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When Life Takes Over. by carellio

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Format: Short story
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 30,799
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 10/21/2011
Last Chapter: 05/22/2013
Last Updated: 05/22/2013

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Isabella “Bella” Wynton is in love with Albus Potter, who basically see’s her as a little sister. Add in the fact that she is socially awkward and you can admit that her life is literally screwed. Fortunately she meets Aiden Clarke, who is willing to teach her that talking to boys isn’t all that hard. He only has one condition: pretend to date him, to get his crazy stalker off his back...

Chapter 12: xii.
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Chapter 12

Hello! Quick Author Note!

I thought I’d mention that I have a new story out! It’s called ‘Dear Annabelle.’ It would mean so much if you could check it out!!

Okay, that is all. Now enjoy the chapter ;)

I sat alone.

It was rather miserable to be honest. I felt so completely out of it. Nothing would cheer me up either. Not even pancakes with ice-cream and butterscotch sauce and that’s saying something, cause that’s the good shit.


Rose and her ‘groupies,’ who consisted of Chloe and Shay - whom apparently didn’t like me enough to stick by my side during mine and Rose’s fight. Although, know that I really think about it, Rose is rich, they probably think she’ll take them shopping if they stick with her, Matt (he didn’t even have the decency to side with his sister), and – this is probably the worse one of the lot – Albus. “Family come first” and all that shit.

Yeah, tell that to my brother!


So here I was, eating (not really tasting) my pancakes while a large amount of people cackle gleefully at something Rose just said.


I bet it wasn’t even funny either. Funny was never her strong point. Being a bitch is apparently -


“What are you doing?” A voice I knew far too well quizzed from beside me cutting off the indecencies going on in my head.

I looked up at Aiden. I was a little shocked to see him actually. Wasn’t he meant to be mad at me?


Sometimes I really couldn’t keep up with him.


He looked slightly amused which made me believe he’d forgiven me but there was still something behind his eyes that seemed kind of harsh.


“Um, eating?” I reply.


He snorts, “That’s not what I meant,” He takes the seat opposite me. Well, atleast I’m not alone now, and honestly, if he wanted to be my friend again, I was totally fine with that.

He steals some of my bacon and I scowl at him. “Why aren’t you sitting with your usually bunch?” He shoves the bacon in his mouth and nods his head towards the group.


I cock my head at him, “Haven’t you heard? I’ve been disbanded.”


He nearly chokes on his – my­ – bacon. “What?” This was clearly new information for him. I took a little bit of pleasure from the way his face went red as he tried to swallow the rest of the bacon. Serves him right for stealing it.


I take a bite of my pancake and swallow before speaking again, “Rose and I aren’t talking. We aren’t friends anymore.” It takes a great deal of effort not to wince.


He studies me for a moment. “Why?”


I look away from him and make the mistake of looking towards the group. Again. “I don’t really feel like talking about it.” I say miserably.


He shrugs, not pushing me. “Ok, but if you do ever need to talk...” He seemed to be struggling with whether to say the next part or not.”...I’m always here for you.”

It was pretty much the exact same thing Scorpius had told me last week, but yet I felt instantly happy and my stomach squirmed just a little bit. It was quite odd.


“Thankyou Aiden,” I smile and reach for his hand to show I genuinely meant it but before I can touch it, he moves it away.


My smile drops from the dejection but Aiden hasn’t missed a beat, “No problem.” He says with a smile.


Suddenly his eyes harden and I feel the sensation that someone is standing behind me.

“Bella,” Albus says gruffly, his green eyes boring into mine, “I need to speak to you.”


Before I have a chance to respond or even say a goodbye to Aiden, Albus grabs my arm and pulls me out of the Great Hall. That was pretty rude.


 “What are you doing?” He asks as soon as we are alone.


I could be asking him the same thing!


Before I can even reply to his first question, he fires off another. “Why were you talking to him?” His face turns down in disapproval and disgust is evident in his voice.


