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Comatose by No_oneKnows

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 29,458
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 01/30/2009
Last Chapter: 09/16/2012
Last Updated: 09/16/2012


Selene Roster comes from the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus 'Snivelly' Snape. What happens when she awakes from her twenty year coma, young, teenage-like– courtesy of Dumbledore - & coming back to Hogwarts?
“Potter... Potter... POTTER?!” Lily and James? Oh dear fudging Godzilla, what else did I miss out on?

Chapter 1: Oh My Bloody Chicken
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1. Oh My Bloody Chicken

“Selene? Selene Roster, can you hear me?” A charming, handsome, blonde, young healer came into view as I awoke from my deep slumber. 

“Please, don't shout, I can hear you,” I told him as I rose my head from the stack of gazillion pillows.

“Stay put and I'll get the Healer,” the man - now apparent - assistant healer said, putting a large hand on my shoulder.

Oh boy, he smells nice. His eyes are pretty. Oh and his voice is nice and low it sends a small tingle down my back. Oh no, actually, that's just because there's a major slit down my gown... WHAT?!

“Selene Roster, you're a miracle, child!” a short, fluffy haired healer came bunding into the white room. Besides him was Albus Dumbledore, striding casually. For the first five minutes of my awakening, he was the only person I was glad to see. Except for the nurse... He was good too. I guess, that just means the fluffball of a healer is excluded.

“Professor!” I yelled out, raising my arms to hug him.

“You needn’t call me professor here, Miss Roster,” he told me pleasantly as he embraced me.

“Right,” I elongated the word, releasing him from my bonds.

I took a quick glance at the healer, his jubilant face scared me... Slightly.

“Now,” he said, “Do you remember how you fell asleep?”

Asleep? “Um... I laid my head on a pillow and closed my eyes?”

The healer beamed and patted my head, “Funny girl! But no, the Whomping Willow at Hogwarts hit you on the head quite brutally." Uh, thanks for putting it softly. "Do you remember that?”

But yes... Oh, yes, I do remember that. The bloody Marauders, bringing me there at the dead of the night. Of course I wouldn't be able to see where I was going! They might as well have thrown me in front of the bloody Knight bus! At least then I'd only have one bleedingly insane object hitting my body. But no, it had to be the bloody psychopathic tree.

I nodded.

“Well do you want to know how long you've been in a coma for?”

I thought about that. No, I would not want to know how long I've been in a coma for. I'd rather live the rest of my life not knowing how much I've missed out on. I patted sarcasm on the back. Figuratively. “Yes please.”

The doctor chuckled again, “It’ been twenty years, my dear!” Oh Dear Merlin and his pants!

“You have no noticeable amnesia -” Dammit, my plan on pretending to forget everything ever taught to me at Hogwarts went out the window, “-Your vital waves are fine. You're as perfect as ever!” This doctor was too enthusiastic for my liking.

I leered at him with suspicion.

“May we talk in privacy, Doctor Glurb?” Why did Dumbledore, of all people, need to ask permission? It's a free world... Or has that changed? What if we've all been enslaved by the goblins? NO, that would be my worst nightmare! Actually, being enslaved by giants would be my worst nightmare, but still! This can't be happening! We might as well all be cupcakes if that were the case!

Dumbledore cast me a side-glance, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

“Why of course!” Doctor... Glurb beamed positively. Don't tell me the goblins gave people bizarre last names too now.

To my disappointment, the junior healer had been ushered out of the room as well. I hid my disappointed frown and instead focused on glaring at Dr. Glurb.

“No Miss Roster, we have not been enslaved by any magical creature but ourselves.” Dumbledore said with a croaky voice. He was certainly older now, his long white hair/beard reached almost past his hip!

What, is that the new style? Gross. No offense to the Professor.

“That's good to know,” I replied, smiling widely. The way things are going, I'd rather be back asleep, maybe for another good decade.

“Take a good look at yourself Miss Roster, you'll be attending Hogwarts to finish off your final years.”

Great, great. Hogwarts, yay. Yes, another decade would be nice. Wait, what?

The shocked look on my face was enough to send Dumbledore into his explanation. “You still, in fact, possess the looks of a teenager,” he said as he passed me a mirror.

I snatched it out of his hand hastily and examined myself. Oh dear Godzilla. I haven't aged a single bit! The same green eyes, same dark brown hair – although it has become longer – the same nose! Same mouth! Same face! Oh my Merlin, no wrinkles! Would this be considered a blessing? Yes! Yes, I guess it would.

I lowered the mirror so I could face Dumbledore. He merely smiled amiably.

“I'M NOT OLD!” I yelled out at him, taking his hands in mine and hi-fiving him although I was doing all the work, “I DON'T NEED BOTOX OR- OR PLASTIC SURGERY!”

“That's wonderful. You'll be expected to attend school tomorrow. Your bags have already been sent there.”

My enthusiasm and excitement faltered immediately. I frowned. No rest? I don't care if I've been resting for twenty years! No time to get used to this weird, weird world that I'm in? No, I guess that wouldn't matter.

Again, sarcasm deserved a clap.

“See you tomorrow,” Dumbledore waved, lifting himself off of my bed. I'm surprised his back didn't snap.

“Wait! Sir, how are my parents? Where's Lily?” Yes, why wasn't Lily there to congratulate me on 'waking up'? I certainly would've been there to congratulate her if she was in this bed.

He hesitated (which wasn't normal for Dumbledore) and appeared to dread such a question. “Your parents are over in Europe. They wanted to take a break from work.”

“And Lily?”

He didn't answer.


“Read the paper next to you Miss Roster. That had been sixteen years ago.”

My brows furrowed and I grimaced. He left quickly after that. Alrighty Mr. Mysterious Man.

I unfolded the aged newspaper and read the bold headline.

The Boy Who Lived.

That sounds... Unusual. There are loads of boys who live. I mean they pop out everyday! I've come to a conclusion: the world I'm in was maddening and psychotic.

Potter ... Potter as in James Potter? Oh, just what he wanted, to become famous. He wasn't even that cool!

Harry Potter? Dear Uric the Odball, he has a son? Oh, what kind of poor, misguided girl would've married him? I bet it was a girl who had tea for breakfast, lunch and... Tea. You know, like the Mad Hatter. Bloody deranged woman.

Lily... Lily Potter. Halt. Lily. Potter. Potter... Potter... POTTER?! Oh dear fudging Godzilla, what else did I miss out on?! No way! Wait, dead? No, no. Lily Evans can't be dead. James Potter dead. Well that's reasonable. But Lily, no, she can't be.

Continue on page eight. Hm, okay.

Lily. Oh look, a picture of Lily! Why, she's famous too! Why is she next to James? You-Know-Who has died as well? Why is everyone dying?! And it's titled: The Boy Who Lived. Hrmp, slightly ironic, don’t you think?

As I actually read the article, I found myself understanding. A terrible dread filled me like a heavy weight and I felt myself deflating as I continued to read. Sirius Black - the reason they're dead?! Sirius Black, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's most loyal death eater?

What the bloody hell? That could never happen! Has this world become schizophrenic or what? Peter Pettigrew, dead? Again with the death. Sirius Black obliterated him. Nice choice of word. I shouldn't say that! He's dead! She's dead! They're all dead! I should be crying.

It's just one of those things I couldn't grasp, and then some day later, I would finally realise that they are gone. Then would I cry. Actually, that was a lie. I started to cry. Lily Evans, my best friend, is dead. And I didn't get to go to her Hens night or wedding! Even if it was with Potter Toe-rag. But still, Hen’s Night!

This has been the worse day of my elongated life!

The junior healer helped me out of my bed, running to me as I began to wail in my bed, gripping tightly onto the piece of aged newspaper, the one that contained the most horrid news ever.

“Don’t worry!” he said encouragingly, “You’re all better now!”

He didn’t understand and I sobbed harder.

“I hope I don't see you for years now,” the great Doctor Glurb – the overly ecstatic freak - waved at me as I was carted out of the ward on my wheely bed, tears still streaming down my face. I attempted a mocking smile at him, failing at that, as I was beyond discomposed.


I had finally collected myself throughout the night and, though emptiness filled my stomach, I felt immensely grateful that Dumbledore took me for a side-along apparation to Hogsmeade. I wouldn't have survived a trip on the Hogwarts Express all by myself. I would've died out of loneliness and everything I did that morning would've been pointless. Actually, I probably could've conversed with myself. That would've kept me alive.

Although the twenty-year sleep had caused my heart to tire more easily, the long walk to Hogwarts castle was amazingly exhilarating. Just to see that bloody tree again and chop it down with a bloody axe kept me going. Either that or somehow retrieving a flame-thrower from somewhere and hosing it down.

Dumbledore strode besides me pleasantly, apparently enjoying the nice breeze. Well, his hair certainly was. Hair, beard, whatever. I ran along besides him, new robe billowing in the wind.

My fingers twitched with excitement and longing as Dumbledore opened the steel gates, granting me access into the school grounds again. I felt a strong hammering in my stomach that could only be my urge to watch a good game of Quidditch, chop down the Whomping Willow, taste one of the elves’ treacle tart, chop down the Whomping Willow. God, it was unbearable. Even though it only seemed like yesterday, last I entered the castle gates.

I squealed as I inched closer and closer towards the Castle’s twin doors. Dumbledore waved his wand and they opened in such magnificence that it almost caused my heart to pop. He gestured me in and the smile on my face was just way too big. Oh dear Merlin, oh dear MERLIN! I'm back! Selene Roster is back!

“I'M BACK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Every room in the castle must've heard that. 

Dumbledore chuckled. “It's up to you how much you would like to tell your peers, but for now I'm sure you remember where the Gryffindor Common Room is.” 

I spun around the empty Entrance Hall, looking a lot like a girl in a shopping mall with sales in every store. Actually, I looked like that girl in a secluded shopping mall. Tears brimmed at my eyes as I ran along the corridors, popping my head into every classroom. 

Professor McGonagall was still here? Merlin, she hated me! She pursed her lips as I entered her classroom – although behind that, I could see the hint of delight - waving at a whole bunch of people wearing green and yellow collars. The green ones glared at me while the yellows stared at me with surprise. The Slytherins haven't changed a single bit, that's for sure.

I ran into the Great Hall and although not a single soul – living or shining dead - was there, there was food! I grabbed a bun from the middle of the table and ran off again.

The bell rung and I jumped with a start. They hadn’t changed it! So many things remained the same it's mind-boggling. Students started to pour out of the classrooms. 

“Hi, nice to meet you!” I screamed at a bunch of Ravenclaw students. They waved uncertainly back at me. “Hi, hi, HI!”

I attracted loads of awkward glances. Merlin’s pants, I'm a freak! Should it be better if I played the shy new girl, all innocent and stuff? Oh well, too late now.

“Hi! I'm Selene Roster!” I shook another Gryffindor by the hand, a big goofy smile on my face. The Gryffindor raised an eyebrow, a small smile on his face.

Where's everyone going? Oooh! Hufflepuffs at 3 o'clock. An impish smile appeared on my face. I've always been fond of Hufflepuffs. Maybe because my past sixty boyfriends had been Hufflepuffs but who knows?

“Hey!” I edged into the small circle carefully; acting the shy, innocent girl I told myself I wouldn’t be. I could feel a whole lot of pair of eyes staring at me. “I'm Selene Roster and I'm new. Do you know where I should be going now?” One of the boys looked at me with mild surprise. I smiled shyly and batted my eyelashes.

“It's dinner now,” he smiled – Oh, I'm melting - “Do you want me to show you to the Great Hall?”

“Yeah sure,” I smiled back. But of course I already knew where the Great Hall was, I was there only ten minutes ago.

“I'll see you guys later.” I heard him say to his friends. A whole gibber of complaints ran through the circle and he chuckled. Oh how cute! “I’ll see you guys later!” he repeated.

The Hufflepuff boy took only a second to join my side.

“So, did you just get here today?” he asked me.

“Yeah, just before the bell rang,” I muttered, keeping my head down. I made sure I wasn't walking ahead of him as that could've blown the whole plan! Merlin, I wish he would walk faster. I'm not used to walking this slowly. 

“Do you know which house you're in?” One look at his face and I knew there was that hope lingering behind his eyes.

“Gryffindor,” I replied shortly, “Sorry, what was your name?”

“Oh, right. It's Wayne Hopkins,” he extended his right arm. I took it gently in mine and shook it, making sure I trailed over it lightly with my nails when I released him. I smiled to myself as he shuddered.

Now, the Great Hall was packed with students. The four tables were clustered with plates and students alike. Oh, how I miss the good old days. But hey, this is better.

“There's the Gryffindor table,” he told me, gesturing his head towards the table all the way across the room.

I gave him a small pout and he immediately jumped at the opportunity.

“You want me to walk you there?”

I bit my bottom lip and hid my smile, nodding quickly. Merlin, I have this kid around my little finger. Already. He merely grinned widely and put his hand across my back, pushing me ahead gently. 

“Well, have a nice dinner,” he grinned at me as he stopped right in front of the long table. His white teeth sparkled with the candles, "I'll see you around."

I nodded gratefully and smiled even more broadly as he walked away.

I was aware of almost everyone in the Gryffindor house staring in my direction. Being as sly as I was, I acted as though I had no idea. Clueless. Dumb. I loved acting dumb. You got away with so many things. I stopped myself smiling as I walked down the table, looking for an empty spot.

Just as I sat down, a boy said loudly, “Hey, you're the new girl, aren't you?” No, I'm just some random teenage girl who walked in by accident and decided to eat dinner here. Yes, you thick, obtuse douche.

I smiled politely at the boy, who sat a few seats down from me and nodded.

“What's your name?” he asked. I noticed the other people's heads switching back and forth, like watching a Quidditch game where the chasers are playing troll in the middle with the loser idiot on the team. 

Call me Bond. James Bond. “Selene Roster.”

He made this slight scoffing noise and nodded. If you’ve got a problem with that buddy, I'll fix your nose. Of course I didn't say that. It was much too early to be setting a reputation.

Dinner was a drag. All they did was eat, eat and eat. Like gosh, wake up! Live a little. Instead of attempting to strike up conversation with anyone, I spent that entire time looking around the hall for a slight change. But guess what, there were none!

Deciding to leave before the crowd formed at the staircases – an advantage of attending Hogwarts twenty years ago - knowing what happens – I left the Great Hall early. Leaving Wayne Hopkins and his formerly found high ego to get to the Common Room.

I walked along the silent corridors, not even running into Peeves. I wasn’t even sure if he was still here. Dumbledore probably got sick of the bloody midget.

Oooh, the Fat Lady! She's still here! She didn't like me either... Hm, I wonder if she remembers me. 

“Hello,” I mumbled at her. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at me. 

“Password?” Password? Oh crap.

“Umm... Cauliflower?” That had been the password twenty years ago.

The fat lady looked at me weirdly and made an 'hrmp' sound, raising her chin. Fine, be like that. We'll see who gets a jam tart smeared all over their picture.

“Oh, you're the new girl. It's chicken,” and the door opened. A girl with long, brown bushy hair accompanied with two boys – one red haired that stood inches higher than both, the other black haired and lovely green eyes. Boy, does he look familiar 

“What about a chicken?” I caught myself, “Oh, right, thanks,” I turned back to the girl.

“Are you coming in?” she asked me. I read the badge on her collar. Prefect. Ha, prefect. Oh, don't tell me I'm about to become the prefect's best friend. Again.

I glowered at the fat lady before entering the Common Room. She sniffed and looked away.

Just like my first year, the common room took my breath away. It hasn't changed... WHY HASN'T ANYTHING CHANGED?! The armchairs, fireplace, sofa, notice board. I'm home!

“Professor McGonagall told me you were coming. Selene isn't it? 

I nodded. There was something about that black haired boy, something gnawing away at the back of my head. Or maybe it was just an itch.

“Well I'm Hermione Granger,” she said with an assertive and bossy tone, “This is Ronald Weasley,” he waved shyly. Cute, “and this is Harry Potter.” I nodded again.


My jaw dropped slowly as he rubbed the back of his head, smiling sheepishly.

Potter?” I breathed, staring at his eyes – Lily's eyes - his face, his... scar. That was something James didn't have. Hm. A MINI JAMES LOOK-A-LIKE!

Yes, his smile was totally sheepish. A mini James with the personality of someone I don't know! Definitely not the personality of James, though. Not as arrogant, not as proud, not as much as a toe rag. Hm, I rest my case.

“The boy who lived?” the Hermione girl nodded, no doubt studying me for my odd behaviour.

The Boy Who Lived. Oh My Bloody Chicken. 


A/N: Hello everyone! I'd started this story three years ago and I found myself reading it again and not liking it for so many reasons. Despite this, I really liked the concept of it and thought, hey, maybe I'll revise this. So here I am :) 

I'm trying to keep it in the same tone as the way I wrote it previously, so a lot of it will still be in place but I'm trying to develop the characters (especially Selene) a lot better and I'm just trying to write better in general. 

Also, I'm aware that Hermione would never refer to Harry as 'The boy who lived', but it is AU and that just means there will be some minor uncanon moments, so hopefully that's all okay! 

Anyway, as usual, please tell me what you think! :) 

Chapter 2: Of Chickens and Roads
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Chapter 2. Of Chickens and Roads

I stared at him for a moment too long and he looked away. Definitely not like James. James probably would've puckered his lips and gave me a huge sloppy kiss like he usually does to greet every other girl walking down the halls. My mouth was still hanging open but as soon as I saw other Gryffindors climbing the staircase, I regained my senses and shut it tight. It looked as though I was having some kind of weird, nervous breakdown.

