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Salt Rocks by javct

Format: Novella
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 26,038

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Neville/Luna

First Published: 04/12/2011
Last Chapter: 03/29/2012
Last Updated: 03/29/2012

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She wasn't going back. She was sick of the way that the public looked at her: "The brains," "The additional member of the Golden Trio," and "The bushy haired, muggleborn Hermione Jean Granger,"
After a year of hiding, fate turns her way and she meets someone she doesn't expect to: Draco Malfoy

Chapter 1: She Wasn't Going Back
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“You know the wizarding world is back to normal when Rita Skeeter starts posting The Daily Prophet again,” Hermione grumbled, picking up the newspaper. It had been two months since the battle and even though the world was still recovering, Rita Skeeter was always capable of finding false gossip. Today it was about Harry and Ginny’s relationship. “This is total bullocks,” she said as she flicked through the paper.

“Listen to this,” Hermione said when Ron walked through the door into the Burrow’s small kitchen. “‘Does the young and red-haired Ginny Weasley really love our favorite wizard, Harry Potter, or is it just a scheme to get back at her brothers for years of neglect and mistreatment?’” she quoted, throwing the paper on the ground. Ron smirked at Hermione and placed a delicate kiss on her cheek.

“You worry too much, Hermione,” he said, pulling her into a hug. “Now, come on. We’ve got an interview at the ministry.”


Harry, Ron and Hermione walked through the ministry. “It looks like it has gone back to normal,” Hermione whispered into Ron’s ear, noticing that the previous fountain had been demolished.

“Still gives me the chills each time I look at it, though,” Harry commented, who was also staring at the fountain. Ron nodded in agreement. “Why are we even here anyway?” he demanded, looking around.

“We broke a lot of laws-” Hermione started, but Ron cut her off.

“Yeah, to save the world.” Hermione shot Ron a quick glare before finishing her statement.

“We broke a lot of laws, I’m sure we have at least some charges to face. That, and I’m sure Kingsley wants to have a chat; discuss school.”
“Only you would think of school,” Ron sighed, kissing her fondly on the cheek.

“Harry? Mr. Shackelbolt will see you now.” The three friends spun around and saw Percy Weasley standing at a door with a clipboard in his hand. The trio smiled gratefully at Percy as they passed him. Percy returned the favor. Even though he was smiling on the outside, Hermione could see Percy dying on the inside. She wanted to reach out and hug him; tell him that Fred’s death wasn’t his fault, but alas, she said nothing.




The next few days passed by with a blur of camera flashes, interviews, and eating somewhere in between. Everyone wanted to know the story; their story. But Hermione knew that by the time it came to print, each story would read differently. One story would tell of their heroic victory from their Kingdom of Ashes to the ruins of an ancient school, while another would tell of their downfall, it would tell the world what it wanted to know, not what it needed to know. And oh, how right she was.




From War to Love

Reported by Rita Skeeter

It hasn’t taken Miss Granger long to feel at home again, has it dear readers? Rumor has it that Miss Granger — the ‘other’ member of The Golden Trio — and Mr. Weasley were seen in London having a large row in a muggle coffee shop. When I entered that coffee shop (the name shall remain undisclosed) later in the week, it became apparent that Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley were having an argument over another boy. The lovely waitress I talked too replied that she did not hear a name mentioned throughout the row. Although, my sources tell me that it was over Mr. Viktor Krum, whom, if dear readers, you remember, was Miss Grangers first love interest back in her fourth year.

Miss Granger, the brains of the fabulous trio, seems to be trusting her heart over her head lately. Is that really a wise move, Hermione? You do remember what happened last time, don’t you? You remember, don’t you dear readers? She chose Mr. Krum — the famous Bulgarian quidditch player — over Mr. Potter.

Has the additional member of The Golden Trio broken the heart of Mr. Weasley for the last time?
More on page 5

Hermione stared at the paper, an unknown emotion boiling in her throat. She tried to reason with her thoughts, she tried to tell them that it wasn’t true, but nothing was working. Her mind had already devised several ways to kill Rita Skeeter. She had no right to post that! Curling her fists into tight balls, Hermione inhaled deeply. She wasn’t going to let this get to her, but it did. That was the problem. This got to her.

Exhaling, Hermione closed her eyes, in a forlorn attempt to stop the tears that were threatening to appear. Opening her eyes, an idea came into Hermione’s mind. A terrible idea. An idea that would only benefit her.

She was going to do it.




She wasn’t going back. She was sick of the way that the public looked at her: “The brains,”
“The additional member of the Golden Trio,” and “The bushy haired, muggleborn Hermione Jean Granger,”

She wasn’t going to tell anyone she was leaving. She was sick of everything; not just Rita Skeeter, but the entire wizarding world. Ever since she became friends with Harry and Ron.

Hermione took one last fleeting glance around the burrow and frivolous memories returned rapidly.

‘No!’ she told herself firmly. She was leaving, there was discussion—not sure what you mean here, but it’s really awkward and doesn’t make much sense. She didn’t want to leave them, she loved Harry, she loved Ginny, and she defiantly loved Ron, but she knew deep down that this was the only option.

Since the article had been published, she had confined herself to the rickety walls of The Burrow; telling everyone that she had caught the flu. No one questioned her. When, in truth, she had been packing. One small thing at a time.

Blinking away the tears, Hermione tightened her grasp on her bag and spun around on the spot, leaving no trace that she ever existed in their lives. It would be another six hours until everyone would wake up and discover her missing.




Ginny woke up the next morning to find Hermione’s bed already made neat and tidy. Not a crease in the sheet folds. Ginny smiled.

“Typical Hermione,” she said to herself, burying her head in her linen sheets. “She’s probably having breakfast already,” she added, closing her eyes again.

The battle was over and there was no reason for her and Harry to not be together forever. “Just like the fairytales,” she smiled into her pillow.

“Ginny!” Harry said loudly from outside her door. Ginny jumped out of bed, and, throwing on a pair of crumpled jeans and a top she ran down the stairs. Harry and Ron stood at the bottom of the stairs, both wearing the same clothes that they had worn yesterday.

“This had better be good,” Ginny grumbled as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

“Have you seen Hermione?” Harry asked, rubbing his eyes. Ginny assumed that neither Ron nor Harry had gotten any sleep last night and she couldn’t blame them. Ginny only had around four hours of sleep herself.

“You woke me up to ask for Hermione?” Ginny said, folding her arms across her chest. “Why do you look so worried?” she added when she saw the concerned looks on the boy’s faces.

“We asked her to meet Ron and I at the top of the hill a few hours ago,” Harry explained, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Hermione?” Ron asked, peering over Ginny’ shoulder, hoping to see Hermione.

“She’s not in there,” Ginny said, indicating to her room. “Harry, listen, I’m sure Hermione will be back. It’s the aftermath and everyone’s in shock. And we all know Hermione, she’s probably just gone for a walk,” Ginny said thoughtfully, entwining her hand with Harry’s. Both boys pondered on that statement for a moment before nodding and realizing that they overreacted.

“You’re probably right,” Harry said, kissing Ginny and running back down the stairs quickly, Ron followed in suit. But Hermione didn’t return the next day, or the day after that. By the end of the month, the list of the missing went up and Hermione’s name was there, printed in black.


Hogwarts re-opened their doors the next year and only Ginny returned to school. Both Harry and Ron joined the ministry as aurors, keeping an eye out for Hermione. Neither of them wanted to accept that she was missing. Hermione, their Hermione, wouldn’t just go missing. They never gave up searching.


Hermione sunk into her couch and turned the television on, she had no idea what she watching but it was a good way to pass the time. It had been almost two years since she left Hogwarts and no one had found her yet. Occasionally, she would see someone she went to school with in the busy streets of London, but they never saw her. She had mastered the art of becoming invisible whilst still completely visible.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Hermione’s landline started to ring. Muting the television, she answered the phone.

“Hello, Hermione Granger speaking,” she said automatically.

“Hello, this is Mrs. Avalon calling from St. Peter’s boarding school. How are you?” A smile spread across Hermione’s face when she heard the voice of Mrs. Avalon. Several weeks back, Hermione had applied as a teacher at boarding schools around England in an attempt to get a job.

“I’m good, how are you?” Hermione replied, running her free hand through her hair. Through the phone, Hermione could hear the scraping of chairs on wooden floor.

“I’m good, I’m good. I have talked to the other teachers at St. Peter’s and we have all taken your application into great consideration, and, after watching your interview video we have decided to offer you the position as the English Teacher.”

“Really?” Hermione exclaimed. Taking a deep breath, Hermione regained her composure and said in the calmest voice she could manage. “Thank you, thank you so much!”

Mrs. Avalon laughed slightly. “It’s okay, your resume was quite... Remarkable, if I do say so myself.” Hermione’s eyes shifted uncomfortably. Her mind quickly went back to the moment when she wrote her resume. “How soon can you come?”

“I can be there by the end of today,” Hermione said, she only used magic in certain circumstances. She could disapparate there quickly.

“That would be great, Miss Granger!” Mrs. Avalon exclaimed.

“I’ll see you there then,” Hermione said and hung up the phone, excitement running through her veins. Hermione let out a small squeal of happiness and began to pack her things. Sighing, Hermione grabbed her wand and, muttering a few words under her breath, she watched as all of her things zoomed neatly into her suitcase.

She packed up her clothes and everything into a large suitcase and disapparated to the town about a mile away from St. Peters, where she caught a bus to the school.

It was old, but not nearly as old as Hogwarts. The school was large and in the late Victorian style with lots of windows and steps leading up to a large, oak door. There was even a small verandah that overhung from the second floor. Vines were creeping up the walls and a large oak tree projected over the left side of the school. A fountain lay outside the doors.

“Wow,” Hermione said to herself and knocked on the large, oak doors. She waited patiently for several minutes until someone opened the door. Someone she did not expect.




A.N: Yes, re-edited again, but you have to admit this one is better right? We know why she left :) Even though I've said it in my summary, I have to thank my beta "EnigmaticEyes16" who is writing the amazing Sirrah Malfoy.

This story is undergoing major changes and (hopefully) will make more sense when it's done :)

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Chapter 2: Malfoy & Jane
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Hermione couldn't believe that her worst enemy Draco Malfoy was standing right in front of her.


"You look surprised," Malfoy sneered, blocking the doorway.

"What are you doing here?" Hermione spat.

Malfoy just smiled."I work here, isn't that obvious?" he sneered again.

"Draco? Where are you honey?" A sweet woman's voice sang. Hermione peered over Malfoy's shoulder and saw a pretty girl standing behind Malfoy.

"Draco, there you are. You ran out on me," she said again. She ducked under Malfoy's arm and placed a big kiss on his cheek.

"Oh!" she gasped, seeing Hermione. "You must be the new English teacher. My name is Jane Crosgrave," She said. Jane was beyond a doubt beautiful. She had long, platinum blonde hair, a fair complexion and sea-blue eyes. She was an average height and—in Hermione's opinion—was a human Barbie doll.

"Hi. My name is Hermione Jean Granger," Hermione replied, shaking Jane's hand.

"Come in, come in, come in." She ushered Hermione inside. The interior of the building was just as ancient as the exterior. The floor was covered with red, velvet carpet, the walls were plastered with peeling and faded wallpaper and a large chandelier hung above them, swaying slightly from side-to-side. Above her, Hermione could hear the pitter patter of children’s feet and the chatter of childish conversations.

"Let Hermione breathe, Jane." Malfoy laughed, prying Jane's fake nails out of Hermione's shoulder.

"Here Jane, take Hermione's bag. I'll show Hermione to Greta's office," Without another word Malfoy shoved Hermione's bag into Jane's chest and ushered her away, leaving Hermione and Malfoy alone.

An awkward silence filled the air. Hermione took the time to study Malfoy, he had defiantly grown taller since Hogwarts and his hair was no longer slicked back. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a 'keep calm and carry on' shirt. Hermione had never liked skinny jeans on guys before, but she had to admit on Malfoy they looked...well, good.

"Greta's office is this way," Malfoy said, leading Hermione up the stairs and into an office.

"I know this is none of my business Granger. But why did you leave the golden trio?" Malfoy smirked, blocking the door. Anger rose up in Hermione's throat.

"That is none of your business, Malfoy," She said through gritted teeth.

"Was Weasel-Bee not good enough for you?" Malfoy asked. Hermione remained silent.

"Get the hell away from me Malfoy, or I swear to God that I will make sure that I'll punch your nose in so hard that it won't go back to normal," Hermione threatened. Malfoy immediately shielded his face, clearly remembering what happened in their third year when Hermione punched him in the face for teasing Buckbeak. Hermione gave a quick, sarcastic smile and opened the door to Greta Avalon's office.

"Ah, you must be Miss Granger. Correct?" Greta removed her glasses and stood up, flattening her clothes and banishing it of all creases. Greta was a reasonably young lady with mid-length ginger hair.

"Hermione, please," Hermione begged absolutely loathing being called Miss Granger. Nodding in agreement, she sat back down.

"Please sit down." Greta indicated to a chair just opposite hers. Hermione gratefully sat down.

"So Hermione, I trust you have met Draco Malfoy and Jane Crosgrave." Hermione nodded.

"Just out of curiosity, what classes do they teach?" Hermione inquired.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy teaches Sports and Mrs. Crosgrave is the school's nurse," Greta said.

"Here is your timetable for this term, it tells you when all of your classes are and what year-level you have then. I'm sure that you will find your room to satisfy your needs. Mrs. Crosgrave will show you where you are staying, I'm sure," Greta said, patting her cat's ears.

"Thank you Mrs. Avalon." Hermione stood up and smoothed out her shirt.

"Call me Greta." Hermione nodded and went outside. Sure enough, Jane was outside waiting for Hermione. Except, someone else was with her: Draco Malfoy. He was practically snogging her face off. Draco had her pressed up against a wall, his hands riding up her legs.

"Oh, Hermione!" Jane exclaimed when she saw her looking at them. She pushed Malfoy off her and ducked her head, trying to hide her small smile on her delicate face. She didn’t look embarrassed, rather more amused that she was caught.

An awkward silence filled the air as Jane gave Malfoy once last fleeting kiss and beckoned for Hermione to follow her.

"So, are you and Malfoy dating?" Hermione asked. Jane let out a shrill laugh—shrill enough to compete with Bellatrix Lestrange's own.

"No, I'm married." Jane waved her wedding finger in front of Hermione's face.

"You're married to Malfoy then?" Hermione asked, trying to seem vaguely interested. Jane let out another shrill laugh. Hermione's eyebrow twitched. It was quite annoying.

"No, my husband lives in London. I doubt Draco ever would get married. He always talks about this girl that he loved during school and that if he ever got another chance he would take back everything he said. Ah, here's your room," Jane said, indicating to the door that read 'Miss Hermione Granger, Myths and Legends Teacher'

Hermione spun around to thanks Jane but she had already vanished.

Probably gone off to snog Malfoy again, Hermione thought and opened the door. It was a spacious room that had a four poster double bed, a television, two bedside tables, a closet, a desk, an en-suite and a small kitchen. The walls had the same faded, once pastel coloured wallpaper and a window sat to the left of her four-poster double bed. Walking over to the window, Hermione saw a large forest.
‘It looks like the forbidden forest,’ Hermione chucked to herself, reminiscing over faded school memories.

Suddenly, a knock came from the door.

"Hello?" Hermione said, opening the door. In front of her stood an attractive man—he looked not a day older than twenty, had dark brown eyes, tanned skin, mid-length black hair and the beginning of a beard on his chin. He was, as Hermione's friend Lauren would call it, eye candy.

"Hey, you must be the new teacher. My name is Dorian Austen, I'm the Chemistry teacher." He held his hand out and Hermione shook it. He had an extremely thick Scottish accent

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Hermione Granger, do you want some tea?" Hermione asked, opening the door wide enough for Dorian to come in.

"Yes, please." Dorian smiled. Opening the door, Dorian surveyed the room and sat down in a nearby chair that looked like it was about to collapse.

