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The Trials of being James Potter's Girlfriend by silverstarletworld89

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 13,911
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/OC, Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 10/23/2010
Last Chapter: 03/28/2011
Last Updated: 03/28/2011

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Chapter 1: Jealous? ......Thought so
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One by one heads turn as I make my way down to lunch. The usual chatter gone, being replaced by soft whispers. My heels hitting the concrete are the only dominant sound that can be heard as I make my way down to the Great Hall.

Groups of students try to peer over each other to get a good look at the movement within the hallway. Everyone wants to pay full attention to the next few seconds; nobody wants to miss the ‘perfection’. Taking a quick glance to the side I notice a boy’s mouth drop open as I pass. Wow, that will never get old.

I squeeze my right hand tight to make sure that it isn’t a dream and the hand within mine squeezes back. Along with everyone else I turn my head to the figure that everyone has stopped to see. James Sirius Potter, my boyfriend of 7 months and utter perfection.

Smiling inwardly to myself, I gain more confidence and change my walk to a strut.

Left, right, left, that’s it. The corridor is my catwalk.


I guess I spoke to soon.

“I honestly don’t know what he sees in her.” The moment over, the usual chatter begins to rise once again. “He can do so much better” I hear as I begin my normal routine of getting myself back onto my feet after I have face planted the floor.

A hand appears in front of me to help me get back onto my feet and a low chuckle fills my ear, as I am pulled into strong arms.

“You know I don’t think we have done this walk once without you falling over,” said James softly kissing my forehead.

Sighing contently, I don’t care that once again I have embarrassed myself in front of numerous people. I wrap my arms around James’ waist and place my head on his shoulder as he guides me to the Great Hall. I could stay like this forever.

Fuck! Sorry I have been so lost in my boyfriend that I haven’t even introduced myself.

Hey! If you had a boyfriend like mine I’m sure you would forget too.

My name is Drew Johnson, but here at Hogwarts I am mostly known as James Potter’s girlfriend. Yeah, great name I know. But don’t worry, you will catch on soon enough and you will probably forget what my actual name was.

It was Drew remember? Ok just checking.

Now it is pretty much an unspoken rule with the girls at Hogwarts, that you don’t like James Potter’s girlfriend. You hear he has a new girlfriend, you don’t like her even before you know who she is or what she looks like. No girl ever seems to be good enough or meet his is standard. And let me tell you something, if James starts to look for a girlfriend that the girls here think he should have, he is most definitely going to end up alone. With pretty much average looks; average long brown hair, big blue eyes, rose coloured cheeks and a height of 5ft 5. The students here just don’t understand how I managed to bag the sexiest boy in the whole school.

They become even more bewildered when they know what house I am in.

You ready for it?

It’s Hufflepuff.

Yes, you heard correctly, Huffepuff. I will give you a minute for that to sink in.

Sunk in yet? Good.

Now with my mum being in Gryffindor and my dad Ravenclaw, I thought it was evidential that I would be placed in either one of those houses, so when I was actually placed in Hufflepuff it came as quite a shock to me. And in all honesty, unless you have been through it nothing quite prepares you for the disappointment you feel when you get sorted into Hufflepuff.

However I hate to say it but that hat sure does know what it is talking about. I love my house and all the qualities that it stands for; it has been a great home to me for the past six years. So if anybody talks shit about it you won’t just have me to deal with, but the rest of the Hufflepuff house too. We are kind of big on loyalty.

James being a Gryffindor and me being a Hufflepuff doesn’t seem to cause a problem for us, but it seems to bug the students of Hogwarts. I guess it’s safe to say they feel that James has got a girlfriend that doesn’t quite to meet his standard. But you know what I say.

They are just jealous! Don’t hate me because you ain’t me bitches!!

Moving along the great hall James leads me over to the Gryffindor table to where his fellow Gryffindors and two best friends are sitting eating lunch. Kieran, a gorgeously tall sandy haired boy, who has the dreamiest brown eyes that you have ever seen in your life. Honestly when Kieran and James walk around the school, I’m sure a pool of drool is left behind them. And Toni a gorgeous blonde with model looks and a killer hourglass figure. She gives off a sex appeal that all girls wished they could have. I’m not jealous at all.

Ok maybe I am, just a little bit.

Settling down on the table I grab myself a plate and start putting on what’s left of the lunch before it disappears. So all the healthy gross food that no-one likes to eat like brussel sprouts, cabbage and this very odd looking fish. At least I think it was fish.

It was not pleasant.

"Ermm, hi James. I noticed that you were running late for lunch today so I saved you some food if you wanted it?” said this small black haired girl, who I would have said was very sweet until she threw me a glare that made her look like a gargoyle.

“Thanks Leanne.”


"Yeah sorry Joanne,” said James taking the plate off the small girl. “Cottage pie my favourite.”

James put his plate down and fumbled around to look for something. He then took a quill from his pocket and handed it to the girl. “Here, for your trouble.”

Joanne looked as if her Christmases had all come a once. “Thank you so much!”

I rolled my eyes, for goodness sake. How can this girl get excited about a quill?

“No problem,” said James throwing her a wink and then tucking into his cottage pie.

Staring at my plate of mushy peas and cold carrots I look longingly at my boyfriend’s cottage pie.

"You going to give me some of that?”

“Not a chance, it was your fault that we missed lunch.”

“Please?” I asked again putting on my puppy dogs eyes and aiming my fork for James’ plate.

“Come on Drew you should know by now nothing comes between James and his food ,“said Toni who was laughing at her best friend, who had moved a seat over to get away from my fork and now shoved the last of the cottage pie in his mouth.


“Who was she anyway?” I asked still annoyed at my boyfriend

“Who Leanne? She is the president of my fan club, awesome girl,” answered James, who was now reaching for the pumpkin juice to wash down the cottage pie with.

“James you think anyone who brings you food is awesome,” said Rose seating herself down next to us on the table. “Nice fall in the corridor Drew, I must say that that was one of your elegant falls,” she laughed.

“Cheers Rose.”

When James and I started dating, Rose was one of the people who thought that I wouldn’t be good enough to date her cousin. But now after 7 months I have finally managed to convince her that I am a great match for James. It’s a shame I can’t convince the rest of the school.

Settling into a comfortable conversation with Rose, I had begun to enjoy the last few minutes of lunch that I had left. That was until I heard a voice that made me want to chuck up the crappy few bites of lunch that I had eaten.

“Jamie, Kyle asked me to pass this note onto you.”

Mimi Pierce, seventh year Gyrffindor, James’ ex-girlfriend and an all around bitch!

I know I know Hufflepuff’s are supposed to be nice and we are. I would never intentionally say anything bad about Mimi.

Out loud.

However words such as home wrecker and psycho come to mind whenever she is around.

Sitting herself down in the space in between me and James she passes him the note. Flicking her long hair in my face and placing herself so she has removed me completely from James view; she begins to involve James in a conversation that I am blocked from being a part of.

See what I mean. Fucking Bitch!

It was a good thing that Lily came rushing over otherwise I’m sure my hardly touched plate of food would be finding contact with Mimi’s big head.

“James, mum asked me to give this to you,” she said seating herself opposite Rose and myself and handing her brother the parchment. “Hey did you guys see this in the daily prophet?”

“No, what is it?” asked Toni looking over Lily’s shoulder to get a glimpse of the paper

“It says here that to best friends are suing each other for get this 100,000 galleons. Can you believe it? Best friends?”

“What are they suing each other for?” asked Rose trying to read the paper upside down.

“Barbara Higgle 28 and Daphne Arch 29 who have been best friends for 15 years are suing each other for 100,000 galleons,” said Lily reading the article to us. “On a girl’s weekend to Ireland, Higgle came across a small pile of golden stones. Not realising what they were she placed a few into her bag and showed them to Arch. Higgle who knew that her friend enjoyed collected rare stones told her that she can keep a them to add to her collection. What the best friends did not realise, was the fact that Higgle actually came across a rare leprechaun gold, worth around 200,000 galleons. Barbara now realising what she had lost wants the gold back, however Arch is adamant that the gold is now hers. Can you believe it?”

