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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 16,820
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny

First Published: 06/09/2010
Last Chapter: 10/08/2012
Last Updated: 10/08/2012


The Wizarding world is ready to forgive and heal now that the war is over. The world is forever changed, but it must look forward. The ministry decides that a dance class at Hogwarts would aid in the arts, unity, and fun, exactly what the world needs. Will this class help heal the two who need it most?
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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Too many were gone. The war had come full circle, this time never to be repeated. The war had taken people from some, places from others, and still others were denied the very future they’d been promised. Hermione was one such person. Ron died in the war, at the wand of no less than Lucius Malfoy. Ron was not the only Weasley gone. Percy was gone. Half of Bill’s memory was gone. He could only remember the beginning of the war. He couldn’t remember his childhood, or how to do his job. He couldn’t remember Hogwarts, old girl friends, any of Harry’s exploits at Hogwarts. Speaking of Harry, he surprised no one at his decision to go on to be an Auror, and choosing not to complete his education at Hogwarts. He and Ginny resumed dating at the war’s end but are currently facing some serious time about as Ginny has also decided to return to Hogwarts.

            Harry’s godson, Teddy Lupin, was leaving at the Burrow with Arthur and Molly. Harry was living there as well and helping to care for and raise Teddy, with careful guidance by Molly. The other person who was to care for him was his grandmother, Andromeda, however she was trying to get through the process of grieving for the loss of her daughter and husband. She was getting better, however she was not currently in a state fit to attempt to raise a child.

            The Slytherin house at Hogwarts is under serious threat. The ministry has considered disbanding it, however there are those against it. Many notable wizards and witches of good faith had come from this house. Strong supporters included Andromeda Tonks, Horace Slughorn, and the Carrow sisters (Hestia and Flora) who since graduating have proven to be very talented and even kind wand makers who have aided Ollivander since he has no children and the war did not do well by him. He still works, however the twins have been a huge help. Due to this precarious situation it is vital that Slytherin show its loyalty.

            The ministry had also decided that it was time for the wizarding world to heal and flourish .They’ve decided to reinstitute the art and music clubs at Hogwarts, and add a new class as well. Dance. This is the era in which this story begins.

            “Harry, are you sure you won’t come back?” Ginny asked for what had to have been the hundredth time that day.

            “Ginny love, why would I go back to Hogwarts when I’m being offered my dream career right now? Besides we need Aurors badly right now.”

            “I know but….” The red head trailed off, realizing she had no adequate excuse.

            “But nothing, you go back to school, enjoy your final year, and keep Hermione out of trouble.”

            “Hey,” Hermione but in as she entered the room, “Last time I check it was me who kept you out of trouble.”

            “Too right you are. As always,” Harry laughed. The three of them were eating lunch at the burrow. Hermione and Ginny were as close as ever, but Harry was hurting. The twins saw this though, and kept him busy. They became a surrogate to the lost brother, and put Harry in with their groups of friends.

            “By the way Ginny,” Hermione plopped down, “Have you read the Hogwarts letter?”

            “Yes. Can you believe they’ve added a bloody dance class? I like to dance, but I’m sure that it’s going to be a load of stuff I’ve never seen before. Hell, I don’t even know where to get the required materials.”

            “Calm down, I’ll go with you to buy your things,” Hermione laughed.

            “Not to be rude,” Harry began, “But what do you know about dance materials?”

            “Well,” Hermione was about to shock her friends, “I took ballet, ballroom, jazz, lyrical, and a bit of hip hop until I began at Hogwarts, and then during the summers I volunteered to help teach classes and dance roles in ballets for smaller schools in the summer when I had time.” Both of their jaws dropped.

            “No way,” Harry said stoically.

            “Show us something?” Ginny asked.

            “What do you want to see?” Hermione smiled. She didn’t get to surprise her friends often.

            “Do you know how to Tango?” Ginny grew a bit excited.

            “Yes, but unfortunately I require a partner for that.”

            “That’s okay, Angelina taught Fred how to awhile back. I’ll go grab him, he’s home for lunch break today.” Harry ran off before Hermione could stop him.

            “Hermione why didn’t you ever tell me you could dance?” Ginny asked as Hermione slid her shoes off.

            “It just never came up,” Hermione explained.

            “I see. Why are you taking your shoes off?” Ginny was confused.

            “I can’t do tango in flip flops Gin.”

            “Definitely not,” Fred grinned as he entered the room with Harry, “So Harry tells me you need a tango partner?”

            “Yes, they just found out I could dance and wanted to a see a tango, but I needed a partner to show them,” Hermione offered.

            “I see. Did you learn Argentinean?” Fred hoped she said yes, because that was all he knew.

            “Yeah, that’s the one,” Hermione answered.

            “Excellent,” Fred flicked his wand at the furniture in their way which presently moved away then at the magical radio in the corner. A sultry latin song began to play out of the speakers. Fred offered Hermione a hand which she took. He spun her in towards himself which place Hermione in perfect position to find the beginning position for tango.

            The two were closer than they’d ever been, but such was the nature of the tango. Fred led Hermione into a progressive backstep, then spun her out again. This time when he pulled her in, he did so slightly different. Hermione felt the change and prepared to be dipped. Fred pulled her in, and Hermione followed. Upon reaching Fred she wrapped a leg around his waist and found herself being dipped inches from the floor. Fred pulled her up, grabbed her leg, and pushed it down and out, putting Hermione in an excellent end pose.

            “Wow, Fred, you’re great,” Hermione complimented.

            “Why thank you,” Fred put on a fake stuffy voice and mocked the ridiculous bows seen in high society.

            “So are you going to teach me how to do that?” Ginny asked.

            “I would,” Hermione began, “But you don’t have a partner, other than Harry, and it helps when one of the two know what they’re doing. Unless you want to dance with your brother…”

            “No, No, I’m good. Maybe once we get what I need you can just show me bits and pieces,” Ginny suggested.

            “Definitely. I have to pick a few things myself. We can go now if you want.” Ginny agreed and they were off.

            The Hogwarts Express

            “Ginny I’m sorry to abandon you really, but I have to go to the Heads Compartment to meet the head boy and make arrangements for the prefects meeting.”

            “Look, its fine. I’ll sit…” She glanced around and managed to find some friends, “Here, with Neville and Luna. Just come find us when you’re done. We’ll save you a seat.” Hermione nodded and continued walking up the train aisle.

            Upon reaching the compartment Hermione was very surprised to see one Draco Malfoy waiting, looking out the window. Hermione paused to think for a moment.

            “Relax Hermione. He was hidden during the war. He helped the Order. He’ll be different.” That was what she told herself, however she knew if Ron were here he would have never let it go. Just thinking of him hurt. In fact it hurt too much. Hermione pushed thoughts of him away and walked into the compartment.

            “Hello Malfoy,” Hermione greeted him politely. She was expecting a nasty response but was pleasantly surprised.

            “Granger,” He gave a curt nod. She sat down across from him and realized that she would probably have to begin the conversation. She’s heard that Draco had lost his parents. Actually, she’d watched an Order member kill his father. Hermione knew how he felt. She’d tried to retrieve her parents from Australia, only to find their gravestones, buried by neighbors because there was no one else to do so. She knew he would not want to talk about it, if his reaction was anything like hers at all.

            “So, Malfoy, what do you think are the most important things for the new prefects to know?” His expression remained the same. So much so that Hermione almost repeated herself in fear that he hadn’t heard her. Just as she was about to do so Draco answered her.

            “Fairness. I think it’s important for the prefects to understand that they must be fair to everyone.”

            “Good,” Hermione was surprised to hear his response, “That’s great.” Silence fell among them. Hermione knew that they would have to live together, they really ought to try and reach some kind of a relationship.

            “Look, Granger. I will be civil, I can assure you of that, but I’m in no shape to be around people all right?”


Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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At the feast it was clear that everyone was trying to be festive, however it was clear that there were people missing. The hall looked like there were too few people, even the staff group looked a bit small. Hagrid was still there, as was McGonagall who was currently the headmistress. Hermione’s eyes scanned the table and she spotted Flitwick, Slughorn, Trelawny, and surprisingly, the table had been arranged for Firenze to also attend the feast. Many were also surprised to see Grubbly-Plank, but none were surprised to see Vector, Babbling, Hooch or Binns. There were several new faces as well, and one familiar one that they did not expect.

            “Ginny, tell me I’m crazy. Do you see Harry up at the table?” Hermione was in shock.

            “I do, but that doesn’t make any sense! He took me into work with him one day!”

            “Hush you two,” Seamus commented, “Blimey, I’m sure McGongall’s going to tell us about it in a second.”

            The first years entered a moment later led by Sinistra.

            “She must be the new deputy headmistress,” Hermione thought to herself. The hat was placed upon the stool and began to sing. This time there was no warning in his song. It was full of celebration, requests to preserve the past, forgive the wrongs, and letting the wounds heal. The students were sorted and McGonagall stood to give a speech.

            “To those of you who are returning students, we are glad to have you back. For our first year students, we hope you grow to love this place like we do. I am sorry that we are missing some of our numbers, in both staff and students. We have all survived a dark time, and it is time to let new light filter in. There are some among the older students who might like to see old prejudices continue, but the time for that has passed. The time for stereotypes, distrust, and harsh attitudes is gone. It is time instead to let the past be the past, though we will always remember those we have lost. The friendly rivalries are fine, and will continue, but I would like each of you to be open minded this year and forever more. Wounds from the past will heal, and we begin anew.