"So, where are you from?" Hermione asked, putting the kettle on and settling down into the chair opposite him.

"Scotland, I'm only over here because of my job," he said. At the word Scotland, Hermione was immediately intrigued.

"What is Scotland like? I've always wanted to go there," she said, leaning forward.

"Beautiful, the photos and movies don't do it justice. It has vast green lands that seem to stretch past the horizon and the sky and the hills seem to meet when he sun sets," He said, his eyes sparkled as he told Hermione about his home land, Dorian’s hands twitched in excitement and he had a huge smile plastered on his face.

Hermione jumped when the kettle went off, sounding like a train horn. Dorian laughed at Hermione’s reaction. Standing to her feet, Hermione reached for the boiled kettle, on the way her hand accidentally brushed against Dorian’s; sending shock waves through her.

"Sorry," She mumbled, avoiding eye contact with him. Dorian just laughed
“It’s okay. Here let me help,” Dorian offered, grabbing two large coffee cups from the overhead cabinets and placed them gently on the bench. Hermione smiled sweetly at Dorian and poured the tea
“So tell me about yourself Hermione,” Dorian said, sipping his hot tea

“Me? There’s not much to tell,” She replied, dipping her biscuit into her tea.

“Come on, childhood? Friends? How was school?” He pressured leaning forward.

‘He does sound really sincere,’ Hermione thought to herself.

“Well, if you must know. I went to a boarding school in the countryside, just like this one, it was for the, uh, for gifted and talent if you will,” Hermione winced slightly, she hated lying but given the current circumstances, she gave herself leave, “I was the school nerd, aced everyone on my tests and assignments and spent almost every waking moment in the library. My two best friends and I were the Golden Trio,” Hermione said, laughing at herself.

“What about you?” Hermione said to Dorian, who was halfway through his cup of tea

“What sort of gifted and talented school?” Dorian asked, looking deeply intrigued and completely ignoring Hermione’s question.
“Just a general gifted and talented school. Harry, my best friend was talented in, uh, sport and Ron, my other best friend was gifted in the area of, of, uh, acting! Yeah, he wanted to be on the TV show Doctor Who one day,” Hermione stuttered, rattling off the first things that came to her head.

“And you?” He asked, leaning forward, looking deep into Hermione’s eyes.

“Me? Uh, I was talented in, uh, academics! I mean, I told you before that I aced every test and exam I got!” She exclaimed.
For a split second, Hermione swore she saw an evil twinkle in Dorian’s eyes, but it was gone as soon as it came. Dismissing it, Hermione placed her empty tea cup aside and stood up, coming face to face with Dorian’s brown eyes.

"Come on, I'll give you a tour of this place. Trust me you'll get lost," Dorian said after they finished their tea.
Hermione flashed Dorian a grateful smile and they left the room.


Hermione was amazed at exactly how large the school was. It had taken Dorian a whole two hours to show her around.

"Well, thanks for showing me around, even though I'm still sure that I'm still going to get lost," Hermione said, closing the door.

“Bye Dorian.” She said, giving him a swift hug.

“Bye Hermione.” He replied, “Sweet Dreams.”

When the door closed, Hermione did a quick spin, her hands on her head and flumped down onto the bed. But she didn't come into contact with the soft bed like she expected, no, much to her horror it was a letter. She picked it up delicately and examined it, dread forming in her mind as she looked at it more. The writing on the front was written in ink, not pen and the 'G' was curved in exactly the same way as someone she used to know used to curve her 'G's. There was only one person this letter could be from: Ginny Weasley.



Chapter 3: Pinkie Promise
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Dear Hermione,


You don't know how humiliating it was for us when you vanished.

'The Golden Trio is down to a duo!' The press went nuts! 

You could have at least had the decency to tell us where you went.

Draco Malfoy told us where you were! Dumbledore's Army is in an uproar!

Look, I hope that we are still friends. Either way, Harry and I are coming to visit. We will be there in a week and don't insult our intelligence more than you already have by trying to run away again.

With annoyance and love,



Anger burned in Hermione's throat. How dare Malfoy send a message to Ginny! Hermione grabbed her wand and stormed out of her room looking for Malfoy's. Soon enough, she saw a room with a plaque labeled: Mr. Draco Malfoy, PE Teacher.


She pounded on the door roughly. With his own sweet time, Malfoy opened it, only to receive a punch in the nose. Hermione let a small smile escape her lips as she heard the un-natural crack that came from Malfoy’s nose. Even though she was still annoyed as hell, she felt some satisfaction knowing that Malfoy was in pain.


"Frick'n hell Granger! What was that for?" He swore several times, clutching his bleeding nose in his hand. 


"That was for sending the letter," Hermione spat, adrenaline rushing through her veins. After seeing the result of her punch she spun around on her heels and heading back to her room


"Granger," Malfoy said in his natural taunting voice.


"What?" She spun around.


"Don't you think they deserve a right to know that their best friend who was supposedly dead is still alive?” Malfoy swore, “I think that they deserve to know the truth and no matter how hard you deny it, you know deep down that they needed to know the truth as well." Malfoy snapped; his usual stone cold eyes blazing with anger that Hermione had never seen before. It scared Hermione, she had never seen anyone look that mad and yet sound so calm. She held eye contact with Malfoy, but didn’t say a word.

Malfoy slammed the door in her face and behind the closed door; Hermione could hear Malfoy swearing loudly.

Taking a deep breath, Hermione walked back into her room; not sure whether to be scared that Malfoy looked like he was ready for murder or made at him that he had sent that letter to Ginny.


He has no right to interfere in my personal life! She thought to herself angrily. Swearing several times, Hermione kicked the closet, trying to vent her anger; but it was no avail, it just made her even more angry.

“Hermione are you okay?” She heard the familiar voice of Dorian enter the room; he hand’t bothered knocking because the door was already open.


“Yeah,” She lied, but Dorian saw straight through the lie. He raised one eyebrow at Hermione and she caved, “Some old friends from high school are coming to visit,”


“What and you don’t like them anymore or?” Dorian asked; making Hermione sit down on the bed.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that, well, we haven’t spoken in almost a whole year,” She admitted, hearing the familiar noise of the kettle.


“Did something go wrong? I mean, shouldn't you be glad to see your friends again?” Dorian said; taking two tea cups out of the overhead cabinets and placing a a teaspoon of coffee in each of them.

“I am glad to see them, I’m just scared,” Hermione stated.

“Scared?” Dorian eoched, handing Hermione a large cup of coffee.

“Yeah, scared, Ginny, my best friend, has every right to be mad at me. I was in my, uh, graduation year, and Ginny was in year 6 when... I left. I couldn’t take anymore and I left, without telling anyone,” She said suddenly feeling nostalgic thinking about her best friends: Harry and Ginny, and all the good times they had together during their years at Hogwarts.


Dorian sensed her mood and sat down next to her; cautiously wrapping his arm around her shoulder.


“Well if they are true friends then they will forgive you that I’m certain of. Hey, how about I help you get ready? You look like you could use the support,” Dorian laughed. Hermione let out a small chuckle. She still felt mad at Malfoy but for some reason whenever she was around Dorian she felt safe and secure.

“That’d be great, thanks Dorian,” Hermione said, giving him a one-armed hug; he hugged her back and put the empty coffee cup on the bedside table.


“Now, anyway I got to go, sorry. I’ll see you around,” Dorian said, waving once and then leaving the room; shutting the door quietly behind him.


The sun had set over the line of green trees by the time Hermione had calmed herself down enough to leave the sanctuary and solace of her room. She arrived at the dinner several minutes late.

“That’s okay Dear, come on sit down next to Jane,” Avalon said; pouring Hermione a glass of red wine and passing it down the table.


“Hey Hermione what went on with you and Draco? He seemed on edge when he walked past my room this afternoon. He kept muttering your name and some other word, I think it was ‘mudblood’ but I’m not sure,” Jane said; picking at her food delicately.


Hermione tensed when she heard the word ‘mudblood’ she hadn’t heard it in a whole year.

“Hermione are you okay? You seem tense?” Jane asked. Jolting herself back into reality she plastered a fake smile on her face.


“Yeah I’m fine, if you’ll all excuse me for a moment,” Hermione said; feeling tears burn in the corners of her eyes. She pushed her chair back; making the awful gritty sound, but she didn’t care, she had to get out of other people’s eyesight. Rushing to her room she collapsed on her bed and fell asleep that night; having the best dream she had in a long time: a world without Draco Lucius Malfoy.


The week passed without too much of a hassle, she would occasionally see Malfoy walking through the corridors, avoiding everyone with his nose the way it was. Hermione knew he would have happily used magic to fix his broken nose but he couldn’t risk anyone suspecting him of being a wizard; which made Hermione even more satisfied.

He can suffer, just like he deserves Hermione thought to herself bitterly, remembering the fear she felt when he had the death-look in his eyes.

Hermione had punched it so hard that it had broken, and as a result he had to have a painful surgery to get it back to the shape that it was before.


“Todays the day Hermione. You ready?” Dorian sung happily at 7 in the morning; waking Hermione up.

“Dorian, it’s 7 in the morning; let me sleep,” Hermione mumbled through her pillow.


“Now, come on Darling, you don’t want me to pour water on you do you?” Dorian laughed, opening the curtains; letting the sun slowly tread it’s way into the room.


“You wouldn’t.” Hermione said, pulling her head out of the pillow to see Dorian’s face.

“Wanna beat?” He smiled, pulling the sheets of Hermione.


“Now get out of bed and go have a shower, hurry up missy. Your friends are going to be here soon,” Dorian said. With complaints, Hermione got out of bed and dragged herself to the shower.


This is going to be a long day She thought to herself.




"You know, Hermione, as beautiful as you are naturally, you really don't have any idea how to match clothes up, do you?" Hermione shook her head, emerging from the bathroom in a hideous lime green dress with a floral flower on the strap.


"No, at school I was always too focused on academics to worry about how I looked," Hermione admitted shamelessly.


Dorian glanced at his watch. "What time did they say they were coming?"


"6:30." Hermione replied.


"Let's go then." Dorian said, pulling Hermione outside and into a nearby taxi.


“Where are we going?” She asked.


"London," he said to the cab driver, answering Hermione’s question at the same time and within twenty-five minutes, they were in the centre of London, Dorian with his credit card in hand.


"Dorian, no, I refuse to have you buy anything for me!" Hermione protested.


"Come on, 'Mione. We all know I have the money here. You even left your purse back at St. Peters," Dorian said, smiling at Hermione’s scowl that had just crossed her face.


"Well, you're a bit immature," he said, giving her a swift hug.

"Let's go into this shop." Dorian dragged Hermione into the nearest store and swiftly picked the clothes on the rack and placed them into her hands before pushing her into the change rooms.


The shop was reasonably quiet so Dorian and Hermione could talk to each other.


"How is it you know so much about clothes and fashion Dorian, are you gay?" Hermione asked.

Dorian laughed in response. "No, just Scottish. My whole family is girls. I'm not kidding, my dad died when I was little, leaving me with my mum and my six younger sisters,"


"Six?" Hermione echoed, coming out of the change room in the first dress. In Hermione's opinion it showed too much cleavage. She was more of a conservative girl than a showy one. Dorian thought the same, shaking his head in disapproval when she came out.


"Nope." he said, pushing her back into the change room.


"We had quite a large family and as stuck up as this is going to sound, we were very wealthy. Now, come on we don't have all day Mione,"


Hermione stepped out in denim skinny jeans, and a black plaid shirt, her curly hair bouncing off her shoulders.


"Wow," was all Dorian could say. She didn't look flashy, elegant, or especially sophisticated, but she looked amazing. Hermione blushed slightly at Dorian's comment and went back into the change room to change into her normal clothes again.




"What if they don't come?" Hermione fretted, pacing by her window nervously, waiting to see her old friends. She wasn't sure whether to be nervous, excited, happy or sad.


"They will come," Dorian soothed, a small smiled dancing on his lips as he watched Hermione pace around the room.


"What if they are mad at me?" she said.


"After all this time?"


Hermione was about to make another complaint when she saw them...Neville, Luna, Harry and Ginny. She let out a squeal of delight and ran down the stairs, almost falling over her own feet.

Her hand was an inch away from the doorknob when she stopped. What if they didn't want to talk to her?


Hermione shook her head. She had been a Gryffindor for a reason. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. Outside stood two couples; both hand in hand: Luna and Neville and Harry and Ginny. Hermione saw an engagement ring on Luna's finger and Ginny had her wedding ring on.


"Hi," Hermione said feebly, raising her hand and waving. No one said anything. Luna slowly walked up the steps and wrapped her arms slowly around Hermione; pulling her into a hug.


"Hi," Luna said back.


Harry welcomed her with a huge hug. Hermione inhaled deeply, she had missed the hugs deeply throughout the year she had been gone.


"I've missed you, Mione," he whispered into her ear, kissing her fondly on the cheek.


"I've missed you too, Harry. Congratulations on marrying Ginny, how long has it been?" Hermione asked. Harry opened his mouth to speak but Ginny beat her Husband to it.


"Six months in two weeks," she said stiffly, not looking Hermione in the eye. Hermione hesitantly took a step towards Ginny and reached for her hand but Ginny pulled it away.


"Ginny," she said. Behind her, she heard Dorian introduce himself to everyone. Ginny had tears welling up in her eyes—whether that was good or bad, Hermione couldn't tell.


"Forgive me?" Hermione asked. A large smile broke out on Ginny's lips and she flung her arms around her best friend.


"Forgiven," Ginny replied. "Pinkie swear." She stuck out her pinkie and Hermione wrapped hers around Ginny's with a happy smile on her face. They stared into each others eyes; the browns eyes clashing. Ginny’s eyes softened as she melted under her best friends gaze.


“I’m sorry,” Hermione said suddenly pulling Ginny into an unexpected hug.


“Woah, Hermione it’s okay. Did you really think I came all this way just to get mad at you?” When Hermione nodded, Ginny laughed and said, “You’re hopeless,”

“So are you going to introduce me to your friend?” Ginny asked when they broke apart.


"Ginny, this is Dorian Austen. Dorian, this is Ginny Potter," Hermione introduced before leading them to the dining hall in the school. The dinner went by without any troubles, the dancing afterwards was fun and for some reason, Hermione couldn't keep her eyes off Dorian.


Music played softly in the background as the couples talked; Neville and Luna were off in their own little universe, Harry and Ginny were secretly playing footsie’s under the table and Dorian and Hermione were happily laughing with the love-struck couple.

“So Hermione, living with anyone? Or still flying solo?” Harry asked, taking a sip of his red wine.


“Flying solo,” Hermione laughed, “I’m living in a penthouse in London, I had 2 part time jobs, one as a waitress in ‘Starbucks’ and the other working in a small bookstore,” Ginny and Harry both rolled their eyes when Hermione mentioned she worked in a bookstore.


“How did we know that our Hermione was going to end up working in a bookstore?” Harry teased, Hermione laughed along.


“Well, come on, dinner’s done, let’s go and... Watch some Doctor Who!” Hermione said, standing to her feet.


“Doctor Who really?” Ginny raised an eyebrow, Hermione just rolled her eyes and dragged her to the media room.


“So do we want season 3,4 with the 10th Doctor or season 5 with the 11th Doctor?” Dorian asked; pulling out 3 box sets.


“Don’t mind,” Hermione shrugged her shoulders.


“Season 5! And put the episode on with the weeping angels, I like that one!” Luna pipped in. Neville, Harry, Ginny and Hermione all stared at Luna with their mouths open.


“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Dorian promised, leaving the room.


“Uh, Luna, sweetie. How do you know about Doctor Who? Your a pure-blood,” Neville said; stroking her hair. Luna just shrugged her shoulders, smiling wickedly.


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Chapter 4: Salt Rocks
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"And that's all for today. Remember your books tomorrow!" Hermione called out to the students as they left the class.


"Ah, Tom?" A young boy spun around at her voice. "Your book." Hermione pointed at the book lying on the desk. Tom smiled and walked over to his desk, grabbing his book.


