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Lily's Secret by AshHa

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 34,821
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily, Lily/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 12/21/2006
Last Chapter: 09/24/2010
Last Updated: 09/24/2010


Thanx to Nazozinc for this awesome banner!  It's Lily and James' last year at Hogwarts, and James' last chance to get Lily.  Unfortunately, many things stand in his way.  Will he be able to do it??  Read and find out!  R/R!! 
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Chapter 1: Changes...Or Not
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, if I did I would be rich and not writing fan fiction, but my own stories.

Finally!  Lily boarded the Hogwarts Express for her seventh year.  She couldn't wait to graduate!  It would be so exciting to become a healer at St. Mongo's.  She could meet a smart healer and fall in love!  Or she could fall in love with one of her patients who turns out to be next in line for the Minister of Magic's job!  Or, she could come back to Hogwarts and teach.  Transfiguration or Charms were her best classes; she could teach them.  Then, she could meet a man at Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley.  Oh, she could meet a nice muggle man during summer break!  Well, whoever she falls in love with, he'll be strong, handsome, smart...

"Hey Lily!" The voice of James Potter interrupted her thoughts.  She glared up at him to find his friends Remus, Surius, and Peter behind him.  They sat in the compartment with her.  Yay, Lily thought, a fun time with these idiots

"Hello, Remus." She ignored James and kept her eyes on Remus; if she looked at James, he might get some bright ideas. "How was your summer?"

"Oh, you know, the usual." He answered casually, "Playing a lot of baseball, getting some summer reading done, James and Surius blowing up Mr. and Mrs. Potter's house, both of them nearly killed..."

"You blew up your parents house?!" Lily asked, her eyes on James.

"Well, it wasn't on purpose or anything..." He answered looking a little guilty, which was unusual. He normally would brag about it.

"How'd it happen?" Lily asked, turning back to Remus.

"Oh, they just decided to see which one of them was a better duelist and ended up using too many spells at one time." Remus answered.  Lily rolled her eyes, exactly what those two were capable of, and after just becoming of age!

"Ya, well, I won anyways." Surius said.  He had a smug look on his face and, surprisingly, James didn't object.  What's up with him?, Lily thought, It's like he's becoming less arrogant, or something.  Then again, that embarassed look on his face could be just for her.  He might be trying to get her to believe that he changed when he truly didn't.

"Hey, guys!" A girl's voice said.  They all looked to see Lily's best friend, Alice, "Mind if I join you?" She asked. 

"Of course not!" Lily said.  Alice sat next to her, "How was your summer?"

"BORING!" Alice answered, "Longbottom came over a few times and drove me nuts!  I tell you, he acts just like Potter sometimes." At this, James turned a very light shade of red, from embarassment and anger.

"I tell YOU," Lily said, "He's not nearly as bad as Potter."  She said this to purposely make James mad.  It worked.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked. Lily looked at him like he was crazy.

"Hmm, well, you ask me out every second, you seem to stalk me, and you are the most arrogant person in the world."  Lily over-aggegerated, making James even angrier. 

"Well, now that you say it, you're right." Alice said, "He is worse than Longbottom.  I mean, he's actually pretty nice and only asked me out once or twice."  Lily gave a laugh.

"Did he give up after you said no?" She asked.  Alice turned red.

"Well, I said no the first time.  Then, I said yes the second time." She said.  Lily looked  surprised, but soon smiled and nodded to her best friend.

"That's good." She said, "I guess he's a nice guy." Alice smiled brightly.  Across from Lily, James was taking mental notes of what kind of a guy she liked.  He was going to get her to go out with him this year.

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Chapter 2: The Arrival
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters that you know. The few that you don't, I own. This disclaimer also reaches out to the first chapter of this series and my one-shot, The Truth.

"I almost forgot!" Alice said, "Did you make Head Girl?". She asked Lily this, who smiled.

"Yes, I did." She answered.

"Congradulations!" Alice said. Across from them, Surius acted completely surprised.

"I can't believe it! I never thought you'd make Head Girl! Can you guys believe it?" Surius asked, overly excited.  Of course, his voice dripped with sarcasm, but he almost pulled it off as real emotions.

"We all knew you'd make it." James complimented.

"Congradulations!" Remus and Peter said.

"Thanks you guys." Lily thanked Remus, Peter, and Alice, "Do any of you know who made Head Boy?"

"No one has said anything to me." Peter answered quickly. The others said the same.

"Guess I'll find out when I go to my new room tonight." Lily slightly bragged.

"I'll be able to go there right?" Alice asked. Lily pretended to think about it.

"I'm not sure if I want you there." Lily joked and Alice looked stricken, "Of course you can!" Lily reassured her.

"What about us?" James asked. Lily glared at him.

"The only one of you I'd ever allow to be there would be Remus, and even he won't be there very often." Lily answered.

"Why can't we come?" Peter pouted.

"Because you are all pranksters. Yes, Remus is too, but he at least acts civilized." Lily answered like it was obvious.

The rest of the ride was spent with such small talk. They finally arrived at Hogwarts around nine, with just of few rays of daylight left. As soon as the train stopped, Lily hurried off it. Standing still a few feet away from the train, Lily gasped. The sight of the sunset, along with the magnificient grounds of Hogwarts always succeeded in taking her breath away. Just thinking of this being her last year made her sad, and even feel like she was going to cry. Luckily a familiar sound pushed that thought out of her mind.

Not too far away from Lily was James, who's breath was also caught at the sight of something magnificent, but it was neither the castle or the sunset. The sight was Lily Evans, and boy was she beautiful. Her long red hair gently blew in the wind as her eyes sparkled at the sight of Hogwarts. James thought of how much he loved that girl, and of how she would never be his. He began to feel sad enough to cry as well. He stopped himself by thinking to himself that he wouldn't give up. Also, Surius' voice called him to a carriage, so he had to tear himself away from the sight.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" The loud voice of Hagrid bellowed to her left. Turning, she saw his large figure jutting out above the crowd.

"Hello, Hagrid!" Lily called above the sounds of the students. The lantern in his massive hand spilt light on her, and he came over to her with a smile on his face.

"Lily, 's great to see you!" Hagrid engulfed her in an one-armed hug. Even though he wasn't trying to, the force of his hug squashed Lily.

"It's good to see you, too!" Lily said, once she caught her breath. Hagrid looked around then, gave Lily a surprised look.

"Where're James and Alice?" Hagrid asked, making Lily put on a pretend sad face.

"What, I'm only fun to have around when those two are with me?" She asked. Hagrid laughed.

"'snot what I meant! I'm just surprised not to see them, especially James. Didn't you say that he stalked you last year?" Hagrid answered with his own question, and it was Lily's turn to laugh.

"Yes, but he really didn't stalk me, and never has. I just said that because he was getting on my nerves. Well, Alice isn't here because she went to find her boyfriend, Frank Longbottom, and James is, I don't know where." Lily answered.

"I'd better get back to the firs' years." Hagrid said and Lily nodded. Hagrid walked off, and Lily found a carriage with three Ravenclaws. They were her friends, two girls and one guy.

"Hey, Kara, Linds,Tyler." They greeted each other happily.

"Guess what?" Linds asked excitedly. Lily thought for a few seconds.

"You recieved a T on one of your exams?" Lily guessed, seeming very serious and concerned.

"No!" Linds said rolling her eyes, "Tyler made Head Boy!"

"That's great! Especially since I made Head Girl." Lily congradulated him, and bragged at the same time. Tyler, being modest and all, simply nodded and thanked her. After Lily recieved more congradulations, they arrived at Hogwarts.

They quickly climbed off the carriage, with Tyler helping each of the girls, and hurried into the castle. They were greeted by Peeves, who was throwing various objects at the students. Behind Lily, James and his friends entered through the doors just in time to see Peeves throw a trophy at Lily.

"Peeves, stop this nonsense!" Remus commanded, shouting. Peeves stopped his cackling to see the angry faces of the Marauders. He had had close calls with them before, so, after dropping what he was carrying on the head of a third year, he flew away.

Lily had been smart enough to stop the trophy with a simple levitation spell, so it didn't hit anyone. Lily seperated from the Ravenclaws upon reaching the Great Hall, and found a seat next to Alice at the Gryffindor table. Alice was sitting across from Frank, and Lily was pretty sure she had interrupted some kind of flirty conversation.

After making sure Peeves was gone, James turned his attention to see if Lily was okay he looked around, but she was nowhere in sight, which meant she had already gone into the Great Hall.

"Come on guys, let's go find out who the Head Boy is." James said as an excuse to get them to hurry. It worked, so James was soon sitting next to LIly.

"Do you know who made Head Boy?" He asked her.

"Yes." She answered. She was trying to act like sitting next to James wasn't fun by speaking as little as possible. Although, she actually liked it. James made her feel safe and secure just by being near her, even though she wanted to deny it, it was true. James kept looking at her expectantly, so she told him who it was, only because his staring was starting to annoy her. Little did she know that James loved looking at her. She had this glow about her that made him feel happy by being next to her

"Tyler, Okay?" Was her answer, and it caused James to roll his eyes. Of course smart, handsome, goody-two shoes Tyler made it! NO FAIR! He gets to share a room with Lily, even a bathroom! Great, just great! Now what am I supposed to do? Lily will end  up falling for him, she's already his friend! To top it all off, I'll never get my chance to be with her, and show her how much I truly care about her! He had to divise a plan and quick!

"Tyler, not Remus made Head Boy!?" Surius' surprised voice brought James back to reality.

"That's rude!" Lily defended Tyler, "Tyler is smart and responsible. While Remus may be smart and the most responsible out of you four, he simply lacks what it takes to be Head Boy. Besides he has enough to worry about as it is, he doesn't need more work and another thing to worry about." Lily happened to know about Remus' "furry problem", as James referred to it. Lily often overheard their conversations, and saw them sneaking out of Gryffindor Tower quite a lot, so she had summed it all up. She even knew why each of them had their certain nickname; Moony for Remus who turned into a werewolf on full moons, Padfoot for Surius for turning into a monstrous dog, Wormtail for Peter who turned into a rat, and Prongs for James who turned into a stag. None of the guys knew that she knew and she intended to keep it that way. Normally she would've turned them in, but the thought of James helping Remus stopped her.  Oh, and the Marauders didn't know that she knew, so let's keep that between us, alright?

"She is right, Padfoot." Remus said to Surius, who sighed in defeat.

Before they could say anything else, Professor McGonagall interrupted them. She led the first years in, and set the sorting hat on the stool. The sorting hat sang the normal "houses" song, then the first years were sorted. After the sorting, Dumbledore gave his usual start of term speech and the feast began. Sirius and James shouted thank-you to Dumbledore, sending chuckles throughout the school, same old Marauders.

After piling food on their plates and shoveling three plate fulls down their throats, which the girls were utterly discusted about, the boys began their normal Qudditch talk. They spoke of the players, need for try-outs, and a lot more.  Man, don't boys talk about anything else, these days?, Lily thought, shaking her head.

"They will never change!" Lily said, very aggravated, to Alice. Alice nodded, and they continued to eat in silence. Once the food finally disappeared, Dumbledore dismissed them to bed. Luckily, the prefects were the ones who had to show the first years around, so Lily and Tyler met up to walk to their new dorm. On the way they held a short conversation.

"How was your summer?" Lily asked.

"Pretty good, but I like being back at the school. Doesn't it stink that this'll be our last year here?" Tyler responded with his own question.

"Ya." Lily sighed," I'm really gonna miss this place, but I'll have many memories, even though most of them contain Potter in them." They both took the rest of the walk to drink in the school. Upon reaching the new dorm, they realized they had forgotten one important detail.

"Oops." Lily said as she looked at the picture of a princess, "We forgot to come up with a password."

"Hmm...How about Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliaphobia?"  Tyler asked.  (I can even say it now!)

"Perfect!" Lily agreed, "You and I are the only two who can say it." After making sure the princess was okay with it, they entered the common room. It was as big as the Gryffindor one, only all of the house colors mixed. It only had one staircase which led to their rooms. Tyler allowed Lily to go first, and they found that the room on the right was Tyler's and the left was Lily's. In between them both was another door, which was the bathroom. After quickly exploring their new dorm, they found that they each had a door that connected to the bathroom. Then, they both crawled into bed. After a long day on the train, they sure were tired, and fell asleep very fast.


In the boys dorm in Gryffindor Tower, James Potter was urgently consulting his best friends for advice, and a plan. Remus was the one who gave the very good advice, but Surius came up with the plan, which they all believed would work. Now, all they had to do was try it.  Of course, it would take a while to work.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this one took so long to update, and that it is kinda boring. I hope that you like it though. I've got a good idea about what the next chapter will be, and I've already begun to write it, so let's hope that it gets up soon. Please review!!!!!

Chapter 3: Time For Class
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize, that honor goes to JKR. 

Lily awoke at seven o’clock Monday morning, and excitedly climbed out of bed. After a quick shower and change, Lily hurried down her dorm stairs. She found Tyler coming down the stairs at the same time.

“Morning.” Tyler said as they headed for the door together.

“Morning to you too. I’m so glad to be back here! Petunia was a pain in the butt all summer, especially when Vernon Dursley was with her.” Lily shuddered at the thought.

“Harsh. My summer wasn’t that bad, but I’m still glad to be back. It’s sad, though, that this is our last year.” Tyler said.

“I know! I’m going to miss this place so much. What are you planning on doing after graduating?” Lily asked.

“Well, being a healer at St. Mongo’s seems like a good job, but I wouldn’t mind being a professor here.” Tyler said like he had really thought about it.

“I want to become a healer as well.” Lily said, “Although, being a professor here is also a good idea, and I’ve thought of maybe being an auror.”

“I know, it’s really hard to make up my mind, too.” Tyler said with a laugh, “See yah.” They had arrived at the Great Hall, and had to go to their separate tables.

“Morning, Alice, Frank” Lily said as she sat at the Gryffindor table. They barely acknowledged her with a wave as they continued to stare at one another. Ok, Lily thought, They are totally in LOVE, no question about it. So, she decided to leave them alone as she ate a very small breakfast.

“What’s wrong, Lily? Not hungry?” James asked as he sat beside her. She gave him a are-you-seriously-caring-what-I-eat look.

“Just wondering; with all this food, I’d be piling it all up on my plate in a heartbeat.” James said as he did pile his plate with food until you couldn’t see the plate anymore.
“Just a little nervous.” Lily said slowly, almost as if she wasn’t sure what was happening. It was a bit strange for James not to come up to her and ask her out, or brag about himself.

“You, nervous?” James asked, not believing her. After all, she looked for the spotlight with her good grades and attitude. Lily glared at him, and continued eating her breakfast of scrambled eggs and a banana.

“Aww, come on, Lily!  I wasn’t trying to be mean!  I’m just not used to thinking of you as someone who gets nervous.” James tried to explain. Lily continued to ignore him, and he finally gave up and spoke to his fellow Marauders.

“So, what’s it going to be this year?” Sirius asked excitedly. As Lily ate, she silently listened to their conversation. Luckily, none of the boys noticed.

“Well,” James looked around quickly, “I was planning on… Slytherin… party… red… heels …bright …Technicolor …So, what do you think?” Lily was only able to hear bits of it because James spoke below even a whisper.

“Great…” Sirius said with a glint in his eye. It was obvious that the prank involved embarrassing Slytherins because they all seemed happy with the plan. Lily kicked herself for not hearing it all because she could’ve stopped them.  Then again, it would be funny to watch the Slytherins be emabarrassed!!  Wait, did Lily just think that?...

Yep, she did.  Ok, she has to snap out of it!  Lily shook her head a few times, and remembered that she was Head Girl.  With that thought, she quickly became angry at the Marauders again for wanting to break the rules...  Ok, for breaking the rules.

Finally, Professor McGonnagal came around with the schedules, and they had Defense Against the Dark Arts with Ravenclaw first. They were all satisfied with that, so they stood and left the Great Hall. Sirius had to be drug away from the food.

“Why did you do that?” Sirius whined, “ I could’ve ate five more plate fulls!”

“We know!” Everyone said, annoyed by Sirius’ usual complaint. The Marauders continued talking, laughing, shouting hellos, and swooning the girls. Lily walked slower to keep away from their annoying ways.

“Hey, Lily.” Tyler said, walking up beside her, “It’s cool that we have the same class first, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” Lily said with a smile. She was starting to feel happier around Tyler, “I was suspecting to have Double Potions with the Slytherins first, like always.”

“Ha, I never had Potions with Slytherins!” Tyler bragged.

“Rub it in, why don’t you!” Lily pouted.

“I just might!” Tyler smirked. Lily stuck her tongue out at him. He laughed at her childishness, and she quickly joined him.

Although neither could see him, James gave Tyler a jealous look. Of course, Sirius saw him, and he reassured him that it was OK. James felt a bit better, but he was still worried.

Lily sat beside Tyler, and the Marauders found a way to form a group in the middle of the class. The teacher wasn’t there yet, so everyone talked loudly and made guesses of who the new teacher might be. Their fifty-two year old teacher had finally retired.

“Good morning class!” A male voice boomed from the front of the classroom. Everyone immediately hushed and turned to see who it was. As soon as they did, loud laughter, courtesy of the Marauders, filled the room. Of course, it was hard not to laugh when they were. The teacher waited patiently for them to be quiet. He was used to the Marauders, being in Gryffindor last year.

“Well, since everyone knows who I am, let’s skip the intro.” Damon Carl told the class with his pearly white smile.

“No way!” Sirius shouted, “YOU can’t be our teacher!” Nods from James and others agreed. Damon… Professor Carl, smirked and shook his head.

“Defense has always been my favorite and best subject. So, yes, I can be your teacher.”

“But, you… You’re nothing but a prankster, jock, and all around rule-breaker!” James exclaimed.

“Yes, but I happen to be stricter now that I’m your teacher.” Professor Carl explained slowly and clearly so they all understood.

“But…” Sirius still couldn’t believe that his role-model was a teacher of all things.

“Now, Mr. Black, please don’t think too much about it. I really don’t want to make you work too hard on your first day back.” Professor Carl joked. Sirius smiled as he saw the old Damon in him.

“Now, we’re only going to review today.” Professor Carl took the teaching position, “Someone, other than Miss Evans, please tell me what a boggart is.” Lily looked at him in disbelief; never before had a teacher not let her answer.

“A boggart is a shape-shifter. It takes the shape of the greatest fear of the person closest to it.” Tyler answered with his hand up.

“Correct.” Professor Carl said, “What is a dementor?” He picked a Gryffindor girl, Susie, to answer.

“It’s a soul-sucking monster.” Susie simply responded.

“Well, that’s certainly the shortest description I’ve ever heard.” Professor Carl said, “Ok, now a werewolf.”

“A werewolf is a person who is forced to change into a form of a monster every full moon. He doesn’t know what he is doing, and has the ability to kill almost anything.” Lindsey described truthfully. No one noticed, but Remus flinched at the monster part.

“Very good.” Professor Carl said, “Ok…” He took a look around the room and noticed that Sirius and James were absorbed in a game of hangman. “Sirius, what is an animagus?”

“A human that can willingly change into the animal that they chose when first becoming one.” He answered quickly, without taking his eyes off the paper, “Oh, J! James is the coolest guy at Hogwarts… Wait… James! I can’t believe you made me read that!” Sirius pulled James into a headlock. Professor Carl sighed and left them to it. He knew he’d never be able to stop them.

“Anyway, class, can anyone tell me what a gun is?” The class looked away from the fight, wondering what that was. James and Sirius didn’t stop fighting because they both knew what it was.

“A gun is a metal weapon used to shoot a bullet, or a hunk of metal.” Lily answered, being muggleborn.

“Correct, Miss Evans.” Professor Carl admired, “The reason I brought up a gun is because we all need to know what muggles use to kill one another and how to recognize and protect ourselves.” He pulled out a gun that wasn’t loaded, “ This is a gun.” The class warily looked at it, “To protect yourself, use the spell Buliaproof. Now, everyone stand and practice. The shield should be black and look like a wall.”

The class, except Sirius and James who were still fighting, stood and did as they were told. Of course, Lily earned ten points to Gryffindor for performing it correctly on her first try.

