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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 6,740
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/28/2010
Last Chapter: 10/11/2011
Last Updated: 10/11/2011

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Meet Melissa Sanchez: Hufflepuff, wizard chess extraordinaire and diabetic.
Meet Remus Lupin: Gryffindor, Prefect and sufferer of a mysterious ailment.

Both feel like outsiders; Melissa with a muggle disease, and Remus with a feared magical condition. They both find friendship and understanding in each other. Together, they can face their troubles head on.

Chapter 1: Type One
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Disclaimer; Thank you to the wonderful J.K Rowling who created everything written her except Melissa, Lauren and fragments of the plot which were created by yours truly.


I'd like to dedicate this to a number of people;
To my mum, dad and eight siblings,
For loving me no matter what.
To my doctor Cathy,
who I know will never read this.
To my incredibly supportive friend Laura,
who has been there for me through everything.
To Lizzie, Sevvy and Cally,
for being the most awesome people I've ever meet on a forum.
And lastly to Lauren,
the person who inspired me to write this and has been nothing but supportive while I’ve been re-writing this.


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Melissa Sanchez looked down on the potion she was halfway through brewing and inwardly groaned; usually she enjoyed Potions to some extent but today she was feeling so unbelievably ill that even her favourite subject, which was Charms, could make her feel better.


Melissa crossed her arms on the table and buried her head, hoping that she could fit in a few minutes rest before Slughorn came around to check their potions. Her wish was short lived when she was nudged softly in the side.


“Melissa, do you want to go to the Hospital Wing?” Came Lauren Williams’s soft voice.


 She and Melissa had been best friends since their first night at Hogwarts when they met in the Hufflepuff Common Room. Lauren was a muggle-born and therefore knew nothing what-so-ever about Hogwarts, as Melissa came from a half-blood family she was more than happy to tell Lauren everything she knew.


Lauren was a rather quiet girl until you got to know her and then it was hard to shut her up but it no way was she rude or arrogant in fact she cared a lot for Melissa and treated her like a little sister even though she was only a month older.


“No” Melissa whispered back, staring up at her best friend who had grudgingly gone back to her potion. Lauren’s long mousy brown hair was tied back neatly in a ponytail and her robes fitted her slim figure perfectly. Noticing that Melissa hadn’t gone back to her work, she stopped cutting her roots and stared over at her.


“What’s wrong?” Melissa whispered a quick nothing and started to dice up a few of her ingredients; Lauren sighed and turned back to her own potion. 


A few minutes passed and nothing was said, until Melissa began to feel ill again. She took a deep breath and sat back down on her chair, she pressed a hand to her aching stomach. The pain was so intense that when she tried to call for Lauren who had gone off to talk to Professor Slughorn, she could not find her voice.


She slid out of her seat, pushing some of her bleached blonde hair out of her face and stood, leaning against her table for a minute before walking towards Lauren and Slughorn.


Around her, she could hear the loud chatting of her classmates and the bubbling of their potions. Just as she stumbled up to the front desk, where Severus Snape was sitting, her vision started to go blurry. She could barely make out the odd look Snape was giving her, and continued to stumble forward her eyes barely setting on Slughorn’s round figure.


Lauren seemed to notice her, sent her an odd look before noticing just how much her best friend was clumsily walking.


“Are you alright Miss. Sanchez?” Slughorn asked, as Lauren threw her arms around her to keep her standing upright. Melissa could hear as the room went silent, which meant only one thing; everyone in the room was staring at her. She felt herself blush and tried to find her voice in order to describe her blurred vision. Her voice was still not cooperating with her and she could hear the whispers spreading around the room. “Miss. Sanchez?” Slughorn asked again, this time Melissa didn’t even have time to think about answering as she felt her legs give way and her vision go black.


Great” She thought to herself.



When Melissa finally came around, she was grateful that she was no longer on the cold Dungeon floors of the Potions classroom but wasn’t overly thrilled with the fact she was in the hospital wing either.


