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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne

Format: Novel
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 70,833
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, James (II), Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC

First Published: 05/03/2012
Last Chapter: 03/07/2018
Last Updated: 03/07/2018


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Amelia was having a hectic year.

Her best friend Kelly fancied an unobtainable man, her brother Adam was convincing her to intern at the Hospital Wing, Albus was battling against his mortal enemy Mariah and Amelia was trying to ignore her feelings for her brothers best friend James Potter.

(Prequel to Illusions of a perfect marriage)

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

“Most of our Potions lessons seem to have your brother making an appearance at some point during them,” Lucy stated as she leant her head on her elbow and observed Adam who was talking to the Potions teacher Professor Alcott at the front of the classroom.

Amelia looked up at her brother from her cauldron before turning to look at Lucy, who had a dreamy look and smile to her face.

It was the first day back at classes after the Christmas break; they were currently in the second half of their double Potions lesson. It was generally in this time that Adam would make an appearance and each time he did turn up Lucy seemed to get more of a grin on her face. Amelia could have sworn that Lucy was even beginning to wear makeup to these lessons.

“I wouldn’t know as I don’t stalk him like you seem to do,” Amelia stated with a shake of her head at Lucy before looking back down at her cauldron. It was not the colour that she wanted it to be, the liquid inside was green, not the dull red it was meant to be, and Lucy was no help at all with Adam being in the room.

“I’m not stalking him,” Lucy cried indignantly moving her head out of her hand and sitting up straight, her gaze still obviously on Adam who was still deep in conversation with Professor Alcott and pointing down at an open page of the book he was holding; the teacher had a studious look to her face. It looked like an ancient book that Amelia had seen Adam reading from time to time, she had no idea what anything in that book meant the one time Adam had made her read some of it.

“What do you think he’s doing here?” Amelia asked Lucy, who shrugged.

“How should I know?”

“Well you are stalking him,” Amelia said with a smile, peering back into her cauldron and wondering how she would even begin fixing it.

Lucy rolled her eyes before flicking Amelia in the arm. Amelia let out a laugh and Adam turned to look at his sister and grinned at her, he gave a quick wink to Lucy when he saw that she was looking at him, causing her to blush bright red in embarrassment, she quickly busied herself with her notes for the potion. Amelia laughed at her friend’s emotional state.

“Quick don’t look Lucy, Adam’s coming over here!” Amelia whispered to her friend who quickly dived behind a book, opening it quickly in front of her to hide her red face.

“Hey Amelia,” Adam said with a grin, looking over at Lucy who was hiding behind the book still, Amelia noticed that it was upside down.

“Err....” he nodded at Lucy a questioning look on his face, to which Amelia just gave a small shrug.

“She’s just feeling a bit embarrassed,” Amelia told him, “she seems to have made our potion turn the wrong colour by mistake.”

Lucy peeked over her upside down book at Adam who was smiling at her still; she gulped before nodding along with Amelia. “I err... think I added the wrong ingredient at some stage.”

Adam leaned over the desk and took hold of the potion instructions giving it a very quick glance before looking into the cauldron; he placed the parchment down on the side before picking up a vial of dark shavings off of the desk and pouring a few sprinklings of it into the bubbling potion. Amelia and Lucy looked at the cauldron as it bubbled frantically and hissed; Adam placed the vial down before giving both of the girls a mad grin as the potion suddenly went still and turned the colour they needed.

“You just needed to add powdered Dragon’s claw,” Adam told them. Amelia and Lucy looked at him in amazement.

“How did you know how to do that? We thought it was a hopeless case.” Amelia said hugging her brother quickly, before letting go of him and looking back down at her cauldron.

“Genius,” Adam said in a sing song voice as he pointed at himself, Amelia rolled her eyes as Lucy just stared at him in awe. Adam laughed before shaking his head.

“Nah, when you study as many potions books as I do; you kind of learn some things that you’d never learn here. I’m almost confident that I could make all of the potions you’ll be learning without any instructions.”

“Only because you’ve been making them since your fifth year,” came Professor Alcott’s voice from behind Adam, she clapped Adam on the shoulder with her hand as she looked down at the cauldron,
“Good save Adam.”

Adam gave them all a bow before he moved away from them and out of the class. Professor Alcott turned to Amelia and Lucy, Lucy was openly staring after Adam as he walked away.