The class ended quickly because of all the fun they managed to have. Professor Carl let James and Sirius off this once for their behavior, but told them that acting up again would lead to a detention.

“That was interesting.” Tyler said to Lily as they walked to History of Magic, another class they had together.

“Yes, I had expected that Da… I mean, Professor Carl wouldn’t be a very good teacher. It’s nice to know that he’ll make the class fun, yet enforce the rules.” Lily voiced her opinion. Tyler nodded in agreement.

“Hey, you two! How dare your run off without us!” Lindsey cried as she and Kara walked up beside them.

“Sorry.” Lily laughed. They made it to History of Magic through bursts of laughter and chatter.

Unfortunately, Professor Binns hadn’t given up and they sat through a boring class. Lily and a few Ravenclaws were the only ones who took notes. After class, everyone begged them for copies, and everyone managed to somehow get a copy.

Lunch was next, followed by a free period. How Lily managed to get through that time with the annoying Marauders, she was never able to figure out. But, six years with them had made her used to their disruptions.  Then again, she was in her sanctuary the whole time, so the Marauders couldn't bug her that much.  What I mean is that the Marauders, except Remus, never entered her domain... the library!

Not to anyone’s surprise, Lily spent half of her lunch and all her free period in the library. She was catching up on what she had forgotten last year… Yah right, she studied over the summer so it was hard for her to forget any of it.

The Marauders, on the other hand, spent their lunch in an eating contest, and their free period making the final adjustments on their beginning of the year prank. Of course, they still had same time left over, so Remus explained the plan to James once more, very clearly. James listened closely, and took his words to heart, as lame as it sounds. From that point, no one knew what either of the plans were, but knew they had to be good. Oh, and they would be, no questions about it. With the Marauders minds set, they wouldn’t give up on anything, and their goal was VERY important to all of the Marauders.

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Chapter 4: Confused
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Disclaimer: I do not, and never will, own any Harry Potter characters, settings, animals, spells, or anything. The few characters that you don’t recognize are mine. *Sigh*   Those characters aren’t even that good. It makes me sad sometimes… Anywho, on with the story!! 

The last class of the day was Care of Magical Creatures. Lily didn’t like this class that much because there was no certainty on handling animals; there were no notes to make sure you did it right.

Needless to say, Lily enjoyed working with animals, but didn’t like the sense of not truly being in control. And, Professor Admin was a very kind and fun old woman, nearing 60 years of age.

Of course, the Marauders loved it; being able to get away with almost anything. Actually, almost the whole school loved Care of Magical Creatures. It would have been even better if they didn’t have it with the Slytherins.

“Alrighty! I’ve decided to give you an easy day, today.” Professor Admin explained with a welcoming smile, “We’ll be reviewing, and the student who answers correctly gets points for their house.” Immediately, it was a battle between Slytherin house, and Gryffindor house.

Of course, Lily know her house was counting on her to answer right, and that didn’t shake her. She also believed that the Marauders could answer a lot correctly, too. Their prankster ways made them seem stupid, but they were all actually pretty smart, except for Peter. She still couldn’t figure out why the others hung out with him.

“OK! What is a hippogriph’s favorite food?” Professor Admin asked. The students began to shout out the answer while Lily raised her hand.

“Lily?” Professor Admin ignored all the shouts.

“Hippogriphs prefer squirrel, or fish.” Lily stated.

“Correct? 10 point to Gryffindor!” Professor Admin announced, “Now! What does a dementor wear?”

“Sirius?” Sirius’ hand had shot up in the are first, and he wore a smirk when she called his name.

“They wear long black cloaks with hoods to hid their faces until they give their victims ‘the kiss’.” Sirius explained.

“Brilliant! 10 more points to Gryffindor!” Professor Admin seemed pleased the Sirius answered a question correctly, “OK! What does a fire-breathing dragon do to burn buildings?”

Everyone just sat there and thought. The question seemed to confuse everyone. It was a while before Remus, Lily and James put their hands in the air; it seemed they had figured it out.

“Hmm… How about you, James?” Professor Admin asked him because he didn’t answer many questions either.

“It breaths fire!” James shouted to show the class’ stupidity. Everyone who didn’t put their hand up, sat there, kicking themselves for being so stupid.

“Obviously!” Professor Admin agreed, “Let’s see… Who can tell me what symbol represents leprechauns?” Everyone had their hand up this time, so she gave it to a Slytherin.

“A four-leaf clover.” Lucious Malfoy drawled.

“Good, good. 10 points to Slytherin, and 10 to Gryffindor for James’ answer!” Professor Admin was really starting to get into the games, “Okay, dokay! What has a horn, is white all over, walks on four legs, and has a fluffy tail?”

“Prongs!” Sirius shouted with his hand up. The class, except for James, Sirius, Lily, and Peter (who wasn’t paying attention), gave him quizzical looks.

“Err… That’s not the answer I was shooting for.” Professor Admin explained, not sure if it could be a suitable answer or not, “OK, any Slytherins want to take a guess?”

“A unicorn!” Narcissa squealed, and was correct, earning Slytherin 10 more points.

“Oh, I know! Why do most girls dislike Veela?” Professor Admin questioned.

“Because the veela can entrance a man and make him do stupid things.” A Slytherin girl, Nancy, said with spite dripping from every word. Lily shuddered at the way she said it.

“Yep! 10 points to Slytherin!” Professor Admin announced, “OK! This one decides the winner! What is small, has curly fur, long fluffy ears, and a tail?”

Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Lucious, Nancy, and Narcissa threw their hands up at the same time.

“OK, pick a number between 1 and 50.” Professor Admin chose a fair way to pick the winner.

Remus chose 25, 32 for Lucious, 2 for Narcissa, 24 for Lily (which caused Remus to stick his tongue out at her), 26 for James (Remus pouted), 33 for Sirius, and Nancy chose 47.

“Number 25!” Professor Admin announced. Remus smirked, and everyone else pouted.

“A puppy!” Remus exclaimed, winning the game for Gryffindor.

“20 points for Gryffindor!” Professor Admin shouted, and the Gryffindors cheered for Remus. Sirius and James lifted him up on their shoulders.

“We just earned 50 house points!” Lily jumped up and down. That was a record for the first day of classes.

“Cool!” James and Sirius high-fived, accidentally dropping Remus. After finding Remus fine, they engulfed him, and Peter, in a group hug. Lily laughed at the ‘Help!’ looks Remus was giving her.

“Alright, then! That’s all for today! You’re dismissed!” Professor Admin called above the cheering seventh year Gryffindors.

Everyone dispersed, with the Slytherins trying to start a fight. They were such sore losers! Besides, they earned 30 house points! They should by happy about that! But, of course they couldn’t settle for that, being their snobby selves.

“Hey, Lily, want to…” James came up behind her, but didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“Pureblood shouldn’t mix with mudbloods, Potter!” Lucious sneered to their left. James’ eyes flashed; he was VERY angry now. Lily quickly saw this, and laid a restraining hand on his arm. 

“James, don’t . It’s not worth is; he’s not worth it.” Lily tried to stop James from getting into a fight with Lucious. He know he’d get hurt; with all the huge Slytherin boys waiting to back Lucious up. Lily really didn’t want James to get hurt because of her, or for such a stupid reason.

“He deserves it, for calling you such a foul name!” James pulled away from her, and stepped toward Lucious.

“James, please don’t!” Lily really didn’t want him to get expelled, either. He had been warned that another fight with Slytherins would result expulsion.

“Lily, just let me go!” James warned. Thoughts whirled in Lily’s head; how could she stop him? One thought popped into her mind, and she quickly acted.

With all her strength, Lily turned James to face her, causing James to become angrier. Standing on her tip-toes, Lily pressed her lips against James’ lips. James eyes became wide with shock, but they slowly closed as he pulled her closer to him.

Before it could go further, Lily pushed James away. Everyone stared at them, and Lily felt a blush creeping on her cheeks. James stood grinning like a maniac, and Lily looked at his immaturity in disgust.

She turned and walked to the castle. She was angry at herself for kissing such an immature prick, but… she had actually liked it. She had actually let James pull her into his arms, and it felt like she belonged there…

NO WAY!!!!! She couldn’t stand that man, and refused to go out with him.

She had to think of something, anything, else! Umm… Tyler! Yes, Tyler! OK, he’s really smart, but so is James… HEY! STOP THAT!!!

OK, OK, Tyler is very nice and sweet. Yah, that’s it! And, err, he is good looking! Uh huh, James is better looking with his muscles form quidditch and glorious black hair. OH, and those eyes! Thos lovely brown orbs are worthy of losing yourself in! *sigh*

Ugh! What’s wrong with her? Lily became so frustrated with herself. How could she be falling for the guy that she spent six years trying to get rid of? It just wasn’t possible!

Lily was so confused as she walked into her common room saying the password, still hippopatomonstrosousquippedaliophobia. Tyler was sitting on the couch reading, and Lily flopped on the couch beside him.

“Hey, Lils.” Only her friends were allowed to call her that, but Potter always ignored what she told him. Ha, a good reason not to like him!

“Hi.” Lily greeted him, feeling a bit better, “Us Gryffindors just earned 50 points in Care of Magical creatures, beating the Slytherisns at a review game.” Lily bragged.

“Good job!” Tyler congratulated the beating of the Slytherins.

“Why, thank-you!  I’m just brilliant, aren’t I?” Lily pretended to have an over-confident self-esteem.

“I think not!” Tyler disagreed, and jumped at her.

“Hey!” Lily cried when he pinned her arms with one hand. Looming over her, Tyler smirked and started tickling. Lily was soon shrieking with laughter.

“Stop! Please!” Lily begged through bursts of laughter.

“Only if you say I’m the brilliant one!” Tyler demanded of her.

“Fine! You're brilliant!” Lily quickly gave in; tickling was her greatest weakness, and Tyler knew that.

“Ha! I win!” Tyler stood over her like a man who had just won a wrestling match. Lily stood and pushed him onto the couch. She made a run for her room, giggling all the while. There, she changed into comfortable shorts, and a tank-top for supper.

It seemed Tyler had the same idea, because he was sitting on the couch in a wife-beater and a pair of shorts. Lily had to admit that it looked good on him, but it would’ve looked even better on James’ six-pack. Thinking of James reminded her of what had happened outside. Great! How could she go into the Great Hall, right by James, and pretend nothing happened?!?! Well, she’d have to give it a try, and once James started talking about it, lie.

“Come along, Tyler.” Lily said as sophisticated as she could. Tyler laughed, and stood while offering her his arm. She took it, and they walked down the halls laughing. Lily’s laughter was short-lived, as James was waiting for her at the doors to the Great Hall. He saw her, and grinned; not smirked, grinned. That caught Lily off-guard, seeing as he never really grinned at her.

“Hi, Lily.” James said once she reached him. Fortunately, Tyler left for food at the Ravenclaw table.

“Hi.” Lily said, awkwardly. They stood there in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, not knowing what to say to the other.

“Well,  you, err, kissed me.” James stated the obvious. Surprisingly, Lily didn’t roll her eyes, instead she looked away and blushed.

“Ya.” Lily agreed quietly.

“Well, err, why?” James asked. He desperately wanted to know if she liked him or just felt sorry for him being turned down by her every day.

“Because, well, I didn’t want you to get in trouble because of me and that’s the only thing I could think of to make you stop trying to fight Malfoy.” Lily explained very fast, but James still understood her.

“So, you still don’t like me?” He asked, just to be sure.   He looked kind of disappointed.

“Well, not enough to go out with you.” Lily said slowly. It took James a moment to comprehend this, then his grin returned.

“So, are you saying that you are willing to be my friend?” James asked cautiously.

“I wouldn’t go that far, James. How about, acquaintances?” Lily suggested.

“Deal.” James quickly agreed and stuck out his hand. They shook on it, and Lily felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Now, she didn’t feel as sorry about the way she treated James; they were acquaintances.

They sat at separate parts of their tables, but both felt a little happier. Especially James. As soon as he sat, he excitedly told his friends about Lily’s new stance with him. They all agreed that this was a lot better than before. Hey, James might actually have a chance, and it seemed like the beginning of the plan was doing great. Now, it was time to increase acquaintanceship to friendship. It would take a while, but he was going to do it. 

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Chapter 5: The Prank
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“Can we do it now?” Sirius whined, barely able to contain his excitement. The others became excited, too as they remembered what they were about to do.

“Prongs, you can have the honors.” Remus joked. James smirked and with a flicked his wand, the prank took action.

The whole hall went silent as the lights turned from regular white to bright green, hot pink, and dark purple. The Slytherins outfits changed to red ball gowns and red high heels, even the guys. They stood on their table and began to do dance, horribly I might add, and sang to the school:

Welcome to a new year
In this wonderful atmosphere
We enjoy everyday
In a very different way
Those Marauders help us enjoy
A prank to annoy
Us silly Slytherins!

James, the quidditch pro
Tells us what we need to know
Sirius, the gorgeous beater
*sighs from the Slytherin girls*
I a very big eater

Remus, the brilliant charmer
Is quite a heart-warmer

Peter, the sneaky prankster
Is quite a devious fool

The Marauders are the only reason
We keep coming back to Hogwarts! 

“Thank-you for all of your hard work!” Lucious curtsied, along with the rest of the Slytherins. The Great Hall broke out in laughter and clapping, as the Slytherins turned bright red.

The Marauders thanked the Slytherins through laughter. The Slytherins tried to change their outfits, but to no avail, the Marauders were smarter than that! The Slytherins realized that the Marauders had put a spell on the dresses, and dashed towards the double doors. Sirius whipped out his wand and slammed the doors, not allowing the Slytherins to leave.

“Don’t you want to be congratulated for that wonderful performance?” Sirius asked. The Slytherins huffed, and sat down at their table. They didn’t dare do anything in front of the professors. It was a while before the hall stopped laughing, but when they did, Professor Dumbledore stood with a smile.

“Thank-you, Slytherins, for performing for us.” The Slytherins scowled at him, “Marauders, thank-you for a job well-done, but you have detention for the rest of the week. Now, after the first day of school, I believe you all want to get to sleep, so off you go!” The hall was suddenly alive with students milling towards the doors.

James looked around for Lily and saw her laughing at something Tyler had said. He frowned as he saw how close they were. James decided to impress Lily with some maturity, and left the hall without a word. Of course, Sirius and Remus noticed this, and gave each other an approving nod.

Once they were dismissed, Tyler had come over to Lily. His smile had a hint of nervousness in it, but Lily didn’t see that. She smiled back at him as they walked towards the doors together. Lily briefly saw James, but he wasn’t looking their way.

“That was hilarious!” Tyler eased into conversation, “I’ve never seen Malfoy more red in the face!” Lily remembered the look on his face and broke out in laughter. Tyler laughed as well, relieved that Lily was comfortable around him.

“Listen, Lily, I really like you. I… Will you be my girlfriend?” Tyler asked out of nowhere. Lily was startled, and didn’t answer right away. Lily looked up at him, and smiled. Tyler was a cool guy; nice, good-looking, smart, and sweet.

“Yes, I will.” Lily answered, and Tyler smiled brightly. He held out his hand, and Lily took it, somewhat shyly. They continued to the Head’s Dorm with minimal conversation.

The Marauders, other than James, had seen this. They didn’t glare at Lily and Tyler, but they gave them a disdainful look. They knew James would be crushed, but wouldn’t give up. They decided right then, and there that they were going to do everything they could to help get Lily and James together. They started revising their plan, until they had it set up exactly how they needed it to work. 

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Chapter 6: Tigerlily
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James was crushed by the news of Lily‘s new boyfriend, but his resolve was to work hard to get Lily to be his friend. The Marauders told him the new plan, and he was confident it would work. He put it into effect immediately.

STEP 1: Don’t ask her out.

James looked at this step sorrowfully, but did as it said. For the first week that Lily and Tyler went out, James not once asked her out. Lily was glad he didn’t because she would have to say no. Besides, that showed signs of maturing from James. Even when she had had boyfriends before, he had still asked her out every chance he had.

Lily was having a good time with Tyler. He was thoughtful, and sweet. He sat at the Gryffindor Table with her, and sat with her during the classes they had together. He gave her space for studying and reading, but was never too far away in case she needed him. They had still to share their first kiss, but Tyler didn’t want to rush it, and wanted it to be romantic. So, he planned a special day for Saturday, and didn’t tell her a thing.

Lily woke late on Saturday, at 10:30. She rolled out of bed and changed into comfy shorts and a tank-top, but they still looked very cute on her. After brushing her long hair into a high ponytail, she headed down the stairs. Upon reaching the foot of the stairs, she gasped at the sight before her.

Tyler smiled, and pulled her to the table he had set up. The room was normal, but the ceiling had been bewitched to look like the sky outside, just as the Great Hall. Now, the table was not so normal. On it sat two plates filled with biscuits, eggs, and gravy. Beside Lily’s plate sat a bouquet of flowers, and on the other side sat a small box.

“Tyler, did you make the food yourself?” Lily asked, because it was a sweet thing that he would do.

“Of course!  I only want you to have the best.” Tyler smirked, making Lily laugh. They sat, and ate in silence. Lily itched to open the box, but waited until she finished eating.

“MM, that was delicious! Thank-you!” Lily complimented Tyler’s cooking. He smiled, and urged her to open the gift. She gave him a sly look, and picked up the flowers. She smelt them, and giggled at how he had carefully placed the lilies, lilacs, and roses to display a heart. She looked over at him, and saw that he was impatient for her to open the gift. She obliged.

Lily carefully picked up the box, and slowly untied the bow. She placed the green ribbon beside the flowers, and began to take off the lid of the red box. Inside was a piece of paper, carefully folded. Lily lifted it out of the box, and saw a beautiful necklace with a star shaped emarald attached. She forgot about the note as she held it up to admire in the light.

“Tyler, it’s beautiful! But, I can’t take it, it must have cost a fortune!” Lily tried to hand it to him. Tyler crossed his arms, and stubbornly shook his head.

“It is a present, and you will keep it!” Tyler commanded, “Besides, it’s not a present for nothing, or did you forget that you turn 17 today?” Lily looked at him in surprise as she recalled that small fact. She blushed at her loss of memory as she carefully replaced the necklace in the box.

Lily stood and walked around the table to give Tyler a hug. He easily returned it, and stood as well. He picked Lily up, and swung her in the air. She screamed until he dropped her into his arms. Her face had a tinge of pink from screaming, and Tyler thought she looked very cute. Before he could stop himself, he lowered his head and gave Lily a gentle kiss on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Lily felt a rise in her heart, as did Tyler.

They pulled away, both breathless, but not from the length of the kiss, but from the power and emotion of it. They stared at each other for minutes on end. Finally, Tyler broke the moment by placing her back on the ground. Lily stared up at him, and felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had just realized that the kiss she had given James felt even better than Tyler’s.

“Read the note.” Tyler brought her out of her thoughts. Looking at him, she knew he’d never be as good as James, but she knew she just couldn’t go out with James. That was that. Lily walked over to the table, and carefully opened the note. It read:

Dear Lily,

I know I could just tell you this, but it will always be a reminder for you. Anyway, I want you to know that you will always be very important to me, whether we make it through dating or not. I’ve liked you for a while now, but it took me some time to get the courage to ask you out.

This isn’t just a gushy letter, it’s also the first step to a big surprise I have for you later tonight. After reading this, carry on with your day as usual, until two o’clock. Then, go to the Gryffindor common room and hang out with your friends there, until five o’clock. At five, meet me here, and I just might have a surprise waiting for you, but only if you’re on time.

With lots of hope,


Lily smiled at how sweet Tyler was, and looked up to thank him, only he wasn’t there. “Tyler!” Lily called, but he didn’t answer. She looked around the room, and found that he must have left. Lily read over the note again, and decided to do as it said. She pulled out a book hidden under the in table beside the couch, and read. She quickly lost herself in the book, and didn’t pay attention to the time.