“I'm- I'm going to my dorm now,” I stammered, pointing towards the back of the common room. It would've been way too weird to hang around this new breed of James.

“Oh, you're with me!” Hermione exclaimed. Yes, I was undoubtedly destined to be the prefect's best friend. It was my fate. My damned, cursed fate. Or, perhaps, I should be grateful that I am because they don't tell me off? As much, anyway.

I strained a smile. “Brilliant.”

I waved at the boys and looked at Potter again, looking him up and down before turning around and stomping away, Hermione right on my tail.

James... and Lily... were definitely together. Wow, unbelievable. Incredible. Implausible. Freaky.

“That's your bed over there.” Hermione said, pointing at the bed closest to the window.

“You don't like the sun?” I hid my smug smile.

“No, it’s just really irritating when it rains.”

My smile disappeared. Instead, I forced an innocent chuckle and concentrated on fluffing my pillow. I heard the springs of Hermione's bed creak and suddenly found myself plunged in my own memories. I had played a great prank on Lily once... Using the springs. I remember it as if it were yesterday... It kinda was yesterday, actually... In a way

“Have you done your potions essay?” I asked, staring out of the window as she walked into the dorm. I held my breath as I heard her move behind me.

Yes, I finished it last night.” Of course, it wasn't due until the day after tomorrow.

Hm.” I counted her steps and concentrated on staring at the swaying trees out in the forest. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I'm running out of breath.

You know Po-” she began. Then the springs creaked and she was immediately sent up the air. What in the wor-? HE-LP!” she screamed. I spun around, not wanting to miss out on the fun. “Let me down!” she yelped.

I burst out in laughter as she continuously bounced up and down.

Get- Me- Down!” she commanded in between mid-air moments.

I couldn't get her down. I was suffering myself; doubled over, on the floor, laughing. Muhuahahaha.

Of course, I copped a great, hour-long lecture from her. Fortunately, I was asleep for fifty minutes of it.

“Oh,” Hermione put a hand in her pockets as I pressed my hands against the bed carefully to make sure what I did to Lily wouldn't happen to me. “I've got your schedule here.”

I stopped patting the bed and stared at the piece of paper in her hand. I've forgotten all about those little cursed pieces of parchment. Bloody schedules.

I smiled graciously, “Thanks.” I took it out of her hands and placed it on my bedside table without so much a glance at it.

“I looked over it already-” Nosy body. “- and you're in almost every class with me.” Brilliant. “You really should get to sleep early. Potions first thing in the morning, you'll need to concentrate.”

Thanks for the warning kiddo, but I ace potions. It was true. As much as Sluggy loved Lily, I had him wrapped around my little finger. Mostly due to my smart remarks and perfect stirring.

 "I'll just take a shower then.”

She smiled approvingly and brought her legs up to her bed.

I thought about the whole concept of being back at Hogwarts as I let the warm water pour over my body. Being twenty years delayed isn't so bad once I thought about it, it was as though I went through a time portal into the future where my best friend's dead and I meet her son and finally get a confirmation that she had... 'done it' with her once enemy. Not that bad right?

Hermione was lying on her bed once I got out. She was reading some kind of book as she sucked on the end of a quill. A sugar quill perhaps.

I went over to my bed and pulled my overlarge grey jumper over my light green camisole. I looked towards my roommate before jumping into my own bed. She seemed extremely interested in that book of hers. Why, is it some kind of muggle novel of how they get saved by some charming prince? Psht, booooooring. Bring on the dragons and mutilated banshees.

I propped myself against my pile of pillows, examining my nails, waiting for her to say something.


Rolling my eyes to myself, I turned off my bed light. “Good night,” I said shortly, dropping down so my head lay on the pillows.

“Mm, night,” she said distractedly.

I pulled my sheets up and closed my eyes. The red light from Hermione’s bed flashed in my eyes.

“Aren't you going to sleep?” I asked her, opening my eyes again and looking at her.

 She shook her head. My face cast her a bored expression and turned the other way, towards the window. I closed my eyes, not fully satisfied, as now there was a white light beaming into my eyes. Bloody moon. Learn to dim down, bloody cheese face.


Hermione, who had sprinkled water over my face, woke me up the next day.

“Woozz,” I groaned, jerking my legs violently around the bed as I blinked the water out of my eyes.

“You should be getting ready,” she told me as she pulled on her stockings, “We're leaving for breakfast soon.”

I groaned again and stared at the ceiling. Breakfast.

I took my time brushing my teeth and hair and was about to take my time getting changed, if not for Hermione who forced my white shirt on me and practically dressed me. I'm having a sixteen-year-old dress me... That's just maddening.

“Honestly, you wouldn't want to be late for Potions.” What was wrong with potions? It's not like the professor's a blood-sucking vampire... Or is he? Maybe he's a mummy! Yeah right, a mummy could just fix himself a potion and unwrap himself. Dwarf? Wouldn't be a dwarf anymore if he were. Hm.

The boys waved unenthusiastically at Hermione and I as we walked down the stairs. Again, I found myself studying the Potter kid. I felt compelled to just slap the back of his head with a beater’s bat. Of course I didn't do that. Pft, I'm not mad.

I could tell he knew I was observing him for he kept looking back at me, thick brows furrowed and looking almost instantly looking forward again. Awkwaaard.

The others ate their breakfasts' hastily as I took my time squirting maple syrup all over my pancakes. Mmm. They never gave me pancakes in the hospital. I wonder why. Oh yeah, because I was in a coma. Pft, great excuse. They could've put it in the blender for all I cared. I mean, I wasn't conscious. I wouldn't have cared. I wonder what that would've tasted like...

“Come on Selene, you really should eat that,” Hermione addressed me. Bossy lady. Ronald nodded quickly at me as he forced a whole, round pancake into his mouth. Cute?

The bell rung just as I'd finished my breakfast. Hermione held my wrist tightly and brought me for a run down to the dungeons, which was... definitely not a good idea. I felt my stomach churn as I entered the classroom.

Why, oh why, did Hermione have to sit at the front? A tall, thin, black haired man wearing a long black robe, back facing us, was standing at the front. Oh dear Merlin, they hired bats to teach Potions! How is that even possible?

“Sit.” His voice was droning and boring. I'd give myself ten minutes before I fall asleep.

I walked slowly towards the front, smiling simply at the students who gawked and a small pout at a bunch of Slytherins who were snickering in the corner. The sleek, blonde haired boy smirked condescendingly as he raised an eyebrow at me. 

I knew how to play the game with the Slytherins. I ignored him and continued on. I felt my stomach twirl again and I felt something rising at the back of my throat. I swallowed to force it back down. Gross. Regurgitating was never my thing... Unlike... Other people.

The professor at the front turned just as I reached Hermione's table. Right at the front. Right in front of the professor.

I stared at him, mouth hanging open. Within I seconds I felt my vomit rise again and this time I couldn't keep it in. I hurled right at his feet.

Severus Snape. I could've recognised that freakishly large nose anywhere. Dear Merlin, Severus Snape, a potions master? He was a Dark Arts kid! Not someone who played around with his mini cauldron and flasks every free period!  

Thanks to a simple Scouring Charm performed by Hermione, my robe – and Snivellus’ shoes - was clean of all spew.

His lips curled the moment he saw me and his black, hollow eyes narrowed. I couldn't help but stare at the adult Snape. Dear Merlin, six years of revenge is about to be acted upon me. NO! Daaammmnn you Karma!

I sat myself down, shaking slightly as I took my potions books out.

“Are you alright?” Hermione asked me, patting my shoulder as I opened my textbook with a trembling hand.

I smiled, genuinely gracious for her. “Don't take me for a run next time,” I managed to say.

“Miss Roster, you might be another... addition to this school, but that does not excuse you from talking. Five points from Gryffindor.”

I could've smacked him on the head with a beater's bat and tossed him into the lake when I was in school. When he was in school.

I sneered at him with loathing as he smirked. Oh, how I hated him. Actually, I didn't really have a problem with him... It was more of a 'Marauders' thing although I did bully him... a teensy wee bit. Well, that was until he insulted Lily, anyway. After that, it'd been worse hell for him, acted by me.

“So sorry... Professor.” I observed how he moved around the class, power and authority hovering his every move. His looks hadn't changed for the better at all. If anything, he'd become paler, his hair darker and his nose larger – if that were even possible.

Then, he started rambling on about some kind of potion. I don't know, I wasn't listening. I tuned out the first seven minutes he started talking. Merlin, he's probably more boring than Binns at History.

No, I was proven wrong. Binns was much more boring. I tuned out maybe, three, four minutes into the lesson? I watched as Hermione's quill moved quickly across the parchment, not envying her the slightest.

And of course, I wasn't mentioned in his lesson. Hellooo, I was here twenty years ago. That's a bit of history isn't it?

Just like back in my day, no one paid attention. No one apart from Hermione. Ronald – Ron – had his head on top of his book, his tongue lolling out of the corner of his mouth. Harry was staring down at his quill, twirling it around with his fingers. I was looking around the classroom, noting everybody in my class. That was much more entertaining; looking at the backs of people's heads. Super.

Bloody stodgy Professor. Even I could probably teach the class about how a table works or why the chicken crossed the not-yet bloody road. That'd be more amusing than this load of goblin rubbish.

After break was Transfiguration - that damning subject. I hated it back then, and I was hating it now. Although Professor McGonagall did seem a bit... nicer to me, that didn't excuse the deranged things we were supposed to do. Turn our ears into daisies. What was the bloody point of that? Who in the universe invited such a spell? An idiot, I tell you.

By the end of the class, I had to endure the moving, bobbing, singing daisies that Hermione had managed to sprout over my ears. I've got to admit, that girl has brains.

Professor Flitwick was much more enthused to see me again compared to the other professors who'd acted as though they didn't know me at all. His gasp when he saw me enter the room was enough for my peers to suspect something.

“My great uncle'snephew'sson'scousin's... uncle or something, everyone.” I announced loudly, smiling broadly as Flitwick ran up to me and shook my hand fiercely.

He called me back after class as we were all packing up. He hasn't grown much has he? He shook my hand again fervently, squeaked his greetings and confessed his concerns when I was carted off in a motionless manner.

I chuckled at the old Flitty, “Come here you.” I ruffled his white, cotton candy-like hair and pinched his little nose.

Flitwick merely giggled along and shooed me out as he assured me my friends were waiting.

I skipped out of the room, happy that someone finally was glad to see me again. I wasn't all that bad... Okay, maybe I was. I wasn't as bad as the Marauders though. They were always a step above me. Damned things.

Of course they were smart too. Thus, teachers just loved their charm, wit and 'dazzling smiles'. Hrmp. If I were a boy, I'd have the teachers groveling at my feet too.

I walked up to the Gryffindor table, Hermione waving at me at the opposite end of the table as she beckoned me towards her. I smiled pleasantly at her and sat down besides Ron.

“How was your first day?” Hermione's eyes were enthusiastic and hopeful that I'd liked it.

“Hermione, she gagged her whole breakfast in front of the Slytherins. Do you think she would've enjoyed that?” Ron mumbled, digging into his steak and kidney pie.

I forced myself to laugh it off, “It was alright I guess. Real welcoming.” Of course the teachers weren't welcoming, with the exception of Flitwick. “What was that potions master's name again?” I needed to confirm it.

Harry answered before anyone else could, “Snape. Severus Snape.”

I nodded slowly and leaned in so no one else could overhear, “He's kinda scary, don't you think? With the whole black hair and black robes thing.” I pushed my fringe as to copy Snape's hairstyle and pushed my nose down to display his warped large nose. “Five points from Slytherin,” I imitated him, quite well if I dare say so, “For having a nose too large for the classroom.”

The others laughed and I felt myself warm up to them... Slightly.

“That's Snape for you though. That's not him at his worst though,” Ron said, helping himself to another serving.

“No... No it wasn't,” I shuddered, recalling a memory where Snape was at his worse. He was chucking a frightful spaz, throwing flasks and knocking hissing cauldrons to the floor. Dreadful. Just dreadful. Of course Sluggy didn't get what his problem was. All this just because Lily and James were potion partners for that particular period. Much to her discontent.

Again, I looked to Harry. He still had a smile on his face, a smile that only James could pull off. Merlin, he's more and more resembling James.

 It was unusual. Seeing the mini James around Hogwarts without his mates. More particularly, Sirius. They had always been together. There was never a time where they hadn't been together. I was actually quite convinced they were once conjoined twins... Back in my first year. Then I understood that conjoined twins were... well, joined. They might as well be conjoined twins who weren't actually joined together but were always together.

Harry chewed on his food slowly.

“Hey, Roster,” Wayne jogged down the table, slowing down when he reached a few seats before me. I smiled widely and waved before he went on and asked exactly the same question Hermione had asked: “How was your first day?”

“It was fantastic,” I told him, exaggerating a tad.

“What do you want?” Ron msaid to him loudly, turning to look at his face.

Wayne ignored him and continued on, “There's a Hogsmeade visit coming up next week, I think. Do you want to join me?”

The other three looked at me, a look that seemed to say ‘NO!’ apparent on their faces.

“Thanks but I'm busy,” I murmured, looking away from him.

Wayne looked taken aback. “What are you doing?”

“I'm busy,” I told him flatly.

He persisted, “But you can call it off or something.”

I turned my back on him and rolled my eyes at Hermione. She gave me a small smile.

“Listen, she said she's busy. Lay off her,” Ron said loudly, turning to glower at him.

Wayne looked as though he was about to retort. Thinking it was wiser not to, he cast me another short look and turned away. Storming away like a little pansy with a silver tiara on his head. I even managed to put a tutu on him in my imagination. 

Drama queenical guys. Horrible, horrible. The worse kind. Even worse than a cross between a Horntail and a mutilated donkey's butt.

“Thanks guys.” I told them. They were surprisingly defensive, even though I've only met them.

“He's like that to a lot of girls.” Harry said.

“What, Ron?” Their smiles widened and Harry shook his head.


“He’s a complete git,” Ron muttered, “you’d expect it from him, if he’s hanging around other gits like Zacharias Smith.”

I had no idea who Zacharias Smith was, but I looked back to the Hufflepuff table and watched as Wayne ignored the jeers of his friends, his face humiliated and angry. Lucky for you buddy, I wasn't on my periods today.

“Are you actually busy on Sunday?” Hermione asked, pushing her plate forward.

“Heck no. I don’t have anything to be busy with,” I muttered, smiling a lopsided grin.

“Then you're coming with us?” she asked. I could tell from one look at her face that she was desperately in need for a girl friend.

“Yeah, definitely,” I warmed up to her. To them. They weren't so bad.

She beamed.

I looked up at the staff table; most of them were in light conversations with the person beside them. All but Snape. I caught him looking and I must say, I was delighted that he'd caught my gesture at outlining an extremely large thing on my face.

His face portrayed an outrage of nothing more than wanting to murder me and I'm pleased to say, that went without a moments hesitation. 


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Chapter 3: Slimy Green Snotball
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3. Slimy Green Snotball

The next day, Potions was first again and this time, I didn't manage to spew my breakfast anywhere. Snape led us outside towards the lake as he told us we'd be looking for potion items. Bloody git. He wants us to work manually, torture us, cause us so much pain we'd be begging to go back up to the castle.

I watched as he ordered the Gryffindors to the bank of the Black Lake, despite the complaints and protests. The Slytherins were booing at us with their stupid patronising smiles slapped onto their faces. Bloody Snape. I hate him, despise him, and loathe the bloody greasy, slimy green snotball. URGH.

The first house to gather at least thirty-five of something wins a hundred points. I shrugged to myself, unsure of what I was supposed to be doing.

Hermione was the first to be digging through the bank of the lake. She used her hands to root through the long, attacking weeds.

“Watch out for the squid!” a girl with a slightly squashed looking face squealed out as the girls around her giggled. Gosh, I could pound her face in further.

Even some of the boys gathered around her to scare us. Snape did nothing. Oh Merlin, I want nothing more than to, urgh, break his nose. Which wouldn't be so difficult to miss... the size of that thing.

I looked around the other Gryffindors. Most of them looked nervous and repulsed.

“Come on guys,” I told them, pushing through the weeds to get into the water. “It's not that bad.”

Actually, I wasn't sure. I could've died at that point. I could've been dragged off by the merpeople or the squid or even frozen to death. The others looked at me weirdly. Yeah, who was I to know? I've only been there for a day... So they thought.

“Hermione, what are we looking for?” I asked her, teeth beginning to chatter as she continued to scurry through the weeds.

“Something that looks like this,” she pulled out a dark, icky green thing out of the ground as it started to squirm and wriggle in her fingers.

“Oh,” I replied, blinking at it. It was gross. Grosser than Snape's hair; and that’s saying something since Snape’s hair was the epitome of yuck.

“It's a good thing you're going in the water. They're mostly found in there,” Hermione said, looking back down and pushing her hands into the water.

Hrmp. I'm not diving in if it's the last thing I do.

“What do you have there mudblood?” The same Slytherin girl approached us with a condescending look on her face.

My head snapped towards the pug girl. Mudblood? She was looking at Hermione. Hermione was a muggleborn? Just like Lily! That's freakish coincidence, that is.

“Shut your mouth,” I warned her, paddling back to the bank.

The girl smirked and exchanged a look to her blonde friend.

“Who are you?” Her superiority was annoying me.