“You know I don’t think people should take what isn’t theirs," said Mimi turning to look at me as she said it. Wow, if looks could kill.

“Well she did not want it, she cannot just take it back now that she knows how much it’s worth,” I said staring straight back at Mimi

“She knew it was special and she wants it back.”

The tension in the atmosphere dramatically changed. We both knew what we were talking about and let me tell you, it wasn’t some leprechaun gold.

"She had it, she lost it, and she needs to get over it because she will not get it back,” I said confidently.

"Well we will see about that won’t we,” said Mimi smirking at me.

“You know Drew is right that Higgle woman is not going to get her gold back so she should just forget it,” said James folding back up the two notes that he had just read.

Trust James not to notice what is going on. However I did a little happy dance in my head and threw a smirk back at Mimi.

Drew 1 – Mimi 0

Flicking her hair back in my face she turned again towards James. “You know James we haven’t hung out in ages; I think we should get together in the Common Room later and catch up.”

Did I mention that this girl was a fucking bitch?

“Some other time, I have got something special planned for tonight.” I did another little happy dance as Mimi mumbled some other time and left the table.

“Guys, quidditch practice is changed tonight, practice is at 5 not 8,” said James speaking to his two best friends.

"Did you want me to tell the rest of the team?” asked Toni

James laughed “No not to worry Fred is coming over he will mention it to them, he is like an owl but without the droppings.”

"Fred quidditch practice has changed, it’s at 5 now,” said James to his cousin and another one of his best friends.

"How come?” asked Fred settling down on the Gryffindor table.

Moving closer to me, James put his arm around my shoulder and gently kissed my neck. I do love it when he does that. “Because at 8 o’ clock tonight I am making my girlfriend a beautiful romantic meal by the lake.”

"I didn’t know that you could cook,” I said to James, who I noticed have a bit of a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

“Ooooo you in the dog house, what did you forget? Birthday? Anniversary? Valentine’s day?” said Kieran laughing.

“Dude it’s October,”” said James rolling his eyes at his best friend “And no I haven’t forgotten anything I just want to do something special for this stunning girl of mine.” This time James turns my face to his and places a gentle kiss on my lips.

7 months and I still get butterflies, my boyfriend is so amazing, I know you’re probably jealous but I don’t care.

Kieran smacked his hand to his forehead. “Mate, are you kidding me?”

“James stop making us look bad, Justine is going to expect the same treatment,” complained Fred who was talking about the latest girl he has been seeing.

“You have been going out with her for a week I doubt she will expect that from you besides, she thinks she's lucky with the fact that you remembered her name,” laughed Toni

“Is that why Mum sent you the recipes?” asked Lily.

"How many times have I told you to stop reading my mail?” said James giving his sister an evil look.

“James, I think that you should make Italian, I love Italian and that dish you made us in the holidays was great,” said Rose looking at her cousin.

“Hey! If I knew he was taking orders I would have placed mine ages ago. I like my food spicy but not too spicy,” said Fred thinking of all the things that he would like to eat.

“You guys are definitely not invited,” said James shaking his head at Fred.

“AL, AL!” shouted Fred towards the table located near the furthest wall, a boy with messy black hair looked up from the table; along with everyone else “THERE IS A FAMILY MEAL AT 8. JAMES IS COOKING A ROMANTIC MEAL FOR US.”

“GREAT, I AM THERE.” Al shouted back. A blonde haired boy who was sitting next Al turned and spoke something to Al. “SCORP IS THERE TOO.”

“James said romantic meal, so just the two of us,” I said. I was excited about spending alone time with James but not if that included his whole family as well.

“Don’t worry we will leave before the hanky panky starts,” chuckled Fred.

“Errrrrm I guess I should say thanks?” I said.

“You’re welcome,” said Fred. “You know I think that you should wear that black sexy underwear of yours.”

I unfortunately took that moment to take a drink. Choking on juice I looked horror-struck at Fred.

“How do you know what underwear I have got?”

“When you came round in the summer James wanted to know what birthday present you got him, we knew you hid it in your trunk so we had a look inside. It’s nothing be too embarrassed about I’m sure there could have been worse things we could have found,” said Fred winking at me not bothered at all.

I however was completely horrified and was currently very angry at my boyfriend. I guess James could sense this as he moved away from me and looked down at his empty plate which he now found very interesting.

“Nah, I think that she should wear the green one," said Kieran. If I was horrified before, I was absolutely mortified now.

“Hold on we will just ask Al. AL!” Fred shouted again.

"How does Al know?” I complained.

“Because he was there,” said Fred matter of factly rolling his eyes as if it was a stupid question. “AL!”

“For fuck’s sake Fred just go over,” said Rose understanding how embarrassed I was becoming.

"I can’t that will take too long. AL!”

Rose shrugged at me in a ‘I tried’ kind of way.

"WHAT?” shouted the messy haired boy.


At that moment all eyes were on me as the students in the hall seemed to have found where I was seated. I definitely wanted to crawl into a hole right now.


Just at that moment the bell rang for the end of lunch and classes to start again. Fucking hell, the bell couldn’t have gone off about 10 minutes before. Just my luck.

“CHEERS!” Fred replied back over the din that was now forming around the hall. He then turned to James who was now laughing. “See mate we did you a favour. Remember I like my meat well done,” said Fred who had now gathered his things and was making his way out of the great hall.

"It is just me and James!” I shouted at the back of his head

“Drew, Drew, Drew. I thought you realised by now that when you date one of us you date all of us,” said Lily moving to now followed Fred out of the hall

After various ‘see you laters’ and I can’t wait for the meal’ I looked at my boyfriend. He just shrugged, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran to follow his friends. People moving around me I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. Going to my various afternoon classes, I began to think of the meal that James was going to prepare for me and how he was going to make it up to me.

The evening came far too quickly, so I got dressed and ready and made my way down to the lake to have a nice meal with my boyfriend.

And when I say boyfriend, I mean his cousin's, his cousin's friends and a surprising amount of girls who just happened to be wearing red.

Wow, it can’t get more romantic then this.

Chapter 2: From Prince to Prat!
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"That dinner was truly amazing,” I said, kissing James in between every word.

Cupping my face in his soft hands he stared hungrily into my eyes. Slowly stroking my bottom lip with his thumb, he planted a kiss on the corner of my lips, making a tingling trail until he reached my earlobe.

Nibbling on it slightly he growled huskily, “You wait until dessert.”

“Oi! You two enough of the PDA!” exclaimed Kieran bringing me and James crashing back to the real world. “You are ruining innocent little minds,” he said trying to cover Hugo eyes.

“Did someone mention dessert?” asked Fred, beginning to look around for the item in question.

James rolled his eyes at his cousin. Taking his hand within mine he pulled me up onto my feet. “We will be back in a little while,” he said speaking to various red heads, blondes and brunettes that made up his family. “Do not eat all of the apple pie.”

“Why are you just looking at me, when you say that?” questioned Fred trying to look completely innocent. “There are at least ten other people sitting here.”

James shook his head and chuckled, “Just make sure that there is some left ok?”

Walking past the large group of people that were now tucking into a homemade pie, James began leading me in the direction of the dark forest.

"Where are you taking me?” I asked nervously.

"You’ll see.”

“Lumos,” he enchanted, having taken his wand from his back pocket to brighten our path.

Leaving the glow of light behind us, James slowly entered the dark forest with me trailing cautiously after him. Feeling a slight drop in the atmosphere and seeing the obscurity that awaited me, I could not help but feel a bit apprehensive.

You see, I am sort of afraid of the dark. I know, I know the bad times are over and if anything happens I have got my gorgeous hunky boyfriend to protect me, but for some reason I still felt a bit uneasy.


