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The Girl and The Snake by GrangerDanger76

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 7,245

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Draco, Scorpius, Albus, Hugo, Rose
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/18/2011
Last Chapter: 01/07/2012
Last Updated: 01/07/2012


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"Scorpius rolled back on his bed and closed his eyes, determined to memorize every detail. Every single factor, every feature, and every aspect of the night he fell in love with Rossie Jean Weasley"

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Chapter 1: Better be......Ravenclaw!
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The Girl and The Snake

“Here comes the train, mum.”

“Oh Rose, you be good now.”

“Goodbye Hugo. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too Rose. I’ll owl you every week! I promise!”

“I’d love that Hugo. Goodbye dad, I’ll see you for Christmas Holiday.”

“Goodbye my Rossie. Owl your mum.”

“I will. I promise.”

“Make sure you make good friends. Tell Albus we miss him, and that has father must come for a visit. You’re mum “simply must catch up with Ginevra!” Ron leaned down and whispered, “I can’t wait to find out what house you’re in. You know, Gryffindor runs in the family.”

“Oh I sure hope so dad!”

“Alright, off you go. Have a nice time my Rossie.”

“Goodbye Mum! Goodbye dad! I love you Hugo!”

Rose ran off and boarded the train.

“Oh I hope she does well, Ronald.”

“Of course she will! With your brains, and my looks…”

Hermione smacked her husband playfully.

“Let’s go, dear, Hugo, before your dad gets too big for his britches.”




“Too late…” Hugo added playfully.


Rose boarded the train. Growing up in a wizarding family didn’t help the fact that she knew almost no one. Rose stumbled along, compartment after compartment, until she found one with her cousin, Albus, and his new friends.

“Hello Rose, this is Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood-Scamander. They’re first years just like us.

“Hello.” She replied. Rose would never understand how he always managed to make friends so fast.

“Actually we prefer just Scamander. Two last names thing is over rated.” Said Lorcan

“Yeah, besides he prefer our dad. Our mum’s a bit loony.” Added Lysander

The three boys laughed, and began to discuss quitich. Rose could tell when she wasn’t wanted, so she continued walking along the aisle looking for an empty compartment. She approached the last one, which contained only one boy. A first year by his looks, He had shimmery white blonde hair and pale skin. Piercing blue eyes, like the sky, glued to the muggle book about mysteries in front of him. He was thin, but had some muscle on him. Rose knocked and opened the door. She opened her mouth as to say hello when the boy said

“Get out.”

His voice was deep, husky.

“But…” Rose tried to argue but the boy spoke again.


Rose turned around and as she approached the door, she turned again.

“You may not tell me what to do, especially without an introduction.”

“You get your spite from your mum do you?”

“How do you know my mum?”

“Everyone knows your mum, she’s a war hero, remember.”

“Oh, yes.”

“And you get your looks from your dad.”

“How do you know...?” But she stopped, realizing he was just a war hero as well.

He looked up then. His eyes bore into hers. She tore away her gaze then, and looked down at her trunk.

“Are you going to tell me your name then?”

“Well, I figured you knew it, since you seem to know all my secretes.”

“I do. But I’d like to hear it from you.”

“Rose. Rose Weasley.”

“Mmmn. Rossie. I like it.”

“And you Mystery?

“That’s Mr. Mystery to you. I suppose you will find out soon enough.”

“Sit.” He commanded.

She sat. “Watcha’ reading?”

“Muggle book…you wouldn’t know it…”

“Wrong. Coming from a muggle-born offspring, my mum The Hermione Granger-Weasley has taught me her love of muggle books.”

“Sherlock Holmes.”




“A classic.”


“First yer’s this way!”

“C’mon Rose!” Rose and the Mystery boy had gone from a pleasant conversation, to quick friends. The two boarded the boat, along with Albus and Lorcan and Lysander. There was only four to a boat, so Lorcan hid on the floor while Hagrid, the gigantic gate keeper, walked by and sent them on their way.




Rose smiled as she walked in the doors of Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She remembered her mum telling her countless stories about her days here, and it was weird being here herself. She turned and smiled at the Mystery boy. He was really quite handsome in the candle light….


Weasley, Rose!

Rose walked, cautiously up to the stool; and sat down.

Hmmmm. I’ve seen kind like you before…

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

Mum was the brightest witch in her year…

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

Father was loyal and brave……

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

You have the mind of your mum….

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

And potential of even more…..

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

But you have your father’s heart and soul….

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

With the bravery of a true lion…..

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

So I weigh and I weigh…..


The boy looked up. What was taking so long!



Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor!

And I weigh again, but I must go with the afore….

Please be Gryffindor, please be Gryffindor! Wait…wha….

Better be……Ravenclaw!