“I hope you’ve learnt something girls.” She said, looking at them over her glasses that were slipping down her nose. She pushed them up as Amelia nodded, she began to leave but not before saying.

“And Miss Weasley you could at least try and be a little more subtle in your observations of Mr Campbell Price.”

Lucy whirled around to face the front; her face going red again as she stuttered to the teacher that she had no idea what he was talking about. The teacher just gave them a warm smile before she walked over to the next table to inspect their potion.

“I told you, you were being obvious,” Amelia laughed as Lucy seemed to be burying her face in embarrassment.

“Oh let me guess,” Sarah hissed as her and James came to a stop on the field, both were wrapped up in hats and scarf’s, Sarah was wearing pale pink fingerless gloves and James had his hands shoved into his pockets. The air was bitter but not enough to stop people from going out of the castle and enjoying the snow on the field. The slowly falling snow from the sky adding to the beautifulness of the scene, but James and Sarah seemed to be the only two not enjoying it. “I’m not going to be seeing you again tomorrow?” she crossed her arms in front of her and tapped her foot, which was in a fleece lined boot, angrily.

They had both been in a somewhat heated argument as soon as they began their walk on the field, having not spent much time together over the holidays this was the first real time they had spent together, they barely communicated through owls, only enough to send each other their Christmas gifts.

James frowned as he looked at Sarah, her hair was curled today and the snow was starting to settle into it. She had a glare on her face as she inspected her nails for nonexistent dirt instead of looking at him.

“I have Quidditch practice,” James told her in an exasperated tone, as if they had already been through this over and over again, which coincidently they had. “I told you I had practice, I can’t get out of it.”

Even though it was still snowing and bloody freezing enough to turn fingers and appendages blue their captain still expected them to practice Quidditch, even though James had tried to get out of a few of the practices. But as he was keeper it was an extremely hard feat to achieve.

Sarah tutted as she shook her head at him, a few snowflakes fell off of her hair. “You know, when I agreed to go out with you, I was actually expecting to see you at least once a year,” she snapped, “but you never come to see me!”

“And what is stopping you from coming to see me?” James asked losing his temper with her attitude. “I actually try as hard as I can to see you, whereas you have hardly come to see me at Hagrids, or when I have Quidditch practice.”

“Hey, I came to your practice!” Sarah cried angrily, looking at him with a glare.

“Once, to yell at me for being too long,”

“Well it was taking too long, I was getting bored,” Sarah stated as though that was the end of it.

James resisted the urge to roll his eyes and storm away from her, but he needed to let her know how he felt about this all. Even though he really liked her he always had this niggling feeling at the back of his mind that she had only started talking to him because of who he was and the popularity that seemed to come with being the eldest son of the saviour of the wizarding world, it didn’t help that she liked to talk about his family a lot and wanted to meet all of them as much and as often as she could.

“It’s like you only wanted to go out with me because of who my family are, you’ve always seemed to like them a lot more then you liked me, which is pretty crappy because I really liked you.” James said quickly, not caring how mean he sounded for saying it, he wanted her to tell him that it wasn’t true and that he was just being paranoid.

Sarah just stared at him and it was hard for James to read her expression, she just shook her head at him again before tightening her coat around herself.

“I’m leaving. I’ll talk to you later, that’s if you have the bloody time in your hectic schedule,” she snapped before storming away from him and across the field, James watched her leave until she had vanished from sight, the only indication that she had been here with James were the footprints she had left behind. He was still angry at their fight, which was becoming an almost every day thing now; he couldn’t remember the last time that they had laughed together, or had a proper conversation together. But the main thing that he couldn’t stop thinking of and what upset him the most, was that Sarah never denied the fact that she was only interested in him because of who his father was.

Scorpius and Albus were lounging in the common room in silence. Scorpius was reading a magazine and Albus was staring into the fire blazing in front of him. Albus shuffled slightly before sighing dramatically, Scorpius closed his eyes for a moment before going back to reading, that being the only indication that he heard Albus at all. Albus sighed again, this time turning to face Scorpius who had no choice but to look at him.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked Albus who sighed again.

“Something feels different today,” he said to Scorpius, who nodded before going back to his magazine, Albus looked at him his eyebrows raised high as he waited for him to ask why. Scorpius was the one to sigh this time.