“Welcome back” An unfamiliar voice said from beside her bed, it was obviously not Lauren or Madam Pomfrey. With an odd desire to know who had graced her with their presence she sat up slowly in her bed and turned to face a smirking, Remus Lupin.


Remus Lupin was one of the four Marauders, a group of four insanely popular Gryffindor boys called the ‘Marauders’ whom were in Melissa’s year and most of her classes. Remus was the nicest of the four boys and among the smartest in their year; it surprised her that he was not a Ravenclaw instead.


As well as being smart, he wasn’t too hard on the eyes either as Lauren would say. He was rather tall, about 6” or so. His hair was light brown, almost blonde that fell perfectly in front of his amber eyes which over the years Melissa, had heard her share of giggling about.


It was common knowledge that the Marauders had their own fan girl base,  although Sirius Black had the most (and he was definitely not afraid to flaunt this), Remus had a steady amount as well but unlike his friends he didn’t spend every single waking moment in a broom closet with one of them. What really surprised Melissa was the fact he was sitting right across from her, they had never even talked and here he was sitting with her in a hospital wing like they were best friends.


“Hi” She whispered back, his eyes glistened brightly at her before turning away as the curtains where pulled open by Lauren who instantly noticed Melissa was awake and called for Madam Pomfrey.


“How are you feeling?” Lauren asked, sitting on the edge of Melissa’s bed and smiling over at her. She desperately wanted to ask as to why Remus Lupin was sitting in the same room as them but she thought better of it considering said person was smiling between the pair.


“Ah, Miss Sanchez. I’d like to ask you a few questions before I give you a potion” Madam Pomfrey said as she came bustling into the room, breaking the awkward silence. “Now when did you start feeling sick?”


Ah, great. Question time!” Melissa thought to herself before explaining to the school healer that she had begun feeling sick during Potions class. She was then asked what she had eaten for breakfast, her reply being that she had missed breakfast that morning because she was running late.


“Did you get hit with any odd spells?” Was the final question Madam Pomfrey asked, Melissa shook her head and Madam Pomfrey sighed. “I’m afraid there is no potion to make you feel better, you have a muggle condition. At the moment there is no cure, not even for us but research is underway in the Muggle World” Melissa swallowed her sob that was caught in her throat and nodded for the healer to continue. “It’s easily manageable though” She added quickly before continuing. “Miss. Sanchez, you have a sickness called Type One Diabetes”


Authors Note; Well there you go guys, For those of you who read the original I’m sorry about this I just thought this was a refreshing change and that this was much more interesting.


I hope you all agree and I hope to see you in the next chapter, which I will hopefully update next month, I’m going to be away for the rest of January so I look forward to seeing you all in February. Thanks for reading and please review!

Chapter 2: Jellybeans
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Disclaimer; Except for Lauren, Melissa and parts of the plot nothing in this story belongs to me. It is all the work of J.K Rowling.


Rumours passed quickly through the school of reasons why Melissa had fainted- everything from teenage pregnancy to eating disorders and attention seeking, but nothing anywhere near the truth, but even more of a hot topic was why exactly Remus Lupin had carried her up to the Hospital Wing, people thought he was perhaps the father of this non-existent child, another idea was that he fancied Melissa- possible but unlikely, and perhaps oddest of all some people had developed that Melissa and Remus were long lost siblings.


Melissa wasn’t used to being gossiped about or have rumours about her spread around, she and Lauren had always been so careful as to avoid it that it was rather well…odd for her. She was good at ignoring it though, and laughing about all the ridiculous ideas that people had come up with and how gullible people were as to believe them.


Inside, Melissa knew that as soon as Madam Pomfrey dismissed her she would be in out in the open for the whispering and giggling as she’d seen so many times before among her fellow peers, and well she was scared. Scrap that, she was frightened for her life about how people were going to treat her and the kind of lengths people would go to in order to find out the truth. It almost made her want to stay in the Hospital Wing until she graduated.


When she voiced this to Lauren, she thought Melissa was being overly dramatic and threatened to drag her out of the wing kicking and screaming if she had to. Knowing that her friend was dead serious, she decided not to mention it again and quickly went back to finishing off her dinner.


