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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13

Format: Novel
Chapters: 43
Word Count: 111,351
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 10/17/2010
Last Chapter: 06/24/2014
Last Updated: 06/24/2014


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As Ronald Weasley's infidelity comes back to haunt him with a girl from his past, his fiancé Hermione Granger gets herself into hot water with an enemy from her past. Enemies become allies as dangerous bets are made and they all discover they're pawns in a game that could lead to their, and the Ministry's, ultimate demise.

Chapter 1: Whispers and Secrets
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September 5, 2003

Five years had come and gone since Harry Potter had defeated Lord Voldemort and returned the Wizard World to an era of peace. The turmoil that had ensued in the wake of the resurrection of the dark wizard was no longer, the world was at ease once again. The Ministry had regained power under the careful watch of Minister of Magic Kingsley Shackelbolt.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione, known to the world as the Golden Trio, all had gotten jobs at the Ministry, all making sure the peace continued. Harry and Ron both worked part-time as Aurors, specifically when the task was large and needed people with real life experience. Compared to their seven year ordeal previously - which included a treasure hunt for horcruxes and defeating the darkest wizard of all time - the tasks at the Ministry were child's play. Hermione found herself working in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, where her primary motive was to bring further justifications to the lives of house elves. Every time she looked in to one of their big eyes, she saw Dobby, their devoted friend who stuck by them until the end, and she knew she had to bring justice to their lives as well. House elves liked to please, most of them at least, but she wanted the owners to treat then less like property and more like a family member. Her ideas weren't popular but the world was changing.

On this particular day, a slow day indeed given that the week before they had dealt with a fourteen year old who "accidentally" turned his little sister into a parakeet, Hermione was spending her lunch break perched on Ron's desk, the two of them having the ever debatable discussion of Rugby vs. Quidditch. Hermione was in favor of Rugby, but Ron was adamant that this was solely because she was muggle born and wasn't raised to appreciate the brilliance of the game of Quidditch. They were, however, interrupted by the loud sound of the intercom echoing throughout the cramped office.

"Mr. Weasley, you have a visitor waiting downstairs." The nasally voice of the receptionist announced in a bored tone of voice.

Ron pressed his index finger down on the large, red call button on his desk."Send 'em up," He replied coolly, enjoying how powerful and official and just plain grown up he felt sitting in his office, his stunning fiancé on his desk.

After a moment he diverted his attention back to the beautiful woman perched on his desk.

"Hermione, you know I really have work I need to do." He said the words in a voice that he intended to be serious and authoritative, but a wide, child-like grin broke out across his face.

Both of he and Hermione knew fully well that he would choose spending his time talking to over doing paperwork any day. The decision of fiancé vs. work was an easy one to make. Besides that, he was glad to have a break given how busy he had been the past few days. He could really use a distraction from the trials of day-to-day work life, especially when said 'distraction' was in the form of his beautiful girlfriend-turned-fiancé Hermione Granger.

She twirled his maroon tie around in her fingers, making the small diamond engagement ring on her hand sparkle in the light. He had proposed two months prior in the backyard of the Burrow after they had had a big family dinner. She remembered that day vividly in the back of her mind, from what she was wearing, to the way the sun was just peeking out from behind the clouds. She often lost herself in the blissful memories of the day she vowed to spend the rest of her days with the man she could happily call her best friend and the love of her life. She now had a man she adored, a job she enjoyed and the company of amazing friends, along with a wonderful family of in-laws that she loved. She couldn't imagine her life any differently.

"You know, I -" Hermione was abruptly cut off by a quiet, timid knock on his heavy, wooden door. She slid gently off the desk stood behind Ron with her hands on his shoulders, slightly massaging them, a more appropriate scene. Although they weren't doing anything particularly wrong she didn't want anyone to get the impression that they were. She was keenly aware of how she placed herself in society. She didn't care what people thought when it came to her defending herself and those she loved, but she didn't want to jeopardize the respect she had worked so hard to earn in a world where blood lineage was important. Granted, it was only important to select families, but it was still an issue nevertheless.

"Come in." Ron called, using his authoritive, in charge, voice that Hermione loved to hear so much. To her, that voice signified just how much time had passed. He was no longer the boy she met on the Hogwarts Express eleven years ago; he was now a man.

Slowly, the heavy door swung open and Hermione's stomach twisted and jealousy she had not felt since their sixth year burst from deep inside her body. Ron's ex-girlfriend Lavender Brown stood in the doorway, curly blonde hair hanging limply on her shoulders.

"Sorry to interrupt," She murmured, not sounding sorry at all

Hermione suspected that the only thing she was sorry about was that Hermione was in the room as well, which would indicate there more than likely was a relationship past friendship between the two of them.

Ron's eyes widened in shock and confusion as he allowed himself to fully come to understand the fact that she was indeed, for some reason unbeknownst to him, standing rather awkwardly in the doorway, a look of disappointment and utter annoyance on her face.

Hermione immediately tried to suppress the jealously raging inside her because Lavender Brown had not been a factor in his life in six years. She was engaged to Ron, Lavender was not.

"Um...may I speak to you out into the hall?" She spoke the words in the form of a question, but it was clear that it was more in the form
of a demand rather than a request.

Just the thought of the two of them having a conversation and being alone together just made her sick. She knew it was wrong, but after all the pain Hermione went through sixth year due to this girl did not exactly make her desire to see her fiancé alone with her. She knew just her cunning and manipulative the girl could be. Nevertheless, he was a grown man and Hermione trusted him. So, there was not a valid reason for her to try and tell him he couldn't go.

"Um," He looked to Hermione for reassurance, who urged him to go, then back to Lavender, who looked worried. "Sure," he said, stretching the word. "I'll…um…be right back."

Hermione remained silent and just nodded quietly.

He looked uncertain about how to answer the question because he was aware of Hermione's distaste for her, so his first reaction was to read Hermione's face. He was more fearful of making her angry than looking "whipped" by his girlfriend to his ex-girlfriend. After all, option one had him kissing her, the other option had him sleeping on the couch when they got married for he knew that she would remember and hold a grudge.

When she begrudgingly nodded reassuringly, he looked back to Lavender and hesitantly spoke, "Sure...I'll um...just be a minute." The second part of his answer was directed solely at Hermione who nodded her head.

Lavender let Ron pass her and as she was shutting the door she turned and shot Hermione a devilish smile with a dark glint in her eyes. Hermione averted her eyes and squared her jaw, continuing to reassure herself that there was nothing to worry about. Ron had never given her a reason to distrust him so she felt guilty for the feelings rumbling deeply inside of her. The look she gave her then brought her back to sixth year when at every available moment Lavender rubbed it in Hermione's that she had something Hermione did not, the something which happened to be Ron.

A slight wave of relief washed over her as she reminded herself that the ring on her finger symbolized forever, a future with him that would go on until they were old and gray. They had seen each other at their worst and at their best and still stood by each other, through thick and thin and that was not likely to change after one quick hallway conversation with a girl from his past. The ring not only symbolized forever, but it symbolized the end of all the childish break-ups and make-ups, the childish fights, all the juvenile chaos they went through between declaring themselves a couple and the night be proposed. They were finally on track to get their long awaited happily ever after.

Upon Lavender's request, Ron placed a silencing charm around them to prevent outside ears from
eavesdropping on their private moments.

'She probably heard about the engagement and just wants to come say goodbye,' Hermione reassured herself as she straightened the papers on Ron's desk to pass the time to keep herself from having a severe anxiety attack.

Hermione thought about the long journey the pair had come through. Beginning when they were merely eleven years old, to now. Unlike most tales of people falling in love, they did not experience love at first sight, it was rather the opposite. This grew and grew into something much much more, although it took each other quite a while to realize it themselves, much less admit it to each other.

Ron and Lavender stayed outside talking for what felt like hours - each dreadful second longer than the last.

After the longest ten minutes of Hermione's life, Ron walked back in to the office, a dazed expression on his face. He looked extremely flustered and his hair was unruly - it was clear he had run his hands through it multiple times, disheveling it.

Ronald Weasley was as pale as a ghost. Correction, he was paler. If you compared his white skin to Nearly Headless Nick, Nick would look like a beach volleyball player who spent all day in the sun.

The normally flushed Weasley was no longer the least bit pink.

Hermione rushed to his side, cradling his face in her hands, staring at him worriedly. Concern was dropping from her face, utter fear flowing through her veins.

"Ron! Ron, are you okay?! Oh. Look at you, of course you are not okay, what's wrong? Is someone hurt?" These were they only questions Hermione was able to quickly get out, but her brain could have easily tangled with many more.

He shook his head and went back to his seat, which he collapsed in, without muttering a single syllable, much less an explanation. He put both his elbows on his desk and buried his face in his hands.

He looked as if he were about to be sick.

"Well…what is it then?" Hermione asked, frantically. The only thing she knew was that no one was hurt. She wasn't sure what else would cause this type of reaction, but it em had to be bad.

Hermione glanced over to the doorway and, to her shock and annoyance, Lavender was still standing there, a smug grin on her face.

Lavender raised her eyebrows up and down quickly, as if challenging Hermione, before turning her beady eyes back to the man slumped over in his office.

"Ron, what's going on? You have to talk to me!" Hermione cried.

He remained still, as if he hadn't even heard her.

"Ronald!" Hermione screamed, shaking him a couple times. He lifted his head up, but as soon as his eyes met hers, he quickly dropped his gaze back to his desk, unwilling to look her in the face.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley!" She said fiercely, unwilling to simply let this go. He jumped at the sudden sound of his full name echoing in the office, but he still couldn't make himself make eye contact with her. "Say something," she pleased. "Please. Anything."

Ron felt a rush of shame sweep over him. He wasn't just ashamed, he was utterly disgusted with himself.

"Hermione…I'm so sorry." Ron finally said, his eyes still diverted to the recently tidied desk.

In that moment she saw something in Ron that she hadn't seen in him since the first anniversary of Fred'a death rolled around four years ago: tears. He was crying. She knew this had to do with the exchange he and Lavender had just had in the hallway, but for all the life of her she couldn't come up with a reason that made sense. Whatever happened between them was bad, very bad. Whatever she had told him rocked his world which was previously in sync with a perfectly smooth orbit.

"Please forgive me, 'Mione..." He begged, looking at her for the first time, utter humiliation and disgust drenching his voice."I never meant for this to happen, it was a mistake."

And then he buried his face in his hands once more, leaving Hermione virtually alone once more to try and figure out what exactly he had done that was painting him so much. Whatever it was, they could well through it, right?

Nothing could have prepared her for what was the underlying reason behind his sadness because it was the last thing she ever imagined happening. She never imagined he would put her through something like that. Ever.

Chapter 2: Heartbroken
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"Ron, Ron, it's okay, just tell me what's going on. I know that, whatever this is, we can get through it! We've fought in a war for crying out loud! A war against Voldemort! Whatever this is, it can't be as bad as that!" Hermione pleaded reassuringly.

She was trying her hardest to keep her cool, but when your fiancé is practically distraught with grief from
a situation she was not aware of, you tend to lost it a little. For once, she was the one losing her head, while he sat there, numbly.

He remained silent for a moment. He knew he had to choose his next words carefully, or he would definitely lose her. He didn't see a way that he wouldn't lose her, but if his terribly way with words slipped up, he would lose the girl he loved for sure.

"I’m so sorry, Hermione!" He repeated, running his hands once more through the mess atop his head. He clambered to his feet, clasping his hands behind his neck, like he often had begun to do when under stress.

Hermione, although concerned for him, was starting to get slightly agitated that he refused to let her in one the cause of his internal destruction.

Lavender leaned against the door way, crossing her ankles and her arms, yawning loudly and giving an exasperated sigh of boredom. Her eyes still glinted with evil and that devilish smirk stayed plastered to her face.

"Ron, what happened? What did you do?" Hermione asked, but the words had clearly been demanded. She demanded answers, he was not going to sit here and make her worry any longer. She refused. Whatever it was, they could get through it as a team.

Ron looked back up into her questioning brown eyes and when their eyes met, he took a deep breath and swallowed hard. He took be both her trembling hands in his, "Hermione, I'm sorry," he repeated. Even though he did not drop his gaze for even a split second, he shook his head from side to said, "I promise you, I wish that I could take it back, take it all back...I promise you I undo it if I had any way to." He took his hands and cupped her worried face, "This was never supposed to happen."

He was crying. His face was contorted into sorrow.

"" She was done playing the game, she wanted answers and she wanted them now.

The only possible thing that she could come up with as an explanation was...preposterous. It couldn't be...that. He would It had to be something else.

They had fought off Voldemort, the Dark Lord, who had killled hundreds of innocent people. They had to be able to handle whatever this little hundred pound curly haired bimbo was bringing to the table.

He took a deep breath, steadying himself, "I..."

Before he got the chance to finish the thought, Lavender Brown rushed into the room, again, looking extremely annoyed.

Her eyes sparkled with deviousness.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake!" She exclaimed, throwing her tiny, skeleton-like arms into the air with a huge sigh, "What he's TRYING to say is that I'm pregnant and…it's his baby."

There, she said it. She put it out in the open. Now Ron was not the only one stunned, Hermione was where he was when he walked into the room. She felt her face pale. She could heart her pulse in her ears. She felt her ears growing hot - her blood pressure rising.

Lavender was rather pleased with herself as she eyed Hermione's mental destruction.

Hermione stood there, her breath caught in her throat, completely out of breath and at a loss for words. What do you say to that?...What could you say to that...?

Ron looked at Lavender in complete and utter disbelief, his jaw squaring and his eyes narrowing, "You had no right to do that, Lavender."

"Well, you weren't saying anything. Besides, it's my baby too, I want to be able to announce that you and I are having a baby together just as much as you did!" She fake giggled as she defended her actions and hurt Hermione even more, all at once.

Hermione thought would puke. Just hearing Ron say her name made her stomach turn. Then Lavender pointed out once more that she and Ron not only created a baby, but were having one. And pregnancies don't last six years, he had slept with her while they were together. There didn't seem to be a bump, no sign of baby, so she couldn't be far along. Hermione's stomach twisted again as the realization struck her they this baby was more than likely conceived not only while they were together, but while they were engaged.

"That was not your call," Ron growled angrily, slamming down a picture frame of himself and his brother, Bill.

She giggled, "Well, she was going to find out anyway, and you were clearly not about to speak up. 'Umm...I'm sorry...umm..'," she mocked him, "Please. I did you a favor."

She took one last look at the completely dumbstruck look on Hermione's face, let out one last satisfied giggle, and disapparated out of the ministry.

For several long, painfully awkward minutes, with so much tension that you could cut it with a knife, they stayed like that, silent. Despite her brain racing, Hermione was speechless. Not a single word was able to cross her lips for the first time in all of her twenty one years of life.

Part of Ron wanted to melt into the floor. He was responsible for the tears dripping from her chocolate brown eyes and for the look of utter betrayal on her beautiful face. He had never meant for this to happen. It was simply one stupid night. One stupid night he would pay for for the rest of his life.

Hermione was physically in the room with him, but mentally he knew he had already lost her. She didn't have to say anything for him to know that. He knew what went through her head. He knew she was picturing Lavender with a big round belly, Ron kissing it as he says "daddy's home."

The future she thought she had secured with Ron Weasley now belonged to another woman. The future she thought they would have was being lived out through Lavender Brown.

Several minutes later she found her voice and eventually the courage to speak, her fists clenched at her sides, trying to repress her anger.

"Ronald," she whispered quietly.

The way she said his name was different, no longer filled with love, adoration or gentle teasing. He was a stranger to her. The man she would have trusted with her life and betrayed her. He had given himself to another woman, while claiming to be hers and hers alone.

He looked up into her untrusting eyes, without a single syllable crossing his lips.

"…Please. Please. PLEASE tell me it's not true." She continued, tears filling her chocolate brown eyes, her emotions still a combination of anger and despair.

She didn't want this to be the way their love story ended. She never wanted it to end, period. But she especially didn't want it to end over Lavender Brown. But this was one thing she knew she wouldn't be able to forget. Every time she would kiss him she knew she would visualize Lavender, the evil glint bright in her eyes, the devilish smile on her face, as she patted her growing belly.

Ron dropped his gaze to the floor. He couldn't answer her. Answering her would drive her further and further away than she already was.

This was truly something out of some horror movie.

Tears trickled from her eyes, down her cheeks, to the floor, where they hit wish little splashes.

She felt her heart shatter into a million pieces. It was as if all the life had been sucked out of her, her reason for existing gone. It felt as if some one had ripped her heart out of her chest and stomped it in to the dirt in right front of her helpless face. She felt the rush of a thousand heartbreaks all at one single moment in time. She had never felt pain like this before. She had never been the girl who needed a man. She never was the girl who relied on one. But Ron was more than her fiancé, he was her best friend. And best friend's just don't hurt each other.


This battled the night Bellatrix LeStrange performed the cruciatus curse on her for the most pain she had ever experienced.

She couldn't help the tears the flowed from her face, they just flowed like a brook.

"Hermione I," he began weakly, but she immediately cut him off.

"How could you?" She hissed venomously.

Anger was seeping in to the pain and self pity she felt rising and ebbing inside of her. She was angry as well. Very angry. He through away everything they had...for her.

"Hermione, I had no idea that this was going to happen!"

This was not the correct thing to say.

"Oh, but cheating is okay because you didn't know you were going to father a child? Thank you for those lovely words of enlightenment? Ronald." She scowled, looking at him dead in the eyes, daring him to meet her gaze.

"I…I," he stopped for a few seconds to gather his thoughts before continuing, trying extra hard to avoid putting his other foot in his mouth, one foot was plenty. "That's not what I meant."

She crossed her arms, "What did you mean then, Ronald?"

"I just meant," he thought for a moment, "it just happened! It shouldn't have, I should have stopped it," she shook her head, "but I didn't. I was too caught up I guess...but if I had known this would have happened I would have made myself! Honestly, 'Mione, it just happened."

She gave him a look that said do-I-look-stupid-to-you?

"I didn’t! We just met up at a pub and we caught up for a while and, that was the night you and I had just had a huge fight, y'know, and I was upset, and I'd been drinking…a lot and then we just…got carried away! It was a mistake and it was stupid and I am just so very sorry!"

He told the truth, but knew that wouldn't make any difference.

He had lost her.

"I trusted you." Hermione spat out.

"I know," was all he said, what else could he say? What does one say in his shoes in the given situation?

"You betrayed me."

"I’m sorry. I-"

"STOP for the love of Merlin saying you're sorry. I get that part, loud and clear."

"It was a mistake." He said bluntly.

"No, the mistake was believing that you would always be there for me. The mistake was giving you my heart. Those are the stupid mistakes Ronald Weasley." She growled the words, trying to keep from bursting into a sea of tears yet again.

The door swung open quickly, pushed open by someone clearly hsrboring some anger. Both Hermione and Ron realized now that they had failed to place a silencing charm on the office and their argument was likely being heard further than the room they were in.

"Sorry, to break up this little argument, but, what in the world is going on in here?"

A confused Harry Potter was now standing In the doorway, waiting expectantly for an answer from one of his two best friends. He knew better than to break up one of their fights, but this was not the Burrow, this was the Ministry. This was work.

"I'm sorry Harry," Hermione said honestly still looking at Ron's blotchy face.

Ron spoke again, this time in a mere whisper, "Hermione I..."

She cut him off.

"Save it. Nothing you can say will be anything new, not will it change anything."

Ron looked thoroughly confused, Hermione had never given in to an argument before in all of her life.

"So…are we…ok?"

Hermione looked at the man in front of her with a look of utter disbelief etched on her pained face.

Was he really, genuinely, that stupid?

Without a word she looked down to the glinting engagement ring on her finger. She gently slid it off of her finger, twirling it around in her nimble fingers, looking at it. This was the first time she'd taken it off since the night he'd proposed, and she felt weird without it being on her finger.

Ron looked completely, and utterly horrified.

Harry was thoroughly confused.

"Ron," Hermione slowly began her speech that she had quickly put together in her head, "…when you gave me this ring, you made several promises to me and now each and every one of those promises are broken. I'm sorry."

As she dropped the ring into his open palm, he looked helplessly back and forth between her and the ring.

"I love you, Ron." She said steadily, trying to remain strong for the best fifteen or so seconds.

"I love you, too."

"But, its still over. Goodbye."

"Hermione, please! I don’t care, whatever I can do, I'll do it, just please stay!" He begged.

At this moment he would have fallen to his knees and begged, pleaded, for her to change her mind.

Tears were, once again, streaming from her eyes.

"Goodbye Ronald."

She turned to go, but he gently grabbed her arm and made her spin around and face him.

"Hermione, I'm so sorry! I'll change, I'll fix it! Anything! As long as you. Do. Not. Go!"

His utter desperation to not lose her made her heart ache. She wanted to fall into his arms and pretend nothing had happened. But it did happen. She would not be able to fix it or pretend it never happened...nothing she could do would make her able to fully trust him again.

"Ron, you can NOT fix this! This is it. It's over. We're over." She said the words, but they were faulty. She knew this was what had to happen, that's why she was saying them.

"I...." but he didn't get to finish the sentence for she left the room, her heels clicking behind her as she headed downstairs where she could floo to her flat. She wasn't typically one to run from her problems, but at this moment all she wanted was to be alone.

Ron looked completely dumbstruck.

"What was all that about?" Harry asked, completely lost.

Ron bit his lip, but decided that it couldn't be worse than telling Hermione.

"Lavender's pregnant...and it's my baby." He slat the words, slouching down in his chair and putting his head back in his shaking hands.

Harry's green eyes widened, without any idea of how to react to this news.

Chapter 3: Some People Change
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It took Harry several moments to collect his thoughts enough to even be able to speak at all. This was a sticky situation for him to be in and he knew he had to tread lightly. On the one hand, Ron was his best mate, but he cared for Hermione as well and wanted to protect her like a sister. But this was something he couldn't protect her from. He couldn't protect either of them from it.

He was at a loss for words for quite a while before he had to simply speak up and deal with the consequences, "Blimey, Ron, are you completely mental?"

Ron did not respond, he kept his head buried in his hands as if being unable to look around the office and see stunned Harry and the returned engagement ring would make it any less true.

"How could I have been so stupid?" He roared jumping to his feet, the chair flying behind him into the wall.

He walked to the opposite side of his office, his heart aching. He paced back and forth across the office. He almost wanted to tell him to stop pacing for he would surely burn tracks in the floor, but he remained quiet.

Harry just stood there awkwardly unsure of what to say. Ron was his best mate, but he still couldn't help but me furious over the fact that Ron had been so careless with Hermione's heart. He was rather put off that he had treated her so coldly.

"I'm just so stupid!" Ron exclaimed, punching the wall hard, putting his fist through the thin wallpaper.

Ron was so angry with himself that his whole body was shaking.

Typically Harry would have shouted at Ron to get himself under control while he is at the office, but he knew that if he did, he would only make him angrier and did not want to end up hexed. Ron was acting out through his heartbreak and his anger. Ron looked so angry that he could have probably snapped Harry in half like a twig. It was definitely best not to say anything he knew would provoke him.

"Ron," Harry said quietly, unsure how his friend would react.

Ron turned to face Harry, still shaking, his face a bright red and his fists were clenched tightly at his sides. His eyes were red and puffy from crying.

Harry had never seen him this upset before.

"…Why don't you take a couple of days?" Harry suggested quietly, l "Clear your head. I'll cover for you here."

Ron simply nodded and walked out of the room, the whole time muttering to himself about how stupid he was. During his walk from the third floor to the first his face lightened up and he eventually was able to unclench his fingers although his mind still raced and the occasional shake erupted throughout his body. He just wanted to erase this day and Lavender Brown from his life.

"Poor Hermione," Harry sighed as he repaired the wall with the simple 'reparo' spell. He looked down and saw the small engagement ring lying abandoned on the ground where Ron must have dropped it during one of his hand trembles.

"Um, excuse me, have you seen Ron?" He semi-annoyed voice asked in a tone that screamed I'm-more-important-than-you-so-tell-me-what-I-want-to-know.

Harry did not have to turn around to know who was standing in the doorway asking questions. He turned and saw Lavender Brown looking just as perky and annoying as she had in sixth grade year when the whole Ron and Lavender drama had first begun.

Lavender Brown was absolutely the last person he desired to see at that moment, or any moment for that matter. He would rather face Voldemort once again than deal with her.

"He left." Harry growled as he pushed past her with an 'excuse me' that he spat through his clenched teeth.

He had never really thought it appropriate or justified to be rude to women, but given the circumstances he allowed himself the exception. Ron was just as much at fault as she was, but he couldn't help but be angrier with her than him. Because of her announcement she was permanently changed her and Ron's lives and he now faced a much for difficult future than the one that previously lied ahead of him. Not to mention the fact that Hermione was now left alone and heartbroken without her best friend to turn to because he was the one who put her in that state.

"Well, do you know when he will be back?" She asked, annoyance in her voice, as she followed him down the hallway as he made his way to Hermione's office.

You see, most people would say that the Earth revolved around the sun, but Lavender Brown was seemingly under the impression that he Earth revolved around none other than herself and all the other people inhabiting it were simply there to cater to her every whim and desire.

"I don't know, Lavender," Harry sighed, not looking at her. "I do, however know that I need to return to work so if there is nothing else I can help you with I would appreciate it if you would go and allow me to do my job.

Her mouth formed into one solid line and her eyes narrowed. She made one last "hmph" sound and stormed past him, presumably heading to the first floor to leave.

As Harry reached Hermione's office, he immediately felt a sudden shift in the air, a sudden change in atmosphere. It was empty feeling , but not just because Hermione was no where to be seen. The office almost had a haunted feel. It was clear that before she left the Ministry she had visited her office. All the pictures of her and Ron that normally decorated the office were no longer there. They had been ripped from the walls, their picture frames empty and hanging there like ghosts.

He took a step forward, but stopped when he heard a crunch sound under his feet. Slowly he lifted his foot, careful to avoid breaking what it was he had stepped on even further. He looked down and saw he had stepped on a picture frame, the glass now smashed into dozens of pieces on the floor of the office.

He remembered that picture; he remembered it being taken. That was one of the best days of his life and quite possibly his favorite photograph to have ever been taken. It was an older photo, taken quite some time ago. In the picture was him, Hermione and Ron, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express on the last day of term on the end of their first year of Hogwarts, right before they headed back to London.

He picked it up gently, ignoring the sharp pain he felt as a piece of broken glass stabbed his index finger.

Looking down, he saw the three of them, so young, so innocent, so naive to the harsh realities of the world they lived in. He couldn't help but smile and feel his heart sink slightly at the same time as he embraced the image. Hagrid had taken it, the camera small in his too large hands.

It was a bittersweet sight.

In some ways it felt as if the picture was taken mere weeks ago and that they were still so young and pure. In other ways he couldn't help but feel that the picture was taken a lifetime ago, when things were different; when they were different.

He could distinctly remember everything that had happened that day. He could visualize the look on everyone's faces as they said goodbye to their friends for the summer and prepared to go back home and see their families for the summer holidays. Despite the fact that he was returning to number 4 Privet Drive with the Dursley's for a whole summer, Harry had been the happiest he's been in his whole life. He finally found friends and where he belonged in the world. He found a world where he finally was not an outcast, an outsider. He knew where he fit in, and for that opportunity he would be forever greatful. The friends he made that year would be the same friends he remained close to to this very day.

That was the year had truly changed his life, in more ways than one. That was also the first year he had been able to get away from the Dursley's for more than a couple hours while he was left home while they took Dudley somewhere fun.

So many things had changed since that picture was taken

It was just unreal.

When that picture was taken they were young, innocent, eleven year olds, completely amazed at the magical world they had been immersed into. Excited to explore all that their world had to offer.

Now, they were twenty one year olds who were anything but 'young and innocent.' Throughout the seven years of their Hogwarts experience, only six of which did they attend as students, this purity quickly changed as the world they lived In grew darker, they lost people they loved and the ultimate innocence to the reality of their world struck them with great force.

Now, they all had adult jobs at the Ministry and people called this "mister" and "misses." Harry had been dating Ginny, Ron's little sister for several years and things were very serious between the two of them and marriage had begun being discussed in the past few months.

Until this particular day, Ron and Hermione were happily together and engaged. But just within the past couple hours, the engagement had been called off and they had parted both as a couple and as friends. Hermione was now home in her flat, presumably crying over the loss of her fiancé. Ron was probably drowning out his sorrows in firewhiskey at a nearby pub, trying to forget that he lost his best friend and his fiancé in place of a girl he had long forgotten about who was expecting his child within the next few months.

He sighed heavily, setting the picture frame down on her desk gently. He drew his wand and pointed it at the broken frame, "reparo."

It was almost as if the three of them were completely different people. It was almost as if the only thing that remained of the people they once were were their names. He felt they were just shells of the people they once were.

"I miss you guys," he said, meaningfully.

He missed the way they, at that moment, did not have to deal with problems of the adult world. Granted, they did have a slight interaction with Lord Voldemort, but it was nothing compared to what was to come just a couple years down the road.

'I guess none of us are the eleven year olds in the picture,' he thought to himself as he stood in the doorway staring longingly at the image and their childlike expressions and smiles. He took one last look at the office before turning the lights off and heading back down the hall.

One thing was for certain, he was correct in his assertion that they were no longer the people they once were. Everything had truly changed.

Chapter 4: Returns
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September 12, 2003

A week passed, but Hermione still had not returned to her work at the Ministry, much to both Harry and Ron's utter dismay.

Her office remained empty, lifeless. Many a time did Harry go by her office to tell her something or deliver paperwork, but every time he did so he was reminded that she did not inhabit the office and was not there. In turn, this served as a constant reminder that the relationship he held with his friends, mainly the relationship Ron and Hermione held with each other, was now over and would never return to the way it once was.

Ron himself also ventured past her office many times, hoping to see her bent over her desk, working furiously on her paperwork. He longed to see the way her hair looked after hours being hunched over on a desk working. He yearned to hear the way she said his name as he came in and spent his break with her. He would always get in the way and distract her, and she would always halfheartedly complain. He longed to kiss her good morning and good night and hold her close to his chest.

He simply longed for everything back which he had lost.

It wasn't like Hermione to miss work, for any reason. The only time she had taken any personal time off in the past five years was when she caught the flu two winters ago and was ordered to stay home. She loved work nearly as much as she loved Ron.

Ron walked through the hallway on this particular morning with the eerie feeling, that never quite left him, that everyone's eyes were boring into him, staring. He was the guy that broke Hermione Granger's heart. He was about to be a father, to an actual baby, in a few months time. This time next year he would have a son or a daughter to look after and care for, to teach right from wrong. He was going to be forever tied to Lavender Brown.

As he walked, be often heard whispers, people murmuring about the rumors of what happened between him and Hermione Granger. The most popular rumor was the actual truth: he cheated on her with Lavender Brown. There were other rumors circulating, however, such as the idea that he was actually gay, that he was in love with a muggle and even one that he bewitched her in her sleep to love him and the spell wore off. They were all ridiculous.

He got to his office and examined the papers stacked on his desk. He had barely been able to concentrate on anything else in the past week and his work was starting to really like up. He sighed and slouched down in the chair, burying his face in his hands for the thousandth time.

He didn't know how long he sat that way, absorbed in his thoughts until he heard his name being called out, "Ron!" He jumped when he heard Harry's voice, which sounded clearly agitated.

"Wha?" He asked groggily, sounding as someone does when they have just been awoken from a nap. He jumped out of his seat quite suddenly, making the chair roll backs and make a loud 'thud' sound as it hit the wall once again. He winced when the two connected. He rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust to the new scene, instead of his forearms.

"Ron! Get up!" Harry scolded, looking at him disapprovingly.

Ron rolled his eyes and grumbled, "I AM up, Harry."

Harry inhaled deeply, fighting the urge to get angry or make any rather rude comments for he knew Ron's anger was not at him, but at himself. He clenched his fists as a coping mechanism I fight the urge to defend himself against the harshness in Ron's voice.

"Ron, someone's just gotten here, who I really feel you need to talk to." Harry said, the tone of understanding and I'll-stand-by-you friendship in his voice.

Ron rolled his eyes, and flung himself into his chair, slumping down in it and running his hands through his ginger hair.

"Listen, Harry. You don't have to tell me, just tell her to go away. Ever since she first showed back up here, all the she's done is go ON and ON." He growled, assuming the person Harry was speaking of was Lavender, who had shown up no less than eight times in the past week alone.

"'t think we're..." Harry began, trying to find a way to tell Ron it was not Lavender at all, but without flat out saying who the visitor really was due to his uncertainty as to how he would react. Ron cut him off.

"Harry, I'm serious!" Ron groaned, "Every time I turn around she's ringing me, or coming up here to see me, constantly asking to come
by my flat and talk about the baby and us, and I just need a break from it all."

"Lavender's not," Harry began again before being cut off once more.

"I know she's not necessarily a 'bad' person, but it seems as if every time
I sneeze she's right there holding a tissue. She just can't seem to get it through her thick skull that I don't want to talk to her, I don't-"

This time Harry was the one who did the cutting off the in conversation, "Ron, Hermione's the one whose back."

Ron jerked his head up, the wind knocked out of his chest. The sound of her name made his heart speed up and begin to race.


She was back at work; she was in the same building as he was.

He knew there was a more than fairly good chance that she would not wish to see him, much less speak to him, but he knew he had to try. He had to try to fix things as much as possible. He couldn't leave things they way they left them. But, then again, there was also the possibility that even trying to talk to her would cause her even more pain, and that was something he couldn't make himself do.

When he realized that all he could possibly do would just cause her even more heartache he sighed, and slumped back down again into his chair.

Harry was immediately confused, and fairly annoyed with his mate, "What are you sitting down for? I just said she was back and you need to make things right, right now!" Harry shouted, gesturing towards the hall.

"What's the point?" Ron asked, fighting back the breaking of his voice.

"What's the point? What's the...Ron! You have to fix things with her!" He was beyond angry at the nerve of Ronald Weasley.

"Harry! Have you met her? She's not exactly the most forgiving person on the planet!" Ron yelled, throwing his arms up in the air.

"What? She's pretty forgiving, Ron. Especially for you. And even if she doesn't forgive you, it's worth a try. You've known her for over ten years. There's got to be at least a tiny bit of forgiveness for you in her body. No matter how hard she tries to not admit it, she still cares about you and knows that no one's perfect. You at least have to try. You owe her that much. Even if she won't listen now, at least you'll know you've tried. Don't let Lavender destroy everything that's important to you. Don't give something as amazing as Hermione up without a fight."

Ron knew Harry was right.

"Ok," Ron said, caving, "I'll go talk to her."

He left the room quickly, intent on seeing her before his confidence diminished once more and he was able to rethink his actions and talk himself out of it.

He half jogged to her office but the moment he looked through the glass window that ran a few feet past her door, his heart sped up and his confidence slowed down. There she was, he could see her. He could see the familiar brown hair that hung just past her shoulders. She was standing by her desk talking to some witch that he didn't know, a smile surprisingly on her face. She actually looked...somewhat happy. Ron instantly took a step back, out of view of the window and the people inside. She was happy. Seeing and talking to him would probably ruin that. Was it right to talk to her and try to fix their relationship? or Was it right to just let her go and live her own life?

Let her go?

Hearing the words inside his head and being able to see the woman they referred him to made him realize it was definitely not an option.

The very idea of simply letting her go made Ron want to scream and hit something. He pushed the ideas out of his mind and marched straight into Hermione's office, purposefully.

"Hermione!" He sighed, relieved to see her again.

Their eyes met and he noticed a minuscule drop in her smile and a little of the light in her eyes went out.

"Ronald," She greeted stiffly before turning her attention back to the woman whom she had been talking to.

"Hermione, please..." He begged.

Hermione looked back and forth between him and the woman with whom she was talking. The woman seemed to get the feeling she should leave, so she hugged Hermione and quietly excused herself, her heels clicking down the hall quickly.

"I have nothing to say to you." She said, trying to act like she didn't care until her voice broke.

"'Mione," he began sadly.

"DON'T call me that. I'm not your girlfriend anymore." She spat.

"Please. Please just give me five minutes!" He begged.


"I need to explain!"

"What is there for you to possibly explain, Ronald? I think Lavender's little announcement was plenty of explanation!" Her voice broke again, which he still ignored.


"Why should I?" She asked numbly.

"Hermione...we've known each other for over ten years. Ten. I think that you at least owe me five minutes. After that I'll leave you alone..."He was almost on his knees, begging, now.

She looked mad.

Each second to Ron felt like an eternity.

"Fine. Five minutes." She finally said.

Chapter 5: Big Mouths
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Ron looked around her tiny, organized, but rather cramped office, nervous about the conversation he was about to have with her.

Since when had he been nervous to talk to Hermione?

Oh, yeah. Since Lavender showed up, intent on ruining his and Hermione's life.

"Do you mind if in my office?" He asked, flustered; scared he would make her angrier and convince her not to talk to him.

Hermione just nodded, keeping her arms folded firmly across her chest, almost like a shield. She wanted to act like she did not care and was not hurting anymore, but in all honesty, she still was in a lot of pain. To her, just seeing him made the feeling of her heart being ripped from her chest occur without relief.

They left the room quietly, without either one of them uttering a single word. Hermione did not like being in his office.

It left bad memories.

The last time she was in his office, she had her heart ripped out and stomped on.

He leaned on the edge of his desk, half sitting on it. Hermione just lingered a couple feet inside the door, anxiously awaiting the end of the yet to begin conversation.

"Say what you need to say, Ronald!" She snapped after several moments of rather awkward silence.

"Oh...uh...right," he stuttered, "Hermione. I really can not tell you how sor-" he began, before being cut off.

"Ronald, if what you wanted to say was that you're 'sorry' and you 'wish you could take it back' then save it. I don't care." She spat, trying to sound mean but the allusion was broken when her voice broke on the word 'care'.

Tears stung her chocolate brown eyes.

A lump in her throat formed.

"Hermione you agreed to let me talk to you," Ron argued.

"Yes, but not if that's all you're going to say." She argued back.

They stared at each other for a tearful moment before turning their attention to the door where a quiet little rap on the heavy wood had just occurred.

There in the doorway was an incredibly too perky looking Lavender Brown. Her dirty blonde ringlets hung loosely on her skinny shoulders. Hermione scoffed and rolled her eyes. She was the last person on the planet that she wanted to see. This girl had, with Ron's help of course, ruined so many things. She was what ruined her ten year relationship with Ron. This was the girl he was betrayed her for. Now, the consequences of that betrayal was with Lavender, which was currently causing a small but defined bump, that looked like half of a cantaloupe , shoved on her stomach over her skin tight, nearly see through blouse.

Lavender match Hermione and scoffed and rolled her green eyes as well. "He-he thanks, I feel the warmth."

She said, sarcastically, inviting herself into the office.

Ron scratched his head nervously. Lavender walked over to his and leaned on his lap, taking his tie between her scrawny little fingers.

"So," she began in her annoyingly perky voice, "I have a doctor's appointment at St. Mungo's this evening, and," she paused, placing Ron's hand on the bump, " I really feel like you should be there. You are the dad after all." she said, basically rubbing in a fact that she knew he wished he could forget.

He subconsciously removed his hand from her stomach. "Uh...yeah. I'll be there. "he grumbled, obviously not wanting to go. Hermione shifted, uncomfortably

. At this point, Lavender realized that her and Ron were not the only ones in that office.

"Oh, you're still here." Lavender spat making a face like at her like she was something gross stuck to her shoe. Before Hermione could respond, Lavender continued, "I guess I just thought that given what happened last week and the conversation that happened, that you could get a hint." she growled.

She paused, removing herself from the rather inappropriate way she sat upon Ron's lap. "You always seemed so smart...I guess you are not the genius that I thought you were." She said, rather proud of herself.

"For your inform..." Hermione began before getting rudely interrupted by the she-devil...err...Lavender,

"You can take your pity party else where. You don't even need to try winning Ron back, not anymore at least." She said smirking and putting her hands on her stomach, "Just because you have know one what with the baby on the way and all, doesn't mean you can just waltz in, act like nothing happened and steal him away from me and the baby, My baby has a daddy so it isn't going to live without one just because of you." she spat.

Hermione could not even begin to understand where Lavender was getting half this stuff. Her and Ron had just been standing in his office, in an awkward silence and all of a sudden Lavender was there with them, screaming at her for no apparent reason. In no way in heck was she trying to steal Ron away from her. Fury rose in Hermione, an idea sprung in her head and even though she knew it was stupid idea, she couldn't help but blurt it out even though it would probably cause more trouble...she just could not help it.

"You know...I might be jealous, but I really haven't a reason to since I already have a boyfriend." she blurted out, before she could stop herself.

Lavender's fury reached a boiling point. Ron felt his heart break and his mouth dropped open.

He stared dumbfoundedly at her.

Had she really just said that?

Had she honestly just said that she had a boyfriend?

They'd just broken up a week a week ago! Less than two weeks ago they were happily engaged and now she had a new boyfriend?!

"You have a boyfriend?" Ron asked, speaking for the first time, spluttering and stuttering on the words.
"Yep," she replied, looking right at Lavender.

"I don't believe it!" Lavender exclaimed.

"Well you's true." Hermione fired back, "believe it or not, I get asked out too. " she fired.

It wasn't a lie...exactly.

"Fine, if you are so sure you have a boyfriend then who is he? "

Lavender asked, obviously not believing Hermione's story. Hermione nearly lost her control but, trying not to lose it, looking out of the office window and saw in the distance a familiar face. She knew what she was about to say was rather crazy but she couldn't help it. It slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it.

"Draco Malfoy."

Ron gasped. Lavender's mouth dropped open.

'Oh Merlin!' Hermione thought, 'What have I gotten myself into?!'

Almost on cue, Draco looked into the office and silver met chocolate brown as their eyes met.

Chapter 6: Playing Games
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For the next several minutes the office was completely full of tension and two shocked, gawking faces.

Ron’s eyes solemnly staring at the ground, you could tell he was trying to remain calm.

He looked the exact same way he had looked right before he had punched that wall.

Lavender was furious. Her eyes were swimming with rage, her body was nearly shaking. She looked like Lupin had always looked before he transformed.


You could nearly see her shaking.

Hermione had never been much of a liar. But ever since Lavender’s first little visit/announcement, she had changed a lot.

Some were good ways.

She’d been hurt so much in less than two weeks by these two people and seeing the looks on their faces were worth the trouble that would probably follow.

Finally, Hermione broke the most-intense-moment-in-all-their-lives silence, “well, I guess I should just go now.” she said, with a smirk.

Ron did not even look up.

Lavender did though and suddenly her eyes took on a new look, “alright, but before you get back to work I think there’s something else you need to do first.” She said, half smiling.

An evil little glint was in her green eyes.

“What’s that.” Hermione said.

“Well, you boyfriend is here. Why don’t you….go see him. I’m sure he’d love to see you.” She said, obviously not meaning the last part of her sentence.

Hermione kept her face steady but inside wanted to scream.

‘Oh, no!’

Lavender did not believe her.

Why would she though?

Since Hermione hesitated to continue, Lavender jumped in instead, “…or you could just give up the whole lie. Your choice.” She smirked.

Hermione felt her blood pressure rise and boil inside her.

Ron finally jerked his eyes up, eager to see what she had to say.

He believed her though.

How many times had he doubted her only to have her prove him very wrong.

Ever since their first year she had been proving him wrong.

Like when they were caught up in Snare while trying to stop ‘Snape’ from stealing the stone. And she had proved him wrong at least a thousand times since that terrifying moment.

“Alright. I will.” Hermione declared.

She did not like being doubted.

She had to prove the wrong.

Had to.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

She had to. It was something inside her.

A little spark that never went out.

A flame that burned through night and day.

Only this time she couldn’t solve this puzzle on her own.

She was relying on someone else to cover for her. Plus, it was some one who had a mutual dislike for her. She did not like him, he did not like her. It was a mutual hatred. And now, she was putting all her faith and trust into some one who had despised her and she had despised for over ten years.

She stormed out of that room praying that something would magically occur between the office door and the ten feet away where a certain blonde haired guy was standing, quietly arguing with a receptionist. Ron and Lavender watched eagerly out the window.

They couldn’t hear what she was saying but they could read body language.

Once she was only a step away, she stopped.

She took a deep breath, praying that he would go along with it.

She inhaled and then tapped on his shoulder.

He spun around quickly.

His piercing gray eyes penetrating deeply in to her chocolate brown ones.

His eyes immediately took her train of thought away.

“Um..” she began nervously.

He smirked. “Granger. Haven’t seen you in what? Five years?” he said, his cold, gray eyes staring deeply into hers.

“Um” She began again.

“Is that all you’re going to say Granger?” He growled.

“Oh…um…right. I…uh” she stuttered.

He smirked. “It’s okay I get it. I know I’m hot but c’mon.” He growled.

Then Hermione got angry,, “yeah, you wish.” she growled back.

He opened his mouth to reply but she interrupted him quickly after looking over in to the window in Ron’s office.

They were still staring.

Now neither of them were really believing the ‘I’m dating Draco’ lie.

She had to do something.


“Listen, I need your help.” she spluttered, glancing back and forth between him and the anxious people in the office.

He followed her gaze and when he brought his piecing gray eyes back to her brown ones he had a new look in his eyes. They were glinting with evil much like the glint that was nearly always in Lavender’s green ones.

He knew what she had done.

Not why, but what.

He smirked, “oh you do.” obviously he was loving this.

She looked back into the office: they weren’t there. Instead, they were in the hall. Slowly, walking towards them. Lavender look very self assured; very please with herself. Ron was in disbelief.

Suddenly Hermione looked back at Draco, a plan quickly forming in her head.

This better work.

She suddenly grabbed his face in her hands and pulled his face towards her. The next thing either of them knew they were in a passionate kiss.

Hermione heard Ron and Lavender gasp and stop moving.

Finally, Hermione pulled away from Draco.

He was in shock. “Granger…” He began.

She turned, fighting the urge to cry, She ran into her office, leaving a stunned Draco standing there motionless.

She kept her confident look, but inside, she knew it was over.

Her scheme was over.

She knew it.

Once they got to the office they were in silence.

Ron and Lavender had absolutely no idea what to believe after what they had just witnessed.

Hermione felt like crying.

She just knew that he was about to burst in there and shatter her lie.

Sure enough, a few seconds later he was standing in the doorway, smirking.

He leaned on the door.

“Granger,” he said.

She jerked her head up.

Was she ready for this?

It was about to happen.

He walked towards her never dropping her gaze and picked her up, her legs dangling off the side of one his surprisingly muscular arms, “if you’re going to kiss me, do it right.” he said.

And then he was kissing her.

And he was a much, much better kisser than Ron.

She got lost in her thoughts.

The room was spinning.

She barely noticed the gasps from Ron and Lavender.

They (with one last ’hmmph’ from Lavender) stormed out of the room, slamming the door.

Hermione barely took any notice. All she cared about right now was kissing Draco. But, just as soon as it started, it was over. He drew his face away and looked straight into her eyes.

“I’ll play your game, Granger. But you have to play it by my rules.” He smirked.

He set her back on the ground and with one last smirk left the room, leaving a dizzy Hermione alone in her office.

Chapter 7: Blown Cover
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"Oh Won-Won!" Lavender squealed, rushing into Ron's office, using the (rather annoying) nickname she had used during their sixth year romance, "hurry up! We're going to be late!" She squealed, smiling, obviously happy about the fact that Ron was in his office and Hermione hers.

Ron jerked his head up, sighing when he saw her.

"What?" He asked, groggily.

He was exhausted. He got zero sleep the night previously.

The girl he loved more than his own life was dating his mortal enemy from their first meeting, and the man he had assumed she had a natural hate for to until she saw them playing tonsil hockey right in front of his shocked face.

Lavender glared and put one hand on her hip and the other on her stomach, tapping her foot.

The St. Mungo's visit was this morning.


"Oh, right. The doctor's visit." He said, half yawning, rubbing his head.

"Yes, the doctor's visit!" she squealed, excitingly.

He sighed. "What are we going there for?"

She rolled her eyes, "Come on. Don't you want to see the baby's first picture?"

'No,' he thought.

"Well, of course I do it's just..." He never finished that sentence.

Lavender squealed in obvious delight.

She grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the door.

'What is she five?' Ron thought, rather annoyed to be drug out of the room like that.


1 Hour later

"Lavender." A brunette nurse chimed, coming out into the lobby with a clipboard in hand.

Lavender and Ron exclaimed glances; Lavender looked giddy with joy while Ron looked like he was about to be sick,

Lavender leaped up out of her chair, with a huge grin spreading across her face.

Ron slowly staggered to his feet, looking seasick.

"Come on, Won-Won." she said smiling, placing a hand on her stomach.

He sighed.
He followed Lavender over to the nurse who gestured for them to go down the hallway with her.

He had been to St. Mungo's before, but never this section.

There were posters everywhere of intimate photos of pregnant women, families, mothers and babies, fathers and babies, etc.

The long hallway seemed a lot longer than it actually was.

He passed several women that looked part hippopotamus.

'Is that what Lavender's going to look like?' He wondered.

He looked over to her, sure, she had a bump, but nothing, nothing like that.

She still looked like the girl he used to be with in sixth year except with a few extra pounds.

These women looked like they were aliens.

Ron had absolutely no experience with babies or pregnancy and what he was seeing his terrified him.

He passed several women who held screaming babies, and even a couple women who were chasing small children down the hallway that seemed to be trying to escape.

'This is my future.' He thought.

He shook his head.

"Right in here." the nurse announced, gesturing towards an open door.

Lavender giggled and rushed in the room, clapping her hands.

Ron sighed and went in to the room, taking a seat beside Lavender.

The nurse closed the door and came to stand by Lavender.

"Alright Lavender," she said cheerfully, the opposite of the way Ron was feeling.

"Now have you had any real symptoms or anything you were concerned about?" she inquired.

"Not really. Except," she put her hand on her stomach, "a have gained some weight." she said, giggling.

The nurse smiled.

"Alright, now if would, please get on the table for me," she said gesturing to the table.

Lavender nodded.

She got on the examining table and laid down.

The nurse had her raise her shirt, revealing her stomach.

"Alright, now this is going to be kind of cold." the nurse said as she put a liquidy substance on her stomach.

she put the purple-blue liquid on her bump and smeared it around, looking at her television-like appliance, that looked exactly like a muggle appliance that his father had some experience with.

Who knows?

Maybe it was the exact same thing.

Does it really matter?

"Alright," the nurse continued, "now I'd say that you are just about.....12 weeks! Congratulations!"

Lavender beamed.

Ron's eyes widened.


It had really been that long?

He was thinking somewhere around 8 or 9, but with how much firewhiskey he had drunk it was a surprise he could still figure out their names that fateful night.

"And there, would be your baby!" the nurse said pointing at the screen.

On the screen there was a blurry black and white picture.

Was that seriously what she called a baby?

The nurse obviously saw that he was completely confused, so she decided to help him out a little.

"Alright, there are there's it head," she pointed to the circle on the screen, "and right it's little ears and you can see a tiny hand there." she pointed out the features.

Lavender's face softened.

She completely lost the evil glint in her eyes.

They sparkled for an entirely different reason.

Tears sprang to her eyes, tears of joy.

She smiled.

Ron felt something different too.

'Wow', he thought, 'this is my baby.'

He almost let a small tear of joy escape but quickly caught himself.

He never thought this moment would affect him like this.

"Wow," Lavender gasped.

The nurse smiled, "congratulations," she repeated.

He still wasn't exactly thrilled about this whole situation, but it still pulled on his heartstrings seeing that image on the screen.

"So...what is it?" He asked, still gawking at the screen.

The nurse and Lavender both looked thoroughly confused.

"What do you mean?" they asked in unison, looking at each other when they answered.

He rolled his eyes.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" He asked.

The nurse laughed, "Oh, that, well, it's a little too early to tell. You should be able to find out around the twenty week mark" she said with a laugh.

"Oh," he sighed.

Lavender giggled.

"Well, at least we have something to look forward to." she said, smiling.

He grimaced.

"Yeah, I guess you are right," he sighed, honestly disappointed.

The looked at the screen again.

This was the start of something big.

30 minutes later

They walked out into the lobby, grins not wavering from either of their faces.

This was the first time he had really smiled, honestly happen, not sulky and withdrawn, in quite awhile.

They kept walking and talking, actually not wanting to kill each other like they had felt several times in the past few days.

This had actually been a good morning.

"So what do you want?" Lavender asked, suddenly.

Ron was confused, "What?"

Lavender giggled, "Boy or girl?"

"Oh," he said, running his hands through his hair, "Um..."He was cut off.

"Ron?" the voice questioned.

Ron's eyes widened and he gasped.

He spun around to look straight in to the face of some one who happened to have one of the world's largest mouths, who he had forgotten was helping his father run errands, some to St. Mungo's: his nosy older brother: George.

"Hey Ron what are you..." he trailed off when he saw Lavender.

He looked up and down and suddenly his look changed.

Ron knew what he was seeing.

The bump.

His eyes widened.



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Chapter 8: Nervous
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George looked back and forth from his furious-looking little brothers to the girl clutching his arm who was obviously sporting a baby bump.

Ron felt like snapping.


Anger rose in him like the temperature on a hot day.

Several times, George tried to speak but just could not find the words to speak.

What should he say?

What could he say?

It was not like George to feel this way.

To be angry like this.

Normally all he wanted to do is joke around.

Not now.

Not during this situation.

Finally Lavender broke the very awkward silence, "Well, I'm Lavender by the way. I don't suppose you remember me. Ron and I were a couple in sixth year. But I'm sure he's told you tons about me recently!" She giggled, clutching his arm even tighter, making him shrug away.

Ron wanted to scream.

And shout.

And force this leech-like girl off of his arm.

He did jerk away, wanting to do so much more.

George shook his head.

It was not hard to figure out what situation these two people were in, and it made George really furious that Ron had put himself in this situation.

"No, I don't think Ron's mentioned you." George growled, glancing from Ron to Lavender's face to her bump.

The normally funny and lighthearted Weasley twin of the late Fred Weasley, was angry.

Real angry.

He had never been a 'player' who abused or talked down to girls.

Even if the very sight of them made him want to leave because couldn't stand them, he never mistreated or was rude to them.

But now was an exception.

Wasn't it?

He could barely see straight.

He did remember this girl.

She had nearly driven him mad by the time of her and Ron's breakup.

Lavender felt her cheeks burn scarlet.

"Oh," she said very embarrassed, glancing at Ron with furious eyes.

Ron glared at the floor, not in the least bit concerned with the fact that he angered Lavender.

"So are you two...together?" George asked, choking on the last word, praying he was wrong about what was going on.

Ron just scowled at the floor.

Once again, Lavender felt compelled to speak, breaking the silence. "Well," She put one of her hands on her growing tummy, "it's fairly recent, but I guess you could say that." she giggled, squeezing Ron's arm again which he again shrugged away from.

"Ron?" George questioned his little brother, making it obvious that Lavender was not supposed to answer.
"Yep. I guess we are." Ron growled.

The happiness from a few minutes previously was obviously gone and replaced with anger and resentment of the situation.

"Well it was nice meeting you. I'm glad I got to meet you. It's really important to me that I get to know our baby's uncles and entire family for that matter.," she squealed, "but I really must go. Goodbye." With one last wave she turned on her heel to leave.

"Oh," she said suddenly turning around and coming back to stand by Ron, "I almost forgot. Here you go." She reached in her bag and pulled out a picture that the nurse had pointed out was the baby's head.

She handed him the picture, "I knew you'd want it." she smiled, waved again, and the left.

George and Ron stood in awkward silence, neither one of them knowing what to say to the other.

"Ron I think we should really talk." George said.

Ron looked at him, trying to calm down and not blow up at him.

He was not really angry at George, he was angry at himself.

And Lavender.

But mostly himself.

Why had he been so careless?

"Fine," he growled, "Where?" He knew it was over.

His 'little' secret was out.

"Home. The burrow. Here's not really the place to discuss something like this." George said glancing around.

Ron knew he was right.

It was embarrassing enough as is with out bringing all of St. Mungo's into it.

"Ok," Ron said, glumly.

The whole family was about to know then,

Of course Ginny probably already knew, Harry would have told her.

He would have to face his mother though: Mrs. Molly Weasley.

He shuddered.

The howler he received during his second year was nothing compared to what this was no doubt going to be.

This 'lecture' he was about to get would be about a million times worse than that.

They apparated out of St. Mungo's with Ron praying that his mother would not be home.


Hermione walked into her office with a feeling that she had not felt in quite a while.

She was almost happy.

It felt like the drama was over.

Draco had gone along with her plan and Lavender and Ron had bought it.

She sat down at her desk and sighed a sigh of relief.

She closed her eyes, soaking up the moment.

"Hermione," Harry Potter said, walking into her office, "I..."

Hermione interrupted him.

"Harry!" She got up and ran over to him, embracing him in a colossal hug that was so tight it made it nearly impossible to breathe.

"I've missed you, Harry." She exclaimed.

"I missed you too!" he grinned, glad to see his friend at least semi happy.

"How have you been?" she asked.

"Great. Missed you though. You? How's....everything." he asked, afraid he had said too much and was hurting her, but her grin did not falter.

She looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"Pretty good. I've been better of course, but I'm okay. Taking it day by day, you know?" she said.

"Yeah," he replied, glad she was doing better.

"So how's everything with you and Ginny?" Hermione asked.

She needed to visit Ginny.

Even though she was not with Ron anymore, Ginny was still her best girl friend.

"Amazing. She's just incredible." He said, hearing her name made his heart beat faster.

"I'm glad," Hermione replied, "So are you two serious now?"

Harry and Ginny had been off and on since sixth year, but lately it had been a lot of fun.

"You could say that." Harry said, a grin spreading across his face.

Hermione laughed, "So I never got to the chance to ask you, had did your trip go?"

"It was amazing. We had a great time. The view from the hotel room was gorgeous, the ocean was amazing and you should have seen the places we got to visit." Harry smiled.

Hermione cocked an eyebrow, "Hotel room? It's that serious!" she giggled in delight.

Harry blushed, "Yeah, we're pretty serious, which is kind of one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you," he said, shifting nervously.

Hermione raised her eyebrows and made a face that said: Go on.

"Alright, so you know we've been dating for a while..." He began.

"Oh for Heaven's sakes! Spit it put Harry!" Hermione laughed.

Harry laughed to and reaching into his jacket pocket.

He pulled out a tiny black box.

Hermione's eyes widened.

"Hermione, if I were to propose to Ginny," Harry began, getting interrupted by Hermione's squeal, he opened the box, "do you think she would say yes?"

Inside the box was a gorgeous, huge diamond on a silver band.

He took it out of the case, inscribed on it was the words: My one and only.

It was stunning; absolutely stunning.

Hermione squealed again.

"Can I take that as a yes?" he asked, laughing and putting the case, with the ring now safely inside, back in his jacket.

Hermione nodded vigorously.

"Great," He said, preparing to leave, "Thanks a whole lot, Hermione!"

He turned to leave but then stopped suddenly, "Oh yeah," he said coming back towards her, "I forgot. This is yours. It was on my desk this morning."

He pulled out a silver envelope that had her name inscribed on the back on it in blue letters.

"Thanks Harry," she said taking the letter.

He left the room and she sat down at her desk, the envelope still in hand.

She opened the flap and pulled out, not a letter, but a picture.

On the card was a photograph of a place she knew well: The Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade.

On the back, was note:

Hermione, I think it's time for our first 'date'. Here's a good place to start. We need to talk about some things. How about 4 p.m. tomorrow? It's time to set some rules. Draco.

Seeing his name put butterflies in her stomach.

Some of the reasons she was aware of some...not so much.

She was nervous too.

The memories from her last visit with Draco sent her heart fluttering.

Nerves set in too though, she was about to find out these 'rules' he said she was going to play by.

Knowing Draco these rules could be something easy, he might not be too hard on her.

After all, at the battle of Hogwarts they had assisted him in the way of saving his life.

That had to count for something, right?

But also, there was a flip side to Draco.

Hermione did not believe he was a bad person like so many once, and possibly still did to that day, thought.

Sure, she had acted like she hated him, with more than a passion.

But she also felt like there was something good in him.

Something not many people bothered to see.

She had not always felt this way.

Like, in their third year of school in which she punched him in the jaw.

But when she was kidnapped at Malfoy Manor (if you would call it kidnapping) she saw a different side of him.

The 'perfect' life she'd always thought he'd lived was anything but.

His father was the perfect example of why he was the way he was though.

Hermione suddenly caught herself, coming back to where she was.

Had she really just been thinking about Draco?

That was a sill question though the answer was yes: ever since he had kissed her, he was the only thing making recurring appearances in her brain.

She was certainly not falling for him.

She didn't even know him.

She put the card back on her desk, determined to finally get back to work.

She sighed.

This had been a strange few days.

What had she gotten herself into?

Tomorrow at 4 P.M. she was going to officially begin her fake life.
The pressure was enough to drive any one mad.

Besides...what would she wear?

She rolled her eyes at herself.

She had hardly ever freaked out like this with Ron.

Why was it different now?

What made this date different from the thousands of dates she and Ron had been on?

This thought forced a stabbing pain in her heart.

Back when they went on dates.

Back when they were a couple.

Back before Lavender showed up and ruined everything.

She hated to admit it, but she still loved Ron.

She wasn't in love with him anymore...not after the Lavender thing, but when you've known and cared for someone for over ten years, you can not quit caring about them overnight, no matter what horrible thing they've done or how bad they've hurt you.

The memories made her want to cry.

The ache in her heart burned.

Sometimes she was fine.

Not upset.

Like earlier, when she was with Harry, but now she was having a moment.

But at least she had her date to look forward to.

If she even was supposed to look forward to it.

'Gosh, the older you get the more complicated life gets.' Hermione thought.

Given the events from the past couple weeks, she could not have been more right.