“Drew, are you ok?”

I was so busy looking over my shoulders that I wasn’t looking in front of me. And as usual it resulted in me hitting the floor, with this time an added bonus of a face full of dirt.

“Don’t worry we are almost there,” chuckled James helping me up off the floor and wiping a considerable amount of dirt off my face.

Wow, I must be looking pretty hot at this particular moment.


Continuing our journey through the forest, with me still looking uneasily around me, James finally stopped. Signifying to me that we had finally reached our destination. Looking up at him, he moved his head to indicate me to look forward.

And I was truly astounded by the view that stood in front of me.

A clearing of the most vibrant greenest grass was laid out before us, which held the most exotic looking flowers I had ever seen in my life. Taking the array of different ocean blues and deep purples, the flowers blended together to make it look as if the grass was gleaming.

Striking white plants wrapped themselves around the trees, contrasting alluringly with the dark colours of the tree trunks. The exquisite plants curled their way upwards around the body of the tree, trying to climb to the top. Following the path of the white flowers, I looked upwards. The sky blended into five different shades of purple, complementing the exotic flowers magnificently. The stars also seemed to be a lot bigger and brighter. So instead of the darkness that surrounded the rest of the forest, the clearing had made it possible for the night sky to glitter its light around the bewitching area.

A few of the colourful petals of purples, blues and whites swirled around our heads as the slight breeze removed them softly from their home. Briefly riding the wind, the petals floated around following the glowing fireflies, until they found a new place to settle.

A dreamlike mist from the forest glowed around the outside of the circle, creeping in between the gaps of the tall trees. Branches connected around the outside, forming a type of protective barrier. As if it was shielding this beautiful place from the rest of the forest.

It was breathtaking.

James stepped forward to the centre and placed himself down on the grass, patting the patch beside him. Making myself comfortable next to him, I wrapped my arms around his torso and positioned my head on his chest so that I could feel the steady beat of his heart.

“This place is very important to me. It’s where I come to get away from everything.” he whispered running is hands tenderly through my hair. “Here I am just James. Not James Potter. Not another Weasley. Just James.”

Turning my head to look at the features on his face, which were now so relaxed I could tell that he was content.

"I wanted to share this place with you, because I...”

James began to frown, scrunching his face trying to think of the words that he wanted to say. I find that he always does this when he is trying really hard to think of words to express his feelings.

"I just wanted to tell you that....”

Wait a minute. You don’t think? He couldn’t be trying to say what I think he is?

Hold on let me do my check list.

We have been together for quite a while? Tick.

Perfect setting? Tick

No family around? Tick

Just James and I? Tick, tick.

I am guessing he is either going to break up with me or say I love you. I am kind of hoping it’s the latter.

"I just wanted to say that.....”

7 months isn’t too early is it? I mean I am certainly in love with him and I definitely would have said it too, if I wasn’t waiting for him to say it first.

Right Drew act surprised, this may just be the best day of your life.


Get the words ready, I love you. James Sirius Potter, I love you.

Moving me up, so that we were forehead to forehead, James gazed into my blue eyes.

"I just wanted to say that I like you a lot.”

Searching into those hazel eyes I waited for what I was hoping, more words to expand on what he had just told me.

But nothing came.

I like you a lot. I like you a lot? What the hell does that even mean? We have been going out for 7 months; I would be worried if he didn’t like me.

Shit, I feel like I was meant to get the new nimbus 3000 but all I got was a comet 480.

Glancing into those hazel orbs which I noticed conveyed a lot of affection and taking in the gorgeous atmosphere around me. I realised that it must have been hard for him to express those few simple words and share his special haven with me. Give him time Drew; he has got plenty of time to say I love you. I mean we are half way there, ‘I like you a lot’ is like the boy version of ‘I love you’ right?

“Thank you so much for sharing this place for me. I know when you have something that you call your own; you do not want to share it with anyone. But that fact that you shared this place with me means a great deal.” I said kissing his nose.

"And I like you a lot too,” I giggled. “You know what else I like a lot? This alone time. Just me and you. No-one else.”

“Umm I wonder what we will do?” said James still running his fingers through my hair.

"Yes, I wonder?”

Rolling me onto my back, his body pinned mine to the grass. Leisurely running his hands up and down the side of my body, he started kissing me tenderly. Wanting more I held his face closer making the kiss deeper. Taking his mouth off mine he moved it to the base of my neck and kissed the hollow that led back up to my ear.

Opening my eyes, I gazed up at the bright stars and the vibrant petals floating in the wind, feeling in complete bliss.

Capturing my mouth once more, he moved his hands towards the buttons of my silk blouse that I wore that evening, undoing the buttons from the bottom upwards. Feeling the last button being undone and a slight breeze tickling my upper body, I heard a soft chuckle escape James’ lips.

"Remind me to thank Fred.”


Why on earth is he thinking about his cousin at a time like this? Talk about killing the moment. And then it hit me. Bollocks!.

“You know I didn’t actually expect you to wear your red underwear, but I am glad you did,” grinned James looking at my red bra.

Well done Drew, you first class loser. I thought that I would surprise James, by wearing the underwear that he desired to see me in. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, however now I just felt like a complete idiot. Pushing James away slightly, I began to re-button my blouse. “Don’t you dare tell anyone,” I said trying to give him an evil glare.

“I was enjoying that,” said James pinning me back down on the grass floor.

Rolling my eyes at my boyfriend, I moved from underneath him. “Come on, I’m sure everyone is wondering where we have got to.”

“Fine, but next time I want to see the whole set,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.



“Here they are,” said Rose, as James and I made our way back over to the collection of people by the lake. “We didn’t know if you were going to come back.”

Sitting down with his family and opposite my boyfriend, I was so glad that James had managed to find a way of making my night really memorable. Our eyes connecting across the group of people, I threw him a cheeky wink.

“Drew, did you know that you’ve got dirt on your face?” asked Kieran, looking at my face quizzically.

Shit, I totally forgot about that. I had just been smooching the face off my boyfriend in the forest with dirt on my face.


Rose took her wand out of her robes and performed the scourgify charm on my face.

“James, if you wanted to stick Drew’s face in some dirt you could have done that here,” chuckled Fred.

“Yeah, there is a nice pile over there,” laughed Kieran.

“And over there.”

“You two aren’t even funny,” said James, as Kieran and Fred high fived each other. “What did I tell you about the pie?” he asked, now looking at a completely empty dish that once held an apple pie.

“Well, you were complaining about our stamina in training today. So we thought extra pieces were probably beneficial,” said Kieran patting his stomach.

“You have only got yourself to blame,” said Fred placing a mock kind hand on James’ shoulder. James responded by jumping on his to best friends engaging themselves in a three way wrestle.

“How was Quiddtich practice?” Lily asked turning to Toni, ignoring the ruckus that was taking place beside to her.

“Yeah it was good; we have got some brilliant plays coming along,” answered Toni, looking at her teams mates that were now sprawled across the grass.

"I cannnot wait to bring home that trophy," bragged Kieran breathlessly. "And become champions once more," he chanted banging his fists to his chest.

"Champions!" roared James and Fred joining in with the chanting and chest banging.

"Shut up you apes, you haven't won anything yet," said Al. "And I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you. You haven't seen the Slytherin team yet, we are insane."

"Oh please, your team haven't been able to beat us in two years, I doubt that is about to change," assured James.

"Well we have got a new game plan this year, which I doubt any team will be able to match," said Scorpius confidently, sharing a secret look with Al.

"All talk, all talk," said Kieran.

“You know Al and Scorpius are right,” piped up Molly, who was the spitting image of James’ Uncle Percy, with the personality to match. “I wouldn’t get to cocky; the Ravenclaws strategic plan is quite unbeatable.”

I sniggered silently as I saw most of James’ family roll their eyes at Molly.

“Come on Molly, you may be good but I don’t think the rest of your team is up to scratch. I mean on paper you guys tick all the boxes, but in reality...”said Fred trailing off, giving Molly a sympathetic look.

