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Allied With the Enemy by Prongsie

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 12,482
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/29/2005
Last Chapter: 07/14/2005
Last Updated: 07/14/2005


Thanks to Iced_Cherriez for the marvelous banner! Hermione has had it with Ron's constant pranking and is seeking revenge of her past few months of torture. She allies herself with someone very unlikely. It starts off as just a friendly understanding to get what they both want, but it turns into something more...

Chapter 1: Thoughts and Butterbeer
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Chapter One
“Thoughts and Butterbeer”

Hermione Granger lay sprawled out on her four-poster bed in the girl’s dormitory. She stared at the maroon canopy above her, letting her focus fade in and out.

Everyone was at Hogsmeade today, but Hermione didn’t wish to go with Harry and Ron. It was only the middle of November and she was already sick of the two boys. Ron especially…

Hermione frowned, an annoyed look on her face, as she was reminded of the beginning of September…

“Harry! Ron! Over here! Hermione waved, standing under the sign that read ‘Platform 9 ¾’.

Harry Potter turned his head, his eyes falling upon a young woman with straight, non-frizzy, brown hair. “Sweet Merlin! Is that Hermione?” He asked Ron who was next to him, holding Pigwideon in a cage.

“Yeah, it is…” Ron said unbelievably. They approached Hermione slowly. As they did so, both Harry and Ron checked her out, up and down.

She had changed so much since they had last seen her. Her hair was the first thing Harry noticed because it wasn’t bushy anymore; he could actually see all of her face. Her skin, lightly tanned, made her brilliant brown eyes stand out. Ron, of course, was distracted by her chest, which had also grown considerably. His mouth hung wide open at her low-cut, pink sweater and the cleavage that was exposed. Both boys swallowed nervously when they stood in front of her curvy figure.

“My, you two have sure grown!” Hermione smiled up at them. They each stood about six feet; Hermione only at five foot and one inch.

“Yeah, you’ve grown a lot, too—” Ron burst out, but was elbowed in the ribs by Harry.

“Uh, shall we get on the train then?”

Hermione remembered that Ron looked at her chest that whole ride to Hogwarts. She recalled the uncomfortable and irritated feeling that she experienced. And things only got worse from there. Everyday after that, Ron flirted with her constantly, pulled stupid and immature pranks, and would laugh hysterically at any jokes cracked about her.

How could I ever like that red-headed git? Hermione asked herself while rolling over on her side. She figured Ron liked her now that she grew breasts and developed a figure. Shallow… Was he trying to make up for lost time? Is that why Ron was being like he was? It’s kind of late now… He’s doing a bad job at it anyways…

All of this pondering got her even angrier with Ron. It was like she relived all the pranks that he’d played on her. Honestly, who puts Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum in your hair, places and invisible charm on all of your clothing, and has enough time to glue all of your Herbology books together?

Hermione sat up right in her bed, her bare feet resting upon the cold stone floor. She just had to get away from these pestering thoughts—even if it meant going to Hogsmeade where Ron and Harry happened to be. Harry is just horrible as Ron is… He laughs right along side of Ron… Pointing and laughing! That’s all the attention I get these days…

She shook her head to clear her senses and pulled on some woolen socks, following with her beige shoes. No two immature boys are going to ruin my day… Hermione reassured herself before leaving the dormitory.

A cool breeze rustled the autumn leaves as Hermione walked to the few carriages that remained for the late sleepers. She hopped into one and it began moving as soon as she was seated.

Hermione gazed at the passing scenery through the open window. It was quite chilly for a November day. She drew her cloak about her body, shivering slightly. There was a crisp scent in the air, the feeling that winter was just around the corner.

Within a few minutes, the carriage came to a halt and Hermione exited, walking at a slow pace towards the entrance of the village.

Ron and Harry will probably be in Zonko’s Joke Shop… Best not go anywhere near there… She spied the Three Broomsticks and decided to go and have a few butterbeers. I don’t want to go shopping anyways… It’s no fun when you’re by yourself… When Hermione saw Harry and Ron emerging from the Quidditch Supply Store, she nearly ran to the pub’s front door. Luckily, they hadn’t seen her and she found a seat at the bar. Sitting down, she let out a heavy sigh.

“What’ll it be, dear?” Madam Rosmerta appeared across from Hermione, a notepad and pen in her hands.

“Just a butterbeer, please.” Hermione answered.

“That’ll be two sickles, hun.” She said as Hermione reached into her robes for her money.

A hand shot out from behind her. “Make that two butterbeer and it’s on me.” Out of all the people in the wizarding world, Draco Malfoy sat down next to her.

A/N: I know this is short, but it's just the beginning chapter! There's more to come, I promise! Please, review and tell me what you think. :) -Prongsie

Chapter 2: Allied With the Enemy
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Chapter Two
“Allied With the Enemy”

“Ferret face?! What the hell are you doing?” Hermione made to leave, but Malfoy grabbed her arm.

“Relax, Granger. I just wanted to discuss a few terms.” He pushed her back down in the bar stool next to him just as the butterbeers arrived.

Hermione didn’t touch hers, but stared at Malfoy with disbelief. Why, oh why does he want to speak to me? Of all people, why me? At long last, she grasped the handle of her mug and sipped at the warm, foaming drink. She kept her eyes on Malfoy, just waiting for him to pull some sort of trick. But nothing happened. He didn’t even call her a foul name or anything of the sort. Malfoy was actually being, well, civilized.

Malfoy slicked his white blonde hair back, catching Hermione’s eye. “So, as I was saying, we need to discuss—”

“This isn’t some sick joke, is it? Because if it is, I swear I’ll—”

Malfoy placed a finger over her lips and she stopped at once. Hermione’s wide, brown eyes gazed into his cold grey ones. From the look on his face, he seemed serious.

“Anyway, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the Weasel.” Malfoy glanced down into his mug.

“What does Ron have to do with this?” Hermione spitted out, gagging on her drink.

“Oh, please, Granger. Everyone who’s anyone has noticed how Weasley has treated you these past few days. Even Crabbe and Goyle have noticed and they are as thick as you can get.”

Hermione grinned slightly about his last statement. It was true. Crabbe and Goyle were as dumb as door nails. She tried not to let Malfoy catch her grin by resting her face in her hands. He had already caught, however, and his usual dark eyes lit up at the sight of it. Hermione tried her best to put on a straight face and said, “Uh, you were saying?”

“Well, you know my history with Potter and Weasley… That’s no secret.” He took a long drink from his mug, leaving Hermione in suspense to where he was getting at. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been hanging out with the two of them lately. And, well, I thought we could get back at them through—ah—through a friendly agreement.”

Hermione nearly fell off of her seat. What? The Slytherin King that despises all Muggle-borns wishes for a friendly agreement? Somebody pinch me… “Er, a f-friendly agreement?” She stuttered. Malfoy nodded as he took another swig of butterbeer. “Hold on, I’m a little lost…”

Then, Malfoy did something she’d never seen him do before: He grinned at her. And Hermione could not help but notice that she found him slightly… attractive. He looks kind of cute when he’s not telling everyone off… Hermione thoughts slipped, and she was astounded that she could ever think that about the Slytherin that had teased her since their first year at Hogwarts.

“Well, you want revenge on them for doing all those pranks on you this past year, don’t you?” His eyes pierced hers, causing Hermione to look down at her lap.

“Mostly Ron, but yes.”

“And, of course, I’d love to prank either of them on any day of the year… You see, I’ve devised a plan that would help you get revenge on Weasley and, um, entertain myself.”

“It-It wouldn’t hurt anyone would it?” She stammered.