            With that said,” McGonagall took a breath and paused, “I would like to introduce our teaching staff,” She began at the far end of the table and intended to move down the table, “Firenze, who will be teaching Divination and assisting the Astronomy department, Professor Sinistra, Astronomy, Professor Trelawny, who will also be teaching Divination, Professor Slughorn, Potions, I am Professor McGonagall and I teach Transfiguration, Hagrid who is our groundskeeper and will also teach Care of Magical Creatures, Professor Grubbly-Plank who will also be teaching Care of Magical Creature, Professor Sprout, Herbology…” Hermione, though she hated to admit it, tuned out until she heard the first new name, the woman sitting next to Harry, “Professors Davies and Potter will each be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts part time. These two are both Aurors and will be teaching whenever their schedules allow. It will be regular, however you will not attend this class as much as in past years. Some of you may be asked if you would sacrifice this class in order to make room for others, and possibly become teacher’s aides.  And finally, Professors Miranda and Miranda, who will be teaching the new dance class.” She took her seat and food appeared on the tables.

            Harry knew what the girls would do so before they could do something foolish he got up and walked over to the Gryffindor Table where the girls were already up and nearly tackled him.

            “Why didn’t you tell us?” They squealed at the same time. The entire hall was smiling, despite that this may not be exactly…. Appropriate. Harry kept his voice quiet.

            “I was sworn to secrecy. And Ginny, you and I can’t openly…. Minerva knows, she says just to keep it quiet.” They hugged him again, realized that everyone was staring at them, and scurried back to their table.

            “This year is going to be insane,” Ginny sighed as she stared at her now secret boyfriend, “We had to wait until after the war, got two months, and now we’re back where we started!”

            “You can say that again,” Hermione agreed.

            After the feast Professor Sinistra grabbed Hermione and Draco to lead them to their dorm.

            “…Change the password if you wish, invite people in here if you desire, in fact, you are welcome to eat in the kitchen as much as you like, however we would like to see you at meals to some extent. Honestly, we have no intention of monitoring you two, just be the responsible individuals that put you two in this position.” She turned on her heel and left, leaving the two students in the common room alone.    

            “Well… good night Draco,” Hermione said awkwardly and left the red and silver common room. She found her room to large with oak wood floors and matching queen size bed. The other furniture was also matching. The walls, Hermione recognized would change at her will and she set the walls to be a deep blue to match the blue and gold comforter she brought from home that was already made up on the bed. She had a large closet and upon looking in the bathroom realized she would be sharing it with Draco. Tired, she changed and fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.


The Next Morning

            Hermione woke early, as was her nature, and was happy to find that two schedules sat on their kitchen counter awaiting the head boy and girl. Being curious by nature, Hermione couldn’t help herself. She compared the two schedules. She and Draco would have dance together, potions, and transfiguration. The rest of her schedule looked great, and she did have a note at the bottom of hers.

             Ms. Granger,

                        Due to your experience we do not feel that you require the actual Defense Against The Dark Arts class in order to be prepared to take your NEWT, however we would very much appreciate if you would be willing to teach the class on days when Harry Potter and Roger Davies are unavailable. If this is acceptable please inform Mr. Potter or Mr. Davies.

            Professors McGonagall and Sinistra


            Draco’s schedule included a similar note, however his informed him that he would be assisting Hermione if she found it acceptable to teach. Hermione noted that she had Thursday and Friday completely free other than her first period double block dance class. She figured that the teachers thought that she didn’t the extra classes and she could use the empty periods to teach.

            Hermione finished her tea and bagel and realized that class started in just half an hour, and Draco wasn’t up yet. She grabbed his schedule and walked up the stairs to the level with their two bedrooms. She knocked softly on his door first, and then harder when there was no response. When the lack of response continued she opened his door slowly. Hermione was unsure of how he slept and didn’t want to upset him.

            She crept closer to the large bed at the center of the room and saw Draco’s bare torso on the right side of the bed. Hermione did not know how much of him bare and she didn’t really want to find out. She tapped his shoulder and received no reaction. She shook his shoulder a bit. Finally she realized that she was dealing with one crazy heavy sleeper.

            “Draco Malfoy it is time to wake up!” she said firmly and gave him a firm shake. That definitely woke him up. He grabbed his wand from apparently under the pillow, jerked around and had his wand at Hermione’s throat in seconds.

            “What! Who?” Draco muttered, not fully awake.

            “Malfoy, relax , it’s me, Hermione Granger, you over slept,” Hermione stated calmly. It took Draco a moment to process this, but once he had he lowered his wand quickly.

            “I’m sorry. Old habit from the war, I’m sure you understand. In the future, well… I guess there’s no safe way to wake me up, I’m sorry. Thank you for waking me up. If you would kindly leave though, I can’t really get out of bed until you do,” Draco commented sleepily. Hermione glanced down at him to realize that the bare hip jutting out was clearly an indicator that all of him was bare.

            “Right of course, forgive me, I mean…. Here’s your schedule, the elves brought it up,” Hermione darted from the room. She prepared her school bag and then threw anything she might need into her dance bag including a leotard, tights, jazz pants, a tank top, pointe shoes, character shoes, taps, and jazz shoes.

            By the time she was done Draco was coming out of his room ready to go. “Geez he is fast!” Hermione thought to herself.

            “We both have dance first,” Hermione informed him.

            “Well, let’s go then,” Draco replied quickly and without waiting on her he began walking out of their common room. She walked quickly to catch up with him.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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Author's Note:
Hi, PA here. Quick note for you all. I am a dancer, but a very begining dancer, and one who has NEVER done ballet. I tell you this because the routines and combinations I describe may not truly be feasible, and if this is the case as any time, I am sorry. I am trying very hard with this story including researching (literally for hours) to make this story as good as a I can. I did use correct terms and for that reason have included a glossary in case you (like me prior to writing this chapter) are not fluent in dance speak. This chapter contains quite a lot of description and I hope I have described the dances I envisioned well. If you have any questions please let me know, and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy (It's a nice long one for you!)

“Welcome 7th years. I am Professor Isabel Miranda, and this is my husband and dance partner Professor Carlos Miranda. Since we will all go crazy if we try and go by last name you may call us Professor Isabel and Professor Carlos. We will be your dance instructors this year,” she introduced.

            “Now in order to help each dancer reach their best potential we will pair you ourselves, based mainly on experience, but also a bit on height. With that in mind, separate into boys and girls. Once you have accomplished that separate yourselves into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We will pair up after that,” Professor Carlos instructed. The students proceeded to do so, and Hermione surveyed what it looked like.

            The majority of students were in the beginners group, and there were about 7 intermediate girls, but only 4 intermediate boys. As for the advanced group, there was just Hermione among the girls, but surprisingly there were 3 advanced boys, Draco, Terry Boot, and Michael Corner.

            “Okay, we are going to test the advanced group first, and then move down from there,” Professor Isabel explained. Hermione raised her hand.

            “Hermione?” Professor Carlos asked what she needed. The professors were all made aware of the identities of the head boy and girl in advance.

            “Should I go and dress for ballet or ballroom?” Hermione asked.

            “Boys,” Professor Isabel turned to the advanced boys, “Do you all know ballet and ballroom?” Only Terry Boot didn’t know ballet.

            “Okay, Hermione, sorry but we will need to you dance with all of them to test them since you are the only girl of their level. Thank goodness we have you for a double block. Now then, dress for ballroom then you can just change your shoes. Everyone back up please!” Professor Carlos took charge. Hermione grabbed her bag and when to the changing room. She pulled on the jazz pants and tank top and her character shoes. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and came back out.

            “You will dance with Terry first. Just follow his lead, we may call out moves, do them if you can,” Professor Carlos explained. Hermione walked to Terry who stood at the floors center. Waltz music came on and the two immediately pulled themselves into position. Terry’s hands on her back and in the other held her hand. Hermione’s other hand was on Terry’s shoulder.

            They started in a box step to get adjust to each other and began to circle. Terry lead her in sweeping steps across the floor.

            “Can you do a lift please?” One of the professors called out. Hermione’s eyes met Terry’s.

            “Can you?” Hermione asked.

            “Maybe,” Terry replied calmer than he felt. Hermione felt the pressure and realized he wanted to do a lift where she was spun around him just a bit above the ground almost as if dancing on the ground. They prepared for the lift she set him up perfectly, and… he dropped her.

            “Hermione, I’m so sorry I-“ He went to give her a hand up.

            “It’s ok Terry, really,” Hermione took his hand and they went on to the next dance. Terry did better with the foxtrot, but there was no lift. During the Samba and the tango though, he was determined to stay as far away from Hermione as he could. She was very frustrated.

            “Terry, just stop okay,” Professor Isabel was feeling the frustration and stopped. They hadn’t even done swing. “Terry, I think you would do better among the intermediate dancers.”

            “Michael, why don’t you go next?” Professor Carlos ordered.

            This time they started with swing, which made Hermione very nervous. They began with the floor work, twisting in and out of one another, but the lifting was inevitable and Hermione was concerned. She’d already been dropped once. Hermione was pleasantly surprised to find that his lifting was great. He threw her up, she split her legs, up again, then left, then up then right. Clearly this was his specialty. He did fine with waltz as well. His only problem came with the Latin dances. He was experienced, that much was clear, but not enough to ignore the discomfort of being so close to someone during a dance. For that reason his pace of was off, and it simply didn’t work. That could be improved on though, not bad at all. It was still annoying to Hermione though.

            “Great Hermione,” Professor Isabel said.

            “Michael, you go switch to ballet while we let Draco go,” Professor Carlos directed.

            “Professors, I need just a moment,” Hermione said. She went to her bag and grabbed some water and wiped her face. The class had been sitting and watching in awe. The process was taking a long time, but at least in watching them it was interesting. Hermione came back to the floors center. Without waiting for invitation Malfoy walked up.      

            “Please for the love of Merlin tell me you can do Latin?” Hermione pleaded. She just needed, after all the mess, a good Latin dancer.