Chapter 9: Truths
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Ron and George apparated to the end of the long Weasley driveway in mere seconds.

Seeing the house in view was a scary, scary thing

. He was an adult but he had still never been this afraid to face his mother.

Not when they had 'kidnapped' Harry from the Dursley's home or when him and Harry stole the car and he received his infamous howler in the momentarily annoyingly ironically quiet dining hall.

Looking down the mile long driveway at the house in the distance.

How many times had he been so happy to be at the burrow.

To be Home?

Now, with the conversation he knew he faced, it felt like he was an outsider.

His parents would never forgive him for what he did.

'How could he have been so careless?' they would probably say, making him feel even worse than he already did.

He and George just walked the whole way in complete silence. The tension could have been cut with a knife. The brothers had always had a close bond, which was strengthened by the all-too-soon death of his late brother, and George's twin, Fred Weasley. But now? Not so much.

No matter how many girls George had been with he was would never have gotten himself into the mess that Ron did. They reached the door to the burrow in what felt like seconds.

The nerves in Ron's stomach jumped around; he had never been this nervous to confront his mother, not even after he had stolen the car and crashed it into the Whomping willow.

They went inside and, still in very awkward and quiet silence, Ron followed George to the family room.

Ron sat down in a nearby old, dusty loveseat (ironic, huh?) and slouched down, rubbing his fingers through his tousled hair. George sat across from him looking angry, which was not a common emotion for that particular Weasley. As George sat on the arm of his chair he sighed and mimicked Ron without knowing it, by running his fingers through his hair.

Finally the elder Weasley spoke, "Ron, she was lying right?" He looked into his eyes, trying to calm down.

They looked at each other.

Ron wanted to lie, but couldn't.

Not to his brother.

He shook his head.

George shifted his jaw, getting to his feet, running his fingers through his orange hair.

He resumed facing him, one fist noticeably clenched into a fist much like the one Ron had at St. Mungo's. "Ron, how could you have been so stupid?" George screamed, unable to control his anger.

Ron jumped to his feet, "I don't know but what about you? You've been with so many girls-"

George cut him off, "Well the difference between us is that I'm not ignorant enough to get myself into this kind of mess!"

Ron spoke, still angry, the was glad that it was only them at the house but knew it wouldn't stay that way for long, "You might! It's not hard," with the last part said, he sat back down and put his elbows on his knees, one hand on his forehead.

George wanted to reply, he had some of Ron's choicest swear words on the tip of his tongue but decided to hold off because the angry emotions were not who he really was, although this situation was making him be an angry young man. "Just, how could you do this to yourself? To Lavender? To Hermione?" George asked, struggling to maintain calm behavior.

Anger swelled up in Ron.

Did George actually, genuinely think hr didn't care about Hermione. "George! I didn't know this would happen!"

"Yeah, well you should have prevented it from happening in the first place!" George shot back. Ron rolled his eyes; he knew George was right.

They should have been a lot more careful...they weren't really careful at all.

He wished he had a time machine; wished he could go back in time and stop himself from going to that pub that fateful night, but he could not.

"Listen Ron, not to be harsh or anything, but this isn't a joke!" George yelled, noticing how Ron was paying less than a lot of attention.

"I know," Ron scoffed.

"Then why are you acting like it is?" George questioned loudly.

"It's none of your business! I didn't ask you to get involved!" Ron yelled, jumping to his feet and walking across the living room.

He was angry.

Angry with himself, Lavender, George/ Everyone.

"Well, like it or not I AM involved!" George fired back; Ron scowled, ' and I wish you weren't' Ron thought.

"Why are you getting so crazy it's not like-" Ron started but was cut off

. His heart started thumping unevenly, he started getting clammy and sweaty and his nerves were back. There was someone outside. Someone was home. He looked out the window and shuddered. There was his mother and his sister, Ginny. They were BOTH about to know....could this get any worse?

He was about to face...his mother...Molly Weasley.

This was Year Two all over again....


Hermione looked at the clock again.

It was half past three.


She'd been checking the clock every few minutes since she woke up.

She walked over to the full length mirror that hung on her bedroom door to do a quick once over.

She had on her semi-casual dark blue denim jeans with a pink, rather sexy if she got an opinion, top with loose sleeves. Her ballet flats still looked brand new. She her hair in a messy-but-cute- messy bun with a black headband and silver earrings that went beautifully.

She'd probably over done it. Better overdo it than under-do it. right?

She finally decided that she looked okay and apparated out of her flat and into Hogsmeade.

She would still be too early, if she went there now. She didn't want him to think she had been obsessing over this meeting...even though she had. Instead she decided to just walk around; maybe do some window shopping. She walked past several familiar shops and couldn't help but slip in Honeydukes to buy some chocolate frogs; she hadn't eaten those in years, literally.

She walked the familiar path and couldn't help but marvel at the beauty that was Hogwarts. It was truly magnificent. She was so lost in the view that she barely noticed that someone was behind her calling her name. And it was not Draco.

"Hermione?" She spun around, there across the 'street', holding a rather odd looking plant was her childhood friend, Neville Longbottom. "Neville!" She squealed, running over to him and gripping him in a hug so tight she prayed she had not damaged his plant.

"Neville! How are you?" She asked, delighted at seeing her friend.

"Great. Professor Sprout is teaching me all the basics before she leaves in a few months. It's really incredible." He exclaimed, obviously happy

. "Wow, congratulations!, Professor! That's fantastic,!" she replied.

He nodded, "yeah so how are you? Where's Ron? I thought he'd be with you?"

Hermione felt her heart experience a sharp pang, "We aren't together."

Neville saw how much he'd accidentally hurt her and instantly felt remorse, "'Hermione, I'm so sorry. I didn't know..."

He didn't know exactly what to say.

"It's fine. You didn't know." She said with a slight smile.

Neville half smiled, still annoyed at himself, "So, what are you doing here then?" He asked, not meaning to sound rude, but wanting to change this subject.

"Oh, I was just...uh...meeting someone" she said, glancing around.

Neville looked surprised, "new boyfriend?" he asked.

Hermione opened her mouth to answer but was cut off, "Granger!" A familiar voice called behind her.

She turned around and saw Draco Malfoy at the door waiting to her, "You coming?" He smirked.

She nodded as he went inside. "

Well...I guess I better go," Hermione said, "it was good seeing you." She smiled.

"You too.." Neville said, sort of out of focus, still staring at the door in which Draco had entered.

His eyes met hers ,"Malfoy?" He asked, shocked.

He looked a her as if she'd just grown a second head. She nodded and turned to leave., bye..."Professor Longbottom.

Going into the pub she felt her nerves bounce around inside her again as she saw Draco sitting there in the back corner, talking to the waitress.

Or maybe. flirting?

Her first instinct was to leave, before anything bad could happen.

Instead she walked over to the table and saw the waitress head back to the kitchen.

"Hey," She said, sitting down the seat across from him.

"Hey, granger" he said smirking, "So, I think it's about time we discussed the rules I told you about ," she smirked again. She gulped. Here it comes. Here comes the dreaded rules.


Ron and George looked at each other.

They both knew what was coming.

In a matter of what felt like seconds, Mrs. Weasley appeared in the room with Ginny right behind her, "Oh," she said, obviously shocked, "What surprise boys. I didn't know you were coming for a visit!" She smiled, her temporarily warm smile and embraced them both in bone crushing hugs.

She knew something was wrong by the way they were acting. "What's wrong?" She gasped, fear bubbling up in her.

Was someone hurt?

She knew something was very wrong.

"There something you need to know," George said slowly.

Mts. Weasley fumbled to the edge of a sofa and stared at them, anticipating what would come next. What was coming was not not something she'd ever anticipated hearing. Ever.

Ginny watched in anticipation too.

"Mum...I'm sorry...but I've messed up...bad." Ron said, slowly. Mrs. Weasley looked back and forth between her sons, "What?" She gasped.


Chapter 10: Coming Clean
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The phrase 'the anticipation is killing me' was absolutely nothing compared to the way Molly Weasley felt sitting on the edge of her seat (literally!).

Her nerves were live wires; knowing that her son had done something 'really bad' that even had George, the jokester of the family, worried and upset, but not knowing what it was made her feel like she would literally explode.

What could he have possibly done?

What if he'd hurt someone? He'd always had a temper.

She tossed the idea out of her head, not willing to believe that her son, Ronald Bilius Weasley would be capable of something like that.

All the ideas of what was coming were far, far from what the bomb her youngest son was about to drop.

All of her ideas were a million miles from the news he was about to share.

Ginny looked from her nearly fainting mother to George who was looking at Ron with a look that said spit-it-out-already and finally, to her youngest brother, Ron whose sweat gleamed on his neck and whose hands were visibly clammy and finally back to her mother.

Ginny had always been an outspoken, outgoing girl (except for a few childhood moments when she was around her now-boyfriend Harry Potter) and she could understand why he couldn't just spit it out already.

Ron seemed to have lost his nerve, and personally, she really wanted to know what her wonderful brother who was best friends with Harry Potter and helped destroy horcruxes like some hero of action movie, did that was so awful. It must have been really horrible, and that means horrible of EPIC proportions. Really what could/would he have done?

None of her ideas (which did happen to be different than Mrs. Weasley's) would be correct either.

Finally after what felt like hours of anticipation but was, in reality only around thirty seconds, Ginny decided that if she didn't speak up, they'd be in muggle nursing homes by the time he finally got the nerve to them what he'd done.

If it was even worth telling.

"Ron, just spit it out already! It can't be that bad!" She half-screamed, unable to control herself anymore.

All the attention in the room turned to her.

The ball was now in her court (as muggle say.)

Ron glared at Ginny, but quickly his anger was washed away with more shame and nerves, "you'd be surprised."

And then he stopped talking.


The anticipation was probably literally killing Mrs. Weasley who sat so still she probably had not taken a single breath since he'd said he'd done something 'bad'.

"Oh, come on you didn't do something that bad? Stop acting like such a drama queen!" Ginny said, rolling her brown eyes.

"Fine. If you call accidentally getting a girl you no longer care about pregnant and breaking your girlfriend and friend for ten year's heart, then you're right. It's not that bad!" he screamed, before realizing what he'd just done. What he'd just said.

He'd just told Mrs. Weasley what he'd done.

A lot happened after that moment, Ginny stopped talking the moment after the last word came out of his mouth. Her eyes widened in shock so big they looked like saucers and her delicate mouth dropped open she took a step backward, fumbling.

She'd never imagined those words coming out of her brother's mouth.


Under any circumstance.

Everything seemed to freeze.

By revealing his secret he seemed to have stopped time.

He drew in the courage to look over to his mother, whose face mimicked Ginny's perfectly, except her face was changing colors. Some did not look normal.

He had never seen his mother, Molly Weasley, angry like this.

He gulped.

She hadn't started talking yet and he was scared for the time that she began.

Once she began, he doubted she'd ever stop.

The fear of his mother's reaction was still bubbling inside him.

He was already terrified and the worst was yet to come since she was angry she could not even speak.

George looked to each person in the room, waiting for more.

Finally Ron (surprising, huh?) spoke up, "Mum...please, before you get angr-" he was cut off by the glare that she gave him.

Ginny's glares were nothing, nothing, compared to Molly Weasley glares.

Her glares could probably scare least at this moment.

"Bef...before I get angry?" she said quietly, shaking with fury, much like the way Ron had at the ministry when Lavender had first told him the scandalous secret.

Ron gulped.


He looked around, silently begging for help.
He did not know what to do.

", Ronald Weasley!" She screamed, looking up from the floor she had been scowling at moments before to give Ron a glare that literally looked like fire was in her eyes.

She was completely furious.

The anger and fury behind her word's were so powerful he wondered if ,before Harry defeated him, she had taken lessons from Voldemort.

He was scared to say anything; honestly he was scared to breath.

The tension in that room could be cut with a knife.

They all stood there in awkward silence.

Mrs. Weasley was shaking, glaring at the floor.

Hundreds of emotions swelled up inside her.






Hatred. (true, it's not real, Voldemort style hatred, but she felt like it)

More disappointment.

And even more anger.

Those were just a few.

Nearly every emotion (other than cheesy things like happiness) swelled up inside her like a balloon.

How could he do this?

To himself?

To whoever the girl was?

To Hermione?

To his entire family; this would affect everyone.

Even Harry.

Every single person involved on both sides (his and the girl's) would be affected by the mistake they had made.

Ginny stood there in complete, stunned silence.

Her mouth finally found the ability to close again and her eyes looked slightly less saucer-like.

Her brother Ron, not George?!, had done this?

Had done something this stupid, and reckless, and just plain idiotic?

The shock was unbelievable.

She had possibly expected this from George but Ron?

She never expected it from Ron. She had thought Ron and Hermione's relationship was airtight, like nothing could break it. She never thought he'd cheat on her and ever since they got engaged, Hermione refused to spend the night with Ron until after the wedding, Ginny and Hermione had talked about their pre-wedding plans since they had been sister-like for years and literally were about to be sister's within the year, and so she did not, ever see a baby coming into the picture any time soon, since Ron and Hermione's wedding was very far away. They hadn't planned on getting married for around a year and so she thought that the next baby of the family (since George was apparently too busy to get married or even have a steady girlfriend and Bill and Fleur were way to busy with Victoire to even thing about having a second child yet) that her and Harry would probably be the next to make that little announcement, although she prayed that if and when they did make that announcement that it would go a little better than it was going for Ron.

Suddenly, not just shock, but another emotion washed over her: anger.

He had cheated on Hermione.

Her best friend (next to Harry).

He had completely broken her heart, and she didn't have to see Hermione's face to know that.

Hermione had completely enveloped all the trust and faith her body could hold into Ron and he had done this to her.

She was disgusted that he was her brother.

She was completely ashamed of him, in ways she'd never been before.

This was worse than all those times she'd embarrassed her in front/with one her ex boyfriends *cough cough* Dean *cough cough*.

This was a million times worse.

George just sat there, not sure whether he should leave or not.

Mrs. Weasley was angrier than he had ever seen her in his twenty three years of life.

He'd stay in the room just in case Ron needed a witness later on.

After several moments of awkward silence Mrs. Weasley's face turned back down the color of a rather light red and did something that surprised all the people in the room: she started crying.

Hurriedly, she got to her feet and began to leave, "I'm going to go contact your father, Ronald. We'll discuss this later." she said, going into the kitchen.

She stopped in the doorway and turned around, facing the three of them.

He could see the tear tracks on her face.

It pained his heart, seeing his mother cry like that.

He'd never meant to make her cry.


Her eyes still looked lit with fire as she glared at him, "You best hope he's in a good mood, Ronald Weasley!" she screamed, in her howler-voice that made him think back to his second year at Hogwarts.

She turned and left, wiping her face as she did so.

When she was leaving, at first he had thought that there was going to be no argument, but those last couple sentences proved him wrong.

This was going to be worse than he had anticipated it being.

Ron put his head in his hands for a few moments before moving them to shake his hair around.

Ginny glared at him.

"What's your problem!" He screamed.

"How could you do that to Hermione?" she yelled, disgust echoing in her voice.

He rolled his eyes, "Like you didn't know." he scoffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, come on. You and I both know you already knew. Harry told you! Stop playing innocent!"

"No! He DIDN'T!"

Ron scoffed and gave her a look that said do-I-look-stupid.

Ginny was furious that he didn't believe her.

This was a stupid thing to argue about, but neither of them seemed to care.

"He didn't! I mean... I knew something was up...something about you...but he wouldn't tell me what it was! He said to 'ash Ron! Okay, jerk?!"

She stomped out of the room...she needed to get away from Ron.

She'd come back later for the argument that would possibly be the beginning of World War Three (as Muggles would say), but for now, she needed to get away.

She wished Harry was here.

She knew he'd be able to distract her from the insanity that was life in the Weasley house hold.

Ginny flopped down on her four poster bed and just lied there, trying to take in the events of that afternoon.
Life had changed so drastically in a matter of minutes.

Thinking about how much Ron's life was about to change made her realize how much her life already had.

Being in this room brought back memories of when she first got this bed and all the different 'phases' her walls (which were now currently covered in Holyhead Harpies posters) had been in.

When she had first moved into this room she was ten, she got this bedroom when Ron first went to Hogwarts.

Now, ten years later, she was mere weeks away from spending her last night in her bed in the Weasley household...mere weeks away from no longer even being a Weasley.

She looked down at the engagement ring on her finger.

Engraved on the back were the words: You own my heart. Forever.

The words comforted her whenever she was scared.

Eight weeks.

Two months.

Two life changing words.

Suddenly she was interrupted from her thinking by the sound of her father's old, blue, Ford Anglia pulling in the driveway.

Even though he was a wizard, Mr. Weasley was eternally, immensely interested in Muggle 'contraptions' and used every one he could get his hands on.

To him Muggles were the most fascinating beings on the planet.

She was sure he was going to like Muggles a lot better than his own son in mere minutes; if he didn't already know.

Mr. Weasley didn't get really mad easy (probably where George gets it) but he considers certain things 'disgracing' and this would probably be one of them.

Ginny looked out the window to see Mrs. Weasley talking to him (yelling, looked more like it).

She was sure she knew what her mum was talking about even though she couldn't hear her, and she was not talking about the fact that the needed to de-gnome the garden again.

Her dad had his back turned to her, so she couldn't see his face, although she desperately wanted to.

Finally they started coming to the house and she knew she'd told him: he was angry.

Really angry.

Quietly, Ginny walked in to the family room where Ron and George sat in complete and utter awkward silence.

She sat back down on the edge of a recliner and joined in the awkward silence that the brothers shared.

The sounds of her father's shoes coming closer in the hallway to the family room where they were got louder and louder as he got closer and closer.

Ron's nerves from earlier were nothing compared to what they were now, at this moment.

Nobody breathed in the tense moments that followed; everything was still.

Finally Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walked in to the room.

Ron's eyes met his dad's and then he quickly dropped his gaze.

Mrs. Weasley still looked just as furious as she had earlier, if not more so.

Mr. Weasley finally broke the tense silence, "Ronald. You're mother says you have something to tell me."

Ron looked up.

He knew she'd already told him.

He already knew.

He knew that his dad just wanted to hear it from him, not his wife.

"Well," he began, taking a deep breath, "I'm pretty sure she," he gestured to his mum, "already told you but here goes,"

His dad raised his eyebrows.

"I hooked up with a girl a few weeks ago. She's pregnant...and it's my baby." He said, gulping.

A tiny, miniscule ounce of relief washed over him as he said the last word, the worst was over, right?

Arthur Weasley took a deep breath and put his hand to the back of his neck.

"Not Hermione." He said, fury swarming in his eyes.

Ron shook his head.

All of his brothers always took great pride in respecting women, not hurting them.

Ron just broke those unspoken rules.


This was the part Ron had been dreading.

"Lavender." he grumbled.

Every one in the room (aside from himself and George) gasped.

" mean that curly haired blonde bimbo?" Ginny asked, in utter disbelief.

Ron glared at her, but then nodded, "yeah."

Ginny just burst put laughing, "So let me get this straight you left Hermione for some giggly, uper-stalker that last I knew you didn't even like? Wow, I never really realized I guess how blatantly oblivious you are."

George stifled a laugh, it was kind of funny.

Lavender was completely opposite of Hermione...he couldn't have probably taken any more steps down.

Arthur Weasley turned to his daughter and elder of his two sons in the room, "I think it'd be best if you two escorted yourselves, and your mouths, into the hall. I need to talk to your brother, Ronald...alone."

He glared at his son and he immediately felt ten inches tall.

He wished they would stay...what if he ended up still needing a witness.

Ginny's mouth dropped open. "But, Dad!"

"Go." he said pointing towards the door.

She rolled her eyes and left....she'd been really looking forward to the fight.

"You too." Arthur said to George who was still firmly planted on the sofa.

He didn't argue.


George and Ginny held their ears up to the door and immediately found that they could not hear a bloody thing when they say mouths moving, and now in whispering ways, and so sound.

"Dang." George cried.

Ginny looked at him, "Thought you didn't care?" She said mockingly.

"That's called putting on a show, which I apparently pulled off...who wouldn't want to see this?"

Ginny shrugged, before continuing to the kitchen ,"Where are you going?" George called after her.

"Get something to eat then owl Harry, I guess."

Then it was just George staring at the three people left in the room.


"....this is NOT a joke, Ronald!" Arthur screamed, glaring at his son.

"I never said it was!"

"Well, you're acting like it is!"


"You're treating it like it's no big deal! Inc case you didn't know, it is a big deal!"

"I know I..."

He didn't get to finish that sentence.

"Did you even stop to think about what's going to happen a few months from now? Yeah, right now she's pregnant but that doesn't last forever! Pretty soon you're going to have a BABY to take care of! You two are completely responsible for another human beings life! Did you even stop to think about how this would affect your child?! Do either of you honestly think you are mature and responsible enough to raise a child on your own?!" Arthur Weasley had never been this angry in his entire life.

But, he was completely furious.

Ron ignored all the questions by just scowling at the floor.

His father was right.

Lavender was not even on speaking terms (as she had told his at St. Mungo's) with her parents ever since they found out she was pregnant and she lived with a roommate while he lived in a tiny, one bedroom flat that was absolutely miniscule.

Where were the going to keep a child?

This was a lot of consider.

"Do you even have a plan?!" Mr. Weasley continued.

Ron shook his head, "Not yet."

"Not yet!" Mrs. Weasley screamed, "How far along is she then?"

"12 weeks."

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked at each other, astonished, "and you waited that long to tell us!" they yelled in unison.

Ron shrugged.

"Ronald! That's already 3 months! You've got around six months until there will be a baby here! Arthur and I are not going to raise this baby, if that's what you were counting on!"

"I wasn't counting on that!," total lie, "besides I'm more than responsible enough to take care of a child!"

"Responsible?!" Arthur scoffed.

"You honestly think you're responsible?"

"I am!" Ron thundered back, completely taken a back by the fact that they doubted he was responsible enough to do this on his own.

"You are far from responsible, Ronald Weasley!" Mrs. Weasley yelled, once again using her 'howler voice' as he calls it.

"I am responsible! I helped defeat horcruxes to destroy Voldemort!"

"This has absolutely nothing to do with that, Ronald! You aren't responsible for what you did with Lavender! If you were responsible there would not be a child to take care of! It was your choice with what you did with Lavender and although I think it's wrong, the point isn't that you did it, but that you didn't take precautions! Did you even think about what could, and now did, happen since you didn't use precautions and you weren't responsible?"

" the moment we were kind of preoccupied," Ron said smirking.

Mrs. Weasley sighed, "Ugh, Ronald!," she said slouching down in a chair, "We really do not care for the details. Even ones you think are tiny." she shuddered. She did not care to know what all happened and how it did with Lavender Brown, that was between them and them alone.

"Well, IF, you were truly mature and responsible then you wouldn't have let yourself get so caught up in the moment and you would think to protect yourself and each other!" Mr. Weasley boomed.

Ron's cheeks flamed; his father was right, not that he would ever tell him that.

"After she has the...child, where is it going to live? From what I've heard Lavender's home is party central complete with firewhiskey and people hooking up and or yelling and fighting practically nightly and your flat is barely big enough for you." Mrs. Weasley sighed, her head in her hands.

Yet another thing he had not yet thought about.

He just shrugged.

"Dang it, Ron!" Mr. Weasley screamed, jumping to his feet and knocking over the wooden chair he had since started sitting in. ,"You have to start making some decisions! You made your bed now you have to lie in it! You were stupid enough to get into this mess with that awful girl, now please stop being so bloody irresponsible and man up!"

Ron jumped to his feet," What do you mean by that? 'Man UP?'"

"I think you know bloody well what that means, Ronald! If you didn't want to be with her you should never have gotten with her in the beginning!"

"I'd been drin-"

"I don't care how bloody much you'd been drinking that night, Ronald Weasley! You still made your decision! If you didn't want to be with her you should not have gotten with her in the first place. As a parent, and you are about to be one very soon, it is your responsible to yourself, your family and as a man to take responsibility for your actions and provide for your family and provide a stable house and life for your child!"

The were standing inches away from each other.

Ron's hand kept twitching towards his wand ever since his father had basically said he was not a man.

"Don't you dare pull your wand out at me, Ronald Weasley!" Mr. Weasley yelled, noticing Ron's hand twitch to the bulge in his pocket.

Ron glared at him.

Ms. Weasley was sitting there in silence now, quietly crying into a handkerchief.

Her fury was gone, for now, and the reality of her son's future was setting in.

She knew what Arthur was getting at and Ron was starting to get it too.

"Wait..." Ron yelled, looking his father straight in the eyes, "You don't want me to marry her?!"

This was a curveball he had not seen coming.

His father didn't answer, but Ron would tell by the look on his face that the answer was 'yes'.

His mouth dropped open, "You honestly expect me to marry her?!"

Mr. Weasley nodded.

Ron looked between his parents, "Mum! You can't say you agree with him?!"

"Don't yell at your mother like that!" Mr. Weasley yelled, almost grabbing his own wand.

Mrs. Weasley just nodded.

"I can't believe this," Ron said, storming out, through the door his brother and sister and exited earlier.

He heard his father call after him, "Man up, Ronald! You chose this, no one made you hook up with that girl! You..." His voice got quieter the farther away he got him.

"Hey, how'd it go?" George asked, looking away from the letter he had either received or was writing.

Ron glared at him, "This is your fault!"

George looked thoroughly confused, "Mine?" he stuttered.

"You just had to drag me here didn't you?!" He screamed inches away form George adn acting loike he was about to hex him or something.

"I didn't tell you to be irrespon-"

"DON'T! I already got the irresponsible speech!"

"Well, I didn't tell you to hook up with a girl you don't like and not even think to use protection like some ignorant fifteen year old!"

Ron was shocked that George was the one to yell that, "Whatever! I'm through with this crap!"

Ron stormed a few feet off to a place in the middle of the yard where Ginny was practicing her Quidditch skills.

"How'd it go?"

"Bye, Gin. See you at the wedding." He spat before walking off.

She tried to call after him; to get some sort of explanation.


But he was gone.


Ginny looked at George, both equally confused.
George shrugged, "He made his bed, now he doesn't want to lie in it."

Ron was through with that family.

Especially his father.

Half the stuff he said was true but he couldn't stand to think that his father would treat him like something on the bottom of your shoe.

He was done.

He' go live his own life; his own way, and they'd never have to hear from him again.

It seemed like that was what they wanted anyway.

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"You can't be serious!"

"Those are the rules, Granger." Malfoy said, smirking.

"No, I'd never stoop to that!" Hermione cried.

Were those genuinely the rules? Those were insane.

"Take them the way they are," he stroked the side of her face with his fingers ,"Or I tell everyone the truth. And don't be surprised if my version is edited to make it more interesting...for me"

She reluctantly jerked away from his touch, "You're despicable."

He smirked, "I take it you're in?"

Chapter 11: Let the Games Begin
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Gorgeous chapter image by niika at TDA :D




Hermione sat across from Draco ready to scream from the anticipation he was causing her; making her wait for the rules.

"Here you go," the same blonde beach-bunny-looking waitress said as she held the trays of food, "One for you," she said as she slid Hermione's turkey wrap and fries beside her, "And one, for you." she said leaning over the table to give Draco his burger and onion rings in a way that purposefully gave him a perfect view of her cleavage.

"Thanks," he said and Hermione nodded her 'thanks', annoyed at her obvious bluntness towards her 'boyfriend'.

The girl, whom Hermione now realized had a nametag that read "Bridget" was still standing there, gazing at Draco until Hermione, loudly, cleared her throat getting Bridget's and Draco's attention, "Can we have some privacy, please?"

Bridget glared at Hermione, then plastered an obviously fake smile on her face, "Sure."

She walked off leaving them alone.

Hermione looked at Draco, who was currently eating an onion ring, "So, what are your 'rules?' that you've been talking about?"

Draco looked up from his onion ring and looked at her in mock-shock for a moment, then smirked, "Not so fast, Granger."

Hermione knitted her eyebrows together in a mix of confusion and annoyance.

"No, first I want to hear, why we're doing this? To make Weasley jealous right" He smirked.

She had been able to tell by the look in his face that day in the Ministry when she said that she needed his help and kissed him that he'd understood it had something to do with Lavender and Ron, but he was still unsure as to why. He had a pretty good idea, but he wanted to hear it from her.

Hermione gulped, "A couple months ago...Ron," she took a deep breath, "cheated, on me with her, got pregnant."

She had to fight back the tears from the pain this was causing her. No matter much she hated to admit it, even to herself, she still loved Ron, and couldn't understand how or why he'd done this to her.

A new look appeared on Draco's face, it was...sympathetic?

Hermione looked over and scoffed at his expression, "You don't have to do that." she choked.

His blonde eyebrows knitted together, "Do what?"

"Pretend like you care. "she spat, "Pretend like it's not the funniest thing in the world."

"First off," he began, leaning in towards her, "I don't think it's funny. Well, not for you at least. It's down right hilarious that it happened to him, because she is the most obnoxious human being I've ever met, and I've met a lot of people. Secondly, Why would I laugh at my girlfriend's pain?"

"Gir....Girlfriend?" She choked, confused.

"Well, that is why we're here, isn't it?"


"Oh...right," She said, trying to rack her brains since she was completely out of it.

"Now," he said, leaning across the table towards her, "Let's talk about those rules." he smirked.

She gulped.

"Now, I'm a...reasonable person, so, I just have five rules." He smirked.

"Well..." Hermione said impatiently, ready to get this over with.

"Rule number five: You can not tell anyone. This is our little secret," he said as he took her hand, which in turn, made her heart flutter.

"I'd never dream of it," Hermione choked out.

'One down, four to go. That wasn't so bad, after all.' She thought as she felt her heart settle down.

"Rule Number Four: Act the part. No calling me Malfoy." He said with yet another smirk.

'Again, not so bad' she thought, although she knew it would be weird calling him 'Draco', even if that was his name.

"Rule Number Three:" He continued, despite her obvious annoyance at Rule Number 4, "Go along with what I say." he said, an evil look in his eyes.

Hermione raised her eyebrows, she didn't like situations where she was told what to do, except for at work, and even then she was not thrilled, "Whatever you say?" she questioned, wanting more of an explanation of what that meant, although she doubted he'd give her a straight answer.

"Whatever, I say. Like it or not" he raised his own eyebrows, when he saw the look on her face, "...Unless you want me to tell..."

She cut him off, "No. I'll do it," she growled, "But, just so as to be prepared, what kind of 'things' am I going to be going along with, Malfoy." She growled.

He laughed, and mock shaked his head, "Granger, Granger, Granger, already breaking the rules, which I haven't even finished telling you about? What am I going to do with you."

She glared at him, "Sorry, Draco" she said, in a false voice, "Now, will you please tell me what I'm going to be going along with?" She growled. She already hated this.

He smirked, "Well...I guess we'll have to see about that when the time comes, now aren't we? And believe me, the time will come."

She gulped, he made it sound so terrifying,

He was plotting something; she knew it, and she was going to find out what it was.

"Now, shall I continue?" He asked, with the same evil look in his eyes.

Hermione nodded, completely annoyed at the fact that he knew something, that even included her, and she had no idea what it was.


"Alright," he continued, smirking, "Rule Number Two: You, my lovely girl, are going to be a spy," He stated, rather confidently, no doubt showing anywhere in his face.

Hermione raised her eyebrows, what was he five?

"A spy?" She asked, not sure whether to laugh or be utterly concerned.

He nodded, "A spy." He stated matter-of-factly.

Hermione knitted her eyebrows together, completely confused.

He wanted her to be a spy? For what exactly?

He saw her confusion and laughed, "Confused?" he smirked.

She wanted to lie and say "No.", but not only was it apparent on her face that she had no earthly idea what he was talking about, but also, how was she supposed to do something without, really, knowing what it was for her to do?

She nodded, and a smile played on his lips, "Thought so," he smirked.

Hermione rolled her eyes at his rather vain answer then raised her eyebrows in a way of telling him to spit out what he was talking about already.

"You are going to be a little spy at the Ministry. I want to know what Ron is doing/where he's going." He stated, an evil glint in his eyes.

"Why?" Hermione gasped, taken aback by his latest rule.

"It's not going to make Weasley jealous if he's not constantly reminded of the fact that he's lost you. I want him to be reminded of the fact that he lost you, to me, and for Lavender." He laughed mockingly at her name.

"Lost me?" Hermione spat, "I'm not someone's Barbie, or personal possession!" She screamed, getting to her feet.

"He smirked, also standing up, but not in anger, like Hermione, "Well what would you call it, Granger?" She opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off, "I never said whether I was or was not going to follow my rules," he smirked.

She just glared at him.

"I never said you were'd you put it? A Barbie? What in Merlin's name is a Barbie, anyway?," He continued, and his question made Hermione remember that they were muggle toys and he wouldn't have played with them, probably, anyway, except maybe to blow them up or something, like several muggle boys, "I just want to rub it in his face."

"He's my friend." Hermione spat.

"No, he's not. Friend's don't hurt each other like that. Besides, if you didn't want to play with Weasley , what was even the purpose in this?" Draco growled.

Hermione blushed, "Fine. I'll do it." She growled and started to leave.

"Hold up Granger," he smirked, grabbing on to her hand and forcing her, gently, to turn around and face him. "Not so fast, there's still one more rule,"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "And what is that, Draco?"

He smirked, "Don't fall in love with me."

Hermione laughed aloud, "Like I'd fall for you,"

"You'd be surprised, I hear I'm pretty charming," He fought back, rather amused at the turn of conversation.

"You make me laugh." Hermione said, still giggling.

"Oh, so you don't think I'm someone you'd fall in love with?" He smirked.

"Not with me. You'd just be wasting your bloody time." Hermione fired back.

Draco didn't say anything, but a smirk played at the corner of his mouth.

Before Hermione had time to react, or do anything else, for that matter, he had yanked her forward until she was as close as she could possibly get to him, "We'll see about that." he whispered and then his lips were on hers. He kissed her and it was different than the last time, much different. His lips caressed hers and suddenly she realized this was bliss. He kissed her roughly, although it was not uncomfortable in the least. He was such a better kiss than Ron it was unbelievable. He lifted her off her feet and she popped one of her ankles like in a cheesy romance movie. Before she knew it she was kissing him back. For one of the first times in her life, she didn't care who saw her, and although she knew that when the kiss ended, she'd probably regret it, those thoughts were in the back of her mind. He, Draco, was the only real thing in the world. It was just them. His lips on hers, caressing her in ways she didn't know were possible, what with her being with Ron. It felt like every nerve in her body was on fire. She couldn't help but kiss him back, any one would kiss him back, if he kissed them like this.

After several blissful moments, he set her back down and the kiss was over.

He watched her flushed face and laughed as she struggled to regain her balance.

"Good luck with that," he smirked, knowing fully well what he did to her when he kissed her like that.

Just as soon as her blissful feeling overcame her, it left her as well. She was furious that he played with her like that, "Believe me, luck has nothing to do with it," she spat, although she felt that that may not be true.

"Oh, I think it will," he said, "You kissed me back." he smirked, knowing this would make her angry.

Her face flushed, and she was completely dumbstruck, "I...I..." she stammered, unable to speak like a human being.

"Kissed me back," He finished for he, a half smile toying at the side of his mouth, "So, now you know the rules, at least the ones I have now: No telling anyone, doing what I say, tormenting Ron, acting the part right and, my personal favorite, which I know you are going to break, no falling in love with me. I know they may not all seem so impressive now, but knowing you Granger, we're going to have a ton of fun...well...I am." he laughed.

You can't be serious!" Hermione cried, mainly annoyed that he not only thought that he could control her, but also that he thought she'd fall in love with him. As if.

"Those are the rules, Granger." Malfoy said, smirking.

"No, I'd never stoop to that! I'd never fall for you." Hermione cried, her face still flushed from their rather passionate kiss.

Were those genuinely the rules? Those were insane. Did he honestly think he could control how she talked and basically run her life like a puppet on a string? Did he really thing she'd fall for him?

"Take them the way they are," he stroked the side of her face with his fingers ,"Or I tell everyone the truth. And don't be surprised if my version is edited to make it more interesting...for me"

She reluctantly jerked away from his touch, "You're despicable."

He smirked, "I take it you're in?"

She grimaced, "I'm in. But, you're wrong about that last part. I'm not going to fall for you, but I will be playing this games, and I promise, you're going to be shocked at just how well I can play." she smirked.

He laughed, "Let the games begin."


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"I can't." Ron stammered.

"Oh, come on," the girl pleaded, tracing her fingers up and down the front of his shirt, "Lav doesn't have to know."

"" he stuttered, but she stopped him by putting her fingers to his lips, quieting him.

"Come on, I can show you a fun time," she purred, leaning down and kissing his neck, "please?"

She looked up at him and batted her eyelashes at him, leaning over him.

He gulped, "I can't stay."

She tilted her head to the other side, "You can stay as long as you want. Lavender won't be home for hours."

An evil glint sparkled in her eyes as she started bringing her lips to his.

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Chapter 12: To kiss or not to kiss
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Ron apparated into town, still so furious with his family encounter that he was shaking. Hw could that have really happened? It seemed like it was a dream...err...nightmare or something. There was no possible way he'd walked out, and basically disowned himself from being one the Weasley family members, was there? He knew that he really had done it, but although he was no where near ready to go and apologize, it still hurt seeing the memory of his mum crying. He'd only seen her that upset twice before: once when Percy was being the complete arse of the family and left them, and the other time at the Battle of Hogwarts five years ago when his brother, her son, was killed during an explosion. They were both horrible times, but nothing could compare to the loss of Fred. They mourned every single day for months, although they went on with their lives, they could never quite escape the pain of what had happened. Now, Ron felt, it was going to be just like that. He, and probably his family, would feel the pain from what he'd done.

He walked towards the tall, apartment building ,that Lavender had told him she lived at with determination in his heart. He needed to see her; talk to her.

Although he'd never admit it to them, his parents were right about one thing: he and Lavender were responsible for this baby. He didn't know anything about being a father! The most experience he'd had with babies were with his brother Bill's and Bill's wife Fleur's daughter, Victoire, who absolutely adored him, but all he did was play with her. There was a lot more to taking care of a baby than playing with them, and he knew that.

He stormed towards the building, wrenching open the glass door to the entrance so hard it was a surprise that the door was not lifted off of it's hinges.

When he got inside he calmed down, on the outside, after he saw three large, burly, Aurors talking to some people he guessed lived here, a few feet away.

He walked over to the receptionist desk and after waiting a minute or two slammed his finger on the bell to get someone's attention.

A petite young woman who appeared to be about the same age as himself appeared in front of him in seconds.

Her strawberry blond hair was hut in layers, perfectly etching her slender face. Her blue eyes were the attention grabbers of her face, which lay under long, black eyelashes. He couldn't help but think she looked familiar...

"Welcome to Sandie's Apartment Complex!" She greeted him cheerfully, "How may I-" She stopped dead in the middle of her greeting, her eyes gleaming with recognition, as she looked into his face.

He looked at her warily as her eyes gleamed with excitement and she gasped, as her mouth dropped open.

'Oh, Merlin!' Ron thought, 'A fan.'

This was just exactly what he wanted to deal with right now: fame.

Sure, he had helped The-Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter defeat the darkest Wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, but he was just a normal person. Well...when he wanted to be, sometimes, he did not mind one bit, embracing his fame...this was not one of those time.

He scratched the back of his head, nervously, scared as to what this girl was about to do. Was she going to scream? He really didn't like the screamers.

She ran over to the other side of the desk, towards where he was now, uncomfortably standing.

"Ron!" She screamed giving him a hug that was surprisingly tight, considering she could only possibly weigh a hundred pounds, a hundred and ten, max.

She didn't hug him like all the fan girls did, she hugged him like he was an old friend, someone she'd known her entire life.

He shifted his weight and, noticing how uncomfortable he was, she released her grasp, "Oh, I'm sorry, don't you remember me?" she asked, now unsure if he even knew her at all.

"Um.." he scratched the back of his neck nervously, she looked familiar...

"Hannah Abbott!" She grinned, wanting him to know that she was not some creeper who was just stalking him everywhere he went, she honestly, truly, knew him.

His face changed in to a look of understanding, and suddenly he felt very stupid, but it wasn't exactly like they'd been best friends while they were at Hogwarts...

"Oh, Hannah, how are you?" He asked, doing the best he could to appear to care. At the moment all he could really get his mind to focus on and care about was talking to Lavender.

"I've been really good, me and Neville just celebrated our two year dating anniversary!" She squealed excitedly.

He tried to appear enthusiastic, "That's great," he said, absently, "Hey, I thought you worked at the Leaky Cauldron?"

She smiled, "They're doing some renovations and it's closed for the time being, and Sandie's needed a receptionist I am!" she laughed.

How was she always so happy?

"Cool, hey I'd love to chat, but I'm kind of in a Brown...she lives here right?" He asked, and judging by the look in Hannah's face, she did.

"You're visiting Lavender? Are you two getting back together?" she giggled, going back to other side of the desk and flipping through a giant book, appearing to be looking for something.

"Something like that," he mumbled.

"Ah, room 1576, third floor," she said, bringing her nose out of the book and looking back at him with a smile.

"Thanks," he mumbled, turning to leave.

"Wait!" she called after him, smiling when he, as opposed to keeping going, turned around, "I'll see you later. Neville and I are going to the annual Malfoy Manor Christmas Party here in a few should come. You could bring Lav," she said hopefully.

"I'll remember that," he said, after cringing that the word "Malfoy". It made him think of Hermione. It brought back the memories of that kiss that he gave her in her office. He had no right to kiss her that way. Only he, Ronald Bilius Weasley, had the right to do that. Besides, why would she want to kiss him? He was a much better kisser than Draco, he just knew it.

He walked towards the elevator and pushed the button, waiting for it to open.

The doors opened and out stepped an elderly couple, holding hands.

Seeing them brought back yet another memory of Hermione: the night he had proposed to her, they talked about someday being like that; dying in each other's arms.

Those memories seemed so long ago now.

He got in and punched the 3, annoyed when he found how slow the doors closed, much less how slow the elevator moved.

Merlin, by the time he was out of the elevator, he and Hermione might be that age, even if they weren't in love.

Finally the doors opened revealing a long hallway with doors on either sides lining it.

He repeated the number over and over in his head: 1576. 1576. 1576.

Finally he found it, and knocked loudly on the door.

Loud music was pouring from inside the room and he had to pound on it several times before hearing any footsteps approach the door.

The door opened to reveal a girl, whom he guessed was Lavender's infamous room mate, standing in the door way.

She had black hair that hung in loose curls and dark brown eyes that pierced anything they looked at.

She was absolutely gorgeous.

"Um.." he asked, obviously flustered.

She smirked at his behavior.

She raised an eyebrow at him expectantly.

"IsLavenderhere?" he stumbled, his face glowing when she laughed.

"Come on in." she said.

He walked through the doorway as she shut the door behind him.

Lavender had not been lying: it was very small. The living room was tiny and filled with furniture, books, magazines and a giant flat screen television. The room was decorated in pink and silver and it was extremely girlie.

He sat down on a black loveseat, sinking as he landed.

He was so busy looking around he didn't notice that the girl had sat down next to him, so close that if she moved anymore she'd be on his lap. He put her delicate hand on his shoulder and he jumped and looked over to see her next to him.

"Whoa!" He gasped, as she looked at him, her fingers still on his shoulder.

"Is Lavender here?" he choked.

The girl shook her head no and giggled, moving her fingers up and down his shoulder, "She's visiting her friend in Paris for the day."

"I'm Valerie, by the way," she said, smiling seductively at him.

He grimaced, "Ron."

"I know, Lavender's told me all about you," she continued.

"Oh, has she?" he asked, wishing he hadn't showed up.

"mmhhm" she murmured.

Before he knew it, she was leaning in to kiss him, he jerked his head away, quickly, realizing what she was doing.

"I can't." Ron stammered.

"Oh, come on," the girl pleaded, tracing her fingers up and down the front of his shirt, "Lav doesn't have to know."

"" he stuttered, but she stopped him by putting her fingers to his lips, quieting him.

"Come on, I can show you a fun time," she purred, leaning down and kissing his neck, "please?"

She looked up at him and batted her eyelashes at him, leaning over him.

He gulped, "I can't stay."

She tilted her head to the other side, "You can stay as long as you want. Lavender won't be home for hours."

An evil glint sparkled in her eyes as she started bringing her lips to his.

Her lips brushed his, but before she could go any further who jerked his head up and sprang to his feet, "I can't!" he screamed, although he desperately wanted to. But, if he did, he would hurt yet another person and possibly not get to be involved with his son or daughter's life, if he hurt her. It was just not worth the risk. Whether he cared about his or her mother or not, he cared about that baby.

A lot.

"Good Job." she said, a real, genuine smile, forming on her face as she got to her feet and adjusted her shirt which was currently twisted.

He looked at her, confused, but before she had time to answer his unspoken questions, he heard a squeal and looked to see Lavender standing in the doorway.

He looked between them and then he realized what had happened, "You set me up. It was a trick." He said.

It was not a question, it was a statement.

Valerie and Lavender both nodded and then Lavender walked over to him, taking one of his hands in her own, "And you passed, Won-Won!" she squealed.

He looked at her, confused.

"I just wanted to know if you really cared about me. Now, I know that you do!" she squealed, excitedly.

Ron half-grinned, "How'd you know I was coming?"

"Hannah told me." She said, matter-of-factly.

He nodded.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" She asked, taking a seat on a sofa, upon which he sat next to her.

"What else? The baby." He stated.

She smiled and put her hands on her stomach, "I just love this baby. I never knew you could love something so much without ever seeing it."

Ron had never seen her so serious about anything before, it was a nice change.

He nodded, "Lav, have you thought about adoption?"

He wasn't sure how she would react to this question, especially after what she had just said.

She looked at him and her eyes glittered with a look he could not place.

She shook her head, "Never"

" you think we should think about it?" He asked, not sure how much he should push it.

"No. If you want out..." he cut her off, "Lav, I'm not going anywhere. I just want to are we going to take care of a baby? Where is it going to live?"

She remained unfazed, "With us. We can do this, Ron." she encouraged.

He remained unsure, "I don't know, Lav. I don't think it's that simple."

She smiled, gripping his hand, "We'll be taken care of. We're not the first people in this situation, and we won't be the last."

"I know, but, we have to do what's best for the baby."

"And being with his parents is best for him!" she said, the serious tone of her voice still going strong.

He arched an eyebrow, "Him?"

She blushed, "I think it's a boy. It just feels like it's a boy..." she said, although she'd never been pregnant before she honestly believed that her child was a son.

He nodded, "they say mum's know best..." he said although he inside thought it was a girl, but since he'd already brought up adoption, he didn't dare disagree with her about anything else, if he could help it.

She smiled, "yeah...we can do this, Ron." she stated, sure of it.

"I don't know if I can." he said slowly, embarrassed to admit it.

She smiled got to her feet and left the room, for unknown reasons.

Ron buried his head in his arms and was unaware of Lavender's return until she placed her hand on his leg.

He looked up and saw her sitting next to him, clutching something in her hand.

She handed him the picture and saw it was from the scan a few weeks ago.

He felt proud seeing that baby.

His baby.

Their baby.

Lavender took one of his hands and placed it on the bump on her stomach, "This is our baby. Not someone else's. Ours. We wouldn't have been given this baby if we couldn't handle it. Our baby needs us."

In that moment he realized she was right.

In that moment he made a promise to himself that he would take care of that baby,

No matter how hard it was...they could do it.

He looked at Lavender, who was gazing down at the sight of his hand on her stomach and suddenly, this was all that mattered. Lavender and the baby were his life now. Whether it was what he planned or not, this was his life. This was his family now. Him and Lavender and this baby.


Hermione looked around the crowded pub, nervously. Everyone had been staring during her and Draco's mini make-out session, but it seemed that now nearly every had returned to what they had been doing, whether it was eating, talking, reading the prophet etc, but there were a few that were still watching and even a few that were whispering something obviously about her because they kept whispering.

"...and Draco Malfoy? Why would he want her!" One young woman exclaimed whom she now noticed was one of the death eaters from that fateful night, but had obviously escaped from being put in Azkaban.

Well that's rude. Hermione thought, even though she knew eavesdropping was rude also.

She knew she shouldn't keep eavesdropping but another conversation between two young girls, who looked to be about sixteen caught her attention.

"Weasley and that Brown girl?"

"Yeah, that's what I heard!"

"Rebounding with Malfoy?"

"Yeah, he probably just feels sorry for her, it's obvious what happened..."

Hermione felt her blood boil.

She knew what she was about to do was probably stupid, but she did it anyway before she could stop herself.

She marched over to their table and slapped her hands down on the table, glaring at the girls who were obviously taken aback by this.

"Look, it is of none of your concern about my relationship. I broke it off with HIM, not the other way around. And, Draco and I are happy, so don't get your jealous envies in a twist just because Draco is with me, not you." she growled.

Normally she would have never acted like this, but after Draco's smug little outburst about how she's going to fall in love with him, anything could tick her off at that moment.

Neither of the girls said anything, they just looked around, ashamedly, and their faces flushed.

Hermione gained control of herself and turned around to see that behind the counter, the waitress that was obviously smitten with Draco was shooting daggers at her, because she'd obviously seen their kiss.

Hermione felt her face flush and left, eager to go back to her own flat, away from all the craziness.

This was going to be an interesting ride.

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Well...enough of my rambling, here's your sneak peek!

Hermione craned her neck, eagerly trying to 'accidentally' over hear Lavender's phone conversation, which was apparently important enough for her to leave the room, away from Ron.

"You listen to me, Davies," She spat into the phone, her sugary voice, now not so sweet, "If you tell any one..." she trailed off, and Hermione wished she could hear what was going on on the other end of that phone call.


That name was familiar...why was she talking to him?

"No, he does not know, nor does he need to! We are perfectly happy, now stop calling me!"

Hermione waited several moments while Lavender listened.

She was keeping something from Ron...but what?

Drama! Drama! Drama! What is perfect little Lavender keeping from Ronald Weasley...hmm....

Chapter 13: Pushing Me to the Edge
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Hermione walked in to the Ministry for the first time since her date with Draco and was so happy that all her troubles her seemingly behind her. Now that she'd talked to Draco and the plan was in full motion for both of them, she no longer had to worry about Ron not believing her anymore, seeing as Draco was on board to, right? And he' d be way to smart to pick a fight with Draco, wouldn't he? Besides, he has Lavender...

She sat down at her desk and looked at all the papers on her desk and suddenly she was very happy. Most people don't like work and can not wait to be away...Hermione was not one of those people. She thrived on having stuff to do. It always made her feel useful and important, she actually enjoyed it.

She got to work and before she knew it, she'd made a steady rhythm and was completely back to the way her life normally is. Except....

She couldn't get Mal...err...Draco out of her mind. She kept going back over and over that kiss, insisting to herself that it did not mean anything, but also reminding her brain that you can't kiss some one like that, and it not mean at least a tiny something....

She filled out paper after paper, glad to be back in her office, with her own rules.

But still, her nagging voice in her head about Draco and his rules wouldn't shut up.

When Ron got here, she was sure to begin her first mission as a spy. That would, indeed, be weird, seeing as she was never one to intrude upon people's personal lives and would be utterly offended if someone did it to her. But, he did hurt her and they were no longer friends and especially no longer anything more and they were both moving on. He was currently at an unknown to her relationship status with Lavender Brown and they were expecting a baby and she was pretending to be dating Draco Malfoy. Yeah, she's moving on all right.

She was getting settled in to a really good work routine when a voice caught her attention.

She looked up to see Ron walking hand in hand with the laughs-way-too-loudly Lavender Brown. She still felt a slight version of that icy pain from her still broken heart, stabbing her chest. Even though they were both moving on, obviously, you can't really move on more than by having a baby with another girl, it still hurt. After ten years of friendship and four years of romance, it was hard saying goodbye like this; without any warning. She'd always thought that they'd be together, forever. They'd get married, have their own family and die in each other's arms. Sure, it may be cheesy, but who cares? All she had always wanted was Ron to love her with the same undying devotion she felt towards him, but apparently he no longer felt that way, no matter how many times he told her he did. He was with Lavender now; she had to move on.

Ron and Lavender walked, towards his office, all the while laughing and joking at some joke that was completely unknown to her.

Draco's voice echoed in her head about being a spy.

She had to follow the rules here too, right?

Goosebumps crawled on her skin, was someone watching her?

Draco had said, which she heard with her own ears, that she had to follow the rules. Did that apply even when he was not around? Was he around? Did he hire someone, it's not like he doesn't have money, to watch her to make sure she followed his rules? Just the idea that someone was stalking her made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

"Oh, C'mon, Lav, really?" Ron laughed.

"Yes, really!" she squealed excitedly.

Hermione craned her ears to listen and when they went in to Ron's office, it just became too much, she couldn't hear, and she doubted she was supposed to repeat that conversation to Draco on their next date...whenever that was.

What were the consequences if she did break a rule? Was it going to be something horrible or did it depend on each rule what the punishment would be?

Getting up as quietly as possible she snuck in to the hall, making sure no one was watching and crouched down so as neither of them could see her and leaned against the wall, straining to hear the conversation.

She felt rather odd and child-like as she sat down there, trying to eavesdrop.

Sitting there made her think of all those childish times she had done that to her parents when they'd sent her from the room when she was small and they wanted to talk without her hearing, normally because it was around birthdays/ Christmas', which she had known and desperately wanted to know what she was getting. Those times seemed so far away now, but also closer to her heart than ever before. All those times her parents had some how known and seemed to talk at just the level where she could hear whispering sounds, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

The difference, however, between then and now is that not only is she a grown, adult woman who is spying at her place of work, but she is spying on an ex-boyfriend and his...what ever she was to she could basically stalk him and make his life hell with her ex-enemy turned pretend boyfriend. The phrase things get more complicated the older you get, is in no way an exaggeration.

She strained to hear the conversation and when she finally could hear, she was shocked by the subject of conversation.

Their conversation was no longer the sweet, sappy, giggly conversation it had appeared to be moments before. Now, Lavender seemed ready to kill or at least harm her...(boyfriend?).

Perhaps, it was her hormones.

Those were supposed to be out of proportion now, right?

"You want her back!" Lavender cried, not as a question, but as a statement.

"I do not!" Ron fought back and she figured that he was looking at her with that look he normally gave people when they said something he denied, whether he was being sincere or not.

"Then why do you want to go that bloody Malfoy party?!" She spat, obviously annoyed.

What party?

"I never said I did! I only said Hannah mentioned it!"


Hannah Abbott?

"Well, why else would you bring it up? You know that she's dating that Malfoy bloke so why go unless you want to get her back!" Lavender cried, tears starting to sting her eyes.

What Hermione could not see was that as she said this, Ron gave her a sympathetic look, he used to only give her when she was in pain, and pulled her in to his arms, "I'm with you Lav. You and that baby are my life now. I have no desire to be with Hermione any more. It's just you. The feelings I had for Mi...err... Hermione are long gone. It's. Only. You." he stated as he held her in his arms.

Hermione felt her heart break even more.

That was probably the worst thing he could have said about her.

She fought back the tears, knowing fully well that if she let her emotions over come her, she'd end up doing something she regretted.

Lavender smiled ruefully in to his chest, knowing she'd gotten what she wanted.

"You okay now?" He asked, brushing away a tear that had managed to stick to her cheek.

She nodded, keeping a solemn face, while inside she was gloating that she'd gotten him to say exactly what she'd wanted him too. She'd gotten him to say that he was over her, out loud, and whether he meant it or not, he'd said it, and that made all the difference.

"How about we go out to dinner Friday night, to make it up to you?" He asked, peering in to her eyes.

A smile formed on her face.

"Is that a yes?"

"Of course," she grinned the fake-pain from moments before completely gone.

"How about Monroe's Delicacies? I hear it's supposed to be good..." He was cut off when Lavender squealed with excitement and jumped up and down like a small child.

"That'd be great!" She squealed.


Well, it looks like she and Draco do have plans after all on Friday night.

Hermione went back to her office, trying to take in the whole conversation.

He no longer cared about her? We'll see about that. Friday night, she was going to be playing Draco's game very well so she could see just how far she could push Ron's buttons.

She was angrily scribbling away, filling out one of the many papers on her desk when Lavender's voice rang out through her office. Looked through the tiny window she was Lavender was in the hall way, quietly arguing with some one on a small phone.


Hermione pushed herself to be best spy possible.

She walked over to the wall and craned her neck, trying to hear what was going on.

Hermione craned her neck, eagerly trying to 'accidentally' over hear Lavender's phone conversation, which was apparently important enough for her to leave the room, away from Ron.

"You listen to me, Davies," She spat into the phone, her sugary voice, now not so sweet, "If you tell any one..." she trailed off, and Hermione wished she could hear what was going on, on the other end of that phone call.


That name was familiar...why was she talking to him?

"No, he does not know, nor does he need to! We are perfectly happy, now stop calling me!"

Hermione waited several moments while Lavender listened.

She was keeping something from Ron...but what?

"Davies, so help me, if you mention it to him..."

Hermione wished desperately that the could hear what was going on, on the other end of the strained phone call.

"...I got him, she didn't...."

Wait...was this about her?

"You stupid prat, I'm not letting him know that..."

Letting him know what?

Hearing only half a conversation is really annoying.

"It was in the past. I'm through with that chapter in my life; your chapter in my life!"

Whoa....had she had a fling with Davies?

"I'm moving on, now. I'm done with your sick little game!" she spat.

"Hermione!" A voice squealed and she jumped around to see a grinning Ginny Weasley (soon to be Ginny Potter) standing in her office.

"Hey, Ginny," she said absently, hoping to hear what else was going on with Lavender.

Ginny ignored the fact that her friend was currently on the floor and carried on with what she wanted to tell Hermione.

"No, I never told anyone about....that!" Lavender growled as Ginny continued talking.

"Hermione, I've got to tell you the most exciting thing ever!" She squealed.

Hermione saw Lavender slap the phone closed and she knew her opportunity was over.

"What?" she said slowly.

Ginny smiled brightly, but before she could speak Hermione spoke again, "Oh, gosh, you're not pregnant too are you?" she said.

Ginny's face turned in to a look of surprise and her eyebrows knitted together, "'s not it..." she said slowly, laughing at her best friend, "not unless you know something I don't!"

Hermione smiled and although it might not have been the right emotion, she was relieved.

"Well then what is it?" Hermione asked, excited for good news...she needed good news.

"You my wonderful friend need to come to Diagon Alley this evening," she said, smiling.

Oh Merlin.

What was she talking about?

"Why..." Hermione said slowly.

"To pick out our dresses of course! You can't expect the bride to walk down the aisle with her maid of honor in jeans, can you?" she giggled.

Hermione's eyes widened, "M-ma-maid of honor?!" she choked,

"As opposed to who?" Ginny laughed, "of course you're my maid of honor"

Hermione hugged her friend, this was the exact thing she needed to take her mind off of Ron and Draco's game and Lavender's hushed phone call.

"So, are you up for some shopping tonight?"

A night where there would be no pressure to follow Draco's rules, since Ginny was not even aware she him? Yes, please!

"Of course!" Hermione smiled.

"Great. Hey, I never got to say that...I'm really sorry about Ron..."

"It's's not your fault." Hermione attempted a small smile.

"I'm sorry you're hurt, and that he's such an ignorant prat, but at least he's stuck with Lavender never-shuts-her-mouth Brown!" Ginny laughed.

"True." Hermione sighed.

"I always knew something was wrong with her...I never understood why you wanted the be with him 'that way' anyway...."

"Me neither," Hermione laughed, now that he'd shown his true colors, the idea was completely ridiculous, how had she never seen it before?

"Yeah, but look at it this way, now you're out. And you didn't up like Lavender!" Ginny laughed.

"True," Hermione sighed, she'd much rather be out of the relationship with out a child than out of it with one.

"Yeah, so shopping tonight's ok, right?"

Hermione nodded, which put a big grin on Ginny's face, "Great. Besides I've been needing to talk to you about something anyway..." she drew out the last part.

Hermione gulped, "What's that?"

"When were you planning on telling me that were dating Draco?"


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Here's your preview, Enjoy!!!!:

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His eyes suddenly grew dark, "So are you still with Malfoy?" he spat the name through clenched teeth.

Hermione felt her anger rise, "Not that it's any of your concern whatsoever, but yes, I am still with Draco and we're really happy, Ronald."

He grimaced at the name, "Why?"

"I...I like him. A lot. Not that you deserve an answer to that though!" she paused before continuing, " He's a better guy than you give him credit for!"

"He's a death eater!"

"WAS a death eater!"

"People don't change!"

"Obviously they do, or we'd still be together!" Hermione growled.

Ron was speechless, completely, totally, dumbstruck; how dare she turn this on him!

"Hello, love," a new voice said, and the next thing they knew, Draco Malfoy was kissing the top of Hermione's head as he hugged her from behind.

Well this just got a little more awkward.


Awkward! LONG preview though(: Things are really tense between Ron and Hermione already, throw in Draco and things could heat up really fast.

Chapter 14: Causing Tensions
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Hermione stared at her friend, her breath caught in her chest.

How had she...Harry.

Harry was at the Ministry that day, it must have been him. Either him or it had to be Harry. Why would Ron do that? Last she heard from Harry, who heard from Ginny who was there, Ron basically disowned himself and decided to never come to the burrow again. Why would he point that out too...

No, it had to be Harry.

Hermione's anger boiled inside her, 'He's gonna wish he was facing Voldemort when I get through with him!' she thought.

Sure, it wasn't actually his fault, but, he had no right to tell Ginny something that she would have eventually (probably) told her.

How exactly was she supposed to explain this one? She was not allowed to tell anyone, and surely that included Ron's baby sister.

"'t had time to?" Hermione whispered, knowing how lame it sounded.

Ginny tilted her head to the side in a way that said 'do-I-look-like-an-idiot-to-you?'

