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WORST FIC EVER by pigwidgeon385

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 4,829
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Luna, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 08/22/2006
Last Chapter: 04/21/2007
Last Updated: 04/21/2007


This is the Worst Fic Ever, written for Precious Rin's Worst Fic Ever challenge on the fourms. Banner by me.

Chapter 1: at the durslys
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“Dudly- stop! Your being really mean!!!” Hermione very angrly said.

‘Sorry” said Dudley.

Ron and Harry were sitting on the blue comfy couch in the dursleys living room. They were at the Durslys becuz they thought the last Horacrux was there. They had looked everywhere in the house- but they couldn’t find the any horucruxs. That is becuz it wasn’t in the house. But they originally thought it was.

Harry and Ron were realy, really hungry. So then they went to the kitchen to go get something to eat. They decided on PB+J. They were already out of school so they could use their magic. They were already out of school becuase it had been a year while they were looking for the horucruxes. in there seventh year they went back to schoool, though. Ron and Lavender got together becuz they were perfect for each other, and they loved each other. Luna and Harry did too, becuase they were talking and then Harry asked her out, becuz he thought her hair was really pretty and that she was funny and that she was a nice person to talk to. When they finished eating there PB+J's they went bak into the living room.

"OMG!" yelled Harry and Ron at the same time.

They did this becuz Hermione and Dudley were kissing. They were now blushing really red becuase they were embaresd..

Hermione siad, "Harry has Luna and Ron has Lavender! I should get someone too!"

Harry and Ron said okay and then went up stairs to HArry's bedroom. They alked about the horucruxes for a bit and then they fell asleep. Ron and Harry slept in the same room. Hermione came upstairs a little bit later after she had said good night to her new boyfriend.


In the moring they went downstairs and HErione and Dudley were eating breakfast. They were having bacon and eggs. That was Dudleys fav so now they were Hermiones favorite too. Harry and Ron like them too. So Harry and Ron decided to have some to. They heard a ring at the doorbell- "I'll get it!" said Hermione. She came back in the kitchen moments later with Lavender and Luna. "They want to help us find the horacruzes!"

"Okay!" said Harry and Ron at the same time.

Dudley said, "I want to help too!"

Hermione was happy.

"So everybody. Tongoiht we should all get a lot of rest becuz tomorow we are going to go look for the horucuxes. Where she we go firt."

"I dunno."

"Me neither."

"Me either>"

Everyone said that. So they decided to stay at the Dursleys.But just for now. They would have to return to their quest eventually. but the boyz had a surprise.


The next morning they all got ready. (Harry and Ron and Dudley.) They were all sitting in the living room couch when Hermione and Lavender and Luna came down. The girls stood in front of the couch, wondering why they were all sitting like that. So then Harry and Dudley and Ron all got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" The girls all were really happy, so they all kissed they're new fiance! It was a very happy time. They decided to put off the wedding until after they found the horacrux. They decided to check back at Hogwarts tomorow- maybe there was another one there!


a/n: I think this is one of the best stories I've EVER written!!! So THANK THANK THANK you to Precious Rin for giving me this idea!!!!!!

Chapter 2: Switches and Dresses
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“Can you beleeve were getting MARRIED ” Hermione said, squeeling with happines.

“I KNOW ” said Luna, “This is really awesome. I love Harry with all my heart.”

“I love Won-won. He’s so cute ”

They all giggled.

But Hermione was getting a bit upset. Why is this though? Maybe well find out....

We should get ready to look for the Horocruxes.” said Lavender.

“Yeah” said Hermione and Luna.

“We should get dressed first though.” said Luna.

“I agree” said Hermione.

“Me to” said Lavender.

“Let’s dress up Luna first ” said Hermione. She was the style expert of the group./ Lavender stepped back to watche while hermione sircled around luna.

“I think blue would be a good color on you ”

‘Me too ’ Said Lavender.

Hermione wipped open her magical trunk. It was like a mall inside All Hermione had to do was say what clothes she wanted and they would come out

“A blue V-neck ” The shirt popped out and put itself on Luna. It was skin tight and very low cut.

“I love it ” said Luna. For earings she wore huge silver hoops. Then she got VERY short jeans. They were really tight too. Then she wore stilletos. The leather boots went almost all the way up her leg. She wore her hair down. Her eyeshadow was perfectley applyed- same with the rest of her.