“Fine!” he snapped before putting the magazine down and smiling sweetly at Albus trying to look interested, “why does it feel different today Albus?”

“Well,” Albus started as he turned back around to stare into the fire again, the warmth of it hitting his face, making him feel cosy and toasty. He stretched his feet out towards it, wiggling his toes in the warmth; he had taken his shoes and socks off earlier, much to the chagrin of those currently in the common room who had to put up with the smell coming from them. “It’s just been a weird day that’s all, no one has hurt me, or tried to kill me, or said something insulting about my appearance.”

“That’s because Mariah doesn’t feel well today so missed classes,” Scorpius told him.

“Is that what that was?” Albus asked trying to pretend that he didn’t care, “I thought it was quieter without her around,” He scoffed, “Good!”

Scorpius rolled his eyes at Albus before picking up his magazine again and flicking back to the page he was reading.

“I bet she’s all snuggled up in bed, wearing those cute little pyjamas with the trolls on them, feeling sorry for herself.” Albus let out a laugh, Scorpius frowned for a moment before he answered him.

“Well no, not exactly,” He told Albus as he flicked over the page, “I heard from Tatiana, who heard it from Kristen, that Mariah has gone down to the hospital wing.”

Albus whirled around at his words, cricking his neck before falling flat on his face. He quickly righted himself before looking up at Scorpius, holding his neck as he gritted his teeth in pain.

“What do you mean she’s gone to the hospital wing?” he asked urgently standing up. Scorpius looked up at him and tried not to laugh at Albus’s reaction to the news that his ‘mortal enemy’ as he so lovingly referred to her as, was in the hospital wing.

“As in she’s gone to the hospital wing. I thought you didn’t care”

“I don’t,” Albus cried quickly before he started walking towards the entrance to the common room quickly, “I hate her!”

“Albus don’t forget to put your shoes on!” Scorpius yelled after him, but it fell on deaf ears as Albus ran from the room.

Scorpius let out a small laugh and shook his head before he went back to reading his magazine.

Albus was running at full pelt up the stairs and along corridors, his legs were aching and the stitch in his side was protesting with pain, not to mention the floor was cold on his bare feet. But he didn’t stop, he didn’t think he had run so fast in his life, or for as long. The only time he can remember was when his cousin Victoire had chased him, Fred and Louis across a field as they ran off whilst wearing her clothes. They were trying to work out what all the fuss was with dresses, so decided to try on most of Victoires wardrobe. They managed to lose her as they neared the beach, but had to spend the long walk home wearing the dresses whilst boy’s cat called and whistled at them. Fred and Albus loved it but Louis thought he was going to die with embarrassment.

Albus stopped as he burst into the hospital wing, yelling as loud as he could although his was breathless. “Mar...iah!” he cried, bending over as he breathed in deeply, he had a funny taste in his mouth and his heart was drumming against his chest. He felt like collapsing in exhaustion, who knew that the hospital wing was so far from the Slytherin common rooms? He might ask Neville, he meant
Professor Longbottom, if he could arrange for it to be closer so he wouldn’t have to run so far in an emergency.

“Mariah,” he breathed out as he still tried to catch his breath, he felt light headed, “Mariah.”

“What?” asked Mariah from across the room.

Albus looked up quickly and saw Mariah standing in front of him with the Healer. They were looking at him curiously, wondering why he had just run into the room yelling out Mariah’s name.

“You... you’re in the hospital... Scorpius said that... Tatiana, told the squid... who told the Sorting hat... that...” he stood up straight holding onto his side as he felt his heart beginning to return to normal, or as normal as it went whenever Mariah was in the same room as him, or talking to him, or when he thought about her. He tried not to dwell on the fact too much, also choosing to ignore these strange flutters in his stomach he got whenever she was around, he knew they must have something to do with how much he hated Mariah.

“That makes no sense,” Mariah told him with a shake of her head, the Healer looked a little confused as she shook her head at the boy.

“I heard you were dying!” Albus cried a worried look on his face.

“But I’m not dying,” Mariah told him, the Healer returned to her duties now that she saw that Albus didn’t need any treatment from her. “I had a cold, so I came here to get a potion to make myself feel better.”

“Well good. Because I was only coming up here to ... to...” Albus began, Mariah looked at him questioningly.

