to take it again and pass it before I can do anything remotely related to Potions. At least my other classes seemed to be going better. Turns out I’m actually pretty darn good at Defense. I guess Greyback really was teaching us to fight.

I showed up to class with John and Scorp, still pretty put-off about the Potions exam.

Why did a stupid safety exam have to be so hard? We took a seat towards the back again, me sharing a desk with John and Scorp sitting in front of us next to a Hufflepuff guy he knew. The professor came in from his office right before the bell rang and told us to stand up.

“We’re going to do a practical lesson today to review. I believe you had some practice with boggarts in your third or second years? We’ll be reviewing them as an introduction to our first unit, which I will explain further next class.” The professor was middle-aged, or close to that, with caramel colored skin and a serious face.

Once we were all standing, he moved all the desks aside with a wave of his wand and brought in a wardrobe with another flick. The wardrobe seemed to be rattling, as if something inside it was trying to get out. Then I realized that something was trying to get out. I had dealt with boggarts before, in the multiple old houses and tight spaces that we had stayed in over the years. I began to dread this, knowing what was going to happen, what was going to come out of the wardrobe at me. I shivered.

“So, who can tell us what a boggart is, or what it does?” The professor asked.
A curly brown haired girl from Ravenclaw shot her hand up in the air. “Yes Lucy?”

“A boggart sir, is a magical creature that assumes the form of whatever the defender fears most.” She answered in a prim tone.

“Very Good. Five points to Ravenclaw. No one knows what the boggart looks like when it’s by itself, but we do know that it assumes the position of what we fear most. The counter spell to defend yourself against them is Ridikulous. Does anyone want to give it a go first?” He asked, looking around at all of us. “You’ll all have a go eventually, so who wants to do it first?”

No one else was raising their hands, hesitant about facing what they feared most, so I decided to just get it over with. I raised my hand. John and Scorp looked at me weirdly,Scorp’s eyes the size of saucers.

“Oh, yes, you must be Anastasia.” He said, seeing me.

“Anna.” I corrected.

“Yes, have you worked with boggarts before?”


“And you remember how the Ridikulous spell works?” He asked cautiously.


“Well, then, go right ahead then and face the cabinet. I’ll open it when you are ready.” He moved over to the cabinet, ready to open it, while I stood in front of it, waiting for it to open. I readied myself, standing in a protective stance with my wand out. I usually didn’t have a wand for this thing, but I had done the charm before, so I knew what I was doing. I hoped.

I took a deep breath, and nodded. The professor opened the door and I was immediately filled with a sense of dread. I felt cold, and I completely forgot what I was supposed to do. I just wanted to not feel miserable again. The screams that filled my head were consuming me, a woman’s screams of anger and despair.

The hooded skeletal creature creeped towards me and I let my instincts control me. I conjured up the happiest memory I could and shouted the spell I knew so well.

“Expecto Patronum!”

A silvery animal with four legs and antlers shot out from the tip of my wand, charging the dementor down into the cabinet. Wait that was a boggart. I almost let a very indecent word out when the Professor laughed nervously. “Well, that wasn’t the Ridikulous charm, but it was still rather impressive. Nice work Anna.” He smiled tentatively. “So,” he said, clapping his hands together, “who wants to go next?” This time he had to choose someone randomly. I stood awkwardly to the side as people warmed up to the assignment. They kept staring at me weirdly, but were occupied by the assignment, thankfully. I was already embarrassed about what had happened. I looked like an idiot.

I watched John battle a snake and Scorpius combat against his own grandpa.

Once everyone had gone, the professor finished it off, defeating a disembodied hand, crawling along the floor. To be honest, his hand was creepier than my dementor. So there, I’m not entirely weird and creepy. And maybe I still am, but I’m not the only one who’s scared of something that’s actually known for instilling fear and dread. I think it’s rather clever.

I walked out with John, heading to the Common Room.

“So, you’re scared of snakes then?” I confronted him, smirking.

“Well, considering you just pulled off a full-bodied patronus, I think you should go first. Where did you learn to do that?” He asked, curious.

“It’ really not a big deal.” I shrugged. “I just know how to defend myself.”

“Anna,” he said seriously, staring at me “a full antlered deer just came out of your wand. You have to feel some sort of confusion.”

“Well, as I said before, I do know how to defend myself, so therefore, I know that I can produce a patronus, as I have been since I was ten years old.” I responded irritably.

“Ten years old? Really? I mean, are you serious? Ten? Who taught you that at ten?” He nearly shouted, incredulously.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I said, before heading up to my dormitory to grab my Transfiguration textbook for my first private lesson.

The rest of the week went pretty well. I was enjoying Hogwarts. It was great, as were John, Scorp, Rose, and Lizzie. They were great people to hang out with. I passed my potions safety exam on the third try, and was able to brew potions with the rest of the class. It didn’t require too much previous knowledge, so I fit pretty well into the class, but it was still bloody difficult, the only potions I really knew about being the Wolfsbane potion and Polyjuice potion, both of which I had made arduously before.

Transfiguration is still rough, but I’m getting caught up, so I’ll be at a similar level of learning with the other students eventually, as McGonagall put it.

Charms seemed to be going well, with Professor Chang seeming friendly enough to help me catch up, which wasn’t that hard, since many of the spells were based on survival, like augamenti or lumos, which I had used quite often with Greyback, most of the time without a wand. I still struggled with some, but this class was better than Transfiguration.

Defense against the Dark Arts was going extremely well, as the Boggart lesson led into to lessons about more protective spells, like the shield charm which was particularly fun. I was paired with Scorp for the lesson, and he being rather good at learning spells, was rather good competition. He was so close to disarming me at one point, but it was to no avail. He did disarm me towards the end, but I snuck in a wandless disarming spell at him afterwards, confusing him when his wand shot right into my waiting hand. I smirked, while he looked over at me, astounded.

It was later that night, when the notice about Quidditch Tryouts was posted on the bulletin in the Common Room. Anyone who wished to try out for the Ravenclaw team was to sign up with Victor Davies by Saturday morning, when they were to be held on the quidditch pitch. John and Scorp both signed up for the heck of it, while I hunted down Davies later that night in the library. He was working on an essay with a couple of friends when I marched over to his table.

I cleared my throat expectantly, waiting for him to notice me, my hands resting on my hips.

He noticed me, saying irritably, “Can I help you?”

“Yes. I want to sign up for Quidditch tryouts.” I said confidently.

He stared at me for about ten seconds, burrowing his eyebrows, when he burst out laughing. His friends laughed too, once they all realized I was serious.

“Excuse me, is there a problem?” I asked rather rudely.

He just kept laughing, finally responding, “I can’t have a girl on my quidditch team! Are you crazy? I’d look like an idiot!” He chuckled, finally calming down. I cocked an eyebrow.

“That’s too bad.” I decided, crossing my arms across my chest defensively. “Rumor has it that you need me.” I snapped, storming out of the library.

“So I take it he said no, then.” John said as he saw my expression when I returned to the common room, to where he was sitting goofing off with Scorp.

“What an arse!” I shouted, venting. “He laughed in my face! He is going to get it!!”

“Well, better luck next year then.” Scorp said.

“Oh, no this isn’t over. I’m getting a tryout spot.” I said, determined. “Do you know where the Hufflepuff common room is?” I asked, pondering, pacing back and forth.

“It’s pretty close to the Great Hall I think, but it’s time for Dinner, so I would save whatever you have planned for after that.” Said Scorp.

I snapped my fingers and stopped pacing for a second. “That’s it! Dinner is perfect!” I decided. “Let’s go!” I grabbed their arms, pulling them off the couch.

“Yeesh, were coming!” Said John indignantly.

I practically ran to Dinner, but was forced to walk slower by John and Scorp. “You guys are slow pokes.” I complained, trudging down the Entrance Hall’s stairs two at a time.

I threw open the doors, and was glad to see John’s older brother was sitting at the Hufflepuff table, his Quidditch badge gleaming. I marched over to him immediately despite John and Scorp’s amused yells. I sat down across from him and his friend and got straight to it. “Can I try out for your team?” I practically shouted. He looked, at me, confused. “What team?” he asked, confused.

“Quidditch.” I clarified, rolling my eyes. “What else? Chess?”

“You want to try out for Quidditch?” He asked, amused. His friend was violently shaking, trying not to laugh. “Definitely no.”

“Why not?” I said frustrated.

“Let’s see, you could try out for Quidditch for a number of reasons, reasons for which you do not qualify.” He began, explaining. “Number one, if you were actually in Hufflepuff. Number two, if you were older. And the third reason is the most important, so listen up.” He leaned across the table, setting his fork down, making direct eye contact with me. “Number three, you could try out for my team, if you. Were. A. Guy.” He raised his eyebrows. “Is this clear to you?” He asked.

“Crystal.” I spat with as much venom as I could, glaring at him.

“Good, now get back to your table and my brother.” He smirked.

“Arse.” I spat, before turning back to my table. This meant that I had to try one last thing before initiating Plan B.

After wolfing down (Haha, get it?) a huge plate of food, and convincing John and Scorp that I would meet them back at the Common Room, I wandered over to the Slytherin table, in search of one Fred Weasley, I found him easily, sitting with his friends and laughing.

“Hey,” I said, getting his attention, as well as a big section of the Great Hall’s. “I want to try out for Quidditch. On your team.” I said, making my point clear. He didn’t even hesitate to laugh. I glared.

“Yeah, maybe if you were a guy, or in Slytherin.” He chuckled.

“Bullshit!!” I yelled, causing half of the Hall to turn and stare at me, as well as earning several glares from the teachers.
I stormed out, fuming. It was in the Entrance Hall that Plan B came to me. I spied Frank Longbottom about to turn down a hallway, when I grabbed him.

“Hey, your name’s Frank right? Frank Longbottom?” I said.

“Err… yeah.” He said confused.

“Are you trying out for Quidditch?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Well you are now. I need a favor.” I grinned, him looking confused.

Saturday Morning, I woke up nice and early, so as to get ready for my tryout. Yep, I got a tryout. There just happens to be one or two complications. Which is why, bright and early, I woke up and went into the bathroom with a pair of scissors ready. I let my ponytail out, and let my brown hair flow down my back. I took a strand experimentally, pinching it between my two fingers. I pulled it straight, and cut it. It was actually pretty satisfying, and I would have cut it short sooner or later as my hair grows freakishly fast, so this part of the plan was easy.

I continued cutting each strand of my hair to above my ears, leaving some hair to lay flat over my forehead, effectively shading my eyes, just enough. I messed it up, making it lay unkempt and sticking up in various places.
Afterwards, I looked in the mirror, finding myself only somewhat recognizable, with my baggy, warm, sweats decimating even that. I put my plan to the test as I walked out of the bathroom back to my dormitory where Rose was just waking up, being the early riser. Her eyes widened at the sight of me, taking in everything. “Who are you?” She asked, shocked.

I grinned. “Perfect.” I said.

“Anna?!” She said, incredulous.

“It’s better not to ask right now.” I told her, grinning. I had about a half an hour until I had the Hufflepuff tryouts, which were right before the Ravenclaw tryouts. That was the hardest part of the plan, convincing Frank to sign up a friend of mine, Alex, a sixth year Hufflepuff. As far as I knew, John’s brother, Aaron, hadn’t suspected anything about the random new name, anticipating a new kid or something.

I walked down to the pitch a few minutes early, trying to blend in with the pack of guys who were on the field already. It was a chilly day today, which made for a cold morning.

The tryouts began right at seven o’clock, when Aaron came out on the field with a list and whistle, telling everyone to run around the pitch for as long as he told us to. The group of us ran for about two miles, when a couple of small fourth years, looking exhausted, dropped out. I hate to brag, but I led the group for another fifteen laps, until there were only about eighteen of us left. I made sure to keep my head down every time I passed someone, or when I ran past Aaron, eyeing us carefully on the sidelines. Once it got down to the eighteen of us, Aaron stopped us and gave us a number to wear on our backs so he could keep track of us. To begin, he set the snitch loose, letting the three prospective seekers go for it. He began with the beaters, testing their speed, accuracy, and strength. There were five people trying out for one available spot, as Aaron was already a beater. He selected a seventh year who had been on the team last year, Brian Duff. The two of them worked well together and were already friends. The other four prospects really hadn’t had a chance. Brian was a huge, burly guy and could aim at a target one hundred meters away, and hit it with perfect accuracy.

Next came the Chasers, which were me and six other guys. By this time, there were a good number of people in the stands, including Rose, Lizzie and John and Scorp. I was so ready for this. Chaser was what came naturally to me, and I was fast and aggressive. I easily outflew the others, passing the quaffle quickly and proficiently between the other two guys I was trying out with. I scored about fifty points in seven minutes, and the other chasers gaped at me every time I flew by, taking the quaffle from them, me being careful to keep my head down as they stared. I flew great, almost the fastest out of the lot, which was impressive on my school broom, executing sharp turns and different methods of flips to keep the quaffle away from the group we were facing in our tryouts. Aaron had his eyes on me for most of the time, choosing a keeper quickly, then moving on to select his three chasers. He left these announcements until a supple sixth year caught the snitch.

Aaron gathered those of us who were still remaining to announce the chasers and keeper.

“Good tryout all of you, I have to say, I was impressed this year, we had some brilliant contestants this year.” He said, looking at me for that last part. I ducked my head, blushing.

“Our final keeper is Don McClaggen, nice work, Don.” He said, nodding at Don, who was grinning cockily.

“Our final chasers are Tim Fellow and Charlie Donovan,” He said looking towards one of the guys I had tried out with, and another built contestant with cropped blonde hair.

“These two led by Alex Chase.” He looked at me, grinning. (Yeah, I know the name sucks, but still, it’s pretty clever.)

I grinned. “Nice work you lot, and to those who didn’t make the cut, better luck next time!” He said, waving us off the field, as the Ravenclaw prospects were walking on. I spotted John and Scorp walking on, I winked at them, them not even recognizing me.

John gave me a confused look and I smirked. I walked back to the castle, showered, and changed into jeans and a sweatshirt, digging out my Yankees baseball hat that I had gotten in America two years ago, effectively hiding my hair for now, pulling my bangs back into the hat, so as I could be more recognizable. I walked back to the Pitch, joining Rose and Lizzie in the stands just in time to watch John try out for chaser.

“There you are Anna. What’s with the hat?” Lizzie, asked, seeing me.

Rose saw me, giving me a look that said, I know that you probably don’t want anyone else to know, so you’re off the hook for now, but you are going to explain yourself later. I

Yeah, it was quite a look, I know, but I was grateful to Rose for not bringing up the hair now.

“Oh, look, John’s up!” I said, avoiding Lizzie’s question. She gave me a questioning look and turned to watch her brother try out.

John was good, and his chances were better, as there were only a couple of good upperclassmen trying out, the rest of the bunch either fourth years, or just plain bad.