“No… But, me and you… We’ll have to join together on this to make it work.”

Malfoy has always been evil towards me since he first laid eyes on me… Could I possibly ally with the Enemy? “Uh, what sort of plan have you come up with?”

“Now, don’t go ballistic on me, but I think that if Weasley thinks that you and I are, well, together—”
“You mean, dating? You must be ill!”

Malfoy frowned. “Granger, just hear me out, okay?” Hermione shut her mouth. “Now, I’ve reasons to believe that if we do this, it will be the ultimate prank.”

“And why is that?”

Malfoy slapped a hand to his head and then burst out, “He likes you, Hermione!”

Hermione’s mouth dropped, but not because he had said that Ron liked her. That was the obvious. He just said my name… What’s wrong with him today? First, he wants a ‘friendly agreement’ and now he’s calling me something other than ‘Mudblood’ or ‘Granger’… “You—You just… Am I hearing correctly?”

Malfoy sighed. “He was speaking with Potter the other day in Potions. I couldn’t help, but overhear. Look—Do you want to do this or not?” He pushed his empty mug away from him and crossed his arms, leaning back in the stool.

What should I do? Should I say yes? I mean… I’d love to get back at both of them… Wouldn’t it be a shock if Ron found me with Malfoy?... Hhmmm… I don’t see how it could really hurt anyone… Ah, what the hell… I’ve nothing better to besides work anyways... Hermione held out her hand and Malfoy immediately shook it.

“Alright… A deal is a deal…” He grinned at her. “Oh, don’t forget to act like we’re dating, too. We have to make everything sound convincing— Here they come now!” Malfoy motioned towards the front door that had just swung open. There they were, looking around for a table. “Okay, act like I just asked you to go out with me.” Malfoy whispered and held her hand in his.

She smiled evilly. This is going to be so much fun… “Oh, Draco! You’re so funny! I was stupid to never have seen you in this light before.” Hermione giggled, glancing over at Harry and Ron out of the corner of her eyes.

Ron had heard her and spotted them. He pointed over to Hermione and Malfoy. Harry’s eyes went wide. Ron walked swiftly over to where they were seated, Harry jogging to catch up with him. When they were about three feet away from them, Ron said with a shaking voice, “Hermione, what the hell are doing with that—that rat?!”

“Now, now… Don’t speak like that. We were just talking over some butterbeer. Is it a crime to have a friendly—“

“Friendly, my ass! Hermione, come on, we’re leaving.” Ron pointed at Malfoy. “And you, you stay away from her or I’ll have your neck.” He beckoned Hermione to come along, but she didn’t move. Ron reached for her hand, but she withdrew. “Hermione—”

“No, Ron. I can take care of myself. He’s right, you know. We were only talking.”

Malfoy grinned maliciously at Ron, who suddenly jumped at him. Harry grabbed the back of his robes, using all of his strength to stop his friend from attacking Malfoy.

“Ron, c’mon… It’s not worth it.” Harry finally managed to get control of Ron and he pushed him towards the door in which they came. With one last look at Hermione, he yelled to her, “We’ll see you back in the common room.”

They door shut behind them and Malfoy turned towards Hermione. “You see? This is perfect!” He grinned at her and ordered another round of butterbeer. Hermione couldn’t help but smile back. Maybe he’s right… Maybe this will get Ron off of my back and Harry, too…

The two of them spent the rest of their time in Hogsmeade scheming over their next move. They also agreed that they would walk together in the halls and even work with each other in Potions. If they were to convince Ron and Harry that they were indeed dating, then they were going all out.

On the ride back to the castle, Hermione laughed to herself at the look on Ron’s face when he saw who she was sitting with. Harry, too, had looked dumbstruck and awed by the fact that Hermione would even go within twenty feet of Malfoy.

The next few days were quite interesting. Ron was furious with Hermione that she was hanging around with ‘that good-for-nothing bastard’. During Potions, Hermione would send flirtatious glances towards Malfoy and, in turn, he would hand her notes that would make her giggle.

Hermione noticed that Snape was actually being civil to her since Malfoy was. She thought it was a nice break because he wasn’t calling her a ‘know-it-all’ every class.

Ron crushed his beetle eyes angrily. “Who the hell does he think he is? All over Hermione like he is… He’s probably just playing her to get some pleasure because no one else will hop in bed with him. How can she be so thick?” He was so enraged that he broke the small clay bowl and beetle eyes flung everywhere.

“Ten points from Gryffindor for not paying attention to your work. Now, clean it up.” Professor Snape pointed towards the mess and then added, “Oh, and while you’re at it, sweep over there, too. It seems Longbottom can’t control his ingredients.” There was a bunch of long spider legs covering the floor where Neville stood. He was shaking because whoever had stored the ingredients, had stuffed in a live tarantula.
“But, Professor—” Ron whimpered at the sight of the eight, hairy legs.

“Detention, Weasley!” Snape roared just as the bell rang. “No one leave until all of their things are cleaned up. We’ll continue this potion next lesson! For homework, write a three roll parchment on this potion explaining its uses.”

Ron was in a foul mood for the rest of the day. Harry had to listen to him complain about how unfair Snape was to the Gryffindors. At dinner, Ron was explaining all the different ways that he would torture Snape. They were quite brutal, too.

“If I could, I would grab him by his ankles, hang him over a scorching pit of lava, and let a Norwegian Ridgeback have some fun tearing his greasy limbs apart.”

That night, Hermione lay on her bed in the girl’s dormitory, thinking of the recent events that had taken place. Everything was going just as Malfoy said; Ron was fuming mad. It felt good to finally pay him back, but there was still a lot more to do. Besides, just hanging around with Malfoy wasn’t nearly equal enough to when Ron turned her clothes invisible. She remembered that day quite clearly…

After first class, she was walking along the third floor and, for some strange reason, everyone was pointing and laughing at her. Hermione remembered asking what everyone was looking at and then a giggling Lavender had told her to look down. Her clothes were invisible! All of the students in that hallway, including Malfoy, had seen her in her red laced thong and matching bra. Hermione recalled turning around to find Ron and Harry holding their stomachs and having a laughing fit.

“Sorry ‘Mione… I—I c-couldn’t re-resist!” Ron had said.

Hermione returned from her flashback and rolled over. Oh no… He is defiantly not getting away with that one… He’ll be sorry… And with that last thought, Hermione closed her eyes. She fell asleep soon after and dreamt about a mysterious boy. In her dream, she was almost naked except for her red laced bra and thong that she wore the day Ron made her a laughing stock of the entire school. The boy was kissing her neck and exploring her legs with his rough hands. The only other characteristic that Hermione could remember when she awoke was that he was extremely pale…

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Chapter 3: Fooling the Prankster
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Chapter Three
“Fooling the Prankster”

Hermione sat with her fellow Gryffindors at the table. She was eager to get through the day because tomorrow there was to be a Hogsmeade visit. There were a few things that she needed to buy and rumor was there was a new shop right next to Honeyduke’s.

Harry and Ron had just sat down across from her, so she quickly placed a book in front of her, resting it on the jug of pumpkin juice. Taking a bite of her marmalade covered toast, she did her best to ignore them.

“Did you hear about that new shop, Harry? I can’t wait to check it out.” Ron shoved a large amount of scrambled eggs into his mouth.

“Yeah,” Harry replied, washing down his pancakes with a cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

“H’mione, wan’ ta come wi’ us ‘morrow?” Ron spoke, while showing everybody at the table just exactly what he was chewing: the squishy remains of a blueberry muffin.

