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French Charm by elegantphoenix

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 17,488

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Bill, Fleur, Teddy, Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Bill/Fleur, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 08/19/2009
Last Chapter: 03/11/2010
Last Updated: 03/11/2010

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Dominique Weasley has a problem.
"You're not going to murder her."
That problem is her sister.
"Yes I am. Feel free to watch."

Chapter 1: Of Ruffled Dresses and Close Encounters
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Cleary, her sister did not love her.

It had already been established that she did not trust her sense of style which, she must admit, was almost nonexistent. But this, this went too far. Dominique tilted her head to the side in the mirror, scrunching up her nose as she took handfuls of the hideous dress in her hands. She had a strict no ruffles policy, one that her sister had taken great care to ignore when she went shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

“You are the maid of honor, Dom. Everyone knows the maid of honor gets a different dress than the others.” Victoire had said, before shrugging indifferently and sauntering off.

Despite what Victoire may have believed, Dom was not stupid, but she refused to complain, to give her sister the satisfaction. So now, thanks to her pride, she stood in front of the tall mirror of the dressing room, clutching the frilly pink fabric in her fists with a drawn out sigh.

The bell on the door to the boutique rang, signaling the arrival of a new visitor. It was only Dom and the shop owner here to day; an old friend of her mother’s who had agreed to close to the public for the day. A moment later the old woman began shouting at the visitor, and judging by the confusion in his voice when he responded, she guessed that since he did not know fluent French, he could only be one person.

She pushed the curtain to the dressing room aside and stepped out into the main part of the boutique, smiling a little at the sight of the tiny woman franticly trying to push Teddy out of the shop.

“I’m the groom! You know, for the wedding? I’m marrying Victoire, you must have heard of her. Her sister’s back there and she’s my friend. Hello? Are you even - ow!” The old woman had somehow acquired a broom, and was now hitting him on the head with it.

It appeared to have made up for the height difference.

Dominique hurried over, grabbing the woman and pulling her away from him, ducking when the broom swung dangerously close to her face. “Eloise, arrêter! Ted est mon ami!” At her words the woman slowly lowered her broom, still scrutinizing Teddy suspiciously. “It’s okay, Eloise, I can take it from here.”

“You can speak French?” Teddy asked, clutching his chest as his eyes trailed the old woman, afraid that she might change her mind and come back.

She laughed and shrugged indifferently, focusing on her nail beds as she replied.

“A little. Maman would be highly disappointed if I didn’t.” Dominique turned back to the dressing room as he straightened up. “Apparently you would’ve been, too.” She added with an amused smirk at him over her shoulder.

“Hey, I had it under control.”

“Sure, sure.” She laughed again, pushing the curtain aside and going to stand infront of the mirror again with a heavy sigh.

“So this is it?” The look of shock did not go unnoticed by Dominique, who could see it clearly in his reflection. She rolled her eyes and exhaled deeply, running her hands over the ruffles.


He coughed, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked away, obviously trying to suppress a laugh. “Looks nice.” Teddy lied.

Dominique spun on her heel and punched him in the shoulder. “It is not funny! You better start looking for a new fiancé, because I’m going to murder your current one.” She seethed, picking up the dress as she stormed into the dressing room where she’d left her less ruffled and ridiculous clothes.

The moment the door slammed behind her, she unzipped the dress and stepped out of it, a strange sense of freedom flooding her body. When she finally felt the familiar feel of denim caressing her skin as she pulled her jeans on, she let out a sigh of relief. She buttoned her blouse up and opened the door, only to find Teddy standing on the other side of it, blocking her way.

He was still trying to refrain from smiling. “You’re not going to murder her.”

“Yes I am. Feel free to watch.” Dom retorted, pushing past him and shoving her feet into a pair of golden ballet flats her mother had insisted she wore.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” Teddy gestured over his shoulder at the discarded dress with his thumb. She shot him a look that could make hell freeze over, but otherwise did not bother him in the least. He was so used to her death glares that he was practically immune.

Resigned, she stalked over and snatched it up off the floor.

“I’m still not wearing this thing.” She muttered as she passed him. “I’d rather go in my bra and knickers than in this frilly excuse of a dress.”

Teddy laughed.

“As much as… every guy there would love it if you did, you know your father would be furious and mother embarrassed to the point of fainting.” Dominique rolled her eyes, pushing the curtain aside and crossing the main part of the boutique with Teddy in tow.

“For some reason I don’t think I would mind.” She admitted with shrug.

“You know, you’re so cute when you’re being rebellious.” He teased as they stepped outside into the bright mid-day sunlight. Dominique stopped walking abruptly, turning to narrow her eyes at him.

“If you know what’s good for you, Lupin, you’ll take that back.” Dominique shot back with her finger in his face. His eyes shifted from warm brown to a playful blue.

After a long moment of staring him down, he didn’t budge. She threw her hands up like she didn’t know what to do with him, dress flailing in the wind and attracting the very unwanted attention of the nosey French solicitors that littered the street. Dom blushed and Teddy guffawed behind her.

He was so childish.

Maybe that was why they were friends.

“Oh come on, Dom, wait up.” He called as she took a sharp left down a narrow, cramped street lined with quaint tables occupied by well-dressed locals sipping on tea and nibbling on croissants. The few people that looked up were clearly annoyed. “You’re making a scene.”

“Merlin, you sound like Vicky.” Dom observed, rolling her eyes. Glancing back at him, it was clear that he was trying not to smile at her nickname for her sister.

Teddy squeezed by a waitress balancing a tray on one hand and clutching a pitcher in the other. “What else would you expect? I spend more time with her than humanly necessary.”

Dominique snorted, crossing the next intersection without bothering to check for oncoming cars. The familiar buzz of a Vespa reached Teddy’s ears and he ran forward, causing them to hit the ground as the silver moped zoomed by, the rider shaking their fist and shouting in French.

She spat her hair out of her mouth and pushed it out of her face, only coming to realize that he was straddling her in the middle of the street. A few feet away, her dress lay in a dirty, shredded pile. A satisfied smile spread across her lips.

“Are you alright?” Teddy inquired, his breathing returning to normal.

“Yes I’m fine, but I don’t think my dress will agree.” He followed Dom’s gaze to the mangled pile of fabric a few feet away and laughed. “Now will you get off of me? People are already staring at us like a couple of loons and you don’t want to know what they’re saying.”

“Right, sorry.” Reluctantly, he quickly stood up and offered her his hand, which she took, muttering her thanks. “I suppose I overreacted there.”

Dom walked over and picked her dress up gingerly between her thumb and forefinger. “Yes, a bit.”

He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked over. “Victoire’s going to be rather upset when she finds out about this.” Teddy said, watching as she dropped it again. “Though you don’t seem to be too torn up about it.”

“That’s because I’m not.” Dominique told him, looking up at a boutique across the street where women were endlessly coming in and out. “Besides, what Vicky doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” She then took Teddy by the arm and dragged him toward the store. “Now hurry up, the opportunity for revenge waits for no man.”

Disclaimer Everything you recognize : JK Rowling's. Everything you don't : Mine.

Author's Note New story! :D This was written for Miss Lily Potter's Where's All The Flirtiness Gone Challenge with the quote "Those three words are said too much... They're not enough." to work with. So there you have it, chapter one! Let me know regardless if its great or horrible, reviews are reviews!

Chapter 2: Of Chaotic Brunch and New Feelings
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“Come on, we’re already late.” Dom hissed, waving him along as they raced up the pathway to her grandmother’s chateau for brunch that had started fifteen minutes ago.

Teddy had stopped a few feet back, fumbling with his tie. Dom groaned and doubled back, linking her arm with his and dragging him along as he hastily knotted it. “Sorry, sorry.” He kept saying.

A few moments later they were making their way through her grandmother’s vast garden to a table that had been set up in the very center of it, where Apolline Delacour sat sipping her tea with her daughter and Victoire. Fleur noticed them and raised an eyebrow, while Vicky laughed at something her grandmother had said.

“You’re late.” Apolline said without looking up from her tea as Dom and Teddy approached.

Fleur nearly choked on her tea and shot her mother a look. “Maman,” She chided. “I’m sure whatever held them up was a matter of life and death.”

Dom slid into the seat next to her mother, as Teddy kissed Victoire on the cheek and sat next to her. A rather good looking and well tanned teenage boy appeared next to Vicky then, and offered her a platter of assorted cheeses. It might’ve been an innocent gesture if he hadn’t used his cute-French-boyish charm and she hadn’t batted her eyelashes in response.

Noticing Teddy’s discomfort, Apolline laughed and waved him off. “Zat ees all, Peter.” With that, he nodded to everyone in turn, before retreating to the house without another word.

“So, back to the wedding plans.” Fleur announced, breaking the silence and effectively moving Teddy’s thoughts away from killing Peter in his sleep. She turned to look at Dom. “How did the fitting go, dear?”

“Fine.” Dom lied, forcing a smile and looking at her sister across the table, who popped a grape into her mouth and smiled evenly back. Dom just wanted to rip her hair out and show them all the devil horns hiding beneath those golden locks. “Although, there was this mishap with a moped and, well, I’m sure you can guess the rest -”

Victoire straightened up and pointed an accusing finger at her sister. “Aha! I knew you would destroy it, you ungrateful little -”

“- Well I wouldn’t have had to if you would have given me something more decent -”

“- You didn’t deserve anything more decent - Ah!” Victoire screamed as Dom dived across the table and wrapped her hands around her sisters neck as she started beating her on the head with her purse. Her chair toppled over and Dom wrapped her legs around her sister’s waist as she tried to back away from the table, teetering on her wedges.

At that moment Louis appeared next to his mother as she looked on in horror from the other side of the table. He bit into his apple and wiped at the juice with the back of his hand as it dribbled down his chin.

“Some things never change.” He chucked.

Fleur put a hand to her mouth. “Do you think we should tell them -”

She was cut off by two shrill shrieks and a splash of water as her daughters tripped and dived head first into the fountain. Louis shook his head. “I think they’ve just figured it out.” He smirked as he watched his sisters try to right themselves in the churning water.

Sacrebleu! Zis is most unacceptable!” Apolline yelled as she hurried over to the fountain and Victoire used Dominique’s shoulder to push herself up. “I expected more from you Victoire.”

