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Night Child by Xsanguinated

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,225
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/04/2009
Last Chapter: 10/06/2009
Last Updated: 10/06/2009

Jezebel is in her seventh year at Hogwarts. She's always been a school outcast with her best friend Jeremy, until she catches the full attention of the Marauders. Jeremy and her quickly become friends with the marauders, but she has a past full of dark secrets. Would she be able to bare it if Jeremy found out? Or even the Marauders? What would happen if they did? How would she take it, especially after all that she had been through? Will the friendship end in tragedy or possibly romance?

Chapter 1: A Strange New Beginning
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Chapter One





I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to begin a new year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would be starting my seventh year there and I was really looking forward to it. I felt like this year was going to be different, I didn’t know how but I already felt more confident than I usually did about beginning the year. I was looking forward to hanging out with my only friend, Jeremy Carter; we’d been best friends since we’d first met on the train. We’d both recognized each other as sorts of social outcasts in a way, so from then on we’d stuck together, no one had been more surprised than us though when we’d ended up in Gryffindor.  

I grabbed my clothes for today from where I’d left them on my desk and left my bedroom, making my way down the hall to the bathroom to have a shower and get ready for the day. My mum had taken me shopping a few weeks ago and I’d managed to find a store that appealed to my tastes while my mother had been looking for some new dress robes that she needed a few stores down from where I was. It had been another apothecary last year but the owners had closed up shop, so now in it’s place was my new haven in Diagon Alley, a Punk and Goth clothing store by the name of Screaming Mimi’s. I loved it with all my black little heart.

So today I was going to be wearing some of my new clothes, my mum didn’t really care, she was a drunk and my dad left us when I was only six after my magic began to manifest. A few weeks later Dumbledore had showed up binding my powers until I eleven, only a couple of months before I was due to begin my first year at Hogwarts. Since then I’ve pretty much been an invisible presence throughout my time at Hogwarts, but during the summer I’d decided to make a change. I didn’t want to go through my whole time at Hogwarts being the person that nobody noticed, while I’d been at Screaming Mimi’s I’d gotten my tongue pierced,  it had nearly been a month and my mum hadn’t even noticed.

I turned on the hot water and stripped off my pajamas before getting in, it was blissfully hot and the water did wonders for my tense muscles, I washed my hair thoroughly with the same jasmine shampoo and cleaned off the soap form myself before getting out. I dried myself off, then changed into the new clothes I’d picked out, a pair of black jeans with holes in the knees that shrunk or became baggier with the wearer’s mood, a black and red striped long sleeved tee, converse all stars, a black scarf and a brown leather jacket that my mum had given me a few years ago. I put on some black eyeliner in a thick line, mascara and a little lip gloss before I styled my long black hair in a messy pony-tail, now I looked like I would definitely stand out from the usual Hogwarts crowd including the Slytherin Snobs, The Marauders and other social groups that were well known at school.

I left the bathroom and went back to my room to grab my trunk before leaving the house. My mum probably wouldn’t even notice I was gone for a few days. I dragged my trunk down the stairs and down the hallway quietly without a sound, my mum as usual after a big party, was passed out on the couch in front of the telly. I left my the house not even looking back, it wasn’t my home, Hogwarts was, I stood out on the sidewalk and stuck out my wand, as usual I’d be catching the Knight bus to King’s Cross Station. A few minutes later s royal purple coloured double decker bus appeared in front of me, I grabbed my trunk and got onto the bus. After telling Steven Shunpike where I was heading and paying him my bus fee I sat down on one of the many chairs around the bus, the beds were only used for the night shift.