“Chew with your mouth closed, Ron! That’s absolutely disgusting. And how many times do I have to remind you to not bug me when I’m reading?” Hermione snapped.

Ron swallowed. “Well, sorry, Your Highness.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong with you, Hermione? You’ve been strange lately…”

“I reckon she’s still angry about that, er, see-through incident.” Ron chuckled.

“Ronald! I am not!” She stood up so fast that she knocked a goblet full of pumpkin juice over. It sunk into the red and gold tablecloth, but she didn’t care. “And that wasn’t funny! You humiliated me in front of the entire school!” She jerked her head at Harry who couldn’t help but snicker. Ron, too, was laughing at her.

“It was funny, Hermione. You have to admit. But, can’t we just get over this? That was forever ago!”

“You see? This is exactly what I’m talking about!” She began shoving her books into her bag. When she heard the words ‘nice underwear’ she glared at the two of them who immediately tried to look innocent. “I’m warning you… Try anything and you’ll regret it.”

Ron couldn’t help but burst with laughter. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Malfoy waving at her to come over to the Slytherin table. With one last piercing stare at Harry and Ron, she made her way over. From the way Ron’s face looked, she could tell that he wasn’t too happy about her even looking at Malfoy. She grinned to herself. Soon enough he’ll get what he deserves… Harry, too… Huh? Why was everyone laughing and pointing at her? Hermione looked down. Thankfully, all of her clothes were still on her body. She reached around to her back. Nope, no ‘curse me’ signs…

“What the hell is so funny?” Hermione sharply asked a fourth year Ravenclaw. Not being able to breathe because he was cackling so much, the boy pointed at her head. With a small gulp of nervousness, she reached in her bag for her hand mirror.

The scream must have filled the entire hall. All of the teachers were looking at her, amazed. Her hair was bright pink!

Storming over to the Slytherin table, Hermione halted in front of Malfoy. “What do you want?” She was surprised and a little curious why he wasn’t laughing as well.

“Just a word…” He motioned for her to come closer and then he whispered softly to her. His warm breath tickled her ear and she couldn’t deny that she liked the feeling. “Tonight, Weasley has his detention and me and you are going to put on a little show.”

“What?! What kind of show are you talking about?” She hissed at him, trying to ignore the sniggers she was getting for her pink hair.

“Hey, trust me okay? I know what I’m doing and this will definitely work.” He smiled at her.

What is it that he’s talking about? Nothing extreme I hope… I want to get back at the two boys, but nothing too intense… “Uh, okay… Where do you want to meet?”

“Well, he has detention with Snape I heard, so we’ll meet in the entrance hall, then make our way to the dungeons…” The bell rang for people to pass to their first class and he winked at her. “See you in Potions, Hermione.”

There it was again… He said my name… Maybe he’s taking this whole joke thing a little too seriously? Well, I suppose the whole thing is all an act, anyways… He’s probably trying to prove to everyone else, too so it seems more believable… Yeah, that’s probably the case… Before going to her first class of the day, she ran up to the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey fixed her hair. It was simpler than Hermione thought. With just one swish of the nurse’s wand, her hair was back to normal.

The Gryffindors had Potions last that day with the Slytherins. Hermione had her first few classes of the day without Harry and Ron. For that, she was grateful. After lunch, it was down to the grounds for Herbology. Lucky for her, she got to pair up with Lavender and Parvati because Neville was already working with Harry and Ron.

Finally, it was last class and Hermione rushed to the dungeons, deep under the castle. It was always cold down there and she hated it. But, things were a lot better since Snape didn’t annoy now that she was working with Malfoy. Everyone knew that Draco Malfoy was Snape’s favorite and that’s why he was treated like that. Hanging around with Malfoy made Hermione almost accepted by their Potion’s master.

“Today, you and your partner will be brewing a particularly difficult potion. Though I’m sure all of you have heard of it, its name is the Love Potion—” Many of the girls giggled and Snape abruptly stopped speaking. “Ten points from Gryffindor. When I am talking, you are not.” He scanned the room to be sure that the students were all quiet before he started again. “Now, I want no foolishness because, with one mistake, you could ruin the entire thing. You WILL NOT waste the supplies unless you would like a consequence. So, I suggest all of you do it properly.” Snape said this while staring at Neville, who had turned a light shade of red.

The entire class, Ron and Harry were annoyed by the way Hermione and Malfoy were acting towards each other.

“Ugh, how can she flirt with him? Harry, I don’t understand… One day she’s best friends with us and the next day she’s fluttering her lashes at that ferret-face.” He sprinkled a handful of lacewing flies in the cauldron, which was full of a pinkish liquid. “I think something’s wrong… We should talk to her at dinner and pull it out of her.”

Harry nodded in agreement. “Alright… I wish I understood what she’s going through. We could help her.” He sighed. “Girls…”

“Maybe she’s going to get her period… You know how girls get right before they start… They snap at everybody, eat lots of chocolate, and then tell you that they’re too fat and must have gained eight pounds…” Ron shook his head.

“I don’t know… She’s been like this ever since that clothes incident.”

“Don’t be silly, Harry. She couldn’t possibly be upset about something like that… It’s probably something simpler—er—like we forget to tell her that she looked nice or we didn’t say hello. Something like that… Think like a girl…”

The lesson was through about a half hour later. Malfoy held out his arm for Hermione and she took it, since Harry and Ron were watching her. She was glad to see how confused they were. Honestly… Those two are so stupid… She walked close to Malfoy all the way to the Great Hall for dinner. All the students they passed were staring, just as dazed as Ron and Harry were.

“She’s gone mental, I tell you… Arm in arm with that bastard… I hope he falls flat on his ugly, ferret-looking face. Harry, we have to shake some sense into her. We’re losing her!” Ron bit into his buttered roll, glancing down at the end of the table. Hermione was far from them, talking to Lavender Brown and Ginny Weasley, Ron’s youngest and only sister.

Harry glanced down at them, too. He stared at Ginny for a second, unable to stop himself from thinking how pretty her hair looked. “Er, yeah, tonight we’ll talk to her… In the common room.”

But, Hermione never showed up in the common room. A red-faced Harry walked up to Ginny and asked her if Hermione was in the girl’s dormitory.

“Sorry, Harry. I haven’t seen her since dinner.” Ginny frowned at him, and then noticed that he was acting really strange. “Harry? Are—Are you okay?”

“Uh, M-me? Yeah, y-yes I’m fine… How are you?” He smiled weakly.

Ginny giggled. “Great, thanks… Um, are you going with anyone tomorrow?”

“Going where?”

“Uh, Hogsmeade.”

“Oh, right… Um,” Harry glanced over at Ron out of the corner of his eye. “No, why’d you ask?”

“Well, I’ve no one to go with… I was hoping I could come with you? We could go check out that new store. What do you say?”

Harry had the widest grin plastered on his face. “Oh, of course! Of course I’ll go with you.”

“Alright, then. It’s a date.” She smiled up at him before looking back at her History of Magic essay.

Harry sat numbly next to Ron, his mouth hanging slightly open. Ron glanced down at him, shaking his head and mumbling to himself. “Lost him, too… Lost him, too…”

It was around eleven o’clock until Ron finally went down to the dungeons for his detention. Malfoy thought that he wouldn’t be finished until around midnight or perhaps a little past. So, Hermione and him positioned themselves in the empty classroom that he would be walking by when he was to return to Gryffindor Tower.

“Alright, I’m going to lock us in. When he walks by, he’ll be able to hear us.”