He seemed nervous, but got past it as he began to perform well. Scorp was flitting around the pitch, looking for the snitch. He was competing against a big burly seventh year, and a couple mediocre sixth years. About ten minutes into the chasers’ tryout, Scorp dived, quickly plummeting towards the ground. Rose leaned forward in her seat, while Lizzie and I held our breaths. He had definitely seen the snitch, but he was going really fast towards the ground, and was being chased by a sixth year, who was quickly gaining on him. He pulled out at the last second, grabbing the snitch, grinning.

All three of us cheered for him, as he brought the snitch over to Davies, who nodded to him. Scorp left the pitch, and quickly changed along with the rest of the other prospective seekers, then came to join us in the stands. Rose jumped up and hugged him fiercely before she stepped back, both of them blushing profusely.

“Nice work, Scorp.” I said, smiling.

“Hey, what’s with the hat?” He asked. “I take it you didn’t find a way to try out then?”

“Yeah, it’s a shame. I would have had a good chance, too. The prospects haven’t been very good so far. John’s one of the best choices, besides a couple of seventh years.” I said, leaving out the part about the Hufflepuffs.

“Yeah, you missed the Hufflepuff tryouts though. There was one guy who was just amazing. He outflew all the other chasers, and scored about two hundred points.” He said, as I grinned slyly. “I couldn’t tell who it was though, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him before, though. He did seem a little familiar though.”

“Shame.” I said, feigning disinterest, trying to focus on John’s tryout. They were just finishing up, and we went down to the edge of the pitch to wait for John. He came back smiling.

“Well?” I asked, impatient.

“I made it!” He said, excitedly. “I have to admit I nearly didn’t, but still, I made it.” Lizzie jumped on him, happy for her brother. Scorp clapped him on the back.

“Nice work!” He said, “Now we’ll be teammates.”

“Yeah, it’s going to be wicked. Nice hat Anna, guess you didn’t figure out how to get on the team then?” John asked.

“Yeah, Davies is an idiot. I heard there was a really good Hufflepuff that tried out this morning though.” I smiled.

“Yeah, that’s right. That bloke was amazing.” He admitted.

I smirked. My plan was working so far, now I just had to stay clear of Aaron until practices, in case he made the connection. It’s a good thing my hair grows fast because I might need my normal hair back, as I have no idea how I’m going to pull off avoiding him as myself.

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Chapter 12: In Which I Get My First Detention
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.



So, the night of the Quidditch tryouts, Rose finally pulled me aside and asked me what had happened to my hair.

"What do you mean, what did I do to my hair?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

"You cut it!" She exclaimed. "It’s shorter than my brother’s hair! Shorter than John’s! Shorter than Scorp’s!"

"Calm down Rose, it was only a couple of inches." I said, trying not to roll my eyes. "It will grow back fast anyways."

"A couple of inches!" Her eyes were huge now, and her eyebrows were disappearing into her bangs. "More like a meter! If not more!" She thought for a second, then her eyes narrowed. "You did this for quidditch, didn’t you. That was you on the Hufflepuff team!" Now she was torn between being amazed and frustrated.

"Maybe." I said vaguely. "You’re a clever girl, Rose. I’ll give you that. But it was worth it just so you know." I smiled as she fell back onto her bed, frustrated with something.

I went down to the common room, where I saw Lizzie watching John and Scorp playing Wizard’s chess while still talking about Quidditch.

"Where’s Rose?" Asked Scorp.

"She’s frustrated with me." I answered.

"What did you do?" John asked, scowling as Scorp took out one of his knights.

"Oh, it was nothing really." I said. "She’s just confused I think."

"Hmmm. So do you want to play the winner?" Scorp asked.

"Yeah, sure. But I’ll feel sorry for them." I admitted.

"And why is that?" Lizzie asked, looking up from a book she had just begun to read.

"Because I am going to whip their King’s sorry bottom." I said truthfully. (Okay, I was partially joking, but it was still true.)

"Well, we’ll see about that." Scoffed Scorp. "Checkmate."

John groaned.

I did beat Scorp’s arse that game. It lasted about fifteen minutes before I had him cornered.

I also beat John. Then Lizzie. John and Lizzie were going against each other when it was time for dinner. We ate quickly, then went back up to the common room for a round of Exploding Snap. I was awesome at this too, so I ended up teaching them some muggle card games too, like Texas Hold’ Em, Black Jack, and my personal favorite, Bullshit.

"Bullshit!" I shouted. "You’re lying! Take all the cards!" John groaned and reluctantly took the pile of cards that included the two threes that he had said were sevens.

There was a reason that I was so beast at card games. Living as part of Greyback’s gang of wolves was basically living on the road. We would drive, swim, or walk and take trains, planes and buses on our treks all over Europe. That was the reason I knew four or five languages. We would spend a lot of time on the road, or sitting out in hotels when we weren’t being raised like an army or hunting in the woods. This left a lot of time to learn poker, chess, mancala, scrabble, you name it, we probably played it. Once in a while, we would go see a film at the cinema by sneaking in through back entrances in small, cheap little theaters. That’s where I got the name Anastasia. When I was about four, Felipa took me to see Anastasia somewhere in France in a theater that was going out of buissness. She actually paid for our tickets with some money she had found on the street the day before. I don’t remember much about the actual movie except that the main girl, the lost princess, was named Anastasia.

"All right, I’m going to bed." Said Lizzie. "This is ridiculous."

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, see you later."

"I might head up to bed soon too." Added Rose, yawning. "I’m dead tired, and I have a ton of homework to do tomorrow."

"Well, goodnight then." I said as she started up the steps to the dormitory. "Hey, I’m hungry. Is there a way that we could sneak down to the kitchens?" I asked once she left.

Scorp looked towards John. "What do you say John, fancy a trip down to the kitchens?"

John grinned. "Hell, yeah. Let’s go."

We snuck through the corridors, until we reached a portrait of some fruit. John went and tickled the pear, and bada-bing, bada-boom, the door opened to my surprise.

"That was weird." I commented as we stepped into the huge kitchen where house elves immediately came up to us offering us various amounts of food. I smiled. "Brilliant."

We took a seat at one of the long tables that resembled the ones in the Great Hall. I think we were sitting at the Gryffindor table, as it was the one that was usually empty upstairs. It was also the only one without platters and goblets set out on it.

"Would miss like some cream for those strawberries?" One of the little elves squeaked.

"Ugh. Call me Anna please. None of this 'miss' stuff." I said, shuddering. "And yes, I would like some cream please." I added as an afterthought.

The elve smiled at me. "Of course miss! Oh, I mean Anna." She ran off in search of some cream.

"Hey! I would have liked some too!" John said indignantly. Scorpius cocked an eyebrow.

"So, you don't like being called 'miss'." He mused.

"Nope. Feels weird." I admitted. "Plus, it's not right that they have to serve me like that. I know they like it, but that doesn't mean they have to bow down to me or anything. It's ridiculous and demeaning for them."

"Wow." John said, clapping. "You sound like Rose's mum."

I was rolling my eyes when the house elf returned with a huge tub of whipped cream.

"Thank you." I said before she scuttled off.

"Wow, she likes you." John said, pulling the tub towards him, assuming that I would be welcome to sharing.

"Hey!" I said indignantly. "Hand that back! It's my cream." I pulled it back, scooping a spoon into the creamy stuff as John tried to steal it out from under me again. I went with instinct this time, and flicked my hand at him, the cream smacking the middle of his forehead. Scorp laughed.

John then proceded to strike me back, digging his hand into the tub and thowing some at my face. I dodged it, but was hit smack on the nose by Scorp, who had decided to join in.

"You didn't just do that Scorp!" I said, royally pissed.

"You bet I did." He smirked, provoking me.

I threw a huge blob of the stuff, hitting him right on target between his eyes. I laughed, but was assulted again by John, leading me to stuff a bunch of the stuff down the back of his shirt.

We kept up the fight for another ten minutes, each of us thuroughly creamed and laughing. John had been the one to discover that I was ticklish and had tortured me by grabbing me and tickling my stomach until I shouted bloody murder and het let me down, shoving whipped cream in my face. We were laughing and chucking stuff across the room in battle mode when the door opened, revealing Slughorn coming for a midnight snack. He took one look at the three of us and smiled.

"Detention for you three Monday at eight." He said, tutting. "Now, off to bed. All of you."

And that was how I earned my very first detention.

The next morning, my hair had grown out to several inches above my shoulder, too short to put into a ponytail, but I just pushed it back with a thick, stretchy, gray fabric headband.

Rose gave a start when she saw me come out of the bathroom around midday.

"Your hair!" She yelled. "But yesterday- you- it grew!"

I rolled my eyes. "Told you it grew fast." I pulled on a sweatshirt and my favorite pair of sweatpants, intent on going to the library to do my homework. I know, very studious of me.

"Hey Anna, nice haircut." Lizzie said, coming back from the library.

"Thanks." I grinned, heading out of the tower towards the library.

Once at the library, I found John and Scorpius sitting at a table together, attempting to do their Divination homework.

"Hey guys." I said. They greeted me without looking at me, concentrated on the star charts we had been assigned to use.

"You guys figure out any of that stuff yet?" I too, was taking Divination, much to my frustration. It was such an easy subject, predicting the future, yet Professor Trewlawney had a knack for making it a bunch of shit. She was old, Professor Trewlawney, and starting to go a bit bonkers in the head.

In fact, to prove a point, she practically yelled at me when I first entered the room.

"Oh, my dear! You have been blessed with a gift of sight! Yet, oh you poor soul, your days are numbered! I see death in your future." She said boisterously, making me question her prerequisites as well as her general sanity.

She had gone on to predict my death many times in the next few weeks.

"No, we figured we would just make stuff up. But now that you're here, you can help us! This is your best subject so far, besides maybe Defense." John said looking up for the first time. "Hey you cut your hair."

"Yeah, it was getting long, and I cut it for Qudditch tryouts." I said without really thinking about it, rooting around my backpack for my Divination stuff.

"Quidditch tryouts?" John asked. "Why would you have to cut your hair for Quidditch tryouts?" He sounded perplexed. I winced.

"Um, well, I sort of tried out for Hufflepuff." I explained.

"You tried out? How?" Scorp asked confused. "I thought the captains wouldn't give you a spot."

"Well, I cut my hair and tried out as a... well, a bloke." I explained.

"You did what?!" John shouted. Immediately all the students looked towards us and Madame Pince shushed us. Honestly, isn't that woman ready to die yet? I don't mean to be insensitive, but honest to goodness she's old.

"Look, keep it down and don't tell anyone else. Got it?" I stared them down, implying punishment for either one of them shall they decide to betray my secret. "I plan on telling them I'm a girl eventually, but it was the only way I could get a spot, and I have to prove myself before I tell them.

"But don't you think Aaron will notice when you either show up to practice with long hair, or when you show up to meals with short hair? I mean, I can see that your hair grows fast, but can it grow that fast?" Scorp asked, confused. "I mean, do you really plan on cutting your hair every practice, and then letting it grow back during the night?"

"Well, that was the general plan..." I said hesitantly. Scorp seemed frusturated. John just laughed.

"Good luck with that." He chuckled. "Now, can you help us with Divination? We'll help you with Transfiguration and Charms."



That night was the first night of the cycle. I had known that it was coming, so I was plenty prepared. I had wolfsbane potion from the ministry, and had left a note on my bed saying, "Gone for a walk, don't look for me. -Anna" should anyone notice me missing. I left right after dinner, at sunset, telling John and Scorp that I had something I had to do, and that I would see them tomarrow.

I waited until all the students had cleared the Entrance Hall before slipping out the door outside. I skirted around the walls and crept past Hagrid's house towards the Forbidden Forest. I walked for about an hour, finding a good, abandoned clearing trying to make sure it was far from any other creatures. I slipped off my backpack, letting it fall to the ground with a thump, then took my potion and waited for the moon to come out and the wolf inside me to be unleashed.

The transformation came after I had been waiting about twenty minutes. I could feel it, the efffects of the Wolfsbane potion letting me keep my consciousness during the excruciating pain. Once it was complete, I was completely aware of my surroundings. I could see that I was really deep in the forest, with the Black Lake far to my right. I made sure to memorize this spot, then took off at a run, letting the wind rip through my hair as I sped along through the forest at inhuman speeds, finding a nice place to just curl up and relax after several hours of running.

At the mere sight of dawn, I wandered back to my starting place, and tried to relax, understanding that I would have to change back in order to go back to school. I will tell you from personal experience that learning to change back into human form during the day was the hardest thing I have ever had to learn. It is extremely hard and painful. After a few minutes of agony, I began the travel back to the castle as a human, pulling my now just past shoulder length hair into a ponytail and picking the twigs and leaves out of my clothes. It took me about forty-five minutes, as I was walking pretty fast, to get to the edge of the forest.

That was when I heard the wimpering.

I could hear little moans of pain coming from about seventy yards ahead from where I was walking, and stumbled over there, to see what was in such pain. I nearly tripped over the little second year lying in the pitch of dirt and leaves. It was a girl with curly brown hair and scratch marks across her face. I told myself not to panic and assesed the damage.

The girl was badly hurt, with several bones possibly broken. It was not looking good. It had seemed like someone or something had attacked her, beating her up pretty badly, before just leaving her here. It was hard to tell how long she had been there, but she was on the verge of conciousness, with the threat that she might never wake up if she were to fall under darkness.

I untangled her from twigs and leaves, scooping her light body up in my arms. I practically ran up to the castle with her, only sneaking through the entrance hall so as not to draw attention to the frantic girl carrying the unconscious second year in her arms. I rushed up the steps and found the hospital wing quickly.

"Hello!? Anyone here?" I called, not seeing any nurse in the room. "Help!!" I yelled.

A stout woman, Mrs. Pomfrey i think, ran out of her office. Her face turned pale at the sight of the hurt little girl in my arms. "Oh my. What happened?" She asked, bustling forward to me.

"I found her at the edge of the forest." I explained, still frantic.

"Oh my. Will you set her down there dear?" She asked me, rushing to the girl's aid. "Would you mind fetching Headmi- Professor McGonagall dear?" She was already attending to the girl's wounds, cleaning them out. "Quickly, dear, quickly."

I ran out of the room through the corridors to Professor McGonagall's room, where she had class. It was my first class, actually, as I was several minutes late.

"Professor!" I shouted, bursting through the doors. "Madame Pomfrey needs you immediately!"

"Thank you Anna, I will go now, take your seat, we'll discuss your tardiness and disheveled appearance later on." She said brusquely, leaving the room quickly. I found my seat next to Arabella, who was staring at me like I was crazy. Oh, everyone was staring at me like I was crazy, and began whispering to each other fiercely.

"Anna, what the hell is going on?" John asked from in front of me with a bewildered expression on his face.

"A student's been attacked." I whispered, eyeing Arabella cautiously, not sure how much she should know. "I found her at the edge of the woods."

"What were you doing at the edge of the woods?" He asked confused.

