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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set by Erika

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 0
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings


First Published: 07/17/2003
Last Chapter: 07/17/2003
Last Updated: 07/17/2003

Ron Weasley and the Satanic Flobberworm, Parts one through four, all together for your reading convinence!

Chapter 2: Part Two

disclaimer: i don’t own anything, except for my devil flobberworm, jk rowling and eminem own the rest

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” ron weasley woke up screaming in his dormitory, he had a nightmare.
about that flobberworm,
“ron, shut the fuck up,” said harry as he rolled over, “go to sleep, forget about that flobberworm already.”
“harry, that fucking flobberworm is going to kill us all! no shit! i’m NOT kidding! he told me in a dream!” said ron.
“ron, do you have ANY idea, any idea at all, about how completely stupid that sounds? a flobberworm telling you that they are going to kill everyone? in a dream? you are so weird.” said harry.
“well, it true! you saw its satanic acts!”
“what? he spit cabbage at you? did the flobberworm hurt your little nosy wosy?” said harry rudely.
“that was his first act of satanism! one day, spitting cabbage at me, the next, invading my dreams, and before we know it TAKING OVER THE FREE WORLD!!!!” screamed ron.
“right, ok, ron, whatever.”
ron went back to sleep and then it happened again.
the flobberworm was in his dream.
“hello, ron. i am here to take you, to a happy happy happy place,” said the flobberworm.
“i’m not going to hell with you! you can’t do anything to me! GO AWAY!” said ron to the flobberworm.
“ok, i’ll leave you alone, if you can answer this, who muttered the infamous word of ‘I'm goin' to hell! Who's comin' with me???!?’ ? do you know?” asked the flobberworm.
“oh is that in a song?” said ron.
“maybe, maybe not.” replied the flobberworm.
“ooooh! eminem did! in that song! my daddy’s gone crazy! i know that!” said ron delighted.
“yes that is the correct answer, i will leave you to your own buisness, now,” said the flobberworm and he disappeared. ron then slept soundly the rest of the night.
the flobberworm had returned to his liar in hell, for good. NOT!!!!
“hahahaha! HAHA! HAHA!”