“Miss Sanchez, it’s vital for your health that you finish all your meal. Otherwise your sugars may drop to low again and this time the effects could be much worse” Madam Pomfrey cut in just as Melissa went to push away her mashed potato with a side of chicken, She’d never really been a fan of mashed potato really but they- except for corn and sweet potato they were really the only carbs she could really eat for dinner as Madam Pomfrey didn’t seem to think that cake was suitable.


Grudgingly, she pulled her plate back towards her and slowly finished off her potato much to her disgust.


“Wipe that smirk off your face girl” She whispered furiously to Lauren as her plate became clean.


“Yes, sir” Lauren replied, saluting Melissa who glared at her before picking up the Witch Weekly that Lauren had bought her. A few moments of silence, Melissa found herself being pelted with jellybeans. “Pay attention to me loser” Lauren taunted, hitting her friend with one of those disgusting black jellybeans right in the hand.


“Hey!” Melissa cried out in outrage, picking up the jellybeans that had been previously thrown at her and chucking them at Lauren who was almost doubled up with laughter. “You’re hurting the sick girl here” She cried, this set Lauren off again.


“You can’t claim that anymore sweetie, I think you’re getting better”



The next day Melissa was once again woken up at an ungodly hour (also known as 8am) by Madam Pomfrey. After testing her Blood Sugar Levels with a little prick of her finger, she grabbed out her insulin- which was what her pancreas was not making properly, therefore messing up sugar levels. The clear liquid was stored in a device that looked similar to a muggle pen which then Melissa only needed to join a small 6mm needle to and she was ready.


She didn’t feel quite comfortable giving her injection herself and so Madam Pomfrey agreed to do it for her, but it was important that she knew how to do it herself before she’d be discharged. She was just about to start her breakfast when the wing doors swung open, she was able to catch a quick glance of a bloodstained shirt before Madam Pomfrey pulled her curtains shut and stormed off towards the injured person.


So this person had obviously been a victim of either an attack or been part of a duel that hadn’t ended very well on his side, it was the saddened whispering that she could barely hear through the curtains that confused her.


“It’s getting worse” A deep voice whispered, Melissa silently stepped out of her bed and slipped into the chair which was placed that bit closer to the curtain so she could listen in. This wasn’t usually something she’d do, she understood that everyone deserved their privacy but she truly just wanted to check whether this boy was alright, maybe it was the Hufflepuff inside of her.


“I know, He’s knows that he’ll be on his own again soon and it’s worrying him” A second voice replied even lower than the first. “We need to be there for him Padfoot, It’s all we can really do for now” The room became silent as the two voices slipped through the door.


The voices, they were James Potter and Sirius Black which meant one thing…


The injured boy in the bed next to hers was Remus Lupin.


Authors Note; Okay, there are a few thing that I’d like to point out about this story, One being that I myself am a diabetic so I didn’t  make this stuff up. Two, although this is much shorter and a bit of a filler compared to chapter one it is a very important chapter. Three, school has started up again so my free time for writing has gone down in quite a large amount but I will try and make time during the weekends. Updates for other stories; Currently working on updating TTWAS, then La Malediction before a few other updates.

Chapter 3: Tease
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Disclaimer; Except for Lauren, Melissa and parts of the plot nothing in this story belongs to me- It is all the work of J.K Rowling.


Melissa didn’t sleep well that night, she tossed and turned and stared at the curtain that separated her bed from Remus’. She was worried about him, why exactly was he in the Hospital Wing? He didn’t seem like the kind of person to get in a duel and considering that his friends had carried him up to Madam Pomfrey she doubted he’d started a fight with one of them.


What else was there? Dragon pox? Spattergroit? But neither really explained the bloodstained shirt that she had seen. Her worry getting the better of her, she untangled herself from her sheets and quietly placed her heels on the ground. Melissa poked her head through the curtains, her eyes setting on Madam Pomfrey desk which was lit up, however the nurse was fast asleep. As quietly as she possibly could, she pulled back Remus’ curtains and took a step towards the chair beside his bed.



