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Unspoken Words by mrsvioletpotter

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,714
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Hermione

First Published: 04/27/2005
Last Chapter: 04/27/2005
Last Updated: 05/02/2005

harry and hermione have a fight over cho chang and they confess their thoughts.

Chapter 1: Unspoken Words
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Hermione Granger sat on the red couch in the Head's common room. She was impatiently
waiting for Harry Potter, her best friend of seven years. She knew that he was out with a certain
black haired Ravenclaw. She loathed Cho Chang to no point because even though that Harry and Cho
had their little thing in 5th year, she couldn't help but be a tad bit jealous of the goodfriendship they had.
She would see it as friends with previlages, and she didn't like it one bit.

She loved her best friend, she thought that he was the best friend she could ever
ask for, but she wanted more. She wanted him to love her with as much passion that she loved
him. She loved him for who he is, not for what he is. Other girls just saw the famous Harry
Potter, the one who was the quidditch star. She loved him for just being Harry. She lost track of
time thinking about him that she didn't realize that the portrait hole opened to reveal Harry
Potter coming in.

Harry walked in and saw Hermione in the common room staring at the fire. Her pretty face
aglow with the dancing flames. He walked towards her and asked her if she was ok. She looked at
him with startled eyes, and said," Harry! you scared me, I thought you were out with Cho." He
looked at her and said, " I was, but I kinda got bored with her so i came back here. Hermione
looked back at the fireplace and nodded. Hermione got up from the couch and said that she was
tired, so she bid goodnight to Harry and left him with his own thoughts.

Hermione changed into her pijamas and climbed into her bed. She closed her eyes and
thought about the day that Harry Potter would confess his love to her, but she knew that that
day would never come.

Harry Potter sat alone in the Head's Common room thinking about why he ended his day
with Cho so abruptly. It wasn't that she wasn't good company, she just wasn't the person that he would
want to be with. He felt as if she was lacking something, something that he loved so much, but
couldn't point out. So he sat there, putting his thoughts in order and trying to figure out why he did that
to Cho. He recalled the scene when he told Cho that he had other stuff to do, which wasn't a total lie,
he had to get away from her in order to get his thoughts straight. Sure, he thought she was pretty,
but her beauty was superficial. She wasn't like Hermione, she had a natural beauty that was no other
like any girl at Hogwarts had. Wait a minute, did he say Hermione? Surely he didn't, but he did.
He didn't think Hermione was ugly, he told her so in 5th year after his disaster date with Cho at
Madam Puddifoot's cafe. So why did he think that Hermione was prettier than Cho? Hermione was
always there. She was with him through his tantrums, his moodswings, and she was his rock, his
support when nobody would be there for him. She was there with him through thick and thin and he
had taken her for granted. He never really thanked her for always being there for him and he was willing
to repair that first thing tommorow morning. He was gonna ask her for her forgiveness, and he would
surely make it up to her. So with those thoughts he went to sleep.

Hermione woke up the next day with a wierd feeling in her stomach, she thought she was sick but she
knew she wasn't. So she got dressed in casual clothes, seeing as it was saturday and they didn't have classes
she went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. She got there and there were a few people there. She
headed straight to her usual and sat down and loaded her plate with sausages and toast. She reached for the
pumpkin juice and she looked straight at Cho Chang. She was talking animatedly with her Ravenclaw
friends. Hermione saw Cho Chang look at her and saw that Cho gave her the deepest look of
loathing. Hermione of course gladly returned it, but she wasn't aware that Harry Potter saw the exchange
between the two girls. As soon as Cho saw Harry, she turned around andcontinued talking with her friends.
He looked at Hermione and said good morning to her. Hermione looked up and saw Harry Potter looking
at her oddly. She blushed and said," Morning Harry" Hermione diverted her gaze back to her plate as to avoid
Harry's peircing green eyes, and to him questioning her glaring contest with Cho. He decided to ask her about
it later because Ron was coming over to the table and sat down and loaded his plate with food. He started eating
and said," Moning guyths" with his mouth full of food. Hermione looked away in disgust, and said," For goodness'
sake Ron, can't you ever eat with your mouth closed?" Harry smirked at the pair and stared at Hermione. He wasn't
aware of this though, because he spaced out. He was thinking of ways that he would thank Hermione and repay
her for everything she has done for him.