I frown, “Aiden’s my friend –“


“He’s your ex-boyfriend!” He throws his hands up in dismay and his nostrils are flared. He’s angry.


“What the hell does it matter to you?” I cross my arms and feel my fingernails bite into my palm.


“I’m your-“


I cut him off suddenly feeling the need to scream. “You haven’t even so much as glanced in my direction this past week and as soon as I’m with one –one-­­ person you’re telling me I can’t be with him?”


I was aware we were causing a scene but I didn’t care. I had caused so many scenes this year it was like second nature to me now.


I simply glared at the people staring and they turned away straight away, embarrassed they had been caught.


“I don’t care who you hang with, just not him. Not... Clarke.” He visibly struggled over his name.


I couldn’t believe what he was saying. He can’t tell who I can or cannot be friends with! “Is this because he’s my e-“


“It’s because he’s a right tosser and I don’t like him!”


Albus’ outburst startled a poor little second year and they practically ran off in the opposite direction.


We both glared at each other for a while with both our fists clenched together and breathing heavily.


“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with.” I eventually growled in a low voice. “And who the bloody hell else am I meant to be friends with at the moment!?”


Albus opened his mouth but I cut him off, “My bestfriend? Oh, wait. She hates me! My brother? Nope. Ditched me for Rose as soon as he heard the news. Didn’t even as much as ask for my side of the story! You?” His eyes narrowed slightly. “Um, just give me a minute to think here... Oh yes, you ditched me too!”


I sounded like a bitch, but I didn’t care.


“That’s completely different and you know it!!” He growled.


“How? Tell me how it’s different?” My eyes were nearly narrowed into slits.


“Because you ditched me first! You avoided me for three whole days! I didn’t even get a chance to explain myself or atleast say I’m sorry – which I am by the way. But nope, you ran. So I’m sorry that I haven’t really felt like you’ve wanted me around much lately.”


I paused for a moment. He was sorry? So he didn’t think I was an inexperienced idiot? Well that was great!


I almost felt like hugging him. Almost.

That was until I remembered I was mad at him.


“Hey!” I yelled indignantly. “Don’t turn this back on me! You were the one that – “


“Do one thing for me,” He cut across me. Now I can see how annoying I must be when I do that...


He seemed to have calmed down a bit.


“What’s that?” I asked, still not impressed with him.


“You need to choose,” He stated, arms crossed, starting levelly into my eyes.


I waited for some kind of elaboration but it didn’t come.


“Choose...?” I was so lost.


“Choose,” He agreed. “Between me and him.”


I was so shocked that I swear my eyes bulged out of my head. My tongue was tired and I had no idea what to say.


I guess I didn’t have to.


“Come find me when you make up your mind.” With that Albus sauntered back into the Great Hall and began chatting again with one of his friends. Aiden had seemingly disappeared.


My brain finally managed to catch-up to what had just happened. Choosing...between him and Aiden?



Bloody hell. Why must the world hate me?




I could say that I was so stumped on what to do that I was literally seconds away from just bloody jumping out my dorm window to get away from this all.


The worst part was that I would normally congregate with Rose on massive, life altering decisions. However, we weren’t friends. And the only friend I seemed to have right now was the one person I couldn’t talk to cause it bloody involved him!

You could say I was stuck.


I groaned loudly in frustration, staring at the wall in front of me hoping it would give me some kind of insight.

Nope? Okay.


There’s a notable scuffle from behind me and I turn hastily towards the door.




Rose stands there, looking like – well Rose, I guess. But she looks different somehow.. Oh wait, I got it. The narrowed eyes and heavy death glare she’s sending my way is definitely what’s different.


I kinda just sit and stare at her, not having a clue what to do.


After five minutes of staring (and vicious eye glaring on her part) Rose makes a move. She strides across the room and over to her bed where she picks up a few books, strides back to the door without a second glance in my direction. She’s gone in a mere matter of seconds.