“To what Albus?” Mariah asked softly, Albus noticed that there was no sneer on her face or mocking laugh and faltered slightly, he couldn’t remember the last time they didn’t look at each other with nothing but hatred. He didn’t like the feelings in his stomach as she neared him.

“To laugh at you!” Albus finished backing away from her, “but I see that my laugh would be wasted because you appear to have survived your cold.”

Mariah just stared at him in confusion, feeling a little downtrodden at his words, “That’s a little mean.”

“No, what’s mean is you not telling me that you were coming to the hospital wing!” Albus suddenly cried, “I was worried -” he stopped quickly as he realised what he said, he saw a hint of a smile crossing Mariah’s lips and he wanted to get out of here before he began smiling with her, “ - that I would be too late to make your life a misery!”

And before she could answer back to him, he ran from the room as fast as he could. His legs gave out under him as he neared the second floor and he let himself collapse onto the floor in tiredness.
He gave a big huff causing dust and dirt to blow around him, some of it getting in his eyes. He rubbed them furiously before yelling out loud that the castle should be cleaned, to no one. He was also furious at himself for almost giving away secret feelings for the mortal enemy who he had been having secret feelings for, for quite a while now. Not that he knew what these secret feelings were mind you.

“Hey you there!” he cried loudly, bringing himself out of his thoughts as he heard footsteps coming towards him, it was a second year Ravenclaw; he looked down at Albus in confusion.

“Are you... ok?” he asked him. Albus tired to shrug but it was difficult to do on the floor.

“Yes I’m fine, but my legs seem to have stopped working. So would you be so kind as to drag me to the Slytherin common room?” Albus asked as sweetly as he could.

“But I don’t know where that is,” the Ravenclaw told him honestly. Albus rolled his eyes, getting dust in them again. He rubbed them again before telling the Ravenclaw to drag him to the library then, It shouldn’t be that far away.

“Do you understand why the main core ingredients of potions are the vital parts?” Adam asked as he pointed down to the textbook in front of Amelia who nodded as her eyes skimmed the page.

“Yeah I do,” she told him, looking up at him and smiling, “you should really be a Potions teacher Adam.”

Adam let out a laugh at her comment.

“No I’m being serious,” Amelia told him honestly, “I’ve understood so much more with you teaching me these things then the teacher, who had to spend two lessons trying to drill this all into our heads. It’s the way that you explain things that I...”

She stopped as a heated muttered argument met her ears; her and Adam looked up to see that James and Sarah were sitting across from each other at another table. James had been here when Amelia and
Adam had arrived saying that Sarah had told him to meet her here, explaining that they had an argument earlier that day and he hoped that him and Sarah were going to work things out.

“I don’t understand,” James began and Amelia felt her heart sink slightly at the look on his face.

“What is there to understand?” Sarah snapped, Amelia wondered how she could still have the angry look on her face when James’s own face looked so crushed and broken. How could she not want to hug him and tell him everything was going to be fine as Amelia knew she wanted to do and as she felt Adam move beside her, she knew he was itching to go over and help James too.

“We are over!” she told him with a finality in her voice as she grabbed her bag and stood up, storming from the room without waiting for James to respond to her, not even caring to look back at
James as she walked away from view. James just stared after her, nodding to himself slightly. Adam stood up and rushed over to his best friend, quick to throw an arm around his shoulders and offer him comforting words.

Amelia wanted to go over and offer James comforting words, but she wasn’t sure what to say to him. She decided to let Adam stay with him and talk to him, he was James’s best friend after all, he’d be better at comforting him then she would be. Instead she packed her stuff up quietly as well as Adam’s and left the room, giving a small smile over to Adam, who gave her one in return. James was looking down at his hands, not noticing that she was leaving, Amelia felt so sorry for him, she had never seen him seem so sad.

Amelia opened the window and sent her owl out into the night, carrying a letter in its beak. She closed the window quickly before too much cold air could come into the dormitory and wake up the girls who were all fast asleep in bed. Amelia should be sleeping as well, but the look on James’s face had kept her awake and she knew that she needed to at least send him an owl asking if he was ok. She sighed before she huddled under her dressing gown, slipping her feet into a pair of slippers she sighed before deciding to go to the common room to sit in front of the fire.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter :D It's quite a long one actually, but it's full of action! Now that Sarah is out of the way we can see more James/Amelia, and who liked seeing Albus's reaction to Mariah being in the hospital wing?

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