With that, Apolline turned on her heel and stalked off toward the house, and Victoire hastily climbed out of the fountain, hurrying after her with a limp as her left shoe was broken.

“Gran, wait it was all her fault!” She called. “I was simply using self-defense!”

Dom rolled her eyes as she watched her sister go, and Teddy walked over to offer her a hand which she gratefully took for the second time today. “I’m sorry to break it to you, Teddy,” She said as she stepped out of the fountain. “But your fiancé is a manipulative, raging bitch. Don‘t say I didn‘t warn you.”

“Right, but you did kind of start this.” Teddy reminded her, raising his eyebrows pointedly.

“She had it coming.” Dom replied as she wrung her hair out on the concrete. A breeze swept by and she suddenly felt very cold. Her dress was clinging to her body and weighing her down.

Just as Teddy was opening his mouth to say something, Bill appeared and, with one look at his daughter, fought to hide an amused smile that was pushing its way onto his face. “What was it about this time?” He inquired, folding his arms across his chest.

“Vicky didn’t tell you?” Dom’s eyebrows shot up. “Well, she was being a selfish -” Teddy’s hand clamped over her mouth quickly as he gave her father a wary smile.

“Minor disagreement.” He told him.

Bill’s eyes flickered between the two, but he let the subject go. “Right, anyway I actually came here to tell you” - He pointed at Teddy - “that we’re going fishing.”

“Er… alright.” Teddy replied uncertainly.

Dom pushed Teddy’s hand away. “Wait, did I just hear you right?” Bill’s brows pulled together and she continued. “Sorry to burst your bubble, Dad, but you’ve never fished a day in your life.”

“You’re forgetting that time with Louis -” Bill pointed out.

“That didn’t count and you know it.” She told him, folding her arms. “You only said that you were going fishing. All of that fish was store bought.”

“I still don’t know how you knew that…” He said to no one in particular just as Fleur and Louis joined them.

“Did I just hear someone say ‘fishing’” - She paused and noticed Bill - “Oh no.”

Bill shot her a look. “Oh yes.”

“This isn’t a good idea -”

“Fleur, there comes a time when a man needs to bond with his soon to be son-in-law. As it happens, that time is now.” Bill took Teddy by the shoulder and steered him toward the gate.

Dad -”

“Make sure it’s not store bought!” Louis called, and his mother smirked, hitting him on the arm playfully.

“We’ll be back before dinner.” He assured them and with that, they were gone. The remaining three people exchanged looks, knowing this would not end well.

A few hours later, at dusk, Dom sat on the beach wrapped in a blanket, watching the waves roll over the sand just a few feet away. Teddy approached her, hands deep in his pockets.

“How’d it go?” She asked without looking up.

Teddy rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m sure you can guess.” He laughed.

Dom screwed up her face in thought for a moment. “The only thing Dad caught was himself with a fishhook, you fell out of the boat, and overall, no fish accompanied you on the ride home.” She looked up at him then, smiling at his look of surprise.

“Hey, you’ve got to give us some credit! I had one, but it got the best of me and pulled me in and -”

“Aha!” Dom said, jumping up and pointing a finger at him. “I’d only guessed that you fell in, but you just admitted it yourself.” Teddy laughed and rolled his eyes. “I’ll bet you screamed like a girl.”

He reached out and started tickling her. “You think you’re funny, don’t you?”

“Oh my God Teddy, stop it!” Dom squealed through her laughter, trying to escape his hands and the torture that he was putting her through. She was laughing so hard her ribs hurt. “Stop it or I’ll hex you the next chance I get!”

“I’d like to see you try.” He laughed into her ear, his hot breath tickling her neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she kicked and squirmed.

They spun around, and the laughter ceased almost instantly: Victoire was standing there, a few feet away, and neither of them had any idea how long she’d been there. Teddy released Dom quickly as Victoire cleared her throat.

“We are picking out flowers tomorrow.” She announced, pretending Dom didn’t even exist. It seemed she was still peeved about tea that morning but Dom didn’t care.

“Great,” Teddy muttered, mocking enthusiasm. Dom laughed behind him, and with a glare from her sister, it quickly turned into a horrible excuse for a cough. “I mean… I can’t wait.”

Temporarily placated, Victoire turned and returned to the house, and Teddy exhaled deeply, running a hand through his hair as he slowly turned to face Dom again. He shrugged and she rolled her eyes. They both broke into laughter as he slung his arm around her shoulders and they collapsed onto the sand, settling in to watch the sunset.

“I love you, Dom.”

Her heart did a sort of flip flop, and then sank. Those three words are said too much. She thought to herself sullenly. They’re not enough.

Playing it off, Dom took a handful of sand and tossed it at him. “Whatever,”

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Chapter 3: Of Early Mornings and Fights Over Flowers
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The next morning Dom sat at the counter in the kitchen alone, eating cereal and staring out of the open window as the elegant and ornately embroidered ivory curtains fluttered in the breeze. There was virtually nothing to do at an hour such as this, since Apolline refused to put any televisions in her home, claiming that they did nothing but rot your brain and result in adult obesity and laziness.

But even though all of that was true, she was entirely willing to risk those things right now.

Dom would’ve given anything to watch some cartoons and distract herself from thoughts of last night. She could still feel Teddy’s arm around her, still feel the cool evening wind on her face, and still hear the sea crashing in the distance.

It was driving her insane.

The sound of laughter floated in through the window at that moment, and Dom watched as her brother stumbled in through the back door with his arm slung around another boy she’d never seen before. She set her spoon down on the counter beside her bowl and folded her arms as he finally stopped laughing long enough to look up.

He quickly retracted his arm and his blue eyes widened in shock. “Dom,” Louis said, running a hand through his hair. “I- I didn’t think anyone would be awake so early.”

“Clearly,” She replied, raising an eyebrow and pointing her chin at his friend. “Who’s this?”

Louis opened his mouth to speak but the boy next to him spoke first. “I’m Giles,” He said, flashing a perfectly tanned smile and reeling her in with his silky French accent. “Louis’ –”

“– Friend.” Louis finished so hastily he practically yelled it. Dom blinked, feeling suddenly confused. He elbowed Giles in the side and shot him a look. “We, uh, met at a party last night, right?”

“Er, right,” Giles agreed uncertainly, looking as confused as Dom felt as he pulled himself up onto the counter to sit.

Her eyes flickered between the two boys before she shook her head and sighed. “Well you missed Gran’s dinner party.” Dom told him. “And yet another attempt at fishing with Dad.”

Louis picked a grape from the fruit bowl on the island and popped it in his mouth, his brows shooting up. “Oh yeah, how did that go?” He laughed, but Dominique shook her head again, walking over to deposit her bowl in the sink.

“Dad ended up hooking himself and Teddy fell out of the boat.” She smirked.

“Well, someone’s got to do it.” Louis smiled, remembering the last time he had gone fishing with his father.

A moment later Teddy entered the kitchen with their cat on his heels, walking right over to where Dom stood over the sink and poking her in the side, making her jump.

“I’ll have you know that I don’t like you telling people embarrassing things about me when I’m not around.” Dom laughed and hit him with the dishtowel as he walked over to ruffle Louis’ hair. “Nice to see that you’ve finally decided to make an appearance.” Teddy teased.

“Yeah, Mum would not have been very happy with me if I didn’t show up at some point.” He pointed out with a half-smile.

Teddy opened his mouth to reply with a grin, but the voice that spoke was not his.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this little reunion, but we have important wedding arrangements to attend to.” Everyone looked up to see Victoire sauntering into the kitchen, with a big white binder open in her hands.

Once she’d finished reading whatever it was that was written inside, she shut the binder and looked up with a smile. Giles exchanged a look with Louis as he slid down off the counter, who just shrugged and steered him out of the room with Dom, Teddy, and Victoire close in tow.


Like the dress shop two days before, the flower boutique had been closed to the public so that Victoire could do her wedding shopping in peace. If she’d felt anything the night before, when she saw Teddy and Dom playing around, it didn’t show on her face today. Today, she was all about flowers.

“Oh, these are lovely, don’t you think Victoire?” Fleur cooed over a row of assorted roses, and Victoire’s nose scrunched up in disapproval.

“Mother those are the kind of flowers people put on graves.” She snapped, before turning and continuing up the aisle. Fleur glanced at Dom next to her, who just shrugged. “We want our guests to be cheerful on the day of the wedding, not depressed.”

Fleur sighed, following her oldest daughter. “Yes, I suppose you do have a point.”

Once she was gone, Dom looked over at Teddy in the next aisle, hovering awkwardly by the tall sunflowers, running a hand over his tired face. Dom leaned across the bed of roses and whispered, “How are you holding up over there?” She laughed as he groaned, before giving her an annoyed look.

“Honestly, I’d rather be fishing with Bill again.” Teddy whispered back. “Even that wasn’t as much torture as this.” They looked up to find Vicky arguing with Fleur about the importance of color choice. Teddy sighed with exasperation.

“I know exactly how you feel.” Louis put in, sidling up next to Dom out of nowhere.

Dominique laughed and shook her head, putting her arm around her brother and kissing the top of his head as the three of them joined her mum and sister between the tulips and lilies.

“Let’s ask Teddy.” Victoire said, noticing their approach. “My mother seems to think that having white flowers would make it all look white-washed and plain, but I think they would make the wedding look simple and classic. What do you think?” Judging by the look in her eyes, it didn’t seem as though he had much of a choice.

“Well, I –”

Dom stepped in before he could form a complete sentence. “Personally, I think a little color wouldn’t kill you, Vicky.” She suggested, raising her eyebrows and shrugging, eyeing a bed of pink tulips on her right.

“Well I don’t recall anyone asking what you thought, Dominique.” Victoire snapped, pressing her lips together and narrowing her eyes, turning to further examine the pretty white lilies that had interested her before they had even decided to come over.

Louis put his hand on her arm. “Victoire, she was only trying to help you –”

“I don’t need her help!” She shouted, spinning around. “This is my wedding, not hers!” She turned on her heel and stalked off down the aisle, shoving the unsuspecting shop owner out of the way.

