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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 63,505
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Percy, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 03/18/2012
Last Chapter: 12/16/2013
Last Updated: 12/16/2013


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My parents have had my life planned out for me from the day I was born. Now that I Molly Weasley the second, am in my seventh year at Hogwarts, they expect me to; Behave, Get top grades in all my classes so I can get a job at the ministry (where else according to my father) and to not be like my crazy wild self and more like my goody two shoes sister.

Until one night changed my life that is...

Chapter 12: Chapter Eleven

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When I woke up screaming I found myself alone in Lauren's room and then I remembered what had happened the day before. I sighed to myself and then noticed I was all twisted and caught up in the blankets. I don't think I slept at all last night, as I kept tossing and turning. It was horrible, especially as I kept having this dream where mum was chasing me followed by a crazy guy with a knife.

Once I had calmed myself down I went into the bathroom and then headed downstairs to the kitchen. Lauren, her mum and Lana, her eldest sister were all sat at the table.

"Morning Mol, would you like some breakfast?" Sandra asked me as she slid a plate of bacon and eggs in front of Lauren and Lana.

"No thanks," I replied as Lauren poured me a glass of orange juice as I sat opposite her. I drained the glass and Lauren poured me some more, "Thanks." I muttered.

"What are you going to do today Mol?" Lana asked me.

"I'm going over my grandparents, to see if I can stay there before I go back to school. They're having a New Year’s party; you're all invited of course." I added.

Sandra looked at me as she sat down, "Mol you’re more than welcome to stay here love, you know that don't you."

I nodded, "Thanks but I need to see if I can speak to my dad whilst he's alone."

I went and got dressed and stayed at Lauren's until after lunch as Sandra insisted she feed me before I went to The Burrow. We arrived around one o'clock and Sandra carried my holdall to the back door. "Thank you." I said as I hugged her.

"I meant what I said Mol, you can stay with us."

I smiled as I knocked the door thinking it would be a bit rude if I walked in, even if it is my grandparents’ house. Dom opened the door looking very smart in a black dress and purple tights, her red hair flowing down her back, "Hiya pregz what you doing here?" Typical Dom, getting straight to the point.

"Dom, mum kicked me out." I told her and she gasped.

"Whoa, you better explain? I wanna know it all." she then looked at Sandra.

"Oh, Mrs. Simmons this is Dom, my cousin. Dom this is Lauren's mum." I said introducing them and they both said hi to each other. Dom took my holdall from Sandra and took it in the house.

"Take care Mol." She told me before she left.

"Thanks, I'll see you all soon at New Year’s."

I watched her as she walked through the yard and back to the car; I shut the door and turned around. Dom grabbed my hand and pulled me straight up to our room, she was moving pretty quick and let me tell you it is not very easy to move quickly when your twenty-three weeks pregnant especially up a lot of stairs.

Once inside, Dom shut the door and I got a bottle of water out of the mini fridge Dom had insisted on getting and collapsed on my bed. "Oops sorry Mol, I forgot you can’t run fast anymore." She said apologetically. "So what happened?"

I launched into an explanation about everything that had happened yesterday and how Lauren let me stay and what mum had told me about having a baby at sixteen.

Dom was really surprised at that and couldn't speak for a whole minute, "Holy fuck! Are you kidding? I bet she’s saying that just so you would go through with it."

"The thing is Dom; I don't think she was lying."

After a lot of discussion about whether mum was lying or not we went downstairs as I was hungry. Being pregnant isn't easy work. Nana molly was in the kitchen cooking and whatever it was it smelt delicious.

"Oh hello love, I didn't know you were here." Nana smiled at me.

Dom being Dom said, "Her mums kicked her out and she's wondering if she can stay here."

Nana stopped chopping whatever the green thing was and looked at me, "Of course you can stay here sweetie, but why did she kick you out?" I explained once again what she has said and Nana looked horrified, "I always knew there was something funny about your mother Mol." She admitted.

