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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49

Format: Novel
Chapters: 47
Word Count: 151,460

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Neville, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 09/28/2011
Last Chapter: 12/07/2013
Last Updated: 12/07/2013


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Katrina Parker is perfectly normal, thanks very much.

But enter a pregnant best friend, a missing father, five years’ worth of love for Albus Potter, Albus Potter’s very attractive brother and an annoying girlfriend... Things are bound to get interesting.

Chapter 1: Preface
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A/N I don’t own anything obviously. All rights go to the Goddess J.K Rowling. Enjoy!


“So, you interested then?”

I pause and look right at him. My heart and my head are screaming , “No, NO, NO, NO! That would be wrong, very, very wrong.”

You have no idea how wrong.

Then I look straight into his dark chocolate brown eyes, such a similar shape to his brothers’- just the wrong colour. How can you say no to those adorable eyes? And then the rest of me, not just the drunken bits, is saying, “What the hell? Give it go, love!”

 “Uh, Kat?” What do you think?” James Potter frowns at me. Oops, I must have been day-dreaming for longer than I thought.

So what are you waiting for? Say something!


Now would be nice.

“Shwigeurhgs” I say, my words coming out in a mush. Excellent, Katrina. A sound! Well done! Now let’s aim for a real word. One he’ll understand.

“Pardon? I didn’t catch that.” Potter looks a little scared now.

Quick! Say something! He’ll take back his offer.

“Well...” I murmur.

Yes! A word! A real word! Finally, Kat! Well done!

“I’m not sure...” I continue. I’m still rather proud. I managed a sentence.

James rolls his eyes and takes a step forward. He leans over me, as if to kiss me, but instead his hands grasp my shoulders. He gives me a little shake, an annoyed look on his face.

“Come on, Katrina! What’s the worst that could happen?” he sighs.

Well James, I could agree to go out with you, but then knowing my luck, Al (the love of my life) will see and punch your lights out. He’d then proceed to declare his love for me, upsetting his steady girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah would then go mad with anger and go on a killing spree, murdering first my brother, Angus to get back at me. Hugo, Angus’s best mate would go insane and would attack Sarah but Sarah’s mates would Avada Kedavra him. Rose would then kill Sarah in revenge.

Then James would wake up and he and Albus would have a fisticuffs-at-dawn episode, using the Unforgivables and then the Azkaban guards would show up to arrest them all. So Rose, Sarah, Al and James would all be in Azkaban!

Then of course, Lily will go insane because of the loss of her brothers and will commit suicide. The press will have a field day reporting the Potter’s and Weasley’s losses and the Wotter clan will be a laughing stock! Then Harry and Ginny will go missing and move to Australia while Ron and Hermione move into a grotty London flat for the rest of their lives. The rest of the Wotter clan will live in shame and poverty for the rest of their lives, always attempting to reach fame once more, only to fail.

And then I spontaneously combust on the spot from the shock.

Phew, all these people lives rest upon my shoulder.

I guess it’s a no then....

“James, listen-” I shut my mouth abruptly.

Hang on, I haven’t thought this through! If I say no then James will surely be upset. He’ll be so furious that I, the one girl he has harbouring a secret love for his whole life, turns him down, he will go on a killing spree, murdering lots and lots and lots-

No, stop! Calm down! Take a deep breath. You’re not James’ soul mate for starters. Neither of those situations will happen I’m sure.

Well only if...

My thoughts are interrupted by a deep sigh from none other than the man in question.

“You’re other thinking again, aren’t you?” He mutters in a patronising tone. Ok, I admit it, even when I’m sober I tend to... over-examine things. People say its madness or other thinking, I say it’s being rational and thinking through every possible conclusion. However far-fetched they are.

“What? It’s just being sensible!” I exclaim indignantly. He rolls his eyes again and leans over me again.

This time, he really does kiss me.

Fireworks, much?

It’s amazing. And even though my hearts screaming for me to stop and Albus Severus Potter’s face keeps flashing in front of my eyelids, I kiss him back. My hands reach for his head, his hair entwined with my fingers. His hands roam my body as we kiss feverishly, as if on fire. I’ve never been kissed like this before.

We break apart, breathless and shocked.

After that kiss, the remaining part of me wanting to say “no” is squashed. Completely and utterly squashed. My conscience has no chance of convincing me otherwise now. It’s so a yes.

And guess what? Part of me is thrilled.

“Let’s give it a go, yeah?”

As we kiss once more, its fireworks all over again.


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Chapter 2: Introductions, Train Journeys and Exploding Snap
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 I suppose I better introduce myself.


I’m Katrina Parker. I’m fifteen years old and I’m a fifth year. I’m short (dang.). I’ve got light brown hair with (natural) blondish streaks. I also wear glasses.

I’m not a beauty, but I’m not horrific either. I’m average, I suppose. I’m happy like that.

My best mates are Rose Weasley, Albus Severus Potter, Dominique Weasley (but only sometimes, depending on how I feel,) and unfortunately, Scorpius Malfoy (insert sigh here).

I have two brothers, one older- Tyrique- and one younger- Angus.

Yes seriously. Tyrique, Katrina and Angus.

I don’t know what my parents were thinking.

Katrina isn’t so bad, and Angus can be okay...

But Tyrique? Is that even a real name? Well, yes I suppose it is if my brother is called it...

Anyways, I digress.

I do that a lot.

 “Why?” you are wondering, “are you telling us this? What makes you so interesting?”

Well, I suppose the only difference between me and an average 15 year girl is...


I’m a witch and I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Yes, A* scoring, grammar school attending, boyfriend winning, 15 year old girl, I’m a witch.


Yeah, beat that.

You can’t? Didn’t think so!

Again, I digress. *Sigh*.

Introductions aside, I suppose I’d better start from the beginning

And I guess it all started at the beginning of this year.


I grab Angus and hurriedly push him through the barrier between Platform 9 ¾ and the muggle world.

“Get a bloody move on Angus!”

I know, I’m such a gentle, caring sister.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get your spotty knickers in a twist. Get your stinking hands off me and bugger off!” he replies angrily.

Yes, Angus and I have a wonderful relationship.

Can you tell?

After giving him an extra hard shove, I look behind me and see mum and Tyrique just running through the wall.

I love saying that. Running through the wall. Only in the wizarding world...

I digress.


I heave Angus back over to where our family are hiding, despite his loud protests.

“I wanna go explore and see my mates!”  he cries, angrily. I roll my eyes and pull him harder.

My mum‘s a muggle. We don’t know who or what status my dad is. So I’m muggleborn. Or a mudblood, depending on how you look at it. And surprisingly, Tyrique is a muggle too. So it came as a bit of a shock when we found out I was a witch.  And even more startling when Angus turned out to be one as well.

I sort of feel sorry for Tyrique: I get the impression he would have liked to attend Hogwarts. He thinks the whole concept is amazing. He’s met Fred Weasley II a few times through me and finds his dads business “Weasley Wizard Wheezes” hilarious. They are, but to him- a muggle- they’re, well, magical.

The train hoots loudly, signalling that it’s time to board. I give mum long hug before turning to Tyrique. I shake hands with him, smiling broadly. He laughs deafeningly before pulling me into a bear-hug. I whisper in his ear as quietly as I can,

"Stay safe. Promise?"

"I promise."

Soon, we break apart. I see Angus let mum embrace him tightly before hurrying off into the grey plume of smoke.

“Write to me every week, okay?” mum sobs tearfully. I roll my eyes (I’m getting good at this). She always does this, every, single year.

“And when you do, do use the owl. It’s rather fascinating!” she adds, cheering up slightly.

Yes, she does speak like that.

Shaking my head, not saying yes to my mum, I grab my trolley and run in the direction Angus had a minute ago.

I can’t find Rose or any of the Wotter clan anywhere. I search through the great crowds of people but after two minutes of searching (hey! Don’t give me that look! It’s quite a long time...) I give up and board the train. I’m not worried about finding them- they’re probably being held against their will by their Aunt Audrey whilst Uncle Percy lectures them on the importance of parchment texture.

I kid you not.

I search the train for an empty compartment, but everywhere is full. I wave absentmindedly to a few people from my year but don’t stop for a chat. Finally, I see the very last compartment is empty. It’s the same compartment I sat in in my first year. I didn’t know anyone back then, being muggleborn, and I remember how terrified I was. I find myself almost laughing at my 11 year old self.

I slide in through the door and heave my main trunk onto the shelf. Then, I settle down with my iPod (we’re not at Hogwarts yet. Anyway, it’s new; it’s calling out to me to use it. Sue me), press play and listen the very same album I’d listened to on my first ever trip on the train.


4 Years Ago

My search for an empty compartment had been fruitless. I’d stopped outside a few emptier compartments but the inhabitants gave me death stares until I ran off screaming and crying.

What? I’m easily intimidated!

Finally, after looking into a number of compartments full of scary people, I found one with only one boy in. He looked a lot older than me, but it was better than nothing.

“Excuse me? Can I sit here?”  I gestured towards the empty seats. He nodded and frowned at me. I stumbled in, tripping over my overly long robes. I pulled my bag in noisily. I sat down and looked at the boy opposite me.

“Hello, I’m Katrina.” I smiled nervously. He sighed, rolled his eyes and stood up and swaggered out of the compartment in one swift movement.

Well that was abrupt.

Discreetly, I sniffed under my robes.

Nope, I didn’t smell.

I guess he didn’t like first years.

Sighing slightly, I realised my trunk was still sitting in the middle of the compartment, lodged between the two rows of seats. Let me tell you now, it was a large bag. It was very heavy (I was a muggle-born first year. I bought everything there was to offer. You know, just in case. So I had a trunk- which was with everyone else’s trunks- and a massive bag with other bit and bobs and couldn’t fit in the trunk. Don’t judge me!). And I was a tiny first year.

That and the shelf was pretty high up and there was absolutely no chance I’d be able to reach that. Let alone put a massive bag up there.



Eventually, I’d managed to squash my bag between the seats at the very end. It wasn’t the best option available and I had no idea how I was going to get it out but still.

I was quite proud with my problem solving skills.

I snuggled up comfortably and pulled out my iPod from inside my robes. I hit the play button and let the music wash over me...


I woke up from my daydream with a start.

“Heckashcwitz?!” I cried. I’ve always been one with words.


A rather beautiful girl with blonde hair that sort of danced in the light stood in the doorway. She looked vaguely familiar- though wasn’t sure where from.

“Is it just you in here?” she asked. She had the faintest trace of an accent. French, I think.

I nodded, mutely, in reply.

“Cool. Do you mind if me and a few friends join you in here? Only, there’s nowhere else.” She questioned me. She smiled briefly and I returned it with one of my own.


I mean, what else was I supposed to do? Say no and get hexed into oblivion? She looked like a powerful witch and I just knew if I said no, she’d call up cronies and they’d all use crazy and illegal curses on me. And then when they got sent to prison, their families would come after me in revenge and I’d get brutally killed.

I know, it’s unlikely. But you never know.

Mind you, if because I’d said yeah it’ll be just as bad. Her friends will all be intimidating pretty girls and they’ll tease me and never leave me alone for the rest of education. They’ll spread rumours so everyone against me until no-one can even be seen in the same room as me. The teacher’s would believe the rumours and will refuse to teach me, meaning I’ll never get a job.

I’ll be like that weird crazy lady, Olive, who lived down the road from us. I’ll never work and will own 103 cats (just like Olive, the crazy lady) and will smell of cheese and cat food. I’ll scare of children with my many warts.

Oh my God, I am Olive!

The girl in the doorway shot me a strange look as she noticed I was hyperventilating. I tried to calm my breathing as she turned and shouted down the carriage,

“Oi! Wotters! Found a compartment!”

Then she turned back to me and looked me up and down. She didn’t look particularly impressed with what she saw.

I looked down at what I was wearing. I’d already changed into my school robes (which judging by the odd looks I received by the plain clothed pupils wasn’t the right choice).  I hadn’t bothered to do anything much with my hair and had let in hang limply. I wasn’t wearing make-up: no detention for me on the first day, thank you. My glasses looked nice though. They were new and quite expensive.

I hadn’t supposed I’d looked too bad but now I saw, my heart sinking, that compared to this girl I looked really underdressed.

She was wearing a floaty blue top- which complemented her colouring- and a pair of skinny-fitting jeans. It didn’t sound like much or anything too special, but she looked stunning just the same. Her electric blue eyes were so mesmerizing compared to my typical brown and I found myself covering my bitten and scabby nails as I spotted her perfectly manicured ones. She had a small amount of make-up on, just enough to make her look even more amazing. Her face was pretty gorgeous: her eyes were such a deep blue, and a perfect oval shape; her nose was shaped perfectly, not bridged like mine; and her lips were a blood red and naturally plump.

If every girl looked like that, I was stuffed.

Well and truly screwed.

She stopped x-raying me and turned her gaze to my bag.

“Could you move that, please?” she asked silkily.

“I, er, can’t. I sort of, well, can’t- er- reach...” I stuttered, blushing scarlet.

She sighed and I looked up. She had a playful smile flitting across her beautiful face.

“OI JAMES! GET YOUR FAT ARSE DOWN HERE PRONTO!” she screeched down the corridor.

Well. That was certainly elegant.

I heard some groans and moans coming from further down the carriage. Finally a handsome looking boy with messy dark brown hair appeared round the door. He was very familiar too...

“What, Dom?” he asked the girl, or Dom.

“Move that girl’s bag, will you?” she pointed towards my bag. I blushed a beautiful (ha!) beetroot colour as he looked at me.

“What’s it doing there?” he laughed.

“Couldn’t reach the shelf...” I murmured, smiling sheepishly. Dom rolled her eyes.

After many groans and swearing, James had managed to push my bag onto the shelf. Red faced and sweaty, James collapsed onto the seat next to me. I was about to attempt a conversation with the boy when three children burst through the doorway. One of the girls had out of control curly red hair and, like me, was changed into the school robes. The other girl was also changed into her school robes and was immaculately neat, her bright orange hair pulled back into a neat bun. The boy was bespectacled with almond shaped, startling green eyes. He, like the first girl, had messy, out of control hair, except his was jet black.

“What took you so long?” Dom sighed.

The boy answered, “Rose made us stop at the prefect carriage and tell them she thought they should be patrolling the train by now.” He sighed.

“Rose! You’re a first year, you can’t go telling the prefects how to do their job! I surprised they didn’t write you up on the spot.” Dom shrieked horrified.

“They seemed to appreciate my advice, actually.” Rose, the one with the curly hair, answered. The boy shrugged knowingly.

Then it hit me. The boy was the exact image of his father, Harry Potter.

He was Albus Severus Potter. The ginger girl was Rose Weasley. And the other was probably yet another “Wotter”. The Dom girl was, of course, Dominique Weasley. I turned to the boy sat beside me. James Potter.

Jeez, Katrina, duh.

I gasped loudly. The crowd of children all turned to stare at me. I blushed, if possible, even brighter red.

“S-sorry. I’ve just realised who you are!” I stuttered. They all continued to stare at me blankly for a moment. Then, suddenly, they all burst out laughing.

“Took you long enough!” roared James beside me, doubling over with laughter.

I don’t get what was so funny either. Me, I suppose.

Huh. That’s nice.

After a few minutes of laughing at my expense, they all introduced themselves. The last girl greeted me rather pompously,

“Molly Weasley. The second. Daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley. You may have heard of them? Yes well, father is rather well known.”

Pompous prat.

Rose greeted my friendlily, x-raying me in the similar way her cousin had done a few minutes ago. This time, however, she seemed satisfied with what she saw. We were much more alike.

They all made themselves comfortable and got out their many packets of sweets. I eyed them with interest- I’d never tried Wizard sweets before. Finally James looked up and realised they hadn’t asked my name.

“Uh, sorry, but what’s your name?” The rest of the Wotter clan all looked rather abashed by their lack of interest.

“Oh! It’s okay! I’m Katrina. Katrina Parker.” I replied, smiling. I felt more comfortable now.

They all looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces.

“Who are your parents? We know most wizarding families through Dad.” Albus asked me.

“Do they work in this Ministry?” Molly interrupted.

“No, my parents are muggles. I’m muggle born. That’s why you don’t know my family.” I explained patiently. The Wotters all looked satisfied. Rose looked excited and weirdly interested.

“Oh! What  do your parents do?” she exclaimed, practically bouncing up and down on her seat. Albus rolled his eyes

“Well, my mum’s a dentist...” I said. It wasn’t very exciting.

“Wait, are dentists the ones who pull out nails?” James sat up looking engrossed.

“No you dipstick!” Dom rolled her eyes and playfully smacked James round the back of the head.”They’re the eye people!”

“No, they’re the people who make those musical whatsits. Instruments, that’s it!” Al interrupted.

I sat back and watched them bicker amicably over what a dentist was.

For the whole freakin’ journey.




I’m woken out of my flashback t the same way I had been all those years ago.

James and Dom slam open the sliding door. They’re bickering.

Surprise, surprise.

“Come on, James! You go through girls like... Like... Someone who goes through something really fast!”

That’s Dom. Always fast on the ball. The best comeback a girl could buy.

James rolls his eyes and plonks down on the seat next to me.

“Dom says I’m a player!” he whines in a baby voice. Dom sighs and falls theatrically onto the seat opposite.

“That’s because you are James.” I reply bluntly.

“How?” James splutters indignantly.

“Oh I don’t know... Hey! How about the fact that you’ve dated half the wizarding female population? That good enough?”  I say sarcastically. Harsh, but so true. James sniffs pretending to be hurt. I poke him hard in the ribs.

“Alright, alright. I see your point.” He rubs his side.

“Good.” I say.

“Listen James, you’re in your last year at Hogwarts. Don’t you think it’s time you settle down?” Dom lectures James. He leans back in his seat and frown. He looks like he’s actually thinking about it. Dom and I exchange a look.

Wow. He’s actually thinking about it.

Well that’s a first...

“KAT!” a shrill voice shouts. I look up from Dom. It’s Rose. I barely have time to realise it’s her before she throws herself on me.

“AH! Rose! You’re squishing me!” I scream in a strangled voice.

“Sorry!” Rose cries as she untangles herself from me. Albus is stood in the doorway trying to suppress a smile. He’s looking as gorgeous as usual. My heart speeds up a little.

“Bout time you got here! Where have you been?!” Dom scolds.

“Sorry. Rose was perfecting extra carriages. She didn’t think the other prefects were doing a good enough job. And then of course, she went and yelled at the prefects for being lazy.” Albus shakes his head tiredly.

Déjà vu?

Rose looks offended.

“They weren’t doing their job!” she sighs in a disgusted tone.

Ah, my Rosie.

“Where’s Scorpius?” I ask Al as sits next to me. He shrugs.

“I dunno.”

Some best friends they are.

Ah, Scorpius. Scropio. Good old Scorpy.

That Slytherin Malfoy wanker.

In case you didn’t notice, I don’t like him. At all. Nada. What so ever. Why does he have to be wee besties with my matey?

Um. Not sure why I weren’t all Scottish/Pirate on you. Not feeling myself at the moment.



Anyway, Scorpius Malfoy is a Slytherin (surprise, surprise) and when he arrived at Hogwarts, he had a stigma attached to him. His dad, Draco, was enemies with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.  He was the son of Lucius, a good old fashioned Death Eater. Draco turned out to be a bit of a wuss to be honest. He got punched by Hermione Granger for God’s sake.

Actually, that must have really hurt. Ouch.

Albus is a Gryffindor, obviously. He’s too similar to his dad to be anything else.

They became best mates after two months of hating each other’s guts. Ironic, huh? Basically, Rosie actually dated someone in first year. Well, they call it dating, I call it not-talking-and-just-ignoring-each-other-but-saying-you’re-dating. Well the guy she went out with dumped her and he broke her little eleven year old heart.

And ‘lil Scorpy helped James and Al punch the bloke’s lights out.

Besties ever since. Sweet, eh?

I don’t like Scorpius though. He looks at Rose like she’s something to eat (I’ll explain later... Long story. No he’s not a werewolf. He’s not that sexy).

And he calls me shortie. No-one calls me shortie.

All clear?


Anyway, back to present day.

I shake my head at Al’s uncaring nature.

“Hey! He’ll find us later. ‘Kay?” Al continues defensively. I pat him patronisingly on the head. He shakes his shaggy mane of hair.

“Anyone up for a game of exploding snap?” James interrupts us.

“I’m in.” I say, willingly. Everyone groans.

“I’m not playing if Kat is!” Dom cries.

“Why not?” James asks, puzzled.

“Cos I’m too good and I always win!” I beam.

“Haha, very funny. Really though, why?” James rolls his eyes at me.

“No seriously, that’s why. She’s amazing at it. You don’t have a chance at beating her. Can’t have a decent game...” Al shakes his head sombrely.

“O...K...” James looks at his family’s subdued expressions. “Tell you what, I’ll give you a game, Kat. I’m the master. I’ll whoop your little size 6 arse.” To prove his point, he cracks his knuckles.

That’s how we came to play seventeen very tense games of exploding snap, much to the amusement of Rose, Al and Dom.

I won all seventeen.


A/N That’s sort of a little introduction to Kat and her mates. We’ll find out more about them later on.

It’s not a very exciting chapter- like I said, it’s just to set the scene. In the next chapter we’ll actually get somewhere, hopefully!

“Angus Parker!”  Professor called.

“Ooohhh look, look! It’s your brother! There he is! Can you see him?”

“Yes, I did notice that Rose. I did realise my brother was up there, I’ve only been waiting for his turn the whole time.”

“Will you two shut up? We’re going to miss him being sorted!”

And that’s a little taster for the next chapter!

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Chapter 3: Flashbacks, Death Missions and Awkward Moments
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 Two years ago.

“Isn’t Angus a first year this year?” Rose asked me, smiling.

“Oh yeah! I’d forgotten about him!” I remembered, guiltily. Rose shook her head disapprovingly.

“It’s Hugo and Lily’s first year this year, so he might be able to make friends with them!” Al beamed, attempting to change the subject.

“Oh yeah. That’s be awesome! They’d be like mini versions of us!” Rose laughed. Al and I stared at her.

“What? Well, we’re best friends, right? But Al and I are cousins and you’re the one who’s not blood. And if Lily, Hugo and Angus were best friends, then they’d be exactly like us. Lily and Hugo are cousins and Angus is the only one who’s not blood. Get it?” Rose finished lamely.

“Actually, that’s pretty cool!” I said to spare Rose’s feelings. Al grimaced at me.

“Hang on, isn’t that Lily and Hugo over there?” Al pointed out.

There were two very small and terrified looking people hanging onto each other. We were just getting off the train and they hadn’t been hustled by Hagrid yet.

“OI! LILY AND HUGO! COME OVER HERE!” Al yelled loudly. A few people turned to look at us strangely.

Eh, we’re used to it. We’re bonkers. Sue us.

The two little red heads scuttled towards us, looking even more terrified.

“Al, don’t traumatize them!” I scolded Albus.

“Hey, Katrina!” Lily looked up to me and grinned. Aw, she was so darn cute. I’d met her a few times previously when I’d met up with Rose and Al over the holidays. Hugo merely grimaced at me (I don’t think he could manage a smile. He was a rather strange shade of green.)

“Hullo,” I smiled back down at them.

“Lily, I want you and Hugo to go make friends with...” Al turned to me, “Which one’s your brother?”

“The lonely little short-arse over there,” Then I paused as I realised that there quite a few lonely little short arses. “The one with the long brown hair,” I added and pointed him out. My little brother was stood there looking rather lost and forlorn. A wave of pity washed through me. Maybe I should go and say hi? I shook my head. Nah, Lily and Hugo would do it for me.

“With him then,” Al pointed him out to the little Wotters. “He’s Kat’s brother. Be nice. His name’s Angus. Go on then,” he gave Lily a little shove and she went scurrying off towards my brother. Hugo scuttled meekly behind her.

We paused and watched them go up to him. Angus positively beamed at the prospect of someone wanting to talk to them.

Within two minutes we watched them laugh and go and join the other first years (who were gathered round Hagrid) like old friends.

Huh. That was fast.

Rose, Al and I all exchanged a look. I really, really wanted to laugh. The urge passed and we walked in search of a carriage to take us to Hogwarts.

We found one with just two people sitting in it. Ah. Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood.

Luna Lovegood, their mother, was a good friend of both Harry and Ginny Potter. That meant the Wotters had met the twins a few times. It also meant that the twins had inherited their mother’s slight bonkerosity.

What? It’s a real word!

They were nice enough, but it’s when the conversation turns to the subject of “nargles” that was when it gets awkward.

However, we three climbed up onto the carriage. Little Lorcan and Lysander were second years so were still quite nervous when three third years joined them. We greeted them politely and they went back to reading “The Quibbler”. I have to say, I didn’t even know that paper was still running.

I cleared my throat nosily in the awkward silence.

“So... I’ve always wondered what actually pulls the carriages, haven’t you? A powerful charm, I suppose,” Trust Rose to make to conversation all educational.

“Didn’t you know? Thestrals pull the carriages.” Lorcan piped up. Rose looked slightly annoyed that he knew something she didn’t.

“Thestrals?” Rose scoffed, “I suppose their some distant relations of the Crumple-Horned Snorkcack, then?” she snorted nastily. Boy does that Rose have a mean streak. I elbowed her hard.

“What? Why can’t we see them then?” she defended herself as she rubbed her ribs.

“You can only see them if you’ve witnessed somebody dying,” Lysander answered smiling absent-mind idly. I love their accent: they’ve got their mum’s Irish lull. It’s relaxing.

 I saw Rose prepare to scoff again when Albus interrupted.

“They’re right, Rosie. Dad’s mentioned them before. You can only see them if you’ve seen someone die. That’s why all our parents can see them. They saw loads of people killed at the Battle of Hogwarts. They saw Uncle Fred-” Al stopped himself just in time from making an even bigger arse of himself. He and Rose adopted a sombre expression at the mention of their Uncle Fred’s name.

Their Uncle George’s twin brother, Fred, had been one of the many lives lost at the Battle of Hogwarts. George had names his son after him, in honour. I’d heard great things about Fred. Slightly scary (but funny) things actually. Apparently George never quite got over his death.

He also married Fred’s girlfriend Angelina...


Anyway. Rose seemed slightly disappointed (actually, I’d call it mad) that she was wrong. She always is when she’s wrong. I mean when Al got higher marks than her in that Defence the Dark Arts test, she looked like she was about to explode. Quite terrifying. Though not as scary as when I answered the one question correctly that she didn’t know in the Charm’s exam last year...


I digress.

I really need to stop doing that!

Finally, after yet another awkward conversation (when I asked what dirigible plums tasted like. Don’t ask...) we arrived at Hogwarts. We parted our ways and Al, Rose and I headed up to the Great Hall. We took our places at the Gryffindor table next to James and the rest of the Wotters. We waved to Dom who was sitting with her fellow Ravenclaws.

She’s clever. Yes, actually clever. Really, I think it’s her heavy sarcasm and crude wit that got her into that house. She’s too mean to be in Hufflepuff and not brave enough to be in Gryffindor (she runs away screaming at the prospect of breaking a nail). Slytherin should suit her actually. But she doesn’t care about her blood status enough. So Ravenclaw it was.

Al nodded to Scorpius who was sitting with his Slytherin buddies. As much as I dislike him, I do wonder why the Hat put him in Slytherin. He can be a complete tit but he seemed like a decent enough guy. Sometimes I think he only got put in that house for his namesake. Old times’ sake, ancestors and all that shizz.

He’s nice enough.

I suppose.

We looked around and I spotted little Alice Longbottom sitting at the end of the Gryffindor table. She’s so sweet. Actually the nicest person you will ever meet. Seriously.

But I tell you, that whole selection of people sure were feeling all emotional when they named their kids. I mean, Harry and Ginny named their first born James Sirius after Harry’s dad and godfather. They name their second son Albus Severus after the two greatest headmasters of Hogwarts. They name their daughter Lily Luna after Harry’s dead mum and one of their greatest buds. If they had another kid, they’d end up naming it Dobby Hedwig, wouldn’t they? To be quite honest, I think it’s strange but very sweet.

Then of course, Percy named his first born after his mum (Molly) just to be a butt-kisser. And Neville- or Professor Longbottom- called his daughter after his mother who resides in St Mungo’s. Permantly.

The tale of Alice and Frank Longbottom has to be the saddest story I have ever heard. It makes me tear up every time I hear it. I can relate too.

I’m not going to talk about that right now though.

But on a brighter note, you have to admit I have a point. Even Teddy Lupin was named after his Grandfather.

Bonkers family.

Mind you, I can’t talk. Our names...

Tyrique, Katrina and Angus.

Touché brain.

Rose nudged me and pointed towards the teacher’s table. I stopped waving to Alice and looked towards the front. Little Professor Flitwick climbed onto a little step so he could see over the top of the podium.

He’s so adorable and tiny. Even if he is ancient and the headmaster.

“Ahem. Before we begin our delicious feast, let us sort the new first years the houses.” He squeaked. We all looked towards the doors. Professor Longbottom was leading all the teeny tiny first years into the hall. They all looked terrified. One boy looked like he was about to pee himself.

Oh wait, that’s Angus.


Professor Longbottom produced a long scroll of names and laid the Sorting Hat on the table. It opened its mouth and began to sing.

I’m not going to bother writing down the lyrics. They were seriously boring this year. Normally, the hat would come up with some exciting or funny song. This year it was the same old, same old boring tune about joining together despite differences. It was a disappointment, really. Honestly, he had the whole year to come up with one and that’s all he could think of?

Out of ten? Five. No, five and a half. More than fair.

I digress.

Yet again.

Professor Longbottom cleared his voiced and called out the first name,

“Henrietta Boot”

She stumbled towards the stool, tripping over her overly long robes in the process. A few people tittered. She jammed the hat onto her head.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat cried two seconds after.

We got to the letter C before we had our first Gryffindor.

“Colin Creevey!” Professor Longbottom boomed. Oh, there’s another sentimental parent. Dennis Creevey named his son after his brother who was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Colin ran forward eagerly and managed to fall over completely, face first. Many people giggled loudly. When he’d gotten up again he yanked the hat on his head as if nothing had happened. It took a few minutes but finally the hat announced,


We all cheered like mental, jumping up and down for our newly selected Gryffindor. Beaming from ear to ear, he bounded over to our table.

We worked through some more names, some we recognised including Seamus Finnigan’s son (his sister, a sixth year, cheered really loudly into Rose’s ear when he was sorted in Gryffindor).

“Angus Parker!”  Professor called.

“Ooohhh look, look! It’s your brother! There he is! Can you see him?”

“Yes, I did notice that Rose. I did realise my brother was up there, I’ve only been waiting for his turn the whole time.”

“Will you two shut up? We’re going to miss him being sorted!”

“Sorry Al.” Rose and I chanted. Then we turned our attention to the stage. I crossed my fingers and chanted, “Gryffindor, Gryffindor!” under my breath. He rammed the Sorting Hat onto his head. It slipped over his eyes. The three minutes it took for the hat to decide seemed like eternity. Finally it shouted,


“BOLLOCKS!” I screamed, outraged. Everyone turned to look at me. Molly Weasley threw me a disapproving look.

“What the Hell?” I hissed angrily to Rose. She shrugged, grimacing. Consolingly, Al patted me on the back. I watched as Angus walked over towards the cheering table of Slytherins. He looked devastated. I wanted to demand a retry, desperately. Instead I sat back and glared as Polly Parkinson was sorted into Slytherin as well. She sat next to my brother and smiled at him, cheerfully.

“Lily Potter!”

I stopped murmuring angry insults about the Sorting Hat’s dismal skills and looked up towards the table. Everyone had stopped talking and was craning their necks to get a better view of the youngest Potter. I looked at Al. He was pale and had his fingers crossed like I had done. The hat was on her head for two seconds before it cried out,


Al jumped up and cheered with the rest of the Wotters. I did too, though I felt slightly bitter over the way Al’s sister had been sorted into the house they’d all hoped for. As Lily joined us at the table, grinning broadly, he gave me an apologetic smile. I shrugged, still clapping for Lily. We watched as a few more children were sorted. Gradually the queue was thinning. We clapped as we saw Ellie Spinnet sorted into Hufflepuff. Then Hugo Weasley was called.

Rose stiffened dramatically beside me. She clutched my hand, tightly.

“Ow, Rose!” I whimpered. She ignored me and focused on her brother. Every pair of eyes was on Hugo. He turned an even more sickly shade of green when he realised this. The hat was placed on his head. A few minutes thought went into it before,


“Oh.” Rose sighed slightly disappointed. I was sort of happy that she too had felt the bitter frustration I’d felt. Then she straightened up and smiled.

“Ravenclaw’s an excellent house though.” She whispered to me. Hugo trotted over to the Ravenclaws looking significantly happier. “The Hat even considered putting me there! He should be happy about that! Least he wasn’t put in Slytherin!” she continued, shuddering at the thought of Slytherin. Then she saw my steely expression.

“Sorry, sorry! I forgot!” she cried, frantically. I smiled evilly.

“Well, that’s weird considering you don’t mind the fact that Scorpius is in Slytherin,” I said innocently, watching her grow steadily redder.

Through our conversation, we missed two other first years getting sorted. Finally we saw Yvette Zabini sorted into Slytherin.

Professor Flitwick rose once more to give his speech.

“I’m sure you’re all ravenous so I won’t keep you for long! I’d just like to welcome a new member of staff. Professor Hettiworth has decided to retire this year after twenty-one years of teaching. We thank him for a wonderful nineteen years of service here at Hogwarts,” he paused while we all clapped.

“I don’t bloody well thank him. He was almost as boring as Professor Binns!” I whispered into Al’s ear. He stifled laughter.

“So,” Professor continued “to replace him as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, I welcome Professor Teddy Lupin!”

I heard Al splutter behind me. A massive cheer rang out throughout the hall. Teddy had been a popular guy when he’d attended Hogwarts. It helped having heroes for parents and Harry Potter as a live-in Godfather.

“I didn’t bloody well know! Why didn’t I bloody well know?” Albus was crossly murmuring to himself. I couldn’t believe none of us had spotted him with the other teachers at the table. I shook my head dismissively and continued cheering with everyone else.

Finally, Professor Flitwick finished his speech. Food appeared on the tables causing gasps of wonder and moans of delight.

We ate, ravished. The food was so delicious, for a while I forgot my fury about Angus.

All too soon, we finished our entire feast. I’d just witnessed James Potter eat three portions of food as well as a treacle tart, chocolate mousse, a slice cheese cake and a crème brûlée and I was in shock. I think everyone was. He belched loudly.

Remind me again why girls find him so attractive?

The prefects got up and led the first years to each common room. I got up with Al and chased after the Slytherins. I caught up with Angus.

“Gus! Are you alright? I’ll see if we can get you moved out of this crazy house, ok? You’ll be alright tonight but I’ll you moved A.S.A.P. Must have been some crazy mistake.” I rambled to him. He shook his head solemnly.

“I don’t mind, honest. They don’t seem so bad, Rena. They all seem really funny and nice. I’ll be fine. And Lily and Hugo will still be my friends anyway.” He told me. My jaw dropped. He wanted to stay...

Someone called out my brother’s name and he turned to leave. “I’ll see you, Rena. I’ll be fine. I like it in this house!” he smiled and he ran off.

“But... But...” I whispered in disbelief. I felt Al take my hand. A jolt of electricity ran through me. He was holding my hand.

“Come on. He’ll be fine, Kat. Let’s go.” He said comforting me. He tugged on my hand and led me up the stairs to the common room.

Suddenly, I wasn’t upset anymore. Pssh, did it really matter about Angus?

I mean, Albus Potter was holding my hand. What could be wrong with the world?



“Have you done that Herbology homework?” Albus asks me. We’re sitting in the common room, just the two of us. The Herbology homework’s due for tomorrow. I did it last week. I’m tackling a really difficult Potions essay and don’t even look up as I slide the completed Herbology essay across the table towards Al. Without a word, I’m allowing him to copy my homework.

“Thanks! Love you Rena!” he cheers happily. I sigh and wish he meant that in the way I want him to.

Al is the only person apart from my brother I allow to call me Rena. Everyone else has to call me Kat or Katrina. It’s just something we’ve always done. It’s the same for him: I’m the only one he allows to call him Albus. I like his full name, I think it’s cute. He likes it too, I can tell. He’s proud of the fact he’s named after Albus Dumbledore. It’s just that a lot of people think it’s a weird name so Albus acts like it is too.

Al’s too cool for school.


We all have pet names for him though. James, his brother, insists on calling him Severus or Sev to “unleash the Slytherin inside him.”  James thinks it’s horrid to be named after Severus Snape, despite his father’s repeated attempts to convince him of Snape’s innocence. So he always teases Al, or should I say Sev, about his middle name. Albus, however, adores and actually respects his father so he believes everything good about Snape. I have to admit, I do too.

Back to the point. Al hates being called Sev by his brother, but doesn’t mind when I do. We kind of trust each other with things like that.

Also, when Rose was a baby, she called him Bus. She heard Albus and only listened to the bus bit. Hey! She was a toddler and was obsessed with the song “The Wheels of the Bus” so of course she only heard that bit. It kind of stuck, though. To this day, to her, he’s Bus.

He gets her back by calling her Ro-Ro.

We continue working in silence. I look up when the sound of quill upon parchment stops. Albus is looking at me, a crease across his forehead.

“What?” I ask, alarmed.

“Rena, I might as well tell you now before you hear it from someone else. Keep calm and take a deep breath.” He says in his most calming voice.

“What’s going on?” I begin to panic.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just that... Angus is dating that Parkinson girl.” Albus murmurs.

“WHAT?” I splutter. “He’s what? Dating...? Polly...?”

“That SKANK!” I scream, loudly. I jump up and Albus falls backwards, his chair with him. I head towards the portrait hole, scheming. Most of them include me killing Polly in painful ways.

I hear Albus call out my name as he scrambles up from the chair. I ignore him and continue charging towards the exit. Suddenly, someone has their arms round me.

“Albus! Get your stinking hands off me!” I shriek. He grunts as he wrestles to keep a hold on me. I continue writhing, attempting to get out of his grasp. He’s still trying to restrain me.

Next thing I know, we’re on the floor. And I’m on top of him.

I should be drooling right now, but Polly’s face is filling my mind. I carry on wriggling. We roll around on the floor.

Breathless, we stop. Then we realise what a...compromising position we’re in. I’m lying spread-eagled on the floor, my legs open wide. He’s on top on me. He legs are on the outside of mine. His groin his rubbing against my upper thigh. How dodgy does that look?

Dear Merlin. Could you make this anymore awkward? Sincerely, Kat

Albus makes an attempt to get off me. At the last second, he loses his balance and falls back down on top of me. He puts his hand on one of my breasts to help him regain balance.

He has his hand resting on my breast.

Dear Kat, Yes, yes I can. Yours, Merlin.

Albus realises where he has his hands when I let out a shocked squeak. He goes bright red and so do I.

Merlin, hey thanks for that. It was great. Make it more awkward why don’t you? Sincerely, Katrina.

“Woah. Did we disrupt something?” 

We both look up. Dom and James had just walked in through the portrait.

Of course it had to be right at that moment. And it had to be them.

If possible, Albus and I went even brighter red. Dom was desperately trying to suppress a smile. James had a really weird expression on his face. Like he’d been slapped.

Al still had his hand on my boob.

Katrina. No problem! Enjoy. Yours, Merlin.

“I...” Al began. Dom holds up her hand.

“Don’t worry, we’re leaving now. We’ll give you love birds some extra time alone.” She winks knowingly. She grabs James, who’s still blinking at us, and leads him up to his own dorm. I wonder what they’re doing... Plotting, knowing them.

Once they‘d left, Albus makes another stab at getting up. Halfway through the process, he knees me in the crotch. Hard. I double over and sit up from the shock, head butting Al. Clutching his head in pain, he rolls off me.

Merlin. Thanks for that! Really enjoyed it. It was hilarious. You deserve an award. In case you didn’t notice, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC! Sincerely, your most faithful client, Katrina.

“Owww!” Al cries out.

“Sorry, sorry!” I moan, also in pretty bad pain.

Katrina. I noticed. Just wanted some fun. By the way, I already have an award named after me... See you next awkward situation! Merlin (;

We roll around in pain for a little while longer. Finally we’re able to stop.

Al looks at me all seriously and opens his mouth to speak.

“Well, that certainly distracted you from your death mission.”

I look at him. He looks at me.

And we both start hysterically laughing.

Not sure why.

We just do.



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I’m sorry for the uneventful chapters. This one especially. I’m just setting the scene and preparing you all for what’s to come!

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Chapter 4: Shocking Secrets, Blackmailing and Unfortunate Rumours
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

 I walk into the Great Hall. I’m early.

As usual.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate early mornings. But I hate being late even more.

*Shudder*. Punctuality is polite. Tardiness is awful.

I suppose that’s what you get from being my mum’s daughter.

I should be a teacher...

So, I choose getting up early. Well, mainly because if I’m late, chances are, I’ll miss breakfast.

I. Can’t. Miss. Breakfast.

I live for my daily bowl on Cheerio’s with three rashes of bacon on the side.

What’s that? Did you just ask me if I dip the bacon in the Cheerio’s?

Pssh, please! Don’t be so gross!

*Ahem*. I totally don’t.

So maybe I do! Sue me!

It’s gross, but it’s so delicious. I’m craving for it now...

I digress.

So I walk into the Great Hall. And for once, all my friends are there. Usually, it’s just me and Rose and possibly Al who get down so early. The rest make their way down here ten minutes before lessons start, still with a bed-head and stinky morning breath. So it’s weird that they are all here.

I’m so proud. *Sniff*.

I slide into the seat next to Rose and opposite Al. Rose’s spoon clatters to the floor as she looks at me. James, Albus, Dom, Lily, Hugo and Angus (at breakfast, all the houses mix) all look up. Then they stare at me. Al’s mouth hangs open, gawping at me. James’ eyes look like they might pop out.

“What?” I say, self-consciously pushing some hair behind my ear. I feel myself going red. I’ve been doing that a lot lately... The guys continue blinking at me.

What’s going on? I am wearing a shirt, aren’t I?

Phew, I am.

And a skirt?

Yes, I am. Just checked.

What?” I snap.

“Well...”  Dom squeaks.

“You look amazing!” James blurts out before promptly turning purple. Everyone nods in agreement. I blush.

“I... Well...” I mumble.

“You’ve done something with your hair!” Rose recovers first.

“Is that make-up?”

“You never wear make-up for lessons!”

“You said your hair wouldn’t curl! How’d you do it?”

“You look amazing!” The girls fired comments at me.

“Thanks!” I smile brightly. “I figured that this is OWL year and I haven’t had a proper boyfriend-”

“What about Sam Thomas?” Rose butts in.

“He doesn’t count. We held hands once.” I scoff. “Anyway, your mum,” I nod at Lily, “Heard me complaining about how my hair does nothing when I stayed at your in the summer. So she sent me this extra strong curling mousse. It took a Hell of a lot of trouble to get it like this, so don’t expect it often!” I finish wagging my finger menacingly at Al and James. They laugh.

“Make-up, though? You only wear it in the hols and Hogsmeade trips.” Rose wonders aloud.

“Yeah, I do. I just thought I experiment so I’m just wearing a little bit of mascara. That’s enough to be quite honest. I look like a scarlet woman if I wear anymore.” I giggle, mischievously. I remember last time I visited the Wotters. We did muggle makeovers on each other. We’d walked out and Al had said we looked like what his grandma Molly calls “scarlet women”. We’d laughed ourselves silly at his shocked (and slightly terrified) expression.

I shrug the compliments off modestly.

“Where’s Scorpius, Al?” Lily asks her brother. He shrugs, looking slightly confused.

“I don’t know. He’s been almost avoiding us lately. Don’t know what’s being going on with him.” Al replies looking troubled. Rose blushes fiercely for some reason. I frown at her and she ducks her head down, focusing on her breakfast.

It’s a well known fact that Scorpius is completely in love with Rose and Rose is head over heels with him. The only people who don’t realise that are Scorpius and Rose. They won’t admit it to themselves, never mind to us. They’re too thick-skinned to notice that they both like each other.

Well, James and Al haven’t noticed. But I think it’s because they refuse to believe it. Rose and Lily aren’t allowed to date until their thirty.

At least.

I only escape that curse by not being blood. They’re still pretty strict on who I date.

Eh. I’ll blackmail Rose into telling me what’s going on later.

We finish breakfast pretty quickly. Al, Rose and I wave goodbye to James and Dom and we head outside to the Herbology greenhouses. As usual Rose starts talking about homework.

“See I’m not sure whether I went into enough detail about the uses of a Mandrake. I know the essay was only supposed to be three rolls of parchment long, but I just didn’t think I did the history of the Mandrake justice, so I wrote six rolls of parchment instead. I think that will be enough,” she bites her lip anxiously.

I’m a martyr. Honestly. I have to put up with that every single day.

“Wow. I only just managed to do the three rolls. Barely able to do two. And I had to copy Kat’s conclusion so I’d have filled the third completely!” Al exclaims, shocked.

Surprise, surprise. Al, just like his father (according to Hermione) and leaves his homework till the very last minute. And even then, Ron and Harry would copy Hermione’s. Al copies mine and Rose (when she lets him). Though to be fair, I’ve copied Rose’s a fair few times.

Who hasn’t?

We finally reach the greenhouses. We go in and partner up, Rose and I together. I watch Scorpius slide slyly towards some of his Slytherin scumbag mates.

“Oh no you don’t!” I cry and grab him roughly. I thrust him over to Al, “You’ve been avoiding us since term started two weeks ago! I don’t know, or care, what’s going on but you will work with your best friend! If you complain once you will have me to answer to.” I hiss threateningly at Scorpius. He looks slightly scared and meekly puts on his goggles.

After bullying Scorpius, I join Rose and begin to work on the plants we’re tending to. This is the one subject that Rose steps back and lets me do the work. She’s good at Herbology but I’m pretty awesome at this, if I do say so myself.

No, I’m being serious, I always get top marks in Herbology. Herbology and Potions are my best subjects. Not boasting or anything, but I’m pretty much an all rounder. Well, when I actually apply myself that is... Working is tiring.

 But, I’m pretty good at most subjects (no-where near as good as Rose, obviously).

So, the deal is, in Transfiguration and Charms Rose takes charge (they’re her best subjects), in Herbology and Potions I take charge and Al takes charge in Defence Against the Dark Arts and sometimes Potions.

Some people call it cheating, we call it teamwork.

I work on the plants while Rose watches. She doesn’t like to do much in Herbology- I tend to tut very loudly at every mistake she makes. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Scorpius and Al walk across the room to collect more soil. This is my chance.

“So, Rose. What’s been going on between you and Scorpius?” I murmur under my breath, just loud enough for her to hear. She blushes and murmurs back,

“How did you know?”

“Rose, please. I’ve been your best friend for going on five years. I know when you’re upset, worried or embarrassed just from the way you sneeze. You’ve been blushing even more when the little slime ball is mentioned.” I scoff at Rose. She shrugs in agreement.

“I was going to tell you but every time I tried, Al interrupted. And it’s not for Al’s ears,” She whispers. I steal a quick glance over my shoulder to check on the situation. It’s good: Scorpius and Al and arguing over what kind of soil to take. We have more time.

“I kind off... Remember when you and Scorpius came round for two weeks in the Summer?”

I nod in reply. Dennis, my mum’s dentist boyfriend (he’s a dentist too. Dennis the Dentist. I kid you not.), organised a surprise romantic getaway for him and mum.

So we weren’t invited. Obviously.

 Tyrique was staying with some Uni buds so Angus and I stayed with the Wotters. We stayed at the Weasley’s house but we spent so much time with Al and Lily, we virtually lived at the Potters too.

“Yeah, well. Me and Scorpius got talking during the end of summer party while everyone was celebrating. One thing led to another, and we ended up kissing.” Rose speaks softly.

I’d wondered where they’d gone back then. We’d held an “end of summer bash” party in August. I don’t know either. It was James’ idea and somehow, he’d convinced the family to go along with it. Actually, it probably wasn’t that hard to convince Nana Molly (she insists I call her that even though I’m not family) - it’s her mission in life to feed everyone and make them as fat as possible. Her cooking is too delicious to resist: it’s to die for.

“What?!” I exclaim. A few people turn to look at me so I turn it into a ferocious cough and duck my head down. “I just thought you’d had a fight!” I whisper back at Rose. She grimaces.

“Was it a full on snog or just a peck?”

“Full on snog. We kissed for about half an hour!” she answers back. I gawp at her.

“You’re not my Rose. Where is she and what have you done to her?” I half laugh. She grins back. Then her smile slides into a frown.

“I’ve got to tell you something,” she mutters. “The thing is, me and Scorp-”

“Rena, you’ve got to help me! What do we do now?” Al interrupts us. I hadn’t realised he’d gotten back. He hadn’t heard what we were talking about, fortunately. But I knew I’d never get the secret out of Rose now. The moment had gone.

Sighing, I turn away from Rose and help Al.


All through dinner I keep sending those “I-haven’t-forgotten-and-you-will-tell-me!” sort of looks at Rose. She keeps sending me those “I-know-you-haven’t-forgotten-but-I’m-not-telling-you!” sort of ones.

I think Al thought we were both having some sort of reaction to the food. He even asked if we were feeling okay because our faces were twitching weirdly.

I guess we did look kind of scary...

Anyway, the telling glares did not intimidate Rose into to confiding in me.

Dang. I was convinced it would work.

The death stares always work. I mean ALWAYS!

We head up to the Gryffindor common room with the whole gang. Even Dom, Scorpius, Hugo, Angus and (unfortunately) Polly come.

We shove the lickle first years out of the comfiest chairs by the fire and sit our selves down. I sit on the comfy bouncy armchair and Albus sits on the floor in front of me, leaning against my legs. Rose sits in the closest armchair to me with James sitting precariously on the armrest. The rest make themselves snug on various chairs, some sharing and others sitting on the floor.

We talk about Quidditch for a while. James is discussing possible nights for Quidditch tryouts. He’s Captain of the Gryffindor team again. It’s his final year but we all know who will get the captain badge once he’s left.

Al, obviously.

I do feel sorry for non-Wotters. With so many talented Potter-Weasley’s around, no-one else has got any chance of winning anything.

“So who’s trying out this year?” James asks.

“Me, as seeker, obviously.” Albus interjects.

“Don’t sound so cocky and confident, Al. There might be a really excellent seeker out there, waiting to take you place!” James teases. We all snort.

Please. A better seeker than Albus Severus Potter?

Pssh. He’s inherited generations of amazing seeker skills. His father’s skills, he grandfather’s skills, his great-grandaddio was probably incredible too.

“You, Parker?” James asks me.

“Yeah, you can count on me being there.” I nod, smiling.

You can probably count a place on the team this year,” he winks mischievously.

“Oi!” Al cries.

“Eh, James. Many a great Quidditch captain has made the team lose by keeping old favourites. Like you said to Al here, there might be someone out there better than me!” I warn.

“Doubt it...” James mutters under his breath.

“Our Ravenclaw team is going to kick your arses this year,” Hugo interrupts confidently.

“I doubt that too,” James laughs.

“Please, our Gryffindor team is stronger than ever!” Al kisses his imaginary biceps. I laugh at him.

“You don’t have biceps, Albus. You’re a skinny little prick,” I giggle at him. He turns and punches my ankles playfully. Then he leans back into my legs.

“Ugh. Enough Quidditch talk, already!” Dom sighs.


Enough Quidditch talk...?

We all stare at her.

“Dom, did you seriously just say “enough Quidditch?” Rose squawks. Dom nods solemnly.

She did?!

“Yes, yes I did. Don’t get me wrong, Quidditch is my life but I really want to talk about something way important!” Dom says in her sing-song voice.

Dom doesn’t play Quidditch. She can’t bear the prospect of her hair getting windswept. Instead, she commentates. She’s a ruddy gooden’ at that. Her quick wit and sarcasm make the commentaries hilarious. She knows her stuff too.

Nearly as good as Luna Lovegood’s commentaries when she was a commentator, apparently.

Louis rolls his eyes at his sister.

“It’ll be really lame gossip,” he states, bored. Probably true, actually. Dom is a sucker for gossip.

It’s rather handy when we need to distract her when we plant a trap or something.

“Non, Louis!” she scolds her younger brother. She’s practically bouncing out of her seat from her excitement. Al reaches into his rucksack and pulls out a flask of pumpkin juice (he must have nicked it from the kitchens earlier) and snuggles into my legs.

“This should be good!” he sighs contentedly.

“Okay! When were you going to tell us?” Dom pouts at Al. He frowns.

“Tell you what?” he asks, puzzled.

“Tell us about you and Kati!” she squeals. I hate it when she calls me Kati.

“Me and Kati what?” Al repeats.

“That you guys were going out!” she exclaims, impatiently.

 I blanch.

Al, meanwhile, spits out the Pumpkin Juice he had just taken a gulp of. It sprays all over Louis.

Louis jumps up in alarm, upsetting a desk. The desk falls over, along with the books on it.

Rose looks slightly sick, James falls off his perch completely, Angus leaps up in anger and Lily shoots up, shrieks in delight.

“I-when... When did this happen?” Angus spits furiously. Stupid over-protective younger brother.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Lily cries, horrified she hasn’t known this piece of gossip.

Al continues choking on his Pumpkin Juice, leaving me to answer.

“Well, that’s the first I know of this,” I say, attempting to laugh it off.

All the faces stare at me looking rather confused.

“So you’re not dating my sister?” Angus demands of Albus. He shakes his head, still bright red from his spitting accident.

“N-no!” he manages to say in a strangled voice.

“Definitely not!” I conclude, though I’m lying.

I certainly wouldn’t mind if Al and I were going out.

Who am I kidding?

You’d have to drug me and keep me in a container for several days to diminish my excitement.

But I’m not sadly.


Ahem. I’m not hearing any aww’s here!

Wait... There we go. Thank you. I know, it’s very sad.

Al clears his throat and takes a tentative sip of Pumpkin Juice.

“No!” Dom cries, distraught, “But what on Earth were you doing then the other day when we walked in on you guys? I thought you were making out!”

And once again, Al chokes.

“What?!” Angus explodes.

“What were they doing?” Lily asks with some interest.

“They looked like they were going at it right in the middle of the common room!” Dom answers. Al’s eyes bulge as he coughs from the shock of that announcement. I turn beetroot red.

“WHAT?!” Angus explodes.

Louis and Hugo roll around on the floor giggling hysterically.

“I-no! We were wrestling...” I explain lamely.

Rose is a sickly green colour but manages to stutter out the words,

“What on Earth were you wrestling for?”

“Well, I’d just found out about Angus and Polly so I went mental and tried to hunt her down and slit her throat open and rip out her guts,” I rush out.

“Hey!” Polly cries in that annoying high-pitched voice of hers.

“Sorry!” I reply.

Hell, I don’t mean it. I still want to rip out her guts, slit open her throat, cut her heart in half and slice off each finger off all at the same time, right now.

A girl can dream, eh?

Al nods to back-up my story.

“Her fat arse got in the way when I was restraining her and we fell over,” he continues.

I kick him in the back of the head.


“Oh,” Dom sighs, obviously rather deflated from the lack of intriguing gossip. On the other hand, James looks rather pleased.

Glad somebody’s happy.

We begin another conversation, desperately trying to steer it away from the topic of me and Al. It’s father forced so the conversation fizzles out pretty quickly.

Dom yawns dramatically and claims it’s time for beddy byes. She grabs Hugo and they set off to the Ravenclaw common room. Angus, Poppy and Louis follow suit, heading for the Slytherin and Hufflepuff common rooms.

Rose is the next to leave, dragging Lily along with her. They both hug me and wonder up to their dorms. I know Rose will wait up for me, ready to question me on what actually happened all those nights ago.

James gets up soon after. He gives me a huge hug, rather strange for him.

I don’t see him exchange a look with his younger brother. I don’t see the silent conversation between them.

I don’t see that it’s a warning.

Albus and I chat for a bit, mostly about when his dad is next coming to teach us some Defence skills.

Then, I yawn tiredly.

“You, bed, now.” Al states firmly. Sometimes he sounds like my mother.

It’s rather irritating actually.

We walk up the stairs together in an amicable silence. We reach the turning point between the girl’s dorm and the boys.

“It’s funny how they thought we were going out, isn’t it?” he says, completely off topic.

“Um, I suppose so. It’s probably because we’re so close,” I stutter nervously.

“Yeah. I guess that could lead to something, couldn’t it?” he ponders, mostly to himself.

“Like Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione,” he adds.

My heart speeds up a little bit.

What does he mean?

“They always said we’d make a cute couple,” he whispers as he leans closer to me. I hold my breath, not daring to move.

Plus, my breath stinks. ‘Cos bad breath isn’t a turn off...

“Said I should ask you out...” he murmurs quietly.

What does he mean? I don’t get it! Does he want to go out with me?

If we do, it’s surely going to create a wall between me and Rose’s friendship- he’s like her brother. She’ll hate me for dating Al, just like hate Polly!

Then we’ll date for several years, and Rose and the Wotters will finally accept them as one of them. Then, suddenly, we have a terrifying argument (Al and I, I mean) and we will break up. Rose will hate me forever, as will the rest of her family. So I’ll be alone, for the rest of my life. And the teachers will hate me- they all love the Wotters. No-one will talk to me: the Wotter clan takes up half the school!

The Wotters are really popular so everyone will side with them. No-one messes with a Potter-Weasley.


Woah, Rena. Calm down. I’m sure it will be okay. Focus on the situation at hand, yeah? One step at a time.

We’re only millimetres apart, noses almost touching.

He hesitates.

Our lips are almost brushing against each other’s. I can feel his warm breath blowing against my skin.

We stay like that few a few heartbeats. We edge closer, just a little bit.


He’s turning away, practically running up the stairs away from me.

He doesn’t look back once.


Boys. I’ll never understand them.



A/N I know, I know. You all thought it was going to be their first kiss, eh? Got you going there, didn’t I? Sadly, it is not. There is another massive twist to come yet.

Perhaps they will never get their moment of passion...

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Chapter 5: Annoying Girlfriends, Strange Appearances and Scary Shockers
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It always starts at breakfast, doesn’t it?

Well, at least it always starts at a meal.

Strange, huh?

Anyway, back to the point.

I digress.

Once again... I think I need help.

We’re sitting at breakfast, just chatting quietly as we fill up on sausages and beans (or bacon and Cheerio’s in my case). I reach for the bacon at the exact same time as Albus does, and our hands touch for a brief moment.

Instantly, he pulls his hand back as if burned. I frown at him and he looks away dejectedly.

He’s been like this all week- perfectly amicable but strangely indifferent and distant. He’s always avoiding touching me, even brushing shoulders makes him shudder like he’s been electrocuted.

I tried to ignore him at first but now it’s just getting out of hand. It’s irritating but very hurtful.

And Rose has noticed it too. So she keeps making very (un)subtle hints about it. Now that’s annoying. Funnily enough, Rose is looking rather pale and drawn this morning. She’s just playing with her Cornflakes, swirling them round and round and staring into the distance. Something’s up. I’ll find out later I suppose.

Anyway, I look over Al’s head determined not to stare at him and spot a Ravenclaw, I think she’s called Sarah Yusuf, staring at Al. Sweet baby Jesus, she is checking him out!

Not on my watch, she ain’t!

I’m about to make a move, taking Al and Rose with me before he notices when-

“Al! Al, I think that girl is checking you out!” Dom whisper shrieks.

Well, dang.

Al straightens up, his eyes flashing excitedly.

Rip out my heart and jump on it, please.

“Really?” he exclaims. Dom nods, brightly. Al attempts to flatten his hair (it springs back up in an even messier sprawl than before) and cleans his glasses.

You want to know how he cleans them?

He licks them.

Turn off much?

However, I must agree with him there. I clean my glasses in that way. It’s quite effective.

Ahhh, the wonders of enzymes.

Anyway. It’s quite sad really. Al isn’t great with the ladies. According to his mum and Aunt Hermione, he’s an exact replica of his father.

He got the glasses, the eyes, the hair, the gangly genes, the looks (I completely agree with this one), the loyalty, the quiet cleverness and most importantly, the awkwardness with girls. Harry was hopeless with handling girls too apparently.

Took him about a year to ask out his first girlfriend, Cho Chang (who is currently the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts. Awkward.) and six years to realise his love for Ginny (his wife).

Useless. Ruddy useless.

James, on the hand inherited his Grandfather’s big-headedness, his God’s gift to girls, the intelligence and the amazing good looks.

Got all the good genes, eh?

Poor Al.

Anyway, he stands up and motions for us to as well. We do and follow him as he swaggers out of the Hall. He’s shaking his arse.

Rose is desperately trying not to laugh.

It is pretty hilarious.

I run up to him and walk just behind him. Then, I take a peek over my shoulder. Rose is silently laughing and James is still sitting at the table shaking his head at his brother’s uselessness. Dom just looks disgusted. Then I see Sarah get up, alone, and make her way over to us.

Oh, Hell no!

“Oi, Al. Keep strutting, it looks great. Very sexy!” I whisper nastily in Albus’ ear. He turns round, bright red and hisses back,

“I do not strut!” Though I notice he immediately stops strutting.

“Um, Al, please may I just talk to you for a moment?”

Oh God. It’s the spawn of the devil.


Rose instantly stops giggling and takes on a sombre expression, suitable for a funeral.

“Yeah, of course!” Al answers eagerly.


Sarah takes a nervous step forwards and twists her strawberry blonde hair around her fingers.

Stupid pretty girl with her stupid cute nervousness and her stupid wavy, beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and her stupid perky breasts and her stupid overall niceness.

Ugh, I hate her.

She’s too damn perfect.

“Well,” she giggles anxiously, “I was hoping alone...”

 Al gives us the look. You know the one. The “bugger-off-and-leave-me-alone-so-I-can-get-off-with-this-gorgeous-girl-with-amazing-tits,” one.

You know it?

Yeah, that one.

“Don’t worry, honey. Anything you want to say to Albus Severus here, you can say in front of us!” Rose exclaims in a sickly sweet voice.

Ah, the use of the dreaded middle name.

It’s a massive turn-off: should put her off.

Mental high five to Rose.

“Oh of course! I completely understand,” Sarah replies.

Stupid Sarah and her stupid understandingness.

“I was wondering, with your permission of course, Rose,” she continues, gesturing towards Rose, “I know how close you and Al are,”

Aha, I see your plan, Sarah. Buttering Rosie up, eh? Well, that ain’t going to work.

“I-well. I was wondering whether you’d like to join me for a drink on Saturday at the Hogsmeade trip?” Sarah smiles hopefully.

I look to Rose, for some interruption. She is not going to let this happen! I’m to be disappointed however. Rose is grinning like a stupid baboon.

Stupid buttering-up worked!

“I’d love to!” Al can’t answer fast enough.

And my heart was just cut up into tiny little pieces and spread across the world.


“Obviously, I’d love to become acquainted with your family and friends! I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about them,” she continues. If possible, Rose and Al grin even more broadly.

Over- doing it there, my dear Sarah. She holds out her hand to me.

“Katrina Parker, isn’t it? I love your name! I wish I had such a cool name,” she pouts, prettily. I smile back and take her hand.

What? I can’t help it! She’s too likeable. I just had to smile: I couldn’t not smile.

“And Rose Weasley! You helped my little sister last year in Transfiguration. Kara Yusuf? She couldn’t have passed her exams without you!” Sarah turns to Rose. Rose positively beams at her.

“Thank you! Kara was really bright, just needed a little push. Anyway, we’ll leave you alone with Al for a chat now,” Rose replies easily before grabbing me and dragging me out of the Great Hall.

“She seems nice, doesn’t she?” Rose says cheerfully.

“Hmm... Too nice, don’t you think. Older woman, Rose. Dangerous,” I warn theatrically. Rose merely rolls her eyes at me. We continue walking down the corridor, leading to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

“I’m a little disappointed, I must admit. I always figured Al would ask you out but I suppose with James-” Rose falters quickly.

“What?” I pick up on her abrupt end quickly. She coughs nervously.

“N-nothing,” she stammers. I narrow my eyes at her but before I can threaten her she changes the subject, “I wonder what colour hair Teddy will have today?”

Now that, sounds like a bloody bonkers topic.

It’s not.

See, Teddy/Professor Lupin is a metamorphmagus which basically means he can change his looks at will.

So, he can look stunningly gorgeous when he wants to.

I notice his amazing good looks- I mean anyone would, but being so close with the Potters mean that I’m close with Teddy. He’s like a sort of brother, I suppose. He’s my adult mate, my confidante.

I don’t know what confidante means either. It just sounds fancy and all grown-up...

I digress.

Quick, back to the point before I go off on one about my digression problem!

That’s right; we were discussing Ted’s hair. Teddy has a signature hairdo- green shaggy hair.

I know what you’re thinking: “Green shaggy hair?! Who can pull that off?”

Well, Teddy can. He’s a bloody typical Hufflepuff (just like his mum) which means he’s gorgeous. A classic Hufflepuff hottie. Just like Cedric Diggory (I hear he was gorgeous when he lived) but, like, one hundred times more attractive. I suppose his status’ help too: he was a Prefect, Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, Head Boy and his parents were heroes. Every girl’s dream.

Come to think of it, his dad was a Werewolf. So he has some werewolf tendencies (he likes his steak on the raw side).

Which makes him even sexier.

Plus, he is a nice guy.

Unfortunately for all those fan girls (and I don’t just mean those teenagers who have just left Hogwarts, oh no, I mean middle-aged women) who devotedly read Witch Weekly, his heart is betrothed to none other than Victoire Weasley (Dom’s sister).

To all those hopeful girls who are convinced they will marry him, you’ve got no chance. Victoire Weasley is one eighth Veela: she’s bloody gorgeous. With her stupid gorgeous golden hair and stupid sky blue eyes and her stupid faint accent and her stupid cleverness and kindness...

Stand next to her and you look as ugly as Tyrique at five in the morning when he’s got a hangover.


So back to Teddy. He has a casual look (which includes his green hair) and his formal look (with his dark brown hair). For work, he usually has the brown hair but with his favourite classes (us) he has his signature do.

Or, for *ahem* educational purposes only, he changes his hair colour every lesson.

So, Teddy changes something about his appearance for *ahem* educational purposes only (okay, maybe to keep us entertained). He might turn his nose into a pig’s snout, or a moustache with bits of his breakfast in it, or...

You get the idea.

Thus, it is perfectly understandable that we are wondering about Teddy’s hair. He might have knee-length yellow hair today to keep our attention.

It works rather well actually: everyone is so intrigued by his strange looks, everyone takes notice!

Anyway, we walk into Defence and we’re the only ones there. We’re early.

“Ahem,” I hear a voice from behind me. I spin around and let out a little scream at the sight before me. Rose stumbles backwards, grabbing me to stop her from toppling over completely.

“TEDDY?!” I scream.

The figure laughs at my shocked expression and gasps the word, “Yes!”

He doesn’t look that terrifying, it’s just that I was expecting that mane of shaggy green hair and that cheeky grin. Not...

Well, the long nose hair and the receding grey hair and the jiggling man boobs.

Slightly terrifying.

He looks like a pervy maths teacher at a rough muggle school.

You know the type.

“You scared the LIFE out of me!” I punch him playfully on the shoulder. He continues roaring with laughter. He’s a somewhat scary sound: it’s a loud booming chuckle, just the kind of laugh you’d imagine to come with that kind of character.

During our laughing fit, a number of pupils march through the door. A few stop and stare, gawping at Teddy’s appearance.  The girls look desolate that their beautiful Teddy Lupin is transformed into an ugly little man. Most of the pupils make their way to their desks to prepare for the lesson: they’re used to Teddy’s “little pranks”.

I grab Rose and drag her to our seats. We’re still laughing, trying (and failing) to stop. Suddenly, Rose stumbles and clutches her chair. She doubles over and pales visibly. She looks like she’s going to be sick. I grab her and whisper,

“Rose! Are you okay?”

Fortunately, no-one has noticed Rose and they’re all continuing their conversations.

“Rose?!” I hiss urgently as she lets out a little whimper. I can hear her shallow breathing for a few moments. Then, slowly, she straightens up and gives me a weak smile.

“Stomach bug,” she explains quietly. “Thought I was going to be sick. Managed not to, though,” She attempts another smile, trying to cover her pain up. I frown at her.

“Some stomach bug. You should go to Madame Pomfrey,” I reply, unsure about her health. She shakes her head violently in reply.

“No, no, I’m fine!”

She sits down at our desk and I follow her. She has a forced grin on her face, obviously still trying to convince me she’s okay. But when I look into her eyes, they’re glazed over and I tell she’s privately worrying and her mind’s somewhere else.

I’m distracted from my analysing of Rose by the entrance of Albus and Sarah.

Crap. I’d forgotten about them.

They’re holding hands.


That’s way too fast. She’s a ruddy octopus, with her hands everywhere. Okay, so it’s only holding hands, but they’ve only been going out for about ten minutes. If that. Ruddy ridiculous.

She and Al are talking and laughing happily as they walk in. Instead of taking his normal seat next to Scorpius, Al sits next to Sarah at a free table.

He completely blanks Scorpius.

I’ve never seen him do that, ever. I watch Scorpius’ face fall rather comically. But I don’t have the urge to laugh. I’m slightly horrified. I turn to Rose to ask her opinion but I find her staring blankly into space. She’s jiggling her right leg: she only does that when she’s really worried (like in exams) or scared. That makes me even more worried.

I don’t say anything and turn my attention to Teddy. The lesson begins.

I take notes and finish the task at hand in ten minutes, virtually. Rose doesn’t take any notes and fidgets with her quill. That’s not like Rose: she’s a complete freak when it comes to lessons. She writes down every single thing the Professor says. She stares blankly at her parchment for the whole lesson, completely oblivious to everything around her.

I spend the remainder of the lesson looking from Rose to Scorpius to Al and Sarah. I watch Rose fidget for a few minutes, then turn to see Scorpius sending furtive glares at Al’s back, and subsequently watch Al and Sarah chat away cheerfully. It’s a tense lesson and I’m incredibly relieved when it’s over.

In just one lesson, my entire mood has gone down the drain.


I am in an incredibly bad mood.

I’ve just had several more lessons filled with Scorpius’ death glares, Rose’s blanks stare and Al and Sarah’s flirting.

I am ready to kill.

Voldemort returning? Recruiting new ready-to-kill Death Eaters?

Well hello there, I’m your woman.

I storm down the corridor glowering at anyone who passes me. I walk down the corridor that leads that had Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom in it. Why? Because of Myrtle’s constant whining, people tend to avoid walking past the bathroom. I need to be alone.

I spot some little first years loitering outside the bathroom door.


It might not be torturing Sarah Yusuf but it’ll do.

Yelling at first years shall become the way I let out my anger.

“Return to you common rooms, please,” I say, primly. They turn to look at me and the shortest one sneers at me. Shorties are always the leaders of these cliques. They’re evil. Trust me. I’d know.

I’m short.

“Why should we?” she answers back in a nasal tone. She’s a Slytherin. No surprise there then.

“Excuse me? What did you just say?” I say in a voice that says, “Try me bitch”. The leader steps back a little and murmurs in a much smaller voice,

“W-why should we?”

“Do you know what year I am in?” I boom, menacingly. She takes another step back but replies in a much stronger voice,

“Second year?”  Her friends snigger. I simply raise my eyebrows.

She did not just use my height in an insult. HELL no.

No-one insults my height.

All clear?

“No, I’m a fifth.” I utter, my voice dripping with hatred.

“So? You’re not a Prefect!” the little leader squares up to me.

“No, I’m not. But you know who my best mates are, eh?  Albus Potter and Rose Weasley. Yeah, I’m also pretty friendly with James Potter, the Quidditch captain.” With each important name, the first years shrink back. “Yeah their parents defeated VOLDEMORT, the darkest wizard of all time. I’m pretty sure if I had a problem with rude first years, Harry Potter would be all too happy to deal with them. He’d have no problem.”

One of little girls whimper.

“You know who else I know? I’m great mates with Dominique Weasley,” I finish my speech. That name seems to terrify them. Dominique is well known as the sarcastic, pessimistic one who will threaten and hex anyone.


I’m warning you now.


“We didn’t know!”

“We’re really sorry, miss! Please don’t hurt us!” I nearly laugh at their pathetic apologies but manage to maintain my stern expression.

Actually, this is much more fun than killing Sarah.

“I really needed a pee, miss. So we came here,” one of them whispers.

“Go and find a better bathroom. This is Moaning Myrtle’s. It’s a rather unpleasant surprise when she appears out of the toilet bowl while you’re sitting on it,” I smile, pityingly. She nods enthusiastically.

“I will, miss!” They all turn to leave.

“Actually, miss. You might want to know this since you’re mates with Rose Weasley,” one of them states meekly.

“Go on,” I frown.

“Well, me and Fran and Holly and Freya were about to go in when she rushed past. She pushed past us, and she looked really worried, miss. And she put a spell on the door, miss, so we couldn’t get in. That’s why we were standing outside. She still hasn’t come out, miss. And we don’t know how to unlock the door!” The little girl explains in a rush.

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. This isn’t good. Something is very wrong. I have-

Hang on.

They don’t know the counter-curse to Colloportus?

What kind of witches are they? Hello? Ever heard of Alohomora?

Remind me to tell Hermione next time I see her. She’ll be horrified.

Honestly, first years these days.

Shut up, Katrina! Focus on Rose!

“Alright, thanks titch. You and your mates bugger off now and I won’t set Dom on you,” I warn them. They don’t need telling twice and they scurry off. Once they’re out of sight, I whip out my wand and murmur,

Alohomora!”  And watch as the door unlocks. Hurriedly, I yank the door open and...

Skid to a stop.

I can’t believe the sight before my eyes.

Rose is curled up in a ball on the tiled flooring, shaking and sobbing loudly. It’s a pitiful sight and I almost drop my bag in shock.

“Rose...” I exhale so quietly. Rose doesn’t look up and continues weeping. I hear an evil cackling behind me.

“She’s in trouble! Everyone will hate her!” Moaning Myrtle calls out in her sing-song voice. Stupid Myrtle.

“Piss off, Myrtle! I’ll throw some books at you!” I threaten and shake my bag menacingly. Myrtle scowls, floats towards the nearest cubicle and dives into the bowl. I hear a faint splashing sound and I know she’s gone.

Quickly, I cast Colloportus over the door and a Muffliato charm over the surrounding area, so no-one can get in or will be able to hear us. Then I hurry over to Rose.

“Rosie, are you okay? What’s happened?” I cry.

“I-I!” Rose sobs. She throws herself on me, shaking with the force of her whimpers.

 Let me tell you now, she ain’t exactly “petite”. It hurts to have Rose sit on you.

I hug her back and cradle her, rocking her back and forth like my mum used to do when I was upset. I make shushing sounds and stroke her hair. Slowly, she regains control and looks up. Her eyes and raw red and puffy, tears streak her cheeks and her lashes are dripping.

“Rosie, what on Earth has happened?” I ask, sympathetically.  She doesn’t say anything and simply looks down. I follow her gaze. She’s gripping something in her hands so securely, her knuckles have turned white. Curiously, I prize open her finger and look at the little object in her tight clasp.


I gasp.

This can’t be real.

No, no, no.

Shit, shit, shit with knobs on.

“Rosie...” I breathe. Fresh tears well up in her eyes as she flings herself on me once more. I hold her tight and make the shushing sound again.

“It’ll be alright. It’ll be fine. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” I murmur under my breath. I repeat it again and again.

To be honest, I’m trying to convince myself as much as I am Rose. I don’t see how it can possibly be. The little object Rose is holding will change all our lives. And not for the better.

She is holding a pregnancy test.

And it’s positive.



She’s pregnant ? Whaaaat?!

Little, perfect Rosie Pose is pregnant. What’s going to happen now?

Don’t look at me! I have no idea!

Sorry for leaving it such a cliff hanger! And unfortunately, it might be a while till the next chapter- not sure as yet. This chapter and the next have been quite difficult to write- I haven’t had the time! I’ve got my English GCSE coming up so I’ve seriously been eating, sleeping, BREATHING the I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther-King (that’s what the GCSE is about. Obviously. I don’t just analyse it for fun).

And I’ve got that history essay I really should be writing now...

Oh, and that I.C.T coursework...

Eh, writing fan fic is much more fun!

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Chapter 6: Bad Karma, Charred Beds and Confusing Talks
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 It had to be me.


All the shit stuff in life had to be thrown at me.

Couldn’t have been anyone else.

Course not.

Merlin must hate me. No, not just hate me. Loathe me.

Oh wait, did I just here you telling me to stop being so melodramatic?

You did?

Well, missy, you can only go round telling people to calm down when you’ve been in the deep shithole that is my life, m‘kay?

Did you just ask why my life is such a shithole? Well, it’s a long story (and I mean long)...

For starters, I had to fall in love with my best friend, Al, didn’t I? And he just had to be Albus Severus Potter: the son of Harry James Potter and Ginny Weasley. So you know, if I ever hurt him I’d be cursed into smithereens by the boy-who-freakin’-lived and his massively extended family.  You know, of course, Al just has to completely be the opposite of “into me”. Yep, he loves me as a sister basically.

Hang on, there’s more. My dad just had to be absent all my life, never bothering with his three children.

Oh, and then my little brother just had to be sorted into Slytherin- the reformed but still a little bit evil house. And he had to go out with that evil cow, Polly Parkinson.  I hate her.

And then Dom and James just had to walk in when Al and I were wrestling (we were, I swear!) and it looked like we were going at it. And then they had to tell the whole Wotter clan that we were dating. Even though we weren’t (and still aren’t. Obviously.)

And of course, Al just had to completely crush me by agreeing to go out with a stupid perfect little Ravenclaw. And she just had to be amazing in every single way. And she just had to win even Rose over.

Could my life get any worse?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

My best friend’s pregnant.

Consider your shitty life topped.

I’m currently lying on my bed, staring into the canopy with my curtains closed. It’s just before dinner and I’m pondering the meaning of life: a very thought-provoking controversial question.

Ha, who am I kidding? I’m actually pondering over how crap my life is. I mean, what did I do to get all this bad karma? I don’t deserve it? Do I...?

Well, there was the time when... Oh and that that time... And when I... And that time...

Okay, so maybe I do deserve it. But I don’t think I deserve all the crap. I must have done something really bad in my past life. I don’t think even Hitler deserved my shitty life. And that’s saying something.

Absentmindedly, I flick my wand not really thinking of anything in particular. Then wham!

“Shitty shit, shit!” I shout.


I just set my bed on fire.

“Aguamenti!” I scream, waving my wand around madly. Finally, I put out the flames. Sweating, I check out the state of my bed.

Well, great. I now have a charred bed.

Brilliant, bloody brilliant.

Sighing, heavily I flop onto bed and stare up into the now slightly black canopy. I hear the door open and I turn my head to see Rose walking into the dorm. She looks tired and gaunt. Quite the opposite of what being pregnant does to you, actually. I thought when you became pregnant you were supposed to get fatter (duh) and have this happy glow around you.

Guess not. Rose just looks depressed.

It’s been three days since she told me. It’s now the 28th October. It’s weird. This year seems to be whizzing by.

“Hey,” I croak at her. She smiles back weakly and then leans on the door. I sit up and stare intently at her. Slowly, she slides down the door onto her knees. She throws her head into her hands despairingly. I don’t move or say anything. I have no more words of comfort. I’ve known Rose for years, and I know that right now she doesn’t want comfort. She wants to figure this whole situation out.

I just continue watching her, waiting for her to stand. Minutes tick by before she manages to stand shakily. I beckon her over and she walks towards my bed. Rose climbs up and sits opposite me. I draw the curtains and cast a muffliato charm around us.

“You can have a good cry, if you like,” I murmur quietly. Rose looks up at me with those tired eyes and just gives me a tight smile.

“I’ve got no tears left,” she says simply. I nod in reply. We stay in silence for a while, not an awkward one, just a comforting one I suppose.

“Make me laugh,” Rose says abruptly.

“You what, dearie?” I answer, startled. Her smile is slightly stronger this time.

“Make me laugh,” she repeats, “You always make me feel better when you make me laugh. And in weird or awkward situations you always go really insane or go hysterical. Your mum says it’s your way of dealing with things,” she continues.

She’s right actually. In awkward situations, I either start telling jokes or start laughing hysterically. Like when I met mum’s last boyfriend, Andy, for the first time, I couldn’t think of anything to say. So I said,

“I like your eyebrows!” and then proceeded to start laughing slightly crazily and hysterically.

He didn’t come round again.

And my first kiss was a disaster. I used to hang around with this muggle boy, Damien, who lived down the road from me and we’d go to the park together to hang out. He was decent looking- although he had a really huge nose. Thinking back, he was a nose on legs actually. But he was nice anyway. One day, out of the blue, when we were on the swings he told me he fancied me and then kissed me full on the lips. It was quite a nice kiss, really. He was a good kisser: I remember that. And when we broke apart, I didn’t know what to say.

So I burst out laughing.

He got quite offended. He got over it eventually and I still hang out with him in the summer sometimes. We still occasionally snog. He’s like my summer boyfriend.

And that’s not weird...

“Well, thanks for psycho-analysing me, Rosie,” I laugh at her. She chuckles back.

“You’ll be getting fat soon,” I observe, kindly. I don’t know where that came from, it just popped out. She laughs and says, “I know Kat, thank you for telling me that,” in a patronizing tone. Then she sighs and stares at nothing in particular.

“What are you going to do?” I ask quietly.

“I honestly don’t know,” she shakes her head dejectedly. “Got any ideas?”

I smile sympathetically.

“How are you going to tell your parents?” I ask. Her eyes widen and she gapes at me.

“Oh shit!” she cries. Must be upset- it takes a lot to get her to swear. “I never even thought of that!” she grimaces.

I laugh. “How can you not think of telling your parents?”

“I was just caught up in the whole idea of having a baby...” she grimaces at the word baby. Then she groans and flops onto her back on my bed. “They’re going to be so mad at me!”

“Nah,” I shake my head. She frowns at me.

“Oh?” she says.

“They’re going to go mental!” I laugh. Rose groans.

“Gee, thanks for making me feel better!” she cries sarcastically. I grin at her. Then I realise something.

“I’m guessing Scorpius is the father?” I wonder out loud. Rose nods in answer. We slip back into a thoughtful silence.

Oh no. Oh no, no, no.

I have just had a horrible mental image.

“Oh no. Oh no, no, no,” I gasp.

“What?” Rose exclaims, alarmed.

“No, no, no!” I repeat.

“What?!” Rose pesters me, looking slightly terrified now.

“You’re pregnant,” I begin.

“Yeah, duh!”

“And Scorpius is the father,”

“Yes, of course!”




“What? Spit it out!”

“You guys...”

“Just say it!”

“You guys had sex!”

Rose roars with laughter. I cringe at the word. Now, I have no problem with the whole concept of sex. If Albus burst in here now demanding me to Do It with him, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I just don’t like the idea of Rose having sex. I known Rose for years and I’ve grown to love her like a sister. I’ve got this protective instinct about her. I don’t want her to ever get a boyfriend, let alone have sex! And the fact she did it with Scorpius is just...


Ew, ew, ew! I now have a mental picture of Scorpius standing naked flexing his muscles for Rose...  Yuckety yuck.

“That’s gross!” I throw a cushion at Rose.

“What did you think we did? We just kissed and I ended up knocked up?” Rose giggles.

“It’s just... Ew!” I cringe again at the whole idea. Rosie laughs at my disgusted face.

“I’m guessing that’s what you were going to tell me in Herbology but then you changed your mind?” I ask.

“Yeah. I figured you’d react like this- all creeped out. So I decided to wait,” she shrugs. Fair enough- I would have had a fit in the middle of Herbology. And that wouldn’t have been good.

“Hang on,” I say slowly, realising something, “You went outside with Scorpius when you kissed so we wouldn’t see you, right? So... You guys did it outside!” I cry. Rose laughs again.

“Yeah, we did. You were all inside getting the buffet. And it was a nice warm evening...” she trails off wistfully.

“Was he good?” I blurt out without thinking. Ew, why did I ask that? I don’t want to know the answer...

“He was amazing. It was amazing,” she smiles. She looks over my head with a glazed look in her eye, and I can tell she is having a flashback moment. I don’t interrupt: I have a feeling that what she’s thinking about isn’t suitable for my pretty little head. After a few minutes, she wakes up from her little daydream.

“Did you not use protection?” I ask her- a weird (but quite sane for me) question, I know.

“No, we forgot. Caught up in the moment, I suppose. It only lasted a few minutes so I guess I didn’t think twice,” Rose answers thoughtfully. I choke on my own spit.

A few minutes?!” I laugh. Rose blushes before playfully pushing me back.

“Yes, a few minutes!” she giggles with me. I laugh at her for a little while longer. Then I frown.

“Have you told Scorpius yet?” I ask quietly. The atmosphere visibly tenses. I’m not sure why.

“No,” Rose answers, shortly. She sees I’m going to press her for a better answer. “He’s made it clear he thinks of it as a massive mistake. I don’t want to burden him with another,” she continues, her voice shaking slightly.

“What did he say to you?” I say, barely able to contain my anger. She shrugs.

“He asked for a word with me before the prefect meeting on the train. He got the prefect badge for Slytherin like Bus and I did for Gryffindor. And he just said that we shouldn’t tell anyone and we should just forget about it and pretend nothing happened,” Rose sighs.

“That... That... That TWIRP!” I shout- I’m pissed off now. Rose laughs at me and then frowns again.

“So I’m not going to tell him,” he says fiercely.

“He is a complete twat, but he does have a right to know,” I say gently. She glowers at me and then sighs.

“I know, you’re right,” she shakes her head sadly, “But I don’t know whether it’s worth it. I’m not sure about what I’m going to do yet,”

I blink at her for a second.

“What do you mean?” I ask. She shrugs. “Are you thinking of getting an abortion?” I breathe.

“I don’t know, Kat,” she says brusquely. She climbs off the bed and stands up. She heads towards the door. Slowly, she turns back to me.

“Kat. Why’s your bed  charred?” she asks. I laugh, it’s quite a forced sound.

“I set my bed on fire.” I reply easily. She just shakes her head. She’s used to me doing weird stuff like that, I suppose. Then her smile slips back into a frown.

“You’ll be the first to know what I decide. See you at dinner.”


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Chapter 7: Awkward Breakfasts, Party Planning and Heartbreaks
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 “Ladies,” James whips off his imaginary hat and bows to us. I ignore him and continue pushing the little breakfast I actually got around my plate. Lily just snorts at her embarrassing brother. Rosie nods at him and continues shovelling bacon down her neck.

I see even a crisis doesn’t diminish her appetite.

James frowns at me.

“It’s someone’s time of the month...” he murmurs as he sits down opposite.

“Shut it, James. I’m not in the mood,” I snap curtly.

He looks hurt which is odd- he’s used to me jumping down his throat. Why’s he getting so upset for some reason? Whatever.

We all sink into an uncomfortable and tense silence. Al clears his throat and starts to speak. I listen for a moment but then I hear the name Sarah and I sink back into my stupor.