Lily sighed as she closed the book, and looked up at the clock. It was about 1:30, so she decided to head to the kitchen for a snack. She found it in her first year, after getting completely lost looking for the History of Magic classroom. Not knowing how to open it, she listened in on the Marauders’ conversations and heard them talk about tickling the pear. The house elves eagerly waited on her when she entered. Unfortunately, they were also waiting on four other people, the four other people she didn’t want to be anywhere near. Ok, so they hadn’t been that bad lately, Lily allowed herself to admit.

STEP 2: Be mature!!!!! 

“Lily! Great seeing you here!” James smiled as he saw her. Lily nodded in the Marauders’ general direction as she asked her favorite house elf, Mitsy, for a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

“Yes! Mitsy gets it for Miss Flower!” Mitsy hurried off, and Lily decided to join the Marauders. She was friends with the Marauders.  She found that being around James was actually pretty fun, and she had slowly started to trust him and his friends.  Yes, it only took a week for James to get Lily to be his friend.

“Miss Flower?” Sirius teased. Lily stuck her tongue out at him, and they burst into laughter. Lily even laughed with them. It was strange, yet funny, to see Lily Evans act like a three-year-old. Mitsy returned with her sandwich, and Lily thanked her. Mitsy glowed at the praise as she left to get Miss Flower some milk to drink.

“When did you find the kitchen? We’ve never seen you here before.” James asked.

“I stumbled upon it in First Year, looking for History of Magic.” Lily explained. That’s not fair!, James thought, It took us 3 months of searching to find it! The other Marauders were thinking the same, because that had spent late nights under the invisibility cloak searching and searching. Within that time, they received a lot of detentions from Professor McGonagall, being noisy and clumsy.

“So, what are you up to today?” James asked while Mitsy returned with Lily’s milk. Once again, she glowed after Lily thanked her. Lily didn’t understand why simply thanking her made the house elf’s day, but she did it, just being polite.

“Not much. Tyler has a surprise for me later today, at five.” Lily shrugged.

“Well, we’ll throw a party for you, until then.” Remus announced. Lily felt a blush coming as she shook her head.

“There’s no need for that.” She objected. The Marauders refused to give in that easily.

“It’s your seventeenth birthday! You deserve a huge party!” Sirius, surprisingly, countered.

“Yes, so go wait for us in the library, and we’ll come and get you when we’re ready.” James said, and they pushed Lily out of the kitchen. Lily gave in and found a good book at the library. She checked it out, and began to read. It seemed only a few minutes later, Remus came to get her.

“Where are the others?” Lily asked as they left the library. Remus shook his head.

“They didn’t want to go into the library, so they’re waiting for us in the common room.” He explained. Lily nodded, understanding exactly what he was talking about. James had only been in the library a few times during OWL’s, to study, and he hated it. Neither Peter nor Sirius had ever actually been in the library before. Remus, on the other hand, was in there plenty a time to study. That’s how he and Lily became friends. Before she knew it, they had arrived at the Fat Lady. A password later, they were entering the room.

Lily gasped at this sight as well. Hanging on streamers were the words HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY LILY!!, and they changed colors. Besides that, there was an actual DJ in the back of the room, blasting music. On tables were food and a huge, four feet high, cake that was shaped as the Gryffindor Lion. The chairs and studying tables had been replaced with a dance floor that was covered with a mixture of students. Lindsey and Kara were even there. They, and the other Marauders headed her way.

“Happy birthday!” They shouted upon reaching her, and Lily found herself laughing as they began to dance. James and Sirius were doing wacky moves, and Peter and Remus were taking turns trying to trip them. Lindsey and Kara pulled her out on the floor and made her dance with them. Alice soon joined, and they giggled and chatted as they had fun. Not once did James come over to ask her out, or to dance. Lily was impressed with his new attitude, and hoped he learned to stay that way.  He wouldn't be James, though, if he didn't break a few rules and pull a few pranks, Lily allowed herself to admit.

The hours ran past as they all enjoyed dancing to the music. Around 4:30, James and Sirius drug Lily over to the cake. After everyone sang happy birthday to her, Lily blew out the seventeen candles on the cake. Then, Sirius took a few huge pieces, and stuffed them down his throat. Everyone, even James, looked away in disgust. Lily saw a clock and found that it was 4:42, and she high-tailed it out of there. Luckily, she made it to the Head’s Dorm quickly, and wasn’t late.

“Crazy monkeys” She said the password, and opened the portrait. Inside, she saw lilies and roses lying on the floor, leading to the couch where Tyler was sitting. Lily quietly walked towards him, because he hadn’t noticed her yet. She surprised him when she jumped over the back of the couch and onto it. He jumped, but smiled at her smirking, and anticipating face. He made no motion to give or show her anything, so Lily sat there, her patience slowly running out.

“Oh, Tyler, what’s my surprise??” Lily asked, unable to contain her excitement any longer. He smiled at her, and pulled a box out from the other side of him. He handed it to her, and she slowly opened it, holding her breath. What she found caused her to giggle in glee.

“Thank you!!!” Lily gave Tyler a quick peck on the cheek, before returning to the adorable little kitten on her lap. It was gray, white, black, and tinted yellow. The tiger-like kitten pounced at her hand when she wiggled her finger in front of its nose.

“What are you going to name her?” Tyler asked, happy that Lily loved his surprise. She was sitting beside him with a huge grin on her face, and sparkling emerald eyes.

“Err, Tigerlily!” Lily cried, taking a nickname James had used for her in the second year. That wasn’t the reason she chose it, she chose that name because the kitten was so much like a tiger, and she thought the name fitting. Then, Lily remembered something, and her grin left her face.

“I can’t take her.” Lily said quietly. Tyler looked puzzled at her statement, “You’ve already gotten me a beautiful necklace that had to cost a fortune, and she had to, too!”

“Oh,” Tyler laughed, “You’re worth every penny.” Lily blushed at his words, and stopped trying to give Tigerlily back. Then, she squealed and picked up the kitten and grabbed and of Tyler’s hands.

“Where’re you taking us?” Tyler asked as Lily pulled him at a run out of the Head’s dorm.

“To the Gryffindor common room to show everyone my beautiful kitten!” Lily squealed with the twinkle back in her eye. Tyler laughed as they arrived at the Fat Lady, and Lily said the password. Needless to say, everyone loved Tigerlily, and crowded around them. James did as well, and swelled with pride as Lily announced the kitten’s name. Of course, being mature and all, he didn’t make any kind of suggestion about it. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, helping Tigerlily get used to her new home.

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Chapter 7: MINE!!!
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“Guess what tomorrow is?” Kara asked, practically jumping off the walls. The girls were hanging out in the Head’s dorm on a late Friday night, nearly two weeks since Lily’s birthday. They had kicked Tyler out to have a girls only slumber party. At the moment, Lily was hogging the couch, Alice was spread out in front of the fireplace, Lindsey was trying unsuccessfully to move Lily’s legs, and Kara was vibrating in a chair. A half-full bowl of popcorn, chocolate frog wrappers, butterbeer bottles, Honeyduke’s chocolate, empty ice-cream cartons, empty cookie packages, and a nearly empty milk jug all littered the coffee table in the center of the room.

“Saturday?” Rational Lily guessed. Kara rolled her eyes, seeing as the guess was right, but wrong at the same time.

“It’s the first Hogsmeade trip of the year!” Kara literally jumped out of the chair and ran in a circle around the girls. Needless to say, she had had the most sugar and caffeine.

“Awesome!” Lindsey cried, “Girl’s day out!” It had been tradition since first year to have a girl’s day during the first Hogsmeade trip of the year. Kara had been so depressed that they couldn’t go to Hogsmeade that Alice used the idea to make her happy again.

“Are we sleeping in or rousing early?” Alice questioned eagerly. The girls took a moment to ponder this one. It would be their last first Hogsmeade trip at school. Going earlier would mean more time for memories, but it was already past midnight.

“Early!” Lily cried, falling off the couch in her excitement. Lindsey squealed, and took it in her absence. Lily stuck her tongue out, and received a smirk.

“Alright, then I suggest sleepy-bye.” Alice acted like she was talking to a lot of three year olds. Well, as immature as the girls had been that night, they might as well have been three.

“I can’t go to sleep!” Kara whined, running again, this time not stopping.

“Ya! And I just got the couch!” Lindsey agreed, now it was Lily’s turn to smirk.

“Well, I’m going to bed. You guys can do what you want.” Alice announced, and climbed up the stairs to Lily’s bedroom. There, they had set up three more beds without much difficulty, seeing as the room was huge.

“So am I.” Lily followed her. Lindsey and Kara looked at each other and sighed. They gave in and joined their friends upstairs.

The next day, Lily’s alarm clock went off at seven, and each girl had a different reaction. Alice promptly fell out of bed, Lindsey screamed, Lily sat bolt upright, and Kara didn’t budge. Lily was the one who turned off the alarm as the others wouldn’t move, from shock or tiredness.

“Come on, guys! Girl’s day out!” Lily called as she took the bathroom first. Fifteen minutes later, she was freshly clothed and Kara still hadn’t moved. Alice and Lindsey raced to the bathroom, and Lindsey won, quickly shutting the door. Alice pouted as she sat on her bed, and Lily laughed at her.

“Did you want to go to Hogsmeade with Frank?” Lily teased.

“No way! The girl’s day is tradition! No boy can break us girls’ traditions.” Alice answered.

“You go girl!” Lily and Alice high-fived. Lily continued to fix her hair in front of the mirror, and Alice tried to wake Kara. She still wouldn’t move, but Alice knew exactly what to do. Pulling out her wand, Alice sprayed ice-cold water all over Kara. With a shriek, she jumped out of the bed, shivering and glaring at Alice.

“Glad you could join us!” Lily joked. She and Alice burst into a fit of giggles while Kara continued to glare. Not a minute later, Lindsey came out of the bathroom, and Kara and Alice fought for it. Once again, Alice lost, and pouted. Lily laughed at her, and she glared. Lindsey took over the mirror, and Lily dug into her trunk for money. Alice continued to sulk until Kara come out of the bathroom after twenty minutes.

Then, it was Kara’s turn to hog the mirror. Lily and Lindsey pulled on comfy shoes, and slid down the banister to the Head’s room. About ten minutes later, the other two joined them

“Yay! Let’s go!” Lindsey shouted and they made a beeline for the portrait hole. They headed for the Entrance hall, skipping and giggling. Then, the Marauders, Tyler, and his best friend, Kyle, blocked their way.

“Out of the way, boys! Today is a girl’s day out!” Kara stepped forward, moving her hands as if to push them out of the way.

“Alright, alright!” Sirius laughed, and the boys held their hands up in surrender. They moved, half on one side and half on the other. The girls walked through, heads held high. A few feet past the boys they burst out giggling.

They past Filch fairly quickly, and climbed onto a carriage. Luckily, none of the girls could see what pulled it. The girls began their conversation congratulating Kara.

“Way to show the boys!” Lindsey giggled, and the other girls did too.

“It’s about time we step up and show those boys what we’re all about!” Kara stated, and the others agreed.

“Did you see the look on Kyle’s face when you did that?” Alice asked. The other girls shook their heads.

“What look?” Kara was confused as to why she would mention him. She had the biggest crush on Kyle since their third year. All of the girls knew it, and often teased her for it. They all knew she and Kyle were practically perfect for each other, but she denied the fact that he crushed on her too.

“He looked so proud that you were the one to speak up!” Alice teased. Kara’s mouth formed a perfect O as she stared wide-eyed at Alice.

“Did he really?” Kara asked breathless. Lindsey and Lily snickered, but Kara didn’t bother with them.

“Yes, really.” Alice reassured her. Kara smiled widely, and got a faraway look in her eye. Alice smiled at the sweetness of the situation. Lily and Lindsey snickered again at her “happy” moment. They then reached Hogsmeade, and climbed down from the carriage.

“Where to first?” Lily asked brightly. They were all ready for an adventurous day.

“How ‘bout Honeydukes?” The usually sugar-crazed Kara suggested hopefully. The other girls laughed at her, but quickly agreed.

Before they knew it, Kara was opening the door to smell the chocolaty aroma. They immediately headed for their favorite section that contained their favorite candy, chocolate! Honeydukes has many different kinds of chocolate. There’s chocolate frogs, chocolate bars, chocolate cubes and balls, mint chocolate, chocolate sculptures, chocolate with cream inside, chocolate with melted chocolate inside, chocolate with peanuts and peanut butter, and a lot more. Each girl had their favorite: Lily was all for chocolate with peanut bitter, Kara was in love with every kind, Lindsey loved chocolate with caramel inside, and Alice loved mint chocolate. OK, so Kara didn’t have a favorite, but she wasn’t like the other girls. Not like the other girls at all…

“Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine…” Kara was hopping around the store taking handfuls of every type of candy imaginable. Lindsey, Lily, and Alice stared as she filled bag after bag to the brim. Finally, she managed to heave what looked like a lifetime supply up onto the counter. The clerk looked at her with wide eyes, but rang it all up. The total came to fifty-eight Galleons and six Knuts.

“Ready to go?” Kara asked through her armsful of bags. The other girls glanced at each other and burst into laughter. Kara just stared at them, obviously confused to what was so funny.

“Come on, let’s check out.” Alice said, wiping away tears. Lily and Lindsey followed her to the counter and each bought less than half a bag-full. This time, Kara was the one staring. Lily, Lindsey, and Alice burst into laughter again as they left the store.

“Do we get some?” Lily asked, referring to the bulging bags of yummy candy.

“MINE!” Kara shouted and ran away. Somehow, she managed to run while carrying all the bags and shoving candy into her mouth at top speed. It was obvious that she wanted all the candy to herself. The others followed her, laughing all the while.

Their final destination tuned out to be the lookout for the Shrieking Shack. They saw Kara sitting on a rock with bags all round her, still stuffing her face with candy. Just as the girls started to head down there, they were met with six boys: The Marauders, Kyle, and Tyler.

“Is that all Honeydukes’ candy?” Kyle asked, staring at her.

“Yep, and she just bought it all herself. It was over fifty galleons.” Lindsey stated. The boys all stared in disbelief as they walked with the girls to Kara.

“May I have some, please?” Kyle asked politely upon reaching her. Kara stared at them for a moment, just realizing they were anywhere near her.

“MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!!!” Kara gathered all the bags in her arms and sprinted towards part of the Forbidden Forest. Suddenly, she changed her course and was running in circles around the group. She still hadn’t noticed that she was humiliating herself in front of her crush. Her face was covered with chocolate, and she was still stuffing her mouth.

“She’s worse than Padfoot on Halloween!” James cried unbelieving, and his fellow Marauders agreed, still staring at her. Then, they all burst into laughter. They literally rolled on the ground, tears streaming down their cheeks rapidly. As suddenly as she started, Kara stopped running and looked at their tangled bodies.

“HEY!  NO BOYS!  IT’S A GIRL’S DAY!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!” Kara had started by pointing an accusing finger at the group, causing them to stop laughing in surprise. Then, she was running again in a blink of an eye, chanting, “NO BOYS!” at the top of her lungs. This caused them to start laughing again.

Once again, about ten minutes later, Kara suddenly stopped running and chanting. She stared at the group, who were still laughing, and blushed redder than her red shirt. She ran again, but this time away from Hogsmeade and towards the school. It all had to do with realizing she had majorly embarrassed herself in front of Kyle. Again, the group had stopped laughing to see her blush. They blinked at her retreating figure and burst out laughing again. Kyle was the first to stop and stare at the last place he had seen Kara.

“I’m gonna go after her. See ya.” He stood and ran in the direction she had left. Everyone had stopped laughing, and stared at his retreating back. Then, the boys bellowed with laughter as the girls jumped up squealing.

“They’re gonna get together!” Lily squealed. James stopped laughing to stare unnoticed at her. He drank in her grin, sparkling eyes, and over-all beautiful self.

“Finally!” Lindsey sighed, plopping on the ground as if she was exhausted. Surprisingly, Tyler caught himself staring at her worn-out figure, wanting to go over and let her rest against him.

“YES! We’re gonna have to get the complete story, and pull out another sleepover!” Alice cried happily. The other girls agreed. The boys had stopped laughing to stare at them in confusion. Of course, Lily was the fist to notice this, and saw only James staring at her. A shiver ran down her spine, and she suddenly had goose-bumps up and down her arms and legs.

“Why are you staring at us?” Lindsey asked, after she pulled herself away from her staring contest with Tyler. He would’ve won anyway. The boys snapped out of their trances to give a reasonable answer.

“How can girls get so excited about this mushy stuff?” Sirius asked. It was obvious that the boys weren’t into talking about how in love with a girl they were. None of the girls would like any of them if they did that. *shudder* guys being mushy…

“HELLO!!” Alice called, “We’re girls!” The boys blinked and nodded, as if that answered the question.

“Well, how can boys go on for days and days talking about Quidditch and food?” Lily shot back. No, her temper hadn’t flared; she was just wondering why they do it.

“LILY!” James gave her a look that clearly told her she was hopeless, “We’re boys…Men! We’re men!” He quickly fixed the mistake, but the girls hadn’t even noticed. They nodded as well; his answer was all they needed.

“Seriously Lily, how could you ask such a stupid question?” Remus teased. Lily blinked, then joined the others laughing.

“It was stupid, wasn’t it?” Lily asked, and the boys feinted disbelief.

“Another stupid question?” Sirius asked, holding his chest, where his heart would be.

“And from our dear Lily!” James gasped, and then collapsed with the complete show of a girl fainting. With this, everyone burst into laughter, and Lily didn’t get the least bit angry.

“What do you beautiful ladies say to butterbeers on James?” Tyler asked. The girls quickly agreed, as well as the boys. They stood and began to walk away as James wondered how his name got dragged into this.

“Hey…” It finally clicked and James went to chase after them. Everyone was laughing at how daft he had just been, while he simply pouted.

Sitting around a table, the group talked, laughed, and downed butterbeers (all still on James). Kara and Kyle never showed up so they all assumed they were snogging in the Head’s dorm or somewhere, anyway. It wasn’t until Alice’s fifth butterbeer that she remembered what day it was.

“What happened to our girl’s day out?” Alice suddenly cut through a joke James was telling. James pouted as the girls remembered.

“All well,” Lily shrugged, “This is pretty fun, too.” James practically glowed as she didn’t say anything bad about him.

“So, what was that joke, again?” Lindsey asked. James snapped back to reality with a chuckle.

“Oh, well the little girl said to the Healer, ‘How dare you touch my roses!’ and the Healer grabbed a handful of roses and blood dripped from his hands because he had squeezed the thorns and the Healer suddenly sprouted tiny purple wings all over his body and was carried off until a big bald man saw him and got on a broom and brought him back to the place where it happened, Saint Mongo’s, and the Healer was laughed at by all the other healers because he had been so stupid!” James finished laughing.

As stupid as it was, they were all laughing like it was a hilarious comedy. Well, they all had had at least five butterbeers; Sirius broke his record by downing seventy-three. Why not, it was all on James. Needless to say, James made Sirius pay for every one of his.

Around four they stumbled out of Hosmeade, all a little tipsy. They had been kicked out because the boys caused some ruckus with some drunk Slytherins. James managed to lose his glasses and nearly seventy-seven galleons. Of course, each of the boys, except Peter, owned a new bruise.

“Oopsie!” Lindsey giggled when she fell to the left, on top of Tyler. Soon, they were lying on the ground, snogging like tomorrow would never come. The others stared at them, slowly registering what was happening; Tyler was cheating on Lily, and in plain sight! 

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Chapter 8: Lovey Dovey
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It took Tyler a few moments before he realized what he was doing, and he guiltily stopped Lindsey from kissing him. She realized what she had done, and blushed while guilt was evident in her eyes. The two quickly stood and separated. The rest of the group was now vividly aware of the situation, waiting for Lily, or even James, to explode.

Lily blinked stupidly at her two friends, then slowly comprehended the situation. She didn’t know whether she should be mad or happy. She became guilty as she remembered that both her friends had huge crushes on the other, but refused to admit it. Lily decided for a compromise.

“Lily, I’m sorry! I…” Tyler started apologizing at the same time Lindsey did. They kept blubbering, and Lily soon got annoyed.