Melissa couldn’t believe her eyes; the Gryffindor was covered in deep cuts that were covered in dry blood. She winced, sitting down in the chair next to his bed. Without even thinking about it, she took Remus’ hand and squeezed it softly. It was rough, and like the rest of his body- covered in dark red blood, for some reason she found herself using the wet cloth that was placed on his side table to wipe away the blood that hid his pale skin.


She wanted him to wake up, so she could ask him what had happened even if she didn’t get the truth, she just needed to hear something, but it didn’t feel right- waking him up. Melissa knew he would be exhausted, and they weren’t friends so to speak, in fact he hadn’t come to see her once since he bought her up to the Hospital Wing. Melissa sighed- she guessed that she’d probably never find out, and let go of his hand. She wasn’t quite sure why, but before turning back to her own bed, she placed a kiss on his forehead.



Early the next morning, Melissa found herself being awoken by Madam Pomfrey for her blood sugar levels and some breakfast. She could hardly believe how hungry she was and she quickly finished off her cereal before she decided to take a short walk or rather pace, around the Hospital Wing.


She hadn’t even made it half the way around the room when she heard a wolf whistle. “Nice pyjamas Sanchez” Melissa flipped around to see ‘The Marauders’ all smirking at her. She bit down on her bottom lip nervously and looked down at her pyjamas, a pair of incredibly short dark blue pants that could easily pass as underwear and left nothing for imagination, and a stripy tank top that once belonged to her cousin but had become too short for her.


 “Care to strut a bit for us?” Sirius Black raised his eyebrows suggestively and Melissa stared blankly at him, before turning on her heel and pulling her curtains closed behind her. “Oh, stop teasing us. Remus here wouldn’t mind a go…” Melissa turned crimson as she pulled a plain white dressing gown over her body, and slipping out the other side of the curtain and heading to the bathroom.


Once she was finished in the shower, she dressed herself quickly in some jeans and a hoodie, stuffing the pyjamas she planned to burn once back in the Hufflepuff Common Room, in her toiletry bag. Aware of the loud fits of laughter she could hear that obviously belonged to the Gryffindor boys- they were probably still laughing at her pyjamas. God, why were boys so immature?



It wasn’t for at least another hour before the laughter died down- a moment for which Melissa was glad for but was short lived when again came the voice of Sirius Black from the other side of the curtain. ‘’Hey Williams, let your best friend know that it’s not nice to tease” Lauren! Melissa sat up straighter in her bed as her best friend pulled open her curtains.


“Hey, Let’s walk” She said, pulling Melissa out of her bed and out of the hospital wing- calling to Madam Pomfrey that she’d have her back before lunch. “Spill” Lauren half yelled the moment they turned the corner. “How exactly did you tease Sirius Black? And why? I thought we agreed that while he may be fit- He’s a pig” Melissa sighed.


“I didn’t mean to” She replied, before checking that there was no one around who could spread rumours- The coast was clear. “You see, Lupin came in all bloody last night and I worried about what was wrong with him and you know what I do when I worry” Lauren nodded.


“You pace, and oh dear Merlin. Please tell me you were dressed” Melissa bit down on her bottom lip and Lauren shook her head. “How bad were your pyjamas?”


“They were the blue ones” Lauren cringed and wrapped an arm around her best friend.


“Sweetie, it could have been worse. You could have been wearing the stripy top too” Melissa blushed and quickly tried to hide her reaction from Lauren who noticed it immediately and chuckled. “You’re kidding me- oh you are never going to live this down!”  Melissa groaned and buried her face in her hands.


“Please, just kill me now” Lauren chuckled again and gripped onto Melissa’s shoulder tighter.


“It still could have been worse- You could have stripped in front of ‘em” Melissa turned herself away from Lauren who groaned. “Don’t tell me you did that too”


“No, but you’re right- I’m never going to live this down for the rest of my Hogwarts career. I bet you everyone knows by lunchtime” Lauren rolled her eyes.


“Trust me- They won’t spill because if they do, I’ll just mention a little something to Miss Lily Evans and they’ll shut up soon enough” Melissa laughed.