She replied by returning his look with one that could have given her dad Percy a run for his money. “Like I said before, just don’t be too sure of yourselves.”

“I would be careful of Hufflepuff too while you’re at it,” I chipped in.

Silence suddenly filled the atmosphere. That was until it was replaced by laughter. I don’t think I had ever seen the boys laugh so hard, at least the girls were trying to hide their laughter, apart from Molly of course.

"Hufflepuff, that was a good one,” said Kieran, wiping the laughter tears from his eyes.

“Oh, please. Hufflepuff aren’t even in the running,” said Scorpius still laughing.”They are just like our extra training session.”

You probably would have thought by now, that I would have been used to hearing things like this. However, listening to students bad mouth my house, just seems to increase my frustration. They just never seem to take Hufflepuff seriously. It’s even worse now that I am Quiddtich captain and it seems that there is a fourth place trophy already waiting in our name.

"Have Hufflepuff ever won anything?” questioned Hugo who looked quite confused.

“Not since I have been here,” James sniggered. “Losing is their....”

"Yes?” I asked, urging James to continue.

The laughter died from the boy’s faces, having finally realising their mistake. Noticing the expression on my face and the storm beginning to form in my eyes, they glanced cautiously at James.

“Yes? Losing is our what?” I asked James again, with my eyebrows raised and arms folded. Giving off the vibe, ‘you had better pick your fucking words carefully’.

Running his hand uncomfortably through his dark hair, James shrugged his shoulders at me.

“Come on Drew; don’t look at me like that. I mean, when was the last time that Hufflepuff won anything?”

“That’s not the point. You cannot just write us off before we have even played because of our past,” I voiced, feeling myself getting angrier by the second “For all you know, we could have a winning team this year.”

“Pfft, Hufflepuff?” I heard Kieran snicker. I sent him the filthiest look I could possibly muster.

“Babe, calm down,” said James, moving closer to me. “I know that you have probably got a great team this year and you may possibly do well. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose anyway. It is the taking part that counts.”

I could tell in his face that he thought the ‘compassionate’ words, in his eyes would make me feel better. However it just got me riled up even more. I sent him a look that said ‘you didn’t pick your words carefully enough’.

“Yeah, isn’t that like the Hufflepuff motto or something?” said Fred believing that he was helping James in this situation. “As long as you guys try...”

I held my hand up to silence Fred. Are they fucking kidding? It’s the taking part, as long as we try? What the fuck?

“First off, I am not your babe,” I argued counting the points of my argument on my hand. “And second James Potter; don’t give me any of that bullshit. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose? Please, you were furious over the game last year because you only won by ten points!” I exclaimed.
“That was different.”


At this moment we only had eyes for each other, but not in a good way. Our usual spectators sitting quietly, wondering how it was all going to end.

“Because.... because...” said my jackass of a boyfriend, trying to think of a reasonable explanation.

"Because what?”

“I don’t know why you are getting so worked up. You have been in Hufflepuff for years; you know what it is like. It is common knowledge that Hufflepuff aren’t really contenders,” he expressed, as he looked to his family for support.

“Why I’m getting so worked up?” I cried, bringing his face back to now looking at mine. This is between me and him. Not between me, him and his family.

“Because not only are you disrespecting my house, you are also criticizing my competence as captain. What am I not good enough, to be able to manage a winning team?”I said standing up in the heat of the moment.

“I didn’t say that. That is not what I meant,” he said standing up with me, his face conveying shock and confusion. “Listen, I’m sorry ok, I crossed the line.”

“Crossed the line? James, you are so far past the line, the line is none existent to you.”

“Drew, I am sorry. I know that you are a great captain, please don’t get mad,” he said, walking over to me and pulling me in to a secure hug, which I returned quite lamely.

I know you may think that I am overreacting but it just feels like as a Hufflepuff you have to work three times as hard to try and prove yourselves to people. I mean of course like everyone else, we would like to win. We may not show it like the other houses do but the drive is still there. Just because we are not associated with a lion, or snake or dumbass raven people think that they can just walk all over us. Well I tell you now; I am determined to make that change this year. I will win, even if it kills me.

“You are not mad anymore are you?” asked James, nervously looking into my face for signs of irritation.

Yes, James Sirius Potter I am! I am fucking fuming at you and if I could, I would slap your beautiful face silly for being a complete prat!

“No, I am not mad,” I sighed. “Look I am getting quite tired, so I am going to head back to the castle.”

“Do you want me to walk you back?” asked James cautiously.

“No, I will be fine, you stay here.”

“And you’re definitely not mad?”

“No, I am not mad” I said moving out of his embrace and trying so hard not to grit my teeth.

“I will see you guys later,” I said saying goodbye to James’ family. Who were trying to look as if they weren’t just listening to our whole argument.

“Bye,” they mumbled.

James embraced me once more to give me a kiss goodbye. Aiming for my mouth, I turned my face so that all he got was my cheek.

“I will see you tomorrow?” he enquired.

“Sure,” I shrugged. Turning my back on my boyfriend, I began my trek back towards the castle and my dorm room.

“Ouch, what was that for?” I heard James cry.

“You my dear cousin, are an idiot.”


"Argh!” I screamed as I stormed into my 7th year dorm room. “Argh!”

"Good night then?” smiled Imogen. Who was lying down on her bed, scribbling on some parchment.

Storming past her to get to my own bed, I flopped down heavily onto my mattress. Picking up my pillow and covering my face with it, I began to scream into it at the top of my lungs.

“Come on Drew, tell us what happened,” I heard Livy say, as I felt the dip of my bed deepen as three people sat on it.

I removed the pillow that was obstructing my view and stared up at my dorm mates and three best friends.

Imogen, Olivia and Ruby.

Imogen the green eyed beauty, who never fails to make me laugh. Olivia or Livy, the sensitive soul who always knows the right things to say. And Ruby, the athletic tomboy, who will always be there for you no matter what. I don’t know how I would be able to get through my school years and relationship without my friends by my side.

“James and I had an argument,” I sighed.

“What was it about?” asked Livy.

“It wasn’t even that big of a deal. I don’t even know why I even got so worked up or why I am still worked up,” I tried to explain frustratedly.

“Walk us through it,” said Livy.

"Well it was just an argument about our Quidditch team and our chances of winning this year.”

I saw my three friend pass glances between them but I carried on.

“He basically said that we weren’t really contenders and they found it really funny when I said there was a possibility of us winning this year. Looking back now I may have over reacted, but I just got so frustrated. Our house want to see Hufflepuff do well, and with me being captain I feel as if I have got added pressure to achieve that goal. I just felt like I was being laughed at,” I mumbled.

“Do you think I may have over reacted?”

"No, not at all,” assured Livy. “James of all people should know the stress of being captain and the pressure and expectations that come with it. I think that he was a bit insensitive towards your feelings.”

See this is why I love speaking to Livy, she knows just how to calm me down.

“What is it, with people, thinking that we are doormats?” complained Ruby. “This Slytherin made a snide comment about me being in Hufflepuff this afternoon and I was thinking, just because I’m in Hufflepuff that will not stop me hexing your fat ass to Timbuktu.”

“Did you hex him?” asked Livy curiously.

“No, I pushed him over instead. I didn’t want someone else taking the credit for my hex,” laughed Ruby, with us joining in with her.

“You know, the other houses think we are all about peace and love and shit and that we all live in harmony, but we want to hex a few annoying people in our house just as much everyone else. I just think in reality we just better at hiding our faults then others,” said Imogen matter of factly.

“I would love to hex that bitch in the year below,” said Ruby thinking of all the people that have crossed her.

“Oh yeah, don’t forget to add in those twin bitches,” chuckled Imogen.

“And that blonde girl who called you fat,” chipped in Livy

"Oh my gosh. How could I not mention her?”