“Now your turn” said Hermione to Lavender.

“How about the color..... Lavender ” The girls all giggled when Hermione said this, becuase that was also Lavender’s name, not only a color

Hermione said, “Lavender shirt ”

A skin tight shirt came out and put itself on Lavender. It was a belly shirt and it showed off her abs. Then her makeup was all lavender too. Also- jeans came out. They were SUPER SUPER low. You could see her lavender colored underwear. She also wore boots. Her jeans had lots of big rips
Now it was Hermione’s turn. She thought she would look good in green.

“Green dress ”

A bright green dress came. It hardly covered her- It was a tube dress. It was very tight. You could see all of her curves. She ordered matching boots. Her hair was in amazing curls. Green eyeliner perfected the look.

Then they went down to see the boys.

“Woah- you girls look hot ”

They all blushed.

“Lets go find those horacruxes ”


They stareted to walk down Privet Drive. Hermione was walking close to Ron.

“Hi Ron” she said.

“Hey” he said. He was totally checking her out.

Lavender got a little mad, “Ron Don’t I look good ”

“Yeah, but I think Hermione looks better”

“Thank you Ron ” said Hermione.

“Won-won!” whined Lavender.

Luna was walking next to Harry and Dudley. Harry grabbed Luna and they started to totally make out. They stopped at the bench, since they had reahced the park, and sat down and totally made out.

Dudley was feeling really lonley now. He started to watch Luna and Harry. Luna was really hot he relized.

Lavendar was trying to win Ron’s attention. She jumped on him and they started to kiss. Hermine walked up to them and slapped Lavender. “He’s mine!” She grabbed Ron and started to pull of his shirt. Lavender was so mad! “Fine! I’ll go with you best friend!”

She pulled Luna off of Harry and started to kiss him! After a while they both enjoyed it and began to fall in love.

Luna and Dudley looked at each other. She smiled and blushed. He walked to her and they started to kiss.

They were all in bliss. The people around the pak started to clap, becuase it was so beautiful.

Chapter 3: A Prophecy
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Once the crowd had cleared they stopped their wonderfly blissful make out session and stood up. They all wiped their mouths and then Dudley said, "Where are we going to look for You-Know-Who's horcurxes next Harry, Luna, Lavender, Ron, and Hermione?"

Hermione said, "I don't know- but lets start by walking down this road."

"okay" they all said as they began to walk down the road. Soon they saw a very old lady with lots of wrinkles and gray hair. She look a deep breathe, "YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE HORCRUXES!!!!"

They all gasped! How did she know!?!?!??!

"ONE OF YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS...." The old lady faded away- almost like slow-mo disapperation. Harry ran forward, "Don't leave! We need to know which one of us it is!"

The old lady came back, "You have to find out yourself!"

Lavender collaspesed in sobs, "I know!!!!!" She cried and tears rolled down her face.

Harry went to her and kissed her pationatley. Soon Luna and Dudaley were kissing, then Rona nd Hermione. When they broke off the old lady was gone.

"What do you mean Lav?" asked Luna wondering what it could be.

"well... it's kinda hard for me to tell you all."

"But you have to" everyone said, "The FATE of teh WIZARDING WORLD depends on YOU!"


Lavender was in her night gown, lying down in bed when she heard a voice. It said, "come here." It was in teh stone chamber beside her bedroom. What could it be? She went to go take a look. It was Voldemort! She should have been scared- but she didn't, Do you wonder why? Lets keep reding to see why! She smiled sexy like. Hello Voldie.." she cooed.

"Helly LavLav," he siad slowly. He drew her close to him and they kissed ansd kissed... and then did some more........ When they woke up in the morning Voldie told Lav all about the Horcruxes and asked her a special favor. He wanted to turn something of hers into a horucrux. This is how he would always remember her- becuase they both knew they could never be together. Ever. This made them both cry, but after they wiped each others tears. Voldemort said he wanted to remember this beuatiful night in paticular so she gave him her Lavender underwear to house his soul. He changed them into a horcrux.

Lav said, "I'll where them always..." A tear rolled down her cheek as they kissed. Then he disapperated.

~*~*~ END OF FLASHBACK ~*~*~~

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!?!" they all screamed.