"Thanks, Miss Granger," he said, closing the door behind him.


‘Another successful day’ She concluded, walking around the classroom, putting all the chairs up on their respected desks. The room was eerily quiet, only to be disturbed by the occasional bird, or laughing child.


"All right, kids! Cross Country next week!" Hermione heard the familiar voice of Malfoy, walking to the window, Hermione saw Malfoy standing outside, wearing a white singlet and short


She walked to the window and saw Malfoy standing outside in a white singlet, instructing his class on how to best run their annual Cross Country. Hermione smiled. Malfoy sure had been acting different since she had punched him last month. He was sweet and considerate, almost human, in fact.


"No." Hermione told herself out loud. She knew where her thinking would get her, and she did not want to think that. She took one last glance at Malfoy before she closed the curtains, one split second too long. His gray eyes met her brown ones, sending shivers up her spine. She couldn't break away the stare and she did the only thing she could think of; she waved. Malfoy stared at her and gave an awkward wave in return causing Hermione to blush and pull the curtains over the window. The room grew very dark instantly and she stood still for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Hermione’s ears pricked up when she thought she heard the door open.


“Mione? Where the hell are you?” Hermione laughed when she heard Dorian smash into a nearby chair.


“Hold on, I’ll turn the light on.” Hermione said, walking through the maze of chairs and switched the lights on


"Wanna grab a bite to eat?" Dorian asked when the lights came on. 

Hermione bent down and picked up the chair, trying to think of a good excuse that would get her out of going.


"I would love to, but I'm busy." Hermione apologized.


What a good excuse Hermione mentally hit herself and gave Dorian a quick hug and smile. Dorian narrowed his eyes at Hermione, "Tomorrow maybe?" She added, smiling once again before she left the room.


"Lock the door behind you all right?" She said over her shoulder.




The gardens were peaceful and quiet. Large oak trees were scattered around the place providing a cover from the harsh, English sun. It was a beautiful sanctuary, cut off from the rest of the world. She didn't know how long she walked for, it seemed like years, but eventually she came to a wall where vines were creeping up it, the wall itself looked like it was thousands of years old. The gate was hard to spot, it was rusty, old and authentic. The door had vines creeping up from every side and there were small stone steps leading up to the door.


"Diffindo." Hermione murmured, causing all the vines and roots fall off the gate. She went to open the ancient gate, but found it locked.


"Alohamora." Hermione said, and the gate swung open to reveal a beautiful garden; it was untamed and wild. It looked as though time itself had forgotten that this garden even existed. In the middle of the garden stood a large fountain where once upon a time, water probably flowed endlessly, making a cascade of water around the garden. Three stone half arch benches lay around it, dirt lay on the ground beneath all the debris beside the benches. The trees were half-dead, yet still managed to stay alive, albeit wild and untamed. The willow tree that Hermione had seen on the other side was massive, it created a canopy for the garden, blocking out the rays of the sun.


"I wonder what this place is called," she said. No sooner than she said it, something engraves on the stone fountain caught her eye, reading:


"Salt Rocks"


And beneath it was words that had been carved into the stone, but it much, much older than the one before it: 


"Carpe Diem!"

Hermione banished away some of the willow tree leaves, allowing some rays of light to flood the garden. Engravings were etched everywhere. Not vandalism, just engravings, dedicated to loved ones:


"To Anrie, who so loved this garden."


"To Daniel, who proposed here."


"To Peter, may he watch over us."


"To Jane, who built this garden."


Salt Rocks was the most beautiful thing that Hermione had ever seen, a place that had been forgotten.


Hermione decided that she was going to find out where it ended and what was at the end. Pulling her wand out of her pocket, she walked down. The garden seemed to go on forever, never ending. Eventually, after twenty minutes of walking, Hermione saw a small cottage.


"Homenum revelio." Hermione said. Nobody was inside. The cottage had a modest white door at the back, a small porch with more engravings. Inside was a kitchen that could have easily fitted the whole entire Weasley family in it. The rest of the rooms were empty. Whoever lived here last had not left any trace that they existed. Hermione walked around, and looking up the stairs she decided not to go up; they were all rotted and didn't look safe.


Maybe another day, she decided and walked back outside.


Time definitely didn't know this place existed, the moon had risen high in the sky and Salt Rocks was pitch black.


Sighing, Hermione stood up, spun around on the spot and disapparated to St. Peters. 




"Granger, I'd be a bit more careful where I land. Someone could easily see you," Malfoy warned when he saw Hermione appear at the forest border.


"Shove off." she said, too tired to fight with Malfoy.

Malfoy gave a sly smile before walking up to Hermione.


"Dorian was looking for you," he said, walking at the same pace as Hermione. 


"What did he want?" she snapped.


"I don't know. He just wanted to know where you are. Listen Granger, there's something funny about that Muggle, stay away from him." Malfoy said, grabbing her arm and spinning her around. Hermione raised her hand ready to hit Malfoy but when she saw the look on his face, she stopped. His face had dropped the sarcasm that was always plastered on there and instead, it was replaced with seriousness that she had never seen before.


"Why? You afraid I might taint wizarding blood more?" she said, yanking her arm out of Malfoy’s hand.


"Hermione, I'm serious. The way he looks at you, there's just something not right about him." Hermione was shocked; Malfoy had said her first name voluntary. She decided to ignore the fact.


"Malfoy, you are more of a threat to me than Dorian ever will be," Hermione spat, storming inside. She turned the corner and ran straight into Jane Crosgrave.


"Oh, Jane, Sorry. Are you looking for Malf - Draco?" Hermione asked, correcting herself.


"Draco? Oh, no. I haven't spoken to him since...Well, since you came along, actually. I was looking for you," Jane said, rushing her words.


"Me, why?" Hermione said.


"I've got a letter for you from... uh... Kingsley Shacklebot?" Jane said, trying to pronounce Kingsley’s name properly. Hermione stifled a laugh.


"Okay, thanks. Hey, do you want to come up for a cup of tea or something?" Hermione asked awkwardly, even through High School Hermione had not have many girlfriends, so whenever she had tried to have a conversation with another girl - that wasn’t Ginny - it ended up becoming awkward.


"Okay, sure." Jane replied brightly.




The kettle boiled and Hermione poured the tea.


"So, how are you?" Hermione asked, trying to start a conversation.


"Me, I'm good." Jane said, blowing into her tea before she sipped it.

Silence enveloped the room as Hermione opened the letter. Hermione could feel an awkward silence in the air but she decided to ignore it.


Dear Miss Hermione Granger,

It has come to our attention that you are not deceased as was believed, but alive. The Daily Prophet has come into contact with this information and wishes to run a front page story about it. For your own sanity, Miss Granger, I suggest that you host an interview with Rita Skeeter about the interview and make sure that the interview is portrayed in a positive light. Also, the ministry wishes to award you an Order of Merlin first class.

Yours Sincerely,

Kingsley Shacklebot. Minister of Magic


Hermione folded the letter in half and took a deep breath to calm herself. She noticed her hands shaking slightly and she could feel her head spinning, but she didn’t do anything to stop it, everything that she had worked towards over the past year had come crashing down.


"Jane, sorry, but can you excuse me for a moment?" Hermione asked.


"Sure, anyway I have to get back. I've have to go and make sure that Tommy has his medicine," Jane said, putting the empty tea cup on the bench.


"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast," Hermione said. Jane nodded and left.

Hermione pulled her hair back into a messy bun and walked over to Draco's room.

I can't believe that I'm doing this, Hermione thought to herself as she knocked on the door.


"Ah, Hermione," Draco said when he saw Hermione.


"Hey, mind if I come in?" Hermione said. Draco pushed the door open in reply, a large smirk on his face when he saw Hermione standing in her door. 


"So, how can I help you?" Draco asked. She handed him the letter. He read it quickly, and handed it back.


"You want me to come with you for the interview?" Hermione nodded.


"Why?" He asked.


"I don't know, moral support. I mean, you were the first person to know that I wasn't dead," Hermione said.


"Well, then shall we go now, or in the morning?" Draco said, clapping his hands together.


"In the morning, we can take a day off if Greta lets us," Hermione said.

Draco nodded silently, not saying a word.


"I'll see you in the morning Draco," Hermione said.


"Draco? Hmm... On first name basis now, are we?" Draco smirked at her.


"If you prefer Malfoy--" Hermione growled.


"No, not at all," Draco interrupted, putting his hands in the air.

Hermione walked out the door, glancing once over her shoulder at Draco. He just stood at his doorframe, his hands running through his hair, smiling at Hermione. 


"Sweet dreams," Draco mused.




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Chapter 5: The Article Arrives
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Hermione waited anxiously for the article to arrive. Her and Draco had gone to the interview over a week ago and Hermione had been having small panic attacks ever since.

“Hermione calm down,” Draco would always say and Hermione’s reply would be the same.
“How can I calm down? You know how that vile Skeeter writes!”

Finally, after a week of many panic attacks and fretting, the article arrived, along with a letters attached to it.

“Dear Miss Hermione Granger. We are very thankful that you were civil towards us when we interviewed you. So, to show our gratitude here is a free copy of the Daily Prophet. Enjoy!

Your Sincerely,

The Daily Prophet Team.”

Hermione took a deep breath and unraveled the paper, Draco sat next to her on her bed looking expectantly at the newspaper.

On the front cover was a picture of Harry, Ron and herself in their fourth year at Hogwarts, after the second task, they were all dripping wet and their eyes filled with innocence.


The Golden Trio Reunites!

After a year of believing that she was dead. Miss Hermione Granger returns after a one year hiatus, apparently hiding away in a London Penthouse. When asked why, Miss Granger replied with a simple: “I needed a break,”

Mr. Harry Potter and the new Mrs. Ginny Potter were ecstatic when they heard that their best friend wasn’t dead and rushed to her.

“We couldn’t believe that she back!” Exclaimed a flustered Mrs. Potter.
“It was a shock at first, but when reality set back in I was nothing but happy,” Mr. Potter said.

After receiving an Order of Merlin first class along with her fellow classmates Miss Granger promptly returned to her teaching position, at a muggle boarding school. The name of the school, Miss Granger would not disclose. When I asked about Mr. Ron Weasley, her school love interest, she simply stated: “Ron and I were friends and never anything more.”

Surprisingly Mr. Draco Malfoy, ex Death Eater was present for the interview. “Moral support,” They both said when I asked.

“Will you be returning to the world of magic Miss Granger? Maybe even take a teaching position at Hogwarts?” I had asked and Miss Granger replied matter-of-factually that she will eventually return to the world of magic but would not apply for a teaching position at Hogwarts for “personal reasons”

Speculation has already been aroused that Miss Granger was in a sexual relationship with the one and only Mr. Fred Weasley who was killed in the battle.

More on page 17...


Hermione was furious! How dare that sneak disrespect Fred like that! She could feel her cheeks becoming red and her hands were starting to shake.

“Hermione calm down,” Draco said, Hermione just ignored him.

“That bitch! She can insult me all she wants but she does not insult Fred!” Hermione uttered a few more swear words under her breath before kicking the nearby chair to the ground, it smashing in half.

She stood there for a moment before breaking down in tears. Draco rushed to her side and hesitantly put his arm around her.

“It’s okay,” Draco soothed, running his fingers through her hair. He desperately wanted to kiss her forehead, but he knew that she wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Mione look at me,” She obeyed and looked at him, her eyes filled with tears. Draco smiled down and wiped away her tears with his long fingers.

“Remember in year four? When Rita Skeeter published that article about your love triangle with Viktor Krum and Harry?” Hermione only nodded, still hiccuping.

“And, all that hate mail you got?” She nodded again.

“You stood firm and helped Harry survive all those tasks remember? You didn’t take it to heart like your doing now. Hermione, you are the strongest fricken woman I’ve ever met in my life. You have never given a crap about what anyone thought of you and you when you have an opinion you have to share it. You fought with Ron Weasley about the trivial things and then you punched me,” Hermione laughed at that memory of punching Draco in year 3.

“No matter how many times I put you down, or how many fights you and Ron had you still remained strong and kept your head held high. Make this moment one of those moments okay?” Hermione smiled and pulled Draco into an unexpected hug.

“Thank you Draco,” She mummered into his shirt. It took Draco a moment to take in what was happening before he bounced back and hugged her too. Her hair smelt like Strawberries, just like it had during their school years.

“That’s okay. Come on Hermione you need a pick me up,” Draco said, pulling Hermione up to her feet.

“Where are we going?” Hermione asked as Draco wiped away her leftover tears.
“Somewhere,” Draco smiled and together they walked out of the school boundaries and into the forest where the spun around on the spot and dissaperated.



She knew where she was before she saw it. She could smell the fresh grass and the homemade cooking. She could hear people yelling and the sound of things falling coming from the shed.

This place had been her second home for 7 years, she had loved that place and remembered all the good memories she had there, from cooking disastrous dinners to racing Ginny around the house.

“Come on, they're expecting you,” Draco said when they landed but Hermione refused to go in. She was examining everything; a new Ford Angela was sitting near the chicken coop and in the distance Hermione could see a makeshift Quidditch Pitch and Broom Shed, Mr. Weasley’s shed was in the same spot and probably was filled with even more muggle contraptions then before and in the middle of it stood the most beautiful sight ever. The Burrow.

Draco smiled and extended his arm, allowing Hermione to walk towards the Burrow first.

“Hermione!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed when she saw Hermione walk up the dirt driveway.

Mrs. Weasley pulled Hermione into one of her motherly hugs and Hermione embraced her like she used to.

“Look at you!” Mrs. Weasley said, placing her hands on Hermione’s cheeks before pulling her inside and questioning her on what her past year had been like. Draco followed behind slowly feeling very out of place.

“I’m making a feast and we’re eating outside tonight. The Order is coming, Dumbledore’s Army and some of the ministry is coming as well, I’m sure Ginny has something you could wear,” Mrs. Weasley rattled on and on about all the people she had invited tonight.

The back door opened and closed quickly, Hermione spun around smiling expecting to see Harry or George.

“Hermione?” He asked in disbelief, dropping the broom that was in his hand.

"Hello Ron,"

Chapter 6: Fix You
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Hermione couldn’t believe her eyes. Her childhood best friend, the boy she kissed then left, the boy who had protected her, the boy who had loved her, was standing right in front of her, his mouth hanging open in a perfect ‘o’ shape. He had grown taller since Hermione last saw him and just like Bill, had grown his hair reasonably longer. Gone was the childish, immature boy that she had known from school, instead Hermione saw a man.

The silence in the air was so thick that anyone standing in the room could have cut it with a knife. Ron and Hermione were just staring at one another, unable to say a word.

“So your back,” Ron said in a reasonably calm manner.

“Yeah, I’m back,” She echoed. Neither of them knew what to say to each other given their previous circumstances.

“Won-won? Where’s my won-won?” Someone called from the backyard. Hermione knew that voice, it was a voice that she never wanted to hear again.
Every blessing must come with a curse Hermione thought grudgingly to herself as the one and only Lavender Brown came bouncing out from the backyard, pink ribbons suffocated her hair and she still wore her sickly pastel coloured dresses, the only new thing that she wore was a second hand, sparkling, engagement ring.

“Your engaged,” Hermione stated bluntly.

“Hermione! I haven’t seen you in ages! Where did you go!” Lavender greeted Hermione like she was her best friend or something, pulling her into a huge hug and bestowing her with a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, Won-won and I are engaged! I knew it was only a matter of time!” Lavender yelled, shoving the sparkling engagement ring.

“Tea?” Mrs. Weasley asked hesitantly.

“Yes please. Draco want one?” Hermione turned to Draco, remembering that he was still standing there.

“I would one, Mrs. Weasley,” Draco said politely, nodding his head in admitted thanks for the tea.


Hermione examined herself in the mirror, she was wearing a casual outfit that Ginny had designed: black jeans and a casual ‘hard rock cafe’ top, her usually poofy hair was pulled back into a neat, yet messy ponytail (which had taken Ginny ages to do) and she wore her lucky ballet flats that she accidentally left behind at Hogwarts.