“I should go and make sure she doesn’t do something she’ll regret later.” Fleur told them with a sigh. “You should start getting ready for the party tonight, Dominique.” And with that, she turned and hurried off after her daughter.

Once they were alone, Louis looked up at Dominique in surprise. “Party? What party?” Louis demanded.

“Victoire’s bachelorette party.” Dom replied simply.

It took him fifteen minutes and three blocks to finally say something in response. His mouth twitched a bit at the corners. “Wait, are we talking about the same girl that just told us she wanted a simple and classic wedding twenty minutes ago?” Louis asked.

“I know what you’re thinking, Lou, but despite our sister’s goody-two-shoes demeanor, I do think this party will be really fun.” She said, brushing her hair out of her face with a smile.

“Why on earth would you think something like that?” Louis was incredulous. Dom stopped walking with a laugh, her hair blowing in the wind.

Because I’m the one that planned it!” She shouted, punching his arm playfully. “If you had been here earlier you would have known that already.”

Louis rolled his eyes but smiled with her anyway. “Alright, I’ll take your word for it, but I’m meeting Giles for lunch in an hour so I’ve got to go. Tell Gran I said I’m sorry I missed her.”

“Okay!” Dom called, waving as Louis hurried across the street. Once he’d gone, she turned to Teddy. “I don’t know about you, but I am suddenly craving ice cream.”

He looked down at her, smiling his goofy smile and his now chocolate brown eyes glinting with a mischief that never showed whenever Victoire was around. “I’ll race you. Count of three?”

“One,” She smiled.

“Two,” Dom took off running down the street instead of saying three, her hair blowing out behind her and the wind whipping at her cheeks. “Cheater!” Teddy shouted as he tore after her, their laughter filling the late-morning, summer air.

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Chapter 4: Of Flying Shoes and Decisions
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Teddy lay sprawled out on Dominique’s bed later that afternoon, so full on ice cream that his eyelids were drooping. He might’ve taken a nap, but Dom wouldn’t leave him alone long enough for sleep to reel him in completely.

“Alright, what about this one?” Dom asked, holding a black tiered dress up to herself as she assessed it in the mirror, looking over at Teddy expectantly.

He didn’t even bother to look up.

“No.” Teddy told the ceiling.

“You didn’t even look at it,”

“Did I really have to?”

Dom turned and looked in the mirror again. The longer she stared at it the less appealing it seemed. “No.” Dom admitted, discarding the dress in a pile of at least a dozen others. “But you haven’t exactly been the greatest help in the world, you know.” She laughed and went back into her walk-in closet as Teddy propped himself up onto his elbows.

“I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal about a dress,” He told her. “I’ve never seen you like this.” The corner of his mouth turned up a little. “In fact, you are acting just like –”

Before he had a chance to finish the sentence, she beamed a shoe at his head, which only just missed his head by an inch. “You know how I feel about being compared to her.” Dom said the last word as if it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Which it did.

“Alright, alright I’m sorry!” Teddy admonished, holding his hands up in defense. “It’s just… I think all this girly stuff is starting to get to me.” Another shoe flew past his head. “What was that for?!”

Dom shrugged, turning back to her closet. “I felt weird holding one shoe.” She turned back to her endless rack of dresses that ranged from simple elegance to horribly tacky.

For a moment, Teddy pictured spending the rest of his evening cooped up in her room helping her find a dress for the party. It wasn’t as fun as it seemed. Panicking, he slid off of her bed and rushed over. She looked up, surprised.

“Okay, you wanted my help so here it is.” Teddy told her. “I am going to close my eyes and pick a dress, and you’re going to wear it. End of story. No complaints, no questions asked.”

She pursed her lips, trying not to smile as she watched Teddy shut his eyes tight and do just what he’d said he would. Dom spent that solid minute taking every bit of him in, from his disheveled honey blonde hair to the barely visible stubble that had grown in along his jaw. He wore a Rolling Stones t-shirt and jeans that made his butt look really good…

“Alright here it is,” She was suddenly shaken from her reverie when Teddy shoved a dress into her arms and steered her to the bathroom. “Now put it on. You’re not coming out until you do!” He shut the door behind her.

Exhaling, Dom leaned against the door, finally looking down at the dress that he had picked for her at random. It was a strapless, sequined gold dress that she had received a few years ago from her grandfather on some holiday she couldn’t recall. Looking over her shoulder at the door, she resignedly changed into the bloody thing.

She walked over to the mirror over the sink and pulled her hair up into a messy bun, letting tendrils of her hair fall free, framing her face. Dom felt exposed, with the hem just grazing mid-thigh and with her shoulders bare, but she knew she would have to leave the bathroom eventually.

Dom found Teddy sitting on her bed again, with their cat curled up on his lap. “So much for me ‘not coming out until I put it on’. I could have lied and come out anyway.” Dom laughed.

“Yeah and I would have –” Teddy began, but the moment he saw her in the dress he was speechless. “Wow. You look –”

“If you say anything bad then I’ll have you know that I have more shoes in that closet.” She reminded him.

“I’m not afraid of your shoes.”

Dom cocked an eyebrow. “Is that so?”

“Your aim is really horrible so I have nothing to worry about.” Teddy pointed out, shrugging with one shoulder. Dom’s mouth fell open and she turned to face him as she put a necklace on.

“Thank you so much for that.” She said sarcastically, her eyes following him as he stood up and approached her, smirking in amusement. “Was that all?”

“Well, no.” He admitted. “I’m still trying to figure out why you’ve decided to go through with all this. It isn’t exactly your scene.” Teddy tried – and failed – to look apologetic.

Dom rolled her eyes, shoving her feet into a pair of black wedges. “And I’m still trying to figure out why you care so much.” She countered simply. “Isn’t it your fiancé that you’re supposed to be talking out of going to this party?”

For a moment, Teddy had forgotten all about Victoire. The last time he’d seen her was that morning, before she stormed off and Fleur suggested that they leave for the rest of the day.

“That’s not the point.” Teddy replied.

Dom grabbed her clutch and put a hand on her hip, looking up at him. “Then what is?” The need for him to tell her what she was dying to hear was eating at her insides. After another moment she shook her head. “No, never mind. I’ve got to go.”

She turned to leave but Teddy caught her by the arm.

“Dom, just… wait a second.” He pleaded.

“Give me a reason not to –” Before she could finish, his lips met hers in a hot and hungry kiss. He was still holding her wrist, but his other arm snaked around Dom’s waist and pulled her in closer as she arched her body against his, stretching up on her toes. She wanted him more now than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

But still, something wasn’t right.

As Teddy’s hands started to fumble blindly with the zipper of her dress, Dom abruptly pulled away. Her mind was reeling, her hair wild and messy, and her cheeks flushed. She couldn’t bear to look at him, she felt so guilty. For the first time in her life, she was actually afraid of what her sister might do if she ever found out about this.

“I’m going to be late,” She said after a moment to no one in particular, quickly grabbing her clutch and her shoes.

Teddy ran a hand over his face with a groan. “Dom, wait –” He began, but when he looked around, he found she was already gone.

An old Blink 182 song floated into the backroom of the bar, where a lonely Dominique chose to shoot pool instead of party with her family and friends at the party she had planned all on her own. So, she leaned purposefully over the table and positioned her pool stick just right, before pulling back and striking a blue ball.

“I thought I’d find you back here,” A familiar voice said, but Dom barely looked up as she moved around the table and contemplated her next shot.

Roxanne was tall and slender, with lean legs from playing quidditch, and her teased red hair in a ponytail. She was only a year younger than her, but unlike Dom, she always knew the right thing to say because she knew how to read people.

She tilted her head to the side a bit, “Do you want to talk about it?” Roxanne asked, causing Dom to completely miss the ball she had been aiming for as a result. She groaned and set the pool stick down. Roxanne watched her with practiced ease, taking a few steps forward.

Dominique stared at the pool table. Of course she wanted to talk about it, but she was too afraid of the consequences that would come with being on the receiving end of a kiss from her sister’s fiance.

And, of course, the possibility that she would end up screaming from the pressure the very moment she opened her mouth. Dom closed her eyes and took a slow, deep breath, before shaking her head and picking up her pool stick again.

“It’s nothing,” She lied, not meeting Roxanne’s eyes.

Roxanne continued to look at her cousin, measuring her torn and guilty expression before half-nodding to herself. “Alright,” Roxanne finally said, for the first time not wanting to pry.

She watched Dom and waited, chewing on the inside of her cheek and waiting to see if she would say anything else before she headed back to the party. But Dom seemed very intent on her game, so Roxanne just exhaled and turned on her heel, retreating back to the guests that were now drunk and half-clothed.

Not a moment later a couple stumbled into the room, just as Dom was setting up her next shot. They climbed ontop of the pool table and started groping eachother, not noticing her at all as they did so. After watching them for a solid minute in shock, Dom decided that she had had enough. Dominique suddenly wished that she smoked so she could sneak out back without anyone asking her why.

She slipped outside anyway.

Once outside in the quiet of the night, Dom leaned against the door and exhaled. The wind played with her hair as she leaned her head back, closing her eyes. Behind her eyelids, one face constantly kept appearing.

“Teddy…” She found herself thinking aloud, but she didn’t care. She wanted him, there was no denying it now. And besides, there was no one else around to hear her talking to herself.

Well, no one except Teddy Lupin, anyway.

She opened her eyes and took a sharp intake of breath when she noticed him standing just across the street, looking right at her. He was wearing a motorcycle jacket and was partially obscured by shadows, but she could recognize him in any light, from any distance.

“Hey,” Teddy said as he crossed the empty street, putting his hands into his jacket pockets.

“Hey,” Dom replied, taking a few steps away from the door, meeting him in the middle and the corners of her mouth curling up in spite of herself. “What are you doing here?”

“I was just… walking,” He murmured, his eyes on her. “And thinking.”

She bit her lip. “About what?”

“Well, fishing with your dad, Victoire, the wedding in three days” – Teddy paused, smiling now, too. – “and kissing you.” He chuckled. “I just can’t seem to get you out of my head.”

In response, Dom blushed and looked down, playing with the clasp on her clutch. I can’t get you out of my head, either. Was what she’d wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the will to do so. He was so fearless. Didn’t he care at all about what everyone would think if they found out?

