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A very Sirius situation. by ClashcityrockerHeartsSirius

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 2,944
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Kreacher, Lily, James, Regulus, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/25/2011
Last Chapter: 08/26/2011
Last Updated: 08/26/2011


Audrey Roberts is the halfblood wizard who gets sorted into Slytherin.

Instead of having a whirlwind romance with Sirius Black and seven years of fun with the Marauders, she gets Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. But then she befriends Regulus Black, who is not as bad as everyone seems to think he is.

 A story about Sirius, the Marauders and Lily, with a hint of Slytherin thrown in.

Chapter 1: To dream a dream and have it crushed.
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  DISCLAIMER. I am not trying to take credit for anything in the wonderful world that the amazing JK Rowling created. She is an incredibly talented author, and if I ever become 1/10 of the author she is I can die happily (so dramatic!)    


  Audrey Roberts was a wizard (technically she was a witch, but she preferred the term wizard). She had known this her entire life. But she was brought up by her Muggle mother, and therefore only got to be a wizard the two months every summer she spent with her Muggle-born father and his new wife. She went to a Muggle school, had Muggle friends and ten months a year she led a perfectly normal Muggle life. And she hated it. She hated its simplicity and how ignorant and afraid most people were. Even her own mother, who had knowingly had an affair with a wizard eleven years ago, was afraid of magic and preferred living in blissful denial of its existence. But soon everything was about to change.

         It was August 25th 1972 and Audrey was enrolling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in under a week. She had never been so excited about anything in her life, and had spent every available moment the last year reading every book on Hogwarts, magic and the wizard-world she could get her hands on. She was most certainly no bookworm, and studious was not typically a word used about her, but rather she had waited for this for so long, that she could not help but get over-excited. Was she expecting too much? Was she setting herself up to be disappointed? Probably. But it did not matter anymore, the day was almost here.

        September 1st 1972. Kings Cross station. Platform 9¾. It was finally here. Audrey walked onto the Hogwarts Express, awed and taking everything in. Not paying attention to where she went, she walked straight into a compartment full of Slytherin 6th years. One of the boys seemed to be holding some sort of speech. He had long pale blond hair, a pale pointed face and cold, grey eyes. Unnoticed at first, Audrey listened to the boy. He was talking about what he called the blood purity-cause, the purebloods superiority over half-blood, and what he called mud-blood, wizards. About how purebloods were naturally better, more intelligent and better at magic than others. Audrey couldn’t help but snort out loud. Here she was excited about escaping the ignorance and stupidity of the Muggle-world, only to find more ignorance and stupidity here. 

        The group of 6th years turned their attention to her. The pale boy addressed her. “You! Who are you and what are you doing here? What’s your name?” Audrey tried to keep her calm. “Audrey Roberts, first year. Oh, and I’m a half-blood with a Muggle-born dad and a Muggle mom. So I guess I’m not worthy of your attention. Bye!” She ran out of the compartment swearing. 

        Once again she was not paying attention to where she was walking, and this time she walked into a compartment with four second year boys in it. Without even glancing up at them, she sat down muttering to herself: “Stupid pureblood twats, thinking they’re better than anyone else. Yeah right!” Bringing an end to her muttering was a voice asking her if she was okay.

        The first thing she noticed as she looked up was that one of the boys was really rather good looking. He was tall with dark hair, grey eyes and a typically handsome face. Then she noticed the other three behind him, one with black unruly hair and glasses, one with a pale face and light brown hair and a third short one with mousy brown hair and a pointed nose. She did not like the look of the short one. The handsome boy spoke again: “Are you okay? What was that you were muttering about?” Audrey was struggling a little to think coherently when she looked into his eyes, but soon got a grip on herself.

         “Yeah, I’m fine thanks. Just had a run-in with some pureblood fanatics. Stupid purebloods.” Audrey thought she might have glimpsed a mischievous grin on the handsome one’s face, but she might have imagined it as it disappeared soon after. “I do not think we have introduced ourselves properly yet, how rude.” said the handsome one. “My name is Sirius BLACK and this” he said pointing to the one with glasses, “is James POTTER.” Audrey could feel the colour leaving her face as she realised that not only were those pureblood names, but also the Blacks were known supporters of blood purity.

         “Oh, well. I didn’t mean that all pure-blood wizards per se were stupid, just… you know…” That was as far as she got before the two boys fell to the floor laughing. The pale one whose name she still did not know merely shook his head smirking, while the short one looked as though he did not fully understand the situation. “Excuse my childish friends. I’m Remus Lupin and this here is Peter Pettigrew” said the pale one. “None of us care about that sort of stuff. In fact” he added with another smirk “James here is madly in love with a Muggleborn.” Immediately after he said this, James stopped laughing and started denying it, while Sirius laughed, if possible, even harder.