            “Thankfully for us both, I’m not half bad at Latin dances,” Draco replied haughtily. His voice showing emotion when speaking to her for the first time this year. Before the Professors could start the music Draco turned to them, “Could we start with something Latin first?” They appeared to be pleasantly surprised, and turned on a tango song.    

            He took Hermione’s hand, pulled her close and placed his other hand on her lower back. She put her hand on his shoulder. Finally, a guy who wasn’t afraid to get close. They were in perfect tango position. Draco pressed lightly on the hand he held and she instinctively began a back step in time with the music, slow but deliberate. The couple’s eyes remained locked the entire time.

            After her fourth back step Draco gave Hermione little notice before running a hand down her thigh to her knee. He pulled her knee up to his hip, and lowered his other hand. Hermione, knowing she was about to be dipped, leaned her hips into him. Draco knew she was ready for it and dipped her slowly. Hermione felt secure in this dip, and knew it was okay to go all out. He got her as low as he could and she proceeded to arch her back and go deeper.

            The music’s tempo sped up a bit so he snapped her up, pushed her leg out and signaled her to turn as he matched with a double. Upon completing his turn Draco slid into Hermione just as she completed her turn.

            Draco grabbed her hand and began to walk backward. Hermione began the high stepping stomp the tango was known for as she followed Draco’s lead. He allowed her to get close as they both prepared for what was about to happen. She was so close that there couldn’t have been an inch of skin that he wasn’t touching. She brought her lips close to his, and then was spun outward away from Draco, and then back in. This time her back was facing him. They both bent their knees and remained touching. Hermione was spun back out.

            This time when she came back in Draco was silently telling her to prepare for a huge dip. She twisted into him, wrapped a leg around his waist and was dipped a mere inches from the ground. Hermione was pulled back up, and as the tempo changed again, so did their dance. She put a hand on his chest and began the stomp again, Draco responding in suit.

            Soon Draco grabbed her hand, and pulled her back close and they began the fancier footwork of the closed portions of the tango.

            “Feeling up to a lift Granger?” He whispered.

            “Depends, are you going to drop me?” She challenges        

            “I never drop anyone.” Draco dropped the position and did a double turn away from Hermione with a paso doble flair with his arm in order to give Hermione some room. The Professors realized what was about to happen, but no one else did.

            Hermione began the short run to Draco, expecting him to do a simple lift with her horizontal above him. Instead, as he lifted her he muttered and began to aid her in doing so, “Turn.” Hermione found herself in the air above him, back to him. She quickly responded by arching her back, pointing her toes, and dropping her hands. Draco turned slowly on spot. When he reached the original spot, he lowered her slowly.

            The final moves were coming now. She stepped away from him immediately upon reaching the ground, and then looked over her shoulder at him. She put a hand behind her, almost as if saying to stay away. He grabbed her hand quickly, pulled her back to what would have been basic position, but she chose, as he knew she would, to end it better. She threw a leg over his hip, aligned the other with his leg, and tucked her head in, merely inches from his.

            They waited for the music to end. They had danced that far longer than a normal tango would have gone. Still the music went on. Finally Draco said,

            “Professors, we’re done, that went on longer than a normal tango already,” but still they didn’t drop the pose. As if coming out of a daze Professor Carlos paused it.           

            “Right, great, that was excellent. Okay, you two take a breather, I can see you need it, and we’ll talk to some of the other groups. The two separated immediately as if nothing had happened. Because nothing had happened. It was just dancing.

            Hermione walked back to her back and sat for a moment while she drank some more when Michael came up.      

            “Look, I’m sorry, I just take longer to get comfortable and-“ she cut him off and smiled.

            “Michael, it’s fine, we all dance differently, really, your swing was great.” He smiled and walked off. Hermione closed her eyes and wiped her face. This time when she opened her eyes Draco was before her.

            “You dance well,” He complimented.

            “Thanks. Thanks for not dropping me either,” She said gratefully, “I’ll have a bruise from Terry later.”

            “You’ll have a few from me too, I’m afraid. The lifting you know,”

            “Right.” Silence fell amongst them again.

            “Personally I don’t wish to go through a million more dances for them. Shall we request the swing, and see if they’ll let us be done with ballroom.” Hermione nodded.

            His swing was just as fantastic as his tango. He lifted her as if she weighed no more than a child, and, unlike many other men, was flexible enough to go with the twisting nature of the dance. He was just as daring with this style as well. Now, could he do ballet? Hermione went and changed and noticed that the class was now doing stretches. The professors must have decided they should do something productive while they waited.

            “Begin,” Professor Isabel ordered. The music flowed through Hermione effortlessly. It was a moderate tempo, which left the possibilities open. Hermione went on pointe and began the tiny steps avant while Draco took slow deliberate steps following. Draco may have controlled tango, but Hermione controlled ballet.

            Hermione suddenly dropped to fifth position and was about to execute a sauté when she felt Draco’s hands on her waist. Excellent. She bent her knees, jumped and pointed her toes. She landed in second position.

            Upon her landing Draco leaped upward and pointed his toes. Upon his landing Hermione went from second position to arabesque by sissonne. Draco took her in this arabesque and lifted her. Hermione wobbled only slightly.

            Draco lowered her, took her working leg, and gave her motion into a pirouette. She lowered her hands, which Draco grabbed to stop her. He took a knee so she could bend her knee, with his support and go into an attitude.

            Hermione began an amalgamation of port de bras and plies, cueing Draco to show off a little. He began a series of high leaps and pirouettes, as if trying to get attention from Hermione, who was paying him no attention. Finally, as if giving up, Draco veered close to Hermione and offers a hand. Hermione looked at it sharply, did a chasse right past him and into a grand jete a la second. The two complete the pas de deaux quickly due to tiredness by both. Draco completed a Tour en l’air and Hermione, on pointe, a simple Sur le cou-de-pied.

                “You two must exhausted, I’m sorry, we should have stopped you sooner. Fantastic work you two. You will be partners without a doubt,” Professor Carlos complimented.

                “We don’t have much time left in this class,” Professor Isabel said, “But I know you two need to cool out and maybe ice bath? Go do whatever you need to do, and I’ll explain to other professors. I’m sorry, we let you two go on too long especially you Hermione, but you were wonderful,” Professor Isabel said quietly, just to them as her husband addressed the large group about what they may learn to do.

                The two left quickly for their dorm without saying a word because despite what many would think after seeing that, it was just a dance and no emotion had been shared, and that was the beauty of dancing.

Glossary- Courtesy of Wikipedia

Arabesque- The position of the body supported on one leg, with the other leg extended behind the body with the knee straight.

Grand Jete- A long horizontal jump, starting from one leg and landing on the other.

Second Position- Second position of the leg - The dancer stands with feet turned out along a straight line as in first position, but with the heels about one foot apart

Fifth Position- Position in which the two feet are turned outward but in opposite directions

Port de bras- Literally "carriage of the arms". Sometimes misspelled "porte-bras". Movement of the arms to different positions

Tour en l’air- Literally "turn in the air". A jump, typically for a male, with a full rotation.

Sur le cou-de-pied- Literally means, "on the neck of the foot". This is a position in which the working foot is placed on the ankle of the supporting leg

Pirouette- A controlled turn on one leg, starting with one or both legs in plié and rising onto demi-pointe (usually for men) or pointe (usually for women).

Avant- Forwards, Front. A step travelling en avant moves forwards

Sauté-Literally "jump". As adjectives, sauté (masc.) or sautée (fem.) (soh TAY) are used to modify the quality of a step:

Sissonne- A jump done from two feet to one foot or in some cases two.

Attitude- A position in which the dancer stands on one leg (known as the supporting leg) while the other leg (working leg) is lifted and well turned out with the knee bent at approximately 90-degree angle. The lifted or working leg can be behind (derrière), in front (devant), or on the side (à la seconde) of the body.

Pas de deaux- Dance for two, usually between a male and female

Chasse- A slide forwards, backwards, or sideways with both legs bent, then springing into the air with legs meeting and straightened

Amalgamation-a combination of steps or movements

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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Hermione didn’t want to miss any classes, however the professors were right, they should have stopped dancing earlier, and if they didn’t do something their muscles would lock up. Hermione decided on a cold shower and gel packs on her legs, but didn’t wanted to take an ice bath and then have to wait to warm up again.

                For courtesy’s sake Hermione decided to shower in shorts and a sports bra so that Draco could us the bath if he wanted. She walked into the bathroom to find Draco already there.

                “I was going to use the bath…”

                “Great, I was just going to shower… like this, so you can go ahead and use the bath.”


At Transfiguration Later

                “Hermione thank you for joining us. Why are you late?” McGonagall asked.

                “Professor Miranda was supposed to inform you. They unintentionally kept me dancing too long and I had to go and cool out and prevent my muscles from locking up.”

                “And Mr. Malfoy?”

                “He’s still taking his ice bath,” Hermione replied.

                “Oh my, well, you will catch him up later then.” She nodded and took her seat quickly.

Hermione was surprised to find that Draco didn’t attend any other classes that day. Their schedules weren’t identical, but they shared several classes.

“You shouldn’t be shocked,” Hermione told herself, “he would take any excuse he could to skive off class.” She made her way back to the Heads dorm at the end of the day, fully prepared to tell Draco off. She entered the common room and upon not finding him there she went upstairs to the level that their rooms were on. She was about to storm in when she heard a strange sound coming from Draco’s room.

At first Hermione thought she might have heard hissing, “Does he have a snake in there?”. She realized it was coming from the bathroom so she crept back to her room and peered through the crack in the door. What she saw literally ripped her heart out.

Draco was inside, and Hermione in the few seconds she watched saw him cut his arm and heal it again. What could have possibly made him this miserable?