Stupid Sarah is all he ever talks about now. Sarah this and Sarah that... Isn’t Sarah wonderful? They haven’t even been on a date yet! That reminds me, tomorrow is the Hogsmeade trip so it’s their first date. Brilliant. Just to add to my sorrows. Stupid Halloween Hogsmeade trip.

I haven’t been able to concentrate since two nights and Rose and I talked about her problem. I just can’t get my head around the fact that she’s considering abortion.

That’s not my Rose. And now I realise my Rose has gone. And I don’t know whether I’ll ever get my Rose back.

I’m scared. Not for me, no, for her. How is this going to change her? Keeping the baby would change her. But aborting the baby would change her. I know Rose, and aborting this baby will ruin her. She’ll regret it for the rest of her life. I can’t let her do that to herself. But at the same time, I can’t exactly ask her to change her lifestyle to care for a baby, can I?

“Kat?” Suddenly, I’m aware of someone repeating my name. I open my eyes and look up to see the worried faces of Lily, James and Al all staring intently at me.

“What?” I ask, startled.

“Well, you just completely zonked out. We’ve been saying your name for, like, five minutes,” Lily answers, awkwardly.

“Oh,” I say, lamely. Still looking slightly worried, they return to their previous conversations.

I look up and catch Rose’s eye. She was the only one not panicking. We exchange a look and she understands what just happened. She knows I’m worrying about her. She’s looking paler and more tired today. And she keeps shooting weird looks at Scorpius. I look pointedly at Scorpius and then back at Rose. She nods and then rises from the table and leaves the Hall.

James calls after her but she ignores him and keeps walking.

“What is going on with her today?” James sighs exasperatedly.  Then he looks at me with my pale face and my worried eyes. “What’s going on with both of you today?”

I shake my head and stand up. I walk slowly out of the Hall, aware that the Wotter clan are all staring at me.

I turn back for a moment and look at Scorpius. He’s chatting animatedly to his Slytherin mates. He and Al haven’t been on good terms since Al blanked Scorpius for Sarah.

I can still see Rose’s frightened eyes darting across the Hall to look at Scorp. Then I realise what she meant.

She’s going to tell Scorpius.



I’m sitting in the common room. I can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds. It’s Friday night. I should be having fun, hanging with my mates.

Instead I’m stuck in the common room, panicking.

You know, really, I should be getting excited for tomorrow. It’s Halloween! It’s a Hogsmeade trip! I should be thrilled! I just can’t work up any enthusiasm.

I’ve tried doing homework: my Herbology essay, my Muggle Studies research on microwaves and even practising the Levicorpus spell for Defence.

That really didn’t work out- I hit a first year with it and she got really scared when one minute she was playing a friendly game of Wizard Chess, and the next she was upside down hanging by her ankle.


Nothing can distract me from the thought that has been playing on my mind all day: Rose is going to Scorpius. She’s going to do it.

I’m terrified for her. At the same time, I’m happy. Hopefully, with Scorpius knowing, she’ll be able to think straight- be able to see all her options.

I hope.

“Katrina?” I hear a timid voice behind me. I turn around and see, to my surprise, James standing nervously behind me. He must be worried I’ll snap at him.

“Come and sit down James,” I sigh. He takes the chair nearest the fire and closest to me. “Sorry about this morning,” I say. James shrugs.

“It’s fine. Everyone’s allowed to have a bad day. Do you want to talk about it?” he asks quietly.

“Not yet,” I shake my head. He nods his head to show he’s okay with this.

What is going on? James is being understanding? What?!

James flashes his cheeky grin at me. Back to normal, I guess.

“A little birdie told me it’s your birthday tomorrow...” he laughs. I groan.

I forgot to say- my birthday is on Halloween. Weird, eh? I do quite like it, actually. It’s fun! When I was younger, I had Halloween themed birthday parties. It’s always been funny.

I love my birthdays, don’t get me wrong. But the Wotters’ are all filthy rich so when my birthday rolls around, they buy me presents I could never repay them for. I’m not poor- my mum does pretty well in her job and Dennis owns his own Dentists. So we’re doing okay. But mum has got three kids- she can’t really afford extravagant presents. So we settle for smaller- but just as precious- ones.

And the Wotters feel the need to make up for that.

“So, I have decided to throw a party in your honour. Tomorrow,” he continues cheerfully.

“What?!” I choke. I haven’t had a party since first year- and that was just an “intimate get-together” with a few of my mates and some stolen food from the kitchens. Now, James’ parties are full blown affairs where everyone comes.

“It’s tomorrow, James! Maybe no-one will come,” I say, almost hopeful.

“Please. I could tell people an hour before it starts and everyone would still show. No-one misses a Wotter party,” James scoffs.

Damn. He’s right.

“Will there be alcohol?” I ask suspiciously. I don’t really approve of underage drinking. An odd glass of Firewhisky, perhaps, but not what James calls “sensible drinking”.

“Only a bit. I know you don’t like the drinking part, so I’ll only get a bit,” James replies easily. I’ll be fine with that. Just so long it won’t be too bad.

“And where will this party be held?” I question him.

“The Room of Requirement,” shrugs James. I frown.

“I thought the Room was a Wotter secret?” I say. Well, mostly. I lot of people know of it- it was used in the Battle of Hogwarts. But over time, people have forgotten the exact location of it and how to get into it.

“We’ll make it look like an abandoned classroom we’ve done up for the party. Besides, everyone will so hung-over in the morning, no-one will remember it,” James replies. I hit him on the head.


We laugh for a while. I know he was joking, but there was some truth in what he said. People will get drunk. I’ll just have to turn a blind eye to it.

“Nine o’clock. Be there or be square,” James winks at me. I roll my eyes at him. He stands and swaggers out of the portrait hole. Ruddy James.

The portrait swings open again. This time, it’s Rose. I get up, the nervous worry returns to me. James had managed to successfully distract me for a while, but now the feeling has come back with a vengeance.

“Have you...?” I trail off. She shakes her head, tiredly.

“No,” she replies shortly. I sigh. Part of me is relieved. The bigger part is annoyed: as much as I dislike Scorpius, he does have a right to know.

“Rose!” I sigh, irritated.

“I couldn’t, Kat! I didn’t know how!” Rose’s eyes fill with tears once more. I hug her tightly. The common room is packed and noisy so no-one notices us.

“I know, Rosie. It’s hard. But you have to do it,” I whisper into her ear. I feel her nod.

“I know. And I will, I promise,” Rose replies quietly.

“You’ve played with fire and now you have to pay the consequences,” I say, solemnly as we break apart. My mum always used to say that me. It was her favourite lecture. It just seemed appropriate for this occasion. Rose breaks into a watery smile.

“You always make me laugh,” she chuckles. I smile back.

“I’ll do it tomorrow. I promise. No matter what happens, I’ll do it.” Rose continues, with a determined look on her face.

“Good!” I smile encouragingly.

“I will. I promise,” Rose clenches her fists, showing her willpower. “I’m going to go to bed now. I’ll meet you up there, yeah? You should get an early night, too. It’s a big day for you!” she winks conspicuously at me.

“I see you’ve heard of the party then?” I moan. She laughs at my horrified expression before turning and walking up the stairs.

“Put a stop to it! You’re a prefect!” I call after her. I hear her chuckle as she walks into the dorm.

 I sit back down for a while, staring into the flames of the fire. The portrait door slams open again. This time it’s Al and Sarah and Lily. Lily looks disgruntled. Probably annoyed she’s stuck with the lovebirds. Al and Sarah are giggling happily.

“Seen Rose?” Lily asks me and they sit down. Obviously she’s looking for a reason to get away from the couple.

“She went up to bed,” I reply, determined not to look at Al and Sarah.

“Bit early, isn’t it?” Lily frowns.

“Didn’t feel great. Wanted some extra sleep to recover,” I lie easily. Lily accepts the explanation and snuggles up into the chair. Al and Sarah giggle again. I can’t take anymore.

“I’m going to go up to bed, too. See if she’s okay. Need some sleep for the party tomorrow, I suppose,” I sigh. Lily chortles and waves me goodnight. She sends Albus another disgusted look. Al and Sarah completely ignore me. I take another look at them. They’re laughing together completely oblivious to my hurt and heartbreak.

I run up the stairs to the dorm as fast as I can, desperate to get away from them. I rampage into the dorm, ignoring Rose’s surprised yelp and run into the bathroom. I lock the door and crumple onto the floor.

My heart just keeps getting broken.


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Chapter 8: Birthday songs, First Kisses and Revealing Secrets,
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“Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”

“Shlurgammit,” I reply. I’m still asleep and I don’t like being woken up by someone jumping on me and insistently repeating “Wake up”.

“Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP!” someone yells in my ear. Finally, open my eyes and sit up. Angus is on my bed and I’m guessing he was the one jumping on me. The whole of the Wotter clan are standing around me.

“Wha-” I manage to say before,

“1...2...3!” Lily whispers. Then the whole group begin singing.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

You look li-ke Voldemort,

Annnnd you smell like him too!”

I laugh at my friends’ spin on Happy Birthday. Mostly, I’m laughing at their terrible out of tune singing.

“Thanks guys!” I beam at them. “But I’m not dressed!” I exclaim. I’m wearing my oldest, ugliest pair of pyjamas- they’ve got rubber ducks on them.


They’re my comfort pyjamas!

I suddenly realise what a horrific bed-head I must have too...

“We’re not dressed either!” Lily points out, gesturing to her pyjamas. I look at all my friend’s and realise they’re all wearing pyjamas and all have morning hair. And I can even smell their morning breath...

Lily is wearing her favourite nightie: it’s got moon cows (cows in space outfits) on it.

I never understood that girl’s style.

Al is wearing a red dressing gown with gold trimmings. Two words: Nana Molly. Rose is wearing a pair of tartan pyjamas.

Wotter girls have the weirdest of styles.

I stand corrected- Dom actually looks quite good. She’s wearing a (very) lacy purple nightie. It was... very... revealing... Let’s leave it at that.

Hugo is wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a bright orange tee-shirt. Molly and Lucy are wearing identical ankle length nighties. Sexy...

Fred’s wearing his Christmas jumper from Nana Molly. He’s even wearing a bobble hat. I’m not entirely sure what he’s wearing underneath. If he is wearing anything underneath...

His sister Roxy is wearing blue flannel pyjamas with a huge Raven on the shirt.

James however, looked the most hilarious. He looks like he’d been dragged out of bed- his hair is messier than Al’s and he still has dried spit on the side of his face from where he’d drooled in the night.

And the best part?

He is wearing polka-dot pyjamas.

Call the fan girls! One look at James in the morning and he’d be fan girl-less.

I look over James’ shoulder to see the three other girl’s we shared a room with- Millie Vane, Maddie Thomas and Fran Dack- ogling at them in shock. Actually, I think Vane was trying to check out James’ arse.

“How did the guys get up here? How did you get up the sliding-stairs?” I ask James and Al.

“We climbed up the banister. It was pretty easy,” James shrugs.

Meh. Normal Potter boy stuff.

I’ll ask them to give me a demonstration later.

 “We’ve got your presents...” Dom giggles. I stifle a groan. I sit up properly, rub the sleep out of my eyes and put my glasses on. I look at the foot of my bed and see a satisfyingly reasonably large pile of presents.

“Where should I start?” I sigh. I’m secretly pretty excited but I can’t let on, can I?

“Here!” Dom cries, practically wetting herself with excitement. She motions towards the largest present. It’s a long box. I pull it onto my lap and attempt to open it. Whoever wrapped it had a little too much fun with the duck tape.

It was probably Al then. He loves muggle stuff.

“Give it here,” Dom sighs exasperatedly. She snatches the box off me. She’s obviously desperate to see my reaction. She pulls out her wand and points it at the box. She murmurs a spell and the duck tape comes loose. She hands it back to me and continues bouncing up and down in excitement.

Curiously I open it.

I gasp.

Dom claps her hands and the rest of the guys laugh. Part of me is furious. The other half is thrilled.

“Guys! You shouldn’t have! Who got me this?” I exclaim.

It’s a broom.

Not just any broom: the newest Cleansweep.

I’ve been desperate for a new broom for ages, but never had to time or money. Obviously, the new Firebolt and the newest Nimbus are the best brooms out there, but they are ridiculously overpriced. The Cleansweep Air is still amazing. Besides, Rose’s dad, Ron, is always going on about how the Cleansweeps are the only reliable brooms left- the new brooms’ flying charms wear off after about a year.

I feel my eyes well up and blink the tears back furiously. This has to be the best present ever.

“We all pitched in. We all got you smaller separate presents too of course,” James replies.

“Thank you so much!” I beam and pull them into hug, still wrapped in my bed sheets. When we break apart I reach for my next present.

I got an excellent hoard this year: mum got me a phone- pretty extravagant! It’s nothing special, none of those hi-tech ones, just a plain one. But it’s still amazing. Even being a witch, a mobile comes in handy. The guys were all intrigued by it. Rose, being her mother’s daughter, knew what it was immediately. Al got all over-excited- he’s obsessed with muggle objects.

Being the nice kind person I am, I passed the mobile around letting them play with the buttons. Obviously, the damn thing won’t turn on: the magic makes it go hay-wire. I’ll just have to wait until the holidays to use it.

I get some of Honeydukes best chocolate from Lily and Hugo, the latest Weasley Wizard Wheezes products from Fred, Roxy and their parents and a box of magical make-up/hair products from the Delacour side of the family. I may be less into the make-up side of things, but I admit those products will come in handy.

I open the next few presents and get some Wand Polish from Rose (“You wand was looking rather grubby, Kat, and dirty wands can hinder your spell success”) and a few Galleons from her dad (I’m guessing Rose and Hermione bought me the wand polish and Ron felt bad so he gave me some Galleons to make up for it). Molly, Lucy and her family bought me a few spellbooks. They’ll be the least used presents.

I got the usual Weasley bits and bobs from Nana Molly- her homemade fudge and toffee with some other snacks and treats. Is she purposely trying to make me fat?

Albus bought me a really amazing Quidditch pack: it was full of Holyhead Harpies merchandise (being muggle-born and never having heard of Quidditch before, the Wotter’s made it their mission in life to get me to support the two family teams- Holyhead Harpies or the Chudley Cannons) with a book full of interesting facts about Quidditch. I thank him heartily.

His parents and his sister gave me fifteen Galleons- much to my chagrin. They spend too much on me.

I open a strange looking present. All the Wotters seem intrigued too. I unwrap it and gently pull out a strange looking object, sort of like a dream catcher.

“The Scamanders,” Al states simply.

“Ah.” I reply.

It is really quite a beautiful object, even if I have no idea what it is. It’s intricately made, so delicate. I rummage around in the packaging it came in and find a note. The note says, in large loopy handwriting:


I sense you will be in need of this soon- it will help you think straight in the times ahead.

It’s a Nargle Catcher. Place it above your bed to prevent Nargles from inhabiting your mind. Use it well.


Luna, Rolf, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander

“That’s, um, thoughtful...” Rosie giggles. The Wotter clan laugh with her. I laugh too but in my head I’m wondering how Luna knew I’d need it. Has she sensed the odd events that have been happening? Strange.

“Where’s my present James?” I smile up at him. He laughs

“My present was letting you on the Quidditch team!” he replies simply.

The Quidditch tryouts had been relatively easy this year- the team is made up of mostly Wotters. Only the Wotters who weren’t in Gryffindor didn’t make the team. Rose is keeper; James, Lily and I chasers; Fred a beater with Owen Sloper and Al seeker. I feel sorry for the rest of Hogwarts- no-one new ever stands a chance of getting on the team! There’s only me and Owen who aren’t part of the family. Maybe next year they’ll have better luck next year- James will have left by then. Maybe even this year: I suppose Rose will have to leave soon...

“Haha, very funny. That basically means you forgot, right?” I laugh. James shakes his head.

“’Course not! I’m giving it you tonight,” James exclaims. For some reason Al looks pissed off.

“Oh! Can’t wait!” I grin. James smiles uneasily and scratches his nose nervously.

“Piss of you guys, now. I want to brush my teeth,” Rose snorts. I say a few more thank-yous as the rest of the clan leave.

“Come on, let’s get ready for the Hogsmeade trip!” Rose tells me. My heart sinks. I’d forgotten about that.

It’s Al and Sarah’s first date.




I’m sitting in the Three Broomsticks, alone.

Typical. Bloody typical.

To be fair, I hadn’t been alone until about five minutes ago. I’d been with James, Fred, Rose and Dom. James and Fred had gone first to pick up some last minute stuff for the party (*groan*). Dom had followed soon after to go on a date with her latest boyfriend.

I lose track of how many guys she has dated in the past six months.

Ruddy Veela blood...

Then, Rose had left a little while ago. She’d seen Scorpius, alone, walk past heading towards Hogwarts. She’d followed him. She was determined to tell him she was pregnant today. I’d wished her luck and smiled encouragingly but as soon as she left I let myself freak out.

I’ve never been so nervous before in my life.

And that’s saying something: you should see me before exams.

Thank God I’m not the one having to tell someone I’m pregnant!

So, I’m sitting alone in the Three Broomstick, nursing a glass of Butterbeer and sulking. I look up to see Al walk in, very red in the face.

“Hey, Albus,” I smile weakly. He beams back and sits down opposite.

“How did your date go with Sarah?” I ask. Why did I ask that? Sometime I wonder whether my mouth and brain are actually connected. Ever heard of heartbreak, Katrina?

“It was...”

Please say crap, please say crap, please say crap!


Ah, crap.

“We went to Madam Puddifoot’s-”

I didn’t even know that shithole was still open.

“- and it was really cool! They had little model angels hanging down from the ceiling and it was really cute-“

You’re a guy Al. Get over it.

“They didn’t really do a Halloween theme- I suppose they thought that wouldn’t fit in with the whole aura of the place-”

Well no...

“And... Well, she kissed me, Katrina!” Al gushed, blushing beetroot red. I frowned. The stabbing pain in my chest wasn’t quite as bad as I would have thought. I suppose I already figured they’d snogged previously.

“Oh. I thought you’d kissed before,” I say, awkwardly. Albus blushes even more.

“No. Don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, okay?” Al leans forward.

You hated it. She’s a shit kisser. She has bad breath. She has the washing machine syndrome!

Take your pick Al. Pick one of these problems.

“That was my first kiss!” he squeaks, all embarrassed.


“I’ve, er, got to go now. Bye,” I stand up and run out of the pub. I’m walking as fast as I can, desperately trying not to cry. I can hear Al calling after me and I can picture his shocked and confused face. For some reason, that only increases the urge to cry.

 I carry on running until I reach Hogwarts. I walk around the grounds for the next half an hour trying to clear my head and calm down.


What a crap birthday so far, eh?

After thirty minutes, I feel relatively calm and ready to face the Wotters. Slowly, I head inside of the castle and traipse back up in the general direction of the Gryffindor common room. There, just walking up the stairs, are Dom, James, Al and Lily. Al looks distraught and concerned and Lily looks like she’s scolding him.

“Hey guys!” I say cheerfully. Not falsely so, I hope. Al turns and sees me and looks really relieved. He grabs me and pulls me into a tight bear-hug.

“Jeez Albus! I only saw you like an hour ago!” I laugh.

“I know, I know! I was just worried I’d upset you before in Hogsmeade,” Albus grimaces at me. I shrug and put on a false smile.

“Sorry about that. Not been feeling well, lately. Think I might have caught something,” I explain. “So I couldn’t take any gross details about your snogging!” I add, playfully punching Albus on the shoulder. He breaks into my favourite smile.

“Well, you better be fully recovered for the party tonight!” James winks at me. I laugh. We walk forward towards the Portrait Hole.

“Flobberworms,” Lily says to the Fat Lady.

“I wouldn’t go in if I were you,” she tells us. I frown at my friends and they look worried. The Fat Lady swings open and I’m greeted by the sound of screaming and shouting. We rush in to find an empty common room.

Apart from Rose and Scorpius standing in the middle of it, glaring furiously at each other.

Oh no, no, no.

She hasn’t had she?

Oh crap.

 “Protego!” I scream and point my wand in-between them. They both look like they’re about to murder each other.

“What the bloody Hell is going on?” James cries.

“Rosie, you didn’t?” I gasp at Rose.

“You knew? She told you before me?” Scorpius spits madly at me. I regard him coldly.

“She is my best friend, Scorpius. She’s allowed to tell me things,” I say, my voice dripping with venom. We’re all just acting like Al, James, Lily and Dom aren’t present and it’s just us. I step away from them, moving closer to Scorpius and Rose.

“Well, Rose has made it clear that she’d rather you be involved than me,” Scorpius sneers. Rose takes a menacing step closer to him.

“You bastard,” she snarls. I hold my wand up higher, making sure my charm is cast strongly enough.

“Scorpius...” I warn.

“What’s going on?” Dom repeats James’ comment urgently. We ignore her.

“It’s not my problem. I can walk away. I don’t want this. I don’t have to have this,” Scorpius roars at me. I can tell he’s angry, but his wild eyes tell me more: he’s terrified.

That infuriates me even more. He’s terrified so he is just going to walk away. Rose is just as terrified as him- no. More so. And she’s not walking away. I pull my wand away, meaning the shield charm is no longer cast. I don’t want to protect them anymore. If it comes to a fight, I’ll be with Rose all the way.

“Do you really believe we’d let you?” I say in a dangerously quiet voice. Scorpius’ furious face wavers for a moment. For a second, he looks unsure.

“I can’t...” Scorpius whispers.

“You can. And you will,” I state, angrily. I’m a believer in tough love.

The rage returns to Scorpius at once. He looks fit to murder again.

“Scorpius, what’s going on?” Al finally speaks up.

“Your skank of a cousin is pregnant,” he spits.

Several things happen at once. Al and James draw their wands, Lily snarls (actually snarls), Dom runs at Scorpius, Rose gasps and I scream “Levicorpus” at him. He’s yanked into the air by his ankle and he shouts in surprise. Dom carries on charging and only just manages to stop herself from running head first into the wall. Then she remembers she’s a witch and pulls out her wand.

I’m getting good at levicorpus. Guess that practice on the first year helped.

Anyway, I digress.

Suddenly the Potter’s seem to realise what Scorpius just said- they didn’t just hear the insult.

“You’re what?” Al says in a strangled voice.

“Shut up, Al,” I growl, still glaring at Scorpius. “I always knew you were you’re your daddy’s boy, Scorpius. I just never realised you were as weak and as stupid as him!”

James and Lily are gawping at me.

“I didn’t know you could actually shout,” Lily blinks at me.

“I’ve seen her worse than this. She was so angry once she almost threw me off the Astronomy Tower,” Al shrugs.

“Really?” James gasps.

“Yep, I was there!” Dom pipes up.

“Guys! Back to the point, here!” I cry.

Guess I’m not the only one who digresses.

They seem to recover and they start gaping at Rose.

“You’re pregnant?” James yells.

“Focus back on Katrina’s anger!” Rose cries childishly. James then turns to Scorpius. His face is getting redder and redder, now even the tips of his ears and turning tomato red.

Oh no.

The Weasley fury is setting in.

“You got my cousin PREGNANT?” he screams in choked voice at Scorpius. He raises his wand as if to cast a curse. I cast a protego charm between them.

Lily bursts into tears. She never cries.

Crap, crap, crap. Calm the situation down, Kat. And quick.

“Let’s not kill the father of the child, please,” I say, desperately trying to regain control.

“You knew! How long have you known?” James hisses at me.

“Since she found she was pregnant,” I shrug, “A few days.”

“You got Rose pregnant?” Albus directs at Scorpius. He says it a deadly quiet voice. Scorpius’ face drains of colour.

“Al... I’m sorr-”

“Save it, Malfoy!” Albus spits. Then he takes a deep breath, “I would have been okay with you getting my cousin pregnant if you’d actually told me you guys had... You know... I would have understood. But you just called her a slag. You’re running away from it. And Rose can’t-”

Good job he doesn’t know about the abortion scandal.

“Katrina is right-”

No! Don’t bring me into the conversation!

“You’re just like your dad- a coward,” he finishes in a completely calm voice. Scorpius just gapes at Albus. “Take him down, Kat.”

Liberacorpus,” I murmur the counter curse. I don’t ask why- I don’t want to be in line of Albus’ wrath. Scorpius falls flat on his face. No-one laughs.

“Get out. You don’t deserve to stand in the Gryffindor common room when you’re a coward,” James spits. Scorpius tries to look dignified as he saunters out of the room.

I have to say, I was rather surprised Lily didn’t attack him. She’s got her mother’s temper, that one.

Rosie crumples into a heap on the floor and sobs loudly. We all just watch her, too stunned about what just happened. Then, Lily and Dom walk forward and kneel beside Rose and begin comforting her.

Al’s eyes are wild. He looks terrifying. Abruptly, he turns and storms out. I have a feeling he will be abusing his power as a prefect and deducting points from Slytherin.

I turn to James and smile weakly.

“Still in the mood for a party?” I ask. James sighs and pockets his wand.

“To be honest, a party with drink is exactly what we all need right now,” he says sadly.

For once, I don’t disagree.


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Chapter 9: Dresses, Potions Whizzes and Surprising Kisses
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 “Rosie, what are you doing?” I ask. I’m lying on my bed, relaxing and trying not to think of today’s events or the upcoming party in a few hours. Meanwhile, Rosie has her trunk on her bed and is rifling through it, muttering to herself.

It’s six o’clock so we have three hours until the party. Which, for your information, I have no intention of going to.

I know, I know. It’s my party: I really should attend. But I really can’t face it.

“I’m searching for a dress,” Rose replies impatiently.

“Why?” I ask, confused. Rose looks up and gives me her famous, “Are-you-stupid?” face. It's a talent.

“The party. Duh,” she says. I blink at her.

“Oh. I didn’t think you were going with the whole Scorpius thing...” I trail off when I receive a steely glare. Rose completely lost it after the whole shouting match episode. She was crying for hours. The Potters reacted quite well if you think about it.

Okay, so maybe I haven’t seen Al since he stormed out and Lily locked herself in the bathroom for a few hours and when we asked her what was going on, she told us she was going to live there and live off toothpaste...

But James was fine. I think.

I hope...

“We’re Wotters. Something like this was always going to happen. I’m just surprised it was Rose. We all are,” was what he’d said to me. Lily had comforted Rose for a while, but then she’d completely lost it and run into her dorm bathroom. James had taken over comforting Rose and acted all calm.

A complete change of character.

I’d figured he’d be the one who completely lose it and go around cursing people.

Guess not.

Anyway, back to discussing parties with Rose.

“Just because the father of my unborn child turns out to be a twat doesn’t mean I can’t have a good time,” Rose says coolly. I shrug.

“Fair enough,” I say. Then I add, “You’re not going to drink are you?” I’m thinking of the baby here! Plus, I might need someone who is relatively sober to help me get a completely smashed James back to his dorm.

“Of course not! I’m not stupid you know!” Rose exclaims. I raise my eyebrows.

“Says the girl who’s underage and pregnant!” I laugh. She pokes her tongue out at me.

“Mature. You’ll make an amazing mature mother,” I say.

I’m a bit surprised how she’s cheered up so much.

Meh, actually I’m not. My mum was the same apparently when she was pregnant with Angus: she had MASSIVE mood swings. One minute she was all, “Let’s go shopping!” and the next she was yelling at us to get to our rooms.

Pregnant women and their hormones...

“Have you got your dress ready?” she asks me, not looking up from her trunk.

“No. I’m not going,” I answer readily.


An owl cage comes hurtling across the room and hits me.

“OW! Rose! What was that for?” I yell. She marches across the room and starts hitting me. With each syllable of each word, she punches me.

“You-*punch*-complete-*punch, punch*-ARSE-*punch*-Katrina-*punch, punch, punch*-Parker-*punch, punch*!” she screams.

“Rose!” I yelp. That girl is violent!

“Why aren’t you going?” she asks me, breathing heavily.

“I have good reason! Look, everyone will get really drunk, we’ll probably get in trouble and we’ll be ill anyway. And it’s my birthday, I should be allowed to celebrate it as I wish!” I reply impressively.

Or not.


“Ow, ow, ow! Rose!” I yell. She hit me over the head with the owl cage again. “What was that for?”

“James has worked so hard on this party for you! And Dom reckons he’s going-” she stops herself.

“Dom reckons James is going to what?” I ask curiously.

“You’ll have to come to the party to come won’t you?” Rose says pompously.

“You’re not going to let me not go to this party are you?” I sigh.


Thought not...


In the end, I’m quite happy with the result. I look pretty good!

Dom and Lily had come up to our dorm to get ready with us so I’d basically let them dress me.


I was their Barbie doll.

And they dressed Rose. Lily was acting a bit weird around Rose, really nervous, but Dom just took it in her stride. We were alone in the dorm anyways, so it didn’t matter. She even offered to do the expanding charms on Rose’s clothes once she started getting big- Dom has a knack for that spell.

I was a bit surprised when they all whipped out fancy dresses. I’d argued and said that it was James Potter party- everyone would be wearing clothes they wouldn’t mind puking on. Dom had whisked out the party flyer. To my surprise, it did have a dress code: formal.

This is completely different for James.


Rose looks gorgeous in her floaty emerald green dress. She’d put product in her hair so it fell sleekly, shaping her face. She told me that the dress had been her mum’s before her, but she’d changed the colour so it wouldn’t clash with her hair.

Dom looks stunning (surprise, surprise) in her waist hugging, low cut dark blue dress. Lily looks amazing in her long, slightly less revealing sky blue dress. It goes beautifully with her gorgeous shade of hair.

For some reason, they all fussed over what I should wear, lending me dresses and make-up. Whenever I asked them why they were making a fuss, they’d blush and change the subject.

Even stranger...

 I’m wearing this sleeveless light purple dress my Auntie Gertrude bought me two years ago. Once we put an expanding charm (not very powerful though- I haven’t grown much in two years) on it and burnt off all the frills, it looked great! It fitted tightly around my chest (so for once, my basoomas actually looked good!) and my waist, accentuating my curves beautifully (whatever that means: Dom said it). It poofed out at the skirt bit, reaching my ankles.

I looked good.

No, I look good.

Dom had even done my make-up for me (using the products she bought for my birthday). She’d only put a little on me: “A little goes far for you!” she’d said. Then, she’d fought with my limp hair for about an hour, much to the amusement of Lily and Rose. Finally, I’d been finished with.

I’m now standing in front of the mirror, admiring my reflection. I can’t quite believe that the pretty girl gazing at me in the mirror was actually me. Sure, I don’t look as stunning and hot as Veela Dom, or as naturally bonny as little Lily or as striking as tall Rose, but I sure look good. I slip on some high heels so I won’t be completely towered over by Rose.

At ten to, we leave the dorm and head towards the Room of Requirement. People are flooding through the doors, not even noticing that the classroom isn’t there normally.


How do the teachers not notice this? I’m sure they do, they’re just lazy to do anything about it.

We hang back in the shadows, waiting until the crowds died down. To be honest, I think Dom just wants to make a big entrance.

Just before we are about to enter, I spot Professor Longbottom walk past us. I suck in my cheeks. This party was going to be over before it had even begun. Then to my utter surprise, he turns and winks at me before walking away.


I guess I was right.

Dom grabs my arm and drags me through the doors.

Everyone stops and turns. Normally, people ignore me and are automatically drawn to stare at Dom, or gaze at Lily or gawp at Rose. Today, however, a lot of people gawk at me.

This is different.

I blink a few times and look around the room. As usual, it and James have outdone themselves. People turn back to their partners or friends or begin dancing again. There’s a bar at one corner that just keeps re-filling itself with firewhiskey. There are tables and stools littered around the room although most people are dancing or standing. The dance floor takes up most of the space- it’s huge and filled with revolving couples. There are a few darkened alcoves in the far corners of the room- obviously that’s where the snoggers go.

Almost immediately, we lose Dom. I see her wade through the crows and latch herself onto a boy. They instantly start snogging.

Hang on, I’m sure that’s not the boy she was seeing this morning...

Ah well.

Lily hugs me goodbye a few minutes later to go and see Lorcan and Lysander.

“Tell them thank you from me for the present!” I yell over the music. Lily just smiles blankly and waves goodbye.

I don’t think she heard me.

Rose and I stride through the crowds ad sit down at the table furthest away from the dance floor and the pounding music. We sit and have a good laugh about the strange outfits some of the guests are wearing. The Scamander twins are wearing matching bright yellow dress robes. Lily is talking to them, completely at ease with their outfits.

“They look like the sky!” I yell at Rose. “Lily is the blue sky and the twins are the Sun!” She laughs loudly, in the most unattractive way.

A few people stare, but who cares?

A lot of people come and say hi and wish me a happy birthday. It’s nice to know people are sober enough to remember why they’re here.

A boy taps Rose on the shoulder. I squint at him and instantly recognise him as Mark MacLaggen. He’s Hogwarts biggest player (other than James of course) and has such a huge ego it rivals even James’.

However, he is extremely good looking. Everyone knows that looks are the most important thing in a boyfriend.


“Would you like to dance with me?” he shouts in Rose’s ear. She blushes and nods, much to my chagrin. He holds out his hand and she takes it. He leads her to the dance floor without a second glance at me.


He couldn’t have set me up with his good looking Ravenclaw buddies could he?

Nope. Course not.

I watch them dance for a while. Well, I say “dance”. The dancers’ version of dancing is leaping up and down in time to the music, wiggling their hips every so often.

Maybe I’m not missing out on much...

I get up and mingle with a few of the guests. They all seem to be having a great time, which is good. I goggle at a few outfits- some slightly terrifying. I swear, Coriander (what sort of name is that anyways?!) Brown’s breasts are practically bursting out of her dress. A lot of boys are wearing dress robes but most are wearing muggle shirts and ties.

As times have rolled on, the wizarding world has finally caught on with muggle clothing.

I see Scorpius sulking in the corner, sending death glares at MacLaggen. Stupid prick. He could be the one dancing with Rose if he hadn’t acted like a complete twat earlier.

Polly Parkinson’s older sister, Divina, is dancing seductively in front of him, and he hasn’t even looked at her once. Stupid, stupid prick. He’s got it bad for Rose and he’s completely gone and blown it.

Divina shakes her arse in his direction.

What. A. Fail.

She looks fucking ridiculous.

I lean against the wall and gaze at the couples. There is one couple practically going at it right then and there. I squint at them and look closer. The break apart for a breath and I recognise them instantly: Sarah and Al. They gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment and then begin kissing again with enough passion to fuel all the lights in Time Square.

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

My heart breaks all over again.

I should be used to this now- practically every time the stupid prick (no, not Scorpius. He’s stupid prick one) speaks, he breaks my heart.

Without thinking, I make my way through the crowds and pour myself a firewhiskey. It burns my throat but a sense of well being instantly washes through me. Without thinking, I pour myself another glass.

And another.

And another.

And another.

“Woah, steady on there tiger!” I hear a voice behind me. I turn and see a very wobbly blob sitting next to me.

“’Lo,” I manage to say. The blob becomes clearer and soon I can make out his features.


It’s James and he’s looking at me with some amusement.

“How many have you had?” he asks incredulously.

“Five!” I slur, holding up two fingers. Except, it doesn’t come out a crisp “five”, oh no. It’s sounds like this:



 “That is strong stuff for a beginner,” James winks evilly. However, to me it sounds like a foreign language.

Brilliant. The drink had gone to my hearing.

I see his mouth move but I’m distracted. Suddenly, I have the urge to run across the room naked...


I turn back to James. He says something else but it sounds like he’s choking.

“Bless you!” I smile at him. He blinks at me.

Guess he didn’t sneeze...

He reaches into his pocket in his trousers and pulls a bottle of something out. He points to it, then to me, and then mimes drinking it.

“Whaddya wanme to do?” I ask innocently. He sighs and opens the bottle. Then, he pours its contents into my mouth.

It tastes like Goblin piss.


But instantly my senses return to me. Every blob/person comes into focus, I can hear properly again and I don’t feel much like running around naked anymore.

James laughs at me- I suppose I must have a pretty shocked expression right now.

“Wow!” is all I can manage. I take a deep breath and then say, “What is that stuff?”

“It doesn’t have a name as yet. It’s just a potion to sober you up!” he replies, smiling at me.

“Where did you get it? You should sell it!” I giggle.

“Made it myself,” he shrugs.

I blink at him.

“No, seriously. Where’d you get it?” I repeat. He’s joking right?

“I made it myself...” he answers slowly, evidently confused. I burst out laughing.

James Potter creating a potion?!


He looks deadly serious and slightly offended.

I quit laughing immediately.


“I thought Al was the Potions whiz!” I joke, attempting to lighten the mood.

“He is. I’m good, I guess, at my subjects. I just can’t be arsed with them,” he shrugs and smiles cheekily. I can’t help but smile back.

“You’re amazing,” I tell him, grinning at him. He blushes. Then he blinks at me and frowns to himself, looking like he’s thinking. Suddenly, he leaps up and holds out his hand. I take it uncertainly.

“Come with me,” he smiles as he pulls me up. My heart beats in time to the rhythm of the loud electronic muggle music that is pulsing out of the speakers. I let James lead me to one of the darkened alcoves.

“James,” I begin uncertainly. “Isn’t this where the snoggers come?”

“Nah. It was originally just a quieter place you could hang out. The Room just accommodated for the couples,” he shrugs indifferently. I let it slide.

“So, what did you want?” I ask nervously.

“I didn’t plan it like this... Figured you would be slightly more sober... But I’ll come right out and say it...” he murmurs, mostly to himself. He runs his hand through his wild hair apprehensively. It messes it up even more so, it flops into his eyes. I blink at him.

He looks amazing.

No, focus Katrina! What’s he going to say? Oh God, he hasn’t guessed you fancy Al has he? Shit, he has! He’s going to laugh in my face, and then announce it to the entire party! I knew this was all a ploy! Everyone is going to laugh in my face and-

“Look, I... Okay,” he takes a deep breath. I hold my own. “I really like you,”


I didn’t expect that.

I move my lips but no sound comes out. James seems to take this as an invitation to carry on.

“I’ve liked you for ages but I didn’t know how to woo you.”

Did James just say “woo”?

What has the world come to?

Anyway, I digress.

“And anyway... I’d really like you to be my girlfriend,” he finishes, kind of lamely. He grins at me hopefully. My jaw drops into an “O” shape, so I sort of resemble a goldfish.

Such an attractive facial expression.

“So you interested then?” he prompts, his confidence returning to him. I can’t seem to say anything. My overall instincts are saying, “NO!”.


Well let’s see... I’m in love with his brother.

Good enough?

But such a lot of me, not just the still tipsy side of me, is telling me to go for it.

“Uh, Kat?” What do you think?” James frowns at me.

Speak Kat, speak.



“Shwigeurhgs,” I manage to choke out.

“Pardon? I didn’t catch that,” James looks slightly scared now.



I managed a word!

“I’m not sure...” I continue. James leans forward and gives me a little shake.

“Come on Katrina! What’s the worst that could happen?” sighs James.

And that’s when my brain whirs in to action. I begin over-thinking.

I think over the worst possibilities. They all happen because I say yes. So it’s a no then.

“James, listen-”                         

WAIT! Shut up!

I can’t say no! Then...

“You’re over-thinking again, aren’t you?”

He knows me so well.

“What? It’s only being sensible!” I exclaim. James chuckles and leans forward again.

He kisses me.

Fireworks explode inside of me, my head feels light and my legs turn to jelly.

But in a good way.

I kiss him back, passionately. I know it’s wrong; Al’s face keeps flashing up, imprinted on my eyelids. Then the image of Al and Sarah kissing pops up.

I remember the pain I always feel when they kiss.

I don’t want that.

And as James and I break apart, I look into his eyes. They’re filled with yearning and something else. Something I know I’d never see in Albus’ eyes for me.

James wants me.

“Let’s give a go, yeah?” James says, smiling.

I answer with a kiss.

I wrap my arms around James’ neck, and his slither around my waist. We begin our own little piece of heaven.

Al’s got Sarah now.

I’ve got to let him go.


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Chapter 10: Mornings, Fights and Movie-like Scenes
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 I wake up naturally.

How odd.

Usually, I have to have a charmed wizard alarm bleeping at a bajillion decibels to wake me up. This morning however, I wake up because I’m actually ready to wake up.

Even odder.

It’s only 7am.

Even odderer.

I lie still for a moment and think about last night.

It had to be a dream. Right?

Judging from the groans coming from the other beds and the retching sounds coming from the bathroom, it wasn’t.

Rose is snoring peacefully, fast asleep. Somebody had a good night. Whatever happened to morning sickness?

I clamber out of my bed. I can’t help but smile. Last night was amazing. And James.

My heart does a little flutter.

It’s faint, sure, nothing as powerful as when I think of Al. But it’s there. I feel something for him. I’m happy we’re dating. That’s something.

I should be feeling guilty- I’m basically screwing James over. I’m in love with his brother for God’s sake.

Jeez, Kat. Get over yourself. Albus doesn’t love you. You’ve got James.

James wants you, Kat. He wants you.

I slip on some jeans and a jumper and my sneakers. I pull my brush through my hair a few times- it doesn’t need much, it just falls back limply around my face. I gaze at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth.

Not how you expected the girlfriend of James Potter to look like, eh?

Supermodel like, fashionable, gorgeous, tall, blonde...

And there’s me.

Average, wearing a baggy jumper that really belongs to my brother (I nicked it), not striking at all, a right short arse and with mousy brown hair that does nothing.


Bloody brilliant.

Still, I’m James Potter’s girlfriend.

Woah, I’m his GIRLFRIEND.

Head rush!

I pad quietly out of the room, trying not to wake anybody. I plan to sit and chill in the common room for a while and wait for the others before going down for breakfast.

To my complete surprise, someone is sitting next to the fire. A messy bird’s nest of black hair is all I can see and I recognise him instantly.

“Al?” I blink at him. He sits up and smiles.

“Mornin’” he grins.

“What are you doing up? You’re not usually an early riser,” I ask him.

He shrugs. “Woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Fair enough,” I sit down next to him. “How long have you been up for?”

“A few hours,” he shrugs nonchalantly.

“Woah. It’s only seven now!” I exclaim. He shrugs again. I roll my eyes and continue. “Had a good night at the party?”

“S’all right, I suppose,” he answers. I laugh.

“When I saw you, you seemed to be having a pretty good time!” I wink at him. He smiles grudgingly.

“Like I said, it was alright,” he murmurs. Then he becomes thoughtful and stares off into space.

“How you doing?” I ask him gently. He recovers quickly.

“I’m great! Fine and dandy! Brilliant!” he says in a false cheery voice. I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Seriously, Albus. How are you dealing with it?”

He sighs sadly. “I feel like shit and really fucking angry. At Rose,” he pauses.” And Scorpius.” He adds after a moment of thought.

“I get it,” I whisper.

“You don’t though,” he replies, not angrily.

“I do,” I smile weakly. I take a deep breath. “Rose is like your sister and the fact she’s pregnant scares you. You feel like you’re losing her and you feel guilty. You feel like you should have cared for her better, protected her more.

“You’re scared too, about what this means. You don’t know how to react, what to say or do. Mostly, you don’t want Rose to have to endure all the pain and all the shit. Am I right?” I finish. He blinks at me, in shock.

“How did you...?”

“I’m feeling the same thing. She’s my best friend, Al,” I sigh.

He protests weakly.

“Other than you of course!” I add hastily. “I feel like she’s my sister and I’ve failed to look after her. It’s crap.”

“Amen, sister,” he chuckles sadly. He shuffles next to me on the floor and leans his head of my shoulder. We stay like this for a while, just listening to each other’s breathing. It’s relaxing and comforting. I smell him and calm washes over me. He does that to me sometimes.

He smells of everything wonderful: Quidditch brooms, but also of wood and smells sort of foresty. But I can smell a bit of parchment on him, the scent of old books. It’s amazing.

“So... I hear you’re dating my brother,” Albus pipes up.


“Yeah...” I bite my lip.

“So it’s definitely true?”

“Yep, it’s true,” I state simply.

“Oh,” is all Albus says. He shifts away from me.

“Have you got a problem with that?” I say coolly.

“I...” he frowns. Then he seems to come to a decision. “Yeah, I do. It’s James. He’s a player and he’ll dump you and move onto the next blonde bimbo within the week.”

“So I’m just another number? Is that what you’re saying?” I jump up, anger bubbling inside me.

“Face it Rena. He’s just using you to get into your pants and then he’ll dump you and move onto the next bint,” he shrugs, getting up too. “It might have been a bet or a dare or something, to see who can get into your pants fastest.” Al raises his hand and pushes a piece of hair back behind my ear. I slap it away. I’m furious.

“Don’t touch me,” I hiss furiously.

He blinks at me in shock. “I’m just telling the truth. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“So you don’t think I’m worthy of James, do you? I’m not pretty or sexy enough for him? It was just a dare to see who could get the easiest nerd to go out with them?” I snarl venomously.


“You obviously don’t know your brother then do you? He really likes me, really likes me. He even asked Dom for help and he never asks anyone for help with girls. You just assumed this all then?” I spit, jabbing him in the chest. My head is spinning and I can’t think clearly.

 He backs away. “Listen...”

“You’re a complete twat, Albus. You just thought I wasn’t James’ type so he wouldn’t want to go out with me. Or maybe you thought I was a pity date?” I cry.

“No, I just meant-”

“I know exactly what you meant! I don’t give a shit what you think! James really like me,” I whisper angrily. “And I... I really like him.”

He blinks at me, still in shock. He looks sorry and upset. Then fury washes over him.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant! You’re a fucking bitch, Katrina! No wonder you’ve never had a boyfriend! It probably was a pity date!” he yells.

I feel like I’ve been slapped. I was throwing things Al had said back at him, and now he was twisting the conversation.

“You hypocrite! Why are you so pissed off about me and James? You’ve got a girlfriend and you basically dry hump each other in public!” I shouted back, my voice reaching high pitches I never knew I could reach.

“That’s why you’re going out with James! To make me jealous!” he laughs bitterly.

Jealous?” I choke.

“Yeah, you can’t bear to see me happy, so you had to get a boyfriend of your own!” he shrieks. “How much did you pay him?”


I slap him across the face, hard. He looks shocked and angry.

“You don’t know me at all, do you? I would never do anything like that-”

Even though I kind of am...

“And I have had a boyfriend before. I had my first kiss when I was thirteen,” I hiss.

“Y-you did?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t the one who had his first kiss yesterday.” I snarl harshly. He blinks at me.

“Um. You guys alright?” Rose says awkwardly from the top of the stairs. We stopped glaring at each other and look at her.

“Yeah. Fine,” I say shortly. “Come on, Rose.”

She hurries down the stairs and follows me out. She looks confused but lets me drag her out of the room. I don’t stop and carry on running, heaving Rose behind me.

“Hey! Stop! I am pregnant you know!” Rose huffs quietly. I laugh mechanically and walk right into someone.


“Hey!” a cheerful voice booms down. I look up and see a beaming James. He looks genuinely happy to see me. For some reason, the sight pricks tears. I press my head into his chest and wrap my arms around him. He follows my lead and cuddles me.

“What’s happened?” he whispers to Rose, resting his head on the top of mine.

“I think she and Al had a fight,” I hear Rose reply quietly. “I’m going to go get breakfast. Meet you in there!” she says in a louder voice.

I take a deep breath, inhaling James’ scent with it. He smells similar to Al and just as great. He too smells of old broomsticks and grass, but with a hint of broomstick polish and a blast of muggle deodorant. He smells great and I instantly feel calm. It’s not as good as Al’s scent, but almost.


“Do you want to talk about it?” he kisses me briefly on the forehead. I shake my head and bury it further into his chest. Once I’m sure I’m okay, I pull away. He smiles at me and leans over and kisses me passionately.

It hasn’t lost its fireworks since last night.

It doesn’t last long: we don’t want to have everyone staring at us. Then he takes my hand and leads me into the Great Hall.

I feel everyone’s eyes on me. It’s like in the fucking movies when someone walks in and everyone just turns and stares at them.


I hear the whispers and gasps from around me. When we pass the Slytherin table, I hear someone hiss,

“Two weeks.”

His friend shakes his head and whispers back, “Nah, I reckon they’ll longer. A few months maybe...”


We carry on walking towards the Gryffindor table where Lily is beaming at us happily. Dom runs over from the Ravenclaw table and claps her hands together at the sight of us.

“You did it then!” she cries delighted. James flushes and nods. We slip into seats next to each other, still clasping hands.

“You look so adorable together!” Lily yelps happily. Then she leans forward and whispers, “It’s nice to have someone together with all the-” she turns to glare at Scorpius’ back- “... business going down.”

“Ooh, what’s the gossip?” Fred leans forward, eagerly.

“Nose down, Fred,” James laughs.

We decided yesterday that only the people who needed to know would know about the pregnancy for now. That meant Rose would tell her parents and her brother, but no-one else (apart from Scorpius, Lily, Albus, James and me) would know.

Like I said, need to know.

Their Auntie Audrey and Uncle Percy definitely didn’t need to know. Or their children...

“So I hear you finally agreed to go out with James?” Fred winks at me. I roll my eyes.

“Shut up Fred,” James mutters.

“He’s only been going on about you for the last five years... ‘Ooh, Fred she’s so pretty!’ ‘She doesn’t know I exist, Fred!’ ‘What should I do, Fred?’” Fred mimicked James’ voice. James slaps Fred around the head and scowls.

“What?” Fred laughs, innocently.

We have a laugh and mess about for the rest of the breakfast.

It’s great fun, and it’s even better with James’ hand in mine.

But I can’t help thinking about Albus. I feel guilty- like I should apologize.

But he doesn’t show for the whole breakfast.

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Chapter 11: Psychopathic Killers, Iris' and Heartbeats
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I stop and look around.


What was that?

Dear Merlin, I know we don’t get along, but please make sure it isn’t a psychopathic killer behind me. I’d really appreciate it. Katrina.


Okay, now I’m getting freaked out. Where’s it coming from?

Shit, shit, shit. It’s going to be some psychopathic James-obsessed girl who’s heartbroken that he’s going out with me. So she’s been planning my brutal murder and today she’s going to do it! She’ll torture me first, using the Cruciatus Curse, almost into insanity and then kill me! Then she’ll kill James because she’s so angry and then any other family members or friends that associate themselves with James-

Woah, calm down. Deep breaths, Katrina.

I glance around again. “Um. Anyone there? You should know I’m an amazing witch and would kick your arse if you tried to attack me!” I hissed threateningly.

“PSST!” the voice says again.

I start walking away `quickly.

“Jesus! Oi, Kat!” A voice yelps. I turn when I hear a crash. I watch a body fall out from behind a tapestry, arms flailing.

Hey Kat! Nice to hear from you again! Sure, I’ll make sure it’s not a psychopathic killer behind you! It’s just Malfoy. Feel a bit guilty after last awkward situation... Sorry about that! Had a bad day. Yours, Merlin.

“Malfoy?” I blink at him and fold my arms. He gets up and brushes the dirt of him.

“Duh,” he rolls his eyes. I narrow my own.

“I have nothing to say to you, Malfoy,” I say coldly and turn to walk away.

“No!” he yells, running after me. He grabs my arm and drags me back.

“Malfoy! I- what are you doing?” I yelp. He shushes me and pulls me behind the tapestry he’d been hiding behind.

Merlin, Malfoy may not be a killer, but he IS a psychopath. Thanks a lot. Yours FAITHFULLY, The Girl You Never Do a Favour For, Katrina.

“Malfoy...” I murmur unsurely.

“I know you hate me and everything but I need to talk to you!” he whimpers.

“Oh?” I say. “Why should I listen to you?”

“I-erm... Listen... I wanted to say...Sorry...” he mumbles incoherently.

“What?” I say innocently.

“Iwantedtosaysorry...” He mumbles again.

“I didn’t catch that!”


“There now! That wasn’t too difficult was it?” I say brightly and pat him on the head consolingly. He shrugs it off.

“Listen, I know you’ll say I told you so but...” he takes a deep breath. “ I really like Rose, okay?”


“And I was a complete twat the other day. I totally regret it now, more than anything ever. I really, really like her. And I want her back,” he continues.

I fold my arms. “And the baby?”

A small smile creeps onto his face. “I... I like it. I know I reacted badly, but I’ve thought about it. And... I like it.” He laughs gently. “You know, it wouldn’t be so bad. Sure, sleepless nights and all of that... But it’d be worth it. ‘Cos it’d be something I could call my own. I’d be a dad!”

“Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. You have gone soft!” I laugh at the sweetness of it all. He whacks me across the shoulder playfully.

“You’re her best friend. You know how to win her back. Please help me!” he looks at me imploringly.

“Okay...” I sigh.

He looks at me hopefully. “Got any ideas?”

“Jeez, Scorpius. Give me a minute! You only told me two seconds ago!”

“Oh...” he pouts.

“I-listen. You need to almost shock her into it. Obviously, you have to apologize, and mean it,” I glare at him pointedly. “You’ll have to make yourself vulnerable- you know, have a big crowd watching.”

“Perhaps with no other Wotters present...” He mutters mutinously.

“That way, she’ll know you’re risking your status and shit,” I continue. He nods.

“Shock her...” he mutters to himself quietly.

“Not scare her. Just surprise her,” I tell him. “Make yourself vulnerable and show you don’t care about the whole family rivalry thing- your family have been twats to the Weasleys. So make it up to her. Impress her.”

He nods to show he’s listening. “I’m going to have to do something big. Something huge to win her back...”

Silently, I agree.

“And be kind. She’ll need someone to look after her, okay? She’s pretty fragile at the moment. And as much as she hates to admit it, she likes you too. She needs you,” I tell him quietly. Then, I step out of the tapestry.

And fall over.

Whatever happened to dramatic exits?


“How was the Cleansweep? Have you been on it yet?” Rose asks me, not looking up from her book. I grin at her. I’m currently snuggling up to James on the chair.

“Only about seven times a day, every day!” James answers for me. I jab him in the ribs and laugh at his wince.

“I adore it!” I smile sweetly at his family.

“I knew you’d love it!” Lily smiles in delight.

“It was an amazing idea. It was all mine!” Dom says smugly.

“Please!” Rose scoffs. “It was Al’s idea completely!”

Everyone goes silent.

Rose gasps and backtracks quickly. “I- er- I meant... It was a joint idea. We ALL thought of it! Together!” she coughs.

“It’s okay Rose,” I smile weakly. James squeezes me encouragingly.

I look over to the other end of the Common Room and spot Al and Sarah kissing in a chair. My heart aches, but it stops when I look at James.

Al... Well, Albus hasn’t talked to any of us for a while. Two weeks. Ever since the argument. I won’t apologize to him, and he won’t apologize to me. He’s still giving Rose the cold shoulder for being pregnant and James because he’s “using” me. The rest of the Wotters refuse to talk to him until he realises what a prick he has been.

We’re still waiting.

Although, he’s bound to crack sometime. Since he’s not talking to Scorpius, and not to us, he hasn’t really got many other mates. Sure, he’s got some mates outside the family but none of them are as close to him as we are.


So, he’s only got Sarah. He may not be missing us, but you can tell he is missing Scorpius.

Speaking of Scorpius, I wonder what he is up to. I really want to know what he has got planned to make Rose fall right back in love with him... I hope it’s not too drastic.

“Hey, have you been using that Nargle Catcher the Scamanders got you?” Dom giggles.

Lily looks affronted. “I’ll have you know that Auntie Luna made it herself, and it works. She used her studies in nature to make sure it reaches its full potential. She used real Nargles to make it!”

“It does,” I shrug. Dom blinks at me. “I put it up a while back, had a very clear head ever since! And pretty awesome dreams.” I wink at her.

Lily looks pleased. “See?”

“Oi, James. What did you give Kat in the end?” Rose asks him.

“He asked me out, Rose. Isn’t that enough?” I butt in before James can answer.

“Actually, I did get you something else. I just forgot!” he smiles wickedly, and I have a feeling he hadn’t forgotten, he was just waiting for effect.

Dom claps her hands in anticipation. James reaches into his robes and pulls out a long, slender box. It beautifully wrapped in sparkly purple ribbon.

“Thank you!” I grin.

“The present is inside the box, you dolt.”


Delicately, I untie the ribbon, not wanting to snap it. I gently lift the top off and gasp.

Inside is a beautiful, crystallized Iris flower. I lift it up carefully, gazing at it. Light reflects off it, sending multicoloured rays of light everywhere.

James chuckles. “I guess you like it then!”

I can only nod.

The Iris flower is my favourite flower. Why?

Obviously, it’s beautiful and pretty. But, a few years back, an owl delivered a single Iris flower. Not romantic or anything, so it wouldn’t have been from a lover (plus, I was nine. No chance). Iris was the Greek god of Rainbows and Flowers and happiness. And I suppose that explains the note that came with it that read simply:

Be happy.

Ever since, it’s been my favourite flower.

“I love it!” I whisper quietly. I lay it back into its beautiful box and set it on the floor. Instantly, Dom snatches it up to look at it. I look up, directly into James’ eyes. They sparkle mischievously. He leans over and kisses me on the lips.

Ignoring the chorus’ of: “AWWW!” I return the kiss, wrapping my hands around his neck. Hugo wolf-whistles and Rose giggles. We kiss passionately until my brother coughs uncomfortably.

“Guys! Come on! Please stop, I can feel my dinner coming back up!” he complains angrily. We break apart and laugh quietly. I don’t break our gaze, I look deeply into his chocolate brown eyes. He looks straight back. Someone coughs again.

“Sorry guys!” James laughs. I look over James’ shoulder for a moment, and spot Al looking directly at me. He catches my eye and keeps eye contact. He looks confused, which is odd. He frowns and then looks away, lip-locking with Sarah again.

I turn back to my friends.

With each beat of my heart, I think the one word that has been keeping me going:

James, James, James.

It keeps fighting with the other beating:

Albus, Albus, Albus.



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Chapter 12: Midnight Chats, Hairbrushes and Absolute Genius'
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 “Rose. Wake up, Rose.”

“No. Eff off.”


“Go away.”


“Leave me alone!”


“GODDAMMIT, KAT! I’m sleeping!”

“I know, but I can’t.”


“I want to talk to someone.”

Rose sighs. She sits up and reaches for her wand. “Fine. You’ve woke me up now.”

I smile at her. “Thanks.”

Lumos!” she murmurs. “Have you put the muffliato charm around us?” she asks me.

“No, no-one’s here. They all left hours ago.” I shake my head at her in the eerie glow of her wand.

“Oh. Skanks.”

“You’re one to talk, Rose.”


I flash her a grin.

“Down to business, Rose.” I take a deep breath. “Have you told your parents yet?”

“No.” She answers quickly.

“Why not?” I blink at her.

She sighs sadly. “I don’t know how. They’ll be mad.”

“The longer you leave it, the madder they’ll be.” I grimace. “I know your parents, they’ll be mad you waited so long before you told them. You have to Rose.”

“You don’t get how hard it is being pregnant! You just get to tell me what to do!” She cries angrily.

I see some sort of movement in the corner of the room, by the door. I frown and crane my neck at it. I’m sure the door was completely closed before... No, just my imagination. Rose hasn’t noticed anything.

I hold up my hands in a sort of defensive way. “Calm it, girl. I get you. I didn’t mean anything by that. I’m your best friend, just thought I’d give you some friendly advice. And, no I don’t know how it feels, and hopefully I never will.”

I seem to have caught Rose off guard.

She frowns slightly at me. “You don’t want kids?”

I shudder slightly. “Ew, no. Noisy, messy pooping machines. No freaking way. I’d make a lame mother. I can stand other people’s babies, obviously. But I couldn’t cope. Not the 24/7 worrying, changing nappies, wiping arses, burping them, waking up in the middle of the night...” I trail off when I notice how pale Rose has gone.

“Oh Merlin. What have I done?” she whispers. I laugh at her frightened expression.

“You’ll be able to cope. You’re all motherly and organised and shit. That’s... That’s you. That’s just not me.” I smile encouragingly. She nods slowly.

“I suppose.”

“Good.” I chortle.



“What time is it?”


“In the morning?”


“Fuck you.”




“Rosie Pose.” I whisper, quietly but urgently

“What?” she snaps at me. I blink at her. She’s glaring at me ferociously. “What?” she repeats angrily.

She’s still a bit pissed off with me for waking her up at 3am this morning.

“Never mind...” I reply airily, waving my hand casually. She huffs and stalks off. A few people turn and stare at her.

I suppose I won’t tell her that her hairbrush is still tangled in her messy locks.

A strangled cry is sounded from the Hall, and a fuming Rose charges out of it, running into me. Grabbing my hand, she drags me off to the bathroom. There, I try to calm her down a little- get her to breathe and all that muggle yoga shit whilst wrestling the brush out of messy tangles.

“This-heave- is -heave-not-heave-fucking-heave- coming-heave-out!” I yelp loudly as I pull on it. She screams loudly as I pull a knot of her hair out.

“Ow, OW, OW!” she yells shrilly. With one final pull, I yank the brush out (with a large chunk of hair to go with it).

I hand it to her and smile weakly. “You might want to use it.”

She glares at me. “Thanks.” She says in a cold voice.

“Merlin Rose! I’ve been nice to you all morning, I even helped you pull a brush out of your hair! What’s got your wand in a knot?” I gape at her. She sighs heavily, and leans against me, her tangles mat of hair goes up my nose and tickles my chin.

“Just... Well, I’ve got to have my 10week scan soon. I’m a bit late doing it- it’s a lot more than 10weeks. I’ll have to tell people when I have it done...” she sighs gustily. “And the fact I’m having a scan, makes it all so real, you know?”

I nod slowly. “Yeah... But if it makes it easier, you’re not doing this alone. I’m there for you, as is the rest of your family. We’re all good.”

“Except Bus.” She points out.

“Yeah, except Albus.” I bite my lip. “But... He’ll come around. Sometime soon. Ish.”

She smiles weakly. “Hopefully. I know you miss him.”

“Meh.” I shrug it off, even though my heart is breaking inside. “It’ll be okay.”

“Come one,” she stands up and reaches for me. Her hair isn’t a birds’ nest any longer- more of a sort of hairdo you’d get it you went flying for several hours, fell off your broom, went through some bushes and fell off the Astronomy Tower.

So, Rose’s normal hair basically.

We head back to Great Hall- I’m starving. We wade through the crowds and sit ourselves down next to James and Lily. James leans over and gives me a quick peck on the cheek. Albus scowls from further down the table.

I’ve only eaten one helping of Cheerio’s and bacon before it happens.

“Rose Weasley!” a voice booms from down the Hall. I look up in shock, Rose leaping up next to me.

It’s Scorpius.

He’s dyed his hair ginger and is wearing a Weasley jumper that Nana Molly knitted for him several years ago and Gryffindor robes over the top.

He looks like a Weasley.

“That little bastard...” James snarls. He’s about to leap up and punch Scorpius. I put a reassuring hand on his, and shush him. He gapes at me, but sits down.

I admit, I’m intrigued. I want to see where this goes.

Is this his plan to win Rose back?

“Rose Weasley!” Scorpius repeats as he walks up to our table. Various people burst out laughing, but most are staring in awe. Rose just gawps at him.

“I’m a stupid, idiotic twat! I messed up and I said stuff I didn’t mean.” he yells, for everyone to hear. “That’s why I wanted to make a public apology! To show you how much I care.” he gestures around the Hall. “I’m putting myself in your hands, I’m at your mercy. So, if you reject me, I’ll be publicly embarrassed! I want to show how much I want your forgiveness- I’m willing to make a fool of myself!”

Rose opens her mouth to say something but Scorpius holds up his hand and silences her. The whole Hall is silent, watching the scene play out. I can see Professor Longbottom and Professor Chang by the door, watching with interest. Some Professors they are…

“Let me have my say before you make your decision!” Malfoy continues loudly. “My family and your family have hated each other for centuries! And I think it’s time that was changed. My family have said things about your family, and now I would like to, on behalf on my entire Malfoy bloodline, apologise for being complete bastards!”

Professor Chang frowns at his words, but doesn’t interrupt.

“We’ve laughed at your stereotypical Weasley features! Your red hair-” he gestures to his newly dyed ginger hair, “Your freckles-” and to the painted on freckles, “Your goodness and braveness!” he points to his Gryffindor robes.

Where’d he get them anyway?

I peer at them closely, and spot a stain on the left shoulder that means...

They’re mine!

He nicked my robes! No wonder they’re so short!

Wait. How the bloody hell did he get them?

“And today, I have come not to mock those features! But to rejoice in them!” he yells, gazing around the Hall. Not one person is looking elsewhere- everyone is focusing on Malfoy.

Yet he shows no sign of fear or worry.

Rose carries on blinking in shock at Scorpius.

Scorpius gulps and then takes a deep breath. “I love you Rose Weasley!”

A collective gasp sounds around the Hall.

“I love you!” he repeats. “And I want to be with you!”

With those words, Scorpius leans over and kisses Rose.

On the lips.

In front of the Wotters, the teachers and the general Hogwarts population.

Well, holy shit.

Another gasp rings loud and clear.

I feel James’ grip on my hand tighten dramatically. I look away from the kissing Rose and Scorpius to see James obviously struggling to refrain himself from running at Scorpius. Al is half sitting, half standing, evidently torn between killing Scorpius and watching to see where this goes. Lily looks thrilled and Dom is just blinking in shock while her Ravenclaw buddies laugh quietly.

They break apart. Scorpius is grinning happily. But the cheeky smirk slides off his face when he sees Rose’s expression.

She looks like she’s been slapped or punched. Her face is a mixture of fury, happiness and overwhelming confusion. Each emotion battles it out across her face. Her eyes flicker from each emotion quickly, each flitting across her face as fast as I can blink.


“You stupid poetic prick.” She whispers, laughing lightly. She wraps her hands round his neck, pulling him closer before planting her lips on his.

The whole Hall cheer loudly, people jump up and clap.

Scorpius blinks in surprise, but then closes his eyes and slides his hands around her waist.

Al sits down heavily, looking lost. Dom is laughing now, leaping up and down with them. Lily is cheering and head-banging for some reason. Hugo however, is looking furious. He is staring coldly at the embracing couple. But fortunately, before he can do anything, Professor Chang strides up to the couples and taps Scorp lightly on the shoulder so they break apart.

“Come, Mr Malfoy. Let’s get you cleared up and then perhaps have a chat about your language and your... Spectacular... show...” she says, her voice tight, evidently desperately trying not to laugh.

He gives Rose another peck on the lips and whispers in her ear- whatever he said makes her flush bright pink. He bows to the audience- which they love- before letting Professor Chang lead him to her office.

Scorpius strides out of the Hall behind Chang. He passes Professor Longbottom (who’s still laughing) and holds up his hand, which Longbottom slaps lightly. Professor Chang shakes her head disapprovingly but carries on walking.


That worked well.

Scorpius a fucking genius.

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Chapter 13: Inexplicably Horrible Sounds, Screaming First Years and Rubbish Practices
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 “Don’t say a word.” Rose glares at me, knowing I desperately want to tease her about her and Malfoy. To be precise, I want to tease her for denying her love for him for years. I really, really want to leap up, do an embarrassing dance and chant:


But I won’t.

Because I’m such an amazing friend.

I sit on the edge of my chair, lips tightly compressed, practically bursting with excitement and the urge to sing. Dom sighs and rolls her eyes. She holds up three fingers and counts them off.



Rose slams her hands over her ears and begins yelling at the top of her voice, “LALALALALALA!” desperately trying to sing over my chanting. I continue screaming my song even louder over the top of her voice. She then raises her voice, so I raise my voice, so she raises her voice and so on until we can’t go any louder.

The product of this?

An inexplicably horrible and shrill screaming sound that sounds sort of like a Mermaid singing above water, a cat being strangled, and James attempting to sing “Don’t stop believing” all at the same time.

And considering we’re sat in the middle of the Common Room, we receive several death glares and several scared looks.

We continue doing this for a good few minutes as Dom doesn’t seem to mind (wait, she’s got those magical earplugs that block out everything  or replace the noise you’re trying to block out with a sound of your choice- her Uncle George created them). Then, quite suddenly, a First Year jumps up from where he’s trying to play Wizard Chess with a mate and shouts (even louder than our screaming- and that’s saying something):


We stop abruptly and stare at the First Year. Everyone does. Dom even takes out her earplugs to hear what’s going on. The First Year is breathing heavily, he chest heaving with anger. Then he realises everyone is staring at him and he turns beetroot red.

“Alright, love. We’re shutting up.” I say, looking at him disbelievingly.

“You could have just asked,” Rose raises her eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, no need for the foul language,” I add as Rose tuts and nods. The boy splutters, embarrassed and annoyed. He sits down, muttering something incoherently. Everyone returns to what they were doing before Rose and I’s outburst, acting normally.

They’re used to it.

Rose reaches it her rucksack and yanks out a ridiculously heavy and huge book. It’s title is: “The Diet of a Jarvey”.


One book, one huge book (I’d say, 1000 pages, give or take 500) on the diet of one animal.

Holy mother of Merlin.

Rose looks offended at the way I’m staring disbelievingly at the book. She blushes slightly and mutters, “What? It’s a fascinating read!”

“I’ll take your word for it…”I murmur back. Rose picks it up and opens it at the page she marked it with (with a muggle magnetic bookmark, might I add) and begins reading like it’s the most interesting read, ever.

A faint tapping sound on the window interrupts Rose’s reading. She leaps up and flings the window open before anyone else can even look up. Snatching the letter, she shoos the bird back of the window, and practically runs back to her seat.

“Jesus, Rose. You would have thought someone was going to steal that letter,” I laugh at her. She ignores me and reads it eagerly. Once she finishes, she looks up from the letter, eyes shining with excitement.

“It’s from the Healers. My extremely late ten week scan is on Saturday,” she whispers quietly, grinning.

I grin back. “You get to see the baby!”

“I know! I wonder if I will get to see the sex?” she ponders out loud.

“I don’t know. In the Muggle world, it’s normally around twenty weeks or so, but I know some Muggles can find out as early as fifteen weeks. Who knows what the Healers can do with the spells and potions and shit?” I reply. She nods slowly.

“I’m going to reply to them now!” She tells me, smiling and standing up. I stop her quickly.

“Wait. How are you going to sneak out without telling Flitwick or Madam Pomfrey? And isn’t it the Hogsmeade Christmas trip then?” I ask her, frowing a little. Rose hesitates for a fraction of a second.

“Aberforth.” She breathes simply, with a smile. “I’ll leave as soon as you’re able to go into Hogsmeade, nip to his place and he’ll let me through and ask no questions.”

I grin back, proud of my sneaky Rose. It’s perfect. Of course, you’re allowed to leave for Hogsmeade from 10am, and we’re not usually up on weekends till 11…

At that very moment, James bursts through the Common Room portrait, wild eyed.

“Quidditch practice in…” he looks down at his watch. “…Two minutes!”

I groan loudly but Owen Sloper and Fred- who were playing Exploding Snap in the far corner- jump up looking excited. James heads over to us.

“We’ve got a match after Christmas. They were planning on having it the day before the end of term, but the Hufflepuff captain got hexed so badly he ended up in Mungo’s. They’ve postponed it. Which is excellent- we’ll have more time. But we’re so behind already…” James tells me quickly, looking worried.

“James, it’ll be fine. It’s only against Hufflepuff. We’ll win. And it’s ages away- we’ve got plenty of time!” I whine, pouting a little.

“I want to win every match, Kat. It’s my last year. You. Don’t. Understand,” he replies, punctuating each word with a punch to his free hand.

I blink at him, slightly scared, “Ookay…”

I did NOT realise James is a maniac.

I have wicked choices in boyfriends.

James turns quickly and runs up to his dorm to get changed. I turn to Rose and speak to her quietly,

“Can you play? You know, in your state?”

She nods and whispers back, “I researched it. Yep, up until about six months, apparently.”

“I doubt it! By next month, you’ll be getting fat. By five, the broom won’t be able to hold you up!” Dom interrupts, laughing tactlessly. Rose’s eyes well up a little, and I bang my head on the coffee table in front of us.

“Oh Merlin, Dom. You are so thick sometimes.”

“Shit! No- Rose, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it- I mean… Bad joke!” Dom hisses hastily, patting Rose on the back, cursing under her breath. Rose straightens up, laughing.

“Got you!” she giggles before running up to our dorm to change. Dom and I exchange a look.

“She’s ruddy mental, that one.”

“POTTER!” James yells, hovering lazily on his broom.

Both Al and Lily turn to James and call back simultaneously, “WHAT?!”

“Oi, James! How many times do I have to tell you to call us by our first names? It gets too ruddy confusing!” I shout at him. He nods to show me he heard.

“ALBUS!” James screams. Al turns to frown at him. “Actually concentrate, Al! You’re just staring off into space, AGAIN! Are you a Seeker or what?” James yells at him. Albus shakes his head bitterly before whizzing off, attempting to catch the snitch.

We have a few more minutes of throwing the Quaffle to each other and chucking it at Rose, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Practice has been crap. The weather has been shit- pelting it down the whole time. Rose can’t catch the Quaffle; James, Lily and I keep passing badly; Fred has already almost killed me with his bat at least three times and Sloper just isn’t working hard and Al has lost the Snitch.

Which is unlike him. He always catches the Snitch eventually. Even at really bad practices and through weather like this.

Tensions between us are running high: we’re all getting too frustrated at each other. We’re not meshing or connecting like we used to. See, that’s why we play so well: we work great as a team. Since we’re mostly a family (excluding Sloper and I) we get on well and know each other’s strengths.

Other teams have great players that can’t work together. It’s never been a problem for us.

Until today.

Suddenly, Al speeds towards the ground and leaps off his broom. He chucks it on the floor and it splatters into the mud before storms off into the changing rooms.

It’s been extra tough for him today- having to work with family that, at the moment, kind of hate him. James has been extra hard on him, putting pressure on him. Lily, Rose and Fred have ignored him the entire practise, and Owen followed their lead.

I haven’t been ignoring him exactly, I just haven’t looked at him.

At all.


Not even at his feet.


OKAY, maybe I looked at him once or twice. And melted a little when his hair was blown wildly around his face when he flew extra fast.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Shut up, Katrina. You have a boyfriend.


Al’s brother. Al…

James blows his whistle, looking tired and frustrated and wet (and hot. Think sexy James, Rena. Sexy JAMES.). “Practise over, guys. Go get changed.”

Lily whooshes down, looking relieved. Rose looks on the verge of tears, angry at the way she played. She pulls at her sopping wet hair in frustration. Fred throws his bat irritably before charging into the changing rooms. Owen follows him, and takes his bat and broomstick in for him. James heads to the ground, staring after his angry team sadly. He looks up at me, who’s still hovering in the air, and gestures for me to come down. I shake my head and gesture around the pitch, indicating I want to fly and relax for a bit. James nods shortly, understanding, before heading indoors.

I fly around the pitch a few times, changing speed and doing loopdiloops. All my anger and worry evaporates, and I end up having fun. I swerve around the posts for a good fifteen minutes, not caring that the rain is becoming steadily more rapid and strong. The wind, too, is becoming harsher.

Suddenly, I see a glint of gold to my right.

The Snitch.

I swerve quickly, attempting to catch it. It glides out of my reach easily, soaring across the pitch. I chase it, squinting through the rain. Then, I’m right behind it- it’s just a few centimetres from my grasp. Not hesitating once, I stand up on my broom, despite the strong winds, and reach out for the Snitch.

It soars downwards towards the ground, and I follow it. Just a few metres above the ground, I propel myself from the broom, my hand closing over the snitch. I laugh loudly.

Then I realise that, oh hey, I’ve got nothing to hold me up!

I’m falling!

Screaming, I tumble to the ground, summersaulting head over heels until my butt hits the floor.

“Oof.” My bum hits the ground, hard. Then I laugh, realising I just caught the snitch. My broom lands clumsily next to me. With a bruised bum, I stumble up and carry them in, spotting Al’s broom too. I take it in with me, unsure with what to do with it.

I shower quickly, still clutching the snitch so it doesn’t fly away. I dry my hair with a simple spell and get dressed into my normal clothes. I think to myself, about Rose and Scorpius, and about James.

About Albus.

Mentally, I make up my mind. I need to start making up Al and I’s relationship. I miss him, as does Rose and Lily and even James.

It’s hurting his family.

Worse, it’s hurting the Quidditch team.

I stand up and grab his broomstick. I make my way to the boy’s changing rooms, half hoping he won’t be there.

He is.

Al is curled up on one of the benches, head in his hands, shaking a little. I’m guessing James and Al had a fight.

Silently, I move closer to him. Suddenly he looks up, shocked by my presence. He blinks back angry tears. I place his broom by his right side. I take his hand and uncurl his tightly bunched fist. I place the fluttering Snitch inside it, and close his fingers around it. I smile at him, and he gives me a weak one of his own.

Then I leave the room.

It doesn’t seem like much.

But it’s a start.

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Chapter 14: Jatrina, Evil Warlocks and Panicked Mornings
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 Sopping wet, I walk down the seventh floor corridor. We’ve just had another Quidditch practice in the storm outside for three hours.

Three. Fucking. Hours.

Do you know what that is like? Flying around like a nobhead on a broomstick catching and throwing a Quaffle isn’t fun in the pouring rain. It’s irritating and really not fun.


Sure, it was better than last practice. We were all expecting the worse, so this time it felt like it was better than we first expected.

Plus, Al and I were getting along, to the surprise of the others. They didn’t know about our exchange two days back. Well, I say getting along, we greeted each other and smiled at each other during practice a few times. That time when I dropped the Quaffle, he whizzed down and caught it for me and chucked it back up.

So that made both Albus and I fly and play better. Albus caught the snitch several times today, which put James in a better mood. But the others were still cold towards Al - they’re waiting for a proper apology of some sorts.

So we played a little better, but not our best. It doesn’t help that every time Rose moved quickly, James would wince and fly a little closer to her.

He’s such a worrier.

That meant Rose got more frustrated and tense, and Fred and Owen started noticing it. They don’t know- at least not yet. Only Dom, Lily, Albus, James, Scorpius, Rose (duh) and I know.

Oh shit, Hugo doesn’t know!

Well, someone’s going to be furious when he finds out. He’s got both Hermione and Ron’s tempers- he’s a right hothead.

I doubt Scorpius will survive.

I start wondering about my friendship with Al. Of course, being friends with Albus again would mean having to see his girlfriend. Which is… problematic. How do I feel exactly about their relationship? Let’s see…

How about:

1)            Jealous

2)            Angry

3)            Betrayed

4)            Jealous

5)            Hurt

6)            Desperate

7)            Jealous


Sums it up really. But wait, you shouldn’t be thinking that! You’re not dating him!

You’re dating JAMES, Kat, JAMES. Not ALBUS. I know they’re brothers and are both incredibly sexy, but they are DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

JAMES: the guy you ARE dating.

ALBUS: the guy you are NOT dating.

Got it?

Think of that stupid couple nick-name Dom created for you: Kames or Jatrina. OKAY!

I mean, think of what it would be like being with Albus. It would be Katbus, or Alkat.

Katbus. That’s pretty good actually.

K-a-t-b-u-s. That’s quite cute. It’s sort of my nick-name, and his squished together. I like it. A-l-k-a-t is cute too…

Oh fuckwit. You’re NOT DATING ALBUS! There is no Katbus, only Jatrina! THINK JATRINA.

Okay, so I’m talking quite loudly to myself while walking down the corridor. Which is never good. I think I may have scared off several First Years and a Seventh Year (which is excellent, considering they’re two years older than me).


Come on Kat, you have a reputation to uphold!

Well, to be brutally honest, what reputation? I’m “Hurricane Katrina” the slightly crazy fifth year, who over-analyses your every word and talks to herself whilst muttering “Katbus” and “Jatrina” under her breath.

Which is the reputation EVERYONE wants to have.


I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t?

So, I’m walking down the seventh floor corridor with that tapestry of that Barnabas dude attempting to teach Trolls ballet.

That guy is even more messed up than I am!

I go to the wall opposite it and lean against it to get a better look.

“This guy needs a life…” I mutter to myself, giggling a little.

Suddenly, something opens behind me, where I’m leaning. I stumble backwards and fall into a dark room. The door that swung open, swings shut, trapping me into darkness.

Shit, shit, shit.

Oh Merlin, it’s going to be one of James’ fangirls! She’s really, really pissed that I’m dating him, and she’s plotted her revenge! She’s going to lure me into her lair and torture me for hours before killing me! Then, James will show up looking all sexy and angry and she’ll kill him too! Then all his family will turn up to avenge us, and she and her little fellow fangirls will kill them too!

SHIT, I’m hyperventilating.

“Who are you and what do you want?!” I scream, my voice seven octaves higher than usual. I hear a low chuckle coming from the darkness.


“It’s me! James! Now calm down!” the voice chuckles again. I hear a whisper and I can see I light from the tip of a wand. I stand up and look at the person who’s holding the wand. Thank Merlin: it is James.

“Merlin, James! You scared the shit out of me!” I cry, hitting him playfully. He chuckles and steps forward.

“I fancied a snog, and this was perfect.” He whispers in my ear. I giggle back, even though my mind stills roams to Al.

Jatrina, Kat, Jatrina.

I digress!


Suddenly, James lips are on mine, gentle at first. I fist my hand into his messy brown hair, and let my free hand lay slung around his neck. I kiss him back, gentle too. He caresses my face with his free hand.

Then, it’s more forceful- passionate. He moves his hand and puts it flat against the wall, pinning me between him and the broom cupboard wall.

I whack my head against the wall.

Fucking ow.

Actually, who’s to complain? Dude, James Potter is snogging me senseless inside a broom cupboard. How can my day get any better?

Our kiss becomes even fiercer and I lose track of time. Two minutes? Ten minutes? Two hundred and ten minutes? His hands roam lower, until one is on my butt. I have about three seconds to think, “OHMYGOD JAMES POTTER’S HAND IS ON MY BUM!” before I’m hoisted into the air. Automatically, I wrap my legs round his waist, my back still pinned against the wall.

We carry on kissing for a while, and our hands roam elsewhere. Gently, he puts me down and stops kissing, and I get a good look at him. His hair is considerably more ruffled than before, as is his shirt. I can only imagine what sort of trollish creature I resemble at this moment.

He gives me a cheeky grin and kisses me lightly again.

“You know what? It’s the Hogsmeade trip tomorrow right?” he smiles at me, and I nod to confirm, “Well, I’m going to take you.”

“As a d-date?” I stutter back, suddenly nervous.

Merlin Kat, you just snogged the bloke in a broom cupboard and you’re worried about a date?

“Yep!” James smirks at me happily. I find myself grinning back.

“Cool.” I say, cheerfully.

With one last kiss, James straightens his top and bounds out of the cupboard, with a spring in his step.

I wonder if Al is going with Sarah?

Someone is prodding me.

Stop prodding me. Now.

I mean it.

I am comfy. I am warm. I am in my wonderful cocoon of duvets and blankets Nana Molly sent me (I like to be warm), wearing my teletubby pajamas (DON’T JUDGE ME).

 Leave me be.

“Go away!” I murmur, swatting the prodding hand away. Yet the prodding persists. I roll over, pulling the duvets with me and stuffing them over my head. The prodder heaves a huge sighs that can only mean it it’s…

“Rosie Pose…?”

“Yes, Kat. It’s me. Now wake up.” The voice replies.

Grudingly and slowly, I unwrap myself from my covers. After about five minutes of throwing off the seventeen different layers binding me tightly, I look up at Rose with bleary eyes.

“What?” I moan, loudly, shoving my glasses onto my face, watching as the world becomes less hazy.

“I’m off, Kat!” she grins at me ecstatically.

I blink at her. “Off where?”

She rolls her eyes at my bewildered face. “The scan, dipshit.”

“Oh…” I murmur, realisation flooding me. “You’re going on your own then?”

She shakes her head, smiling happily. “Scorpius is meeting me by the passage-way.”

For some reason, I can barely smile. Another emotion floods me: jealousy.

Holy shit. Katrina Parker, you’re jealous of Scorpius! You’re jealous of a ferrety blonde haired Malfoy git. Never expected that.

“That’s cool! H-have fun!” I smile at her in a false cheery voice. Rose frowns at me, but doesn’t bother asking why I have a cheesy grin plastered across my face. After throwing me another suspicious look, she leaves to meet Scorpius and her destiny…

Okay, too cheesy?

I flop back onto my bed, not bothering to draw the curtains once more and pulling the covers back over me.

I’m jealous, I admit it. I want to be the one taking Rose to her first scan. I’m her best friend.

He’s the father… I little voice in my head hisses.

Yes, well I’m the best friend aren’t I? I think heatedly.

And he’s the boyfriend... That little voice persists.

And she’s just meant to dump me for him is she? Even when I was there for her from the beginning, unlike him! I argue back.

He’s still the father… That stupid little voice insists.

I’m still her best friend… I moan back.

Look, do you want to be the bloody father or something? The little voice snaps. I shake my head and the voice quietens, satisfied.

I moan loudly and turn over again, thinking of getting a few extra hours of sleep before meeting James. I close my eyes slowly.


Did I just argue with myself?

“DOM!” I wail loudly as I run into the Gryffindor common room. There’s barely anyone there- the little ones are already at Hogsmeade, and the older ones, like me, have only woken up. Just like I thought, Dom is sat in an armchair by the fire, looking like a model as per usual.

She often hangs at our common room. She claims it’s warmer.

Dom looks up, taking me in. “Um, hey.”


“With what?”


“I can see that…” she murmurs dryly before standing up. Dom heaves a huge sigh, takes me arm and leads me upstairs to my dorm.

I have a date. In an hour and a half. It’s half-twelve. I’ve not even showered.

Dom looks me up and down and sighs.  “You’re hair looks like your fallen through a bush. Twice.”

“I kno-ow!” I cry, annoyed. My hair does absolutely nothing usually, it just sort of lays there. Then the one day I need it, BAM it looks like I’ve been electrocuted. I am not prepared for this. I have no special hair stuff! I’ve never used it before…

Dom sniffs the air. “And you stink.”

“Thanks…” I mutter, looking at my feet.

She pulls out her wand and murmurs, “Accio hair products!” In a matter of seconds, several bottles zoom through the door. I catch them and peer at them closely. One seems to be shampoo, the other conditioner and the rest are various hair potions, promising to make my hair extra sleek and shiny, with “bounce-ability”.

“Go. Shower. Now.” Dom says, giving me a little shove to do the bathroom door. “Use all of them. You need them. I’ll get your outfit together!”

I stumble into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. Then, I yank the shower curtains apart and strip off. I step into the shower and let the warm water soak me, drenching my hair. I close my eyes and attempt to run my hands through my knotty hair. They become lodged in a particularly huge knot. I unravel it and apply the various shampoos and concoctions Dom gave me.

The warm water and pattern of applying the products is soothing- routine. It calms my previously radically beating heart.


My first official date with James Potter.

The worries begin to flood me.

What if they are people from the papers there? From Witch Weekly? They’re still awful… And obsessed with James! Oh Merlin, we’re going to step into Hogsmeade and be swarmed by paparazzi, who’ll snap pictures of me, James Potter’s frumpy new plaything! Then we’ll run away, and try to get to a deserted pub or something, but while we’re running something awful will happen like my pants or skirt falling down. I’ll have to hop to wherever James is taking me while the paps take pictures of my rainbow and unicorn patterned knickers!