       The rest of the train journey was spent talking to these four boys, whose company she really enjoyed. Just before they arrived she asked them what house they were in. “Gryffindor. The one and only” said Sirius. “A Black in Gryffindor?” Audrey asked. “You must be the shame of your entire family!” James winked and said “He is, but not for the reason you might think.”

        “Which house do you think you’ll get sorted into?” asked Remus over all the laughter that ensued. Audrey bit her lip. “I’m not sure. I think I have the courage needed for Gryffindor, but not the recklessness. I have the wit needed for Ravenclaw, but I’m not very studious. I am just and loyal like a Hufflepuff, but not very patient. I have definitely got the cunning and ambition needed for Slytherin, but I would never use anyone else to make myself look better. So I don’t really fit in anywhere. Maybe they’ll just send me back?” She suggested with a nervous laugh. The truth was that she was really hoping for Gryffindor. Ravenclaw would be a decent enough second, but she definitely did not want to end up in Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Especially not Slytherin after her run-in with the pale-haired 6th year Remus told her was named Lucius Malfoy.

         The Sorting ceremony began as they all do. The Sorting hat sang a song, and then each student had to put it on so that it could sort them into houses. Sirius, James and Peter did not pay attention to it until Remus pointed out that it was Roberts, Audrey’s turn. Audrey put the Hat on nervously. “What do we have here?” said the Hat. “Courage, wit, loyalty and ambition. You would do well in any house. Now. Where to put you, where to put you?” Audrey listened to it in panic. Surely it would not send her home? “Please don’t send me home. And please don’t put me with those self-righteous purebloods from the train! I would rather be with the losers in Hufflepuff than that!” Just after she had thought it, she regretted it. But it was too late. Before she knew what happened, the Hat said angrily: “Thinks she is better than others, cunning and ambitious. Clearly this one is a SLYTHERIN.” And thus her dream of a fantasy world came crashing down. 

        Everyone in the Hall noticed the disappointed look on Audrey’s face, but most people just interpreted it to be the normal nervousness one could see in the First years’ faces. What nobody noticed was the three disappointed faces at the Gryffindor table. Could the Marauders befriend a Slytherin?



There you go, hope you liked it. Things are going to get more interesting from here, I swear! :) Any feedback at all would be most appreciated.

Oh, and any grammar/spell-nazis out there. Please tell me my errors, I am sure there are many. I hate spelling and grammar errors as much as the next person, and I would really appreciate every single one you point out :)

Chapter 2: The other Black
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Audrey Roberts had been sorted into Slytherin. She was spending the next seven years living with the likes of Lucius Malfoy. Great. Just bloody great!

After the Sorting, as Audrey went to sit down at the Slytherin table, she could not help but glance over at the Gryffindors. Sirius was laughing loudly at something James had whispered to him, and was clearly oblivious to anything around him. James kept glancing over at a girl sitting across from him. Audrey could only see the back of her dark red hair. Maybe this was the Muggle-born girl Remus had mentioned?
As she was looking over at them, Remus looked up and caught her eye. He looked a little disappointed, and a lot like he pitied her.

After the feast had finished, Audrey decided to look for James, Sirius and Remus before she went to her common room to face her fellow Slytherins. She walked into the hallway and saw James having a heated discussion with the red-head girl. Some greasy-looking guy hexed James with a spell Audrey did not recognise from the reading she had done on the subject. Sirius jumped in and hexed the boy back, calling him Snivellus.
It was about to turn into a nasty fight, until the redhead girl stepped in and dragged Snivellus, as Audrey assumed his name was, away.
James was clearly seething and Sirius was trying to calm him down. Just then Peter noticed Audrey and called her over.

Hi guys”, Audrey said carefully, “what was all that about?” “Oh, that was just Lily. You know, the girl of James' dreams” said Sirius mockingly. “Ouch man, seems you’ve struck out there James, she clearly prefers greasy-looking boys with huge noses” said Audrey, trying to lighten the mood with a joke.
  Unfortunately James was in no joking mood, and snapped. “Yeah, well why don’t leave us alone and go hang out with your new friends. Gryffindors and Slytherins do not mingle. Just go away!” Remus looked shocked for a second. Sirius grabbed James around the shoulder and said “Come on mate, let’s go to bed.” Remus looked like he wanted to say something to Audrey, but then thought the better of it. All four of the boys turned their back and started to walk away.
  Audrey felt like crying. The only people who had been nice to her so far, and now they had made it clear they did not want to be friends with her.

Audrey walked to where the prefects had said the Slytherin common room was. Inside was a dungeon-like room with greenish lamps and chairs. Audrey felt a little awkward around the other Slytherins, and decided to just go straight to bed. On her way across the room she bumped into a black-haired boy.