"I had to talk to Hagrid about class stuff." I invented wildly.

"How come you're not wearing the uniform?" Arabella asked.

"Er, yeah, I was going to change, but I got distracted." I explained.

"You know you have a stick in your hair." She said. "And you have dirt on your face."

"Do I?" I asked sarcastically. "That's weird. I don't really care to be honest." I said truthfully, worrying about the little girl.

"How can you not care?" She seemed really confused for some reason.

"Do you have a problem?" I asked, not so politely.

"No." She said, crossing her arms and looking away. She obviously did. I rolled my eyes.

"What have I missed?" I asked John, who had been watching the exchange between me and Arabella.

"Nothing." He said. "We've only had class for about fifteen minutes. You did miss breakfeast though."

"Don't remind me." I said, my stomach growling at the thought. I was starving, not to mention dead tired, as I hadn't slept a wink last night. I rested my head on my cheek, closing my eyes.

"You look tired." He noted.

"Yeah, you look great too." I snapped back. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a nap, as I didn't sleep well last night."

He shrugged, turning around to talk to the bloke next to him. Next thing I knew, the bell to end the class was ringing. I had fallen asleep, and McGonagall had still not returned. I jumped up, and ran to the Hospital wing to check on the second year. Madame Pomfrey shooed me out right away, and I joined John and Scorp on the way to Care of Magical Creatures. Thankfully, John had already told Scorp what I said, so I didn't have to explain, and they only pestered me enough to check if the girl was alright.

"Yeah, I think she's okay, Pomfrey shooed me out though, so I'm not positive." I said, dejectedly. We were walking down the slope of the hill toward's Hagrid's house.

"Where did you find her exactly?" John asked, scanning the woods.

I looked for the spot, just beyond Hagrid's pumpkin patch down closer to the lake. I pointed it out, saying. "It's just there, about twenty yards past Hagrid's pumpkin patch, by that huge rock shaped like a giant boot."

They looked over there. "Yeah, I know where you mean." John responded. "This whole thing is pretty weird if you ask me."

"Yeah, seriously. If that student was actually attacked, which seems to be the case, There will be more people hurt before the school decides that they actually have an issue. Umbridge will completely disregard it as an accident, although we really haven't seen much of her lately. It's been weird. Fantastic, but all the same weird not seeing the little booger around." Scorp said, thinking out loud.

"Yeah, that sounds like what she did last time there was a serious threat to her school." John said.

"Which means that someone else is going to have to find and stop the attacker." I reasoned.

"Yeah, well, it all depends what the other professors do." Scorp added. "It's in their hands now."



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Chapter 13: In Which My Life Becomes Utter and Insane Chaos
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.





Today marks the day that my life gets ten times more complicated than it already was. Today as I walk into the Great Hall for breakfast, after another night of the cycle, people are whispering and reading the newspaper like it was the new edition of Hogwarts Gossip.

I walk over to Scorp and John who are already seated, pouring over the news.

“What’s the deal with the newspaper today? It’s like it’s the new edition of Hogwarts Gossip or something. ” Okay, so that sounded a lot funnier in my head.

No response.

“Hello? Anybody home?”

Still no response. This called for action.

I snatched a newspaper from the table that someone had neglected, taking a sip of pumpkin juice and the headline read:


You know that sip of pumpkin juice? Yeah, well, it was more of a gulp. And when I read that headline, recognizing the name of my father, that ‘sip’ of pumpkin juice went splaying out of my mouth to the other side of the table as I said, “WHAT?” incredibly loud, earning a lot of weird glances in my direction.

“What the hell?”

“Anna? When did you get here?”

This time, John and Scorp were the ones not getting a response. I had already become engrossed by the article.

Yesterday morning, the ministry released Harry Potter’s last will and testament after declaring him officially dead last year. They have been keeping his will for the past year under investigation because of the way Harry Potter left fourteen years ago. The ministry released no official comment, but they have said before that they find it borderline on treason, the way Potter left the country without a trace those many years ago. There were no signs of a struggle, so it is obvious that he left on his own accord. It is also suspicious how our previous head Auror left so suddenly whilst our country was bordering on a war with the Vampires that were currently residing near our borders. While it seems ridiculous to think that the Boy-Who-Lived would join the Vampires, it has to be considered that there is another group of people who have been attempting to recruit him for the past twenty five years, since he killed their previous master. Yes, the Death Eaters, led by Fenir Greyback

There have been rumours going around about Harry Potter’s association with Greyback for over a decade, but we now have the proof we need. Potter’s will revealed that he left the majority of his fortune with his wife and three children. It is common knowledge that Harry Potter’s two sons, James and Albus, attend school in America, but the third child? Well, here’s the proof we need, ladies and gentlemen. An inside voice has just released to us the fact that Harry had a daughter who was taken by the one and only Greyback fourteen years ago. Why would Harry let Greyback take his only daughter? We’ll let you decide that on your own, as we think it’s quite clear about his association with Greyback.

But now that Greyback has been defeated, it means that Harry’s third child is either dead, or under the protection of the ministry. His other two children? No one knew the specifics of the attack on the Potters led by Death Eaters those many years ago, so now that it is revealed that their sister could be alive, James and Albus will be searching for her, and the ministry has already released an appeal for the girl to come forward. They will also have to come to England if they want to claim the will of course. But this is not the end of this little tale, it’s only the beginning.

                                      -Gloria Glimmer, Daily Prophet

“This is a load of crap!” I decided verbally. “They’ve held his will for over fourteen years just because he was under investigation? They think he was a bloody Death Eater! As if! And now his kids have to deal with all this crap! They’ll probably have to come here to sort it all out! What a pain for them! This is bull piss! They expect his kids to just sort out the mess they made out of the will, and they dare mention the fact that he had a daughter taken by Greyback? That should be private! But of course the ministry had to make an appeal for his ‘long lost daughter’ to come forward and collect her sharings just so that the ministry can stick their noses in her business? How dare they? If they look into any of that girl’s personal files, I swear I’m going to-”

Then I remembered that I was in the presence of other people who were now very, very, confused.

“Ummm…” I began, not sure how to get away with this one. I snorted. “Not that I care or anything, it just sucks that their family has to adjust so dramatically because the ministry took so long to release their dad’s will.”

They just stared at me, Scorp cocked an eyebrow.

“Whatever.” I huffed, blowing a stray hair out of my face. I decided to change the subject quickly. “So… I have my first Quidditch practice tonight after dinner!”

They didn’t really say anything other than “That’s nice Anna.” Or “Yep, you’ll definitely have to start the essay soon.” Which proved that they weren’t listening anymore. I got up, taking the newspaper with me.

“See you losers later.” I said as I proceeded towards the door, intent on finding somewhere to go, feeling the stress of my decision piling on my shoulders. I wandered out on the grounds for a little while until I found myself in the Owlery. I found Tiger curled up in his feathers, asleep. I hadn’t seen much of Tiger in the past week, and I found myself missing the little bugger.

I prodded him to wake up, to which he responded by nipping out at my fingers. I jerked back instinctively.

“It’s just me, you little lion.” I said, rolling my eyes. Tiger’s eyes met mine and he sort of cocked his head, seeming to notice it was me. I reached out and pat his head, which he seemed to like. “I just don’t know what to do, Tiger.”

I sighed. Secrets and plans and schemes were piling up on top of each other now, and I needed to sort out what I needed to be doing about all this speculation. I went through what I knew about myself to keep myself calm, writing down what I knew about myself on a piece of parchment.

My name is Anastasia Potter, but it used to be Lily Luna Potter.
I am a werewolf. I have bright green eyes and I used to have bright red hair, which is now covered by a permanent enchantment.
My parents are Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.
My father is disliked by most of the Wizarding World for leaving them suspiciously fourteen years ago, and now people think that he was one of the last Death Eaters.
My mother is in a coma somewhere with no hope of waking up, all because of the same attack that made me a werewolf under command of Greyback.
I have two brothers somewhere who have no idea that I’m alive, but they will probably be coming to England soon which means I may run into one of them, which makes my life complicated yet again.
The ministry has released my father’s will and are asking me to come forward, and they have released to the public the fact that Harry Potter lost a daughter to Greyback many years ago.
I am keeping all these things a secret.
The only people who know the truth are me and Ted Lupin, who I haven’t spoken to in the past week and a half.
Yesterday I received a letter from the ministry, saying that they had almost finished my files for school, so I would be sorted at the end of next week in front of the whole school by myself.
I am on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a guy, which will have to be proven wrong sometime soon, as my plan cannot work forever.
I have been having recurring nightmares recently, which I seem to forget when I wake up.
I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. At all. Whatsoever.

This helped quite a bit, even though I was basically admitting how crazy my life had become. Normally, I welcomed chaos into my life, refusing to stay in one place or position for too long. Now, I had sunk deep into a tangled web of lies, hiding, and chaos. It was a lot to hold on to, even for someone like me who normally went on with their life without a care in the world where she was or what she had.

I was beginning to realize that I had become somewhat restless in this past week when the bell for first class rang. I was going to be late to Transfiguration. Again. I ripped the parchment into little shreds and threw them into the wind, where they scattered about.





 I walked into the classroom, breathless, ten minutes later. McGonagall glared at me sternly as usual as I took my seat.

“Anna, I’m afraid that this is the fourth time this year that you have been late. I will have to issue you a detention for tonight.” She said menacingly.

“I know professor, I’m sorry, I really am. But can we make my detention another night? I already have detention tonight with Professor Slughorn and I have something else I have to do.” I said, remembering Quidditch practice and detention with Slughorn, which he had moved to tonight as he had to run out on an errand yesterday, which was fine by me, as I was still running on my wolf cycle.

“Well, I suppose tomorrow will work.” She decided. “Meet me in my office at eight o’ clock tomorrow evening.”

“Yes professor.” I said.

She nodded, then proceeded with her lesson. “Now, as I was saying, we will be transfiguring birds into common household objects…”

The rest of the morning went by slowly. I barely managed to transfigure my parrot into a pitcher, and even then, it was still slightly feathery. History of Magic was as boring as ever, with Umbridge teaching. I’m pretty sure she didn’t even know what she was talking about as far as the Goblin Rebellions went.

The rest of the day passed as a blur until last period when there was a surprise waiting for me in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Ted!” I exclaimed as I entered the classroom with John and Scorp seconds before the bell rang.

Ted saw me, smiled and winked before beginning class. “Please take your seats you three.”

John leaned forward to whisper to me and Scorp, who shared a desk in this class. “I wonder what happened to Professor Thomas.” He said. “He must have sent Ted to cover him for a mission or something.”

“Yeah, it’s weird.” I agreed. Scorp mumbled his consent with us.

Ted began to speak. “Now, I am Professor Lupin. You may be wondering where your professor from last week has gone, he sent me to teach in his place while he is on an auror mission.”

“Called it.” Whispered John.

“Now, today I will be reviewing different types of creatures you have studied thus far, and we will be looking at those for the week. Next week we will look at curses, and the week after that, a whole new sort of unit.” Ted continued.

Ted’s lesson was interesting, to say the least. He went over a wide variety of creatures that the class had already studied, and he actually had a live Grindylow to show us. Towards the end of the lesson, he went over the creatures we would be covering in depth this week. There was an awkward moment when werewolves came up as what we would be studying on Thursday, but Ted didn’t linger on it. We would also be covering Dementors briefly on Friday, as an intro to a unit that would take place later in the year. I immediately began to dread Friday.

The class ended, and the other students seemed excited about Ted and the creatures we would be covering this week.

“Anna, can I speak to you a minute?” Ted called as I was walking out with John and Scorp, who were immersed in a deep conversation about centaurs, which we were talking about tomorrow.

“Yeah, sure. See you two later.” I said as I turned around to talk to Ted.

He waited until everybody had left before speaking. “Did you see the Daily Prophet this morning?”

I felt a sigh of relief. Ted probably had some answers. “Yes. Do you know what any of this means?”

“Some.” He began, sitting down behind his desk. “It means that there are people at the ministry with high influence who believe that Harry was a Death Eater. It also means that James and Al will have to move here for awhile to sort things out about the will. I’ll be helping them with that along with Molly and Arthur, who I haven’t spoken to yet, but I have a feeling that James and Al could end up going to school here to make things easier. It also means that your life just got a whole lot more complicated. Now that James and Al know that you could be out there they’ll be looking out for you, not to mention Hermione and Ron and the rest of them. It’s your choice to tell them or not, but I’ll tell you this. You’re not very well hidden, and it will be easy for people to put two and two together.”

“So what should I do?” I asked.

“Well, for now, just keep your eye out, and your head down low. Unless of course you want to tell the world. Which, if you asked me, is not the best idea based on the fact that Harry’s under suspicion with the ministry.”

I felt reassured somehow, knowing that Ted could help me. “Thanks Ted, I appreciate it.”

“No problem.” He smiled. “And I’ll try and keep you up to date as far as things are going with the ministry.”

“Thanks.” I felt so much better after I left Ted, and wandered back to the Common room to do my huge pile of work that was due tomorrow. I found Rose and plopped down next to her, pulling out my potions material, intent on completing my assignment. I worked furiously, intent on completing everything before dinner, Quidditch than detention. I managed to get quite a bit done with the help of Rose, and skipped off to dinner before Quidditch, growing excited for practice.

After shoveling as much food as I could down my throat, I went into the nearest empty bathroom and cut my hair, then changing into my Quidditch gear. I ran down to the pitch, actually on time for something today, and was one of the first people there.

“Chase!” Aaron exclaimed. “I was looking for you today!”

“Um, yeah, I was sick. In the hospital wing.” I said, coming up with an excuse on the spot, making my voice as gruff as I could.

“Oh, okay then.” He said, easily believing me.

Once the rest of the team gathered, Aaron had us run laps, which went pretty well for me. It was still somewhat warm, with a chilling autumn breeze, which was perfect. We did some drills and scrimmaged, and before I knew it, practice was over.

“All right, see you all on Thursday, same time.” Aaron said, dismissing us. I had nearly forgotten the time, and raced back up to the school, throwing a light jumper over my sweats and baggy tee. I barely had time to try a hair lengthening charm that I had looked up for occasions like this, but it worked, thankfully.

I stumbled into Slughorn’s classroom thirty minutes late for detention. Scorp and John were already there, turning around to look at me, with my wild expression and messy ponytail. Scorp rolled his eyes at my tardiness and turned back towards the front of the room.

“Someone pass the tardy sauce.” John said under his breath as I sat down at a desk between theirs. I looked up at Slughorn who looked pretty mad.

“You may report here on Wednesday night to make up for what you have missed, as I understand you have detention tomorrow night as well.” He barked.

I cringed. “Yes sir.”

John looked like he was holding back a laugh, but turned it into coughing at my glare.