Then we’ll have a really awkward date, we won’t talk at all because he’s still got the image of my knickers in his head... And then-

“OI! KAT! GET A BLOODY MOVE ON! WE NEED PLENTY OF TIME TO GET YOU READY!” Dom calls loudly through the door, banging on it repeatedly. That wakes me up from my daydream.

Taking a deep breath, I rinse the rest of the potions out of my hair, wash my body and step out of the shower. I grab a towel and dry off, rubbing my hair which is now sleek and brushable. I slip on some underwear Dom must have laid out while I was in the shower and then step out of the bathroom.

Dom is sat on my bed, taping her foot impatiently with an outfit on her left.

“Come on now!” she cries, leaping up.  I glance at the outfit quickly: it’ a pea-green, tight fitting and short dress. It’s not too formal- the style is casual, almost like a dress-top. But it’s not what I would have chosen.

My idea would have been a skirt, or a pair of jeans and a nice top. Not this.

“Dom, can’t I go a little more, you know, casual?” I say quietly, still eyeing the outfit with some distaste. It’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. Just not me.

Dom shrugs. “James hates it when girls don’t make an effort. He likes to pose for the paps as well, so he’ll want you to look the part.”


“You know, the glamorous new girlfriend with the amazing boobs and great style. Both you and he would be embarrassed if they got pictures of you wearing casual clothes,” Dom tells me absentmindedly. My heart plummets into the pit of my stomach.

“Oh.” Is all I can manage. Dom doesn’t seem to notice my face, or voice, and instead busies herself with dressing me, and drying my hair.

Half an hour later I’m dressed and ready to go. I look stunning- not a hair out of place. My make-up is perfect, and my outfit lovely.

But I feel all wrong.

I feel fake.

I hide it well though and smile at Dom in thanks. She beams back. Before I leave, she hands me a huge, very thick coat.

“Why do I need this?” I frown, putting it on.

Dom laughs and pulls open the previously closed curtain to reveal completely white grounds.


Coat on, with a thick scarf around my neck, I head downstairs to meet James in the Entrance Hall. He looks smart too, wearing a shirt the same colour as my dress underneath his warm jacket.

I feel a little twinge of anger. Did he ask Dom to dress me like this?

I greet him with a smile and take his hand.

I wonder how Rose is.

I wonder if Al is with Sarah.

Then I feel the slight tug on my arm and follow James out past grumpy old Filch and into a crowd of flashing lights and shouts.


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Chapter 15: Paparazzi, Triple Chocolate Ice-cream and Bus' Return
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 I immediately decide I need to get out of here, fast. Still gripping onto James’ hand tightly, I begin to wade through the sea of photographers and journalists. Instead of him following my lead and walking away, he pulls me back. I turn to face him, shocked, to see him answering questions from the paparazzi and smiling for the wizarding cameras.

I feel myself being tugged back towards him, and he pulls me into him and wraps an arm around my shoulder. He murmurs one word into my ear: “Smile.”

He answers another question to give me time to regain myself. He has a huge smile plastered across his face, and I still look shocked. One man yells, “Picture of the pretty lady!” and James turns to face him, pulling me even closer, beaming even wider. I manage a weak smile before the flash blinds me.

I’m pretty sure I blinked.

After a horrifying few minutes of pictures and questions being thrown at us from all directions (which James answers), we head off. He gives them another cheery wave and drags me away.

I’ve never had to deal with that before. I’ve been out with Al and Rose into Hogsmeade many times, and met with some paparazzi. Neither enjoyed it, or encouraged them like James did. Albus and Rose would just smile awkwardly and continue walking, not stopping for pictures or questions. I could tell they were embarrassed, and rather flustered.

But James seemed to lap the attention up.

I focus straight ahead, and trudge through the snow, ignoring what James I saying or where he is taking me, instead wrapped up in my own nightmare.

This is what happened in over-thinking!

I check over my shoulder and look at my arse quickly.

Phew! My skirt isn’t tucked into my knickers!

That continuous nightmare is only broken when we reach a little café on the corner of the road. I peer over my shoulder and spot the paparazzi on our heels. I don’t have time to see the name of the café before I’m pulled into it. I can almost hear the paparazzi groan- they can’t come in here.

The shopkeepers of Hogsmeade got fed up of the constant harassment from the paparazzi and had Minister Kingsley draw up an agreement that any paparazzi found to trespass into any shop in Hogsmeade or Hogwarts would be arrested treated severely.

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from wondering the streets.

“Come on, Kat!” James grins at me. “All the girls love it when I bring them here!”

“James is a player… He’ll move onto the next blonde bint by the end of the week…”

He leads me to a table and we sit down, facing each other. The warmth compared to the bitter cold outside washes over me, making me feel less tense and nervous.

Immediately he starts talking about the offers he’s received from Quidditch teams. The thing is with James, is that he can be a bit of a self-centred prick. He showed that side of himself with the paparazzi- he ignored my awkwardness- and with the immediate conversation about his future. He’s brilliant, hilarious and sweet but still self-centred.

“Of course, sorry. I’m talking about me too much aren’t I?” James interrupts my rather harsh thoughts, accompanied with a grin that would make most girls swoon.

I smile back politely, “Of course not.”

He leans back in his chair, running a hand through his ruffled hair. I can’t help but smile a little at that- he does look so cute and gorgeous.

“So I’m guessing you’ll be having you’re OWLS and NEWTS meeting with Longbottom soon, right? Discussing your future and that, right?” James says, seemingly interested.

I nod slowly. “I guess, yeah.”

“Have you got any idea what you want to do?”

“Yes, I think so. I, uh, want to do Healing…” I trail off, slightly embarrassed. But James seems intrigued now, and his eyes light up.

“Really? How cool! That’s really good. I’ll bet you’ll make an amazing Healer!” he declares.

I bite my lip anxiously. “It’s a rather hard career choice. I mean, I’ll need brilliant grades in both Charms and Potions, and even then it’s difficult for someone to take me.  It’s such a competitive career choice…”

James waves a relaxed hand. “Kat, I know you’re incredibly clever. You’ll pass no problem, I’m sure. You’re amazing at Potions, and great at Charms. And you’ll blow them away with your results in Herbology- that’s always a good qualification to have for Healing too right? I know too well- I’ve only copied your homework a million times!” he winks at me.

I roll my eyes. “My work is two years below you’re level, James. I’m doing my OWLS this year- you’re doing your NEWTS.”

He shrugs again. “Yeah, well it’s still really good. Does the job! Got a million E’s and O’s from copying your homework.”

I laugh and grin at him, before frowning a little. “It’s just that, it can be a little difficult. There’s a hell of a lot of training- which costs a lot- and when you first start you don’t earn much… We haven’t got that much money between us all. With Tyrique in the Marines and Mum only working part-time at the Dentists’… She has to buy all our school supplies, too, and all the other stuff. I don’t know whether I can afford that sort of career…”

James leans forward and takes my hand in his. “Katrina, do you really think we’d leave you without money? Our family are pretty loaded, and my Mum and Uncles know better than most how difficult it is with money. We’d give you money. You’re part of the family.”

That makes my heart swell a little, and I feel touched.

“Thanks,” I mumble, blushing a little, embarrassed that he’d thrust money at me- his only few month long girlfriend.

He blushes now and mumbles his next sentence. “Hey, listen. The Christmas hols are coming up, and I was wondering if you fancied coming to ours for Christmas? It was my mum’s idea, and she’s cleared it with your mum. It’s just whether you want to…” he finishes rather anxiously.

I smile happily and nod. “I’d love to.”

 He leans forward again and plants a very gentle kiss on my lips. When we break apart, I smile tentatively at him.

Then, the moment of tenderness is gone. It’s back to Quidditch and whether he should accept the Chaser position Puddlemere United are offering him, or Seeker at Chudley Canons.

“I mean, I prefer playing Chaser, and Puddlemere are an amazing team, but the Canons are my family team you know? I’ve supported them my whole life. And my Uncle Ron would be desperate for me to take it… I get the emotional touch to it, but if Puddlemere are offering more money, I’d go for them I think… You know what I mean?”

I’ve just said goodbye to James. He’s gone off to meet Fred at his dad’s new shop in Hogsmeade. The date got a whole lot better from that point, actually. He bought me a Butterbeer and the paps had dissaperated by the time we left. Despite the cold weather, he still bought me an ice-cream from Honeydukes- he even remembered my favourite flavour.

Triple chocolate with Honeydukes sprinkles and extra chunks, just if you were wondering.

I’m not entirely sure when Rose will be back, so I’m wondering around by myself, dodging the enchanted snowballs the best I can. I trudge through the snow, absentmindedly walking to Al and I’s spot, overlooking the Shrieking Shack. There’s a tree facing it, and you have an amazing view over the Shack, the Whomping Willow and Hogwarts.

I find myself climbing up it, not slipping once. Careful not to mark my dress, I sit down on our branch- the thickest of them all- and stare out into space, just thinking.

I hear a loud hooting noise from my left. I look around, and spot the source of the sound: my owl. It soars through the air till it reaches me. It perches on a thinner branch just above me, still in arms reach.

“Hello Fluffy!” I croon, reaching for the letters in his grasp.

I know. Original. Fluffy. In my defence, Angus named him. He named it after Hagrid’s old pet…

There are two letters, and when I unfold the first, I am unsurprised to see it’s from Mum.

Wow. I’m sidekick.

Dear Katrina it reads,

I’m just writing to you as you haven’t written to me for a while, dear. I’m getting rather worried. Is everything quite alright? You’re not hurt are you? Or ill? Or is it just boy trouble? Friend trouble? Write back to me soon, Katrina dear, I’m rather worried!

How is Angus doing? Is he alright? Studying hard I hope! Keep an eye on him, dear, you know what he is like.

However, there is a slight problem. Since Dennis and I are celebrating our five year anniversary over the Christmas holidays, Dennis has booked us a romantic getaway to Australia over Christmas! He’s so wonderful, isn’t he? However, this means you’ll need somewhere to stay! Tyrique is in Afghan- not that I’d trust him to look after you and Angus anyway- so he’s out of the question.

I know it’s rather rude to take advantage of their hospitality again, but couldn’t you ask Rose or Albus if you could stay with them? I’m writing to Mrs Potter and Mrs Weasley- such lovely people- too, so hopefully they will have no problem!

I’m sorry, dear, it’s a shame we can’t spend Christmas together.

But you understand don’t you?

Much love always,

Mum xxx

I roll my eyes at my Mother’s worried letter and at Dennis’ attempt at chivalry. “Mental mum…” I murmur under my breath. I make a mental note to reply to mum saying James has already invited me round, and that I’m absolutely fine. I’ll just lie and say I’ve busy with my work- that is true to a certain extent. The amount of work to prepare us for OWLS is ridiculous. I won’t mention the fact that Rose is pregnant…

I unravel the next letter. It’s from Tyrique.

Rena, the letter reads,

How are you? Mum’s been getting frantic since you haven’t written for a while. She’s visited my house seventeen times in the last week, asking me whether I’ve heard anything from you. So write back to her, for sanity’s sake!

But, you are alright, aren’t you? No, I’m not going to pull an over-protective-brother-paddy-fit on you, just wondering!

Okay, I am worried. Has anyone hurt you? I’ll smash them to a pulp if they have!

Anyway, how’s Angus? Is he doing alright? Bet he’s off snogging some girl, knowing him! Keep an eye on him, will you? You know Mum worries about him. I do too, he’s insane.

Have you got any news? Anything exciting happen? Knowing you, you’ll want to know what’s been going on in my life, I’ll bet. This isn’t for Mum’s ears (or Angus’) so keep it to yourself. I, uh, met a girl. Lottie, she’s called. She’s my new Commander’s daughter. Yeah, I know. Not great.

See, there’s another slight problem. She hates me. She thinks I’m a “cocky twat”. Exact quote, Rena, exact quote. I don’t know why, but she’s still not relenting. Advice?

I might not be able to write for a while. I’m heading off to Afghan for a bit now. Nothing serious, just the usual stuff. It’s difficult enough hiding this owl business from Quentin, let alone hide it from a bunch of nosy gits in my squad.

Sort out Christmas soon, love. You know Mum’ll go mental if it’s not sorted by tomorrow.

Lots of love and all that shit,

Tyrique x

I laugh at my brother’s letter, raising my eyebrows at the news about Lottie. I laugh at the mention of Quentin- his roommate- despite that it’s not very funny. But Quentin is bonkers, absolutely, pure craziness.

I love him.

Then I sigh. I hate it when my brother goes to Afghanistan. Ever since he joined to Royal Marines, I’ve become permanently worried for him. I’ll write back to him later.

I hear a rustle from below me, and I look down. A figure is climbing up. I stay completely still, panicking slightly. Then, a thin face with shining green eyes and messy black hair pops up.

“Albus! You scared the shit out of me!” I cry, laughing a little. Then I remember I’m supposed to be more reserved with Al and frown at him.

He gives me my favourite cheeky grin that makes my heart pound. “Mind if I join you?”

I smile unsurely and nod slowly.

“Budge up then,” Al orders and swings up to my branch. Obediently, I move a little to the side, allowing him to sit next to me.

“Why aren’t you with Sarah?” I ask him, not looking at him.

“Our date ended a while ago. She went off with some Ravenclaw friends. Where’s James?” Al replies easily, not looking at me either.

“Oh, uh. Ours ended a bit ago too. He was going to hang with Fred at Weasley Wizard Wheezes,” I answer.

He nods slowly, finally looking at me. “So, why aren’t you with Rose? Is she with Malfoy?”

I roll my eyes. “He’s your best friend Al-”

“Ex-best friend.” Al corrects.

“What are we, twelve? He’s is your best friend, Al. At least refer to him by his first name. And yes she is. She’s gone with him to her first scan,” I answer shortly.

Al frowns at that. “I would have thought she’d have taken you…”

“So did I,” I interrupt sharply, Rose’s choice still stinging.

An awkward and tense silence settles on us after my annoyed outburst. We stay perfectly still, avoiding eye contact, not even daring to cough. It’s weird. I’ve had lots of awkward silences with my other friends, even Rose. But never Al. Usually one of us does the “Awkward Turtle” and the ice is broken, or Al farts or starts talking about socks or something odd. We’ve never had such a long silence of this kind. Finally, Al breaks the silence.

“When did it become so awkward between us?” Al sighs, gazing at me. I meet his eyes for the first time in such a long time. Everything comes flooding back: all the good times, and the funny moments. His eyes dance in the bright light reflecting off the snow. I realise quite how much I have missed him. The rude “Since you became obsessive over your girlfriend and called your brother a manslag” dissolves on my tongue.

“I have no idea,” I whisper quietly, not breaking the gaze. Without speaking, he pulls me into a hug. I rest my head on his shoulder, tears pricking my eyes. “We can’t let this happen again.” I murmur, inhaling his scent again. He smells weird. The scent is sharper, sweeter.

I don’t like it.

Frowning, I breathe in again. It’s gross actually. His usual scent can’t mask the bitter odour of whatever deodorant he’s wearing. I break away from him.

“You smell gross.” I tell him, nose wrinkled. He laughs and sniffs himself.

“The new disgusting spray Sarah bought me. She’d be offended if I didn’t wear it.” He tells me, eyes crinkled in laughter at my face.

“Well don’t wear it around me please. It ruins your smell.” I grumble. He blinks at me.

“I smell?”

I nod. He looks at me quizzically and I sigh and explain, “Yeah. Everyone smells different. Their scent tells you a lot about them. Like Dom smells of sugar and vanilla, so you can tell she’s sweet and cute. Rose smells like, well, roses. That sort of says she’s beautiful and romantic, but rub her up the wrong way and she gets prickly and thorny.”

He laughs, his eyes twinkling. “You’ve got them spot on. What do I smell like?”

“Quidditch brooms and broomstick polish, but also of trees- sort of foresty. A little bit of parchment too, and books,” I recite easily. I smile a little to myself. “You smell perfect.”

Albus has this sort of weird look on his face, as if he’s just realised something. Still with his thinking face on, he pulls me in for another hug. I have a feeling he’s smelling me.

“I’m sorry for being a prick, Rena.” He says quietly, his voice muffled by my coat.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry for a being a bitch.” I whisper back, eyes closed.

“Nah, you weren’t. I was a prick first. I didn’t mean the things I said. You’re not a bimbo. I’m happy for you and James, I honestly am.” Al murmurs.

He’s happy for me. He doesn’t care. He has Sarah.

“And me for you. I need to meet this Sarah. And you need to make it up with your family. It’s my fault you fell out.” I reply easily.

“It’s not! It was perfectly understandable why you had a strop. I was horrid!” he answers indignantly.

Before we can have a “It’s my fault” “No it’s mine” fight, we hear giggling from below us. We break apart and Al presses a finger to his lips.

The giggling gets louder and we spot a couple staggering over to the fence overlooking the Shrieking Shack. It reminds me of the old days- we used to perch on this here branch and watch all the lovey-dovey couples come down here and smooch. It was great- we’d know who was hooking up with who and who was cheating on their partner.


And not at all pervy.


I peer at them, wondering if we know them. They look quite young, really, although the girl isn’t wearing any layers. Just a jacket over her very tight top. I squint at them again and recognise the face.

I almost fall out of the tree.

It’s Polly.

And the boy is Angus.

I let out a muffled sound- a sort of half moan, half shriek. They don’t notice and move closer together. Then, they’re kissing.

Al, meanwhile, is wetting himself in fits of silent laughter. I must have a pretty hilarious expression right now: disgust mingled with horror and pure fury.

“They look like they’re eating each other’s faces…” I whimper, repulsed. Al laughs even harder, still silent, and I feel the corners of my mouth twitch. It is quite funny. Gus would be horrified if he found out his older sister was watching him snog his girlfriend…

“He’s only in third year and he’s going further than I ever have!” I groan. Albus now has tears streaming down his face.

Suddenly, Gus’ hand slips under Polly’s top.

“Alright!” I hiss, holding my hands up and tightly closing my eyes, “I’m going. I’m not going to watch my brother shag his girlfriend!”

Albus laughs again and manages to choke out the words, “But if you leave now, they’ll see you and he’ll know you’ve been watching him!”

“Crap!” I throw my head back in frustration. “So I’m just going to have to sit up here and wait until they’re done?”

Albus nods, grinning. I groan quietly. Al reaches into his little rucksack he’d hung above us and pulls out some of Honeydukes best chocolate, break it in half and hands a bit to me. I accept it and we both munch on it quietly, avoiding staring at my brother making out with Polly.

It wasn’t how I imagined my first date to go with James, I have to admit. But it was still brilliant.

I have Albus back.

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Chapter 16: Different Perspective, Confusing Feelings, And Reasonable Voices
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 Albus’ POV

(Well this is different isn’t it?)

You smell perfect.”

That sentence is haunting me. It terrifies me a little, I guess. What on earth does it mean? It’s almost romantic. Which doesn’t make sense.

I mean, she’s Katrina.

My best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate.

Just not in a romantic way.


I could scream in frustration. I don’t know how I feel right now. This year has been different for us. We fell out for the first time ever. But I’ve been feeling different. She just seems different this year. I’ve always loved her, in a sisterly way or romantic, I don’t know. But I know that I do love her.

I feel different. Fifth year: OWL year. Options year. The year my dad had his first relationship. With Professor Chang. How gross is that? Well, obviously they were in school together at the time but…

My transfiguration teacher is my dad’s ex. No wonder Professor Chang always shoots my mum death glares whenever they see each other. How awkward. She never was keen on James, Lily or I.

So I sort of expected I’d get a girlfriend this year. I mean, my dad didn’t manage to get Chang to go out with him till fifth- she was going out with that Cedric bloke in fourth when he first fancied her. But he still fancied her. I didn’t fancy anyone in fourth. And I admit, I was a bit worried. I’d had a few offers from girls, but I’d always felt they fancied me because of my dad being the Boy Who Lived and all, not because they actually liked the gangly, messy haired teen. James had had several girlfriends by my age, Teddy too. Even though he know says it was always only Victoire for him.

But we all know he was a bit of a manslag.

And this year I’ve sort of noticed Katrina more. I’ve picked up on all her little habits- how she overthinks everything, the way she scratches her nose when she’s uncomfortable, the way her forehead crinkles in that way when she frowns when she’s concentrating. And I started to think that maybe she wouldn’t be a bad choice in a girlfriend.

I mean, we got along, she was beautiful and funny and clever and loved Quidditch. Everything I look for in a woman. And I was feeling something.

And then James put his foot in it, as always. He got in the way. From watching Katrina, I started noticing him noticing her more. He was interested.

As soon as I realised that, I pushed all thought of Rena and I together from my mind. We were brother and sister: best friends. Nothing more. I couldn’t hurt my brother.

Then Sarah asked me out. I didn’t care if she only liked me for my status. She’s beautiful and smart- a true Ravenclaw- and she makes me laugh.


My first girlfriend. She’s brilliant and I thought I’d completely gotten over Rena. Then James and Kat got together. And I felt furious, hurt, and envy.

I was jealous.

That wasn’t right. She’s my best friend. I’m dating Sarah. She’s dating my brother.

When we fell out, I thought perhaps it was for the best. Now I could focus on Sarah and James could have Kat’s undivided attention and love.

And I felt nothing for her anymore.

My family were twats towards me after that, hated me, James punched me a few times but it was worth it. I couldn’t do that to my brother. So, in a way, I was helping him.

Then I made up with her. I missed her, I really did. And it was taking a toll on me. So today, I made up with her. And it’s back to normal.

I mean, right now we’re walking back into school, just chatting. Like we always did.

You smell perfect.”

Why did she have to say that? She’s sent everything into chaos. She doesn’t like me in that way- she’s dating my brother for Merlin’s sake.

And as for me? I don’t know how I feel.

“KAT!” a voice calls, and pulls me out of my musing. It’s Rose.

She barrels into Rena like a bulldozer, almost knocking her down. I can’t help but laugh. Then I notice Scorpius hovering behind her, looking incredibly happy. And then I want to punch something.

Or, more specifically, someone.

Cough, Scorpius, cough.

When Rose breaks away from Kat, she immediately starts chatting away.

“Oh, Kat, it was brilliant!” she begins, grinning madly, “Everything’s fine, and it was a bit weird but it was great! I asked not to see the gender, so it’ll be a surprise. And they’ve promised not to spread to word- it’s against their Patient Confidentiality Policy. And they’ve given me loads of leaflets for different classes me and Scorp go to so we can prepare. And I’ve got copies of the baby picture for everyone! But I’ll show you them later back in the dorm. And they gave me the name of this great shop in Diagon Alley which sells maternity clothes, and these Invisi-Bump things, that will hide my baby bump- I’ll be getting big soon! And then…” she trails off when she spots me.

 “Yeah. So. Me and Al made up.” Kat supplies, looking uncomfortable. Rose just continues gazing at me. Then she advances toward me.


She hits me across the head with her handbag. It hurts.

“You complete ARSE Albus Severus Potter!” she screeches hysterically. I could fight back, but I figure it’s better to let her take it out on me. I have been a twat.

“Um. Hey.” I mutter.

She glares at me, chest heaving. “You’ve been ignoring us for weeks, Albus, I’ve been furious and worried sick about you! And all you can say is HEY?!”

“Sorry?” I smile at her cautiously.

Rose stares at me, wild-eyed.  Then she screams loudly in frustration and runs down the corridor and up the stairs.

“Well. That went well,” I mutter. Scorpius laughs, but stops quickly when I glare at him.

“I uh, better go speak to her…” he coughs uncomfortably.

“No! I’ll go,” Rena says, smiling at me and looking pointedly at Scorp. She wants me to make up with him. Before I can retaliate, she’s pegged it, following Rose.

Scorpius shifts from one foot to another, staring down at the floor. “So…”

I sigh gustily and look at him. Kat’s right. “Listen, mate. I’m sorry for being a twat to you. I overreacted.”

Scorpius shakes his head. “Nah. It was me. I slept with your cousin and didn’t tell you. I’m sorry too mate. I was the twat here. Besides, I wasn’t the popular with any of the Wotters when I did a runner. I’m sorry about that too. I shouldn’t have. I regret it now.”

I nod slowly, looking at him properly. It’s weird- it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him actually. His cheeks are flushed, and his eyes have this happy twinkle in it, an even though he’s sort of frowning now, you can see the hint of a smile playing at his lips.

He’s looking after Rose. And he’s happy about this baby. I have to let this go.

“It’s alright, mate. It’s fair enough and I, uh, forgive you. If you can forgive me that is…” I murmur, embarrassed.

Scorpius grins happily and sticks out his right hand. “Mates?”

I smile at his enthusiastic smirk. Before I take it, I mutter, “But if you hurt her again, Katrina won’t stop me from hexing you okay?”

His smile doesn’t falter at all when he utters, “Okay.”

I take his hand and shake it, smiling despite myself.

Today has been good. I’ve made friends with Scorpius and Katrina. Two down, only about one hundred to go.

Kat’s POV

(Back to normal! Normal is nice)



“I know Rose. You have been repeating that for the last hour.”




“I think it’s your hormones talking a little, Rose.”


“I’d say it was your time of the month if you weren’t pregnant…”


Rose was a little mad about me forgiving Al really easily. I can see why- one of the main reasons why they weren’t speaking to him was because of our fight.

“He may be a twat, but he’s also your cousin,” I say in my let’s be reasonable voice.

“I hate it when you’re reasonable and wise.”

“Well it’s a good job that I’m not very often.”

Rose frowns and pauses before uttering her next words: “You just dissed yourself. You realised that, right?”

I shrug. “Of course.”

Rose seems bemused by my logic for a moment. Then she shakes her head and mutters darkly, “He’s still a twat.”


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Chapter 17: Racing Pregnant Girls, Toilets and Making Friends
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Puffing and panting, I chase after Rose. She’s about ten metres ahead of me and isn’t even panting and she’s pregnant. That should tell you something about my fitness: a pregnant woman can run faster than me.

We’re currently pegging it to Hogsmeade Station to catch the Hogwarts Express back to Kings Cross. We’re going back home for Christmas. Well, I’m not technically. I’m going back to the Potters for Christmas. Which I’m totally not nervous about.

Of course not.

OKAY! So maybe I’m pooing my pants a little over the prospect. I really shouldn’t be- I mean, I’ve met Harry and Ginny a millions times, and I’ve spent Christmas there a few times too.  I’m on first name terms with them and Hermione and Ron for Merlin’s sake!

Then again, back then I wasn’t dating one of The Potter’s sons.

This should be awkward.


See, most people would think these were the hormones kicking in, for the pregnancy. But oh no, this is how Rose talks to me on a daily basis. It’s a nice little best friends thing connection we have.

Slightly scared, I run at full pelt, constantly focusing on my feet so I don’t fall, my trunk already on the train. I finally catch up with her and we run side by side towards Hogsmeade Station. We’re late. And the train leaves in, oh, two minutes.

I blame Rose. She was the one who threw a paddy just before we were meant to leave (she suddenly realised that she was going to have to tell her parents about her pregnancy in the next two weeks). Took my last of my Honeydukes’ chocolate and my teddy to calm her down. And it’s not my fucking fault when I try to run, I fall.

Now, you’re probably thinking, how does a girl with no hand-eye coordination play Quidditch? Well, I fall over on the ground.

I don’t in the sky.


Finally, we’re there and the train hasn’t left and we’re actually getting on it and I’m having a panic and asthma attack while Rose leaps on, not even breathing heavily.

“Come on Kat, we’ve got to find the others!” she beams happily, grabbing my arm and dragging me down the corridor of the train.

We find the others quickly. The boys had taken our trunks after Rose’s first “I’m-pregnant-I-shouldn’t-have-to-carry-anything” rant.

So much for feminism.

We sit with James and Fred. Dom is somewhere snogging a random Hufflepuff, and Lily is with Roxanne and her other friends. What’s-his-name, James’ mate is sat with James and Fred, playing Exploding Snap. Scorpius quickly joins us (to James’ disgust). We sit, chatting about random things, meaningless talk. About half way through the journey, I realise I’m bursting for the loo. I nip out, promising the boys some sweets and Rose half the trolley and run down the corridor.

I’ve always loved peering in the doors, seeing what people were doing. I see Lily and Roxanne and the Scamander twins chatting cheerfully, a copy of The Quibbler resting on Lysander’s knee. I see some other familiar faces and wave at them absentmindedly, bursting for the toilet.

I finally reach the loo and found the door turned to engaged. Bugger.

I wait outside the loo for a few minutes, thinking they’d just got there before me. I can certainly hear someone in there- I can hear movement I wait five minutes and still no-one comes out. Impatient, I rap on the door.

No answer.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I am honest to Merlin about to pee my effing pants, and no-one is coming out. Someone is in there and they are being slow.

“HELLO?!” I call, rapping on the door again. A muffled mutter comes through the cracks in the door:

“Fuck off. We’re doing something in here!”


I can feel my bladder ache with the effort of holding the stupid pee in, and I lose the remaining patience. I reach into my pocket and pull out my wand. I can use it, see, because they can’t track who’s using the magic on the train- too many people. Plus, there’s no strict rules against it on the train- no muggles around!

I direct the wand at the door and murmur, “Alohamora!” under my breath. Immediately, the door swings open.

And two people stumble out of it.

I leap backwards, shocked, staring at the couple.

The boy has only his undies on and the girl has her top unbuttoned. Slightly disgusted, I peer at them.

“What on earth were you thinking- WAIT OHMYGOD DOM?!” I yell, recognizing the girl. The boy is Harrison Smith, Hufflepuff, and in my year. He’s beetroot red, and hops around trying to pull up his trousers. Dom stands up gracefully, not phased, and buttons up her top, smoothing out the creases.

“MERLIN, Dom! What the fuck were you doing?!” I hiss. She looks at me patronizingly.

“What do you think we were doing, Kati? Transfiguration homework?” she tells me, with a condescending expression. Harrison is two years younger than Dom and only just sixteen. I shake my head in disgust.

“Dom…” I sigh, trailing off after realising it’s not worth it- nothing I say will make a difference. I push her away playfully and nod curtly at Harrison before locking myself in the loo. I relieve myself quickly, my hands not quite dry when I burst back out.

Who knows what they were up to in there before I interrupted.

I shudder at the thought.

I hurry down the train, not spotting the Sweet Trolley anywhere- she must be at a different carriage at the other end- and don’t stop. That is, until I hear someone call my name. I turn and see Al waving, eyes shining.

“Hey Rena!” he calls again, beaming. I smile back and stroll back towards him.

“Hey Bus,” I reply, smiling easily.

“Listen,” he begins, scratching his head awkwardly, “You mentioned getting to know Sarah the other day. And I watch to patch everything up. So would you mind meeting her, you know, properly?”


“I- er… Well, I dunno Bus… See, I was supposed to get some sweets for the others and get back A.S.A.P…” I reply, desperately thinking of an excuse. I’m not ready to meet the she-devil.

His face falls, and his hand swings awkwardly by his side. “I… Oh, of course. I get it.”

I sigh.

I can’t hurt Al again.

Especially not with that killer puppy-dog face he’s got plastered across his face pouting at me.

“Well… They can wait!” I clap my hands together, “Let’s meet this Sarah then!”

He beams and pulls me into a hug. I inhale that wonderful scent- but it’s still tainted with the horrible deodorant…

“Thanks Rena! It means a lot!” he cries when we break apart. I smile back weakly.

He pulls me by my arm back to his compartment. I peer inside it before we enter and see Sarah sprawled across a seat, absorbed in a book.

A true Ravenclaw.

And my sort of person.

Damn. I wanted her to be a bitch.

As soon as she hears the compartment door slide open she sits up and brushes her hair out of her face.

“Oh hey, Katrina!” she beams. She looks genuinely happy to see me.


“Hey Sarah,” I smile, not quite as enthusiastically. She pulls me into an eager hug.

“Shall I call you Katrina then? It’s just that I know you like Kat, but I feel that’s a little personal and I might scare you off if I get too friendly!” she laughs, a sound that is similar to the tinkling of bells.

Bloody elegant twat.


“I know you hate Kati, right? And only your family and Al are allowed to call you Rena… So I guess Katrina?” she continues, smiling at me still.

I grin back and nod. “Katrina is good.” I wonder how she knows so much about me…

“Oi Al!” someone yells outside the compartment, claiming Al’s attention. He leans out to talk to the caller.

Sarah leans forward and whispers quickly, “I bet you’re wondering how I know all this, right?”

I shrug, “I suppose.”

She smiles again, “I hope I’m not scaring you! It’s just that, I know how much you mean to Al. I could see him hurting when you weren’t talking. And I really like Al,” she bites the inside of her cheek anxiously, “So I wanted to get to know you and stuff. That way I could become friends with you… It’ll make Al happy too.”

I nod, understanding.

“I don’t mean that I’m only befriending you to win over Al!” she adds hastily and I laugh too.

“I know you weren’t.”

“You’re a lovely person, obviously. And I like you anyways, it’s just that…” she trails off, obviously worried she’s offended me.

“I understand, Sarah. I get it! Don’t worry,” I grin impishly at her.

Double bollocks. I’m being nice to her. Without making an effort. And she’s worried about offending me.

She’s not an evil Death Eater. Bugger. That was my last hope.

Sarah indicates to the seats and flops back into her space. I perch next to her awkwardly. She seems like the sort of girl that can make conversation, but I’m not much of a conversationalist.

At least, not with stupid twats who have stolen Al.

Glancing around the compartment for something to do, I spot her book. Pride and Prejudice.

“You’re reading Jane Austen?” I say, surprise tinting my tone. Not many wizards know of the old author. Actually, not many muggles remember her nowadays. Rose and I are obsessed- her mum, Hermione, read it to her, and was incredibly happy to find me- another fanatic. Of course, posh people and old people still list her novels as “Classics” that “will last forever”, but less and less people read her novels.

It’s sad really.

As a bookworm myself, I’ve read most of her novels. I picked the old, battered copy of Pride and Prejudice from my mum’s book shelf as a child and fell in love with it. I’m one of the few Austen fans.

“Yes! I love it,” Sarah exclaims warmly. “My mum’s a muggle, see. She’s a little older than most parents- 57, she was 41 when she had me- and she loves Jane Austen. She used to read it to me when I was little.”

I grin back. “Really? I thought I was the only teen who still reads her stuff! Been reading her since I could read!”

Sarah nods and beams back happily, “I loved the way the words sounded, y’know? They just flow and sound almost magical!”

“You get sucked into this whole new world…” I murmur, wistfully.

“A world where manners are actually still important and love is so much more beautiful…” she smiles, staring into space.

A wistful silence falls upon us.

“Not to mention the pretty frocks!” I laugh, breaking the dream-like trance we fell into.

“Of course! How could anyone forget the frocks?” Sarah smirks, giggling with me.

“Where are you up to?” I ask her, genuinely interested.

“Oh, she’s just met the Colonel…” Sarah begins explaining, and immediately I’m drawn into the conversation.

After about fifteen minutes, Al saunters back into the compartment and stops short. He’d hoped Sarah and I would get on, but didn’t expect this. We’re sitting right next to each other, completely absorbed in our conversation.

“Um, hey-” Al begins, looking vaguely bemused.

“Piss off Al, we’re talking here!” Sarah interrupts him, a smile playing across her lips.

“Oh right, sorry,” Albus murmurs, awkwardly sitting across from us. Sarah picks up our conversation again and we continue chatting away.

Albus looks at us the rest of the time I’m there, half amused, half shocked. When we have about half an hour of the journey left, I get up and stretch.

“I suppose I should be getting back to the others. They’ll be thinking I’m dead. In fact, I will be dead- I didn’t get the lads the sweets I promised!” I laugh, and Sarah chuckles with me. She gets up and gives me a brief hug.

“It was really nice meeting you!” She trills happily.

I grin back, “It was nice to meet you too.”

And the worst part? I meant it.


Al leaps up and gives me a long hug, and whispers in my ear quietly, “Thanks.”

I smile, and break away before turning and leaving the compartment. I walk back to my original compartment, a spring in my step, though I’m irritated slightly.

Why’d I have to like her?

More importantly, why’d she have to like Pride and Prejudice?!

I head back to the compartment, brooding slightly but still with a grin slapped across my face. James pulls open the door and glares at me. But before he can say anything, Rose pushes past him.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” she screeches, in a very Nana Molly like voice.

I sigh and roll my eyes. “I went to the loo, and found Dom shagging a random guy, and then I went and hung with Albus and Sarah-”

I’m interrupted by a huge gasp at the last part. I love how they don’t react to the fact that their cousin is shagging a random bloke, but I spent quality time with my (ex)best friend and his girlfriend.

James looks shocked and slightly angry. I sigh again. “Look, I told you that I made it up with Albus, and he wanted to patch things up completely and meet his girlfriend. Is that so wrong?”

James shakes his head stiffly, then recovers, his face becoming expressionless. “Of course not.” I can see his anger in his eyes- he’s angry that I, the reason the family fell out in the first place- has forgiven him without consulting with them.


James smiles, but doesn’t meet his eyes. “I’m going to meet some other mates if that’s okay. You coming Fred?” he says, his voice expressionless. Fred leaps up and follows him, flashing me a quick grin and going cross-eyed. That’s Fred.

James doesn’t kiss me as he leaves.

I try not to let it bother me.

Rose grabs my arm and pulls me into the compartment.

“You’re not angry, are-”

“No, no. You never could hold a grudge. And I knew you’d made it up with him. I suppose I’ll talk to him soon, I only fell out because he dumped you and Scorpius for Sarah…” she interrupts impatiently. Scorpius is looking at us slightly confused, and interested.

“Well?” he says pointedly.

“Well what?” I ask, confused.

“What is she like?” Rose says, tapping her foot edgily.

I fumble with my top, irritably. “She’s fucking lovely.”

Rose and Scorpius gawp at me. “Seriously?” Rose cries.

I nod sadly, “She’s really nice. She was reading Pride and Prejudice, Rose.”

If possible, Rose’s mouth hangs even wider. “No way…”

“And she seemed genuinely happy to meet me. She was fucking lovely. And I really liked her!” I concluded glumly.

 Scorpius leans back, defeated. “Damn,” he says, “I was hoping she’d threaten you or something and then we could break them up.”

I shake my head, “No, she’s really nice. And she seems devoted to Al, and Al seems completely obsessed with her…” As I mutter the words, my stomach twists uncomfortably and my mouth runs dry.

Scorpius sighs and mutters darkly, “I still think she’s a cyborg.”

Rose looks at him and shakes her head. “Jeez, Scorp. Haven’t you read Hogwarts: A History Revised? Muggle electric devices can’t be used in Hogwarts! So Sarah couldn’t be a cyborg!”

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Chapter 18: Baby Bumps, Clever Distractions and Awkward Situations
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 “So when are you going to tell them?”


“On Christmas Day?”


“Well that’ll be a lovely present won’t it? I can see it now: ‘Hey mum, dad. I didn’t get you a present this year- I’ve got something better. You’ll have it in about five months’ time, say. Congrats, you’re gonna be grandparents!’”

“Not funny, Kat.”

“I thought it was rather witty myself.”

“It wasn’t.”

“Or are you going to tell them just before you get on the train? ‘MUM, DAD! I’M PREGNANT! SEE YOU AT EASTER!’”


“Ow, Rose! That hurt!”

“It was meant to!”

I rub my head where Rose hit it with a picture frame and glare at her. We’re sat in her bedroom, lounging around, doing nothing in particular.

I look up at her and say quietly, “Rose, you have to tell them.”

Rose groans and pulls up her top. She jabs her stomach angrily. “Look! There’s a little bump! Look! You can see it!”

I blink and lean forward, focusing on her tummy. Suddenly, I realise she’s right- there is a little bump, making her stomach more rounded. I can’t help but grin. “Wow.”

Rose looks at me with a WTF face. I shrug. “It’s cute!”

“No it’s not. It makes it so much more real. Going to the scan was bad enough, but with this… I liked the scan, but this is scary. I only noticed the other day- the day we left Hogwarts to come home. I’ve been putting a Disillusionment Charm on it- don’t worry, I’ve checked and it’s not harmful to the baby in any way,” Rose tells me quickly, sinking down into her double bed. A silence fills the room and I look around, gazing at the silent roaring Gryffindor lion on one wall and the various Quidditch players whizzing around the posters.

“It’s going to be alright you know,” I say softly, not taking my eyes of old Hollyhead Harpies captain, Gwenog Jones.

Rose puts her head on my shoulder. “How can you tell?”

“I just have a feeling.”

“Tonight. I’ll do it tonight. You’ll be there right?”

“Yeah. I’ll owl Scorpius too.”

“Any ideas on how to tell them?”

“No idea.”

“I’ll get straight to the point. Do it quickly.”

“Like ripping off a plaster.”


There’s a slight pause, then,

“Practice your shield charms will you? My dad might lunge for Scorpius.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing for the last few weeks at school?”

“PASS ME THE POTATOES JAMES!” Lily roars over the hubbub. We’re all seated in the Potter’s ginormous dining room. It’s a huge house- so big that I always think it must be lonely. But every inch of every wall is covered in family photos and portraits of various people. It never feels huge really, it always feels homely.

“JAMES! I TOLD YOU TO PASS ME THE POTATOES!”  Lily yells again and this time James responds and passes Lily the potatoes. She’s only been yelling for the last half-hour.

Scorpius arrived about an hour before dinner and Albus- very quickly- picked up on why he was here. He immediately and dutifully played to best friend, giving him a man-hug the minute Scorpius walked through the door. Scorpius gave him a grateful smile. Despite all the anger between them, Albus was going to protect both of them.

I’m sat next to James and Albus.

Which isn’t at all awkward.


James’ knee occasionally bashes against mine, making me flush. Nobody has noticed. I think. He’d been pretty pissed off with me for befriending Al again, but as soon as we got off the train he ran up to me, kissed me and apologized.

He’s a proper gentleman.

Scorpius is sat next to Al and Rose is sat across from me. Al makes easy conversation with Scorpius as I chat away with both of them, James and Rose. Rose and Scorpius keep glancing at each other nervously. Dom just keeps chatting to Rose.

Bloody hell, I’m incredibly nervous too. And I’m not even the one who’s pregnant! Or the one who got her pregnant.

Do you reckon I could get out of being there?

No, I don’t think so either.

As the young and colourfully clothed house-elf (who is paid, just in case you wondered) brought an exquisite looking dessert, Albus leans towards me and mutters in my ear, “She’s telling them today, isn’t she?”

I nod quickly in reply.

“Need a distraction?” Albus whispers again, grinning cheekily.

I smile back to say yes.

“On it.”

He returns to his conversation with Scorpius whilst shovelling spoonful’s of what looks like Treacle Tart down his throat.

How does he stay so thin?

I took into my own Crème Brule when suddenly a hand rests on my leg. I drop my spoon and let out a squawk. Everyone goes quiet and stares at me.

Of course. When Lily is screaming bloody murder, everyone ignores her. But when I squawk quietly, everyone stares at me.

Quickly, I cough a few times and say in a hoarse voice, “Sorry, food went down the wrong way.”

They all accept this explanation and Ron tells James to “give me a good slap of the back”. Albus throws me a funny look but doesn’t say anything.

James meanwhile places his hand back and gives me a crooked smile. I can’t help but smile back.

He keeps his hand there for the rest of the meal.

Once we’ve finished, we all chat for a bit, letting the food go down.

“Right! We’ll all head into the living room, yeah?” Harry tells us, beaming happily. Rose sends me a panicked look. She needs her parents on their own.

“Actually Dad, I was thinking we could have a Quidditch game?” Albus says quickly. All the children clap in delight.

“I don’t know, Al. We’ve only just eaten-” Ginny begins slowly.

“Come on, Mum. You’re just scared we’ll beat you!” James calls out, laughing. Ginny laughs too and pulls her hair back.

“You’re on.”

Harry laughs and gazes lovingly at his over-competitive wife. “Well then! Everyone who wants to play, head outside!” At his words, all the children run out of the room at full pelt, headed towards the garden. Rose and Scorpius nervously scuttle I know they’ll be waiting outside the room. Albus heads out just after them and sends a look to both of them that simply says, “Good luck.” They smile gratefully as he strolls away. James looks at me pointedly, grabbing my hand.

“I, uh, just need the loo. I’ll be out soon,” I lie easily. He smiles and nods, leans in for a quick kiss and then follows his little cousins.

“I’ll clean up,” Hermione decides easily- she was never one for Quidditch.

Harry nods and turns to Ron. “You up for it mate?”

Ron shakes his head and pats his stomach, “Nah, I’m stuffed. I’ll have a heart attack! I’ll help Hermione clean up.”

Harry laughs and claps his friend on the shoulder before heading out. I follow him, as if I’m heading to the loo. I stop walking as soon as I see Rose and Scorpius walk back in. I hang back behind them.

“Mum, dad. Can I speak to you?” Rose whispers tentatively.

“Of course, Rosie,” Hermione smiles warmly at her daughter, looking confused. Ron meanwhile eyes up Scorpius suspiciously. Hermione leads the way to the living room and we all follow suit.

Ron and Hermione sit on one of the sofas and I sit in one of the chairs near the fire. My wand is in my pocket- just in case. Even though I’m underage, in a house so full of magic, the Ministry won’t be able to track who used the spell. Rose and Scorpius stay standing.

Probably in case they have to do a runner. I watch Rose carefully as the adults fuss about as they sit down. She’s muttering something to herself, and as I peer closer, I realise she’s mouthing “Rip it off like a plaster” over and over.

Rose takes a deep breath and Scorpius tenses.

“I’m pregnant.”





There we go.

Ron leaps up, eyes bulging. Hermione sits back and pales considerably.

“I-I’m sorry,” whispers Rose, looking scared.

“SORRY? SORRY?! You’re sorry! Oh, so sorry makes everything okay does it?” Ron roars. He stomps to the fireplace and rests a hand there, staring at the flames

“Rose, how could you do this?” Hermione murmurs, her eyes not leaving her daughters face. “I thought we raise you better than this.” She continues, her voice laced with sadness and disappointment. That tone is so much worse than Ron’s fury.

Both Scorpius and I wince, and Rose begins to cry silently.

Ron turns back, his eyes wild and furious. “Do you have any idea to what you have done?” he hisses.

Rose stays silent, still crying. Scorpius reaches for her hand. That movement suddenly sends Ron spiralling into complete fury. He storms towards Scorpius and grabs him by the collar. He practically lifts him from his seat and Scorpius stumbles up. Ron pushes him backwards until he’s against a wall.

Rose screams, Hermione jumps up in alarm. Ron whips out his wans and points it at Scorpius’ neck. Scorpius shakes in terror, but doesn’t wriggle or move.

Suddenly, the door bangs open and Harry strides through. The entire family is behind him.

“What’s going on? We heard yelling and a scream!” Harry yells, panicked. Then he sees Ron with his wand pointed at Scorpius. Ron ignores his friend and is completely focused on Scorpius. Harry sends Ginny a look and she hurriedly attempts to close the door. Hugo squirms through before she can fully close it. The family is still at the door.

“Ron,” Harry says cautiously as he reaches for his own wand and walks towards them.

Ron drops Scorpius suddenly, and he falls to the ground, grabbing at his neck and taking ragged breaths.

“Ron, what’s going on?” Harry asks quietly, not realising the door is still open. Ginny is desperately trying to drag the others away but none of them will go.


Then the entire house goes still. No-one moves or reacts or says a thing. Everything is silent except for Rose’s terrified sobs.

Al is the first to recover. He pushes through his family so he can step inside the doorway. He hurries towards Rose and crouches beside her. He holds her tightly. Hugo slides down the wall till he’s sat, leant against the wall.

Harry is still frozen in shock. Then Ginny grabs the nearest child and hurries them all outside, closing the door behind her. Now everyone in the room is frozen in this awkward silence.

And I hate awkward silences.

I never know what to do.

So, I do the first thing I can think of, what my Mum would always say in a crisis.

“Anyone want a cup of tea?”


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Chapter 19: Cups of Tea, Showdowns and Eavesdropping on Boyfriend's Parents
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 “Anyone want a cup of tea?”

What was I thinking?

Everyone turns and looks at me, faces incredulous and shocked. Then Al bursts in laughter. Harry’s frozen stance breaks and he begins too chuckle. Rose cracks a watery smile, and Scorpius and Hugo laugh too. Suddenly, Hermione is laughing, full on giggling.

I suppose the heated emotions makes everything so much more funny. Ron lets out a snort, and all his anger evaporates. He sits down very suddenly on the nearest chair, looking tired.

“A cup of tea would be brilliant, thanks Kat,” he admits wearily.

“I think we’ll all need one,” Harry smiles at me: a silent thank you. I nod and scurry out of the room. Albus follows me. We head to the kitchen and I immediately fill the kettle and start heating it up.

“Well that went well!” Albus grins at me.

I shrug. “Could’ve gone better, could’ve gone worse.”

“Least the whole family knows now.”

“Or unfortunately…” I mutter, thinking of what their Aunt Audrey and Uncle Percy’s reactions will be like. Albus seems to understand my trail of thought and mutters,

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

I nod as I drop two teabags into the teapot, and pour hot water into it. Albus fetches eight cups and some milk and sugar. We make four cups each. Albus looks at me from the corner of his eyes and grins impishly.

“Shall we brave it?”

I laugh nervously, “Let’s.”

Albus grabs a tray and places each cuppa onto it. I grab it and hold it front of me. “I’m using this as a shield if they’re still arguing,” I tell him semi-seriously. Albus laughs and scurries in front of me. His wand sticks out from his back pocket on his jeans. We head out of the kitchen and stand by the living room door. We can’t hear a thing coming from the room.

“I’m not sure whether the silence is a good thing or a bad,” I mutter.

“They might have cast Muffliato,” Albus replies reasonably.

Not entirely sure what to expect, Albus pushes open the door. We both gape at what we see. Scorpius is sat next to Rose on the sofa with his hand wrapped round hers tensely. Hugo is lounging next to his sister, looking comfortable and relaxed. Ron and Hermione have pulled up a love seat and are sat on that, Ron’s arm around Hermione’s shoulder looking completely at ease.

Well, we are in Ron’s territory- he can do what he wants.

Harry leans on the fireplace, watching them all carefully. I’ve always liked Harry- he’s bordering on still being a kid, but is still a very wise adult. I guess that’s because his childhood was sort taken away from him, what with all that constant defeating Voldemort. So, sometimes, he seems his children’s age, bouncing around, challenging people to a game of Quidditch; then suddenly he seems older, wiser beyond his years. Again, I guess that was because of The Dark Age- he was forced to grow up.

I digress.

See, I have my deep moments.

“… So how far gone are you, dear?” Hermione says, slightly cautiously. We seem to have come into a conversation half way through.

I follow Albus into the room and hand each person a cup.

“Well, I got pregnant end of August- thanks-” Rose nods at me as she takes her tea. Her mascara has smudged, but she’s no longer crying. “-so, what’s that?, about three months and a bit. So I’m due sometime in May, not sure the exact day- though that never is right, is it?”

Hermione smiles, “No it’s not. Hugo was very late actually- though you were on time Rose.”

“Even as a baby Rose was prompt,” Scorpius jokes quietly. Everyone laughs; Ron doesn’t however, he glares stonily at Scorpius.

Evidently even though he’s calmer, he’s not going to laugh at the Boy Who Knocked Up His Daughter’s joke.

“Why’d it take you so long to tell us, Rosie?” Hermione asks softly once the laughter has died down. Rose’s smile fades and Scorpius looks tense and fidgets with his collar.

“Well, it was a bit of a shock, Mrs Weasley,” I butt in quickly, helping the young couple out. “We weren’t entirely sure what to do and it took a while for it to sink in. And then um…” I trail off. I can’t exactly say that Scorpius called her a slag and claimed he wouldn’t have to do with any of it.

Yeah, Scorpius will totally go up in Ron and Hermione’s list of most favourite people…

“Well, when she told us, we didn’t react very well,” Albus chips in, saving the day. “Well I say we- I didn’t react very well. I was shocked an angry. I guess I scared her a little- if I didn’t react well, you guys weren’t going to either.”

Hermione accepts this explanation, but Ron stares fixatedly at Scorpius’ uncomfortable stance. He so knows.

“S-Scorpius?” Hermione tentatively says. She hasn’t really addressed Scorpius so far- only Rose. Scorpius looks up, surprised and slightly worried.

“Yes, Mrs Weasley?”

“Hermione, please. You might as well call us by our first names- we will be seeing an awful lot of each other, and you’re part of the family now,” says Hermione, smiling slightly. Ron scowls- he probably prefers it if Scorpius permanently refers to him as Mr Weasley.

Scorpius smiles nervously in return and nods, acknowledging the request.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d told your parents yet?” continues Hermione.

“Of course not!” Ron bursts out. “We’d have Draco Malfoy on our doorstep the moment he told them and he wouldn’t be calm about it!”

It was meant to be an insult, obviously (we all wince) but Scorpius cracks a smile (much to Ron’s dismay). “No, you’re right. He’ll be over in a trice, threatening you with bizarre lawsuits… No, I haven’t told them yet, Mrs- I mean H-Hermione.”

Hermione nods. “Well, I’d prefer it if you told them. They’ll resent us even more so if they find out we knew before they did…” Hermione sighs tiredly. “They’ll want to know. They’ll be hurt if you wait much longer.”

Scorpius nods sullenly and Rose looks terrified again. Suddenly, a sly smile spreads across Ron’s face.

“Well that’s perfect. Let’s go and tell them now!” he cries gleefully.

Scorpius squeaks and upsets his cup of tea. Harry waves his wand, vanishing the tea stain without batting an eye; he stares at Ron like he’s grown a unicorn horn.

“D-Dad, I don’t think that’s a good idea…” begins Rose.

“Why ever not?” exclaims Ron as he leaps up. “It’s time they found out! After all, they are the baby’s grandparents too! They deserve to know!”

Hermione sighs loudly again. She’ll argue against, right?

“Your father is right Rose.”

Wait, what?

From Rose and Scorpius’ faces, they seem to be having the same thoughts. Albus, meanwhile, chokes on his own spit. I clap him on the back, hard, to give me a distraction.

“What?!” Rose splutters.

“I said, Rose, that your father is right,” Hermione repeats patiently. “We should tell them as soon as we can. And I hate to think of just the two of you two facing Draco’s wrath… I think it’d be best if Ron and I came too.”

Scorpius gulps loudly while Al and I exchange a look.

Ron leaps up, incredibly happy. He obviously thinks this is how he’ll get his own back on The Boy Who Knocked Up His Daughter.

“I, uh, we’ll stay here!” Albus chokes out, gesturing to himself and I.

This showdown is not something I want to see. Mr Malfoy really scares me.  Even though he’s a coward, he has a rather excellent death glare that makes me want to run away and live under a rock.

Astoria is supposed to be quite nice, apparently. But I’d rather not risk it.

Harry sighs- he’s obviously realised he isn’t talking his best friends’ out of this. And he probably agrees.

Hermione nods and mutters, “Yes, just Scorpius and Rose will come with us… Harry?”

Harry shrugs, “I’ll be there if you want.”

Yeah, invite the Boy Who Lived and Head Auror. Good move, Hermione. Safety first.

Hermione stands up too and grips her husband’s hand. She gestures for Scorpius and Rose to stand too. Shakily, they too clamber up. Then they turn to leave.

Just before she exits, Rose turns to me and mouths, HELP ME!

I shrug helplessly and mouth SORRY!

Scorpius practically drags her out. The door closes with a resounding bang.

Then Hugo speaks what Al and I are thinking. “I’m bloody glad I’m not one of them right now.”


Sleeping is the best invention in the world. Fact.

Well, it’s not really an invention, because you sort of had to…

I digress.

However, it’s officially the worst thing in the world when you really want to sleep but can’t.

I’m lay here, in bed, comfy, tired. Everything you need to have a good night’s sleep. Then why can’t I? Oh yeah, maybe because of Rose. She isn’t back yet.

Should I be worried? Draco won’t have killed her, will he? No, he wouldn’t dare. Ron, Hermione and Harry wouldn’t let him. Scorpius though…. Not so sure- Ron would probably let Draco kill ol’ Scorp.

Can’t say I’m that fussed.

After an hour of tossing and turning, I sit up angrily. I decide to walk around a bit, go get a drink and then try and sleep again.

Slowly, I force myself to get up and plod down the stairs. The house is eerily silent, and I move as quietly as possible. The kitchen door is slightly ajar, and a light is shining out of it. Before I can peer inside, I hear voices. I spring backwards and crouch in the space between the door and the wall.

“How did it go then?” a female voice asks softly, one I recognise as Ginny’s.

Someone sighs. “It was fine, surprisingly.” It’s Harry.

“Really?” Ginny asks, her voice high pitched with surprise. “Well, you can tell me about it after you’ve sat down and had a drink.”

I hear the scraping of a chair as Harry sits down and the chink of glass as Ginny pours two glasses of whatever they are drinking.

(Probably Firewhisky. My Firewhisky senses are tingling.)

“Thanks Gin,” Harry says appreciatively as he gulps the drink down. “I needed that.”

Sneakily, I peer through the tiny crack between the door and its hinges. I watch as Ginny sits opposite her husband and reaches across the table. He takes her hand and squeezes it.

“If you’re tired, you can talk me through it tomorrow-” Ginny begins comfortingly.

“No, you should know. Besides, I shan’t be able to sleep if I don’t tell someone,” Harry shakes his head then smiles crookedly.

Ginny smiles and nods. “Of course. I must admit, I thought Ron reacted quite well really. I thought he’d go for Scorpius’ throat.”

“He nearly did! Well, he wanted to. You could see it in his eyes. I think he put on a good show so as to come out as the good guy in all of this.” Harry tells her.

Ginny frowns, her brow crinkling in confusion. “Good guy? What do you mean?”

Harry sighs before explaining. “He was going to yell even more, get even angrier. It was Katrina’s comment that stopped him really- shocked him. Then he sort of came up with a plan. I think he decided to act all good so then Malfoy Senior would seem terrifying next to Ron. He was counting on Draco reacting badly.”

Ginny raises her eyebrows inquisitively. “Well, didn’t dear old Draco react badly?”

“That’s the thing- he didn’t,” Harry mutters. “He went to school with us, he knows what winds Ron up. He guessed pretty quickly something was up pretty quickly and saw Ron was pretty angry, so he was very snide and provocative. When he found out, he was going to yell- that much was obvious- but he didn’t. You should’ve seen Ron, Gin, he was waiting for Draco to blow. He was leaning forward, wouldn’t take his eyes of him. I think Draco caught on- guessed Ron was counting on Draco lecturing them and yelling and suggesting abortion-”

Ginny makes some sort of choking sound at that but Harry rushes on,

“So, you know Draco- anything to come out on top- he stayed calm, offered money. Sure, he had a little go but nothing major. Ron was gutted.”

Ginny leans back in her chair and I hear it creak. “Sly little git…” I hear her hiss, but with a hint of laughter. “Draco always knew how to wind Ron up.”

“I bet that was all an act though- I’m sure Scorpius is getting a right bollocking right now…” Harry mutters darkly. “But Ron’s confused now. His plan has been thwarted. He was counting on Draco on suggesting abortion-”

“Ron wants Rose to get an abortion?” Ginny interrupts sharply.

Harry shrugs heavily. “I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know. He doesn’t want his little girl to go through the whole pregnancy thing this young. I know I’d be the same if Lily was in Rose’s situation,” Harry shudders at this. “He thinks Rose has thrown everything away. You know how protective he is.”

Ginny nods slowly but when she speak, I hear anger in her tone. “So Ron actually said this?”

“Yeah. Just before we left when the kids were grabbing their coats.”

“Twat. I can’t believe he’d suggest such a thing…” Ginny sighs. “As if Rose would ever think about it. She’d hate Ron forever if he even breathed a word about it.”

“I know. He’s just, well, being Ron. Scared, I reckon,” Harry tells her. “Besides, he won’t dare suggest it anymore, Gin. He’s bloody terrified of Rose. Terrified of every teenaged girl. Lily intimidates him too.”

Ginny laughs. “He was always scared of Hermione when we were all younger…”

“He was bloody terrified of you!”

Ginny chuckles quietly as Harry barks with laughter. Then Ginny sighs and I hear her chair creak as she leans back again. “Come on, Harry. I’m shattered. Let’s go to bed.”

Harry agrees and begin the ritual of fussing about, getting drinks and putting glasses into the sink. Silently, as they rummage about, I slip out of my hiding place and head upstairs. I’m still parched, but I slip into my sheets and close my eyes. My brain attempts to process the information I’ve just gathered, but instantly it switches off and I drift back to sleep.

Note to self: to get to sleep easily, eavesdrop on parents talking about some serious shit.


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Chapter 20: Pleas For Help, Blue Bow Ties and Countdowns
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Christmas came and went. It was pretty uneventful.

Rose talked me through all that happened at Malfoy Manor and I pretended I knew nothing. I really should be an actor, just saying. I’m awesome.

As you may have noticed, I’m not the most modest person in the world.

At first, Draco had a curfew set for Scorpius. He was allowed to visit Rose during the holidays but had to be back at five every day. However, that rule was lifted after Draco came to pick up Scorpius after tea and I pointed out rather loudly that the curfew wasn’t doing anything- it wasn’t like Rose could get pregnant again.

I’ve got a bruise from where Rose hit me after that. She claimed it was embarrassing. Sure, her Grandma Weasley overheard as she walked through the hall to the kitchen, but I gave her more time with her beloved Scorpius.

So really, I’m a genius.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Christmas. Angus, who had been staying with us too, and I did our traditional Christmas countdown.

(We sing a new Christmas song every hour of the 24th December then yell “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” in that Muggle band style when the clock strikes 12am.)

Yep. And yet the Potters are still willing to have us to stay at their house. Crazy, I know. They appreciate it really.

Christmas Day was fun. Got some great presents, and the traditional lunch was brilliant. We all went to The Burrow and outside in this Gazebo that the adults had charmed to stay warm. I swear to Merlin I ate more in that one meal than I have done in the sixteen years I’ve been on this planet…

Then we went and sat in the Living Room while the adults chatted in the Gazebo. We messed with all the presents and gossiped. Some of the kids had been pretty off with Rose since word had got out. But it was Christmas, so they put their differences behind them and were fine again.

Apart from Molly. She’s still a bitch.

 James chased me around with mistletoe to get me to snog him. Okay, who am I kidding? I was pretty willing to kiss him. What? He’s a great kisser!

Mum sent me an owl and it arrived on Christmas Day. It included mine and Angus’ presents and a letter telling us how wonderful her “romantic  getaway” was. Angus nearly puked at her descriptions on how gorgeous, and fantastic and amazing Dennis is. I had a brilliant time though- it was great fun.

James was sweet, he got me a necklace with my initials as the decoration. It’s beautiful. I haven’t taken it off since I got it.

Ginny kept giving it funny looks. She looked fine and happy and was lovely to me, but she kept frowning at it.

I’m currently lounging in my room, reading. It’s New Year’s Eve- I’m resting up till the big party tonight. It’s going to be pretty tiring. The whole family are going to be here and a lot of the Wotter’s close family friends. The Scamanders will be here, I’m pretty sure. As will the Longbottoms. Oh, and maybe even Kingsley and his nephew.

Then I hear a soft knocking on my door. Quickly, thinking it’s James, I run my hands through my hair to get rid of knots and straighten out my top. I lie down in a more sexy stance and shove my book under my pillow.

“Hello?” I call in what I think is a deep, sexy voice. The door swings open and Scorpius is stood in the doorway. He looks me over and a taunting smile plays on his lips. He coughs awkwardly and says with a patronizing smile, “I can come back later…”

I glare at him and sit up, blushing. “You’re here now. Might as well come in.”

He nods and saunters in, closing the door quietly behind him. He sits down on the edge of the bed and avoids my eyes. We’ve never really gotten along. He’s a vast improvement on his father and grandfather, sure, but he’s still a Pureblood who’s bloodline hates me and my family. He’s still a bit of a prick, can be cruel and mean and- hey- he’s a Slytherin. Obviously there’s a different side to him- Albus wouldn’t like him if there wasn’t. I suppose I’ve never really let him open up.

I’ve noticed though, that when it comes to Rose, he’s completely different. Stupid lovesick puppy.

Don’t get me wrong, we can talk and get along okay- better in the last year or so. I’m not that struck, and I reckon he doesn’t think much of me either, but he’s grown on me. Besides, I’ve made it fairly clear that if he hurts Rose again, he won’t be able to have kids.

And that’s putting it nicely.

But hey, he can be a nice guy. Apparently.

“Listen. I really need your help.”

Well that’s a new one.

“What could Scorpius Malfoy possibly need of little old me?” I ask in a mocking voice. “In what way could rich, Rose Weasley dating, Quidditch starring, Scorpius Malfoy be in need of help from poor, Muggleborn Katrina Parker?”

“Says the girl who is dating James Potter, close with the Wotter family, best friends with Albus Potter and Rose Weasley and is an excellent Chaser,” Scorpius replies drily.

I consider him for a moment. “Touché.”

He nods curtly, understanding I am agreeing to hurt him.

“You have thirty seconds to press your case. Go!” I tell him quickly, looking into his eyes. He stares boldly right back. Slowly, he lifts his eyebrows and regards me.

“Well okay. Rose insisted we didn’t get presents for each other for Christmas- she said we haven’t been dating for long enough and we don’t know each other well enough. I think she’s right but I was thinking about it last night. She knows me, she can read me like an open book. I don’t know anything about her. Hell, I don’t even know her favourite colour!

“I want to make up for the years I spent ignoring her, taunting her. I want to know everything you know- so I can pretend I wasn’t horrid to her all those years.”

He glares angrily at the floor and runs his hand through his hair in frustration.

I frown at him. “And I come into this how?”

He looks up and gazes at me incredulously. “Isn’t it obvious? You’re going to teach me everything there is about Rose.”


“Come back tomorrow and we’ll start.”

Nursing a glass of champagne, I stand at one corner of the room and watch the other couples sway to the music. I’m trying to look confident and like I know what I’m doing, but truthfully, I don’t. I’ve been to a few Potter parties, but they’ve all been informal family do’s. I’ve never been to their New Year’s Eve party- I’ve always stayed home.

When they told me it was going to be formal, I was a little surprised. Then Rose explained that all the fancy schmancy Ministry formals all come.

Pretty nerve-wracking when you see the Ministry of Magic laughing over a joke with your boyfriend, cradling some champagne. Heh.

Although, I’ve got to admit that it’s pretty amusing watching the Ministry people bumble around, red-faced and searching for another shot of Firewhisky or some champagne. Too many of them are leering at all the Weasley girls.

I don’t really do formal things- with my friends, sure, just not V.I.Ps. I feel a little out of place and silly.

Heck, I even let Dom dress me. She knows what to do for these sorts of things- she loves them.

She’s dressed me in a dark blue dress that cuts off just above my knee. It’s plain but beautiful; it is fitted and basically gives me no breathing room. I feel pretty, but uncomfortable.

Although I look awkward, I’m not feeling as awkward as my brother looks. Angus is stood across from me, eyeing the swaying couples nervously and tugging at his bow tie. He looks sweet in his tux, though the sparkly blue dicky bow was taking it too far.

Blame Dom.

Speaking of Dom, she’s dressed in a long silver dress with a slit down her leg. The neckline plunges down (too far). She looks stunning and has received too many eyeing’s from the officials. Her father doesn’t look too happy.

“Bored yet?” Rose mutters as she walks up behind me. I jump a little and turn. She looks stunning- a simple dark red, long dress. It looks gorgeous.

“Naw, it’s interesting to watch them all. They’re all drunk and hitting on everyone. Their wives don’t look too happy.”

She laughs and nods, murmuring, “Why do you think I still come to these things?”

That’s when I noticed the glass of champagne she has in her hands.

“Rose!” I cry as I swat the glass from her hand and put it on the table beside me. “You can’t drink! It’s dangerous!”

Rose glares at me and snatches the drink back. “Merlin, Kat! I’m not an idiot. I didn’t want anyone here to suspect anything, so I had mum put a charm on it. It just looks like champagne- it’s orange juice really. Have a swig if you don’t believe me!” Rose explains patiently before thrusting her glass underneath my nose.

I take the glass, although I believe her. I take a tentative sip and hand it back to her when the sweet fruit juice hits my lips.

“Good one, Rose,” I grin at her sheepishly. She grins back and laughs.

“I’m clever, see!”


“Oi!” Rose hits me playfully on the arm.  “My mum has signed me and Scorp up for these antenatal classes and other courses in preparing for babies.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Hey, that’s cool. Though won’t it be awkward if it’s with all the thirty-something Muggles?”

Rose rolls her eyes. “Kat, Muggles aren’t the only ones with antenatal classes. And, there are quite a few pregnant teen witches. Mum- you know what she’s like- has found me this class. It’s for teens and their boyfriends to go to. They’ve got a Healer talking us through stuff, and some kids who have had babies when they were teenagers.”

I grin at Rose. “That’s great! It should be pretty fun.”

Rose nods and we chat about what the classes will be like. Then Rose seems to remember something. “Hey, I meant to ask you before, but I forgot,” Rose takes a swig from her drink. “Scorpius was pretty desperate to find you before- why’s that? He wouldn’t tell me why- he was in a right state.”


“Um… Oh yeah! He was freaking out about some… Um… Transfiguration homework… He, uh, didn’t think he’d done it right. He wanted to check mine.”

What a shit excuse. Why come to me for help with homework when you have Rose as your girlfriend?

Rose gazes at me, looking sceptical but before she can say anything more, Albus strolls over.

“My lady…” he mutters as he bows down low. For some reason, I find myself blushing. “May I have this dance?” he drawls as he offers out his hand. Still blushing (Oh Merlin, face, calm down!), I place one hand in his and allow myself to be dragged away.

Rose still looks thoughtful and she frowns as her eyes linger on my pink cheeks.

But before I can worry, Albus pulls me into his arms and begins swaying.

My heart pounds, much to my annoyance, and my palms begin to sweat. A few months ago, this would have been a dream come true, but right now I want to be anywhere else.


Albus smiles down at me as we sort of shuffle along in time to the slow music. We both might be good at Quidditch, but heck, we’re not very co-ordinated on the ground. Well, at dancing anyway.

I’ve never slow danced with anyone before- it’s sort of an American thing, I suppose. I didn’t even know what it was for a while. Really, it should be called the shuffle-dance since that’s about all you do.

Do you talk to them? Or just gaze lovingly at them. Wait, that wouldn’t work- we’ve both got boyfriends.

Shit, I mean I have a boyfriend. Albus has a girlfriend. A partner who is quite clearly a girl.

She definitely has the bosoms. Bosoms. Isn’t that a funny word? That’s what my mum calls tits. She says tits isn’t a very nice word.

Fuck, I’m really off on one.

I digress.

“So, uh, where’s Sarah?” I clear my throat and break our gaze. I’ve been looking at him for too long- those green eyes just bloody draw me in. That stupid cute twinkle, the way the light reflects off the brilliant greenness-

Shut up!

“Oh!” Albus coughs and looks away, blushing slightly too. “She, uh, couldn’t make it. She’s with her family.”

“Oh. Shame.” I say, although I funnily don’t mean it.

“Do you really like her?” Albus asks me, smiling slightly.

I shrug as we revolve on the spot. “She seems really nice. I don’t know her, but she seems kind. She’s… She’s good for you.”

Albus nods. “Yeah, she’s a great girl.”

Great girl? What?! Is that how she describes her? Not, you know, the “love of my life”. She’s a great girl!

“How much do you like her?” Fuck it, Kat. Are you asking to get hurt?

Albus smiles a little. “A lot, I guess. What about you and James?”

My mouth runs dry a little. “I, uh, I’m having a lot of fun. He’s a great guy.”

What?! So he’s a fucking great guy now? DO MY BRAIN AND MOUTH EVER CONNECT?

“I, uh, mean, yeah, I like him, uh, a lot. He’s great, I mean, I like him. A lot. I mean, loads. Like, yeah.” I finish lamely.

Albus laughs at me. “He’s really into you.”

Slightly stunned, I gaze at him. “Really?”

“Yeah, he really likes you.” Albus smiles. But, it’s sort of sad.

“Sarah really likes you, I think.” I tell him quickly, watching him closely.

He nods. “I know.”

Huh. Well. Modest!

“I like her a lot. I think she likes me a little more than I like her. Though, it’s going well. As well as you and James?”

“Yep yep! James and I are fabbity fab!” I tell him, a little too enthusiastically. He grins at me and we lapse into a silence. Deliberately, I try not to look at him; I gaze at my shoes, or sometimes the other revolving couples, or the staggering drunk men. Anywhere but his eyes.

I’m staring after a particularly drunken man (he’s chatting away to the punch bowl) when I trip over my own feet.

“Shit!” I gasp just as I stumble. Quickly, Albus grabs me and pulls me up.

“You clumsy idiot!” he laughs as I straighten up. I laugh at stick my tongue at him.

“I really missed you and your clumsiness, Rena,” Albus sighs quietly.

“I missed you too,” I whisper back, looking at him- breaking my promise to myself. A piece of hair falls over my eyes and in an attempt to get rid of it, I blow air out of my mouth. The hair flicks upwards before falling back down quickly. I blow out a gust of air, harder this time, and the hair rises higher before drooping back.

Frustrated, I try again while Albus chuckles. I glare at him and puff out air again. Shaking his head, Al lets go of my hand- his other hand on my waist- and reaches down. He brushes it gently out of my face and tucks it behind my ear.

“Thanks,” I croak. Albus is rather close to me now. You know, really close. Like, really, really close.

Shit, does my breath smell?

I look right back into his eyes, which are piercing into mine, chest heaving. His hand is still resting my ear, thumb on my cheek. He leans forward a little, just a bit. But close enough to reach forward and-

“May I cut in?” a rather cold voice cuts in, slicing through me like ice. Albus leaps back from me, and I leap back from him.

“Yep!” I squeak before clearing my voice. James is stood next to me, looking rather awkward, waiting for Albus to disappear.

“I, uh, yeah sure,” Albus mutters. With one last calculating look at me, he slopes off and James reaches for my hand. He places his other a little lower than Albus did- I can still feel where he had it for it seems to burn.

“So, how come I didn’t get the first dance?” James grins at me, all coldness washing away. He begins swaying, a lot let robotic and awkward- I think he’s a better dancer.

I smile back. “Albus found me first. He always dances with me a these things- tradition. Although normally it’s just jumping about, you know.” I bumble on and James laughs at me.

“You always ramble,” James tells me, pulling me closer, and my stomach squirms- but in a good way.

“It’s my thing,” I giggle back. For some reason, I feel terribly guilty- like dancing with Albus was bad.

But it wasn’t, right? Just an innocent little dance. I mean, it was hardly even a dance- just a shuffle, left step here and right step every so often.

“You having fun?” James asks me as we sway.

“Yeah, it’s really good,” I grin. “Are you?”

“A lot better now I’m with you,” James winks at me and I blush furiously. I bark out a laugh and bat him gently on the arm.

“Shut it you!” I glare at him playfully as he laughs.

He pulls me in closer, and I rest my head on his shoulder as we revolve. I close my eyes and he pulls me along. I still feel… Weird.

I open my eyes suddenly, I feel as if someone is watching me. I scan the room and my eyes land on Al. He’s stood, well hidden, in a corner, watching us, with my brother. He catches my eye and looks away quickly, striking up a conversation with Angus.

I frown. What was that?

I shake it off and continue swaying. I’m comfortable.

A chinking sound rings through the room and James and I break apart to find the source of the sound. I turn and spot Harry looking thoroughly uncomfortable as he holds glass and spoon. He clangs them together clumsily, and the congregation turn to him.

“Ahem. Well, hello everyone. Sorry to interrupt your dancing, but, well, apparently it’s customary for the host to make a speech, according to my daughter anyway. It’s nearly time for the countdown to begin, so I’ll make it quick…” Harry begins his speech, smiling somewhat nervously at his audience, though sounding like he makes speeches everyday (which he probably does).

I drift off as he begins cracking jokes and whatnot, and James wraps his arm around my waist.

I feel guilty- like I’m betraying James by dancing with Albus. But that’s crazy. Because, like I said, it’s one little dance. Nothing. Why do I feel like it’s more than that?

Because it is? A little voice in my head mutters.

Eff off.

Ginny coughs loudly and Harry falters in his speech. “I- oh! It’s nearly time for the countdown to begin!”

He waves his wand and the wireless changes channel. Now, two wizards are talking about preparing for the countdown.

We listen intently and Harry gazes at his watch. I look up at James and he smiles down at me. His eyes are beautiful too, they seem to change colour. His gaze liquefies my insides and I melt into his arms. Then the countdown begins.


“Kat,” James whispers urgently.


“Yes?” I whisper back, not taking my eyes off him.


“I need to tell you-”




“Yes James?”


“Kat I-”


“I need to-”




“I think I’m falling in love with you!”


Then he kisses me.

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Chapter 21: Old Meetings, Insane Boyfriends and Showdowns
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I turn to search for the source of the yell and grin when I find him. I wave back at the boy who is waving frantically at me down the road before jogging towards him. As soon as I reach him, he pulls me into a gigantic bear hug, nearly crushing me, before planting a kiss on my lips.

“Henry!” I splutter as he lets go of me. “You’re fucking killing me.”

“Oh my God, Kat! I missed you so much!” he yelps as he takes my hand and pulls me over to the table he had reserved in the restaurant next to us. It’s a little deli on the end of a street; it’s crowded, full of people rushing about to get to where they need to go. Hundreds of busy people, yelling and chatting and muttering on the phone; perfect really- we can discuss things without being overheard. Much too loud.

We normally go to our favourite little restaurant, but Henry insisted this place was the place to be. I’m not sure why: it’s a little old and shabby, and dusty (from the road I suppose). The name of the place is unreadable- the plastic, cheesy letters have dropped off or are hanging upside down.

“I missed you too, Henry,” I grin and sit opposite him.

He leans forward and rests his chin on his cupped hands. Then he tilts his head to one side. “I believe you and I have a lot to discuss.”

“Yes, I believe we do. But, please, Hen, before we start talking about me, tell me all about what you’ve been up to.

He breaks into a dazzling smile and launches into another story.

I suppose I should explain. Henry is a Muggle- our next door neighbour actually. He was my best friend before I went off to Hogwarts- we attended primary school together. He knows about Hogwarts.

He’s skinny but somewhat muscular and quite tall: he has a dancer’s build (ballet dancing, dear). He’s very well groomed though: his blonde hair is perfectly gelled into a slick comb over that he can flick any time he wants. Hen has elfish features- pointy ears, a longish upturned nose: that sort of thing. He’s wearing tight cherry red jeans- that must be cutting off the circulation to his legs- and a cheesy t-shirt with the line written across it: “Made you look”.

Told you it was cheesy.

And let’s just say he was my guinea pig before I knew I was a witch and control my powers. Minor things of course- nothing big that got the Ministry’s attention. No-one ever bothered to Oblivate him. We write to each other most of the time, and make the effort to meet up every chance we get.

“Anyway, I met this gorgeous waiter here last week. Why do you think I brought you here? Well, it was a little awkward, really, a date brought me here and then this waiter was flirting with me-”

“Ooh. Date, eh? Who was it?”

Henry makes a face. “Do you remember Sam? You know, Malodorous Malcolm from primary? Yeah, he convinced me to go on this date-”

“Malodorous Malcolm’s gay?” I exclaim and sit forward.

You can tell we were nerds from the word go. We didn’t go for the easy nick-names like: Manky Malcolm or something like that. Oh no, we went for malodorous.

“Gay as anyone can get, dear. Well, I don’t know if you can get gayer than me… Yeah, well this new waiter- he’s young and hot! Like, seriously, Kat. Hot to trot, my friend. Anyway, he was totally gay- so much gel in his hair, Kat, and the obsession with dicky bows and ties? Carwyn he’s called- Welsh. I know, who knew a boy with such a thick Welsh accent could be attractive? Yeah, well I got his number- after the date, of course. I came back. So we went out and, he’s clever too Kat! Like, he wants to do medicine. He’s gonna be a rich surgeon. I mean, bonus!”

If you haven’t got it already (you must be a bit slow), Henry’s gay. He’s more girly than Dom. And I love him for it.

“Oh my God, Kat, he’s over there!” Henry cries, gesturing with a nod of his head towards a boy who looks around 18. He’s stood over a table, taking another group’s orders, but he spots us and smiles at both of us and winks at Henry. Henry meanwhile blushes bright red.

The boy is actually very striking- some mightn’t say he was good looking. With his long face and rather long features, he’s quite strange looking, but I’d say he was beautiful. He’s quite tanned with dark brown hair slicked back (oh Merlin, I can see the gel from here) and a blue spotty dicky bow tied around his neck.


“I see what you mean, Hen,” I mutter, winking at him knowingly. “Good catch.”

Henry grins cheekily back. “Don’t I know it.”

Another young waitress comes up to us and takes our order. She quickly leaves and we settle back down.

“Now,” Henry says as he leans further forward. “Tell me about you. You called an emergency meet-up? What’s going on with that hot to trot darling you call your boyfriend. Please tell me he’s gay.”

I roll my eyes. “He told me he loved me.”

Henry’s eyes glint and he sits forward so he’s practically lying on the table. Well, he doesn’t do gymnastics for nothing. “No way.”

“Yes way.”

“Holy shit.”

“I know.”

“What did you say?”



“Well he kissed me just as the New Year came.”

“And then what did you do?”

“Stood there gawping like a fish and then ran off.”

“You idiot.”

“I know. I shouldn’t be allowed of my padded cell in a mental hospital.”

“Well, what have you been doing since?”

“Avoiding him. I went home the next day, mum got back. Sort of avoided him for the last four days.”

Henry opens his mouth to say something, but at that moment, the waitress returns carrying our meals. An uneasy silence settles upon us, made awkward by the fumbling waitress. As soon as she leaves, Henry grabs his knife and, after waving it threateningly at me, stabs his steak.

“Kat, you need to tell him you love him back! No-one wants to be the sucker who tells their girlfriend they love them and they don’t love him back!” Henry says, exasperated.

“But… I don’t love him. At least, not yet.” I whisper.

He leans back his chair and folds his arms. “Ah.”

“It’s been- what?- two months and a bit? I mean, sure, people say it way earlier but Merlin!” I cry desperately.

Henry sighs. “Look, I know couple who say I love you after two days, never mind two months. It’s sweet he waited two months.” He looks at me and takes a deep breath. “Okay, you listen here and you listen close, Kat. This boy obviously is head over heels for you. It took every ounce of his courage to say this, and he genuinely means it. Okay, you might not love him yet, but will you love him? If you don’t think you will, end it. Don’t be a bitch and lead him on.”

I cry out, offended. “Hey! I will love him. I mean, at least I think I will… And I’m not leading him on. I genuinely like him.”

“So you’re not just using him as a way to get over Albus?”

“What?! No! Of course not!” I practically yell.

Henry studies me and then leans back, satisfied. “Okay, obviously from your reaction, you’re not. But do you still like Albus? What’s going on between him and that Sarah girl?”

Henry is the only person I’ve told about my feelings for Albus- and only because he doesn’t attend Hogwarts. He’s met Albus and Rose, and they find him hilarious. Well, not so much Albus- I think he gets freaked out by the constant checking out he receives from Hen. He’s a bit of a manslag.

I drop my head onto the table and begin banging it quietly. “Fuck if I know Hen.”

I lift my head up and the surrounding couples and whatnot all look somewhat alarmed, but Henry just looks slightly amused.

“Okay, you do. But I’ll let you off. Albus seems like one fine piece of ass too. What did he do at the party?”

“Fine piece of ass, eh? How very American of you, Henry.”

“Darling, this is the 21st century. Now stop changing the subject!” Henry snaps his fingers together impatiently and leans back, crossing his legs.

“He danced with me,” I whisper.

He sucks in his cheeks. “Oh dear, oh dear. Dreams come true, at exactly the wrong moment.”

“That’s exactly what I thought!”

“What are you going to do?” he asks, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Fuck if I know,” I repeat. “Why do you think I called you?”

Henry sighs dramatically and takes my hand. He pats it somewhat patronizingly. “My dear, break it off with him if you don’t love him and you don’t think you will. End it if you still like Albus-”

I try to protest but he holds up a hand.

“But don’t, and I repeat don’t, lie and tell him you love him. That will just hurt him the most. Tell him the truth, and work on that whole falling in love thing.”

I nod slowly and take in his advice. Come to think of it, it’s pretty good advice.


Henry raises his eyebrows. “So what are you going to do?”

I shrug. “I’ll figure something out.”

Henry shakes his head sadly. “The famous last words before you do something stupid.”

“Okay Scorpius. You ready?” I crack my knuckles and stare at him. He gulps and nods at me.


We’re currently sat on Scorpius’ bed (oo-er) in Malfoy Manor. Let me tell you, Malfoy Manor is bloody intimidating. After my lunch-date-thingy with Henry, I took a taxi to near Malfoy Manor and walked down to the house. Scorpius met me and for the last few hours, I’ve been teaching him everything I can think of about Rose.

I even nicked her diaries.

Scorpius’ room is bloody huge. Surprisingly, it’s quite welcoming- unlike the rest of the house. The Manor is rather cold and uninviting: too large and empty and echo-y to feel like home. I have the feeling he doesn’t like to leave his room, or let others into it- he has three Muggle locks and a charm on it only to let someone in who knows the password.

(He made me stand well away when he muttered it).

It’s weird though- I’d expect him to have a bed and that would be it, but instead he’s even embraced Muggle technology. A large double bed stands grandly at one end of the room, and a huge dresser and a cupboard next to it. Near the bead is a fireplace where a bright fire is crackling. A fridge sits at the opposite end of the room, and a desk with a Muggle laptop sits on that.

When I asked if his dad is happy about the Muggle technology bit, Scorpius shrugged and threw me a fizzy drink and saying, “He doesn’t know.”

It’s dark though- the walls are dark green and the black curtains drawn.

Surprisingly, it’s extremely tidy with not a thing out of place. He even has coasters for our drinks.


“Who was Rose’s first ever crush?”

“Frank Longbottom when she was in First Year because he picked up her books for her when she dropped them when Flint ran into her.”

“What was her first pet?”

“A Muggle goldfish. She got it when she was six.”

“What did she call it?”


“What happened to it?”

“Hugo bought a scary one. It ate Rose's.”

“What was her favourite colour in Second Year?”

“Cyber pink. She watched too many Muggle rom-coms.”

“What is her favourite flower?”

“Despite her name, her favourite flower is actually the tulip. She is partial to the yellow tulip.”

I lean back on my bed and cup my hands behind my head. “Voila. We’re done. You know practically everything about her.”

Scorpius stops pacing around the room and looks up. The face that was creased with concentration just thirty seconds ago, visibly relaxes.


I grunt in reply and nudge him with my foot. “Yep!”

He turns and gapes at me. “Really? I know everything?” His voice broke on everything.

“Well, not everything. Everything I can possibly think of. There’s probably plenty of things I don’t know, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself,” I reply in a bored voice, packing up Rose’s diaries.