"Fine. I..." she trailed off when she saw a tall, blonde man with his back to her in Ron's office.

'Oh Merlin, he's following me.'

Before she could hyperventilate though, the man turned around and she was relieved to see that it was not Draco.

'Calm down, Hermione. Calm down.' She told herself.

Ginny raised her eyebrows expectantly and Hermione had to remember that the little scare she'd had had been only visible to her. As far as Ginny knew, she just didn't want to answer.

"Oh, right," Hermione continued, "I thought you'd be angry."

That had to be the lamest excuse in the history of lame excuses.

"Angry?" Ginny repeated, questioningly.

Hermione gulped, praying that she wouldn't blow up because she'd kept this from her. So far, she didn't look angry, just a little annoyed and rather confused.

"Hermione, I'm not angry. Maybe a little upset that you kept it from me," she paused, "But after discovering Ron's 'secret life', I think I can handle it." she laughed.

Hermione felt her heart start working right again.

Thank Goodness, she wasn't mad.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you..." Hermione smiled, lightly,

Ginny laughed, "Yeah, I was a little shocked when I heard, especially since I heard from Mrs. Harper," she laughed.

Hermione raised her eyebrows, "Who?"

"The receptionist. Yeah, she was gabbing away with some girl about it, and then I just had to butt in," she laughed.

"Wh-What did she say?" Hermione stuttered, what if the receptionist...err...Mrs. Harper know? Did she hear the beginning? Did she know it was a set up?

"She was talking about how one second Draco was filling out something for work and then she left to go get a copy of something, said she was only gone a couple seconds, but when she came back you two were playing tonsil hockey," she laughed, "apparently, someone's not as modest as she's pretended to be!" Ginny howled with laughter, as Hermione's face flushed.

"Are you done?" Hermione asked, as Ginny's laughter subsides and she started breathing once again.

"I guess," Ginny mumbled.

"Good," Hermione said, feeling some of the extra color drain from her face.

Ginny watched her watch and her eyes widened, "Oh Merlin! Hey, I've got to go, I'll meet you in Diagon Alley at six?"

Hermione nodded, "Great, because I want to know all the details behind your little love connection with Malfoy.

Hermione nodded in a way that said "ok" as Ginny rushed out of the room.

Apparently her 'relationship' wasn't as unknown as she'd thought...


Lavender rushed out of the Ministry, eager to apparate to Davies' flat so she could give him a piece of her mind.

She threw the phone in her purse like it was something toxic and prayed that the confrontation wouldn't end badly.

How dare he have the nerve to bring that up!

How could he have the nerve to bring up...what happened.

She was definitely having one of those I-know-what-you-did-last-summer moments.

How could she repeat what had...been on with them.

She was with Ron and had just become thirteen weeks along in her pregnancy and he was not going to come along and ruin this.

No matter what he thought he had on her, it was nothing that could be proven; that could be traced to her, not anymore...right?

Those days were long over, right?

She was taken away, quite abruptly, from her thoughts when the door opened revealing a shirtless, and surprisingly muscular Roger Davies standing in the door way. His dark brown hair was shorter now and looked like girly and shaggy, and his dark brown eyes stared in to her hazel ones.

He smirked, "Fancy seeing you here, Lav. You just couldn't stay away could you?"

She said nothing and he let his eyes wander down, taking in her appearance, pausing when he saw the bump, "So, you weren't lying."

She shook her head, knowing what he was talking about: the baby.

He put a hand on her shoulder and she jumped, "Chill, Lav. C'mon inside."

She was uneasy entering his flat, but she had to talk to him. There were some things they needed to get clear. But, she couldn't help but remember the last time she was here...


"Finally!" Hermione sighed as the clock read five forty-five and she could leave to go dress shopping.

She, Hermione Jean Granger, was excited to be going shopping. Dress shopping.

Had her heartbreak really made her brain warp in to something different than what it had been pre-Lavender?

She finished up the paper she was filling out and shut down her computer, ready to leave.

Once everything was Hermione approved she walked out smiling, finally at a happy point in her life once again.

She walked out of her office with a smile, even going as far as to say "hello" to several people she passed.

When she reached the front of the Ministry, she saw Ron and Harry having a seemingly tense conversation by an abandoned desk.

"Hermione!" Harry called and when he caught her attention, he waved her over there, to talk to them.

Oh Merlin.

"Mione, how are you?" Ron gasped, flustered by her appearance, apparently unaware that seeing as they were no longer together his days of calling her that had ended or that she had overheard what he'd said about her in his office to Lavender.

She ignored that pessimistic voice in her head and went ahead and smiled, "Good, no great actually. Everything's going really well." she smiled, "What about for you?"

She honestly did not care, and just really wanted to leave, especially since she was supposed to be meeting Ginny.

He smiled, "Everything's as good, I guess," he said, although she could tell that this is not what he wanted to ask her about.

His eyes suddenly grew dark, "So are you still with Malfoy?" he spat the name through clenched teeth.

Hermione felt her anger rise, "Not that it's any of your concern whatsoever, but yes, I am still with Draco and we're really happy, Ronald."

He grimaced at the name, "Why?"

"I...I like him. A lot. Not that you deserve an answer to that though! He's a better guy than you give him credit for!"

"He's a death eater!"

"WAS a death eater!"

"People don't change!"

"Obviously they do, or we'd still be together!" Hermione growled.

Ron was speechless, completely, totally, dumbstruck, hw dare she turn this on him!

"Hello, love," a new voice said, and the next thing they knew, Draco Malfoy was kissing the top of Hermione's head as he hugged her from behind.

Well this just got a little more awkward.

Hermione blushed as Draco held her around the waist and Ron felt his blood boil.

He had no right to do that whether he was her...boyfriend...or not.

Just thinking the word sent shivers up his spine: boyfriend.

Why would she even want someone like Malfoy for her boyfriend anyway? And since when did she call him Draco! She'd always hated him (and vice versa), always. hated. him. She punched him when they were thirteen and they'd been bitter enemies since they were 11. Why had that suddenly changed?

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" Ron spat, glaring at the blonde bloke hugging Hermione.

"Visiting my girlfriend, Weasley," Draco spat back, smirking at the way Ron's face was currently scrunched up in pure anger.

Hermione's face flushed slightly, and she had to fight off her desire to pry him off of her. She still had not quite gotten the hang of this game yet...and the idea of being his girlfriend...this was the same she'd hated at Hogwarts.

He was vile, cruel, each year when he came back to Hogwarts after summer vacation he was even worse, each year he was even more horrible. It was like each summer was worse to him...

'But the years since Hogwarts have been extremely good to him' Hermione thought, unable to control herself.

He was not nearly as lanky as before, and he had muscles! Not overly muscular like a wrestler or anything but he was definitely toned. His arms wrapped around her and she could see his muscles jumping out at her. His stomach was as flat as a board and she just knew he had a six pack. Were all Quidditch players, with the exception of Ron, this toned? She should have been with a Quidditch player a long time ago...Quidditch had done good things for Draco Malfoy...

Whoa...was she seriously thinking about Draco, that way, again?
Hermione regained control of her thoughts that were far from what she knew she should be thinking of and tried to get in to the moment. She was going to play this game, well, and she was going to win. She wouldn't let Draco get the satisfaction of her losing.

"Get. Your hands. Off her." Ron spat through clenched teeth.

"Not likely," Draco smirked and tightened his grip around Hermione's waist.

"If you know what's best for you, you'll let her go." Ron growled.

Draco scoffed, clearly amused, "Is that so?" he mused.

Ron clenched his fists.

"Jealously really is an ugly trait on some people," Draco scoffed.

"I'm about two seconds away from knocking that smirk off your face, Malfoy!" he spat, his body shaking.

He was the only one who had the right to hold and kiss Hermione like that.


Ronald Weasley.

Not Draco thinks-he's-some-kind-of-god Malfoy.

"What's a matter Weasley? Brown realized that even she could do better? Which is saying something, I might add."

Ron's eyes narrowed, "Watch it, Malfoy."

"Make me Weasel."

"I think I will!"

"I'd like to see you try," Draco scoffed.

Ron drew his wand in record time, but Draco had beaten him to it.

They stood with their wands facing each other, ready to fight.

However, Harry had beaten both of them to the punch, "Oi! Take this somewhere else. This is not the place." Harry growled moving his wand back and forth between his friend and Draco.

Draco and Ron glared at each other, glaring at each other with stares that put the stares of Ginny and Molly Weasley (nearly) to shame, and that was saying something.

"Why not! This punk needs to be taken down a notch!" Ron screamed, oblivious to the fact that that people were now gathering around the once empty spot, eager to watch the fight.

They were all being just like Dean and Seamus always were in the Hogwarts corridors (particularly Seamus) when people fought.

How old were they, thirteen?

People were watching eagerly, and a few young people were whispering excitedly together, but some people watched, but looked at them with a McGonagall-worthy stern glare, like they were ashamed this was going on here.


"Lower your wand, Ron." Harry whispered furiously. He was in charge and he refused to have this going on, he would not allow it.

Ron continued glaring at Draco, who looked more amused than angry.

"Ron, lower your wand, Now." Harry whispered, angrier now that Ron was not taking his authority seriously.

"No, I think I'm going to have to teach this prat a lesson!" Ron yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Harry squinted his eyes together and talked to Ron in a volume so low he would be the only one with the ability to hear it, "Ron. Lower your wand, or get out."

He hated saying that to his friend, but he refused to risk his job and the ministry's reputation all because Ron was jealous of Draco.

Ron subconsciously lowered his wand while he looked at his friend in disbelief: Had he seriously just played that card on him?

Draco smirked and tucked hid wand in to his jacket pocket.

"Are we understood?" Harry questioned, using his professional voice, the 'concerned friend' tactic hadn't worked, and this was the next thing that came to mind.

Ron nodded, anger at his words making Ron's blood boil.

"Good. Now everyone, clear out. There's work to be done and none of that work will be getting done gawking in the hallway." Harry said, as the crowd began clearing out.

Harry nodded to each of them and left, presumably to his office, leaving Ron, Draco and Hermione standing there in an awkward silence.

"Well," Hermione began, blushing when they looked at her, "I better be going, I'm supposed to meet Ginny in Diagon Alley, and I'm already late."

Ron just glared at Draco, oblivious to Hermione's words.

"Alright, see you later, love." Draco whispered kissing her on her forehead, which sent shudders down her spine.


She loved the way he said that, it sounded so...right.

She didn't have feelings for Draco, not after all they'd been through before, but this 'game' could work to her advantage. In fact, it might not end up so bad, after all....

She glanced between them one last time and then apparated to go meet a probably annoyed Ginny. She was eager to be out of there, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

After she was gone, Draco smirked and Ron found his words again, "You got lucky, Malfoy. Next time, Harry won't stop me from hexing the hell out of you." Ron snarled, annoyed when Draco looked unfazed.

"Good luck with that, Weasel." he smirked, apparating out of the ministry leaving Ron alone with his thoughts.

He'd been genuinely serious, though.

He and Draco would settle this, sooner or later.

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And whatever is Lavender hiding with Roger Davies that she's keeping from Ron that apparently is important enough to go visit him? Is this baby really Ron's? Or is it Davies? Or maybe it's about something else, besides the baby, entirely? All will be answered...eventually.(: Lavender is only thirteen weeks along, so this story is far from over lol's your preview!! Enjoy!!

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Hermione nodded, "Teddy and Victoire are going to look so cute together, wearing their little wedding outfits!" she squealed.

"I'm sure they're going to be thrilled," Ginny said mockingly, "when we were at dinner a few nights ago, her and Teddy were the only little kids there, but they were both doing the cooties thing. Victoire thinks Teddy is gross since he's a boy. He thinks she's disgusting because she's a girl, blah ,blah, blah." she laughed.

"I remember when I used to be that way," Hermione sighed, laughing to herself.

Ginny raised her eyebrows, "Ron's cooties never went away Hermione."

"Not Ron," Hermione laughed, "No, there was this little boy down my street named Christopher, our parents were old friends, so growing up we were always around each other. We never got along, until one day...that changed." Hermione laughed.

"And just how did that change?" Ginny pushed.

"Him and his family were over at our house for New Year's when we like eight or nine, and of course, we had to stay up too, so when the clock struck twilight, they all kissed each other and he kissed me. It was so sweet. I remember everyone that saw was so shocked. No one was more shocked than I was though." Hermione laughed, enjoying her little stroll down memory lane.

"Well, you obviously don't think boys have cooties any more since you apparently spend half your time with your tongue down Draco Malfoy's throat!" Ginny laughed as Hermione's faced flushed.

"I..." She was cut off by two familiar voices.

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Chapter 15: Dress Shopping
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Hermione half-ran down the brick path, looking left and right for Ginny. Ginny hadn't told her what shop she'd was going to be waiting for her at, so she was just happy she made it to Diagon Alley. But, she was already late, so she needed to find her, before she thought that she'd decided not to show up at all. She pushed herself to keep going, nearly running over several small witches, most of whom were probably young Hogwarts students. She got several, "Hey's!" from some old women which she nearly knocked down and several, "Slow downs!" from some mothers whose children had almost been ran over, but she didn't care. She didn't want her friend to think that she didn't want the job or that she wasn't taking her Maid of Honor duties seriously. Besides, she hated being late.

Finally she saw a red haired young woman standing a few yards away, "Ginny!" Hermione yelled, so happy to have found her friend. Ginny glared at her, obviously annoyed with her lateness.

Before Ginny could get any annoyed words out of her mouth, Hermione was apologizing, "Gin! I'm so sorry! I got held up and," Ginny cut her off, by holding up one of her hands.

"Hermione, it's ok. Now, let's go pick out your Maid of Honor dress!" Hermione nodded, sighing in relief.

Thank goodness Ginny was so understanding.

They found the bridal shop and as soon as they were inside they decided this had to be a dream. A wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous dream. There were bridal dresses everywhere, on racks from floor level to the peak of highly vaulted ceiling that surely needed magic to get down. There were veils of every color, size, design and of every fabric floating on a shelf underneath the dresses. Ginny saw that they had everything she could possibly need for her wedding here: Bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Maid of Honor dresses, flower girl dresses and tuxes ranging from infant size, for the little ring bearers, no doubt to full grown Hagrid sized ones (that is a big tux). There were bouquets of flowers on one of the long walls. Roses, daisies, daffodils, lilies, jasmine, every flower you would ever need. They were both completely awestruck by the size of the place and by the gorgeous decorations. Her and Harry had said that they didn't want a big, huge, fancy wedding, but this place could easily make her change her mind.

Before she could get too enthralled by the beauty of the store, which was honestly beyond gorgeous, a young salesperson appeared by their side.

"Hello, there!" she greeted cheerfully, smiling warmly at them.

The woman, who was probably mid-twenties, had golden blonde hair and green eyes that were slightly duller than Harry's emerald ones.

"Hello!" Ginny smiled, happy to have an assistant helping her, seeing as she had never planned a wedding and had certainly never been the bride of a wedding before. She'd been to tons of weddings and was in them for several of them but had never done a lot of the planning, and although she'd never admit it to anyone but herself, she was overwhelmed and really needed the help.

"Can I help you find anything?" the woman, whose nametag read Holly, asked cheerfully.

"Um...that'd be great. I'm looking for my maid of honor dress for my friend." she said, gesturing towards Hermione.

"Any particular colors or styles you're looking for?"

"Well, I think I want a pastel kind of thing, it's really neutral, so I'm thinking, like a light pink shade?" Ginny said, confidently.

The woman nodded, "Any style preferences?"

"I'm thinking I want it to be long, but I really like the idea of a cinched waist," Ginny said, sounding completely sure of herself, but Hermione could tell by the look on her face that this was acting and she was not nearly as confident as she was making herself out to be, although she highly doubted that Ginny would ever admit it or that Holly would be able to tell.

"Alright, follow me." Holly said and she lead them to the back of the store where there was machine in the middle of it.

She walked over to it and started pressing different buttons while Hermione and Ginny watched in pure confusion.

What in Merlin's name was she doing?

Was she completely bonkers?

"Alright," she said, clasping her hands together.

Moments later dozens of pastel pink dresses appeared in front of them, of all different shapes, style and sizes. Apparently the machine was something to bring what you wanted forward.

"These are the pastel pink dresses, most of which have the cinched waists, but since you seemed slightly unsure of that, I brought in a couple with out it." She stated.

Ginny looked at Hermione, in shock.

Merlin, was this woman a seer?

"I'll let you two look around, feel free to try anything on and let me know if you need anything." She grinned and walked away to help the latest person to enter the boutique.

They looked through dress after dress, finding several that were absolutely to die for.

"So, I never got to ask you," Ginny began, as she looked up and down a new dress that had one should and had a sequin design on the sleeve, "How did your little love connection happen?"

Hermione stomach dropped, they hadn't exactly figured out what they were going to tell every one yet, "Oh," she said, clearly taken off guard by the question.

Ginny put the dress back and looked at her friend expectantly, "I was at Borgin and Burkes." she began, knowing that a book shop would make her lie seem all the more real, "And we met up and started talking," she hated lying to Ginny, "and then we agreed to go out to dinner and then it's just evolved from there I guess." she said, trying to sound sure of herself and not give away the fact that she lying.

"Draco Malfoy was in a bookshop?" Ginny asked, laughing.

"Um...yeah, looking for something for work, I suppose," Hermione sighed, knowing how believable her lie didn't sound.

Ginny nodded, and Hermione could tell she didn't believe her, "Fine. Don't tell me. It's ok," Ginny laughed .

Hermione knew that at some point Ginny would probably push the matter further later, and even if she didn't, other people would no doubt want to know, but until then she could think up a better excuse for why all of a sudden she was in love with her childhood enemy.

"Oh, my," Ginny gasped, looking at a dress that Hermione could not see.


"This is perfect!" She squealed, looking up and down the dress.

"Well let me see it!" Hermione squealed rushing over to where her friend was standing with her 'perfect' maid of honor dress.

Hermione gasped, it was perfect.

She looked at the dress Ginny was holding, it was made of satin, was strapless and a pale, pastel pink shade, with a cinching waist and it had gently ripples from the waist down. Suddenly, it was the only dress she could see herself wearing as a Maid of Honor. The dress was gorgeous.

"Here," Ginny said, thrusting the dress at Hermione, "Want try this one on?"

"Of course," Hermione grinned.

She couldn't lie, the dress was beyond gorgeous.

Hermione went to the dressing room while Ginny looked around the boutique.

"Need any more help?" Ginny jumped at the sound of the voice, but smile when she saw it was Holly.

"I think I've found it. She's trying it on now." She smiled.

"That's nice. So, say, when is the big day?"

"November 10." she said smiling. It was so close to the big day she could almost taste it. Seven more weeks. Seven more weeks until she was Mrs. Ginny Potter. The name was so beautiful, she couldn't help but think about it every time she could.

"Who's the lucky man?" Holly pushed.

Ginny bit her lip, lots of people wanted to know every detail of Harry's life already, but they'd kept their relationship fairly quiet and normal. Holly obviously didn't know she was with the Boy-Who-Lived and she didn't know if she should give away Harry's name. Every one wanted pictures, stories, and autographs from Harry Potter, but she never understood that as so to, he was just Harry. not the boy who lived or the defeater or Voldemort, he was just Harry. Most people knew he was engaged, just not to whom he was engaged to, and he'd already received at least a hundred and fifty letters from assorted people asking for invites to the "I do's.' Some of them were just people who knew who he was, and were honest enough to admit it, but , most of them claimed they'd gone to school with or been close to his parents. But, like he said, it was not his parents wedding it was his and hers and he would not have people coming who just wanted a story or to be able to say that they were there. It would, after all, be one of the most famous weddings ever.

"His name's Harry," she said, deciding that it's be rude to say 'It's none of your business' and besides, it would get out soon enough. If it didn't then there would be headlines every time they were photographed together that she was an adulterer and he was cheating on his wife with his wife. Yeah...not good.

"That's a nice name." She said smiling.

Merlin, how in the world was this woman always so happy?

She glad, however that Holly did not press the matter further, but she did see a glimmer of something different flash through her eyes and Ginny did not doubt that she knew which Harry she was talking about.

"Tada!" Hermione said from behind them.

They both spun around to face her and gasped when they laid eyes on her in the dress. The dress was even more stunning that it had been on the rack, it was almost as if it had been made for her.

"This is the dress." Ginny said as Hermione twirled around in it feeling very much like a princess.

She paid for the dress and when they were out in Diagon Alley again Hermione couldn't help but question her friend, "Wait, we didn't get your dress!"

Typical Hermione.

"I kind of agreed to go dress shopping with Fleur. She thinks it would be special or something, so her and Victoire are coming along, we're letting, with our assistance of course, Victoire pick out her flower girl dress. Harry's supposed to bring Teddy to get his tux, since he is, after all, the ring bearer, some time this week too..." Ginny explained.

Hermione nodded, "Teddy and Victoire are going to look so cute together, wearing their little wedding outfits!" she squealed.

"I'm sure they're going to be thrilled," Ginny said mockingly, "when we were at dinner a few nights ago, her and Teddy were the only little kids there, but they were both doing the cooties thing. Victoire thinks Teddy is gross since he's a boy. He thinks she's disgusting because she's a girl, blah ,blah, blah." she laughed.

"I remember when I used to be that way," Hermione sighed, laughing to herself.

Ginny raised her eyebrows, "Ron's cooties never went away Hermione."

"Not Ron," Hermione laughed, "No, there was this little boy down my street named Christopher, our parents were old friends, so growing up we were always around each other. We never got along, until one day...that changed." Hermione laughed.

"And just how did that change?" Ginny pushed.

"Him and his family were over at our house for New Year's when we like eight or nine, and of course, we had to stay up too, so when the clock struck twilight, they all kissed each other and he kissed me. It was so sweet. I remember everyone that saw was so shocked. No one was more shocked than I was though." Hermione laughed, enjoying her little stroll down memory lane.

"Well, you obviously don't think boys have cooties any more since you apparently spend half your time with your tongue down Draco Malfoy's throat!" Ginny laughed as Hermione's faced flushed.

"I..." She was cut off by two familiar voices.

"Gin! 'Mione!" They said in unison.

They spun around to see Dean and Seamus standing there, grinning like goofs.

"Hey guys!" Ginny said, as she ran up and hugged them, Hermione right behind her.

"Haven' seen you in ages!" Seamus laughed, his accent noticeably thicker. She guessed that since Hogwarts he'd spent a lot of time in Ireland with his family.

Ginny hugged Seamus in an airtight hug, but her hug with Dean was more uptight and a lot quicker. It was always awkward hugging your ex.

"Who's getting married?" Dean asked, noticing the bag.

Ginny raised her arm, "That would be me," she laughed.

Both of their eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Finally marryin' Harry, are you?" Seamus asked, laughing.

Ginny nodded.

"Wha' bou' you Mione? Wha' have you been up to?" Seamus asked, grinning.

"Oh, you know, work, same old, same old." she said, hoping Ginny didn't bring up a certain blonde bloke.

Ginny scoffed, "Well, she's working when she's not bust playing tonsil hockey with her new boy toy." she laughed.

Hermione face flushed as Dean and Seamus howled with laughter.

"You're not with Ron anymore?"

Merlin, how many people were going to ask that?

She shook her head, "He's with Lavender."

Seamus laughed, "Goon 'un."

"She's serious," Ginny sighed.

"Really?" Dean asked, clearly shocked, but with how close they'd always been, it was bound to be a shock, everyone always assumed they were made for each other and would be together for ever.

Fate had other plans.

Hermione nodded, "Yeah," she said slowly, ready to change the subject.

"So, who's your new guy?" Dean asked, smiling, making his dimples stand out on his face.

She hesitated so Ginny spoke up, "We've got a lot of catching up to, why don't we go out to dinner, talk over some food, I'm starved."

They all agreed, Hermione begrudgingly, and found a nearby restaurant.

They sat down and, seeing as they had momentarily forgotten the pressing questions they were interrogating Hermione with ,they kept talking about the restaurant. Lovely.

They were waiting for the waitress when Hermione saw something that made her stomach drop.

She sunk down in her seat like a small child, praying she wouldn't be seen.

But it was too late.

He'd already seen her.

Ginny, Seamus, and Dean all looked up to see a tall man with platinum blonde hair making his way to their table.

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Draco choked on his drink, completely shocked at what Hermione had just said.

He had known she was not going to let him win, at least not for the first four rules, but he'd never expected those words, or anything like them, to come out of her mouth.

He thought for sure his remarks would have broken her, but apparently they only made her play the game better.

Seamus and Dean looked at each other as if questioning if those words had really come out of her mouth.

Even Ginny was staring, stunned, at her friend.

Hermione smiled ruefully to herself, quite happy, even shocked, at the reactions she'd gotten.

If he wanted to play that way, well two could play that game.

A/N so what is Hermione saying to get these rather shocked reactions from?

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Chapter 16: Hidden Agendas
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"Hello, Love," Draco said as he kissed the top of Hermione's face and took the empty seat next to her as Dean and Seamus stared, clearly confused, with their mouths gaping.

When Ginny had said Hermione had a boyfriend Draco Malfoy was the last person either of them would have ever assumed she was dating. They had made it no secret how much they hated each other during Hogwarts, they were always slurring horrible things to each other, and in their third year Hermione had punched his jaw because he was celebrating the execution of Buckbeak. They had never been able to stand each other and now, all of a sudden, here he was, with her, and no "battles of words" were going on, in fact they were acting rather like a couple.

Go figure.

"Something wrong with your mouths?" Draco mused, smirking to himself at the look and Dean and Seamus' faces. What he had planned for that night was something that would not soon be forgotten by the people at the table.

Dean and Seamus' faces flushed and they snapped them closed, obviously embarrassed, as Draco smirked in amusement at the maturity levels they had. Dean and Seamus, both now with their mouths closed, could not get over what was happening.

If someone had told either of them that Hermione Granger would be dating former death eater Draco Malfoy, they would have laughed at them in their faces. Yet, here they were.

Even though she was aware of the 'love connection' Ginny was still staring, completely dumbstruck, at the two of them. She had known they were dating, and from what the receptionist had said, she knew it was pretty serious, but seeing them together was like seeing Voldemort hugging Harry. Not. Normal.

Just the idea of Voldemort hugging him...she shuddered away from the thought.

"So," Dean began struggling to really take in the fact that one of his closest friends was dating the childhood enemy they'd all despised, "blimey, how long have you been together?"

Draco and Hermione looked to each other, "Not long. A couple weeks, although I know she wishes is it's been longer," he smirked, an evil glint appearing in his eyes.

Hermione raised an eyebrow than put it down, struggling to maintain a face that was not utterly confused, even though she was more than lost.

What was he even talking about?

Seamus laughed, "Why's tha' 'Mione?"

Hermione opened her mouth to speak but, lucky for her, was saved by the waitress walking over to the table.

'Thank you!' Hermione thought excitedly in her mind.

"Sir, you wanted iced tea, correct?" She asked, in a monotone voice, sounding completely bored with the situation.

Dean nodded, and the waitress walked away leaving Hermione, once again, to face the pounding questions that were surely going to be fired at her.

Well...that was random.

The news that she, Hermione Granger, was dating Draco Malfoy was like saying Bellatrix LeStrange had turned in to a nun.

So, not going to happen.

Hermione turned back around to see that everyone was staring at her, eager to hear her explanations to what Draco had set her up to say.

Hermione smiled weakly, "So, this weather, sure has been great, hasn't-" She was cut off by Seamus.

"C'mon 'Mione, don' play coy, answer the question," he laughed, and everyone nodded in agreement.

Thanks Seamus.

"What do you want to know?" Hermione sighed, not sure how she would answer any of the questions that were surely going to be said: Why? How? When? Blah, blah, blah.

Ginny gave her a sarcastic look, "We want to know what shoes you were wearing the day you two got together."

"Ha ha, very funny," Hermione rolled her eyes.

"You know what we want to know, ' did your little love connection happen?" Dean asked, with a smile, sipping his drink as he did so.

"Fine, if you're not going to let this go..." Hermione sighed, hoping they would take the oh so very obvious hint, but knowing that they weren't going to let this one go.

"Come on, love, tell them the story," Draco smirked, clearly enjoying her flustered behavior.

Hermione looked at him, hoping he could see the rage and fury bubbling up inside her. Hr smirked and she knew he knew how she felt, but that he wasn't going to give in.

"Alright," she began, trying to quickly come up with a story that would seem realistic, in only a matter of seconds, which is not easy, I might add, "A couple weeks ago, I was down in," she struggled for a brief moment to come up with a location that she might have possibly been in, "Venice," she noticed the confused expressions of the people she was dining with, aside from Draco who remained calm. "I.."

She was cut off by Seamus.

Yet again.

He really needs a mute button.

"Wha' were ya doin' there?" he asked, his eyebrows knitting together in obvious confusion.

"I was really upset after that day at the Ministry," she said, trying not to cry at the memories and also noting the fact that they were not aware of what had happened, "after I broke it off with Ron," she continued, as their faces changed in to looks of recognition, "and that was the first place I thought of. I'd visited once when I was really small, and I'd loved it, it's just so peaceful and beautiful," she said, hoping her story sounded believable.

They nodded in understanding and looked at her expectantly as if to say, 'continue'.

She had her story planned out and suddenly an evil little idea popped in to her head. Although, she knew she'd have to wait until the proper moments during this dinner...

"I was down at a little shopping venue in the town, lots of people with booths, street performers, artists, all sorts of amazing things and I ran in to Draco and he convinced me to go out to dinner with him and then...things have just went from there." she said, smiling. The story was believable, at least.

Draco piped in before she continued, "I down visiting some old family friends, Merlin knows how boring it is to be stuck with all those old people that mother insisted I hang around, said it'd be good for the name or something, when I saw 'Mione," she smiled to himself and Dean and Seamus' eyes both widened at the sound of him using her nickname, "and I knew I needed to talk to her, it took some convincing," she gently nudged her with his elbow, "but she came around to having dinner. She knew she couldn't stay away," he said smirking.

Hermione looked at all of her friends who were currently still looking like they were in complete and total shock. Especially Dean and Seamus. This was a lot to take in in just a few moments.

"So...have you two always," Dean gulped, "Liked each other?" he felt strange asking this question; child like.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, but Draco beat her to the punch, "Well, 'Mione always liked me, she confessed that, which I was shocked to know." he smirked and Hermione had to force herself from letting her jaw drop.

"Wha' about the pu..." Seamus began but was cut off.

"The punch?" Draco continued, "Fake. Complete plan. You can tell them 'Mione."

Hermione face flushed, he was making her look like a liar.

"You got me," she mumbled, ready for this dinner to be over.

"Why?" Dean asked, this was completely un-Hermione like behavior.

"I didn't want to admit how much I liked him, I was embarrassed. I thought that would prove that I didn't like him, even to myself, but it turns out I was wrong." she smiled.

She was such a liar.

All those years she'd been taught that lying is wrong, and now, suddenly, her whole life was a lie.

Go figure.

"Well, since tonsil hockey is now your favorite game," Ginny laughed, "I'd agree that you were quite wrong." she laughed.

Hermione's face flushed and Draco scowled at the table cloth.

Draco looked at Hermione and brushed a piece of hair from her face, "Don't worry, love. You're not the only girl who was eager to go for a ride on my broomstick," he smiled, sounding genuine, but smirking to himself.

Hermione's face flushed and her body filled with a mixture of anger, embarrassment, and even a little amusement at the joke, for reasons she was not entirely sure of.

Just the idea...ew.

Seamus and Dean howled with laughter, which gained them several "Shhs," and a several glares from neighboring tables. They ignored the obviously annoyed people and clutched their sides.

Hermione's face was bright red, she had not expected something like that to be part of the game.

How day he mention things like...that in front of people! In public, too!

Ginny's snickered to herself, her eyebrows raised in amusement.

"Mione, stop being so modest, you know that's a lot of the reason you wanted me so bad," he smirked.

An ingenious plan popped in to her head, she knew it was not something they'd expect, heck, it wasn't something she'd ever expect herself to do.

"Fine. I'll bloody well admit it!" she said, smirking, "It's true. There's just one problem, now that he's finally not oblivious to my feelings" she paused letting her friends sink in what she's said.

Draco tilted his head to the side, trying to figure out what she had planned, he wasn't stupid: he knew she was planning something. However, he didn't expect what would come out of her mouth next.

"Well what's the problem then?" Dean asked, knitting his eyebrows together, now the he could finally breathe again.

"He's away most nights so now, even though we're together, I still can't Slyther-in with him," she pouted, seeming genuinely like some one who's missing the person the loved.

It was a hundred percent believable.

Her parents would be so proud.

Draco choked on his drink, completely shocked at what Hermione had just said.

He had known she was not going to let him win, at least not for the first four rules, but he'd never expected those words, or anything like them, to come out of her mouth.

He thought for sure his remarks would have broken her, but apparently they only made her play the game better.

Seamus and Dean looked at each other as if questioning if those words had really come out of her mouth.

Even Ginny was staring, stunned, at her friend.

Hermione smiled ruefully to herself, quite happy, even shocked, at the reactions she'd gotten.

If he wanted to play that way, well two could play that game.

They could have expected Draco to say something like that , but Hermione? Never.

Dean and Seamus, started laughing as Draco struggled to start breathing again.

Hr had to give her props, she was not giving in easily.

Throughout the rest of the dinner, the ignored the subject entirely, wanting to talk about something else.

They didn't really need to hear anymore about that particular aspect of their love life, they could just as well keep it to themselves. Hermione was thoroughly relieved that she didn't have to face any more of his 'remarks' for the rest of the night. She knew there would be plenty more, though,

Draco checked his watch during the middle of an awkward silence and his eye widened, "I have to go." he said hurriedly.

"What...why?" Hermione asked, confused by his sudden outburst.

"I have some where I need to be, love. See you tomorrow," he said and before she could respond.

Tomorrow? Why would she be seeing him tomorrow?

He was out of the restaurant in moments, leaving Dean, Seamus, Ginny, and Hermione in confused silence.

Dean looked to Hermione, "Was all that real? Did I imagine it? You're really with Malfoy?"

Hermione felt torn.

"Yes, I'm really with him. And his name is Draco." She said, feeling her heart be torn in completely opposite directions,

She hated lying to her friends, but didn't feel like she had a choice.

She had to keep playing this game. She had to and she knew it.

Draco didn't get to fully carry out his plans for the evening dinner, but he'd given her at least a hint as to what would come.

She better get used to the 'easy' dates like that, because next time he wasn't going nearly as easy on her.


"I thought you wouldn't show," a voice, smirked, mockingly.

"You knew I would, how could I not?" Draco growled.

"Touchy," the voice, who now was recognizably female, smirked.

"Why did you need to talk to me?" He asked, narrowing his eyes.

"C'mon do I really have to have an agenda?" she asked, walking up to him and tracing her fingers up and down his button up shirt.

He jerked away and grabbed her wrist, not hurting her, but letting her know that wasn't going to be accepted, "I know you have one. What is it?"

She smirked, "There's been some rumors going around..."

"Your point being?"

"For someone with as many secrets as you have, it's strange how you let this slip so easily," she smiled evilly.

"What are you talking about?"

She smiled ruefully, and help up a picture, "This. This is what I'm talking about," she smirked.

His eyes widened at the did she even get that?

"What's is going to take to keep you quiet?" he growled, fear and bitter annoyance in his voice.

"You'll see." an evil glint appeared in her eyes, it was the same look he'd seen in Lavender Brown's eyes before.

Yes, the bimbo.

Except with the girl in front of him he knew she wouldn't give up as easily as Lav and her consequences if you didn't do what she wanted would be a lot more severe.

He was in a fake relationship with a girl who he'd always hated, because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and got another girl pregnant and now he was being blackmailed.

Merlin, life is cruel.

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"Well...maybe if I just talked to her..." Ron questioned, desperately trying to find a way to talk to her.

"Ron, let her be happy," Harry pleaded, his loyalties still torn.

"She's not happy!"

"Did she tell you that?"

"No...but...I can just tell! She'd never be happy with...him! He's a Malfoy for Merlin's sake!"

"Ron," Harry begged, trying to make his friend see reason, "It's over between you two, you need to accept that!"

"I...I can't! Harry it's not easy to just get over someone you've loved for so long!"

"Well you should have though of that...." Harry trailed off, hoping for the sake of his face that Ron was not too angry as his fists were already clenched, "You need to accept that it's over between you two."

"Any one else! If it was any one else, I could accept it! But, him? I never would've thought that she'd be with him." He felt his heart aching in his chest.

"Yes, and I never thought you and Lavender would be having a baby and yet, here we are." Harry said.

Ron's eyes widened, "Are you saying this is my fault?"

Harry shrugged and his eyes narrowed, "Who's fault would you say it was?"

Ron's raised his fist, Harry was the one person he thought he could count on and how all he wanted to do was hit him.

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Chapter 17: Keeping Options Open
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Ron scowled at the piles of work on his cluttered desk, this was absolutely, positively, the last thing he wanted to worry about at the moment. He did not care about work at all for the time being. He was about to become a father in only a matter of months, his family completely despised him and to top it all off, his little baby sister's wedding to his best friend since he was eleven was fast approaching.

Looking at the work on his desk was yet another every day thing that made him think of Hermione. He's never quite been able to grasp why she loved work so much, but Hermione was Hermione and so that was enough reason. Work just stressed him out.

A fairly loud knock on the door brought him back to the hell that was his reality. He scowled. 'Please don't be Lavender!' he thought as he hollered, "Come on" to the visitor on the other side of the heavy door.

The door gently swung open revealing, not Lavender, but Harry standing in the doorway, looking extremely exhausted, his messy black hair sticking up in irregular clumps.

"Hey Ron can we have a word?" he asked, quietly, taking a mental note of Ron's office keeping skills in case he ever needed a house sitter. 'Ron really needs to learn a clean up spell,' he thought to himself.

"Course," Ron sighed, fixing papers so that they stood in neat, little piles.

Harry walked in quietly, shutting the heavy door behind him.

Ron gulped knowing that this was probably about something bad since he shut the door.

"What's...going on?" Ron asked slowly, unsure if he really wanted to know what Harry was here to talk about. He hoped it was nothing to do with work, work was genuinely the last thing he cared to discuss with any one.

Harry walked over to the corner of Ron's desk, uneasy about the conversation that would probably emerge. He preferred keeping his business and private lives separate, but this, he felt, could count as an exception. He knew the Minister Kingsley Shaklebolt, would understand.

"I just wanted to talk about..." he trailed off, some pamphlets on Ron's desk catching his eye. "What are those?" he asked, smirking, at them.

Ron followed Harry's gaze and blushed when he saw what his friend had been referring to. He struggled to cover them up, but it was too late.

On Ron's desk was a thick book titled, "A guide to Pregnancy, 9 months and Counting." which showed an extremely pregnant woman cradling her large bump. On second look, Harry noticed several other books of the same genre like, "Parenting from the Beginning," and "Is this Normal? A Week by Week Guide to Pregnancy." To the side, he even saw a few wrinkled leaflets titled, "The Truth About Adoption." on them. So apparently, Ron was not as set on keeping the baby as Harry had thought.

"Just learning some facts," Ron grumbled, trying to cover up the books. He tried to cover up the adoption leaflets, but it was too late, Harry had already snatched one up in his hands.

"You're putting the baby up for adoption?" he gasped, bitter annoyance and betrayal in his voice.

Adoption was never something he'd consider. Ever. He'd never really had the family he'd wanted since most of his relatives her deceased, and he longed for it, and would never intentionally give it up. He wanted a family more than anything in the entire world. The Dursley's were not exactly the type of family he'd always wanted. In fact, they were quite the opposite. They were not very dear to his heart and he just couldn't fonder why any one that had the ability to raise a child would just throw it all away.

When the Dursley's were the only living family you had, it was not easy to have a close knit family. However, he knew he'd be seeing them soon as we was going to invite them to his upcoming wedding. He doubted they would attend, heck, they'd probably just laugh at the idea, but the offer was what mattered.

Ron jerked the papers from Harry's hands and slapped them on the cluttered desk, "It was a consideration," he grumbled.

"Does Lavender know...wait...was?"

"No, she doesn't know. She's completely against the idea, and I can't say that I blame her, but I thought we should look in to it, for the baby you know, but the more I think about it the more I agree with her. Maybe it's not such a good idea," he grumbled, running his hands through his hair with a sigh.

"So...are you keeping it?" Harry asked, slowly, finding some of his questions were being answered already: what were they doing about the baby?

Ron shrugged, "looks that way," he grumbled, sounding less than enthused about the situation.

Harry wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that. It was apparent that he did not want to keep the baby, How sad.

"You sound excited," Harry said sarcastically, trying to get some the tension out of the little office.

"I'm over the moon," Ron grumbled, also sarcastically.

"You should be!" Harry encouraged, even though he was highly aware of the fact that his friend was being sarcastic.

Ron looked at Harry and rolled his eyes, "Why should I be happy? What is there to even be the least bit happy about?"

"You're having a baby! It's one of the most important things that happens in life!" Harry challenged. Whether this baby was planned or not, it was still just that: a baby. It was not his/her fault and he didn't like that Ron was treating the baby like that, even though it wasn't here yet. The baby didn't choose to be brought in to that situation, so there was not a single need to blame it. This was his baby and she should be happy about it.

"I don't want a baby!" Ron growled, before quickly checking to make sure that Lavender was not conveniently standing in the doorway, overhearing the conversation that would surely crush her spirit. Luckily, Lavender was no where to be seen.

"Well, whether you want it or not, you're going to have one! You might as well get happy about it!" Harry sighed.

Ron slumped down in his chair, "How did I get in to this Harry?"

Harry sighed, "You hooked up with Lavender."

Ron scowled, completely annoyed with himself. He wished he had Hermione's turn turner. Or a time machine. His life was hell and he was about to bring a baby in to it. Maybe adoption was the best option?

"Ron," Harry began, slowly, "I know this isn't what you planned,"

"It's nothing like what I planned!"

"...but whether you planned on it happening or not, it did happen. A lot of things happen that we don't plan on! Do you think I planned for half of the stuff that's happened to me? Do you think I asked for some of this stuff to happen? Do you think Remus and Tonks planned on not being a part of Teddy's life? I am sure they didn't. Was that planned? No. Do you think Lavender asked for this to happen? Did she plan for it? No. Neither of you did. But, it happened. There's nothing you can do to change that now! You just have to keep. moving. forward. You were given this baby for a reason, Ron." Harry sighed.

He knew that it was his job to support his friend, but also the baby.

Ron sighed: Harry was right.

"I don't think I can do this Harry," he said quietly, "I'm too young to be a father!"

"People become parents younger than twenty one, Ron! You can do this!" Harry comforted his friend, hoping it helped.

"Easy for you to say," Ron scoffed.

Harry's eyebrows knitted together, "What do you mean?"

"You're not the one who's about to be a father!" He yelled.

Harry didn't say anything, he just stared at his friend.

Ron stared back and then suddenly an angry look appeared in his eyes, "You're NOT about to be a father, right?" He boomed, jumping to his feet.

"What? No, I'm not. Merlin, calm down!" Harry said, defensively.

"Oh, ok." Ron said, calming down, "Just checking. Ginny doesn't need to be a mum for a...long......long time." He sighed.

"Where did that even come in?" He asked, confused.

"I was just making sure. So just...stay away from that...for a while," Ron grumbled.

"What?" Harry asked, was he really saying that?

"You heard me," Ron sighed, "For the next few years checkers or something," he sighed.

"...Ron, we're getting married in less than two months."


Wow, this was getting awkward.

"And we're not going to be playing checkers on our wedding night!" Harry argued.

"Well...." Ron sighed, "Play chess or something, I don't care. Just...don't..." he trailed off and both of their faces flushed.

"Ron. We're not going to be playing any game. On your wedding night, you're night meant to play checkers! Wedding nights are meant for-"

Ron cut him off, "Oi! Stop! I know what wedding nights are for! But, that's my baby sister! I really don't need to hear about...that." he said cringing.

"I'm not the one who brought it up," Harry mumbled, still embarrassed, just as much as Ron.

This was by far the most humiliating conversation he had ever had.

"Anyway..." Harry said slowly, uneasy about saying anything else.

"Can we please get to a new subject?" Ron mumbled.

"Gladly," Harry sighed, "this wasn't really the main reason I wanted to talk to you anyway..."

Ron gestured for him to keep going.

"Ron, would you still be my best man?"

Ron's scowl quickly turned to an ear-splitting grin, "Really?"

"Of course. Who else?"

Ron shrugged, "Blimey, that's something! That would be great! Me and Mione are...." he trailed off after momentarily forgetting that he and Hermione were not together.

Harry felt sympathy rise in his chest for his friend.

He hated seeing Ron in this much pain.

" and Hermione aren't...."

"I know, I forgot," Ron whispered, pain stabbing his heart. It was so easy at moments like that to forget...

Harry smiled, dimly. He was not entirely sure of what to say next.

"Maybe if I just talk to her...." Ron said, his eyes glinting with the idea.

"Ron. Don't go there. You're just going to get hurt more and hurt her more! Do you want that?"

"Well...maybe if I just talked to her..." Ron questioned, desperately trying to find a way to talk to her.

"Ron, let her be happy," Harry pleaded, his loyalties still torn.

"She's not happy!"

"Did she tell you that?"

"No...but...I can just tell! She'd never be happy with...him! He's a Malfoy for Merlin's sake!"

"Ron," Harry begged, trying to make his friend see reason, "It's over between you two, you need to accept that!"

"I...I can't! Harry it's not easy to just get over someone you've loved for so long!"

"Well you should have though of that...." Harry trailed off, hoping for the sake of his face that Ron was not too angry as his fists were already clenched, "You need to accept that it's over between you two."

"Any one else! If it was any one else, I could accept it! But, him? I never would've thought that she'd be with him." He felt his heart aching in his chest.

"Yes, and I never thought you and Lavender would be having a baby and yet, here we are." Harry said.

Ron's eyes widened, "Are you saying this is my fault?"

Harry shrugged and his eyes narrowed, "Who's fault would you say it was?"

Ron's raised his fist, Harry was the one person he thought he could count on and how all he wanted to do was hit him.

Harry felt his heart stop, he knew how angry Ron was. But, it was true, He had no right to blame any one but himself and Lavender, together. Not just Lavender, it takes two. He especially didn't need to blame Hermione or Draco, it was neither of their faults.

Just as Ron was about to knock Harry unconscious, Harry was saved by a knock at the door.

The looked at the now open door at a scared looking young girl, holding envelopes. Her eyes were wide, she obviously was scared that her boss was about to die. She had a short, mousy brown. pixie cut, and her eyes looked too large for her head.

Harry sighed, "Yes, Julia?"

She didn't say anything as she handed him the envelopes, instead keeping her eyes glued on Ron, "Here. There are yours." she said quietly.

"Thanks," Harry mumbled and Ron put his fist down, clearly embarrassed.

Julia left and Ron and Harry looked at each other, then burst out laughing.

Yes, laughing.

"I'm sorry," they said at the same time.

Seeing how scared Julia was made them realize how stupid they (particularly Ron) were being.

Harry glanced down at the letters Julia had handed him. On the fronts were their names in a messy scrawl that they instantly recognized. They smiled as they figured out who the sender was. He handed Ron his envelope and they both eagerly tore them open like a small child on Christmas.

He smiled upon reading the letter:


I haven' seen yer in ages. 'Ow have you been? I'm 'avin a lil geh t-geher at my hut this Sunday at seven. 'Ope to see yer there. We've got a lot ter catch up on.


Harry and Ron grinned at each other.

"Hagrid?" Harry asked Ron.

Ron nodded with an earsplitting grin

This was exactly what they needed at a time like this.

The letter made the realize how much time had passed since they'd seen Hagrid. They'd met him when they were eleven years old and now they were twenty one.

Ten years.

That dinner was sure to be one they'd never forget.

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"What?!" Hermione gasped, shocked.

"You heard me." Ginny spat back, "Tell me the truth!"

"I...I am!" Hermione argued, not feeling like she had a choice.

"I know that's not true, "Ginny growled back, "I know it's an act! I know that whole Draco-dinner thing was just that, an act! Tell me the truth! Stop lying to me!"

"I'm not lying to you!" Hermione cried, tears forming in her eyes.

This couldn't be happening!

"You're a liar." Ginny growled back.

Tears escaped Hermione's eyes, "I'm not."

"Tell me the truth, or you are! Why are you pretending to be dating Draco! I know that wasn't real! I know you!"

"I am telling the truth! I am dating Draco!"

"No, you're not. But here's some truth for you: Luna is going to be my maid of honor. I don't want a liar in my wedding party." She growled, it hurt her to say it, but it hurt her more that Hermione lied to her.

"Wait!" Hermione gasped as Ginny turned to leave, "The truth is..."

First Ron and Harry, now Hermione and Ginny, but this seems worse, doesn't it?

Ginny obviously knows something's going on, so does Hermione let her in on the game and face the consequences from Draco or does she keep quiet? Decisions, decisions....

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Chapter 18: I want the Truth
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Hermione walked in to her flat with a happy smile on her face. She was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of lilac, one of her favorite smells. She smiled and set down her purse on the coffee table that was exactly six inches away from the door, just like she did every day. The apartment was neat and tidy just as she liked it to be. She slumped down in her chair, ready to relax from her stressful day at work.

The meal with Ginny, Dean, Seamus, and Draco a few nights previously had gone well, a lot better than she had assumed it would go. She had proved to Draco just how willing she was to play the game. She knew he was going to try and push her to break his rules, but she refused to give in.

His words echoed in her tired mind, 'Good luck with that.' It was obvious he thought she'd lose. Rule number one, particularly, was the one he doubted she could follow.

How could he possibly think that she'd fall in love with...him?

A quick image of her in a long white dress, walking towards a tux-wearing Draco at the end of a long aisle appeared in her mind. She shook the creepy, bizarre image from her mind. Ew.

It was just not a conceivable idea.

How could he honestly think that that would be something she's want? Never, under any circumstance would she ever want that.

The idea was completely and utterly disgusting and gross. And some what terrifying.

Hermione was abruptly taken away from the creepy images by a loud knock on the door.

'Please don't me Draco' she thought to herself with a sigh as she walked over to the door.

As she opened the door she found herself face to face with Ginny. Draco was no where to be seen. Her arms were folded across her chest and she looked thoroughly annoyed.

"Gin? What are you doing here?"

"We need to talk," Ginny spat, clearly annoyed.

Well, this couldn't be bad at all.

"Sure," Hermione said slowly, letting Ginny inside and closing the door behind her, "About what?"

Ginny spun around, quite dramatically to face her friend, "Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that you are not really dating Draco Malfoy!"

Hermione gulped, how could she possibly know that?

"Wh....What do you mean?" Hermione stuttered, this couldn't be true. This had to be some kind of freaky dream.

Ginny glared and Hermione continued, "Of course I'm dating him! You were dinner...the other night, you saw that I was!"

"Oh, cut the crap, Hermione." Ginny spat, "Do you really think I believe all that nonsense? You were not acting like yourself at all!"

"Hello! It was slightly nerve wracking! I know how the three of you feel about him!"

"And with good reason!" Ginny argued, "There are reasons we feel the way we do! And last time I'd checked, you felt the same way too. You could never stand him, and by the way you acted at dinner you didn't really seem like you'd suddenly had a change of heart! You didn't seem 'in love' at all!" Ginny argued back.

"Maybe I didn't seem 'in love' because of those feelings you all harbor towards him! You have these pre-conceived feelings about him, even though you haven't seem him in five years! Maybe you should just be more open minded..."

"Don't you dare pin this on me, Hermione Granger!" Ginny spat, "Open minded? More open minded? Are you being serious right now? I was perfectly ok with it, I was only upset because you didn't tell me, but I was willing to give him a chance as long as me made you happy. I was willing to support you, but not when I know you're lying to me!"

"Gin! Please, believe me! I'm not lying to you!"

She hated lying to Ginny, her best friend, but what choice did she have? She was being forced to choose between losing her best friend or losing Draco's game.

Losing was not something that was in Hermione Granger's vocabulary.

"I want to believe, you I really do, but I don't!" Ginny whined, "What is it? Are you just playing with us? Are you pretending to be dating him or something? Are you trying to make Ron jealous or something?"

Merlin, was she a seer?

How was she supposed to respond? Should she tell her or not? Ginny had unknowingly just guessed what was going on, for the most part.

"Why....would I do that?"

"You tell me!" Ginny growled, "Is it a game or something? Are you just playing with everyone?"

"Of course not! I," Ginny cut her off.

"You're lying to me." She gasped, hurt and betrayal echoing in her voice.

"What?!" Hermione gasped, shocked.

"You heard me." Ginny spat back, "Tell me the truth!"

"I...I am!" Hermione argued, not feeling like she had a choice.

"I know that's not true, "Ginny growled back, "I know it's an act! I know that whole Draco-dinner thing was just that, an act! Tell me the truth! Stop lying to me!"

"I'm not lying to you!" Hermione cried, tears forming in her eyes.

This couldn't be happening!

"You're a liar." Ginny growled back.

Tears escaped Hermione's eyes, "I'm not."

"Tell me the truth, or you are! Why are you pretending to be dating Draco! I know that wasn't real! I know you!"

"I am telling the truth! I am dating Draco!"

"No, you're not. But here's some truth for you: Luna is going to be my maid of honor. I don't want a liar in my wedding party." She growled, it hurt her to say it, but it hurt her more that Hermione lied to her.

"Wait!" Hermione gasped as Ginny turned to leave, "The truth is..."

"What?" Ginny spat through clenched teeth, "What is the truth? Because, just seconds ago ,you were adamant that you were telling the truth. All I want is answers. I don't like being lied to."

Draco's words echoed in her already stir crazy brain. No matter what decision she made, it would be the wrong one: lose the game or lose her best friend. Decisions, decisions.

She hesitated for only moments, but that pushed Ginny completely over the edge.

"That's what I thought." she gasped, before storming out of Hermione's flat before she had a chance to react.

Tears fell from Hermione's chocolate brown eyes, What had she just done?!

Had that truly just happened.

She'd made her decision, but there was not a doubt in her mind that thought it was wrong. It was wrong, completely and utterly wrong.

This was all Draco's fault! If not for him and his dumb little game...

She stormed in to the kitchen, seething with both pain and anger and picked up her muggle wall phone, angrily punching the numbers in as hard as possible.

After the second ring a voice answered, "Hello?"

"This is all your fault!" Hermione spat through clenched teeth, "It's all because of your stupid little game that this happened!"

"What are you talking about, Granger?" He asked, stifling a laugh, sounding both annoyed and rather amused.

"Because of your stupid game, I had to lie to Ginny-"

"Aren't you lying to everyone?" he interjected.

"Save, it Malfoy. I lied to her and now she hates me!" Hermione cried, wanting to strangle the jerk on the other end of the phone line.

"Forgetting a rule, are we Granger? So sad, you'll have to pay for that one," he mused, smirking to himself for the fact that he would finally get to execute one of his punishments.

"Not. The. Point." she spat, the rules were the last thing she cared about at this particular moment in time.

"Then what is the point?" He asked, clearly bemused.

She took a deep breath, "I want out. I don't want to play this game anymore."

She was never one to easily give in to losing something. But, she was already at her breaking point, and the game had barely begun.

He laughed loudly, taking her completely off guard, "Not likely, Granger. Things are just starting to get fun," he smirked.

She gasped, "What?"

"No getting out. You aren't getting off the hook nearly that easily," he smirked, laughing to himself.

"What...No! I don't want to do this anymore!" she cried, tears still free flowing from her eyes.

She'd always prided herself on being strong, but it was times like this that completely broke her and made her cry.

"Too bad. You're in this whether you like it or not," he smirked, "you made an agreement, and I know you wouldn't want to break it. You are the one who got yourself in to it, you know. I didn't ask for it..."

"But you went along with it!" Hermione argued.

"Yes, and I told you the agreement: my rules. I would play if you went along with my rules, so you got what you wanted from me, you tricked Weasel, but I don't get anything from you? That hardly seems fair..." he smirked, knowing fully well what he was doing.

"But, I don't want to play anymore!" Hermione cried, tears falling from her face.

"Not my problem. This game is still very much on." he laughed.

She slammed her finger on the end button and threw down the phone.

This couldn't be happening.

Except, it was.

Her life had completely fallen apart, again, in less than an hour.

In less than an hour, her world had collapsed.

Hermione ran in to her tidy bedroom, slamming the thin door behind her so hard it made a picture frame fall over. She collapsed on to her bed, completely horrified at what had just happened.

Ginny wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and it was all because of her.

Why had she even gotten herself in to this? Why couldn't she just left it alone, like a normal a person? Oh, right, because she's Hermione Granger.

She wished she would have just accepted that her and Ron were over and that she should move on. She regretted letting Lavender get to her like that. And, why did she have to pick him? Why did he, of all people, just have to happen to be at the ministry that precise moment? Couldn't it have been anyone else? Anyone. Else.

She sobbed in to her pillow, all of her hidden emotions spilling out at once. Ginny, her best friend for years, hated her. The idea that they would never hang out again was horrible. How had she even figured it out anyway? She'd seemed liked she believed it when they were at dinner...?

Just when her life was finally coming together, it fell apart. Again.

Ginny had figured her secret out and hated her now. Draco refused to be taken out of his sick game, not that she could really blame him, she did get him in to it though.

She cried for a solid several minutes when a sharp rap caught her attention.'

Looking up through tear filled eyes, she saw that on window sill was a small, silver owl with large, tawny colored eyes, holding a large envelope in it's brown beak.

Wiping her eyes she opened the window and took the letter from the bird which flew away gracefully.

Her name was written on it in a messy scroll she instantly recognized: Hagrid.

A/N Please don't me(: It made me sad about the Ginny/Hermione best friend break up, but I felt it needed to be done. Ginny's too smart to fall for that, right? But, there is still some time for Hermione to gain her Maid of Honor status back(: And so, Hermione has her Hagrid letter! Will she go and will she bring Draco as her date?

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Being in the ministry is not a very enjoyable thing when your boss is your ex-best friend (who now hates you) fiancée.

Talk about awkward.

Hermione prayed that he would not find a reason to talk to her today.

Looking in to Ron's office, she met a vomit-worthy sight, Ron was with Lavender, rubbing her enlarging stomach. It looked like he was...talking to it?

Oh, Ron.

She examined the work on her desk, hoping to finish early just so she could leave.

A quiet knock on the door took her away from her thoughts.

Looking up, she was immediately pierced by the green eyes of Harry Potter.

This could not be good....wait, what was he holding?!

How did he possibly get that?!


So what is Harry holding? Hmmm....and how will be react to Ginny/Hermione's fallout? Read on to find out :D

Chapter 19: You Break It, You Buy It
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A blur. That's what her life Hermione's life was: a blur.

The events from the night before seemed distant and fuzzy and impossible to believe really happened. Her and Ginny's nine year friendship could not possibly be over, right? Especially not over something, someone, like Draco Malfoy.

It all seemed like it was a horrid, unreal nightmare that she was about to realize was not actually real. She was still Ginny's best friend and maid of honor, she had not tried to get out of Draco Malfoy's game like a wimpy child and she hadn't broken one of Draco's sill rules.

None of that was real.

None of it could have possibly been real.

Hermione grabbed a black, professional looking skirt and a button up, white shirt, paired with black heels. A simple choice of attire for her complicated life. Even though that confrontation with had to have been a figment of her overactive imagination, she was still in a fake relationship with Draco Malfoy since the man she had loved for the past ten years had completely ripped her heart from her fragile chest. She was still lying to everyone she truly cared about, which was not an easy feat.

At least, on the bright side, she had the dinner with Hagrid to look forward to. Her, Ron, and Harry had always had a very close relationship with the half-giant groundkeeper and reading that letter had made her realize how much she missed spending time with him.

She thought back to all of the times the three of them had snuck down to his hut, past curfew to visit him. They'd escaped Argus Filch and his cat, Mrs. Norris, countless times, which was they got older, was not an easy task as they did not all fit comfortably under Harry's invisibility cloak, like they had their first year. She remembered all the dozens of times Hagrid had 'slipped up' and mentioned things they needed to know, but were not supposed to. They really owed Hagrid a thank you for his slip on Fluffy, seeing as that night had had an outcome that would forever affect the future of Harry and Voldemort.

It would be good to see him. Harry was surely invited, and he would most certainly bring Ginny a long and, as last night could not have possibly been real, they'd surely discuss the wedding and more of her bridesmaid duties.

As she charmed her hair to become less frizzy and full of tangles, she tried to reason with herself about how the events of yesterday could not possibly have been real, could they? Her hair formed in to a professional looking bun that had a feminine touch of tiny stands of hair etching her face.

She walked in to her tidy living room that was so clean it would drive any one, aside from herself, insane, No one else could possibly live in a room that...tidy.

However, a chilling sight met her eyes.

She felt her heart drop and pain stab her chest.

There, on the counter was where she'd tossed the phone after her conversation with Draco.

The conversation she'd had with Draco after the confrontation with Ginny.


It was real, not a nightmare.

She fell in to a chair, knowing she couldn't stand anymore with how lightheaded she'd suddenly gotten.

She sat there for several minutes, letting the events, that she know realized were real, from last night seep in to her exhausted brain.

Eventually, she pried herself away from the chair: she had to get to work.

Work was, by far, the last place she wanted to be seeing as her boss, Harry, was Ginny's fiancée and she had surely told him what had happened, and there was no possible way he could be pleased.

She flooed to the Ministry, ignoring all the people who stopped to say "hi" to her. She was not usually in a bad mood in the mornings and she liked greeting people cheerfully, but today was not going to be a good day. The events of the night before hung in her mind like a dark, heavy cloud. What had she done?

