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TRUST by No_oneKnows

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 2,863
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 08/06/2010
Last Chapter: 11/04/2010
Last Updated: 11/04/2010


| She has what no other girl does and that’s trust. Trust for a certain Tom Marvolo Riddle. What would it take for Amy to realise that trusting Tom Riddle was absolutely, utterly preposterous? |

"He had captivated me so deeply, grasped me so tightly that I could not, for the life of me, let go."

Chapter 1: Tom Marvolo Riddle
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Chapter 1

“Amy, that’s like asking why the grass is green or why the quaffle is a round oversized ball.”

Okay, so I had supposedly just asked the most apparent question in the history of the earth. And of course it was Ellie who responded with such an impatient, witty answer.

“He’s not evil, El, he’s just misunderstood.” I replied as I watched Tom Riddle passing the quaffle to his teammate, somewhat hard actually.

“Misunderstood isn’t the word, Amy. It doesn’t fit into the context at all. We all - apart from you who seem to be annoyingly ignorant to the fact - know that he’s a mental sociopath with a death wish for everyone who looks at him,” Ellie murmured, attention completely on Griffin Hall as he slowly fell off his broom. “Which, I must say, is practically everyone.”

I smiled shyly at Tom as he looked at me.

“Amy,” Ellie snapped her fingers in front of me and I waved awkwardly at him. To my surprise, but not to Ellie’s as she was too busy trying to draw my attention, he smiled. Quite sweetly if I do say so myself. Never in my seven years of schooling, had I ever seen him smile. Not even the tiniest twinkle on his face.

“Did you see that?” I screeched, “He smiled at me. He smiled at me!” I smiled buoyantly at her. She merely frowned. Meanly.

“It probably wasn’t a smile Amy. It was most likely a ‘go crawl into a hole and die so I don’t have to see your face anymore.’”

“No no no! I’m one hundred percent positive that it was a real, genuine smile!” I continued beaming at her.

“‘Also, so I don’t have to endure your overly eager fantasies about me and your most annoying fancies and drool over me.” Ellie droned and mimicked Tom. Of course in an overly hyperbolized  way.

I sighed deeply, and placed my head on my hands for support as I continued watching him dreamingly, ignoring the endless exasperated rant of Ellie.

- - - - -
Although she had moved on from her tirade of why Tom was so evil, it did not stop her from grimacing when he had approached me after training. 

“I saw you smiling at me.” he said, his voice low and alluring. He smiled shyly and beside me I can hear Ellie scoff. “Do you mind if we talk, Amy?” His voice was so soft and gentle. I looked into his dark, black eyes which was surrounded by an almost ghostly complexion. He was beautiful.

Stunned, I turned back to Ellie and breathed, “I’ll see you soon.” She merely rolled her eyes at the fact that I was absolutely smite and trudged back towards the castle.

I beamed at him and he chuckled. Oh, what mystery lay behind that chuckle of his. It was low and sounded like a soft growl instead. How can Ellie think this young man, with lovely innocent dimples, standing in front of me could be so evil? It was preposterous.

He led the way towards the lake in silence. He sat down right on the edge and I watched, nervously, as he sat down so gracefully. I felt like a complete klutz as I stumbled towards him.

I waited for him to say something first.

“It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” He turned his head towards me and I noticed how his eyes glittered in the sunset.

“Y-Yes.” I managed to stutter as I stared into his eyes. They were so mesmerising. His dark eyelashes, arched eyebrows, soft naturally-pouting lips, white pearly skin, his sweet musky scent... All of it. All of it was enough to enchant anyone.

“I’ve noticed you for a while.” I heard him mumble as he looked down, as though shy. My heart skipped a beat and I almost melted when he looked back up at me. His eyes large and his smile modest. My stomach started to flutter with the million of butterflies inside it.

“I’ve... Noticed you too.” I whispered. For the first time in seven years, pining after him day by day, he had noticed.

He smiled lopsidedly, staring straight into my eyes. I faltered and let out a deep breath. His face was so close to mine and it was so serene. Thoughts of him and I, happy together, filled my mind as I continued looking at him. The silence was not unnerving, quite the opposite actually. It was comfortable. The water around us rippled softly. And it was beautiful.

- - - - -

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Chapter 2: Mudblood
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Chapter 2.

The Great Hall was buzzing with - tedious, I’m sure - conversations as Tom and I entered. Some of which had died down as they saw Tom standing besides me. I felt self-conscious. I wasn’t a girl who was able to match Tom’s handsome looks. I was a brunette, had auburn eyes and quite dull. I gave Ellie -  who was at the middle of the Gryffindor table - a small smile.

Tom did not seem to be affected by any of the curious eyes gazing our way. “I’ll walk you to your table.” He put a gentle hand on my shoulder and strode ever so slowly. I cringed with humiliation as everyone turned to stare. Was I that horrible looking?