“But I have to know everything!” Scorpius cries, his voice slightly hysterical.

Alarmed, I lift my eyes from my bag and look at him. He’s staring at me, eyes wild, hair sticking up. “Scorpius, are you feeling okay?”

“No! Rose will expect me to know everything!”

I gape at him. “She won’t! Trust me, Scorpius! She’ll love that you’ve gone to the trouble of learning the little quirks, but she’s not going to quiz you on them.”

“How do you know?!”

“Dude, she’s your girlfriend, not a quiz master. It’ll be creepy if you know absolutely everything. Next you’ll be watching her sleep!” I cry, slightly scared.

He looks crazed; his eyes keep darting around the room and won’t focus on anything.

“Um, Scorpius? Have you drank had too much caffeine or something? Because when Tyrique has too much coffee, he goes all cranky and crazy and starts yelling weird stuff and questioning the universe and telling me the answer to everything is 42 which makes no sense and you’re sort of reminding me of him now…” I trail off when I realise I’m rambling.

“Sorry.” Scorpius sighs weakly and sinks back down into my bed. “It’s just hard, you know? I’m going to be here for Rose, don’t worry, but it’s just scary. I don’t know how Rose does it. And my father’s giving me a pretty hard time- he did his nut as soon as Rose and her parents left.”

“Yeah, he only stayed calm to piss off Ron. Childhood rivalry thing,” I say wisely. When he looks at me questioningly, I grimace and say, “I eavesdropped of Harry and Ginny. Harry explained.”


A somewhat awkward silence falls upon us and I shift about uncomfortably.

“Does Rose really like me?”

Startled, I blink at him. “What?”

“Does Rose actually like me? It’s just, sometimes I feel she might just be keeping me around because I’m the baby’s da- OW! What was that for?!” Scorpius cries indignantly as he rubs the side of his head I just hit.

“You’re an idiot. No, not just an idiot. A plimpy eating, bumbling idiot. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to see that Rose is completely head over heels for you!”

Scorpius smiles slowly. “Really?”

“Jesus! Are you really only just realising this? Everyone knew you were going to get together- sexual tension an all of that!” I cry in exasperation. “ I wasn’t that surprised when this all happened- I mean, something like that was always going to happen. I was just surprised because, you know, it’s Rose. Rose just doesn’t go out and have sex and gets pregnant- I mean, that’s, well, Dom!

“And she definitely likes you a lot. She wouldn’t have slept with you if she didn’t. She’s not that sort of girl.”

Scorpius smiles cheerfully to himself. Those two are sickeningly cute- I’d puke if I didn’t like Rose. He bounds up and grins at me.

“I am going to be Rose’s perfect boyfriend. She won’t know what hit her!” Scorpius beams at me. I smile back weakly and punch the air with my hand.

“Atta boy!”

He laughs- I know, Scorpius has a sense of humour! I never knew either- and skips, skips out of the room. Come on Scorpius, are you forgetting me? I don’t live here, I have no fucking clue how to get out of here. And that’s a bit rude, just skipping out of the room, leaving a guest unattended.

Merlin that bo-

“I forgot!” Scorpius cries as he charges back in. Quickly, he pulls me into a hug. Suddenly, he realises what he’s done and leaps back in disgust. He coughs awkwardly as I blush and cough too. Unsure what to do next, he salutes and walks backwards out of the room.

I swear that boy is a schizophrenic.

“… And then the elf said to the goblin-”


“The fuck was that?” I cry as the screams echoes through the house. Scorpius is in the middle of his the elf-and-the-goblin-in-the-tavern joke he’s told before and we’d just walked into the Potter household.

All I can here is yelling and screaming and stomping. Bewildered, I stumble into the house and into the living room.

Mistake one.

“You fucking bitch!” Dom cries as she hurtles across the room. Before I blink, she slaps me across the face.

And Dom’s slaps fucking kill.

“The fuck was that for?” I cry, rubbing the spot where she hit me. I watch her reach for her wand, but before I can react, it flies out of her grip.

Looking astounded, Scorpius is clutching his wand. He disarmed her. “What did you do?” he yells at me.

“Yeah, Dom! What did I do?”

“You know what you did, you pile of Hippogriff dung, you-” she cries. She looks like a bloody lioness on coffee and she bloody is about to pounce. Fortunately, Fred comes up behind her, glares at me and drags her backwards.

 “What-?” I manage to yell before the living room door is flung open again by James. He looks furious and is clutching his wand. He glares at me. What in Merlin’s name?

I realise all the Wotter kids are there (except Rose), glaring at me, including Albus- though he just looks bloody confused.

“I can’t believe you kissed another guy!” Lily storms. “I thought you were nice!”

“I- WHAT?!” I choke. “When did I-”

“I knew I shouldn’t have told I loved you! Scared you off!” James cries hysterically.

“You told her you love her? Aw, that’s so darn cute!” Roxanne simpers.

“Not the time, Roxie!” Lily yells.

“You could have just told me you didn’t love me back-”

“The nerve to show up here!”

“-Worse than a Blast-Ended Screwt!”

“-Should curse you right now!”

“Oh look at that!” Lily yells hysterically, drowning out the rest of the voices, gesturing to Scorpius. “You’ve been off doing the nasty with Rose’s boyfriend!”

“Rose’s boyfriend has a name you- Wait what?!” Scorpius cries indignantly, before blanching. I step away from him.

The door bangs open again and Rose is stood in the doorway, holding a massive tub of ice-cream in one hand and a spoon in the other.

“Katrina did whatnow with my whonow?” she hisses. The room goes deadly quiet.

“You think I slept with Scorpius?” I choke out, disgusted.

Scorpius looks slightly green. “I feel sick.”

“Well why not? You’ve been off going on dates with other boys! Probably sleeping with him too!” Dom screams wildly.

“Woah guys, calm down and take some yoga breaths,” Louis interrupts as he materializes behind Fred. He doesn’t speak much, but he’s pretty cool. He flips his blonde mop out of face and takes out his earphones before continuing. “Let’s all take a breather. What’s going on here?”

When everyone opens their mouths, he holds up a hand and closes his eyes. “One at a time, guys. Dom, you go first.”

“James and I followed Kat-”

“You followed me?!” I interrupt, indignantly.

“Woah Kat. Bad vibes, guys, when you interrupt. Let Dom finish. Then you can have your turn,” Louis tells me. He’s got a quiet voice but it carries, and I find it oddly soothing. I fold my arms and let Dom continue.

“Well, she met this boy and they hugged and he kissed her and they went on a date.” Dom continues and everyone hissed and glares at me.

“I genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about, Dom.” I say, bewildered.

“Was it definitely Katrina, Dom?” Louis says calmly. She nods sharply. “What did he look like?” he continues.

“Tall, blonde, blue-eyed-” James takes over.

“-Good looking.” Dom finishes.

I gape at them both. “You mean Henry?”

“So it has a name now?” Dom spits.

“Aha! She admits to it!” Lily cries.

Rose, meanwhile throws her spoon at James angrily and Albus slaps himself in the face. “You idiots!” they cry in unison.

The rest of the Potter clan all blink in confusion.

“Henry’s gay!” I cry, exasperated.

Dom clicks her tongue and tilts her head. “Explains the tight jeans…”

“Who’s Henry then?” Molly pipes up.

“He’s my old friend from primary school. A Muggle; we meet up in the holidays. Rose and Albus have met him.” I explain and they nod to prove my point. “He’s just a friend.

“Why were you snogging him then?” James yells, not satisfied.

“I didn’t snog him! He kissed me when we met, didn’t he? It’s just his way of saying hi. Like some people do the European cheek kiss thing, some people shake hands, Henry kisses people.”

“He kissed me when we met,” Rose tells them as she fetches her spoon and tucks back into her ice-cream.

“And me...”Albus mutters, embarrassed.

“It doesn’t mean anything. He’d kiss all of you too, if he met you.” I tell them.

“Oh,” is all James can say.

Dom frowns. “What were you doing with Scorpius then?”

“I still feel sick,” Scorpius mutters, retching slightly.

Trying not to be offended, I say incredulously, “We’re friends! We hang out! Or is that not allowed?”

“Since when have you been friends?” Lily asks, surprised.

“Since he got my best friend pregnant. We decided we must get over our prejudices and bond!” I explain, lying through my teeth. “I was, um, helping chose some baby stuff. We were looking at some things for the baby.”

Scorpius nods feverously.

Well, I might have to buy some stuff to make the story work.

No-body seems to buy it until Rose sniffles a little. “Oh guys! That is so sweet! I love you!” she cries and, still clutching the ice-cream, she pulls us both into a hug.


Scorpius looks grateful and he smirks at me. Hey, he seems nice enough. I’m not going to embarrass him.

Dom sighs. She walks up to me, hugs me and says loudly, “Sorry for slapping you, Kati. You know what I get like when I pissed off. The red mark should go down in the next twenty-four hours or so.”

Then she prances out of the room like nothing happened.

Each Weasley slinks back off to whatever they were doing, some flooing back home- did they just turn up for the fight?-  and a couple grin at me and say stuff like, “Sorry! Knew you weren’t like that.” And, “Aunt Hermione has some cream for that slap mark by the way.”

And this is why the Wotter family is deemed as insane.

Rose takes Scorpius’ hand and drags him out of the room. I have a feeling she will get him to buy more ice-cream.

Everyone leaves until it’s just James, Albus and I.

How convenient.

Albus coughs awkwardly. “So. I’m going to go now because I’m guessing, just going out on a limb here, you guys might want to talk things through and those things probably don’t want to be discussed in front of me so I’m going to meet my girlfriend, my very hot girlfriend, who is waiting for me somewhere in London… Kaybyenow.”

And he slinks out of the room.

See this is why I always thought we should date- we both digress. A lot.

I mean-

Aw shit. See, this is why I can’t meet up with Henry. He bloody confuses everything. Even my feelings.

“So,” James says, tugging at his collar.

I’ll admit, I’m pissed off. I know I reacted badly but stalking me, accusing me of cheating and getting the entire family involved? Whole new low.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t get the entire family to attack me next time you create some made-up fantasy,” I say coolly, glaring a little at him.

He frowns and glares back. “Hey, you were the one who’s been ignoring me since I told you a loved you.”

“I wasn’t ignoring you!” I cry. You know, even though I totally was.

“Don’t deny it! You have been! We’re going back to school in two days, and you’ve been avoiding me like I have the plague!” James hisses.

“Listen, I reacted badly, but there was no need to follow me. I understand how you got to that conclusion, but that was just low getting the whole family involved. They’re my friends too, James.” I tell him quietly.

James swallows. “I would just appreciate an answer by now.”

“An answer to what?” I frown, confused.

“You know, an “I love you too” or even “I don’t love you”. That would be nice,” James says, deadly quiet. It feels like some sort of showdown, which isn’t what you want you and your boyfriend’s conversations to feel like.

I have my answer all planned out, the whole spiel. The: “I-don’t-want-to-say-I-love-you-because-then-it-just-sounds-like-I’m-saying-it-because-you-said-it-to-me-I-want-to-say-it-when-the-time-is-right” thing that Henry helped me plan (he wrote it on a napkin. I have it in my pocket.)

But then I look up from his little broomstick socks that I have been staring at intently for the past five minutes and up into his face. He looks so pathetic and sad and worried and-

Oh Merlin, I can’t say that to him.

“I… I love you too, of course I do, James,” I hear myself saying, despite my brain’s protests. His previously sad face breaks into this huge beaming smile that practically lights up the whole room and he runs at me, pulling me into a hug.

Weirdly, I find myself blinking back tears as I rest my head on his shoulder.

What have I done?

My brain and mouth are not connected.

Eager to run, I pull away. “I… Of course I love you, but that was a low blow. Y-you’re going to have to make that up to me, okay?”

He nods and kisses me gently.

However guilty I feel, I melt into the kiss again.

Then, I break away and walk out of the room. I keep walking out of the house until I’m far away from the house. As soon I’m sure I’m out of sight, I run.

I run and I run, and I don’t stop running until I reach Muggle London.

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Chapter 22: Potions, Denial and Headmaster's Talks
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“OWLs.” Professor Higgs drops the OWL level Potions book he has been clutching down onto Albus’ and my desk. I flinch and Albus blinks suddenly.

“I hope you all had the sense to revise over the holidays, although I highly doubt it,” Higgs says dryly, his voice carrying through the silent room. Albus and I exchange a look- neither of us has touched any of our books.

Maybe it would be a good idea to before next lesson.

Quickly, I peer to my right where Rose is stood next to Scorpius (to everyone’s interest). She looks rather smug and happy while Scorpius looks slightly green (though, it might just be the weird light in the dungeons reflecting off his weirdly pale skin). Rose has obviously done some revision.

Meh, I can copy her.

“Your Ordinary Wizarding Levels are extremely important examinations…” Higgs smirks, staring around the silent classroom. “I do believe that soon, you will have a meeting to discuss your future and career choices. OWLs will determine your NEWT level classes, and will determine whether your original career choice was… right for you. Some of you teachers will not accept you into their classes if you do not achieve certain levels. I am one of those teachers. I will not accept anyone into my NEWT Potions class achieving below Exceeds Expectations. If you believe this to be harsh, think again. I think myself to be most… Generous. I know for a fact, that Professor Chang will not allow anyone into her Transfiguration class below an Outstanding grade.”

Albus gulps.

Professor Higgs smiles humourlessly. “So to get in the spirit of things, I suggest you get out your Potions books and turn to page thirty-three. Impress me. Enjoy.”

Eagerly, Albus and I flick quickly to the designated page.

Albus sucks in his cheeks. “Elixir of Lascivio? That’s NEWT level stuff, never mind OWL level…”

I grin at him. “Well, that’ll be no problem for you then. You can brew OWL stuff in your sleep, NEWT stuff should be fine.”

He laughs quietly, already chopping up his Lacewings. “Says you. You’re just as good at Potions as I am. Better, probably.”

I shrug the compliment off. See, I’m good at Potions- after Herbology, it’s my best subject. After Defence Against the Dark Arts (what a mouthful), Potions is Al’s. I’m good at sticking to the rules see and creating the best potions whereas Al is good at experimenting. Everything he creates seems to work, somehow. He just knows what goes well together and the outcome.

Albus looks up as we drop the now chopped Lacewings into the cauldron simultaneously. “I’m surprised he’s allowed to let us make it if I’m honest.” When he sees my confused face he explains, “You see, it’s the Elixir of Sport, basically. It improves your sporting ability. They don’t usually let you make it- people might use it for Quidditch, see. They have checks for professional Quidditch players to make sure they’re not taking that or any other sport enhancer.”

I raise my eyebrows as I begin to boil the cauldron. “Well, Higgs has never been one for following the rules, has he? He’s always been pretty adventurous.”

Albus shrugs. “I like him. Slughorn was good, back in First Year, it was a shame when he retired but I reckon Higgs is good. Better than Snape, according to Uncle Ron.”

I smile wickedly, “I wouldn’t trust your Uncle Ron’s opinion on Snape, Al. He’s pretty biased.”

Bus chuckles. “Definitely. My dad went to school briefly with Higgs you know.”

“Really?” I ask, surprised.

“Yeah, Dad always said he was pretty decent. A Slytherin. Dad played Quidditch against him. He always said he was a good Quidditch player and never broke the rules. He was one of the only Slytherins who were against You Know Who’s regime. He’s a good guy,” Albus tells me. I nod, slightly startled.

Higgs has always seemed nice enough- proud but fair. He never favoured the Slytherins or bullied the other houses. He could yell but he normally kept himself to himself. Heck, I’ve even seen smile in joy before. He was known to actually help someone.

I know.


And the dungeons aren’t so bad. Slughorn lightened it up a bit- but he was getting a bit old and fat, so tended not to move from his chair at his desk. Higgs however, decorated. Sort of. There’s no longer that suspicious looking substance dripping from the ceiling, or the mould that used to grow a little more every lesson. That’s gone. And he put up more candles so you’re not blind. Much better!

“Albus?” I frown, watching him stir his already bubbling potion clockwise.

“Yeah?” he replies, not looking up from his cauldron.

Peering down at my book to check, I look back up at him. “Um, it says here stir it three times anti-clockwise, Al.”

Albus shrugs and grins wickedly. “Don’t tell anyone, but I like to experiment with Potions.”

I raise my eyebrows. “You haven’t?”

“Room of Requirement, my friend. I’ve made, or attempted, basically every illegal potion there is. Never tried one, of course,” he adds hastily. “I experimented with this Elixir, and I found that if you stir clockwise five times now, you don’t need to stir after you’ve added the Valerian Sprigs and can add the Spines of Lionfish earlier.”

I blink, impressed.

He shrugs. “Just experimenting. It works, trust me.”

I nod, grinning at him and begin to follow his instructions quietly. With Albus’ practiced hands, he finishes his potion at least fifteen minutes before the lesson ends. I’m adding the last ingredients, and most of the class are still only three quarters done making of their potions. It would look suspicious if Al finished that early, so he prepares to hide the fact he finished so early by tidying and stirring his finished potion every so often.

Suddenly, Higgs appears behind him. Both Albus and I jump at his sudden arrival. Quickly, I turn back to my potion, stirring and checking the book every so often.

I’m good at acting casual.

“Finished already, Mr Potter?” Higgs mutters quietly, eyes sparkling.

Albus coughs awkwardly. “Yes sir.”

“How have you finished so early, Mr Potter? Surely you would just be adding the Spines of Lionfish now.” Higgs continues carefully, still very calm. Nobody has noticed him.

“I’m very quick sir,” Al says quietly, not quite looking at him.

Ah fuck it. I’m fairly sure he’s going to get a right bollocking.

“Really? I’m sure I saw you add Valerian Sprigs much earlier than you really should have; after not stirring twelve times clockwise. In fact, I saw you stir five times clockwise when you should have stirred three anticlockwise.” Higgs raises his eyebrows, a smirk playing on his lips.

“I’ve read up on it, sir, see. I’ve seen, um, articles, about it sir. They found ways to make it quicker and I, uh, memorised it,” Albus lies quickly, staring at the floor.

“I can’t say I’ve ever heard of these articles, Mr Potter,” Higgs replies easily. Albus grimaces. “However, I must congratulate you on your brilliant experimenting. It is rather impressive.”

Albus looks up and gapes at him.

“I trust you never tried it? Otherwise I would have to report you.”

“N-no, sir. Of course not,” Albus answers quickly, shaking his head violently.

Professor Higgs smiles, actually smiles. “I didn’t think so. You never seemed to have the side effects during a Quidditch match from what I observed. Brilliant work, Mr Potter, I must admit. I hope you are considering a career in Potioneering? Very impressive. However Mr Potter, I must warn you not to make illegal potions any longer. I may not be able to protect you next time. Perhaps I will offer to tutor you if you enter my NEWT class. That way you can practice legally.”

Albus nods, gawping at Higgs. Then he turns to me. “I must congratulate you, too, Miss Parker. More stunning work from you. Keep it up.”

With that, he saunters off to another pupil whose potion is billowing pink smoke.

I look at Albus, who’s gaping.

“Well. He’s actually nice.”

“I’m fairly surprised, I gotta say.”

We both laugh quietly and we begin pack up and pour a little of our potions into flasks, waiting to be marked as the rest of the class attempt to finish their potions furiously.

Rose sends us furtive looks as stirs her potion and mutters darkly under her breath (“It says it should be Azure blue, this is more Dodger blue…”).  I grin impishly back at her, twiddling my fingers at her.

“I love winding Rose up. It’s great!” I chuckle as Albus and I finish tidying.

Albus laughs back and then frowns. “How long does Rose have until she has to stop playing Quidditch? I mean, we steamrolled Hufflepuff before Christmas, but we have the Ravenclaw match coming up. We need to know if she can play or not.”

I frown too. “I’m not sure. She did tell me, but I have no idea right now. But you’re right- we need to find out or replace her and soon.”

“James hasn’t gotten round to organising anything as of yet,” Albus tells me, sending me look.

“What?” I cry defensively.

“I think his attention is focused elsewhere,” Albus winks at me. Blushing, I slap his arm playfully.

“Eff off, Al!”

“Seriousy, Kat! I’ve been asking him for weeks- nonstop since we got back. I think you’re the only one who can get through to him. Pretty please?” Albus bats his eyelashes at me, and for a second my stomach tenses uncomfortably.

“Um, yeah. I’ll ask!” I reply in an unnaturally high voice.

He blinks at me and eyes me suspiciously. Then he shakes his head and goes to the front of the class for marking. Coughing quietly, I grab my flask and head for sir. I’m confident I’ll get at least an E.

While I queue, I stare at the back of Albus’ head and day-dream.

I’ve mostly been avoiding James since we got back. Not so much he’ll guess- just enough so I can breathe. I’ve been telling him I’ve been spending time with Rose- helping with stuff. He seems to believe it. Hogsmeade next Sunday. I think he’s planning on taking me out- which I’m happy with, just so long we don’t wear matching outfits like last time.

Oh, Rose went to her first meeting. The day before we went back to school. She took Scorpius (to be fair, the lady who runs it suggested you bring the father…). It went well- actually it went brilliantly. She was practically bouncing when she got back. Everyone was lovely apparently, and there were quite a lot of girls her age. She met this really nice girl- Connie- and she was eighteen. She had a daughter at Rose’s age but had dropped out of school after sixth. It got too much. I can understand that- I think I would, if I was in that position.

Rose laughed in her face when Connie asked if she was considering that.

As if Rose would let anything come between her and her education.

Rose has her second meeting thing on Saturday and she’s planning on telling Professor Flitwick before then. As if Rose would ever sneak out!

“Next!” Professor Higgs calls, bringing me out of my daydream. I surge forward and hand him my potion. He pulls out the cork, sniffs it (?) and smiles. Under his breath, he mutters some words and flicks his wand at the Potion. It does not change colour.

Satisfied, he pours the potion away and nods at me. “Outstanding. Well done. Next!” he tells me before looking behind me.

Ecstatic, I bounce away back to Albus.

“What did you get?” he asks, grinning.

“Outstanding! You?”

“Same!” he crows happily, holding up his hand for a high five. I slap it lightly.

At that moment, the bell goes. The class head for the door. I grab my bag and sling it over my shoulder while Albus waits for me. Rose and Scorpius are leading the herd.

Suddenly, an alarm rings loudly and piercingly. I clap my hands over my ears and the class mirror me.

Higgs stands up looking furious and waves his wand twice. The clanging fades away.

“Which of you was foolish enough to try smuggle out some of the Elixir?” he hisses. The class goes deadly silent.

Trembling, Reggie Humble- a Hufflepuff- steps forward. He reaches into his pocket and fishes out a little flask of the stuff.

“The rest of you, get out! I’ll deal with this idiotic boy. Be warned- if any of you try to smuggle any potions again, it will have dire consequences.” Higgs roars.

The class don’t need telling twice; they practically run out of the class.

As we leave the classroom, Albus laughs. “Wow, I’d have thought a Slytherin would have done that. I didn’t know Hufflepuff had it in them!”

“Hey!” I bat his arm. “Hufflepuff are a fine house!”

Albus laughs again, poking my side. “Just because the Sorting Hat considered putting you in Hufflepuff.”

I gape at him, fighting a laugh and thwack him over the head. “You swore you’d never bring that up again!” then I smirk. “I wonder what James would say if I told him you were nearly put in Slytherin…”

Albus chokes and pretends to look offended. “You!” he splutters.

Yes, the Sorting Hat did consider Hufflepuff for me. I don’t know why- I’m way too mean for Hufflepuff. And yes, Albus was considered for Slytherin. He’s a lot sneakier than his dad- more cunning and slightly more power-hungry.

But in the end, the Sorting Hat decided Al was too much like his dad for Slytherin, and his bravery outweighed the whole power-hunger thing.

“What was all that sniffing and spell stuff about? I thought he’d test it out like he usually does,” I ask Al as we head towards Charms.

“The Elixir of Lascivio has a certain smell- sort of like outside. Like broomsticks and grass and rain. And the spell- well, if it’s created properly, it won’t change colour and if it isn’t, it’ll go all mouldy and green.” Al explains.

It smells like Albus.

I wrinkle my nose. “Ew.”

Albus shrugs. “I know. But it’s effective.”

“Hey! Excuse me!” a voice calls from down the corridor. We turn to see a seventh year girl running towards us. I recognise her- a Ravenclaw I think. She pegs it down the corridor, the blonde hair flicking into her face.

“Us?” I ask, confused.

“Yes you!” she pants, exasperated. “Katrina Parker and Albus Potter?”

We both nod at her. She nods at us. “The Headmaster wants to see you.”

I round of Al, hand on hip. “What did you do?”

Albus’ jaw drops. “Seriously? Why do you always think it was me?”

I raise my eyebrows at him. “You really need to ask? What did you do this time?”

Albus shrugs, excepting my explanation before frowning. “I didn’t do anything. What did you do?”

I laugh and raise my hands in an “I dunno” sort of position. “I didn’t.”


“Yeah! I’m a straight E student, my friend. I don’t get sent to the Headmaster’s office. You on the other hand…”

“Hey! Just because I’m adventurous-”

“And stupid.”

“And I like the odd prank-”

“And can’t clean up after said prank.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m the bad kid with multiple piercings who plays American football in the films!”



“You watch American teen chick-flicks?”


The Ravenclaw girl coughs awkwardly then smirks at us. “As much as I’m enjoying watching you kids flirt, the Professor Flitwick is asking for you. Save the awkward flirting for when you’re alone.” She turns on her heels and begins walking back down the corridor, motioning for us to follow. Albus and I stand there gaping and flushing for a little while.

She turns around again and blows a loose hair out of her face in exasperation. “Are you coming or what?”

Albus jogs up to her and I follow suit. “We’re, uh, not dating.” Albus hastens to explain.

“I don’t really care,” the girl tells him, looking straight ahead. Silence seems to suffocate us. We walk in silence for a good few minutes.

“I mean, we’re really not going out. I mean, we’re both seeing other people. Seriously.” Albus begins again, speaking at about 60mph. I nod furiously, still blushing.

The girl just raises her eyebrows.

“Like we’d ever date! Kat and I are just like best friends. Nothing else. She sees me as her brother and I see her as my sister.”

Well, shit.

I cough awkwardly in response.

“Really?” she asks, obviously disbelieving.  “Wow. All that sexual tension… I just put one and one together…” she trails off and looks me up and down. She notices how awkward I look and smiles to herself. “Well, we’re here!” she gestures towards the statues which lead to Flitwick’s office.

“Cherry syrup,” she mutters at the statues. I frown and nearly laugh at the odd password.

The girl shrugs. “It’s his favourite drink.”

Slowly, the status revolve round, showing the way to his office. Al and I surge forward. She grins at us and begins to walk off.

“Oh! Have fun in denial! I’ll see you guys on the cover of Witch Weekly, kissing!” she calls over her shoulder. She chuckles to herself and whistles loudly that Muggle song- what’s it called? Oh yeah- “Puppy Love”.

I blush even more and Albus flushes bright red.

After the Second Wizarding War, the gargoyle that protected the Headmaster’s Office was virtually destroyed, as was the way to it. So, they did a little refurnishing. Once you step past the gargoyle, you step onto this tiny flight of steps which magically move, spiralling upwards to outside the Office.

Only problem is, it’s quite a small little alcove.

So, Albus and I are sort of, you know, pushed up against each other.

Which isn’t really helping the awkwardness of the whole situation. But you know. I suppose I could take a little step backwards so we wouldn’t be so crushed, but why should I?

No point lying about it: I can’t say I’m not enjoying the closeness. Apart from the whole awkward silence thing.

Who am I kidding? I can live with it.

I cough awkwardly as we travel slightly upwards. You know, for a magical lift, it’s awfully  slow. Albus blows out his cheeks and taps his foot lightly. I suck in my cheeks and chew on the inside of one nervously. I know it’s only lasting a few seconds, but right now it feels like hours.

“Well. This is sufficiently uncomfortable,” I say, grinning to myself. Albus snorts and suddenly the silence is broken.

“’Have fun in denial!’” Albus mimics as I giggle, waving his hand about madly. “’All that sexual tension…’ There’s no sexual tension!”

“Nope! Nada!” I laugh as he chuckles and waves his arms about.

“For a Ravenclaw, she’s pretty dumb,” Albus smirks at me and I wink at him.

“I don’t know, Albus. It’s quite obvious you’ve been having a hard time keeping your hands off me!”

Sarcasm is probably the best thing known to man.

Albus chuckles, looking weirdly uncomfortable. “You got that right!” he winks at me right back before jabbing me lightly in the ribs. We start to laugh uncontrollably until a sudden light appears. The laughter dies on our tongues as we stare at the doors leading to the Headmaster’s Office.

We step out together, completely in sync. I can hear muffled talking coming from the room.

“If he accuses us anything, I’m blaming you and running for it,” I inform Albus seriously, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

“I’ll distract him, you run. I’ve got friends in the kitchens. We’ll take some food and run for it. We’ll go live in… Comoros.” Albus mutters.

I nod then look at him incredulously. “Comoros? Where the fuck did Comoros come from? Why not somewhere hot like California?”

“No-one will look for us there. Besides, it’s somewhere near Madagascar.” Albus explains quickly.

I accept his logic. “I’ll go with it.”

Plastering smiles onto our faces, we push open the doors.

Rose’s POV (what? I like writing from other people’s POVS!)

“Ah! Mr Potter and Miss Parker! Miss Tactus finally found you? Well, you’re just in time, take a seat, please!” Professor Flitwick squeaks from behind his desk. Quickly, he waves his wand once and two plush chairs are conjured out of no-where and placed next to James’. James and Dom is sat next to us. I’m not sure why everyone is here, but I suppose he has a good reason. Flitwick’s rather ingenious- he’s lined his chair with cushions and placed a sticking spell on them (so they don’t topple, I suppose) so he can see over the top of the desk.

I look up in surprise; I did not realise Bus and Katrina were coming. To be quite honest, by the looks on their faces, nor did they.

When I look at them, I get that familiar feeling I get whenever I look at them together. It’s almost like I’m intruding. It’s odd isn’t it? Even though it’s always been Katrina and I and Scorpius and Al, when they’re together, it’s very much like they’re one. For instance, they’ll have moments when they just share a look, and they just understand each other-

Like then! They just did it! They just looked at us all, then looked back at each other and caught each other’s eye. Even though they only made eye contact for two seconds, it looked like they’d had a silent conversation and come to a decision.

James smiles and waves them over. They both surge forward and sit down, weirdly almost moving as one. Katrina sits in the middle, looking very awkward.

It’s crazy- they’re both so different and their opinions often clash, but suddenly they can act like they’re two halves of a whole.

I always figured they were in love- I mean, come one. It’s rather obvious. Then they both got other dates. With whom they’re incredibly happy with.

That is not what I expected.

I expected them both to see other people, of course. They’re both oblivious to each other’s feelings. But I sort of expected them both to yell at each other and attempt to kill said other people.

They sort of reacted like that at first. And then they just got calm. And accepted it. And hang out. And love their partners. And act like they’re not completely head over heels.

Maybe I was wrong…

No! No. Rose Weasley is never wrong. I’m right, they just can’t see it.

Just look at how their arms are angled- so close they’re nearly holding hands. How awkward: James has just reached for Katrina’s hand. She’s holding hands with James and looks as if she’s about to take Albus’ as well.

You have no idea how many occasions there have been when Al and Kat been close together, just looking at each other and I’ve wanted to lean forward and push their heads together, shouting, “NOW KISS!”

I never do, of course. And they never kiss.

It is odd though. Defying all the rules of love. I think that they both love each other, but love their other partners too.

James told me Katrina loves him back. He was over the moon.

And ever since, Katrina’s been acting oddly around him. James hasn’t noticed of course, but a trained eye with a bright mind (me) can see it. She’s subtle, I’ll give her that. But I can see right through her. She doesn’t think she loves him back.

I don’t buy it.

Sometimes, the way she’ll look at him; that little smile when he talks; that light blush whenever he looks at her; and the twinkle in her eye when he laughs. I don’t know, but it feels like she loves him. I just don’t think the love is deep enough for her to actually feel it. I think she’s too rooted in her love for Albus to realise that for James.

Is it possible to love two people at once?  Especially when the two people are so different, but so similar at the same time?

Of course, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is who she loves more. Who’s the one she’ll choose? To be perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue.

I’m settled of course. Scorpius.

I turn my head and look at my boyfriend, who is sat right next to me- as close as you could get the seats together. He smiles at me and reaches out, lacing his fingers with mine. I return the smile and when I look up, I see my father wince almost theatrically and Draco glare at our hands. The sight makes me smile.

Of course, I know our relationship isn’t perfect: far from it! If it was, we wouldn’t be sat here now, having to explain to the Headmaster that I’m pregnant at fifteen (almost sixteen). In a perfect world, we would have waited until we’d at least finished school and both gotten careers and settled down.

This isn’t exactly a perfect world though, is it?

I don’t know, right now I feel okay. Slightly terrified, but I feel like I can get through it. I accept the fact that we’re only fifteen, Scorpius and I might not work out, we might break up- we’re only young. But right now, it feels real. I just feel like it’s going to last.

It has to last.

Not in a cheesy way; Rose Weasley doesn’t do cheesy- but in a: we’re-the-only-people-on-this-planet-who-will-put-up-with-each-other sort of way.

But more romantic. I think.

Scorpius squeezes my hand and I jolt awake. I look up and focus to find everyone looking at me expectantly.

“I asked, Miss Weasley, what is your game plan, so to speak? What do you plan on doing now?” Professor Flitwick smiles at me encouragingly. My mind goes absolutely blank, and suddenly I can’t remember what on earth I’m planning on doing. I can’t remember any of the plans I made with Mum before I came back, or discussed with Astoria and Scorpius.

How am I supposed to do anything when I’m fifteen and pregnant?

Panicking, I look at Katrina. Without missing a beat, she speaks up.

“I believe, sir, that her plan was to finish school, no matter what,” Katrina says clearly, looking at Flitwick. He smiles at her and then at me.

“Good, I’m glad. It would be a shame to lose such a brilliant pupil.”

I blush. But I know it’s true. There’s no point lying; I am one of the brightest pupils they have here.

“However, I must ask how you plan on caring for the child when you return to school in sixth year,” Flitwick continues.

This time, it’s my mother who answers for me. “Ronald and I have been looking into small apartments or houses in Hogsmeade, Filius,” my mother begins and we all stare at her. That was the problem that somewhat stumped us all, but mum was speaking as if we’d planned this all along. “I’m going to take a year off work-”

I open my mouth to protest but James protests for me.

“Aunt Hermione, you can’t,” he speaks up calmly. Mum smiles at James, rather sadly- she’s always loved her job- before continuing. “I can, James. And I will. There’s no other way.”

James takes a deep breath and looks at Dominique, who nods, before continuing. “Aunt Hermione, you don’t have to. I, uh, overheard you talking about it and I decided you couldn’t. I’ve been accepted to play for Puddlemere as Chaser,” James puffs his chest out in pride at this. “I was looking at places nearby so I could stay near Kat and all my friends,” Kat blushes bright red and Albus shifts uncomfortably.

“We decided we’d live together for a bit while James got settled at Puddlemere and me at the Daily Prophet.” Dom pipes up now. “I’m good with kids, and because my internship basically means staying at home writing all day, we could look after the baby while Rose is studying. They could live with us while Rose studies- it’d be easy. Go to school and then come home every evening.”

We all gape at the two as they look at us. Katrina looks shocked- she evidently wasn’t let in on the planning. I’m actually rather impressed- they’ve obviously been thinking about this for a while.

James rushes on in our silence. “We’ve found this really great little apartment- it’s over that robe repair shop in Hogsmeade. It’s got this room with a little kitchen and living area and then these three little bedrooms- it’s perfect.”

“Small but perfect,” Dom finishes, looking earnest.

Astoria smiles at them both. “That sounds amazing. And lovely of you, it really is.”

My mother splutters, gaping at them. “I-well! I can’t let you do that! That wouldn’t be fair.”

James shrugs. “We put a bid in for it. And we can’t let you give everything up, Aunt Hermione. We know how much your job means to you.”

“It would give Rose a lot more independence. It would mean she wasn’t depending on you, Hermione to raise the baby for her,” Astoria adds thoughtfully.

Slightly peeved by that slightly offensive comment, I cough angrily.

Astoria, noticing the look on my face, hastily adds, “Of course, Rose is a sensible girl. She wouldn’t take advantage, but it’d give Rose an opportunity to know what it will be like when she leaves school and gets a job. Much more useful, I believe!”

My father smiles. “Sounds like a bloody good idea, you two. I’m all for it. We’ll put money towards it obviously, Rose isn’t old enough yet to pay rent.”

Mum nods slowly. “I… I think it’s a wonderful idea, and very sweet of you two. However, it’s a lot of responsibility. So only if you’re absolutely sure.”

James and Dom nod eagerly, smiling at my parents. “Of course, Aunt Hermione. We’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

“Well. Rose, what do you think?” mum turns to me, smiling at me.

Grinning happily, I tell them, “It sounds brilliant! I think it’d be amazing. I’d love it.”

Flitwick beams happily and claps his hands together in delight. “That’s wonderful then! Problem solved!” he cries cheerfully. “Now that’s come together, we must discuss Miss Weasley and Mr Malfoy’s OWLS-”

“What about them?” I interrupt quickly, frowning at him in confusion.

“Well, Miss Weasley, I just supposed you’d want to postpone your Ordinary Wizarding Levels until after the baby is born. You’re due sometime in June, yes? And the examinations will take place early June, so you would be heavily pregnant. I believe it would be rather stressful for you and Mr Malfoy. I’m rather friendly with the head of the Ordinary Wizarding Level board, so I’m sure under these special circumstances, he would be more than happy to postpone them for you two.” Flitwick explains slowly.

Scorpius visibly relaxes and begins to smile. “Sir, that would be bril-”

“Horrible!” I cry, cutting off Scorpius. “Sir, I just can’t do that! I couldn’t postpone my exams by a minute!”

Scorpius turns his head to gape at me. I’m absolutely distraught- Flitwick surely can’t expect me to put my exams back? I have been following a strict revising schedule ever since we returned to school after Christmas; to put the examinations back would just make me go past my best! Too much revising just kills me- I like it to be fresh. No, no, I have timed this to perfection- I can’t change it now.

“Sir, I must insist we keep it the same! I just can’t accept such special treatment! I would much prefer to have them on time. I’m sure Scorpius and I will be absolutely fine,” I burst out, my words coming out in a rush.

Flitwick nods and smiles at me. “Of course, Miss Weasley. If you believe you and Mr Malfoy will have no problem, I’m fine with that.”

Scorpius turns to look at me again, lips curled and eyes popping- the face of complete disbelief.

Ah, of course. He would have wanted to delay the exams. I should have noticed… I believe I may get, as Kat would put it, a bollocking from Scorpius later.


A/N Hey there! I do apologize for the EXTREMELY LONG delay towards this chapter. As I have said before, life does has the tendency to get in the way quite often. However, I hope you’ll forgive me if I present you with this rather long (OVER 5,000 WORDS PEOPLE. IMPRESSIVE FOR MY LAZY BEING) and sort of informative chappie! I’m not going to lie, I loved writing it! I’ll try update soon.
And I can tell you now, that either next chappie or the one after that will be rather dramatic…

Chapter 23: Confessions, Try-outs and Kisses
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  “And Connie said that…” Rose starts off again. Quickly, I tune out, just nodding and “mm”ing whenever she looks at me.

I’m good at that.

It’s something you have to learn to do with two annoying brothers.

For those of you who are going, “Who the fuck is Connie?” Connie’s that eighteen year old I mentioned before, remember? The girl who had the baby, blah, blah. Great for her.

Okay, that’s mean. I’m sure she’s lovely and sweet and smells of fucking roses, but to be quite honest, I don’t really care about everything she says or does. Unfortunately, Rose seems to think I do. So, Rose is intent on telling me absolutely everything she’s suggested. Which is brilliant, don’t get me wrong- her advice is much more useful than mine.

Connie can teach her how to a hold a baby, whereas with me if anyone passed me a baby, I’d run around panicking yelling, “HELP ME! GETITAWAY NOW!”

But that’s just me.

Babies actually terrify the living shit out of me. I can deal with them to a certain extent. I’ll blow a bloody raspberry or pull a face at a baby on a bus (to make it laugh. Not to traumatise them.), but actually having one 24/7… I shudder at the thought. I suppose I’ll come round to the idea eventually- when I’m older, I guess.

Good job I’m not the pregnant one, eh? If I was in Rose’s situation, I’d still locked in the bathroom, rocking back and forth, surviving off toothpaste. I actually quite like toothpaste, so I reckon that would be okay. I’m not sure it’d be great for getting all the nutrients and carbs and whatnot, but it’d be tasty. Although too much mint actually hurts. Makes my eyes water and my mouth feel like it’s burning. Well, I could wash it down with some water- I’d have plenty in the bathroom. I wonder if shampoo is edible... Y’know, if I dilute it a little with water. I’ll bet Vane’s strawberry body wash actually tastes quite nice…

Suddenly, I feel a poking in my side, and I look around. Rose is looking at me expectantly.

“Well?” she prompts, looking at me pointedly.

“…Yes…?” I reply slowly, grasping at straws, grimacing slightly. I have absolutely no idea what she just said.

“You have absolutely no idea what I just said, do you?”  she says, raising her eyebrows. She can honest to Merlin read my mind.

“…Yes. Yes of course I did!” I reply, feigning being indignant.

“What did I say then?” She asks, looking very unimpressed.


“You were talking about Transfiguration!” I invent wildly. Well, to be fair, Transfiguration is one of her favourite subjects.

Rose looks at me, her wide blue eyes staring into my soul. I’m not even kidding- she has those eyes that feel like they’re piercing you and can actually see all your secrets.

I blink back at her.

“Do you honestly believe that was what I was talking about?”


“Kat!” Rose exclaims, annoyed. Swiftly, she turns and punches me, hard in the shoulder.

“Ow!” I cry as I leap backwards, rubbing my arm where she hit me. Rose is very violent, if you haven’t noticed already. And she can punch hard.

“Am I really that boring?” Rose looks at me sadly, her blue eyes shiny and shimmering. She could apologize, but of course, she pulls out the puppy dog face. Her bottom lips out and wobbles suspiciously.

“No! Of course not! It, um, was just a joke. You’re not like that, Rose. Don’t worry!” I grin a her, sarcasm just behind the words. Immediately, Rose cheers up and grins at me.

“Well, don’t you want to know what I said?” Rose giggles as we stroll along the corridor.

We’re heading back to the Common Room, it’s around six-ish in the evening and we’ve just eaten. Everybody is still eating back in the Great Hall- we’re two of the first to finish.

“Sure, go on then,” I sigh, unable to muster any enthusiasm.

Rose’s face crumples again, and she looks hurt. “No! If you don’t want to know, I won’t tell you!” she cries angrily. Quickly, she storms off, speed walking ahead of me.

Sighing, I jog after her, catching up to her reasonably quickly. Spotting me, she speeds up, waggling her arse as she practically runs ahead of me. I speed up a little and quite easily catch up to her once more. Fit Chaser vs Now Quite Pregnant Girl: who will win…?

When Rose makes another bid for freedom, I grab her arm and drag her towards a window. It overlooks the school grounds, which look still look gorgeous, even in the cold weather.

“Rosie Pose, of course I want to know. I’m sorry! Please tell me,” I pout, sticking out my bottom lip and batting my eyelashes at her.

Rose wrinkles her nose at me. “Okay, fine. I’ll tell you- just so long you stop looking at me like that. It’s scary!”


“You’re not going to like it anyway… I just said apparently you told James you are in love with him!” Rose says.

I didn’t know choking on your own spit in shock was impossible, but I managed it then.

“I-um, no. Yes. I mean. I did. Because I love him. Yes. It’s true.” I choke out, staring fixedly at the Whomping Willow.

“James told me. He didn’t tell anyone else, if you’re wondering,” Rose continues, standing right next to me, shoulder to shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her looking straight at the same spot I am.


“You’re still in love with Albus, aren’t you?” Rose says, completely relaxed. Not a drop of accusation is in there.

Eyes popping, I splutter, “Pssh. No, no of course not! Pssh. Why would you say that?”

I watch Rose roll her eyes. “You’ve been in love with him since First Year, Kat.”

“Was it obvious? Do you think anyone else realised?” I mutter quickly, turning my attention to the tree again.

“Aha!” Rose cries, raising her hand and pointing it at me. “You admit it!”

“I never said that!” I retaliate, realising too late I actually did. Groaning, I drop my head into my hands and shut them tightly.

“No-one else realised, Kat. I don’t think so anyway. I’m pretty observant,” Rose says gently.

I mumble incoherently in reply.

“You feel guilty for telling James you’re in love with him when you’re in love with Al, aren’t you?” Rose continues, her voice still soft.

I lift my head up. “Of course I feel guilty. I mean, how could I actually tell him I’m in love with him, when in fact I’m in love with his brother?” I cry angrily, though none is directed at Rose. “I’m such a bitch.”

“Fuck off, Kat.” Rose mutters, prodding me in the shoulder. “You’re not. You’re just… Confused.”

“Permanently so, I think Rosie,” I grin, and she chuckles in agreement. “You’ve got to understand that I really did like James when I started going out with him.” I look at her, speaking quickly and earnestly.

Rose nods slowly, “I know. I do believe you.”

“I just hoped the whole Al thing would wear off, you know? Schoolgirl crush? I suppose, for a while it did. But every time something happens, James says something big, I’d just be reminded of Al again.” I explain, still speaking quickly. The words are just flowing out of my mouth- like verbal diarrhoea.

Ew. Gross.

Rose just nods and I take it as a sign to keep talking.

“I’m just angry at myself, y’know? For lying. For telling him I love him when I don’t.” I bite my lip, and look out to the grounds again.

“I don’t think you’re being entirely truthful with yourself.” Rose says carefully; I can hear her choosing her words carefully.

Frowning to myself, I ask, “What do you mean?”

“Okay. Don’t say anything till I’ve finished, right?”

I nod in agreement.

“Well. I think you are in love with James- don’t deny it!- I really do. Just the way you look at him, and come on Kat, you wouldn’t be so worried about his feelings if there wasn’t something a little deeper than a crush for him. I think you do love Al- don’t interrupt!- but you’re scared of giving him up. You don’t like change, Kat, you never have. And you’re just scared of giving Al up for someone else after you’ve liked him for so long.

I’m not angry, I not pissed off, I promise. I’m… Sympathetic. And I get it, I really do. But don’t go playing the victim on me, Kat. Not now. I could go all ape-shit on you for messing around my cousins, okay? But I’m not. But make up your mind, and soon, Kat. Otherwise I might not be so sympathetic.”

With that, she flashes me a quick smile before turning and waddling off.


“Everyone get your arses in the air!” James roars over the sound of the downpour. Sopping wet, the entire Gryffindor team, bar Keeper, rise into the air and gaze down at the new Keeper hopefuls.

James stays down and screeches some orders at them. I doubt they’ll actually hear most of it- it’s blowing a bloody gale. As James points at each of the team, explaining to the hopefuls what do, I focus on the new kids.

It’s an odd bunch, I’ve got to say. There’s a few promising looking, burly sixth and seventh years, but far too many tiny first and second years, shivering behind the bigger kids. One particular girl is shaking violently and hasn’t stopped coughing and sneezing since she arrived. Brilliant- that’s all we need. A sickly wimp.

 It’ll be a difficult practice of course- replacing Rose will be hard.

She resigned officially from the team yesterday, much to the rest of the school’s interest. A lot of rumours cropped up- some worryingly accurate- but fortunately, when each of us told everyone the same story (Rose was too busy with her schoolwork- a very plausible excuse. Everyone knows what Rose is like, and everyone dreads to think what she’ll be like during OWLs), most people accepted it without a fuss.

Rose is actually sat in the stand, wrapped in about a million layers (Scorpius insisted. I know.).  She waves enthusiastically, though somewhat sadly, at us. I wave back.

It’s been a little awkward between us. I’m sure you can guess why.

The first hopeful- a particularly scary looking seventh year- suddenly and clumsily clambers onto his broom and jerks into the air. Once he reaches the hoops, James soars up next to me and presses the Quaffle into my outstretched hands. With a wink, he flies off and I follow, Lily close behind me. Albus swoops above us, watching the Keeper closely. The Beaters follow Al’s leave and fly close, watching him.

Burly Seventhy- as I fondly christened him- misses four out of the five shots we fire at him. It’s horribly uncomfortable watching him lunge clumsily in the opposite direction to the Quaffle. On his final shot, he punches the Quaffle, hard, and it soars through the air and narrowly misses me.

We tell him he hasn’t got it and ask him to leave as politely as possible.

We speed through the next few hopefuls quite quickly. Most manage to save two or three shots- which isn’t bad in this weather.

A rather good-looking and cheerful looking boy eases his way into the air. He looks very relaxed as he takes his flies agilely up. Expertly, he stations himself in front of the left hoop- an odd but good choice. Most position themselves in the middle, but he’s gone for the left. James looks impressed as he tosses me the Quaffle.

This lad obviously knows his stuff and has been studying our tactics- we often favour the left hoop in games.

He easily saves the first two shots, only just misses the third (to a chorus of disappointed “ahh”s) but saves the final two.

Happily, James flies over to him and claps him on the shoulder in congratulations. He tells him to wait down back on the pitch till we’ve seen the rest of them.

Well, he’s definitely got the position.

However, James insists on seeing the rest of them. Well, there’s only three left: three particularly wimpy and skinny looking second years.

The first clumsily manages to get onto his broomstick and fly, haltingly, to the posts. He actually manages two shots- two particularly easy shots to be fair. Both Lily and I felt bad for the poor boy, so we practically threw the Quaffle into his outstretched hands.

He leaves, grinning broadly. He looked incredibly proud of his two shots as he trod back up to the castle. Not a single one of us had the heart to tell him that we went easy on him.

The next girl misses the first four shots and bursts into tears on the fifth. She then proceeds to refuse to leave the pitch and demands a re-try. In the end, because she wouldn’t leave, we give her a re-try.

She misses all five shots again.

Of course, she wants another shot after that too. Fortunately, James puts his foot down and mentions getting Professor Chang. Without another word, the girl whizzes down immediately to the ground and runs back to the castle.

As we laugh, Lily very nearly falling off her broom in of laughter, the final girl flies up to us. She flies slowly, but steadily, face determined.

I must admit, I “AW”ed a little- she was so cute. As I pass James the Quaffle, he yells, “Don’t go easy on this one, Kat!”

I call back loudly, “But she’s too cute to upset!”

He laughs and throws the Quaffle to Lily. She chucks it, an easy shot and the girl easily catches it. I grin at her encouragingly and she smiles back. With remarkable accuracy, she tosses the Quaffle to me- a clean and fast throw.

Impressed, James grabs the Quaffle, passes it to me and I quickly throw it over my shoulder. Lily catches it and flies under me, throwing it back to James who pulls off an impressive throw, heading straight to the right hoop. As if she expected us to throw it there, the girl is there like lightening and kicks the Quaffle back towards us.

Raising my eyebrows, I fetch the Quaffle and we begin again. Over the next three shots, we throw increasingly harder and she catches each one- the final admittedly by the tips of her fingers, but she manages it.

Once we’ve finished the shots, we motion for her to follow us back down to the pitch.

She looks exhilarated and buzzed and she bounds over to us. “Oh Merlin! That was awesome! So cool! Thanks!”

I hold out a hand and she slaps it lightly.

“That was some cracking flying up there, kid,” James tells her, beaming happily.

“What’s your name?” I ask, smiling at her.

“Oh! Rosaline. Rosaline Berry,” she grins, sticking her hand out for James to shake. He does and shakes it quickly. As they release hands, the good looking bloke comes over, grinning.

I cough awkwardly, realising this guy evidently thinks he’s got it- he’s been sheltering in the changing rooms.

“So when do I start?” the boy says. He has a nice voice- neutral- but there’s an edge to it I don’t like. He’s smug- that’s it. Smug.

James grimaces, uncomfortable. “Sorry mate. Alfie, isn’t it? Alfie King? Well, sorry anyway. Rosaline here outflew you today and under these conditions, it’s pretty impressive. So we’ve decided to give Berry the position. We’d like you to be our sub though.”

The guy’s smile stays plastered on his face, but it’s sour. His angelic and rather beautiful face suddenly looks very ugly. He nods stiffly before thanking us for our time. Then, he turns, still wooden and walks back to the castle.

Fred widens his eyes and stares at us all. “We’re in deep shit. He’ll murder us in our beds.”

We all laugh, and Lily scolds him for swearing in front of Rosaline. We all head back to the changing rooms, except for Al.

I beckon for him to follow us but he shakes his head. “I want to work on my skills in these weather conditions- it makes it tough for the Seeker. It’s Britain- we could do we practice for this.”

I grin and add, “Do you want any help?”

He shrugs. “Yeah, that’d be good if you want. Are you sure though, it’s so grim out here?”

“I’m wet already, m’dear. Might as well,” I laugh and shoulder my broomstick. I lead the way while Albus calls to the others to explain. They all mutter about how we’ll end up killing ourselves, but nobody objects.

As I climb onto my broom, Albus runs and leaps onto his, soaring into the air. “I’ll race you!” he calls over his shoulder before zooming off. Laughing to myself, I soar up, chasing him. I grab the tail of his broom and yank it back so I’m level.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” he cries indignantly.

“Says you!” I yell as loudly as I possibly can over the clamour of the bouncing rain. Rain slashes into my skin, but it doesn’t bother me- I’m used to it.

I’m focused on the race.

Laughing, I will my broom to go even faster, to beat Al. But he’s a Seeker- a faster flier, a clever one. He knows his broom better than anyone. He swerves a little closer to me, and I’m distracted for a millisecond as I panicked in case he whacked into me. That gives him the little leeway to speed off ahead of me.

Annoyed, I pull back and stop flying, watching him continue flying, evidently believing he’s still racing. Soon, he flies too far away that I can’t see him. I didn’t realise before, but it’s got dark and misty. The rain adds to the affect, and I realise I can’t see the ground.

Instead of being afraid, I laugh. I’m invisible. Nobody can see me, I can’t see anybody. It’s an odd feeling.

Albus suddenly comes zooming up next to me and pulls up. “Hey! What happens?” he asks breathlessly.

I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs, eyes lighting up.

“You gave up! So I win!” Al cries happily, pointing his finger at me.

I sniff, looking up at the black sky. “I wasn’t playing anyways. You cheated.”

Albus chortles and shoulders me gently. “A sore-loser’s excuse.”

We both giggle and then go silent, looking around us. It feels like we’re floating on nothing- there seems to be nothing around us except rain. It’s funny really, how comfortable I feel up here on the broom. I don’t feel like I could fall, I feel like the nothingness is holding me up- a fluffy mattress I just can’t see. I suppose that’s the practice talking.

“It’s weirdly beautiful, isn’t it?” I mutter, voice oddly soft.

“Yeah it is. Darkly beautiful,” Albus nods, his voice gravelly.

Slowly, he turns to look at me and I gaze back at him. He tilts his head slightly, staring at me straight in my eyes. He bright green eyes are mesmerizing.

And suddenly, I don’t know how it happened or why it happened and I can’t remember the moment before, but suddenly we’re kissing.

His lips are on my and he’s kissing me, it’s so gentle but it’s so desperate, there’s so much meaning behind it. And I’m kissing him back, with more force.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. And it’s so oddly perfect, but so imperfect and wet and slimy, but so desperate and we need it and I can’t let go.

I feel myself swing my legs over my broom and wrap my arms around his neck. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer, my broom floats towards him.

The rain envelops us- our own Cloak of Invisibility. No-one can see us; we’re hidden.

Without warning, our brooms slowly circle down back to earth. We don’t break apart; we don’t even pause for breath. I can’t stop. He can’t either. I don’t want to let go and I let everything melt.

It’s just me and Al and the rain.

Our feet touch the ground slowly and without speaking or stopping, he grabs me and pulls me up as he stands. One hand on the small of my back and the other on my neck, he’s wrapped around me. My arms are draped around his neck, though my hands are clawing at his hair.

I don’t know how long we’re kissing, but I know it’s for a long time. I don’t care, I don’t care. I just want him. I just want Albus. And I’m crying, and the tears and mixing with the rain but I don’t care because Albus is kissing me and he wants me and I don’t know why I’m crying anymore.

Simultaneously, we leap apart, both nearly falling over our floating brooms. Chest heaving, we stare at each other.

His hair is plastered to his forehead and water drips down his nose. He’s staring back intently at me, and I wonder what a sight I look.


Then I gasp, real life hitting me, hard. I flinch and Albus seems to reach out to me, but changes his mind.

“Kat-” he whispers, his voice hoarse and confused.

Eyes wide, I shake my head and back away. Voice cracking, I mutter, “No, don’t. Just- No-”

“Kat, listen-”

I make a grab for my broom and run, run as fast as I can. Albus is shouting after me but I don’t stop. I run back to the Castle and I don’t look back. I run, run through the castle and through the Common Room, taking no notice of anyone and straight to my dormitory.

I run to my bathroom and slam the door behind me, locking it.



Chapter 24: Tactics, Fights and Couple-magnet Cupboards
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 The bell rings for the end of Potions, and I grab my already packed bag and practically run out the classroom. Albus doesn’t even have chance to open his mouth.

I sat on the edge of my table, as far away as possible from Al all lesson. Fortunately, we were doing a practice exam, so he couldn’t say anything to me. He just kept glancing at me, and I just ignored him.

I’ve been doing it all week. Making deliberate excuses not to be alone for him at any time, I mean. I always make sure I’m with Rose at the very least, I try to be with Dom or anyone that I know Al wouldn’t dare mention it in front of. Even James- though it’s painful to even look at him right now.

Herbology, I make sure I work with Rose; Transfiguration, I sit next to some Hufflepuff friends; Charms, I partner with Rose all the time. The only subjects I’m stuck with Al are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions. Potions isn’t so bad: now it’s the run-up to exams, we have constant practice exams where silence is mandatory. Defence however, is a little different.

And, fuck me, we have it next.

I walk in and take my seat. I position myself as far away from Albus’ seat as possible and pile all my books and parchment in one pile so I take up less space. Al walks in at that moment and glances at me. He pulls a face- the “oh-Merlin-here-we-go-again” face.

I ignore it and focus on my quill.

It’s funny how much you can notice about a quill when you’re focusing on it that hard. You know, the way the feather is shaped. And how the colour changes slightly in the light-

Oh fuck it; even I can’t pretend to be interested in a quill.

“Alright gang! We’re having a practical lesson today, so gather up your stuff and move to the left hand side of the room, please!” Teddy calls and claps his hands together as Albus reaches the desk. Sighing, I pack up my stuff and stand up, deliberately looking right past Albus’ head. I walk over to the left hand side of the room and smile at Rose and Scorpius who is stood as close to her as possible. Al stands on my other side.


As soon as everyone is over to the other side of the room, Teddy waves his wand and every table flies upwards, and with a massive crash, all land neatly on top of each other in a corner of the room.

“Cool,” Albus breathes, and I find myself smiling. Quickly, I wipe the smile from my face.

No laughing/smiling at Albus. At all.

“Okay. We’re going to work today on all the spells we’ve learnt so far and look at the stunning spell,” Teddy says with a wink. Everyone turns and grins at each other. “Okay gang, I’ll show you the stunning spell now, but I don’t want any of you to try it until I tell you to. I’ll only let you if I’m confident with your other skills. All clear?”

Everyone nods.

“Alright, Huck and Raynon come on up here and I’ll show you how to perform the spell!” Teddy calls out, picking two random pupils. Will Huck and Lauren Raynon both head to the front of the class looking nervous.

The two of them get out their wands (oo-er! I know, immature, but it never gets old) and face each other. Teddy begins to instruct them on how to stun each other, and I zone out; being friends with the Potters, Harry demands that everyone knows basic skills like stunning and such. It’s fairly simple.

“Bet you a galleon that Huck injures himself when he tries,” Albus mutters. I look down and spot a shiny galleon in his palm. I push it away, realising too late that that was a bad idea. I touch his hand to push it away, and an electric shock surges through us and both of us whip our hands away immediately.

I watch the duo, not really concentrating and try not to chortle (or look at Al) as Will yells the spell incorrectly (“THUPEFY”- he has a lisp) and he goes flying backwards. Hastily, Teddy revives him and gets Lauren to try. Lauren is one of those incredibly pompous girls who believes she can do anything. She places one foot in front of the other and pushes her back in a curve. Brandishing her wand, she yells, “STUPEFY!” and a jet of red light shoots out of her wand and hits Will square in the chest. He flies backwards, landing on cushions that I swear weren’t there a second ago.

Teddy grins and claps Lauren on the back. She actually swoons.

“Pair off gang! I’ll be round checking on you in a minute!” he calls as he helps poor Will up.

I turn to Rose, but Scorpius has already grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

Well to be fair, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pair with Rose- Scorp won’t be able to perform any spells on her of course, he’ll just be her test dummy. Ouch.

Another hand grabs my arm and I wince.

Ah shit. I’m stuck with Albus.

“Come on Kat,” he mutters as he tugs on my arm. Unwillingly, I allow myself to be dragged away. “We need to talk.”

No way.

“Expelliarmus!” I shout over the cries of others and Albus’ wand is sent spinning from his hand across the room.  He raises his eyebrows at me and I focus on the floor. As he turns to fetch it, I mutter “Accio!” under my breath and the wand whizzes past Al’s head and I catch it. He turns back to face me and I chuck it to him with a half-smile.

“We need to talk,” Al repeats as we circle each other.

“No we don’t.”

“We do. It’s an, uh, s-serious matter and, well, y’know,” Albus begins, stuttering slightly. He finds it as awkward as I do.

“And that’s why we should ignore it!”

“Flipendo!” Albus yells as Teddy heads towards us. I go flying back and land heavily with an “OOF!”.

Albus runs forward and pulls me up. I look at him and my heart leaps into my chest.


I walk backwards into another space and call another few spells, which he shields himself from and then sends jets of light at me which I shield.

Teddy whistles loudly to stop us and gives us the thumbs up. Breathing loudly, we turn to him. “Excellent you two! You guys can start stunning.”

We face each other again. “We can’t just ignore it, Kat. I mean, you and James, and me and Sarah and this is awful. We have to talk about what happened and come on, help me out here.” Al pleads with me, tugging at his tie. He’s just as uncomfortable as I am, but I’ve gotta hand it to him- he’s doing something.

Unfortunately, a Defence Against the Dark Arts class isn’t the place to do it.

Especially with some very nosy Slytherins listening in.

Albus opens his mouth again, and I’m terrified he’s going to say something actually about it. Way too many pupils are listening in eagerly.

“STUPEFY!” I shout. A jet of red light shoots out of my wand and hits Albus square in the chest. He doesn’t even have chance to look hurt before he is propelled into the air. He lands crumpled in a heap on the floor.


Everyone stops yelling spells and turns to gape at me, just as Rose sends Scorpius flying too. Quickly, I run towards Albus and point my wand at him. “Rennervate!” I mutter and Albus blinks and sits up, groggy.

“Fucking hell that hurt,” he grumbles.

“Shut up,” I tell him, through gritted teeth. His eyes widen and he guesses I’m not telling him to shut up winging, but to shut up talking about the kiss. He simply raises his eyebrows at me and looks at me all annoyingly wise which isn’t like Al, he usually just looks like somebody has hit him over the head with hammer.

It’s adorable.


“Brilliant guys! Very powerful Katrina, excellent!” Lupin calls across the room. Rose beams, looking flustered as she helps a very dazed looking Scorpius to his feet. Quickly, he slicks his hair back into its well-jelled greasy hairdo. I chuckle at him but stop when I catch Al’s eye again.

And just like that, the bell goes.

THANK YOU MERLIN! For once, he is on my side and is helping me out. I swear, Merlin, I am in debt to you and will do your bidding for all eternity.

Actually, Merlin is usually a twat, so maybe not.

Am I talking to myself again? Jeez, I digress.

I haven’t done that in a while. Huh.

“Alright gang! You’re dismissed, now get lost! See you next lesson!” Teddy shouts and we laugh, heading to collect our bags and run out of the classroom. I grab my bag and make a break for it, not waiting for Rose. I need time to think (not like I haven’t had plenty of that already) and possibly eat (what? The house-elves are very accommodating!).

So, I run. To the kitchens.

“So I saw Sarah crying before,” Rose says as she sprays bits of honeycomb at me.

I blink and look at her. “What?”

“I said I saw Sarah crying before,” Rose repeats, completely chilled, and takes another bite of chocolate.

“I mean… Sarah. As in Sarah Sarah?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Like Sarah Yusuf?”


“Albus’ girlfriend Sarah?”

“Bloody Hell, Kat. YES Sarah Yusuf, Albus’ girlfriend. There’s no others are there?” Rose snaps crossly.

“Sorry.” I mutter and roll my eyes. Rose is becoming increasingly moody with me. She’s pretty cheerful with everyone else, not to mention with bloody perfect Connie. She won’t shut up about “gorgeous Connie”, “darling Connie”, “Brilliant Connie”!

“Yes well, that’s okay.” Rose replies quickly, finishing her bar of chocolate.

“Um, why was she crying?” I say casually, flicking my hair and looking away. Out of the corner of my eye I see Rose look at me suspiciously.

“I don’t know, do I? Why are you so interested anyway?” she answers sharply.

“Because she’s my best friend’s girlfriend, that’s why. I’m allowed to ask about them aren’t I?” I retort, letting my frustration with her (that’s been pretty well hidden actually) seep into my voice.

She frowns at me and we sit in silence. We’re sat in the kitchens, if you’re wondering. It’s my favourite hiding spot and Rose loves it because she can eat her body weight in chocolate, no questions asked. The fire is roaring in the one corner of the vast room and the house elves are mostly gone, appearing in empty classrooms to tidy. The remaining ones have given us respectful distance and are either cleaning the vast amount of washing up, knitting (?) or chatting.

A lot more house elves have learned how to relax, which is nice to see.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with you, would it?” Rose says suddenly. She’s not looking at me and instead is watching a group of house elves natter as they wash a massive pile of pans.

“I wouldn’t see why it would,” I say. I’m not lying. I wouldn’t think Albus would have told her.

“Because something has happened between Albus and you, hasn’t there?” Rose adds quietly.

I stay silent and consider my reply. “Why would you think that?” I answer finally.

“You’re both acting funny. Too normal. Too civil. Not enough slightly flirtatious jibes,” Rose replies quickly and easily, voice still dangerously quiet.

My heart skips a beat. Albus flirts with me? How have I not noticed?

“Um. There hasn’t been anything, so I don’t know why you think that,” I lie, voice neutral.

“Don’t lie to me!” Rose hisses, losing control of her quiet and relaxed voice. Some house elves jump and with a nervous look at us, scuttle away. “Tell me what happened. I’m asking this as your friend now.”

“Are you sure you’re not asking as James’ cousin?” I retort curtly. We’ve always had a rule that we’d answer as best friends and not let family relationships get involved.

Rose turns to face me sharply. “How can I not, Katrina?”

I turn to face her too and stare into her eyes, not wincing. “Albus kissed me.”

Rose sucks in her cheeks and nods. “And I suppose you just let him.”

“No. I mean, I kind of did. I was confused and it was late. I broke it off. I didn’t mean…” I trail off when I realise oddly I have a lump in my throat. “I kind…” I cough, trying to clear my throat. “Rose, can you help me with this? I’m just so confused and I have no clue what to-”

I break off, startled. Why? Because Rose is laughing. Laughing. Not just a chuckle, no, but a full on semi hysterical laugh. I peer at her, blinking in surprise.

“Rose? Why are you laughing?” I ask quietly.

She continues to laugh for another few seconds before wiping her tearing eyes. “How could I not? Come on, Kat! Surely you can see how funny this is?”

I sit back, stung. “No I can’t.”

“Really? I suppose not, because you’re part of the joke,” Rose retorts, no longer laughing but smiling at me sickly.

I stand up, reaching for my wand. It’s an involuntary movement, I can tell you that, a reflex. I immediately think better of it and pull my hand away from my back pocket.

“I’m not a joke, Rose. Or at least, not as much as you’ll be when people find out!” I spit, not thinking straight. My head is pulsing and I feel dizzy.

Rose leaps up too and she grabs her wand. Heck, she’s allowed to stun me if she wants- I’m not pregnant.

“Oh shut up! Shut up!” Rose cries. Several house elves look up and scrabble away, frightened. “You’re a joke Katrina! Completely pathetic! You’re the one who’s chasing after two boys like a little puppy!”

She looks at me expectantly, waiting for a retort, but I have none. I don’t reply, I just focus on trying not to cry and slowing down my breathing. So I stay silent and just stare into Rose’s eyes.

When it’s obvious I’m not going to yell with a brilliant comeback, she stutters. Then she looks triumphantly at me and says, “If you think I’m not going to tell James, you have another thing coming.”

This time I roll my eyes. “Do you honestly believe I wasn’t going to tell James?”

I’m such a fabulous liar.

I wasn’t.

Until Rose found out.

“So you have nothing on me, Rose. I’m going to tell James. So I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell James yet because I’d like to. See you around.” And with that, I turn and leave the kitchens.

I’m actually rather proud of my exit: fairly dramatic but simple. Effective.

I’m charging down the corridors and knocking littlies out of the way, heading for the Common Room before Rose can tell James (I’m not convinced she’ll wait) when a hand grabs me and pulls me into a cupboard.

How cosy.

“I swear to Merlin I will scream! Getoffmenowplease!” I shout, but a hand covers my mouth as the door swings shut.

Hm, déjà vu much?

Oh shit, this guy probably will be an evil warlock.

“Oh shut up Katrina. I needed to talk and you bloody pegged it,” Albus pants as he removes his hand from my mouth.

I must confess, he has rather nice hands. Very soft and not sweaty (mine are absolutely gross). Not as nice as his lips, I’ve got to admit. He lips are very-


“I don’t think that’s a good idea so I’ll be off now!” I say in a very squeaky voice, my heart rate slowly decreasing in rate. I make a move for the door but Albus slaps my hand away and wrestles me from the door.

“No,” he says in a very patronizing voice and even though he can’t see me in the darkness, I roll my eyes. Suddenly, I feel his hand fumbling around on my arse and I squeak, shocked.

“What are you do-”

Instantly, he pulls his hand away and mutters, “Lumos!” I blink as the light illuminates the broom closet and crack a smile when I spot my wand being twirled in his left hand.

I always carry my wand in my back pocket. Ah.

“Broom cupboard, eh? Classy and not at all suggestive!” I taunt, keeping my tone light. He curses and murmurs an apology.

“Sorry Rena. I meant to grab you and pull you into a classroom or something, but you were bloody fast so I just saw the door and grabbed you. Didn’t realise it was, you know, a couple magnet,” he coughs uncomfortably.

I shrug and lean on a broom that is resting on the wall. “So, uh, why was Sarah crying before?”

Albus looks up at me and grimaces. “Broke up with her.”

“Why?” The question pops out of my mouth before I can stop it.

Albus shifts, looking awkward. “I, uh… It wasn’t just because of the kiss, you know. I would have told her about it anyways but I don’t think she would’ve broken up with me. She would have been pissed but I don’t know…”

I frown, puzzled. “But you broke up with her, didn’t you?”

“Well yes. Because it wasn’t just a kiss,” Albus replies, going slightly pink.

“Um. Yeah it was… We didn’t do anything but kiss so…” I answer, going red too, feeling awkward.

“I meant, like, the kiss wasn’t nothing. It wasn’t just a kiss as in a mistake. Well, it was a mistake but…” He trails off when he sees me looking even more confused. I grimaces and bounces on the balls of his head before looking down and bursting out, “Look, I have feelings for you okay?”


“I have, uh, feelings for you.”


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Chapter 25: Smirks, Cupboard and What Kind of Feelings?
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“Please don’t make me say it again.”

I gulp and look at Albus, squinting slightly through the dim light. The tips of his ears are bright red and he’s tugging at his tie and looking awkward.

“You, uh, have feelings for me?” I blink at him, confused.

“I- uh, yeah. Yeah, I do,” he replies softly. “So this is embarrassing,” he says with a small smile.

“What sorts of feelings?” I ask, blinking frequently.

He frowns at me, and bites back a chortle. “What do you mean?”

“Like, what feelings? As in like or hate of love or dislike. You know,” I press. Albus just looks taken aback.

“Merlin wept, Rena. What do you think? Do people really tend to say ‘I have feelings for you’ when they hate each other? I fancy you, you idiot.” He shakes his head, grinning but looking a bit cross.

“Oh.” I’m completely blank. What do you say to that?

Nothing apparently. For the next few minutes, an incredibly awkward silence suffocates us until Al coughs.

“Say something.” He mutters quietly, and I meet his eyes. He’s looking at me all imploringly and puppy dog like and-

That’s when I lose it.

“YOU ABSOLUTE PILLOCK ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!” I cry as I begin pounding on his chest in anger. He cowers in shock and covers his face with his hands, yelping little cries of pain. How manly.


As I catch my breath, I look up at him. He looks like something has just hit him over the back of the head. “You fancied me?”

“Duh!” I cry, still breathing hard.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” he chokes out, eyes popping.

I shrug and pull the “fuck-if-I-know” face. “I figured you didn’t like me! So I didn’t mention it because that would just make our friendship really awkward and weird!”

Albus moans incomprehensibly and sinks to the floor. “What is this then?”

I look around. “A friendship that is really awkward and weird! This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. Merlin Albus, why were you so stupid? You shouldn’t have told me!” I tell him. But, I can’t even get to the end of my sentence. I start to snigger and by the end, I’m laughing.

Looking bewildered, Bus looks up at me. “Why are you laughing?” he asks me, completely nonplussed.

“Because what I just said was completely pathetic and stupid and all of this is so stupid!” I reply in a rush, before the next laughing fit comes on. I look up at Albus and suddenly his eyes crinkle in that way I love and he’s laughing. That just makes me laugh more and as a result, him more, until it’s just one massive laughing fit.

“Please say you cast a silencing charm on this cupboard, Bus, because otherwise we will be found and taken to a mental hospital,” I cough out between another fit as I wipe my eyes.

Albus’ eyes widen and he shakes his head slowly. I stare at him and bat his chest with my hands. “Oh Merlin! We’re stuffed!”

Albus laughs once more and grabs my hands as he says, “Of course I bloody cast a silencing charm, I’m not completely stupid.”

I shrug and grin at him. “That’s debatable…”

He snorts and pulls me closer to him, into a head lock. I laugh and shout in protest and eventually, he lets go. I plonk down onto an upside down bucket beside him and rest my head on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around me and we stare into the near darkness of the broom cupboard.

I stare at the two broken brushes in the corner- probably stepped on by previous couples. I shudder to think who’s been in here before us and what they have done. There’s a cobweb in the far corner and I tremble at the thought there could be a spider somewhere in here. I may not hate spiders like Hugo, but I still dislike them. Our wands are on the floor, still glowing with light. It doesn’t light the cupboard completely, it just means we can see a little better. Al is sitting on a cardboard box filled with ancient cleaning solutions. I suddenly have the horrible thought that we could be breathing in fumes of horrible wizard cleaning solutions that are far beyond their use by date.

Wait, do cleaning solutions even have use by dates?

I digress.

“We’re complete idiots, aren’t we?” I whisper quietly.

I feel his head move as a nod. “And socially awkward.”

“Incredibly so. We shouldn’t be allowed out.”

I chuckle quietly at my own joke and push my head into the crick of his neck and his rests his head on mine. We fall into a comfortable silence and I push all worrying thoughts out of my head and just focus on how comfortable I am.

That’s the problem. With Albus, I feel so comfortable. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing, or a bad.

“Would you have said yes if I’d asked you out sooner?” Albus says suddenly.

“Before James?”

“Before James,” Al confirms.

“Yes,” I say simply. It’s the truth. I would have leaped at the proposal.

“I’m sorry I didn’t ask you out. We could avoided a lot of trouble,” he says quietly. I can sense a trace of bitterness.

“Hey, don’t apologise. I hid my feelings for so long, you didn’t realise I liked you. It’s our socially awkward tendencies kicking it. ” I reply easily.

“And sorry I kissed you,” Albus adds as an afterthought.

“You kissed me? I wasn’t sure whether I was the one who kissed you,” I answer. “Who kissed who?”

“I’m not sure. I think it was a mutual decision,” Albus ponders out loud and I laugh.

“Yes, if anyone asks, we’re saying it was a mutual decision. Besides, neither of us stopped it,” I continue, like Al, thinking out loud.

“I don’t think I could have,” Bus says truthfully. “Felt like I’d missed a lot. Just think of all the kissing we could have been doing if I’d gotten my act together.” He nudges me in the side jokingly.

I chuckle. “Hm, I suppose. Though from what I hear, you’ve had plenty of kissing experience with Sarah!”

“And you with James,” Albus retorts, perfectly civil. I nod in answer. Al sighs and squeezes me, “But it was never like that kiss.”

My stomach twists and my heart seems to speed up. Why does he say these things that just make me feel like this?

“What did you tell Sarah?” I murmur as I shift into a comfier position, still leaning on him.

Albus heaves a great sigh. “That I had feelings for someone else. She guessed it was you.”

“She did?” I frown, taken aback.

Al nods earnestly. “Yeah. She said she’d known all along but hoped it would pass. She was pretty upset.”

“I can imagine,” I say, panicking slightly as I think of how she might act next time I see her.

Another few minutes silence and then,

“Are you going to tell James?” he asks me, barely louder than a breath.

This time it’s my turn to sigh. “Yes. I have to. I can’t pretend any longer.”

Albus agrees and continues speaking, “What are we going to do?”

“Honestly, I have no idea.” I grimace and then wince as I think my next thought. “I don’t know how James will react.”

“Nor do I,” Albus says honestly. “Knowing James, it could be fury, sympathy, complete confusion or they whole ‘whatever’ attitude. ”

“Fantastic…” I mutter.

“You could just break up with him and never tell him, you know. That’s what I was going do with Sarah. The whole, ‘I prefer us as friends’ spiel.” Albus suggests, only half-heartedly.

My heart sinks. I can’t. Not after the “I love you” fiasco.

I shake my head. “No, I couldn’t do that. It’d break James and, besides, I owe him an explanation.”

“You’ll already be breaking him with this explanation. He’ll never forgive me,” Albus says sadly.

I feel awful. I’d forgotten how terrible it must be for Albus- they’re brothers. And then, I realise, I’ve become that evil girl. You know, the girl from the Muggle films that breaks up the brothers or the family or the best friends or whatever and is horrible and self-centred and kisses everyone and ohmyMerlin I’m her!

I do believe I might be overthinking again as a reaction to panicking.

“I’m so sorry Albus,” I mutter.

Albus looks puzzled and replies with a completely confused, “For what?”

“For standing in between your brothers, duh,” I answer, my voice brittle though I try to sound less tense with the “duh”.

“Shut up, Kat,” he says with a laugh. “Don’t blame yourself, okay?”

I nod and we wallow in a depressing silence for a few minutes.

Then a thought hits me. “Shit!” I cry and I spring to my feet, shocking Al and nearly knocking him to the ground in the progress.

“What?” Albus yells, confused and worried.

“Rose!” I reply impatiently. As if he would understand that.

Albus shrugs and lifts his hands up. “What about her?”

“We had a fight and she knows about the kiss. She’s planning on telling James!” I explain, talking quickly as I gather up my wand and extinguish it.

“Ah,” Albus says, nodding in understanding as he grabs his own wand. “Come on then!” he cries as he unlocks the door.

What if she’s already got there? Will she have given me time to explain?

We both leap out of the cupboard into the corridor, which is fortunately empty, and we run at full pelt down the corridor. We push past the stragglers that are headed to their Common Rooms and ignore their cries of protest and anger.

We pant as we continue up the stairs, taking two or three steps at a time. Albus leads the way and shouts down to me encouragements.

Finally, we’re at the staircase leading to the Gryffindor common room. I leap up the last few steps and skid straight into Albus’ back. He’s stopped and my face presses into his back. I stifle an angry and pained, “oof!”.

I’m about to ask why on earth he’s stopped when I peer around him and, suddenly, I understand why. The fat lady’s portrait is hanging open and James is in the middle of clambering out of it. His expression is one of pure anger- it’s thunderous.

When I look into the common room behind him, the entire population of the room looks shocked and are whispering to each other. I see the other Wotters, all looking confused and furious.

And then I spot Rose. For a second, our eyes meet and she looks directly at me. She looks triumphant and her mouth twitches into a small smirk.

             She told him.


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Chapter 26: Confrontations, Enemies of Hogwarts and The New Best Friend
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 “Nice. You guys are together just when I find out. Nice,” James spits, his voice venomous. He steps out of the common room and the Fat Lady swings shut, lips pursed and looking awkward. I’m thankful, now no-one in the common room can hear.

Albus gulps beside me, but as I step forward and glance at him, I can see anger in his eyes too. Probably Rose’s betrayal- fury is rising inside of me too. Pure hatred and hurt. I feel the bitter sting of betrayal  and feel so… alone. Rose and I have fought countless times- neither of us takes any shit from each other and it’s often led to rows. But never has either of us ever done anything like this.

It feels significant. Like it symbolises the end of our friendship.

That’s shocking: even though she said a lot of things, I understood her anger. I get why she’d be angry. And she’s a hormonal pregnant teen. I just figured she’d come around and I’d forgive her.

But she’s gone and done this.

“Rose told you then,” I say, my voice barely above a whisper.

“And the entire common room, I’ll bet,” Albus says bitterly. “Just like Rose to make a scene.”

“Shut up Albus! Don’t say anything against my cousin!” James hisses.

“She’s my cousin too, James,” Albus says, trying to regain the calm attitude he usually has in a crisis.

“AND KATRINA WAS MY GIRLFRIEND!” James explodes and the Fat Lady squeaks in shock.

I do not like the use of the word “was”.

“James, please. Not here. Not here,” I say quietly, my voice imploring.

James turns to face me. His chest is rising and falling rapidly and his breathing is shallow. “Why should I listen to anything you say? Why shouldn’t I shame you? Why should I do anything for you?” he retorts, his voice cracking. My heart aches and I take a moment to reply.

“Because you love me,” I whisper and Albus stiffens beside me.

James stares at me for a few seconds and then closes his eyes for a second. I focus instead on the Fat Lady who is looking intrigued (probably hunting for gossip to giggle with Violet, her friend) but also very uncomfortable.

“Come on,” Albus says quietly. He leads the way down the stairs and I follow him, James bringing up the rear.

I’m too tired for an oo-er moment.

The trip seems to take forever, though that could because of how awkward I am feeling. I can’t help but feel close to tears with every step. Now I’ve seen James, the guilt is just washing over me and I’m drowning in it.

I keep telling myself: It was just a kiss, just a kiss.

Just a kiss.

But it wasn’t.

It wasn’t just a kiss, was it? It was so much more than a kiss. And I so want it just to stay as a kiss, but it can’t. It’s a gateway, that’s what it is. It’s a gateway to pain and confusion and feelings. Feelings I never thought I’d feel.

Now I have to think: what am I going to do?

I have feelings for Albus- how can I stay with James? But, as I look over my shoulder and peer at James, I love James.

I love James.

My heart aches painfully as I see his distraught face- how could I do this to him? I love him, I really do. I may be sixteen, but I know what love is. The thing is, I love Albus too. And the question is, in what way do I love them? And who do I love more?

We reach the Room of Requirement quicker than I would have expected. I suppose I’ve been living inside my own head for the last few minutes, so I didn’t notice time passing. Al walks past three times and closes his eyes. A door appears and Albus opens it and hold it ajar for me and James. James shrugs past him, shoulder barging him in the process.


The room has transformed into a small, classroom like room. A small fire is crackling quietly in the corner, burning dimly. A few chairs are stacked in the corner of the room and I walk toward the stack and pick up one, carrying it towards the fire. For some reason, I feel cold despite the fire. James and Albus mimic me and draw up chairs near the fire. James’ arse barely touches the seat before he’s up again, hand running through his hair like Albus does and hunched over, as if in pain. He turns his back to us and I look into the fire.

The fire’s heat dries my eyes but I continue looking at it. Maybe if I stare at it enough it will roar up and swallow me.

You know what infuriates me? In novels I’d read, I’d hate the love triangles. I’d loathe the whiny girl in the middle who is confused about which fantastically good looking and intelligent and sporty and bloody perfect boy she should pick, both of whom are pining desperately after her, and she acts like her life is oh-so-terrible when it’s really not.

And suddenly, I’m her.

Although James is fantastically good looking, Albus on the other hand is rather gangly and I knew him when he went through his acne phase. Albus is more intelligent of course- James had the brains but not the stamina to use said brains. He is on a steady Acceptable for all his results: something that irritates me is that he just can’t be bothered to work.

I suppose this is more realistic- they’re both flawed, which makes it all the more difficult.

Says the girl who talks to herself in her on head…

“Explain,” James croaks, tearing me from my inner rant.

I catch eyes with Albus and he shrugs, obviously at a loss about what to say.

“It was an accident?” I say weakly. James whirls round and when I see his eyes (little balls of pure fury- I’m not even joking), I wince and a squeak escapes me. I’m sure James is going to explode as he often does in anger. James is very physical when angry- more often than not, Albus tends to be his punching bag (mostly deservedly as Albus winds James up nearly every day) and shouts a lot. Albus is more of the quiet hissing, the really terrifying glare. Though, when he’s really wound up he, like James (and Ginny tells me like his father), explodes.

I’m on tenterhooks to see who explodes first.

(And just to clarify, I do not literally mean explode as in combustion. I mean it as their fury explodes out of them. It would be very messy if it was the former.)

And when I’m panicky/angry/sad I lock myself in my own head and overthink. Oh wait, I do that all the time…

“James, we didn’t mean to hurt you,” Albus says softly. His voice is gentle and you can hear the earnest tones.

“Why do it then? I don’t- I just don’t understand!” James looks anguished and he struggles to get his words out. He opens his mouth but no sounds come and he tears at his hair: he looks crazed. “Explain.” He repeats. Neither me nor Albus say a word, at a loss.


“I SAID EXPLAIN! I DESERVE AN EXPLANATION!” James roars and I flinch in fright. He looks sorry for that and shrinks backwards.

“It just happened. We didn’t plan it. And it was only the once. James, you know I wouldn’t have deliberately done it. You know I regret it all,” I whisper and I bring my legs up to my chest.

James nods slowly and I realise he is trying to be calm. He turns away again and paces from a few minutes. We stay absolutely silent so the only sound is the sharp tapping on James’ shoes on the stone floor and our heavy breathing.

“You said you regret it all. What exactly do you regret? Do you regret the kiss? Or your decision to date me?” James says clearly, his voice carrying over to us. He words seem to physically hurt me and I feel winded.

Why? Because I don’t know.

The obvious thing to say was the kiss. But that would be a lie. James doesn’t deserve another lie. I regret the kiss but I don’t: it was the wrong time, the wrong moment but I can’t deny that I have wanted that to happen for so long.

I don’t regret agreeing to be James’ girlfriend. Because, I have learned to love him. But at the same time, I can’t help thinking that if I’d said no, I would never have gotten into this mess. I might have had a clear shot with Albus, no complications.