About ten minutes later I’d arrived at King’s Cross, it was as loud and busy as ever, but it was familiar and comforting to hear the familiar bustle that meant I would be returning home. I made my way to the wall between platform nine and ten, and ran at it, entering the platform 9 and ¾, hidden to the muggle world. I took in the usual sight of my peers milling around and talking amongst themselves, I spotted Jeremy and walked over to him, he looked confused, but when I waved to him in my familiar way he recognized me, with surprise.                                                                               

“Merlin! Jezebel you look great. When did this happen? Did you meet some punk rocker guy during the holiday or something? I can’t believe it.”, he said incredulously                                                                             

I grinned and did a little twirl for him, “I felt like a change after I realized that I didn’t want to go through Hogwarts unremembered. Unfortunately, I didn’t hook up with some punk rocker guy, I only wish, there were a few cute guys, but they were all too stupid for my tastes. How was your holiday?”                

Jeremy shrugged, “Just as boring without you as usual, mum still can’t believe she hasn’t met you yet, she wants to invite you home for the Christmas holidays, but we have a while before we’ll sort that out yet. That and Aunt Cecilia tried to get me to date one of her friends daughters, you’ll never guess who.”       

“Let me guess Felicity Revel or someone like Marie Thomas?”, I asked playing along                                                  

“No it was Arabella Spring, you know that bitchy snob from Ravenclaw.”                                                             

We both grimaced before we both burst out laughing; after we calmed down we made our way closer to the train so we could get good seats before it left in three quarters of an hour.

While we waited Jeremy got a book out from his jacket pocket and began to read, he sat on his trunk on the trolley and I stood reading over his shoulder to pass the time, a few minutes later I heard the familiar voices of the Marauders greeting each other after most of them spending the summer apart.         What amused me though was Sirius Black talking to James Potter about something then being stopped in his tracks by something, because he suddenly trailed off from what he was saying.                                          

“James would you look at the legs on that looker, and look at the way she’s dressed. I wonder if she’s a transfer from Beauxbaton or some other school like that. I mean no girl dresses like that, especially from our house. Do you think she’s single or with that guy she’s standing with over his shoulder.”

I nudged Jeremy’s shoulder and told him to listen to the Marauder’s conversation after I realized that Sirius black was talking like that about me. The quiet little nobody who’s existed invisibly in their classes and house for the past five years. Jeremy and I both let out a chuckle at what they were all talking about,

“Hey Jeza, how about you give them a show? It may be fun, and it’ll be something to laugh about later.”      

I nodded and turned around to face the direction where I could hear the Marauder’s voices coming from.  I saw three of the four boys watching me intently, Remus grinned when he saw my face and winked, he knew who I was, I winked back, causing James and Sirius to turn and face him.                                                

“Remus Lupin have you been holding out on us? How could you hold back something as important as being in a relationship with this girl? We thought we were your friends.” said Sirius in a mock hurt voice            

Remus shrugged, “Guys I’ve known her since first year, she’s not a transfer student, she’s in Gryffindor. Has been for ages, you’ve just been too obsessed with pranks and other girls that you haven’t noticed her. She may have changed a little, but you’d think you’d recognize the girl who got me through potions since forever, and therefore getting you through potions since first year."

Remus waved me over, I held up a finger signaling I’d be there in a minute, I told Jeremy I was going over and I’d be back in a little bit, then made my way over to the Marauders.                                       

Remus hugged me gently, and then drew back putting an arm around me shoulder bring me to face the guys, “Guys you remember Jezebel Masters don’t you? She’s the one who’s been getting us through potions since first year, but I don’t think you’ve been properly introduced to her. She’s a pretty good flyer James, she’s good enough to try out for Seeker this year if you know what I mean, and we need the help after Donahue left us last year. Maybe you should convince her to join the team.”                                                   

“Jezebel I’d like you to meet the other Marauders James and Sirius, peter isn’t here yet, but you can meet him later. These are two of the other three guys you’ve been helping pass potions for a while.”