“And what exactly are we supposed to be doing?” Hermione crossed her arms. She was seated on top of a student desk, her feet rested upon the chair.

“You need to moan or something… Say my name or whatever you feel best.” He turned around to face her, his hands buried in the pockets of his robe.

“Well, knowing Ron, he’ll probably be listening right against the door. I can’t just moan your name… You need to do something, too.”

“I know, I’ll—Sshh! Here he comes!” Malfoy locked the door with his wand and Hermione hurried over, trying to stop herself from giggling.

The footsteps were coming closer to the door. Hermione easily recognized them as Ron’s large feet and she said, “Oh, Draco!” She heard the footsteps stop in front of the door and, sure enough, she saw the shadow under the door.

Draco stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Hermione’s slim, but curvy waist. Leaning in, he kissed her full on the lips, making large puckering noises as he stuck his tongue into her mouth.

Hermione was taken by surprise and nearly pushed him away and yelled. But, then she stopped herself. Besides, it was only for show… And his rough hands felt so good the way they were sliding up the back of her shirt and brushing her skin. Her knees nearly gave in to his passionate kiss that felt positively real, but Malfoy pushed her against the wall near the door.

The shadow was still there and hadn’t moved an inch…

Hermione tilted her head back, allowing Malfoy free access to her neck and shoulder, which he trailed kisses upon. “Oh, Draco… Draco…” He stopped to look up at her and winked to prove that this was surely going to fool Ron. “No… Don’t stop… It feels…great…”

With a wide smile, Malfoy placed his lips on hers. Their tongues battled for a while until—

They heard the scurrying of feet and all was silent again except for Hermione’s moans for more.

“He’s gone.” Draco looked into her eyes, not talking his arms from around her figure.

“Oh… Oh!” She turned a shade of pink, trying to tame her hair that had suddenly frizzed up during their kissing session. “Uh… I—”

“I hope I didn’t offend you… I was only trying to—”

“No… I’m fine… Actually, I feel awesome! Couldn’t be happier! Er, what do we do now?” Hermione gazed up at him, wishing for his lips back on hers.

Suddenly, he reached down at her chest and unbuttoned her shirt a little. By the look on her face, Malfoy could tell that she wanted more. “Um, this is just so it looks like we were—ah—doing something.” He slid her robes off her right shoulder revealing some bare skin. He brushed it lightly with his thumb and shivered. Containing himself from lunging forward, he messed up her hair a bit.

Then, it was Hermione’s turn. She hastily put on some red lipstick and stood on her toes to kiss the side of his cheek. She heard Malfoy take an intake of breath at her touch and his hands were quivering at his sides. She undid his tie a bit and pulled out his shirt, which was tucked in his pants.

Draco saw her hands move down towards the lower part of his body and he muttered out, “Uh, maybe you should, er, kiss me some more… You know, one kiss probably won’t cut it.” His voice sounded a tad like he was nervous.

With a smile, Hermione kissed his other cheek and then his forehead. She got a little carried away and finally began licking his ear. “Ah, is that good?”

“Oh, wait… Let me mess up your lipstick a little…” Without notice, he jerked towards her and kissed her and sucked at her bottom lip. Needless to say, it was now smudged a good amount across her chin.

They both left, rather reluctantly, but departed when they reached the Entrance Hall. Malfoy said his good night’s and returned back to the dungeons where the Slytherin common room was somewhere. Hermione returned to her own common room to find Ron waiting for her in the armchair beside the fire.

Ron turned his head slowly when he heard the portrait slide shut. His face was white. Is voice was trembling with held in anger. “Would you mind telling me, Hermione,” Ron’s voice rose considerably and he stood up, his hands clenched into fists. “What the hell you were doing with that fucking asshole?!

“Ronald!—” Hermione placed her hands on her hips, astonished at the way he was acting.

“Don’t you ‘Ronald’ me! What are you thinking? He’s a Slytherin and he’s a Malfoy! That’s all you need to know. He’s—He’s going to murder you in your sleep. And you—you’re ignoring me and Harry! What did we ever do to you?”

Hermione’s mouth dropped. “Excuse me? What did you do to me? Oh, I’ll tell you what you did to me! You and Harry are always pointing and laughing… Then you go ahead and turn my clothes invisible! How would you like it if your clothes suddenly disappeared? Then everyone would see that you’re all talk and have the tiniest—”

SHUT UP!” Ron screamed at her. Neville had come down to see what all the noise was.

Hermione just stood there, a single tear dripped down her cheek. She didn’t say anything, but only nodded slowly and walked up to the girl’s dormitory. Ron yelled in rage and chucked somebody’s quill into the fire. He pushed past Neville, who was standing on the stairs and slammed the door to his dormitory.

“That was my quill…” Neville mumbled to himself before heading back to bed.

Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy was lying in his green and silver four-poster bed. He was thinking of a girl with those beautiful, honey-brown eyes—Hermione Granger.

Those lips… Her curves… She’s perfect… Everything that I’ve ever wanted… Soon, she’ll be mine…I can tell her the truth… What’s really going on…

Chapter 4: One Passionate Kiss Too Far
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Chapter Four
“One Passionate Kiss Too Far”

Breakfast was quiet that morning, especially at the Gryffindor table. There was tension in the air between Hermione and Ron and Harry sat numbly, glancing down at Ginny every so often.

“Pass the marmalade.” Hermione said irritably to Harry, without such as a notice that Ron was seated closest to the jar of marmalade.

Ron scowled and piled three more waffles on to his plate, drowning them in syrup. “So, Harry…” He sighed after a few large bites of breakfast. “I reckon we check out that new shop after we go to the Quidditch Supply Store—”

“Can’t,” Harry said quickly, becoming unusually interested in his plate of food.

“What?” Ron raised his eyebrows.

“I can’t… I promised Ginny I’d go with her. Sorry, mate.” Harry took a long drink from his pumpkin juice.

“Right… Ginny…” Ron sighed again, but more heavily this time. He pushed his plate away, a disgusted look on his face, and crossed his arms.

Hermione had just shoved the last bit of toast into her mouth when she stood up rather abruptly. “See you later, Harry. I’ve got to go, er, meet someone.” She rushed out of the Great Hall, ignoring Ron’s presence.

When the hem of Hermione’s robe had disappeared, Ron yelled angrily and whacked a spoon hard against the table. His ears were bright red and his hair all in a mess.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Harry asked now that the area was clear.

“Me and her had a row last night… Honestly, she is so stupid!—”

“What was it about?” Harry took a bite of his bacon.

Ron looked to his right and to his left and then whispered, “She was with Malfoy last night in an empty classroom. They—They were—” He screwed up his face as if he was going to gag. “They were making out, Harry. I heard them with my own ears! And—And she came out with her lipstick all smudged and her clothes all untidy and her hair was all messed—”

“What?! Hermione kissing Malfoy? I know she’s been talking to him—”

“Flirting, more like it."

“But, she couldn’t resort down to that level, could she?”

Ron raised an eyebrow. “Well, she did. Hermione, the perfect role-model student…” He shook his head. “Well, as you can see, she’s not speaking to me anymore… Really immature…”

Harry snorted into his drink. Speaking of immature…

Malfoy had left the Great Hall shortly after Hermione did and he found her waiting by the gigantic oak doors in the Entrance Hall.

“Morning,” Hermione said in a dull voice, while her eyes were staring down at the floor.

“Why so glum, Granger?” Malfoy stood beside her and stuck his hands in the depths of his pockets.

“Ron and I fought last night when I came back from, er, you know…” Malfoy couldn’t help but notice that she had blushed a salmon pink. He grinned at her and wrapped an arm around her. Hermione’s head jerked up and her eyes met his.