But Albus had a girlfriend, and no apparent feelings for me. A nagging thought is brought forward: do I even know if Albus had feelings for me before he became jealous of James and I? Is it just jealousy and wanting to have control.

No, that’s not Albus. Is it?

“I don’t know, James. I honestly don’t know. I can’t see how anything could’ve been avoided and I don’t know what I would change if I could,” I answer slowly and deliberately. I want to be honest, to show James I do care.

James looks at me and he looks hurt. But then he murmurs, “Thank you for being honest.”


“Do you like my brother?” James asks. He sounds fearful: scared of the answer. He still hopes it was all a mistake but fears the answer he already knows it will be.

I look and Albus and he gazes straight back. I nod, “Yes. I’m so sorry,” and my voice cracks. I don’t know exactly who I am apologizing to: James or Albus or perhaps both and every Wotter involved, I don’t know.

“I thought it’d pass. I thought it was a kiddie crush and I really liked you. But I could never squash the feelings and they’ve just got stronger e-”

“Even when we were going out,” James says flatly.

“Even when we were going out,” I confirm sadly.

“Do you like me?” James asks. My heart twists at his voice: he sounds like a small child, scared and lost.

“So, so much,” I whisper honestly. Albus looks pained, though I’m not sure whether it’s at my declaration of “love” for James or his worry for his brother.

“And Albus?” James says thickly and Al twitches his head up to look at his brother.


“Do you like Kat?”

“More than anything,” Albus answers, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Why did you make a move on my girlfriend? Why did you have to fall in love with her? Why couldn’t you be happy with your own girlfriend?!” James shouts suddenly and it echoes around the room.

Albus stands up just as suddenly, propelling his chair backwards. Both have their wands at the ready. I too leap up, wand in my back pocket and my hand stationed to grab it.

“You knew I liked her! YOU KNEW! And you still kept planning all these things, making the entire family support you!” Albus cried angrily.

“Why did you get a girlfriend then, you prick! Why not make a move on Kat before I asked her to be my girlfriend?” James screams, his knuckles white as he grips his wand.

“Because you’re my brother!” Albus retaliates, shouting louder than ever.

James blinks and lowers his wand; the atmosphere seems to become less tense. Seeing James lower his wand, Albus pockets his own.

“What?” James murmurs.

“You’re my brother. Family always comes first. You liked her and I didn’t think I had a shot with Kat, so I backed off.  I figured you could make it work,” Albus says, sounding embarrassed and I watch the tips of his ears go red. This is as close as they ever get to saying, “I love you” to each other. Albus continues, “I never meant to hurt you like this James, you know I wouldn’t. But I really like her. And I’m sorry.”

James nods and finally pockets his wand. I drop my protective stance and let my arm hang loosely by my side. He looks at me and I just look back, straight into his eyes. Then he drags his eyes away.

“I’m sorry I pushed you away Al,” he mutters as he turns to look at his brother, looking just as uncomfortable as Albus.

I am currently half expecting them to pull each other into a man hug and have a little cry together. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

“And I’m not mad,” James continues and smiles wryly at our disbelieving expressions. “Okay, maybe a little. I get why you did it and you didn’t do it to spite me. I put my foot in it and it was all just… no-one’s fault. It’s out of our control. But I need time-”

“We all do,” I butt in quietly and he nods solemnly.

“We all need time to figure out what happens now. So if I’m a complete prick to you for a while, it’s my way of coping,” and again he smiles. “I might regret not yelling and punching a bit more.”

“Here, here,” Albus mutters.

“But… just back of for a while. I need space.” And with that, James turns on his heels and leaves the room.

Albus and I stand still for a few seconds more as we see the door swing shut behind him.

“This family has a lot of confrontations,” I state, half-jokingly, half serious.

“Always have, always will,” Albus replies with a small smile. Then, he too leaves the room, leaving me alone.

I slept in the Room of Requirement that night. I walked out of it and then re-entered, telling it to re-form into a dormitory. It was just like my normal one, and it had fresh robes laid out on a chair next to the bed and a bathroom with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

After much deliberating (when James and Albus had left), I decided that I couldn’t face Rose or anyone’s accusing glares.

I got ready for bed, feeling very sombre, and lay in the bed for hours. I couldn’t sleep- my brain just wouldn’t shut off and let me relax. I kept replaying the day’s events over and over, letting the feelings of anger and bitterness wash over me.

I eventually fell in to light sleep. Admittedly, I dreamt some odd things (Rose kept transforming into a Blast-Ended Screwt and back) and awoke early. I dressed, brushed my hair and teeth (not with the same brush as the sentence may suggest) and now I head to breakfast.

As soon as I walk in, the Hall bursts out into whispers. Out of the corner of my eye, I see people swapping galleons whilst murmuring, “I told you they wouldn’t last four months!”

I ignore them and walk forwards, towards the Gryffindor table. I spot the Wotter gang and, out of habit, make a move to head to them. Then I spot Rose’s small smirk and Dom’s steely glare. As soon as they see me move, Lily grabs her bag and dumps in onto the free seat next to her, deliberately stopping me from sitting with them. James, meanwhile, is concentrating on his breakfast, looking miserable and working hard to try and look casual and not look up. All down the table, people start piling their bags onto free seats or putting their legs up across free spaces, so I can’t sit near them.

A friend of the Wotters is a friend of Hogwarts. And an enemy of the Wotters is an enemy of Hogwarts.

Blinking back the tears that suddenly threaten to spill, I walk to the other side of the table where there are a load of empty seats. I sit at the very end, as far away from everyone as possible. I grab one piece of toast and chew on it morosely. I’m desperately trying not look pathetic or bothered- after all, wasn’t this the reason I decided to have breakfast in the hall?- to show I’m stronger than that. I swallow each bite of toast, though it’s difficult. I feel sick and I can sense everyone’s gazes on my back.

I hate being looked at for good things (it makes me uncomfortable), never mind being glared at.

I manage to swallow another piece of toast. I want to look up and search for Albus but I daren’t in case I catch anybody’s eye. I didn’t spot him with the others before, and the hall hasn’t broken out into furtive whispers as I suppose they would if he walked in. He must be skipping breakfast.

I wish I was.

After I finish my second piece of toast, I get up and silently walk out of the hall, ignoring the looks and whispers. I walk straight up to the Common Room and walk past the crowds of people and collect my books and bag from the dormitory. I pile them into my bag quickly, planning on making a quick escape and arriving to Transfiguration early.

I’m about to leave when Camilla Vane walks in. Although we’ve shared a dormitory for years, we’ve never really seen eye to eye. To be callous, I’ve always thought she was a bit of a slag.

But hey, I have the pregnant best friend- I guess in some people’s book, Rose qualifies as a slut.

Best friend? Ha.

I stand there awkwardly, waiting for her to move out of the doorway.

“So you snogged Al Potter?” she says in her high pitched voice. It isn’t accusatory but I am on guard immediately.

“So what?” I snap.

She shrugs. “I’m not judging. I’ve done worse.”

I do not doubt that, Camilla.

“I saw you sitting alone at breakfast,” she says quietly.

I frown, unsure why she is saying this. “Didn’t everyone?”

She smiles slightly. “I suppose. Everyone is bitching about you, you know.”

“Thank you for letting me know that, Camilla,” I say sarcastically.

“I don’t think that’s right. And I think it was really fucking bitchy of Rose to tell James. You seem like a nice girl, you would have told him, right?” Camilla rushes on.

I nod in reply.

“I mean, I don’t get why she did it. I bet you had a fight, but oh Merlin, what a fucking cow. Especially since you’ve told nobody about her pregnancy!” she continues, her voice still quiet.

You know what? She has a bloody point there! I have sacrificed so much for Rose about this pregnancy and-

“How the hell do you know Rose is pregnant!” I cry. Then I shake my head. “I mean… What would give you the impression that Rose is pregnant?”

Act natural, Katrina.

Camilla rolls her eyes. “Why are you still protecting her? If I was you, I’d be telling everyone. But whatever. And I’ve known for ages. You and Rose were talking about it before Christmas, in the middle of the night. I don’t appreciate being called a skank, by the way,” Camilla tells me, eyebrows raised.

I rack my brains and suddenly I recall waking Rose up early in the morning to talk to her about baby. “It was you! That was what I saw when I thought I’d seen someone move!”

“Yeah, yeah, that was me. Don’t worry, I haven’t told anyone and won’t do. I’m a fucking good secret keeper. If it was me, I’d want someone to stay quiet if they found out,” she explains. I’ve noticed she swears. A lot.

“Thank you. I appreciate it. I know you think I’m mental for protecting her, but she was still my family. I’m not going to sink to her level,” I tell Camilla. She smiles and I find myself returning it.

“I’m going to be blunt here, but you looked fucking pathetic and lonely this morning. And I’m on your side for this because, well I don’t even fucking know, I just feel bad for you. And you’ve always been nice. So you’re going to sit with me and the girls at lunch and dinner. Show them lot you don’t need them,” Camilla yaks, talking very quickly (and very bluntly!).

“Bu-” I begin to say.

“No fucking buts. You’re sitting with us, okay? And I’ll walk to class with you now,” Camilla interrupts, though she says it kindly.

“Thanks,” I mutter, completely taken by surprise.

She holds the door open for me and I walk through it. “Sorry we called you skanks.”

“Whatever. Sorry for calling you a frigid nerd,” she says, sounding genuinely sorry.

I never knew she called me that. Hm.

“Even?” I say.

“Yeah. Call me Milla, by the way, I fucking hate Camilla,” she says as we walk down the stairs.

“Kat,” I return.

“Hm, I don’t like it. I prefer Kati!”

Just as I’ve lost friends, I appear to have made one.

A very weird one.


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Chapter 27: Accidental bum brushes, Forgiving Families and a Break-up
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 “We really need to stop doing this,” I joke half-heartedly. Albus had just pulled me into an old classroom as I walking to breakfast.

“Yes, well, sorry. It’s the only way I can see to talk to you,” Albus answers, sitting on a desk. I bolt the door and cast silencing spells, and then I follow his league and sit on one opposite him. I look around the room, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Apart from a stack on chairs, it’s empty. Not even a tapestry on the walls.

“What do you need?” I ask cheerfully. I’m in a fairly good mood. It’s been three days since the Rose telling James and the whole school fiasco, but everything is going well. So far I’ve only been aimed at with six jinxes (I have learned to keep my wand on me everywhere- I dodged most, but I did have to have my teeth fixed after one spell) and I’m managing to ignore the rest of the dirty looks and mutters.

Milla has helped a lot. If anyone so much as looks at me funny, she turns on them and yells until they apologize and run away. She’s actually terrifying. It was hilarious that first dinnertime I walked in with Milla. People were already staring, shocked that I would enter the Hall after the disastrous breakfast (and day as it turned out). Of course, walking in with one of the hottest and most popular girls in the school made everyone even more surprised. Milla sort of enjoyed the attention and bathed in the stares, flicking her strawberry blonde hair and strutting in front of me. She sat down opposite her two friends and indicated for me to sit next to her.

“You guys, Kati is eating with us from now on,” Milla stated, picking up some salad. The two girls just nodded and smiled blankly at me. I looked up for a moment and saw the Wotters looking at me. Rose looked dumbfounded and the rest of the Wotters just looked confused. Only Scorpius was grinning at me, oddly enough.

“Um, hey,” I said as I grabbed some beef.

“You’re the girl who cheated on James with his brother,” one of the girls said, batting her extraordinarily long eyelashes.

“I prefer Katrina,” I smiled weakly.

“Kati,” Milla corrected after taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

“Laura,” the girl on the left declared.

“Lara,” the one on the right smirked.

Laura and Lara are Milla’s best friends. I know, Laura and Lara- seriously. It gets really confusing, especially since they look similar too. They both have completely straight brown hair that reaches their waists. They’re cousins, see, but I have a theory that they’re actually twins separated at birth. I even have a whole story about how it happened!

This is what happens when you have nothing to do but homework. You think of crazy theories.

“Oh. Nice to meet you,” I smiled back.

“Was James good then? What I wouldn’t give to spend a night with him,” Lara leaned forward, grinning freakishly.

I had been a bit of an awkward dinner, but a good one. I wouldn’t tell them anything, if you were wondering.

“You’re happy,” Albus notes.

I grin back. “I am dealing. It is my new motto- ‘Life is shit, get over it.’” I reply.

Albus chuckles and shakes his head. “So you’re doing okay?”

I nod in reply. “You?”

“I’m alright, thanks,” Albus shrugs heavily. “That’s what I need to talk to you about actually.” He runs a hand through his hair, the Potter go-to move. I notice for the first time that he looks angry. “They’re, um, talking to me again.”

“I’m guessing my ‘them’, you are referring to your family?” I say politely.

“Yes, yes,” Albus answers impatiently. “They’re angry at me, but they don’t seem to, uh, blame me…”

“Basically they think you’re the victim too and I’m the evil witch who did wrong?” I say, stifling a chuckle.

His face grew serious and anger flickered in his eyes. “Pretty much yes. They don’t want me to talk to you or anything- I’m supposed to ignore you like they’re doing. That’s how I’m supposed to ‘prove I’m sorry’ to them.” He spat.

I felt a wave of sorrow wash over me and for a second I felt tears well up behind my eyes. Then I shook myself and gave Albus a small smile.

“I’m not going to do it obviously. It’s a load of bullshit, but I’m just so confused,” Albus mutters, sliding off the desk he’s hunched on and pacing the room.

“Albus,” I say quietly. “You should do as they say. They’re your family. I’m not. If it means they forgive you, for a little while at least, you should ignore me. Do as they say.”

Albus shakes his head and turns to me, looking anguished. “I can’t. You’re my family too. And we need to talk about what happens next-”

“Nothing. That’s what happens,” I say firmly.

Albus blinks at me. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing between you and me or me and James, if that’s what you mean. I’ve messed up everyone’s lives enough so at least for a little while, I’m backing off. Just friends,” I explain. Albus opens his mouth to protest but I interrupt. “No. I’ve made up my mind.”

Albus looks disappointed and sad and turns away from me again.

“It’s for the best, Al. Just for now.” I say more softly.

“What if they don’t forgive you? What then?” he hisses, back still turned.

I shrug and then realise he can’t see me; I walk towards him and place a hand on his shoulder. “I don’t know. We’ll figure that out.”

He stays still for a second before turning around slowly. He looks down at me and smiles sadly. Then he leans forward and kisses me, very gently and softly. It doesn’t last long, barely long enough for me to close my eyes.

His lips pull away from mine but I keep my eyes closed. I don’t open them again until I hear the door creak shut.

“You look like shit. And what the fuck have you done with your hair?” is what I am greeted with as I sit down or dinner. I lift my head heavily and glare at Milla.

You get used to Milla quite quickly. The word “fuck” is her filler word- she throws it in most sentences and when she doesn’t say that, it’s usually replaced with something else.

And you also get used to her comments like that. She means well. Honestly. It’s her way of being a friend. She’s just looking out for me. I’ve had a lot of these sorts of comments:

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“Are you honestly fucking reading? Stop. You’re in public.”

“Are you sure you want to eat that?”

“Have you considered spot cream?”

“I honestly wouldn’t eat that if I were you- carbs. Seriously, fucking don’t.”

“Shut up. Now.”

“I haven’t brushed it since this morning, I’ve been busy,” I answer calmly, helping myself to a pile of roast potatoes and ignoring her disapproving looks. I look up for a moment and I accidentally catch Rose’s eyes. She looks straight back at me and I notice how red and puffy they are- she’s been crying. We stare at each other for a moment until Dom tugs on her arm and they both stand and walk out of the Hall. That’s when I notice Scorpius isn’t standing dutifully by her side as usual.

“You haven’t brushed your hair since this morning?” Laura repeats in question form, looking appalled. I look back to her, stopping myself from wondering about Rose.

“Like, as in this morning?” Lara gapes at me.

 “Yes this morning. I bumped into Albus,” I mutter quietly, and that is all that needs to be said to explain things. The three girls lean forward in sync and their eyes widen.

“Tell,” Milla commands.

I shrug and take a bite of my chicken drumstick. I swallow quickly and answer. “He wanted to talk to me. The others have forgiven him and have decided I am the evil bitch in this.”

“Ew.” Laura interrupts. I’m not entirely sure how that is relevant, I must confess.

“They don’t want him to talk to me. Obviously, he wants to. But I told him he should back off for a bit.” I continue. Laura and Lara lean back, looking disappointed.

“No kissing then?” Lara says in her sing-song voice.

“No,” I lie, looking down and biting into my second roast potato. When I look up, I see Milla looking at me suspiciously. She’s not completely convinced. I’ve got to confess, I got that girl wrong. I thought she was a complete airhead, but she’s not. She may like boys (a lot) and wear clothes I would actively avoid, but she’s not stupid. She’s pretty bright and can read people very well.

“Harry Simpson touched my arse the other day,” Laura bursts out suddenly, as she gazes at her nails and bites on one.

“No way!” Milla hisses, snapping out of her staring.

“Like as in the Harry Simpson?” Lara whispers in awe.

“He is so hot!” Milla gasps and grins at her friend. “How the fuck did that happen?”

“We were coming out of Potions on Tuesday and he sort brushed against me. It was so awesome,” Laura smirks back at them.

I sigh and shake my head. Being with Milla and the girls was like being into the wonderful world of girl world: where everyone obsessed over accidental bum brushes.

“The library, eh? I wouldn’t have thought you’d be hiding here.” I look up and see Scorpius standing over me, smiling crookedly.

I grin back. “Why wouldn’t you? And I’m not hiding.” I reach for my books and clear the opposite of the table so he can sit there.

Scorpius lowers himself into the chair and leans on the palm of his hand. “I figured you find places where Rose wouldn’t come.”

“Well I decided I couldn’t spend the rest of my Hogwarts schooling hiding from Rose. Besides, she’s not been in here for weeks,” I answer coolly, stabbing a full stop onto my now finished Transfiguration essay.

Scorpius eyes me, looking interested. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

I shrug and look up at him. “It’s fine. Sorry for overreacting.”

“Where are the evil airheads you have adopted?” Scorpius smirks at me, stifling a laugh.

I chuckle. “Milla’s not evil. She’s…misunderstood. She’s actually quite bright. Terrifying but nice. She’s kind of territorial and protective, I guess,” I reply, pondering over my new friend.

“Territorial and protective is being kind. She went out with Harley Thorn, you know, and he had to be admitted to St Mungo’s after the second date. He just kept crying and shaking,” Scorpius widens his eyes and smirks at me.

I shake my head dismissively. “Rumours. And they’re all in detention right now.”

“How come?”

“Talking back to Chang,” I reply quickly. Chang and Milla have never seen eye to eye.

Scorpius laughs quietly and then goes silent. I write a few more sentences before looking up at him. I’ve got a niggle, telling me something is wrong. Scorpius is staring off into space. I squint at him and finally notice how dishevelled he looks. He white blonde hair is messy and uncombed and he has traces of stubble on his chin. Great purple bags under his eyes age him a few years.

“Are you alright?” I frown. I wonder whether this has anything to do with Rose- I still haven’t found out why Rose was crying the other day. But whispers around the school have been hinting at a break-up or certainly horrific arguments.

“Yeah, yeah,” Scorpius says easily, waving a hand flippantly.

“You look like crap,” I say bluntly. Milla is rubbing off on me. “Is it something to do with Rose?”

He bites the inside of his cheek and looks at me. Scorpius leans back in his chair. “We broke up.”

My eyes widen and I lean forward. “What?” I hiss.

“She was being a control freak. She just wanted me to be the perfect boyfriend who stood on her left all the time and just agreed with her. She didn’t want me to have an opinion- just look pretty and smile when she told me to. We’d be the perfect parents,” he spat bitterly, he face contorting into one of anger.

“Oh,” is all I can manage.

“She was being a bitch about you,” Scorpius continues, his eyes drifting off into the distance. “I thought she was being awful to you and I said she shouldn’t have told James. She didn’t like as you can probably guess. She said I was her boyfriend so I should be on her side. I told her I was allowed an opinion. It wasn’t just you,” he reassures me, reading me well. I wouldn’t want to be the reason behind a breakup. “She was being a controlling over pretty much everything. I was just angry that she would forget about you like that- you’re her best friend…
We kept fighting but I wanted to be there for her.  We were bickering constantly. Yesterday I lost it. She was saying something about you and Milla and I just… I told her to grow up and stop being so stuck up. Then I told her I didn’t want to be with her anymore.” He smiles slightly to himself as he adds, “I recall saying something cool like ‘Call me when you’re ready for a relationship’ or something.”

I pull the ‘not bad’ face and nod at him. Then I tilt my head and reach out to touch him, for comfort, instinctively but at the last second, I twitch my hand back. He gazes at my furled hand.

“I’m sorry, by the way,” I say quietly. He shrugs and smiles at me.

“So, uh, I’m probably going to hand out with you if that’s okay?” Scorpius adds but rushes on before I can answer. “I would go with Al but obviously he is the forgiven angel so I probably shouldn’t fraternise with him.”

I laugh. “Scorpius, of course you can. If you bear all the girl talk, then good on you, son. The two black sheep together!” He holds out his fist and I bump it before exploding my fist outwards. It’s funny, I was never struck on Scorpius before but suddenly he’s become one of my closest friends. I guess we’ve both grown up, a lot.

“I can handle it!” Scorpius smirks at me as he leans back and props his feet on the table.

I raise my eyebrows. “You do realise they mostly talk about boys, sex, make-up and a recent addition is touching people’s arses.”

Scorpius blanches and I chuckle at his expression, but then I realise something. “Uh, what about the baby?” I whisper as quietly as I can. “Now you’ve broken up?”

“That’s not a problem. I’ve already said I’m still in it with Rose. I just don’t want to date her. I’m going to help raise that baby,” Scorpius says firmly but quietly. “Besides, my dad would disown me if I backed out now.”

I frown. For a second I’m sure I misheard him. “Your dad said that? I wouldn’t have thought he was all for the raising the baby situation.”

Scorpius snickers to himself. “I like to think that. But it’s more likely he’s just trying to protect the name- better to have a pregnancy scandal when they’re supporting the baby than not.”

I nod, understanding.

Then Scorpius tilts his head and adds, “Or he’s just trying to out-do Ron.”

I laugh and throw my head back. “Much more likely.”

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Chapter 28: Quidditch Practices, Quitting Teams and Punch-Ups
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 I’m stood outside the changing rooms, shivering slightly. I rub my hands together and lean on the wall, watching the rest of the team huddle together, backs to me. Rosaline turns away from the group and waves. I nod back in reply. Quickly, she comes over to me and smiles.

“You alright?” she asks me brightly.

“I’m good thanks, Berry,” I grin. “You?”

“Rosaline,” she corrects confidently. “I’m fabulous. I love practicing.”

I laugh and throw my head back. “You won’t soon, believe me.”

Rosaline opens her mouth to say something, but Lily interrupts her. “Berry!” Lily shrieks.

“One second!”

“No, now, Berry!” Lily replies impatiently.

Rosaline frowns. “I’m talking to Katrina,” she calls back, back still to Lily.

“I know!” she spits. “Come on! I need you.”

“Why?” Rosaline asks suspiciously.

“I… I just do!” Lily replies desperately. Berry rolls her eyes but I nudge her.

“Go on, Berry. Go talk to Lily. You shouldn’t be talking to me,” I smirk at her and she shrugs at me before turning back to Lily.

Rosaline has been pretty fantastic actually, as a Keeper. She’s a really brilliant find especially because she’s only a second year. She’s also been the only friendly one over the last few practices.

“Right guys,” James calls grimly. “Up in the air, Chasers try and score against Berry!”

We all head up into the sky. It’s dry for once, but freezing cold: the tips of my fingers are already red, glued to my broomstick. I’ve lost all feeling in my lips and nose.

Wait, can you even feel your nose in the first place?

I digress.

I hover in the air and watch James toss to his left hand from his right and back again. It’s been an incredibly awkward practice already. Only Sloper and Berry smiled at me but they both earned dirty glares from Lily and Fred. So far all the Potters have just completely ignored me; Albus tried to sneak me a look, but Lily caught him and dragged him away.

Rose and Dom have showed up for practice. I suppose you could argue she’d come because she used to be on the team. Personally, I reckon it’s to make sure Albus doesn’t try anything.

James throws Lily the Quaffle who throws it back to him. She dives below him and James chucks it down to her. I’m watching them, flying slightly ahead. I’m in the perfect position and James is still flying into formation.

“To your left!” I bellow to Lily. She looks at me but purposely turns and throws it awkwardly to James. He has to dive to catch it and it means they are all wonky for the next shot, out of our normal comfortable positions. James throws it weakly towards the hoops and Berry catches it easily, barely having to stretch. Rosaline turns to throw it to me, but Lily soars in front of me and catches it before I can.

We introduce the Beaters who bat the bludgers towards us, Fred sending one or two towards me quite quickly and hard. Neither Potters throw the Quaffle to me at any point, avoiding it at all costs. It’s like I’m not there and it’s infuriating. Several times the Quaffle is dropped and they have to fly out of formation to grab it, just because they weren’t in right position when I was.

James has the Quaffle and is racing down the right hand side of the pitch. I soar closer to him.

“To me!” I cry.

His hazel eyes glaze over and wonder past me as if he can’t see me. He keeps hold of it far too long, other teams would have sent a bludger or a Chaser his way. “Lily!” James calls and she whizzes down awkwardly for him to throw it to her.

I look up and spot Albus gazing down at us. His hair is whipping around in the wind and his face pink with windburn. The Snitch is clutched tightly in his hand (he’s been practising on his own, catching the Snitch as many times as he can) and his knuckles are white, they are so tight. His face is expressionless and I know that look: he’s furious.

I ignore it and fly on, calling for Lily to pass me the Quaffle. She doesn’t. We’ve been flying for at least forty-five minutes and I have not touched it.

I snap.

“That is it!” I yell and they all turn to face me for once. It’s the first time they haven’t looked at me without a glare of hatred: this is confusion. “I know you all fucking hate me, but you can get stuffed. I am here, I am on the freaking team and you are acting like I don’t exist. You won’t pass me the Quaffle, you didn’t pass me it last practice or the one before that. So you can get lost!” I scream, anger flooding out of me. “Find yourself a new Chaser, Potter,” I spit venomously. “Because I freaking quit!”

I soar to the ground and throw the Cleansweep to the ground. I turn and the entire team are landing around me.

“You can’t quit! Our match is tomorrow,” James croaks.

“I honestly don’t give a shit,” I hiss. “You were supposed to be my family, and you are all pathetic.” For once, they all look slightly put out. “I keep your secrets even though you are all horrid to me. I could ruin you, I could so easily go to the press and destroy you! Do I? No! But you can go to Hell. Just keep the fuck away from me.” I kick the Cleansweep away from me and glare at them, my chest heaving. “And keep your fucking pity broomstick.”

Just like I always do, I turn on my heels and run away.

“Alright?” Milla asks, barely looking up from her Witch Weekly magazine. I’ve just walked into the Common Room, cold and angry. Nobody looks up, the entire school population has taken to ignoring me and pretending like I don’t exist.

When I don’t answer she finally looks up properly and frowns at me. Then Milla realises something is wrong. She rolls her eyes and grabs my hand, yanking me down on the seat next to her.

“What is wrong with you?” she asks, not harshly.

“I quit the team,” I state, my voice icy.

“What?” Milla hisses incredulously. “No fucking way.”

“They are driving me crazy and I’m not taking their shit anymore,” my voice is rising slightly so Milla flaps her hands.

“Shush!” she whispers. But she looks delighted and holds up her hand for me to high five it. “I’m proud of you Kati!”

I wince at the use of that nickname. Then I frown. “Why?”

“Because,” Milla begins, looking as though I am stupid. “You have taken their fucking shit for ages and you don’t deserve it. I’m glad you stood up them, otherwise they’ll just continue to walk all over you.”

I nod and smile weakly at her. “Okay.”

“Now, come on. Let’s get you out of your team kit, since you don’t play for them anymore!” Milla winks and stands up, indicating for me to follow her. We both leave and walk up to our dormitory, Milla still giggling slightly.

When we reach our dorm, Milla flops down on her bed which is opposite mine and stares at the ceiling. “What did you say? Did you do me proud then?”

I laugh and begin to strip off, pulling on my green jumper. I talk her through the story, telling it truthfully and as well as I can remember. Milla chortles at some things and mutters, “Fucking well done!” at others.

Just as I’m pulling on my trainers, we hear some shouts from downstairs.

Milla sits up automatically, eyes flashing and a smile planted on her face. “Drama!” she cries. “Come on, Kati! Let’s go and see.”

I groan. I’d rather avoid the commotion, but Milla is now gazing at me with her puppy dog eyes. I allow her to drag me downstairs and we walk together down the stairs; I’m restraining her from running to the common room. We reach the middle of the last staircase and look over the banister and spot the entire Gryffindor team stood in the middle of the room.

“Oh crap,” I mutter but Milla just cracks her knuckles.

She terrifies me sometimes.

We head down the last few steps and Milla calls out loudly, “What’s going on here?”

Everybody turns in their seats to look at us, most looking gleeful. Everyone loves a good confrontation.

“You!” Lily shouts at me. “You can’t just quit the team!”

The entire common room is filled with chorus’ of “oooh” as they realise what the fuss is about.

“She can do what she fucking wants, Potter,” Milla says back, strutting forwards and flicking her hair behind her.

“Let your pet speak,” Dom retorts angrily, nodding at me.

Milla makes a sound that can only be described as an actual animalistic growl. I simply roll my eyes and tug Milla back.

That honestly was a terrible comeback from Dom.

“You know full well I can speak, Dominique,” I say calmly. All anger has been washed away, and this time I don’t shy away from the confrontation like I would have done. In the past, I probably would have apologized and/or cried before running away.

She shivers at the use of her full name. “Whatever,” she says back, folding her hands.


“You can’t just quit. You’re being unreasonable,” Rose starts, glaring at me.

“What’s it got to do with you, Weasley?” Milla butts in.

“I was on the team, you know,” Rose replies pompously.

“Hypocrite. Tell us, Rosie, why exactly did you leave the team again?” Milla asks sweetly but with an edge to it.

Rose straightens up slightly, picking up on her tone of voice. The tips of her ears redden and she looks afraid and suspicious. Suddenly I’m terrified Milla might say something about Rose’s situation. I look at Milla out of the corner of my eye and catch her gaze. I shake my head and she sighs, understanding what I mean.

“Never mind that,” I roll my eyes, averting everyone’s attention. “I’m not being unreasonable. People quit all the time, just like you did.” I say quietly, nodding at Rose. I’m not quite letting it go. “I’m not staying on a team who can’t play for shit. I’m doing you a favour; you didn’t want me on the team anyway.”

This time it’s James who speaks up. His voice is soft when he speaks, and it sounds somewhat brittle. “We never said that. You’re one of our best players-”

I laugh at that, looking right at him. My gaze his hard, challenging, and he breaks it, looking down. “Maybe you should let me touch the Quaffle then.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have cheated on James then!” Rose interrupts, triumphant, mimicking my tone.

Everyone in the room winces and turns to me to see my reaction.

“Just let me punch her stupid fucking face, just once…”Milla is muttering under her breath angrily.

I turn to her and just look at her.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Albus cries. “Merlin, Rose, let it go. If you are going to hold it against Katrina, hold it against me as well. I was the one who kissed her.”

It was a group effort, Al.

“I-” she begins.

“I quit too!” a little voice pipes up. Everyone frowns and looks for the source of the voice. Finally, Rosaline pushes her way through the crowd and taps James on the back. “If Katrina isn’t on the team, I don’t want to be. I think you’re all meanies,” she squeaks bravely.

And that folks, is the most horrible name a second year can call you.

“Rosaline, don’t.” I sigh and run a hand through my hair.

“Shut it,” she tells me and I blink. I just got told off by a second year. Then she turns back to James. “I quit!” she says and walks past me, giving me a thumbs up (which I return), and walks up to her dorm.

I have a feeling she will do a victory dance when she gets up there.

James just looks absolutely dumbfounded and confused, as does the rest of the team, apart from Albus. Al, meanwhile, is cracking up and laughing quietly.

“Rosaline has got the right idea,” he says loudly. “I’m so out. You can find yourselves a new Seeker. Actually, you need a new team, James. You’re all hypocrites.” With that, he laughs again and walks past them.

James is growing continuously redder, and that laugh makes all pretence of calm crack. Before Al can get far enough away, James turns and swings his fist towards Albus’ face. Albus doesn’t have time to duck and there is a loud crunching noise. Everyone gasps and Al doubles over, hands clutching his face.

“That is for kissing my girlfriend,” James hisses as he shakes his hand, sending drops of Al’s blood flying.

Albus grimaces in pain and straightens up, looking straight in James’ eyes. “I guess I deserved that.”

James looks confused for a moment and Albus takes that second to punch James square in the jaw. “And that was for being a dick.”

James looks like he’s going to retaliate, despite looking like he’s in a massive amount of pain. Finally, Sloper and Fred jump in, pulling him back.

Milla turns to me and grins. “Wicked. Two hot boys fighting over you.”

I just glare at her before walking forward. I’m slightly shaken but mostly I’m just incredibly pissed off and embarrassed.

“You twats,” I say to the Potter brothers before opening the portrait door open. They both glare at me. “Hospital Wing. Try not to kill each other on the way.”

I watch them leave and then walk back to Milla, ignoring all the startled looks. I grab her arm and tug at it. “Come on, Mills.”

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Chapter 29: Awkward Questions, Quidditch Matches and Finding Fathers
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 The library is quiet and mostly empty apart from some stressed looking first years. Only the tips of their heads can be seen over the piles of their books and their tiny legs swing high above the ground. Scorp and I, however, are sat working on homework. The chair is too big for Scorp and he’s slightly hunched and the books barely reach his chest.

Scorpius puts down his quill and frowns at me slightly. I look up, feeling his gaze and stare back.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“I really don’t want to sound rude,” Scorpius begins and I can tell it’s going to be a long ramble before he actually tells me what he wants to ask.

I roll my eyes. “Get on with it, I haven’t got all day.”

Scorpius nods slowly. “Alright then. Are your parents together?”

I frown at him and smile a little. “Is that it? I thought it was going to be a big confrontation. And no, they’re not.” I fiddle with my quill’s feather for a moment before writing again. Not as soon as it has touched my paper, Scorpius speaks again.

“How long have they been separated for?”

“I don’t know,” I reply sharply.

He doesn’t seem to pick up on my tone of voice and he continues. “How come they broke up?”

“I don’t know!” I hiss at him, slamming down my quill. He blinks at me, shocked.

“Oh, uh, sorry. I didn’t think that would upset you-”

“Yeah, talking about your parents’ break up never upsets anyone, does it,” I roll my eyes angrily, packing my things up.

“It does? I- I mean. Divorces and things have only just started happening more often in the Wizarding World, and we’ve just become close and I realised that I didn’t know the first thing about you. You never mentioned your dad but I knew he wasn’t dead so I figured-” Scorpius begins talking fast and I can hear panic in his voice.

I sigh and stop packing away. “Don’t apologize. I get it. You wizards are always slightly behind the muggles,” I grin at him, and he ignores the dig. “I don’t talk about it much. Rose never asked.”

Scorpius nods. “Oh. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it then.”

I smile at him. “No, go on. Ask away.”

“Okay,” Scorpius tilts his head slightly and gazes at me. “Who is your dad?”

I almost laugh at his bluntness, but the question stops me. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How can you not know?” Scorpius quizzes me, bemused.

“I just don’t. Mum doesn’t talk about it, we don’t ask.”

“Do you remember him at all?”

I think, trying to remember any childhood recollections. I can remember a couple of men, a few appearing in memories more often than others, but I’m not sure whether that was ‘dad’ or one of mum’s boyfriends or various uncles.

“Not really, no. All I know is that he left and it’s just me, mum and my brothers,” I say quietly in answer to his question. Scorpius doesn’t look like he’s satisfied.

“You call yourself Muggleborn, yeah?”


“But how do you know your dad wasn’t a wizard?” he asks impatiently.

I frown. “Because mum was shocked when she found out about me, and I’ll bet dad would have told her that he was a wizard if he had been…” I trail off, suddenly doubting it. “Besides, it would be odd if he was: two magical kids whilst Ty isn’t.”

“A Squib in a big family is surprisingly common. Or they’re not quite Squibs, just not magical enough to be trained at a school. Your brother may have very weak magical abilities, just not as powerful as yours,” Scorpius informs me. “Your dad could have been a wizard.”

I’ve never thought of it like that. Mind, I’ve never really thought of dad. We never talked out him, so I never wondered. I never cared enough because I decided he didn’t care about me. But it was interesting, this whole idea-

“How much older than you is this Ty?” Scorpius asks, looking like he’s onto something.

“He’s six years older,” I calculate and Scorpius leans back, confused. “Why?”

“It’s just… Does he have any memories of your dad?”

“No, Angus asked him once and he said no,” I reply, frowning.

“Oh, okay. Do you and Ty look alike?” Scorpius asks, leaning forward slightly.

“Not really no. Angus and I look alike, and I just figured that we look like mum and he looks like dad,” I answer impatiently, the questions irritating me slightly.

“Oh okay,” Scorpius smiles at me and then ducks his head, working again.

I gaze incredulously at him. “Is that it?”

He looks up innocently. “Is what it?”

“The millions of random questions and then no explanation,” I reply quickly.

“No reason. Just wondering,” Scorpius answers with a shrug.

I glare at him and shake his head. “Oh no, you’re not doing that with me mister. You’ve got a reason, now spill.”

Scorpius rolls his eyes. “You’re not going to not let me tell you, right?”

I frown, understanding the question (I mean, who phrases their questions like that? Oh wait…) but then nod. “Pretty much.”

“I was just thinking that… It seems odd that Ty would have been eight by the time your mum had Angus and yet he has no memories of your dad. And that there was such a big gap between you and Ty. And you and Angus look alike but Ty doesn’t and-”

“You think Tyrique has a different dad,” I state and lean back.

I want to say something along the lines of: “Fuck off you nosy twat!” and ignore him, but suddenly it makes sense. Why did I never think of it though?

Because you never wanted to, a nasty little voice at the back of my head whispers.

Scorpius nods and goes silent, watching me. Finally, after a few minutes silence I ask, “What brought this all on?”

Scorpius shrugs, looking as if to make it as nothing but changes his mind and opens his mouth. “The whole Rose thing,” he whispers. “I’m going to be a dad and it just got me thinking, you know. Don’t you want to know who your dad is?”

I laugh bitterly. “Not particularly. Why would I want to know the prick who left me and family?”

Scorpius shrugs. It’s silent for a moment and then he looks up. “You don’t know why he left, do you? Besides, everyone deserves a second chance.”

“Well Connie’s been incredibly supportive you know. She’s been there for me when others haven’t,” Rose states loudly and pointedly, looking over at me.

Dom nods sympathetically. “Well when I met her, she seemed really nice. Really kind and trustworthy.”

I grind my teeth at the dig but ignore them, finishing pulling on my thick coat. It’s the Quidditch match today- James managed to have the match postponed slightly (by a week) to get a new team up and running. Rosaline stuck to her promise and refused to join the team again, even when they begged her. They didn’t ask me. Albus wasn’t asked either- they’re not talking to him again (for punching James).

Milla is already heading down with Lara and Laura but I wanted to wear more than their tiny leather jackets (no thank you. Hello quilted coat!). Unfortunately, Rose was up here with Dom, getting changed too. Dom must’ve come with her as Rose is pretty alone in this dorm now. It’s funny, I’m alone everywhere else, but the dorm is Rose’s weak point. I have Milla and Harriet and Remi are Milla’s friends, so it’s actually good.

“I’m considering naming her godmother,” Rose tells Dom loudly.

Dom makes a shocked sound and says, “But what about me?”

“Of course I considered you, Dom- I wanted to keep them in family. But with Connie already having a child and being so supportive, I really think I’ll chose her,” Rose explains, her eyes darting over to me.

I wince slightly at that: I’ve got to admit that that hurt. I always thought I’d be godmother- I took it for granted and just supposed that she’d chose me. But we’re not friends anymore, she’s made that much obvious. It still hurts a little though- it really is over. I don’t let my hurt show however, I’m not letting Rose win that one.

“She has a sister here you know,” Rose tells Dom, biting her nail absentmindedly. I stare at the ceiling as I zip up my coat. “But she’s just so good, you know. Obviously she’s got a child, so it’s nice to have someone who understands me, unlike some people!”

I chuckle at that, unable to ignore their lame comments. They both turn and scowl at me but I roll my eyes and grin at them, walking out of the door quickly.

I speed-walk so they have no chance to catch up with me: I don’t feel like overhearing yet another ‘yey Connie!’ speech. I had enough of them when I was actually friends with Rose. Very soon, I can see the pitch and I run the last bit, realising I’m a bit late.

I jog to the Gryffindor stand and climb up the steps. I scan for Milla and spot her- Lara is waving madly next to her. I wade towards them and lower myself into the seat they’ve saved for me.

Laura and Lara are clad in Hufflepuff gear whilst Milla is in her Gryffindor scarf.

“How come you’re not with the Hufflepuffs?” I ask as I rub my hands together. February is cold you know.

“They’re boring,” Laura answers bluntly. I frown but don’t question it- it’s not true of course, I like Hufflepuffs. They’re still civil to me.

We make small talk for a while and I shift about nervously until Milla hits me around the back of my head.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Stop moving! It’s fucking annoying,” Milla replies, glaring at me.

I pout. “Well sorry, I’m just not used to not being on the team and siting here instead. I haven’t been here since second year.”

Milla just rolls her eyes. “Stop pitying yourself, bitch.”

Fair enough.

Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder and leap around. Scorpius is behind me, hopping from one foot to another in the hope it will warm him up.

“Hey Katrina,” he shouts over the racket. “Milla,” he says with a small smile. Milla grins back but blushes and turns away quickly. Scorpius blinks and looks back to me, flushing a little.

“What are you doing here? I thought you’d be sitting with Al or some of your other mates,” I ask him loudly.

“Al isn’t here. He didn’t want to watch,” Scorpius explains, shuffling in next to me. I nod and grimace. “Plus, I figured this would be hard for you so I thought I’d keep you company,” he says to me, clapping me on my back.

“Thanks Scorp!” I shout back.

“Shush guys! It’s starting!” Lara shrieks happily. Dom begins the commentating and the teams walk onto the pitch, everyone cheering. I wince at our team compared to Hufflepuff: they tower over our fifth and second year replacements. We slaughtered Ravenclaw, despite them being very good, but Hufflepuff have vastly improved. Their burly Captain crushes James’ hand and I can see him wince from all the way over hear.

Professor Wood blows the whistle and they all soar into the air.

It is a relatively uneventful first ten minutes. Hufflepuff score almost immediately but we equalised pretty quickly with an aggressive James shoving a Hufflepuff out of the way and throwing the Quaffle with such force, the Keeper deliberately dodged it. It goes on like this until about thirty minutes in and the furious Lily and James tire. They were the only reasons we were staying equal to Hufflepuff as the third Chaser was just getting in the way. To top it off, what a fat load of good Alfie King (the guy who nearly got on the team) is, instead of trying to save the goals, he’s serving around and pulling fancy stunts to impress the girls watching him.

“Now, King was good in bed,” Laura states cheerfully.

I gag and gaze at her. “You’ve slept with King?”

“Really? I wasn’t struck, I felt he was pulling too many tricks, you know. All about the fancy footwork, not the actual sex,” Lara replies, ignoring me completely.

“He’s way too obsessed with Quidditch too. Kept shouting Quidditch scores and stuff and then when he-”

“Thank you!” I interrupt Milla before she can finish her sentence. The three of them laugh and Milla ruffles my hair.

“Aw the lickle virgin.” Milla coos.

I swallow heavily but just shake my head, focusing back on the game.

“I will never be able to look at Alfie King the same again,” Scorpius shakes his head and I laugh.

I wince and cover my eyes as the replacement chaser drops the Quaffle completely. It falls until a Hufflepuff sweeps away with it. James whizzes towards the poor girl and yells at her angrily.

It’s not long until Hufflepuff have scored countless more times and we haven’t scored any more goals. Milla has her head in her hands, as do most of the Gryffindors.

“Tell me when it’s over,” she mutters, her voice muffled.

I groan and slide down my chair even more as Hufflepuff score again, Lara and Laura looking gleeful.

“So it’s 360-200 folks! We’re three hours into the match and still no sign of the snitch!” Dom calls out to the crowds. There is a collective groan- even the Hufflepuff are growing tired. They wanted an exciting win when the match was won quickly and cleanly. This is dragging out to be a long and tiring horror.

We continue in this fashion for a little longer, no-one scoring any more. Most players have given up and are now attempting to help their Seekers to find the Snitch.

This is genuinely painful to watch.

Suddenly there’s a shout and everyone turns. The new Gryffindor Seeker is pointing at something in the sky and grinning.

“The Snitch!” he yells.

James turns and screams manically at him. “GET IT THE SNITCH IDIOT!”

The kid turns slowly and races towards the Snitch. Suddenly, a flash of yellow and a cheer from the Hufflepuffs.

He was too slow- the Hufflepuff Seeker took the hint and got to the Snitch first.

“That was fucking awful,” Milla says, desolate.

I can only nod.

“Scorpius?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah?” he replies, barely looking up from a book he is poring over.

“Do you reckon you and Rose will get back together?” I whisper, watching him so I can see his reaction.

He just blinks and looks up. “I don’t know. Depends. I’m definitely going to be a dad to this baby, but I’m not sure I want to be a husband to Rose, you know?”

I nod in reply. “But I thought you were going to get back with her once she’d calmed down a bit.”

Scorpius shrugs. “I might do. But what if I don’t like her in that way anymore when she does calm down? What if I like someone else?”

I frown and gaze at him. “Do you like someone else, Scorpius?”

A red flush appears on his pale cheeks. But he shakes his head furiously, “No, no, of course not!” he stammers.

I don’t question it.

“But, if I did. Would it be bad to date them? With Rose being pregnant and everything?” Scorpius whispers anxiously, looking at me in worry. He’s biting the inside of his cheek and I can tell he’s got something on his mind.

“No, I don’t think so. Parents split up all the time and date other people. My mum for instance,” I tell him slowly and deliberately, choosing my words carefully. “It was unlikely you and Rose were going to last forever. You are both only just sixteen, it’s too young to settle down. Maybe you’ll get back together when you’re older, or maybe you won’t. Only time can tell,” I add, wisely.

He nods and seems mollified. Then he looks back down to his book and I do too. We sit in silence for another few minutes.

“Any luck?” Scorpius calls as quietly as he can. I shake my head and sigh as I slam shut another book.

I shake my head tiredly and open another book. “No sign of any Parkers that were born any time that would make sense.”

“To be fair, wizards live longer that Muggles, so your dad could have been sixty or whatever when he had you,” Scorpius says reasonably. I wrinkle and shudder at the thought of my mum flirting with a wrinkly old man.

“I found a Parker!” I exclaim happily.

Scorpius looks up, eyes shining. “Go on.”

I flick through the text about Darius Parker, reading about the potions he created until-

“Unless my dad was 130 when he had me, no chance,” I tell Scorpius, closing that book too. He sighs and leans back looking deflated.

Ever since our talk in the library the other week, we’ve been hunting down my father. We’ve searched in wizarding books and newspapers for any signs of men with surnames of Parker. Any possibilities we researched. Unfortunately, all turned out to be too old, too young, living in Norway and never having visited England or happily married with seventeen children.

“I don’t even know if Parker was his name,” I confess sadly.

“We knew that. It was a start, wasn’t it. Maybe Parker was your mum’s name,” Scorpius says, leaning on his elbow. He’d been very surprised and confused when I hadn’t known whether Parker was mum’s maiden name or her married name. I tried to explain how she was just referred to as “Ms Parker” not Mrs or Miss and that I’d never known any grandparents.

“Scorpius, we don’t even know if my dad was a wizard,” I sigh, looking at him.

Scorpius shakes his head stubbornly. “No, I’m sure of it. He’s got to be…”

He’s convinced that my dad is magic.

“It’s no use, Scorp. We might as well give up, we can’t find him. He’s probably some Muggle mum met at Dentistry school. I don’t even care,” I say bitterly.

Scorpius rolls his eyes. “Shut up, Parker. We’re going to find him. We’ll search Muggle records if we have to. I know it’ll be hard because there’s loads of Parkers so don’t argue! You want to find him, face it. So we will,” he tells me confidently.

“Well I don’t see how!”

“If you’d write to your mum and ask, we’d have a better chance,” Scorpius says quietly, not looking at me.

“I’ve told you before, Scorpius. I’m not asking mum. I’ll find out for myself and then confirm it with her,” I say firmly, picking up the book and distributing them back to their original places.

Scorpius picks up his load and follows me. “I just don’t understand why you won’t ask.”

“Because she’s never talked about it! She evidently doesn’t want to, so I won’t force her,” I tell him harshly.

“You’re her daughter. You have a right to know,” Scorpius answers back, just as quickly.

I turn slowly and look at him. As much as he irritates me, he’s grown on me a lot. I can see what Rose saw in him. He’s stubborn and will always get what he wants, which is good for prissy Rose. But he’s also kind and genuinely cares for people. Scorpius is stood in front of me, arms crossed, and blocking my way.

I sigh. “Fine. It’s half term in two weeks. I’m going home then, so I’ll tackle her.”

“Then we’ll find your dad.”




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Chapter 30: Valentine's Day Plans, Running Away and Confessions
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 “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” Scorpius asks me suddenly as he picks a love heart out of his hair; they’ve been falling all through breakfast. They’ll be falling until Valentine’s Day, I guess.

Lara gasps and Laura look up, interested. Milla just frowns a little.           

I frown and look up at him, eyes wide. I can only look at him in pure horror. “Why are you asking?”

Scorpius opens his mouth to speak but Lara interrupts him quickly. “Oh Merlin, are you going to ask her out?”

Scorpius throws his head back in shock and gapes at Lara. “Merlin’s pants, no! Definitely not! I was just wondering if she had a date, that’s all. I am not asking her on a date. Fuck no.”

I glare at him. “Hey! I’m not that repulsive.”

Laura and Lara nod and make the “ahhh” sound. Laura munches on sausage before looking up. “So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”

“Uh, nothing. I just broke up with my boyfriend,” I answer, my voice incredulous.

“Ugh, Kati, that was weeks ago. You’ve got to get some,” she replies airily, waving her sausage about. I wrinkle my nose at the expression and ignore her.

Milla laughs at me but stops when I glare at her. “Laura’s right, Kati. You really need to get back on your feet.”

“I don’t want to. Besides, nobody wants to be my boyfriend,” I laugh. “I was surprised enough when James Potter liked me. I haven’t got a chance of getting one now, considering I’m the mortal enemy of Hogwarts. There are more important things than boyfriends you know.”

Lara gapes at me. “Shut up.”

I roll my eyes. “Well what are you guys doing?”

“Hooking up with Alfie King again,” Laura tells me after another bite of sausage.

Both Scorpius and I shudder.

“Jeremy is taking me to Madam Puddifoot’s,” Lara tells me with a wistful smile.

“Who’s Jeremy?” I ask, frowing.

Lara looks affronted. “Only my boyfriend of six months!”

Scorpius laughs at my apologetic face. “Sorry! I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. You never talk about him.”

Lara opens her mouth to retaliate, “Well-”

“Anyway, what are you doing Scorpius?” Laura interrupts quickly and pointedly, sending me a quick grin. I smile back in thanks.

“Um, nothing,” Scorpius replies rapidly, blushing a little and ducking his head down. He stuffs a load of food into his mouth and chews it slowly. I know that trick. It’s so you can’t answer any more questions.


I raise my eyebrows at him but he stares past me, determined not to make eye contact. Then I look over at Milla who is flushing a little and it clicks.

“What are you doing then, Milla?” I ask, smiling evilly.

“N-nothing!” Milla says, her voice very high pitched. I nearly laugh but stop myself. I’ll get it out of her later.

Conversation quickly turns to how Laura and Lara will be spending next Tuesday with their dates. I learned a lot of things in that conversation I didn’t need to know, let me tell you now. Then we go our separate ways to lessons, me and Milla together, Lara and Laura wonder off to wherever they go when they’re supposed to be in lessons, and Scorpius meets up with some of his guy friends.


I do a full circle and frown at the empty corridor around me. Nothing.


My frown deepens as I turn again. I still can’t see anyone.

“Psst- oh for Merlin’s sake!” the voice mutters and I recognise it. Suddenly, Albus appears next to me and I let out a little squawk. He’s holding a glistening cape in his left hand- the Invisibility Cloak- and is stood slightly in the shadows.

“Merlin’s pants, Albus! You should of just tapped me on the shoulder or something,” I roll my eyes at him and he smiles slightly.

I missed that smile. But it’s not his old one, not quite. It’s much sadder.

“I’m avoiding people,” he says quietly, with a grimace. I chew the inside of my cheek and nod slowly.


“Will you come with me?” Albus asks, somewhat formally. It’s odd; I miss the old, cheeky and forceful Al.

“Sure,” I answer lightly and smile at him. He leads me to an empty room and leads me to an empty room. He walks alongside me and glances at me occasionally. When we finally reach the classroom, he locks the door and heaves a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, I’m a bit tense. I keep expecting Dom to jump out of nowhere and yell at me,” Albus smiles crookedly and it warms me up a little- it’s much more like his old smile.

I laugh and nod. “I know what you mean. I keep karate chopping anyone who makes me jump. Scorpius and Milla are mostly getting hit.”

He laughs throatily, like he hasn’t for a while. When he stops, he gazes at me with a funny expression on his face: hunger. He looks at me almost greedily, like he’s taking me all in. Then I realise I’m doing the same to him- I haven’t looked at him properly in so long.

His bright green eyes haven’t lost that sparkle and they glint at me, giving off the air of mischief. But his nose is a little disfigured, slightly more crooked. Ah, James broke his nose. Of course. My eyes travel across his face and I spot a rather large bump on his forehead that his hair isn’t quite covering. On instinct, I reach forward and sweep back his hair and took the purpling bump. He flinches, but doesn’t pull away.

“Ouch,” he mutters, smiling weakly.

I break away. “That looks painful. James?”

Albus shrugs and backs away, breaking our gaze and stares down back at the floor.

I sigh. “How are you doing?”

He shrugs again. It’s becoming a shrugging fest. Merlin. “Fine I guess. Lonely.”

Pity wells up inside of me and crashes over me, like a tidal wave. “You can sit with us, Al. I’m sure Milla and the girls will love that,” I grin to myself. “And you should be able to hang out with Scorpius more. He’s your best friend and I sort of stole him.”

He chuckles quietly, and then sobers up quickly. “I thought you said I shouldn’t hang out with you anymore.”

I sigh and step closer. “I meant when you were trying to stay friends with your family. Since that’s out of the window… Eat with us today. It’ll be like before.”

Albus smiles at me. “Sounds good.”

“Al, why did you bring me here?” I ask him, suddenly remembering.

I look at him, expecting him to say something along the lines of: “Nothing, I wanted a chat.” or “I was just wondering if I could eat with you, but that’s sorted now.” but instead, to my surprise, he flushes beetroot.

“I was wondering…” he trails off, his mouth still moving but no words leave his mouth.

I frown. “What was that?”

“I was wondering if-” he cuts off, looking frustrated. His runs a hand through his hair, messing it up even more. “Look, Kat. I still really like you. I know that you were worried about my family and James and everything but it’s blowing over. They’re still pissed, obviously but we can just leave them alone. And I just think we could work because I know you like me, or you used to and…” he finally looks up at me, his face imploring.

 “I was wondering if you’d go to Hogsmeade with me on Valentine’s Day?”

“So what did you say?” Milla asks me, eyes wide.

“I sort of just stared at him for ages and then ran out,” I explain sadly, flopping back on bed.

Milla sighs and just looks at me in that horrible patronizing way. “I should have known.”

“Oh shut up,” I say irritably. I hear the sound of Milla falling back onto her bed. She stays silent and for a moment, I fear she’s falling asleep.

“Milla?” I whisper loudly.


“I thought you were asleep. Talk.”

“You told me to shut up.”

“Stop being a smart arse, Mills,” I laugh at her. She giggles quietly too.

“Fine, though I’m not promising anything. Right, Kati, why the fuck did you run out?” Milla asks me.

“Because I didn’t know what else to say!” I cry desperately.

Milla sighs and rolls her eyes. “How is it that you’re allowed to talk to people?”

“I don’t know!” I reply, but it sounds like: “I momph fogh” because I’m currently burying my head into my pillow, perhaps hoping I’ll suffocate.

“How does it even possible that you have had two gorgeous boys like you when you are incapable of normal human conversation? Ow!”

I gave up on my death-by-pillow plan and instead threw my pillow at Milla’s face.

Milla blows her hair out of her face and looks at me pityingly. “Why didn’t you just say ‘No thanks, Al!’?”

“Because I’m not sure I wanted to refuse!”

Milla’s eyes bulge. “You would’ve said yes?”


“Then what would you have said?”

“Nothing, Milla. That’s the point. I didn’t know what to say,” I hiss, grating my teeth together. “I wanted to say yes but I can’t.”

“Because of James?” Milla whispers, her voice softer now.

“Yes because of James!” I exclaim, exasperated. “I can’t exactly go out with his brother, can I? Especially since I cheated on him with said brother!”

“Kati, that was fucking weeks ago. You’ve been over for a while now. You want to say yes to, Albus, so you should say yes.” Milla sits up, gazing at me. I look up at her, frowning. I don’t say anything, thinking hard.

“Do you really think so? I don’t want to give the Wotters the satisfaction,” I say somewhat doubtfully.

Milla rolls her eyes. “Give them the satisfaction of what? By going out with Albus, you’re denying them the satisfaction, aren’t you? They want you to stay all miserable. Agreeing to see Albus will wipe the smirks off their stupid fucking faces.”

I grin at Milla’s maniacal and slightly scary looking face. “You really hate them, don’t you?”

“They need to be brought down a peg or two,” Milla shrugs.

“So you honestly think I should say yes to Albus? Even though I might still slightly like James?” I say, heaving a great sigh as I roll onto my back. I stare at the white washed ceiling. 

“Yes. In fact-” I hear the sound of her bed squeaking as she gets up. “You should go and talk to him. Now.”

I sit up suddenly, and gaze at her. “Now?” I squeak, my voice several pitches higher than usual.

“Look, if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it. You’ll worm your way out of it. So come on, let’s go,” she walks over to me and holds out a hand to help me up. I study it for a moment and then take it, sighing as I stand.


Milla beams at me as I follow her out of the door. “I hate you, I hope you know that.”

Milla just rolls her eyes and skips down the stairs. Albus isn’t there, obviously. He’s avoiding us all, probably me too, now. All of the Wotters are there apart from James. They all stop what they’re doing to give me a glare they save especially for me and Milla.

We climb out of the portrait and stop outside the Fat Lady. “Where will he be?” Milla asks.

“The Quidditch pitch, the library, an empty classroom or the Room of Requirement,” I recite quickly. He could easily have chosen any of places as his new hideout.

Milla sighs. “We’ll try the library first- that’s closest.”

I nod and lead the way. We walk side by side down the stairs, silent at first. Then I remember what I’ve been to ask her for a while.

“So you’re going out with Scorpius then?” I ask, my voice slightly teasing.

She flushes and looks at me quickly. “How did you guess?” she groans.

“The blushes, the quick glances, the excuses… Oh, it’s like being in a Muggle rom-com. It was fabulous,” I laugh, poking her in the side gently.

“Shut up,” she mutters, the tips of her ears now reddening with embarrassment. I’ve never seen her get this embarrassed over a boy.

“So how did that happen?” I question her lightly.

“Well, it was because of you. Apparently you told him to go for it, though you didn’t know it was me. He, uh, just told me he liked me and he was wondering whether I’d like to go on a date with him on Valentine’s Day. We agreed to keep it quiet, because of Rose,” Milla rushes her words out, like she’s been desperate to tell me.

“How long have you liked him for?”

“A while,” she says, somewhat mistily. I just raise my eyebrows.

“So what’s the plan then? For your date?” I ask after I leap down the last few steps. We start heading down the corridor at quite a pace. I’m getting restless. I just want to find Albus and be done with it. Milla struggles to keep up with me: I may be small, but I’m quite quick because of Quidditch.

“I don’t know. We’re meeting at the Entrance Hall at eleven and then going into Hogsmeade for a drink. It depends. You’ll help me decide what to wear, won’t you?” she asks me breathlessly, looking slightly worried.

I frown, surprised that Milla would ask me for help. “Of course, Mills. Do you really like him?”

Milla waits while a pack of third years walk past, giggling.

Yes!” Milla stresses. “I really do. He just seems… Different, you know? He’s interesting and I’ve never thought that about a bloke before. It’s stupid…” she mutters and trails off. “Like I don’t do romance and I’ve not known him for long.”

I nudge her a little, and when she looks down at me, I give her an encouraging smile. “This’ll be you chance to get to know him.”

“I’m excited. And not for the prospect of a snog. I’m more excited just to spend time with him, you know?” she grins down at me, beaming, slightly more confident.

I laugh. “Who are you and what have you done with Milla? Where’s the foul-mouthed, hard-core. No nonsense gal I know? Who’s this soppy girl?” I tease playfully.

“Fuck off,” she glares at me.

“Much better!” I laugh and she shoulder bumps me in retaliation. The bump is a little more forceful than I think she meant, and I stagger for a moment to my right to get my balance back. Unfortunately, before I can straighten up, I stumble straight into someone and tumble backwards, landing hard on my arse.

“For fuck’s sake.” I mumble as I wince and look up. “Watch it!” I say to the pusher-into-er but gaze up at Milla, giving her the “what-a-pillock” look. Instead of her replying with the “ugh-I-know-right” roll of her eyes, she’s giving me a slightly horrified look and is tilting her head rapidly towards the person who I walked into.

Frowning, I look up.

“Fuck.” I breathe as I catch eyes with James, who is rubbing his arm where I bumped into him. He smiles weakly.

“Uh, hi,” he says quietly. He offers me a hand and I gingerly take it.

“Sorry,” I mutter quietly, avoiding his gaze.

James shrugs and looks down at his feet too. “Don’t apologize, it was my fault. Sorry.”

I nod slowly and look at Milla helplessly. She’s just looking at us with an equally confused and helpless expression on her face.

“So, uh, I’ll be off then!” I say slowly in a false cheery voice.

“Yeah,” James mutters in reply and I step past him and begin to walk away, nudging Milla so she’ll follow me. We’ve taken about ten paces, when-

“Kat, wait!”

I turn quickly, almost as if I was expecting. I’m breathless and I have no idea why.

“Yeah?” I say, trying to sound nonchalant. James takes a stride forward and runs his hand through his hair.

“Can I, uh, speak to you for a minute?” he asks me, looking uncomfortable.

“Yes, of course,” I reply quietly, looking at Milla in the corner of my eye.

He looks at Milla too. “I meant, you know, alone.”

“Anything you want to say you can say in front of Milla,” I say clearly. Milla steps forward protectively and folds her arms, glaring at him. She looks like a bodyguard or something. She’s actually terrifying.

James gulps but shrugs feebly. He closes his eyes for a moment and then reopens them and stares fixatedly at me.

“I’m sorry about everything. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, I was a dick. It’s just… You know what my family are like. They are pretty intimidating when they want to be and they’d kill me if they heard me now,” he looks at me imploringly but then smiles weakly.

The corners of my mouth twitch upwards.  “I know. It’s not your fault, it’s mine, I started all of this off…” he shrugs uncomfortably and I trail off, losing track of my thoughts. “So, uh yeah… My bad…” I grimace lamely. “Well, if that’s all. We’ll be off… But I appreciate it, thanks!”

I back away slowly, James still watching me. He looks like he’s in pain: his eyes are darting about, like he’s torn between saying something else to me and not.

I roll my eyes. “Just say it, James.”

He blinks, surprised that I could read him like that. Then he opens his mouth to speak.

I’m half expecting him to yell at me, letting out his frustrations finally. Instead-

“Look, I still like you. Fuck that, I’m still in love with you. I meant what I said. I don’t care about any the kiss, I know you still love me. I want to start again. Go out with me on Valentine’s Day?” James looks up and instead of looking uncomfortable; his familiar confident grin is playing on his lips. That’s the sign that he means it.

I open my mouth but no sound comes out. I just gape at him, looking like a fish.

This time, it’s not me who runs.


(Milla grabs me and runs.)

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Chapter 31: The Flu, Jatrina or Katbus and the Return of the Ex-Girlfriend
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 “Don’t you dare come near me!” I warn Milla, backing away and covering my mouth with my hand.

“Fuck off! I’mb fine,” Milla glares at me, just before she sneezes.

I raise my eyebrows and look at her with a condescending expression. “Please, Milla. You are half dead. No offence, but you look awful.”

That isn’t a lie either. Her usually glamorous and immaculate looks are gone: her hair is stood on end and her eyes are red and puffy, her lips chapped and her nose red raw from blowing it. This is ill Milla; in other words: a Banshee.

“You’re coming to the Hospital Wing with me before class,” I tell her firmly, still breathing and talking behind my hand so my voice sounds robotic.

Milla rolls her eyes. “I don’t neeb do go do de ‘osbital wing.”

“You have the flu or something and that is contagious Milla. I don’t want it, thank you very much. Madame Pomfrey will fix you up in no time, so come on!” I reply quickly, still stood quite a distance apart. When she continues to not move and stand there stubbornly, I think quickly. An idea hits me and I smile behind my hand. “You want to be well enough for your date tomorrow don’t you?”

I have Milla there. She freezes and has a calculating look on her face. After a few seconds of intense thought, obviously weighing up the options (risking being ill and missing her date or getting better but letting me be right) she sighs and nods. “Fine, I’ll go. Come on, bud don’ stanb doo close do me, you don’ wand do ged id and miss your own dabe!”

I roll my eyes. “I’m probably not going on a date, Mills,” I mutter as we leave the dorm. I let her walk slightly in front of me, still covering my face with my hand.

“You shoulb. You neeb do pick one, insdeab of runnin’ away,” she tells me as she appears from behind her tissue.

“You were the one who dragged me away from James!” I say crossly as we clamber out of the portrait hole. The Fat Lady looks at Milla with disgust as she swings shut behind us. I ignore it and fortunately Milla doesn’t notice (though I’m not sure whether it’s possible to duel with a portrait, I’m sure Milla could be the first person to). “Why did you do that anyway, Milla?”

Milla rolls her eyes. “Why do you think? Do stob you from doin’ something sdupid-” she goes to say something else but sneezes violently instead. I grimace at her.

“I wasn’t going to do something stupid!” I glare at her indignantly. She raises her eyebrows in way that simply says: “Sure.”

“Well. Whad are you gonna do?” Milla asks me, stifling a cough.

I shrug. “Avoid them until I die at the age 123?”

Milla just stares at me, looking vaguely impressed. “Thad’s a bery precise age.”

“It’s 1-2-3, isn’t it? It’d be cool to die then,” I tell her. She nods in agreement and then shakes herself suddenly.

“Shud ub! Stob digressing,” Milla cries, pointing a finger accusingly in my direction. I hold my hands up in surrender. “Whad are you gonna do dhough?”

“Like I said, avoid them,” I repeat to her as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“You can’d jusd avoid dhem forever!” Milla exclaims.

I fold my arms as we walk along. “Watch me.”

Milla rolls her eyes at me again and she too folds her arms in annoyance. We walk the rest of the way to the Hospital Wing in a dignified silence; neither of us wants to break the stillness- that would be admitting defeat and showing weakness.

I leave Milla in the capable hands of the matron who advises a few potions and a day of bed rest so she’ll be up and well again by tomorrow.

I hurry to double Potions as I glance at my watch and realise I’m cutting it quite fine. I head to the dungeons at a jog and join the queue for the class panting slightly. I join Scorpius in the line who smiles at me and then looks around me and frowns.

“Where’s Milla?” he asks, looking slightly worried.

I stifle a knowing smirk. “She’s got the flu so she’s in the Hospital Wing.”

Scorpius looks alarmed and I know exactly what he’s worried about. “Don’t worry though, I’m sure she’ll still be able to make you’re date tomorrow,” I wink at him.

Scorpius’ eyes widen and he makes shushing sounds. “Don’t say it so loudly! We don’t want anyone to find out until it’s happened!”

I roll my eyes: I whispered it to him. If I’d said it any more quietly I would’ve just been mouthing it. No-one stood any chance of hearing what I said.

“Half-term, the day after tomorrow,” Scorpius remind me. I nod and smile weakly at him. “You won’t forget, will you?”

“How can I, with you reminding me every three seconds?” I snap at him. He doesn’t retaliate, just sighs.

“Just ask your mum and let me know, will you?”

The class start filing into the classroom and Scorpius and I file in behind them. Albus is already stood at his cauldron, looking tired and almost ill, unpacking. Scorpius stands next to him and I take my seat on the table where Milla and I normally sit. Rose is sat in front of me and accidentally catches my eye. We both look away instantly.

Professor Slughorn heaves himself from the chair at his desk and plods over to us, beaming. “’Morning everyone! Now, divide yourselves into pairs. We’ll be working on an immensely difficult potion today: The Befuddlement Draught. You have two hours, off you go!”

I look around the classroom, searching for a partner and determinedly avoiding Rose’s eye. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have found a partner and is already getting their stuff together. I am not working with her. Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn quickly.

To my upmost surprise, it’s Sarah.

As in Sarah Yusuf.

Albus’ ex-girlfriend.

The one who hates me.


“Do you mind if I work with you?” she asks me sweetly. “My friend is ill today so I don’t have anyone to work with.”

I peer over her shoulder and spot Rose gazing at the pair of us, looking oddly satisfied. Well she obviously believes my death is imminent too.

I manage to smile (albeit slightly maniacally) at her and reply. “Of course. There must be something going around, Milla’s ill too.”

Sarah nods and smiles sympathetically. “Yeah, the flu. It seems like a pretty bad case, too.”

I agree with her quickly. She then tells me she’ll run and grab the ingredients we need and I begin setting up the cauldron and flicking to the page in our books. I look up and catch Albus looking at me, his eyes flicking between Sarah and myself.

He raises his eyebrows and mouths, “What’s all that about?”

I shrug quickly and pull a slightly terrified face which he laughs at. Then, abruptly, we both freeze and look at each other, remembering. I shake myself and break the eye contact and turn back to my cauldron.

I light the fire beneath the cauldron and finish setting everything up, waiting for Sarah to return. She does so quickly carrying the load of ingredients.

She sets them down and I swiftly separate them into the order we’ll need them. She blinks at me in surprise and then smiles. “You’re organised.”

I shrug. “I’m quite good at Potions.”

She looks impressed. “Good job I’m partnering you- I’m absolutely rubbish.”

I smile at her, “I’m sure you’re not.”

FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN. This girl just secretes niceness. She’s so charming it’s irritating, but it isn’t because I’m too busy being complimented by her.

I scan the instructions and pick out a relatively easy job. “Could you take out the seeds from the Lovage and then crush the rest of it?”

Sarah looks relieved at that. “No problem.”

We work in silence while I perform the fairly difficult task of adding the ingredients at the precise moments.

“I’m not angry at you, you know,” Sarah says quietly, not looking up from her Lovage. I stop stirring for a moment and frown at her. “I was, for a little while. I did really like Albus but I realise now I was pretty foolish.” She finally looks up as she passes me the seeds of the Lovage.

I take them and add them too quickly so the potion bubbles violently. I stir it again, calming down the potion, but also for something to do.

She takes my silence as a confused one and continues talking to explain her previous statement. “I knew he liked you. It was obvious, I think, when you looked closely. He used to talk about you a lot, praised you,” she smiles at that, though slightly sadly. “It was always going to happen. You and him. Though I never thought you’d be going out with his brother at the same time.”

I grimace as I squeeze the remains of the Lovage into the potion.

“I’ve got to say, I’m more of a Katbus shipper than a Jatrina,” she tells me conversationally.

I drop the knife I was about to use and stare at Sarah. Once I’ve picked it up, I gape at her. “Excuse me?”

She looks at me, mildly surprised. “You know, your couple names. That Dom girl spread Jatrina around when you and James were going out. Katbus is one of my creations,” she looks oddly proud at that. When I still look nonplussed, she sighs and continues. “Well it’s obvious you’re torn between the two boys. You like, possibly love, both of them.” she frowns at me, scrutinising me for a moment. “You don’t know which one you want, if any, and you don’t want to hurt the other. Personally, I think and Albus are much cuter, just because you’ve like each other for longer.”

I can only blink at her.

“My friend, Jasmine, is more of a Jatrina fan. She reckons Al took too long and James is sweeter. Plus she doesn’t like him because he dumped me. So, which one will you chose? I heard they both asked you out on a date tomorrow.”

“How do you know that?” I ask her quietly.

Sarah winks at me conspiratorially. “I have my sources.”

“Neither, if you’re that interested,” I tell her flatly. When I see her face fall and chuckle. “You’re like Milla.”

“Why neither?” she asks me as she passes me the Scurvy Grass.

“Because I’ve left it too late and I don’t want to hurt either of them anymore. Like you said in you big speech,” I smirk at her, sprinkling the ingredient over the potion.

“They’ll be more hurt if you ignore them for much longer,” Sarah says wisely.

“That’s the thing, I honestly don’t know who I’d chose!” I exclaim, slightly louder than I’d meant. I cough and then shake my head. “I hate saying it like that. It sounds like their things in a shop, not people.”  She shoots me a sympathetic glance.

We sink into another silence and work through the potion. Our teamwork and my potions expertise has meant we are speeding through the potion. We’re already at the half way point- we’re on time- so now we just have to wait for twenty minutes for it to boil and then we can finish up. Everyone else is looking very stressed- several potions are billowing black smoke and issuing a rather disgusting stench. Apart from ours, only Al’s and Scorpius’ and Rose and her partner’s resemble what the potions are supposed to.

I sit back on my stool and Sarah follows suit. I set the timer to twenty minutes so we’ll know when we have to start working on the potion again. I begin to stare around the classroom, drifting off into a reverie for a while.

“Well,” Sarah’s voice snaps me out of it and I turn to face her. “This might sound like more a Milla solution, if I’m honest, but you should be open to it. You should…,” she pauses, chewing on the inside of the cheek, obviously trying to pick the right word. “…wait. Don’t pick one straight away. You could- I don’t know how to put this, so don’t go off on one- play around a bit. Not like cheat on them, but you could talk to them and then go on a date with each and see who you like better…” she trails off lamely as she sees my face.

A very pregnant pause settles on us which lasts for a little while.

“So you think I should date both of them and then pick the best?” I say slowly, my jaw dropping.

“You need to get to know them both more so then you’ll have a better idea of what you want out of a relationship and which one is better suited,” Sarah looks down and says this all very quickly.

I open my mouth to reply, when the timer bleeps violently. I leap up, glad for something to distract me, and turn it off. Sarah stands too and we both begin to work on the potion, working in silence. I mull the idea over in my head whilst we work.

The end of the lesson comes quickly. Slughorn is delighted by our Draught and awards Gryffindor and Ravenclaw thirty points each.

“Oho! Brilliant, just brilliant. Just by smelling this I can tell how potent this is! Astounding, ladies, I wonder whether an old dog like me could make Befuddlement Draughts like this anymore,” Slughorn bellows happily, clapping me a little painfully on the back.

As he wonders off to inspect other potions, I turn to Sarah. She looks back at me, evidently waiting for me to have a go at her.

“Do you think your idea would work?”

“Isn’t it me who usually creeps up on you?” Albus chuckles quietly. I smile at him as he leans against the corridor wall and catches his breath. I stealthily caught up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, making him jump rather violently.

“Sorry, Bus,” I murmur and I lean against the wall next to him. I stay silent and he does too, both of us listening to his breath slow down.

“I reckon not playing Quidditch has left me incredibly unfit,” Albus jokes quietly and I laugh. I’ve noticed that too- I miss Quidditch. “Are you going to explain why you ran away when I asked you out?” Albus continues after a moment’s pause. I twist my head around to look at him and I’m relieved to see that he’s smiling.

I shrug, trying to act indifferent. “You know me. I did it because I panicked.”

“You didn’t know what to say, right?” Albus adds shrewdly. I nod slowly in answer to that. “You know, the offer’s still open if you fancy it,” Albus says, more gentle and soft now.

I bite the inside of my lip. “I don’t know.”

He frowns at my answer. “You don’t know what?”

I raise my eyebrows and look straight back at him. “I don’t know whether I want to, whether I can, whether I should.” When he continues to look puzzled, I elaborate. “Your brother asked me out, too.”

Albus lets out a low whistle. “Fantastic timing.”

“Just when I was going to find you to say yes,” I whisper. I want to watch his reaction but I can’t bring myself to, so I tear my eyes from his face and stare at the wall opposite us. The portraits there all turn quickly and start conversing with each other, obviously trying to hide the fact that they were eavesdropping on us. My fault- I should have chosen somewhere more private to discuss this.

“Ah. So that’s brought James back into the equation. Made you question how much you like me, if you still like James and who you should chose.” Albus recites this in a flat voice. “I can read you pretty well, Rena.” He adds when he sees my shocked face at the preciseness of that comment.

“That’s what Sarah was talking about in Potions,” I explain to him. “About you and James.”

“What was she suggesting?” he asks me, he too turning his head to look at the wall.

I smile grimly at that. “That I hang out with both of you and then pick the best one. Like you’re, I don’t know, sweets or something.”

I can almost hear Albus roll his eyes. “I don’t think she meant it like that. I think she meant it so you hang out with the both of us and then see which of us you are more attracted to. Unconventional, I realise that, but not a bad idea. Then it should be easier for us all. You’d be able to see how it would go with James, and also see whether you and I are even a possibility.”

I raise my eyebrows, but don’t look at him. “You’re up for it then?”

He shrugs and his shoulders rub against mine. “I’m going to fight for you.” He says it calmly, but a hint of danger lingers in his tone. He pauses for a moment, then, “I know you’re not a prize to be one, you’re no-one’s property, but I’m going to fight for you. I can promise you that. Have you spoken to James yet?”


I had. I’d caught him earlier and explained. He’d listened carefully and then smiled- he always liked the idea of competition. It wasn’t a competition, of course, I hated the idea of that. It wasn’t anything like that, but I suppose it’d feel like that to the both of them. I’d told him not to expect a date tomorrow- too soon, I’d said- and he’d just nodded and taken it well. He’d got my point immediately- he could read me nearly as well as Albus could. It was funny, really. James had said the exact same thing as Albus had:

“I’m going to fight for you.”

When I don’t elaborate, Albus prompts me. “He’s up for it then?”

“Yep.” I reply quietly.

After James had said that, he’d pecked me on the lips and stalked off, looking a lot happier.

“I don’t want to hurt either of you,” I murmur, staring straight away still.

A fumble, and then his hand finds mine. Albus grips my cold hand tightly and squeezes it. He entwines our fingers and I lean against him.

“I know.” Is all he says, but it’s enough. He doesn’t deny it- that would be foolish and unbelievable- or hasten to comfort me; it’s just recognition and it’s the best I could hope for.

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Chapter 32: Valentine's Days, Pictures and Daddy Drama
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 “Do I look okay?” Milla frets loudly and performs a quick spin in front of me.

I roll my eyes at her. “Milla, please, you know you look fabulous.”

“Don’t say that!” Milla whispers back to me, looking anguished. “I know I don’t.”

I can’t help myself: I roll my eyes again. I nudge Milla and nod towards the crowd of boys walking towards us, all gazing at Milla with gaping jaws and wide eyes. “Well they obviously think you do.”

“Yes, but this is Scorpius we’re talking about here!” Milla mutters, looking worried. (Though, admittedly, she couldn’t stop herself from waving and winking at the admiring boys.)

“Merlin, Milla! It’s obvious Scorpius is smitten with you. You could turn up in a potato sack and he’d still think you were gorgeous,” I exclaim, annoyed now.

Milla turns to face me and breaks into a grin. “Who says ‘smitten’?”

I sigh and shoulder bump her. “Oh shut it, you.”

Milla’s smile slides off her face and she bites the inside of her cheek. “Are you sure I look okay?”

Realising this is the only way to get her to shut up, I push her in front of me and stand behind her, gazing at her. She’s made a miraculous recovery from the flu or whatever and has returned to her usual glamour. Gone is the banshee and behold! the badass princess in pink. She’s wearing a light pink and white playsuit with a dark blue jacket that she wore despite my objections (“That will not keep the wind off you! You’ll be freezing!”) and has curled her hair, letting it hang around her face. She looks very glamorous and beautiful.

“You look brilliant Milla. Trust me,” I smile at her, attempting to reassure her. She looks mollified and walks down the corridor with her usual strut, confidence restored.

I follow her into the Great Hall and we head to our normal place on the Gryffindor table, Milla simply glowing from the looks she’s receiving. We sit down and I help myself to some toast, she taking a bowl of fruit. We’re about half way through our breakfast when Lara and Laura join us, both looking rather glamorously slutty.

Milla is making a good job of hiding her nerves in front of the girls, but I can feel her foot tapping besides mine. She’s so nervous. Which is odd: I’d never have thought Milla get nervous before dates- she’s been on enough.


She has, to be fair. She must really like Scorpius. Huh.

We finish breakfast at a leisurely pace, joking and laughing before getting up and leaving the Hall. Milla is pretending to be heading into Hogsmeade with me, claiming she feels bad for me being alone. I did have a choice of two dates, thank you very much! I chose to be alone! We’re at the Entrance Hall and Filch is there, as per usual, glaring at us and looking very disappointed when he can’t see anything wrong with our Hogsmeade slips.

“Merlin, how old is he? When is he just going to die?” Laura whines once we’ve left Filch, glowering, behind us. Lara and Milla laugh and I nudge her.

“You can’t say that sort of thing, Laura!” I roll my eyes at her but she just ignores me.

“Ooh, who’s McLaggen with?” Lara giggles, pointing to the tall, lumbering figure in front of us. Mark McLaggen has his arm round someone, but unfortunately, his arm obscures her mostly from view. We all squint at them, intrigued by the latest gossip. Finally, McLaggen moves his arm a little, revealing a head of curly red hair.

“Is that-” Laura starts.

“No way!” I mutter.

“Rose fucking Weasley,” Milla growls.                                                                                             

“I did not know they were dating! What happened between her and Scorpius anyways?” Lara murmurs quietly.

“Neither did I.” Milla says between gritted teeth. I know why- Milla and Scorpius were only keeping their date a secret to stop Rose from getting hurt. If she’s flaunting her new date, then would it have mattered about Milla and Scorp?

We mutter about it all the way to Hogsmeade and only stop when the couple halt suddenly, obviously discussing where to go. It’s cold, people, go inside! At that moment, a figure appears behind us. “Hullo!”

We all turn to see Scorpius stood, wrapped up well, beaming. “Hi, Scorpius,” I reply easily while Milla blushes and Lara and Laura bat their eyelashes at him. I watch him carefully and see his eyes drift towards Rose and McLaggen, widen as he recognises them, and then squint into a frown, a steely look glazing over them. Then, they are his usual shining grey eyes. He’s back to normal.

“You look amazing,” he says cheerfully to Milla who steels herself and manages a flirtatious smile.

“Thanks, so do you,” she replies easily.

“You ready?” he asks her loudly. She nods and he smiles, offering her his hand. She takes it and they both bid their goodbyes and walk off towards Madam Pudifoot’s. Don’t think I’ll be missing much at that Hell hole.

“Are they dating?” Lara asks me, eyes wide and expression shocked. Laura just gazes at their fading figures, gawping unattractively.

I shrug, trying to be nonchalant. “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.”

“She didn’t tell me!” Lara cries indignantly.

Laura snaps out of stupor instantly. “Bitch.”

Both stalk off, huddled together, obviously scheming and gossiping. They’re headed in the general direction of where they were supposed to meet their dates. Well, I’m on my own. On Valentine’s Day. What a surprise.

As I wonder of towards The Three Broomsticks for a Butterbeer, I glance quickly at Rose and McLaggen. He’s chatting animatedly but Rose looks distant and is just nodding whenever he looks at her expectantly. I watch her for a moment and see her eyes slip into focus and slide to look at where Scorpius and Milla were clutching hands a few moments before. She looks troubled as she tears her gaze away. Unfortunately, she catches me looking at her and stares back. We just look at each other and I’m surprised not to receive a death glare. Instead, she just looks quite sad.

Biting my lip, I turn away, breaking the gaze, and head into The Three Broomsticks.

I almost feel sorry for her.


“Write to me!” I yell to Milla over the hubbub.

“ALRIGHT! SEE YOU IN A WEEK!” Milla screeches back, though nobody blinks in shock- it’s so loud anyway. I drag my trunk through the heaving crowd, knocking several bounding children out of the way with it.

I swear I was never that short. Oh wait, I still am.

I think I just dissed myself. Huh.

I finally break through the crowd and reach an emptier space near the wall back to the Muggle part of the station. I stop and catch my breath for a moment before peering through the crowd, searching for Angus and my mum. Mum was supposed to be meeting me here to give me and Angus a lift back home. I lean on my trunk deciding to wait here; if they come this way to get out of Platform Nine and Three Quarters, I’ll see them.

“Come on Rosie! Hugh!” a voice booms over the rumble of noise and I spot a tall redhead- Ron- hurrying through the crowd followed by Rose, Hugo, Hermione and a dark-haired girl I don’t recognise. Ron spots me and waves at me as they break free of the crowd.

“Alright, Kat? Need a lift?” he grins.

I shake my head and smile friendlily back. “No thanks, Mr Weasley! My mum is in the crowd somewhere, I’ll spot her eventually. Have a good holiday!”

Ron nods in return and he and Hugo disappear through the wall. Rose is pointedly ignoring me whilst the dark-haired girl looks at me curiously. Her near black eyes glint intimidatingly in the light; my guess is that she’s a Slytherin. Definite snake like qualities about her.

“Rose, say hi to Katrina!” Hermione looks at her daughter meaningfully before smiling at me.

“Hi.” Rose says curtly and shrugs off her mother angrily. Hermione looks hurt and frowns at me and Rose. She looks at me questioningly and I avoid her gaze.

What? I heard she’s a skilled Legilimens! I’m not risking her reading my mind!

Finally, she just shakes her head and falls through the wall, back into the Muggle world.

“Is that her?” the girl whispers audibly to Rose.

Rose nods back quickly before muttering darkly. “Come on, Connie.” So that’s Connie. Rose runs through the wall without a glance at me, tugging on Connie’s arm. Connie looks back at me one last time; I stare defiantly back at her but then Connie smirks at me and there’s something off with that smirk, something I don’t like. Suddenly, I have the urge to run after Rose and warn her but then I realise that I don’t have anything to warn her about. Then Connie disappears.

I don’t have long to dwell on Connie because I’m unexpectedly attacked by a large and heavy person.

“Hey little sis!”

“Tyrique?” I gasp and he breaks away from the hug, yanking hair out of my face and mouth. My brother is stood there, grinning mischievously as per usual, and behind him is my mum and a bored looking Angus. “I didn’t know you were back!”