Or rather, did she care too much?

“Dom,” He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head up to look him in the eyes. The way he said her name made her heart do backflips and butterflies go into a frenzy in her stomach. “Do you want to get out of here?”

She really did.

Dom looked back at the door and then at him apologetically, torn between the party she was expected to be at and the guy of her dreams. The one that was entirely off-limits. She sighed. Tell that to her heart.

She smiled and slipped her hand into his, the feeling very familiar. “Sure, let’s go.”

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Chapter 5: Of Observant Brothers and Hectic Saturdays
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The next morning, she awoke in his arms.

Dom opened her eyes slowly, letting them find the smiling face of Teddy Lupin. The early morning sunlight shone on him from behind, slipping over his bare shoulder and warming her cheeks - even more so than he did as he gently brushed her hair behind her ear. She tilted her head up until her mouth met his, her lips curving into a giddy smile of their own accord.

Teddy laughed, pulling away first. "Well good morning to you, too." He grinned, pushing himself up into a sitting position against the head board. His chest was pale, but taut and bare nonetheless.

A wave of disappointment washed over her for a moment, but she shook it off and sat up next to him, wrapping herself in the royal blue sheet as he gazed out of the window. Dom looked down at herself, brushing the other side of her hair behind her ear. "Did we...?"

"Yeah," Teddy replied, exhaling deeply through his nostrils.

Dom swallowed and nodded curtly to herself, accepting his response. Her grip on the sheet at her chest absently tightened. There was a palpable tension in the room now, and there was certainly no mistaking what was going through each of their minds during the moment of silence: what had they done? Abruptly, the happiness that she had woken up to a mere ten minutes ago completely drained away.

She was numb. Bile rose up in the back of her throat, and her hands were suddenly clammy. Dom swung her legs over the side of the bed, welcoming the cool feeling of the floor beneath her feet as she crossed her room to the bathroom and shut the door.

Not having been in the bathroom for even a solid minute, Dominique vomited twice. She splashed her face with cold water, and then pinched her cheeks to try and regain some of their color, but she still looked horrible. Her skin was unnaturally pale, her eyes had dark circles under them, and she was suddenly really craving a large stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup.

There was suddenly a knock on the bathroom door, and Dom gave a start, her hand still lingering on her stomach. She walked over and opened it, finding a worried and fully clothed Teddy on the other side.

"Hey," He said, his brows furrowing as his eyes flickered around the bathroom. "You doing alright in here?"

Dom found herself nodding. "'M fine," She told him quickly, pushing past him and walking over to her closet. "Do we have any pancakes in this house?" She asked as she pulled on a pair of jean shorts and a white blouse.

Teddy raised an eyebrow at her. "Pancakes?" He repeated. Dom turned to face him, dragging a brush through her hair a few times before pulling it up into a messy bun at the top of her head.

"Yes. P-a-n-c-a-k-e-s, pancakes." Her eyes lit up, and a smile spreading on her face. "Do you think that you could make me some, Teddy? I'd be forever grateful." She gave him her biggest, brightest smile and batted her eyelashes a few times, but eventually he gave in. How could he not?

"Sure," Teddy sighed, managing a smile. "Pancakes it is."

And with that he was gone, off to make her wish come true. Dom watched him leave, her smile gradually fading again. Since when did she crave pancakes? Her mother would kill her when she found out that she was planning on stuffing her face a day before the wedding, but her darling mother's wrath was the least of her worries.

It was Victoire that she was really scared about. Maybe she would be content with just clawing Dom's eyes out and be on her way. She could live with being blind. Right?

Dom lay on her bed and imagined all of the things Victoire could and wouldn't hesitate to do if she ever caught wind of the events of last night between her younger sister and fiance, wincing after each one as they grew worse and worse. Teddy brought her the pancakes and she dug in, hardly hearing him as he announced that he had to leave again.

Half an hour passed and her bedroom door opened once more. This time, it was her brother Louis, and when he saw her lazily stretched out across the bed with a plate next to her, his eyebrows pulled together.

"Have you been in here all morning?" He inquired. At the sudden sound of his voice, Dom shot up in her bed, only to have the same feeling of nausea she had felt earlier wash over her again.

She held up a finger as he opened his mouth. "Hold that thought," Dom said quickly, before rushing to the bathroom to throw up.

Louis followed her, leaning on the doorframe. "Are you feeling okay?" He asked, looking down at her as she flushed the toilet, and pushed herself up from the floor with shaking arms. Dominique just laughed, shaking her head as she went over to the sink and began brushing her teeth.

"Stupid pancakes," She muttered. "I swear, Teddy doesn't know how to cook for his life."

"Are you sure that's all it is?" Louis asked with a bit more concern, scrutinizing her appearance as she rinsed her mouth and spat. "You don't look too hot."

Dom practically slammed her toothbrush down on the sink as she turned to look at him. "I'm fine." She ground out, pushing her way past him. "Now did you come for something or did you just feel like getting on my nerves today?"

"Actually" - Louis paused, taking one last, long look at his sister. - "as strange as it may seem, Victoire wants to see you in her room."

She inhaled sharply.

"What for?" Dom asked, pulling her eyebrows together in confusion, trying to mask her fear. Why does this feel like its not going to end well? She thought to herself. Has Teddy told her already? Should I be picking out headstones?

Louis shrugged, heading for the door. "Beats me," He replied. "I'm just the messenger." And then he left, too.

Dominique sighed and ran a hand through her hair, before making her way across the corridor to her sister's bedroom, where the door had been left cracked open. She pushed it the rest of the way open slowly, revealing her sister's large and elegantly furnished bedroom. Unlike the rest of the bedrooms in the house, her room was circular and painted a pearl color from the lush, white carpet to the ceiling.

At the very center of the room was Victoire, standing on a scarlet pedestal as a tiny house elf worked diligently pinning the hem of her flowing white dress. Noticing her arrival in the mirror's reflection, Victoire smiled and spun around, forgetting about the house elf for a moment.

She looked back and murmured, "Could you give us a minute?" The house elf happily obliged, disappearing with a snap of its fingers and a loud crack.

Dom tucked her hands under her armpits, taking a furtive step further into the room. "You, er, wanted to see me?" She reminded her.

"Ah, yes," Victoire admitted, sitting down at her vanity and powdering her nose. After a moment she sighed and set the compact down before turning to look at her sister. "Have I ever told you why I picked you as my maid of honor?"

She shook her head. "Not that I recall," Dom laughed without humor. Victoire pressed her lips together, clearly trying not to snap at her for the moment.

"Well, it was Teddy's idea actually." She told her simply, making Dom's mouth go dry. "He told me that even though we have a lot of different views, you are still my sister and fighting just comes with that. We can't just go on with our lives hating eachother. I mean, I'm getting married," She laughed a little, dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief. "Can you believe it?"

The tears didn't stop.

"I just wanted to tell you that I was sorry for being so bitchy this past week, I have just been so stressed about the wedding and Ted hasn't been around as much as I'd hoped. I just didn't want to leave things as tense as they were between us when I move next week..." She trailed off with a sigh, sniffling into her handkerchief.

Dom had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Vic," She said, taking another couple of steps toward her sister. "Why are you telling me this? Why are you crying?" She understood that a lot of brides cried at their weddings, but not this much.

Victoire sniffled for a moment, toying with the handkerchief in her hands. Dom had never seen her cry so much, not since they were little girls. It was unnerving, seeing the ever-confident Victoire this way. Dom had the sudden urge to get out of there as fast as possible, but she just could not for the love of Merlin find the will to move her feet.

"Dom," She said, swallowing hard. She looked up, her eyes wet and rimmed with red. "I think I'm pregnant."

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Chapter 6: Of White Weddings and Spanish Surprises Part I
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"And there's nothin' sure in this world..." [1]

"Dom," She said, swallowing hard. She looked up, her eyes wet and rimmed with red. "I think I'm pregnant."

For a moment, Dom said nothing. What could she say? Now it was her who wanted to claw her sister's eyes out, not the other way around. She wanted to call her all sorts of foul names and hex her into next week, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. It wasn't her place. So instead the only words that came out of her mouth was an incredulous "Are you sure?"

Victoire turned her back to her sister, powdering her nose and the faint dark circles under her eyes calmly, watching Dom's expression in the mirror. "I've never been more sure of anything else in my life," She said quietly.

"Have you told Teddy yet?" The questions just kept forming and tumbling past her lips of their own accord, but she didn't care. Somewhere, deep inside, she had to know the answers.

"No, not yet..." She sighed, still powdering her nose.

Puff, puff, puff.

Dom's brows furrowed in concentration. She licked her lips, anticipating her sister's reaction to the next question. "Is it his?"

Victoire shut the little silver compact with a loud, sudden snap and it clattered onto the vanity before her, but otherwise she remained as serene as ever, picking it up again before putting it away.

"Yes, of course it is," Victoire replied, her tone slightly sharper than it had been a few seconds before. Her eyes narrowed into cat like slits. Now that was the Vicky she remembered. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" She stood, smoothing her dress. "There's much too much that needs to be done before tomorrow to be wasting time with your aimless chit-chat."

On Sunday morning, every person at Apolline's chateau was either bustling hurriedly around trying to help with setting up the seating arrangements or barking orders at someone who already knew what to do. The sky was a clear, robin's egg blue and the sun was appropriately nestled behind a fluffy white cloud. It was certainly a nice day for a wedding - the wedding of the Summer, where two childhood sweethearts were finally going to tie the knot.

Why, then, was the groom catching a quick snog behind the fountain in the garden with a certain bride's sister, when he was supposed to be getting dressed?

Teddy kissed Dom passionately in their secluded area of the garden, cleverly concealed by tall hedges and rose bushes. He picked her up by her arse a little ways off the ground, running his fingers lightly up her bare thigh so it would send irresistable tingles up her leg. Dom gripped his hair tight in her hands, arching her body closer to his, never wanting to let go. Dom held on to him so tightly that Teddy stumbled backward, colliding with one of her grandmother's ornately trimmed hedges.

"Woah," Teddy laughed, righting himself again before pulling a twig out of Dom's short pinstraight brown hair. He remembered when she had dyed it just before her first year so that nobody would know that Victoire was her sister and compare the two of them. From a very young age she had known that Victoire was better than her, and accepted it, but always taking small measures just so that she could have her independence.