Rose opened her eyes to see many students cheering.

Better be Ravenclaw.




Rose reluctantly walked over to her new house.


Malfoy, Scorpius!

She recognized that name. Rose looked up to see him wink at her, the lanky silver haired boy she had just met.

Better be…….Ravenclaw!

Chapter 2: You Get Your Brains from Your Mum...
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Chapter 2

"Hey. I'm Scorpius."

The lanky teenager had walked over to the Ravenclaw table gleefully.

“You’re in Ravenclaw!”

“Thank the Lord! I was afraid I was going to be in Slytherin! My mum and dad and practically my entire family were in Slytherin!”

“My entire family has been in Gryffindor! I just hope my dad won’t be angry.”

“How could he be? You got your brains from your mum!”

“I get that a lot...”

She ran her fingers threw her hair and sighed. Scorpius admired her beauty. She had long, bushy red hair, and sea green eyes that danced in the candle light.

“First years come with me! All first year Ravenclaws please follow the prefect, that’s me!”

The Ravenclaws climbed the stairs to the highest tower.

“Good Afternoon Bright Minds! Welcome to the Ravenclaw house! Here we pride ourselves on knowledge and learning! In fact, in order to reach our common room you must answer the question the enchanted knocker asks you. It’s a great way to learn new things and meet fellow Ravenclaws. Our Moto is “1Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure!” Isn’t that nice! Now, go explore and have fun. Curfue is 10:00 for Ravenclaws. We feel you all need a good rest for your minds, in order to be able to expand your knollwege once again! Any questions, report to me….Any Questions?

Rose and Scorpius looked at each other and smiled.

“Good! Now my name is Prefect George McLooney. We have stunning views from up here. Treasure it, and be thankful you are a Ravenclaw! Now, go and explore!”

“Hello! My name is Head Boy Robert N. Truscen. Can I help you with anything?”

“No I think we got it… thanks….”

“Not a problem! Have a pleasant evening!”


“Goodnight Mystery boy.”

“Please Rose, call me Scorpius.”

“Alright, Scorp. Goodnight.”

He sighed, and watched as she ran up the stairs to her dormitory.

Lying in bed that night, Scorpius caught himself smiling. And he couldn’t stop.

Scorpius waited in the common room for Rose the next morning.

“Good morning Rossie.”

“Scorp, stop that. You sound like my father.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, I’m just a little homesick is all.”

“It’s not so bad once you get used to it, come on Rossie.”

They began their walk to the great hall.

“Have you owled your dad about your house yet?”

“No. Have you?”

“Yes. He owled me back this morning saying he was very proud.”

“That’s great Scorp!” Rose smiled. Maybe being in Ravenclaw wouldn’t be so bad.

Being first years, they got their first day at Hogwarts off of classes to explore and get into the routine. Rose and Scorpius decided to take a tour of the school so that they would be able to find their classes the next day.

“The school is beautiful.”

“Yeah.” Rose replied. The pair was examining the unique architecture and fascinating moving portraits.

“Wanna check out the library?!”

“I have been waiting all day!

They strode over to the library. Both excited and fascinated due to their common love of knowledge.


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Chapter 3: Summer Holiday
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Chapter 3

The year had come and gone, and Rose and Scorpius were just as close as ever. It was time for the students to pack their bags and return home for summer holiday. Rose and Scorpius boarded the Hogwarts Express and made their way to the very last compartment in the back; the same one in which they had first met to be exact.

“I am going to miss you Scorp.”

“I’ll miss you too. You are practically my only friend.”

“That’s not true, you have friends!”

“Yeah? Well, let’s see, there’s you….and oh you!”

“Very funny Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.”

“Oh lighten up, Rossie Jean Weasley.”

“My name is Rose, not ‘Rossie’. By the way, if you were to pronounce the way it is spelled it would be RAH see. It’s supposed to be ‘R O S I E’….ROH see”

“You said that’s how your dad spelt it! I was just trying to be consistent!”

“There is a reason he was in Gryffindor…”


The two laughed. Scorpius could help but stare for she radiated beauty. Her smile was wholesome and charming. Her eyes danced with laughter. And her hair, her hair was a wild mess, but for some reason he had a yearning to reach out and run his fingers threw it.


“My Rose! How are you?”

“I am wonderful mum! I had such a marvelous time! Dad!”

Rose jumped into her father’s arms.

“My Rossie...” Ron murmured into her hair.



“I missed you!” They both said and embraced in a hug.

“I’m so glad to see you Rose! It was weird without you!”

“I know, same with me!”

“Rose dear, I am going to go talk with Harry and Ginevra and invite them over for tea. Go say goodbye to your friends! Come now, Ron.”