“Wanted to surprise you, didn’t I?!” Ty laughs, throwing his head back. I stand up again and laugh too, though it’s not particularly funny- I’ve just missed my brother a lot.

“Count me surprised!” I chuckle and look Tyrique up and down. He looks older, stronger but he still looks young and carefree. The war hasn’t taken away that I’m pleased to see. His light blonde hair is still cropped short which I don’t like- I preferred it when it was long and messy. His bright blue eyes sparkle and his smile is, like always, shaped in such a way that suggests he’s plotting something or knows something you don’t.

“Hello, darling,” mum smiles and envelops me in a hug. I hug her back and let go when Angus interrupts-

“This is a lovely family reunion and whatever, but can we go home now? I’m bored.”

“’Sup, bro?” Tyrique asks Angus over breakfast three days later. I don’t look up- I doubt we’ll get anything out of him. I’m just finishing a letter to Milla, quizzing her on the “deets” (as the young folk say) on her date with Scorpy boy.

Angus has been particularly moody since we got back; he disappeared into his room as soon as entered the house and only reappeared for meals each day. Then, when mum tried to ask if anything was wrong, he stalked out and slammed his bedroom door with a lot of unneeded force. I feel no pity for my for my fourteen year old brother- I have been through the shitty teenaged life stage (Heck, I’m not even out of it yet) and I ain’t looking back. I expect he’s moaning over something to do with Polly or Poppy or whatever the fuck her name is.

Hormonal bugger.

When he doesn’t answer I chip in with those thoughts. “He won’t say anything, Ty. Something to do with Poppy, Gus?”

To my upmost surprise, Gus lets out a sob and collapses onto the table, head into hands. Tyrique looks up at me, eyes wide in shock. He reluctantly pats Angus on the shoulder- it’s his attempt at comforting. Shit, it was Polly wasn’t it, not Poppy! You don’t think he’s annoyed I got her name wrong?

“Sh-she b-broke up with me!” Angus croaks in despair, not lifting his head from his arms. I have the urge to do a victory dance but I manage to stifle it. My brother may be a twat but he’s my twat, so I have to comfort him.

“Gus!” I coo at him, standing up and moving closer to him, hugging him to me. He bats my arms away. Okay, he’s not upset enough for a hug from his sister. I look at Tyrique pointedly, silently indicating that he should try his comfort tactics. Brother to brother and all of that.

Ty shrugs at me and then sighs. “Hey, bro, it’s okay. You’ll be okay! This girl sounds like an idiot from what Kat’s told me about her-”

Thanks, Tyrique for dropping me in it.

“-so you could do much better than her. Besides, you’re my brother which means we’re fucking hot stuff, Gussyboy. Our dad must’ve been a beast, I tell you. A beast.” Tyrique finishes off, giving Angus another reassuring pat on his back. I squirm uncomfortably at his comment about our dad: it just reminds me of what I’ve got planned for this holiday.

Fortunately, it seems to have the right effect on Angus who laughs a watery chuckle. He sits up and brushes away his tears and glares angrily at the other side of the room. “She dumped me for Avery.”

“No!” I exclaim, shocked. Avery is another of Angus’ best friends. Oh, the excitement in a third year’s life.

“Shhhllaaaagggg,” Tyrique hisses, drawing out the word and making us all laugh.

“My life sucks!” Angus wails, slumping back into his seat and folding his arms in an angry gesture.

“’Least some guy didn’t get your best friend pregnant and you didn’t snog your boyfriend’s brother. You know, life could be worse,” I say wisely, sitting down next to Angus. He laughs, understanding the reference but Tyrique just frowns at me, confused. I shake my head at him, promising to explain later.

“You’re right!” Angus says, looking a lot happier. He stands up and makes to leave the kitchen. “I’m going to owl Avery right now and tell him what a dick he is!” With that, he storms out of the room, leaving me and Tyrique grimacing.

“I don’t think he quite got our point,” I giggle to Tyrique who nods in agreement. We stay in silence for a few minutes, finding comfort in our relaxed silence. I stare around the room happily, glad to be home. As I reach for another piece of toast, I spot a photograph by the marmalade jar. I pick it up and look at it.

“What’s this?” I ask Tyrique quietly, gazing at it. He reaches for it and smiles before budging closer to me so we can both look at it.

“A picture of me and the guys back in Afghan. When we first got sent there,” Tyrique explains quietly. I peer at it, seeking out Tyrique and find him quickly. He’s stood next to a very tall lad and a short girl, arms wrapped around the girl. He’s in the middle of a laugh and his other hand is running through his brutally short haircut. He looks a lot younger, I notice. I didn’t think he’d aged much, but looking at this, I realise he has. His eyes are crinkled from the laugh and his mouth is wide open; a true smile. He’s surrounded by other men and women, all laughing and obviously sharing jokes. A few are posing funnily while one or two are stood on the outside, looking uncomfortable.

Then I notice something funny with the picture. Some of the people in it, including the tall man next to Ty, have crosses struck across their faces, scratched in with a finger nail or something sharp.

Tyrique jabs a finger at the first man on the left. “That’s Hunter. He was dead in a week.” Ty points at the girl next to the first man. “Died two months ago. Shot in the back of the head she was.” And the next. “Send home after we found her wandering alone in the town. Went mad from everything she saw. She’s still in a mental hospital, Lottie tells me. Poor sod. Kevin went missing after a raid. We never found his body.” His voice is oddly harsh.


His voice merely gets louder. He jabs at the man he’s next to. “Lee had his leg blown off earlier this year. Lucky bugger got sent home. Jasmine got blown apart in the second week. We couldn’t find anything to bury.”

“Ty, please-”

“Dead. Dead. Sent home -”

“Tyrique, stop!” I beg him, trying not to shout.

“It’s just us five left from the original group. Me, Lottie, Yves, Alex and Vince. Just us.” Tyrique was trying to sound nonchalant but was failing. I could hear the emotion in his voice.

“Tyrique, I’m sor-”

Before I can say anything more, he’s on his feet, tense. “Don’t. Don’t. It doesn’t matter, nothing matters.” Tyrique shakes his head and, dropping the picture, he leaves the room quickly.

 I pick it up and look at it, running my finger over the scratch marks. I know what they mean now: they’re dead, gone, or worse. I’d always hoped my brother would just remain unaffected by the war, but my guess was wrong. He had been and in worse ways than I could have imagined.

“What did the dentist of the year get? A little plaque!” Tyrique snorts in laughter and stops pulling the face he’s been pulling during the joke. I roar in laughter at Ty’s impression of Dennis. We’re all fond of Dennis- he makes my mum happy so that’s good enough for me- but that was such a spot on imitation of Dennis. He cracks such lame jokes, all to do with his career choice. That’s how he greets me; with a joke.

“Hullo Katrina! Now answer me this: Why didn’t the dentist ask his secretary out on a date?” He’d wait for me to say, “No, why didn’t the dentist ask his secretary out on a date?” before answering.

“Because he was already taking a tooth out!” Cue Dennis’ hysterical laughter and my weak smile (or a grimace if you prefer).

“I’ve got one I might suggest to him next time he comes round for tea. Are you ready? You better prepare yourself, it’s a cracking one!” Tyrique teases me.

“I’ll brace myself! Haha, gettit? Gettit? My humour is wasted on you Tyrique,” I sigh as Tyrique looks blank.

“What did the dentist see in the North Pole?” Tyrique asks me, looking giddy once more.

“I don’t know, what did the dentist see in the North Pole?” I respond easily.

“A molar bear!” Tyrique shrieks, laughing loudly.

I merely shake my head and tut. “That was certainly a joke worth of Dennis. It was terrible, Ty!”

“You have no sense of humour. I find Dennis’ jokes hysterical!” Tyrique chuckles sarcastically. I shake my head at him again and flop back on to my bed. We’re sat in my bedroom, me on the bed, him in my chair by the dressing table.

The room is painted a deep red- I repainted it after I was sorted into Gryffindor- and is littered with books and quills and various other school stuff. Tyrique always steals my books when we’re both home: he loves reading them even though he understands none of it.

“So what’s your mission, Kat?” Tyrique asks me suddenly. I look up and frown at him, confused by his question.  When I don’t answer, he continues. “You left a letter from that Scorpius bloke on the kitchen table. I picked it up before Mum could read it, don’t worry. But I had a look, I know I shouldn’t have but I’m a nosy bastard. It just said ‘Don’t forget your mission!’ so I want to know what it is.”

I sigh. “You really are a nosy bastard, you got that right. Right. Well, Scorpius has only just relatively recently become a good friend. And he asked me about Dad,” I began, slowly picking the right words. Tyrique nods, showing he’s listening to doesn’t say anything. “He wanted to know why I didn’t know anything about him and so we started to research him-”

“Did you find anything on him?” Tyrique interrupts eagerly, leaning forward.

I shake my head. “I didn’t have anything to go off. But Scorpius gave me a couple of ideas. My mission was to question Mum.”

Tyrique nods, excited. “That’s a good idea. I’ve been waiting for years to ask Mum about Dad. We definitely should! But what were these ideas you came up with?”

I shrugged uncomfortably. “He, uh, suggested that perhaps…” my mouth suddenly went dry. “Perhaps there were two men involved.”

Tyrique frowned and shook his head. “I don’t understand you.”

“He got me thinking about… About the age gap between you and me. About how it’s strange how he had to be still around to get Mum pregnant with Angus and yet you don’t remember anything about him, even though you were old enough to have memories of people. About how me and Gus look alike but you…”

“I don’t. He reckons I have a different Dad.” Ty finishes for me, leaning backwards and looking like he’s thinking hard. “That’s a good theory. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you didn’t want to,” I whisper quietly.

Tyrique nods slowly before standing up, looking oddly calm. “Come on, then.”

“Come on where?” I ask him, surprised and confused.

“We’re going to confront Mum now,” he informs me, completely at ease.

Before I can say another word, he’s gone and without thinking, I’m following. He’s tapping on Angus’ door and telling him to come downstairs because he doesn’t want to miss this. Then we’re downstairs and we enter the kitchen where Mum is singing to herself, washing the dishes. Tyrique is telling Mum we want to talk to her and she’s frowning and dries her hands. She’s sitting down opposite us and trying to work out what we want and Angus is looking completely puzzled.

“We want to know who our Dad is,” Tyrique says bluntly, straight to the point.

Mum sighs and leans back. “What brought this on?”

“We’ve got two different Dads haven’t we?” Tyrique bursts out quickly. Angus yelps in surprise and turns to face us in shock.

“How did you guess that?” Mum asks, looking just as shocked but also a little relieved. I suppose she thought she was going to have to explain that shocker to us too. But she doesn’t.

“Kat’s been doing some thinking and research,” Tyrique answers shortly; I can feel him getting impatient. I blush at the mention of my name and mum turns to look at me, looking worried.

“Well, you’re correct. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I just wanted us to feel like one big family-” Mum begins, her voice pleading, begging us to understand.

“Just give me a name, Mum,” Tyrique cuts across her angrily. I turn to face him so quickly my neck cracks. Rubbing my neck, I gawp at him. I’ve never heard his tone so cold when he’s been talking to mum before.

“Your dad was someone I met at university, Ty. It all happened very quickly and he wasn’t ready to be a father. He did what he thought was best for you.” Mum rushes on, eyes wide.

“So my dad was just a dentist?” Tyrique whispers, his voice suddenly soft and disappointed. I blink, not understanding his tone.

“Yes, Tyrique. A few years later I met Kat and Angus’ dad and-”

“And he was a Wizard?” Tyrique interrupts again.

Mum frowns. “Yes, I believe he was.”

“Why did he leave?” I ask Mum, intrigued but once again Tyrique cuts across me and asks mum something.

“What was Dad’s name?”


“What was his name?” Tyrique yells angrily, standing up so quickly his chairs falls backwards and skids away from him with a bang. Angus winces at the sound and backs away a little.

“Christopher, Tyrique. Christopher Westwood,” mum says in a small voice.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? WHY- WHY DIDN’T COME AND FIND ME?” he voice breaks on the final sentence.

“I didn’t think you were old enough. He wasn’t ready for a child, Tyrique, don’t blame him,” Mum whispers, voice frantic.

“NEITHER WERE YOU? WHY DIDN’T HE STAY? WHY WASN’T… WHY COULDN’T I HAVE HAD THEIR DAD?” He yells, pointing accusingly at Angus and me.

“Tyrique…” I murmur, tugging on his hand, trying to get him to sit down. I don’t understand what he’s getting out and he’s scaring me.

“WHY COULDN’T MY DAD HAVE BEEN SPECIAL? INSTEAD OF A GOOD FOR NOTHING PRAT WHO LEFT? Why couldn’t he have been a Wizard?” his voice trails off and my eyes widen, understanding him finally. Suddenly, his nostrils flare again and he yells again, anger back with a vengeance. “WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN A WIZARD? GONE TO HOGWARTS? BEEN… BEEN SPECIAL?”

And now I understand. He’s jealous- I know he’d always been fascinated by Wizards, but I’d never realised he was jealous. Of course, that was stupid of me: imagine how I would’ve felt if had been me with two Wizard brothers and I was painfully, achingly normal.

“WHY? INSTEAD OF FIGHTING A STUPID WAR, SEEING WHAT I HAVE? HAVING TO WATCH MY FRIENDS DIE? Why couldn’t I have had a wand so I could’ve saved them?” Tyrique breaks off suddenly, chest heaving and forehead glistening with sweat. He looks crazed, mad. Angus is stood awkwardly between sitting down and standing up straight. Mum is gazing at Tyrique, plainly terrified. At his words, everyone freezes.

I was wrong- it wasn’t just jealousy. Survivor’s guilt, or something of that sort.

“You couldn’t have saved them, even with a wand. There are some things that even magic can’t stop,” I whisper softly, reaching for his hand. He opens his mouth to retort, but can’t seem to manage anything. Instead, he turns and storms out of the room. I hear his footsteps pound up the stairs and his door crack as his pulls it open with such force, it hits the wall. No-one moves; we’re all just listening to him, assuming he just needs time to cool off.

Five minutes pass, or maybe it was thirty seconds or several hours, days, years. Nobody moves. Nobody even appears to breathe.

And then the sound of his footsteps on the stairs. We are rising, to greet him, to accept his unspoken apology, to comfort him, to apologize to him but he doesn’t come. He’s standing in the hallway with a large rucksack slung across his shoulder and he’s reaching for the door. And I’m realising what’s happening and I’m running to him and I think I might be crying, but I can’t be sure. Mum is sobbing and shouting and Angus is attempting to pull his rucksack from his back. Tyrique is yelling again, and I’m grabbing his hand in an effort to pull him back, but he tries throws it away from him and I’m holding on, screaming,

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, freak!”

And I let go as if he electrocuted me and we stare at him. Everyone is silent and Angus stares at Tyrique with a face of pure disgust. Tyrique realises he’s gone too far and looks shocked at himself. He opens his mouth, to apologize or to shout something else, I don’t know. Angus interrupts and hisses in such an angry voice, “Get out.”

And then he’s gone.

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Chapter 33: Secret Plans, Confessing Secrets and Everyone Finds Out
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 “Psst! Agent Hurricane!”

I turn around in a full circle, scowling at the empty corridor. Not this again. And am I seriously ‘Agent Hurricane’? That’s actually pretty offensive.

“Agent Hurri- oh for fuck’s sake, Katrina!” Milla materialises out of thin air, her wand hovering above her head. She’s obviously just taken off the spell that was disillusioning her from my view.

I raise my eyebrows at her as Sarah appears next to her, looking cross. “That was subtle,” I say, crossing my arms.

Sarah rolls her eyes. “Oh shut up Miss Moody. You’ve been avoiding everyone since we got back!”

“We’ve only been back a few days. I haven’t been avoiding you- I just wanted time alone!” I answer back lamely, my face colouring,

Milla folds her arms, mimicking me. “Fuck off, Kati; you’ve so been avoiding us. I’m not going to ask why- Merlin knows I don’t care why anyway- because as if you would just strop. So just shut the fuck up and follow us okay?”

 Realising I can’t get out of it, I sigh and nod. They both beam at me and walk towards me, each grabbing one of my arms and leading me down the corridor. We don’t stop until we reach the wall where I know the Room of Requirement is hidden. Sarah breaks away from me and Milla and walks past the wall once, twice, three times. Finally a small door appears and Sarah turns and grins, indicating for us to follow her. Sarah opens the door and we enter behind her. The Room has transformed into a little Common Room-esque place. It is painted in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw colours and a little fire is crackling in the corner.

Milla dives away from me and onto the chair closest to the fire. She puts her hands behind her head and lies back, looking content. “Awesome, Sarah!”

Sarah shrugs modestly while I roll my eyes. What? I’m in a bad mood- I’m allowed to be a bitch. I head to another armchair and lower myself into it, sinking a little into the cushion. Sarah sits down next to Milla after she unwillingly moves her legs so Sarah can sit.

“So, Katrina. We want to talk to you-”

“Why does this all of a sudden feel like an interrogation session or maybe therapy?” I ask, frowning and shifting in my seat a little. I wrinkle my nose at the use of my full name. Milla snorts and Sarah smiles at me.

“Sorry, Kat. We came together-”

“Since when were you guys friends?” I interrupt again, not bothering if my question is a little rude.

“We’ve never not been friends!” Milla shifts awkwardly.

“We never went out of our way to not be friends, we just ran in different circles…” Sarah coughs lamely. “We’re both friends with you-”

“Basically we’re both nosy fucks who are interested in the outcome of you and Albus or James. So we’ve come together because, let’s face it Kati, you’re going to need all of the help you can get,” Milla butts in, hitting the nail on the head as always.

I don’t even have the energy to get annoyed at that last comment. Hey, it’s true.

“Kat, what is wrong with you? You’re being moodier than usual and it’s odd!” Sarah asks, her voice dripping with sympathy.

Before I can flick the question away, Milla interjects. “Are you pms-ing?”

Sarah just tuts. “What happened during the half term, Kat?”

I sigh and shake my head. “Nothing really. My family just had a bit of an argument, that’s all.”

Nothing really. My family just had a huge, shouting, crying, yelling match.

“Oh no!” Sarah murmurs sensitively. “What happened? Why?”

I refrain from rolling my eyes. “I can’t remember if I’m honest. It was something really stupid and small that blew up.”

I can remember all too clearly. It’s just about the identity of my father and my brother’s dad. Oh, and it was my entire fault. No biggie.

“But it’s all sorted?” Sarah nods understandingly. Slightly patronizing, but hey.

“Oh yeah. Everything’s fine now.”

No, not really. My brother just walked out and called me a freak; my mother locked herself in her room and cried and Angus blamed me.

“Oh good!”

I look up and catch Milla’s eye. She’s been watching me beadily throughout the whole conversation, analysing my words. “How’s Tyrique?” Milla asks suddenly.

“Fine, I think.”

I don’t know, do I? He hasn’t contacted us since he walked out. All the letters I’ve sent him have been returned, unopened. He’s been sending them back and I have no idea when he goes back.

Silence. A very awkward pause settles upon us and I can tell Milla is still trying to get the truth out of me, staring me out. Sarah is struggling to break the silence, obviously not understanding Milla’s looks.

“Well we wanted to talk to you about Albus and James! We have a plan!” Sarah bursts out quickly, her voice higher than usual.

“Oh?” I ask, not having to feign interest. I’m actually quite intrigued by what they’ve come up with. I sigh and push Tyrique out of my mind. They’ve obviously come together for me, so I might as well join in.

“You’ve agreed to hang out with the both of them, right?” Milla begins, perking up a little now. I nod and she continues, “Well, that’s a good thing for everyone but you.”

“What do you mean by that?” I cry, indignant.

“You’ll probably enjoy both in different ways and get yourself into a muddle and have a break-down choosing between them,” Milla explains calmly. Okay, that does sound like me. “So we have a plan. I thought of it while I was out Sarah’s and we were watching one of those televisions- did I say it right? Anyway, that programme came on and this bloke was trying to decide between two girls-”

“So he made a pros and cons list!” Sarah interrupts excitedly, beaming at me.

I gape at them. “I am not making a list! That’s just rude and wrong-”

“We knew you’d say that,” Milla mutters, rolling her eyes. “So we came up with something else. We came up with a table.”

Sarah produces a piece of parchment from her pocket and places it on the coffee table. “I did this,” she says proudly. A true Ravenclaw.

“It’s got loads of different things that we think are important and you should look for. Sarah put all the mushy ones down and I put down the ones that matter,” Milla tells me grimly.

I grin to myself as I look at the table and spot things like, “snogging” and “in bed” and “looks” in Milla’s loopy scrawl next to things like, “dates” and “personality” and “is he a gentleman?” in a tidy print I recognise as Sarah’s.

“You tell us how it goes with each of them and we put it in the table. Then, at the end of however long you’re planning on dragging this out for, you consult the table and it should help you,” Milla drawls, attempting to look bored but not managing to hide her pride at their idea.

“And don’t worry, I’ve put a charm on the parchment so only you, Milla and myself can read it!” Sarah chips in happily.

I laugh and nod. “That is actually genius!”

They both smile at each, obviously relieved. Then Milla has to ruin it all with, “I still think you should just date them both. They’re both hot, give ‘em both a whirl at the same time.”

And to think I’d thought Scorpius had mellowed her.

“Did you get it?”

I sigh but don’t look up, simply continuing to write my essay. “You’re up early. I thought I’d be the only one here.”

“Did you get it?” he repeats, sounding impatient. He’s whispering- the library is empty and the slightest whisper carries.

“Get what?” I ask, trying to sound innocent.

I can almost hear Scorpius rolling his eyes. “Shut up, you know what I mean. Did you get the name?”

“Nope,” I answer quietly, still not looking up. I dot the i’s and cross the t’s and begin folding up the parchment.

Scorpius plonks down into the seat next me and sighs in disappointment. “Seriously? I thought you were going to actually do it.”

“I did.”

“So, what, did she not give you the name? Your mum refused?” Scorpius asks, his tone confused.

Finally I look up and I see the concern in Scorpius’ eyes. If I don’t tell someone I’ll explode and, besides, if I can’t trust Scorpius, who can I trust?

“She gave us a name. Just not my dad’s,” I tell him cryptically. I’m not sure why I’m talking in riddles; I just can’t bring myself to say it.

Scorpius pauses for a moment and I watch him. I can see him trying to work out my words and then I see the look of comprehension flicker across his face. “She gave you Tyrique’s dad’s name, right?” I nod in reply. “Why not yours?”

“Uh, Tyrique got involved and got pretty pissed off. I decided not to push for another name after he walked out,” I reply quickly and quietly, averting my gaze again.

Scorpius nods, understanding, and doesn’t press the subject. “So what’s the name of the other bloke?”

“Christopher Westwood,” I answer easily.

Scorpius nods and takes my quill, noting down the name of a scrap of parchment before folding it up. When I look at him questioningly, he answers with a shrug. “It might be interesting to find out a bit more about him.”

Pause. Scorpius’ disappointment at the lack of information is obvious and after a few moments of watching him mope, I break.

“That wasn’t all I got, Scorp,” I tell him with a small smile. He leans forward, interested. “Christopher Westwood was a Muggle, definitely. He met mum at university. I googled him and he owns a small practice up North in Burnley. And my dad was definitely a Wizard.”

Scorpius leans back, obviously a lot more satisfied. “That’s definitely something. Least we have some more facts. That’s good. Do you want to get some breakfast?”

I nod in reply and smile. He stands up and I begin to pack up, him passing me my books. “How did your date go with Milla? I forgot to ask,” I enquire, stuffing a particularly big book into my rucksack.

He breaks into a huge grin. “Great, I think. Did she, erm, mention anything to you? Did she enjoy it too?” he asks, somewhat anxiously.

“Yes, very much,” I smile in reply, grimacing inwardly as I remember the terrifying detail of the date I had to endure from Milla.

Scorpius positively beams but something occurs to me and I frown. “You… You aren’t dating Milla to make Rose jealous, are you?”

Scorpius looks shocked and slightly irritated. “No, why would you-”

I shake my head, believing him instantly- I know when he’s lying and in this instant, I can tell he’s not. “From the way you reacted when you saw Rose with McLaggen. I just thought-”

“That I made it public to make Rose jealous, right? No, I didn’t I’m not going to say I don’t still have some feelings for Rose, because I think I do. But I did that because I was angry and I realised I didn’t have to protect Rose,” Scorpius explains quickly, running a hand through his hair: you can tell he’s friends with Albus- a classic Potter move.

“Just don’t hurt her, okay? Milla is really into you and I love Milla so don’t play her. Because-” I hesitate for a second but plough on. “I think Rose still likes you or something. I saw the way she looked when she spotted you and Milla. So unless you’re in this with Milla just for Milla and no other reason, break it off before you get in too deep. Break it off before you hurt her too much.”

Scorpius seems surprised and just frowns. Then he looks at me and opens his mouth. “I want to see where this goes. I like Milla a lot and I think we have something pretty good.”

I smile- now I’m satisfied too. I stand up straight and sling my rucksack over my shoulder, indicating for us to leave. He follows me out of the library, chatting animatedly about what we’re doing in Transfiguration. Madam Pince glares at us as we leave, eyes suspicious and we laugh about her as soon as her steely gaze is no longer upon us.

We’re met by a surprising number of students out in the corridor and a lot of noise. “Everyone is awake early!” I note, dodging a pair of second years in deep conversation.

Scorpius gives me a look- slightly evil and curious. “I wonder what’s happened to cause this amount of gossip!”

I laugh at his interest. “I didn’t realise the high and mighty Scorpius Malfoy was such a nosy gossip!”

He protests and nudges me with his shoulder. I laugh and tease him some more.

“Have you seen it?” A seventh year mutters to her friend who shakes her head in confusion. The girl shows the other a slip of parchment, and the girl gasps. I try to see what is the parchment- what? I’m a nosy cow too- but she slips it back into her pocket.

“Is it true?” the girl says, shocked.

“Yeah, I reckon so. They’re all over the place! I can’t believe it!” the first girl replies, giggling. The second girl giggles back; links arm with the first and then hurry away, whispering.

An uncomfortable feeling tingles on the back of my neck.

“I can’t believe it!”

“Shit, I always knew something like this would happen.”

“Didn’t I just say that I thought she looked different the other day, Liv?”


The whispers whip around us like wind; everyone is talking about this thing to each other.

“I have a feeling we’ve missed something major,” Scorpius murmurs to me, frowning at everyone. Suddenly, someone pushes past us and looks up to apologize. She gazes at Scorpius, turns to her friend and whispers something, both bursting into shrieks of laughter. They scurry off, but not without sending Scorpius some funny looks.

“Unlucky Malfoy!” a sixth year boy calls to Scorpius and he laughs, his mates all smirking too.

I can almost feel all of the colour in my face drain out of it. Slowly, I tilt my neck to look at Scorpius who is very pale and is staring down at me.

“You don’t think…” I whisper, feeling oddly nervous.

Then a burly Slytherin fifth year I recognise smacks into Scorpius. “Nice one Scorpius! I would do anything to screw her but did your dad never teach you the protection spell?” He shoves a piece of parchment into Scorpius’ shaking hand before sauntering off.

Scorpius unravels it and I read it over his shoulder. Across the top of the paper, in large print, a title reads:

Rose Weasley: Perfect Student or Slut?”

A picture of Rose is in the middle of the page, smiling and waving at Scorpius and me. Her prefect badge glitters on her chest but then I realise that it no longer reads “prefect”. Instead, it says “pregnant”. Below it reads a paragraph, obviously taken from a magazine and copied onto the homemade poster.

Rose Weasley, supposedly the innocent, doe-eyed and perfect student, is revealed as quite the opposite Witch Weekly can report. According to an anonymous source, Miss Weasley is in fact pregnant! Who’s the father? you might ask! Well, here at Witch Weekly, we can give you the whole story. The father is none other than the recently turned 16 year old Scorpius Malfoy. That’s right- Draco and Astoria’s Malfoy’s son.
It was a summer fling,’ our source tells us. ‘But they broke it off a while ago when Scorpius was caught cheating on her.’ Of course, despite our shock at the underage pregnancy, here at Witch Weekly we’re concerned to know how Rose is taking this latest heartbreak. We are yet to receive a statement from Miss Weasley about the pregnancy.”

Scorpius’ hands are shaking so violently I grab them to steady them. Fury is bubbling inside of me- not only have they publicised Rose’s personal life, they have made up some bullshit about Scorpius’ fidelity.

“How?” Scorpius hisses, his eyes wild. When I shake my head in disbelief, he gazes at me. “You don’t think-”

“No, Milla wouldn’t have done that,” I interrupt quickly, anticipating his question. “She wouldn’t have said that shit about you- it can’t be her.”

At my words, Milla appears from the crowd, batting first years out of the way. She’s breathless and pale- she looks scared and concerned for Scorpius. “Have you seen? Who the fuck told? Shit, you don’t think it’s me, do you? I swear to Merlin it wasn’t- I wouldn’t-”

Suddenly I being pushed backwards up against a wall and a wand is jabbing me in the chest. A couple of people screech at the attack. I blink and see a furious looking Dom stood, looking down on me (well, that’s not hard- I mean, have you seen my height?) and I realise she’s the one who rammed me into the wall.

“Dom, please!” James’ voice hits me and I spot his mop of dark hair behind Dom.

“You! You did it! Why would you?!”Dom shrieks, spit flying at me and smudging my glasses. Before I can retaliate, Dom is pulled of me with such force, she nearly topples over.

“Back off Dominique!” Scorpius hisses, his voice venomous and his wand aimed at her face.

Dom looks shocked at his reaction and glares at him. “How you protect her when she put you in this shit?”

“Because it wasn’t her!” Scorpius yells, incredulous.

“How can you-”

“She’s my friend Weasley! She wouldn’t do that and you know it. The only reason you think it’s her is because you are so prejudiced against her for something that happened months ago. Now can you get this past you thick fucking skull: Kat is a good person. She didn’t tell anyone,” Scorpius rants loudly and Dom’s mouth drops open.

“You’re fucking lucky that Kat is too fucking nice for her own good, Weasley. If it had been me in her shoes and after the way you treated her, Witch Weekly would’ve printed this months ago. She didn’t breathe a word,” Milla flares up, flicking a piece of hair out of face. How is it fair that Milla still looks gorgeous even when she’s swearing and yelling at someone?

“What’s going on?” another voice pipes up. Dom steps out of the way to reveal a very confused looking Rose. “What’s happened? Why is everyone fighting and why is everyone staring at me?”

“She doesn’t know,” James breathes. “She hasn’t seen them.”

“Seen what? What are you talking about?” Rose asks impatiently, her brow crinkling in frustration. Everyone freezes and just breathes, staring at each other: nobody knows what to say.

I don’t know why I do it, why I feel sorry for her after everything she’s done but I step forward, grabbing the poster from Scorpius’ fist.

“They found out,” I whisper, genuinely pitying her. Rose’s eyes widen and I pass her the poster. I hear Dom’s hiss of protest but I ignore it: I know Rose and she’d want to see it, she needs to see it. We can’t exactly take down every poster in the school without her seeing one- she’s bound to see it. “Some dickhead told Witch Weekly. They’ve put these up all around the school. I’m sorry.”

Rose’s eyes flit over the poster quickly and I watch them fill with tears, which she attempts to blink away.

“We don’t know who did it-” James begins but another voice interjects.

“I do.” It’s Albus. He steps up from behind Milla and sidesteps closer the Rose; he’s obviously been watching the scene unfold. “No-one from this family would have told. So who’s the one person you told who isn’t in the family?” Albus says quietly, speaking only to Rose. She closes her eyes, understanding.

That’s when I panic. “Hey! I didn’t say anything, I swear-”

“We know it’s not you. Kat, I just said no-one in this family would tell and you’re a part of this family,” Albus says softly, sending me a small smile.

“So who is it?” Dom asks, frowning at Albus- she’s clearly not sure about Albus’ choice of words there.

“Connie. It’s Connie. She’s the only other person I told. She has a sister here. She could have asked her to put up the posters,” Rose breathes.

Fucking Connie.

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Chapter 34: Lists, Kissing and More Information Finding
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 “First on the table then?” I ask Milla and Sarah.

“Kissing,” states Milla.

“Dating,” suggests Sarah at exactly the same time.

Sarah throws Milla a patronizing look and I shake my head at her, muttering under my breath, “You are disgusting!”

“What?” Milla responds, defensive now. “I was going to say shagging but I figured you’d react badly to that. Besides, kissing’s important! You don’t want to date someone who can’t kiss!”

I expect Sarah to answer back with a speech about how that doesn’t matter, it’s all about the personality etc, etc, but to my upmost surprise she looks at Milla and nods. “Fair point,” she agrees, rolling over onto her back lazily. Milla looks mildly surprised but also quite pleased while I just gawp at Sarah.

“I did not put you down as that sort of girl, Sarah,” I inform her mock seriously, teasing her. She merely rolls her eyes at me.

“Hey! Let us in!” voices screech from outside of the dormitory. They begin banging on the door and trying to unlock it. You see, we’re in the Gryffindor fifth year girl’s dormitory, just the three of us. Not wanting to be disturbed, we locked the doors and (despite our assurances to Sarah that our dorm mates are yes that thick) barricaded the door just in case the others managed to figure out which way they’re supposed to hold their wand.

Milla shushes us and we all stay silent, listening to their voices. 

“Oh-em-gee you can’t do that! Like, that’s against the rules!” a particularly high voice calls. The nasal edge rings through me, making my head hurt a little bit. I recognise it as Fran’s lovely voice.

“How are we supposed to, like, get into our room now? Like, how are we supposed to, like, sleep? Should we get someone to bash the door down?” another voice pipes up- Maddie. It takes all of my will power not to rush out and bang the girls’ heads together. Sarah evidently doesn’t have as much will power as me, as she can’t restrain herself from yelling,

“Are you witches or what, you nitwits?”

Silence. Then-

“What’s that spell to unlock doors again?” Maddie asks slowly.

After a painful few moments of an awful lot of “erm”ing and “ahh”ing, Fran remembers and giggles out, “Alohamora!” They both giggle at their cleverness for a bit while Sarah stares fixatedly at the wall, the tips of her ears growing red- she’s desperately trying to submerge the know-it-all tendencies.


Nothing happens. No click of a lock (it’s not like they could have gotten in anyway), nothing.

“What an anti-climax,” I mutter quietly and Milla snorts.

Sarah meanwhile looks horrified. “That’s a second year spell! Good God! They can’t even do that?”

“Um, why didn’t that work?” Fran asks Maddie.

“I have no freaking idea,” Maddie replies, evidently confused.

“Oh Merlin! Just go and shag your boyfriends in their rooms, will you?” Sarah explodes suddenly. I turn to face her and I see Milla ogling her in shock too. Milla’s mouth is hanging open and her eyes are wide; I’m fairly sure my face somewhat mirrors hers. We gape at her in silence for a few moments before we hear voices from outside of the door again.

“That’s actually a good idea,” Fran’s voice shoots into my eardrums, still horribly high-pitched. Maddie agrees and we hear their footsteps head away from the door as they go back into the Common Room. The moment they’re gone, Milla and I burst into hysterical laughter.

“Merlin, Sarah! I thought you were a prude but you’re fucking sassy!” Milla snorts (very unattractively, I might add- shame Scorpius isn’t here to see that).

“Sassy Sarah!” I suggest, swallowing my giggles as I manage to spit out the words. Milla doubles over in silent peals of laughter while Sarah looks rather embarrassed.

“It’s just that, well, in Ravenclaw, they’re either quite strange or really sensible. And I’m quite friendly with the sensible ones so the craziness just sort of bursts out,” she explains, turning pink as we laugh even harder. “Besides, it’s true! They are, well, slags! I wouldn’t have said anything nor would I have allowed this if Rose had still been here.”

That sobered us up. I stop laughing immediately and Milla’s giggle turns into a cough before she manages to mould her face into one suitable for a funeral.

“Do you know when she’s coming back?” I ask Milla quietly. “Has Scorpius mentioned anything?”

Milla sighs heavily and shugs, “Nope, no idea at all. It’s been two weeks and the gossip still hasn’t died down one bit. It’s fucking unfair if you ask me- Scorpius has to face all of the shit alone now.”

Sarah nods in agreement. “I think she should come back. The gossip will obviously get even worse when she gets back, but once she’s back for good it’ll get boring and they’ll stop. Not to mention that she’s missing vital OWL revision time!”

Trust Sarah to bring that up.

“If I know Rose she’ll be revising to get her mind off it. She needs to come back soon- they longer she stays away, the worse it will be when she gets back,” I answer sagely.

“That is the wisest fucking thing I’ve ever heard you say!” Milla snorts, grinning at me.

“Hey! I can be wise when I want-”

“Yeah, when you’re not talking absolute shit and running away from boys,” Milla interrupts. In reply, I throw a pillow at her head.

“You know they are people calling for Rose and Scorpius to be expelled,” Sarah cuts into our fight so Milla drops the pillow she was about to lob in my face.

“No fucking way,” Milla cries in shock.

“Why?” I ask Sarah, completely nonplussed.

“Well, they’re claiming they’re bad influences and they don’t want them near their children; all that rubbish. It’s just people who don’t like their parents- they’re just using it as an excuse to put them down for once,” Sarah explains angrily.

“I don’t like the girl, but they must be fucking idiots if they think Rose should leave! She’s the cleverest student in this school, including the seventh years!” Milla bursts out, furiously.

“I would not have put you down as one for defending Rose,” I look at Milla, mildly impressed.

“I am a passionate and highly opinionated person, I will have you know!” Milla replies smartly.

“I know that!” Sarah snorts.

“Milla has a pompous setting? Huh, I never knew that!” I manage to say with a serious face, stifling a giggle. Sarah snorts while Milla looks at me patronizingly.

“Would you like me to charm this pillow so it continues to hit you in your face until you die a slow and painful death?”

“And back to the table!” Sarah interrupts as I cower in the corner. “I swear you’re rubbing off on us, Kat. We’re digressing like you usually do!”

Milla looks disgusted. “Ew.”

I have no idea of the relevance of that statement to Sarah’s observation.

“So, kissing’s first on the list?” I ask them both, sighing slightly and leaning back so I’m resting on the bedpost.

“Yep!” Milla grins giddily and claps her hands together. “We need a plan to corner them.”

I nod in agreement but Sarah shakes her head. “I disagree. We’ll need a plan for Albus- he’s not very bold like that- but I already have a fool proof one. James will be easy: he’ll come to Kat.”

“That’s actually a very good point,” I frown, realising she’s onto something.

“How do you know?” Milla asks Sarah, slightly confused.

“Well, he’s pretty competitive so if he knows Albus is competing too-”

“This isn’t a fucking competition, nor am I a prize!”

“Sorry Kat! Poor choice of words. Anyway, as I was saying… James has plenty of experience in that area so he’ll play to his strengths, you know? He’ll pull out all the shots in that department,” Sarah explains patiently and Milla takes it all in, grinning to herself.

“Hey, if he’s so into it, maybe you’ll be able to tick off shagging for James too!”


It’s a week after we’d had that conversation when our plans came into action. I’m walking down the corridor with Milla and Sarah, receiving some funny looks as we walk (people couldn’t understand how we three had ended up together). Suddenly, a hand grabs mine and spins me round. James.

“Sorry ladies, but I need to borrow Katrina!” James winks at the two who laugh and wave back.

I don’t have a moment to protest; I’m pulled into any empty corridor immediately after we bid them goodbye. I don’t even have time to catch my breath before James turns away from the door he’s just locked and grabs me around my waist, crushing his lips against mine. I respond eagerly, letting him practically chuck me against the wall to kiss me (I’m sure I will regret that when I can’t walk tomorrow).

For a while I completely let go and throw myself into the kiss, letting his hand roam and not caring for anything. Finally, I pull myself together and focus back into real life, breaking away for breath and trying to think (which is exceptionally hard when James Potter is kissing your neck and his hand up your top).

Come on Kat, take apart his kissing and rate it! Well, he’s brilliant (obviously). He just completely makes me melt and switches off my brain; I feel like I’m no longer me- I’m someone else- and I become completely caught up in the kiss. I forget everything. And-

OhmyMerlin he’s doing this really hot ear biting thing. Okay, that sounds gross and weird (hey! I have clean ears) but it’s really not. He sort of bites on the top of my ear and- wait- he’s kind of tugging on my lobe. I’m really not describing this well… It’s really sexy, honestly.

And then he starts kissing me again and my mind goes blank once more. Suddenly, he breaks away and undoes his tie, throwing it to the ground. I close my eyes again and let him kissing me, listening to the sound of us kissing (which is oddly disgusting sounding actually) and the sound of rustling clothes. Then I feel my buttons being popped open. I open one eye and squint at James; he’s got his eyes closed and is still kissing me whilst his hands feel for my shirt buttons and unbutton them. Hang on, he’s topless too.

Not that I’m complaining- he is one fine specimen.

Just you know, it’s chilly with your shirt undone. “Uh, James,” I murmur, except it comes out like, “Shglumf,” because his lips are still pressed against mine. James doesn’t seem to hear my murmur, or else takes it as a sigh, because he hands start running down my side and curling my skirt upwards-

Which, incidentally, tickles. As well as being slightly inappropriate and too fast. Quickly, I prise his hands away as I giggle (what? I’m very ticklish!) but James merely smiles through the kiss, again misunderstanding the giggle as a flirtatious one or something.  His hands are back where they were immediately, and continue to push my skirt upwards. I push it back down and break away.

“Um, hey,” I manage to splutter (I’m still trying to catch my breath; after quitting Quidditch, my fitness has declined rather rapidly and I think kissing is now my weekly exercise).

James grins at me and kisses me swiftly on my neck.

“Let’s, uh, slow down,” I murmur into his ear as he tugs my ear lobe again. He stops for a minute, processing what I’ve said.

“No-one’s ever said that to me,” he shrugs. “It’s cool.” He then proceeds to kiss me again and the world spins out of control again.

“How are you doing?” I ask Scorpius, sitting down on an empty chair at his table in the library. I wasn’t going to go over- I seriously need to start doing some serious revising for my OWLs and if I sit with Scorp, we’ll end up talking and no work will be done- but he looked so sad and he was receiving so many furtive looks from other library folks, I had to.

Scorpius just shrugs and shifts some books so I have more space. I murmur my thanks and wait for him to answer. It’s less than satisfactory; it’s just a grunt of, “Studying.”

“So was I, but I decided to come over because you were looking rather pathetic,” I answer back easily.

Scorpius rolls his eyes and mutters, “Yeah, because that’ll make me look better; the idiot who got his best friend’s cousin pregnant sat with the idiot who cheated on James Potter with his brother.” When I look at him, I see he’s smiling- he’s only teasing- so I laugh and smile back. It’s true after all. “You’ve been spending too much time with Milla, Kat, her blunt comments are rubbing off on you.”

I grin at him in reply and lean back, picking a book from his stack. “How’s that going, by the way?”

“How’s what going?”

“You and Milla,” I sigh exasperatedly.

“Oh,” Scorpius says as he understands. He smiles a little and shrugs, “It’s being going well, thanks. I really like her. She’s good for me.”

“She really likes you,” I blurt out. Milla would kill me, but Rose is still a nagging thought in the back of my mind.

“I really like her,” Scorpius flushes beetroot red and I smirk at him, satisfied.

“Good. Have you heard anything from Rose?” I ask him, slightly tentative as I’m not entirely sure how he’ll react.

“Yeah,” he frowns slightly. “She’s really upset about the way everyone found out. It was bound to happen of course, but it was so sudden, you know?” I nod in understanding. “She’ll come back soon- you know Rose, and she can’t miss too much school. She’s been studying even more than usual apparently. I found out who was Connie’s sister who leaked it all by the way,” Scorpius pauses and looks at me. I lean forward, intrigued, and signal so he’ll continue. “Polly Parkinson.”

My mouth falls open. “No way,” I stutter. “As in Angus’ ex-girlfriend? The one who broke his heart?”

Scorpius nods grimly. “That’s probably why she broke up with him- he’ll find out who leaked it eventually and would hopefully have dumped her so she wanted the last say.”

“That little…” I trail off, muttering a stream of very offensive names under my breath.

Scorpius almost laughs. “I wouldn’t worry- Dom has seen to it that Polly will be having one terrible time till she finishes school.”

I crack my knuckles, attempting to be menacing. “Good.”

“What was that?” Scorpius laughs at my attempt at being threatening. When I pull a face at him as a retort, he just shakes his head. “Never try that again, alright?”

“Agreed. You can be the menacing one. I’ll just stand there and look pretty,” I answer back quickly, shaking my hair in the way you see them do on TV.

“Ooh, Kat, that might be a bit hard for you…” Scorp murmurs, grimacing at me.

Stony faced, I swat him around the head. “I could storm out all offended, you know? But I won’t because I’m that kind.”

“Yeah, kind… Not friendless…” Scorpius mutters under his breath with a smirk as he rubs his head. I chuckle and then begin to flick through one of his books. I understand most of it- though I haven’t revised very recently, I had a lot of free time and not a lot of friends for a long time when Rose fell out with me.

“I meant to mention it to you, Kat,” Scorpius interrupts my reading and I look up. “You know I got sent home with Rose for a couple of days when everyone found out?”

“Yeah,” I say, putting the book on the table as I speak.

“Well, I had internet access for that time. So I searched Tyrique’s dad,” Scorpius falters for a moment, and studies my face. He’s evidently looking for some sign whether I want him to continue or not. I raise my eyebrows at him and he takes this as a sign for him to carry on. I don’t see why not. “I found him on a couple of sites. His dentistry practice’s website popped up and it had some information about the dentists who work there. He owns and runs it. He had a little biography, you see. Apparently he’s married and he has two kids. A boy and a girl- Jenny and Theo.”

I grimace. “Tyrique won’t be happy.” Okay. So Ty has two half-siblings. I bet he’ll have found that out- he’ll have searched Christopher Westwood too.

“On the bright side, there was a picture of them on the website. The mother must be a freaking model or something and the kids are gorgeous,” Scorpius adds and pulls out a picture he’s printed for me. Not stalkerish at all! I peer at it and I’m forced to agree- they are stunningly gorgeous. The boy is freaking beautiful.

I frown at him and slide the photo back to him. “They are perfect. But, how is that a bright side?”

“Well, they’re not technically related to you… So, you could still marry Theo. I’ll take Jenny- she’s got huge-”



“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!”

“Why? It’s true- they’re massive!”

“Is that all boys think about?”

“Uh, yeah! Duh!”

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Chapter 35: Rating, Planning Snogs and Passing Notes
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 The night after James and I kissed, Milla, Sarah and I all huddle in an empty corner of the Gryffindor common room and take out the table they’d created.

“Alright, so how was he?” Sarah giggles.

“It was good,” I nod, supressing a huge grin.

Milla leans forward quite dramatically and waggles her eyebrows frequently at me. “Give us all of the details, Kati!”

“No!” I exclaim. “That’s between James and I!”

Milla merely looks at me sceptically. And then I break.

“Well…” I murmur before launching into the story, describing even the finest of details. Milla and Sarah “ooh!” and “ahh!” at all the right places. When I get to the bit about how he tried to lift up my skirt, both Milla and Sarah tut. I look at them both questioningly and they both launch into answers, Sarah first.

“Well, James should have known better than to try that on with you!” Sarah explains, shaking her head.

Milla gapes at Sarah and then looks to me. When she sees me nodding in agreement with Sarah, her mouth widens. “You’re being fucking serious? I was tutting because you could have marked another section on the table- shagging!”

Sarah looks at Milla despairingly. “Is that all you think about, Milla?”

“No, of course not! I was just saying…” Milla mutters, flushing slightly.

“You could be a boy the way you think, Milla…” I tease, winking at Sarah who chuckles. Milla glares at me and flops back into her armchair angrily.

“Well, let’s mark James on the table then!” Sarah cuts in bracingly, grinning at me slightly. She smooths out the parchment and her pen hovers over ‘kissing’. “So, Kat, rate James. Give him a number and then we’ll write some notes about it.”

“Um, well,” I blush slightly and I’m not entirely sure why. “I don’t know about a number, I don’t have much to compare it to.”

“Well, think of someone except for Albus that you have kissed,” Milla pipes up again; she seems to have finished sulking- this topic is too interesting for her to ignore. “And then compare them.”

I rack my brains through all the many boys I’ve kissed (hahahahaha. Haha. Ha. Ha…) for a moment (alright, about a millisecond) and I select Damien. He was okay, I suppose.

“Alright. I’ve picked someone. James was about a hundred times better than Damien and I always thought Damien was pretty good. So, I guess James can have… a nine-point-five?” I finish off and look at Sarah and Milla to see what they think. They both nod in agreement and Sarah quickly notes down the number.

“There is always room for improvement. Especially for kissing,” Milla says sagely.

“So describe the kiss to us. Negative points first, so we can get them out of the way,” Sarah continues, disregarding Milla’s last comment.

“He didn’t have any bad points really… Except my lips feel really sore now- I think he might have bruised them or something,” I snort and Milla laughs outright at me. “And of course, he pushed it a little too far.”

“Yes, he did,” Sarah frowns. “We’ll note that down and perhaps we should knock off a point for ‘is he a gentleman’ as that wasn’t a very gentlemanly sort of thing to do.” I nod in agreement whilst Milla rolls her eyes. “Now for the good points,” Sarah adds as she finishes her notes.

“Well…” I pause for a moment, trying to pick the kiss apart. “He was very passionate,” I can hear the faint sound of Sarah scribbling on the parchment as I talk, “Which was nice. He also knew exactly what he was doing, he was quite confident. And – oh! – he did this really weird sounding thing, but it was really hot. He kind of, oh I don’t know how to describe it so don’t laugh, kissed my ear.”

Milla and Sarah blink at me.

“Like, he’d sort of nibble of my ear lobe and stuff. It was really nice, trust me on this. It’s not as gross as it sounds, honestly! It was better than getting a hickey, anyway,” I continue defensively.

Both Milla and Sarah are still silent. Milla seems like she’s struggling to say something but finally she manages to get it out. “So, he basically snogged you… in the ear. You guys did ear-snogging!” And they both erupt into fits of giggles.

“Shut up!” I cry, blushing profusely as they snort and chortle. “It was oddly pleasant! Don’t laugh. I said stop laughing!”

Milla grins at me. “Weird thing is, Kati, I’m actually jealous of you. James Potter’s ear snogging is legendary, you’ve got to have heard of it! I can’t believe he did it to you! Aw, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted that…”

“You’re dating Scorpius!” Sarah laughs at Milla.

“I know that. But, come on, don’t tell me you’ve never dreamed of it!”

Albus is proving slightly more difficult in this field; he is a lot less confident than James in that area considering the lack of practice he’s had. It isn’t that he’s ignoring me- anything but that- but he isn’t exactly grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me off for a snog. He’s flirting quite a lot which is very enjoyable- I mean, I have been dreaming about Albus liking me in this way for about one hundred years.

He’s sitting next to me in class again and keeps standing and sitting rather close to me. Not that I’m complaining. Like I said, living the dream over here.

So, Milla has told me that I’ve just got to grit my teeth and do it myself. So I have created a cunning plan on how to snatch him.

Well, not really.

Milla told me just to grab him by the collar after class, drag him to a broom cupboard and snog him senseless, but Sarah disagreed. She said that that would scare him off, and I agree. So, I’ve decided that at the end of this class (Potions) I’m going to spill something and he’ll help me clean it up. Then everyone will be gone and we’ll walk out together and then I’ll grab him and snog him senseless.

Albus is currently just clearing away his cauldron, as am I, and is stood particularly close to me. We’ve been knocking elbows all lesson, making me blush and him smile. He’s even moved his cauldron slightly closer to mine to excuse the close proximity. He smells really good which I’d forgotten, like –

Stop. You’re digressing again, Kat.

The bell rings and Professor dismisses the class before waddling off. Carefully, I swing my bag of the table and ‘accidentally’ hit the deliberately placed vial of bile. Cursing, I drop my bag and glare at the bile (I should be an actress; I mean that looked so natural). I look up at Albus and grimace. He bites his lip back at me.

“Here,” he mutters and pulls out his wand. He waves it once and mutters under his breath and the bile disappears. “I’ve really got to go, sorry Rena. I have to catch Scorp up- we’ve both got detentions with Chang. See you later!” And with a quick smile (that makes me swoon on the inside) he hurries away.

Well that went well. Rolling my eyes angrily, I wave my own wand and mutter, “Reparo!” and watch the smashed glass fly back together.

I’m going to have to rethink my plan…

Fortunately, that opportunity comes to me the very next day. Realising that I can’t exactly break something else, I form another plan- a plan even more cunning than the last.

“Well I hope so, considering your last one was shit,” was what Milla replied with when I told her this cunning plan. Milla’s always been brilliant at moral support.

We’ve just got out of Transfiguration which is the last lesson of the day- perfect for my plan. I’m walking slightly behind Scorpius and Albus who are laughing and talking. It’s an empty corridor apart from me and them, with a few old classrooms vacant on either side. As the pair pass the second to last classroom, I flick my wand and mutter, “Diffindo!” Albus’ bag splits open and all of his books and quills spill out. He groans and bends down to pick up all of his stuff.

“Here, let me help,” Scorpius chuckles as he begins to bend down to help Albus. However, half way down he spots me. He gives me a questioning look as he spots my wand and in reply I widen my eyes and raise my eyebrows. Then I give him a look that clearly says ‘Scram!’ and Scorpius’ own eyes widen in realisation. He gives me a quick thumbs up before straightening up.

“Actually, sorry Al, but I have to go. I, uh, said I’d meet Milla. See you later!” Scorpius tells Albus quickly before walking off and into another corridor.

Albus mumbles under his breath, probably cursing Scorpius and the Wizard God. Once he’s picked up most of his junk, I run up behind him and grab his hand.  He jumps but laughs and allows me to drag him along into the classroom.

“What - ?” he begins but I interrupt him by kissing him on the lips. He responds eagerly and drops his stuff, kicking it away as the door swings shut. We kiss for a little while before he breaks away briefly, panting a little. “Did you just destroy my bag and pull me into an empty classroom to have a quick snog?”

I don’t have enough brain power at this time to ponder how he figured out that I had been the cause of his broken bag. “Yep, pretty much,” I whisper, as I gaze back up at him, my lips aching to reattach themselves to his.

“You are so socially awkward, Katrina Parker. You could have just asked,” he murmurs back, staring down intently back at me. He chuckles and then kisses me again.

My stomach churns and it feels like fireworks are going off in there. Well, pleasant fireworks and not ones that could kill me, because that would be horrible not enjoyable.

Well it’s nice to know that I can still digress when kissing Albus. My mind hasn’t gone blank like it does when I’m with James; I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. On the one hand it means I have more self-control, but I have to say that I really enjoyed that feeling of complete loss of all worry and control. It was quite euphoric. Not that this isn’t brilliant- I’m enjoying it just as much.

Albus is a very good kisser considering he hasn’t had too much practice. Perhaps his technique isn’t quite as refined as James’, but it’s still pretty impressive. He does this really amazing lip-nibbling thing, actually. He sort of bites on my bottom lip as he kisses me which, incidentally, is extremely pleasant. I could quite happily stay here all day. That would be lovely.

All too soon, he breaks away and grins at me. “Sorry Kat,” he mutters as he pecks me on the lips, “I’ve got to go,” he kisses my neck lightly, “as it’s getting quite late,” he moves back to my face and kisses the tip of my nose, “and I promised Tom I’d do an hour tonight,” he grazes both of my cheeks with his lips, “he’s the first year I’m tutoring before exams,” he explains before I can ask (not that I can- I don’t think I could form a proper word right now), “so I have to go.” He kisses me on the lips once more, this time not as gently. He even does that really nice lip nibbling thing as he kisses me.

Then he sweeps out of the room.

Bloody good Albus being nice and tutoring first years.

It’s a particularly boring History of Magic lesson and Binns is rambling on about some ancient goblin battle. I should probably be listening considering I’ve got my OWL exam in a matter of months, but I absolutely no will power when it comes to this subject. I hear a hissing sound and I lift up my head from the desk (I have been lightly dozing) and spot Milla winking at me from across the table. She flicks a piece of paper to me.

So how was Albus? –MV

I roll my eyes but scrawl back:

He was very good! –KP

Then I pass it back to Milla, who reads it and then hands it to Sarah (not before she winks at me knowingly.)

Give us more details, Kat! –SY

Well, considering he hasn’t had much experience he’s excellent! –KP

You’ve trained him well Sarah! ;) –MV

Shut up, Milla –SY

That is not a particularly pleasant thought. –KP

Well considering Sarah’s Albus’ ex and you were his first kiss, Sarah, it’s you who’s shown him how to kiss- MV

What? I was his first kiss? I didn’t know that! I thought he’d been with a couple of girls before me. That’s rather shocking! Well, he must have some natural kissing ability as he was rather good from our first kiss –SY

Well whatever you did Sarah, I thank you. –KP

No problem, Kat! Wait, does he do this sort of lip nibbling thing? –SY

Yes! Did he do it to you? Isn’t it brilliant? –KP

It is so hot!! See, that is exactly what I meant; this boy is a fabulous kisser if he has perfected such an art and only been with two girls. –SY

This sounds delicious. Sorry Kati darling, I do believe I might have to give Albie a whirl to try this technique. –MV


I’m sure if I explained, he wouldn’t mind. In fact, he’d probably want to give it a go himself. –MV

Back to the point, will you rate Albus? –SY

I take the paper and stash it quickly in my robes; Professor Binns has been brought out of his rambling stupor by a very loud giggle from Fran. He glares (albeit in a slightly confused manner) at her and rasps, “Miss Deck, would you care to share what you find so funny?”

“Sorry, Sir,” Fran smirks at him.

“Yes, thank you Miss Sack. Now as I was saying…” he picks up where he left off and I retrieve the note.

I’ll give him a nine. I gave James a nine-point-five and Albus’ technique is not as refined as James’. That number can be changed as his kissing technique becomes smoother. –KP

We’ll put that on the table later on. So he didn’t try it on with you? –MV

No he didn’t actually, which was good. But he didn’t make my mind go blank which James does. He only stopped because he had to go and tutor this first year. –KP

Well Albus certainly deserves bonus points for being a gentleman for not pushing it and for being a conscientious student! –SY

Are you being serious? Oh Merlin, that’s lame. Tutoring- I mean YAWN! More lip nibbling, less of the brown-nosing student thing. –MV

Milla. Both me and Sarah have tutored pupils. –KP

My point exactly! –MV

A/N I’M SO SORRY! So I thought I’d have loads of time to write over the holidays. And then I didn’t. I’m volunteering at a couple of places right now (gosh, being a good citizen is hard *Milla-esque sigh*) so I haven’t had much time. I’m furiously writing so I can update I go away this week. So I’ll try and update soon.
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I hope you liked the note format and understood it. It was just a different way of writing it and I enjoyed doing it! In case you were confused: MV=Milla Vane; SY= Sarah Yusuf; KP= Katrina Parker. I hope you enjoyed; apologies for the fillery chapter. Rose is back next chapter for those who were asking, so perhaps a bit more drama. Keep reading and reviewing!



Chapter 36: The Return, Surprising Lunches and A Lot of Thinking
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  “Sarah,” Milla begins slowly, her voice oozing with something that makes me grimace- I can feel a Milla plan coming on…

“Yes?” she replies, sounding slightly harassed. We’re all hurrying to Charms and we’re cutting it very fine; blame Milla and her bloody hair products. Ravenclaws and Gryffindors share Charms lessons which is a good thing because then I get to copy Sarah (since I lost out on Rose).

“Have you thought about, you know… Hooking up with someone else?” Milla mutters, trying to sound casual. She doesn’t.

Sarah looks at Milla warily. “Is this really the time or place to discuss such things?”

“Well I would discuss it in Charms if you weren’t so uptight about not talking in that lesson,” Milla answers back sharply. I roll my eyes at the two of them- they do bicker quite often.

“There is nothing wrong with trying to get good marks, Milla! Maybe you should think about that! It is OWL year, after all,” Sarah retorts snootily and marches ahead of us angrily. You can tell when she’s angry because the back of her neck goes red, and when she tries to storm out, she does this funny thing where she swings her arms a lot.

To be fair, she does have a point. OWLs are dawning ever closer as we’ve rolled into April. Easter is in two weeks which means revision time begins. Rose still isn’t back, if you’re wondering. Albus tells me she’s been having all her work sent home and has even got permission to practice magic (as long as it’s just for educational purposes) to practice, despite being underage. I suppose that’s what you get for being the daughter of two of the Golden Trio. Wait, that sounded bitter, didn’t it? Scratch that: that’s what you get for being one of the brightest witches of our age.

“Milla, seriously? She’s already stressed. You couldn’t have waited till a better time?” I ask Milla quietly, feeling sorry for Sarah. Her favourite subject is- you guessed it!- Charms, and she’s actually interested in teaching, so she needs top grades in Charms if she wants to continue with the subject. I think she gets a lot of pressure from home as well- her mother being a Muggle is desperate for her Witch daughters to succeed in a world she can’t help with.

“You know that sort of thing just bursts out of me sometimes. Besides, I couldn’t wait through another silent Charms lesson, Kati. It’s killing me,” Milla whines at me, batting her eyeslashes.

“You know that doesn’t work with me Milla. Considering I’m not a boy. Or a lesbian,” I add as an afterthought. “You know, maybe I should consider that. Becoming a lesbian, I mean. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about James and Albus.”

Milla just looks at me.

Sticking my tongue out, I scurry ahead of her and rolling my eyes at her when she gives me the finger. I hurry after the rest of the late stragglers quickly marching into the classroom. Most of the class are sat in their places already and I dash to my own seat.

To my upmost surprise, the chair next to me, which is usually filled by Sarah, has instead been filled by Rose Weasley. As in Rose Weasley. As in Rose Freaking Weasley who has not sat in that place since the Great Reveal (again dubbed by Milla). As in Rose Freaking Weasley who has ignored me for the past few months and turned her entire family against me.

Well alrighty.

I look up and catch Sarah’s eye (she’s returned to her Ravenclaw friends). She just shrugs, gives me a hopeful smile and a thumbs up. It’s obvious what she thinks I should do: sit down and attempt to repair the relationship. As I turn to gawp at Rose again (who is determinedly not looking up at me and is staring down at her quill) Milla enters the classroom. She immediately spots Rose and looks completely startled. She makes to sit down with me still, until Sarah gives her The Glare. Milla quickly turns in the opposite direction to Rose and myself and sits herself down next to Lara and Laura. As she sits, she looks directly at me and shakes her head, drawing a finger across her throat. Well.

What make my mind up are the looks and jeers Rose is receiving from most of our classmates. Ravenclaws were never ones for gossip really (their heads being stuck in books most of the time) but even they are sat huddled together, sending furtive glances in Rose’s direction. The whispers whip around me and my ears pick up on certain offensive words. Very quickly, I sit down heavily on my seat. The whispers pick up on that; they would be wondering whether Rose and I had made up.

Rose looks so tired; deep purple bags line her eyes, making her look much older than just 16. With a jolt, I realise that she hasn’t bothered to hide her baby bump anymore and a huge lump is protruding from her stomach. It’s unnerving and makes it very real- she looks so much older with it. Her red curly hair is as wild as it always was and is the only thing that really makes her look like she used to be. She looks oddly unhealthy which strikes me hard; she’s always had rosy cheeks, pink lips, bright eyes and always been a good weight- not stocky or anything, just a good size. Now she looks pale, her lips near white and she looks thin, which is funny for a pregnant girl. I suppose she looks very bony.

Professor Johnstone walks in at that moment and calls for the class to settle down. I quite like Professor Johnstone:  he’s strict and ferocious but is a great teacher and will do anything for his pupils- he’s not a lazy teacher. His gaze lands on Rose and his walrus moustache wobbles in surprise, but he doesn’t say anything. I fish around in my bag for my quill and yank out my wand and my quill.

The lesson is used to go over as many charms as we can remember from the past years and it does require Rose and me to work together. We don’t really talk much, but we’re not hostile towards each other. We even both laugh and smile at each other when the book Lara’s attempting to levitate hits Johnstone over the head. I feel slightly uncomfortable and I can tell from the way she’s sat, she is too.

But she’s making an effort. Whatever that means.

Albus is sat just to the left of us with a Ravenclaw I only know by sight. He keeps grinning at me in a way that clearly says ‘we snogged the other night” in a very thrilled sort of manner. When I send him a questioning look (nodding at Rose) he shrugs and mouths, “Tell you later!”

The lesson goes quite slowly, mostly because I feel slightly uncomfortable and because we speed through all the charms we’re supposed to be revising. Rose is good at Charms and I’m pretty good too.  As soon as Johnstone dismisses the class, I pack away quickly and stand up as if to follow Milla and Sarah. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around. It’s Rose.

For a moment she looks as if she’s struggling to get out the words she wants to say. She chews her lip nervously and then finally bursts out, “Thank you.”

“For what?” I reply, completely bewildered.

Rose nearly laughs and smiles at me. “For – for everything.” Then she squeezes around me and walks out of the classroom.

I blink, slightly shocked. I walk slowly to Milla and Sarah who are frowning at me. Rose is walking slightly ahead of us, so they stay silent. Once Rose is out of earshot, however, they fire me with questions.

“Did you make up?”

“What did she say?”

“Was she mean?”

“Did you actually talk?”

I hadn’t actually taken in any of the questions: my eyes had been following Rose. She’d turned away from the Great Hall and instead headed upstairs. Of course- she wouldn’t want to face all the looks she’d receive in the Great Hall, not on her first day back.

“Jeez, Kati! Wake up!” Milla snaps her fingers in front of me impatiently.

I blink and then take a breath. “Oh, sorry. Right, well… No we didn’t make up but we weren’t hostile or anything, we were both just perfectly polite so I supposed you could call it making up but we’re not best friends again, I don’t think. She didn’t say much, we just practiced spells. No she wasn’t mean, she was perfectly nice and like I said, no we didn’t really talk.”

“What did she say as you were leaving?” Sarah asks me quickly as Milla processed everything.

“Thank you. She just said, ‘Thanks for everything’,” I reply, not looking at them and instead gazing at the floor. I’m still thinking about what she said and trying to understand it- what brought it on?

“She must miss you,” Sarah pipes up and I realise that I said the last bit out loud. “She’s completely alone now and you were her best friend. My guess is that she misses you and she wants to start repairing the relationship.”

Milla snorts at that. When we both look at her questioningly, she elaborates. “Come on, seriously? She thinks a simple ‘thanks!’ will make up for everything she’s done to you?”

“Well, an apology might have been a nice touch,” Sarah allows, nodding slowly and looking like she’s thinking hard. She tugs on one of her strawberry blonde curls and twists it around her finger.

“Merlin, what a cow! She thinks she can just pretend nothing happened and everything can go back to how it was? Well she has another thing coming!” Milla hisses angrily, shaking her head and sending her freshly curled hair flying about.

“Shut it, Milla,” I frown, my tone exasperated. Milla looks startled and so am I- I don’t know why I feel annoyed. “She wasn’t saying it like that, Mills. She wants to repair the relationship over time- Sarah’s right. And I think I’m willing.”

“You’re okay with forgiving that bitch for everything she’s done?” Milla storms at me, glaring ferociously.

“Over time,” I repeat, slightly frustrated. “Look, she was my best friend for five years and I won’t be the one to throw that away. What were you planning on doing, anyway? Pretending she doesn’t exist when the baby comes along? Jesus, Milla- it’s Rose and Scorpius’ baby. You can’t just bitch to her forever!” I hiss at her, angrily. Milla looks shocked but also like I’ve hit her with a very good point. “She cocked up, but so have I. Several times. And everything she caused has been sorted out- I’m on speaking terms with Al and James now. She’s my best friend.”

“And what about me?” Milla spits back, her voice cracking slightly. I open my mouth to ask what she means, but before I can, she cuts back in. “What happens to me when you’re best buds again, hey? Do I get dumped while you and her catch up and maybe you’ll convince Scorpius to go back to her? What about me?

With that, she turns and storms away. I watch her run up the stairs towards the general direction of the Gryffindor Common Room.

I turn to Sarah in shock, completely flummoxed by the whole scene. Sarah looks worried and oddly sympathetic- but to who: me or Milla?

“What was that about?” I ask her, running a hand through my hair.

“That,” Sarah says heavily, “was a bottled up worry that just exploded out of Milla. Can’t you see?” she asks, a touch impatiently when I frown at her in confusion.  “She’s finally settled down, Kat, found new friends- a new best friend- and a boyfriend. Her marks in class have even picked up, haven’t you noticed? And all that can tumble back down because of one girl- Rose. I’m not saying that what she thinks is right or not selfish,” she adds quickly when she sees that I want to interrupt, “because it’s not. It’s selfish to keep you and Rose apart. But you’ve got to be empathetic and understand where she’s coming from. We’ll let her cool off and then go and talk to her later. You ready for lunch?”

I nod in reply, silently digesting everything Sarah has just informed me. “You’re pretty wise, you know that?”

“I like to think so,” Sarah cracks me a smile and winks sarcastically. “Isn’t that what Ravenclaws are famous for?”

“Sarah!” a voice calls and we both turn. A tiny second year comes tumbling down the corridor. I instantly recognise her from the same shade of hair- it’s Kara, Sarah’s little sister. “Can I borrow you?” she asks as she reaches us, sending me a nervous glance.

“What is it?” Sarah answers her sister’s question with another (very exasperated sounding) question.

When Kara goes bright red, I wave Sarah away. “Be off with you, Sarah. Go and help your little sister! I’ll see you later and I’ll get some lunch.”

Sarah nods and Kara looks up to me gratefully. Sarah then puts her hand on Kara’s back and leads her away. I turn and head to the Great Hall, somewhat soberly. That didn’t go as well as I expected. And to make matters worse, the Gryffindor table is absolutely jam packed- not a free seat. As I walk up to it, I gaze around the table and realise that there are literally no seats. There’s one next to Pimple Pete but that has to be a last resort –

“You can sit here, you know? James, move up,” a voice pipes up and I look down to see Lily Potter looking up at me, smiling in an embarrassed sort of way. James scoots up the bench quite happily and winks at me. For a moment, I consider turning the offer down and going to sit with Pimple Pete, but I recognise that that’s just the stupid proud thing to do.

And Pimple Pete’s spots are gross- they’ll put me off my food.

Slightly self-consciously, I sit down next to Lily and look around the group of Wotters. Hugo (wait, shouldn’t he be at the Ravenclaw table?)  looks incredibly awkward but still manages to give me a little nod.

“Potato?” Fred asks me as he offers the golden plate full of roast potatoes. I accept gratefully and snort at Fred’s face. His expression is obviously saying, ‘Well this is awkward’ and he grins at me. I don’t talk all that much and they don’t say all that much to me either, but I’m still sitting with them which I suppose is what matters.

Dom even joins us at one point and doesn’t give me any nasty looks or make any snide comments. She gives me a perfectly friendly smile as she sits down opposite me (albeit a little pained looking, but I appreciate the effort) and goes as far to ask me how my day was. I nearly choked on my carrot, I was that shocked.

“Fine, thanks,” I gasp out, swallowing the carrot hastily. She nods and says, “Good.” SHE WISHES ME A GOOD DAY.


I thought she wanted me dead. I have to say, this makes a pleasant change.

I digress. When I left after dessert, they all said, “Bye!” They waved me off in a civil manner. This is very off-putting. THEY WERE PLEASANT AND POLITE.

Has James said something? Or is it Rose…?

I don’t know. But I quite like it.

As I hurry back upstairs to the Gryffindor Common Room (I’ve been hiding away in the Library, attempting to do homework, but mostly brooding over the Wotters), I walk straight into Sarah. She gives me a slightly flustered grin.

“You okay? What did your sister want?” I ask her, mostly out of politeness- I’m still in my own little world, and I’m planning ahead for facing Milla.

Sarah just shakes her head. “It was some magic her friend did that went wrong. Tried to get rid of her spots – honestly, you’d think they’d have more sense – I managed to help with what I could but I sent her packing to the Hospital Wing anyway.”

I laugh and I’m sorely tempted to ask how the girl tried to get rid of her spots, but then I decide not to: I don’t want to know.

“Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” her brow creases in concern.

“You’ll never guess what happened at lunch!” I begin and then launch into my dramatic tale of my lunchtime with the Wotters. To my disappointment, she doesn’t seem that impressed. She merely shrugs.

“I thought that that would happen eventually. I think it’s very nice of them but they could handle it slightly better. Rose must’ve said something- or James or Albus. Perhaps all of them!” she tells me casually, shrugging again.

We discuss it a little more but only very briefly before Sarah makes her excuses and dashes off to Ravenclaw’s Common Room. I walk up to my own and wake up the Fat Lady (who was having a nice nap and wasn’t very pleased to be disturbed) with the password (“Ignosco! Bloody hell, oi! IGNOSCO! Oh sorry, you’re awake.”) I head up to the dormitory without looking around the Common Room- I don’t want to make any awkward eye contact with the Wotters- and to my relief, only Milla is in there. She’s sat on her bed, sniffing and looking rather pathetic. Heaving a great sigh, I stroll over to her and plonk myself next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder. Admittedly, I have to reach up to do that- she’s so much taller than I.

“Sorry Milla,” I mutter quietly and lean on her shoulder.

She sniffs loudly again and leans her head on top of mine. “It’s okay. You had a good point. Even though I still think you’re fucking stupid.”

I chuckle lightly and let the comment slide.

“I still think you shouldn’t forgive them. Or at least, not straight away. You deserve better Kat,” Milla continues, her tone somewhat softer now. I’m actually kind of touched.

“I’m not going to straight away - I want them to apologize for what they did, Milla. But if they’re up for playing nice, then I should be too. But, I’m not going to dump you the minute we’re okay again. If we’re okay again… You were there for me when they weren’t, but they’re still my family.” I whisper. “I’m sorry I upset you about Scorpius though.”

“Yes well,” Milla sniffs again, this time in an attempt at dignity. “I can see where you’re coming from.”

“Well, what were you planning on doing when Rose had the baby?” I say, unable to hide the exasperation from my voice.

“I don’t fucking know do I!” exclaims Milla sharply. Then in a smaller voice, “I didn’t really like to think about it.”

I resist the urge to smack her round the back of the head and instead try to feel sympathetic. If I was to feel anything, it should be guilt- I let both Milla and Scorpius forget that about the baby for too long. I let Milla forget that she would soon be dating a dad, and I let Scorpius forget that he’ll be dating someone who isn’t his child’s mother soon.

Holy mother of Merlin, it’s really not long away. She got pregnant at the end of August, and we’re in April now, so she’s – what? Maths has never been my strong point – nearly eight months pregnant. Fucking hell! That has gone very quickly. She’ll be eight months at the end of this month. Jesus, then she’ll have an actual child.

“Fucking Hell Milla, it’s only like two months away,” I hiss, and Milla gawps down at me.

“Shit. No wonder she’s looking so big!” Milla exclaims. I bat her across the head.


A/N Hello there! Sorry for the wait- holiday! I wrote two chapters while I was away but the wifi was so slow and awful, I decided that I wouldn’t update until I got home. Another not very action-packed chapter, sorry, but a little more drama I think! Some questions have definitely been addressed that a few of you wonderful readers have pointed out and they’ll be developed further.
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Chapter 37: Discussions, Packages and Surprise Dates
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 “You know,” Milla says threw a mouthful of bacon. “We really need to get a move on with -” and she mouths ‘The List’ at me.

“Yes, I’m starting to think we should too,” Sarah mutters as she appears out of nowhere and sits next to me. It’s breakfast and it’s only a week away from the Easter holidays, though I doubt they’ll be much of a holiday- revision. The Hall is crowded as usual and noise echoes through the hall. It’s pretty perfect- we won’t be overheard.

“Well what’s next then?” I ask quietly as I shovel a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

“Dating, definitely. Since Milla had her idea used first,” she scowls at Milla as if daring Milla to object. She merely shrugs.

“Okay. So are we counting how they perform on first dates only?” Milla whispers back, cutting up a piece of toast- she cuts them up into tiny pieces and then eats the little squares.

“That’s a plan!” Sarah nods approvingly.

“So, should I mark James on the date we had a few months ago?” I ask and I swallow my cereal.

Both nod and Milla says, “That’s a good idea!”

“Go on, tell us about it. We weren’t friends then, so you’ll have to fill us in,” Sarah leans closer to me excitedly.

“Um, well, we went to a little café in Hogsmeade and ate. He paid for everything – he insisted – and it was nice food so he picked a good place,” I begin hesitantly.

“Ooh, that’s a very gentlemanly thing to do!” Sarah leaps in happily. “Makes up for the incident…”

“But he talked about himself quite a lot. About Quidditch, you know,” I add.

Milla pulls a face. “Ugh, how boring.”

Sarah ponders it for a moment and then says wisely, “I suppose that’s a very Jamesy thing to do. Actually, what I find when boys do that, it means they really like you, so they’re subconsciously trying to impress you – win you over, you know – and perhaps he was nervous.”

I nod; that actually is a good explanation as I could definitely see the sweet, nervous and protective side of James coming out.

“Or he’s just a bit of a self-centred prick,” Milla butts in, trying to look reasonable.

I look at Sarah and we both burst out laughing: I suppose she could be right too.

“He did ask me about myself as well though and took interest in my OWLs if I remember correctly. Plus he asked me to house over Christmas,” I add once we stop laughing. “So I suppose I’ll give him an eight, considering it was a first date, but it could have been a lot better.”

“Right, remind me to note that down later. I agree with that decision; although I might have perhaps marked him as a seven,” Sarah says in a business like tone.

“You’ve also got to consider what you feel with both,” Milla cuts in suddenly, looking thoughtful.

I frown. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s all about passion. Who do you feel more with?” Milla explains. “What do you feel when you’re with them? You should mark them for that too.”

“Well,” I begin, frowning slightly as I think. “With Albus, I feel very home-y. Even though I get fireworks, I feel quite relaxed.”

“That sounds boring!” Milla utters as she makes another face.

“I think it sounds romantic,” Sarah disagrees, sighing slightly and tugging on her curls again.

“With James, my mind goes all blank. I definitely feel, well, on fire with him. There’s a spark – not that there isn’t with Albus – but it’s all very exciting. He makes me melt,” I plough on, thinking back to all of the times James and I have shared.

“That’s more like it,” Milla says approvingly.

Sarah accepts that. “That does sound amazing. But,” she adds, slightly sombrely, “How long will that spark hold out?”

“Oh fuck off, killjoy,” Milla grins playfully and rolls her eyes at Sarah. “You have a knack for pointing out serious and fucking uncomfortable things. I think Kati’s picking that up too.” She says it in a relaxed way but she hastily looks down to chew on another square of toast.

I flush and shift awkwardly- she’s referring to the argument we had the other day. Ouch. Sarah looks at me questioningly, but I just shake my head. I think she suddenly understands anyway because as I reach for another spoonful of cereal, I see her eyes widen.

 I see Rose sit down at the table just a little way from us; she ignores the sudden increase in whispers and just helps herself to some fruit. It’s good to see her eating and handling everything so well. We haven’t really made much contact since, just the occasional hello in corridors and brief conversations in class. She looks up and catches my eye; she smiles quickly before ducking down again.

Fortunately, we are saved from an awkward moment by the arrival of owl post. I don’t look up to see if I’ve got anything- I don’t tend to get all that much anyway, and I’ve got even less since the argument. I get the usual ‘are-you-still-alive-and-eating-and-working?’ one from Mum, now with a little P.S asking whether I’ve heard from Tyrique. Which, incidentally, I haven’t. All my letters have been sent back unopened and I haven’t received word from him at all since the fight. He must have gone back now, and still nothing.

To my upmost surprise, Fluffy flies over me and drops a package in my now empty bowl of cereal. She stops and hovers for a moment, and I give her some Cheerios to peck on before he soars off, hooting happily. Milla is already unwrapping her present from her mother; Milla’s Mum travels a lot so often sends odd presents back to Milla. Sarah is immersed in her copy of the Daily Prophet that has been delivered.

I open mine curiously- I don’t usually get packages, just letters. I unwrap it and drop it immediately. I gaze down at it and I can feel all the blood draining from my face.

“Are you okay?” I hear Sarah’s voice. “You look very pale. What’s that you’ve got there?”

“Earth to Kati!” Milla waves a hand in front of my eyes. “What is it anyway? A flower? It’s a bit gross. What’s up?”

“An iris flower, I think,” Sarah murmurs curiously and leans forward to pick it up. I bat it away quickly and snap out of my reverie. I rifle through the packaging- no letter, no note, nothing. Just an iris flower.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah repeats, frowning at me and looking worried.

“It’s just a flower!” Milla says, trying to make a joke of it but still sounding concerned.

It’s got to be from James- he knows they’re my favourite flower. It must be a romantic gesture, right? Albus would know not to send one; he knows that I was sent one in the post all those years ago. I look up and see Rose staring at me and the iris. She knows the story too and is looking anxious, as if she’s trying to work something out.

I stand up abruptly at grab the flower and the packaging. I walk out of the Hall, ignoring my friends’ confused calls. And I manage to walk straight into Albus and James. They’re discussing something in hushed voices but stop as soon as I appear.

James still looks angry but manages a smile. “Hey!”

“What’s the matter?” Albus asks immediately, noticing my paleness and the frenzied look I have about me.

“Did you send me this?” I ask James suddenly, brandishing the iris at him.

He shakes his head, looking bewildered. “No, I didn’t. But I can if you want-” he adds quickly, flashing me a winning smile.

Albus interrupts, staring at the iris. “Did it have a note? Anything from who it was from?”

“No, nothing. Just like last time,” I reply quickly, ignoring James’ comment, even though it’s very sweet.

“Not even a message this time?” Albus frowns, leaning forward to look at it closer. I shake my head and his forehead creases even more. “It’s dying. The petals are wilting. It must’ve been sent a long way, I think. It’s practically dead. Who would send a dead flower?”

I just shrug and glance at the dying iris again. Of course it wasn’t James- he would’ve sent a fresh, healthy iris, not a dying one. I just shake my head again before bidding them both goodbye and walking away. I head up to my dormitory quickly, not particularly wanting to end up late. I throw the iris in my bits and bobs drawer in my chest of drawers. It’s odd, but I push it out of my mind and for the rest of the day, I forget about it completely.

“Can’t sleep?” Albus voice wakes me up from my daydream.

I jump and turn to see him walking down the stairs. It’s around three in the morning on a Saturday morning and I’ve been staring into the embers of the fire since around two. I smile at him and nod. “Nope, haven’t slept a wink. You?”

Albus shrugs. “Woke up suddenly before and I was wide awake.” He looks at me and takes in my tired eyes. Then he looks at me in this way that always used to make me think he was x-raying me, or perhaps reading my mind. I usually sleep very well, but when I can’t sleep, I really can’t sleep. I can’t get off for the rest of the night and I either do homework or read. Tonight, however, I feel too tired to either of those things- which is incredibly annoying because I still can’t get to sleep despite being tired. I am officially a nutcase.

“Come one,” he says quickly, holding out his hand. I take it and stand, frowning. Before I can say a word, he gestures with his hand and I realise his invisibility cloak is clutched in his fist. He throws it over us and chuckling quietly, we both make our way to the portrait and push it open. Snorting as quietly as we can at the Fat Lady’s exclamations of surprise and confusion, we head down the corridors.

“Where are going?” I giggle, clutching onto his sweaty hand, my stomach still doing summersaults. I needn’t have asked, because within minutes we reach a portrait that tells me exactly where we’re going. “The kitchens?” I ask, somewhat giddily.

Al chuckles and tickles the pineapple, which giggles and the portrait swings open. Despite it being three o’clock in the morning, there are still house-elves milling about. Apparently, and thanks to Rose’s mum, they have proper shifts now so some sleep during the day and work the nights and vice versa. A lot of them are even wearing various pieces of clothing- impressive.

“Come on,” Albus tugs on my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Master Albus!” a little house-elf trots up to us and squeaks Al’s name in his high-pitched voice. He looks very young and bounces cheerfully on the balls of his feet. He’s wearing a rainbow striped toga thing across his body and one sock on his right ear.

“Hooky!” Albus greets him cheerfully with a smile. “Nice to see you.”

Hooky bows very low so his long, crooked nose touches the floor. “What can I can you, Master Albus?”

“Just a few snacks if you don’t mind, Hooky,” Albus replies, gazing around the kitchen and smiling at several of the house-elves.

“How often do you come in here?” I ask him, stifling a laugh.

Albus shrugs. “Whenever I’m hungry really.” He pauses and reflects for a moment. “So that means that most of my time at Hogwarts has been spent here.”

I laugh and wrinkle my nose- all the Potter boys do is eat. Actually, isn’t that what all teenaged boys do? I suppose Albus is more work and eat and James is snog and eat. Perhaps at the same time…

“If Master Albus would follow Hooky with his friend…” Hooky trails off looking up at me questioningly.

“Katrina,” I say, flashing him a friendly smile. House-elves are so cute.

“Mistress Katrina, it is a pleasure to meet you,” he says importantly and bows low again, his nose trailing on the floor. I blush at his gesture and mean to stop him from calling me “Mistress” and bowing, but before I can, he stands up straight and scuttles off, indicating for us to follow him.

“They’re funny little creatures aren’t they? Kind of cute, really, but sad about the way they’re treated,” I mutter to Albus as we follow Hooky. I am very aware that Albus’ hand is still in mine.

“I know. Even though they’re much better now, they still have their traditions. I can’t get them to stop calling me ‘Master’ and I’ve only recently got them to call me ‘Master Albus’. It’s embarrassing, you know? But they’re so willing to help and nice,” Albus replies quietly, making sure no-one overhears. Even though they all seem so happy and easy-going, I definitely wouldn’t like to offend them; I don’t like my chances against their elf magic.

“Hooky has worked here for five years now, for as long as Master Albus has been here! My family has worked here for several generations, Mistress Katrina, and Hooky is no exception,” Hooky pipes up shrilly, leading us further into the kitchen. I never realised how huge it is- I’m sure it’s expanded… “I am the great-great-great-great grandson of Hooky the House-Elf. He is very famous even in the wizarding world! Hooky is named after him and Hooky is very proud. My father was Hooky and so was my grandfather and-”

“I think I’ve seen his statue, actually,” Albus interrupts, frowning thoughtfully. Hooky doesn’t mind- he looks delighted that we know the statue. However, before Hooky can launch back into his family history, we are swamped by lots of other house-elves, all looking equally as thrilled to see some pupils in here. They lead us to a small table in the corner and fill it with sweets and savoury foods, some I’ve never tried before and some of my favourites. As we sit, another few house-elves scamper up to our table, brandishing flavours of ice-cream that I could only have imagined in my wildest dreams.

We tuck into our treats as the house-elves scamper off (no doubt to return soon, pressing more pumpkin pasties into our arms). I myself am treating myself with a toffee crisp and raspberry ice-cream and Albus is chewing on some sweet pies.

“I am never going to leave,” I tell Albus as I swallow another mouthful of ice-cream.

He laughs and his eyes crinkle in that way that makes me swoon a little. “And now you know why I spend most of my time here. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave school. I think I’m just going to have to be really rich and hire hundreds of them.”

