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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 43,971
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Rose
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, OC/OC

First Published: 10/30/2012
Last Chapter: 06/04/2013
Last Updated: 06/04/2013



I have three secrets.

1. I'm a Parseltongue

2. I have seen my future

3. I have a crush on Scorpius Malfoy

Good thing I can keep secrets, or I'd be a dead woman.

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Chapter 14: Not Another Couple

 Scorpius stood nearby, speechless, while I lectured Ricky and Lydia, who both seemed slightly scared of me.

They should be scared. I was going to make sure they didn't even look at each other anymore.

Maybe by tearing out their eyes.

And other parts, in Ricky's case.

"You guys are far too young to be in a relationship. This is ending, right now. Not only is it wrong for someone as young as you to be...involved, it's not good for the team for two members to be...involved. So I'm cutting this off. Right now."

Ricky scoffed. "You and Scorpius are together, and that hasn't ruffled a feather. Why is it so wrong for me and Lydia to be together?"

"Lydia and I. If you're going to argue, at least use proper grammar. And you're too young."

"We're fifteen, Taylor. It's not like we're eloping and running off to Switzerland to raise a family of sixteen. We're just dating. It's not that big a deal." Oh, now I was pissed.

"Not that big - not that big - it's a huge deal! You two are young, and...and...young!" Scorpius walked over and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Taylor, it's actually not that bad." I whirled around, hair possibly whipping people as it followed me.

Serves them right for getting in the way of a badass hair twirl.

"It is a big deal! They're together, and that's...that's....dammit, I'm running out of arguments." Scorpius laughed, brushing my hair behind my ear.

"Look at them. Do they seem immature and likely to become early parents? Lydia is responsible. She won't let Ricky do anything stupid." Ricky made a disgruntled noise.

"Hey, you know you're anything but responsible, Richard." Ricky made another disgruntled noise, to which I replied with a laugh.

"Okay, I'll let you keep....doing whatever this is. But be careful. And always use protection." Ricky made a face, while Lydia giggled and hid her blushing cheeks behind her hands.

"I'm serious about that last one. It's important. I don't want a Ricky Jnr. any time soon. One of you is bad enough." Ricky poked his tongue out at me. I returned it with a grin. Lydia looked at us with a small smirk on her face.

"Okay, so now that we're clear with using protection and that we are allowed to date, can we leave? I have an essay to do." I raised my eyebrow, turning on the reserve.

"I've heard that excuse a million times. You probably just want to run off and snog my baby brother a bit more." Ricky choked down something that sounded like a curse, while Lydia put her hand on her heart and stared me right in the eye.

"I have a Herbology essay due tomorrow, about Fanged Geraniums. Scout's honour." I frowned, looking for some sort of guilt or deception in her gaze. Her violet eyes held nothing but innocence, no matter how much I glared.

"I don't know what these 'Scout's' are, but alright. You can go. And you too, Ricky." Ricky grunted and ran for it, probably to find his friends and brag about besting me. Lydia followed, at a much slower pace, giving me a sweet smile before leaving. I looked over at Scorpius, who was looking a little dazed.

"Did that just happen?"Broken out of his little spacey moment, Scorpius shrugged and walked over, wrapping his arms around me.

"Yep. It was weird, but it happened. Now, we move on to...other things." Scorpius bent down slightly - only slightly, I've been growing - and pressed his lips to mine.

Mmm, he tasted as good as ever. Like oranges and chocolate. And he was damn good at snogging, like always.

After a minute or two of sweet bliss, Scorpius moved away, grinning. I sighed and leant into his torso.

"There are things we have to do, aren't there?" Scorpius nodded, and took my hand. We walked out of the change rooms towards the dungeons. I looked up at my boyfriend, grinning.

"Can you help me with the essay on nonverbal curses?" Scorpius grinned and planted a kiss on my nose.

"Of course. It'll be just like old times, but with some added...benefits." I grinned, raising an eyebrow.

"What sort of benefits?" Scorpius gave me a smile.

"When you start working on the essay, you'll find out."






When we got to the common room, Scorpius gave me a piece of parchment. Marked at intervals were kiss marks. You know, the lip prints that you imagine you see fly over to you when your boyfriend blows you an air kiss? Those kind of kiss marks. I looked over at Scorpius, with raised eyebrows.