“Merlin, She has that Potter whipped” Both girls laughed and continued through the hallways- betting on how much longer it would take before Lily fell for James.


Authors Note; Hey There guys! I was going to try and make this chapter a bit longer but I sort of hit a wall- You see, I did have this chapter all written up and then after a problem with my laptop- I lost all 1,000 and something words and needed to restart. Crossing my fingers that it won’t happen again.


Okay- Concerning updates for other stories, I’m currently working on like ten different chapters for things so it really depends on what I finish next. I’m guessing it’s going to be either Chapter Seven of BEL or Chapter Two of my new story Intoxicated with Madness. And I believe that is all- until next time.

Chapter 4: Conversations
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 Disclaimer; Melissa, Lauren and fragments of the plot are mine- the rest is credit to the amazing J.K Rowling whom without we would not be here right now.


This chapter is dedicated to my twin sister Mel for always being my shoulder to cry on, to remind me that there’s always something worth living for, that maybe having diabetes (like Melissa) isn’t that bad and for being determined to cure it for me, for making me laugh so hard my sides hurt for days, for being the blonde one, for being an inspiration, for being beautiful and for urging me to keep writing when it didn’t seem worth it anymore. You are my rock, my world, my best friend, my sister and most importantly my muse. I love you forever.


Lauren threw her head back and burst into laughter, after a few minutes, she stopped and smiled over at Melissa who rolled her eyes.

“You are mental, you know that right Lauz?” Both girls chuckled and Lauren threw her arms around Melissa’s shoulders.

“But that’s exactly the reason you love me Mellie!” Melissa laughed and hugged Lauren tightly.

“You’re right, that and because you’re amazing” Both girls fell into a comfortable silence as they made their way into the Transfiguration corridor. “Hey Lauz, Remus Lupin came into the Hospital Wing all bloody quite late last night, I know you’re going to read into this too much but I’m worried about him” Lauren frowned.

“That’s odd; did you ask him about it?” Melissa rolled her eyes, and bit down on her bottom lip.

“Well no, how exactly was I supposed to ask him? Oh hey there- I’ve only like talked to you once but my Hufflepuff tenancies are getting the better of me and I want to know why you came into the hospital wing last night covered in blood?” Melissa took a deep breath. “I’d sound like a bloody stalker if I said that” Lauren chuckled. “What?”

“You said bloody, Oh that’s good” Lauren twisted some hair around her finger and continued to chuckle to herself despite Melissa’s glare.

“Sometimes I think you’re two year old stuck in a seventeen year olds body” Melissa pushed her friend lightly on the arm.

“I can only dream Mellie, I can only dream” Melissa shook her head, some strays falling from the messy bun piled upon her head.

“Why you dream about being two years old, I’ll never know” Lauren sighed.

“It was all so easy back then Mellie, the only thing we ever had to worry about was getting cooties from icky boys. Newts weren’t coming up, there wasn’t some war upon us, blood purity didn’t matter and this wasn’t happening to you” Lauren’s breath became shaky. “You don’t deserve this you know, if anyone in this world deserved a perfect life, it’s you sweetie” Lauren raised her hand up to wipe away the tears that were forming in her eyes, Melissa hugged her closely again.

“Thank you” She whispered into her friends’ hair. “Thank you” A single tear dropped onto Melissa’s arm.



Two hours later had Lauren and Melissa moved back into the Hospital wing and took refuge on Melissa’s bed from the still laughing boys on the other side of the curtain.

“I really thought they’d found something funnier to laugh about by now” Lauren started- purposely making sure the boys could hear her voice loud and clear. “Like Black’s lack of brain cells” There was a snort behind the curtain followed by an outraged huff.

“Maybe they would if Moony would stop talking about Sanchez’s legs” Melissa blushed a deep shade of red at Sirius’ comment and Lauren snorted, before raising her eyebrows suggestively that caused Melissa to blush even more.

“Maybe it’s the joined lack of brain cells that causing them to always perv on girls” Lauren called back, causing Melissa to glare at her before making gestures with hands for her best friend to stop.