Ron and Dudley walked up to her. "we have to take off your underwear."

Harry grew very jealous. When Ron started to pull off her pants he grew mad with rage. He killed both Rona nd Dudley with the Avada Kedvara. By accident he also hit Lavender.

"NO!!!!!!" Harry screamed.

Luna and Hermione where shocked. The loves of their life had just been murdered. They both fired curses at Harry. He died with a emo expression on his face.

"NO!" cried Luna.

"Harry.." she whispered...."I LOVE YOU!"

Then she died in his arms. She died from the pain of lossing the love of her life.

Hermione was all alone.

Then-all of a sudden- Voldemort came to her.

He said, "I'm sorry for your losses."

She said, "I'm sorry for yours."

They both cried and weeped in each others arms. Then Voldemort offered her a choice...


Chapter 4: Queen Hermione
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Voldemort took Hermione into his little layer thing that he's been hiding in for a while but the order didn't know about because it was secret and he didn't want him and hermione ot be discovered so that is why he took her to the secret layer thing. he then sat down. hermione did too.

"Hermione, "he began, "I'm soon going to be King of the World."

Hermione knew that oo- she had thought that the golden trio would fai l since the 1st year of hogwarts. This was when she had met Draco.


Hello Hermione. said Draco.

They were both in teh Head boy/girl room. There was only one room adn one bed that they both had to share. This was part of being head of the houses in hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. hermioe used to not hang out there much, but since Harry and Ron were usually busy with Lav and Luna she was hanging out there more an more. Pretty soon she found that she liked Draco a bit. One day she had walkied in on him changing into his other robes. He had lots of muscles and was really really hot. Hermione just started at him. Draco said, "Hey Hermione. Why are you looking at me like that." She said, "I think your kinda really hot." He then said, "I think you are too." THen they kissed so pationaley. It was a beautiful moment. But then teh end of the school year came. on that night they did more in teh bed they shared than they ever had. Hermione thought it was magic- and she was very soory, that becuase hogwarts was ending she woudl never see her love again.

Saying good bye to Draco was hard. In secret they shared one more bittersweet kiss. Then they parted their ways.


She didn't want to tell Voldie that she was kinda into a Death Eater the whole time. She was arfraid he would get mad. This part that i just rote plays a big part in the story so i hop you were paying atteniton.

Voldemort then asked her is she would like to be his queen.

Hermione said...


"Yes, I would like to be you r queen voldemort." hermione said.

"Do you love me asked voldemort.

Did she? Hermione thought to herself . Did she?


That night Voldemort had already fallen asleep, but hermione lay awake beside him. She loved him, she deicded as she felt his breath on her cheek. But what were her feelings for Draco? It didn't matter, since they might not ever see each other ever again.

Or would they?


The next day Hermione sat upon her throne. Voldemort had conquered the world. The new world had a Queen adn a king, but it needed someone who would act as the prince becuase hermione had not had any sons with Voldemort yet to be prince. Hermione sat apon her throne in a black dress. THe top was tight, and her bosoms were threating to pop over the top of the low cut dress. The skirt was huge and poofy- it made her look very much like a Queen. Voldemort was wearing black robes. The soon-to-be-prince walked in.

It was Draco.

Chapter 5: Prince Draco
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a/n: *sqeal* This is so much fun to write a story this bad. Just for clarifiction: This is MENT to be bad, okay? Don't feel sory for me! :P And now...

omg this is lyk the vest chpt eva! cuz dracoand hermione- my fav ship r totally...og! can't give it all a away!

Draco slowly walked into the room. He wouldn't even look at hEmrione. Sh felt hurt- because they had spent a loving time together and he should rememer. Did he rmemeber> Or was he just doing that cuz Volemort was in the room? (a/n: OMG! THis is so intense!)

"Master," he said bowing.

VOldemort shot him with the crucious curse. "It's your highness now!!!!!"

Herione's eyes filled up with tears. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

She threw herself on top of draco to stop him from being tortured. "What are you doing to my love?" she screamed at Voldemort.

Voldemort gasped. He stared at her, "What did you say?"

"I- I" Hermine stuttered. She buried her head in Draco's chest- sobbing.

He looked Voldemort dead in the eye. "She said, my love."