I held out a hand to James and he shook it , I held a hand to Sirius, but instead of shaking it he brought it to his mouth and kissed it, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Jezebel, it’s lovely to meet the brain who’s been helping the four of us pass potions. I must say that I never pegged someone so smart for a beauty like you. Would you like to accompany me to Hogsmeade the next time we have a weekend there?” He questioned trying to be suave or dashing that would make me go out with him.                                             

I pulled my hand away, “Sorry I never really go to Hogsmeade unless I can really help, I can run onto too much trouble there. I’m a klutz you see, so it’s very hazardous for me to go anywhere unaccompanied, but I only trust my life with two groups of people, teachers, and my friends, and unfortunately for you, you don’t fit in either of those categories. Goodbye Remus, goodbye James I’ll see you in class tomorrow, goodbye Black, I’m sure your ego will recover soon enough. Until I see you all again.”

I left the boys and made my way back to where Jeremy was reading his book; I heard Remus and James laughing loudly at Sirius'expense.                                                                                                                                   
Jeremy grinned and looked up at me, “That sounded like you had fun Jeza. Congratulations on being the first girl in the history of Hogwarts to refuse to go out with Sirius Black. I’m sure you’ll be remembered forever as a girl who sticks up for girls everywhere.”                                                                     

“Thanks Jere. I think I’ve had enough for one day, come on lets go find our compartment and relax, I need a good rest after what mum was like last night. I’m just really tired at the moment.”                                 

“Sure, why not? We might as well, you can sleep on the way there, I’ll wake you up a while before we get there so you still have time to change into your robes. Do you think we could have a jam session in the common room if you feel up to it after the feast? I’ve been looking forward to it all summer.”             

I nodded and we began making or way onto the train to our compartment.

When we got into the compartment we stored our trunks on the floor we usually kept them, it’s not as if we had to worry about anyone wanting to sit with us, we were the outcasts of the school, so we didn’t really care where we put our luggage. I was stretched out on one of the seats using my jacket as a pillow while Jeremy sat comfortable on the other seat cradling his guitar on his lap. We’d been learning together since first year, but I took it more seriously than he did, so I was little more skilled than he was, which was why he ended up playing rhythm guitar while I played lead when we jammed together.  Jeremy began playing, and because he was doing so I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t need to now, his playing had woke me up a little, so now I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore.

I took my own guitar from my trunk and enlarged it making the guitar it’s normal size rather than pocket sized like it had been in my trunk for transport. I tuned the strings by ear then began playing the melody accompaniment of the chords that Jeremy had been strumming. It was a duet so he began singing the first verse then I sang the second verse, then we sang the chorus, we repeated that sequence until we finished the song. When we finished we heard clapping form the now open doorway,

“I didn’t know you played guitar Jezebel. You have a lovely singing voice, how come you never mentioned it earlier during our conversations while you were tutoring me?” said Remus quietly

I shrugged, “Well I was tutoring you, not socializing, and it’s not as if our hobbies came up in any of the conversations we did have when I was tutoring you. Don’t worry about it, Jeremy hear and Dumbledore are the only ones at Hogwarts that even know I play guitar, so it’s not as if it’s publicly known.”

  Sirius frowned, “You know if Remus is right about you being awesome at flying and you playing guitar and tutoring us in potions we could probably say you were a probably one of the best girls we have ever met, because you’re so much like a guy but you still have your very feminine looks and attitude.”

Jeremy stood up, shrank his guitar and sat down next to me, when he was comfortable he gestured to the other guys to sit down on the spare seat. “Sorry our compartment isn’t that neat, we weren’t really expecting anyone to join us. Usually it’s just us sharing this compartment, you could say Jezebel and I are the Gryffindor outcasts, but then again we don’t really fit in with anyone so I suppose we’re just outcasts in general.”

The guys sat down on the seat across from us, I leant my own guitar against the wall of the compartment, “So what did you guys want? And before you say that you don’t want anything, just remember that you deliberately sought us out for a reason no matter how trivial it was, so whatever you wanted form us it is still a reason to seek us out and obviously make a point to speak to us.”
“Well the three of us were wondering if you would like to hang us with us this year, the both of you. We have decided that we like you, so do you guys wants to hang out with us this year, before we finish school and regret not ever being friends with the two of you. What do you say?” said James sincerely

 I looked at Jeremy, and he blinked, he was just as surprised as I was, I shrugged, silently giving him my opinion, I wasn’t really fussed, but it would be interesting to get to know the Marauders. Jeremy shrugged too, he wasn’t really fussed either, so I guess we could come to the conclusion that we didn’t really mind if we hung out with them or not, but it couldn’t hurt to see if it would be fun.