He waited until I had sat down across from Ellie before he bent down to whisper into my ear. “I’ll see you soon.” He had given me a short peck on the cheek before he had left for the Slytherin table.

“Amy, you’re as red as this tomato.” Ellie said, biting into a tomato to exaggerate the fact.   I didn’t reply. “I’m guessing all went swell with Mr. I Want To Take Over The World.” She stared at me intently.

I furrowed my brows at her and left my plate untouched, folding my arms against my chest instead.

“Did he convert you to Mrs. I Want To Take Over The World? Your stink eye’s not working here, Amy.”

I sighed and told her everything that had happened, knowing full well that I would have anyway, despite her intolerant stance towards Tom.

“And so, I think everyone thinks he’s too good for me.” I concluded, feeling my cheeks burn up.

“Amy, good is not the word. It’s more like he’s too bad for you. Honestly Amy -” I had given her the biggest look of disbelief - “I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of, heck, the world here. He is not, let me say it again, not a good person.”

Honestly Ellie, get to know him. He’s a very nice guy.” I felt angry at her. How could she be so prejudiced?

She sighed deeply and smiled softly. Tenderly, even. “You’ll realise eventually.” I heard her mumble under her breath.

I ignored her and looked away, catching a glimpse of the Slytherin table on the opposite side of the hall. There Tom was where he had belonged, with the rest of the pure bloods, conversing quite normally. It had made me wonder... Why me?

- - - -

The next morning was back to the ordinary. Ellie and I were on speaking terms, speaking about the homework that neither of us had done as we journeyed down to the dungeons.

“Slughorn loves me though.” Ellie said, smirking.

“El, you think everybody loves you.” But it was true, Professor Slughorn did find Ellie’s witty remarks quite pleasurable in his otherwise dull classroom.

We had been the first ones to arrive, until a group of Slytherin boys had appeared from the corner. I looked on eagerly for Tom.

My heart jumped and butterflies fluttered as soon as I saw him. He had been trailing along at the back of the pack. His dark hair ruffled and his white skin was illuminated in the shadows.

Ellie sensed this falter in me and scoffed, turning her face towards the door.
The Slytherins had come closer and closer. I saw Ace Kennelly, the leader of the so called pack squinting through the shadows. He identified me almost immediately.

“Look, mudblood!”

I cringed and turned away as they all jeered like silly baboons. Ellie looked at me and patted my shoulder comfortingly.

They crowded around us and I was forced to look at Ace. His blue eyes were small and squinty, his face was large yet chiseled with a sizable nose. Overall, he was a bulky young man and that was what made that encounter so intimidating.

I was shivering to my boots and I prayed to Merlin, that nothing would happen. I prayed he wouldn’t turn my ears into snakes or my nose into a toad. Being headboy, Tom was expected to help me but being my potential beau, I wished him to.

“Leave her alone, Ace.” His voice penetrated my bones and it soothed me. Ace immediately stepped back. “We don’t fraternise with filthy mudbloods like her.” I felt my stomach plummet deep into the earth. I looked at him, eyes wide. Ellie gasped.

“You’re such a conceited son of a bitch, you know that?” Ellie shrieked at him, ignoring the snickers and sneers of the Slytherins.
Tom merely looked at her, a blasé look on his face. He turned to look at me and all I saw in his eyes was a dark, monstrous figure. One I would never have thought to see.

“What’s going on here?” Professor Slughorn’s head popped out of the door and several more students began arriving.

“I’ve sorted it all out, Professor.” Tom said, giving Slughorn a warm smile.

“Oh have you m’boy? Good on you.” His voice was so cheerful, filled with confidence in Tom. “Well, come on in.”

Slowly, the other students entered the classroom, leaving Tom, Ellie and I last.

“Stay away from him Amy.” Ellie sneered, pushing past him to get into the room.

I avoided his gaze and followed after her. He put a hand on my shoulder.

“I’ll speak to you later.” his voice was so smooth, so deep and so comforting. I looked up at his face and his eyes displayed nothing but true remorse.

He walked in first, leaving me perplexed and pondering over the emotions that one like Tom Riddle may feel.

- - - -

Chapter 3: Lord Voldemort
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When it had come to the time for dinner, I refused Ellie’s proposal of accompanying her with a shake of my head. I laid there, silent and unmoving, waiting for an answer to magically appear in front of me. And there it was. Flying so gracefully, its large chocolate brown wings flapped ever so agile until it had reached its destination; my window. 

I unlocked the latches of the window and retrieved the beautiful owl, as well as the message accompanying it. I watched it as it hooted softly, eyes so piercing and its beak so sharp. It dropped a crusty piece of parchment, roughly torn around the edges, onto my lap. Tom Riddle’s elegant elvish writing was recognised immediately and the message was brief:

Dear Amy,

We have a lot to talk about. Please, if you wish, meet me at the Quidditch Pitch. I’ll be waiting for you.

Yours, Tom.