“Bye mum. Come on Hugo, come meet my friend Scorpius!

Rose dragged Hugo by the arm to where she had spotted Scorpius and his father.

“Scorpius! Meet my brother…”

“Miss. Weasley. Pleasure to meet you. I am Draco Malfoy, Scorpius’ father.”

“Oh hello, Mr. Malfoy.”

“I’ve heard quite a lot about you..”

Scorpius looked uneasy and kept checking about around and behind him.

“Uh Rose, I think I hear your mum calling you. You better go. Have a nice holiday. I’ll owl you and maybe you can come over and we can read or something…”

“Alright, bye Scorpius.” Rose ran off, once again dragging her brother by the arm.

“She has her father’s looks.” Said the elder Malfoy.


“And her mum’s brains…”

“Come now Scorpius. Time to get home, Astoria is waiting with tea.”


“Mum and dad are going to kill you!”

“What? Why?

“You made best friends with the MALFOY BOY! Really Rose, of all the people at Hogwarts you had to choose him!”

“I didn’t choose him! He chose me!”

“Well you didn’t have to choose him back!”

“Hugo! Scorpius is my best friend! Why can’t you be happy for me?”

“Because he is evil Slytherin trash!”

“He’s not even in Slytherin!”

“Oh. Well…”

“Besides, didn’t mum and dad raise us well enough to know that we do not exploit others for being different?”


“Isn’t that the whole reason mum, dad, granny, Uncle Harry and Aunty Ginny went to war!”


“Isn’t that the reason Uncle Fred died?”

Hugo didn’t reply. He cowered in shame for his actions.

“I’m sorry Rose. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay Hugo. Next time remember our family morals. Our own mum was made fun of for being muggle born, Why should we make someone else feel as low as she did?”

“You’re right Rossie. Thanks.”

“No problem, my little Hugo. Let’s go find mum and dad. Maybe James and Lily are here!”


And with that, the pair strolled off to find their family.


Malfoy Manner

“Rose is quite the beauty.” The Elder Malfoy noted during the family’s tea time.

“Yeah, she’s great.”

“Who are your other friends, dear?” Malfoy’s better half questioned.

“Well, that’s it really…”

“Hmm. Surely a Ravenclaw like you would have many new friends…oh wait. That’s the Hufflepuffs…”

“Astoria that’s enough. Be proud of our son for what he has accomplished. He received all Outstandings in only his first year.”

“Mm.” The women scoffed.

Weasley House

“Mum! He pushed me!”

“Did not! You fell!

“Did too!”

“Hey that’s MY SHIRT!”

“Come back here!”



“Oh, parenting…” Ginevra said for them all.

“ROSE, HUGO, ALBUS, JAMES, LILY, FRED, ROXANNE, GET IN HERE!” Ginny had certainly developed her mum’s patience.

Harry, Hermione, Ginevra, Ron, George and Angelina stood in the kitchen for tea time. On the counter biscuits, and sandwiches were served along with tea and juice. The cousins made their way outside with their treats to catch up on the latest Hogwarts news. Even though Rose went to school with almost all of her cousins, she rarely saw any of them, since most were in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

“Hey look an owl!” squeaked Lily. “It’s for you Rose.”


“Rose wondered who it could be. Surely none of her muggle friends were out for Summer Holiday yet. Rose looked at the envelope. She saw “Rossie” Scrawled out in his handwriting. It had to be Scorpius.


“Mum! Dad! I’ve been invited over to a friend’s house! May I go? Please!?”

“Slow down there Rossie. Who is this friend?”

“His name is Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy.”

Both Harry and Ron choked on their tea and sputtered “What!”

“She made friends with the Malfoy boy!” Ron spat.

“Really Rose, of all the people at Hogwarts, you had to chose him?” George joked.

Rose ignored her uncle’s rude remark and looked to her mum.

“Sure Rose. When will they be expecting you?”

“He said him and his father can flew over tomorrow afternoon.”

“No way Hermione! I don’t want that Malfoy trash anywhere near here.”

“Please Ron! Get over your self!”

“I’m sorry that the git was responsible for all the rubbish in my life!”

“Ronald Billius Weasley!” Hermione’s eyes meant business.

“Fine. Just go Rose!”

“Oh thank you mum and dad!” I’ll go pack!”

“Not so fast Rose. You will continue to visit with your cousins. You may pack tonight.”

“Oh alright mum. I love you!” Rose kissed her father’s cheek and ran out the door.


Chapter 5: Every single factor, feature, and aspect.....
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“Greeting’s Hermione, Ron.

“Hello Draco.”

“Rose! Are you ready?”

“Sure thing Scorp.”

“When will Rose be back Draco?”

“A week per say. Give or take a day.”