Dom averted her eyes sheepishly. "Sorry," She admonished softly, examining her hand, which had several scratches across the knuckles. "I suppose I got a bit carried away." Teddy took her hand and kissed her scratches, letting her know it was fine. Dom sighed.

He looked up, his brows pulled together slightly. "Tell me what's on your mind," Teddy said as he put his arm around her and they settled in next to eachother on the ground by the fountain.

"I can't believe you're getting married in a few hours," Dom breathed, toying with his fingers and trying out the feel of his laced through hers. It felt kind of nice, until he pulled away.

"Anything but that," He laughed without humor, watching as she experimented.

She frowned at his attempt at amusing her, sitting up and removing her hand from his. "This is serious, Teddy," Dom reminded him, shaking her head. "This has to stop the moment you say 'I do' and Victoire says it back."

Teddy picked up a lily from a discarded pile on the rim of the fountain, and twirled it between his thumb and forefinger. He gazed at it as he did so, as though it held all the answers in the world.

But it didn't.

It couldn't tell him right from wrong, or which girl to pick. It couldn't tell him that sneaking around with Victoire's sister really was wrong, it couldn't tell him to walk down that aisle today and marry his childhood sweetheart, and it could not tell him that his love for his bride-to-be had faded long ago - back when he'd really seen Dom for the first time. But it couldn't tell him any of that. Why? Because it was just a stupid, answer-less flower.

Teddy set the lily down on the ground between him and Dom. It was about time he started taking matters into his own hands.

He looked up at Dom. "But what if I - "

"Teddy Lupin, I have been looking for you for ages!" They both looked up to find Fleur hovering, with her hands on her hips and her cheeks flushed. Fleur hurried over and pulled him to his feet, pushing him in the direction of the house. "You need to go and get ready," She told him. "There can't be a wedding if there's no groom,"

Her mother's laughter echoed in her ears, almost as if it was really far away. Teddy looked back at her, his stormy grey eyes apologetic. Dom looked down and, noticing the flower, picked it up.

They hadn't even had a chance to say goodbye.


Dom held onto the edges of her vanity as a house elf did up the laces of her dress, staring at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were rimmed with black kohl and, though she had attempted to make it a little more festive, her hair was presentable at best. As Dom stared into the grayish blue eyes of her reflection, she remembered Teddy's last words.

"But what if I -" He'd said, and she couldn't help but wonder what it was he was going to say.

Had it been a good thing, or something she didn't want to hear? Had her mum inadvertently saved her from a break down, or had she discovered them a moment too early? The curiosity gnawed at her insides like mad, and she was afraid that she might not have time to see him again before the ceremony.

Suddenly, the laces of her dress tightened and all of the air was squeezed from her lungs. Why, again, had she chosen such a replacement? To get revenge on our dear sister Vicky, Her conscience reminded her with a snicker that only made her heart sink lower. Maybe upstaging her sister at her own wedding was a horrible idea after all and maybe she and Teddy were meant to be with eachother - maybe her baby was proof of that.

The house elf tightened the laces once more, beforing tying it off and disappearing with a loud crack, leaving her in her room alone with her thoughts. Dom's head was swimming and she felt suddenly like she was going to vomit again. Without a second thought, she turned on her heel and bolted for the door, down the spiral staircase, and out on the patio.

Once outside again, Dom inhaled very deeply (or rather, as deeply as her dress would allow).

"Excuse me, senorita?" At the very unfamiliar and sudden voice behind her, Dom jumped, spinning round. Before her now was a man with dark hair and dark eyes, but was obviously very gorgeous. But that wasn't what had shocked her the most - it was his accent.

"Si?" Dominique said without thinking. She blinked. "Er, I mean... can I help you?" Giving the man a quick once over, she noted the beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand.

He nodded and grinned, his face lighting up. "My name is Marco, and I am looking for a... how you say, beautiful woman, si?" The man explained, gesturing to the bouquet in his hands. "Her name is Victoire."

Dom's eyes widened for two reasons: one, this man was clearly from Vicky's past, someone whom she wanted no one to know about; and two, this day would be ruined if she knew he was here. A very clever, very selfish plan filled Dom's head. She smiled pleasantly at the man, offering her arm to him. Sadness no longer consumed her.

"Walk with me," She said as Marco took her arm and she led him towards the garden. "Now," Dom smiled again, batting her lashes sweetly up at him. "Tell me the story of how you met my sister,"


Victoire gazed at herself in the mirror, her fingertips lingering on the single, elegant pearl that graced her right earlobe. They had been shipped in from a quaint and remote little boutique in Prague overnight and had been handled with the utmost care, Vic still couldn't help feeling as though something didn't feel right.

Her hand fluttered to her abdomen. Perhaps her dress was just a smidge too tight. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and shook her head. The dress had been custom fit for her, so as to make sure it was snug enough to show off her chest; she wanted to look sexy, not suffocated.

She bit her lip and turned to assess her side view. Perhaps she'd been thinking about the baby at the time, too. Was she sure that no one would be able to tell that she was already three months along? Was she sure that by going through with this her past would no longer be relevant? She'd gotten the wedding she had always dreamed of, and she would be married to the man she loved, and that was all that really mattered.

But if that was all that mattered, why did she feel like she was making a big mistake? Dozens of questions spun around in her head, and she suddenly felt dizzy, although she had been standing still. There was a knock on the door and suddenly the room stopped spinning.

Victoire quickly swiped at the wetness under her eyes, careful not to smudge her makeup. "F-five more minutes, Mum-" She began to call, but the door opened before she could finish her thought, and Dom came into view. She lingered on the threshold of the bedroom with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. Her eyes widened and she spun around. "Those are beautiful," Victoire breathed. Her tone dripped with envy.

"There's no need to be jealous, dear sister," Dom purred as she crossed the room, her lips curving into a smile. It just barely reached her eyes. "These are for you."

"Surely there must be some mistake," She replied as she eagerly took the flowers from her sister, combing through them for a note. When she didn't find one Victoire looked up again, intrigued. It was hardly possible they had been from Dom. If they were, she feared for her health. "Who sent these?"

Dom perched herself on the edge of Victoire's bed, pretending to think about it for a moment with her tongue poking out of the side of her mouth. Then she snapped her fingers. "Some guy... Marcus, I think he said his name was?" She lied.

Victoire's eyes widened and her fingers gripped the bouquet tighter. Dom refrained from smirking. "Marco," She whispered, staring at nothing in particular.

"So you know him?" Dom inquired. Victoire swallowed hard, her face flooding of color. "I will take that as a yes," She leaned forward, focusing steadily on her sister. "But the better question is... what the hell were you doing in Spain on New Year's?"

Dom remembered that she'd been home for Christmas, but then Vicky had disappeared for a span of at least a week. Everyone had just assumed that Vic and Teddy had run off together for some much deserved alone time - which everyone could understand, with the ever abundant Weasleys running around everywhere - but it seemed that the assumption had been way off base. Victoire had run off, but with someone who certainly was not her fiance.

After a moment of awkward, you-caught-me-so-I-guess-I-have-to-spill-everything-now silence, Victoire shut her eyes and sighed deeply. Her grip on the bouquet slackened. "We met in a night club in Madrid..."

The air was cold and crisp, and stars littered the deep indigo sky high above the reach of the too bright streetlamps; colorful leaves covered the pavement. Spanish pop music drifted out into the street from a club nestled between a run down building and a closed restaurant. She looked left and right before hurrying across the street, her hands deep in the pockets of the worn leather motorcycle jacket she had nicked from her boyfriend's closet, and her blonde hair fanning out behind her, rippling in the night air.

A woman with scarlet lipstick grinned at her as she held the door open for her and the blonde slipped by, just as the song changed to flamenco. Men grabbed their favorite girls and pulled them onto the dancefloor, doing moves she'd never attempted, even in her daydreams.

¿Por qué no estás bailando?" A voice asked from behind her, the language foreign to her. She turned just as a man with nice eyes and even nicer hair took her jacket, revealing her simple black halter dress underneath.

She put a hand up to her ear and shrugged. "I'm sorry?" The blonde asked, having to raise her voice a bit for him to hear her over the music. "I don't... I can't understand..."

Recognition filled his dark brown, almond shaped eyes. He smiled, and her heart warmed. "Oh, you are English!" He said, putting his hand on the small of her back and leading her across the room. "I was just asking why you are not dancing," His eyes were full of appreciation as they roved her body. "A beautiful woman such as yourself should be out there. As mi madre says, '
Una flor no puede florecer en la sombra'." He smiled. "A flower cannot bloom in the shadows."

Her cheeks flushed. "You're too much," She told him softly, looking away, gazing at a couple dancing with passion a few feet away in longing. Oh how she wished that she could move as passionate as the Spanish could. Her Gran had forbade her and her sister from learning how, claiming that it was much too vulgar for proper ladies.

Well, she was almost twenty, at a club in Madrid, and Gran was nowhere to be seen. As far as she was concerned, she could damn well do as she pleased now.

"My name is Marco," He said, taking her hand and kissing it, his eyes never leaving hers. "Dance with me."

"Victoire," She replied softly.

"Dance with me," Marco repeated.

She shook her head. "I can't dance," Victoire told him, turning to leave and forgetting that their hands were still entwined entirely. In a split second she felt a tug on her arm, and then she was spinning, until she ended up in Marco's arms, about three inches from his face.

He was grinning.

"You seem like a natural to me," Marco observed, his dark eyebrow raising. "You are graceful, like the gazelle. I have never seen anything like it,"

"I took ballet when I was a girl," She blushed.

"Ah! Then you know that dancing is less about using your head" - Marco took her face in his hands - "and more about using your body." He took her by the hips then, making her jump. Marco winked, before taking her hand again. "It's all in the hips." He walked backwards now, leading her out onto the dancefloor.

"But I know I can't -"

He pressed his finger to her lips. He leaned down to her ear and murmured, "I said no thinking."

Victoire smiled, and finally let him take her into the little crowd of people - and they danced. For hours they drank, and ate, and danced, and she didn't think at all. It was the most fun she'd had since her seventh year at Hogwarts, and she was happy to be finally free from her Gran's strict rules, her star sister, and her crazy family, even if only for a night. Suddenly, Marco stood from where he'd been sitting, and she started shaking her head.