By now I was honestly and completely cheered up. I sat up and gave my friends a massive group hug.

“Listen, don’t worry about what James and his family think, most of them are annoying anyway,” said Ruby.

“Yeah annoyingly handsome, if only....”

“Moving on,” said Ruby not letting Imogen finish her sentence. I could tell Imogen wasn’t bothered though; she was now lost in her daydream of thinking about one of the Weasley members. ”We are just going to have to prove to them that we are worth watching out for.”

"You know what, you guys are right. Next practice I am going to kick it up a gear,” I smirked, with a new game plan forming together in my head. “It’s time to let the school know that we are a force to be reckoned with. We will teach them that they should never underestimate the ability of the Hufflepuffs.”

Chapter 3: Foot rests, Firewhiskey and Secret Crushes.
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Staring into the fire watching the bright red flames engulf the Common Room, I thanked Merlin that it was the weekend.

With Friday almost over and Quidditch practice not until Sunday evening (in which I would show my boyfriend and the rest of the school that Hufflepuff are a force to be reckoned with by introducing my new and may I say, truly genius Quidditch tactics), I started to begin to enjoy what my friends and I call the ‘wonderful two day of rest period’. Or in other words ‘two wonderful days of doing completely fuck all’.

Just time to kick back and relax with the thoughts of James, Quidditch and homework pushed right to the back of my mind.

I know, I know I’m a seventh year and I should prioritise my homework but I mean come on. Seriously, who does homework on the weekend anyway?

It’s all about leaving it until last minute Sunday night, having few hours sleep and then just wishing that you just had the sense to do it before.

It’s a standard routine. And one I don’t intend to break anytime soon.

In prime position beside the fire with the radiating warmth from the flames kissing my skin, I began to lay my head against the arm of the sofa. Allowing the tiredness from this week to overcome my senses.

“Oi, wake up! I am not a foot rest you know.”

“But Sam, you’re so comfortable,” I reasoned not bothering to open my eyes.

Instead I snuggled deeper into the sofa, hoping that one of my longest, dearest and sweetest friends would continue to allow me to use him as a foot rest.

Since my legs weren’t long enough to reach the table that was placed in the middle of the two sofas we were currently occupying, I had to find the next best alternative.

Wrong place, wrong time my friend.

“Just face facts Sammy boy,” said Imogen who’s voice came from the other side of my human foot rest. “When you are this comfortable, you cannot expect girls not to want to cuddle you.”

“There is a bit difference between cuddle. . . and being used as a piece of furniture,” clarified Sam.

I could imagine his adorable face trying to display annoyance with his charming golden eyes showing nothing but teasing.

"Dude, please! I cannot just sit back and watch this,” said a deep voice coming from the opposite couch. “How many times have I told you to stand your ground man; otherwise these girls will just walk all over you.”

“Hey, you shush Smith,” said Imogen, addressing our fellow burly seventh year Ben Smith. “If he wants to let us lean on him, we can lean on him.”

“Serious man points have been lost here. Just look at you; you’ve become a human couch.”

“He likes being a human couch, don’t you Sam?”

Shaking my head to myself I realised that the calming mood had just been chucked out the window. Sitting myself upright, I tried to shake myself awake to stop myself from falling asleep once again.

Having just gone half eleven our cosy Common Room was reasonably empty with the students probably opting to relaxing in their dorm rooms instead. With the last drips and drabs of people making their way to bed, while my friends and I continued to set up camp by the fire.

Imogen was still leaning on Sam, hurling some kind of abuse at Ben. Ruby was sitting in the corner of that same couch enchanting a paper plane to fly around the room and Livy was sitting in the in between Ruby and Ben reading what looked like a History of Magic book.

Just one of our normal Friday nights.

"Drew, your boyfriend is a massive prat!” exclaimed Lee storming though the Common Room door, heading straight towards our little group by the fire.

“Tell us something we don’t know,” chuckled Ben.

Yep, this is definitely a normal.

“What’s he done now?” I asked exasperatedly. James being a prat seemed to be a reoccurring theme this week.

“Why they decided to partner me up with him in Potions I have no idea,” complained Lee throwing his hands up in the air defeatedly. “Two weeks we have had to do this project and the guy has done bugger all. I always wondered how this guy got to seventh year but now I’m seriously starting to question it.”

Seeing the frustration on Lee’s face I could completely relate to the emotions that were going through him at this moment in time. It’s not that James isn’t clever he is actually very intelligent. Who would have thought right?

No, the problem is, is that he is so flipping lazy. He just doesn’t bother trying. I would say that during his time in Hogwarts ninety nine percent of the time he has always been partnered with girls and unintentionally or not, he throws on the Potter charm making girls putty in his hands so that they pick up his slack and do the work for him.

I mean no girl can resist James Potter’s charisma, dazzling smile and cheeky wink.

I should know. It’s how we got together after all. But that’s another story.

"That’s not even the worse part it’s the giggling girls surrounding him that I can’t take. I mean don’t get me wrong I love girls as much as the next person, but the constant giggles has got to drive anyone insane,” he complained sitting himself at the edge of the two sofas with his back to the fire. The colour from the fire highlighting his light features even more.

"I had to tell my sister to leave three times while we were working in the library!” he cried out, his face creasing with irritation.

Now I love Lee to bits but whenever he is having one of his rants and raves I cannot help but to laugh. The way he crumples his expressions and over dramatises everything you just can’t keep a straight face. This has caused many disagreements between us, since it is not quite appropriate to laugh in someone’s face when they are angry and being quite serious.

Oh yeah, like you’ve never done it?

I looked over to the other sofa at Ruby who was looking everywhere but at me and Livy who had completely covered her face with the History of Magic textbook. And I could tell that they, exactly like me were trying hard not to laugh. I couldn’t risk looking at Imogen either, I knew if I saw her face that I would crack.

I held my breath, making my cheeks bulge out from the air that was held within, hoping that it would help me stop the urge to laugh.

“Aww, not Sophie,” groaned Sam stretching his legs out since he was now relived of his foot rest duties.

“Yep, they have converted her.” said Lee placing his head in his hands, actually looking quite devastated.

“No,” said Ben shocked, sitting up closer as if the distance would enable him to get over this earth shattering news.

“She wouldn’t, she’s too clever for that,” Sam reassured him.

Lee shook his head slowly, “No she told me earlier. She is now one of them.” He sighed deeply, with a sense of disappointment.

“She is now . . . an official member of the James Potter Fan Club.”

With that I couldn’t hold it in any more and I just burst out laughing, with the rest of the girls letting rip soon after. I saw Ben give Lee a sympathetic pat on the back and it just made me laugh even harder. For fuck’s sake you would have though his sister had the serious case of spattergroit with the way these boys were acting.

Between laughter tear eyes, I saw Ben take his wand out of his pocket and seven glasses appearing on the table, with a bottle of Firewhiskey and Butterbeer joining it for company.

“I was going to bring these out at our next party, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Glasses filled to the brim and floating towards us, Lee turned towards me.

“Does it not bother you having all these girls following him around all the time?” he asked curiously taking a big sip of his Firewhiskey.

"No, not really,” I lied, looking upwards, as if doing so they won’t be able to see through my blatant lie.

“Bullshit!” Livy, Ruby and Imogen called out together.

I guess I didn’t look high enough.

In a way I guess I can understand where some of these girls are coming from. I mean who wouldn’t want to start or join a fan club of one of the most famous teen celebrities in the Wizarding World? Currently ranking at number three on the list of Witch’s Teens hottest celebrity males.

"Ok fine, they bother me a little but on the plus side, I always get some amazing food.” I chuckled, trying to think of a least some positives. “Some of those crazy stalker girls really can cook.”

“Pfft! Someone needs to buy those girls a clue.” Stated Ruby matter of factly, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, don’t you talk about Immy like that,” grinned Ben, leaning back into the sofa.

