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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310

Format: Novel
Chapters: 50
Word Count: 213,410

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Slash (same-sex pairing), Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/02/2012
Last Chapter: 10/20/2014
Last Updated: 04/02/2018


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Flick Saunders had a plan, becoming pregnant at 16 was not part of it. Having dropped out of Hogwarts, Flick spent her 6th year looking after her babies whilst being home schooled.

Now she's going back for her 7th year. The only problem is her friends didn't know she was pregnant and neither did the father...



Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

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I smiled as I watched Bentley take his first steps closely followed by Aubri. I can't believe my babies are growing up. It still feels like yesterday that they were born, after a long hard labour of just over ten hours, they entered the world and have made my life so much better. Bentley stopped and looked at me, he opened his mouth to say his first word and said, "Dada."

I awoke with a cry as someone jumped on me. "Arghh!" I yelled as I saw a bunch of red hair and instantly knew it was Rose.

She's the only person I know that knows our common room password mainly because we tell her and she's one of the few people who would jump on me. My bed creaked as she jumped off and then from the bed next to me I heard a groan.

"What the bloody fuck do you think you're doing, Rose!" Dom screeched.

Looking around I remembered that I wasn't at home and that the dream hadn't happened. I've been here a week and still every morning I've thought I've been at home, it's really strange. Yep I'm still here and even though bitch face has been evil, I've just smiled and ignored it mainly because that's what Ria told me to do in reply to my last letter. She said that it would wind Hattie up, knowing that she hadn't got to me.

As for me and Al, well that's pretty awkward. I haven't spoken to him since Monday at dinner and every time he tries to speak to me I block him out or make a run to the nearest toilets. I thought back to the dream whilst Dom yelled at Rose, Bentley's first word was 'Dada'. Al has to know, he has to.

I rolled over to look at my clock. "Rose, it's only seven," I moaned. "Why'd you wake us up?"

"Because I thought we could sneak out, I'm fed up of the castle already. I really want to visit Hogsmeade and the first trip of the year isn't until October."

I groaned. "Rose, seriously we've been back a week and you already want out. Jeez what has this place done to you? You used to love it."

She smiled wickedly at me. "I grew up."

"What she means," Came a disgruntled voice from the bed next to me. "Is that since she started snogging Scorpius she wants other places than the cobweb filled broom cupboards in Hogwarts for her and Scorpio to rendezvous in, if you know what I mean."

I laughed as Rose went and dived on her again. Before I left Rose and Scorpius were snogging like mad, practically every five minutes and you would barely see them apart. Then again there was the family feud between their parents, well mainly their fathers. They forbid them to not see each other and communicate in any way with each other which so did not work because they still found a way.

I think it's all good between their dad's now but I'm not sure and I don't want to ask in case it's still going on. Rose and Scorpius have been together since third year and are literally the perfect couple. Well aside from the arguments they do have every now and again.The fact their dads didn't want them together has made them stronger.

"Please, please, please," Rose begged as she came and sat on the end of my bed.

I sat up and looked over to the other three who were still fast asleep. I smiled when I saw that Hattie was snoring and drooling, oh how I wish Al could see her now. I bet he would have second thoughts about her being his girlfriend then.

"Um, Rose, how come you haven't woken them up?" I asked.

"Muffliato," Came her reply as a pillow came flying her way. Rose ducked and the pillow landed on the floor.

"You best pick that up, Rose, otherwise I won't be coming to Hogsmeade with you," Dom called as she managed to drag herself out of bed and into the bathroom. Rose grabbed the fallen pillow and chucked it back on Dom's bed.

"Done!" she called.

I got out of bed and got dressed in a pair of jeans, a grey top and a purple hoodie. Just before we left Hattie woke up and eyed us suspiciously as she got out of bed. Since I was ready before Dom, Rose dragged me down to the common room where Scorp was sat on the sofa reading a book.

"M-morning," he yawned.

"Morning, Scorp," I replied as I sat next to him whilst Rose went and sat on his lap.

