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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 0
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 07/13/2003
Last Chapter: 08/03/2003
Last Updated: 08/03/2003

Come and get into Ron Weasley's mind. Please Read!

Chapter 3: Hermione\'s Arrival

Thanks a Bunch to MioneWeasley,Jaime,Cassieblack and Mugglelover. Youre the best and thanks for reviewing my story. Its gonna be really long if i have time. Still the plot is now gonna turn directly into Ron/Hermione. Thanks


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*~*~*~*~*Hermione's Arrival*~*~*~*~*

Ron woke up like a lightning bolt the next day. He started to jump up and down his bed shouting *HERMIONE IS COMING! HERMIONE IS COMING!*. He shouted so loud he woke Fred, Goerge and Ginny. The three of them entered his room to find poor Ronniekins jumping up and down his bed screaming like a maniac for his lost love. Fred and Goerge couldnt stop laughing. Ron stopped jumping and turned as scarlet as a ruby. Then he shouted in indignation *YOU CANT ENTER MY LOVE LIFE ITS MY BUISNESS* which made Fred and George laugh louder. Just then, to make matters worse for Ron and funnier for Fred and Goerge, Ginny entered with Ron's diary in hand and started to resite in a French sort of way

Yesterday i saw Hermione
Trying out her best dress
I couldnt believe my eyes
I was seeing beauty in them
Every single curv of hers
seemed like the curv
Millicent bulstrode has on her back
not that my Midnight angel has a curv on her back though
i saw her an thought
*Just like a bear, i wanna take you there*
as you see im pointing at a bed

Fred and Goerge were now in a situation which would have provaked Mrs. Weasley to take them to St. Mungo's for brain injury. Ginny just put a horrible face and only manged to say *GROSS! *and rushed out of the room in tears of laughter. Ron, in the other hand couldnt stand this indignation. This was why he left poor Fred and Goerge screaming in his room while he went and dressed up in the shower. He then went down to the kitchen and asked Mr. Weasley if he coild go and fetch Hermione because it was already 9 o clock. *Of course Ron. But before you go, please tell me why do Fred and George look like they've seen a cow in a bikini in the beach?* Ron just looked at his father in dissapointment and said *Er doesnt matter*. Then he went to the fireplace, picked a handfull of floo powder and yelled *Hermione's House*. He then felt been sucked by the Fireplace. He landed on what looked like a bathroom with a chimeney. An old woman was singing in an open shower. Just then she got out and screamed her head of. Ron screamed harder and then went to the fireplace and shouted *Hermione Granger's House!*. He was sucked again by the fireplace and landed on a big lounge. The cieling was made of a strange beige material and a big chandelier. There was a big green carpet in the floor and some book cases next to the walls. These were made of soft wood. Then he saw that in the center of the room there was a big green couch. Ron walked around the room examing it cautiously. Then, the door blasted open. In the room came Hermione Granger followed by her parents. When she saw Ron she ran to him and hugged him tight as she shouted *Ron! Youre here!*. Ron was stupefact. He didnt know what to do. Just then he saw Hermione's father wink at him. That made him feel even stranger. He just manged to say *It's good to see you too Hermione*. Then Hermione broke apart. Ron seemed to be at least 5 inches taller than her. *Ill go get your stuff then dear* said Hermione's mother as she went out the door. ron walked to Hermione's father an shook his hand. *Nice to Meet you Mr. Granger* said Ron. *Nice to meet you too Ronald and please call me Alan(I invented it)*. Ron grinned and turned to see Hermione. *So how's your summer been?*she asked after a while of staring at eachother. *I imagine you already know that Mione* Responded Ron dully. Then Mrs. Granger entered the room with Hermione's trunk. She kissed Hermione and Ron on the cheek. Then Mr. Weasley kissed Hermione on the cheek and gave ron another handshake. With that Ron took Hermione's trunk put it into the fireplace and yelled *THE BURROW*. He was sucked in by the fireplace with the trunk and fell in the kitchen. Hermione appeared a while after Ron. *So ill show ou your room then* said Ron as he walked with the trunk ttowards Ginny's room and thought *This summer is gonna be great*.

Ok thats the 3rd chapter. Hope you liked it.