Nana made us both a stew; it tasted delicious especially with the homemade bread. Nana really is the greatest cook after the Hogwarts house elves. I was just helping myself to thirds when Lucy walked through the door into the kitchen, when she saw me she rushed over.

"Oh Mol, you’re okay," She said hugging me just as I was about to eat a spoonful, making it go all down me, "Oops sorry."

Nana Molly chucked me a tea towel and I wiped it away the best I could. "What you doing here Luce? I asked.

"Well I figured you might go to Laurens, so I went there and her mum said she had brought you here. Please come home Mol, it's not the same without you."

"Luce, I can't mum kicked me out and took my house keys off me." I told her before I continued eating.

"You can borrow mine." She offered.

"Listen Luce," I said putting down my spoon, "There is no way that I am going back, no matter how much you beg. She clearly doesn't want me or her granddaughter there, she doesn't even care that she has a daughter out there somewhere, didn't you hear her 'it was just a drunken mistake like yours'. I am not living with someone who thinks my daughter is just a drunken mistake because she isn't."

Lucy looked heartbroken, "But I need you Mol," She whispered, "Mum hasn't said much and dad doesn't even know that she kicked you out, she told him you had gone to stay with friends."

"Luce I just can't deal with our stupid parents right now, I have a lot of other things to deal with, and stress isn't good for the baby."

With that she turned around and went into the living room. I went upstairs to my room and sat in the window seat, looking out at the sky, whilst sitting there I decided that I would owl my auntie Evelyn (mum's sister) then I remembered Lucy was looking after Specky for me so instead I went back downstairs.

"Nana is safe to floo when pregnant?" I asked her.

"Yes dear as long as you don't feel sick or light headed, why?" She looked at me curiously.

"I need to see my aunt, none of mum's family know I'm pregnant and I thought I should tell them since you lot already know and it's getting pretty obvious now." I told her gesturing to my bump.

"The powder's above the fire place and do be careful dear."

"Oi Mol, want me to come with you?" Dom yelled from across the room.

I shook my head as I grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. I threw the powder down and said clearly, "Thirty-two Almond Terrace." I was surrounded by green flames at once; everything on the other side of the fire place was a haze until one room was becoming clearer and clearer. I stepped out of the fireplace carefully and saw my aunt, her husband and their three children sat at the table eating their dinner.

"Oops is this a bad time." I said with an apologetic smile. I could see my cousin Mark whispering to his father, probably about the size of my stomach since he was pointing at me.

My auntie Evie is magic and her husband is a muggle. They're oldest child Mark is fourteen and he doesn't go to Hogwarts as he cannot do magic, whereas his younger brother Timmy who's twelve goes to Hogwarts. In fact he actually looks as surprised as his brother about the fact that I'm pregnant. Surely he knew already what with half of the gossip at Hogwarts being about me. And then finally it's Elaina who's eight and really cute, we think she can do magic as she once turned Mark's hair pink when she was younger but otherwise she is pretty discreet about doing it.

"Molly, what a surprise. You're not interrupting anything dear, we're all finished." Auntie Evie smiled.

I could see that her plate was the only one empty whereas everyone's still had some of whatever they had been eating on them. Her husband eyes me suspiciously; he's never like me for some reason. "Can I talk to you in private please?"

She got up and motioned for me to follow her, "Of course Mol." She led me out of the living room and upstairs to her bed room. I sat on the neatly made bed and she shut the door behind us. "I'm guessing this has something to do with the size of your stomach." She said, it wasn't a question it was a statement.

I nodded "Yes, I'm twenty-three weeks pregnant with a little girl." 

Auntie Evie gave me a hug, "Oh Mol, congratulations. Does your mother know?"

"Yes as does all my dad's family, the father, my four best friends and the whole of Hogwarts, which is why I thought that you should know, before someone else told you."

"Mol, I know that I cannot make this decision but are you keeping her?"
"Yes, one hundred percent yes."

Auntie Evie looked relieved, "And how did your mother react?"