OMG- this would be a perfect spot to end the chapter, but I can't, cause of the word rule.

Voldemort just stared. Draco kissed the top of Hermione precious head. She clunge to him and sobbed. What would they ever do now?

Voldemort was thinking. Thinking hard.

He suddenly had an idea.


"Yes master- your highness." HE corrected himself cause he didn't want to be toruted again becuase being tortured had hurt a lot even though he was then sacved by Hermione, who was the love of his live. He loved the way the dress fit her, and her kept looking down to see her. She was so beautiful, even if her eyes were red and puffy from crying into his shoulder. Not that he minded. He loved having her cling to him.

"What master- you highness." He corrected himself again.

"Make that mistake agin and I will kill you." Said Voldemort. He was talking about how Draco kept calling him master, and not his new title your highness.

"What do you want me to do YOUR HIGHNESS?" he got it right this time, which was good, becuse voldemort wasn't kidding when he said that he would kill him if he ever made the mistake to call him master again.

"You need to do a very important task for me." Said Voldemort slowly and dangerously.

"Or what?" Sneered Draco.

"Or I will not let you become Prince." Draco started to laguh- who cared about being prince.

"And I will kill Hermione!"

Draco stopped laughing now. What would he do with out Hermine. He remembered the time after he left Hogwarts.


"What's wrong Draco?" said Narcissa.

"Nothing is wrong mother."

he sighed, "ACtually I fell in love with Hermione and now I miss her."

Narcissa hugged her son, and kissed the top of his head.

~*~*~*END FLASHBACK*~*~*~*~

He could not do that again. And this time it would be permenent.

"NO!" he yelled, then he sighed, "I will do whatever you want of me master."

"Good" said Voldemort. "I want you to go on a dangerous mission. I'll tell you the details later. It will last a year."

Hermione protested, "I can't live without Draco for a year!"

"But you will be in my heart always."

"And you in mine."

They kissed and Draco Departed.

a/n: OMG! OMG! OMG So lyk, wat do u think??????

a/n: Hehe... I could hardly stop laughing. This is so BAD!

Chapter 6: A DAngerous Mission
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a/n: So, I hope you are all *enjoying* this fic. If you have any suggestions on how I can make it WORSE, please leave a review! Begin:

a/n: omgomgomgomg!!!!!!!! this is so intense! i want no bad reviews cuz I owrked realy hard on this chapter. If you do a bad review i might cry!!!!!!!

"Don't worry Hermione, draco said, as he tocked his wand inside his roces. 'I won't die on this missino cux that ouwld mean we ould never, ever be together and that would be really bad, becuase, since we are in true love, it would be bad."

She replied by kissing him.
"Thank you Hermione," said Draco. he vanisehd.

She samk to the ground, her dress poofin out around her. It got kinda dirty since the ground was sirty and her dress was touching it. VOldemort appeared out of no wher.

"Stop crying!"

She did, becuase she didn't wan tto make him mad and kill Draco.

ALthough she rikeds asking him a kwestion, "Why is the mission that owu planned for Craco?"

"I can't tell you!!!" screamed Voldemort. "Becuase then you will try to help him and this is not allowed! he is meant to die on teh mission, as you well know!"!!

"NO!" screamed Hermione, beating the ground with her fists.

Voldemort watched her with a bit of pain in his eyes.

Why was he torturing the women he loved like this?

"Hermione?" he began.

She whirled on him. "WHAT?!?!!?"

HE saw the angish in her eyes, as she jumped up, fists clenched, eyes filed with anguish.

"I- I..."

She trembled with rage.

"Do you love me?"

Voldemort repeated the question that he had asked her last night.

There needs to be a pause here for the story to work, so PAUSE.


There is another pause here.

(a/n: Is'nt that intense!!!!!!!!)

"AAAH!" Voldemort screamed.

"Do you love me?"




If this was a movie dramatic music would be playing right now.


Voldemort brought his wand to his head.

"IT's not worth living.... without love."

He muttered the cruse , adn thlight went away from his eyes/

he died longing for the love he could never ever have.

As soon as Voldemort fellt o the ground Hermione was schocked. She cannot belive how many deaths she had witnessed. Everyone in the world was dead because of Voldie and now he was dead too?

The ground trembled.