Hattie zoomed past us fully dressed, no doubt making sure that Al is no where near me. Ten minutes later Dom graced us with her presence wearing a dress, leggings and boots.

"Won't you be cold, Dom?" Scorp asked as he eyed her dress which was sleeveless. Considering it's only a week into September it's pretty cold already.

"Nope," she replied. "I'll grab my coat after breakfast, stupid."

I noticed Scorp glance at Rose and then back to Dom who somehow replied without speaking and Scorp nodded. What the hell was going on there?

Turning my attention to the crackling fire, I stretched out and smiling with content. "Can we go get some food, I'm starving."

They all agreed and we made our way out of the common room to the great hall. As we entered I could see Al sat at the Gryffindor table with Hattie and Mel, he had a glum expression on his face. Bitch face was hanging on his right arm whilst he struggled to eat his breakfast.

I smiled to myself as I sat down next to Dom at the Slytherin table and Scorp sat opposite. At first I thought Rose was gonna go over and sit at the Gryffindor table but then she plonked her bum down next to Scorp.

Rose barely sits at the Gryffindor table during meal times and I swear Minnie should allow her to move into the Slytherin girls dorm with us as she spends so much time in there and our common room. Maybe we could swap her with Hattie, now that's an idea.

"We're leaving at nine, I've already got the map from, Al," Rose said happily as she helped herself to toast. "Don't worry I got it from his trunk, he doesn't know I have it. He was still dead to the world."

At half eight we left the great hall minus Scorp who skulked off to the Gryffie table to drag Al away from bitch face so that they could discuss Quidditch tactics and when try outs should be held. Dom ran off back to the common room to get her coat and within minutes we were walking through the through the quiet castle. Most people were either down at breakfast or still asleep since it's the weekend.

Rose was checking the map as we went and turned to look at me and Dom, announcing, "Right it's clear."

We made our way down the corridor and stopped in front of the statue of the one eyed witch. Rose got out her wand, tapped the map and said "Mischief Managed," and then tapped the statue. "Dissendium."

She went in the dusty passage first followed by Dom and then Me, the witch closed behind me and Rose murmured, "Lumos."

As we walked down the passage my thoughts were of Bentley and Aubri. I miss them so much as well as being at home with Oscar, Ria and dad. The only plus is that at least I've got Tessa here now, so I've still got someone from home. I've missed seeing them every morning when I get them up and they smile at me. I know that Professor Longbottom said I could floo home once or twice a month, but I think if I went home for a few hours I might not want to come back.

"Ow!" I mumbled as I stubbed my toe against a large rock. Rose turned to look and me and I muttered, "I tripped."

As we carried on I wondered what Rose and Dom were thinking about whilst I was thinking of home. I suspected Rose was thinking about her and Scorpius, while Dom was probably thinking about shoes or boys. Every now and then Rose glanced back at me as if checking I was still here.

I started to get a funny feeling about this and that she was up to something when Dom started complaining, "How much further, Rosie, my feet hurt?"

"Well you shouldn't have worn heeled boots if you knew we were coming through the passage, god knows how you haven't tripped already," Rose scolded her.

I smiled to myself, Rose seems more like a mother than me right now. The way she tells us off and makes sure we're okay. I could hear Dom cursing under her breath as we went and wondered what the weird silent conversation her and Scorp had in the common room was about. I was lost it thought as I came up with different scenario's that involved me telling Al about Bentley and Aubri.

It felt like forever to get to Hogsmeade especially since Dom moaned, eventually Rose found the exit by hitting her head and stringing together a bunch of swear words, which brought me out of my thoughts.

"Shh!" Dom whispered rather loudly.

"Shut up!" came Rose's voice. "I need to cast a disillusionment charm on both of you before we go up."

She tapped my head and I felt like and egg had been cracked over me. Rose did the same to Dom before tapping her own head and she too vanished. Pushing the floor up and across, after peaking out to check it was clear I found myself eye level with tonnes of boxes in the dusty cellar of Honeydukes sweet shop.