“Very well then. Goodbye Rose.”

“Goodbye Mum! Goodbye dad!



“Goodbye My Rossie.”


“You have a lovely house Mr. Malfoy.”

“All Astoria’s doing my dear. Scorpius Hyperion show Rose her room.” The elder Malfoy said.

“Yes father. This way Rose!”

Scorpius led Rose up a dark winding side staircase. Suddenly, out of nowhere Scorpius stopped.

“Blimey, Scorp! Next time warn me so I don’t ram into you.”

“This place has more hidden chambers then Hogwarts! Want to explore?”



Rose looked unsure. She knew what her mum had told her about snooping. But if she was with Scorp, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad…. Scorpius look her hand and led her into a now open tunnel. He couldn’t help but notice the warmth of her hand and how sparks fly when he touched her.



“Master Draco is expecting you at 2 thirty sharp for tea. Best not be late”


“Who was that!”

“Just our house old elf Webster.”

“Oh, what time is it?”

“2 o’clock. We best be trying to find our way out, for it may surpass thirty minutes.”



“Always the Ravenclaw, Scorp.” Rose smiled. Scorpius took her hand again, ignoring the shocks, and led her down the passage way.”




“Yes, master?”

“What are the children doing?”

“They are searching the mansion Master Draco.”



“Very well, let them be. They need time to just be….kids.”


The clock stuck two thirty and the children were seated at the tea table in the sunroom. Draco’s better half walked in with the tea.

“Here you go dear. Rosalind was it?

“Actually, it’s just Rose…”

“Humph…” The elder one scoffed and walked off as Mr. Malfoy walked in.

“Please excuse my wife Rose. She is a bit illogical of modern times. Now tell me Rose, how is your mum and dad?

“They are well, thank you. They told me you went to school with them.”

“I did indeed. As I reflected on our relationships, I truly regret what went down. That’s why I am at most proud of you and Scorpius. You are learning from your elders, I respect you both.”

“Thank you Mr. Malfoy.”

“Not only that, but you are both Ravenclaws. I always dreamed of being in Ravenclaw, but never had the brains to do it, aside from my family heritage I felt like I had to live up to. I feel Ravenclaws have the best views on the world. They are truly all of the houses combined into one. I will never know how Gryffindor became the surperiour house….”



Mr. Malfoy rambled on. Rose made a face at Scorpius, and he smirked back. His father really out does himself to make others feel welcome.


Rose lay in bed that night. Even though the Malfoy’s had a mansion, Rose preferred to sleep on the floor, below her best friend.



“I don’t think your mum likes me very much.”

“I don’t think she likes anyone very much.”

“Thanks for letting me stay here, Scorp”

“No problem Rossie. I wish you could stay all summer.”

“Me too, maybe later, you can come to my house.”

“Cool… Rossie?” Scorpius peered over the side of his bed and looked down on the red head beauty.


“Thanks for being my best friend.”

Rose smiled. Scorpius rolled back on his bed and closed his eyes, determined to memorize every detail. Every single factor, every feature, and every aspect of the night he fell in love with Rossie Jean Weasley.



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Chapter 5: Happy Halloween!
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Chapter 5




Hogsmead and of course the feast were the highlight of the chilly October day. It was a Saturday and Rose had just woken to sunlight, streaming in threw her window.

Scorpius sat nervously on the edge of his bed, a flower in his hands. A rose, to be exact. He ventured down the stairs, and up to the girls dormitory. He knocked gently. Rose quickly shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Scorpius moved silently over to her bedside table and sat down the rose. He bent down and with a light, yet swift moment, he brushed the hair from Rose’s eyes. She opened them and yawned.

“Good Morning my Rossie.”

“Morning Scorp. Happy Halloween!”

“Yes, yes it is. Look Rose…”

“There’s no time to talk now Scorp, get out so I can change and get ready for Hogsmead!”

Scorpius walked out, leaving the door cracked, he leaned against the wall with the door.

“Don’t you wanna go with your friends Rossie? If you do, I totally understand…”

“What friends? Get real, you’re my best and only friend Scorp….. Alright, how do I look?”

Rose stepped out, wearing a white, grey, and black striped sweater and jeans. Her hair was curled, as it naturally is, and her bangs were pulled back, out of her face.


“You look …… great.”


Scorpius and Rose walked out of the castle, heading down to the three broomsticks to grab lunch before going about their trip.

“Do you need any supplies before we eat?”

“Actually, I could use with a few new quills and ink. I am always running low on those. But Mum and Dad could only get me 17 Knuts and a galleon. Money is a little tight right now….”