“Hey! Quiet already! I’ll forgive you, but on one condition.” Lily smirked, and her friends gave each other nervous glances, “You have to admit your true feelings for each other.” Everyone stared at her, a bit surprised at her daring.

“Well, err, I, err…” Lindsey attempted to say something, but couldn’t get it out. Tyler looked at her blushing face, and knew it was all up to him. He gently grabbed her by the shoulders, and turned her to face him. He had a confident glint in his eyes, and everyone knew he was about to spill his heart.

“Lindsey, I have had a huge crush on you since third year. As I’ve gotten older and more mature, my crush has grown to affection, and from there to love. Lindsey, I love you.” Tyler’s confident glint disappeared to be replaced with a soft loving gaze. Lindsey’s eyes welled up, and smiled softly.
“I love you, too.” Lindsey choked out as tears began to gall freely from her eyes. As Tyler wiped them away, Lily ushered the boys down the path to the school.

Two new couples in one day.” Lily sighed. She stared in the distance dreamily, imagining what it would be like to find her true love, as cheesy as it sounds.

You’re going to let them get away with that, so easily?” James suddenly asked. Lily looked over at him, and saw that he looked pretty mad. She was surprised that she had waited to long to speak.

“Well, yes.” Lily uncomfortably confirmed, “You see, I knew that they both had huge crushes on each other, and I still went out with him.”

“Why did he ask you out, then?” James asked fiercely.

“Probably because he didn’t think Lindsey liked him, and wouldn’t be able to handle it if she said no.” Lily explained.

“Oh, then why did he go through so much for your birthday?” James still wouldn’t give up.

“I’m one of his closest friends, and I had just turned seventeen. Besides, I was his girlfriend at the time.” Lily answered, “The necklace wasn’t even bought, he told me it had been one of his sister’s. He decided to give it to me because I mean a lot to him, but he realized I’m like a sister to him.” Lily stared blankly at James for a moment before she burst into laughter. The boys were completely confused as the waited for her to calm down.

“I can’t believe I forgot!” Lily cried, “Tyler and I broke up yesterday! He told me all about his feelings towards me and Lindsey. We didn’t get around to telling anyone because of how busy yesterday was! It all turned out alright because I told him I felt the same about him.”

“You broke up, and forgot to tell us?” James slowly registered as Lily nodded. “Well, that’s OK, then. We won’t have to get mad at anyone for that kiss. But, why did Tyler apologize?”

“He must’ve forgotten about the break-up, too.” Lily giggled. The boys just stared at her, then continued walking while shaking their heads. Lily followed after them, and was soon in the Head’s Dorm.

“Get a room!” Sirius joked when they walked inside. Kara and Kyle were kissing on the couch, and pulled away upon their arrival. That solved any question anyone had been wondering about them.

“How long did it take to get in that position?” Alive teased, earning a blush from Kara and a smirk from Kyle. Ever but Lily laughed, but she did try to hide a smile as they sat in the chairs around the two.

“Where are Lindsey and Tyler?” Kara asked after realizing the two were missing. The group sniggered, know exactly where they were. Kara and Kyle had a good idea of their situation before Lily briefed them on it. Their reaction was a lot like James, accusing him of cheating on Lily. Bye the time the duo turned up, the group was laughing at a joke that Sirius told.

“Have fun?” Kyle teased his best mate. Tyler laughed and asked him the same about Kara. The group spent the rest of the day joking and enjoying themselves.

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Chapter 9: Crushed
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Within the next few weeks, the Marauders received detentions for blowing up toilets (Lily and Professor McGonagall had a row at them), Sirius went through seven girls (each ended with the girl smacking him), the couples (Kara and Kyle, Lindsey and Tyler, Alice and Frank, not any of Sirius’) progressed well, the Head’s cornered and punished Slytherin bullies several times, Lily and James became more comfortable around each other (Step 3: Show her the real James), the Marauders pulled numerous pranks (Lily actually found a few funny), the group spent a few days at Hagrid’s hut (unfortunately, his cooking was as bad as ever), and the Gryffindor quidditch team recruited new members (they had a very good chance at the Quidditch cup). That brings the school to the first match of the year, Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. As always, each member of both teams was nearly killed, but they were all very much alive as they started the match of Madame Hooch’s whistle.

The match sure was a rough one. Lily, standing beside the unlucky Remus, surely bruised his forearm by digging her fingers into it every time any Slytherins looked menacing enough to hurt the Gryffindor players; that happened to be nearly the entire game. The score was always close, so it all depended on James catching the Snitch. Lily found herself shouting when one the Slytherins beaters sent a well-aimed bludger at his back.

James barely missed getting hit, and Sirius sent the bludger back at the attacker. A satisfying crunch was his reward. Just as everyone’s attention left Sirius’ bludger, James swiveled into a dive. Remus’ forearm hurt exceptionally painfully as James dove closer and closer to the ground. James managed to pull out of the dive, catching the Snitch easily in his left hand just as the broom was inches from the ground. An evident sigh of relief was heard from the stands before the fans erupted as James held the Snitch up in triumph.

“Lily, can I have my arm back?” Remus asked as politely as he could. Lily realized she was still clutching it rather painfully as she slowly relaxed from James’ dive.

“Sorry.” Lily mumbled as the Gryffindor stands poured out onto the field. James was looking around for his friends and quickly found the group grinning as Lily led the way to him.

“Excuse me, I’m Head Girl!” This cleared a path because the school knew of her random anger tantrums and didn’t want to fall victim to one of them. The congratulated his save as they followed the crowd off the pitch.

“Party at Gryffindor Tower!” Sirius shouted, and the Gryffindor cheered. Of course, Tyson, Kyle, Kara, and Lindsey were all invited. The common room was blasting with music by the time they arrived, and house elves had already dropped off the food. As always, Lily was a little hesitant about joining in, but her friends easily talked her into it.

“This place is pretty cool.” Kyle complimented, looking around the room. This was his first time there, along with Tyler. The Gryffindors swelled with pride, happy that their common room was liked by their Ravenclaw friends.

“Maybe sometime, we could visit the Ravenclaw common room.” Lily suggested. The others agreed that it was a good idea. The Marauders noticed there wasn’t much dancing, and decided to take matter into their own hands.

“Lily?” Remus held out his hand for a dance, and Lily obliged. Tyler took Lindsey; Kyle took Kara; Frank took Alice; James swept out Irene, a seventh year; and Sirius took his recent seventh year girlfriend Alyssa; and Peter managed to snag a fourth year, Stephanie.

“It seems that you and James are getting along well.” Remus stated as a question, hoping for her to elaborate. Lily didn’t answer right away, having been spun by her partner.

“Yes.” Lily answered truthfully, “After I looked past his arrogance, I realized he can make a very good friend.” Remus smirked; their plan was working well.

“What qualities could he possibly possess to make a good friend?” Rremus asked, feigning disgust. Lily looked offended, and readily defended James.

“James possessed many good qualities!” Lily stopped dancing, “He’s funny and easy to talk to. He knows just what to say to make me feel better. He’s also very fun to hang out with, and he’s trustworthy. Not once has he lied to me, and he’s always there for me. James also…” Lily stopped upon seeing the smirk on Remus’ face.

“You tricked me!” Lily blushed and hurried off the dance floor. James had heard the conversation, and followed her. All their friends had also witnessed it, and walked off the floor unnoticed to listen in.

“Did you really mean everything you said about me back there?” James asked Lily softly. Lily continued blushing, but turned to face him. She looked him the eye, and took a deep breath.

“I meant every word.” Lily confirmed truthfully. James smiled; he was thrilled to learn that Lily trusted him. He felt a warm fluttering in his heart as he remembered how quickly and willingly she defended him.

“Isn’t it strange how quickly we’ve become close friends?” James asked, laughing softly, “And, to think, you’ve hated me from day one!” Lily gave him a sharp look, inquiring whether he really thought that. She saw that he did and knew that she had to set him straight.

“I never hated you!” Lily objected, “We didn’t get along well, at all, and we fought a lot, but I never once said I hated you or actually did hate you!” James shook his head, clearly not believing her.

“Lily, you can admit it. We’re friends now and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we tell each other the truth.” James felt his temper slightly flare at what he thought was a lie.

“James, I am telling the truth!” Lily insisted. Her temper was also flaring, why couldn’t he just believe her? James was getting angrier by the moment; whey was she lying to him over something he knew was true?

“Lily, stop lying to me! I know you’ve always hated me, so don’t stand there and tell me you haven’t!” James’ voice was attracting a crowd; no one had seen a good Lily and James’ fight for nearly a month.

“James Potter, I will tell you the truth right now, so listen closely.” Lily’s’ voice was shaking from anger and hurt, “I though you were and annoying self-absorbed, bullying, pratty jerk, but not once did I actually hate you! To say the truth, I actually looked forward to seeing you every day just to have you tell me how good I looked or how smart I was. I blew up at you because I didn’t know another way to handle the situation.” The music had stopped, so the entire parry heard that confession. It took Lily only a few seconds to realize this, before she fled.

“Lily!” James called after her, “Lily, wait!” James followed her, knowing she was heading for the Head’s Room, specifically, her room. He managed to catch her hand before she disappeared up the stairs.

“Let me go!” Lily demanded, close to tears. Publicly humiliating herself had that kind of effect. James slowly turned her around, not entirely forcing her to. He wiped away the lone tear that truckled down her cheek. He smiled, causing Lily’s eyes to well up more. Was he making fun of her? Of course not!

“Lils, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I pounded that fact into my brain, trying to get myself to stop caring about you. And you know what? It didn’t have the slightest impression on me!” James apologized, causing Lily to smile softly. Now, all the tears were gone as James’ words gave her all the comfort she needed.

“James, I’m sorry…” Lily began her own apology, but James mad a move to stop her. Lily held up her hand and continued, “Listen, I’m sorry for always giving you that impression. I’m sorry for all those times I called you rude names when you really didn’t deserve it. Most of all, I’m sorry for not getting to now you sooner.” James paused before saying anything.

“I forgive you, but only if you forgive me for always being a prat.” James joked. Lily pretended to think of whether or not she should forgive him.

“Give me a good reason to forgive you.” Lily demanded. James plopped on the couch, and ran his fingers through his messy black hair. He feigned deep thought as he pouted.

Lily’s breath caught and her heart galloped as she watched him. His pouting lips were begging to be kissed and she was eager to comply. His hazel eyes were mesmerizing below his cutely scrunched up eyebrows. The one thing the swept her away was his hair. As much as she had tried to deny it, she always had a soft spot for that windswept hair. The black locks were perfect on him, as messed up as it was. She was dying to run her hands through it.

James suddenly sat up, and mischievously smirked at her. Lily warily took a step back as she kept a suspicious gaze on him. He slowly reached behind him for, Lily noticed too late, one of the couch pillows. Lily squealed as he threw one at her, hitting her head right on target.

“Now you’re gonna get it!” Lily picked up the pillow and walked determinedly forward. James jumped off the couch and ran towards her. In no time the two were viciously attacking each other with their weapons of mass destruction. Of course, James easily out-fought her, being stronger and faster.

“Admit defeat!” James demanded the struggling girl beneath him. Unsurprisingly, he had easily pinned Lily on the ground.

“Never!” Lily snarled, nicely of course. James sighed, faking sadness in what he had to do; then, he smirked wickedly. He began to feverishly tickle any spot he could reach, and Lily shrieked with laughter.

“James…Stop…Can’t…Breath!” Lily begged for mercy, but James wasn’t willing to give it, just yet.

“Say you forgive me!” He demanded, but Lily shook her head in refusal. That’s when Tyler graced them with his presence. He saw the two on the floor and laughed. He was glad to see that they had worked out their problems.

“Tyler...Help....James…Not...Stopping!” Lily begged, but it just wasn’t her lucky day. He casually strode towards them, not sure of who to help.

“Why are you tickling her?” Tyler asked. Lily then knew it was all over for her.

“She won’t forgive me!” James whined. Tyler gave Lily a look that told her he was disappointed with her, before he began to pull off her shoes. Lily kicked her feet frantically, but Tyler held them down easily, by sitting on them. So, Lily had no way of getting free, and all her ticklish spots were under attack. James and Tyler were laughing as she begged them to stop, which they didn’t do. Lily’s sparkling eyes, that were now shedding tears, had James enchanted with their beauty. James grin, on the other hand, had Lily unable to peel her eyes away.

“Forgive him!” Tyler ordered, and Lily recognized defeat. She caught enough breath to speak.

“I forgive James!” Lily cried, but the boys didn’t stop tickling; actually they increased it.

“You must be punished for taking so long to forgive me!” James explained, and Lily was tickled relentlessly for another five mutes. Lily had random fits of giggles for a while after they finally stopped.

“Well, I’m off the bed.” James announced around eight, and Lily knew he really wasn’t. The full moon was out, and he was eager to play with his friends. Lily gave him a quick hug before he left, which he enjoyed. Well, there was always the possibility of never seeing him alive again. Tyler raised his eyebrows at this transaction, and Lily saw him.

“Here, so you don’t feel left out.” Lily gave him a hug as well, and disappeared into her room. She decided to turn in early for the much needed sleep. Tigerlily decided to join her, and curled up on Lily’s stomach. Luckily, Lily had all her homework finished, so she could relax the next day.

Of course, turning in early doesn’t actually mean falling asleep early. Again, she was very confused over James Potter. He always managed to do that to her. He was still his arrogant self, right...? No. He’d stopped inflating his head sometime last year. He was acting really nice, and mature this year. How he managed to pull that off with his pranks, she’ll never know.

Then again, he hadn’t pulled that many pranks this year. Also, why was getting funny feelings around him? Whey did she feel like kissing him and running her hands through his hair? He was becoming more attractive, especially his good physique, handsome features, and gorgeous eyes and hair. His grin was breathtaking, and her stomach did flips when he ran his hand through his hair.

OH NO! Lily sat up, making Tigerlily hiss and ran off. She had just realized, with both dread and immense happiness, that she, Lily Evans, was crushing on James Potter! Now, what was she supposed to do?

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Chapter 10: Picture Perfect
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Lily sat high in the oak tree by the lake. She wanted some time alone to read, but had soon discarded her book to admire the grounds and think. The sun was reflecting beautifully off the lake, which waves were rippling from the constant movement of creatures below its surface. The leaves of the trees in the Forbidden Forest were swaying in the breeze as birds flew gracefully through the air. She drank in the sight, wanting never to forget it.

Her topic of thought? James Potter, of course. She let herself admit that he was a good possibility as a boyfriend; he had both the looks and personality for it. But, how could she go out with him when all she’s ever done was make fun of him and turn him down. Besides, she couldn’t go out with someone who would end the relationship in a week. She loved the idea of being James’ girlfriend, but hated it at the same time. She came out of her thoughts by a clicking sound below her.

“Perfect picture.” James said, holding a camera. Lily stuck her tongue out at him, and he swiftly took another picture, “That’s a rare sight.” James smirked, and Lily rolled her eyes, but smiled. She climbed swiftly down the tree.

“Where’re your fellow Marauders?” Lily asked a little surprised to see him without them. James sniffed and stuck his chin in the air.

“I suppose I’m too low to walk around without them?” James pouted. Lily laughed and smacked his arm.

“You know what I meant!” She said, seriously. She was slightly concerned; what if they had gotten hurt last night? That night had been a full moon, a month since the Quidditch match. It was almost Halloween, but the weather managed to be mostly summer-like.

“Remus is off somewhere, reading, Sirius is snogging some girl, and Peter is Merlin knows where.” James explained, and Lily relaxed. She suddenly reached forward and took his camera away.

“Give it back!” James whined, but Lily refused. James lunged for it, but Lily sped off around the lake. James chased her, and was surprised how fast she was. She stayed a few feet in front of him, until she stopped and turned around. Just as she mashed the button, James ran into her, managing to capture them both in the picture. The two went rolling down the bank, and James barely managed to stop them from hurtling into the lake. Lily’s’ face was only inches from James’ when they stopped.

Lily wanted so badly to kiss him just then, and James wanted to kiss her as well. Both of their breathing became fast and shallow, and they snuck quick glances at the others’ lips. They began to move towards each other, slowly closing the gap between their lips. James slowly snaked his arm around Lily’s waist, and Lily closed her eyes. Their lips were less than a millimeter apart…

“Hey, guys!” Sirius shouted, barely spotting Lily's red-head and James’ messy hair. His smile faltered as he glimpsed how close their bodies were, and James’ angry glare. Upon hearing this, Lily quickly jumped to her feet, blushing. James pulled himself to a standing position, still glaring at his best mate.

“Err, well, here’s your camera.” Lily handed it to him, and turned to head up to the castle.

“Wait!” Sirius grabbed Lily from behind and pulled her back. He took hold of her hands, and began to spin. Lily squealed when her feet lifted off the ground.

“Quick, take a pic!” Sirius smiled towards James, who held up the camera. When the picture was actually taken, all three of them were laughing, with a small squeal from Lily as Sirius spun her exceptionally high.

“Throw her here!” A voice called. The boys saw Tyler and Lindsey laughing by the oak tree. Sirius took an extra fast spin, and chucked her towards them. Lily screamed as she flew five feet off the ground for almost ten feet. James also took a picture of this, just as Lily screamed. Tyler easily caught her, and began to spin her as well. Needless to say, by now, Lily was completely dizzy.

“James, she’s coming your way!” Tyler announced, and managed to throw Lily just as well as Sirius had. James had tossed the camera to Sirius, before he easily caught Lily. Sirius snapped a picture of the two, and caught the laughing Tyler and Lindsey in the background.

“Oh, oh! Take my picture!” Kara said, appearing with Kyle, Remus, Alice, and Frank. Sirius took a picture of her as she struck a pose.

“I know!” Lily threw her hands in the air, “Let’s take a picture of all of us!” The others agreed that was a good idea. All 10 of them grouped up. Alice stood in the front with Frank behind her, his hand on her shoulder and her hand on top oh his. Nest was Kara in Kyle’s arms protests were made by her, but he ignored them. Bedside them, Lindsey stood with Tyler’s arms around her waist and his head on top of hers. The shortest of all, Lily stood in the very front, not blocking anyone from view. Alice had hold of one of Kara’s hands, and Lindsey had the other. Lily placed a hand of tip of both connections. In the back, James, Remus, and Sirius stood, arms on each others shoulders. James was in the center, the tallest of the three.

“Smelly cheese!” James randomly shouted, and the group was laughing was the picture was taken. A laugh had joined them at the last second as two hands came down on the boys’ shoulders. Luckily, Hagrid managed to get his whole body in the picture.

“Hey, Hagrid!” Everyone greeted him, and he beamed at his favorite group of kids.

“Hey, Where’s Peter; he milled a good picture.” Hagrid asked. Everyone shrugged, not having seen him all ay. He had left the dorm before the boys were even up.

“He’s been missing a lot, lately.’ Remus said, sounding thoughtful. The other boys nodded thinking about the pranks they pulled without him.

“Maydbe he’s hiding something.” Sirius suggested. And the others agreed.

“But what could Peter be hiding?’ James asked. That was a good question; what would he hide from his best friends?

“Maybe he finally got a girlfriend.” Lily thought out loud. The group stared at her blankly as they processed the possibility.

“No, that can’t be it. He’d tell us if he had a girl.” Sirius threw that to the side. The made sense; he’s brag if he finally had a girlfriends.

“So, Hagrid, what brings you to us?” Remus asked, putting the Peter thing behind them. Hagrid had a lost look on his face; obviously, he had forgotten the reason for coming.

“He doesn’t need a reason to talk to us!” James defended Hagrid, and the others agreed. Turning on Remus.

“Hey! I was just wondering if there might’ve been something important he was supposed to tell us. I mean, he doesn’t stop his duties just to say hi.” Remus gestured to the huge pumpkin Hagrid was halfway through gutting.

“Yes, there is a reason for that.” Hagrid said, remembering, “Professor Dumbledore wanted me to tell the Heads to meet him in his office.” Remus wore a smug look as Lily and Tyler headed off for the castle.

“What do you think he wants?” Lily asked as they walked through the double doors. They passed relaxing students and floating ghosts as they walked.