Harry and Hermione went to Potions after breakfast and bid Ron goodbye as he headed somewhere. Potions was
torture for Harry because Snape would always try to make Harry nervous and make him fail, so as Harry was
cutting up mandrake roots, Snape walked by his couldron and told him off for cutting the roots too hard and for
not stirring his potion right. Snape gave Harry an incomplete and assigned him extra homework for not following
directions. Harry walked out of Potions fuming and Hermione gave him a gentle hug and told him that it was going
to be ok and that she would gladly help him with his homework. Harry smiled at her gratefully and she felt herself
go weak at the knees with his smile and peircing eyes. Harry saw her blush and do so himself. Harry asked Hermione
why she was giving death glares to Cho and Hermione stopped and looked at him and said," Well she started to give
them to me, and I would ignore them, and then I got fed up with it so I returned them." Harry looked at her and said,
"Cho is really nice, and I know we had our differences, we got over them and so now we're good friends." Hermione
thought about this and said," well yeah, but you treated her that way, and me being your friend and having your back, was supposed to do the same, but you never told me that you made up with her. So what did you want me to do, I'm not a mind reader Harry." Harry stared at her and said, "yeah but still, you shouldn't do that" Hermione was
getting tired of this conversation and said," FINE HARRY, defend her, now if you don't mind, I have to
be somewhere else!" With that she stormed off and left him speechless.

Harry looked as she practically ran from him and said," you did it this time Potter, you were supposed to thank
her and you made her mad. " So he headed to the Room Of Requirement and thought about his problem. When he
stepped inside, he saw a couch and flowers and a very lovely fire. He thought about what he was going to say to
Hermione and couldn't think of anything. So he just walked out of the room and set out to find Hermione.
He didn't have to look far, he thought of the most Hermione-like place, and sure enough, she was in the
library. He walked up to her and said," Hermione? Can we take a walk?" Hermione looked at him and said,"Ok"

So they walked out of the library in silence and then Hermione headed towards the oak doors, until Harry stopped
her and told her that they were going somewhere else. Hermione looked at him and followed him. Then he
took her hand and led her towards the Room Of Requirement. Hermione blushed at this and the pair walked silently.
They ran into Cho Chang and she saw them holding hands, and she made a look of fury, and said Hello to Harry,
and ignored Hermione and walked off. Harry felt guilty because he now knew that Hermione was right and
he made her feel bad. So they continued they're journey to the RoR. They arrived there and when they walked in,
everything was the same as when Harry first walked into the room, but now it was more romantic looking.
Hermione gasped, and said, " Harry? what were you thinking when you wanted to the room to be?" Harry said," I just
wanted a quiet place to talk." So they walked over to the couch that was there and Hermione sat on the couch and Harry knelt down in front of her.

"Hermione, Im so sorry about what happened earlier, I should have not doubted your word because you have been
there for me since the day I met you, and I hope you can forgive me. You were the only one who I can confide in and
tell my fears to, the one I can tell practically anything to. You're the only one who puts up with my tantrums and my
moodswings and I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can't stand being without you and not talking to you
because then I would be so lost without you." I- I love you" Hermione stared at Harry with teary eyes. She never knew that he would return her feelings, and yet, here he was. Hermione looked at Harry and just grabbed him and kissed him. Harry was shocked when Hermione, and nervously kissed her back. It was a sweet kiss, that Hermione ended and said," I love you too" Harry looked at her and said," You do?" and Hermione answered, "yes, how could I not?" Harry kissed her again and they forgot about the world outside of them.