“Ha, ha, ha,” Imogen replied back sarcastically. “I just don’t get it though. No offence Drew, but everyone clearly knows that Louis is the sexiest member of that family. Don’t get me wrong James is hot, but Louis, Louis just has that extra va va voom.”

“That is true,” piped up Livy. “He is so intellectual. I didn’t realise that he could speak French too, we had such a great conversation.”

“I knew you fancied him!” I cried, as her face began to turn rose coloured.

She moved her dark blonde hair to try and cover her face and buried her head in her glass, gulping away at the contents until it was empty.

That was until it began refilling it’s self again. I think someone is clearly having too much to drink.

“Who wouldn’t? He is beautiful,” said Immy twirling her curly brown locks around her finger and looking whimsically up to the ceiling. “He is so sexy. One hundred percent he is the best looking one."

“I don’t think so,” said Sam placing his arms behind his head as he lent back against the sofa.

I could hear the fire crackling away, while we all waited for his answer.

“Well, it’s got to be Ginny,” he responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I was so shocked by what I just heard that I spat my drink back out.

The Firewhiskey went everywhere.

“Ugh! Drew!”

I stared at Sam flabbergasted, as he laughed his head off.

"Ginny? . . . As in Ginny Potter? . . . James mum?” I cried, not believing my ears.

“You can’t be serious?" grinned Ruby.

“Man points restored my friend,” called Ben, as both he and Lee got up to high five Sam.

"How much have you had to drink?” I asked curiously looking at his glass attempting to take it away from him. 

“Come on she is fit!” he shrugged at me.

“I wouldn’t say no,” said Ben wiggling his eyebrows at us.

“But she’s old,” laughed Imogen.

“Come on she is a definite WILF!” said Lee placing his glass on the table in front of him.

“What the hell is a WILF?” asked Livy curiously, once again downing the contents of her drink.

Ben smirked at the boys and then all nodded in agreement all knowing what he was going to say.

"A witch I’d like to-“

“OK! Ok. We get it,” I said raising my arms to silence the boys as they continued to laugh. “James’ mum? . . . You fucking kidding me?” I mumbled.

“A witch I’d like to what? To what?” asked Livy.

"Think about it,” said Ruby leaning back and scrapping her dark hair into a ponytail. “You know for such a smart girl, you sometimes lack in the common sense department.”

We were all fully laughing now, the effects of the Firewhiskey taking place.

“How she could give birth to such a messy haired idiot, I have no idea,” claimed Ben.

“Why do you always have to complain about his hair?” asked Ruby.

“He’s just jealous that Potter can wake up with the prefect bed hair look, while it takes him at least three hours every morning to perfect. Isn’t that right princess,” smirked Lee.

“Fuck off!”Said Ben as he pushed Lee playfully to the floor.

In fits of giggles we continued to discuss our secret crushes, embarrassing stories and generally talk basic shit into the early hours of the morning until the last bottles of Butterbeer and Firewhiskey had been drained.

I could hear the hangover calling me already.

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Chapter 4: I kissed a girl and I liked it . . . . . . . wait, Whaaaaat?!?!
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“Urgh!” I groaned as little by little I opened my eyes the next morning.

Well I say morning, it was definitely afternoon.

My head was officially pounding and my roommates were selfish enough to still be asleep at this very crucial time in my life. So I had to bask in this truly awful pain alone.

“Urgh!” I groaned louder.

I, Drew Johnson, seventh year Hufflepuff, promise never again to drink Firewhiskey.

Honestly I swear!

Never again will I drink Firewhiskey.

. .  . .

For the rest of this week.

Getting up slowly as not to wake up the snoozing traitors, I headed to the bathroom to get ready so that I could go in search of some much needed hangover over food. And boy was I going to need a lot of it.

Leaving my will to live behind, I slowly and I really I mean slowly, shuffled my way out of my Common Room and towards the Great Hall, where I would be able to make it just in time for lunch.

Now I know what you’re thinking. There must be some type of hangover cure or potion that can take away this terrible feeling? And your right there is. But what did the professors go and do? They only went and bloody banned it didn’t they!


Yes, she is still here.

Mcgonagall decided that it would teach us all a lesson if we had to deal with our hangovers and being genuinely made to feel like shit. She says if we are ‘willing to intoxicate ourselves then we must deal with the consequences’.

The bitch.

To be fair to her though it has worked, people are no longer coming to lessons seriously hungover after many Quidditch celebration parties or birthdays etcetera. Because I am telling you now, to spend a full day trying to do magic while hanging out of your arse and then end up getting dentition picking up Hippogriff shit because your so called cunning plan of trying to be unobvious was so obvious that Professors knew you were still a bit tipsy, is no walk in the park.

So here I am thanks to Professor Mcgonagall, who is usually one of my favourite teachers, walking along the corridor feeling terrible and completely suffering for my actions.

I however am not the type to suffer in silence.

“Oh my gosh!” I cried out through the corridors to absolutely no-one in particular. I saw students glance my way weirdly as I huffed and puffed my way through the corridor.

Merlin! I swear the Great Hall was never this far before. Did someone move it and not tell me?

“Isn’t that James Potter’s girlfriend?” I heard two girls whisper as I gradually moved past them in the corridor. I gave the two girls my best scowl possible.

Now I hardly ever scowl but when I do I like to think that it has the desired effect, however these two just smirked at me.

The slags!

“Just look at her, she hasn’t got a clue what’s coming,” said one girl, who certainly looked part troll, with her skanky trying to be blonde, yellow hair hanging down beside her face. Not even having the decency to whisper anymore!

What the hell is that suppose to mean anyway?

I continued to listen to them as they began to walk behind me.

“What does he see in that?”

“I honestly do not know.”

Are they taking the piss? I mean seriously. You know what? Screw this. Today is not one of those days to be messing with me!

Taking all of the energy that I could muster I began to strut myself towards the Great Hall. Thank fuck it was in sight it was all I could say, I don’t think I would have made it otherwise.

Shaking my brown hair from its bun I began running my hands through my hair, tousling it up trying to give it that extra bounce. I then began applying lip gloss onto my lips, making sure that I made a loud smacking sound once it was applied, so that the bitches behind me could hear it.

As soon as I entered the Great Hall, I made the great production of flicking my hair over to one side and walking straight over to Gryffindor table.

Thank goodness James was there. Walking back to the Hufflepuff table that was in the opposite direction after the theatrics would not have been cool.

Strutting over to James, I sat down next to him, surprising him with a massive snog attack.

Coming up for air I smiled sweetly to a pleasantly stunned James.

“Hi,” I spoke softly to him.

“Erm, wow,” he smiled back at me. “Hi back at you.”

Since James was facing the door I manage to take a glance at the girls that were walking behind me who were now lingering by the entrance. And it was I who smirked at them and they did not look happy.

Yeah, you suck on those lemons!

I was definitely in a lot better mood now. Give me my hangover food and then I will be set.

“Hey, you going to greet us all like that,” said Fred who was sitting next to a sniggering Al, looking at me hopefully, puckering up his lips.

I started at them opposite me, completely mortified. Did you know that they were there? Because I sure didn't.

“No? Well it was worth a shot,” said Fred relaxing his lips back into a grin and nudging Al in the arm.

"You ok, Drew?” asked James curiously.

I chuckled as I saw him run his finger though his messy locks remembering how jealous Ben was of his hair.

“Yeah I am fine. Why?”

“Because you look like shit, is basically what he is saying,” stated Fred, his mouth full of a sandwich that he had just bitten into.

Considering how rough I felt, I honestly didn’t feel that I looked that bad, just a little less put together than usual. Trust Fred to tell you how it is though.

“Cheers for that Fred,” said James which Fred replied with a thumbs up. “You look beautiful,” he said ignoring his cousin and kissing me again.

At that moment a honey brown shape glided through the hall, dropping a letter onto the table in front of James.

"What does mum want now?” said James picking up the letter trying to get it open. However James owl had other ideas. The cute little bird that was shaped and looked like a peanut was jumping around excitedly nipping at James’ hand as he tried to open his letter.