“Who are you?” I climbed on to the bank and stood in front of her, covering Hermione by a drenched leg.

“Pansy Parkinson,” she answered, jerking her chin upwards. Uptight banshee.

“Well Parkinson, why don't you skidaddle and look for your own weeds?”  

She scowled, “You think you can tell me what to do?”

I remained cool, “But isn't that what Professor Snape told you to do?”

“You're a pureblood. I've heard of your family,” she said as a matter-of-factly. That was a bit random and out of the blue. My family were blood traitors. Not the whole, pureblood status thing. Now, my grandmother's family. Well, that's a different bloody story.

I raised an eyebrow, “I thought you didn't know who I was. And what's your point?”

Pansy looked as though I just insulted her. If she thinks I was going to proclaim to the whole world that my grandmother treated muggles the same way muggles treated a misbehaving grizzly bear - Okay that wasn't a good description – she's crazy.

Pansy realised this and scowled again. “A blood traitor.”

“Again, what's your point?” The other Gryffindors stopped what they were doing, all apart from Hermione who was continuing on her search. Although I was sure she was listening. I mean how hard could it be for her to not hear? We were only a few centimetres away from her!

At the same point it hit Pansy, it hit me too. “I heard that the last of the Roster's was in a coma at St. Mungo's, since twenty years ago.”

I felt a few eyes stare at the back of my head and Hermione stopped what she was doing and looked towards us, “Apparently she wasn't the last.” I stared at her in a deadly way, ending the conversation of my family.

“Mudblood, while you're down there can you wipe my shoes?”

I felt myself clench my jaw together. Hermione shook her head fervently, keeping her eye on the mud.

“Did you hear me mudblood?” she spat.

At the other end, I saw Ron and Harry make their way towards us.  Oh, I seemed to feel resigned; I couldn't handle it. I had to make my mark. I couldn't live like a little wimp. Actually I could, but no. I'd rather not.

Before I could've done anything, it was too late. Hermione had lunged at Pansy. The girls around her screamed as Hermione pulled at Pansy's hair. Pansy in return clawed at Hermione's cheeks.

Oh dear Merlin! Wow. And I thought I was the only one left. The two screamed at each other, people around them screamed at them to stop. I screamed at Hermione to keep going and hit her wherever it hurt...

“Push her out into the lake!” I exclaimed in a moment of excitement.

Suddenly, Hermione certainly did push Pansy out into the lake.

Everyone, including myself, stopped screaming and watched as her head disappeared into the black water. Uh oh, this definitely wasn't on the agenda. Hermione had frozen, unable to lift a finger never mind anything else. No one else moved as the ripples flew through.

I sighed. Hello, Gryffindors? Oh fine. Let's just watch in amusement as she drowns. That wouldn't be so bad actually. She asked for it. No! No one deserves to die! Normally, I would just tell that voice to stuff some cotton wool up their hole. But no, it was right.

Fine. I'll save her! Mind my cape.

With a mere heartbeat of hesitation (of hope that somebody else would save her undeserving arse) I jumped after her into the lake. The moment my head fell through the surface of the lake, the intensity of the icy cold water pulsed through me. I could've been in Antartica without any clothes on the way I was feeling! I could've been living in a little igloo or swimming with the little penguins! Oh, I’ve got a better one; I could be an ice block stuck in a freezer! …

Just through the little specks of dirt covering my sight, I saw a darker figure. It must be the Parkinson girl person; otherwise I’m not looking for her again.

I swam towards her, struggling through the thick weeds rooted to the ground. She was stuck... Great, she was stuck. I swam down towards her feet and held her leg so she would stop kicking. She considered that a threat and kicked harder. Her leg hit the side of my head and I found myself dazed for a moment. Damn it woman! I'm trying to save your bloody life!

I brought my wand out and struck it at the weed. It immediately let her go and I gripped on to her, pulling her to the surface.

The bloody girl was trying to kill me! Urgh, what am I doing saving her? I thought of just letting her go and saying she got dragged off into the depths by some grindylows or something. But hey, I'm not that low.

I pulled her bobbing head towards the bank where Hermione helped me out. Leaving Pansy heaving on the edge.

Merlin was it or was it cold! It was more than cold. It was... OH DEAR MERLIN, I'M DYING FROM HYPOTHERMIA. No, I wasn't. But I could've been! The way my whole body was numb, a limb anytime now could’ve dropped off.

“What's going on here?” Snape arrived on the scene, a bunch of Slytherin boys just behind him. They all seemed quite in a shock to find me shivering on the floor and Pansy white as Dumbledore's hair on the edge.

Snape's lips tightened and he muttered a spell to revive Pansy, drying her off.

“Wh- What happened?” she asked after she blurted out the water in her lungs. I rolled my eyes. What does it look like happened? We're right next to a lake, I'm wet, and your body's halfway in the water. Duh?

“Yes, what happened?” The way his beady black eyes glared at me, oh, I knew I was in for it.

“She got pushed in, Sir,” I answered. He ignored my shivering, white faced and blue lipped composition.

“That seems quite obvious,” he replied and my eyes just returned his glare. Bloody twit. “By who?” he asked curtly.

There was silence. There had been some chattering sound from my teeth but apart from that, there was nothing. Hermione's arm gripped my shoulder tightly. She'd clearly never been in trouble before and this probably would've meant the end of her school career as a prefect.

“I did.”

Hermione let out a small gasp and Snape did well to hide his smirk before anyone else could see.

“For whatever reason, Roster?” I could tell he was having the time of his life.

I put a finger to my chin and faked musing, “She looked as though she needed a bit of cooling down, Professor.” Sarcasm. I love it. The drops falling from my hair made soft a dripping sound and my teeth were slowing down with the war they were having against each other.

The whole class murmured – even the Slytherins - and Pansy stared at us, dazed.

“Silence,” and everyone's mouths jammed close, “Fifty points from Gryffindor,” the Gryffindors groaned and I aimed a dagger at his left eye, “and you shall see me for detention. 7 o'clock tonight.” With that, he and his billowing robe turned away and went back towards the other direction. If only I were a bit nicer back in his day... Who am I kidding? I could never be nice to Snivelly.  

The Slytherins followed after him, talking to themselves while Pansy and her group of girls pushed past Hermione and I.

Hermione remained still as I turned to her. It was slightly... freaky but she at least she was blinking. So that was okay... I guess.

I raised an eyebrow, “You alright?”

She nodded quickly and remained goggling at me.

I nodded and smiled sheepishly.

“Thank you,” she whispered as I crouched down to look through the weeds.

“Oh,” I said looking up at her. “Anytime.” I probably shouldn't have said that...

Hermione stayed where she was, Harry squeezing her shoulder before he and Ron left again to look in their own designated area.

“Do you want to help me here?” I asked Hermione, concentration still on the weeds before me. All of a sudden, a force hit me on the back, hard, and just before I was about to karate flip it into the water, I paused. Hermione had hugged me tightly.

I chuckled nervously. What was I supposed to say? There, there? Well, that's what I did.

“There, there.” I patted her arm.

The end of the lesson, Hermione had cleaned me up, drying and warming me up with some spell.

The snotball set us a three-page essay on what we learnt today. Well, I know what I'm going to write about. Maybe how Snape was a right prick and that he deserved to be be-nosed?

In the end, the Slytherins won the silly little thing finding game. Super.

We were gathering our bags when a boy from Slytherin came over our way.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had immediately got their wands out the minute he was within ten feet of us.

“Relax,” he drawled, looking at me as he talked, “Pansy tells me you're a Roster.”

I raised an eyebrow and didn't say anything. He’s just another, 'Oh I'm a pureblood, that makes me perfect' kind of guy. Git.

"What are you doing in Gryffindor?” he continued, smirking at the other three before looking at me again.

I smiled at him innocently, “What's your name?”

“Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” He held out his hand. I shook it briefly and I felt the others stare at me from behind.

Malfoy? ” That name certainly rang a bell. Maybe it was just the school bell... “Your dad-” ZIP IT.

“My dad works at the ministry. It's not a surprise you've heard of him.” That wasn't what I was about to say... I was about to say that his daddy was a Slytherin prefect in my first year and that he was a bloody git. But you know, ministry, prefect and git pretty much mean the same thing.

I grunted, “Well Malfoy, I'm late.”

He looked satisfied, “Yeah, right. I'll talk to you later then.”

I waited with the three until he joined up with his other Slytherin friends.

“You don't want to go making friends with Malfoy,” Ron warned me, “I mean, unless...”

“I'm not like them,” I gasped, shocked that he could even consider the thought that I was.

My facial expression must've showed because Ron immediately said something like: “YeahIdidn'tmean, just something something something.”

“He's full right indecent,” Harry muttered, picking up his bag and starting on his way back to the castle.

He might be indecent, but dang, he was cute!

All this time, I've forgotten how much homework these horrible, horrible teachers give students. Honestly, it had only been the second day and it already seems as though they were torturing us with mountain loads of work. Why don't we all just climb up Mt. Everest and start our homework there? Then work our way down, rock by rock. 

It was as though they didn't want us to sleep! Well, I couldn’t complain... I mean I am complaining but I shouldn’t. After all, I have been asleep for the past twenty years. Stupid Dumbledore. Why couldn't he have just revived me on the day? He was the world's greatest wizard, why couldn't he have just tampered with my head and cured me? Then I wouldn't have to go through this horrid process of school ever again. Gr.

I didn’t know how, but all of a sudden, I realized that I was on my way down to the dungeons for my monstrous 'first' detention. Goodness, I suck.

“Sit down Roster,” Snape was on his seat, looking down at a piece of parchment on his table, his black hair acting as a curtain to his cold, cold, colder-than-the-bloody-lake eyes.

I sat down at the front. There was no need to shout at each other that way. I placed my bag at my feet and sat there, crossing one knee over the other and twiddling with my thumbs.

I could feel Snape smiling smugly as he looked up at me. Bloody heck, talk!

I blew out a breath and remained fiddling with my thumbs.

“Do I really want you to open your mouth and talk me to death or is that my imagination desperately needing something to stray from boredom?” I muttered sarcastically, slamming my hands on the table and leering back at Snape.

“So you’re finally awake from your little sleep?” Well, uh, duh? I wouldn't be here would I dumb butt?

I didn't reply, instead I shrugged and continued staring at my thumbs, then at my nails. Hm. Nail polish. A nice pinky orangey colour or lavender?

“And you thought I was exaggerating about the Marauders,” Snivelly spat, his loathing apparent on his white face. Oh, I have no bigger urge than to throw an egg at it.

“In case you forgot, I didn't like the Marauders any more than you did.” It was true. Boy oh boy, they were competitive. So was I, but hey, I wanted to win.

He walked around from his table, a big box levitating just behind him. I stared at the box, trying to stay cool. Surely, he wouldn't make me sort that.

“No magic,” he said curtly as the box landed with a thud on my desk. I was surprised the legs didn't buckle and break. Oh my geez, no magic? That was just worse than living alone with the bloody tree! 

“You're not serious, Snivellus?” Snivellus. I knew I got to him. His lips tightened and his face became a hint whiter.

I giggled evilly and looked through the box. Taste my wrath. Actually, I tasted a bit of his wrath. But soon, he'll get it. It'll always be a little ping-pong match between Snape and me and in the end, the pong will smack into his nose. I win.

I started sorting his exquisite box of as he walked back to his desk rather stiffly. Muhuaha, he was angry. My, oh my, a whole box filled with complaints of students? Oh my Merlin, he desperately needs a life.

“So, Snivelly, what became of Mulciber and Avery? Death Eaters?” I asked casually, tapping my leg on the floor to test his patience.

He snapped, “Quiet,” I never realised how deadly his voice was. So he's a bit scarier than before... He was never not scary. Just a tad scarier now. Scary bloke. Like something out of a muggle horror film. Gosh, they have no sense of horror.

I searched through the box for names that I knew and rolled my eyes when I picked up the hundredth Potter complaint. Harry Potter blah blah. Harry Potter for talking in class times a gazillion. Harry Potter for not paying attention. Harry Potter for coming in late. Harry Potter for even existing. Merlin, give it a rest Snivelly. We all know you hate him and I've only been here two days.

Then jammed between a few other files of Longbottom – Wait... Longbottom? Neville? Frank Longbottom? Oho, him and Alice I suspect must've gotten busy - anyway, a yellow, aged piece of paper was jutting out, begging to be read by me. I smiled evilly.

I separated the two files, jamming them apart and pulled the piece of parchment out. There was a whole load of crap on the front; something that looked like an artistic splatter of blue ink or something. Though, we all knew Snape could never be artistic.

Then I turned it over and my jaw dropped. Looking to Snape first - who was back to concentrating on the parchment on his desk - I sunk down on my chair, concealing my head behind the box. Then did I begin reading a short letter addressed to Lily:

Lily Evans,

I know you haven't talked to me in what seems to be years but I found out from reliable sources that you're now together with James Potter? Lily, how could you? You hated him, you hated how he acts, how arrogant, conceited and how much of an idiot he was. Why now? What did he do to win you over so easily?

- So easily? For three years he's been chasing her and he says easily? Oh geez, he needs a dictionary, -

Lily, I have to admit now for there is no more time.

- Ohoho, Interesting much

Ever since we met, ever since we started talking as childhood friends, when we were only nine years of age

– WHAT?! -

I've felt a bond with you that I've felt with no other. I loved you Lily. Loved you with what was left of me. That won't change, no matter what. Again, I beg that you would please reconsider your decision with Potter. 

I miss you. I miss talking to you. I love you.

–    Sev

Oh. My. Golly. Goodness. And it's Beheaded Chicken! FAR OUT! Wow, wow, wow. Childhood friends? Love? Potter? Snape?! He was in love with her... And he called her a mudblood? And he says Potter's the idiot. Look who's the idiot now. His idiotic nose must've done this. Wait, that didn't make sense.

Oh how lovely, little love hearts made a little border around the parchment. How disgusting. Coming from Snape? Ha, that's the most ludicrous thing I've heard or seen so far.

Wow. I would never have seen that one coming. Not even if it was as big as Snape's nose. Actually, I might've. Hm. Snape's nose is pretty big. It was unmissable.

“Do I file this under Potter or should I make a new file?” I asked loudly.

Again, Feel. My. Wrath.

Snape looked up and eyed the yellow piece of paper in my hand. His eyes widened and I let the corners of my mouth rise. Is it just me or is Snape walking towards me, hands outstretched and a look worthy of murder coming my way? Okay, it’s not just me.

I yelped and jumped out of my seat as he lunged at me. He caught me by the foot – Oh, I've always wanted to do this my entire schooling life – and I kicked him in the nose! Oh Merlin, it was better than I imagined.

He groaned and I stood up, running away from an infuriated Snivellus.

“Give it BACK!” he bellowed. I poked my tongue out and screamed as he took out his wand. “ACCIO PAPER!” Okay, okay, DON'T SHOUT!

I let the paper out of my hand and soar into his. His bottom lip was trembling and oh, he hates me.

“Don't tell anyone,” His lip was quivering so much that I just wanted to peg it closed...

“You should've told me Snivelly, I could've hooked you up with her.”

“OUT!” he roared, his eyes so wide that it made him look like some raging, loony, psychopath with a cold that caused him to be more irritated than usual.

“You don't want me to file the box?” I asked quickly, smiling widely. Okay, so I'm mean. It wasn’t my fault Snivellus made it fun.

He lunged towards me and I skidaddled, sprinting out of the dungeon halls and back towards the Gryffindor common room. He was never the most athletic kid around. Who could blame him? His nose was is - a burden. The extra weight he had to carry if he were to run. Poor Snivelly. But bloody hell, he's one psycho mutt. Bloody snotball. 


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Chapter 4: Son of a Mutilated, Wailing Banshee
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4. Son of a Mutilated, Wailing Banshee!

“How was it?” Hermione asked the moment I walked in through the door. She felt guilty. I could see it in her bright eyes.  

“It was brilliant,” I muttered sarcastically, plotting myself on the sofa. I looked to Harry and saw how he was sitting in James’ favourite seat. Their postures were exactly the same as well.

“Did he make you sort out files?” Harry asked, looking back at me. It's like having Lily Evans look back at me, making the moment feel a lot more uncomfortable, considering what I had just unearthed in Snivelly’s dungeon.

I nodded, “Yup.”

“You're back early though?” his brows were furrowed. Please, STOP LOOKING LIKE JAMES! Honestly, one of these nights I'll creep into your room and twist a flexy wand around your throat! No, I wouldn't do that...

“He gave me a stern warning and I promised not to do it again,” I yawned, bored. Looking around the room, I caught a little, glistening golden trophy sitting on a mahogany shelf. Frowning – I hadn't seen that back in my time – I got up and walked towards it.

The others watched as I tread slowly. I put my finger out and poked at it, recoiling slightly as I felt the ice cold touch of metal. I bent my knees slightly and brought my face towards the medal.

Oh Dear Fuzzing Merlin.

“Lily Evans and James Potter?!” I gasped, eyes still on the golden engravings of James Potter – Head Boy and Lily Evans – Head Girl. “James Potter?!” I breathed. James Potter? Head Boy? Un-bloody-believable.

I felt the others get up from their seats to come join me. Suddenly, Hermione and Harry were standing right besides me, Harry eyeing me very carefully before looking back at the medal.

“Yeah, that was my dad,” he sighed, looking at the medal longingly, “And my mum.”

My mouth was hanging open. Oh my Godzilla. Head Boy and Head Girl... No wonder they got married! Wow, that's... scary. That just proves my theory of head boys and girls.