Walking in to her office, she immediately noticed that the picture frame of her and Ginny when they went to the Quidditch World Cup when she was in her fourth year was shattered. Ginny' had been here, and she was not in a calm mood. Seeing that picture made her think of what had happened that day, that was the day Harry had seen the dark mark in the sky, cast by none other than Barty Crouch Jr., the events of that day helped Harry realize that Lord Voldemort was still at large.

She settled in to her desk, preparing herself mentally for the day she was no doubt going to have, praying that Harry would not find a reason to come talk to her.


Ron scribbled away at the papers on his desk, trying to get back in to a mentally healthy frame of mind. He'd choked when he was talking to Harry and had confessed his deepest fears: he couldn't do it.

It couldn't possibly be that hard, right? Lavender wasn't that awful either...right?

The first part sounded a lot more real.

"Oh, Won-Won!" he heard a squeal from the door.

'Bloody hell.' he thought as he looked up to see Lavender in the doorway, a hand on her still fairly small dump.

He forced a fake smile on to his face and she let herself come in, closing the door behind here.

"Hey, Lav," Ron sighed, shoving his papers away as there was no possible way she could get any work done with her here. Between her mouth and just the fact that she'd probably be peering over his should waiting for him to finish like a child, he was better off just talking to her until she was ready to leave.

She grinned, running her fingers over a snow globe he'd been given as a souvenir from Ginny when she got back from Disneyland in America two years ago.

"What's going on Lav?" he asked as her eyebrows knitted together about something unbeknownst to him.

"Just thinking," Lavender said, slowly, sighing. There was a far off look in her face.

"About...." Ron pushed. If she was going to act like that than he had the right to know the reason why.

She looked up at him and smiled, "Everything." she paused for a moment before speaking quietly, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Not leaving me. So many guys would have left me alone, but not you. I know it's still early but...I know you didn't plan for this, I didn't either, but you stuck with me anyway. I'm not used to that. People in my life always seem to find some reason to leave me when I need them; desert me. Thanks for sticking around. I don't know how I could do this alone." she sighed, and Ron noticed how she looked like an entirely different person. She looked so honest and genuine. It was a nice look. Very rare for her.

Hearing her say that made him feel guilty for what he'd said to Harry.

Lavender really had had it hard and didn't deserve what he'd said.

He smiled faintly, "You shouldn't have to thank me. I'm here for you, Lav, I'm not going anywhere."

He pulled her in to a comforting, air tight hug.

For the first time in a long time Lavender felt safe, like she had a safe place to land; someone would be there to catch her when she fell.

Finally, Ron pulled away from the hug and looked at her, "I'm glad you're hear, I'd been meaning to talk to you about something...."

Lavender raised her eyebrows in a way that told him to continue.

"There's a dinner party at Hagrid's this weekend," he explained, "I haven't seem him in ages and he's a really dear friend. Would that be something you'd like to go to?" Ron asked, not sure whether he really wanted her to go or not.

"The gamekeeper?" she asked, knitting her eyes together.

"Yeah," he nodded.

Did she know any other Hagrid's?

"I guess that could be fun," Lavender smiled faintly, after several moments of thinking.

Ron grinned, "That's good to hear. It'll be good to see him again."

Lavender was not entirely sure how she felt about the idea, and she honestly was not thrilled about it, not that she'd let him know that though.

As long as Roger Davies was not on the guest list, she'd go though.

She did have one other fear though: Hermione was sure to be invited, and she was not completely sure Ron was over her.


Hermione scowled at her work. There was too much, she'd never finish.

These emotions were not normal for her.

She wanted to cry about what had happened the night before. Why had she even gotten herself in to this mess anyway?

She knew she should have just let it go.

But, being Hermione, letting it go was not an option.

Now, she would give anything to go back in time and change that fateful day.

The whole building felt eerie and weird, like she didn't belong.

Being in the ministry is not a very enjoyable thing when your boss is your ex-best friend's (who now hates you) fiancée.

Talk about awkward.

Hermione prayed that he would not find a reason to talk to her today.

Looking in to Ron's office, she met a vomit-worthy sight, Ron was with Lavender, rubbing her enlarging stomach. It looked like he was...talking to it?

Oh, Ron.

She examined the work on her desk, hoping to finish early just so she could leave.

A quiet knock on the door took her away from her thoughts.

Looking up, she was immediately pierced by the green eyes of Harry Potter.

This could not be good....wait, what was he holding?!

How did he possibly get that?!

Clutched in his fingers like it was some vile, thing was a lacy, black bra. Her lacy, black bra.

"Can we" he asked, nervously scratching the back of his neck as he shut the door behind him.

Hermione felt her face flush, "Where did you get that?" she asked, through gritted teeth.

"That's kind of what I needed to talk to you about," Harry mumbled, his face also red.

She snatched the sexy lingerie from his hand, her eyes wide with shock. How could he have possibly gotten that? Did he break in to her flat?

"Draco dropped it off, said you left it at his place," Harry explained, his face glowing, "He said you weren't in your office and he didn't have time to find you."

That little prat.

Hermione felt her blood boil.

Malfoy had done this to her?

"'s not what it looks like," she sighed, her face red.

"You don't have to explain."

"I really should, it's not-"

He held up a hand to make her be quiet, "Hermione, I really don't care," he sighed before continuing another direction with the conversation, "Gin told me about last night."

Hermione felt her heart drop.

Harry knew.

"Harry," Hermione gasped, hoping to Merlin he didn't hate her.

"I'm not mad," he said quietly, "what happened between you two is your business, but, she's really upset with you right now. She's really furious, and adamant that you lied to her," he began, obviously not wanting to say something.

"Harry, I swear, I didn't-" he cut her off again.

"Merlin, Hermione, stop," he sighed.

He was not looking forward to what he had to do, but knew it was necessary.

"Hermione, I don't know how to tell you this..."

"I can take it, Harry. Please, just tell me," She knew what was coming.

"Ginny doesn't want you at the wedding."

She had known what was coming, but hearing the words said a loud hurt her more than she thought they would. The words broke her heart, not that they surprised her though. In Ginny's eyes, she'd been lied to, and nothing made her more upset than a liar.

Tears crept their way up, but she refused to let Harry see her cry.

"I'm sorry, 'Mione. I'll try to change her mind," Harry said sympathetically.

Hermione just nodded and sat back down.

Harry turned to leave but stopped just short of the door, "Wait, Mione?"

She looked up at him and he saw that her eyes had tears in them, but knew better than to say anything about them.

"Draco also told me to give you this." He handed her a sealed envelope with her name of the front.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

He left and she ripped open the letter and found there were six words in a sloppy scrawl on it:

You break it, you buy it.

It took her several moments to figure out what he was talking about, then realization hit.

When she was on the phone with him the night before, she'd called him Malfoy.

Apparently, this was her punishment.

She broke the rule and now she was paying it for it by getting humiliated by one of her best friends and making him think she was....doing things...with Malfoy.


She crumpled up the note and threw it in to the wastebasket.

Her life just kept falling apart more and more by the second.

She couldn't stand to be in that office anymore, she needed to leave.


Lavender laughed too loudly at Ron's joke, "Oh, Won-Won," she giggled.

Ron smiled feebly, "Lav, I need to ask you something..."

Her grin was wiped from her face and a more serious look appeared, "anything."

"Would you mind skipping dinner tomorrow night? I'm sorry, I know I promised you, but I've got loads of work that I need to get done and," he begged, but she cut him off.

"This isn't because of Hermione is it," she whispered.

"No, I just have some work to do, that's all,"

He noticed that she did not look one hundred percent convinced by his statement.

"Lav, you have got to stop worrying about me and Hermione. We're over, finished. She's with Malfoy and we're...whatever we are...and you have nothing to worry about, I promise."


"Yes, you and that baby are all I care about. All. Did I plan on this? No. And neither did you, but I'm happy with this. I want you to be happy too, but I don't think you're going to be until you believe me, nothing is going on."

She smiled weakly, "I love you Won-Won."

Before he had time to react to her shocking announcement, her lips were on his.

She loved him and he loved her, she knew it.

Little did they know that an already shattered heart had just broken in to in infinite amount of pieces.

Hermione Granger stood, glued to the spot, staring at them. She had walked out of her office and down the hall and was greeted by the site of Ron and Lavender's make out session.

A real make out session.

They were really together, and she had no one.

She had thought until the night before, that there might be something more to Draco, but that phone call had proved her otherwise: she was alone.

Beneath her pain, she felt anger rush through her.


She was going to go to that dinner, with Draco, and show Ron what he was missing, and show Ginny that she wasn't lying (even though she was).

She rushed back to her office and was dialing Draco's number in seconds.

"Yes, Granger? Get my present," he smirked.

She momentarily forgot what she was calling for, "How did you get that?"

He laughed, "summoning charm. Really, Granger I would have thought you could have figured that out for yourself."

She cursed under her breath, "We'll talk about that later," wow, she sounds like an old married woman, "but I have something to ask you."

"You want to slyther-in with me?" he laughed at himself as her face flushed.

He was never going to let that one go, was he?

"No. There's a dinner part this weekend. Ron and Lavender are going to be there-"

"Say no more. I'm in. Unlike you, I don't give up that easily."

"Whatever. Meet me at my flat, on Sunday at 6."

"See you there, Granger."

"Great, Mal--err...Draco," she spat the name through clenched teeth.

"Nice save," he smirked, "Not ready for the punishment to rule break number two?"

"Goodbye." she spat and snapped the phone closed.

It was time to put this game in to full affect.

She was through with thinking that Draco could be different, or that he could change.

He couldn't and she knew it.

This dinner was surely going to be an interesting one.

A/N Please don't be too mad(: I'm sorry about Hermione getting uninvited, but it was necessary.

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Everyone laughed, things were going better than they had thought.

Harry and Ginny were there and neither Hermione nor Draco were any where to be seen. Plus, he was getting to see people he'd missed.

He looked over his shoulder to see Luna twirling in a circle, the odd 'accessory'

He smiled faintly to himself.

"So, how long have you two been back together?" Cho asked quietly, Mason throwing back some firewhiskey behind her shoulder.

He and Lavender looked to each other, "Not long, but it's going really well though," Lavender giggled.

Cho smiled, "That's great."

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron saw that Cho's eyes flickered subtly over to where Harry stood talking to Hagrid.

Before he could say anything though, Lavender spoke again as he got a drink of firewhiskey.

"Things really are great, which is why we're looking in to getting out own apartment, it really would be better."

Ron choked on his drink.

Her little announcement was not something he knew was being planned.

(if you called a live thing an accessory) dancing in a circle around her hat, as Rolf, who he had already gathered was as out there as Luna, twirled her around, swaying without rhythem to the music.
Wow, long preview(: So, we already know that Cho and Luna are there, as are Rolf and someone named...Mason? We'll see who all shows up, and there will be some new people.

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Chapter 20: Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 1
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Ron paced back and forth across the wooden floor of his sloppy looking flat, nerves scrambling around in his stomach, waiting for Lavender to get there so they could leave. He was not sure how Ron, or the other people that Hagrid could have possibly invited, would react to Ron's recent relationship/life change. He knew that it was doubtful they would take it well.

The last time he had seen Hagrid was the day Harry had defeated Voldemort five years ago. At that time he and Hermione had finally committed themselves to a relationship with each other that, apparently, everyone aside from himself had seen coming. Now he was going to be showing up with Lavender Brown as his date and they were also going to be parents in less than a year. Big changes. Hagrid would no doubt have something to say about that particular relationship status change...

He looked around the messy apartment and realized just how much he'd let it go since he lost Hermione. There were books, magazines, papers, glasses and other assorted items littering the cramped room, resting on the sofa, chairs and the floor. It never got this bad when he was with Hermione. Not only did she nag him constantly about his housekeeping skills but a few times a month when she'd come over, unable to stand the mess, she'd just start cleaning. The muggle way, of course. He'd always thought it was ridiculous that she cared so much, but now he wished that she still cared like that.

A quiet knock at the door broke him from his wishful thinking and a syrupy voice rang out through out the small home, "Won-Won!"

He cringed. This night was starting out great. He had thought that after she'd overheard him mumbling Hermione's name in his sleep that he would never hear that awful nickname again, yet there it was. Lavender had bad nicknaming skills.

He shuddered, this night was surely going to be awful.

He wrenched open the door, annoyed that she was over a half hour late, and was surprised at what he saw.

He felt his breath catch in his throat she actually looked...good.

Her dirty blonde hair hung in loose curls on her shoulders and she wore a fairly short, black dress that came just above her knees. The dress had thick, diagonal stripes that were silver and shiny, which clearly illuminated her eyes. He long, toned legs looked beautiful all the way down to her two inch black heels. Her bump was visible, but the look looked so...natural. At that moment he figured what it meant when people said that pregnant women glow. She was literally glowing. Her skin was radiating beauty, she actually looked great.

"Whoa," Ron gasped, not realizing he'd said it out loud until a huge grin spread across her face and her mischievous eyes sparkled.

"You don't look so bad yourself," she giggled, gesturing to his attire.

He smiled weakly, she'd obviously put a lot more effort in to tonight's dinner party than he had. All he'd done was throw on some nice pants, a button up white shirt and with a black vest and had on some 'old' people' black shoes. She had completely outdone him, not that he cared.

"I'm sorry I'm late, I-" she tried to explain, hoping he wasn't too angry with her, but he held up a hand to cut her off, still mesmerized by how she looked.

"Don't worry about it," he smiled, finally taking his eyes off of her cleavage and meeting hers.

She smiled, "So, are you ready to go?"

"Absolutely", he said absently, momentarily forgetting the nerves that had been in his stomach since he'd received the invitation.

She followed him in to his apartment and once the door was closed, she gripped his arm as they apparated to Hagrid's hut. All they could see were blurs as they left Ron's flat and appeared inside Hagrid's home.

The first thing that became 'real' again to them was the strong smells over brandy and cider. Taking in the smells made him realize just how much he'd missed being here. He, Harry and Hermione had spent a countless amount of time in this hut with their half giant friend.

Before he could really take in the look of the cabin, he was crushed in a bear hug by Hagrid that was so tight hardly any air had the ability to reach his lungs.

"Ron! It's good ter ser yer!" Hagrid boomed, chuckling with glee as he set the ginger haired young man back on his feet.

Ron steadied himself and grinned right back, "Hey, Hagrid!"

Lavender found a place to stand, quite nervously, by Ron's side and Hagrid's eyes widened in a mixture of shock and surprise, "Hiya, Lavender! Haven' seen yer in a while!" Hagrid laughed, shifting awkwardly, not expecting to see her here, especially not with Ron.

"Nice to see you too," Lavender smiled, although her eyes were traveling elsewhere.

Hagrid looked back and forth between Ron and Lavender, making a mental note of the fact that Lavender was his date, not Hermione.

"Well, blimey! I didn' know yer two were tog'eher!" Hagrid said, his eyebrows pushing together.

Ron looked around anxiously, "Yeah, it's um...fairly new," he whispered quickly, looking around the crowded hut, recognizing several faces instantly.

Lavender waits for Ron to meet her gaze and feels relieved when he finally lets a miniscule smile reach his lips as his hand finds hers and he squeezes it gently, trying to calm her nerves.

"Oi! Ron, don' I even get a 'ello?" A familiar voice chuckles loudly and Ron spins around, letting a huge grin escape his lips as he sees his old pal Seamus standing next to Dean Thomas across the room.

"Hey, guys!" Ron yells, running over and giving them all high fives, temporarily forgetting the fact that he had just abandoned his date.

"Haven' seen yer in ages, Ron!" Seamus laughs.

"Yeah, so how's your life going?....I heard bout you and 'Mione." Dean says, obviously unsure as to how Ron would react to Hermione's name. Given their past experiences with his temper, his reaction could go from nonchalant to 'let's duel.' There was no in between when your name was Ronald Weasley.

Ron seemed unfazed by this, "Yeah, we're taking a break for a little while,"

Seamus and Dean looked to each other then back to Ron, "More than a break from what I hear!" Seamus laughed as he gestured to an obviously pregnant Lavender who was talking to Cho Chang who had just arrived with her date.

Ron's face flushed slightly, which he chose to ignore, and shrugged nonchalantly, "A break's a break, right? We aren't together either way..."

Dean and Seamus shrugged.

"So, enough about my relationship which you somehow obviously knew about, so what's up with you two?" Ron asked, happy to have the 'target' off of his back.

Seamus let his eyes widen and then he held his hand, pointing to his fourth finger which was surrounded by a solid, gold ring.

Ron gasped, "Blimey, Seamus! When-"

"Couple months ago. It was real quiet, sorry you weren't there," Seamus laughed, shifting nervously.

"Well, blimey! Congratulations!" Ron grinned, patting his pal on the back, "What's the lucky girl's name?"

"Isla," he said, grinning sheepishly, "That's her over there."

He pointed across the room to a young woman with blonde hair, laughing at something either Cho or Lavender had said, throwing her head back slightly. She was really petite looking, she had on a pair of stiletto heels, obviously trying to look taller with a deep purple, v-neck dress, that went to her mid thighs. Ron couldn't lie, she was gorgeous.

"Whoa," Ron gasped, unaware that he had said it aloud until Dean chuckled as Seamus shot him a look.

"Yeah, and she's mine," he laughed, half-seriously, looking between her and Ron.

" did you two" Ron asked, struggling to tear his eyes away, finally admitting to himself that there was no since in staring and meeting Seamus' gaze once more.

"I 'as in the 'ospital visitin' Cormac and Delilah, she'd been in an incident at work and had fractured some bones, and ere was Isla in the next bed over. She'd been practicing a spell and it totally backfired. It was like fate was sayin' she was the one, you know? So, I asked her out and a month later, I knew. We wen' back ter Ireland, she's Irish yer know, and just go' married. Pretty good story, if I do say so myself." he laughed at himself.

Ron stared at him wide eyed. Not only was that completely bizarre that he, Seamus Finnegan: the kid who'd always had stuff blown up in his face, had met someone that was just as accident prone, but why was he visiting Cormac? Since when had they even been close?

He shrugged the questions off and let a grin spread back across his face, "Well, I'm thrilled for ya. What about you Dean? You and Vanessa still together?"

Dean shifted uncomfortably, "Nah, things weren't working out. She's doing some training in America though, so it's ok...not like I see her a lot..."

"Oh," Ron felt his face flush yet again, "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Dean shrugged, "Hey, it wasn't meant to be," he laughed although his smile didn't quite meet his eyes.

He hadn 't realized just how much he'd missed in the past five years...

Before any one could say anything else, a new voice came from behind them.

"Hello, everyone!" the dreamy voice of Luna Lovegood sighed from behind them.

They spun around to face their friend who stood beside a tall man with dark hair, who was in a black and blue suit, for whatever reason. Upon realization they found that he was Rolf Scamander. She herself was in a lime green dress that was shaped like a triangle with yellow ballet flats. On her head was a large, purple sunflower hat that had a small, brown creature on it, spinning and turning around wildly, nearly loosing it's balance a few times.

"Hey Luna," they said absently, in unision, all captivated on the creature.

"I like" Dean said, his eyes looking completely confused.

Luna followed their eyes and never breaking her far off gaze, "Oh that?? She pointed to the deranged looking creature.

Ron, Dean and Seamus all looked at her expectantly, completely wide eyed at the odd...animal?

"It's called an aranti. They're small creatures that are said to be able to tell the safety level of an environment. If they spin around and act all crazy you're supposed to be in a safe haven, if you aren't than they'll turn bright red and jump up and down...kind of like a temper tantrum." she said with a sigh, as if that was the most normal thing ever.

They all nodded, unsure of what to say to that.

Finally Ron spoke, "So why do you...uh...need one?"

"We're leaving tomorrow morning to tour the world, see exotic places, find rare animals, that kind of thing!" she smiled, motioning to the guy standing next to her.

"Yeah, the Prophet keeps missing the important stuff, nargles in France, mendosas running amuck in Ireland, that sort of thing," Rolf, who was standing next to her

They looked between each other, what was a mendosa? They acted like they understood and, upon looking around, they saw that Harry and Ginny and Neville and Hannah had just arrived and were talking to Cho and her date. They politely excused themselves from the strange conversation, ready to have a normal conversation.

Hannah, Ginny and Neville were in the middle of a conversation, but Ginny's gaze kept flickering to the side where Harry was talking to Cho (who kept smiling at him) and her date.

"Hey, guys," Seamus said, nodding at them and hugging Gin and Hannah.

"So, it's true, then?" Cho asked quietly, at a level that was barely hearable.

Everyone turned to face Cho and they all saw that her focus was intent on Lavender's bump and the hand that clutched Ron's.

Everything was silent.

"What?" Lavender asked innocently, obviously aware of to what she was referring.

"You're really pregnant?"

Lavender's eyes widened in mock shock, but she composed herself before answering, "Yeah, I am!" she grinned up at Ron who wore a smile that didn't quite meet his eyes.

"Well, congratulations. When's the baby due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" she asked, still in shcok over this news.

"We still have a few weeks to go until we know if it's a boy or girl, but the due date is still about six months away, it's kind of too early to tell exactly..." Lavender giggled.

Cho nodded, silently, "Well, I wish you two the best. "

"Thanks," Lavender and Ron said in unision, laughing when realizing they'd both spoken.

"So who's your date?" Ron asked, pointing to the dark haired man who was know enduring Luna's speech.

"His name's Mason. He's a muggle, he's from Scotland, actually. We've been together for a while, we've been testing the waters, we just got our first apartment together so...we'll see where that goes." she sighed, her gaze flickering to Harry hopefully a couple times, not as subtly as she would have liked, Harry ignored this.

"A muggle?" Seamus raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, a muggle. I was visiting some family in Scotland, he's an old family friend. He's a pretty great guy. He has a niece who, somehow, got magical powers, goes to Beaubatons, so he already knew about magic. He's pretty great."

"Well for a muggle and all..." Seamus laughed, joking around.

Everyone laughed, things were going better than they had thought.

Ron was quite content with how things were going. Harry and Ginny were there and neither Hermione nor Draco were any where to be seen. Plus, he was getting to see people he'd missed.

He looked over his shoulder to see Luna twirling in a circle, the odd 'accessory' (if you called a live thing an accessory) dancing in a circle around her hat, as Rolf, who he had already gathered was as out there as Luna, twirled her around, swaying without rhythem to the music.

He smiled faintly to himself.

"So, how long have you two been back together?" Cho asked quietly, Mason throwing back some firewhiskey behind her shoulder.

He and Lavender looked to each other, "Not long, but it's going really well though," Lavender giggled.

Cho smiled, "That's great."

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron saw that Cho's eyes flickered subtly over to where Harry stood, now talking to Hagrid.

Before he could say anything though, Lavender spoke again as he got a drink of firewhiskey.

"Things really are great, which is why we're looking in to getting out own apartment too, it really would be better."

Ron choked on his drink.

Her little announcement was not something he knew was being planned.

Cho's eyebrows knitted together at Ron's reaction as Seamus and Dean howled with laughter, "Yer all right there, Ron?" Seamus laughed, clearly amused.

Ron glared at his friend and opened his mouth to speak but was cut off.

"Sorry, we're let guys, we were a bit...preoccupied." the cold voice of Draco Malfoy smirked from behind them.

Everyone in the room spun to face the door where Draco Malfoy was standing with a sexily dressed Hermione Granger, his hand at her lower back in a dominating way. There were several gasps, they'd all heard the rumors, but never believed a word of them.

Hermione looked at him and grinned, stretching to give him a small kiss on his lips.

Ron felt his stomach lurch.

If this was how they wanted to be, so be it.

This spells war.

Hermione's dress, which was not only, short, lacy and quite tight, gave an excellent view to her cleavage and Ron couldn't pry his eyes away.

"You okay there, Weasel?" Draco sneered at Ron.

Hermione looked him up and down and then burst in to giggles, her face turning pink, "Hey, Ron. Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Ron felt his face go deep red as he looked down, His eyes widened and he spun around, despite the howling laughter of every guy in the room and some one the girls (mainly Ginny).

Hermione smirked, the game was, officially, in full play mode.

Draco led Hermione over to get her a drink, smirking at the embarrassed Ron and clearly aware that every eye in the room was watching them as he took her chin in his hands then forced his lips on to hers.

Ron felt like he would puke.

Ginny just rolled her eyes.

Everyone else just gawked.

This was going to be a night to remember.

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Ron felt his blood boil, and he couldn't help himself from doing what he did next.

He got to his feet and stormed over to where Draco was standing with Hermione and Harry.

Ron jerked Draco's hand off the small of Hermione's back and shoved his shoulder to make Draco face him. Ron's eyes twitched in anger, it was all he could do to not punch his smug face.

"Watch it, Weasel." Draco growled, his face curling up in anger.

"Get away from her." Ron growled, sizing himself up against Malfoy.

Draco smirked, "Or what, Weasel?"

"You don't want to know what, Malfoy." Ron growled.

"Is that a threat?" Draco challenged, amused by the situation.

"You bet. Outside. Now. Let's settle this." Ron spat, shoving Malfoy's shoulder again, never having been quite as worked up in his life.

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Chapter 21: Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 2
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Everyone in the room gawked at the site of Draco and Hermione's hand in hand arrival. There were a couple quick glances at Ron, all of which were by people who obviously were not aware of the recent relationship changes these three people had had. When in Merlin's name had that even happened?

Several hushed whispers erupted are the suddenly tiny, enclosed room. Only one word really stuck with their brains: when?

When did that happen? When did they get together?

Draco leaned down close to Hermione face and kissed her lightly on the lips then brushed his lips up to her earlobe, "Let's get this party started, shall we?" he whispered at a volume meant only for her.

He slowly brought his face back to face her and pulled his lips up in a smoldering smile as he winked at her, which for some odd reason, made her heart skip a beat.

Was she really starting to fall for her childhood enemy? It sure seemed that way...

Hermione looked around, noting the reactions of the fellow partiers. Most everyone seemed beyond shocked, except for Seamus and Dean, although even their eyebrows were raised. Ron looked ready to kill someone. Maybe he was. Hagrid has dropped the mug of firewhiskey he'd been guzzling and was not hiding his shock. He'd known those two students for a decade now and this was something he never would have dreamed of seeing coming. Hagrid's mouth gaped at the site of Draco and Hermione's entrance. He never expected that to happen. In fact, he would have rather expected Ron to be a male nun.

Draco looked around the suddenly cramped room at all the eyes that were glued on him and his date. There were jaws that nearly touched the floor. He smirked coolly to himself, "Something wrong with your mouths?" he mused with a laugh, wagging a finger back and forth across the room as several of their faces pinkened and they tried to contain themselves.

"Is this a party or a funeral?" Hermione laughed, shifting awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Everyone was looking at her as if she'd grown as second head. That's not awkward at all.

Ginny grimaced at her ex-best friend. She had some nerve showing up here, just to make the party all about her, jus as she made everything about her. She always had to outshine everyone didn't she?

Everyone quietly resumed their conversations and Hagrid had Dean use a spell to take care of the broken mug, but no one was truly as excited as they had been. Everyone wanted to know one thing: when had Hermione hooked up with Draco Malfoy?

Draco got he and Hermione some punch and smirked at her, mischief sparkling in his eyes, "Shall we?"

"We shall!" Hermione laughed as she clinked her glass with Draco's.

Draco kissed the top of Hermione head gently as he left to go stand with Neville and Hannah who looked obviously uncomfortable with the latest person to join their conversation as Hermione joined Lavender and Ron.

"Hello, Lavender," Hermione smiled as Lavender eyes narrowed in to slits, "Ronald." She nodded towards her ex-fiancée curtly, enjoying seeing the squirm he made.

It had to be awkward having your ex-fiancée standing with's mother.

Ron opened his mouth to speak but Lavender cut him off.

"What are you doing here?" she spat, sizing Hermione up with herself.

Merlin if only she could hit that smug look off of her face...

"I was invited," Hermione stated matter-of-factly, "Unlike you."

Lavender took a deep breath, "I'm Won-Won's plus one. So, actually, I am technically invited. Just like you and Draco."

Hermione laughed, "You're not a plus one, honey. Maybe a plus one and a half..."

Lavender folded her arms across her chest, "Whatever. I didn't even mean why are you here, I meant why are you here as in with me and Won-Won?"

Hermione could barely keep her meal down upon hearing the name.



What kind of a nickname was that?

It's times like this when it's hard to tell which nickname is worse: Ron's Won-Won or Draco's Drakey, given to him by Pansy?

Decisions, decisions.

The amount of hatred she forced in to those words was unbelievable. She surely must have rehearsed it....

"Just making conversation," Hermione grimaced, struggling to not slap the bitch in front of her.

"If this is some kind of desperate attempt to win Ron back, it won't work." Lavender growled, "Besides, your boyfriend is right over there."

"I have no interest in having Ronald back."


"I don't!"

"Then why are you getting so defensive?"

"I...I'm not defensive!" Hermione cried. How dare she?!

"Yes, you are!"

At this time Draco, who was currently pushing the topic of marriage on Neville and Hannah noticed the, for the time being, quiet argument but knew that if he didn't do something soon there'd be a full on brawl between the two of them....not that that wouldn't be entertaining....

"Excuse me," he murmured, before walking off towards the two girls.

Hermione paid no attention to the fact that Draco was heading her way and continued her now extremely loud argument with Lavender.

All eyes were glued on the two girls, with Seamus and Dean debating whether to scream the word, "Catfight!"

"Hermione, love," he placed a hand on her lower back, whispering in her ear, "don't worry about her, she's not worth it."

With the last four words he brought his eyes up to meet a streaming Lavender's. She was practically shaking with anger.

"Let's just go," he spat, glaring at Lavender, pulling Hermione away gently, making Ron's stomach flip at the site of Draco's hand on Hermione's back.

Unlike in third year, she didn't have a fist in his face.

When Lavender and Ron's eyes were not able to see, he pulled his mouth in to a smirk.

He took a quick glance back a fist-clenched Ron and smirked towards Hermione, "Weasel's jealous already," he laughed coldly, "Let's see how far we can push this, huh?"

He winked at Hermione and her stomach flipped again, but in the opposite way of Ron's.

Draco started, quite deliberately and determinedly, towards Hagrid, Dean and Seamus, the three of whom (as with everyone else in the room) were back in a conversation, with only a minimal amount of glances towards Draco and Hermione. Suddenly, Hermione caught his elbow, forcing him to turn around and face her, with confusion glinting in his eyes.

"...There a problem?" he mused slowly, eyebrows knitting together, searching her brown eyes for answers.

Hermione made a quick glance towards where Harry was, seemingly, consoling a cross armed, annoyed-looking Ginny, then focused back on her date, "I need to make things right with Ginny," she sighed as he nodded curtly, "Let's go."

The last two words were amazingly unenthusiastic.

Draco obliged as Hermione tugged him by the elbow towards the couple, even though Harry's eyes screamed warning signals that she was stepping into the 'danger zone' and it would be best if she turned around, although she kept coming.

Ginny cocked an eyebrow, "Draco. Hermione."

Hermione had never heard her friend say her name with that much bitterness in her voice.

Hermione smiled faintly, but removed it upon seeing Ginny's scowl and narrowed eyes.

Oh here we go again.


"Don't call me that."

"Sorry," Hermione said innocently, "Ginny, I'm sorry. I know you probably don't believe me, but I really am."

"If you were sorry, you'd be done with your act! Why is he here?" Ginny cried.

As much as she'd never admit it, she missed Hermione. She wanted their friendship back desperately, but refused to give in to the fight. Ginny Weasley never gave in to fights. Now, all she wanted was the truth. But, since she was apparently not going to get it anytime soon, she was not going to let their friendship mend.

Hermione debated what to do.

"He's...," Ginny and Draco held their breath, "my boyfriend."

Draco smirked to himself.

Ginny couldn't believe her ears. Hermione was seriously still sticking with that insane story?


"He is," Hermione nodded, "I don't know what more I have to do to prove that to you."

Ginny opened her mouth to speak but Harry cut off.

"Gin," Harry sighed slowly, "don't you think you're blowing this just a little out of proportion? I mean, I never would've believed she'd be with Malfoy either, but I've known her for a long time, and she's never lied to me before. I think we should believe her."

Hermione felt her stomach flip. Way to make her feel guilty...

Lying was hard enough, lying to Harry was beyond horrible.

Harry would never lie to her, of that she was sure.

"Thanks, Harry." Hermione smiled faintly, praying that Ginny would see the common sense that was Harry.

Ginny glared at Hermione quickly before continuing a look at Harry.

"Harry! You can believe whatever you want, but she's obviously lying! It's not like I just met her, I've known her nearly as long as you."

Harry held his hands up defensively, "Gin. I understand that, what I'm saying is that you could at least give her the benefit of the doubt."

"Oh, so you are taking her side!" Ginny cried.

Harry's eyes widened, "No. I'm not taking anyone's-"

"Harry, we're about to be married! You have to side with me!"

Harry was taken aback by this, "I don't have to do anything!"

Draco whistled with a smirk, "Bad call." he tsked, laughing.

Ginny's eyes widened, "excuse me?"

"Gin, I mean, that we don't have to agree on everything, but I don't think you're right." Ginny tired to speak, but Harry continued, "and I don't think Hermione's right either. You both need to work it out and stop this nonsense! I'm going to always support you Ginny, because I love you, but I'm not just going to agree to everything you say like I have no voice....I'm sorry."

Harry was ready for this night to be over. Ginny had been way to emotional recently and he was ready for the Ginny he loved to be back, he didn't know if she was being serious or if it was her hormones, but she was upset constantly, everything set her on edge. It was rather annoying at times, like now.

Ginny listened through out this, and knew he was right.

Ginny sighed, "Alright. But, she's still not dating Draco!"

"I'm here aren't I?" Draco asked, his eyes meeting Ginny's.

"That means nothing...."

"Ginny! Please, get this through your head, I love Draco." The words sounded strange coming out of her mouth and she felt her face flush, "and I want you to accept that."

Ginny wanted to believe her, but something about the way Hermione acted set her on edge, she just couldn't find a way to trust her at this moment.

"Hermione, I want to believe you," Ginny sighed, "but I just don't! You never acted this way with Ron!"

Hermione, for the first time in a long time, didn't flinch at the sounds of her ex boyfriend's name.

Hermione was torn yet again, should she tell? All would be amended if she did...right?

Across the room Ron was being subjected to Lavender informing Luna all about her pregnancy and Luna was congratulating her, while he glared at Hermione and her companions.

It wasn't long before he felt himself snap.

He couldn't take it anymore, he was going to put Malfoy in his place.

Ron felt his blood boil, and he couldn't help himself from doing what he did next.

He got to his feet and stormed over to where Draco was standing with Hermione and Harry.

Ron jerked Draco's hand off the small of Hermione's back and shoved his shoulder to make Draco face him. Ron's eyes twitched in anger, it was all he could do to not punch his smug face.

"Watch it, Weasel." Draco growled, his face curling up in anger.

"Get away from her." Ron growled, sizing himself up against Malfoy.

Draco smirked, "Or what, Weasel?"

"You don't want to know what, Malfoy." Ron growled.

"Is that a threat?" Draco challenged, amused by the situation.

"You bet. Outside. Now. Let's settle this." Ron spat, shoving Malfoy's shoulder again, never having been quite as worked up in his life.

Draco smirked, "You think that's good idea, Weasel?"

"What, is mommy's little Death Eater scared?"

Draco's eyes narrowed and he squared his jaw, "Let's take this outside."

Draco and Ron marched outside, never taking their eyes off of each other.

They met the cool breeze and got a fair distance apart as everyone from within the hut crowded around outside, eagerly watching and listening to Seamus and Dean's chants of "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

"Let's settle this, Malfoy!"

"My pleasure, Weasel!"

They aimed their wands at each other, prepared to fight to whatever extent deemed necessary.

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Everyone watched in horror as the spell shot out of the wand and hit him straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Hermione had thought that she'd never hear the awful word 'Sectumsempra' as long as she lived, now she knew she was wrong.

Several people screamed. Lavender and Cho were crying. Hermione had the wind knocked out of her.

Blood began to color the ground and he started to grow pale.

Even Dean and Seamus had stopped their enjoyment.

If something wasn't done soon, they'd be at a funeral soon..

This was no longer a joke, this was a life or death situation.

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Chapter 22: Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 3
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Everyone was now gathered in a large group around the old hut, anxious to see what would happen, if anything did. Seamus and Dean were still chorusing the word, "FIGHT!" while everyone else just seemed completely, totally in shock and rather stunned to see that Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley were about to have a throw down, and they were going to be witnessing it. Everyone knew that there was also a very slim chance that this duel could get out of hand, though, but they pushed those thoughts from their brains, ready to watch.

"Draco, love," Hermione pleaded, grabbing his arm, not bothering to notice that she had used the word love, "don't do this! It's not worth it!" When he turned to face her, Hermione witnessed for her self just how dark his eyes had gone. They were normally a bright, gray but now they were nearly black from anger.

"No!" He yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear, "I'm going to teach Weasel who he's dealing with! He wants to fight? Let's fight!" he shrugged off the jacket he's donned and let it fall off to the ground a few feet away with a swish.

Hermione knew her anti violence pleas would be wasted, this fight was going to happen, with or without her approval. And she was certainly not giving either of them approval.

"Come on, Ron!" Lavender cheered from the side, "Show him who he's messing with!"

Ron looked at her with a smug grin, "Gladly."

Hermione was disgusted with Lavender's attitude.

Ron had never been much of a fight, but Draco and tormented him for a decade now! It was time for that to

change. He'd been completely and utterly humiliated by the Slytherin Prince time after time ever since they first met right before the sorting on their first day of first year when Draco was attempting a destined-to-fail recruit of Harry, Ron's best friend. Ever since that moment, Draco had tortured him every possible chance he got! But, not this time. This was Ronald Bilius Weasley's time to shine for Merlin's sake!

"You're going down, Malfoy," Ron growled, ready to knock him down a notch or ten.

"That's a pretty high horse you're on there, Weasel. Too bad a fall that long is gonna leave a bunch or bruises," Draco sneered.

They were probably both crazy, maybe even beyond crazy, wither way they were going to duel with each other.

They pointed their wands at each other's throats, this was going to be ending extremely soon.

Hermione was beside herself with anxiety.

"Hagrid!" Hermione screamed, "Do something! Stop this!"

Dean and Seamus glared at her, "No! I wanna see this throw down!" Seamus cried. Hagrid didn't appear to have even heard her desperate pleas.

Hermione looked frantically between the two men whose eyes were each slits.

"Ready, Weasel?"

"You better, Malfoy."

They were just about to shoot spells at each other when Hermione felt something inside her snap, she couldn't bear to let them just duel without her giving another final attempt. Without thinking, she rushed forward and flung herself between then and then ran to Draco, grasping his arms in death grips.

"Hermione," Draco growled, his eyes still black, "Get out of the way."

"Please," she begged as two tears escaped her chocolate brown eyes, "don't do this."

He stared at her, the amount of honesty and genuine concern in her face was unreal. He couldn't say no.

Without saying a word, Draco Malfoy slowly withdrew his wand, his cold eyes clearing telling Ron (or attempting to): you got lucky. Ron put a smug grin on his face, obviously thinking he won. Draco subsided to the side with Hermione, but Ron wasn't done.

"What's wrong, Malfoy?" Ron smirked, "Can't take what you dish out?"

Draco clenched his fists by his sides while Hermione murmured, 'don't mention it'.

"C'mon, you gonna let her make all your decisions for you?"

Draco looked at Hermione, who was rolling her eyes, but she shook her head as if telling him not to take the bait.

"C'mon, Malfoy! Just admit that you're too scared! Just admit that you can't make a decision for yourself to save your life! Just admit you need your Mommy to hold your hand!" Ron sneered as Draco grew angrier and angrier, "Just admit it. You're a coward. A worthless. Mommy's boy. Coward.....we should have let you die back there in the Room of Requirement five years ago, the world doesn't need you!"

No one could believe the words tha had just escaped from Ronald's mouth.

Draco snapped.

Draco screamed and stormed over back to where he had been standing before. No one talks to Draco Malfoy that way, no matter how cool they are.

"Let's go!" He screamed and before Ron had even had the time to react he sent a spell hurling towards him, which he missed by a half inch.

Ron's eyes widened as he realized the extremity of what he had gotten himself in to.

Spell after spell was fired of all different colors. Everyone watched in shock, there was no doubt that they'd be in St. Mungo's for a broken bone or some gashes soon.

Hermione was in shock. She didn't know what to do. Who was she supposed to support? Did she have to support anyone? Violence never was the answer....right? Ron had no right to say those horrible things though. Those kind of things were not worth saying, he hadn't done anything wrong.

Dean and Seamus were still chanting, "FIGHT!" This was the kind of think they lived for. Isla meanwhile, was staring at her husband, clearly bewildered, having never seen her husband act quite like that before.

Cho was with Neville and Hannah and all three of them were staring openmouthed, not knowing what to do.

Luna and Rolf, on the other hand, were off to the side swaying to imaginary music. ....Those two really were perfect for one another.

Lavender was being Ron's personal cheerleader. It was rather annoying.

Suddenly a purple, unfamiliar, spell shot from the end of Ron's wand. Ron felt his heart sink to his chest and he did the first thing that came to his mind: ducked.

Draco hadn't expected that.

A shrill scream erupted in to the night as Lavender swerved, missing the spell by mere centimeters. She stood, clutching her chest, too scared to move.

Ron slowly clambered to his feet, shock etched on his face.

Draco had honestly had no idea that Ron would dive, he never wanted to hurt Lavender, no matter how obnoxious she was.

"How. dare. you!" Ron spat, "You could have hurt her! Or my child!"

Draco put his hands up in self defensively, now wasn't the time to fire another spell, "Man, I didn't-"

His words were caught off as Ron screamed the word that sent chills up Hermione, Ginny and mostly Harry's spines.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, before he even realized what he was saying.

Everyone watched in horror as the spell shot out of Ron's wand and hit Draco straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Hermione had thought that she'd never hear the awful word 'Sectumsempra' as long as she lived, now she knew she was wrong.

Several people screamed. Lavender and Cho were crying. Hermione had the wind knocked out of her.

Blood began to color the ground and Draco started to grow pale.

Even Dean and Seamus had stopped their enjoyment.

If something wasn't done soon, they'd be at a funeral soon..

This was no longer a joke, this was a life or death situation.

Ron couldn't move. He couldn't believe that he'd done that. He hadn't meant was an impulse. Just like when Harry had done it so many years ago....

Hermione rushed over to Draco's bleeding side desperately screaming.

"Draco! Draco....RON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Hermione screamed, scrambling all around , feeling for his heart and repeating his name, to no response.

Draco was dying, she knew it.

A lot happened then: everyone started screeching at Ron, telling him how big a mistake that was, that he took it too far, that he was out of line. Like he was a jerk, a demon, etc.

Hermione snapped: again.

"GUYS!" she screamed as everyone turned to face her, shocked she was yelling at them, not Ron, "Stop! We have to do something!"

They all looked at each other like lost puppies with no idea what to do.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Oh, for Merlin's sakes!" she screamed, "Get HELP!"

"Right!" Neville screamed before taking off in the direction of the castle, at a speed that was surprisingly fast for a man of his proportions.

"Stay with me!" Hermione yelled before doing the first and only thing she could think of: pumping his chest.

Her heart was aching, although she couldn't figure out why. Tears were coming from her face like a waterfall and her put together hair was no longer good looking, it was falling all over the place and frizzing up like it always has normally.

"!" she chanted as she pumped his heart, which was starting to falter.

She was losing him and she knew it.

All the girls were crying at this point, with their guys comforting them. Except with the case of Lavender and Ron. She was consoling him and telling him he 'did the right thing' and that 'he had it coming.

Evil. Bitch.

In seconds they heard a loud pop as McGonagall apparated a few feet away.

"Oh, good heavens!" she cried, rushing over to the two of them, "What happened?!"

She looked at Hermione, whose shirt was covered in blood, "long story. explain later." Hermione gasped, all that needed to be done now was getting help.

"Right," McGonagall nodded, as she knelt and grabbed his hand while Hermione grasped the other.

"Let's go, " she said before glancing at his near lifeless body, "I just hope we're not too late."

They apparated with another pop and the next thing they knew there was a world of white and then they saw that they were in the hospital wing.

"HELP! WE NEED HELP!" Hermione frantically screamed as Madam Pomfrey let out a quiet yelp and ran towards them as fast as a woman of her age could run.

She didn't ask questions, she just got him in a bed and started checking his pulse.

Hermione was sobbing at this point, "Is...he...going" she sniffed.

Madam Pomfrey looked doubtful and the look broke her heart, "I hope so." she cried, putting her fingertips to her mouths.

Moments later several men in blue and white coats were rushing in to the room, surrounding the bed, pushing Hermione and McGonagall out of the way.

"WE HAVE TO GET HIM TO THE EMERGENCY WARD....STAT!" One of them yelled at the top of his lungs.

With a charm the bed lifted in to the air and they were disappearing out of the room, leaving Hermione and McGonagall alone.

This entire night felt like a nightmare. A horrible nightmare that she'd be waking up (hopefully!) from soon.

After several moments Hermione spoke, "What do we do now?"

McGonagall gained ten years in ten minutes, with a pale face, she answered, "Wait."

Hermione collapsed in a nearby chair, why had she chosen to come to that stupid party anyway?

If she hadn't then Draco wouldn't be fighting for his life, if there even was a fight left. Maybe he was already gone....

The idea was too terrible.

Before she knew it, the exhaustion from the evening had caught up with her. She started to close her eyes as she faded off.

This was a day she'd always remember, but wish she could forget.

Slowly, so slowly, she drifted off to a steady sleep, the only escape she had from the Hell that was now her life.



"HURRY, WE'RE LOSING HIM!" Dr. Emily Renaldo screamed.

They'd given him some spell and a couple potions, but with how late they'd gotten him, his body had basically refuted them.

Dr. Bryan Murphy pushed his chest, "STAY...WITH...ME!" he screamed, hoping the drink another doctor was pouring in his mouth would work.

A noise caught Dr. Renaldo's attention, "Bryan."

They turned their heads to face the heart monitor.

They heard the awful noise of the line going straight.

'No!' Murphy gasped, "Don't die on me!"

He was crying now. This was the part of the job he hated...and he was so young too!"

He pushed on his chest one final time.


They looked down in defeat. They'd lost him.

"It's my fault..." Murphy cried.

Renaldo put a hand on his shoulder, "It's not your fault," she held back a tear, "You did the best you-"

She was cut off by a tiny, quiet noise.

They turned around.

The line suddenly had gone up a tiny bit.

He was still fighting.

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"Hermione, I'm so sorry!" Ron begged.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "You could have killed him!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Air hockey! I'm through with you Ronald Weasley! I never want to speak to you as long as I live."

She turned to go, but Ron caught her arm, "'Mione, please. I didn't mean to!"

"Don't call me that, Ronald! You can't just accidentally do something like that!" She argued.

"It slipped...wait...where are you going?" He cried as she started to walk away.

She kept going.

"Hermione, come back! I love you!" he screamed.

She stopped dead in her tracks, "What?"

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Chapter 23: Consciense vs. Subconscience
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"Hermione! Hermione, wake up!" a quiet voice whispered as the speaker put it's hand on her shoulder and started shaking her.

Hermione gasped and jerked awake to find that Madam Pomfrey was staring down at her with a concerned look on her face.

Hermione looked around, "Sorry," she murmured, rubbing her eyes, "I must have dozed off for a moment,"

"Try twelve hours," Madam Pomfrey said, seemingly concerned.

Hermione's eyes widened, "Twelve hours? I'm so- Draco! Draco is he ok!" She slurred, hurriedly getting to her feet, her heart rate speeding up in her chest. The last thing she'd known was sitting down in that green chair after the doctors had rushed him away. What if they hadn't been able to save him?! What if he was gone?! What if, what if....

"Relax!" Madam Pomfrey hushed, putting a hand of Hermione's shoulder, "He's alright. He's not exactly in tip-top shape, but he survived the night by some miracle."

This was the best news she'd heard in a long time.

She put a hand on her heart, he was still alive.

"Where is he?" She looked around, not seeing him, her fears creeping back up her spine again.

"He's in the Intensive Care Unit. We didn't think a lot of visitors would be good for him with how much stress has been put on his body in the past few hours. If you'll follow me..." Madam Pomfrey led the way out of the room and down a hallway she'd never been down before, until she saw the door labeled 'Intensive Care Unit'.

"I'll wait here and give you a few minutes," Madam Pomfrey said as she gestured towards the door.

Hermione took a deep breath as she wrapped her fingers around the brass handle of the doorknob.

"Go on," Madam Pomfrey encouraged.

Hermione smiled a smile that clearly said 'Thank you' and turned the handle before disappearing inside the room.

Madam Pomfrey smiled to herself, "I never thought I would see a day where Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were in love," she smiled as she walked back down the hall, reminiscing about the days when Hermione and Draco were children in that school.

It seemed like just yesterday she was seeing Hermione walk in to the Hospital Wing looking like a feline. She distinctly remembered one particular day of that year though, when Harry Potter and Ron Weasley saw an untransformed Hermione in the Great Hall. Never before had she seen such a loyal group of friends.

She smiled to herself, happy to have witnessed the occasion.

Elsewhere, Hermione was tip-toeing across the shiny linoleum of the floor, peeking in to each of the four poster hospital beds when suddenly something blonde caught her attention.

Hermione turned on her heel and across the room she was greeted by the site of a heavily bandaged Draco.

She smiled faintly as she saw the slight rise and fall of his chest.

He was breathing.

He had really made it through the night.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She slowly walked over there, not sure what she was going to see when up close.

When she was standing next to his bed she saw just how bad the damage was. His torso was wrapped heavily in gauze and you could see a few blood spots seeping through the material.

Her stomach flipped.

His blonde hair was a disheveled mess, the total opposite of it's normally carefully sculpted precision. His eyes were closed, but he didn't appear to be sleeping heavily. He looked so....fragile. And weak. It was not his best moment.

She took a seat next to the bed, unsure what to do. In her heart though, the only thing she wanted to do was stay there. Be there for him.

She sighed.

It was her fault he was like this. He would have never had this happened if she hadn't been off more than she could chew; if she hadn't just proclaimed she was dating him, even though she wasn't. It was her fault he was in this mess. It was....

She was taken away from her thought when his fingers slowly unclenched themselves, as if they were reaching for something. She didn't know why, but she did the first thing that came to her mind: she grasped them in hers.

They felt cold in her hands.

Guilt could not stop creeping up her spine: this was her fault.

She buried her frizzy head in between her arms, not knowing what to do with herself.

How could she have let this happen to him?

Suddenly she felt his fingers squirm and she released them and she felt her heart skip a beat when his eyelids suddenly fluttered open to reveal his grey eyes looking thoroughly confused.

"Hermione," he whispered, bringing her completely out of her trance-like stance.

She smiled faintly and gently stroked the side of his face with two fingers, not bothering to care about what was going through his mind and the feel of her fingers. She no longer cared.


He smiled, "That was one hell of a night."

She broke in to a grin, surprised that those were the words he found the most need to say, "It was wasn't it?

His smiled faded and his eyes took on a more serious look, "Thank you."

Hermione was taken aback by this.

Never before would she have though Draco Malfoy would utter those words to her, Hermione Granger.

"F...For what?" she stuttered, not sure as to why he was thanking her.

He looked around, clearly uncomfortable before speaking, "For saving my life. I probably wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you."

She felt tears well up in her eyes and a lump formed in her throat.

"You know," Draco laughed, "the normal response it 'you're welcome'."

She looked at him through tear filled eyes, "It's my fault this happened though! It's my fault that you're here!"

He shook his head and flinched when he felt the sharp twinge of pain course through his body, "Mione," he whispered, still clearly trying to conceal the amount of pain he was in, "It's not your fault. You didn't fire the spell."

"So?" Hermione argued, "If it wasn't for me having to say we were dating, this never would have happened!"

"I'm not mad at you," he groaned, "If you hadn't I'd have been missing out."

Hermione met his eyes.

Had he just said what she thought he said?

Maybe she was just reading too much in to it...

"What?" she whispered, unable to stop her mind from questioning exactly what that meant.

"Hermione," he started, but then he paused.

He knew what she was getting at.

She raised her eyebrows,

"" he was suddenly interrupted, much to Hermione's dismay.

Thunderous footsteps from outside the room started echoing in the room, causing Hermione and Draco to quit their conversation abruptly.

"Where is he?" A worried, female voice said from in the hall.

Hermione sat up, thinking she recognized the voice, but unable to be certain.

The doors burst open suddenly, causing Hermione to jump back from Draco, and Madam Pomfrey led two older, blonde adults in to the room. The woman took off at a run the exact moment her eyes met Draco's and when she was about half way to him, Hermione recognized her as Mrs. Malfoy, Draco's mother. The man still standing with Madam Pomfrey was clearly Lucius, Draco's father. He wore a scowl on his face, as if he was too good to be standing in that hospital.

Seeing his scowl took Hermione's memory back to a certain Quidditch game when she and Draco were in their second year. It was the same game that had nearly killed Harry due to a rogue bludger caused by Dobby the elf and Draco, too, had wound up in the hospital, although Mr. Malfoy was not concerned.

Mrs. Malfoy rushed to his side and tears filled her eyes as she fell to her knees and put her hands on the sides of his face as if he was a small child.

"Oh....Draco," she sniffed in to his shoulder as his face pinkened.

"Mum," he whispered, attempting to conceal the pain from his overly concerned mother, "I'm alright."

She looked up through tear filled eyes, "Alright? Alright? Alright....What! Draco you could have died! You could have been killed!"

"Mum," he groaned, "I'm alright."

Hermione realized just how much he'd changed in these past years, he wasn't soaking up the attention like he would always do in school.

Mr. Malfoy looked down at his son with a disgusted face for a couple moments before he let his eyes wander up and his eyes met Hermione's. Lucius' eyes were the exact same shade of grey as his son's, but there was a colder sense in them than she'd ever seen in Draco's, even in his darkest moments. His face curled up in disgust, "Who let you in?" he spat, with hatred clearly tossed in to the words intentionally.

"I....uh...." for once she was speechless. What should she say? What could she say?

Luckily, Draco came to her rescue, "She was just visiting me," he covered quickly with a wink, "She was just being a friend."


Draco and Hermione knew at the same moment that that was not what should have been said.

"Since when are you friends with her kind?" Mr. Malfoy sneered coldly, looking Hermione up and down, clearly not seeing anything worth living.

"Lucius," Narcissa pleaded, looking up at him with kindness in her face, "Draco's safe, isn't that all that matters? Your son is safe."

He scowled, "That's nice." he shot coldly, taking everyone in the room aback, " A Granger still shouldn't be here though....she's a disgrace to the Wizarding world."


"...Should have just been happy to get in to Hogwarts. She doesn't have to go sniffing around where she isn't wanted."

Hermione felt her heart twinge with the stinging, hurtful words. She looked to Draco who was gawking at his father, but he didn't say anything.

Hermione wanted to let out her tears, but Mr. Malfoy wouldn't be getting the satisfaction of seeing her cry any time soon, "Excuse me," she sniffed, turning to leave.

" don't have to," Draco begged, not sure what he should be doing.

Did he side with his parents or with her?

"No, I need to," she said quickly, "I was supposed to be at work a half hour ago," she lied quickly as she swiftly got away from the hospital wing.

As soon as she was out of sight she let a couple tears escape her eyes.

How could he say something like that?

She propped herself against the wall, letting the pain from the past twenty of hours out of her system.

Suddenly a voice caught her attention, "Hermione?"

She turned her head to see Ron Weasley standing at the end of the hallway, looking like a disheveled mess.

"What?" she spat, brushing away her tears from yet another person who would not get the liberty of seeing her cry.

"Please, talk to me." Ron pleaded, now a mere couple feet from her.

"Every time you've tried to talk to me recently it just makes things worse," Hermione spat, "Maybe if you'd just keep out of my life, none of these problems would occur for you to try and 'fix' by talking to me! Go. Away!"

"Hermione," he begged, remembering not to use 'Mione, even though he'd used it a thousand times before, "Please."

It was against her better judgment, but she reluctantly agreed, "Five minutes."

The last time she'd agreed to talk to him for 'five minutes' she'd gotten herself in to the 'dating Draco' lie, what was she going to do now?


"Why would you even tolerate that!" Mr. Malfoy screeched after asking Madam Pomfrey for some privacy with his wife and son.

"Tolerate what?" Draco challenged with as much force as he could bear, just speaking made him feel like he was breaking ribs all over again.

"That mudblood being allowed to be in here!" Mr. Malfoy yelled, disgust coursing through his veins.

Draco felt his blood boil, "Don't. Call. Her. That." he spat through clenched teeth, unsure why the exact reason was for his defending her.

Lucius took a step back, unsure of how to react to his son standing up for himself, "What did you say?"

"Don't call-" Draco began to repeat, still angry, but, Lucius was not done speaking.

"Since when do you care about that miserable excuse for a witch. People like that don't deserve magic! They're a disgrace to the Wizarding world!" he boomed.

"You're wrong," Draco whispered.

Narcissa widened her eyes in shock and took a step away.

No one spoke that way to Lucius Malfoy.

"Excuse me?" he stuttered, wide eyed, "What did you say to me?"

"You. Are. Wrong." Draco growled, "She's not any of those things."

Lucius wasn't sure how to react, "And since when do you...wait....this isn't your way of saying you've actually fallen for that creature, is it?"

Draco glared at his father, "No. I haven't, but so what if I had? She's a lot better than that snout face Pansy you were so adamant I marry!"

Lucius tried to argue, "Son, you know as well as I do that Pansy's family-"

"Enough with the family thing! I don't give a rat's arse what her family does! She has a dog face and is a loon," he growled.

"Let's get one thing straight!" Mr. Malfoy screamed, shoving a finger in a scowling Draco's face, "I-"

He was cut off.

"Mr. Malfoy! Mr. Malfoy!" Madam Pomfrey was hurrying across the a room, lifting her long skirt up to help her legs move faster with out tripped, "I think it's about time you leave. Mister Malfoy needs his rest."

Lucius narrowed his eyes, "We'll continue this conversation later, when you can think straight." he spat as he turned on his heel to leave, his cape whipping behind him as he left.

Madam Pomfrey raised her eyebrows at Narcissa who reluctantly pulled her hands from the sides of her son's face and got to her feet with a nod, "Draco, honey. Just owl if you need anything."

Draco grimaced at the overly played mom card.

She left and Draco collapsed on the bed, taking in all that had happened.

Maybe his father was right...maybe he just wasn't thinking clearly....

Or maybe, just maybe, there was more to the story than even he was willing to admit?


Hermione raised her eyebrows at Ron, expectantly, "Well?"

"Hermione, I'm so-" he began, but didn't get any further.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! How many bloody times am I going to have to tell you? Stop saying sorry! Just bloody hell spit it out!" she screeched, getting angrier and angrier by the second.

"I didn't mean to!" he cried, hoping he appeared genuine, "I just got so freaked slipped!"

She cocked an eyebrow, "Did I turn into a bimbo? Do you honestly expect me to believe that?"

"It's the truth!" he argued, "I was just so scared he was going to hurt Lav or the baby and....I cast it without thinking!"

"Ronald! Accident or not you should have enough self control to not. do that! You can't just let something slip like that!"

"I know I..."

"Do you know how bloody dangerous that spell is?"

"Yes but I-"

"You could have killed him!"

"I know," he sighed, guiltily, "I shouldn't have done it!"

"Darn right you shouldn't have done it! What if they hadn't been able to save him, Ronald? You would have committed murder!" Hermione screamed, the idea of Draco, dead, making her brain unable to think straight.

"He didn't die Hermione! Everything's going to be ok!" He screamed.

Hermione stared at him wide eyed ,"Ok? You honestly think that everything is going to be okay just because he escaped, barely I might add, with his life?"

He knew he messed up, so he said the first thing that came to his mind:

"Hermione, I'm so sorry!" Ron begged.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "You could have killed him!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Air hockey! I'm through with you Ronald Weasley! I never want to speak to you as long as I live."

She turned to go, but Ron caught her arm, "'Mione, please. I didn't mean to!"

"Don't call me that, Ronald! You can't just accidentally do something like that!" She argued.

"It slipped...wait...where are you going?" He cried as she started to walk away.

She kept going.

"Hermione, come back! I love you!" he screamed.

She stopped dead in her tracks, "What?"

She turned to face him and their eyes met, "Hermione Granger, I love you. I'm completely, totally, madly in love with you. You're the most amazing girl on the planet. Please....please. Forgive me?"

She slowly walked up to him, not blinking, afraid to look away for a single moment, "Really?" she whispered.

Ron shook his head.

She placed both hands on the side of his face.

He smiled, was he finally about to win her heart?

The next thing she did shocked him. She quickly pulled a hand back and slapped him across the cheek.

"You think that after all that pain you've put me through I'd just come back because you say three meaningless words to me? It's over. Forever. Get that in your head already." she spat and stormed down the hall leaving a dumbstruck Ron standing in the exact same place, cradling his cheek in his palm.

He grimaced.

That was the final straw for him.

He was done chasing after a girl who refused to admit loved him. He hadn't realized he was hurting her, but now that he knew he was, he was determined to stop.

The saying if you love something let it go is easier said that done.

He felt his heart twinge with pain, the Hermione chapter of his life was ending, even though he thought it was going to cover the rest of his life's book.

The days where he thought of them being together through everything were gone.

He'd made one fatal mistake with Lavender and now he would be paying for it for the rest of his life.

He walked out if the hospital for once not knowing for sure where he was going or what he was going to do when he got there.

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Hermione wasn't sure if what she was doing was a good idea or an insane one as she knocked on the door of the flat.

The door opened revealing a disheveled looking Harry, "Hermione? What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to Ginny." she said urgently.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, nervously, "'Mione, I don't know if that's a-"

"Harry, please. There's something she needs to know. Please, ten minutes?"

Harry was obviously unsure, but stood aside, letting her in.