"What are those for, Scorp?" Scorpius grinned and placed his finger at the top of the page.

"You start writing here. Whenever you reach a kiss mark, you get your...benefit. Once you finish, we can have as many benefits as we want." I grinned as I realised what he was talking about.

"Okay then, let's get started." Scorpius opened the textbook and started reading. I jotted it down, changing it slightly so I understood it, and after about twenty minutes we reached the first kiss mark. As I wrote over it, it disappeared. Scorpius looked at me and grinned.

"Benefits time." He leaned over and pressed his lips to me, making me moan. Mmm, this was heavenly. Scorp was a great snogger.

Have I already said that? A lot? Okay, whatever. It's still true.

Scorpius deepened the kiss for a second before moving back, glancing down at the parchment. I looked and saw that the next kiss mark was only about an eight of the page down from where the first was.

"Let's keep working then." Scorp kept reading as I wrote, occasionally making a mistake and having to charm the ink out of the paper. Soon, we reached the kiss mark, and Scorpius gave me another leg-weakening snog. He was seriously talented at snogging. Like, enough to send my passion meter blaring.

Yeah, I have a passion meter. Who doesn't?

You don't? Weirdo.

Okay, I take that back. I'm probably the weird one for having a passion meter.

Within an hour or two, I finished my essay. Scorpius grinned and slammed his textbook shut, giving me a wicked look.

"Well, now we're down. Go put your stuff away and meet me down here in a minute." I ran into my dorm, smiling. No one was there. I threw my stuff onto the desk and ran back, laughing madly.

No judging me for that either. I was excited! Like, really excited!

Scorpius was still waiting for me when I returned. He gave me a wink and picked me up, sweeping my feet off the floor. I shrieked and clung onto his neck.

"What are you doing, Scorp? Put me down!" He laughed and walked into the boys dorm, holding me in his arms like a child.

"Being romantic, I think. Do you disagree?" He kicked open the door of his room, then ran through, throwing me onto his bed. I landed on soft pillows, to my surprise. I looked around and saw he had a dinner for two on his desk. Scorpius sat next to me and charmed the food over.

"I thought we could skip dinner and have one for ourselves. Hopefully you like it. Dobby made it himself." I smiled down at the plate, almost tearing up at the mention of Winky's son.

"I'll have to thank him the next time I see him." Scorpius nodded and presented me with a knife and fork.

"Well, you can't thank him if you don't eat it, so let's dig in!" I grinned, grabbing the cutlery, and started demolishing the food.

It was delicious. The meal was chicken parmigiana with mashed potato, peas and carrot, with gravy drizzled over the potato. The chicken was moist and tender, and the sauce was heavenly, almost making me moan in pleasure. The potato didn't have a single lump, and either did the gravy, and they tasted great together. Despite not being a usual veggie fan, the peas and carrots were delicious, sweet and a little juicy. I finished in a few minutes, licking my lips.

"That was great. I really need to go see Dobby." Scorpius grinned and waved his wand again.

"The meal's not over yet, Taylor." To my surprise - and extreme delight - two chocolate puddings floated over. They looked amazing, dripping with chocolate sauce and with whipped cream and berries around the sides.

"Oh man, Dobby is amazing!" Scorpius laughed and started eating. I followed his lead, but as the first spoonful entered my mouth, I had to stop.

It was that good that I had to stop eating for a second and savour it.

Yep, me, savouring a meal. Be amazed.

The chocolate was rich and smooth, slightly warm, but not warm enough to burn my mouth. The pudding was soft and delicious, almost melting in my mouth. The whipped cream was sweet and fluffy, and the berries were sweet and juicy, obviously fresh.

"Dobby is a legend!" Scorpius gave me a grin, apparently not noticing the chocolate coating on his front teeth. I scooped up another huge spoonful and smile. Soon, we'd finished. Scorpius charmed the dishes, sending them zooming off somewhere, probably the kitchen. I lay back, grinning.

"That was fantastic. Thanks." Scorpius grinned and leant forward, supporting himself by putting his arms either side of me. He then started snogging me.

Mmm, he tasted like pudding and berries, as well as the classic oranges and chocolate taste he always had. Maybe he wore lip gloss?

Okay, probably not, but if he did, I was stealing it.