  I looked up at the Marauders sitting in front of us, and then looked at Jeremy, he nodded, “Sure we’d love to hang out with you guys this year, but we only have one condition. You have to give us our space when we want it, or we won’t speak to you and you’ll never see us again. Is that clear?”

The boys nodded, “Sure, we understand completely everyone needs time to themselves don’t they?” said Remus understandingly

James nodded, “Yeah we sure do, especially Moony here, he’s such a loner.”

Sirius nodded too, “Yeah if Moony was anymore of a loner than the marauders would be a group of three rather than a group of four like we are now. We accept your condition, as of now the two of you are officially friends of the Marauders of Hogwarts.”

Jeremy and I looked at each other, raising an eyebrow in question of Sirius Black’s mental health and maybe James’ as well, I shrugged and turned my head to look at the Marauders, making a study of them, they were looking at Jeremy and I very strangely.

“Are you two absolutely sure you are not secret twins? Because you’re really freaking Sirius out.” said James in an unsure voice.

Jeremy and I burst out laughing, when we’d calmed down enough that we could speak I said, “We are positively sure that we are not twins, we just know each other really well. Let’s face it, when you only have one friend to hang out with and you hang out with them for seven years, you kind of get to know them a little too well and you form a sort of bond with them. He knows me really well too.”
Remus grinned, “If you say so Jezebel. Now what shall we do to pass the time during this train ride besides waiting for the food trolley?”

 We all shrugged our shoulders, then suddenly Sirius’ and James’ face lit up with the promise of an idea that was about to be put in motion.

“Does anyone care for a game of exploding snap? We can make it interesting if you want.” said Sirius with a snide grin on his face.
And so for the rest of the train ride, Jeremy and I proceeded to beat the crap out of James and Sirius, the former exploding snap champions of Hogwarts. Remus was the referee, wanting more to read his book than , preside over out game, the staked was the food we had bought form the lady with the food trolley, I hadn’t had this much fun in ages.

By the time we’d arrived at Hogwarts, the five of us were firm friends, the guys had changed into their uniforms in the compartment while I had gone to the girl’s bathrooms, much to Sirius’ disappointment. Jeremy and I had won the exploding snap tournament, resulting in Sirius and James calling the both of us some sort of exploding snap speed demons, the both of us won plenty of food which we shared with James and Sirius after much groveling on their part.

  From what I could tell the five of us were eagerly looking forward to the east, but each of us with different reason s, but all of us had one common ground for excitement. The magical, tasting food prepared by the house elves in the kitchen. We all amazingly fit in one of the carriages pulled by the Thestrals that would take us up to the castle, before now I had never realized how big teenage guys were when they were in a small space like the carriage together.

  The ride was fairly quiet; most of us were taking in the familiar scenery that was the Hogwarts grounds, the grounds that were to become my home during the full moon now, instead of being locked up in the dungeons like the previous year. The thing was, I was a vampyre, I had been bitten by my sire while I was in Diagon Alley during the last summer before my sixth year, I had been shopping in one of the side alleys looking for something  I needed for potions classes when I had been attacked.

  My sire had been starving himself because he didn’t think it was right to drink from humans, unfortunately for me I had wandered too close to where he was hiding and he couldn’t help himself but to drink from me. Without realizing it he had turned me, by the time he had finished feeding he was so disgusted with himself attacking me that he looked after me for a week. He treated me like his own daughter, he’s never been able to sire before as he was too weak, and so he thought I would die, he wanted to give me a peaceful death in the luxury of his mansion on the English country side. But I didn’t die, I went through the change.