As if on cue, Ginny entered the room, a flour faced, blue haired Teddy in her arms, "What are you doing here?" she growled, narrowing her eyes.

"Ginny, please!" Hermione pleaded, "I have to tell you something. I don't know how you'll take it but please just hear me out!"

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Chapter 24: Kicking Around Ideas
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Awesome chapter image by panaca. at TDA :D

Hermione rolled over in her bed with a groan as she glanced at the clock and saw it was only four forty two in the morning.

She'd been awake nearly all night, trying to make sense of the day before and what she planned on doing that day. Was she crazy? It was a pretty risky plan...but, something told her it had to be done.

She sighed and slung her body out of the sheets, taking a blanket and wrapping it around her suddenly cold shoulders. She rubbed her eyes as she crept in to the kitchen area to make her stomach quit talking to her. It was rather annoying.

One Hour Later

Hermione did a quick once over in the mirror, happy that she was finally about to do what she'd been wanting so desperately to do. Maybe it wouldn't work, but it was worth a try, right?

She decided that her look was sufficient for what she was going to do and flung herself out the wooden door. She knew magic would be a faster, simpler approach but, using magic didn't feel like the right way to handle the situation.

She moved through the crowd of people, who got rather annoyed as she sped up and started trying to get to her destination as fast as humanly possible.

Some pedestrians were quite offended.





"Lavender." A short, rotund woman called from the entry way through bug eyed glasses that covered her head that looked way to small for her body.

Maybe she was going as a gnome for Halloween?

Lavender squealed with delight as Ron brought her to her feet, one hand cradling her bloated stomach, the other hand gripping Ron's with giddy, schoolgirl-like anticipation.

They walked down the hallway, or waddled seeing as they were keeping up with the nurse who's nametag read Grace.

Ron chuckled to himself.

The nurse shot Ron an if-looks-could-kill-you'd-be-toast glare and gestured for them to enter the room she was now stopped at.

Lavender tugged Ron in to the room as he tried not to laugh at the look given to him by the

"Doctor Styles will be with you momentarily," she growled towards Ron, although Lavender didn't even notice the spite in her voice.

She took a seat on the bed and looked around happily, "Isn't this exciting Won-Won!" she squealed, "We get to see the baby today."

He didn't want to be excited, but he oddly was.

"Yeah....this is exciting," he said with a smile as he walked over and took her hand.

Their eyes locked.

He had forgotten how blatantly gorgeous they were.

"Lav, I..." he stopped mid-sentence, not entirely sure if this was the right thing.

The whole ordeal with Hermione yesterday was in the past. She was moving on, why shouldn't he?

"Lavender, I know that I haven't been as happy as I should of been about the baby and I haven't treated you like I know I should have, but as crazy as it may seem, I'm starting to fall for you," He thought she'd be mad at that last part, but she looked near happy-tears, "and I'm willing, if you are, to give our relationship, you and me, another shot. I know that it's got to be best for the baby and right now....I think it's got to be best for us too...if you're willing to let there be an us. I guess what I'm saying is, Lavender, do you want to be my girlfriend?"

She bounded off the bed and threw her arms around with a squeal.

When she drew her face back to look at Ron's, there were tears glinting on her face. To him, she'd never looked more beautiful than right at that moment, "Of course I do, Ronald Weasley." she whispered and before he could react, her lips were on his.

He was surprised, but did that did not make him stop.

Their lips moved in unison in to a loud throat clearing caught their attention. They broke apart, both completely embarrassed to see Dr. Styles with a clipboard in his hand looking at them.

"Sorry to interrupt," he said clearly, wanting to chuckle at the sight of their red faces.

Lavender giggled, "Sorry bout that."

"No problem," Dr. Styles laughed as he ran his fingers through his hair, "Would you mind taking a seat for me, please?" he asked, gesturing to the bed.

Lavender did as she was instructed to and lied on the bed as he got his equipment together, "Pregnancy going all right so far?"

Lavender smiled as she placed a hand back on her stomach, "Definitely."

"Any morning sickness...."

"Not really anymore," she grinned, "It was pretty bad in the beginning, but in the past couple weeks have been great."

"That's good," he grinned, "Sounds like everything is going like it should be at this point," he put some gel-like stuff on her stomach, followed my the machine that projected the baby on to the television-like screen, "Alright, now you're about...sixteen to seventeen weeks, is that correct?"

Lavender nodded, her eyes fixated at the screen.

"Good, now if you look here," he gestured to a blur on the screen, "you can see that there's the baby's head. And right there," he pointed towards the opposite side of the screen, "is the baby's foot."

Lavender was at a loss for words.

Ron stared, dumbstruck, at the screen.

Their baby.

They stared at the screen and Dr. Styles couldn't help but grin at their happiness. This was his favorite part of the job, after all.

"Oh, Won-Won," Lavender sighed, "Isn't it beauti-"

She stopped mid sentence.

Her eyes grew wide and her breathing quickened.

"Lavender, sweetheart, what's wrong?" Ron asked, now beside her, holding her hand.

Dr. Styles knew by the look on her face what was going on, he'd seen it a thousand times before, "I'll just give you two a minute," he said with a smile.

This outraged Ron.

"What?! She could be hurt! Or the baby! Or...."

"She's fine Mr. Weasley, as is the baby," Dr. Styles said from the doorway, "I'll let her explain what's going on."

Then he was gone.

"Lavender, what's wrong?"

Lavender shook her head, "Nothing."

"Then why are you-" he stopped as she put a finger to his lips.

She took one of his hands in one of hers. She placed his hand perpendicular to her hand that rested on her stomach, her eyes crying with joy from something Ron didn't understand.

"Lav, what-" he stopped.

Something gently nudged his hand.

He looked at Lavender, wide eyed shock displayed on his face, "It's moving," he gasped, "The baby's moving!" his shock had turned to joy.

Ron grinned.

This was, officially, the proudest moment of his life.





Hermione wasn't sure if what she was doing was a good idea or an insane one as she knocked on the door of the flat.

The door opened revealing a disheveled looking Harry, "Hermione? What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to Ginny." she said urgently.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, nervously, "'Mione, I don't know if that's a-"

"Harry, please. There's something she needs to know. Please, ten minutes?"

Harry was obviously unsure, but stood aside, letting her in.

As if on cue, Ginny entered the room, a flour faced, blue haired Teddy in her arms, "What are you doing here?" she growled, narrowing her eyes.

"Ginny, please!" Hermione pleaded, "I have to tell you something. I don't know how you'll take it but please just hear me out!"

Ginny's eyes remained in slit formation, "Fine. Five minutes."

Hermione followed Ginny to the back of the house and took a seat opposite Ginny. As Hermione's eyes met Ginny's she saw that there was a certain sadness in her eyes. She ignored it for the moment, she didn't have time to beat around the bush.

"You're right." Hermione gasped, flinching at the words.

She didn't like to admit she was wrong.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ginny cocked an eyebrow, suddenly very interested in what Hermione was going to say, "About?"

"Me. And Draco."

Ginny smiled smugly, "Oh, I am, am I?"

"Pretty much."

"Pretty much?!" Ginny accused.

Was Hermione insane?

"Yeah," Hermione continued, "You were right about our relationship. When I found out about Ron and...." she cringed, "Lavender, I was hurt. And so, I told them I was dating Draco," Ginny's mouth looked like it was about to hit the carpet, "Draco went along with it, obviously. I didn't tell you before because...I was scared."

"Of me?" she gasped.

"...And Draco," she saw the worried look on Ginny's face and knew what she was thinking, "Oh, no, nothing bad it's just...he only agreed to go along with this if I followed some...guidelines, and one of those guidelines was that I not tell anyone. Even you."

Ginny looked as if she'd just been told Harry had left her for Bellatrix.

Completely, utterly, shocked.

"So, by coming here, you're going to get in trouble?" Ginny said slowly.

Hermione bit her lip, "If he finds out. He didn't know I was coming over here."

Ginny nodded.

Hermione waited in anticipation before Ginny finally spoke, "Thanks. For telling me the truth."

Hermione smiled weakly, "It was overdue,"

Ginny cocked an eyebrow, "Wait, you said I was pretty much right, right?"

Hermione nodded.

"What was I wrong about? The relationship is fake."

Hermione prayed what she was about to say wouldn't push Ginny's boundaries, again, "That's where you're wrong."

Ginny raised both eyebrows, "Did you not just hear the speech you gave me? Was that all a lie too?"

"No!" Hermione gasped, getting to her feet as Ginny did the same, "It was fake. In the beginning...." she trailed off.

Ginny thought this over, before looking at her friend again, "Wait...are you falling for Malfoy!"

It wasn't a question.

Their eyes met.

Hermione smiled, "I think so."

Ginny's mouth dropped and her eyes lit up, "Oh my gosh, are you serious? Malfoy? Draco Malfoy?!"

"I know it seems crazy," Hermione sighed, "I can't explain it either, there's just something about him...I can't really place it. When I'm not with him, I want to be."

"You really like him, don't you?" Ginny gasped as Hermione nodded, "Does Malfoy feel the same way?"

Hermione's eyes cut to the ground, "I thought so," she mumbled, "The other day in the hospital, I thought he was going to tell me, but then...he didn't."

Ginny smiled apologetically, "Sorry, friend,"

Hermione jerked up, "Friend?"

Ginny laughed, "Of course. You told me the truth, that's all I wanted in the first place."

Hermione hugged her best friend, her life was starting to, finally, come together again.

A quiet knock brought them back to reality. The door opened and Harry walked in, "So are you two ladies...alright?"

They grinned, "We're best friends. Of course we're all right."

Harry grinned.

The two most important women in his life had worked out their differences.

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"So, Hermione," Draco said slowly, "I heard a little rumor about you today,"

His grey eyes met her brown ones.

She gulped as his fingers traced down her neck.

"Oh, you did?" she squeaked, not doing a good job concealing her emotions.

"Mmhhm," he murmured, "So, it's my understanding some punishment is in order."

She gulped again, "Is that necessary?"

He nodded, "Completely."

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Chapter 25: Baby, I must confess...
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Draco walked down the long driveway to the manor slowly, he knew this was not going to go well.

His mother had owled his earlier and he could tell she was desperate to talk to him, so he'd reluctantly agreed to return to the Manor.

When he got inside he had his memory refreshed by seeing how everything was the same as when he'd left it two years ago. He might as well have never lived there at all. After leaving at 19 he'd vowed to never return and yet here he was. The air was cold, the kind of cold you get when you know something bad is going to happen but you can't stop it.

He found his way to the dining hall, where his parents were waiting for him.

He came to stand by his mother, "You wanted to see me?"

"Maybe it would be best if you sit down, sweetheart," Narcissa encouraged quietly as Lucius just paced back and forth behind her chair, his face so twisted in anger that it was twitching.

Without saying a word, Draco pushed back one of the sleek, cold, black chairs and placed himself in it.

It had been a while since he'd been in that house. He'd left after another escalated argument with his father two years ago and he had never had any intentions on coming back.

However. he's agreed, just this once, to come back to talk to his parents.

Well...for his mom.

His dad could get vanquished for all he cared, but he did care about his mother, whether he'd admit it or not.

He let his eyes look up from the so-shiny-you-can-see-the-scowl-you're-likely-to-have-in-this-house table and was greeted by the cold stares of his father across the table.

"Is there a reason you invited me here this afternoon?" Draco asked after several moments of silent glares, "because if your idea was to just glare at me-"

He stood up to leave, but Narcissa gently grabbed his arm, "Sweetheart," she whispered, her eyes begging, "stay. Please."

He looked hesitant, so she tacked on a little more, "For me?"

That was enough to make his knees buckle and bring himself back to the table.

He always was a momma's boy.

He sat back down, "I'm waiting," he growled towards his father.

Lucius' eyes narrowed as he met his sons eyes, "Yes, I see that. Now there's something we need discuss."

"And it couldn't wait because..."

"I don't remember saying I was finished!" Lucius glowered, "As I was saying, there have been some...rumors going around recently about you and your mother and I are ready for the truth. We'll go straight to the Prophet and put these rumors to bed just as soon as you give me the answers I want."

"And what are these rumors you speak ok?" Draco asked, although he was pretty sure he knew the answer.

"I think you know," Lucius whispered, "But in case you weren't aware, there was some rumors that you have been fooling around with one Hermione Granger." he scowled in disgust, "I'm sick and tired of hearing all over town whispers about my son and that...thing. Everyone is whispering behind my back, and it doesn't look good upon any of us."

Draco scoffed, "There's a reason people talk behind your back, but I guarantee you it's nothing to do with myself."

"Is this some kind of a joke to you?"

"Not at all."

"These rumors are disgusting and they need to be put to bed, no pun intended. It seems they get worse day by day. Just this morning, I was on my way to the Ministry and have to over hear that Weasley girl discussing it. It's bloody disgusting."

Draco was suddenly keen on the conversation, "And just what did she say?"

"Rubbish! Absolute rubbish!"

"WHAT did she say?"

"Some nonsense to someone on the other end of one of those pathetic muggle cell phones about how her and Granger are 'friends again' and that 'she knew she'd lied to her about the Draco thing', whatever that is, and that she couldn't believe her 'feelings'. I was nearly vomiting at this point and continued on my way. Just the idea is ridiculous."

Draco was gleaming with excitement, "I knew it." he muttered to himself.

"What was that, sweetie?" Narcissa asked, finally speaking up, although it was too late., he was already too excited to care about anything they would say to him.

She broke two rules.

She told Weasley.

And she was falling for him. Hard.

"I need to go," he said in the same second as he got to his feet,

"Hold it." Lucius growled, "Tell the truth. What is the truth to these rumors? Tell me and this will all end."

"It's all true. All of it."

Lucius thought someone had slapped him across the face, "What?" he gasped.

"That's the truth."

"You've been getting with Granger? The mudblood?" His face showed so much disgust, it was enough for the three Malfoys.

Draco's eyes narrowed, "Don't call her that."

"She is one. Her and those friends of hers are all disgraces to the Wizarding World."

"You're one to talk. They saved the Wizarding World. You tried to destroy it, until you got scared. Then you fled."

"Why you little...." he trailed off, "You better not be telling the truth."

"Want some truth?"


"I'm in love with Hermione Granger. That enough truth for you?""

Lucius had nothing to say. His jaw dropped.

"Get out of my house." Lucius growled.

Narcissca's mouth hit the floor, "Lucius!"

"I mean it!" Lucius growled, "I want him out of my house."

Draco smirked, "With pleasure."

Draco grinned and ran out of the house, he needed to get the ministry. Fast.

He got off the grounds to the Manor and apparated in front of the ministry.

He grinned, this was by far something he never expected to happen.

But, as of this moment, he was glad it was happening. Even if he'd regret it, or the only reason he said it was to piss off his father he didn't know. But, right now, he felt like this was what he was supposed to do.






Hermione jerked up from her paper work on her too-neat desk when a knock on the door echoes throughout the office.

"Come in," she sighed, annoyed to be interrupted.

The knocker didn't hesitate. The door burst open revealing a disheveled looking Draco Malfoy, hair completely out of place.

"Ma...Draco what are you doing here?" She asked, getting to her feet and shutting the door behind him to avoid onlookers, particularly red headed ones and one with lightning bolts scars on their foreheads. Oh, and blonde bimbos.

"There's something we must discuss," Draco said slowly.

"And just what is that?" an annoyed Hermione asked.

Why was he here any how?

"So, Hermione," Draco said slowly, "I heard a little rumor about you today,"

His grey eyes met her brown ones. Behind his eyes was an expression she couldn't place, no matter how many ideas she contemplated. They were entirely too complex. Her eyes, on the other hand, were an open book. She was scared. And he knew it.

She gulped as his ice cold fingers traced down her neck and throat that barely contained any air due to the fact that she'd nearly stopped breathing.

Uh oh.

"Oh, you did?" she squeaked, not doing a good job concealing her emotions.

"Mmhhm," he murmured, hiding his amusement at the way her eyes were frantically looking all over his face as if he had tattooed what he was going to say on to his jaw line, "So, it's my understanding some punishment is in order."

She gulped again, "Is that necessary?"

He nodded, "Completely."

"What did you have in mind?"

The punishment for a little slip no one else witnessed was bad enough, she knew that he knew what she told Ginny. The punishment was bound to be worse.

He cocked his head to the side, "What do you think would be suitable?"

The words were barely more than a faint whisper. Barely more than a breath.

She felt goose bumps rise up her spine as his free hand traced one of her shake palms.

He was determined to torture her, of that she was sure. He was going to drag it on and on until she exploded from nerves. How cruel.

She changed the subject away from punishment, "And just what did you hear about me?"

"Like I said, a rumor. About a little secret you told your friend, who I hear is about to become Mrs.," he smirked, "and the look on your face tells me that you know exactly what I'm talking about."

Her face pinkened.

"Now," he continued with a grin, "Do I need to refresh your memory of rule number five? Don't tell anyone, I think it was."

She gulped.

"You know rule breakers have to be punished, Granger." he whispered in her ear quietly to avoid nosy co workers.

"Can't we make a little," she took a hand and made her thumb and pointer finger a small space apart, "exception? Just this once?"

"Oh, now where would be the fun in that? That would be cheating, and as you surely know, Miss Granger, cheaters never prosper."

"It's not cheating it's....negotiating." Hermione argued, although she knew she'd lost her case.

He smirked, "Not going to happen, Granger."

'Worth a try.' Hermione thought indignantly.

"I heard another rumor about you today," he said slowly, "and believe me, it got my attention."

She tried to remember the whole conversation she'd had with Ginny, although she couldn't think of anything else he could know about that would get her 'in trouble'. She had been so focused on reviving a dying friendship that she didn't care about much else.

"And what did this little birdy say?" Hermione asked, starting to get annoyed.

"I think I'll let you figure it out for yourself, Granger. What would be the fun in me giving away all the information that you clearly didn't want me to have at once?"

He turned to leave, but she caught his arm, "Draco, would you quit playing! Tell me what you're keeping from me!"

"Now Granger," he shook his head, "Going in to this I told you it was a game, games are meant to be played."

She wanted to scream at him.

And hex him.

This treatment had to be breaking some kind of law.

"I don't bloody well care if games are meant to be played!" Hermione hissed, quite loudly, shutting the door so that no one else could hear the quickly heating up conversation between her and Draco.

Draco scoffed, which really set Hermione off.

"You think this is funny?" She screamed one of her eyes beginning to twitch with anger, "You honestly think tormenting me with some secret that you supposedly know about me-"

"Oh, I do know it, Granger." Draco interjected.

" funny? Well, I'll tell you something! It is most certainly not funny! In fact it is the complete, total opposite of 'funny'. You are an arse Malfoy. I can't believe I was actually starting to-"

She stopped mid-sentence.

Was she really about to say that?

Draco smirked, he'd gotten her to at least almost say what he'd wanted her to.

"What was that, Granger?"

She turned back around to face him, "What was what?"

She had to literally bite her tongue to stop herself from tacking Malfoy on to the end of the sentence.

"You said you were starting to...something. Just what exactly was that something?"

She narrowed her eyes, "I just got a little carried away. Nothing more."


She nodded.

"...Because I'm pretty sure you were going to say something else."

"Like what?" Hermione challenged.

"Oh, I don't know...maybe that you were starting to fall in love with me."

Her heart stopped.

"Like I'd ever fall for you!" She hissed, coming up within a couple inches of him.

"Oh," he traced up and down her arm, "I think you have."

"Never." She hissed through clenched teeth, although inside she was thinking something else.

Something else entirely. 

"Just admit it, Granger. Admit that you are and this will all be over," He whispered, kissing her neck gently, making her knees go a little weak.

"What does that mean?" Hermione said quietly, knowing fully well how fast her heart was beating at this moment.

"You know what it means, Granger. Whether you'll admit it or not."

" not," Hermione gasped.

She knew exactly what he was talking about.

"So, what do you think we should do about this?" Draco pushed quietly, now about as close as physically possible to Hermione. He kept getting closer until she was leaning in to the desk, any further and she would be on top of it, not that he had a problem with that necessarily.

"I don't know." Hermione gasped, feeling the goose bumps rise up and cover her entire body.

"I think I do," Draco whispered.

He placed two fingers under her chin and brought his mouth a centimeter away from her, "....and it's the exact same thing I had in mind." then his lips were on hers. This time, Hermione didn't even think, she just acted. Her lips moved with his, the world becoming a blur. After all, this was all that was real. Just her and him. Draco and Hermione.

Their lips moved together, for once neither of them caring at all about anything else.

This was a situation neither of them ever imagined happening, but they were glad that it did.

Eventually, they broke apart and silver met chocolate brown, once again.

"Were we thinking the same thing?" Draco smirked.

Hermione laughed, "I'll answer that for you,"

The next thing either of them knew, she was back to kissing him.

 That was plenty of an answer.

After a few moments though, Hermione pulled back, "What's wrong?" Draco breathed, both of their breath quickened.

"I thought you said I was punished?" Hermione gasped.

He smirked, "You lost the game, isn't that punishment enough?"

She grinned, "I think I can live with that."

"Good," he replied coolly, "because not all of this game is over."






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"Lav," Ron sighed, trying to ignore the pain still in his heart, "I have a question for you."


After Draco's threats towards him moments ago and Hermione's scorned comments, he was determined to show her what she was missing.


Lav giggled, "What's that Wonipoo? "


He cringed. That was worse than Won-Won!


"Well...I was thinking that maybe you and I should start looking for a flat. Together. I mean, the baby's already half way here...."


Lavender giggled, placing a hand on her stomach, "I'd love that."


"Well...brilliant!" Ron exclaimed, half heartedly, "We'll shop this weekend. seems Ron is trying *still* to let go of Hermione, only this time he's planning on letting Lav move in with him. Is he ever going to learn that revenge is never the answer? haha


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Chapter 26: Decisions, Decisions
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Hermione pulled back from her boyfriend's face as a smile spread on her face, "What?"

She was in love with him, no matter how crazy the idea was, or seemed to be, so how in Merlin's name was the game really still on.

Draco smirked, "This game isn't completely over."

Way to repeat.

She cocked an eyebrow, "How is that?"

"You'll see." Draco said, a lopsided smile on his face.

Then they were kissing.


Suddenly, a knock from the doorway broke them apart. They turned in unision towards the doorway, and they were immediately disappointed as to who the visitor was.

Ron Weasley was standing in the doorway, holding some papers in his hands.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "What do you need, Ronald?"

"Urrmm," he began awkwardly, making Draco stifle a laugh, "Harry needs you. Says it's urgent?"

"I'll be right there," Hermione sighed.

She kissed Draco one last time on his pale cheek, which made Ron shift awkwardly from where he stood, before silently leaving the room, her eyes narrowed when they reached Ron. If looks could kill, there would be one less Weasley in the world.

Once she was out of sight of the office window, Draco's cheeky smile fell from his pointed face, and his eyes turned colder and darker than moments before, as they fixated themselves on the only Weasley in the room.


"So, Weasley," Draco began coldly, "Let's talk for a minute."

Ron looked unsure, but replied with an attempting-to-be-uncaring-and-nonchalant "What?"

"I would just like to get one thing straight," Draco spat, closing the gap between the two extremely quick.

"And just what would that be, Malfoy?" Ron growled, trying to hide the intimidation he felt.

He'd never admit it, but the reason he 'won' the duel between him and Malfoy last time was adrenaline. Malfoy was this close to harming Lavender and his baby. Now though? He was a nervous wreck.

"I want you to stay away from Hermione, Weasel." Draco said, point blank.

Ron scoffed.

"You think this is some kind of a joke?" Draco challenged.

"I think it's funny that you think you can tell me what to do," Ron laughed.

Draco narrowed his eyes, "When it's Hermione, I can. Do not go near her."

"Good luck with that," Ron growled, "I can do whatever I please to, as can she."

Draco wasn't ready to back down just yet, "I mean it, Weasel. You are to stay away from her. You had her and you lost her, like an idiot. She's mine now, and I don't want you close enough to her that you or your grubby little hands could hurt her again."

"You think I'd hurt her?"

"Why not? You never seemed to have a problem with it before!"

Ron flinched, "But you honestly think that I'd lay my hands on her? Hurt her physically?"

"Wouldn't. Surprise. Me" Draco growled, "You don't seem to have a problem harming anyone who doesn't give you what want, which is why I'm still having to flinch every time anything or anyone touches my ribs.

"That's different!"

"I fail to see how." Draco spat.

"You'! And she's....her!"

"Brilliant logic, Weasel. Honestly, you could have been Nicholas Flamel in a past life." Draco said sarcastically.

Ron rolled his eyes, continuing the argument in another way that he hoped would make Draco look like the bad guy that he was in the situation, "She's not your property, Malfoy."

"That I know." Draco replied smoothly, "But, she's not yours either and as her boyfriend, which is me, not you. I need to look out for her and her well being. That's my job, not yours and if I think you should stay away from her, than that is just what you should do."

"She can look out for herself."

"Assistance never hurt anyone. She trusted you, and look how that turned out?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"For the last time, you know what it means, Weasel. She thought she could trust you. Then, you go and knock up Lavender, which was an extremely dumb move given who she is, and the laugh in her voice box, and then what you and Hermione had was gone. You threw it away, like it was nothing to you. Like she was nothing to you. Why should I just allow you to saunter over and hurt her some more? That's all you seem to be capable to doing. You keep hurting her over and over and I'm sick of it. Come near her again, I dare you, and you'll have a few less limbs to keep track of."

"That a threat, Malfoy?"

Draco, who was already starting to head for the door hollered back with a, "If that's what you think it is."

Ron was not ready to end the argument with a loss, "Like you're with her for the right reasons!"

Draco stopped in his tracks and felt his teeth clench, "What?"

"You heard me. You're not with her for her, you're just going to use her and throw her away afterwards, right? You're going to get what you want and then all she'll be is a trophy, huh? Just one of your many conquests, am I correct?"

In mere tenths of seconds, Draco had Ron pinned against a wall, with his wand to his throat.

"I love her." Draco spat, "This isn't a joke. I have more power than you could dream of having and I know how to make things look like accidents. This isn't a joke. If I catch you near Hermione, even just once, game over. You just better hope I don't see you anywhere near her again."

Draco stormed out of the room, leaving a humiliated Ron alone.

"Game on." Ron spat under his breath.



An hour later, Ron was sitting in his office chair with his head held against his palm, thinking about his conversation with Draco.

He shook the thoughts about Hermione from his brain. 'I love Lavender,' He thought.

Lavender. Lavender. Lavender.

'Speak of the devil' Ron thought when he heard a knock and saw Lavender standing in the doorway.

"Come in, Lav." Ron said, a smile spreading across his face.

She smiled giddily and sat in the chair opposite him, "You want to talk?"

Ron nodded his head.

"Lav," Ron sighed, trying to ignore the pain still in his heart, "I have a question for you."

After Draco's threats towards him moments ago and Hermione's scorned comments, he was determined to show her what she was missing.

Lav giggled, "What's that Wonipoo? "

He cringed. That was worse than Won-Won!

"Well...I was thinking that maybe you and I should start looking for a flat. Together. I mean, the baby's already half way here...."

Lavender giggled, placing a hand on her stomach, "I'd love that."

"Well...brilliant!" Ron exclaimed, half heartedly, "We'll shop this weekend."

Lavender smiled and got up from her chair to come sit in his lap, "Sounds perfect!" She squealed with a grin.

She kissed him lightly on the lips, but before either of them knew it, the kiss was already deepening. After several moments though, Lavender pulled back, a wide eyes look in her eyes, as she placed her hands lightly on her rather large stomach.

Ron automatically was sure something was wrong, "what's wrong, Lav?"

"Nothing," she whispered, "but put your hand there." She placed a hand, lightly, on her bloated stomach, her eyes gesturing for him to do the same.

Hesitantly, he placed his hand where he was instructed to, without saying a word. After a couple moment's silence, he felt something nudge his hand.

"That's unbelievable," he gasped.

He was still trying to fathom the fact that we was going to be holding his son or daughter in just a few months. In just a few short months, his new name would be 'Daddy.'

Lavender smiled, that far off look back in her eyes, "That's our baby."

He met Lavender's gaze, "I can't wait to meet her."

Lavender cocked and eyebrow, still smiling, "Her?"

"Or him." Ron added, but his money was on the baby being a girl, whether Lavender agreed or not.

"Thank you," Lavender laughed.

She looked down to their hands that were on her stomach and smiled, "I can't wait to meet this baby. I know this isn't what you planned," she looked up, "but, I really think we can make this work. This baby...he, she, it makes me so happy whenever it moves or whenever I get a reminder that they're there. I just love them so much. I never thought I could love someone I'd never met this much...but I do." She had to stop and refrain herself from crying for a moment, "My entire life, has been basically bad. Everyone I love has walked out on me or given up on me. But, not you or this baby, I can't thank you enough." A tear escaped her eye, "Not many guys would stick with me, especially not now. But you did. And I can't tell you how much that means to me."

"Lav..." Ron sighed.

"I'm serious," she continued, "I think this baby was meant to be. I know we aren't married, hell, we weren't even dating, but I just have to believe this is how it's supposed to be. So many people look down on me and say it was a mistake, but they're wrong. This baby, isn't a mistake. It's our son or daughter. And I'm just so glad, that this baby is going to be calling you Daddy someday, Ron."

Ron was near tears himself, he'd never heard Lavender that vulnerable before.


He brushed away some hairs in her face, "I'll always be here, Lav. That's what dads are for."

She smiled, "Thank you."

"So when exactly do we get to find out if that is our son or daughter, Lav?"

The biggest smile in the history of smiles spread across her face, "The next appointment. Two weeks!"

"My money's on it's a girl," Ron smirked,

Lavender extended a hand, "It's a bet."

"Ten galleons?"





"What's wrong Harry?" Hermione asked as she reached the office.

Harry pointed to where Ginny stood, eyes wide and frantic looking, beside him, "She needs you."

Hermione knitted her eyebrows together, "Gin? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong!"

"You shouldn't have done that," Harry muttered under his breath.

"Everything is wrong! The wedding is in two days, and there's still so much to do! I'm freaking out!"


"I still have people who haven't RSVP'd! Everyday people are calling asking me-"


"About all this stuff and we don't have time for a rehearsal dinner. And we're trying to keep the paparazzi out, And my mother's calling me every ten minutes about something. We're still trying to work out how we can get Dudley and Melanie here-"

"Dudley?" Hermione raised an eyebrow, "Your evil cousin, Dudley?"

"It was Ginny's idea..." Harry sighed.

"It was nice to ask, although I didn't expect him to say yes. And then there's the cake, the decorations-"

"Gin!" Hermione tried again to interrupt, to no avail.

"And the guests. And it's still a mystery how we're going to get that many guests here without having the entire thing filmed by paparazzi and plastered on every newspaper across the country!"

"Ginny!" Hermione screamed, finally getting the attention of the red-headed bride, "Everything's going to be alright. Your maid of honor is on the job!"

"Who said you were maid of honor?" Ginny said, her eyebrows raised.

"i just assumed that...I...uh...."

Well this is awkward.

A grin broke across Ginny's face, "I'm kidding, 'Mione. Lighten up!"

Hermione wanted to make a comment about how she really shouldn't be telling anyone to 'lighten up', but she quickly figured out that it was likely not a fantastic idea to do that. A smile was probably safer.

Which is why that is just what she did: she smiled.

"Where should I start?" Hermione asked with a sigh.

"Ill make you a list," Ginny laughed.




Outside the office, although none of the three people in the office could see, Lavender Brown was strained against the wall, a phone to her ear.

"I don't want you to come and see me, Davies!" she growled in to the muggle phone.

She listened for a few moments before frantically whispering, "Of course it's not!"


"Just stay away from us. you pig." She growled.

Her tone of voice was rather the opposite of where it was in Ron's office minutes before.

"Just stay away from us. I told you it was over and it is. Ron loves me and I love him and I won't let you get in the way of what I want. Him. I want him and he's what I'm going to get!"

More silence until Davies was done speaking.

"I didn't trick him!" She growled.


"Convincing is a better term, although I don't know what you're talking about."

More silence.

"Of course it's his baby! What kind of a person do you think I am?"

One last silence.

"Well, that's your opinion. Now, stay out of my life. Everything is coming together and you are not going to get in the way."

With that she slammed the phone closed and through it in to her tote bag before placing a hand on her forehead and letting out a long sigh.

What has she gotten herself into?

She walked out of the Ministry, her head still trying to make sense of the conversation.

Davies was planning on paying her a surprise visit, so now the only decision she had to make was clear in her brain.

Tell Ron why he was to show up or keep it a secret?

Decisions, decisions.




A/N The Davies plot line is back! Any one forget it? ;D So...Ron wants to move in with Lav...good or bad? Does he really love her or is it out of spite? Hmm....? :D Well Draco is pretty serious about Ron staying away from Hermione! But, Ron thinks he just wants to take advantage of Hermione. Opinions on that?

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"Oh, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley sniffed as she saw her only daughter on her bed, "I can't believe this is the last night you'll ever sleep here."

Ginny got up from where she was reading to stand with her nearly sobbing mother, "Mum, I'm always going to be just a floo away."

"I know, sweetie," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "It's just that, it seems like yesterday I was holding my baby girl in my arms and now she's about to be leaving."

"I'll always be your baby girl, Mum." Ginny sighed, "Besides, you love Harry."

This brought a smile to Mrs. Weasley's face, "That I do. He's a good lad. He'll be an excellent husband, I'm sure, and an extraordinary father when the time comes."

"I know he will. You don't have to doubt Harry. What you see really is what you get," Ginny laughed.

Mrs. Weasley let a smile spread across her face, "I know dear, and I am happy as long as you're happy. Now, let's go, we've got your last check dress fitting in a half hour."

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Chapter 27: The End of an Era
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"Can you believe you're getting married tomorrow?" Ron laughed, a grin on his face, as he and Harry looked themselves up and down in the floor length mirror, checking to make sure their tuxedos were perfectly fitted.

Fleur already considered Harry part of the family, and had made it quite clear that anything 'less zeen perfect' was not to be accepted. In her eyes, if the outfits were sloppy, so would the be the rest of their married lives. It was an out there theory, but Harry didn't want to make his future sister-in-law upset over something so mild.

Harry shook his head, a lop sided grin on his face, "The day's tomorrow and I still can't believe it."

"You ready?"

Harry took a deep breath, "Yeah. It's going to be a weird transition, but Gin and I are in some ways already like a married couple shouldn't be too weird."

"Right," Ron said, not knowing how else to reply. Given that his best friend was getting married to his little sister, it's not like they could talk about some of the stuff they would had he been marrying someone else.

An adult or not, Ginny was still his baby sister. Knowing on an unspoken level what surely went on with her and Harry behind closed doors was one thing, but him hearing about it first hand was another.

Completely. Inappropriate.

"I hear your cousin Dudley and that wife of his are invited. Dunno why you bothered though, it's not like that muggle is gonna show his face here."

"He's coming," Harry said bluntly, laughing when Ron's face made an expression that made him look completely dumbstruck and frankly quite stupid, "Yeah, I got the reply a couple weeks ago. I didn't tell you?"

"No, I think you some how left out that little detail!"

"Well, don't get your knickers in a twist Ronald," Harry said with a loud laugh, attempting an impersonation of Mrs. Weasley and failing miserably, "You know now!"

"Whatever," Ron laughed, "Now let's get out of these tuxes, I'm hungry and if we do anything to these tuxes, Fleur will have our heads."



Ginny threw herself on to her four poster bed the same way she'd done a million and twelve times before, having to smirk at herself when the bed groaned slightly at the feel of her weight being placed so violently on it.

She looked around the room, noting the Holyhead Harpies posters that decorated the room. It seemed like just yesterday her dad had taken her to her very first Harpies quidditch match now, although she had yet to tell Harry the good news. She had just gotten an owl that she had been moved through the preliminary trial for the new season team, and was in the top ten to be on the team.

Looking around, a particular picture caught her eye, it was old, the edges were frayed from where she'd held it so much and it wasn't nearly as bright as before. She picked up the picture, if you held it one way, it was an image that Colin Creevey had not-so-secretly taken of her and Harry the first time he'd seen her since she'd sent 'The Valentine's Card'. It was an awkward image; neither of them were too comfortable around each other. If you held in another way, it was a picture of her and Harry on the night that they told her parents of their engagement.

She smiled, the memories flooding back to her. She stared at the picture for several moments until a knock came from the wooden door, and Mrs. Weasley shuffled inside, her face blotchy and red.

"Oh, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley sniffed as she saw her only daughter on her bed, "I can't believe this is the last night you'll ever sleep here."

Ginny got up from where she was reading to stand with her nearly sobbing mother, "Mum, I'm always going to be just a floo away."

"I know, sweetie," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "It's just that, it seems like yesterday I was holding my baby girl in my arms and now she's about to be leaving."

"I'll always be your baby girl, Mum." Ginny sighed, "Besides, you love Harry."

This brought a smile to Mrs. Weasley's face, "That I do. He's a good lad. He'll be an excellent husband, I'm sure, and an extraordinary father when the time comes."

"I know he will. You don't have to doubt Harry. What you see really is what you get," Ginny laughed.

Mrs. Weasley let a smile spread across her face, "I know dear, and I am happy as long as you're happy. Now, let's go, we've got your last check dress fitting in a half hour."

The women disapparated from the burrow to the dress shop where an ancient Madam Malkins was waiting with Ginny's dress clutched in her frail hands

All of a sudden Ginny found her stomach full of butterflies like she hadn't felt in a long time. Those innocent, pure, young love butterflies that she thought you could only get with your first real relationship. They fluttered in her stomach. In less than twenty four hours she would be Ginevra Molly Potter. Mrs. Potter.

"You ready?" Madame Malkin asked, a polite smile on her wrinkled, but with beauty, face. She had obviously seen many young women in the same situation before and was used to the jitters Ginny was feeling.

Ginny looked to her mom, whose kind smile was comforting, then back to Madame Malkin, "Ready."

She was handed the dress, excitement flooding through her.

"Now, I'd like you to go right back there, behind that curtain is the fitting room." Madame Malkin directed, "I just need to have a word with your mother and I'll be there momentarily."

Ginny did as she was told, a smile on her face.

Madam Malkin turned to a tear filled Mrs. Weasley, "Strange sight?"

Molly gulped, "It seems like just yesterday that was me."

The tone of her voice sounded far off; distant.

"Time goes too quickly," Madame Malkins smiled to herself, "I myself remember the time when that was me. Given the time period I was a mere two years younger, but I still remember the day quite clearly. My mum could barely hold herself together it seemed."

"That's my baby with a wedding dress in her hand. It seems like yesterday she was gripping her first bottle." Molly brushed back a tear that had escaped her eyelashes.

"Your daughter will soon understand. Time will pass by quickly and in the blink of an eye she'll be in your shoes, watching her daughter do the same thing."

Before another word was spoken between the two a nervous sounding Ginny's voice broke out, "I'm ready."

"Can you handle this mom?" Madame Malkins asked with an easy smile.

Mrs. Weasley grinned, "Would I honestly miss this occasion?"

They two ladies headed back to where they'd directed Ginny, but each stopped in the tracks when they saw her in her dress.

Madame Malkins gasped and Mrs. Weasley started crying, full on crying.

"Mum," Ginny whispered, "It looks...alright, right?"

Mrs. Weasley nodded fiercely, "It...looks....beautiful," she sniffed.

"Thanks Mum," Ginny whispered before turning back towards the mirror. If she kept staring at her mom crying, she'd start crying to, which was not something she wanted to be doing.

"So, are you ready for tomorrow?"

"I know you're nervous about me getting married Mum," Ginny said, "But, I am beyond ready to be married to Harry. I love him, Mum."

"I know that you do sweetheart, I'm not doubting that. You know I care for Harry as if he was my own boy, I'm just not sure you know what you're getting in to. Being married is a big commitment, Gin, it's not like playing house."

"I know that, Mum," Ginny said with a slight rolling of the eyes, "But Harry and I are fully prepared. We want to be married."

"I know you think that sweetheart, but is there a reason to marry so young? You're only twenty, my dear."

"I'll be twenty one soon." Ginny said, point blank, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, dear, I know. I just want to make sure your getting married for the right reasons. I mean there isn't another reason you're getting married, is there?" Suddenly, an idea struck Mrs. Weasley and before her brain could tell her mouth not to speak, it was too late, "GINEVRA, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT ARE YOU?"

The question was so loud, a few shoppers froze in their tracks. Seeing as this was obviously a private manner and she had other customers to tend to anyway, Madame Malkins excused her self politely to leave the duo alone.

It wasn't that Mrs. Weasley didn't want more grandchildren. but she was not one that promoted sex before marriage. In fact, she was quite opposed to it. Abstinence, in her eyes, was what you were supposed to do until a ring met a finger.

Ginny rounded on her mother, "Are you trying to say I look fat?"

"Ginevra, answer the question! I really don't know why I didn't think of this before hand! You've been so moody, face it dear, you have been a bit bloated and to top it all off you turned down your favorite breakfast this morning! Ginny, are you going to be a mum?"

"Bloated?" Ginny hissed, her overwhelming happiness gone.

"Yes dear. Bloated."

"Well, I've been a tad bit busy recently, mum!"

"That's why we're having this conversation!" Mrs. Weasley argued, "Because you've been a bit busy!"

Ginny wanted to throw up.


"Mum!" There had to be some law that said mothers couldn't discuss these things with their daughters, "I'm not pregnant!"

Mrs. Weasley cocked an eyebrow, "Don't you lie to me, young lady!"

Ginny spun around to face her mother, tears in her eyes, "I'm not lying to you, Mum. I. am. not. pregnant."

Mrs. Weasley knew something was troubling her daughter.

"Gin," Mrs. Weasley sighed as Ginny seated herself on the floor, "is there something you need to tell me?"

Ginny wasn't sure whether telling was the right thing to do or not. After all, Harry was the only other person who knew. She was torn, tell or leave it between her and Harry?"

Ginny looked at her mum and nodded.

The anger from moments before had passed, "C'mon dear. Let's go get a spot to eat, any place of your choosing and we can talk. The dress obviously fits anyhow. Would that be alright?"

Ginny smiled, "Perfect."

"I'm sorry for accusing you, dear. I really shouldn't have gotten so worked up. Even if you were pregnant, I'd be just as happy as I was when Fleur and Bill made their announcement that Victoire was on her way."


"Honest." Mrs. Weasley clarified.

"Thanks, Mum." Ginny said, hugging her mom around the waist. "And don't worry, I'm not pregnant. But, me and Harry know what we're getting ourselves in to. We can handle this, I promise."

"I know you can dear. If ever was a perfect couple, it would have to be yourself and Harry."

"Harry is pretty great, huh?" Ginny asked, her smile starting to return, although her eyes still were slightly bothered.

"The best." Molly agreed, "Now, let's go eat. This is honestly going to be the last time we eat together before you're a married women. Until tomorrow morning, you're still my baby girl."


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Hermione burst through the heavy wooden door where Ginny was giving herself a final once over in the floor length mirror.

Hermione's nerves of something going wrong quickly subsided, "Oh, Gin," she gasped, her heart soaring with utter joy for her friend.

Ginny smiled, "So, it's alright?"

Hermione nodded, already sniffing, "You look amazing."

"Thanks, 'Mione." Ginny smiled before taking a deep breath, "You do too."

Hermione smiled, but then her mind drifted back to where it was when she site her destination on the room, "They're ready for you." She whispered, "Your Dad is...for the moment, mentally prepared and ready to escort you."

Ginny couldn't help but giggle at her friend's word choice, "Well...I guess I'm ready. This is it; I'm about to be married."

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Chapter 28: The Wedding, Part 1
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Before any one knew it, the morning was upon them and guests were filing in to the church, ready to see their loved ones wed.

Hermione burst through the heavy wooden door where Ginny was giving herself a final once over in the floor length mirror.

Hermione's nerves of something going wrong quickly subsided, "Oh, Gin," she gasped, her heart soaring with utter joy for her friend.

Ginny smiled, "So, it's alright?"

Hermione nodded, already sniffing, "You look amazing."

"Thanks, 'Mione." Ginny smiled before taking a deep breath, "You do too."

Hermione smiled, but then her mind drifted back to where it was when she site her destination on the room, "They're ready for you." She whispered, "Your Dad is...for the moment, mentally prepared and ready to escort you."

Ginny couldn't help but giggle at her friend's word choice, "Well...I guess I'm ready. This is it; I'm about to be married."

Hermione grinned, "You best be ready, Gin! The opportunities for runaway bride moments are fast closing."

Ginny smiled, "I am." She pulled Hermione in to a light hug that wouldn't mess up her hair or make up, but didn't seem fake, "Thank you. For everything. You've been there for me at times when no one else was. Thank you for being here today. I know I've been a bit of a bitch to you lately," she broke in to a smile, "So, thanks for the support."

Hermione brushed away a tear from the corner of her eye, "You Welcome." She choked out.

Ginny took a deep breath, "Come on. We've got a wedding to get to."

They left the fitting room and Hermione gave Ginny one last 'thanks-for-being-my-best-friend hug' before filing in with the bridesmaid and beginning the march down the long, dark purple aisle.

Ginny and her father met in front of just closed doors.

The sight of Arthur Weasley in a tuxedo was not something that was seen daily.

When Mr. Weasley's eyes grazed over his baby girl in a wedding dress, he was already tearing up. His little, baby girl, was about the become a Mrs. True, it was to Harry, but that was still his baby.

"You ready?" Arthur asked as Ginny hooked her arm in his and they faced the door.


Ginny clutched her father's surprisingly steady arm, her entire body practically shaking from a complete blend of utter joy and nerves. Goosebumps covered her spine and butterflies fluttered amongst her stomach. Every nerves in her entire body was a complete live wire. Never before in her twenty years of life had she had a feeling this intense nor had she been this in tune with where she was and what was happening.

She was about to become Ginny Potter.

This, right here, right now, was the moment she'd dreamt of ever since she was a little girl and the man waiting at the end of the aisle was the man she'd dreamt of saying "I Do" to ever since she had met him at the tender age of ten. An entire decade ago.

The large, chestnut colored doors swung open, perfectly in tune with the classic bridal march that had been used by a million brides at a million ceremonies, although never at one with quite a situation as this one.

As the large doors opened up, she got her very first glimpse of the wedding hall which would soon be the first place she'd ever hear the name "Mrs. Potter" directed towards her. This would be the exact place where she's be joined in matrimony with the only man she'd ever seriously dreamt of being with, Harry, after exchanging the classic vows of a wedding.

The hundreds of guests rose to the feet, several of them 'Aww-ing' at the sight of the beautiful bride.

The rows were filled with students from Hogwarts, like Dean, Seamus, Cho (who Ginny reluctantly invited, even though Harry said it wasn't necessary), Dennis Creevey and more. Also filling the magically expanded church included the teachers that had gotten them through school, McGonagall, Hagrid (who had his own designated area and was already wiping his eyes on a large handkerchief) and many more. People that worked with them, now and in the past were smiling guests also, to name a few.

In the middle of the Groom's side was even Dudley, Harry's obnoxious cousin, there with his surprisingly beautiful wife. The woman looked slightly awed by the bewitchment obviously present in the room (she was obviously muggle) and Dudley's eyebrows were raised as Ginny, even though she was veiled, came in to the room. He had to hand it to his cousin, she seemed gorgeous.

Lavender Brown stood with Ron's brother George, who was probably uncomfortable with that, and Draco was a couple rows away with a distant relative of the Weasley's.

The room smelled of a delicious, light honeysuckle and delicious flowers. Floating candles that reminded her of her days at Hogwarts hung over their hands underneath a highly vaulted ceiling. Beautiful red roses on magically grown vines were on the walls in a neat line, leading up to a large, black, Grand Piano, which was playing itself beautifully, towards the front of an elevated platform, slightly to the left of a set of seats.

There was a long, purple velvet carpet designated for her to walk down, which led to set of three stairs that would lead her to a stage where the man of her dreams waited.

Little Victoire had already decorated the pathway with the silver and pink rose petals and everything was in place.

With her bridesmaids leading the way, it was finally time to begin the march down the aisle.

She clenched her fingers lightly on her father's sleeve then began the descent.

They marched, surprisingly completely in rhythem, down the large aisle, her face pinkened as she heard the whispers of how beautiful she looked reached her ears.

Not a single person in the crowd wasn't amazed at how beautiful the whole ceremony was. It was beyond perfect. Even Lavender was impressed.

Lavender's eyes skimmed down the dress, slightly envious of just how gorgeous it was.

Ginny wore an A-line, satin gown of an ivory color with a sweetheart neckline that fit her beautifully. It was covered in floral lace from the waist up, with a simple, white ribbon cinching her waist. It had a crushed crepe skirt that extended in to a long, but simple train. She looked truly magnificent.

Harry couldn't help but raise his eyebrows as his bride made her way down the aisle. His heart soared with pride. He had a beautiful bride that he was madly in love with and would spend the rest of his life with and, not to be conceited, but he had turned in to a decent man himself. There was a slew of people he wished could have been at the ceremony, from his parents and Sirius to Dumbledore and Lupin, but he knew in his heart that they were watching over him, smiling at the man he'd worked so hard to become.

After several minutes, during which she couldn't help but let a smile escape her lips just as a smirk had escaped Harry's, Ginny and Arthur finally reached the end of the aisle.

At the end of the aisle was two steps which, when followed, reached an elevated platform where they would give their vows and officially become the man and wife they had dreamt of being for a long time.

Arthur and Ginny came to a step at these steps, at which time Harry descended down them to stand with them

Vicar Hollis smiled, "Who gives this woman to this man in holy matrimony?"

Arthur took a deep breath, "Her mother and I do."

It was apparent how difficult it was for him at this moment in time. This was his baby daughter and she was getting married.

He removed the veil from where it covered her beautiful eyes, exposing them to the audience.

Arthur then took her hand and placed it in Harry's, a symbol as old as the chapel they were in, "I love you." He said as he kissed her forehead. "I love you too," Ginny whispered, her brown eyes looking at him with as much love as a newborn baby's.

Harry led Ginny up the stairs to their rightful places on the platform as Arthur found his seat next to Mrs. Weasley who was already dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. Arthur gripped her hand tightly.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here today..." Vicar Hollis gave the traditional speech while an anxious bride and groom held each other's hands lightly, facing across from each other, ready for him to get on with it.

The audience smiled attentively, although they were all eager for the vows to be exchanged too.

Hermione was nearly crying at the sight of two of her best friends about to become man and wife. Ron was grinning, Harry was about to become his new brother. Even Draco was enjoying the ceremony thus far. Harry had, after all, saved his life before and the girl he'd tormented in school hadn't turned out too hideous after all.

"Now," Vicar Hollis turned towards Ginny, "Ladies first. Ginevra, would you repeat after me please?"

"I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take thee, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

She did as instructed, "I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take thee, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

He smiled before turned to Harry, "Please repeat after me: I, Harry James Potter , take thee, Ginevra Molly Weasley, to be my lawfully wedded wife to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

He smiled, "I, Harry James Potter , take thee, Ginevra Molly Weasley, to be my lawfully wedded wife to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

Everyone was already crying, even Lavender was crying for reasons only she herself knew. Hagrid had already practically soaked his first handkerchief and was pulling a second out of his coat pocket.

"The rings, please." Vicar Hollis said with a smile. He truly had an amazing job.

A currently green haired Teddy rushed towards them excitedly , holding the traditional pillow in his small hands.

"Here's your rings Uncle Harry," He said quickly, slurring his words slightly to the amusement of the crowd.

"Thank you, Teddy," Harry said, roughing his hair a bit.

"Now Ginny," Vicar Hollis said handing her the ring, "I would like you to place this ring on Harry's fourth finger and say 'With this ring, I thee wed.'.

She slid the gold ring on his finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Now Harry," Vicar Hollis said holding Ginny's diamond in his hand, "I would like you to place this ring of Ginny's fourth finger and say 'With this ring, I thee wed.".

He slid the diamond on her finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

A grin spread across Vicar Hollis' face, "Then, I know pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter. You may now kiss your beautiful bride."

Harry placed a hand on her cheek and then placed his lips on hers as the crowd rose to their feet with an eruption of cheers and applauding.

After a moment or two, they drew back, huge grins on their faces, they were finally man and wife.

They descended the stairs and started down the aisle as had been done so many times before, as petal were thrown their way. They shook many hands and were pulled in to hugs and kisses by countless people.

They found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and were pulled in to extremely tight hugs.

"I'm so happy for you two!" Mrs. Weasley sobbed.

"Thank you so much, Mum. For everything. I love you," That was all Ginny said before she was shuffled towards more and more people throughout the crowd.

Finally, Ron found a microphone, a curious object invented by muggles, and began speaking. "Hey everyone, why don't we move this party to the reception at The Burrow, I don't know about you all, but I myself see a firewhiskey or two in the near future." His announcement was met by some cheers and a few laughs.

"Oh, Ronald," Hermione muttered under her breath with a giggle. Draco swooped his arm around her satin dress covered waist, kissing her cheek, "Ready?"

"Completely," Hermione laughed.

Ron found Lavender, who was looking extremely pregnant in her pink dress, especially given the fact that she was over five months along, nearly six. He gripped her bloated fingers in his, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah," she said slowly, an uneasy look on her face.

"Lav are you..."

"No, I'm fine, he's just...feeling really athletic today. I swear I'm carrying the next Viktor Krum in here!" she laughed, rubbing her stomach. "Now let's go, I'm not one to miss a good party."

Ron flinched slighlt at the comment.

And so they all filed out of the church, leaving only decorations, rose petals and memories inside.

This was truly a wedding never to be forgotten.

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"You ready?" Ginny screamed from the balcony with an earsplitting grin.

The crowd eagerly started jumping up and down, reaching hands in to the air, all hoping to be the ones to catch the bouquet.

Ginny turned around with her back to them, letting one hand cover her eyes, "Good luck!"

With that the bouquet soared from her fingers, through the air in to the eagerly anticipating crowd until a set of fingers grasped the package, stopping it's free fall.

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Chapter 29: The Wedding, Part 2
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Everyone in the wedding party made their way to the Weasley household where, as with tradition, the reception was to be held in the yard underneath a sheer tent that had, of course, been magically enhanced so as to hold the large group of people.

Guests flooded inside, finding their designated seats, as glasses of celebratory champagne floated over to many eager hands. Smiles and laughs were exchanged as there were greetings of all sorts. The joyous occasion had brought reunions together of people that, had this wedding not taken place, would otherwise not have interacted together again.

Harry and Ginny had gone inside the Weasley home to change in to more appropriate reception clothes. Harry entered the tent wearing clothes that weren't quite as fancy, clothes that seemed for fit for a morning at church, while on his arm, Ginny was wearing a knee length, fitted, black and white ensemble with pink heels on her feet.

The duo found their seats as the audience applauded their entrance and speeches were prepared to be made.

Finally, the eager crowd subsided as Hermione (whose originally perfected hair was now falling down in strings on to her shoulders, although her look was still elegant although in a different way) took to the center of the room, dabbing her eyes with a soft pink tissue.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," she said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Before I give my speech, I think it to be appropriate if I propose a toast."

She raised the bottle of champagne in her hand above her head, as the crowd followed in example, "To Ginny and Harry, we wish you all many years of joy and love. We love you so much and are unbelievably happy for you."

"To Ginny and Harry!" The crowd echoed back before tossing the drank down their throats excitedly.

After she swallowed the beverage Hermione was finally content to make the traditional maid of honor speech.

"First off, I want to say a huge congratulations to the both of you. You are an extraordinary pair of people and it is so exciting to be able to be here and share this special moment with you. Now, Harry: you are my best friend, no doubt about it," Ron flinched slightly as these words met his reddened ears, "you have been there for me through thick and thin and I'm honored that you think the same of me. I love you so much. I don't think there is another couple out there as perfect together as you two. I met Harry when I was 11 aboard the Hogwarts Express. Contrary to what you might believe, we did not hit it off straight away and become best friends. In fact, it was months later when he got me out of a dangerous situation that we bonded. Since then, our bond has been unbreakable."

The crowd smiled, it was nice to see a pair of friends who's friendship lasted in to adulthood.

"Me and Ginny hit it off practically instantly. Perhaps it was because we were surrounded by boys and could use some girl time. Whatever the reason though, I'm so happy we became friends. You two are two of the most important people in my life, I wish you both a long, happy life together. One where you can have kids, and grow old together. You've earned it. I love you guys."

She departed her 'spotlight' with a huge round of applause from an enthusiastic crowd as Ron took the stage, the Best Man couldn't let the Maid of Honor take the entire spotlight.

"Hello, everyone," Ron greeted cheerfully as applause met his ears, "First off, I too want to congratulate Harry and Ginny, I'm so happy that you finally made it official. Growing up as a Weasley was a priceless experience. Sure, not everything was an up, we certainly had plenty of downs, but it was worth any tears. Growing up with six older brothers can't have been easy on Gin. But by the time she was seven she sure knew how to handle us," he paused as the crowd laughed, "She sure did have us wrapped around her tiny little fingers quickly. My sister is one of the strongest people I know, and I admire her for that. She never wanted anything handed to her. And Harry, you're my brother. Now in more ways than before. When Ginny first began dating, as her brothers, you know we didn't adapt well, particularly myself. But I speak for all of us when I say that she could not possibly have found a better husband. I love you guys. Welcome to the family, Harry!"

The crowd erupted in even more applause.

"One last thing though," he added before leaving, "If you hurt my baby sister, I'll still have your arse."

The crowd laughed, as if Harry Potter would do such a thing.

Both speeches were short and sweet, but extremely touching.

Everyone applauded as Ron stepped off the stage, giving the next person the opportunity to make their way to the platform.

As the crowd subsided, they looked and were greeted by a frail McGonagall on stage. The crowd quieted out of respect, every single person in that room , aside from Dudley and his companion who did not know her, had a mass respect for that woman, whether they'd admit it or not.

"Good evening," her voice rang out steadily from the platform, "First off, I too would like to wish this wonderful couple a congratulations, I wish you both years of memories and happiness. I shall try and keep this brief, but I have some words for the both of you. Ginevra, you are a wonderfully bright young woman and it warms my heart that I've gotten to see you evolve in to the incredibly strong woman you are to this day," she paused, wiping a tear from her eyes.

Harry squeezed his bride's hand reassuringly, exchanging smiles with each other.

After a moment, she continued.

"And Mr. Potter," she began, "I feel as if you were my own son; I'm beyond proud of the man you've become. I see so much of your father in you, Harry. Those who were granted the opportunity to know you parents could vouch for me when I say that they would have been so proud of you. I know you never got the opportunity to really know James and Lily, but I'm quite sure they would be beaming with pride at the man you've become." she paused. "I wish you both a long, happy marriage. I'm so honored to have been invited to this beautiful wedding and see two of my most preferred students. You both had a knack for trouble, perhaps that was why I was so intrigued by the pair of you?," she laughed quietly, "Well, I assume you've all had enough of my rambling, so without further ado, I complete my speech. Good luck, you two."

The crowd applauded as she slowly sat back down. It was a rather sweet speech, after all.

Finally, George Weasley staggered on to the stage, a grin on his face, "Hey, everyone! I'm going to keep this quick because I know you've all been eyeing that wedding cake and champagne, so here goes. Ginny, you're my little sister and I love you. You're a beautiful young woman and I'm glad you found someone like Harry. Harry, you're a great guy and I'm glad we're officially brothers! You're going to be a great addition to the family. Two things though: I'm with Ron, you hurt her, you best be as good at hiding as that worm Pettigrew," he paused.

Only George Weasley would mention Peter Pettigrew in a wedding speech.

"And second: As her brother, I've seen all sides of this girls, some of which you probably haven't," he laughed loudly, "I have to say...some of those sides are pretty terrifying. I mean have you SEEN her when she just wakes up? Ok, now all joking aside, good luck both of you, particularly Harry. Let's dig in!"

The crowd laughed; classic George Weasley.

3 Hours of Eating and Congratulations Later

"You ready?" Ginny screamed from the balcony with an earsplitting grin.

The crowd eagerly started jumping up and down, reaching hands in to the air, all hoping to be the ones to catch the bouquet.

Ginny turned around with her back to them, letting one hand cover her eyes, "Good luck!"

With that the bouquet soared from her fingers, through the air in to the eagerly anticipating crowd until a set of fingers grasped the package, stopping it's free fall.

All eyes spun around and were surprised to see that Luna had caught the bouquet.

Ginny spun around, then smiled when she saw the results of the throw, "Ooh, Luna, looks like you're getting married next!

The crowd cheered as Rolf came up from behind and hugged her around the waist before kissing her cheek, "Sounds divine."

The crowd awed at the adorable sight. They were truly perfect for each other.

Harry and Ginny bounded down the stairs in to the arms of all of their friends and family, many of which were crying (still) from the wedding.

Ginny found her mother's open arms and ran in to them, hugging her mother tightly.

"Congratulations, sweetheart," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "Everything was beautiful! Now, you and Harry best get going, not to rush you or anything, but your portkey is nearly ready and you don't want to miss it!"

"I love you, Mum!" Ginny whispered, giving her one last hug.

Harry and Ginny hugged everyone goodbye and with one final wave to the crowd disappeared as their fingers touched the stiletto.

Arthur hugged Molly tightly, "She's gone."

"I know, but Harry'll be good to her."

The crowd cleared out, everyone heading their own ways. The reception was over. Harry and Ginny were heading to Peru for their exotic honeymoon in South America and there was no longer a reason to stay.

"Ready to go?" Draco asked Hermione, who began giggling as his arms wrapped around her waist.

She kissed him eagerly, "Completely."

The pair apparated to her flat, still giggling as the tidy room came in to complete view. Laughing, they stumbled on to the sofa, laughing as kissing away.

She landed on his lap and then turned to face him, "I love you so much."

He smiled, "I love you too. Never thought this would happen, but I am so in love with you, Granger."