“Umm, well, maybe he wants us to start interfering with the Marauders pranks?” Tyler guessed. An apprehensive look crossed Lily’s face as she thought of actually trying that.

“I was just joking, Lils!” Tyler laughed, “He probably wants to talk to us about Head duties.” They came upon the gargoyle, and they realized neither of them was told the password.

“How ‘bout, Chocolate Frog?” Lily tried, but the gargoyle didn’t budge.

“I know! Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans!” Tyler guessed, all excited about being right. Well, he was excited until the gargoyle refused to move. Lily sighed, and they continued guessing for the next fifteen minutes.

“Try Snicker doodle.” A voice announced, and they gargoyle moved. The brain-tired Heads turned to see their savior, who was Dumbledore himself. They smiled sheepishly, and followed him up the swirling stairs. Like always, his office was filled with many unnamable objects, which were actually entertaining to watch. The small silver pole that had balls spinning up and down it was especially intriguing to the two, who ended up staring at it with such interest as to not hear Dumbledore begin his explaining for them being there.

“Lily, Tyler? I know it is very interesting, but wouldn’t you like to know why you are here?” Dumbledore chuckled, and the Heads came back to reality. They sat in the seats in front of Dumbledore’s desk, and awaited the explanation.

“Well, as I was saying, I have called you here for a little change in this year’s festivity. You know how we always have a nice Halloween banquet?” At this point, they both nodded, “Well, I want to change that into something more interesting. It is your choice what it will be. You may ask two people from each house to help you, and do not let what you are planning leak out. I want this to be a surprise for everyone to enjoy themselves, especially with Voldemort gaining power.” As Dumbledore told them this, a huge reality check came for them both. They had completely forgotten about Voldemort, being so busy with Head duties, relationships, and homework.

“You can count on us, Professor.” Lily said, and she and Tyler rose to leave. They left with their brains running wild, thinking of their new duty, and Voldemort.

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Chapter 11: Troubles
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“Tyler!  What are we going to do?”  Lily asked.  She had absolutely no idea what to do.

“I don’t know, Lils.”  Tyler sighed.  The heads had been at this for hours and had yet to come up with a good idea for the Halloween celebration.  For the hundredth time, Lily stood and began pacing.

“Whatever we do, it has to be big.  It’s got to be something that will blow every other Halloween celebration out of the water.  And, everyone has to be able to participate, first through seventh years as well as the professors.”  Lily laid out the facts.  She sat back down, carefully concentrating.  They had to come up with something!  After a few minutes of sitting without any ideas, she let out a frustrated growl and ran her hand roughly through her firery hair.

“Lils, let’s call it a night.  We’ll think of new ideas tomorrow.”  Tyler stood and left the Head’s common room for his room.  Lily stood, intending to go to bed herself, but she knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep with all the thoughts running in her head.

She sat back down, and pulled out her latest novel.  She opened to the page her bookmark was at and began reading.  A sentence and five minutes in, she couldn't concentrate enough to take in a single word.  Another frustrated growl escaped her lips as she slammed her book shut.  In her anger, she just threw her book on the floor and buried her head in her hands.  

"Think Lily, think!"  She willed herself to think of something.  A blank came, again.  Why couldn't she think of anything?  Couldn't she just have a plan come out of her brilliant mind?  Why, of all times, must she be drawing a blank?  Oh, something was coming!

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream with whip cream.  HOW WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP?!  Lily glared angrily at the ground as the thought of ice-cream swam all around in her head.  Suddenly, Lily didn't feel like figuring out what to do for the Halloween festivities.  What she felt like doing was going to the kitchens and eating a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with a lot of whip cream.  And, guess what?  That's exactly what she did.

Ignoring the fact that she could be seen by a professor and that she was a horrible liar, she hurried from the dorm.  Many dead ends and an hour later, she was in front of the picture of a fruit bowl.  She tickled the pear, and quickly entered the sanctuary.  This time, she and the house elves were the only ones there.  Speaking of house elves, she was immediatly surrounded when she walked inside.

"Miss Flower, what can we get you?"  The elves asked, and Lily felt herself smile.  For some reason, the house elves happy faces always had that effect on her.  It seemed like they never stopped smiling.

"I'd like a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with a lot of whip cream, please."  Lily said politely.  The elves scurried off as Lily took a seat at the table.  Less than a minute later, the order was in.  

"Thanks!  It looks delicious!"  Lily dug into her midnight snack as she let her mind wander.  She smiled at the first thing that popped into her head, James Potter.  There was no longer any doubt that she had a crush on him, and the reasons were laid out on a platter in front of her.  The guy was charming, smart, loyal, funny, mischievous in a good way, caring, tough, strong, sweet...Everything a girl could ask for in a guy.

Of course, he did have a few bad qualities, but a perfect guy would be too boring.  Ya, like being obnoxious is boring.  If it weren't for that, he probably would have never come after her.  He knew she was the only girl who wouldn't give herself to him, so she was a challenge.  Once he got her to go out with him, he'd have the hearts of every girl in school, and everyone would honor him for it.  This brought a sad frown to Lily's face.  This meant that he could never return her feelings of lo...liking him.

Great!  The girl has fallen for the guy who will never want her, just when she should be strong enough to remember that he was not a guy she should go out with.  But he was!  He was what she had always wanted in  a boyfriend, including the looks.  Too bad he didn't feel that way about her.

With this realization, Lily had to not only worry about Halloween, she had to deal with a possible heart-br...ache from James Potter.  What's worse?  She's out of ice-cream.

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Chapter 12: Halloween
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“Lily, why do you look so depressed?” James asked. Lily was sitting miserably in the Gryffindor common room, hoping something would spark her imagination for this Halloween conundrum.

“I’m not depressed. I just can’t think of something to do for Halloween this year.” Lily corrected him. He laughed, not believing she had been thinking for almost a week and still couldn’t figure it out.

“Well, I always wear a costume and go trick-or-treating.” James said, and left for his dorm. Lily watched his retreating back and allowed his words to play in her head. Suddenly, it came to her. With a smile, she went off to find Tyler.

“Tyler…” Lily entered the Head’s Dorm, all excited about her latest achievement, and he wasn’t even there! She sighed, but smiled when she thought of the library. She quietly entered the library and quickly scanned the room with the skill of many years. She realized he wasn’t there either, and figured he had to be in the Ravenclaw common room, probably hanging out with Lindsey.

Her excitement fizzing out, Lily decided to just hang out in the Head’s Dorm. When Tyler didn’t arrive after an hour of reading, she finally started making the arrangements herself. Another hour later, he still wasn’t there, but Lily had finished her planning.

After gathering her papers, and putting them safely in her room, Lily took a nice hot, relaxing shower. As she lathered her hair, it hit her that she was the only one of her friends who didn’t have a boyfriend. Here she was on a Saturday night, taking a shower to entertain herself! Boy, did that leave a mark. She didn’t think that she was ugly, other that looking like Christmas was arriving, and she was pretty smart. Maybe being smart turned of the boys.

She rinsed her hair, as the thought of turning stupid crossed her mind… no way. NOT going to happen. She’d just have to wait and find a guy who liked her for her smarts, looks and personality. With that finalized, she wrapped a towel around herself and entered her room. Now, getting dressed brought another topic of thought: yep, James Potter.

“Lily just didn’t get him. First he’s immature and blowing up his house with his buddies, and then he’s the complete opposite when he stops to think and shows her that he can be a great friend… She pulls out a book at this thought, and drops the issue…

Five minutes later, he’s in her head again. Well, that lasted long, Lily thought and put the book away. In place of the book, Tigerlily jumped on her lap, and Lily petted her as she thought. James sure was a good friend, though. Since that deal, he hasn’t asked her out and was always telling jokes to make her laugh. Besides that, he’s been pretty mature, but still hasn’t lost the craziness that defines him.

Oh yeah, she really liked the man. A sigh escaped her lips and she turned over in her bed. Tigerlily hissed and ran off at that, but Lily ignored her. Why did he keep bothering her so much? It’s not like he annoys her every second like he used to. Well, he does sort of annoy her now, just in a very different way. Running his hand though his hair no longer mad her angry annoyed, it made her happy annoyed. Everything about him mad her the kind of annoyed that she loved and wished would go away at the same time. As much as she liked him, she still believed he didn’t feel the same about her. This was one problem she still couldn’t fix, but really needed to. Ugh, she hated being a teenage girl sometimes.

James was becoming too complicated, so Lily decided to get off the subject. The next big thing she thought of was Voldemort. The killings were becoming more frequent and devastating. Just yesterday, two muggleborns were left parentless. Lily was terrified that her family would be the next victims, and sent a letter to tell them to be on their guard and owl for her as soon as any kind of danger seemed possible.

Lily was worried out of her mind over Voldemort’s rise in power. Dangerous and bad were just a few of the words (and the nicer ones) used to describe him, and gaining power meant he could torment and ruin the wizarding world. All those who were out to stop him were slowly disappearing -being murdered or turning to his side. She did know, though, that Dumbledore had a group of people who despised Voldemort, and they were hurting his side almost as bad as he was theirs. She hoped Dumbledore’s side continued to fight and Voldemort would lose the power he gained. Maybe…she could help Dumbledore someday…


Lily slept only until eight the next day, but woke feeling refreshed and ready to get Halloween settled. The first test would be to find Tyler. Luckily, that was easy seeing as he was asleep in his room.

“Tyler!! Get your lazy bum out of bed, now!” Lily shouted, and pulled the covers off his bed. He grunted and rolled over, trying to find the blankets.

“Look! Lindsey’s here!” Lily teased, and Tyler immediately sat up and looked wildly around the room. Upon noticing she wasn’t there, Tyler glared at Lily.

“Told you to get up.” Lily simply explained, “Now, get your butt downstairs, I’ve got a surprise!” Lily could here Tyler grumbling and whining as she left the room. He was probably up late and hadn’t expected Lily to wake him up so early. She sniggered, only because she was so upset with him avoiding her the day before.

“Alright, what is it?” Tyler asked after he stomped down the stairs, wearing a wife beater and shorts.

“Aren’t you cold? It’s freezing this time of year.” Lily asked.

“Just get on with this ‘surprise’!” Tyler said, a little agitated.

“Fine. I’ve figured out Halloween.” Lily said happily. Tyler’s annoyed face quickly changed to interested and happy.

“Really?” Lily nodded, “Go on and explain, then.” Lily did just that, and, fifteen minutes later, they were walking to the headmaster’s office (Tyler had the decency to put on his robes). Ten more minutes took up guessing the password, but they finally knocked on his door.

“Enter.” Dumbledore’s kind voice boomed from his office, and they opened the door to find him reading a pretty thick book. He looked up with his spectacles on the bridge of his nose, and smiled at finally seeing the Heads in his office.

“Well, I’m glad to see you in my office, today. I was starting to think you had forgotten what you were supposed to do.” Dumbledore joked, and put his book away while awaiting their proposition.

“Actually, headmaster, we didn’t forget at all. We just couldn’t come up with anything good until yesterday, when James gave me a little help. We’ve decided to do two separate events to include all years.” Lily explained. Dumbledore seemed interested and nodded for her to continue.

“For the First through Fourth years, there will be a costume party and judging as well as trick-or-treating in Hogsmeade.” Dumbledore liked this idea because it gave the younger kids something to do where they wouldn’t get bored.

“Now, we were hoping that the judges would be the professors, instead of getting the prefects -or us- out of our fun.” Tyler told him this hesitantly, expecting him to detest the idea. Instead, a bright grin spread across his face.

“That sounds like a lovely idea. I’ll speak to the professors and see who will be joining me in judging.” Dumbledore said, “What’s the idea for the Fifth through Seventh years?” A smile spread across Lily’s face, and she took over.

“As I said earlier, James gave me the idea by mentioning his past Halloween experiences- trick-or-treating and finding a costume. So, I thought of the costume party for the younger years, and a Masquerade Ball for us. It’ll give the students a change to be themselves and have a great time.” Lily held her breath as she waited for Dumbledore’s opinion.

“I like the idea! It sounds fun, and for those shy people, it gives them a chance to stand out without having to reveal their identities if they don’t wish to.” Dumbledore stood to usher them to the door, “Now, what are you waiting for? Get the Prefects and begin preparing immediately!” With that, Lily and Tyler left the headmaster office excited for an amazing Halloween.


Hours of work had been put in, and the Great Hall had been turning into a beautiful ballroom. A giant pumpkin, light shining through its grin, adorned the center of the hall, immediately catching the attention of anyone who entered. Small tables were set up around the room by the walls to leave space for dancing. A table covered with sweets, and a few bowls of fruit for the healthy bunch, was in the space of the usual professor table.

That wasn’t it, either. They found a room big enough for the costume party for younger years, and decorated it brilliantly as well. Their hall was decorated with pumpkins and bats to add a scary effect, but it was lit brightly as not to frighten anyone. Their party would be the same time as the older students, but end an hour earlier. The professors had helped them with that room because they had all agreed to be judges for the costumes. Games and prizes were everywhere to give them a way to have fun -another idea of James’ Lily got after thanking him.

“I do believe we did pretty well.” Lily told Remus and Tyler, who silently agreed. They looked up at the bewitched ceiling to see a thunderstorm to set off the spooky atmosphere.

“Lights off!” Lily called, and they were. Candles floated through the air, but the light from the pumpkin was the brightest. They had somehow managed to capture the scary intensity of the Halloween season in a few hard-worked hours.

“Alright, great job, everyone!” Tyler took over, “You can all get ready for the ball.” There was a scurrying as everyone quickly left. Lily and Tyler were the last to leave, and closed the huge doors behind them.

“I can’t believe it’s finally here!” Lily said, jittery with excitement. Tyler laughed at her, and then ruffled her hair like an older brother, although he was only two months older.

“Now, don’t go and snog any boys tonight.” Tyler joked. Lily laughed this time, and swatted his arm.

“I should be worried about you! I swear, if you cheat on Lindsey I’ll have to rip you to shreds, then bread you back to life to yell at you, and kill you again.” Lily ended in a deathly serious tone, causing Tyler to pale. Way to put the fear a Lily Evans into a man.

“Lils, you know I would NEVER do that!” Tyler defended himself, “Besides, Lindsey and Kara are allowing Kyle an I to escort them to the ball.”

“ I know you won’t hurt Lindsey, I was just messing with you to see you scared.” Lily laughed at Tyler’s surprised expressing, and hurried to her room to change into her lovely costume.


An hour and a half later, Lily joined the mass of students walking towards the ballroom. She looked around at the costumes, which were really ball gowns and tuxes, and couldn’t recognize anyone through the masks. She figured no one could recognize her either so she was just going to go out and enjoy herself. As she walked though the double doors, she haw Tyler stand up -as was arranged to keep Lily a secret- to welcome everyone to the ball and explain the simple rules that had set up

“Welcome to this year’s Masquerade ball!” Tyler’s voice quickly quieted the hall, “I would like to ask you to remember that being at a ball does not mean we can bread the rules. Also, that unmasking will be at 11:30, as the professors have made it clear that we should be in our dormitories no later than midnight. With that in mind, please enjoy yourselves!” Some people -most likely the Marauders- led that group in applause with whoops and whistles.

Tyler nodded to the band, a famous wizarding group, and they began the music. Leading Lindsey out on the floor they were the first to dance. Many couples joined them, and Lily smiled at the beautiful sight before her. It really looked like a ball with slow dancing, a band, and everyone dressed up.

“Excuse me, Miss.” A man’s voice sounded beside her and she turned to see a tall and handsome man, “May I have this dance?” He asked politely, slightly bowing to her with his hand extended. She smiled through her silvery mask, and took his hand. He led her onto the floor, and began leading for the dance.

“You look very pretty.” The man said as Lily’s dark blue dress swished on the floor. She blushed, but he couldn’t see it because of the mask. Although, he could see her eyes look down.

“You, whoever your are, look very nice too.” Lily complimented back as she pushed her long hair, that she had let down for this occasion, out of her face and looked up. He smiled and she could see his perfectly straight and white teeth. She smiled back and they danced in comfortable silence, until a faster song came on. Lily stopped dancing, and moved to walk off the floor, but the mystery man pulled her back.

“Where are you going?” He asked, obviously confused as to why she was suddenly leaving.

“I’m not good at this kind of dancing.” Lily explained, and he laughed at her response. Lily recognized the laugh, but wasn’t sure who’s it was.

“Come on, it’s not hard -I’ll teach you.” He said, with an amused grin. Lily scowled, but decided to stay and see how this would turn out. At least if she embarrassed herself, no one would know it was Lily Evans.

“First off, there’s really no steps, you just go with the flow of the music.” He stated, and began to do just that. He wasn’t half bad, and Lily began to feel comfortable around him as he did a few crazy moves.

“Just move your body to the beat of the music and have fun.” He explained, and Lily did what he told her to. Soon, she was dancing freely -maybe not very well, in her opinion- and certainly enjoying herself.

“There! See, you’re pretty good at this.” He told her, and Lily blushed again as another slow song replaced the one they were dancing to.

“Thanks for helping me out here.” Lily thanked him as they slow danced.

“No problem. Besides, I couldn’t let a girl like you leave without knowing how to dance!” He joked, and they laughed.

“So, tell me about yourself -what house are you in?” The guy asked, knowing they would find out names later.

“Well, I’m in Gryffindor, and I’m a seventh year.” Lily told him, “But, being in Gryffindor doesn’t make me biased against other housed -some of my best friends are in Ravenclaw.”

“That’s good to know. I’ll tell you that I’m also in Gryffindor, and I get along well with other houses -except Slytherin. I know it’s rude, but Slytherins are rather mean.” The guy said.

“I can agree with that. And, we’re in the same house. What about year?” Lily asked. He nodded to confirm the year. “Cool.” The song ended and Lily left the floor to get a drink. She got a glass of punch and hoped no one got stupid and decided to spike it. A gulp told her nobody did, so she put a quick spell on it -having forgotten to earlier- to keep it that way.

“I guess that means we know each other.” The mysterious man told her, and she nodded, “Of course, that is if we aren’t lying.” Lily looked at him, and surveyed his figure and voice to detect recognition. Of course, she knew she knew him, the laugh had given that away and he did look familiar.

“Oh, are you suggesting that I’m lying, then- because you obviously aren’t?” Lily asked. He raised his eyebrows, and laughed.

“So you are as smart as I thought, Miss Lily Evans.” The man’s eyes twinkle with mischief and Lily rolled her eyes.

“I suppose knowing me give you an advantage.” Lily said, “But, I know I know you, so don’t get obnoxious, Mister Marauder.”

“Well, that ruins everything.” Mr. Marauder pouted, but she could tell he was on the verge of laughing. She grinned and patted his arm.

“Sorry to ruin your fun.” She said, and they both laughed.

“Do you mind if I steal her?” A voice said behind Lily and Mr. Marauder. They turned to see another tall and handsome figure with a friendly smile.

“If you must.” Mr. Marauder said with a reluctant sigh. Lily smiled shyly at he newcomer and took his extended hand to have him brush his lips softly against her skin. She blushed furiously behind her mask.

“Well, I suppose this is farewell, Miss.” Mr. Marauder bowed to say goodbye.

“I’ll see you later, Mr. Marauder.” Lily rolled her eyes and laughed. The new guy led her onto the floor and danced with her.

“It seems, My Lady, that you have been fraternizing with a mischievous sort.” He stated. Lily smiled and laughed softly.

“Yes, those Marauders certainly are trouble makers, but the create a lot of fun for the rest of us.” Lily said, eyes twinkling with humor as she recalled some of their pranks.

“It is too bad they receive detention for their hard work, though.” The new guy said, but Lily couldn’t completely agree with him.

“Most of the time, yes, but they do break the rules and it’s not fair to let them get away with that while everyone else doesn’t. So, everyone has to be treated equally.” Lily voiced her opinion.

“I suppose you are right.” He sighed, seeming depressed about the whole situation. Lily laughed at his exaggerated attitude, and he grinned.

“May I have the next dance?” Another man came up and asked. The song was over, and Lily was given away for the dance. Once again, Lily was dancing with a tall, handsome man. The three guys could pass off as triplets -differing slightly in build, height and masks.