I sighed, "Badly, she told me to get an abortion. I told her no yet she booked an appointment anyway. I left without her knowing and went home and then when she came home we got into a fight and she kicked me out."

"Oh gosh!" She sighed and buried her head in her hands.

I took my time to think carefully about how I was going to put this, "Auntie Evie, did you know I have a sister?" I asked.

She looked at me and laughed, "Of course you do. You and Lucy look so alike."

"No," I insisted, "A half-sister."

My auntie sighed, "So she told you didn’t she?"

"Not so much, she didn't explain it she just said it had ruined her life and that she was glad she gave her up for adoption."

"Mol, you've got to understand. Your mother was sixteen and she had major plans. She wanted to go to law school and become a big shot lawyer, but she never did. She found out at twenty-weeks, she didn't want her and I knew she never did. She went to a clinic but they told her they wouldn't do it, so she then chose adoption. I went with her to the agency and she chose the parents, we got into a big fight afterwards as I told her I didn't think it was right that she was just going to ship the baby off to some couple she didn't know. I told her it should be with her own flesh and blood, I also called her pathetic as she never referred to the baby or her bump as hers it was it the baby or it."

Auntie Evie paused and I tried to take it in, she had known all this time and yet no one ever told me. I nodded at her and she continued, "I never saw her after that, as I went back to Hogwarts and stayed there for the holidays. According to mum Audrey had the baby, saw her for all of five minutes, named her and then handed her over without even crying or getting upset. She turned up at my graduation ceremony like nothing had happened and was all happy and cheery. There wasn't an ounce of sadness in her, I moved out three weeks after I graduated, I couldn't stand living with her knowing she had given my niece away without any regrets."

Auntie Evie was close to tears and I hugged her, "What was she called?" I whispered.

"Maxine." She replied in barely a whisper.

I have a sister, an older sister called Maxine. I still couldn't get my head around it.

"You can meet her if you would like to Mol, since Audrey didn't seem to care I tried tracing her because I knew her adoptive parents names and eventually I found her last year. We've been in contact ever since," I smiled and nodded at my auntie, "You're going to be a great mum Mol," She smiled at me before getting a tissue from the box on the side and wiping her eyes, "Come on lets go down."

Auntie Evie held my hand as we made our way downstairs into the living room, Mark was watching TV, Timmy was at the table with Elaina who was doing a puzzle and auntie Evie's husband Ralph was washing up. She addressed her eldest son first and then her husband, "Mark can you come over here please and you Ralph."

They both came over and sat down at the table, "What's going on?" Asked Timmy.

I looked at my cousin, "Tim surely you've heard it by now, the gossip at Hogwarts," He still looked confused, "About me." I added.

"Oh that, well I didn't think it was true and when someone told me that you had yelled that you were pregnant in front of everyone in the great hall I didn't believe them. I had been ill that day and since not many people know we’re cousins and I chose not to believe it as I thought it was lies."

I smiled at my younger cousin; bless him for not wanting to think that about me. I love my family I really do with the exception of my mother, Auntie Evie's husband Ralph and my cousin Mark.

"What you talking about?" Elaina cut in, looking up at us from her puzzle which was now complete.

Before auntie Evie could try and explain to her eight year old daughter that her seventeen year old cousin was pregnant, Mark grinned and said, "Molly's pregnant with a baby."

I hate him, I really do.

"Really," Elaina smiled sweetly, "Why's you tummy so big?" 

This time Mark smirked, "The baby's in her tummy El."

"Why? Did you eat your baby?" She turned to her mother, "Mummy," She sang, "Where do babies come from?"

Auntie Evie gave Mark a filthy look that said 'I am going to kill you for making your eight year old sister ask where babies come from'. "Well the stork comes and puts a baby in their mummy's tummy." She said trying to explain as Mark was overcome by a fit of silent laughter.

"You are an evil child," I said to him as I walked passed, "An evil, evil child."

Ralph looked a little pissed at the fact I had called his son evil, but hey I don't care.