“Don’t be angry about it, right? This was your whole point, to get back at Weasley, isn’t it?” Draco watched her nod her head in agreement. “Well, at least now you know that we’re getting to him, huh? I can’t wait to see his face today…” He grinned evilly.

The other students started to file out of the Great Hall and, those that were going on the Hogsmeade trip, were checked off by Filch. Hermione spotted Ginny and Harry standing next to a fuming Ron right before Malfoy dragged her out the doors to find an empty carriage.

The ride down to the village took only a few minutes. Malfoy used this time to tell Hermione his plans.

“Okay, he’s already heard us kissing before. We’re going to have to be somewhere so he can see us. Where do you think would make a good enough location?”

Hermione sat on the opposite side of the carriage, her back to the door and her feet up on the seat. “Well, he’s always at the Three Broomsticks and I expect him to be there most of the time today because Harry is going with Ginny.” She couldn’t help but smile when she said this. “Pissed him off, that did.”

Draco grinned back at her, his eyes traveling to her bare legs. She looks so sexy in that skirt… A shame she’s wearing those robes… “Uh, yeah… Well, we’re here. Remember what we discussed.” He winked at her and hopped out of the carriage, holding out his hand for her.

Hand in hand, Hermione and Draco entered Hogsmeade, caring not if other students were staring at them with wide-eyes. From the corner of her eye, Hermione saw Harry walk off with Ginny towards the Quidditch Supply Store and Ron stomped off to the Three Broomsticks. Hermione nudged Malfoy and pointed towards the pub, which Ron had just gone into.

“Let’s go.” Draco said, pulling her through the thick mob of wizards and witches.

The Three Broomsticks was filling up quickly and Madam Rosmerta was bustling about, trays of food and butterbeer balanced in her hands and one on top of her head. Malfoy loosened his grip on Hermione’s hand when they reached a table in a dark corner. It was only a few tables away from Ron’s, who was sitting by himself. This is perfect… thought Malfoy. Weasel is going to watch me make out with the one girl her loves… Ah, the sweet taste of victory…

They ordered their butterbeer and Madam Rosmerta brought it over to them within a span of five minutes. That was rather quick, considering the number of people in the pub. Malfoy had also ordered a large ice cream sundae, which he fed to Hermione like she was a small child. He could feel Ron’s angry eyes on them. Good… Let him watch me make moves on Hermione… Malfoy held out the cherry and Hermione’s lips plucked it off its stem. Immediately, Malfoy lurched forward. He couldn’t control himself… Those plump, red, delicious, lips…

Draco French kissed her, the cherry falling into his mouth and then back into hers. Hermione swallowed, looking slightly surprised at this sudden outburst, but then saw Ron staring at them. She could almost feel the raging flames from where she was seated. So, with a seductive smile, she stood up and swayed over to Malfoy. Merlin, he looks so sexy… What am I doing?!... I don’t actually like this, do I? This is only supposed to be for revenge… I can’t be—no… She mentally shook the ideas out of her head and face Draco, placing a leg on either side of him as she seated herself on his lap. The idea that she had a skirt on completely slipped her mind, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to feel his lips on hers, knowing that Ron was getting royally pissed off.

Without another thought, Hermione grasped his face and pulled him towards her. Unlike his usual cold appearance, his lips were soft and the moisture only added to the warm pleasure. Slowly, he slid his tongue into her mouth and she moaned, careless to the fact that they were in public. She wrapped her arms tightly around his strong, broad shoulders, trying to pull Draco closer. Hermione longed for him to feel her body…

Sure enough, his rough hands found there way on her legs… up to her thigh… their kisses were beyond tender… they had become so passionate that Hermione didn’t think that she could stop… if she did, she thought she’d surely die…

“Hermione…” Draco whispered. “I want you so bad…”

He wants me… And I want him… Hermione tilted her head backwards, allowing him free access to her neck. He sucked on the side of her neck and Hermione giggled because she felt a tickling sensation, which was quite enjoyable. Draco bent his head and she was about to experience the same feeling on her chest when—BAM!

Ron had punched Malfoy in the back of the head and he slumped forwards onto Hermione, groaning in pain. Hermione screamed and jumped up quickly. The whole pub was silent and looking their way as Malfoy staggered to his feet, his vision slightly dizzy. Madam Rosmerta had gone in the backroom.

“What the—”CRASH! Ron hit him off the head with a glass mug. It shattered everywhere, hitting Hermione across the arm and chest. Bleeding heavily, Malfoy turned towards Ron and aimed a punch at his face. His fist connected with Ron’s large nose and there was a loud crack!

“You fucking bastard! Apparently, you didn’t hear me when I told you to stay the hell away from Hermione. You’re going to pay!” And with one mighty swing of his fist, Ron was staring down at the unconscious body of Draco Malfoy. He kicked him once more before grabbing Hermione by the forearm and pulling her towards the front doors.

All of the people in the room stared at them with appalled looks on their faces, not daring to speak a word. When the door shut after Ron and Hermione, the crowd began their loud gossip about the recent event and a few went to help Malfoy.

Meanwhile, Ron had dragged Hermione into an ominous looking alley in the back of the pub. With a hard shove, he had her pinned against the wall.

“What are you doing, Hermione?” He looked down at her cheeks, which were glistening with tears. He pushed her once more. “I said what the fuck are you doing with him?”

“Ron, I—”

He shoved her shoulder harder this time and she let out a sob. “Tell me!” He cried.

Hermione bit her lip and prayed that he wouldn’t touch her again. She was scared. This was a side of Ron that she’d never seen before. What was this?

When she didn’t reply, Ron punched the kicked the nearest trashcan and collapsed to the ground. He had his hands over his face and he was doing something that Hermione found very unusual for him: he was crying. With his bloody fists, he pounded at the earth and yelled as if he was trying to relieve himself of his anger.

Hermione didn’t need to think twice about running. Within about ten seconds, she was out of the alleyway and running out of the village. She ran by Harry and Ginny and they tried to stop her and ask what was wrong, but she didn’t bother. She just kept running. Ron had frightened her. He had turned into a monster all of a sudden. Never in her life would Hermione believe that Ron would push her like he did. What happened to all of the pranks? All of the jokes? Gone… He’s gone crazy… If I stayed, he—he could have abused me even more… I should report him… Sweet Merlin… What’s gotten into him? I know I was making out with Malfoy, but who could do such a thing…

She did not stop until she had reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. After quickly mumbling the password, she entered the deserted common room and sprinted up to her dormitory. Plopping herself down on her four-poster, breathing in short gasps from the long run. All of the things that had just happened were mixing up her thoughts so she couldn’t think straight. She pitied Ron for some reason and could still feel where he had pushed her against the hard stone wall. Then, quite suddenly, her jumbled thoughts drifted to the feeling of Malfoy’s lips on hers. Everything was perfect until Ron came over to ruin it… She sighed, rolling carefully on her side, and then came to the conclusion: I’d have Ron push me hard a hundred more times if I could kiss Draco like that again… He said he wants me… Well, I want him too…

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Chapter 5: Attempted Rape
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Chapter Five
“Attempted Rape”

All that week, the incident at the Three Broomsticks was constantly stabbing at Hermione’s thoughts. No matter how hard she tried to push the image of Ron attacking Draco, it just came right back.

Malfoy had been in the Hospital Wing all that week. His wounds had been already healed, but Madam Pomfrey insisted that he stay another night just to be sure.

