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The stag night by penguinforpresident

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,031

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Humor
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew

First Published: 06/04/2009
Last Chapter: 06/05/2009
Last Updated: 06/05/2009

Just a one-shot of an idea I've had a while. It's been written quickly and quite rough but if people like it I'll redo it.

James' stag night.

Chapter 1: The stag night
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The music was blaring, the conversation flowing all around, and four men right in the middle were laughing and joking with each other. Four best friends, celebrating the beginning of the rest of their lives.

James Potter was swaying and grinning stupidly in his chair, empty shot and beer glasses littered the table between him and his friends. Remus Lupin sat to James' left, always the sensible one Lupin had had the least to drink of the four but still his eyes would glaze every so often and his words slurred when he spoke. To James' right, Sirius Black his best friend who was swinging in his chair, trying to let go of the table without falling but gripping back onto it every time his chair swung back. And finally, directly across from James, Peter Pettigrew lay with his head in his arms fast asleep.

James raised his hand to his friends motioning for their attention. Sirius dropped the chair onto all four legs once again as he and Remus both leaned forward dramatically for James' speech.

"Gentleman!" James announced in far too loud a voice, "Gentleman, this time next week I become a man!" The other two nodded in agreement but waited for James to continue. "I wish to thank each of you for this night, my last night as a boy, as a free man," Sirius sniggered, "You are gentleman and scholars."

"Here, here!" Sirius bellowed, signalling to the waitress behind the bar, "My dear lady, four..." he swept a look at the unconscious Peter, "three of your finest pints! We shall drink to James."

"Oh my god..." James perked up, he shot both arms straight infont of his friends, whom looked at him shocked, waiting for his announcement, "guys I've just realised that this time next week I will be MR JAMES POTTER!"

"Heavy," Sirius nodded, eyes wide, "and Lily will be Mrs James Potter."

"If James is Mr James Potter, and Lily is Mrs James Potter...then what does that makes us?" Remus asked, looking confused.

"We will be...Mr Black and Mr Lupin cos if we have a married friend that means we're old enough to be married and therefore MEN!" Sirius proclaimed, banging his fist on the table as their beers arrived. Sirius raised his, followed by the other two, "James, you are my best man..."

"No you're MY best man," James interrupted but he was merely waved away by Sirius.

"You are my best man-friend and I am so happy for you and that lovely girl you've found yourself. She is funny and smart and fuck sake, totally gorgeous."

"Here here," James grinned taking a swig of his drink but Sirius pulled it back down.

"I'm not finished!" He whined. He raised his glass again, "Lily is funny and smart and totally gorgeous, way more gorgeous and smart and funny than you deserve. So if you change your mind before next thursday..."

"Saturday..." James corrected him.

"Whatever...Should you change your mind, send her my way! To Lily realising what a dink this guy is and coming to me instead!"

"To Lily," the other two chimed, snorting with laughter and gulping down their beer.

"James," Remus started after only half of his while the other two downed the entire pint, "How did you know Lily was the one?"

"Awwwww...I just knoooow." James said, he leaned his head on his hand and grinned stupidly, "She makes me feel funny inside...kinda warm and fuzzy," Sirius snickered, "I'm serious!"

"No I'm Sirius," Sirius bellowed with laughter at his own joke but Remus just motioned for James to ignore him and continue.

"When I look at Lily, and she smiled at me I can see my entire future clear as a bell...I want to wake up to her face every day for the rest of my life. When things go wrong I want her there beside me. When I have kids, I want them to be mine and Lily's kids..My life would be empty without her."

"Awwwwww!" Sirius mocked laughing again as the bell for last orders chimed through the bar.


The next morning, Lily Evans and her friend Anna Stephen pushed open the door of Lily and James' small flat having spent the night at Anna's to leave the boys to their fun. The smell of boys and stale alchohol hit them as soon as the opened the door and Anna immediately dove through the tiny hall into the dark living room and opened the curtains and window. Turning round she jumped slightly at the three bodies spread across the room.

"Lily," She called, grinning at the state of her friends. Peter was lying front fown onto the couch, his face buried in the cushions still out cold from the night before. Remus was lying in the armchair, his legs over the armrest, his mouth wide open and Sirius was under the coffee table in the middle of the room. All Anna could see were his arms and legs poking out from under it. Lily entered the room and burst out laughing. Pulling out her wand, she sent a wave of water over all three of the boys, waking them instantly. A loud thud could be heard as Sirius tried to get up from under the table

"Lily!! What the hell?" He cried, appearing at last and rubbing his head. Remus had covered his face, his head pounding and Peter had returned to hiding into the cushions.

"Where's James you drunken bums!" She grinned, shoving Peters legs off the end of the couch so she could sit down on the arm rest.

"He'" Sirius looked around and realised that his friend was no where to be seen. Lily sighed and took off her coat to hang it up. She made her way back into the hall and opened the door to find her fiance, sound asleep in curled between the two walls and the floor of the cupboard.

Lily stared down at the man she was marrying just over a week later and couldn't help but grin. Life with James Potter was going to be exciting, that much she was sure of.