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Love is a Curious Thing by Nayru

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 957

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Ginny

First Published: 05/05/2006
Last Chapter: 05/14/2006
Last Updated: 05/14/2006

Ginny is late from coming back from studying at the library and bumps into a familiar face. But just because it's familiar doesn't mean that she'll like it...

Chapter 1: A Midnight Meeting...
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Ginny’s footsteps rang through the hallways every step she took. It was late and if she was found then she would get detention and extra homework if she was lucky. She shuddered to think what would happen if she wasn’t. She just decided that she wouldn’t be caught, if she could manage it. She panted as quietly as she could but couldn’t help making some noise. Out of the darkness she bumped into something,. No. Someone, dropping her books in the process.
“Oh, I’m sorry!” she stuttered, “I-I didn’t see-”
Her sentence was cut short by a familiar face that greeted her gaze as she looked up slowly to find the only person in the world who she didn’t want to meet at that time.
Malfoy. She picked up the remaining books on the floor, trying not to seem too bothered by the fact that Malfoy was there, but one of her books went missing.
“Where is it?” she muttered as she searched the floor for it, but she felt a finger tap on her shoulder. She turned around to find the book right in front of her face being held by Malfoy. She snatched it out of his hands and began walking away.
“So, no ‘thank you’ then?” called Malfoy’s voice from behind her. She turned and walked right up to his face.
“I’m not in the mood Malfoy!” she snapped. “I’ve got an exam tomorrow, I’ve just finished writing a whole bloody essay and Harry has just broke up with me so I’m not in the mood for any of your fucking tricks! Got it?”
“Loud and clear”, he sniggered, backing away from her slightly.
“What’s so damn funny?!”
“The fact that you lowered your standards to Potter.” he replied, coming closer to her. “I thought you could do better.”
The moment these words left Malfoy’s mouth, Ginny slapped him right across his face. It sounded as thought it hurt and it looked painful too because it left a huge red mark. He didn’t look angry, he just smirked.
“I can see why Potter dumped you.”
“Shut up Malfoy or I’ll do it again to the other cheek”.
Malfoy looked down at Ginny and advanced on her. “You wouldn’t.”
“I-I would!” She stammered. She was beginning to get quite frightened .
“You wouldn’t. I could see the fear in your eyes when you hit me the first time. I have to admit, it did sting a bit but if I was about to rape you, I wouldn’t back down after that.”
“Fuck you, Malfoy!”
“Hey! I was just joking!”
Ginny was slightly relieved. “It wasn’t very funny.”
“For the record, you are quite tough.”
Ginny began too blush. “Thanks, I guess…”
There was an awkward silence between the two of them at this moment before Ginny decided to speak up.
“Well, I’d better go.” she said while walking back a few steps before turning round and walking away at a fast pace. “My God! What a Dick!” she thought. “Manipulating me like that. The asshole! I’d best be on my guard for now, just in case anymore strange encounters. I gotta toughen up! Make a guy regret that he bothered me. Yeah. No more miss nice girl…”
The air seemed to get colder as she walked further away from Malfoy. For some reason she felt a little safe with him. She’d rather be with him then on her own in the dark hallways. It was getting even colder and the air was whistling, making eerie sounds. She couldn’t help feel as though she was being followed. She kept on feeling this breeze that whooshed past her every couple of seconds. She was becoming more tense and paranoid. The air kept getting louder and louder and the air becoming colder and colder. The breeze that went past her kept getting harder and harder as time went by. Suddenly it all stopped. She stopped to figure out what happened to the breeze and sounds when suddenly she felt a cold hand slide onto her shoulder. She decided act on instinct and grabbed the hand and twisted it around along with her body, only to find Malfoy on his knees in pain, Ginny still holding his hand.
“You can break my arm, but I’m still going to kiss you”, he whispered. Still acting on instinct, she cupped the cheek she had slapped in her hands and kissed him. His tongue feeling it’s way around her mouth as if it knew where to go. She let her robe fall to the floor as they took off each other’s clothes. Malfoy unbuttoned his shirt, letting Ginny’s hands explore the contents of it. His hands did too explore the contents of her shirt. His hands where so cold a moment ago but the felt warm on Ginny’s skin. He pushed her gently up to a nearby wall and lifted her up at placed her mid height so that she could wrap her legs around his body, which they did only seconds later. Ginny moaned in pleasure as Malfoy went inside her, exploring a region that no boy hat explored. Malfoy’s playful nibbles turned into bites on Ginny’s neck as they both climaxed and screamed in ecstasy. They fell slowly to the floor and landed in a heap on the floor.
“Well that was…fun”, Ginny uttered as she put on her final pieced of clothing.
“Fun?” Malfoy asked. “Just fun?! Wasn’t I amazing at all?”
“There’s the Malfoy we all know and love.”
“Oh, so there’s love involved now?”
They both laughed quietly at this.
“Thank you, Draco”, Ginny whispered.
“Your welcome, Ginny.”
The two of them smiled at this and walked away slowly thinking the same thing.
Love is a Curious Thing…