That Friday night, Hermione tried to eat a quick dinner. She sat as far away from Ron as possible. Every since last weekend at the pub, he had been acting quite differently. There was always a frown upon his face and his skin was pale as if he’d lost a lot of sleep. He wouldn’t speak with anyone, but he would snap at someone if they pestered him. As for Harry, he was going out with Ginny now, though he did notice Ron’s sudden mood change.

Harry sat across from Hermione, shoveling mashed potatoes into his mouth. “Would you mind filling me in on that Hogsmeade visit?” He spoke after he swallowed his food.

Hermione sighed heavily and took a long drink of her pumpkin juice. “I was with—Malfoy and—”

Harry shook his head. “I don’t understand, Hermione… What’s going on with you? I mean, come on! It’s Malfoy we’re talking about here! You know? Ferret face?”

She couldn’t tell Harry the truth. She just couldn’t explain to him that it all started out as a quest for revenge and then turned into something more… There are no words I can say to you, Harry… You would hate me forever if I told you that I fell in love with Draco Malfoy… Even though it was never supposed to happen… Hermione remained silent and picked at the food on her plate.

“Fine, keep your secrets… But, go on with your story.”

So, she explained to him everything that happened that fateful day. She even stuck in the part when Ron went extremely mental and kicked the trash can. When she was finished, Harry dropped his fork with a clatter and stared at her. He opened his mouth slightly and closed it tight, forming his lips into a thin line.

“What’s wrong with you? How could you do that to him? He’s your friend! We’ve been friends since the first year! Don’t you understand how much Ron cares for you? How could you be so blind?”

“Oh, yeah? It sure looked like he loved me when he was torturing me all through the beginning of this year!” Hermione slammed her hand on the table.

Harry rolled his eyes. “You aren’t still angry with him at that are you?” He chuckled quietly and was given a hateful glare by Hermione.

“So what if I am?”

Harry shook his head. “You need to get over that…” His voice turned serious. “You know, you hurt him real bad. He won’t even look at me.”

“I’m sorry…” She mumbled to him.

“It’s not me you should apologize to.” Harry nodded his head towards Ron who was walking out of the Great Hall. “Go talk to him.” His emerald green eyes shined bright and made it hard to say no.

So, Hermione grabbed her things and, with a small smile from Harry, she departed. Up and up the moving staircases she went. All the time, she was thinking what to say to Ron when she got there. She figured there was no way out of telling him anything without expressing her feelings for Malfoy. Deep down, she knew that Ron wasn’t going to be able to swallow the truth…

Finally, she reached the seventh floor and spoke the password. As the climbed through the portrait hole, she spied Ron’s tall figure in the armchair by the fire, his back to her. It was much warmer in the common room than in the drafty, stone hallways.

Placing her bag on the floor, she walked slowly over to him. “Ron?” She called, but he didn’t answer. When she finally stood behind him, Hermione saw that he was shaking. “Ron, are you—AAAHH!!”

Ron had suddenly stood up and he pushed her against the wall, hard. His knuckles turned white as they gripped her shoulders tightly.

Hermione cried out, “Ow! Ron, you’re hurting me! Stop! Please, stop! I only came to talk to you!”

All color had escaped Ron’s face. There were large dark circles under his eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you, Hermione…” His voice was soft, but clear. “But, you’ve given me no choice.”

“Ron! What are you talking about?!” She became filled with tears as she gazed up into his once calm, serene, blue eyes.

“All I wanted was for you to love me, Hermione… But that stupid ferret took you away from me…” His voice sounded like that of a child. Hermione didn’t understand how he had suddenly gone this mental.

“I do love you, Ron… As a friend… We’ve always been so close. Why don’t we sit down and have a nice chat for a bit, huh? How does that sound?”

Ron shook his head and tightened his grip on her shoulders. She could feel his nails digging into her flesh and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. “I don’t think you get it, Hermione. I need you. I can’t live without you. And if you won’t love me, then I’ll make you.”

Without notice, he jerked forwards and kissed her. Hermione could feel his urgency by the way his lips were suctioned to hers. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and it wasn’t at all pleasant. He was too forceful and cared not if he was bruising her.

His body moved closer to hers. Hermione could feel him through his pants and she began to panic, trying to struggle free. Ron shoved her against the wall and Hermione felt a hot throbbing pain on the back of her head. She moaned in agony as Ron began to suck at her neck. His hands had long been roaming under her clothes. Then, with one quick movement, he ripped her shirt right off, along with her bra.

Hermione was crying a good deal now as he stuffed his face against her chest, biting, sucking, and licking her. “Ron… Please… Please, stop this…”

But, he didn’t seem to hear her because his own shirt came off next and, soon enough, his pants and Hermione’s skirt. His strong hold on her told Hermione that she wasn’t going anywhere. The only thing that was between them was his undergarments…

Just then, the portrait swung open. Dinner must have been over because Gryffindors were climbing through the portrait hole. Harry had linked his arm with Ginny’s and they stopped in their tracks when they saw Ron clutching at Hermione, who was crying out loud for help. Neville made a squeak and bit his lip. Ginny was too shocked to move and just stood, rooted to the spot. Harry let go of Ginny and quickly kneeled beside to two of them, trying to peel Ron off of Hermione.

“A—little… help—please?” Harry managed. Ron was stuck to Hermione like glue. Seamus shook his head and came back to the situation. He reached for Ron’s other arm and, together, they had successfully pulled Ron off of her.

“It’s alright, Hermione…” Parvati and Lavender had rushed to their friend’s side, wrapping her in a blanket to hide her nakedness.

Hermione glanced over near the window, tears streaming down her face. Harry had forced Ron down on the stone steps that lead up to the boy’s dormitory and was talking to him quietly, trying to calm him down. Seamus was with him, too, and ready just in case they had to hold Ron down again. For there was a certain glint in Ron’s eye that stated he wasn’t finished yet. He stared at Hermione the entire time Harry was speaking, which made her extremely nervous.

Apparently, someone had sent for Professor McGonagall because there she stood, her hands on her hips and her mouth, a thin line. “What is going on here?” She glanced around and spotted Hermione on the floor with Lavender and Parvati. “Oh! Dear me! What has happened? Someone! Tell me.”

It was Neville who spoke up first. “We came up from dinner and there they were… Right… on… top… of…” He fainted.

McGonagall sighed quite heavily and appointed two third year boys to bring Neville up to the Hospital Wing. “Now, correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Potter, but Weasley was atop of Miss Granger, so to speak?” Harry nodded and he didn’t think that her lips could be become any thinner, but they tightened considerably. “Everyone except you four,” She pointed at Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Harry. “Off to bed!”

No one disobeyed the professor and they all walked up to their dormitories, a few glancing back at the scene. When she heard the doors slam shut, Professor McGonagall turned towards Harry and Ginny.

“These two need to be up in the Hospital Wing. Miss Weasley, please go and fetch a change of clothes for Miss Granger.” Ginny bid as she asked.

“Professor?” Harry glanced up at McGonagall, not letting go of Ron’s arm.

“What is it, Potter?” Her stern look softened and she waited for his reply.

“There’s something I should tell you… Ron, he—he hasn’t been himself lately.” She nodded for him to continue. “I guess that whole incident at the Three Broomsticks cut him real deep.”

“Mr. Weasley has already served detentions for his actions, but I can see your point, Mr. Potter. Even in class, he hasn’t been acting normally. Something indeed must be bothering him.” She gave a concerned look at Ron. “But, what he did tonight was uncalled for. He’ll be suspended for as long as the headmaster sees fit, once Madam Pomfrey allows him to leave.”