Rose went up in front and I followed. Even though I've used this passage before it still feels strange knowing that we're not supposed to be here and that everyone else is back up the school. The sweet smell of fudge, chocolate and other sugary delights got up my nose, making me smile. How long had it been since I was last here in Honeydukes? Way too long is the answer. It's hard to believe that I've missed a sweet shop but Honeydukes does the best chocolate in the world.

I felt someone prod my bum and looked back but saw nothing, "Ow!" I hissed. "That hurt."

"Move it."

I carried on up the stairs and came out into the main shop, I couldn't see Rose but when I saw the jar of fizzing whizzbees smash I knew she was causing a distraction. I ran across the shop floor and dodged the sweet stand before yanking the door open and exiting the shop.

I felt a tap on my head and looked back, Rose had her wand out again and had taken away the charm. She clapped her hands together. "Right, where are we going then?"

Dom smiled and I could see a mischievous glint in her eye as she said, "The Shrieking Shack."

I started to protest but Rose and Dom frog marched me through the village and didn't let go until we were as close as we could get to the shack. Back in it's day I guess it was a really nice house. Its large windows with wooden shutters that had been previously boarded up looked so sad as they were broken and battered. I bet this place had seen better days.

"Lets go inside," Dom suggested as I wondered about who had lived here and why they had let such a pretty house go to waste. Maybe they were a posh wizarding family, the sort that would have a butler or maid, maybe they moved away or maybe the family all died.

I shook my head as I thought of possible ghosts and dead things but Rose agreed and then they proceeded to make me climb over the fence and go up to the Shack with them.

"Won't we get caught?" I muttered as we trudged up amongst the overgrown plants and weeds, some that were waist high.

"Nope," Dom replied.

As we got closer I started to regret this whole sneaking out of the castle and into Hogsmeade plan. Eventually we made it to the worn out, faded black front door. Rose pushed it open and it creaked. As I entered I got a bad feeling about this whole thing, it felt eerie and spooky.

Dom motioned for us to follow her and we did. I looked around as we entered what looked like it could have been a living room and said, "Um guys isn't this place haunted."

They exchanged looks and laughed. "Oh, Flick, it was never haunted. It was just Teddy's dad, Al's grandfather, Uncle Harry's godfather and Peter Pettigrew," Rose explained. "Have you never read Hogwarts A History?"

I shrugged since I've only flicked through it, where as Rose will have read it cover to cover. I swear she rolled her eyes at me before pushing open a door that was battered, with bits of it missing into another room that had an old chair in it with bits of stuffing falling out of it.

"Why are they here?" Came the ever so familiar voice of Al.

I looked over to the left and saw Albus and Scorpius come in from another battered doorway, I have to admit Al looked pretty good in scruffy jeans, a blue top and a navy hoodie. His hair was in it's usual messy state, I looked away as I felt my stomach jump at the sight of him.

"You two need to talk," Scorp announced as he crossed the room and took Rose's hand.

I crossed my arms as I said, "No we don't, I said all I wanted to on Monday."

"Well tough luck, you two are going to talk," Rose called over her shoulder as they left

I went over to the door and tried the knob, it didn't move. I hit the door and called, "Let us out!"

I waited a minute and no reply came, I hit the door again and Scorpius' voice called, "Not until you two talk and sort out your problems. We'll be back in half an hour."

I sighed as I went and sat on the old chair that was dusty and moth eaten, it sank as I sat down and Al let out a small laugh. I glared at him and he shut up. From somewhere upstairs there was a creak and we both exchanged glances. Looking down at my left wrist and saw the glint of my silver charm bracelet, the one I never take off unless I'm going in water. The blue 'B' and the pink 'A' seemed to stand out even more at this moment in time.

Looking back up, Al was running his hand through his hair as he said, "Look, Flick, I don't know what to say apart from sorry."