“I held onto them, you know, just in case,” Ginny shrugged her shoulders when she handed them back to the owner.

“It seemed like ages since we did this,” Ginny mummered as she was tackling Hermione’s hair.

“Doing what?” Hermione asked absent mindly, fiddling with a feather that had fallen onto the vanity.

“This, getting dressed up, not a care in the world. Being friends again,” Ginny exasperated, finally managing to get a hair tye around the bundle of a birds nest that Hermione so easily called ‘hair’
Hermione smiled at her best friend, stood up from the vanity and hugged her.

“Well, I’m never leaving again Ginny and that’s a promise,” Hermione promised intertwining her pinkie into Ginny’s.

“Pinkie swear,” They said in unison. Looking at each other, dead serious, they collapsed into a fit of giggles and jumped onto the four poster bed that Harry and Ginny were sharing for the night.

“So Mione, are you and Malfoy...?” Ginny asked edging Hermione on.

“What! No, no, no, God no. We’re just friends, just friends,” Hermione knew deep down that she was assuring herself as much as she was assuring Ginny.

“Well, okay then, come on downstairs. Everyone is dying to see you again. Especially Cormac,” Ginny winked at Hermione as she opened the door that led to the step descent of stairs.

The descent of the stairs hadn’t gone exactly to plan. On the second landing Hermione tripped over a broom and tumbled down two flights of stairs, landing on a heap on the ground. Ginny, being the typical best friend, was cracking up laughing, not bothering to see if she was okay. Ron, on the other side had run to the stairs and tried to catch Hermione, but instead she just rolled on top of him, laughing uncontrollably.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked, pulling Hermione’s hair out of her eyes, his eyes piercing hers.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Hermione wheezed falling silent as she stared into Ron’s eyes. It had been almost a whole year since she had looked into those eyes; his greatest asset.

“Dinner!” Mrs. Weasley called out from outside. Hermione quickly got off Ron and rubbed her arm; a habit that she hated.

“Come on, we should probably go,” Hermione muttered, feeling her cheeks flushing a violent shade of red.


After giving numerous amounts of hugs and cheek-kisses to everyone they finally sat down and started to eat dinner. Ron sat on her left, Ginny on her right and Cormac sat directly across the table from her. Eyeing her, in his attempt of seducing Hermione, but he was failing miserably.
Then live music began to play from the dance floor that Mrs. Weasley had placed there only several minutes ago.

“Care to dance?” Draco asked, stepping up behind Hermione, extending his arm. Hermione laughed and accepted. Hermione’s favourite song, Fix You by Coldplay came on.

“Of course I would,” Draco steered her towards the dance floor where several couples were already dancing: George and Angelina, Harry and Ginny, Mr and Mrs Weasley and Neville and Luna.

“So are you going to tell me why you’re being so nice to me or not?” Hermione asked as they began to twirl around on the dance floor slowly.

“Maybe later,” Draco teased placing his hand on her hip. After about 5 minutes of dancing Hermione firmly rested her head Draco’s chest and he happily let her.

“I don’t know what to make of you Draco,” Hermione mummered, smelling Draco’s shirt.

“What does that mean?” Draco smiled.

“Well, all throughout school you were the meanest little prick I had ever met in my life, worse than my Aunt Brionie, and now, you are really nice to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new you, it just seems... odd,” Hermione said.

“It’s history now Mione,” Draco assured her.

“History that I want to know,” Hermione pressured.

“Look Mione, I will tell you when the time seems right, I promise,” Draco said, her shampoo smell filling his nose.

“Strawberry,” He purred closing his eyes.

“What?” She asked.

“Oh! Uh, do you want some strawberries?” Draco stuttered indicating over to the table where a chocolate fountain and fruit had just appeared.

“Okay,” She smiled, dragging Draco to the chocolate fountain.

“So Hermione, how would you like to go on a date with me? I am incredibly wealthily, and I have just recently become a keeper for the Tornados,” McLaggen said, licking chocolate off his fingers.

“Listen McLaggen, I think I made it perfectly clear in year 6 that I don’t want anything to do with you,” Hermione said sternly before promptly turning her back on McLaggen.

“Come on Hermione,” McLaggen said grabbing her by the waist.

“You’re drunk,” Hermione said smelling Firewhisky in his breath.

“Maybe,” He said slyly.

“Get off me McLaggen,” She protested but he just kept pulling her towards the dance floor.

“Get off it Hermione. You know you want me,” He had begun to slur his words as he leaned in for a forced kiss. Then all the pressure that McLaggen was forcing onto her was off, and he was thrown to the ground with immense strength.

“Hermione are you okay?” Draco asked, an anger in his eyes that Hermione had never seen before.
She just nodded.

“You bastard, you stay away from Hermione,” Draco growled menacingly, his teeth gritted together and his wand was pointing directly at McLaggen heart.

“Okay man, cool down,” McLaggen said, his hands at his head.

“Okay boys, break it up,” Kingsley, the minister for magic said sternly, pushing in between the two boys.
Kingsley roughly pulled McLaggen to his feet.

“No harm no foul,” Kingsley assured the crowd, smiling he walked back towards George.

“Like I would want to have anything to do with that bitch anyway. The little slut is all yours Malfoy,” McLaggen said spitefully. Hermione saw Draco’s eyes go into slits, the veins in his neck began to pulse and his fists clenched into tight balls. Then, the next thing he knew Draco had launched at McLaggen and punched his square in the face, McLaggen’s nose making an unnatural sound.

“Take back what you said,” Draco snarled, his wand burning a small hole in McLaggen’s shirt.

“Take. It. Back,” He snarled again.

“Get off him!” Kingsley roared, pulling Draco off McLaggen. Kingsley grabbed both Draco and McLaggen then dissaperated, an awkward silence in the air.

“Hermione, dear, do you want to stay the night?” Mrs. Weasley asked, steering Hermione inside for one of her famous hot chocolates.

“Yes, please Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione said, unable to find out why Draco had stood up to her like that.

“Well, come on, I’ll get Arthur to find out what’s wrong okay?” Mrs. Weasley pulled Hermione into a massive motherly bear hug and handed her the hot chocolate.

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Chapter 7: For Good
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Hermione returned to St. Peters the next day, Dorian waiting for her at the school entrance.


“Welcome back,” He said, pulling her into a hug, “You look beautiful,” Hermione knew that was a lie. She hadn’t got a wink of sleep the night before because she was too worried about Draco, that, and Mrs. Weasley had forced down at least 5 hot chocolates. When Hermione had looked in the mirror just before she dissaperated, her hair looked like it did in year 1; an overally large birds nest, her usual delicate eyes were puffy and her face was red and looked flustered.


“Thanks,” She said, tripping up the stairs, Dorian, however caught her just before she hit the ground.

“Here, let me take your bag,” Dorian offered grabbing her over night bag and began hauling it up the stairs.

“Is Draco here?” Hermione asked. Dorian laughed and tucked a piece of his jet black hair behind his ear.

“Not that I know of, but there was some commotion in his room last night,” Dorian dropped the bag on the teachers landing.


“What! When?” Hermione asked, panic filled her head.


“Around midnight. Hermione are you okay?” Dorian asked, placing his hand overs.
Hermione felt electric shocks fly up her arm at Dorian’s touch, she flinched a little.


“Hermione?” Dorian asked, his brown eyes filled with concern.


“Yeah, I didn’t get any sleep last night. I found a really good book and couldn’t put it down,” That wasn’t a complete lie, around midnight Hermione had enough of tossing and turning in bed so she got up and walked down the stairs, as quiet as a mouse, and walked over towards their bookcase. Picking up a book at the random she began to read, the book, she found out when she finished, was called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  Dorian studied her face for a minute before nodding.

“Well, I’ll leave you to sleep then,” Dorian said before leaving, bestowing Hermione was a small kiss on the cheek.


“You know where to find me if you need anything,”


“But I have to teach,” She protested already falling asleep.


“It’s Sunday,” Dorian laughed and closed the door quietly.

Hermione was already asleep, fully dressed, before Dorian shut the door.

Hermione hid her wand in her pocket and walked up to the house that her parents were staying in, only to find the door was already open.


“I told them to keep the door locked,” She said to herself, sighing, she pulled her wand out just a precaution.

She could smell her mother’s cooking coming from the kitchen and she could hear her father talking, no, pleading.


“I don’t know where she is. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” He said. Hermione pressed herself up

against the wall, her wand at her side.


“This is your last chance Mr. Granger. Your daughter for your wife,” Someone snarled. Hermione knew that voice, it was Scabior, the snatcher.


‘I thought he died,’ Hermione thought to herself, ‘no, he vanished after the battle,’ She corrected herself.


“I don’t know where she is, how many times do I have to tell you,” Mr. Granger said. Hermione heard her mother scream.


“Let her go!” Hermione and Mr. Granger screamed at the same time.


“Ah Hello Beautiful. How have you been?” Scabior smiled when he saw Hermione. She just raised her wand to him.


“Let. My. Parents. Go,” She snarled. Scabior just smiled and toyed with her hair.


“Hmm, I would love to let them go Beautiful, but as you see, I can’t, unless...,” Scabior was taunting her, Hermione knew it but she had to save her parents. No matter what the cost.


“Unless,” Hermione urged him on, lowering her wand slightly.


“Well, Lucuis Malfoy would care for a word with you Beautiful,” Scabior smiled and attempted to grab her wrist, but she yanked it away.


“Tut, tut, tut, that’s not a very wise move Darling,” He said, reaching for her wrist again. Hermione felt herself bump into a wall as she maneuvered herself away from Scabior.


“I’ll give you one more warning Miss Granger, you can come and meet Lucuis Malfoy, or you can watch your parents die,” He said, putting his hands on either side of Hermione’s head and leaning in. Behind Scabior, Hermione could hear her parents muffled screams.


“Fine I’ll go with you,” She said.


“Out the door if you please,” Scabior smiled, indicating to the door that she entered from. Obeying, she left.

As soon as she stepped out, two flashes of green occurred, followed by two screams.


“Mum! Dad!” Hermione yelled, running back in. Scabior was standing over two lifeless bodies.


“I’m sorry about that dear-,”

Hermione woke up, jolting out of bed. Her breaths were shallow and her forehead had beads of sweat around her hairline.


“It’s my fault,” She said, rocking back and forth. She was in the feeble position until the grand father clock in the hall struck 12.

Hermione grabbed her wand and tucked it into her back pocket of her jeans.

She walked quickly through the forest, her wand acting a flashlight. She didn’t walking until she reached the rustic old door that lead to Salt Rocks.

“Alohamora." She mummered and the door automatically opened.


“Lumos.” She muttered to the old, lamp posts that were anchored around the old fountain and the seats. Pulling out her book that she had hidden underneath her cloak, she sat down and began to read Beyond The Night by Marlo Schalesky.  It was without a doubt, Hermione’s favourite book ever and never got sick of reading it.


They tell me it never happened. They say it couldn’t have. Some call it a dream. Others say I’m a romantic. But I know what they’re thinking: I’m crazy. Touched by grief. Making up stories to ease my pain.

But I have no grief. Not anymore. And my pain is only a single note in the symphony of my peace, for I know what’s true. I watched her hand reach towards him. I heard his voice in the darkness. I saw their love. Paul and Maddie. So call me crazy if you must. But I know the power of love. I’ve glimpsed its mystery. I’ve witnessed its light.

If you doubt, come with me. Step through the shadows of time to when it began. A cold night. And beyond the night... well, come and see.



It had been a week since Hermione had seen Draco last and she was really beginning to worry. No matter how many letters she sent to Mrs. Weasley she never learnt anything knew.


“Where do you go to after supper Hermione?” Dorian asked on Thursday. Each day, without fail, Hermione would sneak away after supper into Salt Rocks for several hours, re reading Beyond The Night. Hermione just shrugged her shoulders.


“Out for a walk,” She stated walking into her room. Dorian followed her.


“Where?” He asked.


“Geesh leave me alone,” She laughed, pushing him in the shoulder.


Beyond the Night huh? It’s a good book,” Dorian commented, picking up the book from her vanity and flicking through it.


“Uh Hermione, you got a letter,” Dorian called out to Hermione, who was changing into her pajamas in the bathroom,

“It was on your bed,”

Hermione stepped out of the bathroom and picked the letter up.


“Draco,” She whispered faintly, recognizing the hand writing instantly.

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Chapter 8: Draco
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 “Okay Mr. Malfoy, this is your last chance,” Kingsley said sternly, Percy Weasley scribbling ferociously down on a notebook.

Draco took a deep breath and nodded.


“I am not like my father,” He stated bluntly and then left. The shackles were removed off his wrists at the door and his wand got handed back to him when he reached ground level.

He had sent Hermione a letter while he had been in lockdown.


Dear Hermione,

I am sorry what happened last night. I will explain everything when I get back.

Take care,



It had been short but he couldn’t tell her. Not yet anyway.

Draco was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t see anyone else in the elevator that he walked into.


“Malf-, I mean, Draco?” The person behind Draco asked. He turned his head a fraction of an inch and caught sight of the bright pink hair.


“Emily Diggory?” He asked. Emily Diggory was Cedric Diggory’s younger sister and had been in Draco’s year level all throughout school, they had never spoken to one another unless in dire needs, but they both knew each other very well.


“Yeah it’s me. Long time, no see. How have you been?” She asked, brushing a piece of her pink hair behind her ear.


“I’ve been better,” He admitted truthfully, rubbing his wrists. Emily shot him a sympathetic look, her blue eyes staring at him.

“Yeah, I heard. How are you coping?” She asked, brushing her slender fingers along his arm as a comfort.


“Okay, I have a friend who is helping me,” Draco stated. The elevator doors opened and he walked out, saying goodbye to Emily over his shoulder.


Just one last stop He thought to himself as he veered right of the exit that led to the high streets of muggle London.


He walked aimlessly until he found the door marked Mr. Harry Potter, head of the auror department 


“Perfect,” He mummered to himself and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Harry yelled.




“Draco!” Hermione exclaimed when she opened her door. Her eyes were puffy and her face was all flustered.


“Rough night?” He asked, pulling her into a hug. She embraced him happily.

“Chocolates and flowers,” Draco said when they broke apart, Primrose flowers in one hand and a bag full of Reeses Peanut Butter and Chocolate biscuits in the other.


“Where have you been? You’ve been gone for at least a week,” Hermione exasperated examining the chocolates and flowers.


 “So are you going to tell me yet?” Hermione asked, placing the Primroses into a vase full of water.


“Tell you what?” Draco asked


“Why you are being so nice to me,” She stated. Draco took a deep breath and exhaled a soon time later.

“Well, if you really want to know you may want to sit down,” Draco said, flicking his wand for the kettle go switch itself on.


Hermione sat down on the seat opposite to Draco and popped a chocolate in her mouth.


Draco took a deep breath and began:


“After the battle ended the ministry was rounding anyone who was associated with him,” Hermione knew that he was talking about Voldermort, “and eventually they came to my family. My father was charted off to Azkaban before you could say Quidditch but my mum and I were sent to trial because I was still a minor when I became a Death Eater and my mother was in a terrible state; she was having major mental breakdowns almost every day and would get herself drunk on Firewhisky to get rid of all the pain that she had bottled inside of her. The trial that my mother and I were sent to was the scariest thing that I have ever been to. The whole ministry was there, including every person in the wizardagamont. We were stuck in that trial room for two days straight until they finally came to a descion.


My mother was put on probation and could escape her fate in Azkaban if she checked in to St. Mungo’s once every week to see if her mental breakdowns were stopping and I was put on good behavior for two years. I managed to avoid everyone who I knew at school; you know: Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini and Astoria Greengrass,”


He took a deep breath before continuing,


“It was only two months after the trial when I received a disturbing letter from the ministry. My mother hadn’t turned up to her weekly St. Mungo’s check and they couldn’t get ahold of her-,” Tears were starting to form in Draco’d eyes as he told Hermione his horrific past, “- No one knew where she went so they asked me to find her. As soon as I finished reading the distress letter I apparated to the only place she could be,”


“Where?” Hermione asked in a barely audible voice.