Ginny walked down the stairs, a bag of Hermione’s things slung over her right shoulder. She stepped over to Hermione and, with Professor McGonagall’s help, they escorted her out of the common room and to the Hospital Wing. Harry was behind them, with a firm grip on Ron’s arm.

Madam Pomfrey saw to Hermione immediately, placing her in a bed farthest away from Ron. Ginny had helped her into her pajamas and saw that she was tucked in and comfortable.

“Good night, Hermione,” was all Ginny said to her. With a last glance at her brother, she walked out the door and waited in the hallway for Harry.

“I’m afraid he is going to stay in here for quite a while.” Madam Pomfrey had finished examining Ron and Harry was helping him with his pajamas.

“Poppy, what’s wrong with the boy?” Harry could hear McGonagall’s hushed voice through the curtain.

The nurse whispered back, “He’s fine… physically, that is. It’s his mental state I’m worried about. It seems he’s not right in the head at the present moment. Can’t you tell? That blank look in his eyes… Why, he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world! Well, exceptions to poor, Miss Granger here. He hasn’t taken his eyes off her since they arrived.”

Harry saw the professor’s shadow nod, turn on her heel and walked away. He heard the door shut and focused his attention on Ron. He had seated himself on the bed, staring into space.

“You’re free to go, Mr. Potter. I can take it from here.” She smiled weakly at him and he had no choice but to leave. Looking over his shoulder he saw Madam Pomfrey tucking Ron in bed before drawing the curtain’s around him.

It was around eight thirty that night when there was a knock on the Hospital Wing door. Madam Pomfrey mumbled something about “disturbing the peace” and glided over to the door. Hermione was awake and had been since she first lay down in the bed. Though there was only a little light from the torches, Hermione could make out a student in the doorway.

“Very well, Mr. Malfoy… But, only until nine o’clock.” Madam Pomfrey let Draco enter and stepped back into her office.

“Hermione!” Draco rushed forward and pulled up a chair close by her bed. He reached for her hand and held it tight. “I heard what happened. Are you alright?”

Apparently she wasn’t because Hermione sat upright and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, crying. “Draco… I’m so—so scared. Ron… He—He tried to rape me.”

Malfoy gazed into her eyes, caressing her cheek with his thumb. “You know I would have saved you from him if I could have been there.”

“Oh, it was horrible, Draco… He hurt me… I didn’t mean for this to happen. No, not like this…”

Malfoy frowned at her, glancing at the bite marks on her neck and her bruised arms. “Don’t blame yourself, Hermione.”

“But if me and you never… I should have never gone through the plan for revenge… This whole thing has blown up...”

“Well, you still have one thing, Hermione.” Malfoy sat on the edge of her bed, holding her face in his hands.

“What is that?”

“You still have me.”

Chapter 6: An Obsession
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Chapter Six
“An Obsession”

Hermione’s wounds and bruises were healed by Sunday and she was allowed to leave. Draco accompanied her to the Great Hall where they ate a quick lunch. Then, they sat under the trees out on the grounds. Draco chucked pebbles into the cold waters of the lake. Soon it would be frozen over.

They were both quite silent for a while, until Hermione began to shiver from the chilly wind that nipped at her flushed cheeks. Draco felt her beside him and unhooked his robes.

“Here,” He placed them around her shoulders and her shivering soon subsided.

“Aren’t you cold?” Hermione asked.

“No, I’ll be alright.” He picked at a lasting patch of green grass, which would shortly turn brown from the coming of winter weather. “How are you feeling?”

Hermione suddenly became interested in an insect crawling up the bark of the tree. Draco stopped plucking the grass and moved closer to her. He reached out a hand and gently turned her head towards him.

“Hermione?” Draco brushed a piece of hair from her eyes, which began to water. “You—you’re still thinking of—”

She nodded and a tear fell. “He’s not like this… Something’s happened. I—I don’t know what to do. Draco, he’s scaring me.”

Hermione let him wrap a warm arm around her. With his other hand, Draco stroked her head. “I won’t let him near you again. Obviously he’s cracked and you can’t trust him anymore.” His voice was full of purpose and a hint of anger as well. Hermione cried harder, burying her face in his open arms. Draco frowned. “I’m sorry, Hermione… I’m sorry you had to deal with that bastard…”

She lifted her head, looking up at him. “This year, so far, has been—a mess. Perhaps if I didn’t do some of the things that I did—”

“It’s not your fault, Hermione. Things happen and people change because of it. There’s not much you can do.” She nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off of his. Then, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It was gentle at first and then became more passionate. They broke apart, and he placed a hand behind her head, holding her as if she could break.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something, Hermione… But, lately, things have been getting in the way.”

“Go on.” She replied determinately.

“This plan that we had… Well, I never meant for it to turn out like this...” He bit his lip nervously. “My whole idea was to get closer to you, Hermione. I—I have feelings for you.”

Hermione’s eyes softened. “I know… And I for you.” They shared another deep kiss, but she wouldn’t let him any further. She was still quite shaken since Friday night.

Draco seemed quite content with her reply. His usual cold, gray eyes seemed to lighten a bit. He knew that she meant what she had said. A genuine grin spread across his pale face and he stood up, with her in his arms. Hermione seemed to forget her sorrows and fears as they twirled around, soon to collapse back on the damp earth. Their laughter filled the late November air.

With Draco by her side, the following week felt as if it flew by. Hermione could be found walking the hallways to and from classes, arm linked with Draco’s. Ron was still stationed in the Hospital Wing. Rumors were flying around the halls about his sudden madness, and Hermione could not help but feel slightly responsible. She was starting to come to the conclusion that she pitied him. And it became clearer only after she had spoken with Harry.

It had been a whole week since she had last talked with him. Most of the time, Hermione would spy him walking with Ginny, hand in hand. For it seemed Ginny had been quite miserable and worried about the health of her brother. But, Hermione couldn’t be certain for sure because she hadn’t tried to talk with Ginny at all. No, that was Harry’s job. They were going out after all… I’m sure she doesn’t want to hear from me anyway, now that I’m with Draco, Harry’s arch enemy… Hermione had told herself many a time that whole week.

So, it was Friday again when he approached her; supper time to be exact. Hermione was at the very end of the table, with no company but the food on her plate. Though, she could feel Draco’s eyes on her. She didn’t bother to look up when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone sit by her right.

“Hermione?” Harry’s gentle voice rang out. She turned her head slightly, revealing a lonely and sorrowful look upon her face. Harry frowned at her, his eyes full of concern. “Are you alright?”

Hermione nodded slowly, looking back at her plate. “Yes.”

“I—I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I was wondering if I could show you something?” He paused, waiting for an answer, but she continued to mash her baked potato with her fork. So, he continued on, hoping that she was actually listening. “You—you see… I’ve found something… Something that might—be of interest to you, if I may put it that way.”

Hermione finally looked up. “What is it?”

Harry took advantage of the fact that she now at least showed she was listening, though his voice was cautious. He didn’t wish to tread too far because he thought he might scare her away. “Soon after the incident on Friday night,” He paused again as he saw her bite her lip. Reaching out, he grabbed her hand to hold it steady and continued on. “I went looking through his trunk and I found some things—a diary a-and some parchment all written on. I think you should read them.”

She nodded again. “Are you finished with supper?”

Harry furrowed his brow, not expecting such a question. “Er, yeah…”

“Okay, well, will you take me to them?”

“Y-yes, of course.” He helped her up and they made their way to the great oaken doors.

“Just a moment,” She said to Harry and walked briskly over to the Slytherin table and whispered into Draco’s ear that he was to meet her out in the courtyard in about an hour. Then, she crossed the hall to where Harry stood, a look of disgust on his face.