Hermione continued to watch and realized it wasn’t as she initially thought. Draco was healing himself, though it was from a different kind of skin wound. Draco was putting dry ice on his leg, pulling it off and healing it. She was dying to know why, but she wouldn’t admit to spying and so she left the door, unnoticed, or so she thought.

“Is there something you would like to know?” Draco asked coldly. He scared Hermione badly by sneaking up on her when her back was to the door.

“Wha- Oh Draco you scared me,” She breathed heavily.

“Malfoy. Call me Malfoy. I am not on first name basis with any spies,” He ordered coldly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were hurt, I heard the hissing and-“

“Well, I’m not hurt, and appreciate if next time you are concerned you simply inform me of your concerns, and I will address them,” He left the room coldly, almost leaving an icy breeze. Hermione shuddered.


The next morning Hermione accidentally overslept. It was something that never happened unless Hermione went to bed upset, and in fact she had been upset at Draco’s clear displeasure with her. Honestly Hermione didn’t know why she cared. After all, it wasn’t as if Draco had ever cared. At least it seemed that way.

A shaft of light suddenly spurred Hermione’s instincts.

“Get up,” A sharp voice barked at her, “You overslept, and I do not want to look stupid by showing up for dance without a partner.” With that her door was slammed shut.

It took only moments for Hermione’s senses to snap back into place and she began to race around her room dressing and gathering her bags. Thanks to the aid of magic she managed to be out of her room and on the way to dance within minutes.

Upon entering the room Hermione rushed to change before realizing that she had no idea what she should be changing for.

“Professors, what will Malfoy and I be doing today?” She asked breathlessly.

“Ballet,” the word had barely escaped Professor Isabel’s mouth before Hermione shot to the changing room. She pulled on tights, a leotard and pointe shoes. She then proceeded to bun her hair before returning to the room.

“Okay classe,” Professor Isabel reverted to her native Spanish momentarily, “We will be testing the intermediates today, and it will take the whole period. For that reason the beginners are to go to the studio next door. There we will have you two,” She pointed at Draco and Hermione, “Practice ballet. It was your weakest, but that doesn’t mean much considering what we are comparing it to. The rest of you are to watch. “

The groups did as they were instructed and Draco and Hermione sullenly went next door. They wanted to be as far from one another as possible. The two professors stayed with the group they were testing so when they reached the other room Draco and Hermione did not hold back their thoughts for one another. The beginners sat against the wall as Draco and Hermione went to the bar. Hermione and Draco put a leg on it and began to stretch.

“Draco, I wanted to inform you that I have concerns that your end of the bar looks loose,” Hermione mocked the cold way he’d wanted her to speak to him.

“Well thank you for informing me of your concerns,” Draco flicked his wand quickly and the bar adjusted, “but you should mind your own business.”

“Forgive me if I don’t want to deal with an injured dance partner,” Hermione switched legs.

“It’s not as if you want me for your dance partner,” Draco snarled.

“Maybe I would want you for my dance partner if you didn’t act like everyone word I spoke had potential to be a killing curse,” Hermione growled right back. They glared at one another as they finished their warm up.

Draco turned on the music and began some basic moves as the warm up continued.

“I think they wanted us to work on ballet so you could strengthen your wobbly arabesque,” Draco pointed out as they came together to really begin.

“My arabesque is fine. I wobbled because your lift was unstable,” She accused.

“You didn’t mind my lifting on the sauté yesterday,” Draco shot back. Hermione groaned in frustration.

“Fine, you know what, I’ll arabesque, you watch, just see how long I can hold and not wobble,” Without waiting on agreement Hermione rolled up on point, raised her other leg parallel with the ground, and raised her arms slowly to be level with her sides.

Hermione stood rock firm.

“See,” Hermione gloated.

“Really, you think this proves something?” Draco grew smug, “Stay balanced.” He took her raised leg and gave a push to begin a common paired arabesque pirouette. She remained solid.

“Anything else?” Hermione probed.

“If you think my lift is so bad, let’s try it again,” He was clearly still annoyed. Hermione tightened her muscles as she prepared for the lift.

Draco put a hand on her raised thigh and her torso to lift her, and lo and behold, she wobbled. Her legs had remained stiff though, so she didn’t understand where the wobble came from.

“See, you wobbled!”

“I was tight though. I don’t understand how I could have wobbled,” Hermione answered. She was still guarded, but at least she wasn’t accusing him.

“Your muscles are too tight,” Draco had a realization, “Loosen up and when I pick you up for the lift you’ll flow upwards with the lift instead of being grounded down from the tightness of the muscles.” The pair tried it again, and then this time had success.

“Better,” Professor Carlos came in at that moment, “But cool out then go change we don’t want you two missing more classes.” The two did as instructed and parted ways. Draco to charms and Hermione to ancient runes. It was one of the classes Hermione had with Ginny. Because of the insane previous year the students who were in their actual 7th year (such as Ginny and Luna) had a mix of classes, some 6th year classes and some 7th year classes.

Upon joining Ginny in class Hermione noticed that her friend bore an unhappy expression.

“What’s wrong Ginny?” Hermione asked.

“I just came from Defense Against the Dark Arts. I’m a teacher’s assistant in that class and not only did I find out that my primary teacher will be Davies, not Harry, but it was made clear to me that he did not approve of my being a teacher’s assistant but that he could do nothing to change it.’

“Ginny, don’t worry what he thinks. He’s wrong, your Defense skills are amazing, right up there with Harry and I. Honestly, I don’t know a single Weasley who doesn’t have amazing dueling skills. Davies is probably just jealous of your bat bogey hex, like everyone else in the world,” Hermione worked to try and cheer up her friend. She knew the real issue was that she wanted to see Harry in class, but wasn’t given the chance, probably at Harry’s smart choice, if Hermione had to guess.

Ginny just had to smile to show her appreciation because the professor chose that moment to walk in.

At lunch Hermione sat with Neville, Luna and Ginny. The conversation was okay, thanks to Neville and Luna, but Ginny was still sulking.

“Attention,” McGonagall’s small frame rose and began to speak, “Now that you have all settled in this year I have an announcement. The ministry has decided to host a dance competition for Hogwarts students at the years end. For more information speak with either Professor Miranda, there is prize money offered.” She sat down and the hall grew abuzz.

“Good luck to you all,” Neville said cheerily, “But we all know that I have about as much chance of winning a dance competition as the Cannons do of beating… anyone.” Ginny chuckled a little at this, but Luna and Hermione simply shared a confused look.

                “Well, I will see you all later, I’m off to Potions,” Ginny stood and dragged herself off to class.

“I’m off as well,” Neville added brightly, making it clear by his happiness he was headed to herbology.

“Divination for me,” Luna announced and pranced off to her class with Firenze. Hermione decided to leave early for her class rather than sit there, alone. She stood by the door to Professor Flitwick’s class when someone came up behind her unexpected.

“Michael,” Hermione gasped, “You scared me half to death.”

“Sorry,” He shrugged sheepishly, “But I wanted to ask you a favor.”

“Sure, name it,” She replied.

“Well, I was wondering, if you had time, if you could help me with my dancing? I could really use the prize money since I’d like to start a book store after Hogwarts, but I’ve no start up money,” He explained, face reddening from embarrassment.

“Sure,” Hermione decided on the spot, “But I must tell you my own dance partner comes first, you know how it is.” Hermione hated uttering those words, considering who her partner was, but anyone who dances understands that dance partners had to take care of each other. What Hermione had no idea of is that her partner would soon need her to take care of him off the dance floor…

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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Other than potions, Hermione didn’t see Draco the rest of the day. After class Hermione sped to the library to check out some of the necessary books for the potions essay assigned. She wrote most of the essay in the library but ran out of parchment. In defeat she made her way back to the Head’s room in order to get more parchment, but decided to simply finish the essay in her room.

She made her way upstairs brightly and gave the password. As soon as the portrait swung open a peculiar sound reached Hermione’s ears. Was it… yes, that’s exactly what it was: crying. Hermione cautiously made her way into the living room where she found what was possibly one of the last things she had expected.

Draco sat on the couch, doubled over with his head in his hands. The sobbing was uncontrollable and heart wrenching even to Hermione. She stood frozen, unsure of whether she should approach or back out of the room before the portrait could close. Before she could make up her mind the decision was made for her. The portrait slammed closed alerting Draco to her presence.

“How long have you b-been standing there?” Draco stuttered out as strongly as he could.

“Not long, just a second,” Hermione rushed the words out, “I-I was going to leave, but the portrait and… I’m sorry.” She remained rooted to the spot as if her body was physically incapable of moving.

Draco took a deep breath and wiped his face clean. “No, don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault… I shouldn’t have been upset in the first place, and definitely not so in the open.”

“Mal- Draco,” Hermione cut herself off, “It’s okay to be upset. Really. What’s wrong?”

“Look, I don’t really want to talk about it,” He regained his cold composure again.

“You never want to talk about anything, you never want to even show emotion!”

“And?” He drawled.

“And how’s that working out for you?” Hermione grew as cold as she could.

“Ouch. I think I just felt an icy breeze,” Draco mocked.

“Now you know how I feel all the time. Do you know what it’s like to live and dance with a block of ice?” snarled Hermione.

            “You want to know what’s going on? Today is the one year anniversary of my parent’s death. Happy now?”

            “No,” Hermione’s voice grew soft, “I could never be happy over something like that. I’m sorry to hear that… I understand though. My parents were hunted down in Australia and killed. They’re buried there under the false names I created for them. The birthdays are wrong, and the actual day they died is unknown, only the day they were discovered.”

            “Gra- Hermione, I’m sorry, I had no idea,” Draco muttered. He wasn’t warm exactly, but definitely not cold at least.

            “Yeah, the war hurt everyone Draco.”