“So his head did deflate...” I sighed, moving back from the medal.

The others looked at me weirdly.

I shook my head lightly, realizing what I had just said, and smiled broadly, “I heard he had... a big... head,” I trailed, drawing an imaginary, extremely large head around mine. My excuse was bloody crap, but they seemed to believe me. Phew.

Hermione looked to Harry before she spoke. He nodded lightly.

“Selene, would you want to come over to Ron's house for Christmas?” Was it just me or did she seem slightly sheepish? A Christmas Dinner to make up for her little out of control frenzy? Hell yeah.

“Yeah and we can squeeze you in Ginny's room if Fred and George don't want to share rooms,” Ron said excitedly, joining in the conversation.

Oho, he has brothers!

“We’re having it at Grimmauld Place this year,” Harry told him.

I ignored whatever Harry said and asked the most important question, “You have brothers?”

“Yeah, five of them.” Oho! Five! Ohohoho. Count me in! “But one of them's the biggest prick and works for the ministry and another one's out in Romania, working with dragons.”

I looked at him, slightly stunned and awed before smiling innocently, “Alright, cool.”

There was silence while I smiled. Hello, talk a little. And that's what the famous Harry Potter did.

“You know, you look familiar,” he said suddenly.

I turned to him, smile still on my face though the raging dragon in my stomach frowned ever so fiercely.  “How so?”

“I don't know.” His brows furrowed again, reminding me so much of James (whenever he was to answer a Transfiguration question - bloody clueless) and the titanical sized urge to hit him went over me. My mind acted as the bloody iceberg, stopping me from whacking him with a fist.

I chuckled lightly at the sweet memory of a loud thump that sounded when I had smacked James on the back of the head... Ah, bloody great times.

“And you can meet Si-!” Hermione yelled enthusiastically, only to be cut off by Harry.

“Meet my Godfather,” Harry said, shooting Hermione a 'watch-what-you-say-or-there'll-be-godzilla-sized-bloody-hell' kind of look. Her face slightly fell as I raised an eyebrow. Godfather? Whoa, oh whoa, Godfather! Someone my age, for once! At least, I’m assuming…

I forced another little smile.


The days flew by, things uninteresting happening on each and every one of them. That is, until Sunday morning before breakfast, where the Malfoy boy stopped me and the other three once again.

“Hey Roster,” he winked, his sleek blonde hair totally begging to be messed up. Oh, he is hot.

“Malfoy.” I nodded curtly, smiling a small smile as to infuse my persona with mystery.

He smirked at me before raising an eyebrow – oh so attractively – towards the other three, who sneered at him.

“You'll be going to Hogsmeade then?” His simper was just to die for. My knees buckled right there and his smirk just got a thousand feet wider.

I wiggled my eyebrows lightly before pulling Hermione forward with me, leaving him simpering after me. Not much longer and he'd be mine for a night.

“You really shouldn't associate with him,” Hermione warned me as Harry and Ron caught up with us. I smiled at her thankfully.

“He's the worse kind of pure blood,” Ron muttered, disgruntled.

“I”m not so sure.” I said softly. Of course he wasn't. If he was just some arrogant prat who happened to be brought up by stiff pure bloods, then of course he wasn’t. My grandmother... Now, she’s a completely different story. She was pure, pure, pure crack evil.

We set off for Hogsmeade after a quick breakfast. Oh, how I missed Hogsmeade. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it... Not really. But oh, I loved it.

I had totally owned Hogsmeade back in the day. Well, really, only Honeydukes. The Marauders had claimed Zonko's and the other shops were just little 'sharing' stores which the marauders and I 'shared'. Ha, so they thought.

Then a thought hit me. The shop owners... THEY WOULD KNOW! Oh geez, can my life get any harder? I'm guessing it can... It wasn’t so hard right now. I pushed the thought out of my head. It had been twenty years ago. Maybe they've all gotten a good knock on the head since then.

“You've never been here, have you?” Hermione asked me as we walked through the gateway, which bore 'HOGSMEADE' engraved into the wood.

I looked around the place as memories flooded my head. Sirius Black and I's famous little duel was right there - a few feet away from where we were standing. That had been in our third year. Our first actual duel... Well, that had been in our first, the instant we had stepped foot into the Gryffindor Common Room. Ah, memories.

“It's this way to the Three Broomsticks,” Hermione said, leading the way through the mushy snow.

I smiled as I recalled throwing a bottle of butterbeer at Peter Pettigrew’s thick head. Ha, he deserved it for being so obtuse.

The little bell jingled and I sat myself closest to the window, back turned.

Ron ordered us each a bottle of butterbeer and I resisted the temptation the slam my bottle at the back of Harry's head when it arrived. Of course, it was harder now that he was sitting next to me.

“Hey, so I missed out on the O.W.Ls, right?” I would honestly die and send myself back to St. Mungos with Dr. Freak if I didn't. Going through it once was enough.

The others nodded and I felt an instant relief.

Grinning slightly, I snatched at my bottle hastily, eager to taste the deliciousness of it all. The other three watched me as I glugged at my bottle, only slowing down once I had realised that they were watching me. I smiled sheepishly.

“It's good,” I muttered defensively. The others laughed and continued on their conversation.

Suddenly, there was a soft rattle on the glass window behind me. I turned my body around to see a certain blonde hair Slytherin smirking.

He jerked his head towards the side and raised an eyebrow. I returned his little smirk and turned back around to face the table. It kept him guessing to see whether I'd go or not.

There was another little tap and when I turned around his smirk was wider and deeply irresistible. He wiggled his eyebrow once and turned away, sure that I'd follow.

Call me a fool, whatever, but I did.

“Hey guys, I want to go get some fresh air okay? I don't like closed in spaces much.” The other three stopped their conversation and nodded. I smiled thankfully and got off of my seat.

I walked slowly out towards the door, looking around before turning to the side of the building where Draco Malfoy stood, hands in his pockets, hair slightly windswept.

I fixed up my beanie and scarf before walking up towards him, pouting.

“What do you want Malfoy?” I asked as I reached him. He merely raised his left eyebrow, smirking as he did so.

I knew exactly what he wanted, but hey, he wouldn't know that I had been playing dumb. So, I raised my eyebrow back at him.

“Follow me, Roster,” he ordered, holding on to my wrist and pulling me further and further around the building, into the more 'secluded' area of Hogsmeade.

I shuddered as I the haunted shrieking shack came into view. Never, in my prolonged life had I ever stepped foot in it. Never had, never will. The howls and screams, oh, the nightmares.

He stopped abruptly causing myself to bump into his hard back. I scowled under my breath; a warning would’ve been nice. It quite hurt my chest.

He turned around and held my shoulders, his smirk growing wider and wider with the minute. Gosh, his face must be huge to be able to hold a smile that wide...

I bit down on my bottom lip seductively and looked at him with round eyes, fluttering my eyelashes at him

His smirk was stunning as he pulled my shoulders towards him hastily, crushing his lips onto mine as he moved his hand to the back of my neck. I pulled back softly but sharply, causing his smirk to drastically change to a longing look.

He held his hand at the back of my neck and pushed me forward, gently, only to be stopped again by a hand placed firmly on his firm chest.

He looked at me inquiringly, his hand still at the back of my neck, rubbing it lightly. I simpered at him, pushing my lips out a bit. He licked his own and the rubbing ceased.

I smiled broadly and pushed away from him, turning back carefully and stepping over rocks and twigs.

“Roster, wait,” he called out. I knew it. I was just too hard to resist. My insides cackled maniacally. I didn't turn around. Instead, I continued walking ahead. Not long after, I heard him running after me. I wasn’t cruel, so I didn't make him run too much. Almost in no time, Malfoy caught up to me and held my wrist again, gripping it much more tightly.

“Don't go,” he said. I wiped the evil smile off of my face before turning towards him.

“You think you could just take me into the forest and start sno-”

Before I could finish, he stepped forward and kissed me even more aggressively, almost desperately. My insides relaxed out of content.

This time, I didn't hold back or release him. Instead I pushed back at him, holding on to his shoulder for grip. All too soon, he slid his tongue over my lips. Needless to say, I parted mine and let him explore.

He held onto my arms tightly, making sure I couldn't run off again. Not that I wanted to. The kiss was fiery!

He pulled back to catch a breath. Ha! Even I could hold my breath longer than him. Of course, I was probably much more experienced. He was panting slightly as I smiled mightily. He looked down at me and I blinked calmly, gazing into his silver eyes. He grinned conceitedly.

I let out a little chuckle and let him go, walking back to the Three Broomsticks. This time, he didn't follow.

“Where've you been?” Ron asked as he held his almost empty bottle in his hand.

“I couldn't help but look around the shops,” I lied, and I felt bad, “Sorry.” I added.

The others nodded and I smiled sweetly at the three. Maybe too sweetly as they looked at me slightly stunned.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Hogsmeade, my beloved Honeydukes (although I took extreme care to hide my face around the owners), even the Marauder's famous Zonkos. Oh, how much I was missing out on back in my days.

We came back out of the shops carrying multiple paper bags, filled with sweets, gadgets and dungbombs.

As we were walking back to the castle, we passed the glass windowed Madam Puddifoots and just inside, I had a tiny little glimpse of Draco Malfoy snogging Pansy Parkinson passionately over the table. I couldn't help but snort and shake my head at him – Hermione glancing at me uncertainly before ignoring my weird behaviour. Bloody Malfoy.

The weeks went by, Malfoy and I exchanging slight glances whenever we were within proximity, and before I knew it, the last day at Hogwarts before the Christmas Holidays came.

Snivelly treated me worse than usual, which was sad. I was really cut up about it. No, not really. I felt satisfied that he was being meaner. It meant I had made my mark. And what a painful mark that was. But being an angel as I was, I did not tell any spirit nor body about what I'd discovered so cruelly.

Especially not Harry. That would have to be worse than putting him under the Cruciatus Curse, I imagine. He could just had an ultra violent breakdown if he even considered the possibility that his mother and Snape were to go out. Even I shudder at the horrid thought. Yuck.

Hermione and I packed our backpacks of clothes for we were to be spending the Christmas holidays in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place... wherever that is.

For some peculiar reason, Dumbledore had to write the address on a piece of parchment. Hermione told me to memorise it and then burned it to little teeny bits and left it crumbling and wheezing on the floor. What in Merlin’s pants was that about?

“Would I need swimmers?” I asked her, hoping it would be something like summer over wherever we're going.

“No, we'll still be in London,” she answered and I frowned disappointedly, putting my swimmers back in a drawer.

I didn't like the winter much, nor the summer. I loved Autumn. The one season when all the little plants die, including the bloody willow's leaves - oh I hate it – brought about some sort of sadistic pleasure.

“I didn't get anyone presents,” I told her, actually quite worried.

“Don't worry,” she said, not entirely focused on the conversation as she was rooting through my suitcase for clothes. I frowned at her slightly and folded my jumper neatly, smiling at the finished product.

“Selene,” she said slowly, the digging through my suitcase like a cute little mole stopped.

“Hm?” I continued folding my clothes.

“There's something you should know,” Oh Merlin, it better not be that I have to sleep out in the shed. I hate that. Or maybe Ron's sister snores badly... I hope that's not the case either. Maybe his mother's a banshee... Oh dear Merlin, a wailing banshee in the house? I would cry.

“Go on,” I told her, stopping to look at her.

“Harry's Godfather...” Oh, he's a fifty-year-old nutcase? Let's hope not. He's deceased? He's a ghost? Oh boy oh boy, the suspense!

“Yeah...?” I nodded at her slowly, raising an eyebrow.

“He's... He's not all that bad. There was just a really big misunderstanding,” Hermione's brows furrowed and she looked grim. Misunderstanding? He's not all that bad? He's a giant! I knew it!

I didn't say anything. But inside my head, a voice was yelling at her to hurry the hell up and continue. I'm not good with patience. Patience was never my virtue.

“He's not that murderer,” Wait, wait, wait... A BLOODY MURDERER?! And I'm spending the holidays with him? WHAT IN THE BLOODY UNIVERSE?! Before I could scream at her hysterically, the words she muttered acted like a bullet through my skull.

“It wasn't Sirius Black to have killed them,” she looked at me hopefully, to see if I would understand.

I didn't. My mouth dropped open all the way into the core of the earth, until it touched the pinnacle of hell and I felt a huge wave of deep piss anger erupt from my chest, my stomach, my brain and out threw my nostrils... or arse. Either way, it came out again.

I would be spending my bloody Christmas with bloody Sirius Black... THAT FUDGING SON OF A MUTILATED, WAILING BANSHEE!

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Chapter 5: Holy Mother of Buckets
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5. Holy Mother of Buckets

The whole train ride away from Hogwarts was one from hell. Butterflies totally devastated my stomach; hammering against the walls as the millions of little legs tickled my organs.

It was probably even worse on the bus ride towards Grimmauld Place. The auror now dubbed Mad-Eye Moody came to pick us up and I had trouble not swooning when I saw him. I'd always admired him as a dark arts combat fighter though his eye was slightly freaky. It scared me at first. But hey, he's cool.

He led us on to a bus, making muggles from the back of the bus glance at us weirdly even though his tilted bowler hat was covering his eye. Apparently, his eye isn't the only thing that was weird. Maybe it was his mismatched checkered socks...

I managed to claim the seat next to a hot muggle boy and converse with him quite casually, despite the bloody dragons hammering in my chest now. It was a surprise how I didn't breathe fire on him.

Moody dragged me off the bus when it came to our stop. My stomach turned and I felt light headed when I came face to face with Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. I must not kill him, I must not kill him, I must not kill him, HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN I NOT KILL HIM?!

Moody pressed his finger to his lips, looking at me roughly before going on. I lingered behind the others, taking multiple deep breaths to soothe myself.

I let out a long, misty breath before stepping forward. Immediately feeling the warmth, the whole soothing and peaceful aura I had placed in myself evaporated in an instant. The anger returned and I felt nothing more than to hammer his stupid head into a blender.

“Selene,” Hermione whispered, urging me towards the kitchen.

I closed my eyes as soon as she turned her back on me and prayed to Godzilla that I would not tackle Sirius Black to the ground and start pounding at his face.

I walked forward nervously, fingers twitching and looked at an adult Sirius Black who was at that moment, hugging Harry Potter like he would James. Fortunately, I only managed to see his back. Right before he released Harry and turned around, I announced that I had to go to the toilet.

I scampered away, heart thumping with rage before I realised I didn't even know where the bloody hell the toilet was. With no choice, I headed back to Hermione, covering the side of my face with my hair.

“Where's the toilet?” I asked her, keeping quiet as Sirius continued booming his 'Welcome!' and stupid greetings.

“You don't want to say hi to him first?” she asked. I shook my head most violently and I'm pretty sure she thought that I believed he was a murderer. He was a bloody murderer!

She nodded understandingly and pointed me towards the bathroom. Inside, I took my time pacing the room, fuming.  I bit my tongue and sat myself forcefully on the toilet, my jeans still on. I pulled the toilet paper from the cardboard roll, balling it up in my fists until it ran out.

Roster, meet us at the Whomping Willow at midnight.

Signed – the Marauders

That cursed piece of parchment sent by the devil himself. I could tell from his writing. His ugly, yucky, URGH-worthy writing.

I flushed down the unused toilet paper and set off again, pacing.

As much of a fool I was, I decided to meet them at the Whomping Willow. Yes, it was night. Yes, it was dark. Yes, it was a bloody mistake.

“Sirius? Remus? Peter? James?” I called quietly as I came closer and closer to the Whomping Willow. No one was there. Not a bloody single soul. Understanding that I’d been stood up, I ground my teeth against each other and exhaled heavily. I shoved my hands in my pockets, rubbing my stomach gently as my teeth chattered to the cold. Then, I tripped over a thick root on the floor with a slight thud.

Without thinking, I brought out my leg and kicked one of the many thick roots of the Willow. Almost immediately, its branches started dancing around me. I screamed. Well duh, what else could I've done. I was trapped.

Just as one of the smaller branches wrapped itself around my waist and threw me into the air and wrapped its thin branch around me once more, I saw four figures running towards me.

That was all I remembered. And now, after twenty years, I'm back.

I unclenched my fist and let out a long breath. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, there shouldn't be any reason why he should remember me... I groaned at the hopelessness of this predicament.

A knock from the door startled me and I yelped as one of my green eyes fell gruesomely out of its socket.

“Selene, Mrs. Weasley – Ron's mum – has dinner ready. Come out when you're ready,” she said. Dear Fudge. Dinner? As long as he isn't sitting across from me, that'd be fine. As long as we can't see each other, that'd be fine. The itch to stretch my fingers towards him and strangle his bloody neck would be less felt. I hoped.

I exhaled once again and unlocked the door, walking besides Hermione jumpily as my fingers clenched and unclenched.

The kitchen was loud and several red heads sat around the table. Only three non-red-hairs sat there. I looked around the table, scouring it for empty spots furthest away from Sirius. Fortunately, there was one next to Ron and one of his brothers. I was more than delighted to sit there. Everyone looked up when we walked through the door.

A rather plump, red haired woman beamed at us while the males looked with interest. I could swear Sirius frowned the moment he saw me.

Please, please, please! No introductions. Please, I'm begging both Godzilla and Mothra – that bloody moth.

“This is Selene, she's new to our school,” Hermione said pleasantly and I felt my fingers clench tightly. I strained a quick smile and moved quickly towards the empty seat besides Ron. I felt Sirius' stare, who was on the other side, a few seats down from me. I kept my head bowed down. Fudge, fudge, Cornelius fudging FUDGE!