The rest of the week passed in the same format. I had either detention or Quidditch every night after dinner, and my homework was piling up. By Friday, I was utterly exhausted. In fact, after dinner on Friday evening, I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep until noon the next day. I was still making up for all the sleep I had missed earlier in the week because of the cycle. The weekend passed in a blur of sleeping, Quidditch practice, and homework, and I started out the next week by coming into Transfiguration late again. Rose had had trouble waking me up, and had dumped cold water on me to get me to wake up five minutes before class began.

“Detention, Anna. Tonight, my office, eight o’ clock.” She said as I took my seat, my hair still dripping.

“Yes professor.”

And that began the cycle of my week. It was announced in the Daily Prophet on Wednesday that Al and James would be transfering to Hogwarts sometime soon. That same day, the ministry sent me a form to fill out certain things, like a temporary last name to use. I filled out Chase as my last name, the same that I used in Quidditch, and sent it back. This meant that I would be officially sorted at the end of the week. I was growing more and more nervous, despite what John and Scorp told me- about how it was a hat that sorted you, and that it was super easy.

I was still nervous, and I had been having the same dream of walking up to the front of the Great Hall where something different waited for me every time. One night, it was a big purple elephant who said I was a Slytherin. The next night, it was Greyback, who threatened to eat my hair like noodles. Thursday was the most realistic of them all though. It was the night before, and I was stricken with insomnia once again. I drifted off to sleep sometime close to morning.

I walked up the Great Hall, my footsteps the only sound among all three tables, all of which were staring at me intently. I could see John smiling at me, and Scorp giving me an encouraging nod. Ted was at the head table next to Hagrid and Slughorn, watching me intently. I was nervous, but I didn’t let their stares get to me. I sat on the stool that McGonagall had waiting for me. I felt something go over my head, and muffled murmuring. Something was happening, but it was like it was another side of glass. I looked out and I could see the three house tables, no wait, four, no, two. Or maybe it was six. I honestly couldn’t tell. Only a few faces stuck out in my mind There was one clear word that stood out clear as a bell, shocking me awake with the clarity and volume that it possessed. But as I sat straight up in bed, I found that I couldn’t remember what the word was. Frustrated, I pulled on my uniform and marched down to breakfast.

For once, I was the first one there, and McGonagall seemed astonished that I was actually on time for her class. The day passed in a blur, as I grew more and more tense about the sorting. I’m not sure about why I was so nervous, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I think it was because I had grown so used to Ravenclaw already, and I didn’t want it to change. At least, that was part of the reason I was nervous. I’m pretty sure. But I honestly had no idea what house I would be in, and I think that was part of it too. I mean, I wanted Ravenclaw, but I wasn’t bright or studious, I wasn’t very cunning, so Slytherin was out, and Hufflepuff seemed like the best option, but yet it still didn’t seem to fit. I just didn’t feel like a Hufflepuff.

That night at dinner, I could hardly focus on what John and Scorp were saying and Rose and Lizzie were blabbering on with them.

McGonagall stood at the front of the Great Hall. She gathered everyone’s attention, saying. “Before you all eat, I would like to make an announcement.” She looked towards me.

“We will be sorting our new student, Anastasia Chase, into a house. It will only take a minute, so Anna, if you will come forward please.”

My heart pounded as I got up and stepped out from the table. My heart pounded still as my footsteps became the only noise in the cavernous hall. I could see John smiling at me, attempting to reassure me, and I could see Scorp nodding encouragingly. I found Ted looking at me, watching me intently, where he sat between Hagrid and Slughorn. I looked over a bit and saw Umbridge staring at me, expressionless, except for the upturn of her lips. I somehow continued walking up to where McGonagall sat. I hated being so anxious and afraid. I had nothing to be afraid of, except that word that I had no idea what it was, which was stupid, as I didn’t even know what it was. I wasn’t normally so easily anxious. That’s when I realized how very similar this was to my dream this was. This déjà vu, this sick feeling I had, was because I had been here before. I took a deep breath and sat on the stool, same as in the dream, except this time it was crystal clear when McGonagall put the hat on my head.

“Well, look at what we have here.” A voice said in my ear. I wasn’t afraid, John had told me about how it talked to you, the hat.

“How interesting. Anastasia, the girl who is still here. The girl who is hiding from the world.

I’m not hiding. I thought instinctively. It has to be this way, for now

“Yes, I see now. You would have no hesitation to come out with the truth if it came to that. You would do anything to protect the family that doesn’t even know you exist, even hide yourself from the world so that they stay out of trouble.

“I sense great loyalty there. Hmmm… You’d make a good Hufflepuff. But yet, you don’t seem to fit there. You have too much of a outward nature, you’re very friendly, but at the same time, can be hostile or angry if you come to that. You have sheer nerve, that’s for sure. No, Hufflepuff won’t fit.

“You could do well in Slytherin, but yet, you’re very polar towards them. You reject evil, even though you were raised like so. Slytherin would not do you well.

“I sense that you long to be in Ravenclaw, yet you don’t want to be sorted based on where your friends are. You are an independent person, and you have an incredibly strong sense of rebellion.

“It seems I have nowhere to put you.” It said, and I sunk. I would have to find somewhere else to stay, maybe somewhere in muggle London, somewhere like a nice park or-

“Unless…” It drawled. “I could get into trouble for this, and you would as well, but you could handle it, based on your nerve and rebellion.

“It seems, I must put you where the brave dwell, where you will succeed as no one has for the past few decades. I must place you…” and then he said it, the word that I had only just remembered. It rang out, clearly, and resolutely, as it had in my dream, only this time, I knew what it would be.






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Chapter 14: In Which I Meet The Utter Chaos' Backwash
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The word rang out clear as a bell in a large hall of silence.

The hat was removed from my head and six rows of people were revealed to be staring at me. I noticed, that for the first time all year, a fourth table was situated between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables. Everyone was staring at me, and I mean everyone. I looked over my shoulder to view half the staff table staring at me with varying expressions on their faces. McGonagall almost looked satisfied, wearing a hint of a smirk upon her face, while Umbridge looked absolutely livid.

I faced forward, and began the long walk towards the single place setting at the new Gryffindor table. The eyes followed me, and whispers began popping up in random places.

"What the hell?"

"Poor girl, she's the only one in her house?"

"Did the sorting hat make a mistake?"

"What does this mean?"

What did this mean? Would I have my own schedule? Be forced to eat alone at meals for all eternity? Sleep in an empty tower? And what did the sorting hat mean when he said that I could get into trouble? Does this mean the ministry didn't want any Gryffindors? Why? Why hasn't there been any Gryffindors in the past two decades? I mean, I couldn't be the first Gryffindor in twenty years, could I? Not without interference. The ministry had to have something to do with this...

These thoughts plus a million more ran through my head as I walked to my new place at the long, empty, table. I sat down and nothing happened. The students continued to whisper ferverently around me, and some of the teachers even had their own conversations going on. It was McGonagall who finally took action, clapping her hands at the front of the room.

"Settle down!" She called to the animated crowd. "Settle down! Dinner will now be served!" She clapped, and food appeared on the tables as per usual. Many eyes were removed from me, as the food provided a new distraction for them. I hadn't even thought to serve myself food when McGonagall swooped over to me.

"Anna, please come with me. Quickly." She said, glancing up towards the staff table nervously.

I did as she requested, trying to avoid the looks I was getting from the tables, including concerned looks from John, Scorp, Rose and Lizzie. She led me at a fast pace along the corridors, leading me into her office and quickly shutting the door. She moved around her desk, and faced me, leaning against the desk in between us.

"Anna, please tell me. Is there anything you would like to say? Anything you feel I should know? I promise you can trust me." She said, rushed, looking straight at me, meeting my eyes.

"Er, well, professor, I'm a werewolf, and-" I stated boldly, figuring this was the best time to trust someone besides Ted. If anyone could help me make sense of this, it was McGonagall.

But I was cut off right before I could say anything else, as there was a loud rap at the door. McGonagall motioned to me to stop talking, not even looking fazed at what I just told her.

"Come in, Delores." She said at the door.

The door swung open violently. "Minerva! I know you're behind this! The hat was on strict orders not to sort any Gryffindors! It has been for nearly twenty years! It does not disobey orders as strong as the charm we set upon it two decades ago! Someone must be behind this, and I know it was you!" Umbridge said with a fierce animosity towards McGonagall.

"And where would you get an idea like that?" McGonagall said

"You have always had a sad predetermining towards Gryffindors, as well as a keen tendency towards disobeying ministry rules. I also understand this girl has similar tendencies? Has she not already recieved three detentions under you, Minerva? Not to mention several others." She had a furious, yet sly expression pasted on her face as she said this.

"Anna, show me your hands." McGonagall said, looking towards me seriously.

"My hands?" My eyebrows creased together in confusion.

"Yes, now please, as opposed to later." She said, impatiently. I obliged, holding up my hands.

"You really think I would resort to my old methods, Minerva?" Umbridge said, almost an angry coo. She tutted, shaking her head. "I am a changed woman, I assure you." She said, sickly sweet, venom tainting the edges. "Well, I can also assure you we are not finished with this discussion Minerva! But now I must inform the ministry about what has gone on tonight! And they will not be happy to hear of your activity!" And with that, she slammed the door behind her.

"Professor-, what just happened?"

"As Delores just explained, twenty years ago, the ministry put a very stupid ban on Gryffindor house, keeping the sorting hat from sorting any new Gryffindors. This was because of all the apparent trouble they caused authority during the war. Now, if you ask me, the Slytherins were the real trouble. It was stupid to begin with. Kingsley Shacklebolt, the minister at the time, and now retiring minister, had no control over it, as it was a unanimous vote by the Wizengamot. So that is why we haven't had a Gryffindor in two decades. It's been much too long, which is why I have to thank you. Now, you were going to tell me something? Perhaps about your parents... Harry and Ginny Potter, I presume?"

I was absolutely flabbergasted, all the while, McGonagall just sat there, giving me this look, and waiting for an answer.

"But, professor, how did you-?"

"How did I figure this out?" She smirked at me. "I may be old, but I'm no coot, Ms. Potter. I would recognize those eyes anywhere. And you remind me very much of Ginny Weasley while she was at Hogwarts. Not to mention the fact that you have some of the same qualities as your father. So how long have you known about your parents?"

"Since right before school started." I was still partly in shock, but I was snapping out of it as I was brought to my senses.

"I see. And you were under Greyback for the duration of your childhood, am I correct?"

"Yes, until this summer."

"And are you aware that the ministry is looking ferverently for the newly discovered daughter of Harry Potter, whose will has just been released?"

"Yes, professor." I said. "Er, professor... do you know if my brothers will be coming here?"

She looked at me curious. "Presumably in the next couple weeks. Do they know of you?"

"No. But I plan to tell them. Once they get here that is. They deserve to know." I said, referring to the decision I made earlier that week.

"I see. I also reccomend you tell Mrs. Pomfrey about your... little condition. She can help you when those times come. And I also reccomend you tell your closer friends about this sooner rather than later. It will do you good." She looked at me pointedly.

I nodded.

"Now is there anything else you wish to speak of now? I do believe Umbridge will be returning soon, and 'changed woman' or not, she can still be a nasty toad. Let me show you how to get to Gryffindor tower." She opened a drawer on her desk and pulled out a piece of parchment that seemed to be all folded up. "This has been in my possesion since I confiscated it from one young Teddy Lupin many years ago. I do believe it was your father's, and I suppose it could come in useful to you. It feels wrong to keep it." And then she spoke words that just felt weird to come out of such a strict professor's mouth. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good. Don't look at me like that Ms. Potter, It's how you open the map!"

She then proceded to show me the Gryffindor tower and how to get to it on the parchment, which turned out to be this really cool map that could show where everybody in the castle was at present time. She showed me a way to get past Umbridge and get to the tower quickly.

It was right before I left that something came to my mind.


"Yes Anna?"

"Theoretically, could someone from another house play for a different house's Quidditch team? Theoretically speaking, of course."

She looked surprised. "Well, I suppose theoretically, I would have to give them permission, being their head of house, which I would be glad to give to a certain individual who wanted to prove to men that their Quidditch rules are bogus, absolutely, they could." She smiled, actually smiled as I thanked her and hurried out of her office to avoid Umbridge, who I could see on the map only a corridor away.

I arrived at the portrait of the Fat Lady shortly, following McGonagall's instructions and then looking for the painting of the stout woman. She was snoozing away when I approached her.

"Um, excuse me..." I began, unsure of how to wake her up. "Hello? Fat Lady?" She still failed to wake up. This called for a more 'rash' approach. "Oi! Fat Lady Woman! Portrait of Gryffindor tower!"

Her eyes snapped open and she sputtered awake. "What? What is it? Who woke me?"

"I'm right here, and I'm supposed to set a password. I was just sorted into Gryffindor!"

She stared at me for about ten seconds, then, "Pwahahahahaha! That's very funny dear! Violet! Do you hear this? I've been sent a Gryffindor!" She said this mockingly, as another stout woman entered the frame.

"She's not lying, dear. She was sorted into Gryffindor no more than an hour ago."

"Well, really? How wonderful! Violet! We must celebrate! I have a job again! What's your name dear?" She asked me.

"Anastasia." I answered. "It's er, nice to meet you."

"Well, Anastasia, may I just say this is absolutely wonderful news! I am very delighted to have you here in Gryffindor towers! Now, what would you like your first password to be?" She asked.

I thought for a moment. Then the idea came to me. "Umbridge is a toad."

"HAHAHAHA! This one's got a sense of humor, Vi! I like you! The Umbridge woman is quite the toad! Go on in dear, it should be clean, as no one's dirtied it in years!" The portrait swung forward, allowing me to enter.

I entered a sizable, comfortable, common room with stairs towards the back that led to dormitories. A fire was roaring in the cavernous fireplace, and the chairs, couches and tables surrounding the fire looked comfortable, and gave the room a very 'homey' feeling to it. I meandered up one of the staircases, honestly not sure which dormitory it was meant to be, girl or boy, but deciding it didn't matter. I chose one of the first dorms I could find, and found my trunk situated at the end of one of the beds there, all my things packed away neatly inside. I was rather tired, so I simply took only a few things out, like some thing to sleep in and a toothbrush so as to go to bed.

I lay awake for a long time that night, before finally falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The next morning I woke up late, before getting up and showering. I threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, running a hand through my hair before heading down to the Great Hall, just in time to catch some breakfeast.

I entered the Hall alone, facing many eyes looking up at me. I marched over to my table and grabbed a large stack of toast that I ate on my way outside. I decided I should visit Hagrid. I liked Hagrid, and had visited him once before with Rose, who I hadn't seen since the night before, along with John and Scorp, and Lizzie. The four of them had been absent that morning when I entered the Great Hall.

I knocked on Hagrid's door, and I heard a hard pounding that must be Fang, Hagrid's old and frankly, stupid, dog. Fang had grown old and lost a lot of brain cells with old age. Probably from all the magical creatures he helped Hagrid maintain for his class.

Hagrid opened the door and looking down at me, smiling, said, "Wel' if it isn't the new Griffn'dor!"