“To the house that she grew up in and sure enough she was there, sprawled out on the floor. Unconscious. She was alive, but only just. I found out later that her body had shut down due to all the stress she had put on herself. The alcohol hadn’t helped either,” Tears were streaming down both Draco and Hermione’s cheeks and neither of them attempted to wipe them away.

“So is your mother okay?” Hermione asked, wanting desperately to reach forward and comfort Draco but she wasn’t sure how he’d react.


“She’s in St. Mungo’s. No one knows if she is ever going to recover fully but she is making progress,” Draco said, taking a sip of his tea. Hermione’s lay untouched on the coffee table.


“Kingsley told me that this time was my last chance,”


“You mean-,” Draco nodded, interrupting Hermione.


“If I stuff up one more time then I am going straight to Azkaban with no chance of a get out of jail free card."



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Chapter 9: Magus Ignis
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“Cough it up Draco!”


“You still owe me £100!”


“No, I payed you back!”


“Guys! Calm down I own Mayfair!” Dorian said with authority in his voice.


“Well, I own Oxford,” Jane pipped in.


Hermione raised an eyebrow at Draco and reluctantly, he handed over the money into Hermione’s sweaty palms.


“Thank you,” She said sweetly.


The four friends stayed up all night playing Monopoly. Dorian came first, Hermione a close second and Jane and Draco tied last.




Hermione tossed and turned in her bed for several hours that night. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't sleep.


Around three in the morning Hermione heard some commotion in the room across from hers.


“That’s Dorian room.” She whispered to herself.

Clambering out of bed, Hermione silently grabbed her wand and cast a disillusion charm over herself.


Opening the door Hermione peeked her head in, the room was a mess, books, paper, clothes, photos and bed sheets covered the floor and Dorian was in the middle of the room, scrambling through sheets of papers swearing loudly

“Shit, I know I left it here somewhere,”


“Well, find it then Magus Ignis, you can’t let Dominus down again,” A voice behind Hermione said in an ominous tone. Spinning around, Hermione came face-to-face with a beautiful woman, she had long, jet black hair, flawless skin and purple eyes.


She’s in the mirror Hermione realised with a jolt.


“I know Ciara, but someone took it!” Dorian roared, picking up his chair and throwing it half way across the room.


Ciara let out a shrill laugh, her purple eyes look hazardous.


Magus Ignis, calm down,” Ciara said.


“No! I will not calm down! I have a mission to fulfill and I need my insigne!” Dorian yelled.


Magus Ignis? Never heard of that before’ Hermione thought to herself, racking her brains trying to think of what language it was.


“Listen Magus Ignis, The Dominus gave you strict instructions, it should all be over by now!” Ciara said, pacing back and forth in the mirror, obviously irritated with Dorian.


“I’m not going to stuff this mission up too. The Lamia is already walking on thin ice, I would have had the mission finished as soon as the Lamia got here but the Veneficus has been watching me like a hawk,” Dorian picked up a knife that was lying precariously on the vanity and threw it at Ciara and the mirror.


“Be gone!” He ordered and in a puff of black smoke, Ciara vanished.


Dorian swore several more times and began kicking things around the room. Taking this as her time to leave, Hermione spun around on her heels and ran silently to her room. Flinging herself on her bed she couldn’t get Draco’s warning out of her head:


“Dorian was looking for you,” Draco said, walking at the same pace as Hermione.

“What did he want?” She snapped.


“I don’t know, he just wanted to know where you are. Listen Granger, there’s something funny about that Muggle, stay away from him,” Draco turned dead serious.


“Why? You afraid I might taint the wizarding blood more?” She said.


“Hermione I’m serious. The way he looks at you, there’s just something not right about him,” 


“Malfoy, you are more of a threat to me than Dorian ever will be.”







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Chapter 10: Lunch
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Hermione spent the next few days pouring herself into books; trying to find out what, Magus Ignis, Dominus, Lamia, Insigne and Veneficus meant, but it was no avail.

"This is hopeless." Hermione growled to herself, drinking her fourth coffee that day. She had avoided Dorian like the plague since she had found him in his room talking to Ciara.

Draco, however, was determined to never leave Hermione's side, it reminded her of her fourth year when Viktor Krum followed her silently, lingering behind bookcases in the school library and staring intently at her when she ate her meals in the great hall.
Slamming the empty cup of coffee back on the desk she picked up another book and began scanning the pages. Behind her, Hermione could hear the scuffing of shoes on the varnished wood, it made her eyebrows twitch.

"God Draco leave me alone!" Hermione snapped and spun around, expecting to see Draco but it wasn't.

"Oh." Standing in front of Hermione stood Lucius Malfoy.


"Draco isn't here at the moment." Hermione said. She hadn't seen Lucuis Malfoy since the battle of Hogwarts and he didn't look a day older.


"I'm not looking for Draco," Lucius said quickly, taking a slight step towards Hermione, "I was looking for you actually," he added in a strong voice.


"How can I help you Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione asked, standing up from her chair, banishing the creases away from her top.


"Call me Lucuis. Are you busy?" Lucuis asked, peering behind Hermione, seeing the large pile of books that lay on the desk.


"No, not at all. I was just finishing up." Hermione lied, smiling graciously. Lucius nodded and pursed his lips together.


"Would you like to grab some lunch with me?" Lucius asked. Hermione was taken aback, she was being asked out to lunch by a Malfoy. On the list of things that Hermione would have thought she was going to do in life, having lunch with Lucius Malfoy was not one of them.


"O-Okay." Hermione stuttered. Lucius smiled and held his arm out.


"Come on, just side apparate along with me," Lucius said. Hermione took a deep breath, she detested side-apparating and avoided it at all costs, but she saw no way out of it, so banishing her fear she clutched Lucuis's arm and with a loud pop! There was no evidence that the two ever stood in the library.
Little did any of them know that someone was watching them from behind a bookcase. Someone who shouldn't have been watching.


"Finally." The shadow hissed before walking out of the library.




"So Mr.- Lucius, how have you been?" Hermione asked over the rim of her coffee cup. Lucius had apparated to diagon alley and walked over to a small coffee shop where, Hermione realized, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour used to be. 'It closed down after the war.' Lucius had explained, settling down on a comfortable chair where he could watch the world fly by.


"I'm doing well. We, well, I have just sold the manor," Lucius said. Hermione almost spat into her coffee. That manor had been in the Malfoy family for generations.


"You sold it?" Hermione repeated. Lucius gave a small smirk and nodded.


"After what happened in that house, with the massacre and, with you, we couldn't bare to live in that house anymore and now that Draco has moved out as well, it seems smaller and Narcissa is in St. Mungo's at the moment." Lucius explained. Hermione pursed her lips together and nodded slowly, taking another sip of her steaming hot coffee.

"So, what are you going to do then?" Hermione asked.


"We just bought a small cottage near Wales, it's not much but it's better than the manor." Lucius said.


"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, but aren't you supposed to be in azkaban?" Lucuis chucked under his breath, his hand wrapped tightly around his wand.


"Yes, I was. It was a life sentence and they were happy to carry that sentence out but with the help of Draco and Harry Potter I was allowed out early on probation." Lucuis explained. Hermione nodded her head slowly.


"Look Hermione, Draco didn't want me to come and see you but I think you have a right to know." Lucius said, raising his voice so his could be heard over everyone.


"Know what?" Hermione asked, worried about the answer.


"Draco likes you." Lucius said bluntly, "And not some schoolboy crush that changes like the changing wind but he really likes you. He has since his 6th year," Hermione spat her coffee back into her cup, her eyes wide and her face had gone bright pink. Lucius didn't look phased at all, he just smiled.


"And w-why are you telling me?" Hermione asked, trying, and failing, to regain her composure.


"Because I think you deserve to know. He kept trying to be mean to you, kept trying to treat you like he didn't care, but Hermione he does and I know my son, he'll be too afraid to tell you himself," Lucius stood to his feet, dusting the crumbs off his robes.


"I've got to run now Hermione," Hermione nodded slowly as Lucius left the table.


'Draco Malfoy likes me. I don't like him, do I?' Hermione thought, standing to her feet. Her legs felt like they were made out of jelly. Trying to clear her head, Hermione began to walk through Diagon Alley, feeling nostalgic.
She reached Knockturn Alley and spun around on her heels, refusing to go back down there. Then something clicked in her mind, almost like a distance memory was resurfacing.


"Oh my god." She said, stopping in the middle of the street. She knew how to work out what those words meant. She knew who could help her. She knew where she had to go.





A/N: Okay, I completely understand if you hate me for this chapter. I hate this chapter but it was all I could write with writers block. So if you don't like this chapter I completely understand.

Anyway, I'm writing a new story called 'Just Imagine' it's a George W/Luna story and partly Draco/Hermione. So here's a short preview and tell me if you like it :)


Luna stared around at the battlefield. Rubble, debree, blood and bodies were covering the courtyard. Everyone had lost someone in the battle, even the Weasley’s had. Fred Weasley, one of the inseparable twins had been killed by a Death Eater in the first hour of the battle, even from outside Luna could hear the Weasley’s sobs.

Luna had grown accustomed to death, she was 4 when she had first lost someone she had loved. Yet, she had never seen death so… upfront in her life. Over the past 12 hours people, innocent people, had died before Luna's eyes. She knew that their final screams would be forever etched into her mind

"Luna? What are you doing out here?" Luna heard the familiar voice of George Weasley. Smiling she replied smoothly, "I just needed some fresh air. The wrackspurts were getting to my head." George shook his head, unable to produce even the slightest smile.

"How are you coping George? Luna asked, sitting down on the half destroyed steps. George followed and slumped down onto the stairs, his head resting in his hands.

"George, there is nothing you could have done." Luna said, using the same line that her father had given to her when her mother had died when she was 8.

"You know," George sniffed, "People always told me that they couldn't tell the difference between Fred and I. They said that there was no difference, but there was a difference."

"What was that?" Luna asked sympathetically.

"The difference was that Fred - Fred had a freckle on his right hand and - and a scar on his ankle, which I gave him-." Luna knew George wanted to say more, but he couldn't. That was the thing about grieving, Luna thought to herself, You want to say so many things about that person. You truly believe, that if you talk about them for long enough then they'll come back to you, but they don't.



Chapter 11: Hogwarts
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Hermione stood outside Hogwarts, feeling surprising nervous. She had been standing outside Hogwarts for god knows how long and yet she still couldn’t move.


Come on Darling, you’re a Gryffindor for a reason She told herself. Taking a deep breath, Hermione began to walk towards the Great Castle that she had onced called her home. The doors were unlocked so Hermione strolled through the entrance hall. It was the holidays, Hermione reminded herself, as she walked through the halls seeing only the occasional students.

“Hermione my dear. What the devil are you doing here?” Hermione spun around on her heels and came face-to-face with Professor Sprout. As per usual, she was covered in mud and dirt and was wearing her daggy, yet dearly loved denim overalls and green top hat.


“Professor Sprout! I’m here to speak to Professor McGonagall actually. Is she around?” Hermione asked. Professor Sprout scuffed her foot on the stone wall, banishing some of the dirt that had been collected over her several years of teaching, that were on her shoes.

“I think she may be in her office. I’ve been down in the greenhouse all day with Neville,”

“Neville?” Hermione asked. Professor Sprout beamed with confident as Hermione mentioned her best student.


“Yes, Neville. He is the Herbologly teacher now, I just help him out.” Professor Sprout explained, “Sorry Hermione I’ve got to go and give these to Poppy. If you want to find Minerva try looking in her office and if she is not there, then check the astronomy tower; she likes to visit the tower in her spare time.” Professor Sprout held up a bucket and began to trudge up the stairs that led to the the Hospital Wing.


Hermione watched her former Professor walk through the walls of Hogwarts and smiled stupidly. She had always said to herself when she was still in school that one day, she would become a Professor - Transfiguration if she had got her choice - and walk through the walls of Hogwarts daily.


But then again. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan Hermione thought to herself as she began the steep climb to the Headmasters Office.


“Oh crap, I don’t know the password.” Hermione swore, made a u-turn and began to head back towards the Teachers Lounge. She was surprised that she still knew her way around the old place.


“Miss Granger, pleasure to see you again.” Professor Slughorn exclaimed when he opened the door to the teachers lounge. Hermione smiled sweetly at the daft, old Professor and explained her predicament. Slughorn smiled and gave her an answer, “The password is ‘Dumbledore’, is there anything I can help you with My Dear?” Hermione shook her head sadly.

“Sorry Professor, I really need Professor McGonagall for this.” Professor Slughorn looked slightly dejected but let Hermione go none the less.






“Dumbledore.” Hermione said and watched as the great eagle spread its wings and showed the old and weathered stone steps that led up to the Headmistresses office.


“I don’t care how many told you to do it! You shouldn’t do it!” Hermione heard McGonagall explain.


“Sorry Miss, it won’t happen again,” The student promised. Hermione brought her hand up to the wooden door and knocked three times.

“Enter!” Hermione pushed the door open and saw a face that she hadn’t seen in a year.


“Hermione! What a lovely surprise!” Professor McGonagall exclaimed before turning her attention back to the student, who had tried to sneak out of the door, “Now Ben, you will get 2 after school detentions with Mr. Filch and you will have to apologize to Miss Baker.” Ben nodded vigourserly and walked out of the office, his head hanging low. McGonagall smiled slightly and turned her attention to her former student.

“Now, Hermione, how can I help you? I was quite surprised to find out that you were not dead,” McGonagall said, indicating for Hermione to sit down. Hermione rubbed her shoulders and sat down on a chair opposite McGonagall and the large portrait of the recently deceased and deeply loved Professor Dumbledore, who was smiling at Hermione over his half-moon spectacles.


“Professor, I was wondering whether you might be able to help me with something important.” McGonagall sat down on her chair and leaned forward.


“With what?” She asked. Hermione took a deep breath, she knew what she was about to say sounded impossible and insane.

“Well,” She started, not sure where to start, “I was wondering whether you could help me with deciphering these words, I heard them.... Well, actually I read them in a book and I couldn’t decipher them.”

“I’ll try and help you of course; what were these words?” McGonagall asked.

“Do you have any paper? I can’t pronounce them properly.” McGonagall flicked her wand and out of her bookcase zoomed a blank sheet of paper. Hermione grabbed a quill and ink and wrote down the words: Magus Ignis, Dominus, Lamia, Insigne and Veneficus. Handing the sheet of paper to McGonagall she waited in anticipation.


“It’s Latin.” McGonagall said.


Latin, of course, how could I be so stupid! Hermione thought to herself. She had been too busy overlooking all the lost magic languages that she had completely forgotten about the old muggle languages.


“What do the words translate to then?” Hermione asked, mentally hitting herself once more. McGonagall returned to the paper.


Magus Ignis translates to Evil Fire. Dominus is Master. Insigne is Badge, Lamia means Witch and Veneficus means Wizard. They are vague translations but they mean around the same words.” McGonagall explained, pursing her lips together.


“Thank you Professor!” Hermione said, standing up from her chair.

“Was that it Miss Granger?” McGonagall asked and Hermione nodded, “Well, I hope to see you around Miss Granger.” Mcgonagall bade Hermione farewell.





Hermione paced around her small room, trying to remember the conversation she had overheard with Dorian and Ciara.


“Well, find it then Evil Fire, you can’t let Master down again,” 


“I know Ciara, but someone took it!” 


“Evil Fire, calm down,”


“No! I will not calm down! I have a mission to fulfill and I need my badge!”


“Listen Evil Fire, The Master gave you strict instructions, it should all be over by now!” 


“I’m not going to stuff this mission up too. The Witch is already walking on thin ice, I would have had the mission finished as soon as the Witch got here but the Wizard has been watching me like a hawk,” 


Hermione felt the all the colour rush from her face. Sitting down on the edge of her bed Hermione tried to calm herself down. Whatever Dorian was, Whoever Dorian was, he had targeted Hermione since the moment she had arrived at St. Peters.