“Hi, I'm Fred,” the boy next to me said smiling widely. Feeling immensely relieved, as I had to turn my head away from Sirius' direction, I smiled back.

“I’m Selene,” I nodded at him. Hey, he's pretty cute.

“And I'm George.” Holy mother of buckets, TWINS! George leaned forward to look at me.  I beamed and couldn't help but feel myself melt as he winked.

We sat there chatting and the more we did, the more I realized that these two were hot, funny, cool and rebellious. The epitome of the sort of guys I would've swooned over back in my time. Still in my time.

“So Selene, what do your parents do?” I'm guessing that's their daddy-o.

“Oh... Um...” I thought for a while as all conversation died down to listen to me. Why?! I'm not that interesting, “They work- they work overseas,” I could feel Sirius' stare again. Oh, how much I wanted to flick my knife at him, “Working with the ministers of Asia, I think.”

“So they're both magical folks are they?” Everyone looking at me was quite intimidating. I was never a public speaking sort of person.

I nodded quickly, pushing a carrot around on my plate.

When it was time for dessert, I excused myself once again to the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the kitchen door, I knew Sirius would be following after me.

I acted calm and composed, breathing in and out evenly as I stepped up the creaky stairs. Right when I got to the first landing, I heard the few bottom stairs creak. Deciding to act innocent, I turned around and – it pained me to do so – forced a little smile. I turned again and continued on towards the toilet. March on soldier! I kept my hands clenched hard. So hard, in fact, that I felt my nails beginning to dig into the flesh of my palms.

The stairs creaked even louder now and after a few seconds I could feel Sirius on my level behind me. I didn't look back. I forced myself to move forward. Just as I started to open the door to the bathroom, Sirius ran up towards me and shut it before I could move in. My face contorted in anguish as I faced the closed door.

Bloody hell.

I couldn't stay facing the door forever, that'd just be insane. So, I turned and faced Sirius. My fingers immediately twitched as I looked at his gruff, waxen, almost lifeless face. He'd certainly taken his beatings in Azkaban. Nonetheless, I felt no pity for him. Instead, I felt even more angered that he got out. I clenched my jaws tight, not saying a word.

He didn't say anything either. His hands were placed on either side of my head, making it so that I was caged within his personal space. Ew, get me out! He has cooties!

I twirled my hands around each other, trying with all my might to stop myself lashing out at him. His eyes pierced mine as he grimaced. I glared back, trying hard to not spit at his face, like I had once in my second year. Although it had been a great experience, this certainly wasn’t the time to be spitting at anyone.

He studied my face and let out a little smirk. He moved his head to the side and rubbed his lips along my jaw line.

“You do know, Mr. Black, how wrong this might look?” I breathed through my teeth; the temptation to bite his ear off ran through me.

He didn't reply. Instead he made special care that his lips was lightly brushing my neck as he went down towards my collarbone. He pulled my jacket off of my shoulder, holding on to the loose material of my shirt.

I closed my eyes tightly, as though that would rid me of the temptation. His ear was right there and so inviting to be bitten off.

“You and a sixteen year old,” I let out a breath of pleasure as he ran over a sensitive spot on my collarbone. My eyes flew open and I couldn’t stop the soft moan come from my lips.

I froze. This is just getting worse and worse for me.

“You know what I think?” he muttered, lips lingering over that special spot, marked by a light blemish, “I don't think you are sixteen.” He kissed the delicate patch of skin once more before turning moving back to look at me. Fudge, I'm definitely screwed. Fudging Sirius Black, you son of a bloody, retarded banshee, I hate you!

He smirked and I couldn't help myself but sneer.

“So it is you, Roster.” His smirk was still drool worthy, even after all these years.

Not able to resist any longer, I brought my knee forward and kneed him in his private spot sharply. He immediately groaned in agony and retracted his arms. His knees buckled from the pain and he fell to the floor.

I felt something more than just satisfaction. Oh Mothra, it felt ultimately awesome! I followed him to the ground and pulled him by his ratty shirt towards me.

“Don't think I've forgotten Black,” I growled, “It was your bloody fault and it takes more than a simple 'sorry' to make me forget it.” I slapped him on the cheek and the sound it made as it connected was more than bliss.

He yelled with shock before hissing, “I know,” his eyes watery from the pain. Of course he knew. One day in fourth year, he'd gone a step too far. The length he'd gone for me to talk to him was unbelievable. Of course, I didn't make it easy for him, but if he was willing to jump into the lake – nude – in the middle of the night, he must've been desperate for the on going war between myself and them. Ha. He needs the competition. And this is what he gets. Once in a war with me always in a war with me.

I let him go and his head fell to the floor with a thud. You deserve it you bloody prick. He let out a long groan as he rolled onto his stomach. I smiled to myself as I stepped over him, making sure to tread on his fingers.

“You won't tell anyone,” I directed, knowing full well that he wouldn't. He wouldn't dare.

With that, I skipped down the stairs, more than happy with myself.

“You took a while,” Ron mumbled as I sat back down at my seat. Ooooh, fudge brownies! I helped myself to one and smiled widely at him.

“The bathroom's really nice to look at,” I took a bite into the brownie and felt my heart explode with love for this one brownie.

Ron looked at me strangely while Fred on the other side of me laughed loudly.

“Which school did you used to go to?” Bill - their eldest brother - asked from across the table. He wasn't as good looking as the twins, but he was okay.

“I didn't go to school,” I smirked widely as I heard Sirius limp into the room. “I was home schooled until my parents got the job.”

The others nodded understandingly. This whole lying thing, it’s actually easier than I thought. Maybe lying was my natural gift. I loved my life. It was just totally awesome.

After Mrs. Weasley cleared the table, I hopped into the shower and got ready for bed. The whole travelling and kicking of Sirius where it hurts was tiring.

The shower was nice, despite the fact that I had just showered in the home of the Blacks. I waited on an empty spare bed in my room for Ginny and Hermione to join me after.

Apparently, the room had once to belonged to Sirius' younger brother. Oh, Regulus! I knew him! We used to... Yeah, you get the picture. I was quite glum to learn that he had died.

I claimed his bed and threw my backpack on it to mark it as my territory. The door opened silently and shut quickly. Before anything, I found myself locked in a room with Sirius fudging Black. I lounged on the bed, propping my head up with my arm. There, I shot machetes – not daggers, machetes - at him, my free arm holding on to my wand tightly.

He made sure the door was locked before walking towards me, hands held up to show that he wasn't going to hurt me. Yeah, right, like I could believe that. Bloody prat.

“What do you want?” I scowled at him, moving my leg so he wouldn't sit on it. I didn't want any physical contact with him at that moment. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me, an impassive look on his face.

“I wanted to apologise,” he said face still blank. He didn't sound the least bit remorseful so my eyes narrowed at him. Okay super shot give me what you got.

“You know my policy Black,” I growled, lifting myself off of my arm and sat cross-legged, sneering at him.

He didn't reply. Instead he kept looking at me, a small smirk on his face. “Why are you so pissed at me?” What the bloody hell? Oh, let me just see. Should I be angry with you for almost getting me killed? Should I be pissed at you for making me lose twenty years of my life? No, I shouldn't should I? Yes, you fuzzing prick! And I thought I was dumb!

“You think I shouldn't be pissed?” I hissed through gritted teeth, my fist clenching on to the sheets under me.

He merely smirked calmly. “Tell me the reason, my mind's not as young as it once was.” Shut up with the bloody adult talk! You're not an adult, you bloody imbecilic freak. And you never will be! You're cursed, like me!

I kept my voice under control and not raised although with loads of difficulty, “I lose myself to you one night and the next you try to kill me?” My teeth were chattering slightly and my eyes stung with tears. Yes, I lost myself to him. The one time I'd ever given in to a fellow whore and definitely the last. I might've loved him to let that happen... But no, I hate him with the intensity of Hell itself. It tortured me to have that lingering at the back of my head.

Sirius looked slightly taken aback, “In case you've forgotten, I lost myself to you as well.”

“At least I didn't try to kill you!” I almost screamed, throwing my pillow at him with full force.

He grunted as the pillow connected with his face. He pulled it away and moved forward towards me. I kicked him at the chest and he recoiled quickly.

Running laps around the Quidditch pitch ten times each week wasn't so bad of an idea, now that I look back on it. Thank you, Lily.

Sirius' eyes narrowed and the tension between us soared high.

“I didn't try to kill you Roster,” he grimaced, one hand on the pillow. Bull-bloody-crap.

“You might as well have, Black! You’re the reason I lost twenty years of my life! You’re the reason I missed out on my best friend’s wedding! What else did I lose because of you? I wouldn’t even have the slightest clue!” My eyes were watery with anger. “I didn’t even get to tell her-”

“You didn't get to tell her good bye,” he said softly, his eyes calm and collected. I gave him a death stare, worthy for any normal bloke to cower. But not him, no, he's fearless. “Look, I'm sorry.” His face was a bit more apologetic now.

“Get out,” I hissed at him, pulling my legs towards myself.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked eagerly. Goodness, dumb butt, I’d just told you! No, I knew what he meant. He wants to know how he can reconcile himself.

I was in no mood to think of his task just yet. “Just get out!” I screamed at him, pulling another pillow from behind me at him.

He flicked it away with his own pillow and got up from the bed, a little scathing sound coming out of his mouth. He slammed the door shut and I cursed his name. 


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Chapter 6: Bat Cross Moles
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6. Bat Cross Moles

Even after a week, I still hadn't set Sirius on one of my blood chilling, bone curling  ‘scared-to-death-worthy' tasks. He enraged me so much that I didn't bother talking to him, thinking about him nor looking at him.

I got to know the Weasley family much more, ignoring any comments made from Sirius much to his irritation. To be honest, I was gleeful that he was annoyed at me. I take delight in his suffering.

“Last I heard, the Falcons were last on the ladder,” Bill said over the table during breakfast. We were talking about the Quidditch. Oh, I miss playing for school. I used to play as a beater. But I couldn’t anymore. Being unconscious for twenty years had reduced my little muscles to little nothings.

“I heard the Bombers were,” my brows furrowed. I'm 100 million percent sure that they are.

“That was twenty years ago. Merlin, catch up,” I heard Sirius mutter from the end of the table as he played with his food.

I raised my eyebrow and continued talking to Bill. “But Krum hasn't been playing as good as I’d hoped.” Krum was a new star for me. One that wasn't even good looking.

Hermione let out a little giggle and we all turned to look at her. She immediately looked down at the table again and I could see a pinkish colour start to rise in her cheeks. Don't tell me she's another one of those swooning loonies who think Krum's hot. Ew, just ew.

“Hermione used to have a thing with him,” Ron muttered stiffly, his face dark.

 I blinked at him before rounding onto Hermione. WHAT?! A thing? With a famous Quidditch player? Especially that Quidditch player? My eyes were wide as I stared at her in awe. She's one special girl.

I looked at her stunned as she continued looking down at the table bashfully. Ooh, interesting things do happen then.

“Come on kids,” Mrs. Weasley appeared behind me. Don't call me 'kid'... I'm not a kid! I'm almost as old as you! Gr. “Get ready. We're going down to Diagon Alley to get everyone presents!” DIAGON ALLEY! I was grinning madly. Mrs. Weasley certainly was enthusiastic, though. Good luck lady, a couple days before Christmas and we're getting presents from Diagon Alley? Really, you need it.

I heard Sirius snort as he saw me walking down, no doubt making fun at my Bombers sweater. He hated the Bombers. Jaws tight, I focused on putting my shoes on. Once I was done, I couldn't help but notice him look at the others with a longing. Feeling satisfied once again, I walked past him, slapping him hard across the back of the head.

He let out a little yelp and rubbed his head where it hurt. Everyone turned to look and five seconds after, I turned to look at Sirius innocently.

Sirius looked at the others, still rubbing the back of his head and shook it roughly, eyes watering with a bit of pain. The others got back to putting their shoes on.

I cast him a sickly sweet smile, twirling the ends of my hair with my finger. His eyes narrowed at me and I smiled even more widely. Take that Black.

Just as I put my foot forward, I went flying to the floor. Damn you Black. Yes, I felt his foot make contact with my shin. Yes, I could feel his sickening smirk as I leant forward. No, I couldn't stop myself. I wasn’t a magician who could stop gravity! Wait... maybe I am. But still, I couldn't.

I landed face first on to the hard, polished floor, my nose feeling wet and sticky and peppery.

“Merlin, Selene! Are you okay?” Sirius – I'm betting one million galleons – forced a voice of concern as he crouched down next to me, back towards the others and his infamously proud smirk on his face.

“Merlin, Selene!” Hermione squealed as I lifted my face off of the ground. I gritted my teeth as the others goggled at me, shocked. So what if my face was covered in blood? It's not like you've never seen blood before!! Blimey Merlin, I bloody hate you Black and your sadistic, brutal, smug smile.

“Look, I'll look after her. She's in no condition to go out in the cold. You guys go ahead without her,” Sirius' smile was at least twenty inches wide.

 "I think he's right,” Mrs. Weasley said before I could even open my mouth. She pulled Ginny towards the door. Hello? Magic? Fix me up! Please? Anything but staying here!

“Bu-” I wiped the blood off of my face and Sirius shook his head at me sickly, still grinning.

“You're going to be late, Molly. Christmas is always a crowded time in Diagon Alley. I'll look after her,” I HATE YOU SIRIUS FUDGING BLACK! He turned to look at Mrs. Weasley, holding me by the arm. I yanked it out of his grip and sniffed. Holy Merlin’s pants, it hurt! Pain, pain, pain! I groaned, pinching the ridge of my nose tightly as the blood dripped into my lips.

The others were staring, horrified. I whimpered and ran out of the room, still holding on to my nose. I scurried towards the closest sink that was in the kitchen and unwounded the tap.

As soon as I heard the door shut, Sirius' roaring laughter ran through the whole bloody house.

I snorted out the blood, washing it as Sirius' laughter came louder and louder into the room. Ooh, you think you can just... MESS WITH ME? I couldn't help but take a second glance at the butcher knife to the side of me.

I chanced a short glance back at Sirius who was doubled over - one hand over his stomach the other on the table – and smirked. I wiped away the moistness off my face with some paper towels and sneakily took out my wand from my back pocket. I looked back to Sirius once again and with stiff movements of my wrist, brought the knife levitating. I smiled evilly and without warning, pivoted on the spot and sent it flying towards him.

Fortunately for that prick, he looked up at me at just the moment the knife left my wand's control. His eyes widened and he managed to flick his wand and pointed the knife elsewhere, where it stuck into the wall with a boing.

He immediately stopped laughing and we glared at each other, eyes narrowing with every second and fingers twitching around our wands.

I raised an eyebrow at him and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly. Just like first year, our first ever duel. Oh, to relive it.

Just as I was about to open my mouth and send him hanging upside down, an owl pecked at the window, startling me as well as allowing Sirius to send me hanging upside down. Goddamn it. Why, oh why, am I so unlucky? It's not like I've seen a black cat anytime lately. Maybe there's a cat in here right now... and it’s watching my every move... Oh I hate cats.

Sirius laughed again, leaving me hanging there, trying to grope for my wand as my beanie fell slowly to the floor.

“Get. Me. Down!” I ordered him, watching with disdain as he walked slowly towards the window, laughing as he untied a letter from the owl's right leg.

“Dear Ms. Roster,” he read aloud, his overly triumphant grin pissing a load from me, “We have received intelligence that a charm was conducted at an unknown place of residence this morning at eight minutes until eleven. - Oh, Roster, you're in for it now,” he looked up at me before returning back to the letter. “As you know, underage witch and wizards,” - UNDERAGE WIZARD?!  - “are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spellwork on your part may lead to expulsion from said school. Oh, how nice, they put in a little 'Merry Christmas' as well.”

 I goggled at him. I'm an underage wizard?

“Sirius, have I ever told you I loved you?” It was pure anguish to force that lie out of myself but if I were to storm up to him and strangle him with my bare hands, it would have to do. Oh how badly I wanted to wring my hands around his neck, inflating his head even more until it bursts like a balloon.

“Hm, I think you have.” Sirius cocked his head upside down so he could look at me the way I was looking at him.

I grimaced, Please, please, please, help. The blood clogging at the top of my head isn't good for me! “I have?” That shocked me. No, I never!

He kept his head tilted, a teenage expression on his face. He nodded hastily, fixing his head the right way up and smiling broadly. He rocked on the balls of his feet.

I let my top lip curl. Okay, maybe I did. Once. But that didn't count.

“First time you ever said it,” Sirius said as though it was nothing.

Oh dear Merlin, he can't be serious? Why did that have to be a pun?

“Well,” I gulped, seriously uncomfortable from hanging upside down. I mean, it’s not the most comfortable thing to be doing in the world. “You know how deluded kids can be. Now let me down.”

“Only if you'll talk to me again,” he said quickly, tapping his wand against his opposite palm. Okay.

 I nodded hastily and he smiled broadly. He muttered another word and I found myself falling to the floor. Determined not to let my nose take the beating, I pushed my hands in front of me. I instantly rolled on to my back, glaring at Sirius' upside down buoyant face.

He held out his hand so he could help me up.

“Don't touch me, don't talk to me, and don’t pretend you even exist!” I said angrily, swatting his hand away as I grabbed my beanie and pulled myself up.