Their lips moved together passionately, and they could feel the heat between them heating up. Draco flipped her on to her back so he was straddling her. Their kisses became more passionate with each one. Draco slid off his jacket then pulled his shirt over his head not ceasing kissing her. She traced the planes of his chest. After a moment or two, all of their clothes decorated the floor of her flat.

Draco looked at her quizzically, "Are you...sure?"

The words were in gasps.

Whether it was her thinking or the firewhiskey she'd had had taken effect, she didn't know, but she just smiled, pulling his head so that they're foreheads met, "Yes." She gasped.

That was all he needed.

For the first time in a while, she felt completely free and in love, although with the last person she had ever thought she'd harbor feelings for.

They were both, completely, madly in love with each other.

The universe sure does have an odd sense of humor.

Maybe there was such a thing as happily ever after. Harry and Ginny were married and Hermione and Draco were closer than ever before.

Everything, for the moment, was perfect.

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"I just think we've gotten off on the wrong foot, sweetheart," Mrs. Weasley said, forcing a smile, "Maybe if we spend an afternoon together we can get on the right one."

Lavender's mouth was in a line, "Why would you want to do that?"

"Well, after all, you're carrying my grandchild! What kind of a grandma would I be if I didn't treat his or her mother in a civilized manner?"

Lavender's attitude didn't subside, "What makes you think you're going to be involved in this child's life? I'm not to sure I ever want you to see this baby."

Mrs. Weasley was completely, utterly, at a loss for words.

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Chapter 30: Cut Off
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The next couple weeks flew by in mere instants. Harry and Ginny would be returning from their honeymoon in three days, and needless to say, everyone at the Ministry was scrambling to make it appear like everything had been kept up with during boss Harry's absence.

In her office, Hermione placed a pen atop her chronologically organized papers, her office once again completely tidy way she loved it. Draco wrapped his hand around hers, spinning her towards him.

"This is a lovely desk," he murmured, kissing her lips and pushing her gently towards the desk's edge until she was forced to slightly sit on it, "Perfect place for a little-"

She cut him off with a giggle, "We will not! I have work to do, and I just straightened it up." She pushed past him so that he was by the desk, wrapping her arms around his neck, "I love you. But, it's time you go."

She kissed his on the lips.

"Aw, love," he complained with a laugh.

"I mean it," she giggled, "It's time you go. This is work time, not play time."

He rolled his eyes, "If you insist. I probably have some business to take of myself, any how."

"Good," she said. "I'll see you after work?"

"Wouldn't miss it," he smirked before walking out of the office.

Hermione touched her lips, 'What a difference a few years makes!' she thought with a smile, before returning to work.


Lavender disregarded the fact that she perhaps should be knocking and swung open the door to Ron's office, where she saw he was apparently in the middle of a rather tense conversation with his mother.

"Yes, Wonnie?" She asked, with a smile.

Mrs. Weasley wanted to puke, that was by far the most vile nickname anyone had to have ever been given.

"Right...well, Mum, you actually wanted to speak to Lav and I'm needed on the fourth floor," He said, excusing himself after giving both ladies a kiss on the cheek.

After he was gone Lavender's smile mysteriously vanished from her face as she folded her arms arrogantly across yer chest, "What?" She spat.

Mrs. Weasley was taken aback by the rudeness in her tone, but let it go, "Lavender, how about you and I go out for a spot of tea? I think it's bets we get to know each other."

Lavender wrinkled her nose, "I think we know each well enough."

"I just think we've gotten off on the wrong foot, sweetheart," Mrs. Weasley insisted, forcing a smile, "Maybe if we spend an afternoon together we can get on the right one."

Lavender's mouth was in a line, "Why would you want to do that?"

"Well, after all, you're carrying my grandchild! What kind of a grandma would I be if I didn't treat his or her mother in a civilized manner?"

Lavender's attitude didn't subside, "What makes you think you're going to be involved in this child's life? I'm not to sure I ever want you to see this baby."

Mrs. Weasley was completely, utterly, at a loss for words.

Lavender continued, "This is my baby, not yours. I'm it's mother, which gives me the right to decide who can and who can not be in his or her life. You've pushed me and if you push many more buttons I'll have you old arse taken up to Azkaban where it belongs if you try and set foot near my baby."

"Now you listen here young lady. You seem to be under the impression that because you are having a baby you can treat people however you bloody well like. Well, I have a bit of news for you: the world doesn't give a rat's arse whether you are with child or not. It takes an adult to raise a child and you are being the opposite of an adult lady." Mrs. Weasley was done playing the nice card.

"I don't care what that rat's nest covered head thinks of me," Lavender spat, "You don't care about me or this baby. To you I'm just the girl who ruined your son's life."

"Well, you certainly didn't help his life out at all!" Mrs. Weasley hissed angrily.

Lavender smirked, "I helped him out more than you think."

"And just how is that?" Mrs. Weasley snarled, wanting to hit her in to next week.

This child deserved it.

Lavender smirked, "You'd like to know, wouldn't 'cha?"

"People generally ask questions to get answers in return," Mrs. Weasley replied.

"Well, hope you like disappointment." Lavender smiled before leaving the room, with one last shout, "Aw, darn, no dinner for us!"

Mrs. Weasley could not believe that girl's nerve.

Lavender rushed down the hall, she had to be at Davies' flat in fifteen short minutes, but was halted when she hit something solid. Only then did she realize that something was in fact a someone.

"Watch it, Malfoy," Lavender spat through clenched teeth, "I'm in a bit of a hurry."

He grabbed one of her arms, without injuring her, but tight enough escape was not going to be an easy task, "What's the hurry?"

She attempted to free her arm, without achievement, "Not that fast, momma, where do you have to be that's so important you have to bulldoze any person in your path?"

"Only one problem with that statement," she snarled, "no one said you were considered a person."

"Touchy!" Draco said with a smirk, "You know just how much of a kind, loving, charming person that I am."

"Excuse me while I throw up," Lavender groaned imitating a person retching.

"Someone's in an unpleasant mood today," Draco observed, still smirking at Lavender.

"Whatever, Malfoy!" She snapped, now get out of my way!" She tried to move by him, but he put his arm against the wall, leaning against it by blocking her path, "Move!"

He grinned, "You visiting Davies?"

She inhaled deeply, a frantic look in her eyes, "What makes you say that?" she whispered quietly.

He smirked, the playful smile on his lips slightly displaying recently bleached white teeth, but his eyes were extremely cold and dark, "Think I don't know who you are? Inside and out. I know all the dirty laundry you don't want aired. So if you want your dirty little secrets kept quiet, you best improve your attitude."

"What do you want?" she snarled through clenched teeth.

He shook his head, "Sad. That's your attempt at being pleasant. Shame, I thought you were a better actress. But, if you'd like Ronald over there to know the truth-"

She cut him off, "Fine. Excuse me, Mr. Malfoy, would you do be the extraordinary honor of telling me what you would like to know so I can assist you?"

He was more than slightly taken aback, "I said nice, not a bizarrely strange suck up," he laughed, "But that's an impeccable beginning!"

She almost rolled her eyes, but caught herself, "Now, just whatever is the answer to your lovely question?"

It was clear she was putting on an act, but that was what he wanted.

"I have what I want. Or rather, who. But as far as you're concerned, I want you to know that I know exactly what's going on. So, if you piss me off I can destroy this little curly haired bimbo act of yours. You have that disgrace to the wizard world right where you want him. You should be happy, but you should know that
I know everything. One wrong move and that can all come crashing down."

She smirked, "I still don't know what you see in that mudblood."

"Hey," he hissed, "shut your tiny mouth. You've got a lot of ***** in you for such a little person, but you better watch it. I love her. She's what I wanted and I got her. Because I always get what I want. Don't let me decide to want your secrets exposed. Who do you think everyone would believe? Me, or you? Me, a Malfoy which says enough, or you, a knocked up, annoying, blithering terrible excuse for a witch? You and I both know the answer."

She wanted to snap so bad, but knew just what he could do, "Good day."

She stormed off, leaving a smirking Malfoy alone.


Lavender reached the door to Davies' flat in record time. Her heart pounded from a mixture of nerves and exhaustion - it was hard work waddling around with a six and a half month pregnant stomach around your waist.

She knocked loudly on the door, huffing with annoyance when it wasn't answered immediately. Footsteps thudded towards the door, which suddenly burst open revealing Roger Davies in a white t-shirt and a pair of orange boxer shorts, complete with long white socks. Classy.

His eyebrows rose up and a smile played coyly on his lips, "I knew you couldn't get enough of me."

She rolled her eyes, "Just let me in your nargle brain, before someone sees! The last thing I need is this getting in the prophet!"

He stepped aside, "Welcome, to my humble abode."

"Thanks," she growled, purposefully bumping in to his shoulder as she cam came inside and flopped on to his sofa while he took the seat opposite her.

"Why are you here?" he asked, although he didn't particularly care what the answer was. The point was: she was there.

She glared at him for a moment before speaking, "We need to talk."

"Clearly," he said with a roll of his eyes, "That's why you're here. Spill it."

"I ran in to Draco today."

He nodded as if telling her to continue, so she did, "We need to get some things clear."

"I see where this is going," he scoffed.

"This is nothing to laugh about Davies!" She hissed.

"Fine," he said, leaning backwards, "Now just what do we need to get clear?"

Her eyes turned into cat-like slits, "I need to know you're still keeping things quiet."

He rolled his eyes, "How many times are you going to question my motives, here darling?," he cooed. "I made a promise, do you honestly think I'd break it?"

"Knowing you, I wouldn't put it past you." Lavender scoffed.

"Oh, so Miss Lav is afraid her perfect little world is about to crumble. Don 't you know by now that when your world is one big lie, things will eventually fall apart?"

"Not if you and Draco keep your mouths shut."

"Darling, I think you forgot about -"

"I've taken care of her." She finished, "I she's no concern of mine."

"You can't keep things under wraps forever. This is a mighty big secret, one of these days it might just slip out."

"What do you want?" She growled, clenching her tiny fists until they reddened.

He came over to her side, stroking the side of her face, "You. The real you."

She jerked away from his touch, "I told you that was the one thing you can't have. The plan's almost done, I'm not going to let you ruin it when I'm this close to the end, this close to winning."

He got to his feet, "Do you not see that there is no winner here? In the end, the truth will come out, then you'll lose everything. We all will."

"Not necessarily," she spat, also rising to her feet. "If people keep their mouths shut, nothing bad can happen."

"The more people you tell, the quicker the secret comes out," he replied.

She got to where she was a mere inch from him, "You disgust me."

"The feeling is mutual," he spat, before kissing her lightly on the lips, "But maybe that's why you can't stay away. We have something and you know it."

Her eyes narrowed, "We. Do. Not."

"Feelings like what we had don't just disappear," he murmured. "You may say you have your sights set on him, but your heart is set on me. Your brain just hasn't figured it out yet."

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"You should've been there, Harry! You could see the baby so well! It was so vivid, so real! We got to see it moving and everything! Blimey Harry, that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen." Ron excitedly said, a skip to his step.

Harry chuckled, "I'm glad you're so enthused about the baby! I knew you'd come on board!"

"I'm so on board, Harry," Ron sighed, tears in his eyes, "That was my baby! Right there! And to think, just like two and a half months and I'm Daddy Ron!"

"I'm so happy for you and Lavender both!" Harry beamed, "Now, were you two able to find out the gender? I know you were looking forward to that..."

A sly smile creeped up on Ron's face, "Is the jig up?" he laughed. "Yeah, we found out!"

Harry raised his eyebrows, "And...."

Ron smiled, "It's a-"

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Chapter 31: Raising the Bar
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"I'm just so bloody excited, Harry!" Ron said pacing back and forth across his friend's office. Harry had just arrived back that day, but Ron was quick to greet him.

"I'm glad you're so excited, Ron!"

"I am just esctatic! We found out the gender of the baby tomorrow, you know? Merlin, I never thought this would happen, but it's still ruddy exciting!"

"Yes, it is." Harry laughed. "I wish you both the upmost both."

"Thanks, mate. And listen, I know I haven't always been as supportive as I should have been about you and Ginny being together, but now I just want you to feel what i feel."

"So you're saying you want us to have an unplanned pregnancy?" Harry laughed.

"Oh, you know what I mean, Harry." Ron laughed.

"Yes. I know exactly what you mean Ron. I want that too. More than anything.


The day of Ron and Lavender's next appointment was suddenly up on them, it was time to discover the gender of their baby.

"Lavender," a plump woman said from the doorway, "Healer Styles will see you now."

"Well," Lavender said as Ron helped her to her feet, "this is it. We're about to find out whether we're having a son or a daughter."

Ron nodded curtly, nerves twisting around in his stomach, "'Bout time." He smiled, squeezing her hand reassuringly. He'd been looking forward to this visit since their first visit together a couple days after he discovered the baby's existence.

"Bet you ten galleons it's a boy." Lavender smiled, her eyes twinkling, as they headed towards their examination room.

"You're on." Ron laughed.

They followed the woman, hand in hand, until they were directed to a particular room. Lavender hoisted herself, with quite the groan, on to the examination bed, her seven month pregnant stomach weighing her down. She had clearly lost the washboard abs she'd had when they'd spent their night together so many weeks ago.

The door burst open suddenly, revealing a disheveled, although still cheerful, looking Healer Styles who moved with a bit of a skip to his step.

"Hello Lavender; Ron." He nodded curtly to both of them, "How are we today?"

Ron gestured for Lavender to speak, which she happily obliged to, "Wonderful. Nausea is gone and I'm hardly lightheaded. Things have definitely run smoother than she'd anticipated.

"That's what I like to hear. Now, if you wouldn't mind I'll have you lie back and we'll take a good look at that baby!"

Lavender laid down and pulled up her blouse to reveal her large stomach. He squeezed a blue-green paste on her stomach and then charmed a round object which Ron knew not the name of and it moved around to help display the baby on a screen to their left.

"Now there," he pointed to the screen, "Is the head. But you can also see the arms and tiny fingers over there. I've placed a charm on the screen which will slightly blur it so as to avoid giving away unwanted information." He laughed.

"That's sensible," Lavender laughed.

 "I'm aware that last time you were hear you requested to know the gender of the baby. Would you still like to know or would you like it best kept a surprise?"

Lavender and Ron exchanged glances, although it was clear neither of them had changed their minds, "We'd like to know." Lavender said, "We've been truly anticipating this visit."

"This is a very popular visit for most couples. Very well," He waved his hand and the enchantment which kept the image blurred deteriorated. "Congratulations. you're looking at your daughter."

Lavender burst in to tears, and not because she lost ten galleons.

"It''s a girl?" Ron stammered, tears finding their way in his eyes as well as hers.

"It is." Dr. Styles said. "I'll give you two a minute alone." He excused himself politely so as to tend on other patients as well.

"That's our daughter," Ron gasped and Lavender nodded. She hadn't taken her eyes off the screen, or her hand off her mouth, and thought nodding was the appropriate way to show acknowledgment.

They stared at the screen for several silent moments. "I love you, Lavender."

These four words brought Lavender out of her trance-like state, "What?" She looked at him in the eyes, searching for truth to the words.

"I love you. I didn't realize how much until now."

"I love you too."

"Lav, I'm not the best at saying what I mean, but I really do. This may be a little backwards given our circumstance, but will you go out with me? I'm ready to try again at our relationship. Our daughter deserves it."

"Of course." Lav said. Her throat was still so choked up she could still hardly speak.

"Just think, a few weeks and we'll be a family."

"We are a family. You, me and her."

They placed their hands on her expanding stomach.

"Why is she so still? She always moves! Why isn't she moving?!" Ron said suddenly, his breathing accelerating. This truly amused Lavender.

"Well, how can you expect her to be active all the time?"

Ron laughed, "I guess I can't."


Healer Styles reappeared, "Great to see you two, well three, really. It really was. Sorry to be in such a rush, but a Miss Clearwater has just come in in quite need of experienced help. But, your daughter looks perfectly healthy. Here's a few scans to keep or deliver to loved ones. I'll see you all in two weeks." With that he rushed off, handing Lavender the scans.

With their business at St. Mungo's done, Ron dropped Lavender off at her flat, eager to get back to the Ministry and share his exciting news.


Ron burst through the doors of Harry's office, gasping for breath after his recent sprint down the halls of the Ministry. Harry was initially slightly shocked by the sudden burst of a person though the door, but up on seeing Ron's face, his surprise disappeared.

"Hey, how'd the visit go?"

"You should've been there, Harry! You could see the baby so well! It was so vivid, so real! We got to see it moving and everything! Blimey Harry, that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen." Ron excitedly said, a skip to his step.

Harry chuckled, "I'm glad you're so enthused about the baby! I knew you'd come on board!"

"I'm so on board, Harry," Ron sighed, tears in his eyes, "That was my baby! Right there! And to think, just like two and a half months and I'm Daddy Ron!"

"I'm so happy for you and Lavender both!" Harry beamed, "Now, were you two able to find out the gender? I know you were looking forward to that..."

A sly smile creeped up on Ron's face, "Is the jig up?" he laughed. "Yeah, we found out!"

Harry raised his eyebrows, "And...."

Ron smiled, "It's a-"

"Knock knock?" A quiet voice asked from the doorway. They turned to see the familiar dirty blonde curls of Lavender Brown in the doorway. This brought back memories of the day she told them about the baby in the first place.

"Hello, beautiful," Ron said, kissing her lightly on the lips, taking Harry and Lavender by surprise. Ron was trying to become romantic.

"Oh!" Lavender burst in to a shrew of high pitched giggles.

Ron placed his hands around Lavender's stomach and pulled her in to another, this time deeper, kiss while Harry stood awkwardly to the side, at an utter loss for words. Eventually Ron turned back around, Lav still in his arms, "With the baby coming so soon, we're giving our relationship another chance."

Harry was more than a little taken aback by this. Ron had a tendency to jump in to things, but they were already having a baby so at this point a fast moving relationship couldn't hurt. "Well...brilliant! I'm happy for the both of you!"

"Thank you, Harry," Lav said, still stunned. "Now, Wonipoo actually really have somewhere to be, and with this large a stomach it takes time to get anywhere," she sighed, "But I had to come back because you forgot this."

She handed him a few copies of the scan.

"Bloody hell! Thanks, love." he said taking them and examining them again. "I was actually in here to tell Harry that we found out the gender of the baby..."

Lav, understanding, stood beside him, gripping his hand tightly. Ron handed Harry the scan, "That's our daughter."

"Brilliant!" Harry exclaimed, "I'm so thrilled for you both. I'm sure she'll be perfect."

"Just like her mother." Ron said with a laugh. Harry ignored this comment.

"Thanks Harry. Now, I know Lav has somewhere to be, but there's one more thing we need to tell you before she goes."

"Well, Harry," Lavender said, "I know how close you and Wonipoo have always been, so we think it be only right if you were her god father."

"Me? I'm flattered!"

"Who better fit for the job anyway?" Lavender laughed. "Now I truly do have to go, or there will really be repercussions if I don't. I'll see you both later.

Lavender left the room quickly, leaving Harry and Ron alone. "Godfather, eh?"

It...seemed appropriate given the circumstances. Besides, you stood by me when all this happened, that's more than I can say about some of my blood family members. That really means a lot. Whether I'd planned this or not, she's carrying my daughter. Our daughter! Merlin I'm still in utter shock. I'm having a baby!"

"Well, I do believe Lav will be the one having the baby, Ron..."

"Oh, you know what I mean," Ron laughed. "Just ten weeks and I can hold her! Ten weeks and I can physically hold her!"


"Very, but millions of other people do it, why can't I? Now, I really need to go, I have to share this with everyone! I'm having a daughter!" He ran out of the room screaming that last line, much to Harry's amusement.

' The millions of other who've done it, never raised a miniature Lavender. ' Harry thought with a laugh. Seeing Ron this happy truly made him want the same feeling with Ginny.


"We'd like a table for two, sir. Preferably in the back, away from the wandering eyes of your other customers." Draco said coolly as he slipped the waiter some galleons. The man left the area quickly, tucking away the money.

Hermione squeezed his arm, "Malfoy.!"

He cocked his head to the side and a smug smirk appeared on his lips as she stopped suddenly, "You were saying?"

"I mean," she said through gritted teeth, "Draco, there's no need for us to get preferential treatment."

The waiter was back just as soon as he'd left, "I have a magnificent table for you, if you'd be so kind as to follow me." He walked towards the back, two menus tucked under his arm.

"Shall we?" Draco asked, extending his arm, which Hermione reluctantly took hold of.

They followed the server and took seats across from each other at their designated table,

"I'll give you two a chance to look over the choices," he walked away.

Then it was them and them alone.

30 minutes later

"Now," Draco said as their began to eat their recently arrived food, "I do have a motive for bringing you here tonight."

"Oh? And what is this motive?"

"Well," he said. "Ill get straight to the point."

"That's better said than done." Hermione hissed, still annoyed.

He chuckled, "May I continue? Or do you have anything else to say?"

"By all means, continue." She rolled her eyes.

"Thank you," he said, gesturing as if he was tipping a hat, "Well, as you know, I come from a rather well off family, one of the best in our world, really..."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "I'm aware of your family situation, Draco. What does your family's financial state have to do with me though?"

She did not care to hear about his relations.

"Nothing." Draco said simply. "And at the same time, everything."


"Confused I gather?" Draco asked, enjoying being the smarter person in the relationship for once. He loved knowing something she didn't.

"What could possibly give you that idea?"

"Just a guess. My my aren't we touchy this fine evening?"

"Just get to the ruddy point! I'm not in the mood to be crossed with tonight."

"Fine," Draco said, relenting. "I guess I'll let you in on my little secret. Given my family's social status, which has had some hardships in the past few years, is very important and great lengths must me taken to ensure it gets back to where it was a few years ago. Image is, after all, everything. This is why, my family is hosting a gala dinner at my parents' place and I'm instructed to attend. This would be the prime opportunity to present you as my girlfriend and it won't exactly hurt your social status as viewed by the people in my inner circles."

"So, now I need to up my social status?"

"Love, that can't hurt anyone. A boost in social stature is a benefit."

"Even to you?"

"Surprising, huh? Guess we learn something new everyday, don't we?"

"You meant that in another way and you know it! Maybe I'll just skip the ruddy gala all together!"

"Ah, now if only that was possible! Now, if my memory serves me correctly we made a deal a few months back. Part of that deal required you to do exactly as a I say and go along with what I want. Unless you're finally willing to accept the fact that you aren't going to win and you want to give up you'll be at that gala."

"Is that a threat?"

"Not at all. Just a fact."

"I thought we were past this."

"I never lose, Granger. Are you ready to admit you can't handle the heat?"

She narrowed her eyes.

"Is that a yes? Did I jus beat Hermione Granger? The smartest witch of our class?"

"Of course not!"

"Prove it."

"Fine! Prepare to eat your words."

"Prepare to experience this game at full strength. It's about to get a whole lot tougher for you to handle. I just hope you can handle the heat."

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"It's so great to see the both of you, I feel like it's been ages!" Hermione said pulling Harry and Ginny in to a huge hug.

"It's great to see you too, 'Mione!" Harry laughed as they all climbed on to Hermione's couch. "Now, we do actually have a reason for coming and I'm afraid it can't really wait - or else I think Gin might burst from anticipation!"

Hermione looked back and forth between the two of them, "Oh no! No one's hurt are they? Oh no, it's not George, or Charlie? Or.."

"Mione calm down!" Gin laughed, "No one is hurt! We've got good news, not bad news."

Excitement took the place of Hermione's fear, "Do tell!"

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Chapter 32: Twisted
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"Lav, I really doubt that's possibly going to happen," Ron chuckled as he continued to fill out the paperwork that had been steadily piling up on his cluttered desk. His desk used to be the epiphany of neatness - Hermione's daily visits saw to that - but as her visits subsided, so did his ability to keep things tidy. It had been a week since he and Lavender's doctor's visit and he had been so happy about the fact that he was having a daughter; he had been more than negligent towards his work. However, Harry was an understanding boss and was willing to let him slide to some extent, although at this point Ron knew it would be best for the sake of himself and his job that he actually do some work and quit informing half the Wizarding World of the latest news regarding his family life.

"Anything is possible, Wonipoo!" Lavender giggled, twirling his tie in her fingertips the same exact way she'd secretly seen Hermione do a thousand times. Ron was not oblivious to the similarities between the two loves of his life, but because he quite enjoyed the attention, he chose not to say anything about it. "Besides, a year ago, before we met up again in Hogsmeade, did you ever think we'd be here - now? Merlin, in nine weeks now we are going to be putting pink bows in our daughter's hair! This is pure proof that nothing is impossible."

"No," Ron shook his head, "I definitely never thought that we'd be here, now. Do not get me wrong though - I am quite happy it did, as odd as that may sound. However, our upcoming parenthood truly has nothing to do with your little idea though. It's not going to happen; ever"

"Oh, pish-posh! You just need to open your mind a bit more!" Lavender laughed, flicking his tie p so that it lightly tapped his nose.

"My mind is open just about as far as it's capable of, Lav, but that doesn't change the fact that you're wrong!" He laughed heartily, "Hogwarts has been set in its ways for decades! Just because there is a new generation of students does not mean there will be a new set of school traditions."

"Times are changing, Wonipoo. Spells are becoming more advanced daily. For Merlin's sake, Hogwarts has a Headmistress now, not a Headmaster -"

"McGonagall's post is only temporary, Lav."

"- But she's still headmistress, nevertheless. So there is clearly no reason to think the school can't experience any other monumental changes in the coming years."

"Well aren't you a little politician?"

"Oh shush," Lavender giggled.

"I'm just saying, Lav. Slytherin is the one house that seems to refuse to behave as civilly as the other houses, that's the way it always has been and the way it always will be."

"You never know, Wonipoo. Do you ever really know what lies in people's hearts and souls?"

"Changing times or not, the Head Boy and Girl of Slytherin House are probably not going to be coming 'round with chocolate frogs and Butterbeer as a peace offering!"

Lavender sighed heavily, "Fine, you win. You are completely set in your ways, and I can tell arguing is pointless."

He pulled her to him, "Some things just never change,"

She placed his hand on her stomach, "And some change. For the better."

He kissed her lightly on the lips before pulling away, a sly grin on his lips. "That reminds me! I do believe you and I made a bet, which you lost, and you now owe me some galleons! Pay up, love." He smirked.

"I thought you'd forgotten," Lavender smirked as she took some galleons out of her purse and placed them in his hands.

"I would never forget about galleons." Ron laughed, pocketing the money.

"I probably should have guessed that," she laughed too.

"Yeah, you probably should have."

He pulled her close to him and kissed her on the forehead, and then on the stomach. "I'm so excited to see her. Really, I am."

"Me too." Lavender giggled, "She's going to be the best thing that could have possibly happened to"

"Well aren't you two just the bee's knees!" A loud voice said.

The pair broke apart and saw that Lavender's friend and roommate Valerie had joined them in the room.

"Val?" Lav questioned. "What are you doing here?"

Lav took a step back from Ron.

"Well, apparently I'm interrupting your little love fest. But, you and I made shopping plans, remember?"

"Oh, Merlin! Sorry, Val. Wonipoo and I just got to talking and everything and we lost track of time."

"No problem," Val sighed, "It's not like it's the first time you two have done that anyway."

Ron's cheeks flushed and Lavender dropped her mouth open like there was no tomorrow. "Val..." she trailed off.

"What? It's true!" Valeria defended herself.

"Yes...but it just seems a little inappropriate - scandalous - don't you think?"

"I suppose, but the real scandal isn't my words. The real scandal lies between your hips."

"Are you calling my daughter a mistake?" Lavender growled, eyes narrowing and darkening.

"Lav, quit letting your bloody melodramatic hormones get the best of you. That is not what I meant and you are fully aware of that. Your baby is a gift, but you can't deny that it isn't at least a little bit scandalous that you're carrying the daughter of The Weasley King and yet you have no ring on a certain finger."

Lavender rolled her eyes. "Let's just go."

"Not so fast." Valerie said.

"Why not?" Lavender growled from the doorway.

"Was I not right? Admit I'm right and we can go."

"Fine! You were ruddy well right! Now can we just get on with shopping?"

"Of course."

They left the Ministry suddenly, Lav not even mumbling a slight goodbye to Ron, which he shrugged off. After all, he had more important things to worry about anyway; some of Valerie's words were very true."

He sat back down at his desk, opened up one of the bottom drawers, and reached to the back to pull out an object he had not touched in months. He twirled it around in his fingers, making it catch the light in places. Hermione's engagement ring. After she had given it back to him, he had thrown it in the drawers out of pure anger and disgust with himself and had not touched it sense. Now, he figured it was about time to mess with it again. Was his family right? Should be marry Lavender? He had been tossing the idea around in his head ever since their last appointment - and he still had no doubt that it could be the right thing. They were after all having a baby together - who needs a slow moving relationship when a baby is involved? The baby, his daughter, did not ask to even be brought in to this world, much less be brought in to it under these circumstances. Perhaps marrying Lavender would solve everything. Maybe they were meant to be together, fate just helped them figure that out since they were doing a lousy job of it themselves.

"Mr. Weasley," a voice from the doorway said quietly, "there's been some sort of mix up on the fourth floor, an incident that Bat Hogey Hexes again, could you spare us a moment and come down to take a look?"

He saw that the timid voice came from a young girl who he assumed be the latest intern at the Ministry. Her nametag showed that her name was Mya, quite the unusual name. "Yeah...I'll be right down."

She nodded, "Thank you."

"Oh, and Mya?" He said calling after her as she began to walk back towards her desk.


"What do you think of this?" He showed her the engagement ring and her eyes widened like saucers.

"It's...gorgeous!" She gasped, clearly wanting to 'try it on'.

"That's what I needed to know," Ron nodded, "I'm thinking about using it to propose."

"Well...I'm flattered! But, we hardly know each other! I mean we could get to know-" She was rambling.

"Mya, I meant proposing to my girlfriend."

"Oh!" Her cheeks flamed. "Of course, I'm so sorry!" She left the room in a hurry and he could hear her muttering about her stupid she was from in the hallway.

'Well, that was flattering.' Ron thought, 'She must be a die hard Ron fan.'

With that he placed the ring in his pocket, because he had a feeling that it might not be too long until it was on a finger, where it belonged.


Lavender and Valerie walked in to Miss Maternity, eagerly ready to do some much needed baby shopping. After all, the child would be there in nine weeks now and hardly any shopping had been done. Oops.

"Lav, look at this!" Valerie squealed, holding up a frilly, pale pink onesie for Lavender to approve of.

"That's darling!" Lavender giggled.

"So, have you and Weasley picked out her name yet?" Valerie asked, wanting to get to the real reason she wanted to go shopping so bad.

"We've pretty much got it narrowed down to a small list, although nothing is certain. Although, we're sure we want something a bit unusual, not something you can't walk down the street without hearing."

"That's a good idea. The world does not need millions of identically named little girls walking around."

"That's our thinking on the matter as well."

"So, would you tell me something straight up?"

"Yes, why?"

"Are you and Weasley together?"

Lavender bit her lip, "Yes." She giggled after a moment.

"I figured you'd get back together eventually. So what are you going to tell him about your past?"

Lavender's eyebrows crumpled together, "What past are you referring to?"

"You know bloody well the answer to that ruddy question. The past that's going to come back and haunt you - more than likely when you least want it to - if you don't come clean. Soon. As in now. Today."

Lavender inhaled deeply, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, don't play dumb, Lav. I have connections. In fact, my boyfriend and I have recently gotten on the subject of you and he let me in on some really juicy information that concerns you. And I'm sure it's information you don't want making the Prophet."

"Oh, really now? And who is this mysterious boyfriend that is telling you personal secrets about me?"

"Right, I forgot how preoccupied you've been with baby bliss, or whatever the hell it's called! You haven't paid an ounce of attention or care about my life to know who's come in and out of it."

"This joking around needs to quit. I'm not in the mood."

"Seems to me that's what you should've told your daughter's father months ago."

"Do you want to get slapped?" Lavender growled.

"No, just stating a fact. You know me well, Lav. You've pissed me off, and since you've known me for so long, you should really know I don't take well to that."

"Fine. Just will you please give me the ruddy guy's name."


"As in Roger Davies?!" Lavender nearly screamed the words.

"That's the one." Valerie cocked her head to the side, "now you know exactly what I know, huh?"

Lavender gulped, "What do you want?"

Valerie smirked, "Silly, Lav. I don't want anything, except for you to know the cards in my mind. I'm keeping everything open between us."

"Why are you doing this? And what do you see in Davies, anyhow?"

"Same thing you see in him. Minus a few things though. "

"What did he tell you."

"Everything. We have no secrets."


"Not a single one."

"So, what you're telling me is you know everything that's happened..."

"That's what I'm saying. I know about the Davies' thing, the ex boyfriend thing, the lies you've been telling repeatedly...I know everything."

"Why are you telling me this?" Lavender asked, not sure what emotion was the most prominent in her mind.

"Because, Lav! We're roomies! And I know once the baby get here, there'll be a lot of changes, so I just want us to be completely honest with each other!"

"I-" Lavender got cut off.

"Well look what the wind blew in." A cold voice from behind them said.

They spun around to see Draco Malfoy standing behind them, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Speaking of your little secrets..." Valerie sneered, trailing off.

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about."

Valerie scoffed, "Whatever you say, Lav. I think I'll give you two a minute alone though."



"What are you doing here?"

"Browsing. And you?"

Lavender put her hand on her stomach, "I'm pregnant."

"I never could have guessed." Malfoy scoffed sarcastically.

"Get to the point, Malfoy."


"Why are you here?"

"What?" He said, using a mock-innocent tone, "Can't a guy just spend a day out in the town?"

"In a maternity store?"

"Did I question your motives? No. Leave mine alone." He growled.

"Whatever. Now what do you want?"

"What makes you think I want something?"

"You're Draco Malfoy."

"That is a wonderful explanation. I'm so glad you have such a way with words." He rolled his eyes back in his head.

Lavender rolled her eyes right back, "Get to the point Malfoy. You approached me - why?"

"Do I have to have an ulterior motive?"

"You're you, so yes. I'd say you do."

"Very well."

"What's. Your. Motive?"

"My, my, my! Someone is touchy!"

"Someone is pregnant! Thirty one weeks pregnant?"

"And who might that someone be?"

"Me, you numbskull!"


"Yes. You are a numbskull."

"Again, with your brilliant way of words." He scoffed, stifling a laugh.

"Get with your ruddy point."

"Fine. I wanted information, actually."

"What type of information?"

"You know what type. Are things still like they're supposed to be?"

Lavender knew exactly what he was referring to, "They're exactly like they're supposed to be."

"That's all I wanted to know."

"That was short."

"Your answer had many hidden answers."

She shook this off, "And things with Hermione?"

"They're great, better than I'd anticipated actually. I honestly wanted to bring it up to you anyhow."

Lavender knew this could mean several things, "Oh?"

"You see, I'm out. Of all of it. I've been looking at flats for two in London and am thinking about getting one for me and 'Mione to share. I'm through with the web of lies."

She gulped, "You can't get out. You're in just as deep as I am."

"I'd beg to differ. You know that isn't true. You've gotten yourself in to a ruddy mess and you don't want to admit you can't handle. You wanted my assistance, I gave it to you. Now, I'm done. These childish games are in the past."

He left Lavender in a daze. First Valerie then Draco. Everyone was turning on her. She knew from the start how dangerous her secrets were and she chose who to involve for a reason. Everyone had roles to play.

'We'll see about that.' She muttered.

When one builds a house of cards, all it takes it once card's absence to make the whole thing tumble down.

If only she'd seen this coming before. She had to come up with something fast that would keep him in check. Without his role, her web of deceit would trap her as well. And that was not aloud. The consequences would be far too severe - the truth would never be allowed to get out.


"Merlin, I'm coming." Hermione sighed as she headed towards her flat's door, which was being knocked on relentlessly.

"Harry! Ginny!" Hermione squealed, taking both friends in to tight hugs, "You're back!"

Hermione had not seen or even spoken to either of them since they had left for their honeymoon after the wedding, and it was quite nice to be able to see them again, and know that they had not experienced any thing bad, which would have delayed their safe arrival.

"It's so great to see the both of you, I feel like it's been ages!" Hermione said pulling Harry and Ginny in to another huge hug.

"It's great to see you too, 'Mione!" Harry laughed as they all climbed on to Hermione's couch. "Now, we do actually have a reason for coming and I'm afraid it can't really wait - or else I think Gin might burst from anticipation!"

Hermione looked back and forth between the two of them, "Oh no! No one is hurt are they? Oh no, it's not George, or Charlie? Or..."

"Mione calm down!" Gin laughed, "No one is hurt! We've got good news, not bad news."

Excitement took the place of Hermione's fear, "Do tell!"

"Well, this is actually a bit hard to say, but I'll just come right out and say it anyway," Harry said taking a deep breath, "But I've just been offered a head position at a new Ministry of Magic in Dublin. I start in a month."

Hermione said nothing for a moment as this was not exactly something she had anticipated hearing, "Du-Dublin?" Hermione had honestly been expecting news about them expanding their family.

Harry nodded, "They're just developing the company, but it will help a great number of people over there and there will be many advantages to working there."

"Well, brilliant! Congratulations to the both of you!" Hermione hugged them tightly once more, "Just one question? How did you come across this job opportunity?" As much as she would never admit it, she was slightly jealous this was happening to them; not her.

"Seamus' cousin Iris works there. She just got an internship. Seamus had told her about my experience in the Ministry here and the Minister thought I would be suited to the job. Owled me immediately."

"Well...brilliant! That's fantastic!" Hermione squealed excitedly.

"Thank you, 'Mione. Now, I haven't made it official yet, and I don't want word getting out before I have a chance to tell everyone, so please keep this to yourself for a little while."

"No problem, Harry."

"Well, it was great seeing you 'Mione, really it was. I'm sorry I have to make it so short, but there's a ton of work that needs tending to at the Ministry." He kissed Ginny before hugging Hermione, "It really was great seeing you."

He left her flat in a hurry.

"Sorry about that," Ginny laughed, "Sometimes work truly does get the best of him."

"I know the feeling..." Hermione sighed. "So, you two are moving to Dublin? As in, Dublin, Ireland."

Ginny nodded, "I was pretty shocked myself."

"But, what about your position on the Harpies?"

Ginny dropped her eyes, "I was dropped from the team a couple months ago."


"That's why I was so angry. I know it was not a good reason, but I was. Apparently, they had scouted a new rookie, who is only 17 and just out of school, and they were able to get her on the team. Unfortunate for me, she and I play the same role in the game."

"Oh, Gin! I had no idea...I'm so sorry!"

"I'm not as upset about it anymore. It's their loss anyhow, with her track record it'll be a miracle if she's sober enough to finish a match." She laughed.

Hermione laughed along, "Their loss. If I had known, I would have helped you out. In all honesty though, this was not what I thought was going on. I thought you were pregnant."

Ginny was silent for a few moments, "That was another reason why I was upset."

"Wait...are you pregnant?"

"No." Ginny shook her head. "I thought I was though and we even went to St. Mungo's and had a test come out positive. However, I guess it was a false positive because next time we came in, there was no baby. Either that or..." she trailed off.

Hermione hugged her, "I'm sure it was just an error on the test itself."

"That's what I told myself." Ginny nodded, "I'd just gotten so excited about becoming a mother...then it was all taken away. In an instant. But, Healer Styles said false pregnancies are quite common in young, stressed woman. He says the error was on their end, but it's still easy to doubt"

"Oh, Gin." Hermione sighed. "You didn't do anything wrong, it was just meant to be. Well, not meant to be actually. Now, let's stop talking about the sad."

Ginny cocked an eyebrow, "Oh, do you have news?"

"Well, no. But, we do have a lot of catching up to do. What do you say we have just a simple girl's day in Hogsmeade, do some shopping?"

"That seems like exactly what the doctor ordered."


A/N Whoa! This chapter was mighty busy, huh? Valerie's back and Lavender's web of lies is falling apart. Plus, Harry got a job in Dublin. Anyone see the move coming? I know many people wanted Ginny to be pregnant, but all I'll say is all in good time. This story is more canon than some think. She's only 20 now anyhow.

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"Mum, Dad, this is Ron." Lavender said nervously, not letting her grip on his hand ease up.

"Nice to meet you." Ron choked out the words, at this moment he would rather be anywhere else in the world. Merlin, he'd rather go on another horcrux search with Harry. Ron extended his hand, which after a moment Mr. Brown reluctantly took.

"'re the mystery man who knocked up my little girl?" This was more than a question, it was an accusation.

Ron gulped, this was going to be worse than he'd anticipated. And he had not thought the visit would be spent laughing and talking about their perfect little life, "Well, it takes two to tango, sir."

Lavender's eyes widened and squeezed his hand tightly in a way to tell him that that was the wrong choice of words. Mrs. Brown sank in to a chair, "Oh Merlin..." she gasped.

Ron looked nervously back to Mr. Brown and gave him an uncomfortable smile, which was not returned.

Awkward! We're meeting Lavender's long lost parents in the next chapter - and they are none to happy about the situation. There will also be the Ginny/Hermione scene. Harry and Draco also make cameos.

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Chapter 33: True Feelings Come Out
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Hermione and Ginny sipped on the butterbeers, laughing and giggling just like old times.

They'd been spending the whole afternoon together, partly because they were simply best friends, but a large reason was also the elephant in the room - their move. For now though, it was just the two of them, their sides aching from all the laughter they'd shared. There was no Dublin, or Draco, or Harry, or Ron, or Lavender. It was just simply two best friends enjoying each other's company.

After a few minutes, however, the laughing subsided and they regained the ability to talk like civilized human beings.

"It's been far too long, Gin!" Hermione grinned.

"Indeed!" Ginny said back.

"So...Dublin, huh?" Hermione asked this slowly, unsure if Ginny was willing to discuss the subject willingly.

Ginny nodded, "Crazy, right?"

"Completely. But, I guess life is crazy, huh? It can't seem to help throwing curveballs at us," Hermione shook her head with a smile, her bushy brown hair falling in to her eyes a bit, which she shook back

"That makes me think," Ginny said, "Mind if I ask you something personal?"

"Go straight ahead."

"Are you happy with Draco?"

She contemplated her answer before a moment, taking an extra long sip of her Butterbeer, before answering, "Yes."

"What changed since school? In school you were letting your fist meet his face, now your mouth is meeting him face?" Ginny shuddered, the idea of anyone being with ferret boy disgusted her completely. She wanted her friend to be happy, however, so she kept her opinion to herself.

Hermione smiled faintly, "Everyone matures. He just matured slower than others. But, I've given him a chance now, and I see it can work. He's a good man, Gin. And he loves me."

"Do you love him?"

"Honestly? Yes, I do. Crazy as it sounds."

"That isn't crazy," Ginny grinned, "that's bloody insane!"

Hermione laughed, "It is, isn't it?"

"Can I ask you something else? A personal something else? Then I promise we'll go back to conversations that do not involve boys."

Hermione made a gesture with her hands that signified, 'Ask Away'.

"Are you sure you're over Ron?"

Hermione nearly choked on her Butterbeer, "What!"

"Do you still love my brother?"

"No, of course no-"

Ginny cut her off.

"Do NOT lie to me, either. I'll conjure veritaserum!"

The thing about Ginny was: she didn't make empty threats.

"Honestly? I think I'll always love him. But, I'm not in love with him. I've moved on just like he has. He's happy with Lavender..."

"But you want him to be happy with you?"

"Of course I want that!" Hermione cried, "I've wanted that since I was twelve years old! But, some things just aren't meant to be. Ronald and I are one of those things!"

"So you DO still love him?!" Ginny grinned, she hadn't expected this.

"Like I told you, Gin. I'll always have him in my heart in a way that Draco can't compare to. But, that doesn't mean I don' t love Draco. I do, really I do."

"I believe you," Ginny said with a sly smile. "So does this mean you're going to help me baby sit my niece occasionally?"


Ginny nodded, "They had a scan a week or two ago - it's a girl."

"Well, my congratulations to them both. I hope everything works out with them."


"Really what?"

"Do you really want them to work out?"

"Of course, their having a baby in a week weeks!"

"That's not a reason to stay together," Ginny sighed, "But that's not what I meant and you know it."

"Then, what did you mean?"

"Do you want Lavender and Ron to work out, for reasons other than the baby? I mean, if Ron broke it off with Lav would you go back out with him?"

"First off, I'm with Draco and I'm very happy. Secondly, no, I wouldn't, to be perfectly honest. Yes, I loved him. Merlin, I still love him, but I am NOT in love with him. We had something special and it ended. Now can be just leave it at that."

"Are you sure you're really in love with Draco?" Ginny pushed, "Or is all this just a big plot to make Ron jealous?"

"Are we really back at this?" Hermione rolled her eyes, "It started out as a ploy, you know that. But, I promise you it's not anymore. I love him so much. Sure, we have our differences, but at the end of the day, I still want to be with him. If Ronald asked me out right this moment, I wouldn't say yes. What me and Draco have is different from anything Ronald and I had, but in a good way. I'm happy, please let me be happy?"

Ginny smiled, "Alright. I will. I'm happy you're in love with Draco, you seem like you really do love him. I can't figure out why, but I'll be happy for you with whatever you choose."



"Mum, Dad, this is Ron." Lavender said nervously, not letting her grip on his hand ease up.

"Nice to meet you." Ron choked out the words, at this moment he would rather be anywhere else in the world. Merlin, he'd rather go on another horcrux search with Harry. Ron extended his hand, which after a moment Mr. Brown reluctantly took.

"'re the mystery man who knocked up my little girl?" This was more than a question, it was an accusation.

Ron gulped, this was going to be worse than he'd anticipated. And he had not thought the visit would be spent laughing and talking about their perfect little life, "Well, it takes two to tango, sir."

Lavender's eyes widened and squeezed his hand tightly in a way to tell him that that was the wrong choice of words. Mrs. Brown sank in to a chair, "Oh Merlin..." she gasped.

Ron looked nervously back to Mr. Brown and gave him an uncomfortable smile, which was not returned.

"I'm sorry, sir." Ron said, his cheeks flaming.

Mr. Brown shook his head stiffly, "Just make sure it doesn't happen again. That's my baby girl you're talking about having rendezvous' with... "

"Yes sir." Ron said. These appeared to be the only words his brain could remember.

'She clearly does not get her giggles and humor from his side of the family.' Ron thought to himself with a slight smile.

Mr. Brown narrowed his eyes upon seeing the smile, causing Ron's mouth to form in to a solid line. It was truly as if he had read his thoughts.

"Now, this silence is truly getting us no where." Mrs. Brown said, breaking the silence, after several painfully awkward moments. "Let's get down to the important stuff: the baby."

"Let's." Ron agreed, taking a seat next to Lavender as she seated herself on a red loveseat. He squirmed upon meeting the gaze of Lavender's father, who was not pleased at the limited amount of distance between the two of them.

"Now, for starters, where is this child going to live? Lav, darling, I do not feel your flat is going to be the best place to raise a child. Between Valerie and the fact that frankly you don't live in the nicest neighborhood, nor in the largest flat, it doesn't seem appropriate to raise the child there."

"Well, mum, we've talked about this and - " Lavender began to speak, but Ron cut her off.

"-And we've decided to get a larger flat, together and raise her there. As a family." Ron finished for her. He hadn't officially asked her to move in, although he knew it would be best for everyone.

Lavender's surprise was hidden in her face, except for a brief look in her eyes which Ron couldn't place the emotion of. It seemed joyous though, like this was exactly what she wanted.

"Well, if that's what you want to do, then I guess there's no stopping you. However, there is another alternative that I wish you two would at least consider."

"We're open to suggestions." Lavender said with a deep breath. It was quite clear that she was rather uncomfortable in this situation, which was new to Ron. He'd always known her to handle every situation with giggles or sarcastic remarks - this was truly an entirely new Lavender than the one he was used to. Although, he didn't mind one bit. He did, however, find it quite strange that to her parents, he was Ron. He'd truly only heard her use his proper name a couple of times. No matter how annoying her pet names were, it was still strange not to hear them. Ron sounded so much formal; unLavenderish. Perhaps Lavender's personality was all her own?

"Well, darling, as you know, this is our first grandchild. We are more than happy to help you out in anyway necessary. And, darling, you are both so young and neither of you have much experience in the area of baby. So, your father and I have mutually agreed to raise the child here, for you. Not to say you two couldn't visit, we would love that. But, a baby needs a loving, stable home with adult parents. We can give it that."

"Not going to happen." Ron scoffed the words before he realized they were more than just thoughts; they'd actually come out of his mouth.

"Excuse me?" Mrs. Brown gasped, one of her sculpted eyebrows arching up.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Brown. But, Lav and I are going to raise this baby ourselves. We don't need you to raise her for us."

"Oh, merlin! You're barely in you twenties, the both of you! What do you two know about raising a child?"

"Not a lot, just like most parents before they have their first. I believe it's a learning thing, a day by day process. Growing up in my house, with all my brothers and my sister, taught me a lot, too. We're more responsible than you might think."

Mrs. Brown was more than shocked, so Mr. Brown spoke for her, "How dare you speak to my wife like that."

"Sir, I don't feel anything I said in untrue. We are more than capable of raising this child on our own. You're more than welcome to be a part of her life, but we do not need you to raise her for us."

"Raising a child is not like having a pet, Mr. Weasley." Mr. Brown said, eyes narrowing.

Wow, it was truly no wonder Lav stayed away from her parents.

"Yes sir, I know. But, I'm about as prepared to have my daughter here as I can be."

"Mum, Dad!" Lavender said, finally speaking up. "I'm twenty one years old now, nearly twenty two. I can raise my daughter."

"You're only a child yourself, what makes you think you're so fit to be a mother? See, this is exactly why I wanted you to live at home. I knew that roommate of yours-"


"-Yes, was trouble. I knew it all along. I knew you'd be getting in to some kind of trouble, not living at home and I was right. You come back and you're knocked up with your mind off wandering and spitting out fairy tales that you can raise a baby. If you can't take care of yourself, what makes you think you can take care of a child?"

"I can take care of myself!"

"Clearly, you can not! If you knew how to take care of yourself properly, we would not be having this conversation!"

"Ugh!" Lavender groaned, her eyes tearing up.

"Dad, I-"

Ron cut her off, "Don't, Lav. Don't get upset over the likes of him. Let's just go, we don't need them."

"Excuse me? The likes of them?" Mr. Brown growled.

"Yes, the likes of you. You are clearly not supportive and she needs support. She's thirty one weeks pregnant, she needs a lot of support. We don't need to sit here and have you talk down on her. C'mon, Lav."

"Oh, like you care about her?"

"That's right, I do care about her."

"Is that why you didn't marry her upon finding out her condition?"

"Marriage is a big commitment, sir -"

"And so is raising a child!"

"-And its one that I hope to make with her. Just not right now, and I'd appreciate it if you respected that. But, even if you don't, I will not be losing sleep over it. Good day Mr. Brown; Mrs. Brown."

With that he took Lavender's hand and they left The Brown House, laughing with each other along the way.

*** Later that evening at the ministry ***

"You're moving yourself and my baby sister to Dublin?" Ron repeated. He'd had Harry say it nearly a half dozen times, but each time he was sure that he must have been hearing things. "As in, Dublin, Ireland?"

"That's the one. I know it's going to take some getting used to, but it's only temporary anyhow."

"How long is temporary?" Ron asked, trying not to show just how upset he was. His best friend and baby sister, who happened to be a married couple, were moving all the way from London to Dublin. While that was not too far away, it still pained his heart to know that he would have to say goodbye to the both of them at once.

"More than likely right at a year or two. They want me to help them stabilize the company, put some roots. They know I'm good at what I do and think I'm the best man for the job. Not to mention, I've always wanted to see Ireland. But, The Dursley's never were ones for taking me traveling." He laughed, shaking off memories of his days at number 4 privet drive.

"When do you leave again?" Ron had asked this question before too, but Harry was understanding of the shock of this announcement and let it slide.

"A month from today actually." Harry said.

Ron shook his head, clearly trying to process this information.

"Well, I'm happy for the both of you mate." Ron said, although his eyes told Harry that he was still saddened.

"Thanks my mate. Be sure and visit, floo by anytime."

Before Ron could answer, another voice spoke up from the doorway, "Aw, now aren't you two a lovely couple?"

Harry and Ron turned to see a sneering Draco Malfoy in the doorway. "I truly hate to break up your little love fest, but I need a word."

"With which one of us?" Harry sighed.

He was happy that Hermione was happy, but he still didn't understand the attraction. To him, Draco Malfoy was the same spoiled bully he was in school. Over the past five years, his head just became a bit more pointed than it already was.

"Well, the both of you actually." Draco said in a bored tone.

"Get on with it, Malfoy." Ron growled, clearly annoyed. As much as he hated admitting it to himself, he still felt resentment towards him. Not only had he been horrid to him during their Hogwarts days, but now he was 'in love' with Hermione. Unacceptable.

"Fine, Weasel." Draco spat. "Well, Potter, I hear you and your little housewife are moving to Dublin."

"Where could you have possibly heard that, Malfoy?" Harry asked.

He had just told Ron, so he knew it wasn't him.

Hermione, maybe?

"Have you forgotten who I am?"

"Sadly no." Ron mumbled under his breath.

"Oh, real mature." Draco scoffed. "Well, like I've always said, being a Malfoy has it's privileges. One of those privileges is information."

"Alright, then. Yes, I'm moving to Dublin, why does it matter?"

Harry had really hoped to keep his move a secret for a little while, while things were settled, but that clearly was not going to happen. Not when Draco Malfoy was involved, which he wished to goodness he wasn't.

"Well, my family is hosting a gala dinner party next Thursday night, yes I'm aware of the short notice, but I am a firm believer that a formal event is the perfect send off for a vacation or move. You could each bring your ladies and make a night of it. What do you say?"

"Why would be want to come to one of your parties, Malfoy?" Ron said, rolling his eyes.

"Why wouldn't you? There are tons of people who would kill for an invite to this event."

"You're you, that's why. If there are so many people wanting to come, I fail to see how our presence is oh so terribly important."

"Hermione will be there."

Ron gulped, "Who says I care?"

"You're joking, right? Everyone knows you're in love with, always have been and always will be. Even though the realm of possibility of a reconciliation between the two of you is extremely low. I'm sure she'd love to spend a night with her moving best friend and his wife. And I want you-" he pointed to Ron, "To make amends with her. Close up the holes you've left in her heart. I know that it still hurts her, what you did. I want it fixed."

"Stop playing with us, Malfoy. You don't need to pretend you actually care about her." Ron growled.

"I DO actually care about her, not that it is any of your concern, Weasel." Draco looked like he might hex Ron right there in the ministry.

"Doubt it." Ron growled, "You just want to help her hurt me."

"I love her, Weasel.. Question it again and see what happens, I promise you it won't be good. Your word against mine is not a battle you would win; consider that before your next sentence comes out of your mouth."

Ron narrowed his eyes, "Shove off, Malfoy. Fine, I'll go to your bloody gala, but I make no promises about speaking to Hermione. She doesn't want to talk to me, if she did, she'd have already done so. Good day to you."

Ron stormed out of the office, muttering completely unrepeatable phrases and choice words about 'that Malfoy git.'

"You'll be coming too, I presume?" Draco asked expectantly.

"I'll see what I can do." Harry said.

"Good. See you there."

A/N So, I'm not completely happy with the Ginny/Hermione scene, but I did my best. Well, the next chapter is the Malfoy Manor Event, and I guarantee you it'll blow some minds. It's pretty intense. There'll be romance, insults, dancing and heartbreak. It will really set the story in motion for my big plot twist. No more fluffy filler chapters really anymore! YAY! This was mainly a filler. Next chapter is exciting though!

Well, here's your preview!


"Care for a dance?"

Hermione spun around to see Draco, offering her a rose, "I'd be delighted."

He took her hand and spun her out on to the dance floor, They moved to the music, a slow song, swaying together effortlessly.

"Are you having an alright evening?" Draco whispered in to her ear, before spinning her out then back to him.

"It's been wonderful," Hermione admitted, "Although, I don't think your family is thrilled that I'm here."

Draco's mouth formed in to a single line, "Don't worry about them. They're just jealous that they aren't young, beautiful and in love. Don't let their miserable attitudes get to you."

This made Hermione feel a bit better, "I don't let things get to me that easily."

He spun her around once more as the music slowly stopped, "I know you don't." He whispered the words then kissed her lightly. "I have to go make the final preparations for your introduction.," He kissed her hand, "See you in ten?"

"In ten." Hermione agreed, her head spinning.

Ah, things are so peaceful and lovely! But, will they stay that way? Time will tell!

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Chapter 34: An Event of Malfoy Proportions
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The night of Draco's gala party arrived a lot quicker than Hermione had expected. Ginny had received an extended invitation to the part, apparently Draco had showed up at the Ministry extending her and Harry to the gala, along with Ron and Lavender. So they had decided to prepare together. After a couple hours of excruciating preparation later, they had gotten themselves properly clothed and ready and were waiting for Harry, Ron and Lavender to arrive. Seeing as his family was hosting the event, Draco was ordered to stay the entire evening, and would not be able to pick Hermione up at her flat. With how many times he had angered his mother and father recently, Draco decided to go along with their wishes.. So, much to Hermione's large chagrin, she was the fifth wheel on the way there. Oh how lovely. But, they were flooing, so it wasn't like it would be that long of an awkward meeting.

"All set ladies?" Harry called from outside the bathroom.

The girls looked themselves up and down, then shouted in unision that they were.

They walked in the living room to see Harry, Ron and Lavender waiting.

Hermione felt pride rise in her when she saw Ron's eyebrows rise when he saw her. She knew she wasn't any percent veela, but she still cleaned up nicely. It also didn't hurt her ego when she saw how large Lavender had gotten. Hermione guessed she was around eight months it - show showed it.

Lavender noticed Ron's reaction - she wasn't pleased.

"Shall we go then?" Harry asked. He wasn't excited about this event, but was willing to attend for Hermione's.

They all agreed that they were ready to go and headed out. Healer Styles had given Lavender the o.k. to floo, so they, one at a time, made their way to the manor. They were ready for a night they'd remember forever.

A few moments after they had agreed it was time to go, they were suddenly in the midst of the Malfoy Manor.

The four of them formed a tight knit group immediately - all feeling out of place in such a large, extravagant manor.

"So are you and Draco going to move in in here together when Mr. Malfoy croaks and Mrs. Malfoy flees?" Ron asked, trying to break the ice.

Hermione laughed nervously, "Doubt it, Ronald"

This silly comment made them slightly more at ease, who whatever reason.

They'd stressed about this event, they certainly were not in Draco's inner circles.

The group peered around nervously, although less nervously than before, taking in the scenery. This was the first time since their horcrux hunting days that they'd been in the man, Ron, Hermione, and Harry that is. This couldn't be a worse experience than that. Right?

They saw several familiar faces amid the crowd" Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, Blaise Zabini and the oaf, Goyle. And several other pure blood families dressed in their finest attire.

The house was decorated in silver and green - typical. There were extravagant tapestries, pictures and sitting places. It was the most extravagant place they knew, next to Hogwarts.

It was at this moment she guests began to suddenly notice that the group was there, Hermione in particular. Most everyone had heard she was dating Draco, and most didn't seem particularly pleased about it, given her blood status. Suddenly, all eyes seemed trained on her and most conversations started revolving around her. Lucky her?

Hermione wanted to scream at them to mind their own bloody business, but she bit her tongue. She was determined to be the bigger person here.

The words mudblood, blood traitor and saint potter met her ears, making her cringe.

"Just ignore them," Harry advised.

Hermione nodded, "I will. I'm not a child anymore, unlike them."

"You look gorgeous," Draco whispered, appearing suddenly behind her. He kissed her gently.

"Thanks, Draco," Hermione sighed, smiling to herself.

Ron and Harry laughed upon hearing her call him Draco instead of Malfoy. This, to them, was a strangely monumental moment.

"Love, don't forget tonight you're being presented as my girlfriend. When I give you the signal, meet me in the den. I'll explain what to do from there," he said, so low only she could hear the words.

"I haven't forgotten," Hermione sighed, wishing she had. She was not looking forward to this bound-to-be-embarrassing moment.

"Good," he kissed her forehead. "Now, I hate to run off on you, but I'm ordered to be playing host." he snorted and walked off.

"Merlin, you two are like a real couple!" Ron exclaimed.

Hermione and Harry just laughed.

"Um," Lavender said quietly.

They turned to see Lavender, looking pale and sweaty and like she had a very bad headache.

"Lav, are you alright?" Ron asked frantically. "Is it the baby? Merlin, are you having it now?!"

Lavender rolled her eyes, "No, I'm not. I need to find a bathroom, get some air for a minute. See you later."

She kissed Ron on the cheek and took off running.

"That was strange," Ron said, his eyebrows knitting together.

'Ron," Ginny sighed, with a smirk, "She's strange!"

He laughed, "The sad thing is that I can't even argue!"


Over the next couple hours, Hermione endured many cold glances, rude comments and a lot of glares. The only people that wanted her there were Ginny, Draco, Ron and Harry. It wasn't the best feeling, but she didn't care too much. The deejay had been playing dance songs for a while, but now he had just announced a 'couple dance', much to her chagrin, since Draco was nowhere to be seen.

She took a seat at a table, watching couples pull each other close and sway to the music.

"Care for a dance?"

Hermione spun around to see Draco, offering her a rose, "I'd be delighted."

He took her hand and spun her out on to the dance floor, They moved to the music, a slow song, swaying together effortlessly.

"Are you having an alright evening?" Draco whispered in to her ear, before spinning her out then back to him.

"It's been wonderful," Hermione admitted, "Although, I don't think your family is thrilled that I'm here."

Draco's mouth formed in to a single line, "Don't worry about them. They're just jealous that they aren't young, beautiful and in love. Don't let their miserable attitudes get to you."