“Merlin’s sake Peanut!” James said breaking some biscuit crumbs into his hand and feeding it to the owl. “You are supposed to be on a diet,” he chuckled stroking the owl fondly. “Remember if mum asks I gave you nothing.” Swooping back into the air Peanut glided out of the Great Hall, allowing James to open his letter in peace.

Rubbing my head and eyes roughly I began my search along the table looking for food that could cure my terrible suffering or at least not make me throw up, since my hangover decided to kick it up a gear.

And then I saw it, my glorious hangover cure.

“James, did you eat all of those muffins?” I asked pointing to the one currently on his plate. Looking around the table I continued my searched for the chocolate muffins but they seemed to be nowhere in sight.

“No someone gave it to me,” James replied still engrossed in his letter. “And no you can’t eat it.”

Unless you haven’t realised it by now, you must know that James does not like to share his food.

A sudden urge began to overwhelm my body. You know when people tell you not to do things; you then really want to do it?

The urge to eat the muffin on his plate was killing me.

Could he not see that I was dying here!

“These girls give you food on a regular bases, I thought it was just a one off?” Fred exclaimed opening his mouth wide so that I could see the contents of his sandwich.

Yes, that certainly was a BLT that he was eating.

“No they bring me food and some gifts occasionally. I told them loads of times not to do it but they never listen. I don’t take the gifts but I thought what the heck why not enjoy the free food."

“Yeah because with the three meals a day that the house elves cook for us, free food is seriously hard to come by,” smiled Al sarcastically, looking up from reading the Daily Prophet. “One day I really hope you start to pile on the pounds.”

“I need to get myself one of these fan clubs,” Fred decided as he stroked his chin looking thoughtfully to the ceiling. “How did you get one?”

James shrugged. “Because I’m cool and sexy.”

Al just rolled his eyes at his brother.

Fred looked at me, “Hey Drew do you fancy joining my fan club?”

“No, she doesn’t and I don’t think you’re supposed to start your own,” James answered for me.

I was glad that he did because I’m not going to lie I was focused more on the chocolate muffin than the conversation around me.

“Al do you want to join my fan club?”


“I will let you be vice president,” he said as if it was the greatest thing in the world.

Al didn’t even bother looking up from the Daily Prophet that he was reading. Fred let out a big huff and started to stand upon the Gryffindor bench.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he called addressing his fellow students. “I would just like to confirm that the Fred Weasley Fan Club is now open. I like long walks in the park and all homemade cooking. I also. . . . OI! . . . ROXIE WHO IS THAT?”

Fred scrunched his face, focusing on something that was going on further along the Gryffindor table.

I reckon every single head turned in the direction that Fred was looking, since he made such an announcement about it. I looked through the numerous people that were sitting down on the table and just managed to catch a glimpse of Fred’s younger sister. Sitting where we were, you weren’t able to see much with people’s heads in the way. But with Fred standing on the bench I guess it was a whole other story. He obviously didn’t like something that he was seeing.

“It’s none of your business," said Roxie stubbornly.

“Don’t make me come down there and make it my business!” argued Fred.

This must have been the first time that I had ever seen Fred so serious. Looking at Al and James I could see how they were preparing themselves just in case they were needed for back up.

"He is just a friend ok?” Roxanne argued back.

“No, it’s not ok!”

“Do you have to do this now?” she said through gritted teeth, tensing up as she realised that all eyes were on her. The girl had a point. Fred just couldn’t keep things to himself; he seemed to think the Great Hall was perfect for making announcements.

Pointing two fingers to his eyes and then to some poor person within the Gryffindor crowd he began mouthing ‘I am watching you’.

“Fred you are so annoying!” Roxanne shouted in frustration. “Tom are you coming?”

That must have been who Fred saw her with. The boy in question must have told her ‘no’ because Roxanne seemed to get a lot angrier.

“You are a complete arsehole Fred Weasley!” she cried as she stormed out of the Great Hall.

“I love you too!” Fred shouted back, sitting himself back down upon the bench.

“I can’t believe you just did that to your little sister,” I said, stunned at the scene he had just created.

“I did it for her own good. When there are boys like me around I’ve got to be tough,” Fred replied going back to his sandwich.

“Not every boy is like you know,” I said looking curiously at Fred.

“You just wouldn’t understand,” Fred responded sadly.

I looked at both Al and James and they nodded in agreement.

I think I have just gained new found respect for the Wotter girls.

The moment over, Al went back to the letter that was in James hand, “What did mum say in the letter?”

While I went back to the task in hand.

How to take that chocolate muffin!

“It’s Gran’s birthday, and she is organising a party. She’s reminding us next time we go to Hogsmeade to pick up a present.”

Both Fred and Al groaned in unison.

“I am not going shopping for a present. No matter how much I love Nana Molly I am not spending my time in Hogsmeade mooching around in shops. We will give the girls money and they can do it,” said Fred who looked at bit ill from the thought of having to go shopping.

“We can’t, they are taking her away in the holidays for a girl’s weekend,” said James looking quite as ill as Fred. “And do you really think that your sister is going to shop for you after what you have just done? Or the others for that matter after she tells them?”

Maybe I could quickly remove it from his plate when he is not looking?

“Shit!” complained Fred who placed his head down on the table. He looked like he was about to join me in the losing the will to live club. “But Nana just had her birthday!”

“Well since birthday’s come round every year, she obviously didn’t,” said Al looking amusingly at his cousin.

“Well whose birthday was it when they had the enchanted doves and the ice sculptures then?” asked Fred whose face was filled was confusion.

“That was Aunt Audrey’s,” said Al.

Or maybe just try and slyly break a piece off?

“Then who had the one with the one covered in snow?” Fred asked again.

“Aunt Fleur’s,” replied James.

I could see the deep line of confusion morph into Fred’s face. I don’t blame the poor guy having so much family it must be hard to determine not just when everyone’s birthday is, but to be able to distinguish your birthday from everyone else’s.

“But I thought Aunt Fleur’s was the one with the Wiz-Karaoke ?” he continued.

“No, I think that was Granddad’s,” said Al looking at James for confirmation.

I can’t wait any longer I’m just going to take it! Now is the perfect time.

“Drew I was going to eat that!” announced James, not believing that I actually took the muffin from him.

“I just want a bit ok?” I reasoned with him.

“Fine then. A bite. Just one,” he said watching me carefully.

Opening my mouth wide, I then did what every person does when they get limited to one bite.

“I said a bite!” complained James. Looking at the muffin that was about half eaten.

Yeah I did take the biggest bite I possibly could. And I would do it again! I would have apologised but the muffin was just too good. It was still a bit warm and in all honesty I swear I could feel my hangover rapidly leaving me. James just continued to gawp at his muffin astonished. “You’re lucky I like you.” He chuckled half serious, half joking. Turning back to his cousin and brother to finish his discussion about his Nana’s birthday, I laid my head on my arms blocking out all conversations so that I could focus on whether or not the muffin was in fact curing my hangover.

Closing my eyes, the calm blackness in my mind started to fill itself with colours, eventually forming into images that began taking over my mind.

A breath-taking blonde with brown eyes began to fill my thoughts and senses.

The smell of summer fruits filled my nostrils.

The only sound I could hear was their contagious laugh.

The only thing I could see was their perfect face.

How could I not realise how beautiful they truly were.

Like a beast woken within me I suddenly had the urge to find this beauty, just to look at them, to hold them, just to let them know how I feel. Lifting my head up off my arms I scanned the Great Hall for my desirable conquest, the person who has captured my heart. And that’s when I saw them hovering in the doorway, looking breathtaking.

"Jessica!” I cried.

James, Al and Fred all looked at me, confusion written all over their faces.

“Jessica? Who’s Jessica?” asked Al worriedly. “Drew are you ok? You look a bit dazed” he continued, as he began waving his hand in front of my face.