Absentmindedly, I stroked the thick fur of his owl and it hooted with affection. I thought about the message. What could he possibly want? That did not matter. All that did was that I needed to know. Without another minute’s hesitation, I bolted out of my dorm.

- - -

I spotted him instantly. His black cloak was billowing in the wind. His hands were in his pockets and his gaze was to the green grass below him. He was a magnificent sight. I felt myself blush as he looked up, a surprised look on his handsome face.

I stood still, unlike the distant trees as he slowly approached me. 

“Amy.” He sighed softly as soon as he was a few inches away from me. “Amy...”

I avoided his gaze. “What do you want Tom?” It came out as a whisper. I was afraid of him. Yet that did not stop me from coming out here.
“Amy, please look at me.” He lifted my head so I could no longer avoid his gaze. His earnest bewitching gaze. Again, that look of remorse was present in his eyes.

He placed both hands on my face, caressing my cheeks. “I did not mean what I said. Amy, I never would.” 

I stared, transfixed by his eyes and the sincere sentiments that belonged to them. It was like staring into a dark cavern, the glimmer of light shining brighter and brighter with every breath I took.  

“Then why did you say it?” I managed to murmur. I felt his hot breath on my face and was intoxicated by his sweet scent. 

“Amy, you need to understand.” I stared at him blankly. “I come from a line of pure bloods, as do Ace, Nott and Mulciber. It is only expected that they perceive you as they do. I, who does not and will not, fall victim to being swayed into choosing between yourself or them. Amy,-” I did not understand what he was saying. “I need this to be a secret.”

My brows furrowed and I was clearly confounded.

“I want you.” he murmured, relaxing his hands and instead, moving them down to my shoulders. “I think I even need you.” His voice brought tranquility and peace to me and like a possessed woman, I moved in closer towards him, placing my arms around his waist.

“It will be our secret. No one else’s. Not even Ellie.” 

I nodded into his chest as he slowly, gently, kneaded the back of my head. The warmth and security he had provided me was beyond belief.

“I’d wanted this for a long time.” I mumbled, cuddling up into his chest. 

I felt him nod and his arms tightened around me. 

- - - -

We sat ourselves in the perfect position; atop of a small hill just by the lake. We watched the moon rise, our silhouettes swallowed in by the darkness surrounding us. The cold air brought a chill into my bones and it wasn’t long until I began to shiver. 

“Here.” Tom said quietly, taking his cloak off to reveal the white school shirt underneath. It bore the Slytherin emblem. He wrapped his black cloak around me and pulled me closer towards him. I felt myself hold my breath, stunned by how open he was with his affection.

“Tom,” I muttered, “why me?” I posed him the question I had asked myself previously. 

He didn’t reply for a moment and I thought he had chosen to ignore it. When he did reply, it was as though the world stopped.

“It’s because I want you, Amy. You’re everything I need in my life...” He tilted my head towards him and my whole system had shut down. His piercing eyes stared deep into mine for one intense second before he closed them and pressed his lips to mine. It was pure ecstasy for those few seconds. Those few seconds that Tom Riddle’s lips pressed against mine. He pulled back and stared once again. “You’re perfect Amy. I need you in my life.”

Those simple words reduced me to my knees and brought my stomach to a plummet past the earth’s core. I felt him need me when he held me that evening. It was as though I was his last breath, holding onto it as long as he could.

His arms were wrapped tightly around me as we sat atop a hill, watching the moon and stars shine high above us.

“Tom, wouldn’t we get into trouble?” I asked him, looking into an animated watch on my arm.

He laughed as though I’d just told the most hilarious joke. 

“Amy, I’m Head Boy.” He grinned at me, his eyes glistening with the white light of the perfectly round moon.

I smiled at him, knowing full well that nothing bad could happen when Tom was around. His smile slowly faded away and rather, a small frown replaced it. I cocked my head slightly and wondered what was going through his mind.

“Amy, would you laugh if I renamed myself Lord Voldemort?” 

I would have laughed if it was not for his stern face. Stern and serious.

I hesitated, “I think Tom Riddle is a perfectly fine na-”

“No.” he snapped. I recoiled slightly, discomfort apparent as his eyes portrayed nothing but darkness like the shadows of the forest nearby. “No...” he said again. Softly this time. He shook his head gently and forced a smile. 

“Lord Voldemort?” I raised an eyebrow.

He nodded, “I want to be known. I want to be the greatest wizard since Salazar Slytherin.”

I disregarded his reference to Slytherin as the greatest wizard and instead asked him why.

“I feel as though it’s what I have to do. And not as Tom Riddle.” He added as I opened my mouth to speak. “Tom Riddle... I need something more.”

I looked at him questioningly.

“I Am Lord Voldemort and I shall be the world’s greatest sorcerer.” He stared at me intently and I felt particularly vulnerable as his eyes shimmered a tinge of red.

Fear arose in me like vomit.

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