A mexzmorizing music filled the air. The wind began to whip around incircles, faster, and faster. Hermine's hair whippe againts her face.

Her dress morphed into the same thing, except white. Her hair became waving and eprfect, and convered with the same white veil that now covered her face. She found a boukeey of flowers in her hadns.

she was in a wedding dres.

The ground shook really hard now, and then rainbow-like light filled teh air. What was going on? The music grew louder.

Then, all of a sudden, people burst from teh ground. They cried, smiled, and laughed, and embraced ech other.

Hermione looked around.

They were the people who had been killed in the war.

She saw REmus and Tonks and Milly and Bill and Fluer and Fred and George and Snape and Harry and Ron and LUna and Dudley and Ernie and Angelia and McGonagal and Flitwick and Hagrid and Gwap.

Then, even more schocked, Hermione saw Lily and James!!!! And other peopole who had been killed by Voldemort at one period of time or another.

A beacon of light shone down from heaven.

Draco floated down, dressed in a black suit and tie.

He placed on ring on Hermione's finger, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"MArry me?"


And asle appeared, along with a white arch coverecd w/ white flower that matched the bokay that hermione was holding.

The walked up the asl.e

Dumbldor, who is now alived, said, "Do you want to be marrid?"

Hermione said, "I do."

Draco said, "I do/"

"YOu may now kiss the bride."

The people around began to cry from happiness and Hermione and Draco kissed.

The light grew brighter and covered them:

It was beautiful.

a/n: Ta-da my stry is over!!! except i might make more chps and stuf cuz i no 4 a fact this is the best story on this site.

a/n: It pains me to write this- so how do you read this? Just kidding. Should I bother making more chapter? Is it that funny/entertaining? Tell me in a *lovely* review!

Chapter 7: not what you think
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"I can't belive this!" scaremed Harry, tears straming down hs face.

"Netither can I said ron!"

Ginny sat there, looking hurt and disapointed.

"How could you do this to us?" said Luna and Lavender at teh same time.

"I thought - I just..." stammered Dudley, hurt.

Hermione just stood thre, tears streaming down her face.  She stodd in her white dress looking more beautiful then she ever had. Her golden hair was perfect - parted to the side with a gentle wave. Her makeup was flawless, except now it was running because she was crying.

"I don't understand! Whats the big deal! I l love him!" she screamed.

(a/n: Theyr talking about herimione and draco.)

"But he's evil!"

"He's changed!"

"He could enver change!"

"But he has!"

"How do you know?"

"I just do!!!!"

Ron shook his head, disapionted in her.

"You can never be together" said Ginny.

"But hes' my husband and I love him."

"We'll give you a choice" said Lav.

Hermione listend for her choice.

"It's either him." (meaning Draco) "or us" (meaing harry, ron, lav, ginny, and dudley.)

Hermione did not know what to pick. "I can't! Why can't we all just live together?"

"It can never be."

"Fine," said Hermione, trembling with sadness. "I choose Draco." She then said goodbye and ran.


"Draco!" scoled his father.

"You cannot marry this mudblood. She will mess up the blood line and then you're children will have dirty blood. They won't be real wizards! is that really what you want?"

"yes" shrieked Draco."I would do it because I love her."

"You really do?" said Mr. Malfy.

"yes" said Draco.

"In that case you can marry her, but you must leave."

Alright father" said Draco.


"Hermione!" called Draco.

"dreaco!" she answered.

"I have to leave!" they shouted at the same time.

"We can go into hiding together, " said Draco.

"I guess we have to.  If we want to stay married we have to go away from all the other guys. I don't want them judging our love."

"mean either" said Draco after Hermiones speech.

"Let's run away!" said Hermione finally.  they held hands as they ran of in two the sunset. (a/n: isn't that beautiful?)


A couple months later Hermione sat in there house in America.  They had moved there.  Hermione called her friend, Taylor on the telephone. Her husband Draco was at work.

When Taylor came over they talked. She liked Taylor so much that she had forgotten about everyone else in Europe. Taylor was a witch, too.

<i>"I have to tell you something," said Hermione, "I cannot keep my secret form you since you are my best friend."

'okay," said Talyor. Listening very carefully. 

"I'm a witch! Not like a mean person ,but I can do magic and sutff."