“Is she fit?” asked Fred, turning around to look in the direction that I was fixated on.

I ignored them, my thoughts completely devoted to my true love. How could I have passed her earlier and not confessed my feelings, she was walking right behind me! I have to go and see her before she leaves the hall. Let her know how I feel. I tried to move to reach her but I felt an arm weighing me down. I saw that James’ arm was holding me back. I looked back to the doorway quickly and realised that she was leaving.

“Get off me you jerk! Don’t touch me!” I shouted, as a shocked expression plastered James’ face.

He must be trying to keep me and my love apart.

“Jessica, come back!” I cried as I ran out of the hall following the path of the beautiful blonde.

Rushing out into the corridor I clocked my love leisurely leaning her back against the wall as if waiting for me to reach her. She must have heard me call. She must feel the same way.

I beamed as I approached her, the beauty of her face radiating towards me.

“Jessica,” I whispered romantically.

I saw her face drop in both shock and confusion. “What the fuck do you want?” she sneered at me.

She must need to know the reassurance of how I feel about her.

"No need to worry, I’m here and I love you,” I said closing the distance between us.

“What are you going on about?” she asked worriedly, her deep brown eyes conveying many emotions.

“It’s ok, its ok we can finally let the world know about our love for each other,” I confessed dreamily.

“Jessica what’s going on?” called a deep voice from behind me.

Bloody hell it is that bozo from the hall again. Obviously he is still trying to keep us apart, but I tell you he will never succeed.


Forcefully taking my eyes away from Jessica’s beautiful face, I turned my back towards her and faced James. Who was standing there with both Al and Fred beside him. “Look listen, I’m sorry but I saw her first. You can just move along and find someone else because she is mine. We are meant to be together,” I said, pointing at him.

"Drew, how do you even know her?” James asked, his hazel eyes showing bewilderment.

"She's perfect, how could I not know her? How do you know her?” I inquired.

“She’s the one who gave me the muffin,” answered James.

“What muffin?”

“The one that you just ate?”

Hitting the floor with force, I felt a powerful push hit my back.

I felt arms try to help me up as angry shouts were made.

“Drew are you ok?”

“Don’t you dare attack my girlfriend?”

“Are you hurt?”

"That wasn’t for you!”

With my love the only one standing behind me I knew it was her that had pushed me but I am sure that we could work it out. Getting up slowly I looked at Jessica lovingly.

“You stupid bitch! You weren’t supposed to eat the muffin!” Jessica screamed at me.

Wow, there was so much passion in those eyes. “Did you know that you are very sexy when you’re angry?”I sighed affectionately.

“You went. . . the muffin? . . . Fuck! You gave my girlfriend A LOVE POTION!?” James accused angrily clenching his fist by his sides. Looking as if took a great deal of control not to go over and strangle my treasured one.

“It was meant for you. I know in time that you will realise that we are supposed to be together but I thought I could give you a helping hand, help speed us along,” she claimed moving closer to James tears filling her loved filled eyes.

“Ok I feel like I have genuinely walked straight onto a talk show,” said Fred looking around him, as if he was expecting film crews to pop out any minute.

“Look at what you have done, you bastard!” I yelled at James. How could he make such a beautiful thing cry? “Don’t you dare talk to her like that!”

“This is your entire fault!” Jessica shouted at me. “You ruined everything!” She screamed tears now running freely down her face..

She looked even more attractive when she cried.

“Her fault? This is your entire fault! How could you attempt to use a love potion?” questioned James his face red with anger.

I moved towards Jessica again, she needed to know that I was here for her in her time of need. I will always be here for her. She just needed me to hug and kiss those beautiful tears away. Pouncing towards her quickly, not enabling her time to react, I embraced her in a hug that brought us both crashing to the floor.



"Get off me!” she screeched as she tried to wriggle free.

I clung onto her torso tightly. Now that I had her I was never letting her go.

“I know this maybe the wrong time,” Fred whispered loudly to James, as I wrestled with my heart’s desire on the floor. “But I can’t help but be a little turned on.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” answered Al instead of James.

“You two are no help at all!” cried James, running his hands frustratedly through his hair.

We must have been making quite a bit of a commotion because I could hear the sudden rise of mumbles and footsteps approaching towards us. But I didn’t care as long as I had Jessica by my side I was ready for anything.

“What in Voldermort’s ratty ass name is going on here?” I heard Kieran boom. “Whoa, Drew!”

“Dude, thank goodness! You’ve got to help me get them apart. I have got to get Drew to Professor Slughorn,” said James anxiously pointing at me and Jessica, who I was still continuing to wrestle on the floor, while she continued to scream her head off.

Nobody wants us to be together, it looks like it was just me and Jessica against the world.

Kieran looked at us curiously, “Maybe . . . Maybe we should see how this plays out? . . . No? . . . Just a suggestion,”

I saw Kieran and James whisper intensely and then begin to reach for their wands.

Not a chance in hell was I going to let them take her away from me. I swiftly removed my wand from my pocket.

“Stupefy!” I aimed at them.

They flew into the crowd of spectators, bringing a few of them down with them.

Letting Jessica escape under my grasp, “Don’t worry no one is going to keep us apart,” I spoke to her.

With the spectators dispersing after sensing the danger, I began hurling every jinx and hex that I could think of at nobody in particular.

Al shot a hex from behind me that missed by inches.

Twirling around to shoot a hex right back at him, I saw Jessica running away in the corner of my eye.

“Jessica,” I whispered.


I flew vigorously through the air, slamming hard onto the concrete floor.

Unrequited love was such a bitch!


Bright white surroundings affecting my vision, I moaned loudly in protest, as it didn’t make matters better for my pounding head.

“You’re awake?” spoke a friendly voice.

“Where am I?” I asked bewildered, seeing nothing but brightness enveloping me.

Was I dead?

“The hospital wing dear.”

My eyes finally adjusting to the bright lights I managed to focus on the figure of Madam Pomfrey walking around me.

“Those four spells hit you very hard and with that love potion too, it knocked you out for hours.”

Urgh, so it wasn’t a dream. Right as soon as I get to the Common Room I am writing a letter to my mum about allowing me to move schools.

“Your friends have been in and have all been thoroughly worried about you, but I told them not to fret and that you will be back to new in no time,” smiled Madam Pomfrey, adjusting her white head dress that was slipping off her head.

Watching her fussing around the hospital wing I felt the desperate need to just get back to the safety of the Hufflepuff Dorms, so that I could die of embarrassment in peace.

“Is it alright if I go back to my Common Room please Professor?” I asked.

“Of course, you should be feeling better now with just a minor headache. Just take this potion before you go to bed and tomorrow you will feel as right as rain.”

“Thank you,” I said taking the potion from her hand.

Collecting my belongings I made my way out of the hospital wing. I didn’t have a clue what time it was but I don’t think it couldn’t have been that late, as there were still students roaming the halls.

“I heard that James gave her a chocolate muffin to say that he was sorry because he wanted to leave her for this girl called Gemma and she just flipped. Like absolutely fucking mental! Started to hex everyone.”

“Yeah and apparently she said she is now sworn off men. That’s why she was chasing after that girl. . . . . . because she is now a lesbian.”

“Yeah she tried to run after Julie, didn’t she Ju?”

“Yeah but I threw a hex at her and managed to get away.”

You got to love school rumours!

Taking the shortest route possible to avoid the gossiping students, I took to walking through a secret passageway so that I could reach my dorm room in record time.

However, today was clearly not my day as half way through I noticed that the passage was blocked by a couple that were embraced in a very passionate smooch. I was about to turn back, when a very fiery colour caught my eye and I realised, I knew who that person was.


Jame’s fourteen year old sister stepped away from the boy she had just been smooching and looked at me horrified.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! After the day I had? Helga, could you not give a sister a break?

The days of my simple life have truly gotten thrown out of the window and epically shat on.

Fuck my life!


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