I groan again and flounce myself onto my own bed, extending my limbs at odd angles.


“Why is my life so pathetic?” I ask the wall.


It’s probably a good thing it didn’t talk back.




“Why are you on the floor?”


I didn’t even glance up, just stared the corridor floor from my seated position.


“I’m not,” I indifferently.


There was a pause.


“Okay...” He sounded pretty uncertain for my sanity right now.


After another pause, of probably considering if he should just leave the deranged girl on the floor and walk away, he sat down next to me.


“So...What’s up?” He says causually.


“Nothing’s up. Just thought the floor would be nice this time of day –“


“Bella,” He sighs exasperated, cutting off my mindless rambling.




“Bella,” He says again with a strange intensity that I don’t understand. “What’s wrong?”


I stare at him for the first time, regarding his furrowed expression and the worry written all over his face. I suppose I should tell him... It does involve him I guess...


I sigh for a very long time, about 30 seconds I think.


“Albus wants me to choose,” I let out in a rush. It’s a wonder he even understood me.


“Choose? Choose what?”


Excellent explaining skills you got there Bella.


“Um... Well he wants me to ch-choose...between...”


“Yes...?” He tries to prompt me.


I sigh again, “Between you and him. He wants me to choose between the two of you.”


Another pause.


Aiden seems to be having an aneurism, just give him a second.


“What!?” He thunders. Ahh, there we go, all better now.


“Um yeah, he doesn’t think I can be ‘just friends’ with you because your my ‘ex-boyfriend.’ Even though you were faking –“


I was faking? What? Are you weren’t?”  The glint of a smirk was on his face.


“We. We were faking.” I scowl at him. “But he doesn’t know that you weren’t my real boyfriend, so he thinks you’re, like, competition or something. Which, I think is utterly ridiculous. Anyway, he wants me to choose, says I can’t have one or the other...” I just kinda trailed off after that, not really knowing what else to say.


Aiden just sat, looking a little shocked. Not that I really blamed him.


“Wh-wha...?” He cleared his throat a little bit. “This is ridiculous! I’m not trying to steal you away from him or anything!”


I know that. Albus can’t seem to grasp it.”


He was quiet for a couple of seconds.


“You’re going to choose him aren’t you?” He asked it like a question but he somehow made it sound certain. His face was blank.


I stared at him for a bit, waiting for some kind of life to return to his eyes. When that didn’t happen I figured I may as well answer. “Uh...Well...Not necessarily.”


“Don’t give me that shit Bella,” He said gruffly finally displaying some emotion, however anger wasn’t really something I wanted. “He’s your boyfriend, why wouldn’t you choose him?”


“Uh well...”


Truth is, I couldn’t really think of reason.


Because he’s your friend, Something whispered inside me, Because you’d miss him too much if he wasn’t around.


I opted not to say anything.


He sighed heavily and rubbed at his eyes aggressively. “You know what? Its fine.”


“Huh?” I was using some really intelligent wording today.


“Albus is your boyfriend, if he makes you happy then you should choose him.” He paused. “He does make you happy, doesn’t he?”




“Well okay then.”



“No ‘buts’ Bella. He makes you happy, that’s all that matters.” He leaned forward slightly and planted a light kiss to my forehead. It was strangely comforting. “If you’re happy, then I’m happy.”


He gave a weak smile before pushing himself off the floor.



“It was nice knowing you Bella,” I couldn’t tell if he said that in joking way or not but before I could even respond he was walking down the corridor.


I knew I probably should have called after him and said something to him but my brain was in cufuzzle.

I was more confused than ever.


A/N: Hi. Please don’t hate me for ending it there!! I’m sorry! But yaaaay, so much Aiden!

This chapter was originally longer and had the part where Bella makes her decision. But I thought I’d be evil and make it into two chapters so you all can ponder what Bella will decide. *Insert evil laugh*

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