            “I see.” Hermione wiped the tears away from her face as they flooded over her lids. At first Draco was uncertain what he should do. Finally he defeated his own desire to remain unattached and moved from the couch to Hermione. He pulled her to his chest and allowed her to cry on him as she gripped him as if he were her only link to reality. Finally she managed to gain control again.

            “I-I’m so sorry. L-look at your sh-shirt!”

            “It’s fine. I have a hundred more in my closet,” Draco said quickly.

            Hermione took a deep breath and began again, “Thank you Draco, I appreciate it. I’m… I’m just going to go to bed now.” She started up the bed, but was stopped.

            “Hermione! Wait,” Draco called, sounding almost surprised that he had done so.

            “Yes?” She asked quietly.

            “Hermione, I… I don’t think that either one of us should be alone tonight.” Hermione raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

            “No! Not like that!” Draco blushed deep red at his mistake, “I mean I think that neither one of us are in good shape to be by ourselves right now.”

            “I agree, so what are you proposing?” Hermione asked quietly.

            “I think,” Draco began slowly, “That we both need sleep so… why don’t you meet me in my room in a minute? Completely platonic.” Hermione thought for a minute.

            “Okay. I’ll see you in a second.” She went quickly to her room and pulled on a pair of loose pajama pants and a tank top and began walking back towards Draco’s room as she pulled her hair up. Upon entering the room she saw Draco already in bed with his eyes half lidded.

            “Turn out the light?” Draco requested sleepily as he referred to the small lamp on the night stand on the open side of the bed. Hermione flicked her wand at the lamp and placed said wand on the end table. She then crawled into Draco’s large bed and squirmed until she was comfortable- right in Draco’s arms; her back was pressed snugly against his chest and stomach.

            Each felt exactly what they needed, safety, warmth, and caring. Both of them were trying desperately to evade the coldness they felt whenever they thought of the dead. For once Draco and Hermione were able to avoid the sadness by clinging to one another as they fell into a blissful sleep.

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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This is a shout out for a good friend of mine and a beta reader on another account. She is a a fantastic writer and I am a huge fan of hers. To my readers, I suggest going and reading her work. Thanks hermionegarner!

The next morning Hermione woke slightly before Draco, and unfortunately was 
awakened to one of Draco’s appendages feeling hard. Instead of waking him so he could… deal with it she decided to remove herself from his bed and went to her own room to prepare for the day.

            Hermione had Defense Against the Dark Arts first today, and didn’t have dance at all today so she pulled on her usual school uniform. Once she was ready she sat down to work on some homework that she hadn’t in the craziness that happened last night. Where did this leave her and Draco? As friends, hopefully.

            The particular homework she was working on was extremely difficult. Hermione was not accustomed to have trouble with her homework and did not find it pleasing.

            “Damn,” She growled as she was unable to complete the homework, again.

            “Having trouble?” A low voice murmured behind her.

            “A bit,” She agreed.

            Draco took a moment to look over what Hermione was doing and found himself entangled in the mess of the Arithmancy she was failing to do. He kept searching though and finally found the problem.

            “Here,” He took her quill and pointed it out, “You’ve copied the problem incorrectly. That is supposed to be a four.” He corrected and Hermione tried again, this time with better results.

            “Thanks Draco, that was very helpful,” She said graciously.

            “Anytime,” He whispered quietly in her ear, and withdrew from the room. She recomposed herself and packed her back before heading down to breakfast where Ginny, Neville, and Luna were already eating. The first was still moping while the other two were doing as much as possible to keep things cheerful.

            “Ginny what is the matter?” Hermione asked tiredly.

            “I think it would have been better if I couldn’t see Harry at all versus this. When I do actually talk to him it’s pure torture because we only have minutes at a time and we rarely can get out more than ‘everything’s great’ before he has to be off again.”

            “I’m his teaching first thing today, but Harry will be there to make a stern introducation. Write him a note and I’ll drop it off. Beyond that…. Well, I’ll think on it.”

            The younger girl smiled before whipping out some parchment and writing at a furious pace while Hermione joined the conversation with Neville and Luna. Thought Hermione listened, commented, and was truly engaged in the conversation she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander to a certain platinum blonde who seemed to be forever looking at her as well. Hermione had seen a different side of him last night, and she liked what she had seen.

            Inevitably though the hall began to clear and the four friends took this as a cue that it was time to go. Hermione took the note from Ginny and made her way up to the designated Defense room.

            The class was a mix of sixth and seventh years, most of whom were already seated in a relaxed manner. Harry was at his desk looking through a stack of papers a bit nervously. Hermione approached him and discreetly added Ginny’s to the pile.

            “Read that later, in private,” the bushy haired girl advised her best friend.

            “Is this from…” Harry trailed off without looking up as he slid the note into a desk drawer.

            “Yes.” Hermione replied brightly. “Now what have you done with them already?”

            “Disarming,” He replied shortly.

            “I think they are beyond that Harry, all things considered,” She murmured gently.

            “Yes, I supposed you’re right.”

            “How about this Harry, with the classes I teach today and Friday how about I focus on dark objects and creatures, while you and Davies focus more on spell work. Is that acceptable or did you have other thoughts?”

            “Sounds as decent as anything I’ve though up, thanks Mione. They’ve got Davies and me extremely over worked at the moment and we’re just doing the best we can. When do you teach again Mione?”

            “The first half of today and all day on Fridays, other than my dance class first period. The other half of the day Ginny is teaching is combination with Davies when he’s available and Draco when he’s not,” Hermione explained.

            “Okay great. Let me know if anything changes, but now I need to do this introduction and get to the Ministry- Draco?” Harry asked suspiciously.

            “We’ll have to sit down and have dinner to talk about it sometime, okay?” Hermione pleaded.

            “Fine, but we will talk about it,” Harry cautioned and then dropped their conversation. He walked to the front of the class while Hermione took off her school robe. It made her appear like less of a student. She pulled her hair into a pony tail as Harry began the introduction.

            “Now, I know you students have me down on your schedules but due to ministry business Auror Davies and myself are not available as full time teachers, so Hogwarts has asked some students to help and I am please to tell you that my friend Hermione Granger will be teaching you on the days that I am unavailable. She will tell you what to call her, but no matter what she says, remember that she has the powers of any professor while in this capacity. Furthermore, we will be covering different areas, so don’t fear having any of the material unduly repeated. Got it?”

            When no question rose he strode quickly out of the room in order to floo from McGonagall’s office. Hermione made her way to the front of the class where she quickly transfigured the podium into a tall chair.

            “Okay guys, many of you know me as a friend, or classmate, so we’ll just go with call me by my first name. Now Harry or Davies will be covering the dueling and spell work however it is my job to work you guys on dark creatures and dark magical objects. Any questions?”

            “What makes you so qualified to teach us?” Zacharias Smith…. Of course.

            “I aided Harry Potter in protecting the Sorcerer’s Stone in my first year, the next year it was I who discovered the secret of the basilisk, however Harry found the note in my petrified hand and fourth year I aided Harry in preparation for his Triwizard challenges. Not to mention being a founder of Dumbledore’s Army in fifth year and during what should have been my seventh year aided Harry again in the long process of taking down Voldemort which included destroying some of his very dark objects and breaking out of Malfoy Manor. Any more questions?” Hermione answered the question as brightly as if she were asked what the weather was like today. Her qualifications were known by nearly everyone at this point, so it was clear that Smith was just being an ass.

            A sixth year she didn’t know raised their hand slowly, “Is it true you know how to fight Dementors?”

            Hermione smiled as she remembered someone asking Harry a similar question in DA meeting. Without answering Hermione drew forth a memory quickly, surprisingly she chose last night with Draco, and produced her otter quickly. It was at a bit of a loss for what to do with their being a lack of Dementors, so instead it played in the air of the heads in quite a friendly manor.

            “Now if that answers that, I would like to start on a creature today. Let’s see…” Hermione trailed off as she considered her options. “Right, we’re going to start with grindylows, and I will do what I can to have a specimen in on Friday, but for now the books will have to suffice.”

            The first half of Hermione’s day passed in a pretty monotone way. Each class began a new creature today, none with specimens though. She would have to make it a point to talk to Harry or Davies, however she didn’t know when either were due back again. When her last class of the day was leaving Hermione realized that she too had to leave and grab lunch before she was expected down in the dungeons with Slughorn.

This was becoming a bit overwhelming for Hermione honestly. She was taking plenty of NEWT level classes herself, teaching nearly all of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes once a week, dancing with a new partner at a very high level, and as Head Girl she and said dance partner were supposed to be making arrangements for the first prefect meeting and making Hogsmeade arrangements. And, as if she needed anything else added to that plate she and Draco were emotional basket cases over what happened in the war, and there was something seriously strange beginning to happen between the two of them that she just didn’t have the time to pay attention to yet. Hermione was also concerned for and trying to help Ginny with her Harry situation and she promised to tutor Michael in his dancing. Her plate was beyond full, it was overflowing.

Hermione’s head was abuzz with these topics as she made her way down to the Great Hall for Lunch. She was so enraptured by her own thoughts that she didn’t look where she was even walking. As a result she met the ground with her ass moments later after running straight into Harry.

“Oh, Harry, glad I’ve run into you. I needed to request a couple of creatures and wanted to know if there was any way you could get them by Friday?”

“Tell me what they are first and I’ll see what I can do,” Harry sighed. He was just as tired as Hermione these days with just as many responsibilities.

            “Well, I’d like two grindylows for the 6thand 7th years I have, and I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’d really love if I could get a few Ashwinder eggs, even better if I could manage to get one due to hatch. That’d be for my 5th years.”

            “The grindylows are a definite, but I’ll have to see what I can do about an Ashwinder.” Harry walked of mumbling. Hermione hated to add more to his plate however she needed access to the things that she couldn’t get at the moment.