Scorpius slowly lay down, still with his lips pressed to mine, and soon we were lying next to each other, snogging, arms wrapped around each other. I ran my hands through his hair, which was getting a little long, but was still soft as always. Scorpius' hands moved from my back to my shirt, unbuttoning it. I removed my hands and slid out of the sleeves, throwing away the shirt. Some little part of my brain reminded me we'd only been dating for five days, and this was probably moving way too fast. I shoved it to the back of my mind and slid Scorpius' shirt off, running my hands over his hard muscles. Scorpius broke off.

"Taylor, we aren't exactly...thinking clearly. Do you really want to do this?" I grinned, breathless from his kisses.

"Would I be taking off your shirt if that wasn't the case?" Scorpius sat back, sighing, with his head in his hands. I sat up and frowned, trying to figure it out.

"Scorpius, what's wrong?" Scorpius looked up at me with eyes the colour of mist, and sighed.

"I dunno, is this right? We're sixteen. We've only been dating for five days, and only two officially." I moved over, putting my arms around Scorpius.

"Scorp, are you...are you scared?" Scorpius sighed and looked away.

"I - yeah, a little. I mean...I am a virgin. This is all new to me." I smiled slightly and looked into Scorpius' eyes, my hand on his back.

"Scorpius, I'm a virgin too. It's alright. It's new to me too. Besides, who better to lose your virginity to than your best friend and your first love?" Scorpius looked at me, blinking.

"Do you really mean that?" I nodded, brushing back my hair.

"I really do. I love you, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, and I want to lose my virginity with you." Scorpius smiled, flicking his hair out of his eyes.

"There's one thing I don't know about you. What's your middle name?" I froze.

"My middle name?" Scorpius frowned, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Taylor, what's wrong? It's just a name, right?" I took a deep breath and looked at Scorpius.

"My middle name Heather." Scorpius smiled.

"That's a beautiful middle name. Why haven't you told me before?" I turned, blinking back tears.

"Because it's my mother's name." And with that, the tears started flowing. I put my head in my hands, weeping freely. Scorpius put his arms around me, rubbing my back. Slowly, the tears stopped flowing. I hiccupped and turned to look at my boyfriend.

"Taylor, why did you start crying when you mentioned your mother?" I wiped away my tear tracks and sighed, brushing a bit of hair behind my ear.

"Last year, she left Dad." Scorpius gasped, and wrapped his arms around me.

"So that's why you were so sad...why didn't you tell anyone?" I sighed and rested my forehead on his shoulder, my eyes watering again.

"I was so ashamed of her, that she'd divorce Dad to go off with some twenty-five year old guy who could fuck her better. She didn't even think of us when she left, just laughed and told Dad he'd have to figure it out. Her exact words were 'Good luck, Blaise, taking care of this family on your own'. I hated her for that. She still sends me letters. I've burnt every one. I don't want to talk to her anymore. I don't ever want to see her again, but that's the problem..." I stood up, slipping out Scorpius' arms. I spun and looked into a mirror.

"I see her every time I see my reflection. I might have my hair colour and build from my father, but my mother gave me my skin and my eyes. Every time I look into the mirror, I see her looking at me with these eyes as she told me that she was leaving Dad to be with that stupid Ryan..." I slammed my fist into the wall, whirling around to Scorpius.

"She deserted our family. It had all been going so well, too. The day before, we'd gone ice skating. I'd had more fun than I had in years, and then the day after that, she left...I'm never going to forgive her. No matter what happens, she will always be a bitch to me. She will always be the woman who left us alone." Scorpius walked over and put his arms around me, placing his lips by my ear.

"I'm so sorry. Why didn't you say?" I sighed into his cheek, closing my eyes.

"I was so upset for a while. I thought it was my fault, but now I understand it was her choice to leave our family." Scorpius moved his face back so he was looking into my eyes.

"Well, that spoiled the mood." I laughed despite myself, and stepped back, checking the time.

"It's nine o'clock. I'm a little tired." Scorpius nodded and turned away. When he realised I wasn't moving, he turned back.

"Um, aren't you...” I waved my wand, and my pyjamas flew into the room through the door I'd just opened.

"I never said I was going to my dorm." Scorpius blushed when he realised what I meant, grabbing his own pyjamas. He looked at me, blushing even more.