“You said you'll talk to me again!” he whined, acting a lot like an annoying little baby/teenager.

“Whatever Black. It seems like Azkaban must've done its job on you,” I muttered dryly, walking towards the lounge room.

He ran up in front of me and stopped me with firm grips on my arms, a dark look on his face. Darker than anything I've ever seen in my life... Except Snape. He was dark... Well, what he wore was dark. Not him. He's as white as a fluffy polar bear.

“I was imprisoned for something I didn't do Roster,” he growled like a dog and I felt a chill run down my back, “for something I would never have even considered, ever. Don't pretend you know what it feels like.”

I glowered at him, jaws tight. For a while he just glared into my eyes and I glared back. Scowling lightly, I pushed past him and walked quickly to the sofa in the drawing room. Wow, Azkaban must've been... crap.

Finding a compulsion to ask more about Lily's death, I had to ask him, “Then who was it?” I tried sending my hate through the statement, but it was nothing more than something light.

The couch creaked as he sat himself down. “Wormtail.”

I thought for a while, Wormtail, Wormtail... Who the hell is Wormtail? “FRANK?!”

Sirius looked at me, a disgusted and confused look on his face. “Pettigrew, Selene, Pettigrew!”

“Oh...” OH! That dumb lump of poop. He wasn't much of an honourable competitor. He was more like a cheap guerilla whose butt stuck out like miles.

I looked out to peeling wallpaper as I thought about her death, Sirius on the other side, no doubt thinking about James'.

“Look, I'm really sorry,” he said after a while of silence. Nice icebreaker.

Oh geez, Black, shut up. “I don't want to talk about,” I said rather stiffly.

“No, really, you need to know how bad I feel.” He was frowning. Cry for me Black, cry!

“I said I don't want to talk about it.”

“There could've been more... To us,” he continued on anyway. I gritted my teeth and tears stung at my eyes. Yes, there could've been more. Much more. “Maybe things would be different…” he trailed off, his eyes still staring unfocusedly at the wall, “I didn't mean for it to happen.”

 kept my jaws tight together, staring at the blackness of the grime covering the wall. He didn't know.

“Are you crying?” he asked and I blinked, blurriness starting to take away my vision. No, Black, there's just a whole load of tears in my eyes. “Why are you crying?”

I turned my head sharply to him; he has a right to know... And he has that right to feel much, much guiltier than he already was.

“Because Black,” I emphasised each word, the anger within me causing me to tremble. I took a deep breath before opening my mouth again. I hissed, voice low but sharp, “I was late for my periods, Black. You knocked me up.” I couldn't help but spit out each word and the horrified look on his face was more than I could handle.

The words kept coming out as well as the overflowing tears, “Congratulations, Sirius, you managed to murder your own baby.” I wiped at my cheeks, “You deserved to go to Azkaban.”

There was no way in hell I would not have kept it. I wanted my baby. But he took it away from me so brutally.

He looked at me, an unbelievable, aghast look on his face. His mouth was hanging open but his eyes were deplored. He was waiting for me to say something like: “I was joking you prick!” But I didn't. No, you're in for it now Black.

“You should've told me!” he shouted, his face turning into bitter resentment.

He was blaming me? ME?! Oh, hell, he's definitely in for it.

“YOU'RE BLAMING THIS ON ME?!” I shrieked, getting to my feet, “ME?! I WOULD'VE TOLD YOU IF YOU'D GIVEN ME ANOTHER NIGHT!” I was heaving as Sirius got to his feet as well.

“WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!” He was hysteric. He's CRAZY! BLOODY FREAK! Why the hell didn't I tell you? BECAUSE I WAS IN DETENTION! THE SAME DETENTION THAT YOU BAILED OUT ON, LEAVING ME ALONE WITH THE FREAKS OF '78! Didn't really give me a chance, did you, you bloody ray of bleeding sunshine?

Okay, I didn't say that. Instead, I decided not to answer him. A. Because I was tired and B. Just thinking of belting that sentence out at him got my throat sore.

Sirius' breathing was heavy as he panted, out of breath – already – while I tensed my legs, getting ready to pounce at him if need be.

“You're a murderer,” I hissed cruelly and he blinked. The words penetrated his thick line of defence, i.e. his head. His eyes were moist as he looked at me, hurt. This shouldn't be a time for me to be laughing, but he was going to cry, and never in my life have I seen this man cry, and when he does, I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

I shoved at him, hard, in an attempt to make him cry. So, I was acting like a five-year-old brat, heck I'm only, what, eleven years more than five?

He blinked again but he didn't cry.

I shoved him again and he took a step back, grunting. His face was back to irk and I ran. I ran up the stairs, screaming as Sirius Black chased after me.

Something screamed after I screamed and I screamed again. What the hell was that?

“TAKE THAT BACK, ROSTER!” Sirius yelled as I continued screaming. So we're both acting like bloody five year old prats. I don't know how I would've managed looking after a baby. Maybe things happen for a reason after all.

I screamed louder as I went past a grotesque painting of a woman, screaming. Oh dear fuzz, what the fudge is that? Honestly. It's a woman, definitely. But it appeared to be like some sort of loony veela who had problems in her head. Something like my dear grand-mama as well.

“FILTHY BLOOD TRAITORS!” The picture screamed, eyes wide. Yes, a lot like my grand-bloody-muggle-hater-mother.

I stopped dead in my tracks as one of the most ugliest of house elves stood at the doorway of the toilet. After blinking a few times at each other, I screamed again, turning back the other way, where, most unfortunately, Sirius was. I ran straight into him – him grunting stupidly - and we both went tumbling down the stairs. I screeched into his ear while he tried to yell at me to shut up. He failed most miserably.

We reached the bottom of the stars with a thud, Sirius groaning as I continued to screech.

“SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!” he roared, shaking me by the shoulders like some rag doll.

My scream turned to shaky vibrating sounds as he shook me. Okay, calm down! Sheesh.

“Le-e-t go,” I tried saying with utmost hate. I pushed against his chest and he immediately let go. I pushed his leg aggressively off of mine and go to my feet. I brushed myself down and fixed my hair before stepping on his fingers.

My eyes went wide as I saw the house elf at the top of the stairs. His large, round eyes observing me carefully. It was scary... eerie, freaky, spooky, whatever.

I took a step back, looking at it fearfully.

“What the hell is that?” I pointed at it.

“Oh, well, let me just see. Oh, I don't know, an house elf, maybe?” Sirius replied as he got to his feet. Well, duh. But why does it look like some kind of bat cross mole with two watermelons as eyes?

The house elf shuddered with what looks to be... disgust? I don't know. Buddy, I would shudder just looking at him. He sulked away, leaving a trail of make-believe goo on the ground. Ew. At least he was staying on his level of the house.

“Look,” Sirius said assertively, holding on to my arms tightly to prevent any attempts of hitting him, “Let's just get this straight. I wasn't trying to kill you. I missed out on most of my life just like you, but I was rotting away in Azkaban, so that's worse than being in a bloody coma. Now, would you bloody forgive me already?”

I glowered at him, turning my body right and left in an attempt to release myself from his grip. His hands only clenched even more tightly around my arms and I gave up. Why do I give up so easily? Ugh.

“Selene,” he said firmly as he kept me still, “I'm doing my best here.”

I puffed my cheeks out and kept my jaw tight together.

“It's been twenty years, just move on.” AND THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! It hadn’t been twenty years for me.

I looked into his eyes and couldn't help but notice the hopefulness in them. Oh, I'm seriously going to burst his bubble with a pin.

My jaw tight and my eyes shooting a laser beam so powerful that if I stared at him for at least five minutes, his eyes would drop out with a 'plop'.

I answered: “No.” and his whole body moved swiftly towards me, and his grip tightened a million times over and his lips crashed onto mine.

...What in the world?              


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Chapter 7: Elephants and Their Butts
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7. Elephants and their Butts

Can you imagine what would happen if the Weasleys came barging through the door like a marching band just then? It would have been complete hell.

“Oh, how I missed you,” Sirius sighed dramatically, as he pulled back, his grip around me still tight. Oh, get over it princess.

I shoved him away from me with horror. That was gross, gross, gross!  Not really.  “Sirius, I swear to Merlin, if you ever do that again,” I paused. What would I do...? “I'd slap you silly with a dead fish!” Nice... Bravo... Give me a clap. 

Sirius looked at me weirdly before smiling, rocking on the balls of his feet like a stupid teen.

“Get over it Sirius,” I muttered, walking away from him. Yes, get over it. Imagine the title we would've given ourselves if we'd actually gotten together. If I hadn’t gotten knocked out cold for twenty years. The two greatest players of Hogwarts had it going on, oh if only.

The Weasley's and the two H's (Harry and Hermione) came home with multiple bags the size of, I don't know, an elephant's butt.

“I hope he didn't scare you,” Hermione told me as I helped with unpacking her bag in our room. She must've thought that I thought that he was that murderer who killed thirteen people. Hrmp. I could've smashed a bludger into his head and fed him to the school's supply of blast-ended skrewts if I wanted to. And she thinks I was scared of him. Ha! Don't make me laugh. Wait, I just did...

Hermione smiled at me cheerily, “So you two got to know each other!” My face fell. She thought I was laughing because I thought he was funny! Ha! Not even in your craziest dreams.

“So, what did you get up to today?” Hermione smiled kindly.

“You know, stuff,” I muttered. How would I tell her that I had confessed to Sirius that we were to be parents, we played owl and rat around the house and we kissed? Heck, that would be insanely absurd.

She smiled widely and I forced a smile back.

“Girls, Molly has dinner ready,” Sirius said from the door. I found myself leering at him as he smirked innocently.

Hermione nodded and left the bags on her bed, stepping past Sirius.

Sirius raised an eyebrow and waited for me to get out. I glared at him, not moving from the spot. Freak.

“Are you going to come down for dinner or not?” he finally said, smiling widely.

I continued glaring at him, leering at him suspiciously as I walked past. He suddenly grabbed at my waist as I pushed past him and I slapped him hard on the side of the head. He grunted before smiling lopsidedly.

“Watch it Black.” I growled. I could remove both your sacks with a slip of my knee. Of course I didn’t say that.

“But I've missed you,” he whined, growling into my neck lightly. Oh geez, get off.

I pushed him hard on the chest and ran away like a little sissy girl. Okay, not like a sissy. I skidded down the corridor and ran down the stairs as Sirius chased after me. This time, I managed not to scream.

“Calm down girls,” Mrs. Weasley reprimanded us as I entered the kitchen, Sirius right behind me. I giggled. She called him a girl!

“That's right Selene, calm down.” Sirius muttered, grinning. I rolled my eyes. Oh, shut up.

I sat myself right in between Harry and George (yum) and groaned lightly as Sirius sat directly across from me. Does he exist just to annoy the living snot out of me?

He started kicking lightly at my shins and I gritted my teeth, hands twisting and writhing in my lap. I had desperately violent thoughts in my head.

I leant forward as the two boys beside me leaned back to talk to each other.

“Can you stop?” I hissed at a beaming Sirius. Bloody Baron, never in my life had I had to endure this much torture. Well, never in my life had I had to be confined in the same house as him!

Sirius continued beaming, only until I kicked him hard on the shin did he stop.

“Mum, why aren't we eating?” Ron whined from two seats down.

“We're waiting for people, dear,” Mrs. Weasley called back. People... Sigh. Why can they not come early?

The doorbell rang and Sirius immediately jumped to his feet. Much to my delight, my foot was still in between his legs and he banged his head on the edge of the table. I snorted with laughter, as Sirius got back up again, tears watery from pain. Oh, the torture.

He cast me a glare before turning on his feet like a sissy veela and went somewhere. Probably to open the door. But who knows. He could've gone to the bathroom and flushed himself down the toilet for all I cared. Actually... no, that wouldn't do. The clogging would be horrible.

“Remus!” I heard a yell from the door. I immediately choked on my butterbeer and made desperate rasping sounds from the back of my throat. REMUS? Remus Lupin? Oh dear, this Christmas is plain old hell and Sirius is the devil.

I continued coughing and hiccupping even when Remus walked through the door. I let out a foul phlegmy cough and Harry patted me on the back, hard. Merlin, what it took me to not hit back at him. That was self control right there.

“Moony, you'll never guess!” Sirius said loudly as the two walked in the room, a girl with pink hair right behind them.  

Remus appeared with tattered robes, his face expressing some strain. His appearance was not quite how I remembered him from school. His scars had multiplied by a thousand billion and his hair thinning. He was as skinny as a cheese cracker as well! He used to be quite buff in my day.

“What?” he replied, smiling broadly at us all. His gaze lingered on me for a few seconds too long and I glared at him. It had been his fault too!

There was a little mini, sub conscious staring competition going on. And to be quite frank, I wasn't going to give up. Neither was he, so it seemed.

Fortunately, just when my eyes were going to bail out on me, Ron stood from his seat and shouted out to his dear mother.

“MUM! They're here, can we eat now?” Even from here, I could hear his stomach rumbling like a bloody donkey. I mean, like a sick cat? I don't know what it sounded like. It didn't really sound like anything I've ever heard of. Let's just call it, 'Ron's horrendous stomach growling noise' for now.

“Tonks!” Hermione and Ginny squealed as the pink haired girl sat down besides them. She smiled brightly, her hair turning slightly pinker. A METAMORPHMAGUS! I gasped loudly.

“Wotcher!” she exclaimed to me, smiling. I smiled unsurely back at her and my smile fell almost a million miles as Sirius dragged Remus back to his seat.

“Moony, Moony, look!” Sirius hissed, forcefully pushing Lupin into the seat next to his.

I groaned into my hands and cursed. Fudge you, Black. Never in my life have I ever met someone as annoying as you! You cursed little prick.

“Sirius, Sirius, we're not in school anymore. It's Remus. And what?” Remus smiled pleasantly at me before turning back to Sirius.

I poked my tongue out at Sirius, a smug smile on my face. Sirius frowned and pushed Remus' head back towards me. “Look!”

Hardly anyone was paying attention to us because the food had arrived.

“Sirius, look at what?” Remus was patient. Very, very, so very patient. Really, I don't envy him. Remus' brows furrowed at me and I jutted my lips out at him. His brows furrowed even more and Sirius smirked.

I blinked back at him calmly, not touching anything in front of me, just in case some sort of chaos ensues. I narrowed my eyes slightly and he gasped loudly.

“No!” He brought his hand to cover his mouth as his eyes widened. I frowned at him, death staring him as he turned back to Sirius quickly. “Her?” Thanks. I have a name. A name not so difficult remembering, right? Right?

Sirius smirked even more widely and nodded, puckering his lips at me. Remus turned to me again, shocked. More than shocked. Horrified. Okay, so no one liked me. That was an exaggeration, loads of people liked me... I think.

“How do you do Remus?” I asked with sarcastic politeness, smiling at him mockingly, devilishly.

His mouth was hanging open as he gawked at me. “F-Fine,” he answered with hesitation. I continued smiling at him evilly, waiting to unnerve his last, damned, made-to-endure-torture nerve.

He shook his head lightly as he continued staring. Sirius continued to chuckle as he picked up his spoon.

“What a fine reunion,” Sirius said idly, taking a bowl of broth from the middle. “There wasn’t any need to need to plan or anything.”

Selene?” Remus gasped. Finally, thank you for remembering my name. Could I ask for anything more?

I continued glaring at him until finally, I smiled and kicked the two at the same time.

Sirius yelped and began to choke while Remus yelled out of shock. I smiled innocently at them as people from the opposite ends of the table turned to look. Welcome, to the Marauder Freak Show, folks.

“The broth's quite hot, isn't it?” I smiled mockingly at the two. Sigh. They remembered that's what I did to them once in fifth year. Yes, they unfortunately, regrettably chose to sit down opposite me. Yes... they didn't know I'd enchanted their hot little broth so that it was at the same temperature as the sun.

Sirius flashed Remus a warning look and shook his head once. Remus merely wiped his trickling tears and looked like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He better believe it or else I'll smack his head with a pan. Like I did once when the ‘oh so fine’ and royal Marauders intruded on myself pigging out in the kitchen. They could've at least knocked or even played a bloody trumpet to announce their arrival or something!

“How have you been, Selene?” Sirius seemed to ask on behalf of Remus, who was still staring at me, his mouth agape and eyes red from the pain. Oho, I can just throw a pea into his mouth... And that's exactly what I did. But not just a pea, a spoonful of peas. He blinked as I flicked a spoon of peas at his face.

Selene!  There are loads of children out there who are not so fortunate as us!” Sirius exclaimed with mock outrage. Hrmp. Like he cares.

“I've been fine, thank you, Remus.” I replied politely to Sirius' question. My abominable plan to ignore Sirius starts... Now. “Now that I'm up and swell again, that is.”

Remus shook his head lightly once again. “How long have you been up for?” Does no one care about me so much that no one actually bothered to tell these people I'm conscious again? That just lowered my self-esteem...


“Tell her it’s not my fault, Moony!” Sirius cut in loudly, glaring at me before turning appealingly towards his friend.

“She thinks it was your fault?” Remus gasped incredulously. Incredulously? Now, my mouth dropped. What the flickering heck? OF COURSE IT WAS HIS FAULT! Who's fault could it have been? The tree’s? Well... That would be half true... But no! I beg to differ!

“Yeah! She tried killing me with a knife!” Sirius replied, trying to keep his face straight. I looked around at the people besides me first before turning back to look at them. Thankfully, no one heard a single decibel of our little, reunion talk.