  I became his only daughter, my mother couldn’t care less about me, I spent the summer with my new father learning to control myself. I found out that because of my sire’s preferences I liked animal blood over human blood; it was more potent to me with the adrenaline and enhanced senses of the animal doing so much more for my new body system. When I returned to collect my things from my mother’s house in London she barely recognized me she was so drunk, and to my astonishment, I had changed when I looked in the mirror at my barely there reflection.

I went back to Hogwarts, but because I wasn’t well known, no one really noticed the difference. Jeremy was a little concerned at first saying I was a little too pale for his liking, I brushed him off saying I had been really sick over the summer vacation. Over the next few days I steadily began wearing more makeup in natural colours, close to the tone I had originally had been before the change. This fooled Jeremy so well that he didn’t bug me about my pale complexion and the dark circle around my eyes anymore.

The grounds were softly lit by the crescent moon hanging high in the sky above us; it gave the surrounding environment a soft and gentle feel, almost romantic in a way like the paintings of the old masters. Remus held his lit wand over his book, still reading the same one he had started on the train, it must have been really engrossing, I wondered what it was about. When we were in sight of the castle James and Sirius began chatting between themselves animatedly, this made me anxious because they had big mischievous grins on their faces, which couldn’t bode well for whoever they were going to prank next.

  When we reached the castle we left the carriage quickly wanting to find good seats for the feast, we were all excited to hear what the great man’s speech was going to be about this year. The five of us found good spots to sit about halfway down the Gryffindor table, and picked up a conversation about the Quidditch trial going on next weekend, James was trying to convince me to try out, Sirius wanted to have a mock game between James, Remus, me and himself. Remus looked on, grinning with mirth while I scowled at him, really pissed off that he had told the boys that I could fly well, when I only flew as a hobby when I was stressed or I needed to take a break from being amongst my peers.

I growled to myself under my breath, annoyed at Remus for making my hobby into a possible chore, I like Quidditch, but if I had to fly for a reason it might take the fun out of the sport for me. I told the boys I wouldn’t speak to them while they were acting irrationally, so I ignored them afterwards and picked up a conversation with Jeremy hoping to deter the boys. A few minutes later Emilia Roach, Heather O’Malley and Lily Evans sat a little way down the table from us, much to James’ and Sirius’ delight, the girls were chatting amongst themselves about the latest beauty products they had seen the week before at Diagon Alley.

  I rolled my eyes and turned my head to look up at the raised table where teachers were beginning to sit themselves down, Professor Sinistra who taught astronomy, Professor Kirk who was the new Care Of Magical Creatures teacher who arrived last year, and my favorite, Professor Daemos, who taught defence Against the Dark Arts, amongst others. About a minute after everyone was seated, except the first years waiting outside, Dumbledore arrived and stood at the dais in front of the staff table, grinning merrily in the way that he does.

Dumbledore called for the first years to be let in, then he clapped his hands, a clap of thunder of thunder rounded in the great hall and a puff of smoke appeared in front of him, when the smoke let up it revealed the Sorting Hat. Everyone clapped in awe; it had a different way of appearing every year, this year had been no less awe inspiring than last year. The first years were led by professor McGonagall, small and looking terrified of what was to be ahead of them, thinking they had to go through some horrible initiation of some sort.

I remembered when we had been like that, small, frightened, and scared out of our wits wondering what was going to happen to us after we had just crossed the lake with Hagrid in the little boats. I remembered how I had only just met Jeremy but I already knew we were going to be firm friends through our years at Hogwarts.

I was pulled from my reverie, by the loud sound of the whole student body clapping, celebrating the induction of new students in their individual houses. Dumbledore called for our attention then began his arrival at Hogwarts Speech, “Welcome new faces and those of you who already call Hogwarts your home. I would like to welcome you back from your vacation; I hope you enjoyed your holidays. And now before we dig in to out magnificent feast, I would like to go over a few things. First of all Mr. Filch has reminded me a list of all banned items can be found on the door of his office, Fanged Frisbees have now been added after some of last year’s incidents. Second, please take notice that we have a new Ancient runes teacher in our midst. I would like to introduce you to Professor Kingston. And last but not least, please be on your guard when venturing outside of the castle during these dangerous times, curfews for each year level will be posted on the notice board in each house common room. Now please, for lack of any more appropriate words, dig in.”, he finished cheerfully.