"How about that you'll break up with her," he shifted as I watched as he tried to come up with an answer. "You know I had a choice of whether to come back this year and I'm starting to regret it," I told him since he hadn't bothered answering.

"I can't break up with her, I've never broke up with someone, Flick, you broke up with me remember? You broke my heart and that's not something I want to go through again. Boys have feelings as well, Flick. I don't want Hattie to feel like I did."

"You're scared, Al, you're scared that she'll hate you or that she'll go to the press about some embarrassing thing you've done and told her about. You're nothing but a coward, Al."

He scoffed, "Me a coward, I wasn't the one who run away at the end of fifth year, I'm not the one who ignored their friends letters and didn't come back to school. I'm not the one who reappeared after a year, I'm not the one who's become a different person to the one I used to know."

I stood up, my hands in fists as I yelled at him, "You know nothing, Al! You have no clue as to why I left, the past two summers and all of sixth year I debated telling you and even now I want to tell you but I'm not going to. At least not while your with her because I don't want her in my life."

"Flick, what the fuck are you on about?"

"Things happened, Al, I grew up okay. I didn't expect it to happen but it did and now I'd rather be at home than here. At least then I wouldn't have to see her eating your face. At least I would be happier than I am here," I yelled as tears started trickling down my cheeks. I flung myself back down on the chair and put my head in my hands.

"What things, Flick?" Al questioned as he came over and knelt by the chair. "What happened, Flick?"

"Oh just fuck off back to your girlfriend, Al."

"At least I'm trying, Flick, at least I'm trying to make amends. All you seem to be doing is pushing me away."

I screamed in frustration as my tears fell faster, blinking them away I looked up at him. Bentley definitely has his smile and his messy hair, I thought, and Aubri has his nose and the same green eyes.

"Do you really love her?" I asked.

He looked surprised at my question and took a while to answer, "I, I don't know."

"So why are you with her then if you're unsure you love her? Because she's already planning your wedding. I overheard her and Mel in the dorm on Monday and she's only with you for the fame and your money."

Al looked stunned. "But I don't have money, that's my parents."

"Yeah well that's not what she thinks," I snapped as I wiped away my tears.

"Come here, Flick," Al said as he pulled me into a hug despite my protests. He started stroking my hair and I felt calmer. A part of me felt safe and I couldn't help but snuggle into him. On realising what I was doing I pushed Al away and he looked hurt. "See this is what I was on about, pushing me away."

"Oh I'm sorry, may I remind you that you have a girlfriend," I said as I perched on the edge of the chair.

"Flick, we've known each other for years, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to hug you if you're upset."

"But does bitch face know that?"

He shrugged. "I don't care, she can't stop me from talking to my friends."

I raised my eyebrows at him. "May I remind you, I broke friends with you because of her so don't say we're friends because friends would stick up for each other."

That shut him up and I looked at my watch, ten minutes to go. Crossing my arms I leant back in the old chair which sagged slightly under my weight and puffs of dust rose from it. I didn't speak to him as he paced the room and he didn't speak to me. I was too busy wondering why on earth I agreed to this and what I would be doing if I was at home with my babies.

I checked my watch again and saw that it had gone half an hour, in fact it had been closer fifty minutes. At that precise moment Al stopped pacing and turned to look at me with his green eyes meeting mine.

"Friends." Al said as he broke the silence and extended out his hand.

I looked at his hand but I didn't take it. "I'm sorry, Al, I can't. Not whilst you're with her. She makes my life a living hell and she knows it. Sorry, Albus." I turned around and headed for the door that the others had gone through earlier on. I rattled the door knob. "Let me out, it's gone half past and I know you can hear me."

The door opened and there stood Dom, Rose and Scorpius. I barged past them and ran out the house and through the overgrown garden as fast I could, ignoring their shouts.

A/N I'm not a big fan of this chapter but Flick and Al had to talk sometime after their argument even they did argue again. And Flick was so close to telling him about two certain people, even if she didn't.

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