I smiled sheepishly at him, a little embarrased. "Hey Hagrid."

"Come on 'n, Anna. Want some tea? Jus' put the kettle on." He moved aside for me to enter and take a seat at his monstrous table. "So, tell me. Wha's it like ta be the only Griffn'dor?" He smiled, sitting down at the table.

This was why I liked Hagrid so much. I just talked to him about random stuff going around school until it was time for me to go to Quidditch practice. Last night while lying awake in bed, I had made the decision to show up to practice normally, as myself, as a girl. I felt myself get anxious as I grew closer to the pitch.

I mean, what if they automatically kicked me off the team? Would they? Had I proven myself enough?

I marched into the changing rooms, first to arrive, and was already on the pitch, changed, when the rest of the team came out together.

"Hey, you need something?" Aaron asked, spying me on the field.

"Nope, just here to practice." I responded as confident as I could.

"What, is Slytherin so desperate they decided to train a girl for their team?" Someone joked.

"Nope," I answered. "But apparently, you guys are. I'm Chase, your chaser?"

Understanding dawned on a couple of their faces.

"You, you-"

"But how?"

"But you're a flipping girl!"

"No way. This is all a great joke and everything, but you seriously have to go." Said my fellow chaser, Charlie Donovan.

"This isn't a joke. I tried out as a guy, fair and square, and you let me on the team. It's Aaron's choice whether to keep me or not."

"But she's not even a Hufflepuff!" Said McClaggen, who had turned out a right arse, but a damn fit keeper.

Aaron looked me over, calculatingly. "She can practice with us for the day, then we'll put it to a vote. Fifteen laps. Go."

No one questioned his command verbally, but settled on either glares or annoyed looks as they followed his orders and began the laps, me leading the way at an even pace. I kept that nice, even pace going up to the last five laps, when I really kicked it up, lapping McClaggen on the second to last lap, the team's fastest runner besides me. That pissed him off, and probably didn't set him in the right mind to vote for me to stay, but it was worth it just to make him tick.

"Let's do some drills, then we'll scrimmage." Ordered Aaron, climbing his broom and zooming into the air. I followed, zipping upwards at a fast speed, ready to go. I grinned. This felt great what with all the stress I'd been under recently, more specifically, the past twenty-four hours. It felt right.

After I'd finished the best practice I'd had all year, Aaron brought all seven of us into the team room, where we went over plans and such.

"Allright. I want you all to put down your honest answer on a scrap of parchment and give them to me." Aaron said, all serious, as he stood in front of us all. "Should we let Anna on the team. Why or why not."

All five other members began hastily scribbling on random scraps of parchment with quills found haphazardly strewn around the room. There was a good few minutes of silence except for the scratching of quills against parchment. Despite my good practice, I was still feeling anxious. Aaron had me fill out an answer too, so I did the best I could to come up with something and scribbled down:

Yes, she's dedicated to the team and loves the sport. She'll make a good teammate and keep the others in line.

After a couple of minutes of this, Aaron collected all the slips, and began to read them aloud.

"No, Imagine what it'll be like when the school finds out that we let a girl on our team. She's not even that good, and the Slytherins will give us shit for it." He read. I narrowed my eyes at McClaggen, who was the only one arrogant enough to actually write something so narrow-minded and stupid.

"Yes, She's got kick-ass skills and she can be our secret-weapon, a secret until the first game, when her skills make up for her feminism.

"No, she's a girl. Bad rep for the team, bad idea.

"Hell yeah, she's a great chaser and keeps up better than us guys." Tim caught my eye and winked. Tim was the nicest guy on the team, always cool to everyone.

"Yes, she's dedicated to the team and loves the sport. She'll make a good teammate and keep the others in line." McClaggen rolled his eyes, making me swat him on the back of the head. He grunted indignantly.

"Yes, we need her, let's be honest. She's got the best chaser skills I've ever seen to be perfectly frank." I almost blushed at this one, as it was a bit of an exaggeration if you ask me.

"Yes, she's damn good. Brilliant." Aaron finished reading and looked up at us. "Say hello to our new teammate, boys."

Now I blushed, but I smiled. I was on the team.




"Hey, Anna!" A voice called from behind me as I walked up to the school after Quidditch practice. I turned. It was John. He jogged up to where I stood.

"We've been looking all over for you! Where've you been?" He asked.

"Around." I shrugged. "Just got out of Quidditch practice."

"So, you're a Gryffindor now, huh?" He seemed unsure of what to say.


"How is it? How's the common room and everything?" He ran a hand through his hair.

"Good." I replied, nonchalantly. "Good."

"So, Scorp and I were going on a kitchen raid tonight. You in?"

I rolled my eyes. "What do you think?"

He seemed disappointed.

"Absolutely." I clarified. A smile broke out on his face.

"Brilliant. We're hanging out down by the lake now, you coming?"

"Sure." I followed him down to the lake where Scorp was talking to Rose and Lizzie under a birch tree.

"Hey guys." I greeted, joining them.

"Hey Anna!" Said Rose, smiling.

"Hey." Said Scorp. "So what's the deal with you being a Gryffindor now. Umbridge looked pretty pissed about it.

"She definitely was." I then recounted what had gone on in McGonagall's office the night before.

"Just goes to show you how crazy Umbridge is." Scorp said. "Personally, I'm just waiting for her to explode so the ministry will ship her off to a loony bin."

"Scorpius, that's so insensitive." Said Rose, rolling her eyes. "Besides, the ministry is on her side it seems."

"Yeah, but your dad says the ministry's rubbish these days." I commented.

"Yes. That's true." She commented back. "But it was still mean Scorpius."

Scorpius looked over to me and John and rolled his eyes, making a rude comment under his breath about Rose and loony bins that was so funny, I couldn't help but laugh along with John.

"What's so funny?" Rose asked, indignified.

"Nothing." I said hastily, looking over at John who had a distorted expression on his face from trying not to laugh, which was so funny I couldn't help laughing again.


"And don't forget the fairy mucus now!" Said slughorn at the front of the class. "That is essential to this potion. If you truly wanted someone's enchantments to be revealed, the mucus of the common fairy is what makes it strong, so make sure to add plenty and stir about ten times counterclockwise to mix it in thouroughly."
It was Thursday, almost a week after I had been made a Gryffindor. I had been instructed to follow the same class scedule as before, so I had suffered through the same classes this week as the last few. I was happy to say that the stares and whispers about me through the hall had decreased marginally, as Hogwarts gossip was an ever-changing ebb of rumours.

Quidditch practice had continued normally, or the new normal, which is almost secretly, as they were keeping me a secret until the match for obvious reasons about their reputation and nasty Slytherins. Of course, speculation over Hufflepuff's new chaser was growing astronomically with the match several weeks away, and many random male members of the Hufflepuff House were being interviewed fiercely in hopes of finding out who it was. They weren't even close to guessing.

Umbridge continued to glare at me in the hallways and at mealtimes, and I began glaring back. The Gryffindor common room had become a regular spot for me to hang out with John and Scorp as well as the kitchens, which were much easier to access now that I had the Marauder's map, which I had shown to John and Scorp to much delight.

Now, as I sat listening to Slughorn drone on about fairy mucus in the humid dungeons, my attention was waning.

"Anna, it's time to add the fairy mucus, make sure to add plenty, Slughorn said." Said Scorp, my official potions partner, from his spot besides me where he was cutting up some fancy plant root for our potion, the Aperio potion. Apparently, the Aperio potion was invented in 1759 by Gringotts employees to further secure the vaults from intruders. It's purpose was to remove all physical enchantments that would conceal a person.

"Yup, gotchya." I said, sighing. I looked over at John across from us, who was arguing with his Slytherin partner about just how much fairy mucus they were supposed to add. Meanwhile, their potion was emitting a foul smell and had curdled up into a little ball in the middle of their cauldron. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the fairy mucus, dumping a large portion of the contents of the glass vial.

A thick, white smoke immediately rose up out of our cauldron, hiding our section of the classroom in steam. There was coughing around us, and Slughorn's voice saying, "Calm down everyone, it's alright. Fairy mucus is generally harmless, especially when it steams up like this. Miss Anastasia, I do believe the instructions specifically said no more than ten drops. Five points from Ravencl- Gryffindor! And please pay attention next time."

"Sorry professor."

After a minute, the smoke disappated and I could just make out John's face across from me. He looked confused, I assumed from the smoke. Then I realized several eyes were on me, and I became confused.

My question was answered when John raised his finger, pointing to my head, and said, "Anna... your hair."

My hair? It must have frizzed up... But it felt normal when I reached up to touch it. I turned to Scorp, who answered my question completely. "Your hair... just go look."

Then I remembered- I had an enchantment that made my hair brown instead of Weasley red, so as to avoid suspicion.

"Professor? May I go to the loo?" I asked, already on my way out. "It's an emergency, thanks!"

"Now just wait a minute!" He called, but I didn't hear what else he had to say, I was already rushing up to the main hall towards a loo. I let my hair loose and pulled a strand in front of my eyes. It was most definitely red. And I mean red.

I didn't run into anyone until I was only a corridor away from the girl's bathroom.

"Hey Anna." Called Ted. "Anna! Your hair!" He exclaimed as he saw my hair.

"I know, potion gone wrong." I said, then looked over at him. And saw he wasn't alone.

He was with James and Al Potter. And I had bright red hair.



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Chapter 15: In Which I Let the Truth Roll
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I stared at myself in the mirror.

My green eyes stared back at me, my plain face and annoying nose. And my new-found bright red hair, laying in tangles over my shoulders, sopping wet from trying to get it out.

Of course, it was to no avail, as it was my natural hair color. Of course, it was weird seeing my hair like this, as I had completely forgotten that my hair used to be red. It'd been brown for fourteen or so years of my life.

I let out a frusturated groan.

It had to happen now, that my mother's hair would make a reappearence.

I threw my hair up on top of my head in a knot. I stuck my head out the door, checking to make sure the corridor was empty. I ran up to my dormitory and found my trusty hat and put it on, tucking my hair into it. The bell rang to signal the end of class as I was leaving the dorm, and I made my way to my last class of the day,

History of Magic. Oh Joy. Umbridge had yet to do anything interesting in this class whatsoever. She hadn't even said anything other than goblin revolts, which she looked upon as highly insignificant. Of course, I wouldn't know, as I sure as heck didn't listen, and I could say the same for my classmates.

I walked in a few seconds before the bell, sliding in beside John.

The bell rang and he made an inquiring look towards my hat.

I shook my head, putting off the topic.

"Now class, today we will be looking at Erachnud Bru, the leader of the Goblin revolt of 1341..." Umbridge began.

I tuned her out immediately, looking out the window.

What was I supposed to do about James and Al? They deserved to know... did they?

I should probably tell them...



"Miss Chase, may you please explain to the class why you feel the need to wear a hat in my class?" She cocked her head at me, arching a teeny little eyebrow. It took me a second to remember that I was supposed to be Anna Chase, then I answered.

"Uhhh.... I have a scalp condition." I invented wildly.

"Really now?" She tilted her head even farther. "I do beleive that I was just informed not twenty minutes ago that there was a potions accident in your last class. Does that have anything to do with your... scalp condition?"

"Er... Absolutely." I said, hoping she would understand.

"Well, I'm sure it can't be that bad. Please remove your hat, Miss Chase. I find it disrespectful as your superior."

Hahaha. I can't believe I thought she'd understand.

My superior? Really?

Whatever. They'd all see it soon enough.

I took my cap off, letting my hair fall back behind me, shaking out my newly red locks. I gathered it up into a ponytail.

I looked up to see the class staring at me like I had suddenly sprouted tentacles and a beard.

Cause, I mean, how weird would that be? Weird.

"What?" I asked out loud. "Don't tell me you've never seen a ginger before? I haven't grown wings all of a sudden. Please continue Ms. Umbridge. I believe you were discussing the different methods of rebellion that Erachnud used against the Romanian soldiers." I turned back to my blank note page.

John continued to stare at me from next to me, and Scorp had swiveled around in his seat to gape at me.

"Shut up." I said to both of them. "I'll tell you later."

And James and Al I suppose.

"So, if I understand you correctly, you're telling us that you're our sister?" Al asked, staring at me as if I had just said that I was really the giant squid.

Not far off, I suppose.

Let me rewind a bit to the beginning of this conversation.

I found Al and James walking down the empty corridor near McGonagall's office, having just had a meeting with her.

I snagged them and dragged them into an abandoned classroom. This one was abandoned because of a gaping hole in the wall left from the Battle of Hogwarts. There was now a plaque next to it dedicating this room to Colin Creevey, who had died here.

I had just left Umbridge's class to find them, feeling the urge to just get it over with and tell them.

They were now staring at me, shell-shocked, after I had told them my story.

"So, yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm just a werewolf that happens to be your sister." I said, standing there awkwardly.

Al then did the strangest thing. He got up, and he hugged me. He hugged me! I am NOT a hugger!

"Whoah there! Not really a hugger here!" I said, while being crushed by Al's bear hug.

He breathed out. "You're alive."

I gently patted his back, leaning into the hug a little more. James came over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"We thought you were dead." James said. "All these years."

They let go of me, and we all sat back down.

"Now, guys. listen, you can't tell anyone about this. No one. The only people who know are McGonagall and Ted."

"How long has Ted known?"

I ignored Al's question.

"Just don't tell anyone. You swear?"

"Yes." They both agreed, and we shook on it.

"Com'ere, little sis." James said, opening his arms wide.

I narrowed my eyes as he engulfed me in a hug even stronger than Al's. It was nice though. Just don't tell anyone. It was good to have these two on my side.

"So what does this mean?" Al asked. "Do we just act like everything is normal?"

"Yes." I said clearly. "I just thought you two should know."

"Well, thanks for making sure to tell us." James thanked.

"Yeah, no problem, I guess. Hey, I have to go to Quidditch practice now, but I'll see you guys later." I said.

"Wait, I thought it was an all boys program?" Al inquired.

"Yeah... It is. Don't tell anyone by the way, about me being in Quidditch."

"Er... Okay." He agreed.


"Okay, team. I have an announcement. Instead of having you all run laps in practice, we are going to do more drills and excercises." Aaron announced at practice, while in the locker room.

The was a murmur of assent and a couple of whoops.


"Knew this was coming..." Muttered Tim.

"I want you all to join the running club that the Ravenclaws are forming. Davies is passing around word to all students that they are welcome to join. His buddy Robert Macintosh is putting it together. String bean of a guy, blonde hair, wicked fast if you've ever seen him run. Hunt him down and tell him to add you to the list." Aaron explained all this casually, looking over some notes that he had taken. There were some groans at the idea of joining another club, as most of us had a lot of other work that we always seemed to be behind in.

That would be me. However, I was up for a time that I could just run. Seemed pretty chill. Might even be good for me, help me cool down after a stressful day. I'd have to make sure Scorp and John joined as well from the Ravenclaw team.