            She ate a hasty lunch having not enough time to even speak with Luna or Neville before rushing off for potions. Slughorn liked her a lot, but she didn’t think she would fancy being late.

            Upon reaching the dungeons Hermione found that the only open seat left was next to Draco, so she took it wordlessly as if nothing out of the ordinary was transpiring by her doing so. Slughorn began the lesson promptly.

            “So today we shall be working on an attraction potion. We will in fact be testing it on one another however I know you students have the maturity to handle this. Now, let’s get a few things understood. First, an attraction potion can only enhance attraction that is already existing. The more natural attraction the more the potion has to work with, however if a pair is completely unattracted to one another than this potion is entirely useless.”
            He tapped his wand on the board and instructions appeared. He then began to speak again. “Now, you will still have self control while influenced by this potion, so I do not wish to hear any excuses of appropriate behavior. There are rare cases where so much natural attraction exists that the potions effects are felt more strongly, but these instances are rare and I do not expect to see any in my class room. If you have any questions, speak to me, but for now partner up and begin.”

            Hermione looked to her left and gave Draco a silent request to be her partner to which he gave a short sharp nod. She stood to gather ingredients and Draco prepared to begin their first attraction potion.

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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The pair began working on the brew in silence, neither wanting to consider what its effects would be on them… particularly after last night and this morning. Despite their worries the pair proceeded in their work anyway. The potion changed from a deep purple to a crystal clear.

            “Good,” Draco murmured, “I never knew you were any good at potions.”

            “I am, but you know Snape used to deduct points from Gryffindor, even if it means he has to make something up.”

            “As if McGonagall didn’t… no, I can’t even try and get that lie across. Everyone knows that she is entirely too fair for her house’s own god.”

            Slughorn was walking around the room to check on people’s progress just as Draco was adding the final ingredient and the potion turned a deep scarlet.

            “Excellent you two. Just excellent. I’ve heard from Professors Miranda that you two are also skilled on the dance floor. Perhaps you liked to come to my dinner party on Friday and show off a bit?” This was the first time Slughorn had ever included Draco in any of his events.

            “Sure Professor,” Draco agreed easily. As he walked away Hermione looked at him.

            “I thought we were going to have a prefects meeting that day?”

            “We’ll move it to Thursday,” Draco said as if this were the most simple thing in the world.

            “Your qudditch practice?” Hermione reminded him.

            “Is in the afternoon. We’ll have the meeting after dinner.” Hermione ladled a cup of potion into two goblets and pushed one toward Draco.

            “Fine. Cheers,” Hermione raised the cup to her lips as her partner did the same. The potions effects were not immediate, instead they sat looking awkwardly at each other.

            “Anything?” Hermione asked plaintively.

            “No. Nothing,” boredom trailed through his tone.

            Instead of awkwardly looking at one another they began watching others in the lab. Only a few others were having any success, and they were still a few steps behind Draco and Hermione.

            Hermione soon began to grow very warm. It was as a dim burning was pushing out from her stomach. She pulled off her robe leaving her in her shirt and skirt and then continued to look around the room.
            “Hermione, are you feeling warm?” Draco asked. Her attention reverted from the classroom around her to Draco. He’d already taken off his robe, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the first few buttons.

            “Yes it’s fairly balmy, particularly for the dungeon,” She agreed. The warmth reached her neck and head and upon doing so a strong urge over came her. The desire to look at Draco. She did so, only to find him already looking at her. Then she wished to touch him and without question or thought grabbed his hand.

            Within seconds this wasn’t enough. Draco pulled Hermione onto his lap and again, didn’t hesitate.

            “Stop Draco. We can’t do anything else. We must control it,” Hermione cautioned.

            As if coming up from underwater, Draco shook his head and replied, “Right, yes. Control.” The two struggled to remain stagnant when each would love nothing more than to take the other back to their room and shag them senseless. Slughorn was yelling at the lab station behind them for nearly creating a poison and therefore would soon be upon them.

            Draco slipped a hand onto her knee, “That’s it, no more.”

            “Right, this is okay,” Hermione agreed. This little bit more, couldn’t really do any damage, and they were touching enough now that they should be able to hold off this potion.

            “I see your potion worked well. And that perhaps being dance partners has made you two a bit more amiable to one another.” They nodded in agreement, but were too focused on their breathing and remaining calm to actually speak. The Professor moved on to the next pair, who very clearly got the potion right as they were making out much to Slughorn’s displeasure.

            “Please tell me we have a free period after this?” Draco whispered into Hermione’s ear. She completely understood why Draco would ask this as the heat and pressure of the potion were becoming unbearable.

            “No. We don’t, and even if we did we probably shouldn’t be alone together under the influence of this potion,” Hermione was fighting to remain logical and responsible even as her body was telling her to do just the opposite.

            “Damn,” Draco pressed his head against her back in defeat. The heat was becoming unbearable.

            “Draco,” Hermione muttered, making him look up. Hermione lowered his lips to meet his, just a quick gentle kiss, but it immediately relieved some of the burn whipping through their bodies.

            “Yeah, okay, I think we’ll be fine. This potion wears off in a couple hours,” Draco rationalized.

            “But we have the rest of our classes together,” Hermione sighed.

            “We’ll just explain it to them, and keep everything under control. That’s the best we can do,” Draco stated as if it were law.

            “What classes do we have today?” Hermione asked. She gently ran her hand absentmindedly down the length of his arm. It was amazing that this potion could really make them this comfortable together. But last night had to have changed things a little, and honestly Hermione liked feeling comfortable with him. Having Ginny, Neville, and Luna was great, but Hermione was used to having close best friends, particularly guys.

            “After this we have transfiguration, then charms, care of magical creatures, and then herbology,” Draco replied.

            “Merlin, a full day,” Hermione groaned. She turned around and gave Draco a quick peck in a very nonchalant manner. “Draco, this… ease between us, is it just because of the potion, or have you finally relaxed around me. I like the change. I was hoping last night may have made this happen and-“

            “Hermione, I’ve got issues, you know that, but I think you understand them better than most, so if you’re willing to put up with that, I’d like if we tried to be friends. Besides, if I keep up without talking to anyone I may forget how.”

            “Okay, so we’ll try for friends,” Hermione restated.

            “Right. Friends-“ the words were barely out of Draco’s mouth when an explosion came from across the lab. Acting only on instinct Hermione and Draco were on their feet with wands drawn and pointed at the source of the noise.

            The explosion was only a potion gone wrong, but the damage was done. Hermione and Draco were the two here were most involved in the war. The explosion was enough that they had gone into a frozen flashback. They were not attacking, but they were not seeing the lab. They were seeing killing curses striking across the room, walls crashing down, and blood. The rest of the class remained silent, not wanting to unintentionally set off the pair who still stood in fighting stance. Their chests were rising and falling violently. Upon clearing up any danger from the explosion Professor Slughorn went to address the cloud eyed pair.

            “Easy you two. Relax,” He muttered. He knew better than to try and removed the wands from their hands. That would only result in curses actually flying through the room. “Hermione, Draco, come back. The war is over. Come back to us.” Slowly their breathing came easier, and their muscles relaxed. Within moments their wand arms lowered and their eyes came back into focus.

            Finally they were back to the present and the minds were all there, though they were uncertain as to what had actually just happened.

            “What?” Hermione asked in a half sleeping voice. Her muscles seemed to weaken. Thankfully Draco had the sense to pull her towards him. He supported her both for her sake, and for his. The closeness helped keep him from going into shock.

            “You two just had a flashback,” Slughorn explained calmly, “It was just a cauldron explosion. I think you’re going into shock. You both need to go to the hospital wing and get a potion for shock since she recently acquired my entire stock of it. Then I want you to go to Professor McGonagall and explain what happened, she needs to know. Understood?”

            “Yes Professor,” Draco acknowledged.

            “Hermione?” Professor Slughorn questioned.          

            “Sir, I think she still in shock a bit. I’ll see to it she gets her potion,” he took responsibility. The professor waved the pair out of his room and they made their way to the hospital wing.


            Professor McGonagall immediately dismissed her class upon hearing Draco’s explanation for their presence. She brought the pair into her office and sat them down before calling for tea.

            “So, you say you two had flashbacks because of an exploding cauldron?”

            “That’s right,” Hermione agreed shakily as she sipped her tea.

            “I was afraid we were going to see this once everything was said and done. I think it was wise of the Minister to take precautions within the ministry for this, and foolish of us not to do the same at Hogwarts. We have students who were soldiers on both sides of this war. All I can say is that we had it coming. We will alert the staff of this occurrence so that they are aware, and add a few other students to the list. How are you two feeling?”

            “A little shaky, but I think I’m okay now,” Hermione reported.

            “I think I’m fine,” Draco acknowledged.

            “You two have me next anyway, and I’m sure your classmates are waiting on us now. As long as you feel up to it I think it’s time we go back to class.” She stood and the two heads followed her back out to the classroom.

            The war may be over, but its effects were, unfortunately, lingering in the survivors.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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In Transfiguration, everyone stared. Some were students who were a year younger and didn’t know Hermione and Draco as well, and couldn’t help themselves. While awkward, these looks were better than the looks of sympathy given to them by the students who knew them. Ginny, who also had this class, tried to hold off the pitying looks with the glare she was so known for, but even she could only do so much.

The pair wanted nothing more than for the day to be over so of course it instead dragged by. The Professors kept giving them looks of misfortune, which only proved to irritate Hermione and disgust Draco.

As soon as they walked into the green house Professor Sprout sent them out saying that their issues today would upset the sensitive plants the class would be working with today. Hermione attempted to argue but had a door closed in her face.

“Ugh! This is…”

“Annoying? Frustrated?” Draco filled in.

“Yes! Both,” Hermione agreed. The pair began walking towards the castle in silence. Hermione knew exactly what she wanted to do to manage this stress, but the question was, did Draco?

