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How to expel Malfoy by Bertiebeans

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 0
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings


First Published: 07/15/2003
Last Chapter: 07/15/2003
Last Updated: 07/15/2003

You are here with Ron and Harry around the fire. Talking, roosting mashmallows and how to expel malfoy

Chapter 2: Harry Potters ideas

Chapter 1: Harry Potters ideas

To expel him

1: Put a rough bludger in a game but put Malfoys name on it

2: Put a spell on him so that he will turn Snapes hair pink

3: Turn him into a ferret but put him in Qurrils turbin

4: Put a spell on him so he does the hula dance and sings row, row, row your boat in the Library

5: Take all of the presents in the sliverin house and hind them under Malfoys bed

To get him away

1: Turn his food into a portkey that will send him to the Girls restroom

2: Give him a letter that says you were acepted to Furilla school for bouncing ferrets

3: Tell Crabe and Goyle that malfoy is a robot and see what Happens


1: at a ball point your wand at him and say eat slugs