“Have you enjoyed yourself, tonight?” The guy began the conversation as he glided skillfully with Lily through the large group of dancers. Everyone was dancing happily around the giant pumpkin and Lily was happy she chose that as the centerpiece.

“Surprisingly, yes.” Lily answered truthfully. He seemed a bit surprised that she would answer like that.

“And why is that a surprise?” He asked. Lily blushed and looked down, a little embarrassed to admit it.

“You see, I’m normally not the partying or dancing type, so I expected that I’d be standing on the sidelines tonight, being utterly bored out of my mind.” Lily explained.

“Ah, that does make sense then.” The guy said thoughtfully. A new song came on and they continued dancing.

“What about you -have you had fun?” Lily asked.

“Yes, this ball is fantastic. The Heads certainly outdid themselves this year.” He said as he gazed around the room, not noticing the happy look he got from her. The danced quietly for a while, simply enjoying the movement and feeling of the other.

“Could we sit for a bit?” Lily asked, “I’m a little tired from all this dancing.” He nodded and led her to an empty table.

“I’ll be back with drinks, “ He informed her and left for the refreshment table.

“Hey, Lily.” ‘Tyler and Lindsey joined her. They looked like they were having a load of fun. They were flushed from dancing, and needed a break.

“Hey guys. Looks like you’ve been busy.” Lily wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, and they blushed. Lily laughed, “I was joking!” They joined her in laughing as Lily’s partner returned with the drinks.

“Thank-you.” Lily sighed and took a drink of the cool liquid. It certainly helped cool her down.

“If you’ll excuse us, the drinks look good.” Tyler said politely and he and Lindsey went off to the refreshment table.

“Did you miss me?” The guy joked as he gave Lily puppy dog eyes.

“Why would I do that?” Lily feigned seriousness. He dropped his jaw, and then looked like he would cry.

“Aww, don’t cry! Of course I missed you!” Lily laughed, as did he. They sat in silence for a while as they drank the punch and cooled down from dancing.

“May I have a dance with the lady?” Yet another guy asked and Lily was given up a third time. Luckily, she had finished her drink and felt ready for more fun. The next man was handsome as well, with neatly combed auburn hair.

“You look beautiful.” He said shyly as the dance began. Lily smiled up at him and blushed (for the millionth time that day it seemed).

“Thank-you. You look nice tonight, too.” Lily told him just as shyly. He smiled warmly at her and Lily instantly knew she could trust him. Unfortunately, at that moment he stood on Lily’s foot and pulled away blushing.

“Oh, sorry! Did I hurt you?” He asked, embarrassed.

“No, I’m fine. It’s quite alright, actually.” She said to let him knew she was okay. She gently pulled him back into the dance and they glided along.

“Are you always so clumsy?” Lily teased as he stumbled a little.

“Actually, no. I’m normally very graceful.” He answered.

“That’s certainly not happening tonight.” Lily laughed as he stumbled again. He blushed sheepishly, but managed to calm down enough not to stumble again. As they turned in front of the jack-o-lantern, the guy decided to be brave. He smirked at Lily, and suddenly spun her out and pulled her back with a gentle dip. Her face was flushed and she laughed as he pulled her back up.

“That went well.” He said in a relieved tone.

“Oh, so you thought you’d drop me and you still did it?” Lily asked in a disbelieving voice.

“No, I just hoped I wouldn’t.” He explained. Lily rolled her eyes, but knew he would not have dropped her.


“Unmasking time has arrived!” Tyler called after chiming a bell to get their attention. He and Lindsey removed their masks as well as others. Lily turned to her partner and was surprised to see he had already removed his mask. She smiled and removed hers, only to have him laugh softly.

“I should have known.” He said, “With hair and eyes like yours, there’s no way to not notice who it is.” Lily rolled her eyes at the Hufflepuff before her. Philip Carpenter was his name, and he was in her year, as well as he was handsome and kind.

“Yes, I suppose my features stand out a bit.” Lily said.

“Well it was nice to dance with you, Lily.” Philip said.

“It wasn’t so bad to dance with you, either. I’ll dance with you again too, if you promise not to stand on my foot again.” Lily teased.

“If I promise and do just that, you won’t kill me, will you?” Philip joked.

“I suppose not, but you shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep.” Lily answered.

“Alright, I won’t promise. I’ll try not to step on you or drop you -will that work?” He asked. Lily nodded and they had one last dance.

“You, Tyler, and the prefects did a good job with the hall. I especially like the giant pumpkin.” Philip complimented her on the hard work put into the ball.

“Thank-you. It sure did take a while, and lots of work.” Lily thanked him. He nodded before spinning and dipping her again. She giggled as he pulled her gently against his chest with the end of the song.

“I hope we can talk more after this.” Philip said.

“Yes, I believe we should and I can see if you really are graceful.” Lily joked.

“You just might.” He laughed, “I suppose this is good night?”

“Yep, I have to get up early tomorrow to watch the game.” Lily answered with a smile. Philip was on the Hufflepuff team as the captain and Seeker. The game was between his team and Gryffindor’s.

“Ahh, I see. You’ll root for me, right?” Philip gave a puppy dog pout.

“Maybe…But I want Gryffindor to win.” Lily smirked. Philip pouted, but knew she didn’t mean to be mean or anything.

“Goodnight, then.” He said and gave Lily a friendly peck on the cheek.

“ ‘Night.” They went their separate ways with Lily blushing furiously. She found Kara, Kyle, Lindsey, and Tyler at the refreshment table.

“Hey.” Lily greeted them, “Everyone looks fantastic tonight.” They all agreed, for sure.

“I got a ton of compliments on the hall.” Tyler told them, smiling proudly.

“Same here.” Lily said proudly as well.

“Yah, we worked hard on it.” Remus joined them, and Lily looked at his outfit carefully to see she recognized him.

“Mr. Marauder joins us.” Lily commented, and Remus smirked at her. No one asked about the nickname, probably because they didn’t think they would ever understand.

“No fair! Why can’t I be Mr. Marauder?” James whined as he came over.

“Stop complaining! You and Sirius are the other two mystery men.” Lily said.

“Yes, but who is who?” James asked in a mysterious voice.

“Obviously, you’re the one after Remus because of your mask.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“True, but Sirius stole you before we could really have any fun.” James whined.

“You are no fun.” Remus pouted at her knowing who was who.

“Alright, stop whining.” Kara stepped in,” We need to get back to out dorms to rest up and cheer for Gryffindor tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah! We’re so gonna win!” James pumped his fist in the air and the others agreed. The left the laughing and listening to James go on about the game. They left without noticing that Sirius wasn’t there.

“Bye.” Lily said as she and Tyler separated from the group to go to the Head’s Dorm.

“Everyone enjoyed themselves tonight, and we still managed to have fun without anyone being stupid.” Tyler said to start the conversation.

“That’s true. I wonder how it went at the party for the younger years.” Lily said.

“With professor McGonagall there, no one would’ve even thought to act up.” Tyler told her. They knew that was true -the only students who dared to cross her were the Marauders, and that was in their nature.

“Night, Lils.” Tyler said and went to his dorm to get out of his tuxedo.

“Night!” Lily called, and climbed the stairs to her room. She looked at herself in her full-length mirror. She did look good, deserving all the compliments she received. Her dark blue dress and silver mask looked good with her red hair and emerald eyes. She sighed contentedly and changed into her pajamas.

That night sure was fun, Lily thought as she crawled into bed to the midnight chiming of the cock. S/he thought back to her favorite childhood story, Cinderella, and how midnight was so important to it. She smiled softly as she wondered if someone was having his or her own fairytale and imagined a girl hurrying way from her prince to meet curfew. Of course, she had to drop something so he could find her…

Lily then drifted off into a magical dreamland.

Unknown to most of the school, a fairytale was happening just at that moment. A lovely blonde girl ran away from a tall boy with black hair. He cried after her, but her white heals continued to click beneath her full pink gown. She dropped something, a small gold heart-shaped locket, as she ran. She stopped and turned to pick it up, but Sirius was almost to her. She quickly turned and left Sirius far behind.

“I’ll find you, my Princess.” Sirius whispered after picking up the locket. Inside, he found a picture of a beautiful girl, the one who had just fled. He was determined, and he’d find her no matter what.

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Chapter 13: Cinderella: His Princess
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After Sirius arrived to his dorm, he launched right onto his bed, completely forgetting to take off his suit.  He came back late, after searching in vain for his princess.  Of course, no one could catch a Marauder after hours- unless they wanted to be caught when they actually were caught- so Sirius made it back clean.

“Padfoot, it would be wise to change out of that tux.”  James suggested, but Sirius ignored him.  Wait…Sirius just ignored his best friends who told him to take off his tux, which he hated.  The other three boys in the room exchanged glances, knowing that something was up.

”Did something of interest happen at the ball, Padfoot?”  Remus asked.  Once again, Sirius ignored him.  A few minutes passed in silence, and Sirius looked as if he was asleep, while he was actually thinking about her.  One night had shown him a beautiful, carefree girl who he had become entranced with.

Sirius’ other Marauders were out of their tuxes and in bed.  For some reason, no one had thought to turn off the light as they pondered over Sirius’ strange actions- and he over his actions to be taken.  James was lying uneasily, hating uncomfortable silences, being ignored by his best mate, and seeing his best mate so withdrawn.  Suddenly, he couldn’t take it and longer and he…Well, he jumped on Sirius and glared at him.  Sirius met the glare, and they held it until Sirius lost.

“Ha!  I win!”  James said, triumphant.  He climbed off Sirius and was jumping on his bed as if he did that every night.  He snuggled up to his covers and was ready to happily fall asleep when Remus decided to take matters into his own hands.  He walked up to James and hit him upside the head.

“Prongs, you imbecile!”  Remus exclaimed, while James whined about his head hurting.  Remus was shaking his head at his friend’s incompetence as he strode over to Sirius and flat out pushed him off the bed.  He allowed himself a satisfied smile as he heard a loud thump on the opposite side of the bed.  Peter was sitting up, watching with interest as the three buddies began somewhat of a fray.

“Moony!”  Two angry teenage boys cornered him as he tried to explain his actions.  Unfortunately, these two boys were of the lesser intelligence and did not want to listen to that explanation.  They swung at Remus, who instinctively ducked, causing the punches to wind up on either side of the two boys’ faces.  They each released a cry and held their heads in agony.

Peter was doing his best to smother his laughter while Remus burst into it.  The scene was too much like old cartoon shows to not be funny.  Sirius and James now knew better than to try fighting with Remus, seeing as they just hurt themselves trying, so they settle for glaring menacingly at their third counterpart.

“Now that we have that settled, let’s listen to Sirius describe his eventful evening, of which he is so obviously obsessed over.”  Remus announced upon stopping his chuckles.  This caused James and Peter to turn on Sirius so he felt extremely uncomfortable and cracked.

“Alright, stop ganging up on me!”  Sirius said and turned to collapse on his bed.  Remus and James took seats on their beds and awaited his lengthy story.  Sirius cleared his throat awkwardly before beginning.

“Err…I went to the ball…” Sirius began.

“We know that!  Just tell us from after you danced with Lils.”  James interrupted him.

“How do…”  Sirius was a bit confused, as always.

“Moony and I talked to her after unmasking.”  James explained quickly, “Now, get on with it!”

“Alright, alright!”  Sirius held his hands up before starting at the interesting part, “Well, I hadn’t danced a while after Lily, and was completely bored out to my mind- thanks to James not letting me have any candy this year,” James simply smirked, “So, I was ready to leave, and turned a little too quickly to do so…”

~*~*~*~The Ball~*~*~*~

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Are you alright?”  Sirius asked the girl he had just run into, knocking her down.  She gratefully took the hand he offered, and stood carefully on her heels.  She still wasn’t used to the things, and was still confused as to how her best friend, Kathy Lipel, had talked her into wearing them.

“I’m okay.”  She said in an angelic voice- at least, to Sirius’ ears, anyway.

“That’s good then.”  Sirius said, and she nodded.  They were quiet for a while, not knowing what to say.  This was a first for Sirius, not knowing what to say in what he considered his field of expertise- women.

“I’ll…”  Brooklyn, though he did not know her name at the time, began.

“Would…”  Sirius said at the same time.  They laughed, and, suddenly, the situation became much more comfortable.

“You go.”  Brooklyn said.

“Would you like to dance?”  Sirius asked nervously.

“Yes.”  Brooklyn answered smiling and blushing.  Sirius put his hand on her back- not in uncomfortably low area- and led her through the dancers to a slightly empty floor area.  They danced, not to a slow song just then, but they enjoyed themselves as they questioned each other to learn more about their partner.

“What do you think of the ball?”  Sirius asked, seeing as that was the easiest question at the time.

“It’s rather fun.”  Brooklyn answered, “Although, it’s the first party I’ve been to this year that the punch isn’t spiked.”

“Yes, unfortunately, that is the Head Girl’s doing.  I did try, but the spell repelled it right back onto me.”  Sirius shook his head sadly, “A waste of very good Firewhisky.”  Brooklyn laughed, causing Sirius to grin.

“Normally, parties without spiked drinks are utterly boring, but this one is great!”  Brooklyn explained.  Sirius nodded in agreement.

“It’s actually fun to be sober during a party.”  Sirius smirked, and Lyn laughed at his joke.

“Do you know what makes it so fun?”  Sirius asked.  Lyn didn’t answer seeing as it was a rhetorical question, “Being able to dance with whoever you want without being judged by reputation or looks.”

“Yes, it is nice not to be overlooked because a guy would rather dance with someone prettier or more popular.”  Lyn made a disgusted face at that thought, and Sirius found himself briefly remembering that he was one of those guys.  He grimaced, but Brooklyn didn’t see it because she was busy studying the pumpkin.

”Some of her better work, I might say.”  Sirius was impressed by the jack-o’-lantern, a lot of magic and a lot of time was put into it.  Lyn agreed, before Sirius spun her into a waltz as a slower, yet fast-paced song came on.

Lyn had absolutely no idea how to waltz, but she followed Sirius’ steps carefully for she was graceful and a quick learner.  They glided across the floor as skillfully as any other dancers.  That is, until Sirius gracefully lost his footing and Lyn tumbled on top of him.  The dancers around them stopped for a few moments to wonder why they were on the floor, bellowing in laughter.

“Come on.”  Lyn said and pulled Sirius to his feet, both still grinning.

“Dare to try again?”  Sirius joked, and they returned to dancing.  Sirius wasn’t quite as fancy with his footwork, but he still spun and dipped her every now and then.

“Do you know the difference between a cow and a bull is?”  Lyn randomly asked.  Sirius gave her a weird look before answering.

“Well, I’d say the difference it that a cow is fatter.”  Sirius answered seriously, and Lyn couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“Are you always serious?”  Lyn asked.  Sirius caught her sarcasm and grinned.

“ ‘Course.  Wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t.”  He answered and Lyn rolled her eyes, but the grin she held gave away her own seriousness- which was none.

CHING!  CHING!  The eleven o’ clock chiming went off.

“Time for unmasking!”  Tyler announced, and Lyn moved to take off her mask, but Sirius grabbed her hand to stop her.

“How’s ‘bout we don’t do that, just yet?”  He asked.  Lyn agreed, not noticing how uncomfortable he was.  Sirius was actually afraid.  He was afraid that once she saw him, she would be angry or hate him, or something.  Little did he know…

~*~*~*~Boy’s Dorm~*~*~*~

“…We danced a while more and joked around, until we noticed it was ten ’til midnight.  I pulled off my mask first, expecting the worst and that’s what I got.  She was horrified she had danced with me, by the way she said my name in disbelief.  I tried to explain, though I don’t know what I could’ve said, but she ran away.  I called after her, but she wouldn’t stop, until she lost her necklace.  I had chased after her, and she left the necklace once she saw how close I was to her.  This is the necklace.”  Sirius held it up, the shiny gold glittering in the light, “Her picture is inside, but I’ve never seen her before- at least, not that I remember.  What about you guys?”

Remus took the necklace first, and carefully opened the heart.  He studied the blue-eyed girl inside, and quickly recognized her.  He thought of the way she’d feel about this situation, and knew this sweet, shy girl would be confused and simply want to hide until she figured it out.  How did he know her?  She was his neighbor and frequent library companion.  The other Marauders never came in there, so they would most likely not know her.

All of this thinking happened quickly in his well-educated brain, and he shook his head after a short pause.  James and Peter took a look, but neither could recognize her.  Good, Remus thought, she was safe until he could talk to her in a few days- their next study session.

“Oh, well.  I’ll just have to look myself.”  Sirius said, obviously disappointed.  He resolved to solve this mystery and stood to leave the dorm.  Remus and James grabbed him at the same time and pushed him down on the bed.  He clearly gave them a what’s-your-problem look.

“We have a game tomorrow.  Afterwards, you can continue to look.”  James said stubbornly.

“You need sleep.”  Remus said when he tried to object.  Sirius grumbled, but changed into pajamas and turned off the light.  Before he closed his eyes, he saw the clock change to 2:27 AM.  With a sigh, he drifted into a sleep about his princess, his Cinderella.


Brooklyn slowed to a walk to a walk only when she reached the corridor leading to the Hufflepuff common room.  She slowed her breathing as she entered the room crowed with laughing and excited students.  Instantly, Kathy was by her side, talking about the guy she danced with the first half of the evening.

“Oh, Bee!  He is so sweet!  And funny, kind, and really cute- well, what I could see of him, anyway.  I can tell that he’s smart, too.  He used some good vocabulary and normal stuff that I could actually understand.  The one thing that really got me, though, is how mysterious he seemed.  Well, that and I could tell he’s broken some rules and had deten…”  Kathy stopped talking when she took a good look at Lyn in their dorm.  Unfortunately, their two other “cellmates”, as they used to kid, had been murdered with the Dark Mark above their houses.  This meant that they lost two great friends who would have enjoyed the ball and interrogating Bee afterwards.

“Why do you look like you’ve been running?”  Katy asked.  Lyn shrugged uncomfortably as Kathy continued to study her.

“It looks as if your dress has been…ON THE FLOOR!”  Kathy looked at her in disbelief and Brooklyn gave her the best innocent look she could.

“Brooklyn…”  Here, Lyn winced because Kathy never called her by her complete first name, “…you had better tell me what happened!”

“Nothing really…”  Kathy glared, “Oh, alright!  I danced with the most amazing guy.  He was funny and sweet, and not in the least bit arrogant.  We had a great time, until we agreed to unmask ourselves at about 11:45.  He took his mask off first and…”  Brooklyn hesitated.  Should she say who he was?

“And…”  Kathy became impatient.

“And, he was Sirius Black.”  Lyn announced in the smallest of whispers.  Kathy stared in disbelief for a full minute, and Bee shifted uncomfortably in her seat.  Suddenly, Kathy let out a squeal and engulfed her in a hug.

“This is great!  He is the hottest guy in school and now he likes you!  You can go out with him and…”  Kathy was interrupted.

“NO.”  Lyn said firmly, “I’m fine with staying little-known.  Besides, once he finds out I’m the girl he danced with, a nobody, he’ll kindly turn me down.”

“Oh, don’t’ be a drama queen!”  Kathy huffed, “But, if you really don’t want him to find you…”

“I don’t.”

“Then I’ll abide by your wishes and hold my tongue.”  Kathy finished.

“Thanks so much!  I knew you were my best friend for some reason!”  Lyn hugged her black-haired friend who grudgingly hugged her back.  They changed out of their costumes:  Lyn’s pink ball gown and Kathy’s purple fairy outfit, and pulled on comfortable pajamas.

“It feels so good to be out of those heels.”  Bee sighed, and fell into her comfy bed.  Kathy readily agreed, and they snuggled up to their blankets.

“Night, Coco Nut.”  Lyn mumbled.

“Sleep tight, Melon Water.”  Kathy finished their nighttime ritual.  The ritual began their first year, and neither of them can remember why they say it.  They fell into a happy slumber, dreaming about balls and their princes, their knights in shining armor.