“Maybe it’s because Sanchez’s has some pretty hot legs and Moony hasn’t had a go with anyone for a while” If it was possible- Melissa blushed even more and decided to start hitting herself in the face with her pillow.

“Maybe-“ Lauren started, staring at Melissa with an odd look before taking the pillow away and throwing it back onto the bed.

“Maybe everyone should just shut up and go back to their own conversations” Melissa cut her off, and both sides of the curtains fell silent.

“Wow, Sanchez never knew you had it in y-“

“Shut up Black” Melissa snapped, sitting back on her bed as she and Lauren began to play a game of Exploding Snap. The boys soon returned to their own conversation- which was a highly descriptive recount of Black’s latest shag in the broom closet on the third floor, whether this was highly accurate or an over exaggeration, neither girl really wished to be acquainted with the truth.



Authors Note; this chapter is quite…different? To the others I suppose you could say- I know it’s a bit all over the place with emotions and all but it’s just a part of everyday life really but it will be a rare occurrence in upcoming chapters. I’m sure this chapter is so boring and short but by the time you read this I’m probably on camp so I was really rush to having this finished before I left. 

What do you guys think of Melissa and Lauren? And the Marauders? They will obviously slowly start to play a much bigger role once romance starts to bloom, which will be coming shortly so get ready for that.

Update-wise, I’m hoping to have the next chapter up in about a fortnight or so depending on the homework I get once I get back from camp, school holidays are only about three weeks away for me so I’ll soon have much more time to write then. At the moment I’m planning to finish this novella at around 20-30 chapters and hopefully by the end of next year at the latest I’ll be finished! So thank you all for reading and I’ll see you soon!



Chapter 5: Incredibly Talkative Portraits
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Disclaimer; Melissa and Lauren that is all that is mine. The rest is J.K’s, Thank you for reading.


An hour later both Lauren and the Marauders had grudgingly left to eat dinner and the Hospital Wing was quiet once again, with the occasional noise from the clatter of knives and forks. As Melissa swallowed a mouthful of mashed potato she stared over at Remus, “Hey” She smiled, and he replied with a slightly odd tone in his voice. “I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but I was wondering as to why you’re in here” Remus paled remarkably for a minute before he regained his composure.


“It’s fine Melissa besides it’s only fair since I know why you’re here. I was attacked by an animal the other night- They don’t know what kind, just that it had claws and sharp teeth. I think that’s pretty obvious though” Melissa knitted her eyebrows together in worry.


“You’re alright though?” Remus nodded. “I won’t tell Lauren if you don’t want her to know, I’ll make up some excuse for you”


“Do you mind?” Remus asked meekly, “I did the same thing for my friends. I figured you wouldn’t want the whole school knowing and let’s face it that’s what would happen if they knew” Both of them laughed although Melissa, a little more confused than Remus.


He hadn’t told his friends, the friends he told everything- or at least that’s what the whole of Hogwarts thought, He’d never told them about her diabetes. She looked over at him as he went back to finishing off his dinner. She really couldn’t believe it, as possible reasons as to why flashed through her brain she took another mouthful of potato. He’d stated the reason why hadn’t he, it was for her privacy but for some reason the little Lauren part of her brain was nagging her that there was something more. She tried to dismiss this thought but it stayed in the back of her brain for the rest of the night.



“Bet your excited to go back to your dormitory and sleep in your own bed, eh Melissa?” Remus asked as Melissa packed away her few belongings the next morning.


“I suppose so, I don’t really talk to any of the other girls in my dorm room- except Lauren that is, but I’ll be glad to spend some more time with her” Melissa chuckled, “What about you? When do you get out?”


“Tomorrow hopefully, although Madam Pomfrey isn’t sure the scars will heal for at least a couple of months” Melissa frowned.


“Oh well, it gives you character in a way, I think. Besides apparently scars get women” Remus smiled, “That’s what my grandfather used to tell me anyway, always said it was how he won my third grandmother over” Remus chuckled.