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Chapter 12: Wedding Mistakes
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Hermione stood outside the burrow, staring at the dead grass beneath her feet. In the distance, Hermione could hear Mrs. Weasley yelling at someone.


Probably George trying out his new invention Hermione thought smugly before trudging inside.

“Hermione my dear! It’s lovely to see you again,” Mr. Weasley exclaimed when he saw Hermione enter through the kitchen. She was surprised that the Weasley’s were still civil to her after she broke their son’s heart by kissing him and leaving him without even a letter. Mr. Weasley stumbled around their kitchen table and gave Hermione a hug.

“It’s a pleasure to see you too Mr. Weasley. I got a letter from Lavender saying that it was an emergency,” Hermione explained. Mr. Weasley nodded slowly and pointed up the stairs.


“She’s on the second level, third door to the right.” Hermione said thank you to Mr. Weasley and began the steep climb to the second level. She left very nostalgic walking up the familiar creaking wooden steps; she passed the first landing where Ginny’s room was and the window sill that Hermione used to sit down and read a book when she couldn’t sleep. Hermione smiled as the paintings on the wall waved and pointed at her, she waved back and smiled. 

She had missed magic.

Finally, she reached the second landing and walked over to the right. Through the third door she heard Lavender yelling.


God help me Hermione sent up a silent prayer and knocked on the door three times. It seemed like ages before Lavender flung the door open wearing nothing but a corset.


“Hermione!” Lavender practically screamed, pulling Hermione inside and locking the door behind her. Looking around the room, Hermione realized that she was in Ron’s old room. It looked nothing she used to remember it, quidditch posters used to hang on the walls now everything was a sickly pink and on the vanity, Ron used to have his collection of photos and miniature figurines, and now there was an array of make-up that ranged from foundations to blush and from bright yellows to black-soot.


“Lavender what’s going on? You said it was an emergency,” Hermione asked. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a wedding dress. It wasn’t your average dress, instead of it being the traditional white, it looked as though it had been dunked in a bucket of sickly pastel pink dye. Hermione visibly cringed as she saw the ruffles and folds in the wedding dress. It was one of the most horrible things she had ever seen.


“My maid of honour couldn’t make it to the wedding and now I don’t have a maid of honour.” Lavender wailed, her long fingernails clutched into Hermione’s shirt. Hermione pried Lavender off her and sat her down on the bed.


She really didn’t want to do this but Lavender had called her here so she obviously trusted her.


Or she had no one left to turn to Hermione thought, but dismissed it immediately.


“How can I help?” Hermione asked. Lavender jerked her head up and stared at Hermione.

“Willyoubemymaidofhonour?” Lavender sniffed.


“Could you say that a bit slower?” Hermione asked. Lavender had spoken so fast that she didn’t catch a single word of what Lavender had said.

“Will you be my Maid of Honour?” Lavender asked, pronouncing every syllable. Hermione was taken back, she hadn’t expected this. Lavender stared at Hermione, batting her eyelids furiously.


I am so gonna regret this Hermione thought, “Okay.” She said. She had never been anyone’s Maid of Honour before. Lavender let out a scream worthy of a battle cry and flung her arms around Hermione’s neck saying, ‘thank you’ repeatedly.


“So when’s the wedding?” Hermione asked.


“This afternoon, as the sun sets.” Lavender replied, a romantic look in her eyes.





By the time Hermione had got herself a cup of tea, Lavender’s room was full of chatty girls; all wearing a pink cocktail dress. Closing the door quietly she spun around and hit something hard; spilling tea all over the front of her top.

“Damn.” She swore. This was her favourite top and she probably wouldn’t be able to get the stains out.


“Oh my gosh Hermione I am so sorry! I didn’t see you there!” Hermione looked up and saw Ron looking down on her, concern covering his face, “Come up to my room, I’m sure you could borrow one of mum’s or Ginny’s tops.” Ron said. Without waiting for an answer he grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her up two more flights of stairs.

Once they were inside a spare room, Ron began to rummage through the draws until he came across a decent looking top and handed it to Hermione.


“Here you go. The bathroom’s in there,” Ron said, pointing to a small door in the corner. Hermione smiled graciously at Ron and ran into the bathroom. She peeled her tea-covered top off and stared at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t anything special. She wasn’t particularly skinny, last time she weighed herself she just a tad over the normal weight. Shaking her head, Hermione pulled the top over her head. The top, Hermione guessed, was Ginny’s because it didn’t fit properly.

Stepping outside the bathroom she saw Ron fumbling around with his bow tie. Chuckling to herself, she walked over to Ron.

“Here let me do it.” Hermione mummered, brushing Ron’s fingers away. Ron stared down at Hermione as she began to untangle the mess that Ron had caused, “So you’re getting married today.” Hermione stated, not looking up from her job at hand. Ron nodded solemnly.

“Oh cheer up will you! This is your wedding day and you look like your heading to a funeral!” Hermione exclaimed, hitting Ron on the shoulder, trying to make him feel better.

“But I’m marrying the wrong girl Hermione.” Hermione’s hands froze and she looked up at Ron, who was looking down on her with such kindness and love in his eyes.




“Hermione. Lavender means nothing to me. It’s you that I want to be marrying today, not her.” Ron admitted, taking Hermione’s hands and placing it in his own. Hermione maintained a calm look on her face, while inside, she was screaming, “I love you. I always have and I know you feel the same way to.”

“Ron-,” She protested but he put a finger to her lips to silence her.

“Don’t talk. Hermione Granger, I love you and I want to marry you. Not Lavender or any other girl. Only you,” Ron leant down and kissed Hermione square on the lips. She tried to fight against Ron but he held her hands to tightly. He went into deepen the kiss when the door flung open.


“Won-won! Look at my dress!” The shrill voice of Lavender filled the room. Ron and Hermione sprung apart and Ron practically threw Hermione across the room. A soft thud eoched throughout the silent room as Hermione hit the floor.


“WON-WON! WHAT WERE YOU DOING WITH HER!” Lavender screamed, fake tears springing to her eyes.


Oh God! It’s bridezilla! Hermione thought. All of the colour from Ron’s face drained quickly, making him look like a ghost.


“Lav-Lav don’t cry,” Ron said trying to console his fiance. Lavender looked up, her eyes all swollen and red and smiled.

“It’s okay Won-Won she probably forced herself upon you. I will still marry you for sure. How couldn’t I marry you? I love you,” At this point Lavender turned to Hermione, “hermione, the dress that you’re wearing is in the room.” Rubbing a bruise that had appeared on her elbow, Hermione hurried out of the room; feeling Ron’s gaze burn into her back. Tears sprung to Hermione’s eyes as she descended the flight of stairs. She flung the door open and climbed into the awful pink dress that Lavender had told her to wear.


“God, what am I doing?” Hermione asked herself, looking in the mirror. Brushing her tears away she began to brush her hair.


“Knock knock?” Hermione heard Harry’s comforting voice fill her ears. Looking over her shoulder she saw Harry enter the room looking smart in his black tuxedo.

“Best man?” Hermione guessed and Harry nodded proudly.


“Hermione, what in Merlin’s beard are you wearing?” Harry asked, approaching Hermione and the mirror. Hermione laughed.

“I know it’s awful! It was Lavender’s maid of honour’s dress but she couldn’t make it so she asked me to be the maid of honour replacement.” Hermione explained. Turning around Hermione pulled Harry into a hug. Harry didn’t ask any questions he just hugged Hermione back.

“You ready? The weddings about to start,” Harry said, opening the door for Hermione.





“I, Lavender Marilyn Brown take you, Ronald Billius Weasley to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health,” Lavender said, her voice wavering slightly. All of Lavender’s bridesmaids ‘awwed’ very dramatically when Lavender swore to marry Ron, Hermione guessed none of them knew what had happened in the house only a short half hour ago. Ron, who was suppose to be looking at his almost-wife, was staring directly at Hermione; not paying any attention to the ceremony.


“Ron.” Lavender hissed through her smile. Ron shook his head.

“I’m sorry what?” Laughter rippled throughout the congregation, “Oh, right,” He said once he remembered what he had to say. Clearing his throat he began.

“I, Ronald Billius Weasley, take you, Hermione Jean Granger, to be my lawfully wedded wife for better or for worse,” He swore, staring over Lavender’s shoulder, at her maid of honour. Gasps erupted through the wedding. Lavender’s face, which was once placid and beautiful was now contort with rage.


“RON!” She screamed, throwing her bouquet on the ground and stomping her feet, “YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO LOVE ME! NOT THAT FITHLY MUDBLOOD!” Hermione took a step back. Everyone in the congregation turned their heads and looked at Hermione, who felt like she was collapse.

“Hermione are you okay?” Ron asked, pushing Lavender aside and ran to Hermione; ready to catch if she fell.

“I should go.” Hermione whispered through her pale lips. Slipping her pink high heels off she ran down the aisle, tears falling freely down her cheeks. Hermione thought she heard someone follow but she couldn’t be sure because she didn’t look back over her shoulder.


“Hermione stop!” Hermione heard Draco’s voice. Stopping quickly, Hermione spun around and collapsed in Draco’s arms. Unconscious.




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Chapter 13: The Stand Off
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Hermione moaned in her sleep, tossing and turning. Draco put his hand on her arm; trying to console the sleeping witch. It was entertaining watching Hermione sleep; occasionally muttering something under her breath. The wedding - “if you could call it that,” Draco muttered - had apparently been an utter disaster when Hermione left, yet, The Daily Prophet, the next day had a picture of Lavender and Ron standing under mistletoe kissing. Disgusted, Draco had thrown the paper on the ground and burnt it until it resembled nothing of what it used to be.

“Is she okay?” Draco turned his head and saw Dorian standing the doorway, a worried look plastered across his face.

'I didn’t hear him come in' Draco thought to himself. Shrugging his shoulders he replied, “I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Dorian pushed himself off the doorframe and walked over to the sleeping Hermione. His hand slid out his pocket and was quickly pressed against Hermione’s forehead.

“She doesn’t have a fever.” Dorian stated. Anger ran through his veins, He didn’t even know what happened Hermione! Dorian, however, seemed oblivious to Draco’s sudden mood change.

“I know that, I’ve been with her since she collapsed.” Draco spat.

“So what happened?” Dorian asked, sitting down in Draco’s chair and placing his hands in his lap.

Arrogant Git!

“I don’t know. I walked down into the forest and found Hermione lying down in the dirt.” Draco lied smoothly. Being a Malfoy had it’s perk; one of them being his ability to lie easily. Dorian looked up Draco and nodded. Hermione suddenly let out a muffled scream and both men running to her side.

Bugger off Austen! Draco though spitefully, reaching for Hermione’s hand.
“Look Dorian. As soon as Hermione I’ll tell you. Now please leave me alone,” Draco snapped. Dorian took a step away from Hermione’s bed.

“Take care of her then.” Dorian simply said before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.


“She’s onto me.”

“And how do you know that Magus Ignis?” Ciara asked, smiling through the mirror. Dorian shot Ciara an evil glare and pulled out a book from his bag. Ciara let out a shrill gasp and Dorian nodded; his lips pursed together.

“Here!” Dorian snarled, shoving the book close to the mirror. Ciara shriveled back, but being in a mirror; she couldn’t go far, “I found this book in the library were the Lamia was sitting.”

“Magus Ignis get that witchcraft out of my face right now!” Ciara half ordered, half pleaded.

“That is why she is onto to me! And now she’s practically radiating with magic! We need to do something to stop the Veneficus getting too close to her again! We need to get the Lamia away from him and back to the Dominus,” Dorian said, a large evil smile creeping onto his face. Ciara crept forward again; her long black dress matching her strides.

“And how exactly are you going to do that? She onto you Magus Ignis and if she finds out what you are then you don’t have a chance in hell of her going anywhere with you!” Ciara screamed, her black hair flying everywhere. Dorian swore under his breath several times before walking to the mirror. Dorian placed his hand firmly on the mirror he began to mutter words that were unknown to the English language. Then suddenly Dorian fell through the mirror with Ciara by her side. He felt as though he was flying, the wind ran through his hair and his fingers felt as though they could touch the sky.

Suddenly, Dorian’s body was jerked backwards as though someone had grabbed his collar and held him back. Dorian swore loudly as he got whiplashed and an evil laugh eoched through the air, as though, he was laughing at Dorian’s pain.

“Magus Ignis!” Dorian closed his eyes and soon he felt the familiar stone cold floor beneath him.

At least I had a safe landing Dorian thought to himself as he hoisted himself to his feet; keeping his gaze lowered. You were never allowed to look the Dominus in they eye unless you wanted to die.

“How have you been going?” The Dominus asked, his fake metal fingernails drumming lightly on his armrest. Dorian kept his gaze lowered, he took a deep breath.
“Dominus, things have been not been going... Quite.... As we planned them too.” Dorian gulped; preparing himself for the wrath of his master.

“What ever could you mean Dorian?” Dominus asked, standing up from his chair and began to pace around Dorian. Dorian ducked his head even lower so all he could see was Dominus’s shoes and black robes.

“Uh, well, the task has been proving harder than we originally thought. She is smart and clever; smarter than any other Lamia of her age and the Veneficus is following the Lamia like a lost puppy. If we could find someway to separate them then I’m sure it would be easier.” Dorian stuttered.

“Dorian. I gave you one simple task. Kill the witch.” Dorian closed his eyes, preparing himself for the cruel and merciless beating. “And you couldn’t even do that for me.” Dominus suddenly stopped pacing and turned his shoes so he faced Dorian.

“I am sorry-,”

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU EXCUSES!” Dominus roared, striking Dorian clean across the face. Dorian raised his hand to his face and felt sickly, red blood on his cheek, “YOU WILL KILL THE WITCH OR YOU WON’T COME BACK HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!” Dorian nodded, flinching as Dominus yelled at him.

“Yes I understand you Dominus.” Dorian whimpered. Dominus spun around on his heels and began to walk back up to his throne.

“Good. Now leave my sight.” Dominus ordered. Dorian bowed to Dominus, several drops of blood falling on the ground. Dominus clicked his finger and then Dorian felt the familiar rushing sensation. After the rushing sensation had vanished Dorian opened his eyes and saw the familiar four walls and the four poster bedroom.
Sitting up in his bed, Dorian’s eyes flashed a mysterious gold. Then a large, creepy smile crept onto his face.

Killing this witch will be as easy as breaking a toothpick.

Chapter 14: London
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Hermione placed her pen and paper down, listening to the busy muggle London. Running her fingers softly along her lips she could still feel Ron’s lips press down hard upon hers. The wedding was 2 weeks ago and Hermione hand’t heard even a whisper from any of the Weasley’s. Whether Ron and Lavender had told them their version of what had happened or not, she wasn’t sure. School had finished 2 days ago and Hermione had moved straight back into her London flat. As much as she loved the country she missed listening absentmindedly to the busy streets of London.
Hermione lifted her head up when she heard 3 continuous knocks on her door. Smiling, she bounded over to the door, knowing who it was.

“Hey Draco.” She said, greeting him with a small hug.

“Hey Hermione. Wanna grab a coffee?”


“What were you doing at the wedding anyway?” Hermione asked as she picked up her coffee. Draco gave the waitress enough muggle money and in return, he received a sheet of paper with several digits written on it, “Call me.” The waitress mouthed and walked away.

“Uh, Harry invited me actually. After he heard you were facing Bridezilla he knew you would need some help.” Draco explained, staring at the piece of paper, “What the hell is this anyway?” Hermione laughed into her coffee.

“It’s a phone number. Muggles use mobiles as a way of communication.” She explained, “She found you hot and wants to go on a date with you basically.” Draco laughed and stuffed the number tightly in his front pocket.

It had been a week since the wedding and holidays had started for muggle schools. So Hermione was back at her penthouse in London for the time being. Nothing had changed in her house, except for the layers of dirt and dust that had formed over everything.

“So,” Draco said, stretching his arms behind his head, “What do muggles do in muggle London?” Hermione just shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her coffee.