Scorpius nodded. He could understand that. Growing up with his father being the only sane one really impacted the Malfoy savings. His mum cleaned them out their first year of marriage. They were lucky they had inherited the Mansion from Draco’s mum and dad. It just so happens Scorpius was a master at odd jobs and had saved up enough to buy Rose a decent Christmas present for once.

“Alright let’s go there first. I have to grab something for my mum, so you can start eating and I will be back soon.”

“Don’t you need to eat?”

“No, just save me a butterbeer.”


He smiled down at her, and Rose felt her knees go week.


“Alright I need 3 quills and a bottle of ink please, sir.”

“Sure thing, sweetie! That’ll be 17 knuts and 2 sickles please.”

“Um, make that 8 quills and two bottles of ink.”

Rose looked up at him quizzically and Scorpius shrugged.

“That’ll be a galleon and 2 knuts please.” The peppy store keeper said delightfully


Before Rose could even open her handbag, Scorpius slapped down the money, grabbed up the quills and walked out of the store.


“I can pay for myself you know!” Rose came charging down the pavement after him. Scorpius stopped and pushed the quills into her hand. He gave her a meaning look and started back down the pavement.

“So that’s it! You just do your noble deed then walk away!?” She yelled.


“Fine! I’m going to get some lunch!”


“Come find me when you get an attitude adjustment!”

“I won’t.”

“Uhg!” The frustrated Rose stormed off in the other direction.

Chapter 6: Next Time, Think Twice Before Insulting a Weasel
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Chapter 6

“Look! Here comes the Ginger!”

“Yeah! What a joke, look at her cheeks!”

“She thinks she is smart just because her mum is supposedly clever.”

“Too bad she married that weasel!”

Rose stopped and turned around to face the bullies.

“Get over yourself Abet.” She said simply and continued walking

“Would you look at that Michael, Rossie flower don’t like that!”

“I would hate life too if I was the offspring of a failure and the ugliest witch around.”

“Don’t forget her liar of an Uncle!”

“OH yeah! Mr. Scar Face!”

Rose tried to keep calm, but she had had enough. She spun around and walked right up to Michael Abet and Joseph Detment.

“Don’t you dare insult my family ever again!” She snarled. She turned around and continued walking.

“No problem ginger….” The pair laughed proud of their jokes. Rose stopped, turned around, and punched Joseph Dement right in the nose.

“OW!” he cried

“Next time, think twice before insulting a weasel.”




Rose sat in the Three Broomsticks drumming her fingers on the table.

She knew she shouldn’t have lost her temper with Scorpius, but it was so hard, because he can be so difficult. Without realizing it, she sighed and started to pack up her things, seeing as there be now use waiting around all day.

As soon as she stepped out, she saw Scorpius running down the pavement. Rose opened her mouth, in preparation for a complete apology, but before she could get even a single peep out, Scorpius started on her.

“Rose! Do you know what you’ve done!”


“You punched Detment right in the nose!”

“How did you know..”

“Everyone knows Rose! The news in spreading like wild fire!”

“I’m sorry Scorp, honest. I didn’t mean to!”

“Think before you get us into more trouble next time Rose!” His tone was harsh.

“Okay, I’m sorry…but Scorpius…”

“Just go Rose.”

“Excuse me. Are you sure you’re in the right house?”


“Because you’re cunning, malicious, and right out mean!”


“Leave me alone!”

Scorpius watched as his red head beauty ran up the pathway to the Hogwarts.


After a while, of standing on the pavement, Scorpius decided to head in. After all, he needn’t stay where he wasn’t wanted.

He lay on his bed, thoughts pounding against his head.

Maybe I do belong in Slytherin.

I can’t believe I said that to her.

I am a terrible person

I can’t keep in how I feel for her, any longer.

He sat up, the though itself, scared him. Scorpius decided to take a cold shower. He always thought better there.



Scorpius stepped out of the shower, to see snowflakes gathering on the window sill.

Blimey! Snow. On Halloween.

He got dressed. He knew what he had to do. It was Halloween, after all.

He set after the kitchen and had a house elf make him a pitcher of warm butter beer.

Scorpius took the mug, and using all of his prior transfiguration knowledge, turned the mug into a glass flower.

The house elf, didn’t question what he was doing, and Scorpius didn’t feel compelled to tell, so he took his flower and mug of butter beer and climbed the steps to the owlery.

Happy Halloween Rossie.

Meet me by the knight statue on the 3rd floor, ASAP.

Love, Scorp

He scrawled the message on the parchment, and gave the note and the tray of butter beer to a school owl.

“Bring this to Rose Weasley, Ravenclaw tower. Please.”

The owl spread its wings and flew out the window.



10 minutes later, he saw a flash of red hair.

A girl emerged, wrapped in a tan blanket, with a mug of butter beer in her hand.


“You came!”