“You’ve had three grandmothers?” He said in slight disbelief.


“Oh no, that was when I was eight. I’ve had another five now” Melissa shrugged her shoulders. “Every time he has a different story as to how he won them over, I used to think they were cute but they’ve just gotten ridiculous. I except the next one will be about how he won her over with his lack of memory” Both teenagers laughed, as Melissa folded up her last t-shirt.


“I suppose I should be off, Madam Pomfrey had already dismissed me” Remus smiled. “I’ll come back and see you tomorrow maybe? If you’re not out that is”


“I’d like that” He grinned and Melissa threw the duffel bag Madam Pomfrey had given her, over her shoulder and began to walk towards the door. “Hope you can make it out there, it’s scary…Be warned!” Melissa laughed and opened the Hospital Wing door.


“Okay, well Bye Remus” She said, nervously shuffling her feet at the ground.


“See you Melissa” He replied as Melissa turned and stepped into the hallway. With a deep breath, she made her way down the corridor and towards the Hufflepuff Common Room. In her desperate need to slow down her trip, Melissa stopped by as many portraits as she could and started conversations about absolutely anything with them. Some loved having a real living person to talk to while others stared at Melissa and asked her why she was even bothering to talk to them; she supposed they thought she was a little mental. Eventually she pulled herself away from some incredibly talkative portrait that was determined on giving her, his entire life story.


Melissa walked towards a rotten old tapestry, from what she’d heard it was accidently placed there a few centuries back and they’d never thought to get rid of it. Melissa’s eyes set of the familiar set of two suits of armour, standing perfectly still beside each other in their shining silver. She paused in front of them, and said as clearly as she could.


“Spattergroit” The two knights sprung apart and a door materialised from behind them. Melissa smiled to herself; she’d always loved the entrance to the Common Room, no matter how bad her day was-she could always feel her heart beating when the door appeared in front of her. Stepping into the bustling Common Room, she headed up to her dormitory where she began to unpack her stuff.


“Liss Bliss, you’re back!”  Melissa laughed at her best friends nickname for her and hugged Lauren tightly. “I’m so glad you’re back, I swear I never noticed how much the girls in here are like vultures!”


“Oh, I’ve missed you Lauz”


Authors Note; EEEP! *ducks sharp quills that are being thrown at her* I’m sorry it’s so bad, and I can feel the glares aimed at me for the length and lack of plot in this chapter but I have a reason this time, a good one, I really do.


You see, my twin sister who is basically my real life Lauren is well…in China and took my muse with her, I know…evil, evil muse. But never fear, I’ve bought a leash for when it returns and it’ll soon be tied out back with my dog. Let’s just hope my dog doesn’t get hungry.


Anyway, I’m rambling and I’m not quite sure why so on that note I will try and update super speedy, on something…Oh and thoughts about the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room?

Chapter 6: Potions Class
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Disclaimer: Melissa Sanchez and Lauren Williams belong to me as well as fragments of the plot. Everything else was created by J.K Rowling. All references to diabetes were formed from personal experience. Thank you for reading.


“Melissa, are you even listening to me?” Lauren whispered furiously, whacking her friend lightly on the arm to pull her out of the reverie like state she was in.


“Ow, Lauren” She replied, rubbing the place on her arm where Lauren had hit her. “What do you want?” She asked, half groaning as she finished brushing through her hair.


“I asked you what Lupin was in the hospital wing for” Lauren responded, her tone dropping into a happy chuckle. Melissa rolled her eyes, that was Lauren- always the gossiper. She hadn’t planned for Lauren to ask quite so quickly about Remus and so she hadn’t had time to think of a well thought out lie. Great, now she’d have to wing it.


“Uh...Stepped in the way of Pettigrew trying to practice something for Defense Against the Dark Arts” She responded as casually as she could, even throwing in a shrug of her shoulders with desperate hope that Lauren wouldn’t ask any more questions. She didn’t luckily, though she stared into space with furrowed brows for a little while.


“Are you coming to breakfast or not?” She asked, snapping out of her confused state. Melissa shook her head in response.