"I'm afraid you're gonna have to dance with yourself this time, Marc," Victoire chuckled, sticking out her foot from under the table. She'd taken off her heels a long time ago. "My feet are killing me."

Marco laughed. "I was actually going to ask if you wanted to, how you say... get out of here?"

She smiled, gathering up her shoes from under the table before standing up, too. "Si," Victoire told him. He grinned and kissed her hand, before running off to get her coat.

"What happened after you left the club?" Dom inquired, seemingly having really gotten into the story. Victoire couldn't recall seeing her blink.

"You're a smart girl," Victoire told her sister quiestly. "I'm sure you can figure it out." She toyed with her compact, an antique passed down for generations from mother to daughter the month before she got married. It was part of tradition; cheating on your husband-to-be certainly was not.

Dom's eyes widened as she shot up from where she sat on the bed. "You didn't." Victoire laced her fingers together across her abdomen, glancing down at it. Dom stumbled backward, bracing herself on the bedpost. The room was starting to spin.

She had.

"Dom, you have to understand. I love Ted -" Victoire tried to explain, but Dom refused to listen anymore.

"I have to tell him," She told her, turning for the door, but Vicky was quicker. She picked up her wand and commanded the door to shut and lock before rushing to her side. She put a hand on her arm but she shook it off.

"I beg of you, Dom, don't tell him about this. He doesn't have to know. I-It could just be our little secret..." Victoire trailed off, breathless. For the first time, her tone was pleading.

Dom spun around and glared at her. "You weren't going to tell him at all, were you?" Dom yelled, her hands clenched so tightly that her arms were shaking. "He deserves to know! He deserves so much better than you -"

"You think you're so much better for him, don't you?" Vicky shook her head, laughing bitterly.

"Anything's better than a bossy, cheating, good-for-nothing whore," Dom spat, ripping the veil from Victoire's hair and tossing it on the ground.

Victoire gasped. "You know, I had a feeling you were trying to steal him from me, but I'd decided I didn't want to believe it. Although now I am beginning to," She rolled her eyes. "There's no way he could love you more than me. We're childhood sweethearts, remember? We're supposed to be together," She jutted out her wrist, showing her the string bracelet that was tied there with five beads spelling out 4-E-V-E-R.

She'd had it since Teddy made it for her when she was seven and he was eight.

"That doesn't mean that it's all set in stone," Dom muttered distractedly, still staring at the place where the bracelet had been, even though she'd pulled her arm away again.

She just shrugged, "You're right," Victoire admitted, leaning closer to her sister. "But it's the next best thing."

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[1] - taken from White Wedding Part 1 by Billy Idol

Chapter 7: Of White Weddings and Spanish Surprises Part II
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The sun was too bright, the atmosphere too peaceful, her dress too tight. She couldn't breathe, and could hardly think coherently anymore. "Dom?" She heard a very familiar voice say, before a gentle hand brushed her hair out of her face. Dom found Teddy gazing at her, his now blue eyes full of concern. "You look paler than usual - almost peaky. You should lie down -"

She raised her hand, stopping him. "No, there's something-" Dom swallowed as Teddy supported her weight with his arm around her waist. He was already in his wedding attire, minus his jacket and shoes, and his tie was undone. "I - I have to ask you something... something I need you to answer with complete certainty."

"I - okay," Teddy replied, looking confused now, his eyes shifting to a warm brown. Dom pushed away from him, straightening up and slowly raising her eyes to his.

"It's either me," Dom said with a heavy exhale, "Or her."

Teddy took a careful step away from her, shaking his head and looking away. "You can't make me choose, Dom. Not now," He told her, his eyes wide and pleading. They were restless, shifting from brown, to teal, to green, and grey. It was unsettling.

"Teddy, you have to. Now is the best time, and maybe the only time for you - for us to set things right," she explained desperately, her hand resting on her stomach as she struggled to breathe in that damn corset.

"But I love -"

She shut her eyes tight and shook her head. "No! You love Victoire, you always have, and this, along with that bracelet you gave Victoire back when you were kids, is solid proof of that,"

Teddy looked mournful as he took a step toward her. She stumbled away, tripping over her heels in flight. "Everything changed," Teddy assured her but it wasn't enough. Her lip quivered and she looked away quickly, but not without it going unnoticed by Teddy. His eyebrows pulled together as he took her arm. "Dom, look at me -"

"I - I can't," Dom breathed, her eyes darting around helplessly, as if she was inwardly battling a war raging inside of her.

"I know you're keeping something from me, Dom. I can see it in your expressions. It's hurting you so much I can't stand it," he claimed, his own expressions confirming his words. He took both her shoulders in his hands and looked her right in the eye as he told her, "You have to tell me what's going on."

Dom swallowed hard, meeting his gaze with her own. His eyes had returned to blue, but it wasn't the same harsh, overly violent blue that her family had. It was a calm, almost greenish-blue that reminded her of the ocean. It was a color that soothed her, almost hypnotizing. Dom averted her eyes sheepishly.

"I- I..." She trailed off, exhaling. She looked up at him again, shaking her head. "You can't marry Victoire."

"What?" Teddy asked incredulously, blinking as he straightened up in shock. But before he could inquire any further, the door to the study burst open, and Victoire rushed in, wedding dress and all.

"I just can't take it anymore," Victoire claimed, her cheeks flushed and her eyes wide. "Ted, I'm pregnant." His mouth hanging open, Teddy looked over at Dom, and then back at Victoire.

Things just got a whole lot more complicated.


Before anyone could say anything, Fleur and Apolline came rushing in, looking completely baffled, impatient, worried, and outraged. "What ees this?" Apolline demanded, noticing Victoire standing on the threshold, looking incredibly smug. "Ze groom ees not supposed to see ze bride before ze wedding! Eet ees malchance!" Her accent always became more pronounced when she got angry.

"Je suis dèsolè, Gran. I just had to see Ted for a moment," Victoire apologized in an overly sweet and innocent tone.

Apolline sighed tiredly, "A moment zat could not wait until after ze ceremony?"

Victoire looked so genuinely contrite it was almost convincing. Almost. "'Fraid not," She shrugged, like she just couldn't help doing what she'd done.

"Fine, all right, just come now chèrie," Apolline said impatiently, ushering Victoire out of the study with waves of her hand. "We must prepare to start. Our guests are becoming très agitè," Victoire glanced at her mother.

"Better do as she says," Fleur urged with a nod and a slight smile, her eyes brimmed with joyful tears despite the fact that her daughter wasn't married yet. As Victoire turned to leave just as Dom rushed over to her sister and caught her arm, holding her back. Apolline shot Dom a look.

Dom held up her forefinger. "I need a minute, Gran," she told her, looking back at Victoire before hissing, "What did you do that for?"

Victoire wrenched her arm from Dom's grasp and smirked, her eyes glinting with vengeance. "I told you he belonged with me, and now that he knows my secret, he won't be as likely to back out of this and run away with you like you planned," She smiled, as if she'd won.

"But it's not his child -"

"Does it matter? He thinks it is, and as far as Marco's concerned," Her eyes narrowed. "He'll never find out about him and what happened in Madrid as long as I can help it,"

"I believe you are forgetting one colossal flaw in your selfish little plan," Dom pointed out matter-of-factly, folding her arms across her chest.

Victoire raised an eyebrow and laughed, "Is that so?"

"Yeah," she told her, "Me." Dom gestured to herself with her thumb, her eyebrows pulling together seriously. "How do you know that I won't just go and tell him everything once you've gone?"

"Because," Victoire said firmly, rolling her eyes and exhaling in exasperation, as if she were dealing with a seven year old who asked too many questions about the simplest (and the most pointless,) of things. "Now that he knows that I am with child -"

"It's not his child!" Dom hissed angrily, but Victoire ignored her.

"Now that he knows that I am with child," Victoire continued, "He will believe that we are bound together for life. There is no running away from this, Dominique. He will be too preoccupied with the prospect of a son or daughter to call his own, to raise and care for and love, that he will no longer have time for you in his life." The corners of Victoire's lips curved up in cruel satisfaction.

Dom's eyes widened for a moment, before narrowing. "You've wanted this all along. This was your plan, the reason why you got pregnant in the first place - to win Teddy for yourself, and to keep him away from me."

"Spot on, my dear sister!" Victoire grinned, clapping her hands together with delight. "You know, most people don't give you enough credit for your cleverness," She claimed, before wiggling her fingers in an annoying little wave and turning to follow their grandma down the corridor, around the corner, and finally out of sight.

As she watched her sister walk away, Dom thought for a moment. Victoire was right. She couldn't do anything to stop the plan that she had put into motion the minute she'd appeared in the study and said the three words that had changed everything. Teddy may have been a bit baffled at the moment, but there was still a way out of this completely loveless marriage that had been built on lies that he was heading into. There had to be.

And then it hit her.

Maybe she couldn't do anything to stop Victoire's plan now, but she knew someone that might. Someone put their hand on her shoulder suddenly, and she gave a little start, looking round. It was Fleur, looking a bit concerned as well. "Dominique?" She asked, but the cogs in Dom's mind were already working double time.

"I have to find somebody," Dom said quickly, before hurrying off down the corridor and heading down the stairs to the backdoor that lead out into her grandmother's garden.


Ten minutes later Dom was hurrying down the aisle in the middle of the courtyard, ignoring the staring and disapproving whispers coming from (Apolline's) guests about the long wait, and her dress.

"Eet is so vulgaire," one middle-aged woman in a pastel pink dress clucked her tongue, shaking her head, "Her mere must be un imbècile, letting her prance around in such attire."

"Oui," said someone next to her, a short, plump woman with her auburn hair in a bouffant that belonged in the sixties, and bright red lipstick. The woman was nodding in agreement, fanning herself with a foldable fan.

She tried to block things like that out as she approached the place where Teddy stood next to the altar, nervously fidgeting with his tie. The fountain gurgled faintly beyond the hedges, and some soft melody was being played on a piano. He didn't notice her, even as she walked up to where he stood, less than a foot away.