"wow! So can I! I went to a school in America for it. It was called Broomagic Academy."

"Oh," said Hermione, "I've heard of that place! I went to Hogwarts."

"I was gonna go there," said Taylor, "But there was to many people from my school going there already."

"oh," said Hermione."

When Taylor came over they usually talked about boys and did each other's hair. Taylor had straight blonde hair, that even when she let air dry was still shinny and straight and thick. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and she came from a wealthy wizarding family.  She was a pureblood.

When Taylor came over her and Hermione talked about Draco.  "He works in the American Ministry for Magic." said Hermione.

"Oh - that's realyl cool!" said Taylor.

"Yeah," said Hermione.

ThenDraco came in the door, and Taylor left. 

"bye Taylor!" they said. 

"Hello baby," said Draco said in his deep sexy voice.

"Hello said Hermione.

ALthough they were tired, none of them slept a lot  that nigt.

Five months had gone by, and Hermione was pregnant.  And, total coincedence, so was Taylor. (She was also marrued and her husband's name was Dave.)  They spent their days together while their husbands were at work.  One night tht sat at home and were eating lots of food since they had weird cravings.

A man apporated into Hermione's house.

"can I help you?" she said very nicley.
"I'm sorry that I must bring you bad nws." he said, lookign very sorry.

"But your husbands - "

Hermione and Taylor gasped.

"are dead.'

Chapter 8: no!
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a/n: sorry for the mega cliffie! zomg! its so intense!!! *squeal*

"What?" said Heriome in disbelive.

"Your husbands are dead."  repeated the guy who was apparently from the ministry. 

"No!" screamed Taylor. She ran out of teh apartment screaming crying.  The men from the ministry looked sadly. The man from the ministry the n looked at Hermione and said, "I'm verys soory."
She just stood there in dibelif with tears rolling down her cheeks.

He just stood there, looking sorry for her.

He disaperated.

Hermione sat down and began to weep. After a while her ribs began to ache, but she couldn't stop. She had lost the love of her life, and now was stuck in a strange country were she didn't know anybosy.  And she was pregnenat! How could she raise a child without a father?

This couldn not be happeneding.


Hermione ran to the bathroom, and pulled out Draco's razor. (a/n: just pretend that he can't shave using magic.  )  she then cut herself, since she was in such depression.  this went on for quite awhile, before she told herself that Draco, her love would not want her to hurt herself like she was doing. It was bad for her, so she stopped herself.


Hermione had the baby.  She named him Draco in memory of his father.

The first couple years of his childhood passed smoothly, but Hermione ws so lonly and she has horfied to what her life had bcome.

if there was anyway to go back to hogwarts, and start all over, she would do it in a heart beat.


she voiced this opinion out loud to Taylor, who then told her sister, Susanna.  Susanna than told Hermione this, "There is a way."

Hermione gasped.  This is not real! She did not want to get her hopes up.

"You no how you used a time turner in your third year?"

Herimone remembered clreay.  So she nodded.

"There is a mistake in the invention of the Time Turner! You can go back in time, and let this never happen, hermione." she paused then said, "YOU CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE!"

Hermione wanted to know how to do this so she asked.

"All you have to do it say this speel."

Hermione did. "backintimeo!!!!!"


"Hermione?" said Ron. "You spaced out a little."

"Sry," said a thirteen year old Hermione.  "I don't know what came over me."

"You usually never space out in lessons," said Harry. "Do you rembmer what you were spacing out about?"

"no," admitted Herimone. "I don't remember much at all this past few days."

"That's really weird." said Ron.

"I agree said Harry.

Draco looked over at them "Mudblood!" he whispered.

Hermione frowned. She hated him so much!

She tried to concenrate on the lesson, and had no problem doing so. After all, she loved school. Harry and Ron were joking in the background.  She told them that b y doing that they would never ever pass their OWLS. and NEWTS.  They just shrugged. They'd be sorry!


In the common room Hermione talked to Ginny and Lavender. They had no memory of the horrible incident, either. It seemed too good to be true. Like, everybody had forgotten the entire horrible thing where they all died and everything was messed up but then they came back to life.

This was very good, since it was a hard time for all of them.
When Hermione went upstairs to go to bed, she climed into her bed feeling very happy, althought she did not know why. But you readers might. Do you?