"What? I don't bite. You can strip in front of me if you want to. It's not like it's new to me." When we were little, we'd had baths together. Our fathers had been that good friends that Scorpius was like a cousin to me. He probably was a distant cousin, considering pureblood family's tendency to marry each other. I'd called Scorpius' father Uncle Draco, and he'd called mine Uncle Blaise.

While I was thinking to myself, Scorpius had changed into his pyjamas. I looked them over and laughed.

"Really? Chudley Cannons pyjamas? That is the suckiest team in the history of sucky teams!" Scorpius blushed and played with the bright orange sleeves of his pyjamas.

"They were the only ones I could find in my size, probably because everyone else bought the good ones. Besides, you can't talk, Ms Fluffy Pink Sheep Pyjamas." I clutched my pyjamas to my chest, making an outraged face.

"Sheep are cute. Cannons suck. There's a difference." I turned away and quickly changed into my pyjamas. Only the bottoms were covered in sheep. The top, which was like a tank top, just had a large one with the words 'Counting sheep' written above it in curly script. I turned and saw that Scorpius was already in bed, with the sheets pulled up to his chin. I walked over and slipped in, conforming myself to his body.

"Well, this is cosy." Scorpius laughed and put an arm over my side.

"That's good, love. I'd hate for this arrangement to be uncomfortable." It was my turn to laugh, closing my eyes as I did.

"Goodnight, Scorpius." Scorpius wrapped his arms around me, giving me a nice little cocoon to fall asleep in.

"Night, Taylor."

And with that little heartfelt exchange, we both fell asleep.

In the morning, Duncan was standing over us, grinning.

When I opened my eyes and saw him, I screamed and punched him.

What? I was surprised and genuinely scared for my life!

He had this really creepy expression too. Almost like a rape face. Eugh.

Duncan fell back, clutching his nose. "What the fuck, Taylor?" I sat up, breathing quickly.

"I could ask you the same question! I woke up and you were just standing there! What did you expect, a hug and cookies?" Duncan groaned, rubbing his face.

"I think you broke my nose." I swore loudly. Scorpius sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"Guys, what exactly...holy fuck, what happened to you, Duncan?!?" By this time, blood was trickling down through Duncan's fingers, dripping onto his chest.

Yep, he was only wearing shorts.

Do you really blame me for thinking he was going to do unspeakable things to me?

Duncan looked over, wincing. "Ask your girlfriend. She's the one who slammed her fist into my face." Scorpius laughed and walked over, tapping Duncan's face with his wand. Blood stopped trickling out. Duncan removed his hand and inspected his face in the nearby mirror, checking for the injury.

"How did you...never mind. Your girlfriend punched me in the nose!" Scorpius looked at me, grinning.

"Taylor, how did that happen?" I grinned back, blushing in spite of myself.

"He was standing over us, and I had just woken up, and I have good reflexes. So, my fist went flying into his face. My brain went into 'holy shit a rapist' mode and I reacted accordingly." Scorpius laughed and handed Duncan a cloth, which he dampened with a quick charm.

"Well, you're not the only woman to punch poor Goyle in the nose. What's the total now, six?" Duncan made a face and wiped away the blood.

"Only four, thank you very much. Now come on. Breakfast started ten minutes ago and I'm hungry." Duncan threw on clothes and ran out. My belly growled, reminding me that I needed food as well.

"I'll go get changed and meet you down there. Bye." I pecked Scorpius on the cheek and returned to my own dorm, where surprise surprise, Evelyn was waiting for me.

"So, I heard you and Scorpius spent the night together. How was it?" I sighed and grabbed clothes, quickly dressing.

"We didn't shag, if that's what you're asking. We slept. That's all." Evelyn clicked her fingers, muttering a curse.

"There goes my two Galleons." I gave her a look, which meant vaguely 'explain now or risk disembowelment'.

"Roxanne and I had a bet that last night you fucked. She said nope, I said yes. So there goes my Galleons." I laughed and turned to the door.

"Better luck next time. Now come on, my food awaits." Evelyn laughed and followed me out the door.

Okay, so romantic moment spoiled, a new couple, and Duncan's nose getting broken by a fist-flinging Taylor. What more could you want?

Next chapter will have Sarah pregnancy stuff in it, don't worry. It wasn't needed in the plot for this, but it will soon happen. Don't you worry about that.

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