"Next order of buisiness, we need to find someone to commentate for the match. A notice has gone out to all the houses, so if you know anyone interested..." Aaron's announcements droaned on and I lost interest quickly. I found myself looking longingly towards the pitch, eager to fly and chuck balls at people. Or hoops. Either or.

Eventually, we began practice, which went normally, me blowing off steam by chucking Quaffles with extreme precision directly into the Hoops past our keeper, McClaggen, much to his dismay and utter aggravation.

Practice ended and I left the changing rooms after showering. I started walking up to the castle when I was distracted by something. Or should I say someone.

"Long time no see, Anna."

He came out behind the bushes, lithe and shadowy, and generally creepy.


It was a cold, dreary night in the backstreets of Paris. We were all pretty miserable, and had gone through a long, hard day of training. I was exhausted, leaning up agianst Pippa. I would have been about ten or eleven. Brenden and another boy were sharpening knives and looking gloomy.

Brendan was the oldest of us all, the most experienced, the toughest, and the meanest. He was conniving, able to convince Greyback into almost anything. Problem was, he beleived what Greyback was doing was the best thing that had ever happened to society. He never used his powers for the good of the rest of us, believing that it was for the best.

I hated him. And that day, my temper was on edge because of the bad day we'd been having, after 'a bad month' and before that, 'a bad year'. I was ready to snap.

"Man, that last excercise was a little tough, huh Brendan?" Remarked Philip, the boy next to Brendan.

"Yeah I reckon he's gradually getting harder on us. Wants to make sure we're prepared for when we break into that ministry guy's house next week." He said, carving a long piece out of a block of wood he was widdling with. "Of course, the way Anna's doing, she won't even last that long. Did you see her today? could barely lift that log."

I cleared my throat, sitting up. I could hear him perfectly, as could the rest of us.

"For your information, you couldn't even lift that log. You're just jealous because i'm on the track to becoming stronger than you. And people actually like me, because I stand up for them when they need it. I help them, I'm a team member. You know why? Because I can see the bigger picture than just myself, unlike you. You just want to be in charge. You like power. I can see it in your eyes when you have to punish one of us." I said, my voice rising.

He cocked an eyebrow as if to say,

Do you really want to go there?

"And I think you're the biggest son of a bitch I've ever had to meet." I spat, and walked over and kicked him in the groin.

He retaliated, sending a punch into my face. I spat blood at him, and he punched my shoulder, shoving me backwards. I caught myself, and got him with my right hook, leaving a huge red mark on one half of his face.

"Anna! Get away from him! He's going to hurt you!" Pippa cried, scared for me.

I ignored him, kneeing him in the kidneys. He countered, giving me the punch that knocked me out.

From then on, there was an obvious tension between me and Brendan, a constant thread between us that was bound to snap at any moment. It did snap, quite often, as Brendan's morals were often so bad, that I just had to do something.

For a girl who was literally raised with no morals, I had pretty good natural standards. I hated looking into someone's eyes and seeing pain, for instance. Any loss of life was and is tragic to me. Always has been.

Brendan attempted to violate this on many accounts through our journeys, hoping to become our leader after Greyback passed on. He wanted to take over for him in taking down the wizarding world and causing chaos at the ministry, taking revenge on Death Eaters.



I thought about this when I saw him, assuming he was here for that reason. I had had no idea what had happened to him when they rounded us all up. He would probably be living on his own, as he would be in his twenties right now.

"What do you want?" I said, walking away.

He followed, as I predicted I would. "I have to say, I'm liking the new hair. It's the same hair you came to us with when you were just a tiny little kid. Nice."

"What. do. you. want. Brendan?" I asked, enunciating every word.

"I want you to join me."

"What? Your rowing club?"

He scoffed. "Always the sarcastic one, weren't you? I'm talking about my force."

"Your force?" I snorted.

"I'm reinstating a group of us. Care to join us?"

"Who is us?"

"Some of the old gang. Philip, Ferdinand, Maya, The usual."

I shivered at the name Maya. Maya was a ruthless girl who could throw knives with pin point accuracy and precision.

"No thanks. I have no intention to become a blood thirsty idiot who thinks they can overtake the ministry."

"Anna, you've been there. You must know that the ministry is going down the toilet. That Umbridge twat is teaching here is she not?"

"I have no interest what so ever in joining you turds while you get arrested. They already hate werewolves."

"Allright. I'll let you go."

I stopped. "Really."

"Really." He said. I turned to leave when he said it.

"But you should know. Unless you join us, others might pay. One already has. And I firmly intend to collect others as well." I turned and saw his wolfish grin, glinting in the sun.


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Chapter 16: In Which I Contact A Lost Relative
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I decided that to put Brenden's threat out of my mind for an hour by writing to Mungo's about my mother.

His threat had been hanging over my head for the last week and a half, constantly pressuring me to do something brash, and I had been wanting to contact Ginny somehow since I first found out that she was in a coma in Mungo's.

I decided I would just write her a nice letter, as a sort of stress reliever, and then contact the hospital, asking if I could visit her.

Here's how the letter went.

Dear Ginny,

I'm your daughter, Anna (You named me Lily when I was born I think, but my name is Anastasia now). I know that there's a chance you'll never read this, as you've been in a coma for like, a gazillion years or something.

But I just wanted to write to you, tell you how my life is.

I just started going to Hogwarts, which is pretty great. Al and James go here too, and I recently told them I was their sister. They're pretty cool with it, and seem to be really happy. They're nice brothers.

Did you know that Quidditch is an all guy's sport now? It's absolutely ridiculous, but there haven't been any female quidditch players for over a decade.

I still managed to get a spot on the Hufflepuff team, but only the team and my close friends know.

Just shows you that this crazy age will be broken.

I'm a Gryffindor, the only one, of course. I'm a bit of an oddball like that. But it's nice I guess. It pissed off our headmistress, who's a right bitch. [Sorry, didn't mean to swear there, but I'm not about to scratch it out]

Well, it was nice writing to you about school and stuff, wake up soon I guess.

Sincerely, Anastasia.

Well, that was interesting. Now it's time for me to go back to stressing about Brenden and walk to Potions.

I manage to walk into Potions only a couple seconds before the bell.

People were still casually talking to one another as I slid into my seat next to Scorp.

"So, what potion do we get to make explode today?" I ask casually.

"There's a rumour going around that we're making Draught of Living Death." Scorp answers.

"Ah. My specialty." I say.

Scorp and John both look at me weirdly, almost in fear.

I laugh nervously. "Only kidding." I clear.

Slughorn stands at the front of the class, clearing his throat. The room silences significantly.

"Allright class. Please read pages 24 through 27 from your book with your table and then procede to try your best at the potion Draught of Living Death. Directions are on the board for today, use both my written instructions and those of your book to aide you. The best potion will recieve an award." He finishes and goes and sits behind his desk. "You may begin."

The instructions are neatly written on the blackboard in block letters, titled, "Draught of Living Death".

"So," John begins. "Who wants to read the first paragraph? Robert?"

"Sure." He says, then clears his throat, and begins to read.

"The Draught of Living Death is a very potent potion, and one of the most dangerous known to Wizards alike. The effect is a death like slumber induced by the potion that is only undone by one andecdote, the Wiggenwald potion. The legend behind this potion lies with the ancient story of a princess who was cast..."


It was at this point I tuned out the reading until it was my turn to read the last bit about it's history.

"Ahem... okay then... Many potioners and amatuer potion-mixers have attempted to make this potion more potent, experimenting with ingredients and blends. This is very dangerous, and in recent years, rumours have been passed around about a certain blend brewed by a past Death-Eater and Werewolf, Fenir Greyback, that have rendered the andecdote hopeless, and useless. These new versions of potions are extremely dangerous and would kill us all with a simple whiff or drop, which is why we must excercise the utmost care producing and exchanging this potion. Accidents and mishaps could lead to death, injury, deformity, and amputation."


"Well, on that light note, I say we begin." Scorp says, getting up to get our supplies. Robert leaves to get the stuff for him and John.

Yes, I knew that Greyback was working on making a stronger Draught of Living Death. He threatened us with it daily, even though most of us knew that it was a slow progress for him. None of knew whether he had completed it before his death, so it was rendered unimportant.

Scorp and I followed the directions well for the most part, except when I accidently stabbed some of our beans so hard that they were completely crushed, the juice dripping excesively onto the floor. It's not my fault the little buggers kept jumping around. Of course, then John and Robert discovered this released the juice better, and made their potion that way, which made it looking a lot better than ours.

Our potion was nice and black, and a little slugish, but stirring it only made it worse, so we decided to be done. Robert and John's was a nice pale green, which was pretty pitiful. So overall, our table's efforts were just that, pitiful.

We were definitely not getting the prize.

Some other pair did, the lucky bastards.

"Well, that's too bad." Scorp ruminates as we exit the classroom.

"Yeah, plus now I have to go sit through Umbridge's class again. Although we're almost finished with our unit on thirteenth century Goblin rebellions. Which means we have an exam on it on Friday. Not to mention all her crude remarks about my hair." I complain.

"Well, you have to admit," John says, "your hair is something."

I roll my eyes. "Thanks John. So inspiring."

"It has been a lot longer recently." He notes.

"Yeah, I don't have to cut it for Quidditch anymore, so I haven't cut it since then." I say. "Hey, by the way, are you guys doing that running club thing your captain's helping start? Because I have to join it, and I think the first one's tonight."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Yeah, Davies was all pumped up for that. Wants us to get all in shape for our first match against Slytherin in two weeks." Scorp explains.

"Good. I should try and get Rose and Lizzie to do it too. Bet you I'm the only girl going to show up."

"Probably. Something about the girls here and physical activity don't really fit together." John mused.

"Either way, I think it could be kind of fun. Get in shape for the upcoming matches, hang out." I said.

"Well, aren't you little miss optimism?" Scorp teases.

"Oh, c'mon. I think it will be fun, you know just go out there and run a couple of miles, it will be great!"

"Whoa." John voices. "How much are you planning on running here. Let's not forget. You like running. Just you."

"Just relax, it'll be fun!" I exclaimed to their wary faces.

"This is not going to be fun." Tim says as he comes over to me, Scorp and John.

"That's what Scorp and I have been saying for the past day and a half." John agrees.

I roll my eyes as he looks pointedly over to me. "I still think it won't be bad." I say .

Tim laughs. "Of course you would say that. You practically live for running laps."

"Keep it down!" I say urgently, not wanting anyone from the other teams to hear.

I scan the area where we were supposed to meet. I see the rest of my team here, along with the Ravenclaw team and about six other people who just wanted to join, probably friends of the Ravenclaw Robert, who started this thing up. I notice one other girl, a seventh year with long blonde hair back in a ponytail and a pretty face. She catches my eye and gives a friendly little smile. I grin back somewhat sheepishly.

"Guess I'm not the only girl to show up." I nod towards the girl.

"What?" Tim looks over. "Oh, yeah, that's Eloise. She's a seventh year Ravenclaw. She's pretty close to James Potter. Can you guys believe that they actually transferred here? They seem nice though, not conceited at all."

"Yeah, well, they've been through a lot." John remarks. "I know Al pretty well, I see him over the summer all the time, and he's a cool guy. He and James don't always get along though."

"Yeah, I've heard that. Too bad. They both seem nice enough though." Tim comments.

Something in side of me clenches at the mention of my brothers not getting along. That should be something for me to fix.

I shook it off, saying that I would just have to deal with it later, as the Ravenclaw Robert called everyone over, thanking everyone for coming and all that.

"Why are you here, Chase?" the Robert from my class whispered from next to me. He looked somewhat confused.

"Just here to run." I told him. I smiled broadly, which gave him some suspicion.

"Uh huh." He said.

"What are you here for?" I asked him.

"Here to get into shape for Quidditch. I'm an alternate for the Ravenclaw team." He said, somewhat smugly.

I nodded, choosing to listen in as Robert Mackintosh began to explain the route we were taking today.

We could either do a long route, up the side of the lake for a mile and a half, then cut through some lightly wooded area then past Hagrid's house then back to the starting point, about five miles total. The other route was three miles, a lap around the parameter of the castle, cutting off by the lake, then straight back.

I walked over to the five mile group, which was noticably smaller than the shorter run. It was Robert Mackintosh, Aaron, Eloise, me, and two other guys from the Ravenclaw that I didn't really know. The groups separated, and our group fell into a nice pace along the lake.

I fell into step with Eloise. "Hey, I'm Anna." I said, introducing myself.

She laughed. "I know. You're kind of the talk of the school this past month."

I blushed. "I doubt that."

"No seriously. I'm Eloise by the way."

"Nice to meet you. You're friends with James Potter, right?"

"Yeah, we've been close forever. We've known each other since we were four years old."

"That's nice. He's a nice guy."

"Yeah? You know him well?"

"Not really, but I've met him a couple times." I somewhat lied.

"Yeah, he's a good friend." She seemed thoughtful, and we ran in silence for a while, the only sound some heavy breathing and padding of feet against the ground.

"So, you a big runner?" I ask her as we enter a path heavily shaded by the outskirts of a forest (not the Forbidden Forest, just an area of newer trees close to Hagrid's Hut).

"Yeah, it's just one of those things you know? Like how some kids like to draw, or write in a diary. I like to run. Plus it keeps me in shape." She answers. "What about you?"

"Oh yeah. I just like to run. You know? I like being active. I was so bummed when I came here and found out that girls weren't really allowed to play Quidditch." I explained,

"Really? I guess I've never really thought about that rule. I don't exactly have the coordination or insane determination that most of the school's quidditch players do, so I've never really wanted to. That's too bad though. The rule is actually very sexist."

"Yeah, completely." I agree.

"I'm suprised no one's challenged the rule for so long." she muses. She looks at me like she's had an idea. "You should! That would be totally brilliant!" Her eyes are full of excitement.

I shrug, breathing out a large breath of air. "I already sort of did."

"Did it work out?"

I shrug again. "Not really." I lie. "Captains really are stubborn, but I'm sure someone will come around eventually." I'm tempted to wink, but decide against it.

"Yeah, hopefully."

We talk the rest of the run about random things like teachers and classes and things, making it back to the start where the three mile runners are milling around and talking and stretching. I walk over to John, Scorp and Rob, who are standing together.

"Hey. How was your run?" I ask them.

"It was pretty hard, but not too bad." John answers. "Yours?"

"It was great." I answer.

"Wait. You ran the five mile?" Rob asks, like he's all suprised.

"You bet your slow little arse." I joke.

He snorts. "Impressive."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." I shrug jokingly, making a huge joking smug face.

They laugh.

"Hey! Shut up!" I say, but I'm laughing too, so it loses it's effect.

It's funny how normal I feel just then. For once, I don't feel like the outcast girl, the first Gryffindor in decades, or even just the weird girl who just randomly sprouted red hair.

I feel like a normal teenager, laughing with other normal teenagers over something stupid.

Of course, that all ended two days later.