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Chapter 14: Taken over by the Giant Squid and Brains owned by Leprechauns
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“Sirius hits the bludger right at Philip’s head…Philip dodges the bludger and still manages to keep hold of the quaffle…Score for Hufflepuff!  100 to 70, Hufflepuff.”  Remus was doing the commentary for the Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor match and managed to stay fair.

Lily cheered for Philip, causing her to get stares from the Gryffindors she was sitting around, but she still sported the Gryffindor colors along with Peter and her Ravenclaw friends.  She really liked Philip, but her house meant a lot to her as well.  Besides, James was on the Gryffindor team, and she couldn’t disappoint him.  

Why?  Why couldn’t she disappoint him?  She pondered that question as one of the Gryffindor chasers, Caitlin Armstrong by the looks of it, grabbed the quaffle.  Well, it could be that she was pretty sure she was in love with him, but sometimes she wasn’t so sure.  Although he wasn’t as arrogant as the year before, he was still the troublemaker, well, that marauder that she had known since first year.  

Caitlin was hit by a bludger and sent hurtling toward the ground, but she righted herself before she was close enough to even cause panic in the stands.  A Hufflepuff chaser, Lucas Karre Remus announced, grabbed the quaffle.  Lily wasn’t sure what to think about James.  She knew he liked her, but she didn’t think he actually liked her enough to keep her as a girlfriend for more than a month, if she was lucky.  He’d never had long relationships, and she figured she’d be exactly the same.

She sighed as Hufflepuff scored again, making the score 110 to 70.  Alright, alright!  She loved the guy!  Still, she wasn’t sure what to do about James part in that.  He could easily break her heart, or make her dreams come true.  Maybe it would be better to just go out with someone like Philip, a guy she liked and wouldn’t have any unknown notions for breaking up or not.

But, would missing out on true love be worth it?  Shouldn’t she just give it a try?  All the same, would getting her heart broken be worth it?  A bludger was hurtling towards the stands, but Lily missed seeing Sirius stop it from hitting anybody.  Her gaze was fixed on James and the other seeker who were racing after something, probably the snitch, that she couldn’t see.  

Lily decided that she was just going to wait for destiny.  If James wanted to go out with her, he’d come up and ask her like he had done so many times before.  The crowd was on their feet, rooting for their favorite seeker to capture the snitch.  Both players were far beyond using dirty tactics to win, so they had a fair race, which James won.  Closing his fist around the snitch, James jumped from his broom, only a few feet in the air, and let out what could be a war-whoop.  

“Partaay!”  Sirius screamed above the already screaming crowd as he and the other beater, a fifth year named Bruce, pulled James up on their shoulders and practically charged from the stadium.  Lily laughed at the display and willingly followed the crowd to the Gryffindor tower.  Someone reached out and grabbed her hand, nearly causing her to scream.

“It’s just me, Lily.”  Philip laughed at her, which caused her to smack his arm.  He pretended like it hurt as they laughed.

“Hey, you did great today.  Didn’t you score most of your team’s points?”  Lily congratulated him.  Blushing, Philip nodded.

“It was just too bad Connor couldn’t get the snitch.”  Philip spoke of the Hufflepuff seeker.

“Well, you can’t really blame him, now can you?”  Lily asked as they walked slowly toward the school.  They had managed to get out of the pushy crowd, “Being up against James really makes it impossible for the other seeker to win.”

“Are you saying that James is the best seeker in the school?”  Philip asked, as if he was angry at her for thinking that.  Really, he agreed with her and was just messing around.

“I think he is, seeing as he’s beaten every seeker he’s been up against since Second Year.”  Lily grew uncomfortable with the question, but answered truthfully.  Philip’s smile caught her off-guard.

“I completely agree with you.  He’s made of raw talent, no doubt inherited from his dad.”  Philip admitted.

“Most certainly.  It’s hard to believe that Mr. Potter was anything like James in his youth, but the trophies sure prove to everyone that he was.”  Lily laughed.  James’ dad was seeker for Gryffindor for six of his years at Hogwarts, and each year had helped the team win the championship and house cup.

“Have you ever noticed James’ mom’s name on those trophies?”  Philip whispered in her ear, like he was telling a secret.  The sparkle in his eye, and the grin on his face made Lily blush.  She shook her head mutely as they climbed slowly towards the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw dorms.

“His mother’s maiden name was Turner, and she’s listed as one of the chaser’s on all of those trophies, too.  I don’t think James shared that with anyone before, because he liked to have something about his parents a secret for him to cherish only.”  Philip saw the question in Lily’s eyes, and winked, “No need to worry, I didn’t pry it out of him,”  Philip teased, “My dad played against them in his third and fourth years and knew them both well.  He’s told me the Potter’s story many times.  When he played seeker against James’ dad, he had a bit of an accident.  It was in his fourth year, and Mr. Potter was in his seventh.”

Before Philip could continue his story, the Marauders flew down the hallway past them, well, all but Peter.  They ran back after realizing they passed Lily and Philip.  James clapped Philip on the back, and Sirius laid his head on top of Lily’s.  Remus had his arms laiden with something Lily didn’t recognize, but the moment she opened her mouth to ask about it, Remus made it disappear.

“Great game, Philip!  You sure proved you’re a great Chaser today!  Too bad you aren’t in Gryffindor, or there’d surely be a spot on the winning team for you.”  James congratulated him, and began to lead him down the hall, with the others following.  They were on the floor where the Gryffindor Tower was.

“Thanks, James.  You weren’t too bad yourself.  Great catch, by the way.”  Philip returned the favor, and James beamed.

“Why don’t you join us in the common room for a party?”  Sirius asked with his arms around Lily, making her sway from side to side with each step like a penguin.  Oddly enough, Lily didn’t mind.

“I suppose I could, but my team might not like me for it.  Loyalty, you know?”  Philip confessed.  The boys nodded solemnly.  They knew all about loyalty, and how just one dance or fun night could ruin that if you weren’t’ careful.

“Yep, we know.  You’d better get back to your team and figure out ways to beat Slytherin in two weeks.  With your skills, I doubt you’ll have any problems, but it never hurts to be prepared.”  Sirius said, and Philip did just that with a farewell wave to Lily.  Once he was out of earshot, the Marauders turned on her.

“What?”  Lily asked, wondering what they could possibly have against her.

“You were fraternizing with the enemy!”  Sirius accused her.  Lily looked in their eyes and saw that they all thought along those lines, and Lily allowed herself a smile.  This, of course, caused the guys’ eyes to narrow into little slits.

“As I recall, you were just inviting him to a party; I believe that is exactly the same.”  Lily turned that around on them, and the Marauders thought a moment and burst into laughter.  Now, Lily really was confused.  She looked at them like they were crazy, and charged pass them.

“Come now, Lily.  We were just testing you to make sure you were the same Lily we’ve always known.”  James now came behind her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders to have the same effect that Sirius did.  The only difference:  It felt much, much more better to be held by James.

“Of course I’m the same Lily!  Who else could I be?”  Lily asked, trying to be mad, but smiling with James' arms around her.

“Well, I believed that the giant squid had taken over your body, and Leprechauns owned your brain.  Of course, that was my estimation of the situation.”  Sirius said in what was supposed to be a business voice.  Coming out of him, it just didn’t work.

“Nice rhyme” James complimented and Sirius lost his business physique.

“What situation, exactly?”  Lily asked.  She had to admit that Sirius’s estimation seemed pretty close to what she felt like.

“Uh, duh.  The situation with you being nice to us, and not fighting with James every time you see him or he speaks to you.”  Sirius clarified.  A look of realization appeared on Lily’s face, and she blushed at them noticing such a significant change.

“Well, I guess actually talking to James instead of yelling at him showed me the real James.”  Lily clarified, not looking at them, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you guys, it was really rude.  I’m actually embarrassed to admit that I was that immature.”  Now, the Marauders were staring at Lily with their mouths open.

“You’d better close them before you swallow a pixy.”  Lily laughed, and walked through the portrait hole to the loud music and celebrating of Gryffindors.  

“Don’t you walk away from us, Missy.”  Remus said, and stalled her with yet another guy throwing their arms around her.  Lily laughed at the angry faces the boys tried to get away with.

“Were you being serious?”  James asked, a bad question on his part.

“Nope, I’m Sirius!”  Sirius had to tell his infamous joke.  Lily giggled at the annoyed expressions the others had.

“Yes, I was serious.  Why else would I be friends with you guys?”  Lily asked, and that solved the problem.  They actually believed her now, and she was pretty sure she had given the same pep-talk to James a few times.  It took them long enough to listen.

The Gryffindors partied long into the night, with a few people from different houses among them.  Lily danced with all the Marauders, and even took pity on Peter, and all her other friends.  The girls tried to be jealous when their boyfriends danced with her, but they were all too close friends to stay angry for long.  Besides, they knew that the guys were loyal to them, without them having to be Gryffindors.  

Long before the night had ended, the Marauders left the party.  The returned in the invisibility cloak, on the search for Sirius’ Cinderella.  Unfortunately, they didn’t find her, and returned to the dorm after three that night.  Good thing the next day was Sunday; Sirius was about to go mental, and the other Marauders couldn’t have that happening.

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Chapter 15: Boyfriend and...Boyfriend?!
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Lily walked to the Great Hall the morning after the outrageous party. Somehow, the Marauders had managed to keep it going until four in the morning. Professor McGonagall had to break it up, and she hadn’t been the least bit happy about it.

Lily had awoken a few hours after she had fallen asleep to the professor’s screams, and had smirked into the darkness after she fully comprehended the situation. Finally, the Marauders had gotten what they deserved. What surprised her was that she hadn’t heard Professor McGonagall single out any of the Marauders. All well. Hopefully they all received detention for that week or any of the weeks that followed, considering how angry Professor McGonagall had been. 

“Mornin’, Lils.” A voice said groggily. Lily didn’t have to look behind her to know that it was Philip. 

“How late did you stay up last night?” Lily teased him. 

“Only until three.” Philip said innocently. No wonder the poor guy had bags under his eyes, Lily thought. Not only did they lose the game, they had gone out and practiced late last night. 

“How did practice go?” Lily asked him. Philip let out a groan and rubbed a hand over his face. 

“Please don’t remind me.” He whined, “Jenson was so tough on us. It’s like he thought we were no better than beginning Second Years. If he wasn’t my best friend, I would’ve yelled at him at some point.” 

“That bad, huh?” Lily asked. Philip nodded and let out another yawn. Of course, Lily had to yawn too because of his yawn being contagious. They laughed at each other as they rounded a corner that led to the ever-changing staircases. Philip stopped walking when he saw them, and Lily turned to give him a questioning look. 

“I don’t feel like dealing with the staircases today.” Philip explained and Lily nodded in agreement. They were both so tired that they’d probably forget where they were walking and miss a staircase that had moved from the position they usually used it at.
They found the door that led to a set of stairs that would bring them to the floor below them and slowly followed that. It was rather dark, so they could barely make out the stairs. Neither of them had the decency to think of lighting the way; that’s what they get for staying up so late. 

“Hey, Lily.” Philip sounded hesitant as he turned to face Lily before opening the door to the next floor. She looked up at his face, and could just see it from the light shining out of the cracks in the door. She could make out his hands rubbing and a nervous look on his face. 

“Yes?” Lily asked, truly wondering what he was so nervous about. He glanced at her, looked down at his shoes, took a deep breath, and then looked her clearly in the eye. 

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He suddenly asked. Lily was surprised at that question, but the thought did appeal to her. He was definitely a nice guy, he was a good-looker, and she knew she could depend on him not to suddenly break up with her. That was her greatest fear of being with James Potter. Why was she even thinking of him when a guy she had always dreamed of was standing in front of her? 

“I’d love to.” Lily said in barely a whisper, but a bright smile spread across her face as she knew it was true. He grinned back as a look of relief briefly crossed his face. 

“I know it’s a jerk of me to just run off after asking that, but Jensen is making us 
practice some more this morning. I’ll need a head-start on my broom to relax before he starts complaining at everyone. It sure is hard work holding out on your best friend.” Philip apologized. Lily laughed as she thought of her doing that quite a few times with Alice, Kara, Tyler, Kyle, Lindsey, and the Marauders, which didn’t happen a lot. 

“I completely understand. Besides, you guys need to practice.” Lily joked, and got a soft swat in the arm by her boyfriend. Grinning ear-to-ear, they just looked at each other for a moment. Philip gently stroked her cheek with his thumb, and Lily felt herself blushing. 

“See ya later, Lily.” Philip said, and left her feeling a little unfocused. Shaking her head she continued to the Great Hall, but wasn’t alone for very long. 

“Good morning, Lily!” Remus suddenly appeared beside her, and he was alone. That was kind of odd to see this early in the morning. Ok, it was almost noon, but after a party like last night, it was early for her or any other normal teenager.

“Hey.” Lily replied back, actually relieved to see him alone; she wasn’t in the mood to deal with the other Marauders after so little sleep. Besides that, she didn’t want to get into a yelling match with James over last night. Being Head Girl, she would have to talk to them about it some time.

“Can I speak to you alone?” Remus asked after scanning the hallway carefully. Lily nodded uncertainly, and he led her quickly down the hall and into an empty classroom a little ways from the Great Hall. He shut the blinds and magically locked the door, then turned towards her.

“So, what’s up?” Lily asked at this furtive behavior. He didn’t reply immediately, as he put a spell on the door so no one would hear them. Lily was really beginning to wonder what this was about. Had the Marauders done something stupid and he needed her help for something?

“Have you seen the posters around school?” Remus asked. Lily shook her head. Okay, it seems that she was safe; she didn’t need to worry about the Marauders being in huge trouble. She mentally released a sigh of relief.

“Well, Sirius danced with a girl at the ball and he’s looking for her. So, in an attempt to get her to reveal herself, him and James put posters all over the school this morning. I’m surprised you didn’t notice them, what with them being pink and orange and yellow.” He explained.

“Oh. I was too tired to even remember left from right this morning. Especially since you guys kept the party going till about four this morning.” Lily gave him a glare. However, he held his hands up as if to hold her off an attempt to physically damage him.

“We did no such thing. Actually, we left the party around eleven and tried to find her. Of course, searching for someone who would be in their dorm resulted in nothing.” Remus proved his and the other Marauders’ innocence.

“Okay, so what does this have to do with me?” Lily asked.

“Just the fact that we both know the girl very well; she always studies with us in the library.” Remus pointed out. Lily though for a moment over who she was, then comprehension dawned on her face.

“B…” She started, but Remus clamped a hand over her mouth.

“SHH! Don’t say it! We don’t want anyone to know until she wants Sirius to know.” Remus explained hastily. Lily nodded to show that he could let go of her mouth. Goodness, this had to be a big deal! Even after all the spells, he still used extra precaution. She supposed that made sense since someone could find a way around the spell with the counter-spell.

“Alright. So what are we going to do?” Lily asked.

“We’re going to have a private conversation with Cinderella.” Remus said, “Tonight, if at all possible.” Lily grinned; she was so looking forward to this new match-making game.

“Come on, we’d better get to breakfast before James sends the whole school out to look for us.” Lily said. Remus laughed at that, but also agreed. He had actually done that one time, when they hadn’t showed up for lunch because they were in the library. It was a funny sight to see this mob of students wanting to find them first burst into the library and all receive detentions.

“The story is: you cornered me about the party last night.” Remus said as he took the spells off.

“Well, it’s partially true. “ Lily laughed as they left the stuffy room.

“MOONY!” Sirius shouted when he saw Remus come out of the room and ran towards them. Lily hurried out of the way as Sirius tried to jump into Remus’ arms.

Remus let out a groan as he tried catching Sirius, but it didn’t work. Lily giggled at the horrified look on his face as they crumpled to the ground. Sirius was lying on Remus with the silliest grin on his face when James walked up to them. Upon seeing the position his two best friends were in, he let out a girly shriek.

“Well, I never!” He said in a high-pitched voice, “See if I ever go out with you again.” He then threw his nose in the air with a ‘humph’, flicked his hair and pranced away swinging his hips.

“Jamie! No! Wait, Sweetie!” Sirius called in the deepest voice he could muster and climbed off Remus. Lily had to compliment him on his acting skills; he looked truly concerned about James walking off ‘angrily’.

“I can’t believe you thought I’d cheat on my sweet Jamie for the likes of you!” Sirius then turned on his heel and stomped off after James while swinging his arms in the imitation of a caveman.

“Well, fine!” Remus stood up and called in a high-pitched voice “I’ll just find someone better! Like Lily!” He then turned to Lily, grabbed her hand and practically dragged her to the Great Hall.

When they entered through the doors, they saw James and Sirius walking to their usual seats, holding hands. Remus began to swing their arms back and forth as he strutted across the room with Lily. She laughed and joined in by skipping.

As they walked like that, gossip began. People whispered everywhere, wondering if they were actually going out. Some girls began to worry if James and Sirius were boyfriend and… err… boyfriend. A few even cried over that, wanting so badly to go out with either of them. Of course, the Gryffindor tables let loose whoops, whistles and applause. Not to mention all the other guys cheering James and Sirius on.

Lily and Remus took their appointed seats across from James and Sirius, and they all burst into laughter. They laughed hard enough for tears to come to their eyes, but that was the usual affect of the Marauders’ disease: A very contagious laughing disorder began by James Potter, Sirius Black, or Remus Lupin (or all of them) in which tears form in your eyes and you cry actual tears of joy.

“So, when did you two get together?” Phillip asked as he suddenly, and surprisingly, appeared behind Lily. She looked up quickly, partially in surprise that practice was over so soon and partly to make sure he didn’t actually believe that. Knowing the Marauders for so many years, he had a grin on his face as Remus answered.

“Just this morning.” He said smugly, still using the high-pitched voice. James let out a snort.

“Only because my Suri wouldn’t go out with him.” James teased in his high pitch as well. Lily gasped, faking ignorance to that statement.

“I can’t believe you!” Lily gently slapped his arm and pretended to bawl her big, loving heart out. Remus was rubbing his arm like she had really hurt him as Phillip sat down and pulled Lily into his arms, which she had meant to happen all along.

“There, there, Lils. I’m here for you.” Phillip whispered soothingly. At the sight of Lily in Phillip’s arms, James had to suppress anger, but couldn’t hold back his jealousy. How was it she only liked guys from other houses? Not only that, but they just had to be guys he liked and couldn’t pummel to a pulp? Fate was cruel to him; it was just so cruel.

“We’re over, Remus. Phillip is my new boyfriend now.” Lily said as soon as she could stop the tears that had fallen while she was actually laughing against Phillip.

“But, Lily…” Remus looked purely devastated. If Lily didn’t know better, she’d actually think she’d broken his fragile heart.

“No buts, Mister.” Lily said sternly, “You became my boyfriend for a really bad reason,” She sniffed and wiped away the tears, “You really hurt me, and I just can’t be with someone who doesn’t love me as much as I love him.”

She didn’t know how much those words affected everyone who heard them. She just meant them as a joke, but the others took them seriously. Phillip grinned as he buried his head in her hair to stop the others from seeing how much that pleased him. Sirius and Remus on the other hand, sneaked a glance at James, and could see he desperately wanted to shout out that he loved her more than she could imagine. Not only was he desperate to get that out, he was devastated to know she loved Phillip.

“I’m sorry, Lily.” Remus said, to try and get the funny mood back in, “I just love Sirius so much…”

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” Sirius realized what Remus was trying to do and adopted his deep voice again, “I love you, too!” With that, James stormed out of the Great Hall, using it as an excuse to get away from heartbreak. Sirius then threw himself across the table into Remus’ arms…again.

“Let’s let the love-birds have some privacy.” Phillip whispered in Lily’s ear. She blushed at his intimate talk, and nodded.

“We don’t want to hang around and watch them do something they shouldn’t.” Lily said loud enough for Sirius and Remus to hear. Sirius gave her a wink and threw his arms over Remus’ shoulders.

“Yah, the professors might have to use force to break us apart.” Remus giggled and fluttered his eyelashes at Sirius. Lily and Phillip laughed, but quickly hurried from the room, just to be on the safe side.

“Those Marauders sure are a hoot.” Lily said as they walked hand-in-hand onto the beautiful Hogwarts’ grounds, shaking her head and grinning at the same time.