Scorpius enveloped her, in a hug.

“I am so sorry for everything, Rossie. I should have never said that.”

“It’s fine, really. In fact I have some really big news!”

Scorpius led her over to the wall and sat down next to her, still not showing her the glass rose.

“I want to hear all about it.”

“You know, Wendell Truesten right?”

“Oh yeah, he shares a room with me.”

“Well, I was still crying a bit when I reached out common room door, so I couldn’t think properly and couldn’t answer the questions. It was obviously a rather tricky one, because when Wendell came, he couldn’t answer it either. So we sat outside the common room together and one thing led to another and well…”

Scorpius knew where this was going.

“That’s great Rose. I am happy for you two.”

He did all he could to muster up a smile.

“Thanks Scorp. I knew you would be. I should really be getting back, I am exhausted. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure thing, Rossie. I’ll be up in a minute.”

She smiled and turned away skipping down the hallway. Scorpius got up and as he was about to leave, he let the glass rose drop, and shatter into a million pieces. Scorpius did not look back.

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Chapter 7: Hogwarts Express
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Chapter 7

Year 4

Scorpius Malfoy woke the next morning with a splitting headache. He put his hands to his face, and rubbed his eyes, feeling the beat of his head, slowly consume him. He wanted to take the day off. Sleep the rest of his life, but he knew that would mean accepting defeat.


Christmas was in fourteen days, and the young fourth years would be getting out for Christmas Holiday, in just two days. Scorpius sighed, got up and got ready for his last few days of school.


Rose Weasley was far too excited for Christmas Holiday, and there for, was already downstairs in the great hall eating breakfast, and chatting away with her Cousins.

She was a fourth year now, which meant most all her cousins were also at Hogwarts now, including, Louis, Fred, Roxanne, Molly, Lucy,  James, Albus, and Lily. Not to mention her pesky little brother, Hugo. Currently, Rose sat with Hugo, Albus, James and Lily, and they were discussing what to do over Christmas Holiday together.

“Well I think we should go sledding with one of those trick sleds from George’s Joke shop!”

“Certainly a possibility Lily, but not dangerous enough…”

James Potter is the mastermind of all family get together’s.

“Well what if while we were using the trick sled, we sent of fireworks?”

“Now you’re thinking Fred!”


And so it went on, building upon each other’s ideas, carefully mapping out the perfect Christmas Holiday.


Scorpius entered the Great Hall, and looked for somewhere to sit. He saw Rose and her cousins, and decided that he could settle for cousins, rather than her boyfriend.

Rose had only had one more boyfriend since first year. Charlie Kassel. He was a charming guy, and to Scorpius, that was the problem. Charlie really cared for Rose, and even respected Scorpius and Rose’s friendship. It was too good to be true. He was too perfect.

“Hey Al.”

“Late start this morning, Scorpius?”

Albus Potter and his good friend laughed at the joke. Scorpius always had trouble getting up in the morning, and since Albus too was in Ravenclaw, he occasionally had to drag Scorpius out of bed. Literally.

Scorpius pilled on the breakfast and started to shove it into his mouth.

“Slow down Scorp! The food isn’t going anywhere!” Rose was always worried about him like this, but he could see her eyes wandering.

“Who are you looking for?”


“No, the wall. Yes, you.”

“Oh! No one.”



Scorpius rolled his eyes and started to talk with Albus about the new additions to the Ravenclaw common room.


“Listen up, class!”

Professor Chillums cleared her throat.

“I realize it’s two days before Christmas Holiday, but please settle down.”

Since the fourth years had already taken their Pre-OWLS, there wasn’t much to do.

However, Professor Chillums’, who took over for Professor McGonagall, when she became Head Mistress, Transfiguration class would not settle down.

Professor Chillums gave up, and went to sit down at her desk.

“So Rossie, what are you doing for Holiday?”

“Well, you know how it goes, Scorp, family time…all the time. Plus Charlie is coming over for Christmas Eve.”

“Oh okay, I guess I’ll send you your present via owl, but I’ll send it to Albus, to make sure you don’t open it until Christmas, okay?”

The pair laughed then, because of the truth value in the statement. Charlie came up behind Rose, and put his hands over her eyes.

“Guess who?”

“Get off me, Charlie!”

The couple laughed, and Scorpius couldn’t help but notice this one was fuller then the one Rose and him had shared prior.


Charlie hugged her from behind and gazed down at her. Keeping one arm around her, he ran his fingers threw her hair, and sat down next to her. Scorpius rolled his eyes and went to work on his Charms homework. It’s a good thing Rose doesn’t like to snog in public, Scorpius thought.


Last day before Winter Holiday…

“Scorpius Malfoy! You get up this instant!”