“How could she? We were trying to save her life!” Save my life? HA! Wait… Why are they referring to me as second person?

“Look, who's the one who called me there in the first place? In the middle of the night?” I hissed through gritted teeth.

None of us had even touched our plates yet and we were already starting to fight.

“We didn't tell you to get into a brawl with the bloody willow!” Sirius retorted, turning from Remus to me sharply. “So, in fact, it’s your fault!”

“Whatever, Sirius. I'm sick of having a little debate over whose fault it was to have almost killed me.”

“But we just got started!” he protested and I grimaced. He wants us to argue and argue... and argue until I get to the point where I burst like fireworks. I would be like a firework display for him... yes, I shall be just that. Wait, what?

“Look, just stop,” Remus muttered, finally becoming the boy I didn't hate as much as the person beside him. “This whole 'I'm better than you' thing is from twenty years ago. Just let it go.”

I scoffed. Whatever Remus. You can't boss me around; I'm better than you!

Remus continued on something about 'moving on from our differences' or something a rather. But I wasn't paying attention because George had just put his hand around my shoulder, taking my breath away and clouding my ears with soft cotton balls.

“Selene's new to Hogwarts,” George said to the girl with pink hair as he patted me softly.

I smiled at her innocently as her hair flickered from pink to purple. My smile was still there, yet, my eyes displayed nothing but shock from that sudden change. That was amazing.

The girl failed to miss the look in my eyes 'cause her own sparkled blue. It had been brown just seconds ago!

“I'm Tonks,” she smiled jubilantly. “Do you like Hogwarts then?” she asked, her voice all bubbly and cheery. So unlike my own.

“Oh yeah, it's brilliant. We have Snape teaching potions, that's just so bloody unreal,” I mumbled somewhat shyly.

“Snape? Wasn’t he supposed to come around tonight?” Tonks looked around the table for an answer while Sirius on the other side of the table stiffened.

I smiled widely. Wouldn't that be lovely? A little mini reunion with half the marauders and their arch little enemy, featuring me. Yes, that would be lovely.

“He couldn't make it,” Mr. Weasley answered from the other end of the elongated table. “But he’s coming down for Christmas.”

Oh dear Heavens.

I smiled widely as majority of the boys around the table groaned in unison. That would just be total joy in my mind; listening to Sirius and Snape bicker like little schoolgirls. Oh yes, I can't wait.

I snuggled back into the chair as George left his arm around my shoulder. My eyes narrowed as I saw Sirius eye us with discontent. He sniffed like a snob and turned back to Remus.

I giggled loudly to attract his attention once again and looked down to my empty plate, nuzzling into George's arm. I looked up once more and smiled broadly as Sirius stared at me with a look worthy of something horrible. Yeah, it was ugly. I stifled a small snigger and started on my steak and kidney pie only to be gagged when a roll hit me on the forehead.

I looked up to an image of Remus shoving Sirius' arm as though in protest, while biting his lip to stop himself from laughing. Sirius – who looked smug, as always, with his wide, oh-so-hot smile - was merely holding onto Remus' wrists. Oh, such love.

I glared at them, taking a spoon of mashed potato and raising it to my jaw. 

Their eyes widened almost immediately and were unsuccessful in dropping to the floor in time. Can I just say, it was aimed directly at Sirius' eye, and it would have smeared all over his face if only Remus didn’t have such a fast reaction time with a super brain like a freak and waved his wand so that it disappeared.

I'm fighting a losing battle here!  A thought that seemed to dampen my mood throughout the rest of the night.


I laid in bed peacefully as Hermione snored lightly in the other bed. She was completely stuffed and I, well, I was not. Hardly being able to lower my head without finding bits and pieces flying towards me, it would be quite difficult to eat.

There was a creak outside the door and being as reactive as I was, I crept towards the door. Smiling a little bit too knowingly – how can I not think it was Sirius? - I placed my hand on the door handle.

It turned slightly from the other side and that's when I made my brilliant, spectacular, oh-my-gosh-I'm-being-sarcastic brilliant move. I pushed it open and I smiled broadly when I heard it make contact with someone's nose.

My face fell a thousand miles when I saw who was writhing on the floor, groaning in agony.



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Chapter 8: ...EW! Sirius Essence!
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8. ...EW! Sirius Essence!

George looked up from the stone floor, holding his nose tightly, trying to stop the flowing river of blood. Ew. Well now you know how I felt! NO! I shouldn't say that. My face fell with immense regret.

Just behind him – a surprising coincidence – were Sirius and Remus. Laughing. Scratch that. Roaring in complete hysterics, their guts busting with what one would call laughter. I watched with seething anger as their mugs rolled around on the dusty floor.

Too horrified at what I'd just done to march over towards them and slam both their heads into the wall, I crouched down besides George, who had cleaned his face with his wand.

“Nice shot,” he coughed, smiling with what I like to think of as admiration.

Sirius was still rolling around on the filthy floor, clutching his sides, while Remus leant against the wall for support, his cheeks a rosy pink colour and his eyes moist.

Oh, what I would've given to be able to smash a vase accidentally on both their heads. But, unfortunately, George was still lying on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I gasped, helping him pull his head up. Sirius' roars of laughter became much louder - perhaps deliberately - and both George and I turned to him. Remus was now smiling sheepishly, slightly more collected while Sirius appeared to be having some kind of seizure.

I wish.

George turned back to look forward and I joined him just after I flipped Sirius off with a rude gesture. He snorted even more loudly.

“Were you coming out or something?” George asked. Oh yeah, sorry, I just thought you were Sirius and I thought I could get you concussed just so I wouldn't have to endure this You-Know-Who-Wannabe torturing me every day and night.

I smiled shyly and helped him to his feet. “What were you doing there?” We were both ignoring Sirius, much to his dissatisfaction.

“Just wanted to check up on you,” he winked and I melted. “Well, I'll be going back to bed now that I know you’re fine.” I giggled, perhaps in a way that was more girlish than I normally would.

Smiling again, I waved at him as he left to go to his room. A frown appeared on my face as he nodded at Sirius and Remus awkwardly. I bet he thought they were laughing at him. Oh, how mistaken he was. I waited until George was in the clear before storming up to the two, poking them both with my index fingers.

“Next-time-you-two-start-to-eaves-drop-on-me, I-will-do-more-than-just-prod-you-like-I-am-now,” I took a step back and felt good that I'd intimidated them. No. Sarcasm. Lots and lots of it.

Sirius merely yawned while Remus smiled even more broadly.

“Actually, Selene, we were just about to take you down to Godric's Hollow to visit James and Lily, but you know, seeing as you just love to scare us and have no gratitude for us whatsoever, I don't think we should. Do you, Moony?” Sirius started to take steps away from me, taking his precious bloody time, as he knew I'd give in.

Remus shook his head lightly and pushed me ahead of him. I shrugged him off violently, and huffed away after Sirius. Remus chuckled softly. Hrmp. So I'm easily manipulated? So what!

Sirius let out a high pitched “Oh” as he turned around, faking a look of surprise. “What are you doing here?”

I let my face fall, narrowing my eyes at him. “You're taking me to Godric's Hollow.” Obviously.

Sirius' face questioned me, raising an eyebrow just the way he did back when his brawls overtook the function of his brain. In other words, when he used to be hot. Now he's a wrinkly son of a banshee... Okay, only wrinkly. He'd always been a S.O.B. Well... not really wrinkly...

He looked back to Remus and smiled smugly before turning back to me. Was that even necessary? “Next time, treat us with a teensy bit of respect, would you?” Oh yeah, kiss my bloody bum, would you? Screw you.

Sirius chuckled again and turned towards the front door and for some strange, silly reason I felt a tinge of guilt.

“Come on Selene,” Remus said softly, pushing me forward again, lightly. “Before the the others finds out.” Oh no. That would be completely, utterly horrendous.

I shook my head slightly, as though unable to bear the thought of that actually happening, and took little steps out of the house. They could be secretly plotting to kill me once again, but hey, that's a gamble I've got to take. Maybe this time they could tie me up on the train tracks. That's just a suggestion, you know.

Sirius was already gone once I reached the doorstep outside. He… disappeared! Disappeared into thin air. JOY! It's a miracle! Christmas came early for me. I began to beam.

Though, barely five seconds later, my newly found ounce of joy had disintegrated with a crack. Sirius had appeared once more. Fudge.

“Hold on to my arm,” he told me. Heck to the no.

Remus shut the door right behind me and I immediately held onto his arm. “I'd rather go with Remus.” For a second, I thought I saw a flicker of hurt show in Sirius' face. But it was hard to tell because it immediately became ugly again.

“Fine. It’s not like I care,” he huffed. Within another second, he had turned and was gone once again. If only he stayed that way forever and ever and ever.

“Ready?” Remus asked. I nodded once and off we went. We're off to see the wizard- The wonderful Wizard of... Godric's Hollow. I didn't even get to finish that song in my head until we reached the gate to the cemetery.

The looming church stood towering beside the kissing gate that stood ajar, meaning Sirius was already in there, meaning we're easy victims if Sirius were to strike, meaning he'd be dead once I recover. Ah, a girl could only dream.

In the moonlight, I managed to make out a tall stone statue of three figures. Lily, James and Harry. I froze, staring at Lily’s happy, beautiful face. I felt my throat tighten and a real emptiness filled me. Then I looked at James, his face exuding the same exuberance I remember. I sighed shakily. I missed them. Even James. And that was saying something.

Remus pushed the gate open as he pulled me along, his grip on the hem of my sleeve, reminding of the good old day when Remus and I had made out together. Yes, I did just drop a bombshell.

“Remus, stop,” I told him, halting on a small ledge separating two graves. I managed to see him turn clearly. The moon being bright and all as its light shone down on us, illuminating half our bodies. “Have you told him?”

He frowned. I don't know about you, but I'm guessing that was a no.

“You have to tell him!” Of course he had to tell him! How could there even be any other possibility?

“What are you talking about?” he said, shaking his head, perplexed. Was I really that insignificant back in the days that Remus Lupin doesn't remember? That really did a number on my ego.

I took a deep breath, “Uh, you know... The library?” Sigh, the library. Okay yeah, we made out in the library. Big woop. So it wasn’t normally acceptable to make out in the library, especially with Pince Mince out on the prowl. But you know, whatever. Normal just wasn't my thing. “You know...?”

It was quite a peculiar situation I had found myself in, back in those days. Sirius and I were supposedly going out, but how could we have been if I was going around snogging Remus? I pondered over that for a moment.

Remus stared at me for a little while before it hit him in the head like the muggle frisbee that hit me in the head one time. Sigh. It hurt and it destroyed a probably total of ten million brain cells.

“Why do you even care if he knows?” he let go of my sleeve, “Last I heard, you're constantly arguing with him and cursing his name under your breath!” Remus retorted defensively. “Besides, you forced me into it.”

I glared at him. I did not force him into it. A love potion did not mean I forced him to do anything! And as much as I hated Sirius, he couldn't keep living with this ignorance. Oh, come on, that doesn't mean I care about him.

I shook my head at Remus and he bit his lips. He was such a cutie. Wait, no. He's old and grey and old. Ew, no.

“Look, we have to tell him.” A one daytime make out session affair with Remus, behind Sirius' back, yes, I feel bad, even if it was because of a silly love potion. “It's not right if we don't.”

Remus scoffed and I scoffed at his scoff, “Since when have you been someone to do the right thing?” He smiled innocently. He was always the innocent one. Aw, poor bloke. Getting pushed around by some mean, selfish, girl.

“What's taking you two a while?” Sirius' voice called out from somewhere in the right. After a few crunches of the sticks and stones below us, a full, shaggy figure emerged from the darkness.

“Shut up.”


We both answered in unison. Three guesses as to who said what.

Sirius smiled at us calmly. “Do you mind getting off of James' grave then? I mean, I don't want to seem rude or anything, but you know, I want James to rest in peace, not get trodden over by you.”

I stared at him, completely lost at what he'd just said. Remus merely chuckled as Sirius pushed me off lightly. Then he pointed at one large gravestone. I turned around and- Wow. That was one huge gravestone.

“There's James,” he said as though it was no big deal, “And there's Lily.”

What, you don't think I could read or something? I've been in a coma, not under some brain surgery, which resulted in me becoming illiterate. Get your facts right.

My breath got stuck in my throat as I blinked at the marble gravestone. “Lily?”

I heard movement behind me and didn't turn to watch Remus walk away from the graves. Where he was going, I didn't know nor cared at that moment. To the side of me, I could sense Sirius smile down at James. So there's a tad bit of sensitivity left in him, that doesn't excuse him.

I let my bottom fall onto the ledge behind me as I continued looking at Lily's half of the tombstone, ignoring the cold wetness the snow brought. Sirius sat himself down a few inches away.

“Everything I’d planned for the future never exactly went the way I expected them to,” he mumbled softly, cupping his hands to his mouth.

I laughed dryly and resisted the temptation to roll my eyes. I've got to admit, that was a pretty stupid thing for someone like Sirius to be saying.

“I didn’t know you had to brain capacity to plan things.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “I had so many plans; raise a kid, become a hit wizard, take my bike for rides, watch as all our sons became the Marauder juniors in school...”

I don't know what else he said. I tuned out. Instead, I started to think about the older days, where Lily and - as much as I hate to say it - James were alive.

“You know, Evans, I've got a free period next. I wouldn't mind it if you came to the library and you know, tutored me,” James winked suggestively while Lily pretended to choke on her sandwich.

Sirius thumped her on the back, quite roughly as James giggled like a little girl. Yes, definitely the good old days.

Her false pretence of choking developed into actual choking as Sirius continued to thump her. Me, being on the other side of the table, didn't bother. I'm not so much a bad friend. Just a lazy one... Oh come on! I was on the other side of the table for Merlin's bloody sake!

I thought the message would've gotten through two hundred and eight rejections ago,” I sucked on my thumb lightly as I turned the Daily Prophet, “Have you ever considered a head reduction?” I looked up and of course, the moment I closed my mouth, Sirius attacked.

He stopped patting Lily on the back and smirked, “You know, Roster, I heard you dumped another poor bloke last night. How many times has it been this week? Eight? Nine?”

“You clearly can't count, Black.” I muttered, folding the Prophet in half and rolled into a cylinder. He was definitely stupid back then. I guess not everything changes. “It was three, actually.”

He puckered his lips at me and I immediately shifted my attention onto Remus. “So, Remus, what are you reading there?”

I bit on my bottom lip to stop myself from smiling smugly at Sirius' hurt expression. Well, not hurt. Profound cuttage sounds more like it.

Remus looked up from his book and smiled, a scar wrinkling on his forehead. “It's a muggle fairytale, actually. For muggle studies.”  Oh, I never would've guessed.

I raised an eyebrow, and then out of nowhere, smacked Sirius' head with the newspaper.

What the hell, Roster?” he yelped, mostly out of shock.

Peter squealed besides him, and he suddenly got all excited. He's an enthusiastic little bloke, isn’t he? Especially when he wets his trousers... Oh boy, he went crazy with enthusiasm that one day. Okay, maybe not enthusiasm...

Look!” he wheezed, pointing at short girl form Ravenclaw, across the hall. Oh no! Not another wet incident!

We all turned around, one by one, and looked at the poor first year.  

We're looking, Wormtail. Now what?” James said, chewing on a bit of toast.

The girl walked with a slouch and her head was kept down, looking at her feet while her black hair seemed to shine a bit too much.

Isn't she beautiful?” Peter seemed to swoon. What a girl.

I scoffed and turned back towards the table. “Peter, she's a first year,” I told him as though he had no idea beforehand.

Peter sighed once again and James patted him on the shoulder. “I say go for it. She seems to really like you.”

Lily and I exchanged glances. Not good ones at that.  

Uh, she doesn't seem to look anywhere but her feet. How would the prat over there, know she really likes you?” Lily said, ignoring the fact that she had ever associated with James.  

Come on Evans, he's a Marauder.” James smiled broadly. I bet he was happy that Lily even acknowledged him. Not by his name, but you know, 'prat' was as close as it got. At least it starts with a P... Like Potter Pooper.

Actually, Peter's quite short...” I said to myself. Okay, so it wasn't supposed to come out that loudly, but you know, my mouth opens whenever I think. There's just no possible way to shut it, apart from magic, which I would not be willing to do.

Remus looked up from his book and smiled at me. He's so adorable, I just want to pinch his little nose and ah, cutie. The others turned to look at me weirdly.

No offense, Peter. You are. Short and... Short.” You know, he might pass as a first year. Yeah, with a few acne reducing potions.

Roster, go out with me.” Everyone's head seemed to flick towards Sirius' big, messy, hairy head and Lily's green eyes widened at me.

Hrm, yeah,” I muttered to myself, gazing down at my plate as I thought more about transforming Peter into a first year student.

Brilliant!” Sirius smiled broadly at me. Yeah, what the heck is he looking at? Brilliant, yeah, brilliant. Wait, why brilliant? Whatever makes Sirius say brilliant must be something hellish for me.

I looked up to see Lily's eyes even more widened and a helpless, shocked look on her face.

Silence roamed our little corner.

What?” I blinked, looking from face to face. Every single one of them was looking back at me intensely, Sirius, smiling way too widely. “Uh... What are you smiling at?”

Sirius' smile just got wider. I was startled... How big is his mouth? Wait, what a stupid question. Big head results in a big mouth. Yup, evenly proportioned features. Wow, is he that symmetrical? No wonder girls dig him…

You just agreed to go out with him,” Remus finally said. I started to laugh. Who's insane enough to ever imagine that?

