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Forever by Draco Hermione and Me

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 517
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 06/09/2006
Last Chapter: 06/16/2006
Last Updated: 06/16/2006

What happens when to completely opposite people fall in love after hating eachother for so long?

Chapter 1: Why?
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Hermione was waving goodbye to her parents as she was getting ready to go through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. Once she got to the platform she started looking around for Ron, Harry, and Ginny. Once she spotted the red hair she made her way over to where the Weasleys and Harry were standing.

"Hey," Hermione said to them as she was giving everyone a hug, she noticed that Harry and Ginny were holding hands but she was shore they would tell her later about it.

Everyone replied "Hey," back. and Ginny Started the conversation first "Well, um..guys I think we should get a compartment before they are all taken we don't want to sit by Loony, oh I mean Luna Lovegood, again do we?" They all murmured to eachother and nodded there heads in agreement. They found an empty compartment torwards the back of the train they all settled in for the train ride there.

"So Hermione," Ginny said again, "How was your summer?"

"It was....ok," she hesitated to reply.

"Um... thats good to hear, I guess." Said Ron with a little sarcasm in his voice.

They all started talking about there summers when all of a sudden Harry burst out...
"Hey Hermione, guess what, me and Ginny are going out!" He said with a hint of glee in his voice.

"Cool," said said with a fake smile on her face. Hermione had grown over the summer she was more beautiful now. Her hair was no longer bushy yet straight and shiny. She had become more mature to.

The rest of the way to Hogwarts the group giggled and laughed to jokes and happy times. When they arrived to Hogwarts Hermione remembered she was the new Head Girl and had dudies she hurried off to the first years to direct them wondering who the Head Boy was. Then she noticed a shining silver badge on a certain Malfoy and gasped. "Great," she muttered under her breath, "Another brilliant year!"

Once all the 2nd-7th years were settled in there carriages Harry leaned over to Hermione and wispered in her ear "you no 'Mione, the new Head Boy is Malfoy," she turned to Harry and looked digusted but a look on her face of I-alread-know.


Dumbledore stood up after the sorting was over to make his normal speech. "Welcome new and old comers to Hogwarts School Of Withcraft and Wizardy. I have a few rules that we should discuss before you eat it is for all 1st years and others that it is forbidden to go into the Forbidden forest with out accompany of an adult.And the new Head Boy and Head Girl are Draco Malfoy of Slytherin House and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor House." there were cheers and screams and yells of happiness all around the hall.

"This stinks another crappy year all because of that dumb, mean, rude, and inconsiderate, DRACO MALFOY!" Hermione yelled to herself in her mind.

Harry and Ron were thing along the same lines "Gese I can't believe Hermione has to share a common room with that doorknob" They both thought to eachtoher