"Quit messing with your tie," chided Dom, "I'm pretty sure that it looks as fine as it had when you put it on."

He looked up abruptly, giving a start. His face was paler now, with nervous sweat glistening on his forehead. "Dom!" Teddy exclaimed, his eyebrows pulling together. "What're you doing here?"

"Maid of Honor," She reminded him, rolling her eyes.

Teddy rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Oh... er... right," he replied.

"Um, Teddy?" Dom asked, getting his attention. He looked at her, and waited for her to continue. She raised an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong? You seem a bit... jumpy. Nervous, even."

"Me? Nervous?" He repeated, "Ha!" Judging by the way his eyes seemed to look everywhere but at her face, Dom could easily tell that he was lying.

With a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure they weren't being watched, Dom took a step closer to him. "Teddy," She said firmly and quietly, her eyes finding his. He looked so torn it broke her heart. She'd caused all this and now she had to do the mature thing and let him go. "This has to end."

She would no longer stoop to her sister's level.

He shoved his hands into the pockets of his trousers, looking down as he kicked at the concrete beneath their feet, and exhaled deeply. "That's the thing though," he whispered, "I don't want it to end." Teddy looked up as he said his last sentence, his words earnest and his eyes filled with longing.

"You can't choose me," Dom shook her head, backing away. He caught her by the wrists.

"But I already have," he explained. "You're the one that I want, Dom."

What horrible timing, She couldn't help but thinking. Dom looked up at him, her heart swelling with flattery and... love. But something still nagged incessantly at the back of her mind until somehow, it managed to escape her lips. "What about the baby?" She inquired, chewing her lip.

Before he could reply, the music suddenly changed and the sound of chairs creaking as everyone stood filled their ears. The pianist was now playing the Wedding March.

Teddy let go of her, as if he'd touched something hot.

Dom turned around, her brain unable to figure out what she was supposed to do now as her sister appeared at the opposite end of the aisle, her arm linked through their father's. Someone touched her shoulder and Dom turned around, finding Louis leaning toward her. When had he shown up?

"You're supposed to be over there," he reminded her, pointing to the left side of the altar, where the other bridesmaids stood, cooing over how beautiful Victoire looked under their breath. "Gran's glaring at you. Get your arse moving!" He gave her a shove and Dom stumbled over to where she was supposed to stand. None of the other girls seemed to notice a thing, but Victoire shot her a brief look that said What the hell are you doing?

Once Victoire had finally managed to reach the altar (two or three minutes later), Bill kissed her forehead, his eyes shining in the same way Fleur's had earlier, before handing her off to Teddy, and taking his seat in the front row next to his wife. Fleur squeezed his hand. Their guests took their seats.

As they turned to face the Minister, Teddy glanced over Victoire's head at Dom helplessly. Her face paled. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here today in the sight of Merlin, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony," began the Minister. "Into this holy estate these two persons present" - the Minister nodded to Teddy and Vicky - "come now to be joined. If any man can show just cause, why they should not be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace."

The Minister looked around, waiting for someone to speak up. After a few moments, he cleared his throat, licked his fingers, turned a page in his book, and continued. "Victoire Marie Weasley, will you take this Man as your wedded husband -"

"Wait!" Someone called out from the far end of the courtyard, making everyone look around. It was Marco, jogging up the aisle. Dom suddenly felt sick. "Victoire, wait! I must speak with you,"

No, no, no, no. Dom kept repeating the word in her mind, and even closed her eyes a few times, but every time she opened them again he stood there, gazing up at her sister like some sort of holy goddess or something. Shit. She thought as Victoire faced Marco. This is really happening.

At least no one was looking at her.


"Well, spit it out, then," demanded Victoire, pressing her lips together impatiently, "I'm kind of in the middle of a wedding, if you hadn't noticed."

Teddy's eyebrows furrowed. He looked at his bride to be skeptically. "You know this guy?"

Victoire waved his words off dismissively. Marco ignored him entirely, glancing around at the other guests watching them intently just a few feet away. "Señorita, are you sure you want me to -"

"Get on with it or get out!" She snapped, remarkably managing to keep her face relatively neutral.

"I know about the baby!" Marco blurted abruptly from the pressure. Dom felt her mouth fall open, saw her sister's do the same, and heard a few people gasp. "Mi amor, why have you kept this a secret from me for so long?"

"I... what... who told you that - that nonsense?" Victoire stammered, tripping over herself. She was too busy narrowing her eyes at Marco and gripping her bouquet so hard her arms shook to notice Dom as she backed up a few steps.

"I -" began Marco, but Teddy stepped forward.

"What is it to you? The baby's mine," he told him defensively, glancing at Victoire. She glanced back, but not as confidently. Teddy took a step away from her. "Isn't it?"

"I..." She trailed off, her eyes lingering on Marco for a minute. Then Victoire shook her head, her expression hardening. "Well, of course it's yours, Ted. You are my fiancè! What further proof do you need?"

"What ees ze meaning of this?" Apolline was on her feet now, her bright blue eyes narrowed and menacing. "Who ees zis étranger, ma petite-fille?"

"Just someone from my past," Victoire ground out. Her cheeks were tinged pink with some strong emotion. Embarrassment? Rage? Guilt? "Sorry for wasting time, Gran." She faced the altar again.

Apolline considered this for a moment, before snapping her fingers. Two men in suits appeared at the end of the aisle. "Sacrè bleu, get zis man out of my sight." She ordered.

Teddy gradually followed Victoire's example as Marco was escorted out of the courtyard, his eyes meeting Dom's for a moment until, reluctantly, she averted her gaze. The Minister seemed a little confused for a moment, until Apolline met his gaze and nodded, returning to her seat.

He cleared his throat. "Alright, where was I? Ah, here we go," The Minister looked up at Victoire again. "Victoire Marie Weasley, will you take this Man as your wedded husband, to live together after Merlin's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honour, and keep him in sickness and in health," the Minister continued, "and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as you both shall live?"

"I do," promised Victoire, though it was a tad hesitant, as Dom observed.

The Minister flipped the page in his book, turning to Teddy.

"Ted Remus Lupin," he said, "will you take this Woman as your wedded wife, to live together after Merlin's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony?" He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose before he continued. "Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others -"

"Wait," Teddy interjected, shaking his head in thought. He turned to Victoire. "How do you know that guy that was just here?"

Victoire glanced at the Minister, leaning toward Teddy. "This isn't the best time for -"

"Actually, I think it is." Teddy began, "I want to know how you know him and I want to know the truth, Victoire," he said to her, "I- we don't have time for your stupid games." Dom looked at the guests. Apolline had her head in her hands, shaking her head and swearing under her breath.

Everyone else's eyes were on Victoire.

Victoire looked out over the crowd desperately, contemplating what she should do. Of course she couldn't tell them the truth. There was absolutely no way that she was going to lose the respect of her family, because of a mistake that had come from a single moment of weakness one night in Madrid. It was horrible enough that everyone knew her dirty little secret now, thanks to someone spilling the beans to Marco.

A moment later, she did something no one expected. She slapped Teddy so hard it left an angry red mark on his left cheek. Andromeda shot up in her chair in incredulous protest.

"I cannot believe I trusted you!" She shouted, tossing her bouquet onto the ground. "I've kept it a secret for too long. I know you've been cheating on me, Ted!" More gasps. Murmuring ensues, and Teddy glances around helplessly, his eyes finding Dom's again. She shrugs, and that's all she can do.

"I'm not... I don't... What in the name of Merlin's gym shorts are you on about?" He demanded, exhaling deeply to keep his emotions controlled. The last thing they needed right now was him getting too upset and transforming right there. If he was feeling anything anywhere near what Dom was feeling at that moment, she knew he was freaking out on the inside.

Did she really know?

Victoire laughed in disbelief, fake tears suddenly rolling down her cheeks as she turned to face her audience... er, guests. "Playing innocent? I knew he was wrong for me." She swiped under both of her eyes dramatically, picking up the train on her dress. "This wedding is off!" Victoire cried, and took off down the aisle and out of sight. Fleur stood and hurried after her.

"Mon Dieu!"

"Poor fille,"

"Whoever raised this ècume should be ashamed!"

As time wore on the comments grew harsher. Andromeda left the courtyard quickly, refusing to look at her grandson. The other bridesmaids had rushed off to comfort Victoire. Bill was patting Apolline on the shoulder, trying to calm her down. The Minister had gone for a drink. And Teddy stood a few feet away from Dom on the opposite side of the altar, looking utterly bewildered.

Dom approached him. "What just happened?" She asked, running a hand through her hair.

"I just got dumped. Left at the altar, all alone, infront of everyone," he explained, his voice far away and his eyes gunmetal grey, cold and hard as he stared at nothing.

"You're not alone," Dom said, reaching out to put her hand on his arm, but he pulled away. He couldn't even look at her now.

Teddy told her evenly, "I have to go." Before she had a chance to respond, he took off down the aisle, undoing his tie and tossing it onto an empty chair as he went. Dom stood at the altar, her heart sinking as she watched him go.

This is what her sister had wanted; she'd known who had told Marco about the baby. It had been Dom, of course, blindly seeking revenge. Victoire had decided that, if she couldn't have Teddy, no one could, leaving Dominique empty handed, heartbroken, and alone.

She had always known that he would run away in the end.


AN We've finally made it to the last chapter. Hip hip hooray! I finally managed to write this one, as it has been quite some time that I've left the story at the edge of a cliff, hanging on for dear life and what not... Ah, well. I haven't got much to say except thanks for taking the time to read! You guys and gals are awesome :D 

And now for some translations:

malchance - bad luck
Je suis dèsolè - I'm sorry
très agitè - very agitated, impatient
vulgaire - vulgar
un imbècile - an idiot
Oui - yes
étranger - stranger, intruder
ma petit-fille - my granddaughter
Mon Dieu - my God
fille - girl
ècume - scum

Señorita - Miss
Mi amor - My love


Chapter 8: Epilogue
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There was just something about the ocean that always pulled her in on the last day of summer before she went back to her waitressing gig at a restaurant in London, and her empty flat. Well, it wasn't really empty. She still had her cat, Lou, to keep her company.