I chuckle and smack my lips together appreciatively for the ice-cream. “That is a plan. But when you’re rich, you can hire me a few hundred too. I’ll be a Healer by then and I won’t have time to cook proper meals,” I add, smiling at him.

Albus nods in understanding, taking a bite of a liquorice wand now. “This is Heaven, seriously. And I can guarantee that you will sleep right away when we get back.”

I frown at him. “Nah, surely all the sugar will keep us awake? Shit, this probably wasn’t a good idea then, was it?”

Albus winks at me. “Ah, young one, you will soon discover otherwise. I swear it must be elf magic or something, because every time I do this, I sleep like a dragon afterwards.”

As I finish my ice cream and start on a brightly coloured pastry, we continue to chat. It’s fun and I’m pretty much wide-awake. Hang on- does this count as a date? We’re together and we’re eating and we’re talking and we’re alone (if you don’t count the watching house-elves) and we’re being quite flirty. I am totally counting this as a date.

I shouldn’t have thought that. I should not have thought that. I am definitely going to become very tense now and freak out, aren’t I? I’M WEARING MY PYJAMAS. 

Calm down, Kat. Calm.

“Have you started revising for OWLs yet?” Albus pulls me out of my daydream.

“Sort of,” I answer, trying to act calm and collected and as if I hadn’t just had a huge inner realisation. “You?”

“Yeah… Of course…” Albus says shiftily and I snort at him. “Well, Rose has being going crazy at me about revising for ages now.”

“Rose has been revising for her OWLs since first year,” I grin at him. Then I falter. “Speaking of Rose, how is she doing? Have you spoken to her much?”

Albus shifts slightly. “She’s okay. Stressed and tired. She’s convinced she’s going to be able to have her baby and do her OWLs with the rest of us which is ridiculous. She’s due at the end of May or early June which is when OWL hype starts. Knowing our family’s luck at the moment, she’ll end up having the baby during the OWLs… Either that or she’ll have it just before and they’ll be no way she can do her OWLs whilst looking after a two week old baby or whatever.”

“What have the Ministry and Flitwick said?” I ask, chewing on another pastry (what? They’re delicious!).

“They’ve said that they’d be happy to suspend the exams for her so she could take them later on. She could do them in the summer holidays, if she liked. You know, just so she had a bit longer to settle down,” Albus answers easily pinching my pastry and biting on it. He flashes me what he obviously thinks is a winning smile while I glare at him.

“She’s talking to me again. So are the rest of your family,” I say, trying to act casual.

“I know,” Albus replies airily licks the crumbs off his fingers. Oddly attractive, but there you go.

“Did you say anything to her?” I ask him, mimicking his tone of airiness.

He shrugs. “I just mentioned it to her. She took it into her own hands, though. She was the one who told the rest of the gang to lay off. They’re even talking to me normally. You were evil bitch and even though I was still sort of forgiven, I was still evil spawn to them for a while,” Albus finishes conversationally, laughing slightly.

“Well, thanks for whatever you said. It means a lot,” I say quietly. He just shrugs but I notice he blushes slightly and does look quite please.

We change the subject and chat and laugh for about another half an hour, still pecking at the leftovers. Finally, we decided it’s about time to head back to the Common Room. We bid the house-elves goodbye (and unfortunately have to turn down their offers of food- too risky and we’re absolutely stuffed) and step out of the kitchens. Albus swings his Cloak around us both and he crouches slightly so the Cloak covers his feet. That’s not really a problem for me…

We head up to Common Room but stop just on the landing near the Portrait. The Fat Lady is snoozing loudly and completely out of it.

 “Oh, you have something – hang on,” Albus whispers and brushes a little bit of pastry from the corner of my mouth. Involuntarily, I blush slightly as he gazes down at me. Then, very gently, he leans down and kisses me.

It’s very soft but it lasts quite a while. Hey, anyone walking past might have spotted out feet but at this moment in time, I don’t think I really care. Thank Merlin I had a peppermint dragon before I left, otherwise I dread to think what my breath would have smelled like. Once we break away, I feel very breathless even though it was quite a tender kiss. I laugh nervously and smile up at him. He grins and grabs my hand.

It takes about twenty minutes to wake up the Fat Lady (who is furious about being woken up, but her expression softens when she sees us holding hands. A little suspicious, but she supresses a knowing grin). He kisses me again at the bottom of the stairs and once more on the landing leading to our parallel dorms.

As I climb into bed, I feel completely awake and my mind is buzzing with the thought of Albus’ lips on mine. I grin to myself as I draw my curtains around my four-poster as quietly as I can. The rest of them are completely silent apart from the odd snuffle from Milla. Fast asleep- good, I didn’t wake them.

I flop back onto my pillow and stare up at the top of my bed. There is absolutely no way I’m getting to sleep now: I’m wide aw-

As soon as I think that, I fall straight into a deep sleep, a smile still playing across my face.

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Chapter 38: Procrastination, Brainwaves and More Fights
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 “Hiding in the library again, are we?” I ask quietly as I sit opposite him at the table.

Scorpius jumps and looks up. He blinks and rubs his eyes before breaking into a smile. “Just researching. I was revising, but then I started to procrastinate.”

“I’m supposed to be revising too,” I admit and indicate to the large pile of books I’ve been carrying with me. I dump them on the table in front of me and move some of his to make room for my own. I had been down at the greenhouses with Professor Longbottom, doing revision lessons. He likes me and knows I adore Herbology, so offered to go over a couple of things with me. He’d had to leave slightly early to get an urgent message (probably from a complaining parent or a fainting child, stressing about exams), so I head up here to continue revising. “But procrastinating sounds better. What are you researching?”

“Well,” he blushes slightly. “I was researching about the baby, you know, finding stuff out about the birth and future things. But then I started to procrastinate to avoid doing that because it all scared me and I realised how soon it was. I had a brainwave, so I looked up a bit more about your dad.”

I look up from my book adjusting and raise my eyebrows. “Brainwave, huh?”

“I figured that I might look up the year of your birth- 2006 right?- and see if there were any newspaper articles about your birth. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before…” he trails off, shaking his head and looking slightly annoyed at himself. I wait, but he doesn’t elaborate.

I cough loudly, accidentally attracting the unwanted attention of the hawk-eyed librarian with the hearing of an owl. She glares at us before pottering off to yell at some “book-mauling” first years.  “Have you found anything?” I ask pointedly.

“What? Oh, sorry – I didn’t actually. There were a couple of births mentioned, but nothing about you or anything that was remotely connected to you. Everything was rambling on about the birth of the Potter’s second child- Al- and the guessing about what sex the Weasley’s first kid would be- Rose, obviously. Funnily enough, everyone thought she was going to be a boy… Only vaguely interesting things I could find was an Azkaban escape and something about a dragon saving a baby’s life.” Scorpius snaps out of his daydream and answers, looking sorry. Not necessarily for me, I realise- I think he really wants to find it now for himself. It’s a challenge.

“I guess I really am Muggleborn, then,” I sigh, my last bit of hope ebbing away. “Mum’ll never tell me now… Tell me about that dragon story then,” I grin, trying to cheer up a bit.

“This dragon tamer in America had a baby and left it alone for about five minutes to handle some kind of emergency. Apparently, another dragon came wondering along – a Horntail I think it said - and tried to get at it but a Swedish Short-Snout fought it off and then carried the baby away from danger. It kept it until the mother came back to look for her baby and panicked, so then the dragon returned it. Quite cute really,” Scorpius catches on and explains the story, chuckling to himself.

“Brilliant. Hagrid would’ve been delighted- proof that dragons are nice!” I answer with a giggle.

“You get weirdos in every breed. The nice dragon was definitely a weirdo,” Scorpius says wisely, suppressing a smirk.

I pick up one of his books and flick through it absentmindedly. It’s all about looking after babies after birth and it has a lot of writing. I raise my eyebrows and look up at him. “This all looks very serious.”

Scorpius rolls his eyes at me. “Well having a baby is pretty serious, Kat.”

“Touché,” I laugh and smile at him. “Are you scared?”

“Absolutely terrified,” Scorpius confesses with a sheepish grin. “It’s suddenly become very real. When the initial shock of being told you’re going to be a father wears off, you kind of relax a little bit, you know? You think nine months is ages away, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare and then suddenly it’s eight months in and you’re going to be a father in less than a month.”

“I don’t envy you, I’ve got to admit,” I reply semi-seriously. “But it will be okay, I know it will. You’re back on good terms with Rose, right?”

“Yeah,” his face lights up quickly. “We’ve always talked through the pregnancy apart from the whole – well you know –“ he blushes slightly as he remembers the big fight when he and Rose completely fell out at the beginning of the pregnancy. “But now she’s making an effort so I am too. We’re good friends, I think, which is nice. She’s talking to you again isn’t she?”

I nod in reply and smile. “That’s good. Have – have you thought about Milla?”

Scorpius frowns at me, looking confused. “What do you mean? Of course I do, she’s my girlfriend.”

“No, I mean… Have you thought about how this will involve Milla? I mean, she and Rose aren’t exactly best friends… And what part is Milla going to play with the whole situation?” I answer quietly, keeping my voice down to prevent any stupid eavesdroppers from overhearing.

“I – erm – I haven’t really thought of that,” Scorpius mutters back, the tips of his ears turning red. “But I don’t know why this is a prob-”

“I’m not saying this stuff because I don’t think you two should be together,” I interrupt hurriedly. I fiddle with the end of my jumper awkwardly. “You two are a couple of my closest friends and I wouldn’t want to do or say anything that could ruin your relationship. I’m saying it because I care about you two and I don’t want either of you to get hurt. I care about the baby too and that’s something we have to factor into the equation. How will the baby affect your relationship and – well – how will your relationship affect the baby?”

“Look,” Scorpius seems slightly annoyed- I’ve evidently hit a nerve. “I’m not going to force Milla to do anything she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t have to play mum or whatever because that’s Rose and I hope you know that I don’t want Milla to step in as that part. She’s my girlfriend, okay? I’m sixteen for Merlin’s sake and about to become a father- I’m allowed to have something that relates to a normal sixteen year olds life. And if that thing is going out with a girl who makes me happy and isn’t the mother, then so be it.” He answers back with a sense of finality and I know the discussion is over.

“Hey! Hey Weasley!”

I look up instantly- it’s like a reflex because I spent so much time with the Weasleys. I see Rose look up too but blush when she realises who it is- McLaggen. My eyes dart to the other end of the corridor and I spot James and Dom. They’re assessing the situation and I can see Dom twisting her wand absentmindedly, watching McLaggen intently. I’m still with Scorpius; after having that slightly awkward conversation we changed the subject and chatted about OWLs. We revised for a bit longer and I left that subject alone, sensing that it was a sore subject. It still hung between us awkwardly, but I didn’t regret it- he’d think about it now.

Scorpius tenses and I touch his arm warningly. Head down, Rose attempts to stalk off quickly.

Thwarted. McLaggen steps in front of her immediately, blocking her path. His mates lounge behind him, guffawing.

“Excuse me,” Rose whispers quietly, staring at the ground.

“Weasley. I shouted you. Isn’t it rude not to answer?” McLaggen says easily, his voice carrying down the corridor.

“Excuse me,” Rose repeats steadily, not looking up. She attempts to walk past him, but McLaggen simply pushes her back.

By now the entire crowd is silent. The nicer of the onlookers hurry away, looking anywhere but at Rose. No-one seems to want to stick up for Rose. Most people stay, watching with interest and glee. I suppose they’re waiting for Rose to be taken down a couple more pegs. Then one steps forward- he looks really similar to McLaggen and I realise it must be his brother. Reagan is it?

“Mark, lay off her,” he calls to his brother, obviously embarrassed.

“I’m not finished,” McLaggen hisses, leaning towards Rose, breathing in her face. He places one finger under her chin and forces her to look up at him. My stomach is twisting and churning in discomfort. “I can’t believe you can actually get down this corridor, Weasley, you’re so huge! Like a whale. I can’t believe I ever considered dating you. Guess I dodged a bullet- didn’t knock you up or land with another bloke’s spawn. Unlucky Malfoy.” He nods in our direction and Scorpius twitches involuntarily.

Blood seems to rush to my head and I’m growing tense.

Reagan shakes his head. “Leave it Mark!”

Rose’s breathing seems to intensify, harden like she’s focusing on just breathing not punching his lights out or perhaps, the way Rose is now, from bursting into tears. Maybe hoping for a punch in the face would be too optimistic from this broken Rose.

“I’m actually pretty surprised you got pregnant, you know,” he pauses, letting everyone frown in confusion at his words. Then he continues, “I was surprised anyone would want to shag you.” McLaggen drawls lazily. His friends crack up behind him and a few people in our little audience snigger. “You are good at magic, aren’t you Weasley? Wouldn’t put it past you to put a spell on Malfoy… Or maybe he was just desperate. Bet mummy’s not happy, right? My father tells me she’s not doing too well at work since your little accident.”

“Don’t bring my mother into it, McLaggen,” Rose mutters, the tips of her ears turning red.

“Don’t answer me back, you little slut-”

He raises his hand and I don’t know whether it’s to cast a spell or to slap her, but everyone gasps. Out of the corner of my eye I can see James’ face contort into an expression of fury and he raises his wand but-

Scorpius runs at him and punches him, hard, in the jaw. Taken by surprise, McLaggen stumbles blindly backwards, clutching his face. Then he recovers and glares at Scorp.

“You’re actually standing up for the slut?” he hisses and spits at Scorpius in disgust. Scorpius aims another punch at him, but he’s not quick enough. McLaggen’s little gang grab him before his fist can make contact and begin pounding him furiously. McLaggen slams punch after punch into Scorpius’ gut, face, chest, any part of him he can get at.

I know that everyone is shouting- some egging them on- others screaming. Rose is screaming at them to stop and crying. James is attempting to wade through the crowd along with Dom, a fierce expression on his face. All I can hear is a loud and an overwhelming ringing sound in my ears and my heart is pounding and then some words are hurled out of my mouth and without thinking I wave my wand. And then all of a sudden, McLaggen’s friends are hurled backwards off Scorpius into a tapestry on the wall and I’m advancing on McLaggen.

My wand pointed directly at his chest, I glare up at him. I suppose that would’ve been much more effective had I been slightly taller, but it seems to have the effect I wanted nonetheless- McLaggen looks terrified. Scorpius is lay on the ground behind me, catching his breath.

Already I can see various boils and other ailments sprouting out his little gang’s various body parts. What other ailments, you ask? Use your imaginations- I’m sure you’ll come up with something satisfactorily disgusting.

“You back the Hell away from Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, right now,” I breathe with as much hatred as I can muster. “Or I swear to Merlin I will curse you all the way to China. Don’t believe me? Then you can answer to Milla Vane as well as me and I’m sure the rest of the Wotters would be more than happy to join in.”

I jab McLaggen hard in the chest and smirk as he whimpers. A sizzling sound, a wisp of smoke and I realise I’ve burned a small cigarette sized hole in his jumper.

“Don’t you dare come near her again, you hear me? Or I swear to Merlin I will hunt you down. If you so much as lay a finger on Scorpius, I will kill you. And if it does happen again, I can tell you now that he won’t be so thick skulled and fight like a Muggle. You will undoubtedly be spending a few weeks in the Hospital Wing if you cross him.

“And for the record, Rose Weasley has more balls than you ever will have, McLaggen,” I hiss as I shove him backwards. He stumbles and nods hurriedly and the crowd laugh at him. I begin to turn away but change my mind. With a flick of my wand, McLaggen’s shoelaces are tied together and I giggle as McLaggen topples to the ground and faceplants. The crowd roar with laughter as he scrambles to his feet, hoisting up his trousers which I magically pulled down for good measure.

Satisfied, I turn away. Rose is crouching next to Scorpius, who is sitting up, looking dazed. She’s looking at me like she’s seeing me in a completely different light. For a moment, I regret defending her- after everything’s she done to me- but one glance at her now bulging stomach, her ratty hair and her dark circles under her eyes and I don’t doubt I did the right thing. She might be a stuck up cow, but she was my stuck up cow for four and a half years. Plus she’s tried to repair our relationship for a while.

A tap on my shoulder and I turn to see Reagan McLaggen grinning down at me. “That was awesome. My brother’s a dickhead- I reckon he gets it from my dad- so well done.” I laugh and high five him before he saunters off with his mates.

I kneel down on Scorpius’ other side and glare at him. “Why the fuck did you try to take them on like a Muggle? They’re the size of Trolls- of course they could have taken you down! Use your wand next time, prick.” I mutter angrily, though I can’t stay angry for long. “Are you okay?” I ask, concerned, indicating to his injuries. He has a fat lip and a cut across his cheek, where blood is leaking out of it slowly. He looks winded and winces as he shuffles slightly into a better position. He doesn’t look too bad- maybe a couple of broken ribs and a black eye- nothing he hasn’t had from Quidditch.

In reply, he spits out some of the blood that has been filling his mouth from his bloody lip.

Before anyone can say anything more, a voice calls out, “Longbottom’s here! Scarper!” and the crowd disperse as quickly as if someone had let off a dungbomb. Rammed in by the crowds, I don’t have time to run, instead I’m thrown right into Professor Longbottom.

“Sorry Sir!” I say breathlessly, backing away and looking up at him. He looks oddly grave for someone who’s usually so jolly.

“My office please Miss Parker,” he says without a smile.

“Sir, they provoked me! You should have heard what they were saying!” I cry desperately, looking towards Rose, Dom and James, all of whom look ready to defend me for the first time in the last few months. Scorpius attempts to stand up and James grabs him and steadies him.

“It’s not about that. I won’t be handing you any punishments for that,” Professor manages a smile. I sigh in relief but he continues, “But I do need to see you in my office immediately. The rest of you go to your lessons, please. James, will you take Scorpius to the Hospital Wing and inform Professor Flitwick what happened? He’ll want to deal with Mr McLaggen.” James nods and Scorpius limps off, supported by James. “And let Professor Lupin know that Katrina’s with me, will you Miss Weasley? He’ll know why,” Longbottom continues and nods at Rose. She smiles in reply and scurries off.

Uh-oh, first name use. The Wotters get first name use occasionally from Professor Longbottom (they are family friends) but I can’t say I do. Usually means trouble…

“Follow me,” he murmurs gravely and turns on his heels. Bewildered, I follow him, completely nonplussed.

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Chapter 39: Dreams, Shock and Mourning
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 I walk back down the stairs from the Headmaster’s Tower. I feel… Out of it. That’s the only way to describe it. I feel like everything’s a dream.

I see a few people milling about; upper years with free periods. They’re chatting, smiling, laughing. But I don’t feel a part of it. I feel like I’m not there- I’m a being, a spirit, floating above everyone.

 I’m just a watcher. Not quite there, not quite real.

Each step is physical pain; each step is a step he’s not taking. That thought jolts through me like a punch, forcing me to double over in pain. I’m quite surprised: I haven’t cried, not once. I haven’t broken down like I usually do. I carry on. I’m numb. I can’t feel anything put pain. No other emotion. No tears will come.


I’ve got to find him. I’ve got to find him before I break. I can’t let them tell him, I can’t let them break him. I’ve got to do it. I owe it him. Professor Longbottom said I could. He said if I wanted to, I could, but he looked worried and sad. His face was all pity and he looked truly sorry when he apologised.

“I’m sorry.”

God, what stupid words. He didn’t do it, why would he apologize? The words - they don’t make a fucking difference, do they? “I’m sorry that you feel like shit,” should be what he said. He can’t change it. Because not even a wizard can bring back the dead.

Straightening up, I begin to walk up the stairs, focusing straight ahead. It’s crazy; the chatter is dimmed, almost silent. I know it’s quietening down anyway as people walk away but it’s a different kind of silent. I can’t hear anyone’s talking, any snippets of conversation. All I can hear is this quiet, continuous humming sound.

My chest contracts when I reach the Gryffindor Common Room. My friends are in there. They’ll ask questions. No. I can’t stop. I can’t afford to stop, to talk; that’ll make me break down. I must find Angus, quickly. But I’ve got to pack. Get my stuff, throw it into a trunk. Professor Longbottom said Professor Chang would pick the trunk up for me soon and sort it out. I just need to pack. Quickly.

Then I relax: they have lessons. Al and Rose and Milla in Potions and James and the rest in Charms- it’ll be empty. Maybe one or two seventh years with free periods, nothing I can’t handle. It took almost no time to reach the common room- it felt like it anyway. Everyone seemed to move so quickly, time slipping so quickly out of my grasp.

The Fat Lady gazes down at me, and her face contorts into one of concern. “Are you quite alright, my dear?”

I open my mouth but no words come out. Only a gravelly, croaking sound squeaks out of my throat. My mouth is completely dry, and it aches.

The Fat Lady looks at me once more, face full of pity and concern. Guessing something has happened, she remains silent and swings open.

I walk in quickly and head straight upstairs. Angus isn’t there, of course. He’ll be in lessons too and he’s been spending most of his time avoiding me since the fight- he’d be in the Slytherin Common Room if he was anywhere. I dive for my trunk and heft in onto my bed. Working furiously, I throw everything in there; clothes, books, presents… Everything. I don’t care if it’s untidy, or if I’ve left anything. Anything left behind can be sent on by Milla. I slam it shut with a satisfying thud.

And then my chest constricts and I can’t breathe. I sit down suddenly on my bed, next to my trunk. I watch it bounce precariously as it topples nearer to the edge of the bed. It doesn’t fall, not yet. I stare at the door and focus on my breathing but it’s physically painful and it feels like the toughest thing in the world. I don’t know how long I sit for, but I know it’s for a while. Then I manage to get up; I have no idea how I do but I manage it and the world spins violently for a moment. Breathe. I turn and leave the dormitory and keep walking, focusing on my breathing. The portrait swings open to let me out and I ignore the Fat Lady’s calls to me and fix my attention on my breathing.

It’s rapid and uneven, but it’s still occurring, I’m still breathing, I’m still here.

The hour is almost up. I fiddle with my watch uneasily and I speed up; they’ll be coming out of lessons soon and Gus’ll be there. Please let me find him quickly.

I hurry down the staircases, taking odd pleasure in the speeding up of my breathing. Then the sound of students bustling out of their classrooms, free from whatever teacher they just had and groaning as they realise what they have next. I have to find him.

That’s when I run straight into James.

He grins and catches me around my waist. “Hey, Kat! I’ve got a free now, have you?”

I push his hand away from me, not having the energy or patience for politeness. I attempt to keep moving but he grabs my hand, pulling me back. James looks worried and he frowns at me. “Hey? You okay? Have I done something?”

I shake his hand away. “Please, I just need to go…” I mumble, pushing him away. He looks hurt and mildly irritated but I don’t have time to think about that and I don’t care. I can feel the panic bubbling inside of me and my throat constricting.

“Katrina!” it’s Rose. She rushes towards me and smiles. “I’ve been meaning to find you to – to say, well, thanks. It just - wait, are you okay?” She leans closer to me and looks concerned.

“Have you seen my brother?” I say frantically, not looking at her and instead peering around the corridor.

“He would have been with Teddy in Defence. Why do you ask?” Rose replies quickly.

I don’t answer and shake her off, speeding down the corridor back into the Entrance Hall to get to the staircase leading towards that classroom.

Rose is chasing after me, jogging hastily. “Katrina! Wait! What’s happening?”

I ignore her and push through the crowds, the panic rising in me and threatening to spill. That’s when I begin to call out his name.

“Have you seen Angus?” I ask one girl who I know to be in his year. She looks freaked out and shakes her head, backing away.

I push past several more groups of people before I see him. He’s coming down the stairs with a group of his friends. He’s laughing at a joke his friend has just made. His eyes are crinkled, his head thrown back and his wide open in laughter. Everything freezes for a second and I gaze at him in that single moment- I want to remember that; his smile.

“Angus!” I yell. Angus looks up and rolls his eyes. I run to him and he continues walking away from me. avoiding my gaze and heading in the opposite direction. I ignore his mates who are all sniggering. “Gus, I need to talk to you.”

“Can this wait? I’ve got to get to next lesson,” he mutters, irritated, and attempts to push past me as I catch up to him. He’s still not talking to me, I see. I almost laugh at that thought- after everything that has just happened, he still won’t talk to me. After everything that has just happened, he doesn’t know any of it. Surely I would’ve have felt something, anything when he… I would’ve have sensed it, surely…  The iris…

I grab his arm and pull him back. He waves away his friends who give me one last snigger before sauntering off, disappearing into the crowds. The crowd is dispersing now, thinning out as everyone hurries down different corridors to go to their classes.

“No, it can’t wait. It’s got to be now,” I say breathlessly, my eyes wild.

“Merlin, why does it have to be now? Can’t you just save it till later?” Angus hisses and pushes my grip away.

“No, Angus! Please!” my voice breaks on ‘please’ and he turns to face me, frowning.

“What’s happened?”

“Katrina!” Rose has caught up to me. She’s stood a little way to the side, giving us some space and panting loudly- trying to run whilst eight months must be pretty hard. Her eyes are squinted into a frown and she looks concerned. For a fleeting moment I try to imagine what I look like. No wonder that girl looked scared.

“I need to talk to you, come one,” I mumble. The world is spinning, colours blurring past my eyes as I struggle to keep hold of Angus, who’s attempting to pull away. I have to get him away from here, to anywhere. I’m just focused on his face; it’s the only thing I can look out without losing it. There’s only a few people left, I realise. Only a few last stragglers.

“Can we not just do it here? I need to go and catch up with my mates? Make it quick,” Angus whines, still trying to pull his arm out of my vice-like grip.

“Gus,” I manage and my voice snaps, and emotion spills into his name.

That’s when it clicks.

He shakes his head slowly and looks at me directly in the eye. “Please don’t say what I think you’re going to say.”

I tug on his hand again. “Please Angus, let’s not do this here.”

“No,” he shakes his head more ferociously, finally pulling out free of me and backing away, putting distance between us. His eyes are wild and his mouth slightly open in an expression of terror.

“What’s going on?” a voice cuts in- James. He’s caught up too. Why did he have to follow me? I don’t turn; I’m staring at Angus, trying to pull him back. I hear Rose shush him and stop him from coming any closer. They seem far away, their voices distant and the gratitude I feel for Rose in that moment is distant too; far off, tiny compared to the other emotions fighting inside of me. Anger. Fear. Pain. Mostly pain.

“Professor Longbottom just told me – I wanted to tell you, I couldn’t let them tell you,” I whisper, reaching for him. “Mum is waiting for us. We’re going home. We have to – to get our stuff. They’re going to send his – his body –“ I break off, my voice cracking. Still no tears. Fury rises up in me. Why can’t I cry? The thought of his body, lifeless, dead flashes in front of my eyes and I can’t breathe – I can’t –

“No, stop it. Don’t, don’t,” Gus breathes, tears filling his eyes and spilling over his lids. I watch as one trails down his face, leaving a wet track down his right cheek. “He can’t be – stop it – DON’T LIE!” He yells, his voice echoes around the now empty Entrance Hall.

“He’s gone,” I whisper, my voice barely audible. The words seem to hit him like a real punch and he visibly winces. His gasp scrapes through the air between us and he breaks.

Finally, finally, he falls forward and I stumble towards him too, catching him as we both land on our knees. I reach up blindly, cupping his face in my hands and pressing my forehead against his. I can feel his tears running in the spaces between my fingers. Angus’ body is shaking violently with each sob and the sound ricochets around the Hall. I wince with each one. All I can do is hold him and whisper, “It’s going to be okay.” in his ear, over and over even though I know it won’t be. But lying is sometimes alright; it has to be. If lying to your little brother about life being okay after your older brother has died, then I don’t know what is.

Because he’s dead. Tyrique is dead.

“Come on, Kat. Let’s go. Kat,” James is whispering in my ear, tugging on my shoulder and trying to get me to stand up. I don’t move and shrug his hand away, keeping my head in my hands. I’m sat, curled up, on the steps in the Entrance Hall. It’s empty- everyone is still at lessons- apart from me and my little audience.

Angus was persuaded away by a gentle Lily, who held his hand as she helped him up and walked with him. She was taking him to Professor Longbottom’s office and had said to worry about your stuff, Angus, Hugo has been told the password and is going to get everything together. Come on, Gus, you get to see your mum. Everything is going to be okay.

I haven’t moved yet. I don’t know why. I feel frozen, as if I can’t move. I know I don’t want to stay here- I certainly don’t want to be here when everyone gets out of lessons. But I just can’t. I like blinking back the burning feeling in my eyes and digging my fingernails into my scalp so hard it draws blood because it’s painful. It’s physical pain.

“Kat, please, we have to go. Before everyone gets here,” James mutters again, pulling on my arm again. I pull it away more ferociously this time, making my point clear. He sighs and I hear his footsteps as he walks away.

Hushed voices. They’re talking about me. About how I won’t move. Not even by Rose, or Milla, or James, or Dom. They’re thinking of getting Scorpius from the Hospital Wing now- he’s only got a few fractured ribs so he’ll be able to move. He’ll convince me. Right?

Another set of footsteps arrive, crisp and clear and the person approaches.

“It’s no use. She won’t move,” Dom says quietly to the newcomer. She sounds worried and her voice is wobbly.

Through the cracks between my fingers fingers, I see a dark shadow hover over me. Then pair of large hands reaches down and pluck me off the stair easily. It’s not painful; it’s extremely gentle, but with a sort of firmness that says he’s not going to let me go. He walks up the stairs silently, leaving our friends behind. Carefully, softly, he brushes a few strands of hair off my face and I blink up at him.


He looks down at me and he has this odd expression on his face and in his eyes. It’s not pity. I can’t quite place it, but it makes my breathing hitch. The change in expression is pleasant- the pitying glances that I could feel burning into me from the others were awful. I hate that.

“Here,” he murmurs as he sets me down gingerly as we reach a platform before the next set of stairs. “You can walk now, right? You don’t want anyone seeing me carrying you – not that anyone would blame you… But you’re you, so you wouldn’t. Besides, I’m not sure I could carry you for much longer- I haven’t played Quidditch in a while, you know.” He smiles weakly and for a moment I feel the urge to smile back. Then grief comes crashing down and all I can manage is a grimace.

My legs wobble a little and I feel unsteady on my feet. “Just a moment,” I mumble, clinging onto the banister as I lower myself onto the step. He sits down lightly next to me, sat quite close but still at a respectful distance so I don’t feel claustrophobic.

I bury my head in my hands for a moment and drag my fingers through my hair as I move my hand upwards. “My stuff. I need to get my things.” I whisper, my voice sounding distant.

“Rose went up and got your trunk and made sure everything was in order. She’s taken it to Neville. That’s when she met me,” Albus says back calmly.

“So I’m guessing you know, then?” I ask, turning to look at him.

He nods and looks back at me, not breaking the gaze. “Yes, I know,” he says simply. He doesn’t say any of the stupid lines; he just says “I know,” and then looks at me.

“I hope it was quick. The letter, Longbottom showed it me, it said – it said,” I stumble over my words as I rush on. “That it was bullet wounds that killed him. I hope it was painless. He didn’t deserve pain.”

“No, he didn’t. Nobody does,” he agrees, his voice soft. “He was brave. You have to remember that, Kat. He was fighting for a good cause-”

I cut him off, still in my daydream. “He showed me a picture, you know. Of his troops from the beginning, I mean. Most of them are dead now. It was only him and couple left. Now he’s joined them…” I trail off and the silence hangs between us. Al doesn’t break it. “They’re sending his body back. For the funeral. I don’t know how they work when it’s a soldier. Ty tried to explain it to me once but I cut him off – wouldn’t let him finish, you know – because I thought it was tempting fate.”

Albus just nods and looks at me. It’s that funny look he gives me and it’s like he’s reading me, x-raying me. He doesn’t say anything which infuriates me and gratifies me at the same time. I want him to say something- anything- to comfort me. But at the same time, I know that nothing he could say could do that, in fact, I think it would annoy me more.

“He hated me when he died, Albus,” I say suddenly. It’s been playing on my mind from the moment I found out, but I’ve been pushing the thought down, hiding it. I don’t look at him; I stare straight ahead.

“What do you mean?” he asks slowly. He doesn’t automatically deny it or go to comfort me, and for that I am thankful.

“We had a fight,” I breathe deeply and rush on, hardly thinking about the words I’m saying. “Before he left. I’ve been looking for my father –“ I feel him sit up in surprise at that, “-and I mentioned it to him. He asked mum about our father and she said we had different fathers. I think everyone guessed that apart from us. Ty’s was a Muggle, a dentist, and just didn’t want Ty so he left. Ty lost it, Al, and walked out. He told us he hated us, he called me a freak because I’m magic. I haven’t seen him since, he ignored all my letters and now - oh my God, Al – and now he’s dead.”

And suddenly my eyes are burning and tears are spilling over and pouring down my cheeks, dripping into my clenched hands on my knees. Albus’ arms wrap around me almost immediately and pull me in; he strokes my hair and whispers in my ear. I can’t make out the words, but the sounds are soothing. I close my eyes, tears still escaping through the lids, and lean into him. I can feel his lips on my cheek, kissing away the tears, and then by my ear whispering again.

“He didn’t hate you,” Albus murmurs. “I know you won’t believe me now, but I’m going to say it anyway for you to remember. Ty could never hate you, Rena. You had him wrapped around your little finger- no matter how mad you made him, you were always forgiven quickly. So maybe it wasn’t the best parting, and that hurts. But you can hold all the best memories of him with you. He loved you, Katrina, he so loved you.”

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Chapter 40: Black dresses, Reconciliations and the Kitchen of Confrontations.
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 Picking out a black dress was hard. But actually putting on the dress was harder.

My mum bought me the dress because I refused point blank to go shopping for one. I hate shopping at the best of times, and shopping for a black dress for my brother’s funeral isn’t one of those better times. Mum cried when I said I didn’t want to go. It doesn’t take much to make her cry these days.

It’s a simple black dress with a ‘Peter Pan’ collar (I think my mum called it) which came in at the waist, not drowning me in material. I suppose it’s quite nice really, but I can’t like it. Not for the occasion I’m using it for. I stare at it, taking in each little fold and the shape of the collar. I count the buttons and measure how the colour of it changes slightly in the light. But it’s still black, whatever way you look at it.

I’ve been gazing at it like I am now for the last two hours.

I woke up like I have been doing for the last week or whatever- I’ve lost track of days. I woke up silently screaming, being shook awake by another nightmare. It was early so I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling for a little while. Then I showered and dried off, put on my underwear and laid out the dress on my newly-made bed. And then I looked. I got chilly after a while, so I put on my dressing gown; then I went back to looking at it.

A faint knock on the door startles me and I jump, despite it being so gentle. I don’t say anything but the door is pushed open slowly anyway. In the doorway is stood Rose. Her hair is pinned up in a bun, a few strands of hair left to curl around her face. She’s wearing a black skirt and a buttoned up cardigan; she looks nice. Rose has even put on a bit of makeup, covering the purple crescents beneath her eyes, so she looks better than she has done in a while. The bump is still very noticeable, protruding obviously and uncomfortably from her skinny frame. She pushes a thread of her dangling hair behind her ear and frowns slightly as she takes in the scene in front of her.

Then she steps into the room, letting the door creak shut behind her. “Are you going to get dressed?” she asks quietly as the door finally shuts into place.

“Yes,” I whisper back. “Soon. I’m just – just looking.”

She nods and doesn’t say anything more. Then Rose steps carefully next to me and she too looks at the dress. We stay like that for a little while before she says anything. “It’s a very pretty dress.”

I grunt in reply, a guttural sound from the back of my throat.

“Are you ready, Kat?” Rose murmurs, not looking at me still and instead tilting her head slightly as if trying to get a different angle of the dress.

“No,” I breathe back.

“Come on,” she says, this time her voice a little stronger and more confident. Her hand scrambles for mine in a moment of clumsiness, and she grips it hard and squeezes.  I turn obligingly and she undoes my dressing gown, pulling it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the carpeted floor. Then Rose reaches for the dress and picks it up carefully, stroking any creases out of it. She helps me pull it over my head and then zips up the back whilst I hold my hair up.

I suppose I would’ve felt silly, I think as I sit down slowly at my chair and let Rose tug on my hair. I suppose I would’ve felt so stupid and pathetic before, letting Rose dress me as if I were a child. But I feel very numb. And sad. So I don’t care.

My hair is pulled back loosely and twisted into a knot. My baby hair is flaring up at the front but I don’t mind; somewhere in me I manage to nearly laugh- Ty always used to tease me about my baby hair, rubbing it to make it stick up some more. It used to drive me mad. Now I’d do anything for him to be able to do it again.

Rose spins me to face her and bends painfully so she’s my height. Then adds some concealer onto my spots and paints on some faint pink lip-gloss as well as a bit of colour onto my cheeks- I suppose I do look very pale and ill.

Then I stand up and stand in front of my mirror, looking at myself carefully. I look nice- still tired- but nice. My baby hair is still sticking up in all directions but I do nothing to smooth it down. Rose is stood behind me and I can see her reflection.

“Why are you here Rose?” I ask very suddenly, my voice louder than I anticipated, but still weak.

Rose looks startled and slightly embarrassed, so her reflection shrugs awkwardly. “You needed me, Kat. You were there when I needed you and now I’m here for you. You’re still my best friend. I mean, if you still want me…” she trails off, her eyes drooping to the ground.

“Thanks, Rose,” I say quietly back. She looks up in surprise and smiles a little.

“I’m sorry Kat, I’m so sorry,” she murmurs, her voice crackling. I’m not entirely sure what she’s apologising about, but I don’t ask. “And thank you for defending me. That meant a lot.”

I nod slowly and then revolve on the spot to face her. Her eyes are watering a little and are shining; without thinking, I reach out and hug her. Rose’s bump is so big that it sort of prevents the hug from being entirely comfortable, but it’s still good to hug her. When we break apart she wipes her eyes hurriedly and then smiles. “The baby’s kicking again, come here.” Rose reaches for my hand and places it on her stomach. For a moment nothing happens, but then I feel a little kick, making me jump. I grin for the first time in days and it feels good to smile.

“That’s amazing,” I whisper, holding my hand there for another kick. I feel better than I have done in a while and manage another smile when I catch eyes with Rose.

“It gets a little annoying actually- the baby kicks at the most inappropriate of times,” Rose laughs softly. Then her smile fades and she becomes serious again. “We’ve got to go down now, Kat. It’s nearly time.”

This time I nod and take my hand away. “Okay,” I say clearly. “I’m ready.”

The actual funeral passed by very quickly and I don’t remember much of it. I just remember the tears, the murmured condolences and the salutes. It all happened in a blink of an eye, and the next thing I remember, I was back home. We were having a sort of party- for want of a better word- back at my house for close friends and family after the funeral.

I’m getting a drink in the kitchen- receiving condolences is hard. Each time someone apologises, it hits me again and knocks the wind out of me. Angus is taking it particularly hard and is sat in the corner of the living room, sipping on a glass of water and staring off into space. He hasn’t said anything since the funeral; he cried a lot then. Mum is trying hard- she’s meeting all of the guests and Dennis is by her side, ready to step in when it gets too difficult. I think she blames herself for letting him go off in the army. She didn’t like the idea, but he wanted to so much, she let him in the end.

“Excuse me,” a girl’s voice jolts me out of my daydream. I look up tiredly and take in the girl. She’s quite a bit taller than me though still obviously short, with brown curly hair and dark blue eyes. Her eyes are red and puffy, as if she’s been crying a lot. She’s quite pretty. I recognise her- I’ve seen her in the picture.

“I’m Lottie,” she says in a hushed voice (which everyone seems to be talking in at the moment).

“You knew T-” I freeze; saying his name is painful. “You knew my brother?”

“Yes. I fought with him. I don’t know whether he told you, but we were-” she starts, taking a deep breath.

“Seeing each other,” I finish flatly. “He fancied the pants off you.”

Lottie blushes profusely and looks down. “I just wanted you to know. I loved him. I wish we could have met be – before he – “ she breaks off suddenly, her eyes filling with tears. Don’t cry, don’t cry.

Past tense- loved. He really is gone.

“He mentioned you a few times,” I answer back, taking a sip of water for something to do. “He showed me a picture of you all, when you all first went out.”

Lottie gives a watery chuckle and looks skyward. “I remember when he got his hair cut… Oh god, he hated it! Complained about it for months – even when it grew back he claimed it was never the same…” she trails off again, something she keeps doing- something I keep doing too. Lottie looks lost in thought for a moment, obviously remembering better times. “He talked about you a lot. He loved you to bits, you and Angus. He’d whine about you, but would bang on for days about you whenever he got a letter from you.”

I can’t help but smile and my heart twists painfully.

“I really can’t explain how much I miss him,” Lottie whispers, looking up at the ceiling. “I just feel so guilty, you know? I was still on leave when he went back. I often just wonder if it would’ve made a difference, if I’d been there… And then when I feel really sorry for myself, I think of you and your family. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through; whatever pain I’m experiencing is trebled for you.”

“You were his family too,” I murmur and she looks at me suddenly. I clear my throat and rasp out the words I know I have to say. “He loved you, all of you, a lot. I think he felt a bit misunderstood here. We were… different. And maybe we didn’t quite understand why he wanted to join up- but you did, obviously. So thanks.”

Lottie just manages a nod, not even bothering to wipe away any of the tears rolling her cheeks. Very quickly, she crosses those few steps that separate us and pulls me into a bone-crushing hug. She lets go very quickly, but I can tell by my aching bones that it meant a lot. Lottie nods and sends me a weak smile. Then she slips out of the kitchen, sniffing loudly and dabbing at her eyes.

I only have a few moments to properly absorb what just happened. I take a few more sips of water, realising how thirsty and hungry I am. There’s a little buffet laid out on the table so I grab a few sandwiches and eat them quickly. I haven’t really been eating much since I find out- I’ve mostly been hidden in my room, reading. Sometimes I read fictional books- helps me to forget everything and lose myself in a different world- but most of the time, I revise. It keeps me working and concentrating on anything else.

Plus- it’s so weird really, considering everything that has happened- I’ve had this completely all-absorbing and irrational fear of my incoming OWLs. When I’m not grieving, I’m running facts and figures about the Second Wizarding War through my mind. When Albus walks in, I’m actually going over the Cheering Charm and picturing the wand movement.

“I thought you’d be in here,” Albus says clearly, smiling at me. The smile lifts my heart and I can’t help but smile back (albeit a little weakly).

“Hiding,” I murmur back, blushing slightly. I’m not sure why I’m embarrassed. For want of something to do, I head to the sink and fill up my glass with water before turning back to him. “Why are you here, actually?” I say bluntly.

“Your mum invited me and Rose round for the party thing. We’ve been giving you space for a while, but I heard Rose talked to you before the funeral, right?” Albus answers easily and politely.

“Oh,” I reply. Of course Mum invited them- she knows they’re (or at least were) my two best friends. “Sorry – I was rude. It just –“

“I get it,” Albus interrupts and nods understandingly. He takes a step forward so he’s directly in front of me and he leans on the island like I had been doing. My back is now to the sink and for some reason, I do feel slightly trapped. I suppose I haven’t had close contact with anyone for a while now.

I look at him, properly now, and gaze into his beautiful green eyes. They really are amazing. For a moment I get this overwhelming urge just to grab him and kiss him. It would let me forget – just for a second – I could lose myself… But wouldn’t James be better for that- he always makes me forget everything. Then a wave of disgust washes over me. How could I ever even think that?

“I’m walking away,” Albus’ voice cuts into my internal monologue suddenly, causing me to crash land back into reality.

“What?” I say blankly, not absorbing the words properly.

“This – whatever me and you and James are doing – it’s over. James wins. I’m stopping this between us,” Albus continues, resuming the quiet voice everyone has been using lately. But he doesn’t have that stupid pitying look forced onto his features; instead he has a hard, blazing look on his.

 The words hit me hard as I finally comprehend them. Breathing hard, I struggle for my words for a minute. “I thought you were going to fight for me?” I stammer.

Albus just looks like he’s in pain as he takes in my words. He closes his eyes for a moment before he answers. Albus is choosing his words slowly and then he looks at me straight in the eyes. “This is my way of fighting for you. I’m doing it because I love you. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. You’ve just lost your brother and I want to be there for you and fully. Not as your part-time boyfriend. I want to support you as your best friend.

“He’s the better man, Kat. He stood up and did something whilst I sat back and watched from a distance. He deserves you so much more than I do. He loves you so much it hurts watching him. You love him too, Rena,” he takes another step closer to me so he’s only inches away. His breath is warm. “This is going to work out for the best. You two are going start off where you left off before I ruined everything. I’m just going to be your best friend and I’m going to help you through this like I should have done. And I’m going to move on. This is because I love you. I’m letting you go."

And then he takes my face in his hands and kisses me gently. It feels like a very final thing to do, like it’s the end. His lips linger on mine even after we’ve finished kissing, resting on them. I can feel his warm breath blowing my face in rasps. And suddenly the tears come again and I can’t quite work out why I’m crying. He looks down at me and pulls me into a fierce hug, cradling me in his arms. I can’t breathe – I can’t think – after everything, everything, that happened, it’s gone. We were so close…

“I’m sorry, Kat,” and just like I can’t work out why I’m crying, I can’t work out why he’s apologising. Then-

“I’m so sorry that your brother died and now you feel like shit.”

My mum jumps when she sees me and clasps a hand to her mouth. “Oh gosh, Kat! You made me jump – I didn’t realise you were here!”

“I just needed some space,” I mumble into my glass, looking anywhere but at her. Hastily I wipe away the leftover tears. Albus left soon after that, once I’d calmed down a bit. Even he looked fairly upset as he was leaving. Maybe that was hard for him. Maybe he was acting. Maybe he didn’t really care.

I’d cried for a little longer afterwards, finding it calming almost. It was good to get everything off my chest again. But I still feel like complete shit; I can’t help it. After there were literally no tears left, I headed back to the tap and splashed my eyes and face with cold water to take away some of the redness. It smudged all of my makeup but I had no energy left to reapply. I simply wiped it away and hoped for the best. My eyes were still a little red, but they had been for the past week or whatever- it didn’t look too obvious. Besides, I realised bitterly, I had an excuse for crying too.

Out of the corner of my eye I see her nod. “I came here for that too, I suppose. It’s so… exhausting. I needed a moment. Dennis is handling it.”

I nod in reply and lean against the island, finally looking at her. Mum looks exactly how she described herself- exhausted. She’s gaunt and thin, her face more shallow than usual and her cheekbones jutting out painfully with her sunken eyes decorated with purple crescents beneath them. Her eyes are red and look watery- mum always looks close to bursting into tears recently.

Mum regards me for a moment. She opens her mouth several times but closes it again almost immediately. Finally she breathes deeply and whispers a name in her hoarse voice that sends a shiver down my spine. How does she know that name?

“What?” I can’t help but mutter, frowning up at her.

“The name of your father. Anthony Dolohov Jr.”

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Chapter 41: Forgiving, Confessions and Back to Hogwarts
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 Going back to Hogwarts is a huge relief to me. Just arriving at the station is like a breath of fresh air- I’m on my way home.

We drive in silence to the station in silence and Angus sleeps for most of the journey, though it isn’t particularly long. Dennis takes our luggage for us and drags it up to the wall between the Muggle station and our world. He doesn’t like going through there- he says even though he’s done it a couple of times, the shock of it will give him a heart attack. Mum comes through with us anyway, helping with our trunks. We’re running slightly late but she still insists on giving us both huge, long hugs and waving us off.

Angus sticks closely to me, which is unusual for him. He usually darts away even if he doesn’t see his friends- he doesn’t want to be seen with me for longer that he has to. This time however, he doesn’t leave my side and even helps hoist my trunk onto the train. Gus spots some of his friends, waves, but doesn’t run over to them. Instead, he turns to me and says, “Shall we find a compartment?”

I nod in surprise and he sets off down the train. It’s slightly quieter than usual because some people have stayed at Hogwarts over the holidays, but not by too much. It doesn’t take very long to find an empty compartment though so me and Angus shove our trunks in and sit awkwardly.

We’re not on our own for very long, but it still feels tense for some weird reason. I get out my book and start reading, but I’m distracted. Every time I start getting into my book, I have to look up because I can feel Gus’ eyes on me. Each time I look up, he turns away quickly, avoiding eye contact, but I know he was staring at me. He’s watching me constantly, like he’s afraid I’ll disappear.

Before I can say anything, the door slides open and Albus walks in with Rose behind him. Rose sits down heavily opposite me and next to Gus and gives him a bright smile which he weakly returns. Albus sits next to me and although he’s smiling and acting absolutely normally, he simply radiates awkwardness and it feels tense between us- exactly what he didn’t want when he ended things. How the hell is this supposed to work?

Then it hits me- how was it ever going to work? If I had chosen Albus, or if James had never been in the equation and we went out, what would have happened? It felt so right when we were semi-going out but I never thought how it would affect our friendship. If we’d made it, it wouldn’t have mattered- but what would’ve happened if we had broken up? Would our friendship have been completely destroyed?

Is it destroyed now? Did that one kiss ruin everything? Or did he ruin everything by walking away?

Rose doesn’t even get the chance to finish her rant about being pregnant before the door slides open and Dom, Lily and Hugo appear. Dom immediately hugs me and sits on my other side. Everyone squishes up so Lily and Hugo can sit with Gus.

Dom looks at me with an expression that oozes concern and sympathy. “So how are you? Are you okay?”

I sigh- I predicted this would happen. The whole Wotter clan checking up on me routine had already commenced. “I’m fine Dom, thanks. I’m glad to be back, you know? I need to be back at Hogwarts, back home.”

“Even though he hated it,” Angus whispers suddenly, his gaze averted and focusing on the blurred outlines on the trees.

“Gus,” I warn quietly, ignoring the questioning and confused looks of the others. The only one who doesn’t look confused or uncomfortable is Albus, who gives my hands a quick, comforting squeeze. He immediately lets go, however, and the suddenness stings.

Dom makes some forced conversation for a few minutes about her holiday and the others join in half-heartedly. Each one keeps sending both me and Gus worried looks, as if worried that we might break down suddenly. We don’t.

Even though the conversation only lasts about twenty minutes or so, it feels like quite a long time. It’s interrupted by the door being slid open suddenly once again, revealing Sarah and Milla. I’m not sure whether I’m overwhelmed by relief- at last! Rescue!- or a sense of awkwardness and that cringing ‘crap-couldn’t-they have-gone-anywhere-else’ feeling.  Not only is a section of the Wotter family sat here- people I haven’t talked to in ages and frankly Milla hates- but Albus (hello, Sarah’s ex!) is next to me, along with Rose, who let’s face it, isn’t Milla’s biggest fan.

Sarah flushes bright red at the sight of Albus; I mean sure, she’s fine talking about him and discussing us, but she hasn’t had to have any contact with him since the breakup. Milla on the other hand raises an eyebrow and gazes round the compartment.

“Hi,” I say abruptly, and all eyes focus on me. “There’s no room.” I add unnecessarily, causing Milla to roll her eyes.

“I can see that, you prat,” she murmurs, a smirk playing across her lips. Dom fumes next to me and Rose shakes her head, annoyed.

“It doesn’t matter!” Sarah says in a strained polite voice. “We can come back later, we just wanted to see you and make sure you were okay.”

Albus fidgets next to me and he blushes beetroot red. Awkward exes. Exactly what we didn’t want.

“Oh it doesn’t matter!” Lily pipes up quickly, standing up. “Hugo and I already have a compartment with some of our friends. We’ll leave and make room. Come on Angus,” she gestures to him. Hugo practically leaps up and hurries out of the compartment, having to squeeze past Milla. He looks kind of terrified. Angus stands up reluctantly, sending me a look. It’s a mixture of a plea for a help, but also to check if he can. Bewildered, I frown but nod in confirmation. Gus looks satisfied and follows Lily away.

Dom stands immediately after Sarah and Milla sit in the places that have been given up, realising she’s been left awkwardly with us. Sarah makes sure to place herself between Milla and Rose. Good move, Sarah.

“Actually guys, I should go too. I promised I’d meet Liam soon,” Dom smiles angelically, even though we all know it’s a lie she’s made up on the spot.

“Liam?” Rose asks tiredly.

Dom shrugs. “The boy I met up with on holiday.” She then proceeds to skip out of the compartment. Her lie is completely believable in a way- I bet she hadn’t planned anything, but she could easily find this Liam and snog his face off anyway. Or any boy for that matter.

Silence settles on us and we all seem to stop breathing (or at least I try to breathe as quietly as I can- I am not being the loudest breather here). This is awkward. So awkward. So unbelievably, painfully awkward. Oh Merlin, I can’t take it…

“So Al this is Milla and Sarah. I’m not going to introduce you to Rose because, you know, she’s you cousin. Oh crap, you know Sarah too, or I should hope so considering you two dated for a while. Shit, fuck, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You probably even know Milla considering she’s in your House and your lessons-“ I ramble aimlessly, wincing at every word I utter. Sarah flushes bright red, Rose just shakes her head and Albus clenches his teeth.

“Kat. Shut up,” Milla interrupts. The whole compartment bursts out laughing.

Thing is, I think they’re laughing at me, not with me.

“So what was with you and Albus on the carriage on the way here?” Milla asks quickly. She’s not looking at me though; she’s eyeing Rose with some distaste. We’re sat in a quiet corner in the Common Room- me, Milla, Sarah and Rose. Rose just sat down with us and I didn’t say anything- I don’t really care if I’m honest. I’d rather she did.

Rose looks annoyed at Milla’s question but doesn’t say anything. Silently, she crosses her arms (some mean feat when you’re that pregnant). Sarah however does look horrified. “Milla! Please! Let’s not start with that. Honestly, Mils, I would’ve thought you’d ask how she’s doing first.” she tells Milla in her patronizing voice. Rose nods in approval at this.

“Fine,” Milla snaps. “Even though I know exactly what her answer will be, let’s ask. How are you doing, Kat?”

“I’m fine,” I sigh, trying to sound as honest as I can.

Milla nods. “See, I knew she was going to say that because that’s what Kat always says. She’ll pretend she’s okay despite the fact that her brother was killed in the Muggle army and really, she’s not. Frankly, what she wants is to be distracted not babysat by her mates. So I’m going to ask her, if that’s okay with you two, what happened between her and Albus,” Milla explains in a sour tone. I blush but don’t say anything. Sarah cringes slightly but Rose flushes and her mouth is slightly open- she looks impressed.

“He ended everything,” I blurt out quickly. I don’t want to- that would be making it real- but I have to. Sarah’s jaw drops and Milla frowns.

“Shit, I’d just thought you’d done the nasty!” Milla exclaims.

“Wait, hold up. Explain please- I’m a little behind on all of this,” Rose butts in, leaning towards me slightly (and wincing as she does so).

Taking a deep breath, I launch into the tale, speaking quickly in a low voice so as not to be overheard. Once I’ve finished, Milla lets out a low whistle of a sigh. Sarah looks like she’s thinking hard; she’s wrapped her arms around herself and is frowning up at the ceiling. I can’t quite bring myself to look at Rose, for some reason. The argument between us about James versus Albus still lingers in these sorts of situations.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Milla mutters, pursing her lips.

“I can safely say that I didn’t either,” I murmur back honestly. My voice aches now from talking so much and so quickly, but also from the effort of admitting everything.

“That’s made up your mind then,” Milla says bluntly, but quietly. “Albus has walked away, so it’s got to be James. I always said it was James.”

Sarah sighs heavily, studying my face. “Yes, I suppose it has made up your mind. But I don’t think it’s James.” She stands up suddenly and stretches. “I’ve got to go now, anyway- it’s getting late. I’ll speak to you later.”

As she leaves, I look at Rose speechlessly. I’m sort of at a loss for words. Rose shrugs. “I agree with both of you for once. It has made up your mind, but I think Sarah might be right. Of course, it kind of has to be James if Al’s dumped you... But that all depends on whether James shows his face anytime soon.”

This time it’s Milla’s turn to look impressed.

A week later and James still is scarce. I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t know whether I want to. The Wotters are all talking to me once more, smiling and being polite. They haven’t strictly apologized, but I didn’t expect them too: they’re too proud for that. They’re showing their guilt. Besides, even though I’d rather not admit it, I need them right now. I’m not going to shun them when they’re trying their best, am I?

Of course, the constant flow of sympathetic, “How are you?” and “Are you okay?” and “How are you feeling today?” from them and the rest of the Hogwarts population (including the teachers) is tiring.

I’ve been carrying my father’s name around me like a huge weight on my shoulders. I haven’t told anyone yet- I just can’t bring myself to. Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons are probably the worst: I can’t look at Teddy without being flooded by the overwhelming sense of guilt. How am I ever supposed to tell anyone? So I won’t. I don’t even know whether I want to tell Angus- no, I will. One day. When I’ve managed to accept it.

Rose’s pregnancy has been a good way to distract myself- it’s looming ever closer. Just a mere few weeks away… And that of course means OWLs are just a few weeks away too. Both prospects are absolutely terrifying.

I’m currently walking to the library to do some late night revision. The library hours have been extended to allow more revision time just for fifth and seventh years. I usually go later but now is a good time. It’s always quiet though at this time- it’s in the middle of dinner, but I’m not hungry. I slip into the library and head straight to where I know where most of the handy Transfiguration books are kept. A voice speaking in pleading tones stops me.

“Rose, please,” it’s Scorpius. They’re at the aisle in front of me, so obscured from view. His voice is soft but sounds sad.

“Why Scorpius?” Rose hisses back. “I haven’t said anything in so long, I haven’t freaking done anything. I can’t just not say anything any longer!”

Quietly, I slip behind the book shelf on the right side of them. I’m sheltered back a huge stack of books, but now I can see them. Rose looks tired and it strikes me how vulnerable she looks while she’s so pregnant. Scorpius is backing up against another book shelf.

“I don’t understand,” Scorpius begins quietly, his brow creasing in confusion.

“Jesus, Scorpius, I’m still in love with you,” Rose whispers back angrily. The hairs on the back of my neck prickle and stand up. Scorpius looks like she’s slapped him.

“I’m – I’m with Milla, Rose,” Scorpius murmurs, frowning and shaking his head.

“I know!” Rose retorts in an exasperated tone. “And that’s my fault. Everything that has happened between us is my fault. I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything and mould you into something you’re not. But Merlin, Scorpius, you fighting back has just made me love you more.” Her voice is crackly now, like she’s trying to hold it together.

“Fuck me, Rose! Why didn’t you say anything before? When I wasn’t seeing someone else?” Scorpius says, his voice rising slightly. “You acted like you only wanted me because I was the father of your child.”

Rose looks stung but she nods. “I was a proud twat. You were on Kat’s side and I didn’t want you to be. I’m sorry I’m thrown this on you, but I had to. I couldn’t pretend anymore! It’s the whole Albus-Kat-James thing that’s brought it on. They’re all fighting for each other and doing what they have to and I’m sitting back and watching you fall for another girl. I’m not willing to do that anymore, okay? I still love you and maybe you do too. Just think back to the fight the other day-”

“He was going to hit you! And you’re carrying my baby!” Scorpius interrupts incredulously.

Rose looks disappointed but continues. “Okay, maybe you were just doing it because of that. Maybe I am making a complete tit of myself professing my love for you or whatever, but you have to know. Because even if you still stay with Milla, I want you to know that I’m still in. I can’t do this alone – and I know that I’m not – but that’s what it feels like while everyone around me is settling down. This might be really easy for you because maybe you have got over me and it’s just Milla… but, for my sake, you still have a choice to make.”

Then she gulps and turns dramatically. Rose runs out of the library, leaving Scorpius looking stunned. He leans against the precariously shaking book shelf and lets his legs give out, sliding to the floor against the aisle. His head in his heads, his pulls his legs up into a crouch and lets out a low sigh. I stay silent for a while, giving him a moment and taking everything in myself.

After about five minutes, I go round another aisle and appear, smiling cheerfully.

“Alright Scorpius?” I ask as I reach him.

Scorp jumps and then looks up. “Kat? How – how long have you been there for?”

I frown back at him. I could tell the truth, but obviously that conversation was not meant for my ears. I would be horrified if people overheard me when I’d had that talk, so I decide to lie. For his sake (as well as my own- I think Rose might murder me if she realised I eavesdropped). “I’ve just walked in, Scorpius. Took me ages to find you. What are you doing down there?”

Scorpius looks relieved and stands up, plastering a false grin across his face. “If I have to look at one more revision book, I’m going to have a mental breakdown.”

He doesn’t quite pull the casual tone off but I don’t question it. I laugh and gesture towards a table. “Can we catch up?”

“That’d be great,” Scorpius smiles properly this time and nods. “I haven’t talked to you in ages,” he says as we sit down opposite each other.

I flush slightly. The truth is, I have been avoiding Scorpius for a while now- I know that because it’s him, he’ll get what’s really bothering me out of me. As I settle into my chair and look at him, I accept the fact that he will be badger it out of me soon enough. Oddly I find I don’t seem to mind that prospect.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I murmur, shifting uncomfortably. “Things have just been… hectic.”

Scorpius nods understandingly. “I get that. That’s why I’ve been giving you space. I know everyone has probably asked you this so much you want to punch them, but how are you?”

I smile at that and he smirks back. “I’m –“ I begin, but suddenly I change my mind. “I’m not okay yet. But I’m getting there.” Scorpius nods and doesn’t say anything for a while. I’m not entirely sure what brought it on, but I can’t lie to Scorpius. For starters, he’d figure me out in a millisecond, but I’d also feel oddly guilty. Besides, if I can’t trust him, who can I trust?

“How was the funeral?” he asks me quietly. That strikes me- nobody has asked me any questions about the actual affair or even Ty- they all just mollycoddle me but leave the subject, thinking it as a touchy one. Five minutes with Scorpius and he dives right it.

“It was nice, really. Sad, but it was still a good funeral really. A little eventful…” I start but trail off quickly.

Scorpius cocks his head and raises an eyebrow quizzically. “How so?”

I’m not entirely sure why it spurts out, but it does. “Albus ended things with me.”

He doesn’t look surprised but pauses for a moment. “Rose just told me she’s still in love with me,” he says suddenly and harshly, almost competitively.

“I know,” I answer back quickly, not letting him top me.

“How?” he exclaims indignantly.

“I overheard.”

“You told me you hadn’t!”

“I lied,” I retort, smirking a little bit. He looks mildly impressed but tries to cover it with a glare. A silence settles upon us and he continues to glare and I to smirk.

“Milla told me she thinks she might be in love with me over the Easter holidays,” Scorpius cuts into the silence. 

My mouth pops open, forming a small ‘o’ shape in shock. He looks smug- he thinks he’s won!  I can’t withhold it any longer: I have to win this ‘who has it worst’ competition.

“My mum told me my dad’s name!” I hiss at him, somewhat triumphant.

“What?! Who is it?” he asks quickly. His jaw drops and he gapes at me, leaning forward in anticipation.

What I’ve just done hits me hard and the words catch in my throat. I don’t want to say it, but I have to now. And really, I do want to say it. I have to get it off my chest. “Anthony Dolohov Jr.”

A breath of a gasp escapes his throat and his fingers tense and clutch at table. Other than that, he doesn’t betray any emotion. “Are you sure?”

“One hundred per cent; she told me herself, Scorp. She doesn’t know what that name means,” I whisper back, sounding slightly frantic.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs and leans back, his eyes moving for side to side rapidly as he thinks. “Holy motherfucking shit.”

“You can’t tell anyone!” I plead quickly, leaning forward across the table. “And please don’t hate me for it.”

He frowns. “Of course I won’t! And why would I? You can’t help who your family is. A bit hypocritical from me if I did, considering who my family are.”

“My grandfather killed Remus Lupin, Scorpius,” I say back croakily, the panic I’ve been feeling over the last few days leaking out into my voice.

“And Fabian and Gideon Prewett… Well, my father was one of the main causes of Albus Dumbledore’s death, so I reckon we’re even. I’m not even considering half the crimes my grandfather committed,” Scorpius replies casually. Funnily enough, it has the effect on me that Scorpius said that to create: it does make me feel better. Of course he would understand- he has had this all his life.

“Give me two days,” he says suddenly, waking me up again. He looks very manic and awake too. “I think I recognise the name, not just because of your grandfather. Give me two days and I can find out more for you…” He stands and gathers his bag, throwing it over his shoulder. Scorpius looks at me, frowning slightly. “Don’t mention it to anyone else, Kat. Not until I’m sure…”

With that, he departs the Library quickly, leaving me to my confused thoughts. Well, I most definitely win the shittiest life award.

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Chapter 42: Talks, Shouting Matches and Tales of Fathers
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 “Could I borrow you for a moment, Miss Parker?” Slughorn calls to me in that booming voice of his as I leave his classroom. Rose looks bewildered and turns but I wave her away with a smile. I’ve got Tranfiguration next but I know Rose will explain to Chang where I am.

My stomach gives an uncomfortable lurch: the last time a teacher wanted a word with me, they informed me that my brother was dead. So you can understand my hesitation to talk to him. He gestures towards his private quarters and I follow him in, feeling very confused.

“Oh sit down, sit down!” he beams as he bustles around and fishes a huge tin of Muggle ginger biscuits from his cupboard. He takes a handful for himself in his fat fist and then waves the box to me. Gingerly (get it? Gingerly?) I take one and nibble on it as I sit on a very plush sofa. He sits in an armchair opposite me.

“You must excuse me for pulling you out of your next lesson, Miss Parker, for I know that you are a conscientious student and would hardly like being pulled out of such an important class to have to spend more time with, well, me!” he jokes and laughs loudly. I manage a weak smile.

“Well actually sir, I was wondering why you needed me… Considering you’re the Head of Slytherin and I’m in Gryffindor,” I say politely, nibbling on the biscuit again. It’s rather stale, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he stuffs several into his gob at a time.

“Of course, of course! Well I must start with offering my sincerest of apologies for the loss of your brother. Such a loss, such a loss…” he trails off, looking rather convincingly sad. I swallow hard on the last bit of biscuit. I shouldn’t have done that; the moment he realises I’ve finished, he thrusts the tin under my nose and waves it around until I take one. I make a mental note to eat this one slower.

“Thank you sir, I appreciate it,” I say in a forced tone.

He bows his head in an understanding and mildly condescending way. “Of course I completely comprehend that this time must be extremely difficult for you, especially with your upcoming examinations!” I gulp as he mentions my OWLs- the nerves are now getting pretty hard to handle. “But – how do I say this? – your brother doesn’t seem to be taking the loss as well as you evidently have; he seems to have taken the blow fairly hard.”

I frown and chew on the biscuit slowly, leaning slightly closer. “Well we both loved my brother a lot… But how do you mean?”

Slughorn pauses and takes a breath, letting it escape in a puff through a slow exhale. “Have you seen him a lot lately?”

Affronted, I glare slightly at my Professor. “Of course I have! He’s my brother!” That was the truth actually, though not so much recently. For the first day or two, he stuck to me like glue. He’d eat with me and wait outside my classes so he could walk with me. It drove me absolutely mad- I couldn’t get a free moment! I asked Rose about it and she said in that slightly annoying, know-it-all way she’s so good at,

“Well isn’t it obvious? Kat, your brother just died and he was very far away from you. Angus wants to stick with you to make sure you’re okay all the time, just in case. Just tell him that you appreciate but you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, and he’ll leave you alone a bit more. Just make sure you make an effort to see him too.”

I’d taken her advice and talked to him. He immediately gotten offended and shrugged me off, though I’d tried to make my speech as kind as possible but I suppose maybe it was a bit pompous… Well it’d had the desired effect: he left me alone. Only now he’s avoiding me again, making up excuses not to talk to me. Though Rose and Milla both have said that he does seem to be watching me more than usual, just making it less obvious.

Slughorn doesn’t look like he believes me and a slight crinkle appears in his forehead. “Hm. I suppose he must have been hiding his habits rather well…”


“Ah, well you see Miss Parker, I am very fond of your brother. Thus I have taken special interest in his wellbeing after this terrible incident. Angus seems to have turned rather…rebellious,” Slughorn begins, choosing his words in a particular manner and licking the crumbs off his fingertips. “He hasn’t been turning in his homework recently and his teachers have reported that he hasn’t been trying hard in his lessons, instead preferring to relax and talk back to teachers. He’s been given detentions for the most ridiculous of things… And earlier this week, I caught him with a pack of Muggle cigarettes.”

My jaw drops open at that. We’ve never been a smoking family, what with my mum being a dentist. I think she’d be more distraught if one of us smoked than if I got pregnant now or Angus got a girl pregnant. She has an obsession with perfect white teeth (hence the braces I had for a few months), and smoking definitely compromises that vision. She used to scare us with horror stories and disgusting pictures of smokers’ lungs and messed up teeth.

“I confiscated them of course and gave him a good few detentions… We certainly don’t tolerate that sort of behaviour here, as I’m sure you understand! But I thought that perhaps you should have a word with him?” Slughorn continues, groping around in the tin and looking distraught when all he can find is crumbs.

I nod stiffly and stand up, forcing a smile onto my face. “Thank you for telling me, Sir. I’ll talk to him soon.”

“You got a moment?” Scorpius taps me on my shoulder and I whip around to face him. Milla frowns but I shake my head at her and smile slightly, thereby promising to explain later. I turn back to Scorpius and smile my yes; he nods back somewhat grimly and together we walk to the library. We find a table right towards the back of the library, between shelves, and way away from the other library visitors so we won’t be overheard.

“This seems ominous,” I joke half-heartedly as we sit down.

Scorpius rolls his eyes at me. “I sent a letter to my father, asking about Dolohov. I made it sound like I was doing a project on the Death Eaters in the History of Magic so he was happy to help. He understands it’s a pretty awkward to learn about when we have done in the past- hey look! Your dad was a Death Eater!- so he tends to help out wherever he can,” he explains quickly. “I already had some idea who he was, but Father was able to confirm what I knew and fine-tune some of the details.”

I nod and lean back in my chair. “Okay. Lay it on me.”

Scorpius takes a deep breath and places his hands together, entwining his fingers. Then he begins.

“Antonin Dolohov Senior was one of the first and the most terrifying Death Eaters. He was part of the Dark Lord’s little gang from day one. He had a child – a boy – and named him after himself: Antonin Dolohov Junior. My father says that when he knew him, he never went by that, preferring to be called Anthony. Apparently he hated the name ‘Antonin’, so changed it just that little bit and went by Anthony instead.

Dolohov Senior was killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, after killing and severely injuring several of the Order, including Remus Lupin. Your father was imprisoned after the Battle for his name and his father’s crimes. People hated your grandfather and they wanted someone to face the consequences, and that was the only remaining Dolohov, your father.

Don’t get me wrong, he deserved it undoubtedly, just like every Death Eater. My father was very lucky to escape Azkaban- it was only thanks to Al’s dad that he did. Dolohov wasn’t that lucky. He’d been a bit of an oddball, Father tells me. Your father was only a few years older than mine, so my father knew of him. Dolohov rebelled against his father but, just like my father did, he caved. He killed, he was scarred with the Dark Mark and fought on the side. But he’d never take part in the Muggle killings they went on for fun. Your father killed a fair few, and a fair few of us too, when he had to. I’m not making excuses for him though, Kat… He was still a murderer.

But it makes sense Kat, think about it. The year you were born there was a mass Azkaban escape in the year of your birth, do you remember me mentioning it? I didn’t think it was of any relevance… Just a coincidence, you know? Anyway, he was one of those who escaped. Merlin, Al’s dad had a hard time for that. But they rounded a lot of them up quite quickly, but Dolohov and a couple of the other ones managed to avoid capture for about three years. Which fits with your and Angus’ birth.

The Death Eaters who were still on the run wanted to reunite and start a revolution. They didn’t care that their old Master was dead, they still wanted revenge. They came to my dad, you know, and asked him to join them. He refused point blank, but he had some protection so he wasn’t harmed. My dad alerted the Aurors and told them as much as he could. But that didn’t… Jesus, if only I’d known.

They went after your father to recruit him. Took a while to find him, because of where he was hidden- where they would least expect: with the Muggles. They were disgusted, of course, but were willing to forgive. He only lived with the Filth for protection. That’s what they thought anyway. But he said no to resurrecting the old times again. He’d started a new life and didn’t want to go back to the old ways. It was safer and there was no chance it would work.”

Scorpius looks up at me suddenly and he flinches, obviously recounting the rest of the story in his head.

“Go on,” I press, frowning slightly. My brain is whirring in an attempt to process all the information Scorpius has just given me. It’s giving me a rather painful headache, but I ignore it.

Scorpius closes his eyes. “I shouldn’t have started telling you, not so soon after your brother-”

“Just say it, Scorpius. They killed him, didn’t they?” I hiss harshly back.

Scorpius shakes his head slowly. He looks so sorry. “No. Death would’ve been preferable. They tortured him until… until he went mad. It wasn’t hard- they hadn’t abolished Dementor’s during his stint in Azkaban- people thought the prisoner’s deserved them. So he wasn’t quite right anyway- I’m not saying he was unstable or dangerous or anything. I’m just saying it wouldn’t have taken much to bring it all back and make him snap.” He looks at, trying to read my face. “I’ve done some research. He’s still in St Mungo’s. The Spell Damage Ward, fourth floor.”

“For fuck’s sake Angus!” I screech angrily, my shout dulled by the downpour of the rain. It’s throwing it down, but Angus and his little group of Slytherins are all cosy under a brolly, sheltering their cigarettes protectively.

Angus jumps and turns, groans when he sees me and throws his cigarette to the ground before stamping on it ferociously to put it out. Hastily, his friends follow his lead and throw their cigarettes to the ground (after taking one final drag), letting them be put out by the rain.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that! Accio!” I yell again, my voice somewhat hoarse. Cigarette packets zoom from their pockets and I catch them deftly. “I’ll be reporting you all to your Head of House, so don’t think you’ve got out of this lightly. Now get out of here!”

They all moodily slouch their ways back inside and Angus attempts to scarper, but I scream him back. Looking majorly pissed off, he waits as I march over to him.

“What are you playing at, yelling at me in front of all of my friends?” Angus roars at me, sending spit flying. I wipe it away, not that it made any difference- the raindrops are falling thick and fast across my face.

“What are you playing at, Angus? Smoking?” I retaliate in a bellow. Oh I hate it when people answer a question with another question… I’m turning into my mother.

“Oh fuck off and live a little,” Angus glares back and spits on the ground at my feet. He makes as if to turn away but my fury reaches boiling point and my hand shoves into his shoulder, sending him stumbling backwards.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me Angus! And don’t speak to me like that,” I hiss, glowering at him. He actually looks slightly scared. Not of the push- that wasn’t hard (trust me, I can do harder)- but of my face right now.

“What’s the big deal? Everyone does it now…” Angus mutters sulkily, scuffing his feet on the floor and looking anywhere but at me.

“What’s the big deal? The big deal is that smoking freaking kills, Angus! It fucking kills you! Mum would go mad if she knew-”

“But you’re not going to tell her, right?” Angus interrupts urgently.

“I have a good mind to!” I yell back. “You deserve whatever punishment you get, I mean smoking… Smoking for the love of Merlin! What were you thinking?”

“That’s the point! For once in my life, I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t thinking about what bloody perfect Tyrique would do or what wonderful Katrina would think and how mum would react. I just didn’t want to think!” Angus retorts, his face reddening in anger.

“No, the point is that you’re throwing your life away when our brother has just died Angus! You’re killing yourself and I’d do anything to give Tyrique that time!” I screech, my voice cracking in the effort of maintaining the volume.

Angus looks livid. “I get it. So what you’re saying is that you’d rather it was me in that coffin, not Ty.”

I feel like he’s slapped me. However, I still manage a scowl directed at him. “That’s not what I was saying and you know it. Our brother is dead and you’re going to go the same way!”

“How? How are a couple of cigarettes going to kill me?” Angus rolls him eyes, obviously infuriated. He stomps his foot in that childish, stroppy way.

“When you can’t kick the habit, you’ll find yourself reliant on the bloody things! Then you’ll do crap in your exams because all you will be able to think of is smoking your next cigarette. You’ll fall into the wrong crowd and end up trying Gillyweed and stupid Muggle drugs, next thing you know you’ve dropped out of school and you’re a fourteen year old body builder on steroids with no money because mum disowned you after you got yellow teeth and I’ll try to send you money every so often but you just use it to pay for your new found sweet habit (which is just to cover your excessive drug use) which eventually gives you Diabetes and you die alone… in your private gym.”

For a moment Angus just looks at me, looking quite shocked. Then his face splits open into a grin and he starts to laugh, doubled over in hysteria. Suddenly, I find myself joining him and we’re both leaning on each other for support.

“Oh my… Are you high Katrina?” Angus gasps between chokes of laughter. When he sees my face, his own face morphs into one of innocence. “Too soon?” That only leads to another fit of giggling and we both end up on the soaking floor, leaning against the floor.

“Maybe a little,” I admit, still chuckling. Absentmindedly, I lean my head against his shoulder and he leans against me.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs quietly once the laughing stops.

“S’alright,” I mutter back. “I do understand why you did it. Just don’t die on me, Gus.”

“I promise,” he whispers solemnly, the rain muffling the words. “This is hard. I never realised it was this hard. But I can’t stop thinking about him and when I do stop, I just feel guilty. Like I’m forgetting him… I feel guilty for being here, because he hated it.”

Angus has never really opened up to me before, so I’m taken somewhat by surprise. I’m touched because he has, but saddened by what he’s saying.

“He didn’t hate all of this. He loved magic: he always thought it was amazing. When he called us freaks… That was bitterness, shock. It must have been hard being a Muggle with two magical siblings and it exploded out of him after being disappointed about his dad,” I reply, not even thinking about the words I’m saying. I’m not entirely sure where they come from, or even whether I mean them, but they seem to relax him. They soothe me too. Everything I say, all I can think of is Albus as he comforted me.


“Did you ever find out who our dad is?” Angus’ sudden comment snaps me out of my reverie.

Startled, I stare at him for a moment. No, I can’t tell him- he’s not strong enough. But if I don’t tell him and he finds out, he’ll never forgive me.

I say the name before I can stop myself and before I even have time to think, I launch into the story Scorpius has just told me. Angus stays silent through the whole thing and even when I’ve finished, he doesn’t say anything for quite a while. We both stay in silence.

“Well. I suppose that explains why I’m in Slytherin- I always wondered. Now you’re the oddball,” Angus cracks a smile and smirks at me. And I can’t help but laugh.

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Chapter 43: Hiccoughs, Apocalypses and Objectifying Girls
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“Um – what?” I squawk, wide-eyed and trying to back away but he has a firm grip on me.

“HOW DO YOU SPELL HICCOUGHS?” he yells again, his eyes wild and spinning in their sockets.

Mercifully, a blonde haired Ravenclaw scuttles up to us and manages to drag Dmitriv away, murmuring in a soothing tone whilst sending hurried apologies to me. Rubbing my shoulder where he grasped me, I watch him as he is dragged away by the Ravenclaw. Dmitriv breaks down again a few metres away and collapses to the floor, praying to Merlin about how you spell hiccoughs.

Poor boy.

As I head back to the Common Room, I daydream again.

It’s not uncommon at the moment for you to have random breakdowns in the corridors. Winifred Doherty had to be taken out of Potions last week because she threatened to pour her potion over herself if Slughorn didn’t let her pass her Potions OWL without taking it. It was very dramatic when she got up on the table and started levitating her cauldron.

It was disappointing because one of the Slytherins just Stunned her and Slughorn levitated the cauldron back down to the desk. If she had poured it, it would’ve only given her some nasty boils- nothing serious- but you get the gist. Anyways, she returned to lessons the next day, looking slightly glassy-eyed after taking a soothing potion.

I mean, even Milla has been caught revising and looking frazzled. Sarah’s been looking slightly manic, hissing spells under her breath in revision. She accidentally set fire to a second year’s bag the other day. Poor child thinks Sarah’s out to get him- runs away terrified whenever he sees her now.

Rose has been awful too. I mean, not pregnant Rose before OWLs would’ve been terrifying enough… But with her pregnant…

I shudder as I sit down in the corner of the Common Room. That’s when I jolt in surprise- bloody hell, I just got back here without even realising it. Merlin, I’m sleepwalking but not! I’m awake-sleepingwalking!

Merlin, I’m tired.

The Portrait door slams open and I jump again and look up. The Fat Lady looks very frightened at her portrait being pushed open with such force, and especially scared of the person who did it. A messy-haired, very pregnant and extremely angry Rose steps into the threshold. I can’t help but gulp.

“There’s someone sat in my seat,” she hisses and everyone’s conversations are extinguished immediately, her whisper like an icy gust of wind. Her eyes scan the room, making anyone who is under her gaze squirm. It finally rests on the poor third year who’s sat in Rose’s favourite seat by the fire (it has a foot thingy so she can put up her feet- she can’t remember its name so calls it her foot thingy).

As she advances on him, he curls up slightly, protecting his vital parts. Good move, lad. Actually, no, if he was smart he would’ve scrambled out of the seat and run for his life.

“I swear to Merlin that if you don’t move in the next three seconds I will gut you like a fish with my bare hands and teeth,” Rose spits venomously and I swear I actually see her eyes flash red for a second. The boy physically leaps out of the chair in terror and runs up the stairs.

Rose smiles in that slightly maniacal way of hers and snuggles into the chair, leaning back comfortably. Cautiously, I approach her and sit opposite her.

“Hey Kat!” she smiles angelically; you wouldn’t have thought she’d verbally assaulted someone just moments before. “I heard you just got attacked by Peter Dmitriv?”

I nod. “Yeah, he’s been taken to the Hospital Wing- he had a bit of a breakdown. Something to do with hiccoughs…”

Rose pulls a scared face before settling back down and pulling out a heavy looking book on Transfiguration. She’s still convinced that she’s going to do her OWLs with the rest of us. How, I have no idea. She claims that because the baby isn’t due till the end of May, she will have done some of her exams. Plus, the first baby is usually two weeks late so she’ll have enough time to do exams before she pops out the baby.

Too many factors that could go horribly wrong.

Merlin, this month is hectic. Rose’s due date and OWLs. May is like, I don’t know, the Apocalypse.

I haven’t heard anything on Rose and Scorpius- I haven’t dare bring it up again to Scorp let alone to Rose. All I know is that Milla and Scorpius are still together and Milla and Rose still loathe each other, though they seem to have mutual respect for each other. Ah well, you can’t have it all.

“Heard anything from James yet?” Rose pipes up suddenly, looking interested.

I shake my head. “Nope, not a peep.” Which is true; I haven’t heard anything from James. He’s still avoiding me like the bloody plague. It’s pretty irritating actually, considering Albus has only just gone and buggered off.

Wait, was that bitter?

Well, the friend thing is semi-working, I suppose. We’re getting along fine, partnering each other in subjects and whatnot, but it doesn’t feel the same. And for some reason, I can’t but help feel slightly pissed off whenever I see him. I honestly can’t explain it.

But where the fuck is James? I don’t even bloody see him anymore so I can’t exactly wonder up to him and say, “CONGRATULATIONS! Albus is out of the equation so you (yes, you!) are chosen to be my new boyfriend!” and have Rose and everyone stood behind me, clapping and whooping... Have I gone to that crazy part of my head again?

Does he now even want to? Is that why he’s avoiding me?

“Huh. What a twat,” Rose answers back simply. Yep, I think that pretty much sums it up actually.

Evening passes without much else occurring. I revise Charms for an hour, taking a quick twenty minute to fetch some snacks and then return for some Potions. Then we head upstairs to the dorm to find Milla glaring at her bed.

Why is she glaring at her bed? you may ask. Well, over her bed (along with everyone else’s) are hundreds of little post-it notes and crib cards, all decorated with colourful notes on spells and potions. Everything is covered by them, even my little photograph of Tyrique on the bedside table. You can still see Ty waving madly and grinning; a little post-it is just perched on the corner of the frame so as not to obscure anything. Kind of cute, actually.

“What the fuck are these?” Milla hisses, her tone so harsh it could rival Rose’s just a few hours ago.

Rose however ignores the look, or else doesn’t notice it, and instead beams around brightly. “They’re revision notes! It’s scientifically proven that it will help us remember stuff because we’ll see them every day up to our exams! I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner- it’ll be fantastic!”

Milla looks slightly disgusted and as if ‘fantastic’ is the opposite of the word she would use right now. “Well, to be honest, I don’t particularly want to look at your stupid revision notes every day. And thanks for asking.”

Rose does look affronted this time. “I was only trying to help!”

“I don’t want, or need, you’re fucking help!” Milla interrupts, glaring at her angrily.

“Well, Kat likes them! Don’t you, Kat?” Rose shouts back and the two of them jump to face me, crossing their arms. You know, funnily enough, they are sort of similar in a way. Except for the fact that Rose is a lot brighter and Milla likes boys (a lot). But they do have the same taste in boys, and they do say that if you clash, you’re similar.

“Um,” I mutter, feeling uncomfortable. I don’t want to take sides, but if I’m honest, I do quite like the cards. I think it’s actually a good idea and probably would help me quite a lot. “I like them, I think they’ll be helpful. But you should’ve asked, Rose, especially if you were putting them near Milla’s stuff,” I say, attempting to be diplomatic.

Rose’s face flickers from triumph to looking miserable in seconds. “I was only trying to help. I thought, I don’t know, it was peace offering or-”

“What? You thought you could pull a stunt like this and I’d love you all of a sudden?” Milla barks out a laugh. Harsh, but kind of true. “You don’t even like me, why do you want to be friends?”

Rose makes a ‘humph’ sort of noise and shakes her head angrily. “I’m trying to be a good friend to Kat, Milla! She seems to like you so I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and start again with you!”

You know what? I don’t think this fight has anything to do with revision notes.

“Well I’m not!” Milla shouts, sending spit everywhere. How unpleasant. “You can shove your fucking revision notes up your fucking arse!” And she starts tearing down the revision notes and ripping them.

Oh shit, that’s the worst way to offend Rose.

“Merlin, Camilla! They’re just revision notes! Calm down!” Rose roars back, turning red. That must’ve hurt to say- I know how much they’d mean to her. Actually, shit, sassy Rose using Milla’s full name! Way to offend her

“THEY’RE SHIT REVISION NOTES!” Milla screams back and I attempt to step in, but both wave me back. That was too far, Milla. I mean, Merlin, way to kick a girl when she’s down. Insulting the revision stuff even more… I mean, wow. “GOOD REVISION NOTES DON’T TRY TO STEAL OTHER REVISION NOTES’ BOYFRIENDS!”

…Well, I was right. This is definitely not about revision notes…

Rose just gawps at her for a moment. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she says coolly, brushing away loose hairs.

“Don’t you? Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you’ve been acting with him recently. And the way you look at him and the way he looks at you!” Milla pants out, looking mad with fury.

“He was never yours to start with, Milla,” Rose answers back, still icily calm. “He’s his own person and he can make his own decisions.”

“So you’re not denying it, then? You’ve said something?” Milla says, her tone cutting. She seems to calming down a little too, oddly.

Rose looks away, calculating, for a moment. Then- “No, I’m not. I do still love him. Or whatever.”

“He’s my boyfriend!” Milla yells, losing any sense of control she had.