“I can’t imagine them any different, though.” Phillip smiled wryly. Lily agreed, and then remembered his unexpected appearance. 

“What happened to bring you back so soon?” Lily asked. Philip suddenly had a sheepish grin on his face. 

“Well…” Philip seemed to have a little joke stored in his pocket. 

“What happened?” She pressed, pulling him to a stop so she could look him in the eyes. 

“Ok, I’ll tell you.” Philip was grinning even broader now, “When I arrived at the Quidditch Pitch, the team was pretty much ganging up on Jensen. I know that he’s my best friend and all, but it was so funny to see his face go beet red as they accused him of being a mean captain. Of course, when Tracey started yelling that he was a big, fat monkey, I couldn’t help but laugh my head off.” Lily laughed at that thought too. Tracey was a girl who got along with everyone, thus she didn’t like calling people names, “I turned to Jensen and told him that I agreed with Tracey, and stormed off with the team in my wake. Of course, Jensen wasn’t really offended by this; he simply yelled that the next practice would be tomorrow around six, and we’d better be on time.” 

“You are so mean to him!” Lily cried, and tried to look angry at him. However, the thought of the whole team storming off after calling their captain a monkey wouldn’t let her. 

“Am not!” He said indignantly. Lily just laughed as they walked through the tall trees that made up the entrance to the beautiful garden.

“I love this place.” Lily said, “When I was in first year, I used to come here all the time to read and do homework.”

“Why don’t you anymore?” Phillip inquired as Lily stopped to smell the many different flowers along their path.

“James found me here once, and it kind of ruined the perfect little sanctuary I had for myself.” Lily explained. However, she was thinking that she didn’t care that James knew where it was anymore because of their new friendship.

“Was that in his first ‘stalking’ year?” Phillip asked. Lily blushed at how she had exaggerated their confrontations in that year…and all the ones that followed.

“Well, not exactly. See, I just over-exaggerated the bit about him stalking me because he was getting on my nerves.” Lily explained, suddenly very shy. For some reason, she didn’t want him to think she was an idiot for what she had done.

“That’s definitely an understatement. We both know he asked you out all the time, so a little kid would only assume that to be the closest thing to stalking.” Phillip laughed. Lily grinned as they sat down.

They sat in silence for a while as they took in the view. Lily realized after a few minutes that Phillip was sneaking glances at her and fiddling with the hem of his robes. He even opened his mouth a few times, but quickly shut it before anything came out.

“Is there something you want to tell me, Phillip?” Lily caught his eye as he glanced at her. She caught him blush slightly before he cleared his throat.

“Well, Lils, do you remember what you said in the Great Hall about your boyfriend?” He asked carefully. He didn’t want to come right out and say it, hoping she’d figure it out and say what he hoped she would.

“The part about you being my boyfriend?” Lily cutely crumpled her brow as she tried to remember exactly what she said.

“No. It was after that.” Phillip helped her along. His hands began to shake slightly as he worried about all that could go wrong: what if she didn’t feel the same way?

“Oh! The part about loving my boyfriend and him loving me back?” Lily asked softly. Phillip grinned when she figured it out and looked into his eyes.

“Yes. That part.” Phillip whispered.

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Chapter 16: The Third Sense
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not a product of my imagination. However, JKR did have the mental capacity to think up something so brilliant. Thank her.

Why? Oh, why had she been so stupid? Brooklyn asked herself over and over upon seeing the vibrant posters decorating the hall. There was no way anyone could miss the brilliant colors and huge picture of her face. Now, she wished she would’ve refused to go to the Halloween ball, but Kathy just had to convince her. Well, it was partially her fault, too. She was the one who didn’t recognize Sirius Black and decided to dance with him.

She simply felt stupid as she walked down the halls alone. The least she could’ve done was walk with her best friend, but, no, she just had to leave before Kathy was even dressed. She was definitely regretting it.

Brooklyn felt like everyone’s eyes were on her as she walked as quietly as possible to the Great Hall. As she entered, Sirius brushed by her in the doorway. He didn’t even notice her as he and his best friends James skipped to their seats.

Relieved after Sirius didn’t recognize her, she allowed herself a chuckle at that sight. Behind them came Lily and Remus, also holding hands and skipping. Definitely not a sight she was used to seeing, but very funny as the hall broke out in cheers. Joining her friends at the Hufflepuff table, she let out a whistle that was heard above the ruckus. Christy rolled her eyes at Brooklyn, but she didn’t mind.

“Bee…” Christy gave Brooklyn a look that told her she knew exactly who Cinderella was.

“You aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?” Brooklyn asked nervously.

“Hello! When have I ever let you down?” Christy asked her friend in amazement. She would never rat a friend out.

“Yeah. In third year, you told Alex Tuttle I had a huge crush on him.” Brooklyn told her seriously. Christy rolled her eyes.

“Haven’t I made it up to you, yet?” She asked. Brooklyn gave a sigh.

“I’m sorry Christy. I’m just so nervous.” Brooklyn admitted, “Their bound to find me soon. Those posters aren’t exactly subtle.”

“I know, darlin’!” Christy patted her friend sympathetically on the shoulder, “Just lay low today. You’ll decide to tell him soon enough, and he’ll be a complete jerk if he doesn’t grab you and never let go.”

“Aww, thanks so much!” Brooklyn turned to hug her friend. Because they were sitting it was more like throwing an arm around her and squeezing.

“Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t already know that.” Christy kidded with her. She was talking about Brooklyn’s way to brag when she does good in school or comes down the stairs feeling extremely happy about the way she looks.

“You know that’s only around you, Kathy, and Kelly.” Brooklyn blushed. Christy let out a sigh and sadly shook her head over Lyn’s shyness.

“I know. I have a feeling about this, though.” Christy winked and stood to leave.

“What feeling?” Lyn asked worriedly, “Is it good?” she watched as Christy walked away without answering and just a smile. Now, Brooklyn was really worried. Christy’s feeling usually turned into happenings and she was scared it might not be a good feeling. Wouldn’t Christy tell her if it was bad? Yes, her friend definitely would let her know right away…Right?

Lyn decided to shake it off and forget about it. So, she finished her breakfast and left the room in a mass of people as not to attract attention. Luckily, her goal was reached as no one pointed her out or gave her the look that Christy had so recently wore.

For once in her life, Brooklyn was happy she was what Kathy called a wallflower. She easily blended into the background with her “just-another” look. Normally, she wanted to be unique and stick out amazingly.

However, she was a smart girl and she knew someone was bound to recognize her sooner or later. Knowing her luck, it would be sooner. So, she knew she’d have to tell Sirius it was her before someone else told him. That was the problem, though: How did she tell the most popular guy in school that the girl he’s looking for is just her. Of course her shyness was factor as well.

Brooklyn decided to not think about it. She took the back halls to the Hufflepuff common room. Once there she decided it would be even safer to hang out in her dorm. Hopefully, that time alone without having to worry would allow her to think.

Brooklyn settled herself in the window seat and leaned back on the comfy pillows. She looked out said window towards the garden, and saw Lily and her own Hufflepuff Seeker walking into the envelope of trees.

A plan formed in Lyn’s mind as the sight of Lily triggered her to remember the study session in the library that night. She had asked Lily and Remus to help her study on Sunday so she could make sure she had her work done before classes began on Monday. It was actually a very simply plan, and was likely not to have snags.

She decided that she would ask Lily and Remus for help - Lily because she was smart and Remus because he was the best friend of the guy who was searching for her. Besides that, they were pretty good friends, seeing as they’d studied together at least once a week since they were in First Year.

It had all started on the first Friday they had at Hogwarts. Lily and Remus had gone to the library together to work on the foot-long Potions’ essay. Yes, the Potions’ Master had begun to torture them that early. She was thankful he had retired in their Second Year, and the new professor wasn’t nearly as bad.

Anyway, Brooklyn had gone to the library to work on her Potions’ essay as well. The library was empty except for the three of them, and Lily had immediately beckoned her over to work with them. Brooklyn had shyly joined them, but Lilly was so talkative that Lyn soon felt at home. It especially helped when Remus had complimented on her gorgeous blued eyes. From then on, they were like the best of friends. Being in separated houses, however, made them unable to see each other very often. They did decide to have a weekly meeting set on Sunday nights.

Brooklyn smiled softly as she remembered the great friends she had made at Hogwarts as she leaned her head against the cool glass. She closed her eyes as she pictured the amazed looks on Lily and Remus’ faces as she walked into the library and told them. Slowly, she drifted off into a worriless dream…

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lyn woke nearly three hours later, and knew she had to hurry. She grabbed her bag with the Astronomy homework she was confused over, and ran out of the room without fixing her hair or clothes.

“Bee! Where do you think you’re going looking like that?” Kathy asked as she and Brooklyn met halfway down the Girl’s Dormitory Stairs.

“To study with Remus and Lily.” Brooklyn explained quickly and tried to get past her best friend. As if Kathy would actually let her best friend go into public looking like she did. Especially not with people looking for her.

“No you don’t.” Kathy grabbed her, “We’re going to clean you up, and then you can go.” Brooklyn grumbled, but followed her back to the dorm.

Brooklyn quickly changed into a new, unwrinkled set of muggle clothes while Kathy yammered on in the other room about the whole Cinderella deal.

“I really think you should tell him, Bee” Kathy said carefully, “ I know you’re shy but imagine what could happen if this is real love.” Kathy had a thing for fairy tales, “Besides, how will he feel if someone tells him and it’s not you? I’d feel bad if a guy did that to me. It’d tell me the guy doesn’t like me at all…”

“Ok, Kathy. I get it” Brooklyn came out of the bathroom with freshly brushed teeth and hair, “I’m already making my plan to tell him. That’s why I was in such a hurry to get to the library; I want Remus and Lily to help me get to him.” With this new news, Kathy jumped off the bed and practically pushed Lyn out of the room.

“What are you waiting on, then? Get going, Girl!” Brooklyn laughed and did as she was told.

If that feeling of Christy’s was the same as the one Lyn had, it had to be a good one. Brooklyn confidently walked to the library and wore a huge smile oh her face as she pushed the door open. The only problem: Neither Lily nor Remus was there.

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Chapter 17: Friends
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Disclaimer: I, the author AshHa, do not own Harry Potter or his friends or his school or his not so favorite people. I know who does, though! J. K. Rowling does, and she deserves it!

Lily refused to look Philip in the eye. What could she say to that? Did she love Philip? She just became his girlfriend! How could she love him? But, he was so perfect! How could she not love him? Not to mention James…

James! How could she think of James at a time like this? He had absolutely nothing at all to do with her current situation. Furthermore, he was not worth her consideration on this particular issue.

How could she think that? She knew perfectly well it wasn’t true.


“Listen, Philip, in the Great Hall, I was caught up in the Marauders’ charade. I only meant what I said as a joke.” Lily finally met Philip’s eye. She could tell he was disappointed by that explanation. She really didn’t want him to have that hopeless expression. So she gave him a soft smile and touched his arm.

“Phil, I don’t particularly know how I feel. I’m confused right now, especially when it comes to you. Besides, I haven’t known you very well for all that long. I don’t even know if it’s possible to fall in love that quickly.” Philip simply stared hard at Lily for nearly a minute, and she was becoming uncomfortable. However, she could not look away, the depth of his eyes mesmerizing her. Finally, he sighed and looked away. He had what seemed to be an angry look on his face. But, that couldn’t be because he looked at her again with such determination and love that she simply couldn’t see the source of his anger.

“Lily Evans.” Philip took her hands and gave her a look that made her breath catch. It was the kind of moment she had always fantasized would be a proposal.

“Lily,” He continued after a moment of collecting his thoughts, “I understand what it is that confuses you. It’s James Potter who is mixing up your feelings.” Now, that was news to her, and Lily opened her mouth to set him straight, but he held up a hand to stop her.

“It’s very obvious, Lily. So, please don’t deny it.” Philip looked her directly in the eye, “I will fight for you, Lily. I will do anything I can to get him off your mind and me on it. I’m laying the cards on the table right now. Lily, I love you, and of that, I am absolutely positive.” Lily had no idea how to respond to that, and Philip wasn’t even done yet.

“I understand you can’t love me, yet, but, I pray that someday you will. My love for you will never falter. I’ll prove it to you, and that Potter won’t ever be good enough for you. I love you, Lily!” Philip finally stopped spilling his guts, and Lily was blinking the tears back. A few managed to fall, though, and Philip gently wiped them away, awaiting her response.

“Oh, Philip. I don’t know what to say!” Lily smiled. She was utterly amazed at Philip’s confession. How could someone feel so strongly about her? What did she do to deserve such a man in her life? Philip cupped her cheek, wiping away a few more stray tears.

“You don’t need to say anything.” He whispered, making his intentions clear. Lily leaned in, and Philip gently kissed her. He tried to pour his love into that kiss, and Lily definitely felt it.

The pulled away breathless and Philip grinned at the now-blushing Lily. She smiled shyly back, and Philip offered her a hand. She took it and they stood to roam the beautiful garden.

“Lils, have you decided what you want to do when we graduate?” Philip asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I want to be a Healer.” Lily smiled. She had finally made up her mind after realizing she loved helping people and hated to see anyone in pain.

“That’s so cool! I be you’d be amazing at saving lives.” Philip complimented her.

“I hope so.” Lily replied, “What about you?”

“I’m going to be an auror.” Philip said proudly.

“Now, that’s a tough job. I know you’ll be up to it, though.” Lily liked the idea of Philip being an auror. Not only would he be fair, but he was brilliant at duels and could outsmart the bad guys.

“Thanks. I’m doing my best ever in DADA this year, and I’m hoping the Ministry will see that and recruit me.” Philip said. Lily could see that gleam in his eyes that told her this was his dream.

“Have you always wanted to do that?” Lily asked.

“How’d you guess?” Philip grinned as he thought how easily she had figured that out.

“It was that look in your eyes when you spoke of it.” Lily explained.

“Yes, I’ve dreamed of being and auror ever since they turned up at my house and saved my family.” Philip brought on a new subject for Lily.

“Really?” She asked in amazement, “What happened?”

“My uncle was staying with us at the time, and he was a ‘retired’ Death Eater. Of course, Voldemort doesn’t allow retirees, so he sent Death Eaters to get him. It was around midnight when they struck. My uncle was in my room, so they attacked there first. My uncle jumped in front of the killing curse aimed for me, giving his life for mine. The Death Eaters left us both for dead, and were going to kill my parents, but the aurors arrived just in time to save them. I can still hear the pops of their apparations and the cries of triumph as they captured over ten Death Eaters in one night.” Philip recounted the story with obvious admiration.

“How did they know you needed help?” Lily asked.

“The Potter’s lived next door, and still do, and summoned them. James’ dad is an auror, after all.” Philip explained with a grin. He loved living next to a real auror.

“I didn’t know you live next to the Potter’s!” Lily was surprised. She couldn’t picture Philip and James neighbors; they were complete opposites, what with James being a marauder and Philip and intelligent…quidditch captain. She could see it now.

“Yeah. Remember when I told you that our dads went to school together for a while?” Lily nodded, “Well they pretty much became the best of friends during that time. They managed to stay in touch by owls and hanging out some during the summer. Then, when my dad graduated, he moved into the house beside Mr. and Mrs. Potter who had recently gotten married.”

“Brilliant. So, are you and James good friends?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, of course. Not nearly as close as the Marauders, but pretty close.” Philip said.

“Yes,” Lily agreed, “There doesn’t seem to be many people as close of friends as the Marauders.”

“Those guys would jump in front of the killing curse for each other.” Philip complimented.

“True.” Lily laughed lightly. Then, she frowned as Philip grinned mischievously.

“Now that you’ve shown me your secret hide-out, how ‘bout we see mine?” Philip almost begged. Lily smiled, relieved that he wasn’t throwing her over his shoulder or something like that, and agreed to go. He jumped up like a boy about to get candy, and pulled her along as he ran.

“Where is it?” Lily used her last breath to ask the question. Philip was on a quest and wearing her out seemed to be it.

“You’ll see.” He grinned, and Lily groaned. ‘You’ll see’ surprises usually don’t turn out well. However, she found herself laughing with Philip as they raced across the lawn and got many stares from students. A few Gryffindors who knew Lily only waved and laughed. They obviously realized what being at Hogwarts was all about. Lily was tempted to stick her tongue out at the students who were making fun of them.

Before their bad spirits could ruin her good ones, Philip drug her into the castle and she had to concentrate on climbing the stairs. When the running was finally over, Lily bent over to catch her breath, but Philip just laughed at her. She turned to glare at him, but saw where they were. Once Philip said the password to the Gryffindor Tower, Lily knew it was James and the Marauders.

“Come on, Lils. Don’t look like that!” Philip smiled gleefully, and Lily smiled as to not ruin his mood. Running up into the Boys’ Dorm actually made her feel better. Finally, she was going to intrude on James’ domain instead of him on hers. Once in the room, Philip received an overall happy greeting (aside from James, of course), but Lily wasn’t so greatly appreciated. It took a whole ten seconds for frozen, bare-chested Sirius to move.

“What’s she doing here?” He shrieked and jumped to pull a shirt on. He wasn’t fast enough to hide the horrible scars on his back from Lily.

“Hello, my girlfriend?” Philip rolled his eyes. It was obvious that the only reason he was mad was because Lily caught him shirtless.

“Sirius…” Lily stared quietly. Sirs turned to her and have a glare that made her wince, but she wasn’t stopping. “What happened?” She asked with real sincerity.

“What do you care?” Sirius snorted. Lily’s eyes widened as his words hurt her.

“I do care.” Lily said defensively. She was their friend now, wasn’t she? She could already feel the tears coming.

“No. You don’t.” Sirius sounded like he was trying to convince himself of that. “You make fun of us all the time, tell on us for pranks, and think we’re incapable of having a natural human though process!”

“I…” Lily tried to protest, but James cut her off. His frustration at her rejections finally broke free.

“He’s right, Lily.” James said, knowing it was the truth. Usually he wouldn’t be so harsh, but Philip standing there holding her protectively was enough to make him explode. IT SHOULD BE HIM!!

“Now, you listen here…” Philip was ready to defend Lily, knowing perfectly well that everything they said was a lie.

“Lily, you’re just plain mean.” Peter finally piped up. Lily’s eyes widened. Peter wasn’t the type of person to say bad things to people. When Remus didn’t speak up in her defense, Lily took a step back. With a trembling lip and tear pooled in her eyes, she took a deep breath.

“I see.” She said, wiping furiously at the fallen tears. Convincing herself she didn’t want them was the only thing she could do with that total and complete rejection and anger.

“No, Lily…” Philip reached out to her. She cut him off with a sharp shake of her head and held up her hand.

“I understand. It’s okay, Philip.” She turned, quietly opening the door. The last second, she stalled, and whispered, “You guys just don’t get it. I’m jealous of you. Always have been and always will. At least you know how to have fun.”

The final exit was a bit dramatic, but Lily wasn’t going for that. She was trying to get them to understand, and to possibly want her back…

As if that would happen.

The boys stared dumbfounded at the door. Did Lily really just say that? That was a completely new prospect to all of them. They thought maybe she wished she could have as cool friends as they do (because they knew everyone wanted that), but nothing like this.

“Happy?” Philip all but growled at The Marauders and stormed out of the room, calling after Lily.

Lily tried the whole ignore your boyfriend who is calling your name and desperately wants to comfort you, but she was too selfish. She waited for him at the bottom of the stairs and collapsed in tears in his arms. He didn’t say anything. He just held her and rocked her until her tears were dried…which he didn’t actually do.

The Marauders made a circle after Philip stormed out, and knew immediately what to do. Apologies were in order. They marched right on down the stairs and began apologizing every way they could possibly think of.

“Alright, alright already!” Lily laughed. The Marauders looked earnestly at her, hoping she was going to forgive them, “So, does this mean you still want me to be your friend?”

“OF COURSE!” They cried in unison, and the group actually had a group hug. It lasted about one second before awkwardness set in.

“So, wanna watch us pull a prank?” James asked to break the silence. Laughing, they all set out for the Great Hall.

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