“I have to go see Madam Pomfrey so she can test my blood sugar levels and everything” Lauren nodded, it was clear that she understood but Melissa knew she felt far to queasy when it came to blood to come with her. “I’ll see you later though, Get my timetable for me?” She asked, picking up the things she required to test her bloods and her book bag.


“Sure, see you then Mels” Lauren replied, picking up her own books and adding as Melissa made to leave the dorm room “Say Hi to Lupin for me” Melissa could almost hear her friend’s eyebrows moving in a suggestive way. She chuckled a little and rolled her eyes, she doubted Lauren would ever change.


Sliding her diabetic stuff into her book bag as to hide it from everyone else, she left the Common Room and headed for the Hospital Wing. As she reached it, she noticed that Remus was in fact still fast asleep and Madam Pomfrey was waiting for her.


“Good morning Miss Sanchez” The nurse said with a kind smile as Melissa plopped herself on the bed next to her. “Did you remember all your things?”


“Yes” Melissa responded, pulling out her testing kit and setting it up as Madam Pomfrey had shown her a few days prior. She then pricked herself on the side of her ring finger and softly used her opposite index finger and thumb to squeeze out some blood. Once she believe she had the right amount she carefully collected it with the testing strip before setting it down on the bed to let it calculate her levels.


After a few seconds, the machine gave a little beep and the number flashed upon the screen. “9.7, that’s perfect Melissa. Do you want to have your insulin now and perhaps have a dry biscuit to keep you going until you get down to the Great Hall?” Melissa nodded, and pulled out the pen-like device that she had become so accustomed to in just a few days.


“Thank you” She said as Madam Pomfrey passed her a small packet of two dry biscuits as she pulled off the lid and attached the tiny needle she used. She then pulled up her school shirt a little to expose a bit of her stomach, she squeezed a little bit together and then softly poked the needle in. She gave herself the correct dose before waiting ten seconds, then she pulled out the needle and covered it back up.


Madam Pomfrey sent her a smile before disappearing around the corner to get rid of the used needle. Melissa meekly took a bite of her biscuit and waited for the nurse to return.


“You’re getting pretty used to it now, are you?” Melissa turned slightly to see that Remus had awoken and was now sitting up slightly in his bed, watching her with a slight smile.


“I have to really” She responded, finishing off her biscuit quickly. “How are you feeling?” Remus chuckled slightly before shrugging his shoulders slightly.


“I’ll get better soon” Melissa nodded in agreement as the hospital wing fell silent. Only a few seconds later did Madam Pomfrey appear.


“You can go Miss Sanchez, I’ll see you at lunch” She smiled, moving to help Remus sit up in his bed a bit more.


“I’ll see you tomorrow perhaps” Melissa said to Remus before picking up her book bag again and leaving the Hospital Wing. She was starting to get a little hungry.


“Welcome back Miss Sanchez” Slughorn commented as Melissa and Lauren slipped into the Potions classroom, a few minutes earlier than the rest of the class- only Severus Snape and Lily Evans were there. Not overly surprisingly the pair had sat as far away as possible from each other- Most of the school knew what had happened between the pair of them two years ago, back in fifth year.


Though she’d never really talk to either of them, Melissa thought it was terribly sad considering she’d always seen them as great friends. Lauren and the other Hufflepuff girls, whom she didn’t really talk to very often, all agreed that it was terrible for Snape to call Lily what he did.


Melissa and Lauren took their seats close to Lily who smiled over at them warmly. “Are you feeling better Melissa?” She asked, her worry showing the emerald green eyes that most of the female population of Hogwarts were jealous of. “James told me you were in the Hospital Wing until yesterday” She added afterwards.


“Yeah, I’m much better now thanks Lily” Melissa responded with a smile. She should have known that James Potter would tell his relatively new girlfriend Lily about her, but she doubted The Marauders or Lily knew why she was in there- Other than Remus of course.


“Oh, and how are you Lauren?” Lily asked politely, Lauren responded with a smile and a polite ‘very well, thank you’ before the pair allowed Lily to go back to searching through her Potions book.


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