Elaina had soon gotten bored of what her mother was telling her and announced that I was leaving, "Bye bye Molly, bye bye baby."

Auntie Evie turned to me and hugged me and muttered, "Take care Mol, and I meant what I said about you meeting her."

I nodded and thanked her before grabbing some floo powder and yelled, "The Burrow." I was surrounded by flames once more and minutes later I was back at The Burrow.

I spent the rest of the Christmas holidays staying at The Burrow, Dom was also staying for the remainder of the holidays since uncle Bill and auntie Fleur have gone to France along with Louis, Tori and Teddy to see Dom's other grandparents.

Dom said that she wasn't going to France as she didn't want to see her other relatives apart from her auntie Gabrielle as she doesn't like the rest of them. In the end auntie Fleur who was on the verge of a breakdown was forced to let her stay as they would miss their flight and since Dom wasn't going Tori asked if Teddy could take her ticket so it worked out well.

Myself and Dom celebrated new year in style, Nana and Granddad were throwing a huge party and everyone was invited. Lauren, Luke and Katie all came as did Lauren's mum, and her sister's Lana and Etta who came with Jack and also I also met Katie's mum for the first time. It’s unreal how much Katie looks like her, I also met her financé Dean who was a laugh.

Lucy was here as was dad, but mum wasn't and I can't say I was surprised. I bet she’s hiding at home watching TV. Too scared to face me is she, I thought.

As we counted down, I felt that this year was going to be better than the last. I mean I have my baby girl to look forward to and also Lauren and Luke's little one. When the ball had dropped Fred and James set off the fireworks and confetti.

As everyone cheered my thoughts contained a lot of different people, Kyle, my baby girl and also my half-sister that I have out there somewhere. Could this year get any crazier?

I didn't see mum until everyone arrived early on Sunday morning. Dad was surprised to see me as he thought I was still over Lauren's but at least he brought my trunk and Specky.

"What are you doing here Mol? I thought you were over a friends?" He questioned as he passed me Specky in her cage.

Mum was glaring daggers at us so I said, "Well I thought I would keep Dom company for the last few days and I also stopped by to say goodbye to nana and granddad."

He seemed happy with my answer and hugged me before going off to work; mum said she had somewhere to be as well and moments later. We all piled into the mini bus and headed for Kings Cross. As neither of my parents has stuck around to say good bye to me and Lucy I said my goodbyes to my aunties and uncles and got on the train so I could find a compartment. It wasn't long before Chloe and Amber found me curled up on the seat reading the book Lucy had given me.

"Hiya how was Christmas?" Amber asked as she took a seat opposite me.

"Just brilliant." I said sarcastically as I shut my book.

"Why's that?"

I launched into my explanation and then at the end I mentioned the good things that had happened so that it didn't sound too depressing.

"Wow, sorry I couldn't come to the party, I was Italy visiting family." Chloe explained

"And me," Amber said, "You know what my parents are like." Amber muttered and me and Chloe both nodded.

Amber's parents are really strict, she's not allowed to parties even if there are adults, in her house there are a list of things that she cannot or must not do. I feel sorry for her so much as her parents are a little too over protective as she's an only child.

The journey back was eventful, Roxy had pulled some prank on a group of unsuspecting Gryffindor boys in her year, causing at two of the carriages to be filled with blackness. The ickle first years kept staring at me whenever they walked past, and all I could think was didn't their parents tell them it was rude to stare. In the end I yelled at one of them causing them to shit their pants and run off scared, before I burst out crying.

I'm so fed up of people whispering, pointing and making fun of me. So I got pregnant big deal, it doesn't mean that you have to gossip about me like there's no tomorrow. I swear it's all everyone does these days. I calmed down after a while and eventually got changed.

After the welcome back feast where I had my wonderful tasting stuff cream and Professor McGonagall gave out the usual notices we went up to our dorms, while the others stayed in the common room talking, I went straight up to bed as I was tired.

I was finally home again since I don't really have anywhere else to call home right now.

Up next - Picking a baby name and saying goodbye.