“I think I’m going to swing by our dorm to grab my dance stuff and then head to the studio to see if a studio is available…” He paused as if heavily considering, “Would you like to come along?”

“Glad to see I’m not the only one who dances to deal with stress,” She smiled easily.

They arrived at the dance studio shortly after to find that the Professors had a second year class in the main studio.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt, we’ll just go-“ Hermione began as she tried to make a speedy escape.

“No, stay. You two will never be a nuisance. What can we do for you?” Professor Isabel asked.

“We’ve had a bit of a stressful day you see, and we don’t want to be a burden or anything, but it really is important-“ Hermione was beginning to ramble and Draco knew she would continue until someone stopped her.

“Would it be possible for us to use the small side studio?” He bluntly requested.

“Of course,” Professor Carlos agreed, “But could we request a quick favor? You see we are just beginning to teach this group how to do ballet, and they are complaining already. If you wouldn’t mind terribly, could you show them a few things? We like for them to understand that what they are learning now is not that difficult, and that it will be beautiful in the end.”

Hermione and Draco agreed, but decided that a pas de deux would not adequately show what the professor were talking about, so while Hermione went and changed into a leotard and tights, as well as carefully strapping on her pointe shoes, Draco went out to the group. It took him less time to prepare so he was naturally the first choice.

“Professors, I need just a moment to stretch,” He informed without waiting for consent. He moved to the bar and stretched each leg. He then used it for balance as pulled his leg straight above his head. Finally he was warm. “Is there anything specific you would like them to see?”

“A Grande Jete for sure,” Professor Isabel input.

“A pas de chat and a pirouette would also be nice, but beyond that, it’s up to you,” Professor Carlos allowed.

Draco flicked his wand at the music player in the corner and then placed his wand on the ground out of the way. The music was quick, and lively. He couldn’t recognize it immediately, but he did know that it was not meant to be sad in anyway, and reminded him instead of some kind of a celebration of life.

With a snap Draco felt the music and began to move, first in a deep plie. Once he began to rise from this plie Draco began to lift his left leg out to be parallel to the floor. He then bent his knee to create a neat attitude. Draco lowered his leg and with a quick sauté switched feet and did a strong pirouette in tendu position. He chose to continue this pirouette, this time in coupe position. Draco pulled momentum from this turn to quick chasse away from his original spot to a far corner. He took advantage of this new space by beginning to run. At the floors center he launched into an astonishingly high grand jete in full split. He landed and allowed no time to catch his breath as he completed a good, though not perfect, pas de chat.

He picked up his wand and turned off the music just as Hermione came out.

“Show off,” she chuckled under her breath.

“Please,” He rolled his eyes, “As if you’re not about to go astound them by staying on pointe endlessly.” She shrugged as if to dare him to wait and find out.

Hermione did not request guidance as it seemed to her that the Professors mainly wanted their students to be impressed. Hermione completed a complicated set of steps without really trying. Technically it was impressive, which is what the professors needed, but she had no heart for it at the moment.

Once released the pair headed next door. Wordless they knew that they were on the same page. Hermione removed her pointe shoes, and Draco his. They turned some music on without really hearing what it was and began to dance. It was a way for them to cope really, nothing more, nothing less.

The majority of the dancing was twists and contortion, but as they both grew tired they spent more and more time touching. Finally they were just holding each other, Hermione silently crying on his chest.

“Sshh… Let’s go back to the dorm,” Draco led her quietly through the corridors to their room where they crawled into bed to try and sleep off the pain, or at least pretend for a little while, that it hadn’t happened.

Upon arriving back at the dorm Hermione began to feel the sensation of drowning. Like she was being overwhelmed by the foreign nature of everything that had been happening. Everything was happening too quickly with Draco. It felt like they were both ticking time bombs ready to explode at any time. She needed space again. Draco had said he wasn’t fit for being around humans, but Hermione was beginning to realize that she was no better. She and Draco had been tolerating each other better, but they hadn’t been speaking much either, and when they did, they both knew what not to say. There were good days and bad, and Hermione didn’t know which today was, but she had to escape his presence. It was simply too much.

“Malfoy, I will see you later. I want to go to my own space,” She murmured tiredly.

His eyes widened, from what Hermione did not know, and at that moment did not care, “So…you are going to leave me alone?”

“You are a grown man, I’m sure you can manage.”

“I do not need or patronizing,” Draco’s temper was beginning to flare.

Not that Hermione had extra patience lying around either, “Then don’t act like a little boy who is scared of the dark!”

“You are mocking my fears? How about other than the last couple of days you’ve flinched every time someone gets near you?”

“Oh, and the fact that you had a wand at my throat when I tried to prevent you from oversleeping is nowhere near as bad,” Hermione countered sarcastically. The pair was already in a heightened emotional state from the argument and the flashback, but then an unfortunate event occurred.

A serene little house elf with little concern for what her appears would do popped in to tidy their dorm. The crack of her apparating was enough though, to send both Hermione and Draco back to a room of flying curses and people dying everywhere, and this time, there was no professor to interrupt, so they were left alone thinking the other was about to kill them.

Chapter 9: Chapter 9
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Lucky was a good house elf. She’d realized the fact that she didn’t wear clothes upset Miss Hermione, even though she herself was very happy, so she took to making her white flour sack look more like clothes to make Miss Hermione happier. Lucky had bleached it white, drawn on it with some markers, and found a pretty gold rope to tie around the middle. Lucky was very happy and honored that she was assigned to look after the head boy and girl this year. She didn’t know that the reason McGonagall had assigned her is that Lucky was smarter than the average house elf, meaning she was very smart in general. So on this early evening when Lucky popped into their dorm she was able to quickly take stock of what was going on.

Miss Hermione and Mr. Malfoy were very still. Their eyes were glazed over and their wands were raised high right in each other’s faces, but this wasn’t how they acted. Well, maybe at first, but Lucky had seen. Now they sat together on the couch, very close, and talked. She didn’t know what was wrong, but something was.

“Miss Hermione?” The little elf squeaked. It was like a bomb had just gone off again when the little elf broke the silence. Hermione hit the floor as Draco began sending curses around the room. Lucky knew she needed help quick. She quickly apparated off to the Headmistress.

“Miss Minerva! Miss Minerva! It’s an emergency!” Lucky began to scream as soon as she appeared in McGonagall’s quarters. The little elf didn’t see her straight away, so continued to yell and look for her.

“Yes, Lucky, I’m here, what is it?” Minerva’s face was drawn tight. She wouldn’t often take elves seriously, as many had come to here with emergencies if they ran out of flour, but Lucky was a different case.

“The head boy and girl! Something is wrong! I popped in to clean and-“ Lucky was cut off.

“I understand. I will go to them. I need you to fetch Ginny Weasley, Auror Potter and Davies, but get Professor,” McGonagall paused, realizing the list of professor’s she would usually call was very depleted, “get Professors Sinstra and Hooch first. Be quick, this is important!”

With that McGonagall apparated, as the headmistress could, to the location right outside their dorm, knowing that if they heard her apparated it would tremendously worsen the problem. She heard the elf appear and turned to see the two professors she’d requested before the elf popped off again.

“Ladies, I picked you because I know you will be the most likely to help handle the situation efficiently. We have many students here who are dealing with the effects of the war, but Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are probably the worst. They had a flashback when a potion exploded earlier and Lucky has just informed me she unintentionally set them off again, so they are probably still hurling spells. We need to disarm them if at all possible immediately, but if not we need to try to prevent them from targeting each other. More are on the way, but remember, they do not know what they are doing. They need to be calmed. Try to be familiar and use whatever personal connections you have with them to bring them to the present. “

With that the trio cautiously entered the room, uncertain as to what they would find. Inside, the room looked as if a tornado had gone through, which it more or less had. The furniture was overturned and torn. And there they were, in the middle of the room, wands at the ready. Hermione had what looked like it would be a black eye, and had cuts down her arm. Draco looked far worse, having a cut above his eye, a broken nose, a busted lip, and from the way he was standing, he would probably limp were he walking. Their chests were rising and falling violently from their exertions and their pupils were so dilated still that neither Hermione’s brown or Draco’s gray blue could be seen.

“Hermione, Draco, I need to you to come back to us. Remember, the war is over. The final battle happened here at Hogwarts. Hermione you helped destroy one of the horcruxes remember? And Draco, you saved Professor Slughorn from the curse from behind,” McGonagall began babbling slowly. She knew if they began just throwing curses the storm would only begin again.

Hermione slowly turned and looked at McGonagall. She cocked her head to the side in confusion, because the three women she could see in front of her did not add up to the scene that was going on. They were calm, and just standing there while curses were flying everywhere. To her front, Draco groaned in pain, and drew her attention back.

“Draco, Hermione, you need to breath, and remember where you are,” Professor Sinistra tried. They effectively ignored her.

“Please lower your wands,” Hooch attempted. Her matter of fact manner was very familiar to Draco, and he felt something dragging at his mind. Like something was wrong about the battle he was seeing, and fighting. Like it was…distant, but that was impossible, because he was in it, he could see it, smell it.

“What…” Draco murmured, but saw the wand pointed at him in the present and was pushed backward again.

“We have to get the wands away, or at least pointed elsewhere,” McGonagall instructed. It was then that Harry, Roger, and Ginny made it in. Harry had been briefed on the way and already had a plan prepared.

“They are not going to be expecting a physical assault because that never happened in the war, not frequently anyway. So what we are going to do is have Roger tackle Draco, I will Hermione. They will be caught off guard and at that point you need to remove their wands. Once they are safely unarmed they will not pose a real threat and we will bring them back then. Does everyone understand?” Harry muttered efficiently. If only they knew where the pair was, in their heads at that moment. Hermione was fighting her duel in tandem with Ginny against Bellatrix, perhaps her hardest duel ever. And Draco was desperately fighting off multiple death eaters, in an effort that at the time, nearly killed him.