Seconds later the feast appeared before our astonished eyes, we all began helping ourselves to the food in front of us while the first years looked on, some with astonished eyes and others with smug grins. I helped myself to some roast lamb, a rare steak and some vegetable as well as the traditional pumpkin juice. Jeremy kept trying to pile more food on my plate saying I was too skinny, while trying to put even more food on his own plate. The marauders now joined by Peter Pettigrew, looked on amusedly as I kept piling the food he’d put on my plate onto his own. Finally in my desperation I put a shield around my plate that only I could get past, Jeremy stuck his tongue out at me when he realized he couldn’t do anything about it, then went back to shoveling his own food in his mouth.

I ate the steak first, trying to get a little of the blood into my system before I went to get my own supply from the Room of Requirement after the feast. Remus who was sitting on my right was looking at me curiously, he looked surprised, and when I raised an eyebrow he went back to his own food. I could smell the scent of something about him that was different from normal humans, but I didn’t say anything. When I finished my dinner I took a five minute break before helping myself to dessert, I grabbed a slice of treacle tart and Raspberry pie, my favourites.

About three quarters of an hour later, everyone had finished eating, even the boys who I knew to have voracious appetites were completely full and rubbing their bellies. Dumbledore stood up and clapped his hands, making the food disappear before bidding everyone a good night’s rest and a fortuitous day tomorrow. Then the Great Hall became full of students standing up and trying to get through the doorway to begin making their way to their houses, hoping to get a good night’s sleep. I slipped away from the others unnoticed in the bustle of the Great Hall, making my way to the Room of Requirement so I could get his week’s supply of blood that I would need.

Dumbledore had told me about the room when my sire came in to make sure I was getting everything I would needed as I grew into being a fully fledged vampyre, which wouldn’t happen until I turned eighteen in January of next year. My sire explained to Dumbledore what had happened the summer before my sixth year, he wanted to pull me out of Hogwarts to keep me and the other students safe. Dumbledore wouldn’t hear of it, he said I needed to finish my magical education, even if it meant he had to facilitate the things I would need especially, like blood and an area to keep me during full moon.

I’d been surprised that Dumbledore had wanted to keep me here, even at the risk of the other students, as had my sire but we knew he was absolutely sincere about me staying at Hogwarts for another two years until I had fished school. My sire had accepted that I stay here, but only if my identity as a vampyre was not revealed to the other students and I was comfortable remaining at Hogwarts. I wanted to stay here; I wanted to be with Jeremy for as long as I could before disappearing from his life forever, I owed him that at least, I didn’t want to leave him alone for the rest of his time at Hogwarts.

I took my blood form the Room of Requirement; it was in a dark plastic water bottle that I would be able to keep in my bag easily. I then made my way speedily back to the Gryffindor tower keeping to the shadows, and using my vampyre speed to stay out of the way of prefects patrolling the hallways, once I had to climb and hide up the wall above one of the prefects and Lily Evan who was Head girl this year, partnered up with James as Head Boy, much to her displeasure.

 The common room was nearly empty except for Jeremy, Sirius and Remus; they were sitting together on the best couches in front of the fire, it looked like they were waiting for someone.

  I silently made my way across the common room floor silently, using my vampyre skills of evasion to stay hidden from their notice. I entered the seventh year girl’s dorms and made my way to my bed, I unlocked my trunk and put my blood inside, before locking it again putting a charm on it that caused the trunk to only open if I unlocked it while holding down a button with the right amount of pressure. I then made my way downstairs to talk to Jeremy about getting my guitar from him as he’d put it away in his trunk before we had played our exploding snap tournament on the train with James and Sirius.