“I wish you wouldn’t hang around that scumbag... His family is nothing but trash.” Harry’s hands were balled into fists by his sides.

“Well, he hasn’t tried to rape me, has he? And you know nothing of what goes on between him and me! You don’t even know him, Harry. Can’t you just be happy that someone cares for me?”

Harry swallowed his anger and licked his lips, his muscles relaxing. “Whatever you say, Hermione. But I find it quite odd that, after the incident on Friday night, you are so willing to jump into a Death Eater’s son’s arms.”

Hermione stared back at him... But, I love him. “Well, are you going to take me to your dormitory or what?” She made sure that her head was held high.

“Alright, come on then.” Harry led her out of the Great Hall. Draco watched them until the last bit of Hermione’s hair whipped out of sight.

After a few silent minutes up the moving staircases and through the portrait hole, they were both at last in Harry’s dormitory that he had shared with a few other boys his age since the first year.

Harry strode over to Ron’s empty bed and opened up the second-hand trunk. There were a bunch of Chudley Cannons books, posters, and action figures thrown about. A box of owl treats stood in one of the corners along with three bars of Honeyduke’s best chocolate, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, two mix-matched and dirty socks, the maroon dress robes, and the Omnioculars that Harry had bought them at the Quidditch World Cup.

“Ah, here it is.” Harry pulled out a leather-bound journal and a few rolls of parchment. He handed them over to Hermione. “After what he did to you, I thought I would try and make some sense in all this. That’s why I looked through his things. I had thought that maybe I might find a clue as to why he had suddenly turned so—so mental. Go ahead, open it… I hope it doesn’t offend you in anyway.” He sat silently and watched as she opened the diary with shaking hands.

It had dated back to their first year when they all met to only a few days before he tried to rape her. Hermione skimmed each page, picking up some lines that scared her and others that made her pity him even more:

For a brainy little witch, I must admit that she has sort of a charm to her… I find that I can no longer look at her as just a friend, as just Hermione. She has been through much with Harry and I. I cannot see a situation in which she is not there with us to fight off the bad…We had Charms today and she was the first to get the spell done correctly. I acted as if I was jealous or upset with her, just so I could get her attention off of helping Harry and on me for once. You know, everything is Harry, Harry, Harry! Can’t she see that I have talents, too?... Harry is one of my best friends, but I must admit that I am glad that he was unconscious for that whole week after his fight with You-Know-Who. It gave me a lot of time with Hermione…It seems like she has just blossomed even more beautifully since last I’d seen her. She has curves now in all the right places, her hair shines a warm tone of brown, and her lips are like two red rose petals that I long to brush mine against…

Hermione glanced up at Harry. Her hands were shaking, and her face wan. Harry moved closer by her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“You don’t have to read anymore, Hermione… I—I shouldn’t have showed you this…”

“No, I—I must read this. Perhaps I will be able to understand, like you said.” She turned back to the pages and willed herself to read on. This time, Harry’s arm sheltered her.

I had a dream the other night about Hermione. She was so beautiful walking along the beach’s soft white sand while the waves washed up against her bare, delicate feet… I’ve been joking around with Hermione a lot, hoping to bring a smile that lovely face of hers. I had turned her clothes invisible because I wanted just to get a small glance at her undergarments, which I did see a whole lot of. She’s angry with Harry and I, though, but she’ll eventually get over it… Malfoy was all over her. I just couldn’t let him do that to my precious flower. So, I attacked him. I was prepared to comfort Hermione, but instead I received her anger and tears. I should have seen this coming. I should have stopped Malfoy from taking over her mind that day in Hogsmeade when she said that they were only having a friendly chat… I can’t have lost her. No, not yet. She still glances at me sometimes, but not in the way I want her to. She’s turned into Malfoy’s little play thing. I wish she could see that. All she has to do is open her eyes towards me. I love her and I always have. She’d be better off with me. Then, I could protect her and never let that ferret-face touch a hair on her body… I’ve tried to tell her of what I feel, but I can never seem to get the chance. She’s always hanging around Malfoy, the one that used to call her “Mudblood” and curse her. Perhaps it is time to just show her… I can’t control these feelings I have for her—these urges. I know I must have her now or I shall surely go insane with these images of her in my head. And seeing her with Malfoy isn’t helping the situation at all… I’ve made up my mind. I will get her alone so that I can show her how much she means to me…

Hermione felt hot tears drip down her cheeks. She closed the diary and tossed into Harry’s lap. The rolls of parchment lay to her left and she reached for them. Inside were more of Ron’s thoughts that he had written down with quill in hand. Her name was repeated a hundred times and small hearts decorated the paper. There were a few love poems that he must of come up with as well. And there, taped to some parchment with Spell-O-Tape was a picture of her. Hermione watched herself in the picture as she stopped in the one of the hallways of Hogwarts and swiveled around. She carried a few books in her arms and she flashed a pearly white smile.

Suddenly, she could not hold back anything and she burst into a loud sob. Harry was quick to comfort her as best as he could, but that wasn’t enough for her.

“Hermione, it’s alright… Everything is going to be okay.”

She sniffled and looked up at him, still his arms encircled her. “Draco… I need to go see Draco…”

He sighed, not quite liking the idea. “Okay, come on then.” He helped her up and then placed the diary and the parchment back where he had found them. Harry reached for her hand and led her out of Gryffindor Tower.

Draco was where Hermione had said he’d be: waiting in the Entrance Hall. Harry didn’t let go of her hand even when they stood before him.

“Potter,” Draco nodded at Harry. He felt that he must be at lest polite to him while in Hermione’s presence, though he disliked it very much.

“Malfoy,” Harry did the same, but continued on. “I’m sure Hermione will fill you in after, but first, let me tell you that if you harm one hair on her head, you’ll have to answer to me.” He pointed to himself.

“Relax, Potter. I won’t hurt her. I wouldn’t dream of it, not now, not ever.”

“And second, you’d better watch over her. You got it? Take care of her.”

“I will.” Draco agreed and they shook hands on it.

Then, Harry turned towards Hermione. “I’ll be here for you if you need me okay?” She gave him a weak smile through all her tears, then Harry handed her off as if she was his own daughter. Draco and Hermione watched him as he went back up the stairs. When he was out of sight, Hermione flung herself on Draco and cried some more.

“Hermione! It’s okay… I promised Potter that I’d protect you, and I meant it.” He made her sit down on the bottom step and he wrapped an arm around her, sitting close by her side.

“No, you should have seen it, Draco… The diary! A-and the rolls and rolls of parchment!” Draco held a finger to her lips and willed her to slow it down. She did as he asked and took a deep breath before explaining herself. “He’s obsessed, Draco. Ron, that is. He has written in a diary since our first year. He wrote about everything. And on the parchment, he scribbled sick love poems and my name; he must have written it a thousand times, if not more.”

Draco frowned, kissing her forehead gently. “I’m sorry that you had to read all of what you said you did. I wish somehow I could take this from you.” He chuckled softly. “As cold and cruel as I look, I don’t want you to have to deal with this bullshit.” Hermione’s quiet sobs reached his ears and he ran a hand through her hair. The whole situation felt awkward to him, since he was taught to be evil all of his life, and he didn’t know of any other way to comfort her other than to take her in his arms and whisper sweet words to her. Damn Weasley for doing this to her… Damn him and his whole family…

“Oh, Draco... “ Her quavering voice sounded, muffled by Draco’s robes that she hid her face in. “I’m so scared…