“Dunno, I was too busy working to people-watch. I guess, they go shopping in Harrods and Hamleys and sight-see.” Suddenly, Draco stood to his feet and walked over to Hermione.

“Well, come on then!” He said, grabbing Hermione’s hand and dragging her outside

“Where are we going?” Hermione asked, laughing.

“Sight-seeing.” He replied, walking onto a parked double-decker bus, “Wow, it’s nothing like the knight bus.” Draco commented, sending Hermione into another fit of giggles.

“Of course it’s not,” She wheezed, “this is muggle London. They don’t know about the Knight Bus.” Draco’s cheeks went a violent red as he realized the stupidity of his question. Hermione laughed as the bus lurched forward. Her hair was buffeting against the wind, causing a tunnel of air to ring through her ears. Draco, however, was quite happily watching Hermione battle against the wind, her hair flying in every direction. Finally, Hermione managed to pull her hair back into a messy ponytail.

“Excuse me Sir could I borrow this?” Hermione asked, walking up a portly aged man who had an unused map next to him. Staring up at Hermione, he handed the map over quickly, “Thank you.” Hermione said before walking back up to Draco, map in hand.

“Here we go.” Hermione said, handing him the map, “You brought me on this bus, you decide where we go.” Hermione laughed as she watched Draco try to decipher the map.

“I know where we are going!” Draco declared suddenly. Hermione tried to glance at where Draco was pointing but he wouldn’t move his hand. After another 5 minutes of pointless chatter and endless laughter the bus came to a stop just outside trafulgar square, “Come on.” Draco said, pulling Hermione off the bus. Hermione tugged at her black and white top; trying to warm herself up.

“God, it’s freezing!” Hermione exclaimed, noticing snow clouds forming in the sky. Draco glanced at Hermione and took his coat off and placed it on Hermione’s shoulders. It was a perfect fit.,“Thanks.” Hermione said, slipping her arms into the jacket, “But aren’t you going to be cold?” Hermione asked, Draco just shrugged his shoulders. Suddenly, Hermione pulled Draco into a hug, taken aback, Draco stumbled backwards several steps before wrapping his arms around Hermione’s shoulders. Her hair smelt of strawberries and her skin was smooth. When they broke apart Hermione stared at Draco straight in the eyes; her brown eyes piercing his cold, stone grey eyes.

“So are you ready?” Draco asked, breaking away from the eye contact first. Hermione nodded.

“Sure am.” She said confidently. Above them, the snow clouds grew more and more distinct.


“NO!” Hermione practically screamed when they arrived at their destination. Draco smirked and grabbed his shoes.

“Come on Granger, you said you ready.” Draco reminded. Hermione shot daggers at Draco.

“But you didn’t say this!” Hermione said, thrusting her hand out to the ice-rink. Draco walked up to the barrier and watched as people of all shapes and sizes skating around the rink full of ice. Hermione was shaking her head, rattling off everything that could go wrong, “I could get hurt! I am so un-coordinated! I can’t ice-skate! This is insane! What if I break a bone!”

“Hermione! Please be quiet!” Draco said, seeing that people were beginning to stare at them, talking quietly amongst their groups, “Look I’ll hold your hand the whole way if you want me to. I won’t let you fall.” Draco promised. Taking a deep breath, Hermione nodded.

“Okay.” She said slowly. Draco smiled and grabbed Hermione’s hand, walking her slowly over the ice.

“Come on Hermione.” Draco coaxed, sliding onto the ice. He spun around and held his hand out for Hermione to grab. Hermione was staring at the ice, shaking her head slowly, “Hermione, I promise nothing will happen.”

She felt like a little girl again, just learning to walk. Her legs felt like jelly and she felt like she was about to fall at any second. Draco smiled and grabbed her hand.
“That’s it.” He encouraged, “Hermione when you skate, move your feet outwards like this.” Draco let go of Hermione’s hand and began to skate, his feet sliding outwards, “Now come on.” Draco began to skate backwards; watching in amusement as Hermione began to skate towards Draco.

“Draco, I can’t do this!” Hermione exclaimed, keeping her arms out for balance.

“Yes you can.” He encouraged, moving ever-so-slightly backwards.

Suddenly, Hermione lost her balance and went crashing into the ice. Letting out a small scream, Hermione put her arms in front of her face; bracing herself while protecting her face. Draco was by her side in a second, pulling her to her feet. Just below her hairline Hermione had a small cut.

“Hey, hey, hey, hermione, are you okay?” Draco asked, pulling her into a hug when he saw tears form in Hermione’s eyes, “Let’s get you off the ice.” Draco said, putting his arm around her waist for support.


“It’s only a cut Miss Granger.” The doctor said, placing a band-aid on her cut, which she knew would make a very neat scar.

“Thank you Doctor.” Hermione said, hoping off the examination table.

“Take care of yourself Miss Granger. Now if that cut gets infected you come straight back okay?” Hermione nodded and walked outside, where Draco Malfoy stood, waiting.
“You all done?” Draco asked. Hermione nodded, “Well, come on then.” Draco took Hermione’s hand once again and walked out of the hospital. Eventually, they found an alley way and walked down it. Draco tightened his hold on Hermione’s hand and spun around on the spot.


“So, you can sleep here if you like.” Hermione offered, flicking the TV on.

“Nice apartment,” Draco commented, ignoring Hermione’s offer. He paced around the front room several times before sitting down next to Hermione; his arm resting on her shoulder, “So what are we watching?” Draco asked, staring at the TV screen.

“Doctor Who.” Hermione replied. Outside, Draco could hear the thunder and occasionally he would see a flash of lightning.

Turns out that the snow clouds were rain clouds Draco thought smugly, knowing that you could never trust muggle news channels or the sky.

Less than half an hour into the first episode, Draco was extremely bored and had begun to pick at the loose strands of cotton in the lounge. Glancing up at Hermione, he began to notice tiny details about Hermione that he had never seen before: he saw that on the bridge of her nose there was seven freckles, he noticed that her eyes shone whenever something exciting happens and he saw that Hermione had several, light brown streaks in her hair.

“Hermione.” He said suddenly. Hermione turned her head and looked at Draco; a small smile prancing on the edges of her lips.

He didn’t know how it happened. He swore she leaned in first, but the next thing he knew he was kissing Hermione. Her lips tasted like vanilla and honey. He wanted more, no, he needed more.

“Draco.” Hermione mummered, as he began to run his hands up her shirt, “We shouldn’t be doing this.” She mummered as he began to kiss her neck.

“Which is exactly why we should do it.” He mummered back, hearing a small groan escape from Hermione’s lips.




Draco stared at the sleeping Hermione, her bare back rising and falling in a rhythmic motion. The sun was beginning to rise steadily over London City. Standing to his feet, Draco pulled some clothes on and walked out of the bedroom.
He flicked the kettle on with a flick of his wand and began to fry some bacon and eggs.

I’ll give her breakfast in bed He decided. Smiling, he turned the TV on and listened absentmindedly to two muggles talk about the ‘breaking news’ in England. He cooked the bacon to perfection and began to fry some toast when he heard a tapping on the window. Spinning around he saw an old, rather pathetic looking owl, perched on the window sill outside; holding a thick, yellow letter. After he paid the owl he looked at the front where his name was printed on in cursive writing: Draco Malfoy. It was written in ghastly pink ink. Doing his best to ignore the pink ink, he opened the letter and swore.


Hermione woke up smiling, something she hadn’t done in a while. She stretched her fingers out, seeking solace in Draco but no one was there. Sitting up in bed, Hermione could smell burnt bacon and eggs. Getting out of bed, Hermione grabbed Draco’s shirt (which covered everything) and walked outside.

“Draco?” She asked. On the kitchen counter there was a plate of burnt bacon, eggs and toast. She walked over to the door and saw Draco pulling his jumper on, “Draco, honey, where are you going?” Draco spun around, an evil glint in his eye. Hermione took a step back as Draco reached into his pocket.

“Care to explain this?” He snarled, shoving ‘The Daily Prophet’ in her face.

“Oh my god.” Hermione said; placing her hand over her mouth. On the front cover, written in black and white: “You may now kiss the maid of honour?” and below the hideous title was something even more terrifying. It was a picture from the day of the wedding, it was Ron kissing someone who wasn’t the bride.
On the front cover of the daily prophet was a photo, in black and white, of Ron kissing Hermione.

Chapter 15: You May Now Kiss The Maid Of Honour?
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You May Now Kiss The Maid Of Honour?
As told by Rita Skeeter

Rumor Has It...

After being back in the wizarding world for only several months, Miss Hermione Granger has caused quite a stir. Mr. Ronald Weasley and the new Mrs. Lavender Weasley had their wedding 2 weeks ago at ‘The Burrow’ and Miss Granger was asked to be Mrs. Weasley’s Maid Of Honour - because her official maid of honour is currently bed-ridden with Dragon Pox.
Reports from that day say that Miss Granger launched herself onto Mr. Weasley in his parents room.
“It was scary,” Mr. Ron Weasley admitted, “she launched herself on me; trying to rip my clothes off. Hermione, herself, had taken her top off after that photo was taken.”
“When I came in, she was half naked and Ron was struggling against her.” Mrs. Lavender Weasley said, “And when Won-Won said her name at the alter instead of mine I saw immediately that he had been charmed.”
Hermione Granger was apparently an unstoppable tease during her time at Hogwarts.
“I walked in on Hermione countless times during School in empty classrooms; half naked and every time with another boy.” Mrs Pansy Zabini (nee Parkinson) stated, “I also don’t think she is a virgin anymore either,” She added and I personally, agree with Mrs Zabini.
Only yesterday, Hermione Granger was spotted roaming muggle London with former Death Eater Mr. Draco Malfoy. Is Mr. Malfoy yet another pawn in her endless game of boys?

Hermione stared blankly at the article. Swear words running through her mind. Draco had left several hours ago and Hermione had been numb since. A cold draft had sunk into her apartment and an owl had been tapping on her window for the past 10 minutes. Yet, still she wouldn’t move.

“HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER OPEN THIS DOOR UP RIGHT NOW!” Hermione glanced up from her position slightly when she heard Ginny Weasley’s voice.

“Go away.” She mumbled, feeling tears spring to her eyes again.
“Hermione open this door up now! Or I swear to Merlin I will blast it down!” Ginny yelled again, banging her fist on the door. Outside her door; Hermione could hear Harry talking to Ginny in a hushed voice. Hermione sunk lower into her couch and rubbed her temples together in a futile attempt to block out Ginny’s voice. Hermione closed her eyes as she felt tears spring to her eyes again.

“Hermione.” She heard Harry’s voice and felt him touch her shoulder. She couldn’t work out how they got in without making a sound. Then again, she thought, this was the Potter’s they could do almost anything, “Hermione.” He mummered again, squeezing her shoulders even harder until finally, Hermione moved her head and rested it on Harry’s shoulder.

“I’ll put the kettle on.” Ginny said, flicking her wand. “Mione, darling, we saw the paper. Hermione talk to us.” Ginny sat down on the lounge next to her and began to stroke her hair softly. “Hermione, talk to us.”

“Draco left me.” Hermione cried, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Why would he do that?” Harry asked, running his fingers through her hair.

“Bec - Because, he saw the picture and he thought I was kissing him back.”

“Wait-. You and Draco, were, together?” Ginny spluttered. Hermione jerked her head up and glared at her best friend.

“Yes, we were. We had sex last night and then he saw the picture, and he left me.” Hermione sobbed. Ginny shot Harry a helpless look and he just shrugged his shoulders. It seemed like an age before anyone said anything.

“So... What are we going to do?” Harry asked, rubbing his hand on Hermione’s shoulder. “I could go and punch him if you want.” Harry offered. Hermione laughed a little and sat up. Ginny and Harry stared at Hermione, their arms surrounding her incase she fell.

“No,” She laughed, “you don’t need to punch him. It’s my fault.” Hermione said, wiping her tears away.

“Mione, do you wanna stay at our place until everything works out? I mean, until the press dies down.” Hermione nodded slowly and pulled Harry into a hug.

“Yes, please. Thank you Harry.” She mumbled into his collar. Harry patted Hermione on the back and shot Ginny a look of helplessness.

“It’s okay, now come on let’s go before Rita Skeeter gets here.” Harry said, pulling Hermione to her feet. Ginny brushed a strand of hair out of Hermione’s face and pulled her best friend into a hug. Finally, they broke apart, they all linked hands and left the apartment, leaving a cold and uneven hair to hang in the room that Hermione onced called her home.
















Grimmauld Place. The twelfth to be exact. That was were Hermione was standing. Outside a rickety, old, squashed house that now, apparently, belonged to Harry. It still looked as squashed and violated as it did last time she was there.
“Are you kidding me?” Hermione exclaimed staring at the house wedged in between 2 houses. She couldn’t believe she was back. She couldn’t believe they had the nerve to take her here. Grimmauld place of all places!

“Hermione, come on. It’s not that bad.” Harry said, laughing at Hermione’s reaction. Harry and Ginny linked hands and walked into their home, “We wanted to save our money so we decided to stay here for a couple of years.” Harry explained, bringing Ginny’s hand to his mouth and kissing it gently.

“Good idea.” Hermione commented blankly, looking around. Grimmauld Place looked different. The painting of Mrs. Black had vanished, the black curtains were replaced with clean windows and the floors were cleaned (‘for once’ Hermione added silently).

“Can I take your coat Master Potter? Mrs. Potter? And Miss Granger?” Kreacher asked, waddling up to the trio. Harry and Ginny took their coats off and put them into Kreacher’s greedy hands. Hermione hesitated, S.P.E.W. Flashing through her mind.

“Oh come on Hermione, you’re still not thinking of that bloody spew are you?” Harry said reproachfully. Hermione shot Harry a look of disgust.

“It’s not spew Harry, it’s S.P.E.W. And it stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare!” Hermione said, thrusting her coat into Kreacher’s hand too forcefully just to prove a point. Kreacher’s knees almost buckled over as Hermione’s coat landed in his arms but none the less, he sustained his balance.

“Sorry.” She mouthed to Kreacher as she passed. Kreacher only bowed his head, not saying anything. Harry smirked at Hermione as she passed but she kept her head held high, not even glancing at Hermione.

“Come on darling. You’re not mad at me are you?” Harry teased, following Hermione into the kitchen.




“Tea?” Ginny asked, waving her wand and flicking the kettle on. Ginny pulled her hair back into a bun and sat down next to Harry -- practically on his lap -- and planted a kiss on his lips. The kiss deepened and Harry’s hands began to explore his Wife’s body. Ginny began to unbutton her shirt and that’s when Hermione took it as her que to say something.

“Ah, guys, I’m still here.” Ginny detached her mouth from Harry’s face and her cheeks became as red as her hair. Hermione stifled a laugh as Ginny buttoned up her top again and pulled herself off Harry.

“Sorry about that. We aren’t used to having guests around.” Ginny said sheepishly. Harry pushed his glasses back up his nose and shifted uncomfortably in his seat, looking as guilty as his Wife.

“I can see that.” Hermione mused, holding back a fit of giggles, “Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ll let you too get back to your.... Business.” Hermione stood to her feet and walked out into the backyard. Tears sprung to Hermione’s eyes and she reached for her phone that Dorian had bought her a few weeks ago. She reached her speed dial and pinched herself, doing anything to stop herself from crying.

“Hello?” That voice brought Hermione back.

“Hey Dorian, it’s Hermione. Listen, I was wondering if we could catch up soon.” She said in the calmest voice she could manage.

“Sure. Hermione, what’s up?” Dorian asked.

“Nothing. Well, actually a lot and I have a good place to meet up. Meet me at St. Peters in 2 hours? Can you make that?” Hermione asked. She needed to show someone. Even though time had forgotten it, she certainly hadn’t.

“Sure, I’m there at the moment anyway. See you soon.” Dorian hung up and Hermione smiled her first true smile that she had made in several hours.