I walked down the girl’s tower steps quietly and stood behind Jeremy reading over his shoulder the same book he had been reading on the platform earlier today. After a few minutes of reading I tapped him on the shoulder, he twisted his head to look at who had tapped him on the shoulder and jumped in surprise when he saw it was me.

“Jeza! You scared me. Come sit and read with me? Or do you want to have a game of gob stones?”
I shook my head, ‘No thanks Jere. I just came to ask you if I could get my guitar from you? I felt like playing then I remembered that you had it in your trunk. Do you think you could go and get it for me?”

Jeremy nodded and out his book down, then left the Common Room, heading up the boys stairs to go and get my guitar for me.

I perched myself on the edge of the couch, sitting cross legged on the arm of the chair perfectly balanced. I looked at Remus and Sirius when I’d settled myself to see them looking at my oddly, I looked down at myself and the way that I was perched, realizing that it wasn’t exactly normal for humans to be doing this, so I settled ,myself on the cushion of the couch instead.

“So what are you Jezebel?”, said Remus warily looking around before asking me his question

“What do you mean Remus?” I said innocently

“You know what I mean Jezebel. Don’t play stupid with us; we know that you’re not exactly human.”

I shrugged, “I’m no more human than you are Remus John Lupin.”, I said pulling his middle name from his thoughts, another vampyre trick I’d learnt from my sire,

Remus looked shocked, “How do you know Jezebel? It’s almost impossible to tell at this time of the month. What are you?”

“I can smell it on you. I’m not the only one with enhanced senses Remus. Judging from your earlier comment, I’d say you’re a werewolf or a vampyre. Either way you are kin to me as you are affected by the full glowing rob in the sky once a month.” I said not wanting to give away what I really was.

Remus took in a deep breath, “You are one of the night children. You’re a vampyre.”

I shrugged, “I guess that makes you a werewolf then if you can smell my taint on me that easily. I guess we will be seeing more of each other this full moon as I’m no longer going to be trussed up like an animal trapped in the dungeons for the protection of everyone else. Goodnight Remus. Goodnight Sirius.” I said quietly before walking over to the end of the boy’s stair case, where I could now here Jeremy coming down from the boy’s dorms.

Jeremy handed me my guitar from where it had been cradled in his hands, then went back to sitting on the couch reading his book “Please play for us Jezebel? I’m sure those two would like to hear you play before we all head up to bed.”

I nodded, “fine. I’ll play one song for the three of you then I’m going to bed.”

I then began playing the song that I’d written last summer after I’d been changed, it was about how I’d been miserable then I came to Hogwarts becoming happier, my change and becoming even happier now that I had a sort of parental figure to watch over me, even if I was damned. I finished on a C major chord that fit with the key progression.

I looked up and saw the boys had been stunned into their silence; they recovered a few moments later.

“Jeza, what was beautiful. Did you write it, because I’ve never heard you play anything like that, ever.” said Jeremy in awe of the music I had just played

I nodded, ‘I wrote that summer vacation when I needed something to do. I got bored and began experimenting; I liked the sound so I decided to keep playing. It’s one of my favourite compositions.”

“Thank you for playing for us Jeza. That was amazing; you let us see a part of yourself. Thank you.”, said Sirius in a sincere manner which surprised me

Remus nodded, “That was very poetic Jezebel. Thank you. I hope you’ll give us he pleasure of hearing you play again soon. I know we all enjoyed and I know James would have too.”

I nodded, “Thank you for listening. Goodnight boys I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” I said before making my way up the girl’s tower stairs to the seventh year girl’s dorm. I put my guitar away, then got changed into my pajamas.

I charmed my bed to warm up a little then settled in my own sort of cocoon with the curtains pulled around my four poster bed. I don’t sleep at all, and I wouldn’t ever even when I was a proper vampyre, so most nights I spent the dark hours reading or I jumped ship out of the girls dorm window to go for a fly around the grounds to relax myself. I settled own with two of my books and began to read, picking up where I’d last left of the adventure story I’d started yesterday.