Chapter 17: In Which I Get Expelled (Sort of)
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I swear, everything was going great for me until History of Magic class two days later. For once in my life, I felt like some normal kid, and the pile of secrets in my closet weren't giving me too much grief besides the common little twinge.

And it was all thanks to my fat arse mouth.

Umbridge was waffling on about the iportance of acurateness in notes, as we were just beginning a new unit today, and she hadn't been impressed enough with the notes from our last unit to just leave us be.

I was exhausted enough, as my wolf cycle had begun last night, and I had walked back to school this morning, feeling dazed, exhausted and covered in twigs. This time, I made sure to shower before even letting anyone catch a glimpse of the dirt trodden exhausted me. Of course, there was only so much I could do to cover the bags under my eyes, but I just said I didn't sleep well and people stopped pestering me. At least it was Friday.

After a good ten or fifteen minutes of more about diligence and cleanliness in notetaking, Umbridge introduced the new unit we were covering.

It was WWWII, also known as the second war of the wizarding world, also known as when Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and became everyone's saviour, until several years later when it was rumoured that he was helping death eaters. B.S.

And of course, I called Umbridge out on that.

Mistake numero uno for the day.

Mistake numero uno for the friggin' month.

Okay, i'll admit, the satisfaction might just have been worth it.

"Class, we will now begin our unit on the second wizarding war." Umbridge began that day. "Many of you will have heard different views and opinions on matters regarding the final battles as well as the aftermath. There is a lot of speculation, as well as controversy and betrayal. Well, I am here to clear all this up and tell you the clear, difinitve explanation." She smiled reassuringly, as if to qualm our restless minds as we thought over our differing accounts. "In fact, you children will be the first to read the report the ministry is issuing about what really happened at the famous Battle of Hogwarts, and the true motives of the one Harry Potter."

Whispers broke out amongst the class. I guess this is a hot topic. I too, was curious to know what Umbridge had to say about all this. I knew it couldn't possibly be good, or true one bit.

"Hush, hush." She said soothingly. She picked up a huge stack of papers from her desk and began passing out pamphlets with an almost caricature like depiction of Harry Potter and Voldemort facing off. It was titled, The Battle of Hogwarts; The True Story and Facts of The-Chosen-One vs. He-Who-Musn't-Be-Named and The Happenings in the Aftermath. "This is the pamphlet that is being issued to every wizarding household by the ministry, as well as every class in or above fourth year here at Hogwarts for our use in the classroom. This leaflet was written by one of the Daily Prophet's most trusted authors, as brought about and apportioned by R.I.N., as one of his first acts as Minister of Magic. It will tell you all you need to know about the second wizarding war, and will clear up the pesky rumours about Harry Potter's motives."

The majority of the class was leafing through the leaflets (no pun intended. [okay, maybe a little pun- but just like, a sprig of pun]) as she explained this. Scorp's eyebrows were furrowed as he intently read a page from the middle. A couple of people were nodding, as if the words made perfect sense. I noticed one or two others who looked confused, and another couple who seemed incredulous.

"Allright, please no reading ahead, it will do to begin on page three, section one. Would someone like to volunteer to read? Yes, thank you Priscilla." She said, nodding to Priscilla, who had her hand raised pointedly in the air. Priscilla was a Ravenclaw prefect from our year. John had complained about her once, when she took five points away from her own house because his shirt wasn't tucked in properly. Enough said about Priscilla.

Priscilla tucked a strand of curly/frizzy black hair behind her ear, cleared her throat, and began to read.

"The Ministry of Magic has deemed it time for you to know the true happenings of what went on during the second wizarding war that took so much from us, leaving us in a pile of rubble and confusion. This pamphlet should confirm the facts, while rejecting the false rumours set out by biased individuals.

"To begin, one must ask oneself several various questions. Firstly, who was it that began the war? Secondly, who was it that ended the war? Why did this person end it as he did? What would he possibly gain? For many years, wizards and witches have responded by saying that he did so to free our world of trouble and strife. But that was until it was revealed that our supposed saviour had been immersing himself in dealings with head Death Eaters and known Dark Arts supporter Fenir Greyback. The Ministry of Magic wishes to confirm such revealences, assuring the people that this is fact, while calming those who may be troubled by this statement."

"Yes Scorpius?" Umbridge asked peacefully, a serene smile on her face, as I realized that Scorp had his hand up next to me.

"Is the ministry saying that Harry Potter was a Death Eater?" he asked, a scowl on his face.

"To put it bluntly, it would be a yes, but it's more complicated than that. Why do you ask? Is something troubling you." She put a little concerned face on.

"Nope." Scorp replied brusquely. "Just wanted to clear that up."

"Thank you. Priscilla, you may continue." She nodded to the girl.

"Within this pamphlet, you will find witness statements and facts about the night this was revealed, as well as an insider's reassurances of Mr. Potter's involvement with their Dark Arts. Once again, the ministry would like to assure you that any qualms you may have regarding this will be put to rest.

"To begin, it must be known, that on that fateful night fourteen years ago, Harry Potter made a deal that people would describe as ghastly or shocking. But our inside source described it; "Twas the final confirmment of Harry Potter's turn to our forces, establishing him as a leader, one that would take over from You-Know-Who.' One of our leading reporters described it neatly.

"'The night that Potter took over the Death Eaters was just too perfect a setup. The ministry was rising to a high power, and Potter was unhappy with how things were going. He knew that he would have to make an exchange to secure his spot as the Death Eater's new leader, and that it would have to be big. We didn't know much back then, as witnesses were hiding from Potter's recompensation, and the most important witnesses had either dissappeared with the Death Eaters, were under the age of five years old, or was trapped in a coma. It was convenient how nicely Potter covered his tracks, going as far as to supress his own wife from ever being able to tell us what really happened. There was no way Ginny Weasley would have kept quiet shoulod her husband agree to give over his only daughter in exchange for his position as head Death Eater.'

"Yes, Harry Potter was the impetus in the plan to take his own daughter. It is revealed now that she was entered into the ranks of Fenir Greyback's rising army of young children, and that she remained there for thirteen years and eight months before being taken in by the Ministry with the other children among her ranks. She now remains there, among the other unstable young adults of Greyback's relinquished ranks. Amanda Ceely, receptionist to Hermione Granger-Weasley, speaks of the girl,

"'Yes, I do believe I have met her. I know just who you're talking about. Troubled little thing, seemed very confused when I met her, poor thing was very weak and fazed...'"

"This is bullshit." I said softly, so that only Scorp could hear me.

"What?" He asked. I guess he couldn't hear me after all.

I looked at him. "This is absolute, utter crap."

Before he could reply, Umbridge interupted. "Is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class Miss Chase?"

"This is Bullshit." I said, not able to stop the word vomit coming out of my mouth.

"Sorry? Would you like to repeat that?" She said, her eyes begging me to defy her agian.

"This is Utter Crap, Bullshit and Rubbish." I said strongly.

The whole class was absolutely silent. John was staring at me as if I had suddenly laid an egg, and Scorp was concentrating hard on my face, his eyebrows scrunched up yet again.

"Miss Chase, there is no need for such vulgar language, and I assure you, that although this may trouble you, the Ministry wishes only to spread the truth. Now, I'm afraid that your brash, and unprecedented outburst will have to have some sort of consequences. I will ask that you see me after class to determine your punishment and that you please remain quiet for the rest of the class, so as not to disturb the rest of the class in their quest to untangle the truth." She said, her lips tight in a little smile, while her eyes blazed over me in fury.

"But you're teaching them lies." I countered.

"Miss Chase, don't make this worse for yourself." She warned.

"Why not? But this is absolute shit." I stood up.

"Miss Chase, sit down right now and be quiet."

"Why should I care? You're feeding every wizarding household with lies, and people won't stand for it."

"Miss Chase, I'm losing my patience. You are the only one who seems to think so, and I assure you, whatever you think to be true is FALSE." She said, her voice raising at the end.

"It's All False!" I said back to her. "All of it! Why do you even bother feeding people this crap?"


"Do it." I probed calmly. "Because I'm not sitting."

"Anna..." Scorp whispered. "You're being ridiculous. Just calm down."


She stormed down the aisle where she grabbed me by the arm. I shook her off, but led the way out of the classroom, abandoning my things, with the eyes of my classmates following me out the door. "Class, please continue reading for the last several minutes of class." She said on her way out the door. Like they would sit and read after what just happened. I silently followed her down the corridors to the Headmistress's office where she resided outside of class.

We reached the gargoyle, Umbridge spitting out, "Robert" before heading up the steps with me behind her.

"Have a seat Miss Chase." She said coldly, taking her place behind the desk that looked like roses had farted on before adding some doilies to it.

"I believe that we will have to set up arrangements to have you expelled. I can't say i'm disappointed, however, it will cause the ministry a good deal of paperwork." She took out a form from her desk and began scribbling furiously with a huge, pink feathered quill.

She finished filling out the form and sent it off with an owl out the window.

"Well, now I'm afraid that we just have to wait for a response from the ministry." She said as she made herself a cup of tea, dumping sugar in the cup and swirling it around.

"Do you want some tea with that sugar?" I muttered sarcastically under my breath.

"What was that dearie?" She said, smiling serenely, happy to be recieving her justice.

"Nothing." I smiled as overbearingly as I possibly could back at her.

She hemmed and sat down at her desk where she began looking over some papers from third years about the rights of House Elves.

She tsked. "Silly child, house elves don't have a right to be paid more than a wizard." She muttered, shaking her head.

I moved to correct her, but stopped myself, figuring that might be overkill.

I sat quietly for about twenty minutes before there was a knock on the door to Umbridge's office.

"Come in." She says sugarly (yes it's a word).

"Er, Miss Umbridge, I wus wunderin' when... well, hullo there Anna." Hagrid said, appearing behind the door, seeing me. He looked between me and Umbridge. "Er, wha' are you doin' here?" He asked confused.

"She got into a bit of trouble mouthing off in my class Hagrid. I'm afraid she is facing her punishment now." Umbridge explained. "I'm afraid I will not be able to help you for some time Hagrid, as I am previously occupied."

Hagrid shifted awkwardly. "Er, allrigh' then. I'll jus' go." He said, scratching his beard and looking at me one more time. "You're not gunna expell Anna are you?"

"That is out of your control Hagrid." Umbridge said tightly.

"Bu' you can't expel Anna!" He exclaimed. "You jus' can't."

I smiled at him, but Umbridge simply said, "Hagrid, please go now."

"Er, allrigh',bu' you can't expel her. Please don't."

"Goodbye Hagrid." She said curtly.

Hagrid took one more tentative step out the door, closing it hesitantly.

Umbridge tutted.

It was another five minutes before the door blew open once again.

"Delores, what's this I hear about you expelling my students?" Professer McGonagall asked angrily, sweeping into the room.

"Well, nothing has been determined yet, as we are still waiting to hear back from the Ministry any minute now." She said tightly, smiling yet again.

"Delores, I won't stand for this. Not when the student in question has nowhere to go."

"Well, you don't even know why she's here, do you?" Umbridge asked as an owl flew in through the window carrying a brief note. Umbridge read the note over before saying, "Oh, how wonderful. Someone is coming from the Ministry right now to determine this. I can explain it to you at the same time."

Just then, the fireplace erupted in green flames, and out stepped a familiar red headed man with glasses and pin-striped robes and and a bow tie.

Percy Weasley.

Either this was really good, or really bad.

"Percy Weasley?" Umbridge asked, somewhat miffed. "Why on earth would they send you?"

I decided it was a good thing.

He looked at me, betraying recognition for a split second before composing his face. I decided not to awknowledge any familiarity, following his lead, as he was my ticket to not being expelled.

"I'm representing the Department of Magical Education." He replied stiffly. "I hear you wish a student to be expelled, and that there are special situations which ministry assistance is required?"

"Yes, this student right here. Anna Chase." She replied.

"And what are the grounds for this expulsion?" He asked.

"Yes. What are your grounds Delores?" McGonagall asked impatiently.

"She was denigrating a ministry-issued pamphlet with vulgar language and refused to back down to my authority." She explained almost smugly.

I rolled my eyes when she wasn't looking. I mean, c'mon. My language wasn't even close to vulgar. I could do so much worse. 'Shit' doesn't even qualify as vulgar.

"What ministry-issued pamphlet?" Percy asked, his eyebrows scrunching together. "I don't remember the department ever signing off on a pamphlet for classes here."

"That's because the Minister himself signed off on it himself. In fact, every wizarding household will recieve the same copy tomorrow morning, along with all suscribers of the Daily Prophet." She explained, now really smugly.

"And what just is this pamphlet of?" McGonagall asked, her hands on her hips.

"See for yourself. I have copies right here." Umbridge opened her bottom drawer, pulling out a large stack of the said pamphlets, handing a copy to both Percy and McGonagall.

Percy was mildly startled at the sight of the cover.

McGonagall just looked furious.

"What is this? You didn't think to consult any of us Heads of Houses about what you decide to teach our students?" She asked, indignified. "I'm sure we would have had something to say about this."

"May I remind you that you're Head of House for one pupil, and she is currently being expelled?" Umbridge said. "And I was only following the Minister's requests."

"He's only been in office for two weeks!" McGonagall exclaimed.

"You know, I really don't think this is grounds extreme enough to require expulsion." Percy added.

You know what, I really am liking this Percy dude. Not to mention McGonagall kicking ass over Umbridge.

"And why is that?" Umbridge asked firmly.

"Well, no one bothered to inform our department of this pamphlet being taught here in the first place, and it just seems a bit brash." He explained. "Not to mention this student has nowhere to go after expulsion except an orphanage."

"I agree completely." McGonagall said. "Detentions will be suffice punishment. Now if you don't mind dismissing Anna and giving her a punishment proper for the circumstances, we have things to discuss that are less trivial."

"Fine." She humphed. "Miss Chase, I want to see you in my office every Tuesday night for detention untilI deem it unessecary."

"Fine." I say, leaving the office as quick as I can. "Thank you." I say to McGonagall and Percy.

Umbridge: -2

Team Awesome (me, McGonagall, Percy Weasley): like 5,000

'nuff said.


Chapter 18: In Which I Finally Play Quidditch and Spill Secrets
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Chapter 18 - In Which I Finally Play Quidditch and Spill Secrets

The evening after nearly getting expelled, I walked into the Great Hall for dinner and found about four hundred eye balls trained on my face. I tried to ignore them as I wandered over to the Gryffindor table, where the only plate set was mine. I filled my plate, ignoring the looks as I scarfed down as much hot food as I could. 

I had missed Lunch that day as I had gone straight from Umbridge's office to a six hour detention with Filch, scrubbing down a bunch of abandoned classrooms manually, as in, on my hands and knees.

I would be doing the same task every Sunday afternoon for the next month it sounded like. This was the compromise Umbridge had eventually settled for, although she was all ready to hang me in chains from the entrance hall. 