“He’s pregnant with my child!” Rose shouts back.

“And you think that has some sort of claim over him? You think that he’d choose you just because you’re carrying his child? Merlin, you must be fucking naïve if you believe that,” Milla spits, taking a threatening step forward.

Uh oh, cat-fight incoming!

“No I don’t think I have some sort of claim over him! I’ve given him a freaking choice and told him that I still have feelings for him? What’s the big deal? If he means he’ll be happy, what does it matter? He has a choice to make-“

“No, he doesn’t. He chose me a long time ago,” Milla says coldly.

“We’re sixteen, he can easily change his mind,” Rose retorts edgily.

“Exactly! You think that having his kid will make him stay? Fuck, think about it Weasley, give him five years and he’ll have left you and your spawn behind him and moved onto better things!”

“Milla-” I begin, losing my temper with the both finally. That was way too far, but before I can say or do anything, Rose’s wand is out and pointed at Milla, her hand completely steady. And of course, as soon as that is whipped out, Milla’s is too.

“You can’t do anything to me, Vane,” Rose smirks triumphantly, gesturing to her bulging stomach.

“Want a bet?” Milla answers back. I know that she doesn’t mean that- I know Milla would never dream of attacking a pregnant girl- and was doing it for effect, but it does sound quite threatening.

And then suddenly Rose’s wand shoots a jet of red light, but the second she does, Milla’s sends out a glowing clear light. They clash together and I duck, covering my face. A crash and a shout; I leap up again and turn. Of course it had to be my stuff they hit- my bedside table is glowing as tiny flames erupt on the table. Almost lazily, I flick my wand and put out the fire. It’s not the first time I’ve set something on fire here.

I’d laugh, but then I spot the picture of Ty. Or, what was the picture of Ty. Most of it ash now and the tiny corner that is left if curled and black. Almost as a reflex, I reach for the picture and grasp the crumbs of the photo. There is no fixing that, not even with Reparo. It was my favourite photo of him.

I almost expect the tears to prick my eyes, but instead, all I can hear is the angry thrumming in my ears. I turn around and glare at the pair of my best friends. Both look horrified and Rose has cupped her mouth with her hands.

“Merlin, Kat, I’m so sor-” Rose begins, coughing out the words.

“Don’t,” I cut in, holding up a hand. I glare at them and shake my head disgustedly. “Get your acts together, the both of you. You’re acting like pathetic twelve year olds. Rose, you messed up your chance with Scorpius and you can’t expect him to take you back when he’s moved on. But Christ, Milla, you’re acting like an idiot. If you think Scorpius doesn’t still have some kind of feelings for Rose anymore and he’ll leave her and the kid then you’ve got your head screwed on backwards,” I study them both carefully, both look shocked by my comments. “The way you’re going, Scorpius deserves better than the both of you.”

And then I stride out of the dorm, slamming the door behind me.

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER! I CAN SEE YOU!” I bellow down the corridor. James scowls and steps out from behind the column he was hiding behind the moment he saw me.

It’s the next day and I’m still in a bad mood. I’ve avoided most people, revising and working all day. Neither Milla nor Rose has tried to find me; I might have been a bit harsh with what I said… Perhaps I offended them too? I don’t regret what I said, at all. They needed to hear it. And they set fire to my favourite picture. Karma’s a bitch.

So I suppose James picked the wrong time to be caught by me.

James leans sulkily against the wall, bowing slightly so he doesn’t hit his head on a portrait of a currently snoozing old Warlock. “What do you want?” he asks moodily and folds his arms in a way that reminds me of toddler Angus when he sulked.

I roll my eyes. “Thanks for that lovely greeting James. You wouldn’t think I was your semi-girlfriend, would you?”

Now James rolls his eyes. “Semi-girlfriend? Is that the best you could come up with?”

I frown at him and then grab him by the ear lobe and drag him further down the corridor into a cubbyhole. He yelps like a freaking dog the whole time. “What else was I supposed to say? That’s what we are – or were. Where the fuck have you been, James?”

“I’ve been around,” James answers back quickly, gesturing with his hand around the corridor. He rubs his red ear gingerly with his other hand and winces a little

“Don’t be a twat, Potter. You know what I mean. Why have you been avoiding me?” I spit at him, glowering angrily. He actually shrinks back a little. Maybe Rose has been rubbing off on me recently.

“Why do you think?” he hisses back, recovering quickly and returning my glare.

“I don’t bloody know, that’s why I’m asking!” I retort, throwing my arms up in bewilderment. Then I swat him around the head.

“Ow!” James yaps again and clutches his head. “This is abuse!”

“Oh cry me a river,” I snap at him. I raise my hand again (only to point a threatening finger, I swear) but it has the desired effect and he opens his mouth to talk.

“I was angry!” James shouts, running a hand through his hair. When he sees that I’m about to say something again, he holds up a tired arm. “Don’t start. Let me finish. I was angry with myself. I’m supposed to be a good boyfriend or whatever and I can’t get you to leave the staircase. I can’t convince you to leave, whatever I say or do. And then my brother comes along and gets you in about two seconds. Why didn’t I think of fucking picking you up?”


Before I can interrupt, he continues on. “But of course, it doesn’t matter if I’d do that. You wouldn’t have let me because I’m not him. Merlin, Katrina, I’m angry at me, at you and at my freaking brother! I’m not right for you Kat and frankly, I deserve someone who loves me back.”

“I do love you James,” I say, startled.

“Not the way I want you to,” James shakes his head and stares over my head so he doesn’t have to look at me. “It’s not all your fault though, Kat,” he finally looks at me and this time his voice is a lot softer. “Sort of hypocritical of me, actually. I don’t think I love you the way I thought I did. I do love you, in a way. But I don’t love you the way you want me to, or even I want to.”

My mouth forms a small ‘o’ shape as I gawp at him, completely in shock. Well, shit.

“It was always him, Katrina. You’ve always loved Albus,” James says, with a small smile. “I couldn’t get you to move, Kat, when Ty died. Albus did. He loves you more than I do and you love him more than you love me.”

I open my mouth but I can’t think of any words to say. I want to deny it but I don’t think I can. Suddenly his words make sense and I can’t think of words that would make it better.  Finally, I croak out, “Well, what does this mean?”

James shrugs. “It means I’m ending whatever was going on between us. I am officially your ex-boyfriend. I think it’ll be for the best. And, for the record, you have my blessing to do whatever with my brother. Well, sort of. Just don’t shag him straight away, alright? At least give it a little while before you give it a go. You know, I still have a reputation to keep up.

“I’m sorry that it has to end. But I’m not sorry that we ever, you know, got together. I know I fucked things up and you did too, but I still had a good few months. So thanks,” James nods and ruffles my hair in a brotherly fashion. “And I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you when you needed me. I should’ve stuck around for that… But I’m useless in those situations and I didn’t know how to act with you. I know I am, I wish I wasn’t, but you wouldn’t have wanted me around. So, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry I wasn’t around when your brother died.”

I shrug and manage a smile. I’m still angry at him for not trying to be around me when it happened, but I can understand why. I’ll probably punch him a few more times before the month is up. But now, all I can feel is utter confusion. “It’s alright, James. Thanks for saying that though.”

He nods again at me and smiles again. Then he gives me a quick hug and departs. James looks like he has just had a huge weight lifted from his shoulders.

I turn and walk in the opposite direction, walking sluggishly and tiredly. Almost subconsciously, I grab the handle of the nearest door and step inside. I thought it’d be an empty Charms classroom and it is, but it’s not empty. Scorpius is sat on a desk facing the door. He looks surprised to see me.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, blinking quickly but making no other movement to greet me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask him, slightly childishly.

“My girlfriend and Rose are both avoiding me,” Scorpius answers my question after a moment of blinking at each other.

“James just ended things with me,” I reply and sit heavily on a desk opposite him.

He looks mildly interested and raises his eyebrows at me. “So what does that mean?”

“It means the boys I chose to be my boyfriend are fuckwits. And I’ve gone from having two boyfriends to none in a matter of weeks,” I answer back, slightly sadly.

“I think I’ve just done that, too,” Scorpius says dully. “Both bloody girls tell me they love me and I can’t say anything useful back. Merlin, why do the girls I like have to be so bloody difficult?”

Finally, what actually just happened hits me hard. I have gone from two guys to none. I have lost both brothers because they are too fucking nice and actually thought about consequences. “Seriously? Seriously? Why do both the boys I like have to be so bloody gentlemanly? WHY CAN’T THEY OBJECTIFY ME LIKE NORMAL BOYS?” I practically yell at Scorpius.

He looks bewildered and then shakes his head. “We make a pair, don’t we?”

“We do indeed,” I say, massaging my temples with my fingers. I have a headache now.

“I think you already know what you want to do about Milla and Rose,” I say quietly, still rubbing my head. A rustle tells me that Scorpius has sat up.

“What do you mean?” he asks, his voice curious.

“I think you know who you want to be with. You just need to accept that. You can hide for a couple more weeks because that’s what I’ll end up doing, so it’d be hypocritical if I told you to do anything else. But I think you know who you want,” I explain quietly and finally look at him.

He looks confused but a light in his eyes tells me that my words have made some sense. They’ve triggered a choice, whatever that means. We sit in silence for a while, both reflecting the messes we have got ourselves into. Then-

“Damn, girl, yo booty is fine.”

“What the actual fuck was that?” I look up and frown at Scorpius.

He flushes bright red and shrugs. “That was me… Objectifying you.”

And then we both burst into a very loud, and a very long fit of laughter. Because what else can you do?

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Chapter 44: Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings
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I turn and sigh when I see Rose and Milla hurrying along the corridor, clutching a package. “What?” I ask, somewhat sharply.

“Take out the stick that’s rammed up your arse, Kati,” Milla rolls her eyes and I can’t help but snort. “We’ve come to apologise.”

“Yes, we have,” Rose says, looking reproachfully at Milla. “I thought we could say it in a nicer way, but there we go. We wanted to say sorry about the fight and for ruining that picture.”

“We promise,” Milla begins after Rose prods her painfully. “That we’ll try to get along better from now on. For your sake, and probably for our own health too.”

I smile at Milla’s words. “You don’t have to force yourselves to like each other, you know. It’d be nice if you could but I don’t mind. Just don’t jump down each other’s throats so much.” Both girls look very relieved by that- at least they now don’t have to pretend to get along all the time. “And I’m sorry that I said those things to you. Though you probably deserved to hear them.”

At the mention of this, both girls look uncomfortable. My guess is that they decided not to talk about the whole Scorpius thing, but I’ve just brought it up. Oops.

“S’alright,” Rose manages to shrug after a quick glance at Milla. “You’re right- we did deserve to hear it.”

“But anyway,” Milla cuts in quickly and brandishes the package. “Rose wrote to your mum and we got another picture. We got it framed and everything, so here you go. We’re sorry for wrecking the picture in the first place, but we thought a replacement would be nice. Rose did a fancy spell and made it move like the old one used to.”

Rose looks complimented and surprised that Milla has actually admitted that Rose did a lot of the work. I suppose she thought Milla would try to take more of the credit. “It was Milla’s idea,” Rose blurts out suddenly, looking shocked at herself. Milla does too and smirks slightly.

I smile at the exchange and take the parcel. I nod to them both and say my thanks. I’m touched that they thought to replace it- I just thought that they’d apologise, not go to the extent of writing to my mum and everything…

“Come on then, we’re meeting Sarah for dinner,” Milla informs me, clearing her throat awkwardly. We all set off towards the Great Hall and meet Sarah, who can’t stop smiling at the fact that Milla and Rose are attempting to play nice. I wonder how long it will last…

Charms. Another writing exam; I’ve had my Transfiguration written essay and practical as well as my Defence written. Transfiguration was tough, but I reckon I did fairly well. Fortunately, Rose had decided to go psycho the night before and made us go over literally everything, especially the Gemino Curse which was one of the hardest and biggest questions of the paper.

 This should be okay- I’ve revised a lot and I’m good at Charms (thanks to my years sat next to Rose). I fiddle with my quill as I stare at first question but instead of thinking back to when we did the Levitation Charm (I mean, come on, Wingardium Leviosa- it’s easy), all I can think of is of the Spell Damage Ward, fourth floor.

Really, brain, now? Now is when you have to freak out about your father?

Reluctantly, I push the thought out of my head and start writing. I manage to get through the paper, answering most questions relatively well and stabbing a guess at a fair few. The thought of my father is still playing at the back of my mind and it gets harder to concentrate as the test goes on. I now I could’ve answered a few questions much better if I could just think. That thought panics me a little more- I have to concentrate!

All too soon, Professor Flitwick signals that time is up and he snatches our papers away with a flick of his wand. Everyone leaves the Hall chattering loudly, all discussing the answers and how they thought they did. Rose makes a beeline towards me (yes, she’s still planning on doing her OWLs, despite thorough talks with Flitwick and Longbottom) and grins.

“That went well don’t you think? I quite enjoyed that, you know. I thought some of the questions were pretty interesting,” Rose tells me, smiling broadly and looking happy with herself. “The baby drove me mad though – kept bloody kicking me every thirty seconds. It’s really distracting. And I’ve been bursting for a wee for ages… My back kills from the bloody chairs- the desks don’t have enough space for my bump,” Rose continues, whinging and rubbing her stomach anxiously.

I pat her on the back sympathetically but only half-heartedly.

“I think I definitely could have answered question ten better, but I just spent so much time on six, I ran out of time. I hope I explained the Cushioning Charms well enough…” Sarah walks into our conversation and joins, biting the inside of her cheek anxiously. Rose smiles encouragingly at her; she’s taken a liking to Sarah and is really making an effort to show that she can like at least one of my new friends. Besides, they have a lot in common and like talking me through tests afterwards. It’s horrifically boring.

“I bet you have done brilliantly, Sarah, you always do,” Rose tells her and Sarah relaxes. If Rose Freaking Weasley tells you that you’ll do fine, you will.

“Well, we could definitely get an hour of revision before lunch and then maybe another one before the Practical this afternoon…” Sarah adds and Rose nods in agreement.

“Um, yeah sure,” I mumble, hardly listening. “Look, I want to go and talk to Longbottom about my Herbology… I’ll meet you in the Library, yeah?” I lie through my teeth but the two accept it with any opposition- they know that I love Herbology so wanting to go through something, just in case, is quite believable.

I hurry to the Greenhouses where I know the Professor will be pottering around. He does have his own office back in the castle, but he often prefers to spend any free time caring for his plants. I can see his shadow as he tends to a particularly large Flitterbloom. I’ve always liked that plant.

Tentatively, I knock on the door though there’s not much need- he can see me. Even so, he jumps at my knock and smiles widely, beckoning me in. I enter and return his smile.

“Nice to see you here, Katrina!” Longbottom beams as he scuttles towards me. “I’ve just received a new plant, imported from Sweden… You’ll like this one…” he beckons me further into the greenhouse and I follow him, intrigued. He gestures towards a large, flowering plant which even from this distance, smells incredibly sweet. “Anjelica!” He explains proudly. “Now don’t get too close because – well I sure you know.”

“Anjelica is one of the main herbs used in Amortentia, the love potion, because of its incredibly sweet smell. Mixed with Amortentia’s other ingredients, it can be manipulated to give off any smell. If you get too close to it without wearing nose plugs and smell it, it can make you go insane,” I recite quickly, thinking back to what I’ve just been revising for both Potions and Herbology.

Longbottom nods in approval and his eyes twinkle. “I’ll give you five points to Gryffindor for that, even though we’re not in lessons. I’m going to re-pot them all and see if I can grow a couple more… Might use it as a treat for next year if I can get enough, and Professor Slughorn will be grateful- he can use it to whip up some Amortentia for his opening NEWTs lessons… Makes it more potent if they’re fresh, which is hard to do because they’re often imported…” He rambles on happily, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

I’m happy to listen to him for a while; I find it rather soothing. All of a sudden, he snaps out of his daydream. “I shouldn’t ramble so much, sorry Katrina. I suppose you came to see me for a reason?” He asks kindly and gestures to one of the stools by the huge practical tables.

As I sit, I take a breath. “I can’t concentrate.”

Longbottom frowns and perches on a stool slightly clumsily and looks at me in concern. “How do you mean?”

“I can’t concentrate in my exams and I really need to concentrate in my exams if I’m going to get the results I need,” I continue, talking quickly. “I want to think about stupid Charms and Spells, but all I can think of is Antonin Dolohov.”

Longbottom looks utterly bewildered at my words. He opens his mouth and lets out a few jumbled words in confusion. I suddenly realise that, to him at least, I’m talking complete nonsense.

“Junior. Antonin Dolohov Junior, if that makes it any easier,” I elaborate but he still looks very nonplussed. “He’s my father,” I add, trying to sound as offhand as I can.

Longbottom lets out a low whistle. “I didn’t know… I – are you sure?”

I just stop myself from rolling my eyes. “Yes, I’m sure,” I say, slightly too curt for talking to a teacher, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

“That’s a bit of a shock,” he admits, cupping his hands together and leaning back slightly (only to straighten up quickly again when the stool wobbles precariously). “I can’t say I imagined you as a child of a Dolohov.”

“It was a bit of a shock for me too,” I smile slightly and he chuckles a little. “I suppose you know his story, Sir?”

Longbottom nods slowly. “I – well, yes, I do. You do know that-”

“That he’s in the Spell Damage Ward? Yeah, I do,” I interrupt quickly. He looks relieved- I suppose he didn’t want to have to explain that my dad’s insane, especially after he had to tell me that my brother is dead.

“Well good – well not good that he’s in… But I’m glad you know,” he blusters on, and trails off lamely. “I’ve seen him when I’ve been visiting my parents.”

I wince slightly at that mention. Even though that was the reason I came to him (of course, he is my Head of House and one of my favourite Professors), it still is quite unpleasant to have to make him bring it up. “Of course… Well, that’s sort of why I came to you. I have to see him, Sir. Now. I can’t stop thinking about him- I want to see what my Father looks like. I haven’t been completely focused on my exams and I have to be dedicated, Sir, so I have to see him.” I let a little bit of panic leak into my voice then.

Professor Longbottom looks slightly pained and I can almost hear his thoughts. He’s arguing with his sensible Professor thoughts and his sympathetic’ I’ve-been-through-the-same-thing’ thoughts. Finally, he seems to come to a conclusion. “You want to see him today?”

Taken somewhat by surprise by his willingness so quickly, I nod. “Yes Sir.”

He sighs and nods. “Your next exam isn’t till this afternoon is it? Well, we could definitely go for a few hours now. I’ll take you- I’m due for a visit soon. Hannah will be mad that I went without her- she loves visiting… They do get along,” Longbottom rambles again as he stands up and bustles about, putting away odd bits and bobs. It’s funny hearing him refer to his wife and family. I’m still always shocked that teachers have actual lives, even though I’ve seen him at Wotter parties many times. And of course there’s Teddy, but it’s still weird.

“Come on, then,” he says somewhat briskly. He gestures towards the door and we both hurry out and up the pathways to the Castle. “If Professor Flitwick asks, this was for educational needs… If it will benefit your exam results… And of course he should make an exception for family visits since your brother… How is your mother, by the way?”

Struck suddenly by the particular question and the caring, concerned tone behind it, I falter for a moment. “She’s alright thank you, Sir. She’s still finding it hard – felt guilty for letting him go off and everything – but she’s recovering. We all are.”

The softness in my Professor’s face and voice is touching but also slightly disconcerting. “I’m glad that you all seem to be handling it well. It does get easier, you know. You are hit by moments – sudden flashes, you know – but it becomes easier to control and handle. Eventually, the memories will be a nice feeling- not a horrible thought that makes you grieve.” I look up at him in surprise but he continues looking straight ahead and walking. He will understand- he’s a survivor of the Battle of Hogwarts, so he will obviously have felt loss.

“Meeting your father won’t be easy,” he tells me quietly as we reach his office and he pushes open the door. “That part, the shock of seeing them in the state they are in, doesn’t get any easier. But you do get more used to it. Especially with your father’s history… It will be hard. But if you think you are ready, then I am willing for you to meet him…

“Now, we’re Flooing there. I trust that you understand the Floor network?” he asks me quickly and I answer him with a nod. He smiles and bends down to grab a pot of Floo powder before handing it to me. With a flick of his wand, the fireplace begins to crackle pleasantly. “Ladies first!”

I step into the fireplace and throw down some Floo powder. “St Mungo’s!” I yell and hope to Merlin that I said it clear enough as I whizz down the grates. In a matter of minutes, I fly out of the grate and struggle to my feet. Yep, definitely St Mungo’s. The gleaming white walls blink at me in the light and I’m pushed to one side by the bustling crowd who file into the reception area and hurry away to particular wards.

I leap forward as Professor Longbottom tumbles out, looking about as graceful as I bet I did. He brushes away most of the dust and leads me to the reception area. A welcome witch is directing an old man towards to the Dangerous Dai Llewellyn Ward (for serious creature induced injuries). He limps off, clutching his foaming yellow hand. Tanya (the welcome witch- she has a bright badge with her name on) stares after him in disgust. When she sees me, she sighs and beckons me forward, but then she spots Professor Longbottom. She plasters a horribly bright smile across her face and her eyes widens.

“Why hello there! How may I help you this beautiful day?” she exclaims cheerfully, her gaze resting on Sir. He blushes slightly under her gaze.

“It’s hail-stoning,” I mutter and gesture towards the windows. Her smile falters for long enough to send me a death glare.

“Yes well! Now, where are you headed?” Tanya moulds her face back into the scarily happy expression.

“Spell Damage,” Longbottom murmurs, still blushing. “To see Alice and Frank Longbottom, as well as Antonin Dolohov. I’m Neville Longbottom and this here is Katrina Parker.”

“Of course! I’ll put you into the database now!” she says with a glowing smile. She scrawls our names down onto a huge piece of parchment. Ah- they must have to write down everyone who visits that ward, with such particular patients in there. “Now is this your first time here? I’m happy to direct you to the right place if you need me to take you to the ward!”

Someone’s bloody keen. Perhaps it’s a good thing that Mrs Longbottom didn’t come with us.

“No, no,” Longbottom smiles politely. “I’ve been several times before. I know the way; we just needed to sign in. Thank you for your help!”

Tanya’s face falls as we stride away quickly. I can’t help but chortle but I’m silenced by a quick look from the Professor. Yep, definitely not mentioning that to Mrs Longbottom next time I see her.

We walk at a brisk pace to the ward, practically jogging up the stairs. When Longbottom knocks on the door (it has to be kept locked at all times), I am suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of guilt and fear. Should I have brought Angus? Or Mum? No, this is something I want to do on my own. Angus, after our conversation the other week, has already made it clear that he doesn’t want to have to deal with that yet. He’s not ready.

And mum? No, not yet. I think that would break her, especially after Ty. Not yet, but one day maybe.

The fear is my primary emotion. I should’ve planned what I want to do, want to say. How do I react? Do I talk to him? Can he even talk? A thousand questions whirl around in my mind and are all shut off when the Healer swings open the door. We’re here- we’re in the Spell Damage Ward (well the Janus Thickey Ward to be exact- for long-term patients) and I’m about to see my father.

The Healer beams happily and lets us in. “Mr Longbottom and Miss Parker, yes? I got the message that you’d be here! Excellent timing- they’ve just got back from one of the group activities we do…” He chats away happily and we follow him further into the ward. It’s almost childlike the way it’s set out: it’s bright and colourful, like a children’s ward. Then I realise that the patients are practically children- most of them here have to be re-taught how to write, walk, speak… Others can’t feed themselves and many can’t even remember who they are. They are like children.

“So who are you visiting today?” he turns to me. “Mr Longbottom, your mother is just at the bed at the end,” he adds to Longbottom who doesn’t leave immediately. He sends me a look but I simply shrug- I’d rather he wasn’t there to watch my every move. Even though I know it’s supposed to be comforting, I think I’d feel somewhat pressured having him there. With a small smile, he leaves and heads towards his mother’s bed.

I cough awkwardly. “Oh, um, Antonin Dolohov,” I mutter, looking down at the ground. I’m horrified by the fact that I feel ashamed that I’m asking for Dolohov.

The Healer looks surprised and his eyebrows rise upwards, but he doesn’t look like he’s judging.  He recovers and smiles again. “Anthony doesn’t tend to have any visitors, so it’s lovely that you’re here! May I ask what relation you are to him? You must understand that with certain patients, we have to be particularly careful.”

I nod in understanding. “You mean because he was a Death Eater? In case anyone tries to murder him in revenge, right?” I ask him shortly. The Healer looks surprised again but nods curtly after a moment of consideration. “I’m his daughter so I’m not going to murder him.”

The Healer smiles slightly at my bluntness but looks like he believes me. “He looks like you,” he says and I don’t know whether I appreciate that. “He doesn’t remember anything about his life, Miss Parker, I hope you realise that. So I hope you won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t recognise you as the likelihood will be that he won’t know he even has a daughter or a family. We won’t introduce you as a daughter, just have a chat.”

“I knew that, I don’t expect anything. I just want to see him,” I answer back quietly.

The Healer nods. “Well, after you’ve met him, could you write down some personal information- where to find you and your family? Just so we have some emergency contacts- it’d be wonderful to get that information after so long.”

“I didn’t know he was my father,” I say suddenly, feeling slightly guilty suddenly. “I only found out recently. And my mother’s a Muggle, so she had no idea about any of this.”

“I understand. I’m not blaming you at all,” the Healer smiles kindly.

Before I can say anything to that, he leads me to a bed to the back of the ward, on the right. The curtains are drawn around it so the Healer pops his head around it before I do. He tells him that he has a visitor and then opens the curtain a little more so I can step in.

Dolohov is sat up in bed reading. I don’t know why that shocks me but it does- it’s somewhat of a comfort that he can read. He looks at me blankly with eyes that are completely empty. With a jolt, I realise that they are very like Angus’- the same hazel colour with flecks of blue and green. They’re exactly the same shape though- quite big and wide. But Angus’ are filled with life, Dolohov’s are dark and hollow.

His hair isn’t anything like either of ours- black in colour and wavy. My mother’s hair is brown and straight, so I suppose that that must be where we get it from. It’s cut tidily and short though- obviously the hospital does pay to keep their patients with good hygiene.

“Hello,” he says suddenly. His voice is deep and gravelly. Somewhat croaky with the lack of use I think. But I’m relieved to hear him speak- we can talk. I don’t just have to make awkward conversation about whatever book he’s reading- maybe he can talk back too and make conversation.

“Hello,” I say back quietly and step forwards more. I nearly say ‘hello dad’, but then I remember what the Healer said. The word ‘dad’ sounds foreign though, even in my head. The man in front of me and the word ‘dad’ don’t seem to connect. I’ve never known this man, or a father.

He sits up though, looking more eager. He never has guests. He doesn’t get to talk to new people. This must be a treat.

“You go to Hogwarts,” he says, pointing at my robes. Merlin, I forgot I was wearing these! What must people think? I’m surprised to hear that he knows or remembers about Hogwarts, but he answers that question before I can even ask it. “Mr Longbottom is a teacher there. I heard him telling Alice about it. He talks about plants.”

He is quite childlike with the way he talks: observations in short sentences but interested in everything.

“You have my nose,” he says very suddenly and bluntly. It doesn’t sound like him for a moment and I frown at him. He frowns too and looks quite surprised at himself.

I touch my nose absentmindedly and look at him. We do, I realise. We both have the slight upturned nose but with the bump as it slopes down. I know that’s quite a common nose but it’s a comfort. I hadn’t seen any of myself in him, but now I have some sort of connection to him.

I sit down at the chair next to his bed after a nod of encouragement from the Healer. Dolohov - dad – strikes up another conversation about another patient in the ward. He switches very easily, becoming distracted quickly and changes the topic frequently.

But I don’t mind: it’s interesting to finally meet him.

I have his nose.

“Where have you been?” Scorpius whispers to me quickly. We’re all queuing for the Charms practical now, waiting for our names to be called. This has to be the worst part- I know once I get in there I’ll be fine. It’s the waiting that makes me nervous.

“I went to see my dad,” I tell him quickly under my breath.

Scorpius gapes at me and raises his eyebrows. “Seriously? How did you swing that one?”

I shrug. “Yes, seriously. I spoke to Longbottom and he took me. He didn’t even take that much convincing.”

Scorpius looks mildly impressed and incredibly curious. “How was it? Was he… You know?”

I chew on the inside of cheek, muddling over how to put it. “He’s like a kid again. He drifts easily but he can hold his own in a conversation. But he wouldn’t be able to look after himself. Apparently he has… episodes… when the nightmares come back. But it was good to see him. I feel better now.”

Scorpius nods slowly and smiles a little. “That’s good to hear. I’m glad he’s not too bad. And I’m always here to drag along if you need someone to go with you.”

“Thanks, Scorpius,” I murmur back, really meaning it. It’s funny- he really has become a good friend. I frown and look over the crowd, spotting most of my friends who all look terrified. But no red curly hair… “Where’s Rose?”

Scorpius frowns too and gazes over the crowd. “Well, she’s not here. Actually, I meant to tell you about that. I think she might’ve seen sense about doing her exams now. I think the stress was really getting to her- exams aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world to sit through when pregnant. She seemed to be reconsidering doing them all- I reckon she might’ve spoken to Flitwick. She’ll probably sit out of the rest of the exams.”

I nod back and roll my eyes. “About bloody time! Thank Merlin she’s seen sense. She’s due in a week- it’s ridiculous that she’s still even in school.”

Scorpius starts to say something, but our conversation is interrupted by a call of, “Malfoy, Scorpius!”

He visibly pales, but I shove him forward with a clap on the back. “Get gone, Malfoy. Just don’t levitate the examiner.”

Scorpius snorts at me and enters the Hall to complete his exam. He doesn’t come back out of course- he comes out the other side so we can’t ask him any questions. I hope he’s done well… I’m sure he will have.

I stand with Albus for a while since we’re so close together in the register. It’s become easier between us now, though I feel slightly more awkward. James broke up with me so I could date this bloody boy after this bloody boy dumped me so I could dump James. What do I do with that?

After eternity has passed by, my name is called out and I enter the Hall. I head straight to an examiner called Tofty, an ancient doddery bloke who looks about ready to drop off in his chair right there and then. Everything goes well apart from my colour change spell (apparently it should have been plum and mine was more aubergine). Tofty seemed nice enough though and waved me off looking quite happy with me.

I felt an odd sense of clarity through the exam and I felt a lot calmer. I think my trip really did take a lot of my mind. I could make my egg cup do cartwheels very easily without any hesitation.

Scorpius is waiting for me on the other side which is nice of him. He starts talking me through his exam. Apparently Violet (the girl next to him) completely lost it and-

“Mr Malfoy!” Chang’s voice interrupts his anecdote and we both turn. She looks rather flustered. “Oh and you Miss Parker, I suppose you’ll be needed. You need to come with me now, if you don’t mind. Miss Weasley has gone into labour.”

Well, shit.

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Chapter 45: Bickering, Births and Long Nights
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 “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Scorpius whispers under his breath on repeat. He sounds like a song stuck on repeat. I’m fairly sure that Chang can hear him but she doesn’t seem to mind. “This is not happening, this is definitely not happening.”

“Well,” I say quietly. “At least it’s the weekend tomorrow. You won’t have any exams until Monday.”

The look on his face tells me quickly that that was not the most comforting thing to say. Oops. In my defence, I’m trying not to hyperventilate too.

“I need my books!” Scorpius stops dead and yells suddenly.

Chang jumps and stops too before turning to face him. “What do you mean?” she asks, completely bewildered.

“My birthing books! I need them! I have to have them!” Scorpius yelps, breathing way too fast and shallow.

On a whim, I grab his shoulders and stand on my tiptoes so I can be in his direct eye-line. “You don’t need those books, Scorpius. You’ve got them memorised anyway, you’ve read them that much. You can do this! You’re ready, you’re prepared. Now get yourself together, Malfoy, because you can freaking do this,” I tell him, trying not to blink as I stare him out. His breathing slows slightly after a moment and then he blinks hard and rubs his eyes.

“You’re right. I can do this. Now let’s go to the Hospital Wing so we can get this done,” Scorpius switches into stealth mode and begins to speed walk ahead of us, face set and determined.

Chang blinks and looks at me in shock. She looks rather impressed with me actually, but I just shrug and follow Scorpius.

We reach the Hospital Wing very quickly and burst in, half-expecting to see Rose in the middle of pushing a baby out of her you-know-what. But we don’t see that at all: it’s empty.

“Where’s Rose?” Scorpius shouts, his voice several octaves higher than usual. Mercifully, Madam Pomfrey appears and scuttles towards us, looking rather hassled.

“Ah we’ve found you! Miss Weasley has gone straight to St Mungo’s – now don’t look like that, you won’t have missed a thing! Her waters only broke a few hours ago so it’ll be a while yet,” she explains to us quickly.

“How did she get to St Mungo’s?” I ask, confused.

“Why didn’t you get us earlier?” Scorpius asks angrily at the same time.

“She Floo’d there,” Madam Pomfrey answers my question first. When she sees my face (that clearly says ‘THAT’S DANGEROUS!’) she continues with a sigh. “She took a special Floo powder that means she travels much more slowly. Apparition would be far too dangerous and obviously she couldn’t drive, so she Floo’d there. Many mothers do it to get to St Mungo’s.”

She then turns to Scorpius. “We didn’t get you earlier at Miss Weasley’s request. She didn’t want to interrupt you during your exam and we all quite agreed. If anything vaguely important had happened, we would have of course come and collected you. But now you have completed your Charms OWL and you haven’t missed a thing, so I think that’s a success, wouldn’t you say?” Madam Pomfrey adds drily.

Scorpius glares and obviously disagrees but I shrug in understanding.

“Now, you two can Floo straight to the hospital if you’ll follow me to my office,” Pomfrey continues and leads us through a door. Chang wishes us good luck before leaving the Hospital Wing.

Flooing there and asking the Welcome Witch (thankfully it’s not Tanya) about Rose’s ward all passes in what feels like seconds. It’s all happening so fast- a few minutes and Rose will have a baby!

“I’ve been here twice in one bloody day,” I grumble as we hurry to Rose’s ward. Why does a Maternity Ward have to be up so many bloody stairs? Where’s the sense in that?

“I am going to murder her! She should’ve got me straight away!” Scorpius seethes under his breath and mostly ignores me.

Finally we reach the ward and burst in, panting heavily (we ran at full pelt the whole way). A Healer greets us and introduces herself as Healer Whicker and smiles too much for someone who has to look at other women’s bits every day.

“You must be here for Miss Weasley!” she beams and she gestures towards Rose’s little room on the ward. We practically throw ourselves through the door, again expecting to see Rose is the stirrups, red-faced and about to push.

And we’re wrong again.

Rose puts down her book as we burst in and she raises her eyebrows at us. “About time! I’ve been waiting for you! How did your Charms exam go?”

We both gape at her and at her mother who is sat next to her, knitting. Hermione stops us from answering the question by standing up and running at me, enveloping me in a huge hug.

“How are you Katrina? I visited your mother the other day and I’ve been writing to her as often as I can. I trust Rose has been taking good care of you?” Hermione says shrilly in my ear, talking rapidly.

My mind goes blank and I just open and close my mouth like a fish. “Shouldn’t you be pushing, Rose?”

Both Hermione and Rose laugh; Rose sort of chuckles but Hermione full on snorts. Well, now I know where Rose gets her lady-like manners from.

“Kat, it takes time you know! Takes hours to actually go into labour! I’m just in the beginning stages at the moment. Bloody – sorry mum – uncomfortable but not ready yet,” Rose informs me calmly. She shifts awkwardly and winces. “It just feels like a very powerful kick at the moment.”

“You’re acting very calm,” I note and Scorpius nods, still looking very dazed.

Hermione snorts again and goes back to her knitting after giving me another quick squeeze. “She’s mostly been going on about missing her Charms exam.”

“If the baby had stuck to the schedule,” Rose begins through gritted teeth, “I could’ve timed everything perfectly.”

Hermione rolls her eyes. “Darling, it’s an unborn baby. It can’t stick to a schedule!”

“Pah!” Rose sighs and folds her arms in irritation. “Tell me about your exam to cheer me up, will you?”

Scorpius sighs and sits on the end of her bed. He launches into how his exam went and I prepare myself to be grilled.

This all seems very easy, if I’m honest. I thought it was all supposed to bloody and filled with screaming? This isn’t too bad, at all! I could do it, I mean –

“FUCKING HELL!” Rose shouts again and paces around the room. Her face is beetroot red and her hair is everywhere. “FUCKETY FUCK!”

Hermione doesn’t even try to reprimand her daughter for swearing. She just sits on the edge of the bed, looking exhausted.

I need another break with Ron in the canteen. Over the last few hours, he’s been hid in there, eating his way through every meal the staff can provide. He’s nervous apparently.

It’s five in the morning. Five in the fucking morning. She went into labour at about two in the afternoon yesterday. That’s eleven hours and it’s not even reached its peak yet. It’s hardly half way through it apparently. Hermione says that it took thirty-six hours to have Rose. My mum went into labour on the Monday and didn’t have me until the Wednesday. Bloody Hell.

 I don’t know how much longer any of us can take. No-one has slept (apart from when we occasionally lose consciousness and slide to the floor, but that doesn’t count) and it’s showing.

The Wotter clan stampeded into hospital during visiting hours yesterday but were all forced home by the terrifying Nurses of this ward. I think they were a bit disappointed by the fact that Rose didn’t have half a head sticking out of her yet so decided to come back at the earliest time they can tomorrow- or today. I was going to go, but Rose insisted that I stay. So I did.

At first it was quite fun: I got to grill lots of Healers about their job which was interesting and useful, since I want to do Healing. But I asked all the questions I needed to and we all ate and then had a brief (a very brief) nap and it was still only a few hours in. Only a couple of centimetres dilated apparently, so she’s got a while to go yet.

Rose is becoming increasingly more irritable but otherwise is obviously really trying. She’s been pacing a lot because Healer Whicker says it often helps. Between cramps, Rose is alright- a little moody but you can talk. But as each wave of contraction comes over her, she loses it a little more. Rose crawls back into bed and pushes Scorpius out (he was napping).

“I’m a teenaged boy. I need at least twelve hours sleep every night,” Scorpius whines as he lands on his arse.

“Well I’m in labour so I top your teenaged boy complaints,” Rose snaps and snuggles up, shutting her eyes forcefully. I think she thinks that if she drops off, she might just sleep through the whole thing.

Hey, that’s not a bad idea. I’m a deep sleeper.

Rose has reached the ‘active labour’ stage. Four centimetres dilated which means things are really getting going.

All that means to me is more moaning and shouting.

And even less sleep.

She’s moodier now. Scorpius is too. He keeps sassing out on me and complaining about the littlest of things.

“The walls are too white. How can something be that white?”

“I hate the orange wall on the other side. What a stupid colour. Orange. Stupid.”

“The window’s too small. I feel claustrophobic.”

Rose has joined in too, now. She’s started complaining about the bed now.


So I lost it and shouted at her. Hermione had gone for a bathroom break so it was okay. I don’t think she would have minded anyway- she looked close to just Accio-ing the baby. Rose just stared at me and I thought she was going to flip out and yank the baby out of her hoo-ha and chuck it at me. In the end she just shrugged.

“The bed is not what is making you uncomfortable Rose,” Scorpius tells her for the hundredth time. “It’s the freaking baby that is head-butting its way out of you right now.”

The Wotters have arrived which is not helping things in terms of Rose. It’s nice to have someone to talk to for the rest of us, but it’s stressing Rose out. She finds it all very patronizing (everyone keeps adopting their very ‘we know what you’re going through’ voices and expressions- which is ironic, because they really don’t. Even the adult women who do have children don’t really- they weren’t teen mothers) and keeps yelling at people. If Rose has any friends by the end of this, it’ll be miraculous.

I think Rose is feeling more pressured to actually pop the baby out now. She just wants to get it out and it’s taking a bloody long time. Plus she looks awful now and she’s feeling oddly self-conscious.

“Giving birth is kind of disgusting,” I whisper to Scorpius. We’re sat outside the room (we’re on our break) and we’re leaning against the cool wall. I have no energy to smile or make polite conversation.

“Even the books don’t tell you how gross it is,” Scorpius agrees. “Why is something so great so… yuck?”

I shrug but regret it almost instantly- that was too much movement. Bloody hell, if I’m tired from shrugging, how is Rose supposed to push a baby out? “It’s not like this in the Muggle films. It’s a bit of screaming, a push and then a perfect looking baby. I mean, in reality, there’s so much goo and…” I trail off, shuddering slightly. Rose isn’t even supposed to scream- she’s supposed to grunt or whatever instead. Apparently screaming doesn’t help. So there you go.

“Well the Healers are doing a good job,” Scorpius adds, trying to lift things. It’s true; all the Healers have been rushing about delivering about a dozen babies but never failing to keep an eye on Rose. They’ll rush in, have a chat and maybe examine her before waving their wands and tidying the room up again.

It’s a wand prohibited area (excluding the Healers and Nurses). Apparently there’s been a few ‘incidents’ in the past… Well, I have to agree. I wouldn’t like to let Rose have a wand right now- she might murder me to get out some of her anger and frustration. I wouldn’t even trust myself in case I lost it and set something on fire.

“Wake me up when the baby’s born,” I yawn and lean on Scorpius, closing my eyes.

Twenty-eight hours.

She’s about eight centimetres dilated so that means it’s very nearly go-time. Finally.

“How can your… you know… stretch that big?” Dom asks me, slightly absentmindedly. The six of us are sat outside the room now, all waiting for the call. Only Scorpius and I are allowed in as well as Hermione. She doesn’t want anyone else which I can understand. I wouldn’t want everyone to see me exposed like that.

Scorpius, Albus and James all wince. Hugo shudders dramatically and mutters, “I really don’t want to think about my sister’s privates, thanks very much!”

Dom rolls her eyes in an exhausted sort of way. “I never said it was your sister’s bits, did I? I just mean in general.”

“I have no idea,” I answer tiredly but honestly. “Bit mental actually. But everyone’s does. Pings back to normal.”

“Ping,” Dom repeats dazedly and starts to doze off on James’ shoulder. He lets her but still looks slightly disgusted.

“How is she so tired?” Scorpius asks moodily. “She got to go home and sleep. We haven’t! I’ve had one hour of sleep in the last twenty-eight hours.”

“None of us really slept when we went home,” Albus yawns and stretches. “We all stayed awake together, in case of any developments.”

I can’t help but stare at him now. I have no energy for sense. I want to know if he knows that James broke everything off. Does he know and hasn’t done anything about it? Or has James refrained from telling him so I can myself?

Things are still a little tense between me and James, actually. I think he finds it awkward and is avoiding me, for whatever reason. I’m still a little pissed off actually; now I’ve got over the fact that he broke everything off, I’m angry because he left it that long and was a bit of a dick about the whole dead brother thing. Even though he apologised.

I’m overtired, emotional and a generally bitter person, okay? That excuses everything.

Albus absently passes me a piece of Honeyduke’s chocolate before breaking off another piece for Scorpius and James. James and Albus seem to be acting normally with each other. I wolf the chocolate down hungrily, thinking about the whole predicament.

“Who’s going to be the godparents?” James asks suddenly, his voice slightly hoarse from fatigue.

“Me,” Dom murmurs out of her stupor and then drifts off again.

We all raise our eyebrows at her. “Well I’m not sure I trust half-dead Dom’s judgment,” Hugo chuckles. “All I know is that it’s not me, right Scorpius? I asked Rose not to.”

I turn to Hugo then. “How come you asked not to be?” I ask in surprise.

Hugo shrugs. “Well I guessed that she’d do it out of duty almost. But I’m too young and besides, I don’t know if I even want kids of my own, let alone someone else’s.”

“You won’t always be young,” Albus says wisely and a little obviously. “You won’t actually have to do anything, hopefully. You just have to buy him or her extra nice gifts for its birthday.”

“Yeah,” Hugo allows but continues. “But this is Scorpius and Rose’s baby we’re talking about. They’ll end up murdering each other and then I’ll be stuck with baby. Or else, knowing our luck, it’ll be the next Voldemort, and who wants to be the godfather of Voldemort?”

We all burst out laughing at that but Scorpius pretends to look slightly offended. “How come it’s my kid that turns evil?” he asks and we all chuckle a little more at that. “Besides, it’s Kat and Albus. Rose won’t mind me telling you, I hope.”

“Me?” I splutter, completely surprised.

“Us?” Albus coughs, gesturing to the pair of us.

Scorpius shrugs. “Well yeah. You’re both our best friends and it’s the least we can do after this year. Besides, we don’t trust anyone else with a baby.” At that, we all look down the ward and peer through the doors so we can see the waiting room. Louis is setting fire to Fred’s farts while Lily rolls about laughing.

I may be biased and all, but I kind of have to agree.

“Thanks Scorpius,” I murmur, turning slightly to give Scorpius a one armed hug. It means a lot to hear that so I make sure that I hug him tightly to show that I really do appreciate it.

“Yeah, thanks mate,” Albus mutters, slightly gruffly.

“Don’t cry on us, Albus,” Hugo snorts and rolls his eyes at his cousin.

Albus puffs out his cheeks and shrugs. “I’m not crying, Hugo. Jeez!”

“Just don’t tell Dom yet,” James chuckles, pointing at the unconscious girl on his shoulder. “She’s overtired- she might kill you if she finds out.”

We all start laughing at that, but the door to Rose’s room suddenly swings open, revealing Healer Whicker. She looks vaguely surprised at the sight she sees: a bunch of semi-conscious teens sprawled on the floor of her ward, eating chocolate whilst another teen is completely conked out and lay across us.

“Rose is ready,” Healer Whicker says simply. Scorpius leaps up with new-found energy and barges past her and into the room. I blink and scramble up too, using the boys as handles and steadying poles to stand.

“Scram you lot and keep everyone out,” I say to the others. Healer Whicker lets me past her and follows me in. Hermione is sat next to Rose’s bed, looking exhausted but excited.

Rose is very red-faced and sweaty, looking like she’s in an awful lot of pain and completely exhausted. “This is so much worse! Can I go back to an hour ago please? That was like a walk in the bloody park – OUCH!” Rose shouts at the Healer who merely chuckles. Hermione smiles to but manages to stop herself from laughing or letting Rose see the smile.

That was definitely not the right thing to do. Rose glares at the Healer who shuts up immediately and yells, “ARE YOU A SOCIOPATH? DO YOU LIKE ME FEELING PAIN?”

Healer Whicker adopts a more neutral expression and doesn’t even try to answer Rose’s question. I doubt that that’s the weirdest question she’s ever been asked. Hermione just sighs in a ‘oh not again’ sort of way and shakes her head.

“Okay, Rose,” Healer Whicker says clearly as she snaps on some gloves and places her wand on a table next to the bed. “We need you to push.”

Well this is it.

For a moment I think that it’s just going to happen: she’s going to push and whoosh! A new baby boy or girl. Sorted. But of course, this is us we’re talking about.

Rose’s face suddenly shows pure and utter panic. “How? I don’t know how? I can’t! How do you push?!

I’m completely stuffed by that. What does she mean? You just push, right? Everyone just knows. I’ve never seen nor heard of anything that Rose couldn’t do. Hermione looks lost for words as well but she quickly seems to recover and starts to open her mouth.

Scorpius, on the other hand, looks completely calm and at ease. He leans forward and takes her hand and smiles. Hermione shuts her mouth and watches instead.

“It doesn’t always come naturally,” he begins in this completely soothing tone of voice that I’ve hardly heard him use before. “Just give it a moment and you’ll just know. You’ll want to push, okay? You’ll know.” With a slight hesitation, he hoists himself up onto the bed and slides in behind Rose before grabbing her hand again.

Hermione looks slightly bewildered but I smile at him. It’s supposed to calm the mother and it’s comforting to have the feel of someone’s body around yours. I’ve seen it done on those Muggle programmes about giving birth.

Healer Whicker smirks to herself and still looks quite relaxed. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” she says quietly before bending down slightly again. “Alright Rose, we need a big push. The baby’s crowning!”

She still sounds completely calm and chilled- how the bloody hell does she do that? Well, I suppose she’s delivered loads of babies.  Hermione grins to herself at Scorpius’ little speech and shakes her head a little at the pair.

I look at Rose quickly, panicking myself a little. But her expression is steely and she looks completely determined. She scrunches her face up and moans loudly and she pushes- she’s got it.

“Fuck this stings!” Rose yells as she breaks, panting loudly.

Scorpius nearly laughs and strokes her hair from her face tenderly. Hermione catches my eye and she gives me a knowing look. I return it with a faint smile.

“Just another couple of pushes, Rose!” the Healer calls cheerfully.

“Will you look for me?” Rose whimpers and pleas with me. “I’m not having Scorpius look at it, it’s gross.” Scorpius looks relieved and nods at me.

Faintly interested, I do take a quick peek and my stomach churns. It’s pretty disgusting- who knew there would be so much blood?- but it doesn’t bother me too much. I want to be a Healer after all. It’s just the fact that I can see the head and its curly hair and the thought that Scorpius had strikes me hard- why does giving birth (a wonderful, beautiful thing) have to be so bloody horrifying?

I surface and Rose and Scorpius look at me expectantly. “It’s absolutely revolting,” I say, slightly faintly. Rose sort of shrugs and Scorpius pulls a disgusted but sympathetic face.

Then Rose’s face scrunches up again and as she throws her head back in effort, her head hits Scorpius in the mouth as she pushes again. She grunts loudly and lets out a strangled sort of scream. It’s a horrible sound but I crack up at Scorpius clutching his head and moaning himself as he grasps Rose’s hand.

Scorpius is still looking very dazed and I’m still laughing at them both when the cries of a new-born baby fill the room. Scorpius then looks even more dumbfounded and I stop my laugh instantly turns into a choked sob.

“You actually did it,” I mutter and turn to Healer Whicker who is cleaning off a bit of muck from the baby’s face.

“Congratulations. It’s a girl,” she says with a smile. She wraps it in a yellow blanket and then gently hands it to Rose. “We’ll get her cleaned up and weighed soon and then deliver the placenta as soon as possible.” Healer Whicker cleans everything up and then excuses herself from the room for a moment to get everything else ready.

Rose beams down at her, looking absolutely exhausted but her eyes have a new light of energy in them. Hermione bursts into tears on the spot before mumbling something about needing to tell everyone.

Scorpius just stares at the baby in wonder and pulls a little bit of hair back behind Rose’s head so he can get a better look. I want to go closer but I feel like I’m interrupting something, so instead I go and wait by the door. In the reflection of the little window in the door, I watch as Rose turns slightly to face Scorpius. She smiles up at him and Scorpius looks at her in the same dumbfounded way he looked at the baby. Then his expression changes slightly and it just suddenly reminds me of the way Albus looked at me in that moment before the kiss in the rain.

And then he kisses her and my stomach churns. I think of Milla in the waiting room but then all I can think about is that stupid kiss in the rain and how this is similar. Because their kiss is so gross because they’re both sweaty and tired and both haven’t showered in a while but it’s so tender.

“Oh hello, Healer Whicker,” I say loudly, as a warning, the moment I see her outside the door. It’s enough time for the pair to break apart before the Healer walks into the room announcing that they’re going to clean up Baby and deliver the placenta.

They know that I know what was going on and neither tries to hide it. Their faces are the exact opposite to how I imagine them to be. Rose is looking slightly guilty and shocked- not how I thought (pleased and somewhat triumphant). Scorpius looks completely relaxed and content until he catches my eye. Even though I knew it was going to happen and I agree with it, Milla is still one of my best friends. His smile slides from his face but I spare him with a small smile and a very quick wink.

And then Rose hands me the baby and I gaze down at her as I take her to the Nurses to get cleaned up. She’s so perfect and innocent and I forget about everything as I look at her sparkling blue eyes.

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Chapter 46: Names, Realisations and Canteen Confrontations
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 After a good night’s rest and some peace and quiet for us all, the Wotters all pile in. They stagger the visits so different groups of them go in at different times. I’ve left them all to it; I’m getting some extra rest before I go in again after everyone else has been in. I’ve been in before and chatted with just Rose. We deliberately avoided the topic of ‘the kiss’ although I dearly wanted to. Mostly so I could rub it in her face- she can never criticise me for the Albus kiss again.

We generally just discussed the birth and the baby and joked about said birth and baby. She just held the baby’s hand through the whole talk and looked at her. At one point, completely out of the blue, she just looked up at me and grinned widely. Then she whispered, “I’m a mum.”

Baby has got blonde hair and blue eyes- Scorpius’ hair but most definitely Rose’s eyes. The exact same shape and shade of Rose’s- something Ron is exceptionally pleased and proud about. He comforted himself about the blonde hair by telling us all that often babies are born with blonde hair and it changes colour later. Rose just rolled her eyes at that. I suppose we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be a compromise of strawberry blonde hair. Or maybe it’ll be completely random and be blue or something. This is Rose and Scorpius’ offspring we’re talking about.

I think I’m with Milla and Albus for the group thing. That should be a lot of fun, shouldn’t it?

Note the sarcasm.

I use the showers in the hospital and then get some breakfast. I write to Mum about the birth even though I’m sure Ginny and Hermione will too. There’s a painful moment when I grab another piece of parchment to write another letter on and then realise that I have no-one else to write to. I nearly write the letter ‘T’ but Tyrique’s dead and gone. And then my heart aches again and it’s hard to breathe for a little while. It’s ironic that he died and then Rose had a baby within a few weeks. It’s almost comforting.

Finally I head back to the ward to see Percy and his side of the family leaving, all chatting loudly and happily about how adorable the baby is. Lucy is asking Molly what she thinks the baby will be called. That’s a good question actually- I’ll ask in a moment.

I head in and see Albus already there, holding the baby stiffly and looking very nervous. Milla follows me in but Scorpius doesn’t look up; he’s absorbed by the baby. Rose does however and manages a tired smile. It’s not a proud ‘I snogged your boyfriend’ smile, instead it’s just a friendly smile. Milla does look uncomfortable but manages a tight smile back.

“She’s beautiful,” I say as I stand behind Albus. He looks up and grins at me, nodding in agreement.

“We have the cutest goddaughter in the world,” he says, completely serious. We all laugh except for Rose who frowns at Scorpius and says, slightly hurt,

“You told them?” We laugh again at that and her crossness evaporates. Rose shrugs. “Are you okay with that?”

We both nod enthusiastically. “How could we not? Like Albus said, we’ve got the best goddaughter ever,” I answer back, smiling.

“Have you thought of a name yet?” Milla asks suddenly, coming closer and looking at the baby. Her expression softens slightly.

Rose and Scorpius exchange a look. Scorpius clears his throat. “Well, actually, yes. We were thinking of something to do with Tyrique.” They both look at me quickly and my mouth falls open.

I frown at them. I want to ask what they mean, but instead, all that comes out is, “You are not cursing that child with such a horrific name, especially when it’s a girl!”

Everyone snorts and chortles and I do too suddenly. Rose shakes her head at me and starts to explain. “No, something to do with Tyrique, Kat, not the actual name. I always liked Tyrique and it seemed fitting since he passed away so recently. And it fits with you Kat:  we really need something to show our thanks for everything you’ve done for us.”

A few tears prick my eyes at that- it’s so sweet.

“I’ve done loads of shit for you too, you know,” Albus grumbles slightly. He shifts the baby slightly and stokes her very thick head of hair.

We all laugh again. “If we’re not going to curse the child with Tyrique, we’re definitely not going to curse it with Albus Severus,” Scorpius retorts. Albus just rolls his eyes and coughs. It sounds oddly like ‘Scorpius Hyperion’.

“Besides,” Rose cuts in hurriedly. “It keeps up with the Wotter’s family tradition of flower names and it’s a very beautiful flower. So, we were thinking of Iris.”

I don’t need to answer- my face and smile says it all. Albus just smiles and nods. It’s Milla who answers for me surprisingly. She just looks at me and then says, “Perfect.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s a few hours later and the people in the room have returned to the five of us. We’re starting to pack up- we’ll be leaving soon. People have been bustling in and out (mostly Ron- he just stares at Iris, tears up and then disappears quickly to hide his tears. Then he’s back once he’s recovered).

I find myself looking at Milla as Scorpius takes hold of Iris and grins down at Rose. I’ve been holding her for a while but now it’s their turn again. We’ve been taking turns- everyone wants to hold her. Milla is staring at them with an odd look on their face and she focuses on the look Scorpius and Rose share as he cradles Iris.

Abruptly, she stands and leaves the room. And the sad thing? Scorpius doesn’t even notice.

Quietly, giving Rose a smile and indicating as if I wanted to give them some alone time (even though Albus is sat there awkwardly), I hurry out of the room too and follow Milla’s retreating figure down and out of the Maternity Ward. I practically have to run after her to catch up with her but I don’t completely catch her up until she stops suddenly. I blink, eyes adjusting to the light, and I realise my surroundings: we’re outside.

Wow, I’m unobservant.

Milla runs her hands through her hair and when she turns, I’m surprised to see tears swimming in her eyes. She looks distressed.

“What am I doing?” she shouts at me as she doubles over and clasps her hands over her face.

“What do you mean?” I ask, bewildered. I stumble towards her and touch her shoulder, but she straightens up at my touch and pushes me away.

“How can I compete with her? She’s having his child!” Milla mutters. I look at her, stunned and she stares at me and suddenly laughs. “That came out completely wrong. I sound like a bitch. Although I guess that that’s what everyone thinks. A stupid, thick bitch… I just – I don’t know what I’m doing, Kat, I don’t know what to do.” Her voice cracks again and her body shakes slightly. I want to hug her again but I know I can’t, so I just keep my distance and watch.

“I’m not sure what you me-”

“What am I doing?” Milla repeats slowly, a tear spilling out and rolling down her cheek. It’s unnerving; I’ve never seen her cry before. “I’m sixteen years old and my boyfriend is a father. He has a fucking kid- a real, living child. And the worst part is that it is with another girl. I’m sixteen; I’m not ready for this.”

“Milla,” I start slowly and lean towards her as her breathing increases.

“I don’t even like kids and I’m definitely not ready to help look after one!” Milla continues on as if I didn’t interrupt her.

“Milla, Scorpius would never expect that of you,” I cut in quickly, frowning at her.

“Wouldn’t he? He’s going to need a girlfriend who’s willing to help him out throughout all of this. He’s having a kid and he’s still one himself! He needs support and I can’t do that, I can’t,” Milla suppresses a sob. “I don’t want a baby. I just wanted him and I can’t have him. Because of Rose. Who I can’t even fucking hate because she’s trying, isn’t she? She’s fucking trying to be nice or whatever. Fucking hell, why did I always ignore it?”

“Ignore what?” I probe Milla, understanding slowly but still very confused.

“Everything!” Milla shouts. She spins round on the spot, looking for something to do, to hit, to grab onto. “I just pushed away the fact he was becoming a father deep inside of me even though it was just gnawing at me from inside out, oh Merlin Kat, I just can’t get away from it. And I just pretended Rose was never there – she wasn’t involved – but she is. I got in between them and he’s in love with her, Kat, it’s her he loves.”

I don’t have anything to say to her. I stay silent because I think I realise it’s true. I don’t have any words of comfort because there are none- he has always been in love with Rose. I’ve been ignoring it all this time because it was Milla who supported me, not Rose. I wanted Milla to be right for Scorpius. And then Rose came back and things started to fix themselves. I still love Rose to bits. So what if it was Rose for Scorpius? It started to feel like a choice between Rose and Milla for who to be friends with… I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Scorpius.

It was only the other day with Scorpius that made me think. It was always Rose. Like James said for me- it was always Albus…

“How could I have been so fucking blind, Kat? He loves her; she loves him, even if they won’t admit it. Rose has always been the one for Scorpius. It was never me. I was the rebound girl,” Milla murmurs quickly, tears trickling down her cheek.

“No, you weren’t. Scorpius really liked you,” I say fiercely, finally grabbing her shoulders and looking directly into her eyes. I can’t let her think that. “He really liked you Milla- he still does for Merlin’s sake! It’s been hard for him to-”

“Maybe he did. And maybe he didn’t realise it, but I was the rebound girl. The anti-Rose or whatever the fuck you want to call it,” she explains bitterly. She rubs her hands across her eyes angrily, wiping away the tears. “Fuck, why am I crying? I never cry. I just really liked him. And this is it, isn’t it? We are over, right?” she looks at me in this way I think I saw in Angus’ eyes when I told him Ty was gone; it’s this final hope that she’s wrong, that I’ll come up with a solution. But behind that there is the knowing. She knows I have no solution, that she’s right.

“God, I’m so stupid!” Milla cries out furiously, wiping away the tears that won’t stop flowing.

“Milla, you’re not. Don’t say that-” I start indignantly but she cuts across me.

“I’ll break up with him tomorrow. I’ll let him have today as a happy day. Tell him – tell him I’ve gone home feeling ill or something. I need to be alone and I’ll think of an easy reason to break-up with him. I’ve got to be the one to do it, haven’t I? He’ll destroy himself with guilt if he has to do it. And I’ve got to do this for Rose.” Milla continues, a hard quality in her voice now. She rolls her eyes at the last bit and lets out a hard chuckle. “I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe if they do get their acts together, they can credit me at their wedding. You never know.”

I nod in answer and take her hand, squeezing it before she strides away.

I watch her go and I can’t help feeling that she had been falling for him pretty hard. Maybe she had fallen, but Scorpius hadn’t been there to catch her. He’d fallen a long time ago, and not for Milla. For Rose. And she’s still trying to do one last thing for Scorpius- one final gesture. She’s going to spare him from the guilt and break up with him for another reason, whatever that is. That’s her way for fighting for him. Well, not for him anymore. More like with him.

Suddenly, I know exactly what I have to do. And then I’m running back inside.

Before I can find him, I run into James. Talk about awkward.

“Oh, hi,” he mutters and rubs the back of his neck, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

I look up at him and stare at him until he’s forced to meet my eyes. My brown ones bore into his hazel ones. Then –

“Your brother dumped me before you did, telling me I had to choose you. But you’re right- it’s always been Albus but I’m still mad at you because you were a dick when my brother died. And you’re still mad at me because I kissed Albus so I guess we’re equal. Rose is still in love with Scorpius which I suppose you already knew and you’ll probably already know that Scorpius is still in love with Rose but is kind of still with Milla who unfortunately knows about Rose and Scorpius. And right now, I really need to find Albus,” I tell him suddenly, rambling madly and the words just spill out of my mouth.

James just gawps at me and then frowns. “Where’s Milla gone?”

I frown back at him. “Why do you care?”

James looks hurt at that and folds his arms crossly. “I happen to know a bit about love triangles and how it feels when you get dumped for someone else.”

Ouch. “Actually, you were the one who dumped me,” I snap back.

James rolls his eyes and then waves an airy hand. “Details. But you know what I mean. So where has Milla gone? She could probably do with someone to talk to.”

That brings me up short and this time I’m gawping at him.

“I can be nice you know,” James says in answer to my face.

I smile back. “I know you can- you’ve always been kind to me. And she’s gone back to Hogwarts; she faked a headache.”

James nods and then smiles that full, impish grin that I fell for. “I’ll find her and talk to her. She could do with a friend right now.” Then he nods at me and walks away. We haven’t really fixed anything between us, but we might’ve fixed something for someone else.

James could be exactly what Milla needs. They really won’t take any shit from each other. And, like he said, he knows what she’s feeling. That’s not a nice thought- I’ve done to James what Scorpius did to Milla. Ouch. Again. But, he could be exactly what she needs right now.

I start walking again but I have no idea where I’m going. Where would he be? Somehow, I find my way back towards Rose’s ward. Scorpius is just walking out of it and greets me with a smile.

“Rose is just breastfeeding,” he tells me with a proud smile. “I just need the loo, and then I need to find Milla. Have you seen her?” he looks more serious now.

“Uh,” I stumble slightly. “Yeah, she’s gone home. She has a bit of a headache but she told me to tell you that she’ll catch up with you tomorrow. She’s sorry she had to go but she also needs to get back to do some more work.” I lie quickly, panting slightly.

Scorpius frowns but seems to accept my story. “Okay. I need to talk to her to – well, you know why.”

I look at him then. “She’s going to find you tomorrow. I’d wait until then,” is all I say but Scorpius seems to know what those words really mean. He nods somewhat sadly. But now I’m growing impatient. “I really need to find Albus, actually Scorp. Have you seen him?”

Scorpius looks bewildered but nods. “Yeah, actually. He was just going to the canteen to get some food. Then he’s heading back to Hogwarts, I think. Why do you need hi – wait, are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

I raise my eyebrows. “What do you think I’m going to do?”

Scorpius shrugs and raises his own eyebrows. “Well now I don’t want to say what I think you’re going to do in case I’m completely wrong. Then I’ll seem really weird.”

“Well this is awkward,” I say and then I crack a smile.

He laughs too. “You know what? I think I do know what you’re going to do. And because he’s my best friend, well other than you-”

“I’m your best friend?” I interrupt suddenly.

That’s when Scorpius blushes slightly and shrugs in embarrassment. “I mean, yeah, sort of. If you want to be. It’s no big deal or anything.”

I laugh and throw my arms around him, pulling him into a hug. I wouldn’t be able to choose between Rose and Milla about who gets the top spot of being my best friend (again, sarcasm). Both have let me down- like any best friend would and like I have let them down- but Scorpius has stood by me through it all and I realise suddenly that he would be the first person I would go to if I needed someone.

“You lucky bugger. You have just squeezed you way into winning the anticipated prize of being BFFs,” I laugh as I let go. Considering that at the beginning of the year we both loathed each other and I thought he was a stuck-up prat, we’ve come a long way.

He swats me away but looks quite pleased. “I’m not being your Chief Bridesmaid when you get married, though. Now, as I was saying, Albus being my best friend (other than you), I know things. So say if you’re going to find Albus to, I don’t know, profess your love to him or something, I’d be able to quite confidently tell you to run as fast as you can and go get him tiger.”

I laugh and kiss him lightly on the cheek before thundering out of the ward. I run down corridor after corridor and past countless wards until I finally reach the canteen. It’s empty apart from a tired looking dark and messy-haired boy who’s slowly spooning mash into his mouth. I push the doors open and walk purposely in. He’s facing away from me and seems completely absorbed in his food.

I stand directly behind him and whisper his name. “Albus.”

He jumps and turns around, fortunately not looking too shocked or horrified by my face. Instead he smiles and opens his mouth the say hello but I silence him with my hand.

“No,” I say to him. Just that one word lifts a huge weight off my shoulder and part of me feels like my job is done. But it’s definitely not.

He looks bewildered. “No, what?”

“I should’ve said it so long ago and it’s been playing on my mind ever since. I should have just said no when you told me you didn’t want to fight anymore.” I explain quickly, looking directly into his eyes.

For a moment, he opens and closes his mouth like a gormless fish. Then he manages, “What do you mean?”

“I mean no. I’m not letting you stop fighting for me. You did it for all of the noble reasons, but it’s stupid. You don’t get to make that decision, Albus. I can choose too and I say no. We never would have worked if we tried just to go back to being just friends. James ended things because he knew it was you. And I was glad.

I stupidly sort of love you. Merlin, I always have. I know you do too. It’s always been you. So you don’t get to stop this because it can’t be stopped. Maybe we’ll crash and burn but we have to try. It was never even a choice. So just – just shut up and kiss me.”

For a moment he looks too stunned to even blink. That second seems to last for eternity and a thousand thoughts rush through my head. I’ve blown it- he’s over me- Merlin, what an idiot. I’m going to fucking murder Scorpius.

He smiles my favourite smile and just shakes his head. “You can’t tell me to shut up- I didn’t say a word.” Seriously Albus? Now is not the time to be a smart arse. “And Kat, I stupidly sort of love you too.”

Then finally, finally he kisses me.

C’est fini, c’est fini! Well it’s not technically finished because we still have the epilogue to go! Then that’s it… Done… Forever. So yeah, the baby is called Iris (gettit, after all the iris flowers? Yeah? Gettit?) mostly because I went looking for a flower name that I didn’t think had been used in the series so far. And then I fit the whole iris storyline around that.

And Albus kissed Katrina. Seemed fitting that after they ended things in a kitchen, this confrontation should happen in another foodplace! It was always going to go that way, from the beginning of the story. Then I couldn’t decide and NEARLY went with James but that didn’t feel real. So it was Albus. Mind you, it’s been a bloody roller coaster writing the whole story thing. 

Won’t be too long till the epilogue is up so I’ll see you all next update. Thanks again to all of you!

Chapter 47: Endings, Back-Stories and Weddings Days
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 I gaze at the pretty girl opposite me. Her hair is neatly tied back into a swirling bun with strands of curled hair falling gracefully around her face. I can tell it’s taken several painstaking hours to curl even those small strands to perfection. Her eyes are shining with anticipation and her especially long eyelashes blink rapidly, still adjusting to the brightness of the bathroom- she’s just opened the blinds; I can see the open window in the far corner. Her thin lips are glossy and red- probably to bring them out more against her pale features.

She looks pretty- no- she looks gorgeous.

I still can’t believe it’s actually me.

To check that it’s not just a hallucination to cover up the mortification of looking terrible on my wedding day, I pinch myself, hard, on my arm. I watch my reflection wince in time with me and my eyes well up. Shit. What did I just do? Hastily, I reach for my wand (which is lying precariously on the bathtub) and point it at my face, drying my tears and reapplying any makeup that might have rubbed off.

“Katrina Parker, you look mighty fine- even if I do say so myself,” I grin at my reflection and laugh.

Katrina Parker- wow. Last time I’ll be saying that! Hello Katrina Potter. Mrs Katrina Potter.

Oh God that makes me sound old.

“Kat?” Rose’s strained voice wafts into the bathroom. I don’t answer; I’m too busy marvelling at my new name. “Kat?” the voice repeats, sounding even more forced. “Would you like to come out of the bathroom now?”

“Oh just give her a minute,” interrupts a lazy and very relaxed voice- Milla.

I step backwards from the mirror so I can see myself in full. I do look good! I should let Dom do my makeup more often… My dress isn’t quite as simple as I envisioned- the Wotter ladies will always get their way- but is still fitted until it puffs out at the bottom. Being as short as I am, I didn’t want a huge dress in case I looked drowned in material. Dom told me to trust her sister with the designing of the dress so I did. One look at me at her shop and Victoire was off designing. Less than a month later and the dress was finished (Victoire told me she fell in love with her design so worked day and night on the thing- Teddy didn’t seem too please about the working in the night). The dress twists around my upper body in folds and then at the bottom, it sort of poofs out, but in a nice way. Oh forget it, I’ve never been good at describing fashion or clothes. You get the gist, right?

“I can’t! It’s twenty minutes until she needs to be down there, getting married! She needs to get the hell out of that bathroom!” Rose snaps at Milla, all sense of restraint breaking and snatching me out of my daydream.

“She just needs a second,” Milla answers calmly.

“We don’t have a second!” Rose exclaims in a clipped tone. “I turn my back for minute to check on Sarah and the flower girls and you let her lock herself in the bathroom!”

“Oh take the fucking stick out of your arse, Weasley! She wants to look at herself and have a private minute to herself without everyone cooing and fussing over her,” Milla replies curtly. Oh dear, they’ve never liked each other since the whole Scorpius thing. And the pregnancy thing. And the me thing. And then the whole forgiving Rose but not dumping Milla thing. Oh, and the whole choosing the both of them as my Chief Bridesmaid so they could bond and find common interests. It turned out they had none. I can feel a fight brewing and I can’t have that- I am not walking down the aisle if my two head bridesmaids have messy hair and giant scratches across their faces.

I’d originally wanted Scorpius as the Chief Bridesmaid but he’d refused to wear the dress, so there you go. Apparently he was needed as the “best man”.

I take one last deep breath and give my reflection a wink. Then I unlock the bathroom door and step outside.

“Could you two please at least pretend you like each other for one day?” I ask in a tired tone, as if it is an eternal struggle.

Neither of them hears my comment and their argument is forgotten; they both leap up, Rose clasping her hands across her face and Milla nodding in approval.

“You look beautiful!” cries Rose, dabbing manically at her eyes before a single tear can leak and ruin her makeup.

“Hot stuff, Parker. You clean up good,” Milla mutters, running an approving eye up and down my body. “Bring it in,” she laughs and pulls me into a quick hug, letting me go after a few seconds in case she ruins anything (Rose would kill her- seriously).

“Are you nervous?” Rose asks me with a sympathetic smile.

I consider lying and playing it cool, but then I change my mind. “Terrified.”

“I was for my first one, but by the third I was fine,” Milla informs me casually.

I roll my eyes at her. “Wow, really reassuring Milla.”

Milla shrugs. “It helps to be prepared.”

Milla has been married twice (so far- we’re betting on a fifth by the time she’s forty). When Rose got married to Scorpius at twenty- I didn’t mention that did I?- I think she was pretty heartbroken, so she married her boyfriend- fondly dubbed ‘The Rebound’- at the time. Well, they lasted a year before he realised Milla was mental and filed for divorce. I think her craziness is rather charming but her partners don’t seem to think so. After The Rebound, she met Jed three years ago and they got engaged eighteen months after meeting. She ran out on him an hour before she was supposed to get married- nerves and the terror of repeating the experience of the marriage with The Rebound- so that was the second wedding.

Anyways, Jed forgave her after a while and they tried again. This time she didn’t run away, she just got shit-faced drunk at the reception. They were pretty good together- Jed kept her in check- but of course that ended last year. Jed died in a car crash last year, see, and it broke Milla. She hides it pretty well with her scathing jokes and breezy attitude, but I know she hurts.

Don’t worry about her though, there’s definitely a guy who I think might just work with Milla. He’s been supportive since her breakup with Scorpius and they had a thing a little while afterwards. That ended and then she met The Rebound. And then of course it was Jedd. But he’s been there for her since the crash. And of course, she’s always been by his side throughout all his issues. It’s hilarious actually: he’s very opinionated, obviously, but Milla will just get in his face and shut him up. They’re good for each other. He’s sort of Milla’s version of what Scorpius is to me- only with more sexual tension and attraction.

I have a feeling that once she breaks it off with “Booty-Call” (her current boyfriend- six years her junior) and both she and James get their shit together, they could definitely make it work.

I suppose I should tell you about Rose and Scorpius since I mentioned them. They got together after Iris was born and were on and off for a few years. They only really properly got together when Scorpius proposed to her. It was really romantic and sweet- okay, not really. I can’t lie with a straight face. Scorpius proposed to her while they were having a screaming row. It was one of those painfully fluffy cliché moments when they were fighting and trying to outdo each other, so Scorp yelled, “MARRY ME THEN!” and Rose screamed back, “ALRIGHT!” and proceeded to fall into his arms, snogging his face off.

How cliché.

They’ve been a lot better since they got married in terms of arguing… Well, sort of: now they do this incredibly irritating thing when they’ll either be overly polite to each other or just not talk to each other for days. They’ll do that INFURIATING conversation: “Will you please tell Scorpius I’ll be back late because I’m working overtime tonight?” and “Will you tell Rose that that’s okay as long as she’s back in time to pick up Ava tomorrow from her parents’ house? I’m going out with Adrian.”

Oh, Ava’s their second kid who’s absolutely adorable but secretly crazy. Rose was twenty three when they had her so she’s going through the terrible two’s now. She had Ryan nine months go and she claims he’s her last (they finally had a boy so that’s enough apparently) but I have a bet on at least five more before she’s forty. She’ll stop for a couple years then pop a few out in succession, I’m sure of it. She’ll going to be the Mum of our family with her millions of children. Supermum- with her hotshot job as a Wizard Lawyer (she took after her mum like that).

“IRIS, SIT DOWN PLEASE!” Sarah screeches from the adjoined room- she’s looking after the flower girls (or the Devil Children as Milla prefers) next door. Rose rolls her eyes, gazes at me one last time and dabs her eyes before waddling off to next door to quiet her children. Milla shudders- she’s never been a kiddie person but she follows Rose to help her, leaving me for another alone time.

Speaking of Sarah, she’s Sarah the Gay Friend (another one of Milla’s nickames). But yeah, Sarah’s gay and she’s been with her girlfriend Abby for about two and half years now. Milla had a field day when Sarah came out- poor Albus only rid himself of his nickname “The One Who Turned Her Gay” when he proposed to me. That’s hardly true- Sarah had several boyfriends since Albus but Milla likes to manipulate the situations to fit her.

I digress. One day Sarah just turned up at mine for a mini dinner party with Abby in tow. She introduced her as her girlfriend and then we sat down and ate the Spanish chicken I’d cooked. They’re very cute together; Abby’s hilarious and is even shorter than me at 4”11, though she’s got a gob to rival Milla’s. They’re hoping to start the process of adoption sometimes next year after Sarah’s settled into her promotion at the Ministry (she took the new job of Crisis Manager- well, we definitely needed one).

Then there’s a knock on the door.

I hurry to the door and peer out of the peep hole and grin when I see who it is: James. He’s all suited up and has even managed to tame his hair for the occasion. He looks gorgeous.

“Alright, Potter?” I call through the door.

I see him chuckle and smile up at the peep hole, giving me a wave. “Alright Parker? Well, not for long. I suppose I should say Potter, right?”

“Not for another fifteen minutes,” I remind him, ignoring my rapidly beating heart.

“You’re right there,” James laughs. “How are you feeling? Twenty-five and settling down all ready, are you sure?” he continues to tease.

“You’re twenty-seven and you’ve been married!” I point out jokingly. “You’re one to talk.”

“Touché, Kat,” James replies, leaning his head on the door.  Actually- I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. His marriage was definitely disastrous… “I can’t believe this is actually happening though, can you?”

I smile somewhat sadly. “No, I can’t. We’re all grown up, James, and I still feel like a helpless fifteen year old.”

“Don’t we all feel like that? I suppose it’ll pass eventually. That or I’ll be having a midlife crisis when I’m older!” James titters.

“Oh dear Merlin, the horr-”

“Who are you talking to, Kat?”

I whizz around from the door and spot Rose stood in the doorway, looking manic. Milla appears behind her, looking distasteful as she holds Ryan at arm’s length away from her (she’s terrified of him throwing up, pooing or dribbling on her).

“Just James,” I reply innocently.

Rose’s eyes flash murderously. Suddenly, so quickly she must have apparated, she pushes me out of the way (albeit quite gently- she mustn’t ruin the dress) and raps on the door smartly. “James Potter, you piss off right this moment! It’s bad luck for you to see her!”

I can almost hear him roll his eyes. “I didn’t see her, Rosie Pose! We’ve been talking through a wooden door.”

“Rose, it’s only bad luck for the bridegroom to see the bride,” Milla informs her, grimacing as a drop of drool trickles down Ryan’s chin.

“Still! He could tell Al about you. And I don’t want anyone seeing Kat- I want it to be a surprise!” Rose retorts crossly.

“I highly doubt James cares what I look like. And it’s extremely unlikely that he’s going to go running to Albus to describe what I look like in such intricate detail it’ll ruin the wedding,” I pipe up for good measure. What? It's a fair point!

“I only came to see how my new sister-in-law was getting along and to give her the whole big brother spiel. I think Angus is more nervous than Kat by the sound of it. I think he thinks that if you are getting married, he’ll have to eventually… Besides, I wanted to see if Will is okay,” James explains to Rose, attempting to calm her down.

“Your son is perfectly fine, James. Sarah is with him now,” Rose replies impatiently.

“I bet he looks really cute in his little suit, did you see it Kat? He looks like me, everyone says he does-” James begins proudly. Will is bound to grow up a spoiled brat because James dotes on him so much. He’s only one and a half and is admittedly very cute, but James never stops banging on about him. James got married a few years ago, she got pregnant, had the kid, dumped him on James and then ran off with one of James’ teammates. Yeah, we don’t talk about the She Satan much. But, like I said, Milla. Hopefully. Maybe. Those two are the most hopeless people in the world when it comes to committing to other people.

“Yeah, yeah, he looks absolutely adorable and he even burped before, so sorry you missed it, alright bye now!” Rose interrupts and talks over him as he tries to cut in. He doesn’t manage and instead turns away, with one final wave at us (I’m still peering through the eye hole), he wonders off.

“He really should be down there by now,” Rose chews her lip anxiously. “It’s nearly time! I’ll go and check everyone’s seated and make sure James is actually headed down to the ceremony room. I’ll find Scorpius and see how Albus is feeling too, Kat. He better be doing his best man duties, but I’ll bet he’s not…” she continues to ramble as she hurries out of the room.

I shake my head resignedly. “I swear she wasn’t this stressed on her own wedding day!”

Milla laughs but stops quickly, obviously worrying that if she shakes Ryan in the slightest (he’s still being held by Milla like he’s a bomb) he might throw up. She hates babies on principal- though not so much Will. He’s the only baby she’s really willing to hold and actually coo over.

Sarah bustles in surrounded by swarms of children. They all come running in, all five of them (Fred’s son Jamie too) though it feels like twenty. “Don’t any of you touch Auntie Katrina’s dress- if you do, Auntie Rose- you’re mother,” she nods at Iris and Annie, “will have something to say about it.”

That’s how you parent: when in doubt, threaten them with the wrath of Rose Weasley.

The next ten minutes pass all too quickly. Most of it is spent wringing my hands nervously whilst given pep talks from the girls and watching them fuss over the children. Rose appears at the door not too long after, looking flustered but pleased, to tell me it’s time to head down. For a moment I want to say, “No thanks!” and run in the opposite direction, but I force myself to head outside of the room in the direction Rose tells me to go. I’m not afraid of the idea of marrying Al- far from it- it’s just the whole ‘everyone-is-watching-what-if-I-fall?’ thing. I’d wanted it to be a quiet affair- a family thing- and Al had agreed. Unfortunately, because Al’s family is so big, it ended up having a few more people than anticipated.

Angus is already in there. He’s one of Albus’ groomsmen- a nice gesture from Al. My mother is sat at the front with my side of the family. Oh, she and Dennis broke up. They separated a little while after Tyrique’s passing. She hasn’t got together with anyone since.

I position myself in front of the door and breathe. Walking down to the actual ceremony room was Hell- every few seconds, one of the girls would shriek and panic about something. I’m the one getting married and I’m the bloody calmest! Everyone’s ready now and is in position (Rose makes it sound like an army mission). Bridesmaids are going after me in the ‘traditional British manner’. My mother enforced that one- I had no clue about wedding processions so I just let her decide.  Personally I think they are going behind me to form a barricade if I get cold feet half way down the aisle.

My dad is walking me down the aisle- oh, Merlin yeah! My dad! Dolohov/Anthony/whatever you fancy. He’s not in St Mungo’s anymore but he’s not exactly conventionally ‘normal’. He lives with a full time carer in a bungalow not too far away from my place. He’s still considered a danger to himself and he’s haunted by his nightmares, but he is a little better. Not much- he has his episodes a lot. He knows who I am now though and that was hard. I don’t think he fully understands the full extent of me being his daughter and the whole concept but I didn’t expect him to. I’m just a good friend really and his most frequent visitor.

I wanted him to walk me down the aisle though. To show how far we’d both come. He seemed delighted to do it and get all dressed up in the suit. We’ve gone through exactly what he has to do several times to make it stick but I’m not worried- I can trust him with this.

Angus doesn’t have too much to do with him. He’ll visit him every so often but I try to go at least once a week. Angus struggles with the whole idea more; ironic considering he’s the Slytherin and I’m the Gryffindor… Mum was shocked to say the least but she visits too. They didn’t resume their relationship and fall back in love or anything so ridiculous. Dad doesn’t really know who she is apart from that she’s important. My mum is a little scared of him, I think. But she still tries. I think she visits just as much as I do.

I am going to trip, I just know it. Then my dress will rip and I’ll be exposed. To everyone. Then everyone will be horrified and storm out in protest and Albus will be just so embarrassed that he just gives me the middle finger (I’m still cowering on the floor, waiting to be arrested for indecent exposure) and Disapparates out of there.

I’ll go into hiding and move to Quebec and work as a Healer there. Then I’ll move to Switzerland to grow old- alone of course. I’ll just have Kneazles but I’ll be that creepy ancient lady that everyone is afraid of. If anyone ever comes in my house, they’ll realise that I’ve gone mad- I’ve sewn up my ruined wedding dress with Kneazle hairs or something and then created a life-size mannequin of Albus to stand next to me in my newly-fixed dress.

“Kat,” Sarah’s voice wafts into my nightmare and I blink in surprise. Sarah is waving a hand in front of my face and glaring at me, hand on hip. “Kat, get it together. You’re not artistic enough to create a life-size mannequin of Albus.”

Horrified, I stare at her. “You can read my mind?”

She rolls her eyes. “No, I didn’t need Occulmency then- you were whispering it under your breath. You’ll be fine. Just think of your end goal. And Albus, of course.” I nod and she looks satisfied so she heads back to her position.

So maybe I need to stop digressing.

Albus and I got together after Iris was born for rest of Hogwarts- broke up briefly in sixth year though. Then, after Hogwarts, we sort of just fell apart- I was working and studying day and night to train as a Healer and he was travelling about a lot doing research. We just never had time and we both realised that, even though we still loved each other, neither of us wanted a relationship at that time.

We both met other people- I had a two year relationship with a lad I was training with and he with a Belgium girl he met on his travels and then with another girl back home. I’m still in touch with Mason (the lad), if you’re interested- I think he’s coming to the reception tonight with his new girlfriend. Eventually (mostly due to Wotter parties) Albus and I got back in contact like we had been. And then we sort of just fell back together.

So it wasn’t one of those irritating relationships where we ‘lost it’ to each other and Albus is the only bloke I’ve slept with and we stay together for all eternity and never go anywhere without each other. We’re just Albus and Katrina.

I suppose there are some things that if you’re in them together, you just can’t help but end up together. And being in a yearlong love triangle and being godparents of the ‘Future Voldemort’ (Hugo’s fault) are just some of those things. Not to mention Rose Weasley’s blackmail.

The door opens and I’m propelled forward by my dad stepping forward. I barely stumble- thank Merlin- and walk down the aisle. Crap- I didn’t hear the music cue. I focus on trying to not shake too much so I search frantically for Albus and then fixate on him. Even though he’s visibly shaking too, his eyes are shining with excitement, so I just stare into them. I know I’m sure now- I want this.

That’s nearly not quite enough- I might want this, but it’s bloody nerve-wracking! I can feel everyone staring at me and hushed whispers begin and my lungs are hurting from the effort of keeping my breathing steady. Thank Merlin that my dad is in control and is striding down the aisle confidently, effectively pulling me along. He won’t let me go anywhere.

Thankfully, I stare into another pair of eyes for a moment. Grey twinkling ones that instantly soothe my nerves. Scorpius smirks at me in that cocky know-it-all sort of way that clearly says, ‘I don’t know what the fuss is about- it was easy when I did it’. I nearly roll my eyes at him but he just grins a little wider and flashes me a quick thumbs up and a wink. My Chief Bridesmaid- oops, sorry, Albus’ best man- has got this. I let myself smile and let everything go.

Bitch, I’ve got this.

And now I’m going to marry Albus Severus Potter. Finally.

And in case you were wondering, I got eight Os and two Es in my OWLs.

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