It had been a few, long months since the complete disaster of a wedding that had been held in her grandmother's garden; months since she'd seen or heard from Victoire, or from Teddy but it felt like it had been longer. It felt like it had been an eternity. Every time his name was brought up, which wasn't often, her heart clenched painfully.

It was safe to say that she missed him, just never around her parents.

"He's not coming back, is he?" She would always ask Louis after she would break down and cry every so often for hours in her bathroom.

Louis would sit on the other side of the door and sigh. "Even if he did, Dom," he would say, "he wouldn't be welcome here. Not after the scene that Victoire staged at the wedding in front of everyone."

Dom would swallow hard against the tears threatening to spill over and send her into yet another painful break down. She wanted to shout out that Teddy was innocent, but they both knew that, although her motives had been vicious, Vicky had been right to some extent.

Teddy had cheated on her, and with the sister of his bride-to-be no less. How had that even happened? How could she be so stupid, so selfish?

Dom shut her eyes tight and pulled her legs to her chest, her nails digging into her bare shins.

She couldn't help the way that she'd been feeling lately. Her sister's malignant plan had brought her down with Teddy, just as she had wanted from the start. Merlin knows if she'd ever wanted him in the first place, or if she'd just been dangling him in her face all this time, frigidly flaunting the fact that she had what Dom wanted.

Gradually, Dom started to cry. She hated this feeling of weakness, of her heart being ripped out of her chest, of crying so hard that it became increasingly difficult to breathe.

She'd never felt so... broken.

"You should have told him," someone said suddenly, and Dom's eyes opened again. Standing next to her was Louis, with his hands in the pockets of his shorts as he stared out at the dark ocean.

Dom wiped at her nose with her sleeve, sniffling. "What are you talking about?"

He looked at her, raising an eyebrow as he dropped down onto the sand next to her, digging his toes into the grainy mixture of sand and sea shells. "Come on, Dom. You know exactly what I'm talking about,"

She sniffled in response, pulling her legs closer to her body, if possible. However, no matter how close she tried to pull them, she couldn't fight the feel of the bump growing on her abdomen. "It wouldn't have made any difference, Louis," replied Dom. "He didn't want to be with me."

"It would have made all the difference in the world, Dom! Aren't you the one that told me that he tried to tell you he loved you before the wedding?" Louis pointed out, and Dom looked down.

"His love was misdirected," she murmured. "He really loved Victoire. I was just in the way of that -"

"Who are you trying to convince here?" Louis asked, his eyebrows pulling together. "Me? Or you? 'Cause it sounds like you're just making up excuses to make Victoire look like a fucking saint!" He laughed. "You are carrying his baby, Dom. Telling him that, even after the wedding fiasco, would have changed the outcome of all this chaos drastically."

Dom looked up at the ocean and sighed. She shook her head. "I appreciate that you're trying to help me feel better, Louis," she replied, pushing herself to her feet, "but it's too late for that."

"It's never too late to make things right, Dom," Louis told her. "Remember that."

"I have to go," Dom explained, turning away from her brother as she swallowed hard, swallowing back the tears again. She'd shed too many tears for him already. This had to end, but she knew it couldn't.

Not while she had his child growing inside of her.

"See you for Christmas," Louis said, waving as Dom started to head back up the hill to Apolline's chateau. The only light on was on the second floor where her grandmother's study was located.

Dom crossed the dark and empty kitchen and headed up the staircase, before following the dimly lit corridor to the third door on the right. She pushed the door open slowly, peering inside. "Dad - oh," she said when she found Fleur sitting in an armchair across the room cradling a glass of wine in her hands. "Hey mum, where's dad?"

"Out," Fleur replied, waving a hand dismissively as she took a sip from the glass.

"And Vicky?"

"With her new boyfriend, I suppose," she explained, swaying a bit in her chair. "I can't believe she almost married that horrid Ted Lupin. I thought he was a sweet boy, you know. He'd always been very keen on Victoire, always did nice things for her. But this... I never could have expected this from him." Dom crossed the room to her, and took the glass from her hand. "What are you doing? Give that back!"

"Mum, I think you've had enough," Dom told her, setting the glass down on her late grandfather's desk. She picked up the empty bottle on the desk pointedly. "Since when do you drink, anyway?"

"Ever since the wedding of Victoire's dreams came crashing down on all of us," Fleur moaned, staring at her unfinished glass of wine longingly. Dom stepped infront of it so that it was out of her line of sight.

"It's time to find a new outlet for your pain, yeah?"

"But -"

Dom walked over to her mum and kissed her on the forehead. "I'm leaving now," She told her. "Try and get some rest for me, okay?" She started to walk away, toward the door.

"Dominique?" Fleur called out weakly.

"Yes, mum?" Dom asked, turning back to face her. Fleur pushed her hair out of her face, shifting in her chair.

"How long did you know about Victoire's being pregnant?"

Dom could only blink.

The word burned in her ears.


"I know you weren't the best of friends, but you were still sisters," Fleur explained. "If Victoire was going to tell anyone, it would've been you."

That doesn't mean anything, Dom thought. We still betrayed eachother's trust.

Finally Dom shook her head. "She never told me," she lied, before turning and leaving the study swiftly. In the corridor, she ran into Louis. She shoved the empty bottle into his hands. "Please make sure that she doesn't keep this up while I'm gone,"

Louis just stared at the bottle in his hands as Dom walked past him and pushed open the doors to her bedroom. Her bags stood at the foot of her bed already packed and ready to go. She grabbed them and turned on her heel, about to disapparate but noticing her brother standing on the threshold to her room, watching her.

"What about dad? And Apolline?" Louis asked.

"Tell dad that I said goodbye," she replied, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder, "and tell our grandmother that I'm sorry for ruining everything." Louis nodded.

"Don't forget what I told you," he reminded her.

She sighed. "I won't," Dom told him, before turning on her heel and disapparating on the spot with a loud crack. Louis exhaled deeply, looking around the empty room in front of him, before reaching forward and shutting the doors.


Dom appeared in the corridor outside of her flat a few seconds later. She dropped her things with impact, still not entirely accustomed to traveling that way. She nudged them along with her foot until they were against her door, and then pulled out her key from the pocket in her sweater and opening it, revealing the small foyer behind it. Dom kicked her bags inside and then shut the door behind her, flicking on the light and hanging her keys up on the hook by the coat rack. When she looked around, her heart all but stopped.

Ted Lupin was sitting on her couch.

Nervously, she took a few steps forward and ran a hand through her hair, pushing it out of her face as she tried to come to grips with the fact that what she was seeing was real. "T-Teddy? Why are you - what are you doing here, of all places? And how did you get in?"

"The fire escape," He glanced at the open window in the little kitchen area to her right.

"Alright," Dom replied, accepting that. "You still didn't answer the first question, though." Teddy was shaking his head.

"I don't know what I'm doing here Dom," he admitted, standing up and shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. "I guess I just figured that, even after everything that had happened, something kept me thinking about you. Like this is where I'm supposed to be,"

Dom looked away, rubbing her arms. "But you left me," she reminded him, "right after Victoire left you."

"That was really shitty of me, I know, it's just," Teddy swallowed, rubbing the back of his neck, "I was overwhelmed. I didn't know how to feel about anything, or anyone, especially after Victoire's performance. I kept thinking 'what if she really knows', so I figured that it would be better for me, if I distanced myself from you," he shook his head, laughing, "but that only made things worse,"

"Well, it wasn't exactly easy for me, either," Dom said before she could stop herself, laughing along with him. She looked up at him, her eyes wide.

He studied her for a moment. "Really?"

Dom fidgeted with her sleeves, pulling them down further over her hands and tucking her hair behind her ear. "Yes really," she replied quietly, her eyes averted. Her hand flitted across her abdomen. Her eyes started to sting with fresh tears. This couldn't be happening. Not now.

"Dom, I -" Teddy began, before pausing and taking a deep, shaky breath. "There's something that I've needed to tell you for a long time." Dom looked up at him through her eyelashes curiously.

"Really?" She asked.

He smiled, closing the space between them. "Yeah, I - I shouldn't have left you there, even if I'd been totally freaked out by everything that had gone down on my wedding day. I shouldn't have gone through with it in the first place, Dom," he shook his head. "I shouldn't have because I was never in love with Victoire. I was in love with -"

Dom's mouth went dry. She shook her head. This was all too much.

"Teddy, please don't -" she tried to say.

"Why do you always stop me before I can say it? I really feel this way about you and all you can do is contradict it, reject it like something material? Why?" He looked hurt. She looked down.

She gazed up at him again, searching his eyes. They were completely sincere, and a little upset by her reaction. Her hand was now pressed against her abdomen, clutching at it desperately. It was calling out to her, telling her to tell him. "Just... wait until you hear what I have to say."

"Alright, fair enough," he agreed. He leaned back, waiting patiently for her to continue.

"Well, I know that a lot has been thrown onto your plate lately, so much that it overwhelmed you to the point of running away from it all," Dom said. "I don't want to add to that but I feel like this is something you need to know." She took his face inbetween her hands and leaned in to kiss him gently, showing him that she did care about him. Then she pulled away, exhaling as they pressed their foreheads together. Her eyes remained closed. "I'm pregnant, Teddy."

The word stung as it rolled off of her tongue, finally making it reality. She was pregnant, she had told him, and there wasn't much she could do now except wait. It was silent for a long minute.

She felt his hand on her cheek. "Open your eyes, Dom," he told her softly. "It's alright."

Slowly, she obliged.

Teddy smiled at her as he wiped a stray tear from her cheek with his thumb. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before," Dom explained. "I didn't think it would make much of a difference, and I thought that it was too late since you'd disappeared, possibly for good."

"I'd never intended to disappear for good," Teddy admitted. "Not when I had such a beautiful girl waiting, day and night, on my return."

"How do you -"

He replied evenly, "Louis."

"Ah," she laughed, "well that explains it then." Teddy smiled, kissing her and breathing her in. She smelled like fresh rain and lavendar. It was different, but it suited her.

"Indeed it does," he sighed. He kissed her again. "I love you," whispered Teddy against her lips.

Dom pulled away an inch or two, biting her lip and caressing his cheek. "I love you, too," she told him as he picked her up, honeymoon style and carried her down the corridor and to the bedroom.

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