The group began to execute the plan, and it worked flawlessly. Now they just had to bring these people back. Hermione was easy, now that Harry and Ginny were there.

“Hermione, shh, wake up, come back. It’s over, come back,” Hermione recognized Harry’s voice. She was so fine tuned to it, but at that time he was supposed to be destroying the diadem, or the snake, or something. It didn’t make sense. She closed her eyes and stretched a hand out to touch him, to try to establish what was real. Hermione felt his chest, and like a rubber band snapping, she knew something wasn’t right. She shifted to sit in Harry’s lap, and pressed her head to his chest.

“Harry,” She murmured, “Did you get it? The diadem? And where’s Ron, I…lost him, I think? He was just behind me and then… Wait, this isn’t, but… Harry, what’s happening?” Hermione felt as though she’d been under the water, staring upward, and had stayed below too long.

“Hermione, you had a flashback. The war ended three months ago. You are back at Hogwarts. You are head girl. We are in you dorm,” He patiently reminded her.

“But, what happened, and where is Ron?” She asked again. This time the whole room heard it, and the normally strong McGonagall felt tears begin to run down her face. This was wrong, so wrong.

“We won. Neville killed the snake, we got the diadem,” Harry soothed.

“I had a flashback, I’m still coming out of it,” Hermione murmured and began to rationalize, “But Harry, where is Ron? If all of this is true he should be here, helping me, where is he?” She was accepting she was in the present, but in light of the flashback, she was still blocking out what happened between the memory and the present. Harry wrapped his arms around her tightly, knowing what was going to happen, but it had to happen. It pained him deeply, but she wasn’t going to stop asking, and she wasn’t back all the way yet.

“Hermione, remember when you, me and Ron went after the diadem, Crabbe & Goyle set of the fiendfyre. We were flying on brooms, and a spark caught Ron’s broom. Because it was a magical fire it set the whole broom and Ron ablaze too fast. Hermone, Ron died three months ago,” Harry reminded her as gently as he knew how.

“But, Harry?” Hermione began to remember everything, felt the pain anew, and she succumbed to her sorrow. Tears poured down her face, soaked Harry’s shirt and her world went black. She passed out because she couldn’t handle feeling it all again.

A few moments later

“So what do we do now?” Ginny asked.

“Hermione will not be out long, she didn’t fall asleep, she passed out. Draco is essentially doing the same thing, but he is awake. Once they are both fully sentient we will figure it out then,” Harry decided aloud.

“Well, I am at least going to fix their room for them,” McGonagall muttered.

Hermione came back first. She remembered everything now, she understood. She wiped her face, and moved herself to the couch where she pulled her knees in and looked at everyone expectantly.

“Hermione, we don’t really have therapists in the wizarding world, because until recently they were needed. I discussed with Poppy, and she thinks that you need to select a person to hold as your closest link again. I know it will be hard, and painful, but ignoring everything won’t make it better. Throwing it all into dance is only a bandage. We think you need a person to really work through all of this with,” McGonagall diagnosed as smoothly as possible.

“Okay,” She agreed. She had to stop closing people out. Maybe it’s why Harry was dealing with this better. He had been open with Ginny and a few others, while Hermione had hidden herself away as much as she could.

“As for tonight,” McGonagall began.

“We’ll be okay,” Malfoy interjected. Hermione knew that despite the argument they’d had, they would again take comfort in each other’s arms that night. It may have felt wrong, but she had to begin letting go.

“Good to hear you will be looking out for each other,” McGonagall visibly relaxed, “but I was going to recommend that you leave your wands in a drawer, or a bit further away, in case a dream occurs, or something of the like.” Draco and Hermione nodded in agreement. Everyone began to leave, and Lucky appeared with a tray of hot chocolate and tea to soothe their shattered nerves.

Hermione and Draco each had a cup of tea. He then wordlessly took her hand and led her to his room where they both feel asleep of exhaustion.

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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Hermione awoke in a groggy state. Something was amiss, and she knew she would have it figured out in a minute, but right then, she had no clue. As her thoughts became clearer she took stock of her current state of being. She felt very warm and comfortable, that was good. She knew she was in Malfoys room, and upon a glance saw Malfoy’s head on her chest. That was okay too. It was becoming clearer though, that Hermione felt too hot, and she felt restless, which she shouldn’t just after waking up. Her mouth was dry, and she felt tingly. She could hear her pulse pounding in her ears and her skin felt too sensitive.

Malfoy chose that moment to shift and did so in such a way that he brushed her bare skin in a few places, and she felt something very specific and hard pressing against her hip. Like a switch flipping Hermione’s sleepy mind became crystal clear. She was turned on, and apparently so was Draco. She knew that neither of them should do what their bodies were telling them to. It would be wrong, and complicate everything. Hermione decided the best course of action would be to try to remove herself from the situation, before it became a situation.

She began to peel herself away from Draco in a painfully slow matter, hoping desperately not to wake him and deal with the awkward occurrences that would likely happen if he should. Unfortunately, at moments like this things never went as they should.

Hermione had just managed to free her upper half when he woke. He blinked a few times, shook his head, and went through what Hermione had moments before in terms of waking up and trying to assess what was happening.

Hermione said nothing. She watched with a stillness unsuitable to humans as he went through these motions. She was looking right into his eyes when he had the same realization she had about what was still pressing against her hip.

His eye widened, but still they didn’t move. It was a critical moment, and they both knew it. There was an electrical charge in their air and Hermione longed to let her lips touch his, but that was scary, and it would be safer to run.

It happened so quickly. The distance between their lips vanished. Hermione was lost in the sensation. He was gentle, but firm, and present. He pulled her lip between his teeth and nipped ever so slightly, before moving back to her mouth as a whole.

The whole thing lasted, maybe thirty seconds, but it scared the hell out of Hermione.

“I-I’ve got to go,” She stammered and fled to her own quarters. She undressed and hopped in the shower. Her lips were quivering, and she could still feel where he had just touched. She wasn’t ready for this, and couldn’t handle it.

Today they were going to dance, but the rest of their professors, in light of what had happened, didn’t want them to come in. Even the classes Hermione was supposed to teach were being taken over by McGonagall for the day. At least she had left a detailed lesson plan.

All of that considered Hermione changed into loose ballroom pants and a tank top. She then pulled her hair into a ponytail, packed her dance bag with a few things plus ballet clothing in case that is what they wanted her to do today and walked down to their kitchen. Draco was already there sipping some tea.

Hermione was afraid he would try to talk about it, make a move, or force a relationship. Instead, what he did was perfect. He gave her a small smile, which she returned, and went back to his tea. Hermione ate a banana and finished the pot of tea Draco had started. The two then moved to leave their rooms in silent agreement for the dance studios.

Once at the studio the two dropped their bags and found an empty space to themselves, which wasn’t difficult because they were early. Hermione guessed Professors Carlos and Isabel had given the new dancers a warm up routine to follow, but she and Draco had their own.

They made their way to the barre began twisting and contorting in various fashions for their warm-ups. There were a few things that were better done in partners, and once they reached that point they moved to the floor.

Hermione lay on her back as Draco leaned over her and began pressing her leg towards her. They held this for a few seconds and then switched. People were beginning to trudge in. Many found this odd, but just whispered to one another.

They stood and Draco began to help her push her attitude (what some may know as a scorpion). She normally was decent at it, but it was a bit stiff today.

“Ow, Draco, too far,” Hermione growled and tried to push her leg back.

“Relax, you are fine. Take a deep breath. This isn’t even as far as you normally are,” Draco brushed off her complaint and held firm. Hermione knew from his tone and how her body felt that he was right. So she sucked it up and continued stretching.

Shortly after, the Professors arrived.

“Okay, class, we are going to assume you have all warmed up, and if you have not, you have no excuse. Now that we have evaluated everyone we are going to begin instruction time. Today we are going to begin work on the Latin dances. If you are not dressed appropriately please make the change now,” Professor Isabel began. No one moved, probably because most found ballroom attire far more comfortable.

“Now then,” Professor Carlos began, “You and your partner stand up and face one another. If you and your partner know how to begin, please do so once you hear the music. If you don’t, relax, we will be moving around as needed.”

A slow and easy mambo beat came one. Draco pulled her close and they began to dance. Just having fun, doing precisely what they pleased. It was unintentionally perfect for today, because after this morning it was a no pressure opportunity to be physically close to one another, which both desperately wanted.

Out of the blue Draco threw Hermione up into a swing move.

“Malfoy that is not even Latin, much less mambo,” Hermione giggled. ‘Wow, she thought herself. I just giggled. When was the last time that happened?’

“Yeah, but it was fun,” He shrugged off her response. They stopped after a time for water and to plop down on the floor. Hermione didn’t blame them, but the professors were very busy with the newer dancers.

Eventually they made their way to Hermione and Draco…who were still sitting on the floor.

“What are you too doing?” Professor Carlos tried to sound firm, but an amused look in his eye was betraying his intent.

“You guys were busy, and we were a little bored, and we’d been dancing for ages at that point,” Draco tried to come up with every excuse he could, all at once.

“Oh we’ve been boring you have we?” Professor Isabel had a gleam in her eye that told Hermione that they were about to work.

“Everyone, continue practicing, but move as far away from the center as you can please, thank you,” Isabel called out. She changed the music to a much faster samba and directed Hermione and Draco to the middle of the floor. They quickly positioned themselves and locked eyes.

“Ready?” Draco muttered quickly.

“Sure. Think you can keep up?” Hermione challenged.

“Can you?” He smirked, and began the fast paced Latin game of Samba.