Scorpius woke to frizzy copper hair and cross green eyes. He took a minute to take in the sunlight and the radiant beauty of his best friend, before turning over and closing his eyes once more.

“Get up! You have to pack!”

As it was every other year, Scorpius failed to pack his trunk the night before, leading to Rose having to help him the morning before they boarded the Hogwarts Express.

“I don’t need your help, Rossie. Go help Albus.”

“Well excuse me, Mr. Grouchy pants.”

Rose sat on the edge of his bed, forcing Scorpius to roll back onto his back.

“I have your present, you know. Personaly, I think we should do a gift exchange in our compartment, rather than waiting until Christmas.”

“No, Rossie. I already sent one of the school owls with your present. It should arrive after you get home tonight, after all, it is a rather long journey for the poor barn owl.”

“Uhrg, fine.”

“But, I will gladly take my gift in advanced…” Scorpius smirked as Rose laughed and messed up his hair.

It still had that glow from when Rose had first met him. She couldn’t help but notice how truly handsome he had become, with his features now developed, he was really quite…

Rose stopped herself.

I have a boyfriend. I can’t be thinking like this, about my best friend no less…

Still, she let her fingers linger on his cheek, his skin was remarkably soft. Rose had this sudden urge to simply bend down and kiss him. She shook her head and stood up to break the connection.

“Get up.”


Rose left the room.


Hogwarts Express


“Here Scorpius” Rose handed him his Christmas present. It was wrapped in red wrapping paper with quitich balls and snitches on it.

“Thank you Rose. I’ll open it on Christmas, and write to you about it”

He stood up and hugged her. Now that they were older, he got more conscious about her. He felt sparks every time they even got close. It was killing him.

“I wonder where Charlie and Laura are. I haven’t seen them at all today.”

Laura was Rose’s best friend in Ravenclaw. They shared a dorm.

“Why don’t you go look for them, I’ll read my book.”

Scorpius smiled. He was really quite attractive, and his smile… his smile made Rose’s stomach twirl and…


Stop it!


“Hey Ashley, have you seen Laura or Charlie?”

“Oh yeah! I think they are in the compartment 3 down from here!”


Rose walked down to the compartment. The curtains were drawn and it seemed to be locked.


The door opened. Inside, indeed were Charlie and Laura. Snogging.


Rose ran from the compartment. She could here both Charlie and Laura calling her name but she didn’t care.


Scorpius looked up to see a balling Rose stumble into his compartment.

He jumped up immediately and took her into his arms, all the while closing the curtains and locking the door.

They sat down. Rose cried in his arms. The worst part?


Scorpius knew why.


Two weeks prior….

Scorpius Malfoy walked down the halls. He was looking for a quiet place to sit and read. Life was distracting. Everywhere he went, Rose was either with her “perfect” boyfriend, or everyone was giving him condescending looks for being a Malfoy. Sure he was used to this already, but today he had just had enough.

There was a closet, on the fourth floor. He knew it was the perfect place.


Too bad it was already occupied.


“You won’t tell her will you, Scorpius?”

“Yeah Scorpius you would only hurt her, and you will still never be with her.”

 “We both know you have a crush on her.”

 “We will stop, we promise.”

“Just please don’t tell her”


Evidently, they didn’t stop.


Scorpius continued to stroke Rose’s copper hair. Knowing what would come when he told her the truth.

“Rose, I am so sorry.”


Scorpius recalled what happened, to a sobbing Rose.

Rose sat up, shaking.

“You, you knew?”

“Well yes, but Ro…”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“No, but Rose..”

Rose lifted her hand, to him.

Scorpius can still feel the sting today.


This time, the tears came, and they didn’t stop.”


Rose sat in her own compartment alone.

Her head sat against the cool window, and her tears burnt her skin.

She closed her eyes, feeling utmost alone.


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Chapter 8: A White Christmas
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AN: 7,823 words later, I now present the last chapter of The Girl and The Snake.

Chapter 8

The minute Rose walked in the door the smell of Weasley Christmas overwhelmed her. Her eyes welled up again, for she was hardly able to restrain herself in the car. She ran up the stairs, tears spilling out of her eyes as she went.

Ron started up the stairs after her.

“Darling, I better take this one. Help Hugo unpack and start getting ready for Harry and Ginny. They will be here at 8.”


Ron sighed and retreated down the stairs.


Hermione knocked softly on her daughter’s door.

“Go away!”

“My, my Rose, what’s gotten into you.”


Rose recalled the horrifying events of the Hogwarts Express.


Rose got up two hours later. It felt good to sleep some of the sadness off. She was happy that at least Albus was coming tonight and they could talk.


Rose started the hot water and prepared to take a shower. She stepped in. The hot water rolled down her cold back, and she reflected on her talk with her mum.