Oh for heaven sake Black, are you following me or something?” she exclaimed quite loudly. A few people turned to stare at her. The boy looked a bit confused. “How do you know who I am, have I met you before?” he said whilst looking at her strangely.  
  Audrey was getting more and more annoyed, why was Sirius pretending like he did not know her? “Yeah, like ten minutes ago. Your friend yelled at me for no reason and you didn’t stand up for me? Ring a bell?”

Now the boy was looking at her like she was a mental case. This was really pissing Audrey off and she yelled “What are you even doing here Sirius? I thought you and the other Gryffindors were too good to mingle with us Slytherins?” “Oh I see” said the boy in a matter-of-fact tone. “You think I am Sirius.”
Now it was Audrey’s turn to look confused. “Are you not being serious? Is this one of your stupid jokes?”

The boy laughed and said “No, you misunderstand. I am not Sirius. I am Regulus, the other Black.”


Right. Now that most the characters have been somewhat introduced, the real story can begin. In the next chapter that is. Hope you have enjoyed these introductory chapters, and that you will leave me a review? :)

Chapter 3: Appearances can be deceiving.
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 Three years had passed since Audrey Roberts Started her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and so far it had not been everything she had hoped for.

Actually, the classes were exactly what she had hoped for. They were challenging, but interesting. It was everything else that ruined it for her.

She had not made many friends. The other houses did not like Slytherins, and the Slytherins did not like her.

She probably would have had a lot more friends if it had not been for Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Malfoy had made her life miserable ever since their run-in on the train, and a lot of people looked up to him. And even now after he had graduated these people avoided her like the plague.

Snape did not have the same amount of followers, but he made her life miserable none-the-less. She had gotten on his bad side thanks to a certain Sirius Black and James Potter. At least indirectly. See the reason Snape did not like her was because she had in all honesty believed his name to be Snivellus, after she had overheard Sirius calling him that on her first day. And thus, when she had first met Snape, she had addressed him as Snivellus. And now, every time Potter and Black did something to piss Snape off, he took it out on Audrey.

The only two people that made life worth enduring were Regulus Black and Lily Evans. Regulus had become her friend, and Lily stopped Snape from hexing Audrey the times she was around, and apologised for his behaviour the times when she weren’t around. Not exactly a friendship, but at least she was nice to Audrey.

Regulus and Audrey had become friends almost immediately. They were in the same year, and sat together in all the classes. Regulus even protected her against Malfoy's fan club and Snape, because for some reason they had a lot of respect for Regulus. It might have been because he was a Black, but most likely it was because he had this quality that made people listen to what he had to say and respect him. He would make a great leader someday.

Regulus fascinated Audrey. Appearance-wise he looked a lot like his older brother, except he was a bit smaller and slighter. And although Audrey did not want to admit it, he was less handsome than Sirius. Still, he was an extremely good-looking boy, there was no denying that.

However, it was his personality that Audrey found so fascinating. If you did not know him very well, you would think that he was proud, arrogant and definitely a pureblood fanatic. The truth was that it was his parents who believed in the cause, not Regulus. If you knew him as well as Audrey did, you would know that he was kind, intelligent and had an excellent sense of humour.

The problem was that he cared a lot about his family, and would never do anything to hurt them the way Sirius constantly was. And of course, he was jealous of Sirius, the older brother, the popular kid, the womanizer. Sirius was a rebel, he stood up for what he believed in, even if it meant defying his parents. Regulus was not as strong as Sirius.

Where Sirius strived to be different from the rest of the Blacks, Regulus just wanted to fit in, to make his parents proud, to be accepted. Even if it did mean that he had to pretend to be a pureblood fanatic, and cover his room with newspaper clippings of Voldemort and his followers.
A pureblood fanatic or not, Regulus was the only real friend Audrey had.

And now Christmas was coming up. Audrey’s mom had decided to go on a single’s cruise for Christmas, and her dad had forgotten to invite her. He was probably too busy with his new family. His wife was expecting a baby, and Audrey was feeling more than a little threatened by it.

At any rate, Audrey was staying at Hogwarts for Christmas for the first time and Regulus was going home. Audrey wasn’t really sure how she felt about being without Regulus for several weeks. On the one hand he was her friend and she relied on him, but on the other hand things had become a bit… weird lately. Audrey was pretty sure he tried to kiss her the other day, and she wasn’t too sure how she felt about it.

And to make things worse, Audrey had recently found out that the only people staying for Christmas this year was four of the seventh year Slytherins and one of the Marauders; ... Black.
Great” thought Audrey, “Merry Christmas to me.”

That's chapter three folks! I know it's not amazing, but I'm just getting back to writing, and I have sooo many ideas for chapter four that I just wanted to get this one out of the way! Oh, and the reason for the jump in time is that I want to introduce some romance, and I think first year is a bit early for that.
Let me know what you think though! -M