“So that’s all that happened?” Dorian asked, squeezing Hermione’s shoulder. They had been sitting in Salt Rocks for the last few hours, Dorian was just listening to Hermione.

“For now.” She replied, she had just finished telling Dorian about everything that had happened in the last 72 hours. She smartly left out the part where her best friend and her husband almost had sex in front of her. Dorian lifted Hermione’s chin up and wiped away her tears with his thumb.

“Please stop crying.” He pleaded, looking straight into Hermione’s eyes, “Please.” Hermione laughed and ducked her head, “I’ll try.” She promised. Hermione pulled Dorian into an unexpected hug.

“What’s in that cottage?” Dorian asked when they broke apart, pointing to the one part of the garden that Hermione refused to enter. Hermione turned her head and saw the decaying old, wooden cottage. To Hermione it looked like something she would never want to enter but to Dorian he saw adventure and an ending to a good story.

“I dunno.” Hermione said, shrugging her shoulders.

“What, you mean you’ve been coming to this garden for almost 8 months now yet you still have not entered the cottage?” Dorian laughed.

“No, I’ve entered it. Once. But I’ve never gone back in. It scared me.” Hermione admitted, studying the ground for a moment. Dorian laughed and stood to his feet, holding his hand out for Hermione. She grabbed his hand with hesitation and pulled her to her feet.

“Come on Granger. Let’s go into the spooky abandoned cottage together and face certain death!” Dorian exclaimed sarcastically lifting an imaginary sword up into the air. Hermione giggled and discretely put her right hand on her wand. There was something about that house, something not right. Something about the magic in that place, it wasn’t good magic. It was quite the opposite.

“Come on Hermione. We can do it together.” Dorian pleaded. Hermione raised an eyebrow at Dorian. She didn’t want to go in. It was a bad idea. Yet, grief got the better of her.

“Okay.” She said, smiling. Dorian kissed Hermione quickly on the cheek with joy and pulled her into the cottage. Little did she know, that Dorian had grabbed her wand and thrown it onto the ground. The wand snapping on impact.



Ciara walked through the fragmented mirrors, watching Dorian win over Hermione again. She smiled, thinking about the time that Dorian had won over her as well before she became a ghost. Yes, Ciara, herself, was once a witch and a powerful one at that. One of the most powerful witches the world had ever seen.

Dorian had won over Ciara’s body and mind. She had fallen for him, in her own version of Salt Rocks. You see, Salt Rocks wasn’t real. Salt Rocks was a projection of Dorian’s imagination. Hermione saw what she wanted to see and the cottage was filled with Hermione’s worst nightmare.

Ciara had changed since she died. She used to be neat, tidy and caring. Not malicious, black and morbid. Dorian had apparently told Hermione a joke because she began to laugh.

I bet it was the same joke he used on me Ciara mused, running her fingers along her jawline. Occasionally, Ciara missed the freedom of being able to walk anywhere. Now, she could only walk in mirrors and glass.

'I wonder if anyone remembers me?' She thought, allowing human emotions to run through her mind once again. Memories came flooding back to her, memories of her three sisters. One of them was always dressed in black - She always did live up to her last name Ciara amused herself - the middle sister had brought shame to the family name, even though she was placed in Slytherin, she read books all the time and then fell in love with a muggle-born; the final sister wore bright colours, attracting the attention of every guy in their school, but she only had eyes for one man; the infamous Slytherin prefect Lucuis Malfoy.

I wonder if they ever got together in the end Ciara thought. Yes, Ciara was, once upon a time, next in line to receive the Black throne. People always assumed that there were only three Black sisters - Bellatrix,Narcissa and Andromeda, but they were wrong. They were deeply wrong. Hidden underneath conspiracy and lies was a secret that a fair few knew about.

A secret that Ciara knew only too well. She wasn’t always Ciara, the mirror girl. She was once beautiful, she once had flowing blonde hair. She was once a Black. Yes, Ciara, the mirror girl was once upon a time, Elena Black, the missing sister of Narcissa, Bellatrix and Andromeda.

Then, suddenly Dorian and Hermione vanished.

Finally. Ciara thought. Then the next thing Ciara heard was like music to her ghostlike ears. It was a shatter of glass and then a scream. A girl’s scream.

Chapter 16: Discombobulated
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Hermione screamed. Louder than she ever had before. Louder than when Bellatrix had tortured her. Louder than when she had found her parents dead on their own living room floor. She was screaming for herself now. Not for someone else. Not for someone to come and rescue her. For herself. She knew no one could hear her scream, but she had to try.

Dorian smiled cruely and leaned down to kiss her. Hermione pushed him away. The next thing she knew she was lying on the floor halfway across the room with an arm throbbing with pain. Automatically, Hermione reached for her wand only to find her wand-holder empty.

“You really think I’m that stupid?” Dorian snarled, his face distorted. He no longer looked like the Scottish farm boy, “I knew you were stupid, but not that stupid. You knew what I was, why didn’t you stop me when you had the chance? Why didn’t you kill me before I ever had the chance to kill you? Now, you are going to die and then your little boyfriend will join you later.” Hermione cowered in the corner of the room, her hands covering her face.

“What did I do to you?” Hermione asked, “Dorian, please, don’t do this.” Hermione pleaded. She had never felt so scared in all her life. At least when Harry, Ron and her where hunting horcruxes she had the two boys to save her. Now she had nothing, not even her wand, and she was trapped in a small room with no way out.

“Dorian!” Ciara’s voice filled the room, “Finish her! You don’t get paid to toy with your victims! You get paid to kill them!” Hermione saw this as her chance. She stood to her unstable feet and ran for the door, but Dorian grabbed her and pulled her back.

“You don’t leave until I tell you too! Do you understand me!” Dorian roared, shaking Hermione roughly. Hermione kicked Dorian between the legs and he buckled over in pain, grunting an incohesive sentence. Hermione didn’t look back. She ran. She ran down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the door.

Find a place to hide. Find a place to hide. Hermione told herself, looking around wildly, finally, she saw a somewhat-decent hiding spot. She ran for the old oak tree and tried to scale it, but it was no in vain. There were no branches to grab onto and she didn’t have her wand with her. Turning back around — with tears running down her cheeks - Hermione ran to the door only to find it looked. Her arm was still searing with pain. She took a quick look at it and saw it sticking out at an odd angle. She had broken it.

“Hermione. Oh, Hermione where are you? I don’t like to play games. Come out, come out, wherever you are.” Dorian taunted. Hermione spun around and faced the garden again. She couldn’t see Dorian anywhere - whether that was a blessing or a curse, Hermione couldn’t decide,

“Hermione. Miss Granger. Witch. Mudblood. You know, I can keep calling you by all your different names and see which one you reply to.” Dorian teased. Hermione could hear Dorian’s footsteps getting closer and closer. Hermione ran again, only this time, she ran straight into the arms of her capture.

“Gotcha.” He snarled, holding onto Hermione’s arms so tight that her blood circulation found it so hard to keep moving. Hermione froze in fear. She felt immobilized under Dorian’s dark stare.

No! Run! Hermione run! Run! Run! RUN! Her brain was screaming at her to run, but she couldn’t move. She willed every single bone in her body to make, she didn’t care in what direction. She just needed them to move, but nothing did. Only Dorian’s hand, and in his hand, he held a silver dagger.

“What are you?” Hermione gasped. Fear had invaded her mind, she wasn’t going to even pretend to act brave. She was scared. She was frightened. She was stuck. Dorian looked down on the helpless Hermione and smiled cruelly.

“I am your worst nightmare.” He snarled, bringing the dagger down onto Hermione’s heart.


The dagger was brought down, but it never touched Hermione’s skin. Someone had knocked Hermione out the way and hit it out of Dorian’s hand.

“You stay away from her.” The stranger snarled drawing his wand. Hermione knew that voice.

“Draco!” Hermione yelled in joy. She had never been so glad to see Draco before in her life.

“Or what? You’ll kill me?” Dorian snarled back at Hermione’s savior. They both seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Hermione was still in the garden. Draco began to shot spells at Dorian, all of them powerful and dark. He was using dark magic Hermione realized. None of the spells hit Dorian, they all rebounded.

“Seriously,” Dorian laughed, “I thought your breed was smart. Come on, I’m a killer of your kind do you honestly think that I don’t come protected? No matter what spell you throw at me Veneficus, my ring will block it.” Dorian said, holding up his fist, “If you want to kill me, then you have to use your fists, or, maybe even a gun. Wait, no, I forgot, you witches and wizards aren’t up with the times—” Dorian used air quotations when he emphasized the last few words,

“—fine then. Fight to the death and whoever is still alive at the end gets the girl.” Dorian indicated to Hermione. Draco shot Hermione a look that she had never seen on his face before.


“What? Are you too scared that your going to lose your precious mudblood girlfriend.” Dorian taunted. That’s all that it took. One word to set Draco off.

Draco threw his wand on the ground and launched himself at Dorian, punching every little bit of Dorian he could. Hermione watched, unable to move, as the two men fought. Dorian grabbed Draco by the neck and kneed him in the stomach, Draco made an inhuman sound as he doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach. Blood was trickling from the side of Draco’s mouth and from a deep gash in his forehead. Dorian, however, had only one cut just above his right eye, which was bleeding heavily.

“Is she really worth it?” Dorian spat after they, once again, broke apart, “I mean, just let me have her and your life will go back to normal again.” Draco plastered a look of disgust on his face as he punched Dorian in the nose. It made an unnatural crack.

“She is worth it and do you know why? Because I love her.” Hermione gasped and stared at Draco. He had just said that he loved her. She opened her mouth about to say something but Draco wasn’t looking at her, he was about to land a devastating blow to Dorian, “And do you want to know something else, Austen?” Draco smirked as he punched Dorian and he landed on the ground with a soft thud, “Never piss off a Malfoy.” Draco brought his fists down and knocked Dorian out. He lay there, in his own projection. Dying. Draco walked over to Dorian and pulled his ring off. Throwing the ring into the garden Draco pointed his wand at Dorian and muttered a spell under his breath. Hermione stared at Dorian and she watched him take his last breath.

“Hermione are you okay?” Draco asked, running over to Hermione, kissing her gently, “I’m so sorry, I’m such an idiot. Harry explained everything to me. I’m so sorry.” Draco apologized over and over again, kissing Hermione.

“Draco,” Hermione said, he stopped kissing her and looked into her brown eyes, “It’s okay love.” Hermione pulled Draco into a hug and kissed his cheek, “I should have told you.”

“Marry me.” Draco whispered into her ear, “Marry me Hermione.”

“I’m sorry?” Hermione said, sure she had heard him wrong. Draco looked away sheepishly but still replied, “Marry me Hermione, then we could be together, forever.” A huge smile spread over Hermione’s face and she kissed Draco roughly on the lips.

“Yes,” she said into his ear, kissing his neck. She was still in immense pain and her arm was still throbbing but she didn’t care. Pain seemed nonexistent to her, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” She said again, “I love you Draco Malfoy.” She said suddenly.

“I love you too Hermione Granger.” He replied, pulling her into a kiss.

Chapter 17: The New Mrs. Malfoy
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“Are you sure about this?” Hermione asked, looking up at the sterilized white building. It had been three months since she had last Salt Rocks. Three months since Draco had proposed to her.

Draco looked at Hermione and kissed his hand.

“I’m positive about this. It’s the best thing for all of us.” Draco assured Hermione, putting his arm around her shoulder. Hermione took a deep breath and nodded. She hated hospitals, the smell of the white, sterilized doctors gloves always seemed to get to her head and make her feel faint but with Draco she felt safe.

Hermione took another deep breath and braced herself to walk into hell, “What if I can’t do this? What if I forget what to say?” Draco grabbed Hermione’s shoulders and kissed her forehead.

“You can do this. You put one foot in front of another and if you forget what to say just say ‘hi’.” Hermione ducked her head and laughed, “Hermione, you can do this. I promise.” He kissed Hermione’s forehead once more before entwining their hands. Hermione looked up at the sterilized building again and forced a smile. She could be strong. She was best friends with Harry Potter, she had dealt with things worse than a simple hospital, but then again. There were too many memories in hospital for her. She had watched her childhood best friend - Emily - die in a hospital and her grandfather had also died in a hospital bed.

Hospitals were defiantly not her best friends.

“Mione, are you sure you’re okay?” Draco asked, squeezing Hermione’s hand in reassurance. Hermione looked up at Draco and smiled, kissing him on his cheek.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just... Memories.” She mused, running her finger nails along her forearm.

“Can I help you sir?” The lady at the desk asked, flicking through her papers. Hermione tried her best to hold her breath. To try and block out the stench of all the sterilized objects but it was no avail.

“Yes, please, my name is Draco Malfoy. I am here to see Narcissa Malfoy, is she available?” The plump lady filtered through her papers until she came to ‘M’.

“Yes, she is. Up on the fourth floor I’m sure you know how to get there.” Draco smiled at the lady and she went smitten.

“Thank you.” Draco said, grabbing Hermione’s hand and leading her towards the stairs.

“Hey!” Hermione said, nudging Draco in the stomach softly, “Stop flirting with the lady at counter.” Draco pretended to look hurt, but he had a mischievous glint in his eyes,

“Flirting? I did no such thing!” Hermione shook her head at Draco and began to climb the stairs, “Oh come on, don’t be like that!” Draco said, laughing at Hermione. Eventually, they reached the fourth level and opened the doors.

Hermione recognized two people. One of them was her former defense against the dark arts ‘Gilderoy Lockhart’ who was waddling around, commenting on everything and then after he’d done a full circle of the room he would comment on everything again, ‘he re-lost his memory again’ Draco explained, whispering into her ear. She nodded, remembering the last time they met at St. Mungo’s. Hermione passed several more beds, all full with sick and mentally ill patients, until finally, she reached a bed by the window where a frail woman sat.

It was Mrs. Malfoy Hermione realized with a jolt. Narcissa Malfoy had certainly aged a lot since she had last seen her. Mrs. Malfoy always used to portray elegance and regality to Hermione, now, she looked like a shell of a person with no living soul inside of her.

“Mum?” Mrs. Malfoy turned her head slowly, looking for the source of the noise. When Mrs. Malfoy laid eyes on her son, her face automatically brightened up.

“Draco!” she exclaimed, her voice sounding as though it hadn’t been used in centuries, “Whose your friend?” Her voice sounded as crackly as an old radio. Mrs. Malfoy indicated to Hermione who stood by idly observing the mother and son relationship.

“Mother, this is Hermione. You remember her right?” Mrs. Malfoy nodded slowly, taking a sip of her water, “Well, this is Hermione. Hermione Malfoy. Mother, say hello to your daughter-in-law.”

Future daughter-in-law?” Mrs. Malfoy corrected, staring curiously at Hermione, who felt incredibly vulnerable under Mrs. Malfoy hard and cold stare.

“No, she is your daughter-in-law. We got married two months ago, in a small church in the middle of nowhere. I just thought you might like to meet her.” Mrs. Malfoy pointedly looked out the window that overlooked London. Hermione felt a pang of sadness. She was so close to being welcomed into the family and then, just at the last minute, she decided no.
Draco stared at Hermione, ‘say something!’ he mouthed. Hermione shook her head wildly, refusing to say a word, ‘oh come on!’ he mouthed back. Taking a deep breath, Hermione summoned up all her strength and spoke,

“Hi, Mrs. Malfoy. Look I know you don’t want me to be in your family, because I’m a mudblood and that I might taint the wizarding line but I want you to know that I love your son—” Mrs. Malfoy held up and slim, slender finger and turned her head so that she faced Hermione and Draco. She leaned forward in her hospital bed and curled a finger, indicating for Hermione to come towards her.

The sadness Hermione felt a moment ago, was replaced with fear. What if she didn’t like me? What if she didn’t want me in her family?

But what if she does? That thought sparked up a surge of hope. Hermione took a deep breath and walked towards Mrs. Malfoy.

Mrs. Malfoy leaned forward in her bed, her mouth practically touching Hermione’s ear, her voice full of Malfoy sarcasm.

“Welcome to the family.”


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