Albus was waiting for her, when she walking back into her room. In his hands was a package, with messy handwriting scribbled on the front.

“I know he told me to not give it to you until Christmas, but…”

“Thank you Al.”

She set the package on her desk.


“Go help your dad with dinner, I’ll be down in a few.”


The night went by in a whirl.


Time passing, exchanges made, with no real purpose.


Christmas Eve

3:00 AM

That night, Rose lay in bed. Suddenly, she remembered the package.

She flew out of bed and stumbled over to her desk. Rose turned on the lamp, and returned to her bed. She unwrapped the package carefully. Out slid a note.

To my Rossie:

I found this, and thought of you.

It matches your hair.

I hope when you wear it, you think of me.

And know I care about you.

Love, Scorpius

Rose opened the package.


Inside was a red scarf.


A hot tear slid down her cheek as she ran her fingers over the soft silk of the scarf.

It was beautiful.

He was beautiful.

It was then, it hit her.


Rose Weasley was in love with Scorpius Malfoy.


Ting Ting Ting

Rose knew sleep was impossible.

Ting Ting Ting

She sat up. What was that noise?

Ting Ting Ting

Rose reluctantly drug herself out of bed and moved over to her window, to find a lanky silver haired boy.

There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground and in Scorpius Malfoy’s hair.

She opened her window, in a dream-like manner, not knowing if this was real, and if it was not comprehending how this could happen.



“I’m sorry” The pair said at once, then laughed at their simultaneous response.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

Rose pulled on her jeans and a sweater, then threw on her overcoat, topped off with her new red scarf.

She snuck down the stairs and out the back door….

…right into the arms of Scorpius Malfoy.


He hugged her then. She stayed in his arms for a while, both enjoying each other’s company, and the freshly fallen snow.


Ron and Hermione Weasley looked out the window, down at their beautiful daughter, and her best friend.

“Should we get her, Hermione?”

“Give them some time darling. Don’t you remember when we were that age?”


“Do I ever.” Ron smirked at the memory, and took his wife by the hand and led her in a dance.


Scorpius broke apart from Rose, to see a tear streaming down her face.

“Don’t cry Rossie.” He took his thumb and brushed it away, letting his hand linger.

She shut her eyes, embracing the feel of his warm hand on her cold cheek.

“Let’s go.”


Rose opened her eyes, as Scorpius took her hand, and led her down the pavement.


The pair walked together. Hand in hand, side by side, not staying a word. Suddenly, Scorpius stopped, turned on his heels, and drug Rose by the hand into the forest 10 blocks down from her house.

“Scorp, where..?”

“Shh!” Scorpius placed a finger to her lips, and proceeded once again.

He found a spot, under a tree, in perfect view of the stars, and sat.

“Why are we here, Scorp?”

“I had to get away. I had to see you, Rossie. You didn’t owl me back, and I couldn’t leave things the way they were, especially not on Christmas. You like the scarf, I presume?”

“It’s beautiful. I’m so sorry Scorpius. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.”

“Of course, Darling.”

“What did you call me?” She looked at him then, his blue eyes, filled with an emotion she could only recall as…

“Rose. I said Rose.”

“Don’t lie to me Scorp. You called me Darling.”


“I like it.” Rose slid down onto the ground and peered up at the stars. Scorpius slid down next to her.

“Are you cold”

“A bit, actually.” Scorpius put her arm around her, and she laid her head on his chest.

“You know Rose, those stars; put your eyes to shame.”

She looked at him then, and confirmed her thoughts. She truly was in love with her best friend. Which I guess isn’t a sin, considering he was quite handsome when the moon shinned in his hair…….

…….And they way she laughs at my jokes and her figure is to die for, and that hair, so soft, so Weasley so…

Rose snapped out of her trace in time to realize their lips, we inches apart. She could feel his warm breath on her cold face.

“I have to go.”

Rose stood up at once.


“If mum and dad find out I left, I will be dead Scorp..”
Rose was already half way out of the forest, when Scorpius jumped to his feet, and chased after her.

He grabbed her hand, and spun her around. Right into his arms.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“Says who?” She fired back. Scorpius knew he had pushed his limits with her, and that her feisty side would come out once again. He just couldn’t go in living like this.

Before he could realize what she was doing, Rose backed him up into the tree. Scorpius suddenly realized how close together their bodies were.

Something flashed in Rose’s eyes. Something changed.

Rose rarely let down her guard, but Scorpius knew her well enough that something big was about to happen.

“I love you.”

Before Scorpius even had a chance to answer, he lips were on his.

As quick as it had started, she broke apart.

“I love you too, Rose.”

That’s all they needed. That’s all they ever needed.