That’s a good one Remus.” Mmm... Sarcasm. I shook my head at him, disappointed. I thought he knew me. I guess not. I looked towards Lily and her eyes watched me nervously... “What?”

You did,” she said. The unnerving silence by the Marauders was freaky. Like... freaky freaky. It was once in a blue moon that all of them were silent at once.

I looked around at them once again, my gaze lingering on Sirius for what seemed to be an eternity. He looked back, innocently sweet looking with his dimples clearly visible. WHAT. THE. HELL?!

You're my girlfriend now,” I could swear, he giggled like a girl. No joke. What is this Marauder gene? Giggling like little five-year-old girls! Urgh! Wait, am I missing the point? Yes. Why, yes I am.


So then, that afternoon when I was Sirius' “official” girlfriend, I made out with Remus in the most typicalist of places – the library. Okay, not so typical. Well, I'd like to think he was slightly tipsy after Sirius threw a celebration party, only because I wanted to hide away the fact that I had indeed spiked his drink with a love potion. Accidentally, of course. Ahem.

“Selene, are you listening?” Sirius' hoarse voice came back into my head. No. I wasn't. But I couldn’t just tell him that.

“Truth be told, Sirius, no, I wasn't,” I turned to look at him and he cocked his head.  

“Well, I just said that... That night- that night...” Spit it out already! I threw a pile of snow at him... Woops.                                                                        

He blinked once before wiping the slop off of his face. “What the hell was that for?”  

I shrugged and turned away, folding my arms across my chest from the cold and looking down at Lily's grave. Taking a little glance at James' as well. I was well aware of Sirius' death stare casted my way. I'll just avoid that. It's honestly the most scariest you'll ever come across... Actually, not really. It's not really that intimidating. His death stare is like the puppy dog look. Not deathly at all.  

He took a deep sigh and took his coat off, placing it on around my shoulders.

...EW! Sirius essence! Yuck! Okay, I was exaggerating. Although, it did smell a bit like him, the familiar musky scents of Sirius that I used to like so much.

I looked back at him and frowned as he looked calmly back at me, the corners of his mouth slightly turned.  

“There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about you, you know?”

What. The. Friggin'. NameofbloodyMerlin! ...sdfsdn! 


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Chapter 9: Ho Ho Ho (Pt. 1)
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9. Ho Ho Ho (Pt. 1)

Okay, so that was not really what I expected. I expected, “Oh dear Merlin, I was so bloody over the bloody moon that I'd finally gotten rid of you. But no, you had to come back.” Okay, so he could still kind of imply that...

“Um, yeah, okay.” I shuffled my feet, looking for a way out of this conversation, which would probably result in blood and tears. Okay, not that extreme. A black eye? Maybe.

“Take me seriously Selene. We're not kids anymore... Well, I'm not a kid anymore.”

I groaned. Not this conversation again.

“I get you. Can we move on now?” His persistence bored me to death, which was slightly ironic considering where I was at that moment.

Sirius was, thankfully, silent for the rest of the night. For once in my life, I had the opportunity to bask in the pleasure of his tranquility. Remus joined us soon after that, ruining that moment.

“I think we should get Selene back to bed,” he said, as though I was a child. I AM NOT A CHILD!

Sirius turned to look at me, for once, like a man with a few years under his belt.

“I AM NOT A CHILD!” I shouted at them. I would’ve cried out with more than just exasperation if they took me back home and put me to bed. I would’ve cried out bloody murder.

Sirius sighed. He knew better than to meddle with my intolerance of injustice. “Then what do you want Selene?”

I thought for a minute. “I want a hot cocoa.” I gave them a smug smile.

“Selene, what would you think if you saw a girl your age-” I glared at Remus and he scoffed, “- yourself - with two grown men, having hot cocoa together?”

I thought for another minute.

“I would think that the two of you are, in fact, happy lovers and I am your adopted perfect child.” I smiled even more smugly while Sirius jumped to his feet, a look of shock on his face.

“We are definitely not going for hot chocolate.”

Remus began protesting (as he too knew that I would be a complete, sadistic murderer if I didn’t get my way) but was cut short.

“Remus, I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be perceived as being intimate with you.”

My head flicked back and forward between the two, enjoying the rather uncomfortable nature of the conversation.

“I am insulted!” said Remus. I smiled to the pleasure of the two bickering. “Do you think I’d want to be seen with you in public at all?” Touché, Remus. Touché.

I smiled even more widely as the two stepped towards each other.

“Well Remus!” Sirius trailed off. No one in the entire Milky Way could have found a better retort than that. “I’ll leave her to you then.” With a final glare at me (for no reason at all) he spun on his heel and apparated away into the darkness and hopefully, that’s the way it’ll stay.

I grinned at Remus and held onto his arm tightly, so he wouldn’t shake me off. “You can be my father.”

He shook his head as though I was a plague. I held his arm even more tightly and gave him a look that might’ve suggested: ‘you are not going anywhere without me’ in the most violent of ways.

He spun and we were in front of a small cafe that seemed so warm and cosy and delightful in the inside. I squealed and clapped my hands together.

We sat down at the furthest table away from the counter. Being quite late at night, we didn’t expect the workforce of Lé Café to be exceptionally pleased when they saw us.

The lady who had come to serve us seriously should adopt a new stink face. One that could actually pass as a face too... I smiled mockingly at her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Remus staring, a tad fearful as to what I would do if someone or something had angered me.

“What would you like?” she asked, politely. I had a change of heart.

“You are a beautiful lady.” I looked into her eyes, mouth slightly open. Maybe a comment like that might brighten up her day.

The lady raised an eyebrow and turned to Remus instead. I gaped at her, shocked as though I had just been called dumb - which I most certainly am not.

Remus quickly rushed the order: “Two hot chocolates please. Quick. Quickly!” He pushed her away as she lingered to write down the order.

“Selene,” he tried soothing me, calming me down. No! I refuse to sit by!

I got up.

“Selene, I will take you home right away if you take another step.”

I whipped around on my heels and glared at him, my meanest glare yet.

You devil.

“Now, sit down. Please. And behave.” Who are you to tell me what to do?

“I’m your father,” he said calmly, as though he read my thoughts.

I glared at him and pursed my lips as I advanced back towards my seat. “You are not.”

“I am if you want your hot chocolate.” Remus chuckled slightly, although nervously as the waitress came back with two foam cups.

“I am so sorry, but the manager said that the foam cups would suffice. We’re expecting to be closing right about... Now, so it would be very nice if you had these for take away.” The lady placed the cups on the table in front of us. I stared at her. I stared her down like an owl. Like I was an owl and she was the mouse I was hunting. My eyes pierced into the back of her head like two bloody daggers.

“That would be fine, thank you very much,” Remus said hurriedly, grabbing the two cups in one hand and holding onto my own hand with the other.

I didn’t even have time to register that he was holding my hand until I was already outside in the freezing - what I’d like to call - blizzard. Okay so it wasn’t that cold. Just chilly I guess.

“We’ll take these back home, shall we?” Remus didn’t let go of my arm, rather, he held onto it much more tightly.


I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before we arrived at Grimmauld place.

“I hate you Remus!” He let go of me and I escaped out of his personal bubble and instead, ran further than ten steps away from him.

“Selene, can we just go in and talk?” Talk?! What are we doing right at this verymoment, I ask you!

I nodded, the snarl visible on my face as I walked past him.

“Here, by the way.” He extended the arm holding the hot chocolates. I had difficulty trying to suppress that excitement that had bubbled in me. I absolutely adored hot chocolate. It was the most nicest, tastiest, nicest, yummiest thing I had ever tasted in my life.

I snatched it out of his grasp and held onto it tightly, as though suspicious he was going to take mine once he was done with his. I watched his every step.

He sat down at the head of the table, inviting me to sit down to the seat closest to him. I did so, just because I was cold and liked the company.

He massaged his temples before beginning his long talk about nothing.

“Selene, please, understand that we are adults now. We’ve been through things you couldn’t even imagine-” I scoffed. I have a very vivid imagination, thank you very much! - “And Sirius and I, well, we’ve certainly missed having you around. Honestly, we have. Especially Sirius. He was unbelievably upset-”

“So he should be!” I shouted at him, pouting angrily.

“He was unbelievably upset-” he continued as though I did not interrupt him at all. Bloody git. “And like we’ve explained already, sending you to St. Mungos was not, at all, what he had intended and he certainly did not want to kill you. He even went to extent of staying right next to your hospital bed every night and day he could spare,” Remus took a deep breath, “He was madly in love with you, Selene.”

I choked on my hot chocolate, the scalding liquid stuck in my throat. I could’ve died once again! But I didn’t. Luckily. The mere thought of Sirius watching me sleeping - even though it was a very long sleep - disturbed me. Yuck.

“You can tell him that he’s a disturbing little git,” I sipped at my hot chocolate, looking up at Remus suspiciously.

Remus sighed, shaking his head as he did so. “I’m off to bed,” he muttered, barely audibly. He stood up and pushed his own hot chocolate closer towards me before making his way back to his room, wherever that was.

I stared at the foam cup suspiciously, as thought he had secretly drugged it with a killing potion, or perhaps another coma inducing potion. I’m sure they’d like that.

In reality, I stared at the cup a moment too long, taking in everything Remus had just explained to me. I didn’t believe it, I really didn’t. I sighed, sipping on my hot cocoa slowly. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with these disturbing images in my head so there I sat, all night.


The morning was absolute chaos. The bags under my eyes were clearly visible as everyone in the house came running down the stairs, evoking screams of “MUDBLOODS, FILTHY BLOOD TRAITORS” from Sirius’ suiting mother.

“Merry Christmas!” seemed to be the only thing people said for those few minutes, everyone threw at each other brightly packaged presents, exclaiming in joy and delight or forcing such said expressions.

I watched with a small smile as Ron ripped the fire orange wrapping that matched his hair off of his Chuddly Cannons collectible set, the little players on their broomsticks waving up at him while little sparks of red and green emitted from their wands.

“Selene,” I heard my name, “You’ve got presents too, you know.” Hermione put yet another book down onto the already massively towering pile beside her. She looked at me with an inviting look on her face.

I had been hoping to avoid this part. I only remember too well the last time it had been Christmas…

“That’s mine!” Lily yelled, pulling a small package away from my hands rapidly, as though I was contaminating it with filth. I didn’t miss the messy scribble of ‘Sev’ at the bottom of the card so I rolled my eyes.

I looked around every inch of the common room for my own pile of presents, only to find that there weren’t any. I frowned. I never not got presents…

“Roster,” I heard a voice boom, “Merry Christmas, love!” I turned around to the source of the voice, the image of Sirius appearing on the stairs before me. Then came James, wearing a new majestic red and golden sweater, then Peter with a new scarf, then Remus with what appeared to be a new collection of books under his arm.

“What did you do with them?” I spat at Sirius, knowing full well that it was he, the bloody tosser, who took all my presents.

He grinned broadly before strutting down towards me. I didn’t miss James’ glance at Lily as she read through her card.

“I placed them somewhere hidden, Roster. Somewhere… secret.” He winked at me as a retaliation of the glare I was giving him.

“He means he’s placed them in our dorm,” James said, raising an eyebrow as he eyed all that was left in the common room, no doubt scrutinising what everyone else had gotten, his head inflating a few more inches as though all other presents were inferior.

“If you’d like, I’ll accompany you up to get them?” Sirius waggled his eyebrows. Before I even had the chance to respond, he had taken my arm and dragged me up the stairs.

“Let me go, Sirius!” I yelled at him as we reached the corridor leading down to the boys’ dormitories. I tugged my arm out of his grip and stomped my feet angrily.

“They’re in here,” he smirked, opening the door to his dorm.

“I know they are,” I snapped at him, pushing past him and into the revolting realm of mess. Their room was in a state of complete disarray. Their bed sheets were torn to shreds, books were scattered across the floor, sweet wrappers and little bits and pieces were strewn all over the place. There was no way in hell I would find my presents in this junkyard of a dorm.

I walked from corner to corner as Sirius closed the door shut behind me.

“Where are they?” I glared at him, my lips pursed.

“Come over here,” Sirius led over to his bed, grinning, “and make yourself comfortable.” He gestured for me to sit down as he lay across his bed, stomach down retrieving something from under it.

I sat down, watching him cautiously in the case that he was to bring about an unexpected surprise of cockroach clusters up to my face, like he had the other day.

I raised my wand as he pulled out a pile of boxes, the wrapping vivid in its blues, greens and reds. I couldn’t hide my smile and made to reach out for them. Though, before I could, Sirius had put it on the other side of him, grinning madly.

“I’ve got something to give you, too,” he murmured, inching closer towards me. I cocked my head at him, my heart hammering quite quickly as his face came closer to mine.

Suddenly, his lips grazed mine, his grey eyes finding mine as he looked up through his thick lashes, questioning me. The look in my eye probably gave it away; I’d wanted to taste those pink lips for a while now. And so I did. I tasted his soft lips, feeling the smile pressed onto me as he slowly climbed onto me, one of his hands rubbing the back of my neck while the other found the curve of my waist.

I pushed back, returning his kiss with the same fervor; years of undying, unresolved sexual tension seemed to catch up to us. His lips found my neck and I found myself moaning lightly from his touch.

“Sirius,” I sighed, my nails grazing along his arms. He lowered his weight onto my hips, his lips trailing my jaw line softly. I closed my eyes to the bliss of it all.

“Is this what you want?” he murmured, his lips tickling my ear. His fingers danced at the buttons of my shirt, thumb rubbing slightly against the curve of my breast.

I nodded and he ripped my shirt apart as he nibbled on my ear. “Is this what you want?” I asked him, my hand reaching down to his firm stomach.

Sirius retracted, his face surprised. “I’ve always known you were stupid, but really, Roster?”

I scowled at him before I dived onto him, locking my lips onto his as my fingers pulled apart his white shirt. Neither one of us reacted as a thud sounded on the floor where my presents laid scattered. I felt his smooth, toned chest and trembled as his callused fingers wrapped around my arms, stopping me.

“I think I love you, Selene,” I heard him murmur alluringly, his breath soft on my face as his fingertips trailed along my back and ribs.

“You’re only saying that to get into my pants,” I grinned, knowing that he’d already reached far beyond that point.

He shook his head, a smile on his face.

“Fine then, Sirius, I think I love you too,” I smirked into his lips.

Slowly, he pulled my shirt off of my shoulders, throwing it onto the floor where it joined the many strands of already ripped fabric. He gazed at me adoringly for a moment; his eyes were soft as they followed the curves of my body.

“Merlin,” he breathed, his hands trailing up my inner thigh as I straddled him.

I hid a grin before steadily pulling apart the buckle of his pants, never removing my gaze from his. I moaned lightly as his fingers swept across the small of my back, where his finger found the waistband of my skirt and pulled it down.

Both our hearts hammered against our chests, as we both removed articles of clothing off of each other, taking the time to feel and taste every inch of exposed skin there was.

Sirius found himself on top of me once more, the muscles in his arms, on either side of my head, tensed as he supported his weight. I tangled my fingers in his hair, both our breathing rapid.

He pressed his forehead softly against mine and closed his eyes to the heated sensations of warm, passionate, loving sex.

And that was the moment we both lost ourselves. Lost ourselves to the reverie, the idea of love.

A flying red package brought my attention back to the real world. I blinked as it hit the side of my head with a thud, smiling sheepishly at Fred and George, the twins who had thrown it at me. I tore apart the wrapping and my grin broadened as I uncovered a flask of Twilight Moonbeams love potion.

“Thanks guys, I really needed that,” I chuckled. Though, of course I didn’t. What I really needed was a tall bottle of firewhisky I can drown Sirius in. And my sorrows. No, just Sirius.

“Open mine!” Hermione directed me and I felt myself deflate slightly as I unwrapped a pair of disfigured socks and a matching beanie that I could only assume she had made herself. “Thanks Hermione,” was all I could say.

I had felt incredibly guilty when I realized that I had nothing to give back to these people.

“Merry Christmas!” I heard the familiar, detestable voice boom from the door. Sirius came striding in, a flutter of wrapped presents floating behind him. “I’ve got you all a little something.” The presents flew over to whomever it was directed to. Admittedly, I was quite surprised to find one in pink wrapping paper soaring towards me. Of course, he knew I hated pink.

The boys exclaimed in awe as they unwrapped their presents; an assortment of all sorts of mischievous gadgets, no doubt.

I hesitated. I wasn’t sure whether to open it or not. Not wanting to seem strange, I decided to unwrap it. I frowned. There had been more wrapping paper underneath. I unwrapped that too. My frown become much more prominent as I eventually tore apart the entire present of pink wrapping paper, gritting my teeth and fire ablaze in my eyes. Sirius the completely, incessantly annoying prick of a person.

Before I was about to toss the thing into the roaring fire, a flash of blue ink appeared on the tiny piece of wrapping paper left, the size of a candy wrapper.

I haven’t forgotten.

Was all it had said.

I found my throat constricting and tears stung at my eyes. I bit my bottom lip to stop it from trembling, turning my back on all the others, avoiding Sirius’ stare and made my way to the bathroom, my sole place of refuge.

I cried. I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I let it all out. I banged my fists on the rim of the sink, gripping tightly onto it as tears trailed down my cheeks, as the rope around my throat tightened, as my stomach twirled in hollowness.

Everything was a complete mess.

My life was a complete mess and I couldn’t do anything about it. 


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