This made Hermione feel a bit better, "I don't let things get to me that easily."

He spun her around once more as the music slowly stopped, "I know you don't." He whispered the words then kissed her lightly. "I have to go make the final preparations for your introduction.," He kissed her hand, "See you in ten?"

"In ten." Hermione agreed, her head spinning.

Hermione swayed for a moment. In ten minutes she would be introduced as the girlfriend of Draco Malfoy. This made her nerves go crazy. She found Harry, Ginny and Ron chattering away. To her surprise, Ron's Babymama (she wasn't sure what Lavender was to him) was not there. She started up a conversation that was running quite smoothly, especially given Ron's presence. They were even enjoying each other's company. Maybe they could be friends? Hermione would definitely think it over later.

"Enjoying yourself, are we?" A voice sneered.

The entire group turned and saw the pug face of Pansy Parkinson looking at them.

"I'm having a good time," Hermione answered, crossing her arms.

"Enjoy it while it lasts, it won't be much longer until you," she pointed at her, "are nothing, but history. And not good history either" she snorted, a rather gross, unpleasant sound.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just that your time in the spotlight as Draco's girlfriend is just about burned out. He gets bored easily, likes to change it up. He doesn't stick with one girl for very long," She looked up at Ron and snorted, "Just ask Lavender."

This caught all of their attention.

"Lavender?" They all said, much to her amusement.

"Ah, so it seems like your," she pointed to Ron and Hermione, "partners have kept some rather important information to themselves."

"Draco and Lavender would never be together," Hermione argued. "They have nothing in common!"

"Neither do you two," Pansy retorted. "Desperate times call for desperate measures. Neither of them were getting anywhere in the search for a partner and so they took solace in each other's desperate company. They weren't in love or anything though, as if. Their relationship was a secret anyhow, and just a physical one at that." Pansy snorted again.

This was news none of them saw coming.

"I don't believe you," Hermione argued, although she secretly did.

"Just ask him. Or her, but I doubt she'll tell you the truth. Where is lovely miss Lavender anyhow?"

"She went to the bathroom, needed some air," Ron clarified.

"Who seeks air in the lavatory?"

This was a good point.

"Is it any of your concern?" Hermione sneered.

"It has to do with Draco," she answered.


"So, everything involving him is my business, we're meant to be. Despite what you and Lavender think."

"First of all," Hermione growls, "He doesn't love you, he never really did. Second of all, that Lavender thing is a plot. A big, fat ploy."

"Oh it is?"

Hermione nodded vigorously.

"Then where did I get this?"

She conjures a picture using her wand and hands it to Hermione, who had Ron, Harry and Ginny peering over her shoulder, "Tell me now that they weren't involved.

There, in the picture, was a moving image of Draco and Lavender with their tongues down each other's throats.


Hermione and Ron's stomachs sank, "This is fake."

"Moving pictures are never fake." Pansy said smugly.

Sadly, it was true.

"See? This was only a few months ago and now he's 'in love' with you. He doesn't stick with girls long - except for me. He comes back to me, always. Better not get used to having him with his arm around you, it won't last. Besides, you're a mudblood, he'd never stay with one of those. It's like he's the lion tamer and you're the hoop. You're pointless, but he seems to be able to manipulate you to get what you want, so I guess that's why he's with you, huh? He's not your type, darling. May as well, leave him before you get hurt. Believe me."

With that, Pansy trotted off, clearly happy with herself.

Don't worry about Little Miss Pugface," Ginny said, clearly seeing how upset Hermione was.

"I think I'm going to go find Draco now," Hermione announced. "It about time I did that anyhow."

She took off, pushing through the crowds annoyed guests until she found a hallway that branched off in to other hallways. The rumors of how big the manor was, weren't lies. The placed was bigger than she remembered.

Eventually, she saw a room with a light coming from beneath the door. The hallway was spooky - she hoped (very muchly) that Draco was waiting for her in that particular room.

"Draco?" Hermione whispered, mainly to ease the chills of her spine from the exploration of the rather creepy manor.

She pushed open the door to scan the room for her boyfriend and immediately let out a desperate scream. She felt her heart wrench in her chest and her eyes flooded with tears. To her utmost horror, there was Draco with his lips caressing the short, brunette, pug-faced creature that was Pansy Parkinson. It felt like she had watched them for hours, when in reality it had only been a few seconds.

They both heard the noise and jumped apart from each other, letting their eyes meet Hermione's. Draco paled and he gulped, his mouth dropping open. Pansy, on the other hand, pulled her face in to a smug smile, clearly happy with the job she had done.

"'Mione," Draco said, pleading evident in his voice, "It's not what it-"

The tears in her eyes clouded her vision to the extent that she couldn't see either of them, except for blurry figures, but that didn't stop her from cutting him off. "Don't you dare say 'it's not what it looks like'!" Her throat was already choking up.

She felt like the room was suddenly three times smaller. The walls seemed closer to her and it was suddenly very hot. She couldn't hardly breath. Everyone had been right about him all along, she truly should never have trusted him. She wanted to slap herself over and over for being so bloody stupid and not seeing this coming. She had fallen right in to his trap and she knew it. This must have been his plan from the beginning.

"'Mione, let me explain," Draco pleaded. He rushed up to her and grabbed a hand which she took away from him.

"You were playing me," she gasped, tears falling from her face uncontrollably. She had promised herself long ago to never let him see her cry - see her as weak - but at this moment, she couldn't help it. "You were playing me the whole time."

She hadn't wanted to believe Pansy's words from before, but now she knew that they were true. They had to be true.

"I wasn't! You have to believe me!" Draco said, begging. "Like I'd ever want to be with that," he growled in disgust pointing towards an offended looking Pansy.

"NO!" Hermione shouted, backing away. "Why should I believe anything you tell me?"

"Because I love you!"

Hermione snorted through her tears, "Yeah, and Albus Dumbledore is the lead singer in a rock band!"

"I do love you, 'Mione!" Draco argued. "Why must you be so bloody thick that you can't see that?"

He kicked at the wall, a large hole forming in to it, "She came on to me, not the other way around!"

"Either way, you were kissing her! You pulled away because I was there, not because you didn't want to shove your tongue down her wretched throat!"

At this point, Pansy had taken a seat and was clearly enjoying being, in her mind, fought over. She'd wanted Draco since they were young students and now she would finally have him all to herself.

"I...I don't know why I didn't pull away!" Draco said, knowing how stupid it sounded, "I just wasn't thinking, I suppose!"

"No, I guess you weren't!" Hermione retorted. "You're just like Ron, you know!"

He narrowed his eyes, "I am in no way like that cheating, pathetic, blood traitor, worm of a man."

The next thing he knew, he was cradling the side of his face after Hermione slapped it with all of her might, "Don't say those things about him."

He met her eyes after several moments of looking at the floor, "I should've known all along that you still loved him. Who's playing who, huh?! You wanted to hurt him by using me in the first place."

"And it ruddy well evolved in to a real relationship! It became about more than making him jealous! I guess you're too daft to see it, but I love you."

He thought this over for a minute, "I'm sorry about what I said about Weasel."

He didn't sound sorry for what he said, only sorry that it got him slapped.

Hermione scoffed, not believing it, "Whatever. I'm just sorry I trusted you, you proved me wrong."

"'Mione wait!" Draco called after her as she stormed out of the room.

He followed her out and was shocked to see she was already down halfway down the long hallway, "Please!"

She spun around, her hair following behind her, her eyes bulging. "We are OVER, Draco Malfoy. I never wish to speak to you again." Tears were still in her eyes, although at this moment, she was more angry. His remarks about her friend really hurt her.

"I didn't kiss her!" Draco shouted down the hall, "She kissed me!"

"And you kissed her right back!" Hermione retorted, "Thus, it still bloody well counts!"

"Please, let me tell my side of the story and stop being so bloody melodramatic!"

"I saw you're side of the story. It was intertwined with her side. You two were kissing, that's all I need to know! Kissing is cheating, Malfoy!"


"I'll call you by whatever name I ruddy well want to call you, Malfoy! This game is over, you win! I lose! Are you happy now? Now you can go live your stupid life with Mrs. Pug-face and I'll just try and forget," she had to sniff back some tears, "that all this happened."


"Quit calling me that! Go back to your girlfriend, her tongue is probably missing you!" She cried and stormed out.

He didn't know whether to follow her or to let her go and cool off, but he quickly decided that if he didn't go after her, that their relationship would for sure be over.

He ran as fast as he could, forgetting he had magic, down the hallways, but she was no where to be seen.


Hermione wound through hallways, not remembering which way she came, just following the sound of voices. Everyone had been right about him - he was still the slimy git that he was in their school days, she'd just been too blind to notice.

After a couple confusing moments maneuvering the twists and turns of the Malfoy Manor hallways, Hermione found herself in the midst of the part. Her face was already beginning to turn red and blotchy and her hair was frizzing wildly. Having not brought a wand, and being a lousy state of mind to properly apparate, she knew she had to find Ginny and get out of there. If only she'd had a wand, he'd have been hexed in to oblivion. All she could think of, though, was getting out of that horrible house and forgetting that Draco Malfoy even existed. Her heart had been shattered twice in the past year, further than she'd ever thought possible. She always held a guard over her heart to avoid getting her, and this was why.

Harry and Ginny were seemingly in a deep conversation with Ron, and at the moment, Hermione didn't care of the fact that the red headed male Weasley was there.

Ron was the first to notice Hermione's entrance, and the fact that she had clearly been crying, "'Mione, what's wrong?" He asked, walking quickly up to her with Ginny and Harry quickly following.

Hermione shook her head, "Get me out of here." She cried.

Harry, Ginny and Ron looked between each other, clearly confused, this was a side of Hermione they were not used to seeing.

"" She sobbed, "I"

Hermione was a tough young woman, always had been. She was bright and not one to back down to a challenge - always one to prove her worth. Seeing her sobbing and crying was not a normal thing to see.

Ginny pulled her in to a hug and pulled her wand from her boot, "I got this guys." She said, cradling Hermione, and she apparated to Hermione's flat, knowing she had to get away from there.

"That little..." Ron trailed off, "He's got some nerve."

In a sea of irony, the blonde head of Draco Malfoy appeared beside them in an instant. He appeared out of breath and his face was pinkened, "Where'sermione?" He slurred, gasping fro breath. He'd clearly been running.

"Why you little..." Ron yelled.

Before Harry could stop him, Ron had grabbed Malfoy by the collar and was shoving him against the wall, yelling all sorts of unmentionable insults at him.

"Ron!" Harry shouted as heads began to turn in their directions.

"How dare you!" Ron screamed, pushing him further in to the wall, "You rotten little git!"

"Put me down, Weasel!" Draco screamed back, although not nearly as loud considering he had a hand pushed in to his throat.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hex you in to oblivion?" Ron growled, pulling his wand from his coat pocket and pointing it at him.

"Because if you don't release my son this instant I'll have you in Azkaban where you belong," the cold voice of Lucius Malfoy sneered.

Ron growled, "What's to say I don't care?"

"A Weasley against a Malfoy? I'd love to know who would win that match," Mr. Malfoy sneered. "Now put him down right this instant."

"Or what?" Ron shouted, feeling very hero-ish.

"We just discussed this, Weasley." Lucius growled, "I know you blood traitors I thick, but I never assumed you would be that daft."

"Sweetie!" the tiny voice of Narcissa Malfoy said as she took her place beside her husband. She was clearly upset about seeing her son pinned against the wall.

At this point, Ron was holding him there simply with his wand, not with his hands.

"Expelliarmus!" This voice didn't come from a Malfoy - it came from Harry.

Draco squirmed out from under the arm of Ron, rather awkwardly, and went to the other side of the room.

"Coward!" Ron screamed before rounding on Harry, "What are you playing at?"

"Ron, he's not worth it. Believe me, I want to hex him too, but this isn't right. Hermione needs us right now, we can deal with the worthless git later."

Ron wasn't sure about this, but he went a long with it, "You're lucky Mummy and Daddy were here to save you , ferret!" Ron shouted.

"I can handle myself, Weasel." He growled, moving towards Ron, which was possibly the worst move he could have possibly made.

"Doubt it,." Ron shouted before punching him so hard he collapsed to the floor. "That's for Hermione."

Harry and Ron turned to leave, but then Ron remembered he had a date, "Wait...where's Lavender?"

"Dunno," Harry admitted.

Draco clambered to his feet, gripping his nose, blood all over his face, "Don't count on finding her," he sneered. "Word is, she skipped out a while ago."

"No one wanted your opinion, ferret." Ron sneered back. "I'll catch up with her alter. I have friends who need me."

"Friends?" Draco scoffed. "Seems to me, you have a bit more than friendship on your mind. I'm going to get her back, mark my words!"

Neither Ron nor Harry bothered wasting their time responding, they just apparated to Hermione's flat. It was true...she needed them.

Draco looked around to see that everyone, and that means everyone was still staring on, "Merlin, get on with your ruddy lives, nothing to see here!" With that he takes out his wand and cleans up with face.

After a couple moments, people started going back to their own little circles, although he knew that every conversation involved him. But, hey, all publicity is good, right?

He looked at his watch and his stomach sank instantly.

The man who was to announce Draco and 'his girl' (Draco was going to introduce her himself) on to the stage was about to speak.

Draco rushed to the newly implanted stage and rushed back behind it.

"And now, please give a warm welcome to the young Mr. Draco Malfoy, as he introduces his girl,"

Draco rolled his eyes, 'What an amateur'. However, he began hearing the sound of applause and knew he needed to go out and clear things up, even before he went to fix things with Hermione. All he could think about was how daft his guests were, since they'd just witnessed the 'fight'.

"Hello, everyone, thank you for coming," he began awkwardly, for once being at a loss for words.

"Now, tonight I was supposed to be introducing you to my lovely girlfriend, but-"

"-She thought she'd do it herself!" He was interrupted as Pansy made her way on to the platform, grinning, and wrapped her arms around him waist, "My name is Pansy Parkinson. And this is my Drakey Wakey!"

There were a few groans and a couple 'awes' from the crowd, although largely they were silent. Draco wanted to rip her arms from him, but refused to cause a further scene.

"Goodnight." Draco said simply and went backstage.

He jerked Pansy so she would face him, holding her by the wrist, "What are you playing at?"

"What do you mean?" She asked with a smirk.

"Why are you trying to break up me and 'Mione?"

"I'm not. I already broke you two up, remember?"

If only he could slap a girl.

"Why though?"

"Because, you and I belong together," she said simply. "You can do better than a filthy mudblood..."

Draco's eyes darkened and he tightened his grip on her wrist, "Never call her that again." He growled the words through clenched teeth.

"Ouch! Drakey that hurts!" She whines, jerking her wrist away from him. "Now, if you love her so much than why did she find us kissing?"

"I..." he paused. "Hold on, why were we kissing."

"Cause we're in love."


"Fine, I put a charm on you, well your mouth," she smirked. "It's like they were glued to mine, you couldn't end the kiss, only I could."

"You little-"

"Draco," he heard the voice of his mother behind him.

"Yes, mum?" Draco asked, through clenched teeth.

"I need to talk to you about this evening. And Miss Granger."

He gulped.

"Well," Pansy said cheerfully, "I guess I'll leave you and mummy to talk things over."

With that, Pansy headed for the door, "This isn't over!" he shouted before turning to his mum.

"What is it, Mum? I'm fairly busy." He found a chair and slumped in to it, burying his head in his hands.

"Ill make it quick, sweetie," she said, sitting beside him. "What was that fight about?"

He considered lying, but then thought it wouldn't be worth it the time. She'd be able to tell and then would guilt trip him into telling her what was going on.

"Pansy kissed me and made Hermione think I was cheating on her." That was enough for her to use context clues and figure out the rest.

"Do you love this Hermione girl?" She asked quietly.

"More than anything," he answered honestly.

"Than you know," she sighed, "You're going to have to convince her that it meant nothing and that you love her."

He shrugged, "I don't know if it's going to help, mum."

"Draco, you'll never know if you don't try. If you love this girl, you'll make it work." Leaving it at that she got up to leave, "I know you'll do the right thing."

He pulled his head further in to his lap.

How could he do the right thing if he didn't know what to do?


"I feel so stupid!" Hermione cried as Ginny held her head in her hands.

"It's not your fault, Hun. He had several of us fooled." This might not have been the best thing to say, but it was all she could think up of.

"I hate him," Hermione sobbed. "He's such a lousy, little git. He hasn't changed at all."

"He is," Ginny agreed, patting her head delicately, "don't blame yourself though! You had no way of knowing what he would do. This is not your fault, 'Mione."

"I know," Hermione sniffed. "But this situation, overall, is all my fault."


"The fight Ronald and I had, the night he met up with Lavender, was all my fault. I don't remember what it was about, but I remember I picked the fight. If I hadn't...he wouldn't have ever left...then none of this would have happened!"

She was now sobbing again.

Ginny wanted to hex the heck out of Malfoy at this moment. He had truly done something to Hermione, she wasn't the person she once was.

"How can you say that, 'Mione? You had no way of knowing any of this would happen!" She rocked her friend to the side. "You can't control Ron or Draco or Lavender...only you. Do not blame yourself for this!"

Hermione nodded, "Guess you're right."

They were silent for a minute.

"Gin? I'm sorry...but I really think I'd like to be alone right now." She wiped tears from her face and pulled herself away from her friend.

"'Mione, are you sure?"

She nodded, "Yes."

Ginny obliged, despite some misgivings, and headed towards the fireplace. Hermione had sent Ron and Harry away just about as soon as they'd gotten there, and so she would be going back to Harry's flat to meet up with them. They had packing to do anyway.

Hermione curled up on the sofa, hugging her knees, a blank stare in her eyes.

"Oh and 'Mione?"

Hermione looked up through clearly pained eyes.

"Promise me that you won't go back to Malfoy?"

Hermione snorted.

"Seriously. I'm sure he's going to try and convince you it was an accident or a ruddy mistake. Just, don't let it get to you. I want you to be happy, and you aren't happy when you're with him. You get happy for a little while, then something happens.

"No worries Gin," Hermione sniffed. "As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a Malfoy."

"Get some rest, Hun," Ginny smiled faintly. "I'll come by and see you tomorrow, make sure you're doing all right."

Ginny flooed away leaving Hermione alone.

Twenty four hours ago she was in love with her childhood enemy. Now said enemy had humiliated her and broken her heart. Not to mention, he had an apparent fling with Lavender, which was definitly a turn off.

She hadn't lied to Ginny with what she said. The Granger-Malfoy love affair was over. Of that much she was sure.

A/N Everyone, please lower your wands! Don't wanna wind up in Azkaban, now do we? I know there'll probably be a bunch of people screaming "NO! THEY CAN'T BREAK UP!" Believe me, I ship my Dramione too and I almost cried writing the end of this. But, the story still has more Draco/Hermione to come, although I will not say if they get back together. I'm sorry to say it, but this was always going to be the way their relationship ended. (No saying on if it's a permanent end though). Well, the 'picture', referred to very early on, after the dinner with Dean and Seamus, was revealed. This is truly Draco's secret - he had a fling with Lavender. Anyone see that coming? Lav's secrets are coming out soon, VERY soon! There was a rather large clue in this, although it might have been too subtle to jump out at anyone. Well, this story is at over 90,000 reads, over 400 reviews and over 250 favorites, that's truly amazing. Thank you so much (':

After ending the relationship of Draco and Hermione, I think you most certainly deserve a preview!


"You broke her heart," Harry growled. "Hermione is a sweet girl who does not deserve even half of the bad things that have happened to her over the past year, and she certainly doesn't deserve the likes of you in her life."

It took a lot to make Harry angry, but Malfoy always seemed to find a way to bring out the ugly side of Harry Potter.

"Please, Potter," Malfoy pleaded. "You have to help me!"

Harry scoffed, "You honestly think I would help you?"

"Please, I'll give you money, be your bloody slave," begging was simply not something Draco Malfoy did, it was as if he was a different person. "I'll do anything."

"You think I want your money?" Harry scowled. "Think again."

"Harry," Draco gasped, "Please."

This was the first time Draco Malfoy had ever called him by his first name. Ever.

I know it seems like I could have made the preview longer, but I couldn't. You'll see why. Draco is clearly desperate, he's begging now. I know it seems out of character, but I fail to see how that's too possible. No one is going to act the exact same their entire life, and Draco is desperate.

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Chapter 35: Time Is Running Out
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A week passed, but Hermione still had not shown her face at the Ministry even once. She'd taken vacation time to allow her an escape from all the questions surrounding her. The papers had had a field day after the Malfoy Gala had ended. From a throw down between Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy to a rather awkward moment between Draco and Pansy Parkinson on stage and even moments displaying a distraught Hermione were photographed, although she had no idea how. She had imagined that the Malfoy house would be guarded well from intrigued paparazzi, but she was now aware that she was wrong. Even the most extravagant houses are not protected by them.

Ginny had been visiting her best friend daily, in hopes of making her feel better, although her visits didn't have a lot of affect. Ron had dropped by three times and Harry twice and that did nothing to make her feel better either.

She was angry and hurt by Draco kissing Pansy, confused about the situation with Lavender, and, practically above all, angry at herself for letting her heart feel this much pain. She wanted to scold her own self for being so ignorant as to fall for Draco Malfoy. She was now just another pawn in the Draco Malfoy dating game.

Ever since the night of the event, her flat had flooded with owls, mostly from Draco himself. She stopped counting his number of owls after she reached thirty one, but there was more. The few that she'd read all seemed the same, for the most part. He's apologize several times, ask for forgiveness, say that Pansy had tricked him, that he wanted her back, that he loved her 'for whatever reason' and that she owed it to him to talk to him. Each of the letters she'd opened wound up either crumpled and thrown out the fireplaces, tossed in to the fireplace or, her favorite, obliviated by magical means.

"Lying...arrogant...prick," Hermione hissed under her breath as she shredded a random owl before even reading it.

"Hermione?" Ginny Weasley called from outside the flat.

Hermione groaned, "Gin, I told you, I'm fine. Just go home and be with Harry."

"You know Harry is at work," Ginny said as she escorted herself in to the flat and plopped herself down on Hermione sofa. "And you should be too."

"I'm on vacation," Hermione argued.

"No, you're hiding from what happened. You're Hermione Granger - you don't do vacations."

Hermione gasped, "I can to do vacations! Matter of fact, I can and I am!"

Ginny raised her hands in defense, "No, no need for the attitude."

Hermione gave her a stern look that made it pretty clear it would be best for her to be quiet. Ginny wasn't normally one to back down from arguments, but this was an exception.


Elsewhere, in the back of a dusty pub, Pansy Parkinson was in the center of an intense conversation with the one and only, Roger Davies.

"So, what are we going to do?" He asked nervously, glancing around. "Maybe we should just come clean."

Pansy's squinted eyes traveled from the floor to his and they darkened immediately, "No, you idiot, we are not going to do that."

"I'm just saying-"

"I don't give a rat's arse what you're saying, Davies!"

"Pansy! They're getting closer and closer to figuring it out, if we told the truth..."

"If we told the truth you know what the consequences would be!"

"No necessarily!" Roger argued. "Maybe..."

"Roger!" Pansy shrieked, "Do you want to spend a lifetime in Azkaban?"

He shook his head and popped his collar as a way to get more air to his clammy, nervously sweating body.

"Then we have to keep quiet, or that's exactly where we will end up!"

"You can't be sure of that," he disagreed.

"Trust me, Davies." She gulped. "I can. I know how these things work. We didn't just use underage magic, this is a lot bigger than that."

He nodded, "But, what are we going to do when the real time comes?"

"I've almost perfected the spell. Once I get it completed and accepted, all I have to do is fire it at the blithering numbskulls and then we're in the clear. They won't remember anything we don't want them too."

"But, what if it doesn't work?"

"It will work!"

"But, what if it doesn't?" He fired back.

"Roger, who's the leader in the operation?"

"You," he mumbled. "For whatever reason."

"The reason is that you fell in to this and I needed an accomplice. You're in just as deep as me. You're just as guilty as me."

"I don't feel right about this anymore. People are going to get hurt. Hell, they already are getting hurt."

"Your precious little feelings about this don't matter, do you not understand that? If you came clean, you and I both would wind up in Azkaban, and we don't want that."

"Why do we have to do this though?"

"You know why."

"I still just don't get it, though."

"It's simple, Davies. I want Draco Malfoy to be mine, simple as that. I've always wanted him and even though he says he doesn't, I know he wants me."

"There are other guys out there. Besides, your plan has driven him straight in to the arms of that Granger girl."

Pansy gave a cold, heartless laugh, "I'll take care of that worthless mudblood."

"Then what? After you 'take care', whatever that means, what happens?"

"The original plan goes back to being in action."

"And what is the original plan?"

"Merlin, Davies! How often must I tell you?"

He shrugged.

"I want Draco Malfoy all to myself. I don't want to share him with anyone. Ever."

"What are you going to do about the child?"

She took a deep breath, "We'll cross that bridge when it's coming closely."

"I'm just saying - secrets don't stay secrets."

"What does that mean, Davies?" Pansy hissed.

"It means," Davies growled. "That eventually he is surely going to discover he has a child."


"Hermione, what's this?" Ginny asked from a few feet away.

Hermione saw that she was holding a piece of parchment and rolled her eyes, "I'm presuming it's another of Malfoy's stupid owls."

Ginny shook her head, "I don't think so, 'Mione..."

Hermione lifted her head and came to sit by Ginny and look at the parchment.

She gulped, "This has to be a prank."

"What if it's not though?"

Hermione pondered this, "I don't know. But, it's probably just Malfoy messing with our heads."

"This seems bigger than that," Ginny argued. "Besides this is girl hand writing."

"Malfoy isn't exactly the most masculine-"


She jumped at the sound of her name, "What!"

"I don't think that this is a joke," Ginny gasped.

They looked down and read the parchment once more, their stomachs still doing flips.

Help. Trapped. No time to explain. Almost out of time. -L

"You don't think Lavender..."


"But 'L'-"

"'L' could be a lot of people."


"I don't know, Gin!" Hermione said quickly. "But, unless Ronald tells us that she's missing, then there's no need to worry about her. You and I both know your brother would need our help if something like that happened to her or any one else for that matter. I'm sure Lavender is fine. This is probably just a joke."

"Alright," Ginny raised her hands defensively, "I guess you're right."

"Thank you," Hermione sighed.

This was ridiculous. A completely childish prank, she was completely sure of it.



Harry turned to see Ron's presence had been traded for Draco's. He looked like he hadn't slept in ages, he had dark under eye circles. His clothes clearly hadn't been pressed and his hair was not it's usual style of being slicked back, either. This was the worst Harry had ever seen him.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry spat the words, he didn't take well to people who hurt his friends.

"Help," Draco said, flinching at the word. He had never expected to ask for help, especially not from Harry Potter. Mummy and Daddy's money had always solved his problems, well almost always. "I want Hermione back."

Harry scoffed, "She doesn't want to see you, leave her alone."

"I just need to talk to her. She won't answer my owls..."

"Why would she answer your ruddy owls?!" Harry said, clearly angered.

"Because she owes it to me to hear me out!" Draco fired back.

"She owes absolutely nothing to you." Harry said, narrowing his eyes.

Malfoy sure was stupid sometimes.

"Please," Draco repeated.

"You broke her heart," Harry growled. "Hermione is a sweet girl who does not deserve even half of the bad things that have happened to her over the past year, and she certainly doesn't deserve the likes of you in her life."

It took a lot to make Harry angry, but Malfoy always seemed to find a way to bring out the ugly side of Harry Potter.

"Please, Potter," Malfoy pleaded. "You have to help me!"

Harry scoffed, "You honestly think I would help you?"

"Please, I'll give you money, be your bloody slave," begging was simply not something Draco Malfoy did, it was as if he was a different person. "I'll do anything."

"You think I want your money?" Harry scowled. "Think again."

"Harry," Draco gasped, "Please."

This was the first time Draco Malfoy had ever called him by his first name. Ever.

"Harry?" he replied stupidly.

Malfoy knew that making a sarcastic comment would defeat his hard work, "Please. I know you think I'm an arse-"

"-a huge arse."

"-but I love her. I didn't want to kiss Pansy, she put some ruddy charm on me. Now, if I don't talk to Hermione soon, my chances are shot. I'm not stupid, that much I figured out myself.

"She doesn't wish to talk to you. You said 'sorry', that's it. Your relationship would just go back to what it once was, with fighting and hurt, and she doesn't want that."

"I don't want things to go back to the way they used to be!" He retorted.

"Then what do you want, Malfoy?" Harry sighed, sitting down at his desk to get back to work.

"I want to propose to her."

A/N I am SO terribly sorry about the long wait! I had trouble with this chapter and real-life got in the way. I'll try and update as much as I can, I promise. Well, I finally got this chapter to my liking! I promised a good chapter and I think this should have lived up to some expectations! I mean the Pansy/Roger thing was interesting, right? I have all the twists and turns planned out, with logical reasoning, and I'm looking forward to y'alls reactions to these things. Also, what's with Hermione's letter? Is it really from Lavender? Or someone else? Or is it a prank, entirely? Hmm...Also, Draco wants to propose! Yay or not?

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Chapter 36: Start of Something New
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Harry's green eyes looked Draco Malfoy up and down with an expression that was a mixture of amusement and confusion glinting in them. He wasn't exactly sure how to respond to the revelation his childhood enemy had just spoken of. Was he seriously delusional? He didn't know the real, adult personality of Draco Malfoy and was in no way certain whether or not his wish was genuine or a sarcastic remark. Or possibly that he was just plain stupid as all heck.

Harry wondered whether Draco's egotistical bigheadedness had taken up the space of his brain that could think logically.

"Malfoy are you daft?" Harry said the words before he could stop them from flowing freely out of his mouth.

"I'm serious Potter," Draco said with a hint of desperation hiding behind his I'm-Draco-Malfoy-and-I'm-too-cool-to-act-like-I-care-too-much tone. "I want to propose to her and I need your help to do it."

"Malfoy, when a girl breaks up with you for cheating she probably is not wanting to go hop on the Knight Bus to a wedding chapel days after."

"I know that, but-", Draco paused for a split second. "I didn't cheat on her!"

"Nice try Malfoy, but she caught you red-handed. You're lucky I don't hex you into total oblivion for hurting her like that. In case you didn't know, you hurt her badly. She hasn't been at work and she's been at home spending half her time crying over your sorry arse."

"That doesn't even sound like Hermione Granger." Draco said automatically.

Harry ignored the confusion that flooded his mind - Draco was not one to call her Hermione, ever - and instead he answered differently. "Look, she puts up a brave face, but at the end of the day, she's still a human being that is suffering a break up."

"Look at your, Potter. Turned in to a right good psychiatrist, now didn't you?"

"I'm not joking, Malfoy. Now, do you want my damn advice or are you going to leave me the hell alone and let me get back to my job?"

"Someone is not the most pleasant this fine day," Draco rolled his eyes. "But, I'm....sorry. Would you please hear me out already? I didn't cheat on her-"

"-yeah, right. And I'm a Cornish pixie-"

"-I didn't! It was that ruddy Pansy. She put some charm on me and only she could end the kiss."

"What was the name of the charm?"

"Dunno," Draco scratched the back of his head. "Didn't tell me."

"Look, if you can't give me a spell, how in Merlin's name am I going to be able to believe you?"

Draco clenched his fists at his sides. He wasn't sure how on Earth he could prove his innocence. In his experience with Harry Potter, he would go to the ends of the Earth to help you if you proved your worth, but if you hurt someone he cared about? You were on your own.

Suddenly, an idea sprang to his head, "What if I gave you something in return?"

Harry squared his jaw," Typical Malfoy. The going gets tough, so you go straight to Daddy's money..."

"I wasn't talking money," Draco said quickly.

"Then what?"



Draco smirked, "Not that easy, Potter. Besides, I'm not supposed to share this information. But, I love Hermione, no matter how much sense that doesn't make. I'll give you what I know if you'll help me talk to Hermione. She's put up some spell around her flat that won't let me past it without some sort of pass code or something. Give that to me and I'll give you the information."

Harry slammed recently picked up papers on his desk, clearly steaming from anger, "Typical Malfoy, selling out a friend to get something you want."

"I mean it, Potter. As hard as it may be for either of us to believe, I really do care about your friend. Besides, how is it such a stretch of the imagination? Our blood statuses may differ, Potter, but there are several similarities between us. Take our brains for example, neither of us are particularly lacking in that. We can challenge each other, that's what makes us work."

"I never said that there wasn't a potential spark there," Harry hissed. "But, the fact of the matter is that Hermione doesn't take betrayal lightly, she takes it to the heart."

"I didn't betray her!" Draco fired back.

"Whatever. I have work to do."

"You don't believe me?" Draco's voice was so cold that icicles were growing icicles.

Harry stared at Draco blankly, without speaking.

"Fine," Draco began backing out of the room as an idea struck his suddenly. "I'll prove it to you. Both of you. You'll be sorry you ever doubted me."

He backed out of the room and began a stiff walk down the hall. He navigated the building quickly and seemingly with ease, dodging employees left and right, heading towards the third floor where what he needed lay.

"Can I help you?" The gruff voice of an approximately five foot woman said.

"Just delivering a message," he said absently.

She rolled her eyes, "Go on ahead."

She was clearly, much to his thankfulness, not in the mood to deal with anything, really.

Eventually he saw the door labeled, 'MAGICAL POTIONS AND MEDICAL REMEDIES'. He glanced around nervously to ensure no one was behind him, then quickly slid in the door and shut it tightly behind him. He looked around and saw that there was ceiling-to-floor rows of potions filling the entire room. He drew his wand by his side and brought it up to his cheek.

"Accio veritaserum!" He said carefully. For a moment, he wasn't sure whether it would work, although he hadn't a clue why it wouldn't.

Luckily though, the next thing he knew he had a small vile in his hands.

He grinned, that was much easier than he had anticipated. Now all he had to do was get past Hermione's charm and give her the proof she needed that he was an innocent man.


"Wonnie, do you think we could just maybe turn back and go to a pub or something? They haven't seen us yet..." Lavender turned to leave, but Ron caught her arm.

"Don't worry about it, Lav. I mean, they may not adore you, but they'll be happy about the baby news. Trust me."

Lavender was clearly not convinced by Ron's words, but she took his hand anyway. They had made arrangements to go to the Burrow and tell the family the good news about the gender of the baby and try and get a clear head about their plans once she arrived.

The pair got within a couple feet of being in viewing distance of the Weasley clan, who were waiting in the family room, when Lavender stopped. She looked to Ron one more time, a pleading look in her eyes: she didn't want to be doing this. She knew how they felt about her.

They entered the room, which grew eerily quiet as soon as they were in sight. Mrs. Weasley inhaled sharply. They were all keeping their eyes glued to the large bump in between Lav's hips. She was less than two months away from delivering the baby, that much was clear. She looked as if she was close to bursting.

After a couple awkward minutes, Mrs. Weasley came to her feet and walked over to them with open arms, hugging each of them, "Good to see you, dears. Would you like a seat? Or tea, I can whip up some tea for you, or-"

"We're fine, Mum," Ron said, hoisting himself on to the armrest of the sofa.

Mrs. Weasley gave him a stern look, "Ronald, I was talking to Lavender. You know ruddy well where everything is, but she is our guest, so I'm going to make her as comfortable as possible."

"I'm fine, thank you," Lavender said, taking a seat beside Ron. "Besides, I think I'm about as comfortable as I'm going to be until the baby comes." She laughed as her and Ron placed their hands on her enlarged stomach.

"Now, Ronald, Lavender," Mr. Weasley said, folding his arms on his lap and leaning forward, "I understand there's something you two need to tell us."

"Oh, Merlin!" George sighed. "You've married, haven't you?"

Lavender and Ron each laughed stiffly and Ron popped his collar like one does in when it's rather hot, "No, we aren't married."

"Oh, thank heavens.." Mrs. Weasley sighed. "Not that that would be a bad thing, but that's another stress to add on to the stress of having a child and I do not think that's a step you two are ready for."

"Hold on," Ron said. "I thought you two were the ones wanting us to get married?"

"Now, your father and I had thought that getting married would be the most opportune thing for the child, but after a lot of thought, we've changed our minds. After all, if the two of your hearts aren't in this marriage, it won't work. Two unmarried people can raise a child together."

"Glad you see it our way," Ron said smugly. "Now about the news..."

Everyone looked around at each other.

"At the last meeting with Healer Styles, we were offered the chance to find out the gender of the baby, and...we took the offer." Ron said, leaving them in anticipation.

"Any final guesses?" Lavender said hopefully.

"Definitely a boy," Mrs. Weasley said. "You're carrying low and with the Weasley genetics..."

"I agree with Molly," Arthur said. "Boy."

"So unoriginal you two are," George scoffed. "I've got money on it being a girl."

"I'm thinking this is a trick question." Bill said from where he'd been quietly standing by the furnace. "I say you're having twins and that it's one of each."

"Well, Bill, congratulations," Lavender said and everyone's eyebrows raised. "That's incorrect. There's only one little Weasley in here." She rubbed her belly.

"Well, c'mon! We're dying here!" Mrs. Weasley laughed.

"Alright, alright!" Ron said with a grin.

He grabbed Lav's hands, "You can tell them, Lav."

"Why tell them, when I can show them?" She took out her wand and waved it, muttering a quick spell.

A fluffy silver cloud sprang from the end and then suddenly it turned a bright pink color and in also pink letters it said "It's a GIRL!"

"Hah!" George jumped up, "I told you!"

There were excited shrieks and congratulations for the next few minutes, all of them visibly excited about the fact there it was a girl.

"Well, do you have any named picked out yet?" Bill asked. "Personally, me and Fleur had ours picked out not two months after being told there was indeed a child to be naming..."

"We've got a few ideas, we've got about five that we really like."

"Do you mind sharing them with us?" Mrs. Weasley asked excitedly. She may not be Lavender's biggest fan, but she would already jump through flaming hoops for her granddaughter.

"We actually wanted to talk to you about them, get your opinions. Ultimately, we'll decide. But input is always appreciated."

"The ones we really like are: Olivia, Abigail (Abbi for short), Madeline, Dahlia and Elsie. Those are really the ones we really liked and agreed on."

"I'm impressed, those are all really lovely."

"Now, we'll come back to names, but I have to go to work again soon, so I really must ask you two a couple things before I go," Arthur said quickly. "Once the baby gets here, for one, how are you two going to raise her? A newborn can't be going from Daddy's house to Mommy's house a lot, she isn't going to be able to travel a lot or be aware from Lavender for long periods of time."

"I'd been meaning to touch on that too," Ron said. "I haven't talked to Lavender too much about this, so I don't know exactly what she's going to say, but I was thinking that the two of us could our own place together in London. I'm not saying we should up and get married, but I think living together would let us both be full time parents and put in an equal amount of work."

"How do you feel about that, Lavender?" Mrs. Weasley asked. She was not going to reprimand her son anymore about how they should be married to do that; it would only cause an argument and he'd still do what he wanted anyway.

"Whoa," Lavender said. "I guess I probably should have been expecting this, but I just hadn't too much of it."

"It's alright if you need to think on it, Hun."

"I don't," Lavender said certainly. "I think that that is a really good idea. She needs both parents available to her, no matter how we feel about each other in the future. At least as a newborn."

"So, we're going to move in together?" Ron asked excitedly, a grin plastered on his face.

"If that's what you really want,"

"It is!"

"Then, yeah. I guess we are."

"Well, this is wonderful news, I'm happy for the both of you!" Arthur said. "I can't wait to meet my granddaughter in..."

"Seven weeks," Lavender finished.

"Seven weeks." He repeated. "Wow, time has really been creeping up on us, hasn't it? Well, this was a lot better than I anticipated it being and I hope the two of you come by again soon, before she comes. Once the baby gets here, everything changes, even things you think won't. Remember that. Now, I must be off to work before Kingsley fires myself." He left after giving everyone a hug and a big smile, leaving Ron, Lavender, Mrs. Weasley, Bill and George in the room.

"Well, on that lovely note, how about a spot of lunch?" Mrs. Weasley said brightly as she excused herself to the kitchen.

"I'm going to go excuse myself to the ladies room," Lavender said, quickly.

She followed Mrs. Weasley, "Molly!"

"I need to have a word with you, if you don't mind," Lavender said urgently.

"What is it dear?"

"I'm sorry about the other day. I was out of line and I know that now. I apologize for everything, I guess my hormones sometimes get the best of me."

Mrs. Weasley smiled warmly, "All's forgiven darling. But, there is one thing you should know."

"What's that?"

"I've seen your type before, and I'll be watching you. If you dare hurt my'll answer to me."

Lavender's eyes darkened, "Yes ma'am. But, that's won't happen."

"Be sure it doesn't."


By this point, Draco had made an incessant amount of noise outside Hermione's apartment she was currently rejecting any attempt me made to talk to her. Having obliviated the truth telling vial he had brought due to speculation he'd tainted it, he no longer had any way to prove his innocence, much to his chagrin.

"Mione, please-"

"I said 'No!', Malfoy!" she screamed, tempting him to push her further.

"You have to-"


She had her wand against his throat in an instant, her entire body seething. He was silent aside from his very large and loud gulp. He knew exactly what she was capable of.

"Stop," she growled. "Lying is an easy thing for you, it seems you lie more than you breath. I'm sure you'd love it if I bought your lie, but I'm not that ignorant. I wish I could trust you, but I can't."

"Hermione!" Harry's voice suddenly shouted.

She turned to see him running their way with a large vial in his hands.

"Give him this," he instructed. "It's some potion I got at Mungo's, I was supposed to deliver it. It passed inspection, so it's a legitimate one. It's a truth telling potion. Give him that and you'll no with no question."

She gave him an uncertain look, but extended her arm and took the vial.

"Thanks," she said, still surprised by his sudden entrance.

He left as quickly as he'd come, leaving Hermione and Draco alone again.

"Fine," she relented, handing him the bottle. "Prove this innocence you're so sure exists."

He tossed back a large swallow of the drink and his face made a sour composure, it clearly tasted nothing like pumpkin juice.

After a moment he spoke, "I never cheated on you. Pansy put some ruddy charm on me that made her the only one able to end the kiss. I didn't have a counter curse for it, but that's what happened. I never wanted to kiss her. If I was going to cheat, I'd pick someone worth cheating with...Pansy does not fit that equation."

"And that's the truth?" Hermione pushed, her emotions doing a total one eighty.

"If it wasn't, I wouldn't have been able to say it and you know it. I'm sorry for hurting you, Hermione. I know we put up with a lot of people's crap and our relationship isn't an easy one, but at the end of the day it's so worthwhile. "

"Where is this going, Malfoy" Hermione asked with a smile.

"I know this probably seems out of nowhere, but considering it was meant to happen without the Pansy stuff..."

"Now that you know the truth," He got down on one knee and pulled out a silver ring. "Will you marry me?"

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Chapter 37: Up For Discussion
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Hermione fixated her eyes on Draco, her mouth opened and she was just utterly and completely at a loss for words. Under normal proposal circumstances, the girl does this for an entirely different reason than Hermione did. Under those normal circumstances the girl is so happy, surprised and utterly elated that they can not come up with a human answer by using their words and they settle for a shocked expression and a slight nod of the head to indicate the answer 'yes.' In Hermione's situation, she was shocked, but happy was not the chosen adjective she would have used to describe her feelings at that particular moment in time. She was incredibly surprised because she had just been completely certain that she was forever alone and permanently single, now all of a sudden she was getting proposed to. This was a lot of information to take in in a short amount of time and she was totally unsure of just what she should say in such a situation. They went from broken up to potentially husband and wife in minutes.

Draco was staring at her now, his eyes pleading for an answer other than a shocked look. "You know, now is the time one would answer the question typical."

"There's nothing typical about this question!" Hermione retorted. "One moment you're shoving your tongue down another girl's throat like she's some ruddy tasty butter beer and the next you're asking me to forget that ever happened and you want me to promise you forever!"

"I already told you that the kiss meant nothing to me!" Draco screamed, getting off of his knee and coming to a standing position, his face red.

"I heard you, but it is still a lot to process! How can you expect me to just believe every ruddy word you say after you hurt me so badly. I know what you said and I want to believe you, really I do, but I deserve a man who will-"

Draco jerked her towards him with so much intensity that any harder he might have hurt her arms. "Anything a different man would give you, I can give you better." Before she had even the tiniest amount to time to object, he pulled her to him and kissed her.

After a moment he pulled away, "I could tell you all those sappy things that whipped guys would say, but I'm not one of those lads. But, I'll prove to you that saying yes will not disappoint you. Please. Give me a shot, just one. We've come this far. Since when does the tough Hermione Granger run from a problem?"

"I'm not running from anything!" Hermione screamed.

"Prove it, Granger. Prove you aren't running from anything. Including me. Say yes."

"I will! Draco, yes. Yes, yes, bloody well yes!"

He smirked, "I knew you'd come around."

He pulled the ring out and slid it on to her finger and held her close in a hug, "I promise you, no tricks."

"If this is a lie-" Hermione's mouth formed a line.

"It's not." Draco answered kissing the top of her head.

He knew how hard it was for someone who's heart was as guarded as hers to accept this, but he was going to try his best to prove that he loves her.


They pulled apart and her shocked to see a trench coat clad Narcissa Malfoy standing in the hallway.

"Mother? What are you doing here?"

"I didn't mean to interrupt, son.." she said, with a nervous glance around the room before she brought her yes back to the two of them. "Hello Hermione. How are-" she saw the ring on Hermione's finger. "Oh! I didn't realize you two were...congratulations." She seemed completely shocked by the ring, but had an odd relieved look on her face.

"Thank you, mum." Draco said, his face showing his confusion by his mother's presence.

"I didn't mean to startle either of you, but we need to talk. The three of us. When I saw you weren't at your flat, Draco, I assumed you were at Hermione's, so I came here."

"Mrs. Malfoy, is everything alright?"

Narcissa glanced around once more, "I'd rather we discuss this inside, darling. Ears are everywhere nowadays."

Draco and Hermione exchanged confused glances, but they led her in to Hermione's flat, closing the door and putting a silencing charm around it as Narcissa took a seat on the tidy couch.

"What's wrong, mother?"


Lavender and Ron were on the sofa in Lav's flat, watching a film, enjoying a peaceful moment, one of the few they knew they would have before their daughter arrived in the world.

"Wonnie?" Lavender asked quietly, her head lying on his shoulder.

"Yeah, Lav?" He asked stroking her hair.

"Did you mean what you said to your family about us living together?"

"I did. Why?"

"Well, I wasn't completely sure if you meant it, or that was something you said because you knew it was what your family wanted to hear. I mean, a few months ago I was pretty sure you'd have sold your arm to have me and this baby disappear and now you're talking about us moving in together."

"I didn't want you to disappear, Lav. Sure, I was scared and I still ruddy am. Lav, I am about to become a father, that's not something you can just throw on someone and expect them to just...what I'm saying is that at first I wasn't enthused about the idea, but I've come around."

Lavender smiled, "Can you believe we just have a month and a half until she's here. Everything's finally falling in to place."

"I hate to break up this little love fest, but we need to talk." They jerked apart to see Val standing a few feet away with a couple suitcases beside her.

"Where are you going?" Lavender asked. "Another 'work trip'?"

"No." She answered curtly, "Actually, I got in to an art school in Greece, it's pretty exclusive and I don't want to make a daily travel there, so I'm getting a flat there."

"Greece? When did this happen? Why are you just now telling me? We've sometimes barely made the rent with both our incomes, now you're leaving me to make it alone?"

"Well, I was under the impression you two were getting a flat together so...besides, how many times have you run off for days, not letting me know where you were, what you were doing...Hell, how was I supposed to know you weren't abandoning me those times?"

"Where is that coming from?"

"You know where." She snapped. "Besides, we knew the time we had left for our living together was running out the moment that," she pointed at Lavender's bulging stomach, "happened. What was I just going to be the random roommate interrupting your little family. If there even is a little family" She scoffed at the last part.

"Is that supposed to mean something too?"

"It can mean whatever you think it means. So, do we know who the baby's going to look like? Weasley genes seem to be pretty dominant, is the baby going to be ginger? Have those famous curls or the Browns?"

"Val. Stop."

"Why? What's wrong with me being a caring room mate?"

"You aren't my roommate anymore, you're leaving for Greece, hopefully soon. Your little meaningless jokes are getting too out of control."

"If they're so meaningless why do they bother you so much?" She smirked. "Now, I'd love to stay and chat, but I really must be going." She disapparated out of the room quickly, before Lavender could get another word in.

"I'm sorry about that," she apologized. "She's just not a people person."

"I'll say." Ron said, running his hand through his hair.

"She might not have been the most pleasant person to be around, but I still needed her," Lav said, clearly worried. "With groceries and utilities I can't pay the rent on my own. I don't know what to do. My rent is due in a week and I'm not going to have it for the next month."

"Then move in with me!"

"Ron, that's awfully fast." She giggled, "Don't you want to think about it?"

"Us getting pregnant was awfully fast, too! We'll get everything ready this weekend and move you on in at my flat. Sure, it's not the roomiest, but it'll do until we can get something better. What do you say"

"She's going to be here in a month and a half, I guess we can't afford to take things slowly at this point, huh?"

"So it's settled! We're moving in together!"


"Mother, what's wrong?" Draco repeated after Narcissa remained quiet.

"Son, before I tell you what I need to tell you both, I wish to say something. I know your father won't be thrilled about the two of you getting engaged, but I wish to give you both my blessing. You have a mighty tough road ahead for the two of you, but if this is something you really want, the two of you can make it work."

"Thanks, mother." Draco says.

"Now, down to business. Your father has gotten word that it might be in our best interest to get out of London. Not just us, many Wizarding families. Many people have already left, some knew about this, others didn't. Harry Potter's job offer was not a coincidence. The Ministry is undergoing some problems; your father seems to think a collapse is in the future."


"I'm not sure," she answered quietly. "I don't know anything else, but I just wanted to warn you of that. I don't want you trapped here with potential dangers all around."

"Mother, you seem awfully upset over that..."

"I've just had a rather long day son, it's nothing for you to worry about. Now I really have to go, I'll let you know if I find out any more information."

"That was weird," Draco said quietly.

"Draco, something tells me there's more to that than she's letting on."


Lavender cradled her belly tenderly, thinking about these past few months of expecting and her uncertain future.

"I love you so much sweetheart," she said, trying to choke back her tears. "I know you may not have everything that you'll want, but I promise I'm going to do everything I can to give you the best, most loving home I can. Every one is going to love you so much. I promise to be the best mom I can be."

Her future was gray, she had no idea what would happen to her, but she was willing to face all of her obstacles. She'd already overcome so much, she knew she could face the obstacles still in her way.

Suddenly, she heard a pair of footsteps pounding quickly down the hall. She rolled over and pulled the blanket tightly to her. She shut her eyes, ignoring the sounds and willing herself to fall asleep.


"Greece? For art school? That's the best you can do? A ruddy tomato can come up with a better excuse than that." Pansy snarled, rolling her eyes.

"It's not like I had a lot of warning," Val spat back.

"You don't seem to understand how serious this situation is, you could get us all caught." Roger growled nervously.

He jerked his head towards Pansy, "I told you, this is getting out of control. We're almost out of time. The child is going to be here in six weeks and we aren't ready yet. Everything's about to come to blows and we're going to be caught in the middle."

"We already ARE in the middle Davies!" She screamed. "We can't exactly back down now! There is way too much at stake to just give up now. People know too much...six weeks is enough time. We just have to hurry. But if either of you try and get me caught, remember something, you're just as deep as I am. You know what's at risk if we get found out. We're going to win this. I'm not going to lose to that damn Trio ever again."

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Chapter 38: Start of Something New
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Hermione's fingers ran over the many creases of the parchment as her eyes read the words over and over again, trying to make sense of it. Help. Trapped. No time to explain. Almost out of time. -L. No matter how many times she read and re-read the letter, she couldn't grasp exactly what it meant - if it meant anything at all. The night she's received the mysterious letter she had looked over it no less than fifty times, Ginny by her side, and neither one of them had a logical explanation for it. Given the circumstances with Draco's proposal, the letter had been pushed towards the back of her mind, and stuffed in a drawer, but now that her relationship had gained consciousness, she could focus once again on it. If this was really a plea for help, she couldn't fathom who had sent it or why. The first person who came to her mind was Lavender Brown, with the 'L' signature, but Lavender had absolutely no reason to plea for help from Hermione and she would probably die before asking for Hermione's help on anything, given their history. Lav was nearly surgically glued to Ron's side and had been for months. She was like a pesky flea you can't quite rid yourself of. There was no way that this has been for her. Why would a girl who finally got the man of her dreams and was expecting his child plea for help from his ex-fiancée? It's not like Ron was an abusive man. Ronald Weasley was quite a handful of names, some not so polite, but he would never strike a woman - the fact that he had tolerated months of her consistent nicknames proved that.

"Hey, love, have you any idea where my gray suit is? The one with the mismatched button..." Draco said as he wandered in to Hermione's bedroom, where she looked like she was in the middle of solving either a puzzle or a crime.

"What?" She said, in a bit of a daze. "Oh, right, it's hanging in the washroom."

"Thanks, love. Now what is that you're reading?" He sat himself down on the bed next to her, trying to read what she held in her hands, but was unsuccessful seeing as she jerked it away like she was a child hogging her favorite doll. "Now, now, calm down. I wasn't going to steal the bloody thing."

"Don't you have a suit to put on?" She said, her voice giving him clear indications that she wanted to be left alone and found his company to be quite bothersome.

He shrugged, enjoying the way she looked when she was annoyed, "I don't have to leave for fifteen minutes."

She rolled her eyes. She felt as if they were already married and they'd only just gotten engaged. Half of his things practically were already at her flat because each night he stayed over, he wound up always leaving something and as things accumulated, she grew to have a collection of rather expensive items around her house belonging to Draco Malfoy. Today, the item he was interested in reclaiming was his suit.

"Malfoy, will you please just leave me alone?"

"First off, how many times must I say my name is-"

"Malfoy. Your bloody name is Malfoy. We're engaged, so I'm going to take the last name Malfoy when I marry you, not Draco, so I might as well get used to bloody well saying Malfoy. I'm going to be Hermione Malfoy, not Hermione Draco! Now I suggest you get your ruddy arse out of my bedroom and in to any other room in the house before I give you a reason to cry."

He couldn't help but laugh at her anger.

Hearing the words that escaped her lips have her an odd realization - she was about to become Hermione Malfoy. Sure, she knew it on some level, but the very idea that she would be referred to as Mrs. Draco Malfoy was still completely overwhelming.

"Fine, wouldn't want any around here, now do we?" He backed out of the room, still amused by her temper tantrum.

She took the note back out and re-read it for the thousandth time. Eventually, she crumpled it up and threw it in a wicker basket in the corner of the room, deciding it was an absolute joke and that she was a ruddy fool for ever believing it was anything more than a childish prank.


"Mum, I'm here!" Ron shouted as he took a recently baked cookies off the bar and stuffing it in to his mouth.

"Ronald Weasley!" He spun around. "What have I told you about eating dessert before you have dinner? Will you ever learn?" She waved the jar of cookies away and they landed on top of the fridge.

He muttered an 'I'm sorry', spraying the kitchen with crumbs.

"I know, I know," she sighed. "Now let's go, we don't want to be late!"

They hurried in to the family room, Mrs. Weasley ironing her skirt with her hands as she half ran. "Mum, you look fine."

"Thank you, Ronald."

They each took a turn grabbing floo powder and stepping inside the fireplace. Within a minute, they were being greeted by the entire Weasley clan at Harry and Ginny's home in Dublin. Harry and Ginny had requested the presence of the entire family today because they had some sort of news. Everyone had an idea, the same idea, about why exactly they were being called there, but they were determined to let Harry and Ginny give the news away.

"Hello darling, you look beautiful!" Mrs. Weasley said, giving Ginny a hug. "And always wonderful seeing you too Harry!" She pulled him in to a tight hug before seating herself next to Arthur on the sofa.

Once everyone was seated, Ginny took center stage, with Harry an accompaniment in the background.

"Thank you everyone for coming today," she said smiling. "I know you all have busy schedules, but we really have been wanting to get everyone together, because we have something important we want to tell you all."

All of a sudden, a bright pink haired Teddy had jumped in to the room and was rocking back and forth on his heels beside Ginny, "I know what it issssss!" He chanted in his boyish voice. "Nanny nanny boo boo!"

"Thank you, Teddy." Harry said, ruffling his hair and pulling him beside him.

"Well, Teddy, would you like to do the honors?" Ginny said with a laugh.

Teddy jerked away from Harry's grasp and attempted to pop the collar on his little suit. "That would be fun!" He looked across at everyone and put his arms in the air in typical five year old fashion, "Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny are having a baby!"

There was an eruption of excited gasps and suddenly Harry and Ginny were surrounded by a swarm of gingers, and Fleur, as the Weasley clan hugged and patted them on the back.

"I eez so excited!" Fleur said. "Zoon wittle Victoire will have somevon to play with!"

"This is so exciting!" Mrs. Weasley cheered. "I've been waiting for a baby announcement from one of my children for so long! It's going to be so nice having little grandbabies running around! Victoire needs cousins anyway!"

Ron's mouth dropped, "Mum, I gave you a ruddy baby announcement and you didn't make such a fuss over it."

"Ronald, not now."

"I just really want to know why you weren't all excited about Lav and I having a baby, but you're all excited when my baby sister gets pregnant. She's just twenty one anyway! What can she possibly know about raising a child?"

The room grew quiet and all eyes turned to Ron.

Mrs. Weasley dropped her voice about five octaves, "You listen to me, Ronald Weasley. Ginny is a responsible young married woman with an equally responsible husband we've known for a decade. Not every thing has to be about you. We'll talk about you later. Right now, we have reason to celebrate."

"Blimey Ron, do you have to ruin this for me? It doesn't always have to be about you! All I wanted was to share this happy news with my family! I am so excited about this baby and I just wish you'd be more supportive of me and Harry and this baby!" About halfway through Ginny's speech, she burst in to tears and once she was done speaking she ran from the room with Molly and Fleur hurrying after her.

"She's been a bit emotional lately," Harry said.

"It's normal," Bill said. "When Fleur was pregnant with Victoire it was the longest nine months you can imagine. Try having an angry, bloated, hormone crazed Veela on you...not fun."

"You brought it on yourself," Ron growled.

"What's that mean?"

"It means you didn't have to have treated her like a ruddy animal!"

"Ron, what the devil does that mean?"

"She's just a baby, my baby sister! Now you're making a mother out of her...."

"It takes two to tango," Harry answered, with his cheeks red.

Ron's face flushed, "Please, stop talking, Potter. This is my baby sister we're talking about. I don't need or want to hear about your...alone time." He shuddered.

"Believe me, you aren't going to hear about it," Harry said, cheeks flaming. "Now, please, put your big boy pants on and try and just be happy that you're going to have a niece or nephew."

Ron nodded, "I'm sorry, Harry. I'm just a mess."

"I understand - you have a baby on the way too. I'm probably going to be just like you in seven or so months."

"Thanks Harry. Just think, a year from now you're going to be Daddy Harry and I'm going to be Daddy Ron."

"We sure have come a long way from that first day on the train in first year."

"That we have, Potter. That we have."


"You're late." Pansy spat through clenched teeth.

Lavender hoisted herself on to the seat next to the glaring Pansy and let out a huge, exhausted sigh. "You try moving fast with this big belly."

"I know exactly what you're going through, don't act like I don't." She spat.

"Last time I checked you're weren't pregnant-"

"Save it! Now, Roger, is everything going according to plan?"

"Perfectly according to plan," he said with a nervous glance around the room. "I'm still not sure..."

"Save it, Davies," Val spat from the seat next to Lavender.

"I'm not comfortable being here," Lav whispered. "It's like everyone knows what we've done...what we're doing...everything."

"Quit being a whiny baby!" Val groaned. "You're going along with this. They don't know what's going on, quit worrying so much."

"Maybe we should give up-"  Lav said, her voice pleading.

"DON'T!" Pansy practically shouted. "There is no such thing as 'giving up'. There's way too much to lose here now, and you know it. You may not have wanted this, but this is where you're at. You know where we'd end up if we came clean about everything now."

"I really wish I wasn't involved in this," Lavender sighed.

"Well you are," Pansy snapped. "Whether you like it or not. Without us you'd be no where and you know it. You've got what you want now, that stupid Weasley. And when we get done you'll have him forever."

"You want Malfoy though and Hermione's got him. Apparently they're engaged. How is this going according to plan?"

She smirked an evil smirk, "Miss Granger is going to have a couple surprises thrown at her very soon. I don't lost the games I play. Not anymore. Especially not to a mudblood."


"I'm sorry about this morning," Draco said kissing Hermione on the top of her head as she placed her head on his shoulder, both of them lying on the sofa.

"It's alright," she sighed. "It was nothing really."

"Not a love note from another man?" He laughed, half serious.

She laughed, "A love note? I wish." She giggled. "It was just an old letter from someone, I don't even remember who, they didn't sign a name."

"You know, love, I was wondering something."

"What's that?"

"Why aren't we living together?"


"I mean, we're getting married soon, I'm always over here....why don't I move the rest of my stuff over and we make it official?"

"Why not!" She laughed. "I'm already going against everything I thought I knew a year ago. Why don't we just make it official. Let's move you in!"

"I love you, Hermione."

"I love you, Draco."

A/N You've been asking and Harry and Ginny are finally expecting a baby! Yay! Well, Draco is moving in with Hermione and are engaged. Lav and Ron are moving in together and baby is seven weeks away.  Lav is involved w/ Roger, Pansy and Val, but how? Why? Theories?