As I quickly left the room heading out the entrance hall for Quidditch practice, two people stopped me before getting to the door, dragging me into some random little niche behind a big tapestry. 

"We heard about you almost getting expelled." James said flatly.

"Yeah, is it true you socked Umbridge in the face after she called you a worthless hag?" Al added.

"What? No." I said, confused. "It was about those new pamphlets she forced our class to read. I talked back to her and used 'vulgar' language. Didn't you guys get them too?"

"What pamphlets? Umbridge wasn't there for any of her classes this afternoon. Apparently she had to meet with the minister or something." James said, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Well, you should see them for yourself." I pulled out the pamplet from my bookbag. "It's awful." 

Their eyes scanned the first couple of pages, looks of confusion, then anger, then incredulousness forming on their faces.

"What?! They can't just outright say these sorts of things! People will think they're crazy!" James said.

"This is bullshit!" Al said. 

"Ha. That's what I said." 

"But this is actually insane! Dad would never have sold off his own daughter to Greyback! I mean, he's the fricking Saviour of their world! We have to do something!" James said, upset. 

"Yeah, well don't do anything too brash, Umbridge will be on the prowl, watching you two especially." I warned him, looking both him and Al in the eyes. 

"Well, she had better behave herself." Al said darkly. "Or I will punch her straight up in the face." 

"Well, I'm sure it will be fixed in the next couple of days." I said hopefully. "Once the press finds out, they'll get so much bad press on these from parents that they'll have to retract them." 

They nod. 

"Well, see you guys later. Don't be idiots." I chide. 



"What the hell was with earlier today, Anna?" John asks as I enter the library and spot him and Scorp sitting at our group's usual table. 

"Oh, nothing really. I just get pissed off by that woman really easily. And did you see how outrageous those pamplets were?" I said, brushing it off.

"Anna, you seem really positive that these accusations are false." Scorp says quietly. "Are you sure you don't have anything you should be telling people that could testify against the ministry's pamplet?"


Scorpius knows. 

Well, he at least knows there's something up. 

I could just tell them, it's now or never I guess. 

Plus, then I can explain to them why I shouldn't have to tell anybody. 

"Allright." I said, giving in. "You know how they claim that Harry Potter sold his daughter to Greyback to become head deatheater?"

They nod.

"Well, I know for a fact that that's not true." I took a deep breath, and let it out. "Because I'm the daughter that he lost. I was stolen by Greyback the night they captured him and put my mother in a coma."

I took a relieved gasp of breath. "Wow I feel great telling you guys that."

They were gaping at me, their jaws wider than a pizza. 

"So..." I began awkwardly. "Have you done the potions essay?"

John splutters. "Have you done the potions essay... are you serious Anna?! You just reveal some crazy secret to us and ask us 'have you done the potions essay'?!"

"Anna, are you being serious?" Scorpious whispered, leaning in across the table. 

I nod. 

"So that means..." He trailed off, deep in thought. 

"It means that I'm a werewolf." I finish for him. "I was released this summer by the ministry when Greyback was killed. I've been under his command since I was a tiny girl."

"Well, I guess this all makes sense..." John says, trailing off. 

"I know that this is a lot to take in, but I promise you, I'm still Anna. I'm a decent person, and I'm still your friend."

"So you're actually related to the Weasleys then." John thinks out loud. "Do any of them know?" 

"Rose's parents know that I'm a werewolf, but Ted Lupin and Al and James, my brothers know pretty much everything." I explain. 

The two of them are deep in thought. 

They look at each other and seem to have an internal conversation with their eyes.

"So," John says, looking back to me. "Are you ready for your Quidditch game tomorrow?"

I grin. "Yeah. I am." 

I smile, looking at the two friends who have decided to accept me without question now that they know my secrets. 



"All right team. Are we ready for this?" Aaron asked, looking at the team, sitting in the locker room awaiting the call onto the field for our game agianst Ravenclaw.

"We were born ready Aaron." Tim states. We all nod, too nervous to speak.

We gather by the tunnel onto the field and wait for our names. 

Aaron's name is the first to be called, then his fellow beater "Duufffff..." 

Next came the keeper, McClaggen.

And then the Chasers. 

"Fellow, Donovan, and Chase." 

The three of us began the walk down the short hallway that led to the pitch. 

It was cloudy, with a slight breeze. Pretty good for playing. 

"Aaannnd... Canders!"

We lined up in the middle, Aaron in the middle along with Davies, the captain of Ravenclaw. 

I found myself the object of much animosity from the other team, besides John, who was lined up right across from me and Scorp, who was a little ways down the line across from our Seeker, Eugene Canders. But the Ravenclaw Beaters, Macmillian brothers from seventh and fifth years, were glaring at me, looking between me and Davies, who looked pretty pissed. Guess they hadn't heard about the new girl on the pitch. 

I ignored them, winking at John, who smirked back. 

I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when I snatched the Quaffle out of his hands. 

Madame Hooch blew her whistle and I gave one last glare towards the Macmillians before shooting up quickly, coming to a quick stop where centerfield was. The Quaffle was dropped into Tim's hands and the game begun. 

The voice of Robert Macintosh, the leader of the running club, filled the stadium.

"And the game begins! This should be an interesting match today folks! For the first time in two decades, we have not only a girl playing, but a Gryffindor! Quite the surprise, the Hufflepuff captain has kept this silent for the past two months since tryouts. Not sure how legal that is, as..."

"Macintosh! Focus!" McGonagall snapped. 

"Fellow is in position of the Quaffle, and is speeding towards the goals. He passes to Donovan last minute and Hufflepuff scores!" 

Cheering erupts from the Hufflepuff crowd, but there are boos from the Slytherins and Ravenclaws. I ignore them until I realize who they're booing. 

The Slytherins are in so much shock at a girl on the pitch that some are still sitting stock still while others are cursing at the field. I spot Fred Weasley, Slytherin Captain, standing at the edge, laughing his guts out. 

I scowl. 

John and Chaser #2 from Ravenclaw are now speeding towards me, passing the Quaffle back and forth between them heading down the pitch. 

I speed in between them and snatch the Quaffle out of the air. I speed off, keeping eyes out for Tim and Donovan. 

I dodge a bludger and quick snap the ball over to Tim, who scores. 

I swoop low around the goals and catch the ball the second it leaves the hoops. 

I dive underneath the hoop, looping around and chucking the Quaffle at an angle so that it goes through the far hoop, away from the Keeper. 

I speed off down the pitch again as the Ravenclaws gain possesion and dodge the incessant bludgers the MacMillian brothers are hurling towards me. 

"Well, that was a surprising play by Anna Chase, fifth year Gryffindor playing for the Hufflepuffs. Aaron Wood has been training the newcomer well. The Ravenclaw beaters are keeping their trained eyes on her, and are giving her their usual warm welcome, as it appears they are not happy with the new girl on the pitch, who is now in the possesion of the Quaffle agian. Damn, she's quick as she races past the ensuing Ravenclaw Chasers." 

"Macintosh! Language!" 

"Sorry Professor, Chase scores again for the Hufflepuffs! 40-0 to Hufflepuffs."

I smirk, spying Fred Weasley standing dumbstruck in the stands.

The game continues, and the crowd become significantly less animous with each goal I make. 

We're up by one hundred and forty after the first hour with no sight of the snitch.

I score again, then pass the rebound to Donovan, who scores before John takes hold of the Quaffle. 

He takes it downfield with another chaser and scores. 

"Fellow in possesion of the Quaffle, takes it downwind to Donovan, who fakes right then passes to Chase, who lodges in a tight spot right past the Keeper's ear." 

We're now ahead by one hundred fifty. 

"Fellow catches the Quaffle on the downfall and takes it around the pitch once, Ravenclaw close behind, and he shoots, he scores! The score is now 270 - 110 to Hufflepuff." 

I make another quick goal and then take a lap around the pitch to avoid the two bludgers that were just lobbed at me. 

"Canders has spotted the Snitch! Malfoy is also in pursuit, but he is apparently trying to prevent Canders from catching it, as Ravenclaw is behind by too much to win. Canders is in the lead, now Malfoy is pressing left, Canders pulls ahead again..." 

I pass the Quaffle to Tim and he scores, but everyone else is paying rapt attention to the Seekers. 

"But Malfoy is persistent, pulling the two of them to the side away from the Snitch, Canders is pulling back hard, trying to get away from Malfoy, but Malfoy goes up with him..."

Tim and I score another goal as even the keeper isn't paying attention anymore. 

"Canders pulls ahead one more time, and Canders has caught the Snitch!" He swears.


"The snitch has been caught by Hufflepuff seeker Eugune Canders despite the intelligent gaurds by Ravenclaw seeker Malfoy. The game is over! And look at all those points! Final score is 450 - 110 to Hufflepuff!" 

I sigh, relieved. I smile, feeling absolutely glorious. 

Then the bludger collides with my back and I go down. 



Chapter 19: In Which I Wake
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 Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.



I never realized that true quiet had a sound. How distinct it is, the clamour of absolute silence. The ringing and stillness and altogether way it engulfs you, like the sound of the ocean. If you have ever placed a seashell to your ear, you will understand the rushing sound of quiet, clapping over your ears like a thick fog.

I woke to a blinding whiteness. It wasn’t light, it was just whiteness.

I blinked a couple of times, waiting for my pupils to adjust to the intensity of all the colors of the rainbow combined into this whiteness. A rainbow appeared in front of my vision as I heard the first sound, a thumping that filled the whole room steadily, as if it was surrounded by thunder.

The eye of this storm was where I was lying, a soft platform surrounded by white walls and the blinding ceiling which was now turning into a cluster of white orbs of light. The thumping continued, the only sound to fill the room.

Everything I remembered seemed muddy and blurry. I began to realize that this is not the place I was naturally supposed to be. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t know how I had come to be, here or anywhere. My thoughts began to race, and the thumping escalated.

A crack interrupted my thoughts as a door I hadn’t noticed before opened. A woman with starch white hair opened the door and walked to where I was slowly, the tapping of her heels seemingly loud and boisterous.

I realized as the silence was broken that the thumping had been the sound of my own heart.

I found my voice.

“Where is this?”

The woman looked at me, drinking my features in. It was as if I was somehow and irrevocably recognizable.

“Who are you?” I tried again.

She opened her mouth, as if to speak, then closed it again. She blinked, then said, “Call me Caelator.”

I stared at her, her eyes deep and rich and younger than the rest of her face.

She spoke again.

“Goodnight Lily.”

It was then that I knew that I was Lily Potter, and that I had never been anyone else. I didn’t know where I was or where I came from but I was aware of the blindingly obvious fact that I was Lily Potter. The name reverberated throughout my mind, stirring up memories of a mother and a father, when I was too young to have coherent memories. These memories came from so deep within; so deeply rooted was my name, that the power surged within me. I was vivacious and strong and had a will to change the world I lived in.

Memories of sweet nights and good dreams plagued the darkness of other memories, memories of cold, hungry monsters in my mind that had been present for years. The penetration of the woman’s words stirred something inside of me, something so warm and good it seemed hardly tangible. Yet it was as if nothing compared to the reality of this feeling.

I looked at the woman, then sat up and turned around to find my reflection gazing at me from a mirror.

Except it wasn’t me. I somehow knew that this was not my body. Where were the scars across my skin? What about the freckles that made patterns across my cheek?

I was Lily Potter, but this was not my body. Rather, it was a body that looked like mine.

“You’re right. This is not your body.” Caelator said.

“But how…” I trailed off, deciding I probably didn’t want to figure out how exactly she seemed to understand the very depths of my thoughts.

“You are Lily. You are living in this body, which isn’t yours. Your human body is asleep in the Wizarding World. This is merely happening in your head.”

“So this isn’t real?” I asked.

She scoffed. “Of course this is real.”

“So why am I here?”

She looked into my eyes, peering for something. “You are the rising.” She spoke clairvoyantly. “You are here to be trained.”

“Trained for what?” Okay, this was officially mind-bendingly confusing.


The woman named Caelator left the room with a crack.

I blinked. What kind of a joke was this?

I stood up and the platform I had woken up disappeared. I looked down and discovered I was bare-footed, with lightweight pants and shirt protecting me from the cool air in the room.

It was then that the ceiling descended.

The orbs that had provided light at the top of the ceiling descended, revealing a mirrored ceiling.

The orbs formed in clusters, surrounding me with light.

One orb floated over to me, hovering right in front of my bellybutton.

It was clear, and when it was this close, I saw that the light was actually a moving shape, and as I moved closer to gaze deeper so as to figure out what the shapes were, I found myself immersed into the clear.

I fell through what seemed to be water, until I landed on a platform of cobblestone.

I stood, and looked around, the watery details becoming clearer and more defined. I was on a street, somewhere I recognized to be somewhere in France. Buildings surrounded me, and it was midday beneath an overcast sky.

There was a clang behind me. I turned, and spotted a blonde girl running away from a bread store with a bag. She looked to be about nine years old. She looked to be me. I had traveled back in time.

I jogged after her, through several alleys and across a bridge to a small apartment near a river. She didn’t notice me, and neither did the people on the street who I nearly knocked over. I continued to follow her into the small brick building and up a steep staircase into an attic room, where three other small children were sitting, playing checkers with one another.

The others, two boys and a girl, looked to nine-year-old me hopefully. She smiled at them and displayed the bag, which she revealed to contain two loaves of slightly charred bread and some cheese. She spit the food evenly, making sure the others had food before she took some for herself.

“Thank you.” The oldest boy said in French, his eyes bulging with gratitude. The other boy was silent, but the gratitude appeared to be etched into the lines under his eyes.

The girl also thanked me.

They ate, and the boy that had said thank you got up and left. I knew what would happen next. At least, what we had imagined had happened next at the time.

I followed the boy back down the stairs and out the back door to a rocky shore along the river. He walked down to the river’s edge, holding his remaining pieces of bread.

The boy walked along the edge of the river until he reached the bridge, turning sideways to fit underneath the arch that fed into the rocks. He stopped half-way underneath and knocked on a wooden pallet that was a part of the bridge.

An opening was created, and a dog peered out. The dog was a mutt, friendly and dirty.

The boy smiled, the first time I had seen his teeth.

He fed the bread to the dog, who proceeded to lick his face.

Before I knew what was happening, the boy slipped on a wet stone and fell into the bulging current of the river.

I grabbed for him, but my hands slipped through his skin. I was only an apparition here.

He was gone, only a single small shoe could be seen several yards up the water.

I dived after the shoe, determined to save this boy, determined to change the loss nine-year-old me had felt when my best friend had disappeared from our group.

I remembered how I wept that night that we realized that Calleb would not be returning to us.

I had to change it.

As I slipped underneath the water, the scene changed, and I found myself sitting on the floor of the white room again.

This time though I was sitting in a ball on the floor, sopping wet from the orb that had broken, spilling cold water all over the room. I was shaking from the memories of grief

I had felt that cold night in France when I was nine years old and I had lost my first friend.

What kind of training was this?