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Chapter 39: The Beginning of the End
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The next month flew by for everyone. It seemed to all of them that the life they'd always thought in the back of their minds - a life with someone they loved by their side for the rest of their lives - was
finally falling in to place. Granted, some of the young, head-over-heels couples were still fairly astounded at the turns some of their lives had taken. Childhood enemies were the modern Romeo and Juliet, without the death. A baby was being brought in to the world by a long broken up couple brought together for a single, life changing night. And there in the middle was the classic boy-falls-for-best-friend's-sister-who-loves-him-too-but-they-wait-years-before-becoming-a-couple who was happily married and living in Dublin while expecting their first child. If any of them had been told two years prior that this would be the state of their lives - the only couple who would have believed it would be classic couple number 3. Yet, for some odd reason they were all fairly content in their little blip of life.

Draco had officially taken up residence with his fiancé Hermione and thus far everything had been smooth for the both of them. They'd kept the arguing down to only about three a week, a substantial change of
pace for the two of them, and were adjusting fairly well to cohabitation. Granted, there were several adjustments to make and many things they had to grow accustomed to before it felt "normal", but the feeling of normalcy was obviously growing on a daily basis and they were well on their way to a comfortable life together. They had discussed wedding plans, but always wound up disagreeing on something - be it the guest list, the venue, or even centerpieces - and would end up dropping the entire conversation completely, only to pick it back up a few days later and to repeat the strenuous process of talk, fight, slam doors, repeat.

Lavender and Ron had also officially become a live-in couple, especially considering that Lavender was, at this point, a mere three weeks away from her due date and given the way babies make their own choices as to when they are ready to arrive and how grand of an entrance they want - no delivery date is ever certain, even in the magical world. Dr. Styles had informed her the baby was at least two weeks away and he was going to try and keep their daughter in Lavender until the due date at the end of the month. Lavender at this point was back up to her old, whiny tricks, although understandably so at this point in time, because she was literally looking like she was carrying a hippogriff baby and could barely waddle to the kitchen or shift on the lumpy, old sofa. Ron was being a trooper though and catering to her every, never ending, whim and silently always wishing that these next three weeks would hurry up and end so that her mood swings would
stop and she'd be back to the somewhat tolerable girl he dated in sixth year.

Harry and Ginny, on the other hand, had settled in nicely to a quaint cottage in Dublin, and were already adjusted to their new life. They had neighbors who they wouldn't mind coming over for brunch on occasions, but wouldn't try and invade their lives and really couldn't care less about the fact that Harry was "the boy who lived." They were immediately fascinated by having famous neighbors, as would anyone be,
but they never once were creepy or bothersome about it and after over a month, they were accustomed to their presence and it barely phased them to see him walk up the drive every evening. Ginny was settling nicely in to a fit-for-pregnancy lifestyle and had already resigned from the Harpies, with a temp player being put in her place and her having full acceptance back on to the team when her child was either 8
weeks old or she felt she was ready to return (and of course had passed all of her medical evaluations ensuring it was safe for her and baby if she were to play). She was still early enough along in her pregnancy that playing was allowable (her healer had told her it would be safe throughout the first semester, but neither her nor Harry felt comfortable taking the risk of their child - Quidditch would be there when she was ready to return to it.


"Ronaaaaallllllllddddd!" Lavender wailed from where she rested on the couch, halfheartedly watching a Muggle television program.

Ron ran quick-as-a-cheetah-on-speed in to the room, skidding on a rug and nearly diving face first through the window, before regaining his balance and turning to face his girlfriend. "Lavender, are you having
the baby? Is it time? Oh my god, it's time! And early! -"


"She can't be coming yet, but she is, oh god she is. I'm about to be a dad -"


"I can't believe this day is here. Oh gosh - we need to pack, we need to get your things we need...keys! We need keys! Where are my keys. And we need to call Harry and Ginny. And mum. And Bill and Fleur will
want to be there and-"

"RONALD!" she screamed, stopping his frantic train of though, "She isn't coming now."

He gave an exasperated sigh and fell to his knees beside her, his hands roaming over her bloated belly, and he began to speak, "You sure gave Daddy a mighty scare." He sighed and kissed her belly.

"I just wanted you to see who was at door. It rang a moment ago and I figured you could beat me to it." She said with a slight chuckle.

"The door," he repeated. "Right."

He collected himself and left the room to go towards the door.

Assuming the patron would just be one of his many family members, she directed herself back towards the television program. After a moment though she heard Ron's voice call out "Lav? Hun, its for you." Shocked
she shifted her weight in such a way that the moment she looked in the right direction was the moment when a suit clad Roger Davies was meeting her gaze, wearing a satisfied smirk.

"Long time no see, Lavender." He spat her name like it was something awful he had mistakenly ingested.

Ron gave a confused look between the tall stranger and wearing a facial expression he couldn't place and Lavender who he couldn't tell whether or not she was scared or just plain pissed.

"Roger!" She gasped, unable to come up with a better response to his presence in their den. "I didn't know you planned on paying a visit this evening."

"I'm full of surprises," he said nonchalantly. " much like a certain young woman I know."

"What do you want?"

This wasn't part of the plan - at least it wasn't part of her plan. This was a detour and she wasn't sure if she was heading straight for a cliff. Was he going to give away everything? When they were THIS close? He wouldn't dare..he was in just as deep as everyone else. Right? Surely he wouldn't risk his freedom. They were on a straight path to Azkaban if he have away this type of confidential information. The three of them, if not more of the accomplices, were headed straight to Azkaban if a plan wasn't put in place soon. The plan they had counted on for months was surviving my mere strands- close to unraveling completely and ruining months of work, lies, secrets and plans. They has not come this far for Roger to get in itch in the side or for his conscience to kick in now. They were in the homestretch. The blinders were still surrounding everyone it needed to - but a few of them were close to ripping them off. Some of them were already peeking. Draco's blinders had never been securely attached to his pointy blonde head. He had been one of the most important pieces to the complicated puzzle, and had held quite possibly the most important job, and yet he hasn't known it. He didn't know the plan, much less the role he played so well. Because of him, everything was falling in to place. But, he was starting to figure things out. Contrary to popular belief, Drama Malfoy was more than just a snooty rich boy. He was smart. Very smart. And that is something that can make the difference between life and death; failure and success.

"Always assuming I want something," Davies noted shaking his head. "Can't a chap just pay a visit to a childhood pal without an ulterior motive?"

"You always have an ulterior motive and last I checked we weren't buddy buddy in Hogwarts."

"Well, love, it's been five years since a then. A lot can change in that amount of time."

"Just tell me what you want." She growled, not feeling like playing the game.

"I just wanted to come and see what was going on today in this..abode." He sneered as he saw the condition of the mediocre-but-not-top-notch flat.

"Well I had been peacefully watching television on the sofa until you disturbed."

"This won't take long." He assured her as he planted himself roughly on the adjacent armchair that gave a little squeal upon his weight being hoisted quite unflatteringly on to it. "I was wondering, however, If either of you were planning on being in Hogsmeade anytime soon."

"Hogsmeade?" Ron asked with a blatantly dazed expression.

"Yes. It's the area outside Hogwarts where people, particularly students, gather. There's all sorts of shops and treats-"

"I know what it is," he grumbled.

"Bravo. Now I was wondering because myself and a friend of mine were planning to meet up there and then go up to the Ministry together to have a little chat with the Minister. We have some things to discuss, thought you might want to be a part of it because it will truly be a little...revolutionary."

At this point, she was fully aware of just what he was talking about and why he was there. He was still talking about the plan, only in an entirely different way than she had thought it would be brought up. And she wanted imagined it being done this way in front of Ron. But, Davies clearly had a devious mind of his own. He still felt Lavender to be his even though they had been broken up since even before her and Draco's stint together. Besides, calling this plan a little revolutionary was like calling the Battle of Hogwarts a little bit of dysfunction. This plan was monumentally huge - if it was pulled off correctly. If it failed, there would be life altering, mind blowing repercussions they tried not to think about.

"What sort of things are going to be spoken of at this meeting?" She asked, double checking her already certain mind that she was on the same page as his grotesquely devious brain.

"A number of things," he said examining his chipping fingernails. "For example, a think there's a young lady looking in to marriage laws of purebloods and mud...non purebloods. I think there will be a couple men with a...sales pitch of sorts about a new potion they've concocted. There'll be an Azkaban question or two...and even more interesting ones than I can tell you of now."

Ron was starting to feel unsafe feelings towards Roger Davies regarding himself, Lavender and their daughter. He wasn't sure what it was, but there was something about that man that screamed...danger. Stay away. He certainly had a dark edge, one that was noticeably absent during his Hogwart's career. Something seemed to give him the impression that he was bad news. He felt a dark magic omen, of sorts.

"I think it's time you go." Ron said pointedly, getting to his feet and pointing to the door, his jaw squared.

Davies' eyebrows folded together, "Last time I checked, Weasel, it was rude to kick out a guest who's done nothing to you."

"This is my house though, and I say it's time for you to leave."

"I can tell when I'm not wanted," Davies said when Lavender made no move to argue why he should stay. "But, just let me're not going to want to miss this. I can't promise you'll have your life how you want it if you don't."


"Fine. Your funeral."


"Draco?" Hermione called out as she hung up her Muggle telephone with a confused expression her face - an expression she wore rarely.

He appeared in the room within a minute or two, eyebrows raised.

"Love," she asked slowly. "I just called the ministry to ask about some paperwork I was making up and they asked me a question I wasn't quite sure how to answer. Is there a reason you told them we're on vacation in the States?"

He scratched the back of his neck, "Those arses spoiled the surprise. I had hoped to tell you first. Leave it to you to get work down and get a surprise handed over to you." He laughed.

"Surprise? Draco why would be going to the states now? I've already missed several days of work and am still trying to catch up and get everything back to normal and-"

"Mercy Granger, let me speak will ya? As I was getting at, I had an idea. We want to get married, yes?" She nodded.

"Then why wait? There's always going to be work and friends and family and other forces trying to stop us from wedding so...lets do it now. Tonight."

"I must not be want us to go to the states and get married? Tonight?"

"What better time is there? We just go there, get to a chapel in Vegas say a few words to Elvis and bippidi boppidi boo we're married"

"Do people actually do that?"

"I reckon so! What better time is there than now? Besides after what my mother said..."

"I knew it! You just want to do what your bloody mother says because you're scared something is going to happen at the ministry."

He squared his jaw, "I do want us to get married and I would prefer a marriage to be sooner rather than later. But I won't lie because your stubborn arse is gonna have something to say about it. My mother was right. We need to leave, now. Potter's job wasn't a coincidence. I know things that I wish I'd realized sooner but I didn't. And you're my main concern and I'm going to keep your ruddy stubborn self safe and that requires leaving the country."

"What's going on at the ministry?"

"I don't know exactly-"

"So you don't know there's a problem-"

"I know enough to know that it's dark. I know who's involved and I have a general basis around what they're planning and if it all possible we need to be gone."

"Why does it matter is WE are gone though, Malfoy?"

"I don't want to tell you and alarm you. But...Roger Davies, Pansy Parkinson, Goyle and a few others who have kept their identities quite hidden have a plot."


" I know the three of them are connected because I've pieced together that much of the puzzle."


"I don't have time to explain it all in detail but I know non pure bloods are the targets, you In Particular. They've been concocting some potions and I'm not sure what they're doing with them."

"So what are the going to the ministry for?"

"They want to find you because they think you hold some answers they need."

"Do I?"

"I think so, yes. But after that..."

"They were going to kill me."

"I believe so. Which is why we need to get out of here. Quickly."

"What does marrying have to do with safety?"

"You're last name won't trace to you anymore."

"We need to plan and figure out a way to stop them though! If what you're saying is true then they are planning on hurting people and -"

"HERMIONE! You are in danger! I tried to make it not seem as big a deal as it is but you've gotten it out of me. You are in real danger. They aren't planning on hurting anyone else - maybe a little harsh punishment but no Azkaban worthy crimes."

"We at least have to tell Ronald..."

"He's part of it by this point. They needed him for a different role and if he didn't join I'm sure they...forced him to. We can and will figure it out in Denver"

"Why Denver ?"

"A have a...friend there."

She raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Blaise. He left a few months back to go in to hiding. He knows the plan."

"How do you know?"

"Well he doesn't know the whole thing but he knows a location that I need on someone. Someone who I believe could be in a lot of trouble. I was informed of part of the plan a while back when they tried to recruit me...they have me information. I pretended to go along with it for a bit but it got too twisted. But if we don't save this person may be too late."

"I trust you." Hermione said begrudgingly. "let's go. But there's one thing I must ask...who are we saving?"

He was silent for a minute, "the person who sent the letter."

"Who was..."

"You wouldn't believe it. The person you think you've being seeing for months...but it's been an illusion. A mind trick. I'm not sure how they've pulled it off...but I know who the person is. I'd say poly juice potion. But it took the place of a pregnant woman and poly juice won't do that I don't believe. You wouldn't believe me if I told you who tub think you've been seeing...but it wasn't who you thought."

"Try me."

"The impostered person is Lavender Brown. Someone is basically taking over her body and is impersonating her. The Lavender you've seen...isn't the real Lavender. I believe she's trapped somewhere while a plan is carried out. But once that child gets's game over. They either win or lose. Win and lives are spared such as hers and lost such as yours. But if they lose, all lives are lost. We need to stop them from doing either."

"How do you know all this?"

"I can't tell you. Now I need some answers from you though."

"No! Tell me what's going on! How do you know so much!"

He raised his wand to her head, "I didn't want to do this," in a second she had screamed and tried to defend herself but he had knocked her unconscience.

The spell ensure she wouldn't even remember at least the spell and probably not even the whole conversation. He knew he could say anything, so he outed the truth.

"You are so gullible. "I Do" are going to be the last words you're going to ever speak you filthy mudblood. You've given us exactly what we needed. Davies and Pansy may think I only halfway know what's going on but they seem to forget I was pulling the strings the entire time. You're my puppet. And you're stringda re about to be snipped.

A/N And the fun begins. All is about to break lose. Everything you thought you knew about what's happening is about to throw your brain through loops. Prepare for this.
Hope this twist isn't disappointing! ;)

Chapter 40: Plots and Paternity
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Night served as a cover for Draco and Hermione as they stepped on to the doorstep of Blaise's gothic style mansion. It was past midnight and the dark night with low clouds loomed over them. There were sounds of scurrying in the background, a few cars rolling over the gravel covered streets and an occasional door opening and closing. The house was in a seemingly random location with no houses of a similar stature close by although perhaps that was how the eccentric Blaise liked for it to be. He was never as in-your-face-blunt about his wealth as Draco had been as a child and young adult, but he didn't hide the fact that he was well off.

Hermione came to not long after Draco left. The memory spell he'd placed on her was effective. She didn't remember anything he did not want her to, which was a lot. He told her he wanted to visit Blaise on their way to marry. Although she was hesitant and a little confused about why he wanted to go - he had gained her trust and she went along with it. He convinced her that if they did not go in the middle of the night, they would miss him because he worked all day and then would go out until at least eleven. So, she agreed, without any indication of the big picture of the plot happening right under her nose.

Draco pulled the knocker back and pounded the brass three times. Before he could slam it down a fourth time, the door was opened and there was a pajama clad Blaise in the doorway, with a grimace on his face when he saw who his company was at this time of night.

"Draco." He said curtly before letting his mouth form in to a slight smirk. "Fancy seeing you here." He was clearly not thrilled about his company on the doorstep.

"Are you going to invite us inside? I don't think this is a conversation for your neighborhood."

"I don't know if that's a good idea, especially not since you brought that." Blaise sneered, looking down his nose at Hermione who squared her jaw, trying to act like she was not the least bit hurt by his comment. Granted he was a spoiled, arrogant ass, but the comment still stung.

"First, don't talk to her that way. Second-"

"I can talk to her any way I want, Draco. The fact that you brought her means you are nothing but a traitor."

"Easy for you to say, Blaise. And I came here to tell you to you that you'll have visitors soon."

"Who?" He asked bluntly, not playing games.

"Davies and Pansy."

"How do you know?"

"I led them here. I said in Hermione and my flat that I was on my way."

"What does that have to do with them knowing your whereabouts?"

"Pansy doesn't know that I know, but she bugged the lot quite some months ago. It's frankly how I kept one step ahead of her. She thought she knew what I was doing and where I was going, but in reality, I was calling the shots."

"So where are you going, really?"

"Are we still a team or did you trade on my too, Zabini?"

"If you think I've sided with Parkinson over my best mate you've clearly got a wand up your-"

"I understand. Well I made a promise to marry Hermione that I intend to keep. Then we're headed to the Safe Place. It's time to end this."

"What do you want me to do when they get here?"

"Lead them to me. They still have a couple answers I need. And I'm ready to end this once and for all. They're part of a life I no longer want. I can't explain entirely now, time is of an essence and they'll be here soon. Stall them long enough for us to say vows then send them to me."

"Where exactly?"

Draco thought about this for a second, "The Ministry - Kingsley's office."

Hermione attempted to object, but figured it not to be wise.

"What about Kingsley?"

"Potter was placed in the know some weeks ago - there have been arrangements for him."

"If Potter knows what's going on, why hasn't he stopped it?"

"There's a plan in play only he and I know about. Everything will be taken care of."

"Trusting you, Malfoy."

Draco nodded curtly, "We make an adequate team. Now let me go make this woman my bride and lets end this."


"Won won! What do you think?" Lavender squealed as she put the finishing touches on the nursery with her wand.

The nursery looked like a swirl of pinks and purples and would make you dizzy and nauseous if you looked at it too long. It was strikingly out there. Even the stuffed animals were in the same color pattern. The only thing not pink or purple was the floor, which he assumes would be altered too.

"It's...interesting," he said, trying to find a way to complement the obscene nursery. He was not thrilled that his daughter would be living there.

"Thank you, Won Won!"she squealed.

He flinched, he had thought she had forgotten about the terribly hideous nickname she had created for him.

She waddled over to him and have him a sloppy smooch, "just think, the next time we are in this room, we'll be holding our beautiful baby girl!"

"Can't wait!" Ron said excitedly, but it was a lie. He could wait. He was scared out of his wits to be a father. This was a huge, lifelong commitment that he wasn't sure he was supposed to be making.

"Me neither! Now there's something I need to pick up in London, I'll be back in a little while," she kissed his cheek and darted (well waddled) away but he called her back.

"Alone?" He asked. "You sure you don't want me to tag along-"

"NO!" She screamed then caught herself. "I just mean...when she gets here we'll spend like every moment together, time for ha each to get out last alone time moments."

"I just don't know if it's a good idea, Lav. The baby is a month away and the doctor said she could come early. I'm not too comfortable with you being alone in-"

A pounding knock on the door interrupted him mid-Sentence. The knock made it sound extremely urgent and important.

Lavender gave a little 'humph' and quickly floo-Ed away, announcing she would be back within an hour.

Ron opened the door and was nearly tackled by Ginny who was covered in sweat and gasping for breath.

"Gin, what are you doing? Is everything alright? The baby is it okay? It Harry-"

"We're all fine. But there's something you need to know."

Ron raised his eyebrows as he helped her to a seat. Why she didn't just floo here he didn't know. Floo was supposed to be safe for pregnant women.

"For starters, Draco and Hermione are getting married."

"I know, Ron grimaced. "I've seen the bloody ring. And I've heard from just about everyone in the population of England." He made a disgusted face.

"No, Ron! Merlin, you never listen. Draco and Hermione are getting married. TODAY!"

This caught his attention wholeheartedly, "what?"

He looked like someone had literally shot him in the chest. He looked so pained by this announcement.

"Today?" Was the only word he managed to let escape his lips.

"Yes. And you need to leave, get out of here! Harry wouldn't tell me the whole story - he doesn't want me involved because he doesn't want me or the baby to get hurt."

"Have you been drinking? That's not good for the baby-"

"No, Ronald I have certainly not been drinking. But Harry said you need to come stay with us or someone else where you can be safe."

"Being with Lavender means that the only thing that isn't safe around here is my sanity."

"Will you just listen to Harry? There's a lot going on you don't know about and I would tell you if I could. But if there's one thing I do know is that it's best to trust Harry."

"Gin, how many times have Harry's ideas we were supposed to "trust" him over nearly gotten us killed?"

"At the end of the day he saved your sorry arse many times. Trust me, trust him. She's lying to you!"

"About what?" He challenged.

"She's hiding something and I don't know what it is that's big but she's part of some kind of a plot. And that baby...well you don't need to stick around for it."

"That's my daughter you're talking about. Do you honestly think I could walk out on my child? I'll believe you if you say Lav is bad, but that baby is just that - a ruddy baby!"

"MALFOY'S ruddy baby!" She screamed before she realized what she had said.

"Merlin." She said, angry at herself for that slip of the tongue.

He just stared at her for a minute, open mouthed, "don't be ridiculous." He finally said.

"I'm sorry you had to find lot this way-"

"You're wrong..."

"The first doctors appointment when you were shocked by how far along she was - Harry told me- that was because it wasn't yours."

"Of course she's mine..."

"Not genetically. You knew Draco and Lavender had a fling right before you two got together. You also know you're the only one shes ever wanted. I think she probably thought that if she slept with you soon enough she could pass the baby off as yours..."

"This can't be happening. You're telling me I lost the girl I love over LAVENDER and a baby that is not EVEN mine?"

Ginny nodded solemnly, "and you need to go. Leave. Hide. She's up to something. Pansy and that Davies guy are Involved somehow too. I only got bits and pieces from Harry."

"This can't be happening." Ron buried his face in his hands. Ginny wouldn't lie to him about something like this. It might not be true but she BELIEVED it to be true.

"Won won!" A high pitched squeal erupted throughout the room.

Ginny's eyebrows raised and she announced she had to go, which she quickly did just as soon as curly haired bimbo waltzed in the room.

Ron was sitting on the sofa, his head buried in his large hands. She noticed he was in an upset state by the way he carried himself and she darted over, asking what was wrong.

"Is that my baby?" He asked so quietly that he could barely hear himself.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that," she apologized.

He put his hands in his lap, "Is that" he pointed to her stomach, "my baby?"

Her eyebrows wrinkled, "why would you ask something like that?"

"Just answer the ruddy question."

"Of course. Why would you think-"

"Don't lie to me." He growled, his eyes suddenly dark.

"Won won, what is this about?"

"It's Malfoy's isn't it?"

She gulped, caught. "Of course not."

"It all makes sense now." She squared his jaw. "The reason the time table did not add up, how you're so jumpy around's because it's his and you know it."

"I don't-"

"LIAR!" He screamed jumping up and clenching his fists by his sides to keep from hitting her. His back was towards her.

"How could you?" He hissed. "And don't even try to lie to me about it being mine or I swear I'll-"

She burst in to sobbing tears, "I was afraid. I wanted you and I didn't want him! He would have left me and the baby alone."

"Bull," he growled.

"You know Malfoy..."

"I'm not saying I wouldn't have left you. I don't believe that load of hogwash. You're disgusting, Lavender. Everyone has always been right about you."

"They haven't-"

"You're worthless. And disgusting"

"I'm not-"

"I want you out. I have something important to do." He turned and his face was blotchy and red.

"What's more important than finishing this argument?"

"This isn't even an argument and it IS finished. If you had been honest with me from the beginning I might have stayed with you. But it was all a lie. You can go."

"You're making a big mistake." She growled.

"I doubt it and goodbye" he had backed her to the door and he opened it suddenly, causing her to nearly fall through the opposite wall, and he slammed the door closed.

He checked his watch, "better get a move on."

He knew Hermione like the back of his hand and he knew where she would be marrying. He knew that it would be in the most un-Hermione like place on the planet. He knew he was going to run out of time if he didn't get a move on. He had a wedding to stop and the love of his life to get back.


The famous wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada came in to view as Draco and Hermione hustled towards it. They had stopped at a jeweler and quickly picked out some rings and Hermione had a dress on (not exactly a wedding dress- but it would do) and they were quickly preparing to say their vows. In less than a couple hours - they would be man and wife and she would finally get the happily ever after she'd always dreamt of.


"I'm warning you, Zabini!" Pansy shrieked at a frightened looking Blaise. "If you don't tell me where he is now, I will hurt you. You know ruddy we what Im capable of."

He thought of the secret they shared and cringed.

"I promised."

A flash of light and suddenly he was under the unforgivable curse of imperious and was writhing in pain, "tell me or it worsens."

"They' Vegas,"he gasped.

"Of course," she growled under her breath, releasing the spell.

She disappeared in a second.

He hasn't wanted to tell her but only Harry potter was able to bypass that spell. And he was no Harry Potter.

Now Pansy was on the way to meet Draco and Hermione in Vegas where she intended for things to end.


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Chapter 41: Crash and Burn
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Chapter 41: Crash and Burn

Like all little girls, Hermione Granger had imagined her wedding day since long before she was even old enough to maneuver a pair of heels. She had always imagined an outdoor wedding, somewhere beautiful. She imagined a beautiful, white gown and classic, matching heels. She knew she wanted an up do and planned to do her makeup herself because even as a child, she was independent. The guests would dine on fish and the cake would be chocolate. She pictured her family seated in the front row, her father giving her away with tears in his eyes as she promised him she would always be his little girl. She pictured her mom crying but trying to pretend she wasn't. By the time she was old enough to be considering marriage, her marriage dream had changed. The details of the day no longer mattered as much to her. Sure, she wanted it to be memorable. But most of all, the only thing she wanted was her red headed knight waiting for her at the altar. Ronald Weasley. Of course, Ronald Weasley was not the Prince Charming ideal that seven year old little girls dreamed of. But, it was not the clumsy, awkward, boy that made her yearn for marriage vows to be spoken with, but it was the soul inside the boy. There is a common misconception about gingers, namely the running joke that "gingers have no souls". She rejected that notion with a passion for she knew he had the most beautiful of souls she had ever seen. She no longer cared about anything but the red headed boy. The Weasley boy. Her best friend. She knew in her heart that he was her forever, her happily-ever-after.

Unfortunately the heart gets it wrong sometimes.

You see, today was Hermione Granger's wedding day. And there were no birds, her mother and father weren't there to cry tears of joy with her or to reassure her if she got cold feet, or walk her down the aisle. There were no birds, no fish, and no chocolate cake. She had done her makeup herself because despite all the changes in her life, she was still as independent as she was as a child. Her hair has in a half up do, which would simply have to do. Her shoes were simple, beige pumps and her dress was a light metallic blue color that tied around the waist.

And Ronald Weasley was on the opposite side of the world, preparing for impending fatherhood with a woman who was not her.

Hermione Granger was looking herself over in a cracked bathroom mirror in a Las Vegas wedding chapel/casino. Written on the sink were the words "Lauren loves David 4ever!!", only the word loves was replaced by a big red heart. The entire statement was enclosed in an even bigger heart. The entire thing was written in cheap lipstick.

Soon enough she could be the one scribbling vandalizations in bathrooms, after all the changes in her life that had come along recently, it wouldn't even be considered out of character.

A faint smile crossed her lips.

She made it.

This past year she had dealt with the loss of her best friend, her lover, her fiancé, her redheaded knight, Ronald Weasley. She dealt with tragedies being thrown in her face, perhaps the biggest of which being the girl he had thrown her away for. The girl who seemed to always be near, rubbing it in her face. But, she had survived. Despite the heartbreak, she didn't let it break her. She became a stronger person. She opened her heart and, by a crazy accident, stumbled upon love once more with the person who's heart she'd though was made solely of ice, actually had a soft spot. A soft spot where he now cradled her love. Her star crossed lover. Draco Malfoy.

The thought still didn't even seen real.

Hermione Granger: muggle born.
Draco Malfoy: pureblood.

Not only that, but there was painful. But, what no one seemed to fathom, was that they were children. Even 15, 16 years old, when you think you're an adult, you're but a mere child. And they were children, doing childish things, being young, egotistical, know it alls.

Hermione and Draco knew they had their differences, but they also had similarities. They were both talented wizards/witches. They were both smart. They both yearned for acceptance and love. Hermione's came from being an outsider, given her muggle parents, and Draco's came from the lack of love and acceptance he felt from his father. He wanted to please him. He wanted to please Voldemort to please his father. He just wanted to feel worthy, which Hermione could now see. They both wanted to be remembered, leave a legacy. They had differences, and plenty of them, but at the end of the day, they both knew there were quite a few similarities.

And these similarities are what led to the impending wedding.

Even though this was not the wedding of her dreams, it was rushed, and part of the reasons for it were ulterior, she didn't mind. She had accepted that her and Ronald were simply two puzzle pieces which although a close fit, didn't go together. They weren't a perfect fit. But somehow, she had found a perfect fit in Draco.

She reassured herself once more that this was indeed the right to be doing. She loved Draco. She honestly did. They had a good chance of finding their own forever, their own happily ever after. But still she was a little disturbed and slightly saddened by the fact that despite all the logic her brain was delivering, the logic she had spent her whole life relying on, she simply could not seem to get Ronald Weasley out of her head. He was there, like a ghost. But of course, this was nothing knew, for he lived her. Wen she lost his love, a tiny piece of her died that day. And then the ghost of that love made itself home in that hole. Over time, she hole had healed, and became a scar. The seam of the scar was where the ghost of the love affair she had shared with Ronald Weasley now lived. And there was where it would remain until she took her final breathes. Because some scars never fade, they stay on the skin, forever reminding you of days past.

But alas, today was not a day she would spend mourning for that would not do any good. So she gave herself a nod, and turned away. She left that bathroom where she had been hidden for so long, and was not going to return to.

She found Draco waiting outside, wearing a rented suit and cheap black "church shoes".

He looked handsome.

He stared at her for several moments, "You're beautiful, Granger."

She smiled and shuffled her feet shyly, mumbling the word 'thanks.'

"Are you ready miss?" He asked, extending his arm for her to grad hold of. She needn't answer and they proceeded towards the nearby chapel.

They waited outside for a solid ten minutes before the doors flung open revealing an extremely drunk couple stumbled out, their faces looking like one as they practically are each other's heads.

Hermione and Draco just laughed.

The wedding march came on, and they marched arm in arm to the end of the aisle where an Elvis impersonator was waiting for them.

The chapel was ungodly tacky. There were folding chairs filling up the left and right sides for guests to sit, there was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and a glittery rug that had several stains on it covered the floor. The nicest decoration of the whole room was a slightly melted, distorted ice sculpture of what looked like one of the Beatles. It was a laughable sight, but they didn't even care. All that mattered in that moment was them. Their vows. Their love.

"Welcome to the..." The Elvis impersonator began a long and tedious introduction that welcomed them to the chapel, congratulated them and made sure to advertise other parts of the casino to them (in typical Vegas style). When he had finally finished talking, which looked like he had cut short due to their obvious lack of interest, he proceeded to the vows section.

"Now, we are gathered here today in the fabulous Las Vegas wedding chapel and Casino to unite in ever so hold matrimony Draco Malfoy and Hermione -"

He would never finish that though.


The three at the front of the room turned quickly to see the previously mentioned knight, Ronald Weasley, standing in the doorway. He was sweaty, his hair matting to his head. He looked exhausted and had deep circles under his eyes. He had honestly never looked worse.

Hermione didn't know what to think. Her life was essentially turning into a circus side show. Not only was she getting married in a room that smelled like cheap perfume, alcohol and cats, but now her ex-fiancé was stopping her wedding. Growing up in the muggle world, she had seen plenty of muggle movies and read muggle books and this was the exact romantic thing that muggles apparently dreamed of. She did not, however, believe these were things that had ever happened to anyone in the history of time.

Yet, here they were.

"I had not actually gotten to the objections yet, but -" The man laughed, but stopped ups on seeing the glare given to him by the sweaty red head.

"Hermione, don't marry him, at least not like this. This isn't you. Look at yourself. This is what you want? He's what you want? I-"

Another interruption. This one by Hermione.

"RONALD. Have we not moved past this?"

"Yes, but-"

"You have Lavender-"


"You shouldn't even be here-"

"I know but-"

"After all the bloody pain that-"


"you have caused me and now this?"

"HERMIONE!" He screamed so loud a picture frame fell off the wall.

"Ronald, you listen to me right now-"

"No, Hermione. You listen to me. Listen to what I have to say and then if you just have to marry the guy, then bloody well I won't stop you. Just hear what I have to say first." She started to object. "After all we've been through, and after I came this far for this, I think you owe it to me-"

"I owe you nothing."

"Fine. Owe is the wrong word, but please..."

Desperation striking, he looked at Draco pleadingly. Draco understand and although he didn't want to, he encouraged her to listen to the "ratty fool."

"Lav and I broke up," he began with an exasperated sigh.

"I'm sorry, Ron, but-"

"You didn't let me finish. We broke up because, that baby isn't mine. That's why the dates weren't adding up, that's why things seemed so sketchy with her, it all makes sense now. And the worst part?"

Looking at her face made it hard for him to say the next part. He had hurt her enough and was about to do it again.

But he couldn't let her marry Draco without this information.

"Mione," even though she had told him to not call her that anymore, it made her feel warm to hear it. "Malfoy is the father."

He said it.

The words seemed to echo in the room, reverberate throughout the walls.

The room was silent until the man who had previously been mean to marry them spoke up, "Children, take your time but remember I pay by the hour."

Those were the last words he would speak.

A flash of green light and an unforgivable curse shot through the room as the doors swung open once again.

Lavender Brown, belly and all, was in the doorway, her wand still pointed.

"What the bloody hell-" Ron turned and drew his wand, her next spell whipped it from his hands.

" killed him..." Ron said stunned.

She just laughed.

"He's the least of your worries. But I am saddened that I wasn't invited to this adorable little get together, you know how I do enjoy a good party." She sounded cold. Evil.

The doors opened and in sprang Roger Davies who flocked to her side.

Hermione was in a daze.

This could not be happening.

Everyone was silent, until Lavender spoke up, "Aww, for once none of you are speaking about your perfect lives. It's an oddly great silence, it is. Now, what did I miss?"

Hermione looked to Draco then to Lavender, the back to Draco, "her?"

He gulped.

Lavender cackled.

"Aha! So you do have an ounce of a brain! You finally figured out that Draco is the father! Want a sticker?" He grinned. "You know, for the 'brightest witch of our age', you sure aren't what I expected. I somehow expected more of a challenge. But I guess we cannot all get what we wish for, now can we?"

"Did you know?" Hermione asked, drawing her wand on Draco.

He drew his own wand, but pointed it at Lavender, "I love you, Hermione-"

"DID YOU KNOW?" She screamed. "I didn't ruddy well ask if you 'loved' me."

"Yes." His stomach turned.

Her heart sank.

Lavender just embraced this moment.

"Of course he knew, you idiot. He knows a lot of things you don't. He's known all along, it was part of the plan. The plan which would have been perfect if someone," she turned on Draco, "hadn't sacrificed EVERYTHING we had worked so hard for to throw away on some Mudblood. If you had ruddy well finished the way we agreed, you would have already killed her, and that would be one less person in the way."

The next few actions all happened at once. Draco lunged for Lavender and then Ron tackled him. Hermione disarmed Draco and Lav and retired Ron's wand to him.

"What plan, you little-?" Hermione growled.

"Now, now is that how we ask for things we want?" Lav taunted.

"WHAT IS THE BLOODY PLAN LAVENDER?" Ron shouted, pointing the wand at her throat.

"Go ahead, do it. Kill me" she waited. "You can't do it, can you? Little spineless Weasley can't do it."

"There's a baby in there. When it's out-"

She cackled once more.

"You still haven't figured out the biggest missing piece of the puzzle yet! How amusing! Between you, you have all the pieces, but they aren't put together. And I get to be the one to inform you all of your ignorance! How delightful! This," she pointed to her stomach "is not a baby bump. There is no baby there."

"Lavender, I went with you to doctors-"

"Won-Won just can't let me finish!" She scoffed. "Lavender is pregnant, and you did go to doctors appointments with her, very good. Would you like a sticker as well?" She teased. "I'm not Lavender."

Well, this wasn't expected.

No one knew whether to think this was a joke, or she was insane, or what.

"Feel free to stop this the dumbfounded expressions any time you like." She checked her watch, "You're now just moments away from seeing the truth. Magic is a pretty great thing. And dark magic is even greater. And I've discovered the existence of an extra strong poly juice potion that allowed me to pull it off, baby bump included."

Then she started bubbling. Changing. A total metamorphosis.

The baby bump disappeared. Lavender vanished.

Suddenly, she was Pansy Parkinson.

In sync, Ron and Hermione's jaws dropped, Draco's jaw squared.

They wanted to attack, but they needed the rest of the information. She knew this as well.

"I'm guessing you all want the whole story, so the whole story I shall give you. How about I go all the way back to the beginning, a year ago sound alright? Okay, well Draco and Lavender through some unknown circumstance wound up seeing each other secretly. Nothing romantic. Just physical. There were not feelings in play as far as I know. Well one night Lavender and Ronald here ended up in the same pub and one thing led to another and suddenly they were also in the midst of a one night only physical relationship, if you catch my drift. Well, not long after, Lavender made the realization that she was pregnant. She tried convincing herself it was Ron's, but the timing made it impossible. Now, Draco knew all along he was the father, Ron found out last night. Her and Draco didn't want to be parents together. They didn't care for each other in any non-physical way. So, they decided to a wait and claim it was Ron's. Sure the timing was off, but it was a drunk night and, let's face it, it's not too hard to fool Ronald Weasley."

Ron glared. Hermione felt disgust. Draco was ashamed.

"Are you done?" Draco growled.

"Not even close," she assured him. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah. Well, in the past several months before all this, myself, Draco, Goyle, and a few others had been plotting. The ministry power has recently converted to a more accepting, wide range of people. Mudbloods and blood traitors are crawling all over it. So we made a plan to overthrow it. But, that all ties in to our story. Now, Lavender, as you keenly remember, fled to the ministry and told 'Won Won' of her little secret. We all know how that went. And then the lovely little bet thing took place between Hermione and Draco. At this time, the only reason Draco agreed is because we knew we needed an in. We needed to get close to you because of how much you know. You know how this ministry works. You had information we could use. So yes, he used you before you start screaming, but there's more to tell, so don't let your panties get in too big of a wad. You see, everything was going well. Lavender had the man she wanted. Draco was getting closer and closer to you, everything was going well. Then, both Lavender and Draco were babies and pulled out. Draco claimed he was starting to "actually love" you and all this other crap, and within the same couple weeks as him trying to get out, which I was adamant wouldn't happen, Lavender started feeling guilty. Now, Lavender was the one more likely to squeal so we had to shut her up. So I got ahold of Davies here, who got me the potion and lots of it. The next thing to do was get her away. We bribed her in to lunch and put her under a sleeping potion and then ba-da-bing, we got her locked far away. We let her go for doctors appointments and she was too scared for her life to snitch. But the rest of the time, it was me. It was always me. I could get answers Draco was too scared for. When Lavender's due date came, we figured we would be done. You two," she gestured to Ron and Hermione, "would be out of the way. Dead, alive but incapable of coherent thought, whatever. But things started unraveling. Big time. Draco completely switched sides and started causing trouble. He let Harry Potter and Kingsley Shacklebolt in on our plot to take over, and so they started keeping tabs on us. We were never safe. And then Weasel grew a brain and figured out that this baby isn't his and decided to chase after you two who apparently decided to run away like you're in a cheesy movie. At least then we'd have you all together. Zabini was another traitor. I thought he was in with me, but apparently not."

Chaos ensued next. Screaming, shouting, spell casting.

It was three against two.

But then Davies fled. He was far too weak to deal with what he was in for. He was in way over his head.

"What? You're gonna hurt me? A lady?" Lavender sneered.

"You're female, but you're no lady," Draco growled. "Getting mixed up with you was the worst thing I could have done and I hate myself for it."

"Aw, what a pity," she rolled her eyes. "You see, I have people attacking the ministry right now. By tomorrow-"


They all turned and saw Harry Potter backed by Kingsley and several other aurors armed and ready.

"Pansy Parkinson," Harry said to the stunned woman as a large auror restrained her, "it's over. Draco warned us all. We were one step ahead of you, and we were ready. The ministry is guarded and safe tonight. Your helpers are waiting for you in Azkaban."

"You dirty, rotten-"

"Quiet!!" Harry screamed. "Where is she?"

"I don't believe I know who you mean, Potter."

"Lavender Brown, where is Lavender Brown?" He screamed.

She cackled, but as the grip on her arms tightened and twisted, she gave in "Ask Draco. It's the place we talked about, the one we talked about running to, Drakey."

He thought for a moment, "I know where. I'll take you there, it's this safe house in Amsterdam. My aunt Bellatrix hid there once. I'll take you."

"Take her away." Harry demanded.

The aurors did as commanded, and Harry turned back to them. He grabbed Hermione and Ron and hugged them tight, "I'm so happy you're safe..." He looked at Draco. "Even you, Malfoy. I owe this to you. Without you..."

"Don't mention it, Potter."

That was about as close to a friendly conversation as would happen.

Harry checked his watch, "Now, come on, we have to hurry. Lavender is in danger still. And from everything I've found out, that baby should be coming any day now, and she's in no condition to have it there. We have to help her."

And so, they set off to Amsterdam. She was guarded, as Draco explained, by several other of Pansy's goons, but some of them might have fled. He knew where she was and how to get to her, but magic could only get you on the property, not In the house.

They were In for another battle.

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Chapter 42: Casualties
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The four, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco walked through the nighttime street briskly, hoods pulled over their faces, wands ready to face any oncoming attacker. They swiftly maneuvered down the street towards the house Draco swore was their destination.

No one spoke.

Hermione's thoughts matched that of a schizophrenic mental patient. She couldn't regain a normal thought pattern. Over and over in her mind she went over Pansy's words. They echoed in her brain, stabbing at her heart deeper and deeper every time. Every time she so much as thought about Draco, much less looked at him, all she could see was a liar. He had been planning to kill her. He was the father of Lavender's baby. He was involved in a plot to take over the Ministry and everyone in it. Her stomach heaved and for a moment she was sure she would vomit. The very idea. And this was the man she grew to trust, the man she gave her broken heart to, who she nearly married, or she was intimate with. Helping them out now would not avenge all the pain and lies he out her through.

Draco Malfoy had taken her heart, thrown it into a blender and destroyer it.

She was disgusted. Not only with him, but with herself. She knew what type of person he was - had seen it over seven years at Hogwarts and in Battle. He hadn't changed as much as she so desperately wanted to believe. He was still the same cowardly git he was back then.

For all she knew, he could be leading them all to their deaths at this very moment, yet they all followed him blindly. For all she knew, they could be falling into another trap.

After a few minutes time, the mansion came into view. It was a multistoried, black cathedral with dark, stained glass windows. The house was made of dark brick.

It looked abandoned.

"Okay, Malfoy," Ron hissed. "How do we get in?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out, Weasel." Draco hissed back, just as venomously.

"You said you knew how to get in, you rotten little git," Ron spat back.

"Hard to believe ears that large don't get the job done. That isn't what I said at all. I said-"

"Can you all stop?" Harry hissed. "There is a woman in that building being held against her will who could be going into labor at any moment. Now is not the time to argue."

"He's right," Hermione agreed. "We have a job to get done."

They stepped onto the property and then Draco turned towards them.

"Alright," he said quietly. "I think she is in the West Tower," he pointed. The next several minutes consisted of him explaining how Harry and Ron would team up and go one way and he and Hermione would go the other and meet in the middle there to rescue her.

With that, they set out.

The mansion, which was bigger than it looked, has stairs winding up to a building which you then would climb another set of stairs to to get to the tower. They set off In silence, trying to get In and out unnoticed.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.


"Please, 'Mione," Draco begged, taking her hands in his, his grey eyes stormy like a hurricane. They had been walking in silence for too long, and he couldn't take it anymore. He looked like a child begging his mom not to leave him at day care for the first time.

She cocked an eyebrow, "You think now is the time to talk about this?"

She stuck her head around the corner of the wall and slipped out, Draco following suit. They eased on, backs against the wall, edging towards to tower.

"Please," he begged. "I still was trying to save you, do you not get that? My intentions were not honorable from the beginning and I know, but once I fell in love with your annoying ass I tried everything in my power to save you from them."

"I don't know why I should believe that."

"Because it are truth!" He raged, his fists clenching as he punched the hall.

"Calm down." She ordered.

He rounded on her, his eyes dark, and blazing, "If you aren't my fiancé I don't know why you think-"

She cut him off.

"Quiet Malfoy, before you give us away and get us killed."

"Fine." He growled, drawing his wand back out and watching.

They inched forward, slowly. Neither of them said a single word to each other for the next several minutes.

Harry and Ron reached the West Tower quickly, they had been given a shorter route, to their surprise.

They peeked in, but the room was pitch black and they couldn't see anything.

"Ready?" Harry asked Ron, pointing his wand at the lock. Ron nodded and Harry murmured, "alohomora" while Ron kept watch.

As the door unlocked, they slid gently in and cast Lumos, so they could see the dark, wet walls. The bugs that creeped along the ceiling. It was a dump.

"Won won?" They heard the unmistakeable feeble voice of Lavender.

They heaved sighs of relief as they rushed to her, helping her to her feet.

"Don't worry," Harry said, "we're going to get you out of here."

Suddenly, a cold laugh echoed through out the chamber. They turned to see a large man, flanked by two also large men, standing in the door way, wands out, an evil grin on his face, "Now tell me, did you really think it would be that easy?"

The dark night countered a white full moon, illuminating every thing. Had it not been for the particular situation, this would have been a beautiful night. Bats could be seen flying throughout the night sky, searching for a late night snack.

After several minutes, the silence was broken by a strange choking sound erupting from Hermione's throat, followed my sniffing.

He immediately took his back off the wall and grabbed her arm, spinning her towards him, "Granger, what's going on?"

She jerked her arm away from him, "Get back against the bloody wall before you give us away!" She growled.

"Fuck, Granger. I'm just looking out for you."

"I don't need you too!"

That was when he noticed she wasn't hurt, she was crying.

"Why are you crying?" He asked genuinely.

"I'm not-"

"Bullshit. Why are you crying?"

"This just isn't how I thought my life would go, that's all."

He knew what she meant.

Hermione Granger, the Golden Girl of the Golden Trio was fighting yet another battle that could easily get her killed, in an attempt to save a girl she hated. The man she had loved since she was a teenager had cheated on her. And now the man she had trusted with her broken heart had been in a plot to kill her. Her life was not smooth sailing.

"I'm sorry." He said honestly.

There was nothing he could do to make it better and he knew it. This was his fault. He shouldn't have ever listened to Pansy's plan, he shouldn't have agreed to it.

His stomach twisted and gnarled in his stomach, a gut wrenching pain he had never experienced. Tears stung his eyes, his knees felt weak, like he could collapse. He was a destructive hurricane that damaged everything in it's path. It was then that Draco Malfoy realized he had hit rock bottom. All his life, he made the wrong decisions. He made the wrong friends, wrong choices, wrong everything. But, it wasn't him who paid for it, it was everyone around him. He could be sick. Just when he had allowed himself to find someone who brought out the best in him and made him want to be a better person, he lost her. And it was all his fault.

That was when he wished Voldemort had killed him. Because if he had, Hermione wouldn't be hurt because of him. Lavender wouldn't be pregnant because of him. Ron and Hermione would be happily married by now. None of this would have happened. She wouldn't have had to suffer anymore.

He didn't know where his sudden feelings of loss, devastation and utter lack of will to live came from, perhaps it was just the situation. This wasn't him. He didn't care about anyone. Or at this point, perhaps he did.

Not even Draco Malfoy knew Draco Malfoy anymore. Life as a destructive hurricane does that to you. When your life is a lie, the truth isn't even comprehendible.

He gulped down the pain and blinked away the tears. His time for welling in self pity was up. He didn't care if he survived this task, but he was determined to get her out alive.

He pushed ahead of her, in an attempt to guard her, but she was not impressed.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?" She growled as he used one of his arms as a shield for her, the other used to hold his want.

"Obviously I'm protecting you Granger." He growled.

She laughed, "Like if something happened you would save me? Face it Malfoy. You're the same coward you've always been. You made me think you've changed, but that was an act too, wasn't it."

She struck his pride deeply, "I deserved that." He mustered through gritted teeth. "But all the same, I'll show you you're wrong. I don't expect you to want to be with me anymore, but-"

A scream erupted in the dead of the night, a shrill, high pitched scream. It sounded like Lavender Brown.

They ran to where the sound was coming from and were utterly horrified by the sight they saw.

A large, muscular man held Lavender tightly, one hand yanked behind her back, a want pointing to her throat. Two large men flanked him. Harry and Ron who stood opposite them, anger clearly flowing through them.

"Back away, now." The man holding Lavender boomed. "Back away and no body gets hurt. Continue going forward, and the girl gets it." He jammed the wand into her throat, making her yelp in pain.

"Please," she gasped. "Please, just let - OW! - me go!" She clutched her enlarged stomach with her free arm, wincing in pain.

She was in labor at the worst possible time.

Draco and Hermione were hidden, but not for long. Draco looked at Hermione, and spoke. "I'm sorry. Just trust me, I'm a good actor." He said quietly, with a wink, before kissing her lightly, which she jerked away from.

He stepped out of the darkness into the light, clapping his hands together, a grin on his face.

"Malfoy?" The man said, shocked at the arrival. "Thought there was a cell in Azkaban with your ass in it tonight?"

"Ha, you think I'm not smart enough to outwit Potter," he laughed, spitting the name out venomously. "I knew what to do to get myself freed."

Draco, and all three goons howled with laughter as Harry and Ron cried out.

"YOU ROTTEN GIT!" Ron shouted.

"I trusted you, Malfoy!" harry bellowed.

"STUPEFY!" Hermione shouted, jumping out from the wall which had covered her. Her spell hit one of the flanking goons, hit the wall, rebounded and hit the other as well.

"Stupid Mudblood," the man growled, moving his wand to point at her.

"Sectumsempra!" He shouted, bellowing in to the night.

Everything happened quickly after that. Just as his wand got pointed at Hermione, Draco interceded, jumping in front. The spell hit him square in the chest. Hermione screamed. Harry used this moment to disarm the man, at which time Ron grabbed Lavender, pulling her away as she doubled over, howling in pain. Hermione rushed to Draco, screaming and crying frantically as he lay there bleeding. His face grew paler than ever, his stormy eyes losing focus quickly.

"I'm...sorry..I help.." He stuttered, chills going throughout his body.

"Move!" Harry ordered and fell to his knees by Draco. He moved his wand over the wounds, muttering a spell Hermione didn't know quietly. The wounds seemed to be healing, but too slowly. He was losing conscienceness quickly.

"Go!" Harry yelled. "Get Lavender to the nearest hospital!"

"What about-" Ron began, pointing at Malfoy.

"He can't travel yet. He'll die for sure. Take Lavender to a hospital here, she can't apparate and there are no port keys. Now hurry, you're losing time!"

Ron followed orders and ushered her down the stairs, disappearing into the night. This was the second time in a matter of months Draco had been hit with this dreadful curse. Harry wasn't sure he could save him, but he was doing all he could.

Harry Potter held Draco Malfoy's life in his hands.

Hermione cradled his face, begging him to hold on. She hadn't forgiven him for everything, but that didn't change the fact that if he hadn't interceded, it would be her bleeding to death.

Draco's feeble hand touched her cheek and his eyes met hers, and she held his hand there. Slowly, his eyes started drooping and then closed, his face falling to the side.

"NO!!" Hermione cried, tears becoming a waterfall on her face.

Harry got the last cut sealed, but Draco was still unresponsive. He had a pulse, but it was faint.

"We have to get him to a hospital." Harry said urgently, feeling the pulse grow weaker and weaker.

"But he could die-" Hermione started to object.

"And if we don't take him now he WILL die." Harry fired back.

Suddenly the world was spinning, and when it stopped, they were outside the Amerstdam hospital. They draped his arms over their shoulders and carried him in to yen waiting room, where Ron was waiting, anxiously pacing the floor, visibly upset.

"WE NEED A DOCTOR!" Hermione shouted. "HURRY!"

Moments later doors sprang open and everything happened in a blur. Medics took him from them, shouting things about how they had to hurry, and he was near death, and then they were gone.

Harry and Hermione stumbled to where Ron was leaning against the wall, crying. They walked up to him
Quietly. Harry put his hand on his friend's shoulder and just stared at the ground numbly. Hermione rested her head on his shoulder feebly, utterly defeated.

"They don't think...things aren't good," Ron said quietly. "The baby..."

He crumpled to the ground in pain. This type of sadness and pain was the worst he had experienced.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other before turning to Ron, but before they could speak a nurse had walked over to them.

"Mr. Weasley?" She asked, glancing between the two men. Ron met her gaze and she continued. "I'm um..going to need you to come with me."

He gulped, her face showed stress and sadness.

Harry held Hermione as they just cried, waiting for an answer about Lavender and the baby, waiting for an answer abut Draco.

Life had finally broken them.

"Miss Malfoy?" A nurse called out from the doorway. Hermione looked around, searching for Narcissa, but she wasn't there.

She stood up warily and the nurse gave a weak smile, "I'm sorry, but..."

*To be continued*

A/N. I know, now you probably all hate me, but don't completely give up hope yet. Originally, the man was going to use the killing curse and Draco was going to die saving them, but I just couldn't do it, I at least wanted them to try and save him. Bah. So the next chapter we find out if Draco made it and what's going on with Lavender and the baby. Are they okay, did they both make it, blah. Then the next chapter is the epilogue and then we're done. Don't give up hope though just yet - how many times before have I made it seem like it could only end badly, yet it didn't? ;) As always, thanks for reading. This was a hard chapter to write, but I hope it was still enjoyable, I'm not completely satisfied, but I tried.

Chapter 43: Obstacles
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"I'm sorry, but I'm going to need you to come with me." She finished, her breath getting caught in her throat.

He was dead, Hermione knew it. He had to be or else she would have said something along the lines of, "you got here just in time" or "miraculously, we got to him in time" or something like that.

Hermione felt something inside her break. She wanted to fall to the floor and cry and cry until no more tears could come out. She wanted to give up on everything. Her heart was broken in a way that wouldn't be able to be fixed if he was really gone.

She followed the small nurse through several long corridors, anxiously holding her breath and biting her lip the whole way. She felt somewhat guilty for leaving Harry alone, but under the circumstances, she had to. What else could she do?

Finally they reached a larger golden colored door, and on the door knob hung a patient clip board. The name printed was clearly typed. Malfoy, Draco L.

"Now, before we go in-" the nurse started to say, but Hermione pushed past her and burst Into the room, ignoring the disgruntled sounds that emerged from the nurse.

On a hospital bed was Draco Malfoy. He was hooked up to numerous muggle IVs and medical machines, including a machine to help him breath and one to keep his heart going. She could faintly see the small rising and falling of his chest. His eyes were closed, it he was still alive.

She couldn't help herself, she cried.

"Now Miss Malfoy-"

"He's alive," Hermione gasped in / mixture of awe and pure relief.

"Yes, barely," the nurse said. "Glad you and your friend got him in when you did, or else this would have been a different story."

Hermione nodded, barely hearing her, all she could focus on was the fact that his heart was still beating.

"There are some things you need to be aware of, however," the nurse said gravely. "Perhaps you should sit down."

Hermione sat down as instructed, bracing herself for whatever news was to come from the nurses's lips.


Ron followed the nurse to the labor and delivery room and she pushed the door open to reveal Lavender, no longer as big and bulging, lying in a hospital bed. Her hair was frizzy and curlier than usual, messy, and disorganized. Her face was red, sweaty and blotchy. Tears were flowing freely from both of her eyes, running down the year stains which were practically tracks. She was beside herself. She kept talking but no clear words were able to be understood, just gargled sounds.

Two nurses were trying to comfort her, it to no avail, their attempts did nothing. She was still screaming and crying frantically.

Ron couldn't help himself from crying as well. He didn't know what was wrong, but he had a good guess.

The baby.

The baby may not be his, but he had still spent the last 8 or so months preparing for it, readying himself and getting excited for it. He had a small nursery in his flat, had baby clothes and diapers and formula, everything. He cared for that baby and the idea that anything bad could have happened to it was something he couldn't deal with.

"Perhaps you should sit down, Mr. Weasley."a nurse suggested quietly.

He wasn't able to move, he just stood there, and shook his head.

"We were trying to get the baby to come naturally," she explained. "But for whatever reason, she just wasn't cooperating at her heart started slowing and we realized the cord was wrapped around her neck. We did an emergency c-section and got her out, but she had lost oxygen flow during that time and we can not be certain if there was damage and to what extent it is. She was taken to out NICU unit on the fourth story getting checked out. Despite being full term, she wasn't of full term size and we think that previous circumstances have stunted her growth, but we do not know to what degree. When we have any more information we will let you two know. We're so sorry." The nurse said solemnly.

"The odds," Ron choked out. "What odds are we looking at?"

"Well," she started slowly, thinking. "The odds that she will survive are fairly good - around an 80% chance, there is however, at least a 60% chance that the damage was severe enough to cause her problems."

Ron fell to his knees, unable to stand anymore.

After a lifetime of being strong and facing challenges, this was finally an obstacle he didn't know if he could face.


Hermione looked at the nurse expectantly, hesitating to test her eyes away from Draco.

"He is very lucky to be alive right now," the judge began, to which Hermione nodded in agreement. "There is however a substantial amount of damage done to his body and the body can not simply bounce back easily. Between the injuries alone and damage from when he collapsed to the ground, he will require rehabilitation to regain a normal life. He will need to relearn many motor skills because when he fell he seemed to damage his cerebellum and which is in control of your motor skills. He will also be in a neck brace for 6-8 weeks and will have to spend a large amount of time in a wheelchair while he regains his ability to walk. Blood loss, brain damage and other complications in combination have hindered his life greatly, but he should pull through this. If he pulls through tonight, which we all fully expect him to, then he should pull through completely. It will be hard for him and he will probably have a difficult time with it, but it must be done. These injuries are ones he can survive through, but he will need lots of assistance and patience. I would like him to have a full time nurse living in the premises of his home if he needs help, and someone hired or family or friend to be a caretaker to help him -"

"I'll do that." Hermione said directly.

"Okay then," the nurse smiled. "You're a good wife to stick around - many partners wouldn't given the circumstances. But I believe you when you say you will."

Hermione wasn't sure who told her she was his wife, but she didn't care.

She wasn't sure what her feelings were for Draco, but she certainly cared for him.


Six hours later, Ron was passed out next to an equally passed out Lavender, cradling her gently. Their faces were still crumpled In pain as they held each other gently.

"Miss Brown, Mr. Weasley," a voice said, shaking them awake. "I have someone I think you'd like to meet."

Just then a nurse came in holding a tiny pink blanket making tiny cooing sounds. She placed the blanket gently in Lavender's arms and the cradled the newborn daughter. Tears of joy flowed from both of their eyes as they stared at the innocent face. She had brown eyes and hair that was half as light as Lavender's get still darker than Draco's. She was beautiful.

"3 pounds, 7 ounces," a nurse proclaimed, writing the information on a clipboard. "Do we have a name for baby girl yet?" She asked with a smile.

They looked at each other and smiled and nodded, "Yes," Lavender sighed.

A couple hours after that, Draco feebly opened his eyes and a smirk crossed his lips, "you totally love me." He said is harsh gasps. She couldn't help but laugh.

Despite everything, she did love him. Where their relationship stood, she wasn't sure. But she did love him. She had planned to wed him less than 24 hours later and feelings like that don't using disappear.

And he had almost died for her, he tried to do what was right.

She wasn't sure whether they could ever recover from the betrayal, but she was willing to work and see. He was there when she needed help, after all.

He fell back asleep not much longer after his arrogant self made the remark.

Eventually, the nurse told Hermione that they needed to check his vitals and that she ought to leave for a bit. She kissed his forehead tenderly.

Remembering he's been alone, waiting, for hours, she wandered back to the waiting room to see Harry.

As soon as he saw her, he rose to his feet expectantly, "Well?"

She pulled him into a hug, "He's alive, and if it wasn't for you...he wouldn't be."

"That's fantastic news, Hermione," he said gleely, hugging his friend to him. "So what did they say?"

Hermione sighed, her mouth forming one solid line. "He's alive, yes, but he lost a lot of blood and has brain damage. He's going to require quite a lot of rehab, but he should pull through be able to live a normal life eventually."

"Well, at least he's alive," Harry said, reassuring her.

"Miss Malfoy, Mister Potter?" They looked to the door where yet another nurse was waiting for them. "If you would follow me, please?"

They exchanged nervous glances and followed her down hallways until they reached one in the prenatal unit. They saw the family shape of Ron, his back to them, down the hall.

"Ron," Harry called, as they hurried over.

Ron turned around slowly, cradling the small blanket wrapped baby girl in their arms tenderly, "I would like to introduce you to Amelia Louise," he said proudly.

Hermione gasped in awe at the beautiful baby girl.

"Brilliant," Harry gasped.

In that moment, nothing from the past months mattered. All that mattered was that, now, there was a new, beautiful life in the world.

"So everything's...alright then?" Hermione asked timidly.

"Yes and no," Ron said. "They had thought the damage would be a lot more severe. They think she's healthy, but want to keep her a few days to make sure because her lungs are slightly underdeveloped. But other than that, but some miracle, yes."

"That's great, Ron." Hermione sniffed.

"What about Malfoy, is he.."

So Hermione explained everything that happened to him, to which he reacted similarly to Harry. When Amelia began to cry, he handed her back to Lavender, who wished for alone time.

The three best fiends walked quietly back to the waiting room, arm in arm.

They had made it.

Once again, life had throw the harshest of curveballs at them and they still handled it.

Their journey was still long, and guarantees to be bumpy, but they were in for the ride.

AN. This was really short, and I'm sorry, there just wasn't much left to happen. Well, the baby is okay, Draco will be as well. Now all that's left is the epilogue. Thank you for reading my story, I pray it didn't disappoint anyone and if It did I am deeply saddened and sorry. Thank you for sticking with me until the end. It was a fairly cheesy end, but oh well, I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it. I'll get the epilogue up as quickly as possible.