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Entrapment by ohmymerlin

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Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,173

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark
Characters: Luna

First Published: 01/11/2013
Last Chapter: 02/02/2013
Last Updated: 02/02/2013

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She would not let Bellatrix Lestrange break her.

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Chapter 1: Entrapment
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She was sitting on the train, laughing with her friends.

Friends. It was such a nice word. She smiled as she thought about it. She’d never had friends before and now, amidst all the distrust and hate, she’d found a group that she knew she’d be friends with for life.

She excused herself to go to talk to the conductor; they had always been on good terms. She usually sat with him for all her train rides, as no one would sit with her. She never minded though, Timothy was a very nice man and he always told her thrilling tales of his Hogwarts days.

Her hand found the familiar door-handle and she pulled on it, surprised to find that it glided easily for once. Usually, she would tug on it and tug on it, and with a bang it would pop open.

She walked in and before her eyes could adjust, the room turned black.

She didn’t scream but a gasp escaped her. She heard a gruff voice and then her hands and mouth were bound. She wriggled, and tried to run away, but she didn’t know where the door was.

She started to scream and suddenly her voice disappeared. She thrashed around the strong hand that held her down but she couldn’t get anywhere and before she could do anything, she was spinning on the spot and being squeezed through different tubes.

When her head stopped spinning, she breathed deeply through her nose, desperate for some fresh air. Her heart was thudding painfully loud and she was terrified. They pushed her through smoke-like gates and into a mansion.

She could sense the death that occurred in the very floor she was standing on. She was petrified but she wouldn’t let them see that.

They took her into a wide circular room where Bellatrix Lestrange was waiting for her. She prowled around Luna, looking like a snake about to attack its prey.

She pointed her wand at her and all the bindings fall away. Luna checked behind her ear and discovered that her wand has disappeared. She checked the other ear and Bellatrix cackled.

“Looking for this?” She held up Luna’s wand, grinning maniacally.

Luna felt her jaw set. “That’s mine,” she said defiantly. Bellatrix cackled again and pocketed it.

“Finders keepers, dear,” she taunted, circling Luna. Luna said nothing, but kept her chin up showing her defiance. “You support Potter, don’t you?”

“What’s it to you?” she asked, knowing that she would pay for it. She would not let Bellatrix Lestrange break her.

The rest of them stirred but with a hand, Bellatrix quietened them. “Your father got in a little bit of trouble, did you know that? For all those naughty things he said in that infernal magazine he owns.”

She remained stoic, not giving Bellatrix the satisfaction to see how much it affected her. “And we thought about killing him, but where’s the fun in that?” Bellatrix continued, ignoring the laughter behind her.

“So are you going to kill me instead?” Luna asked indifferently. She wouldn’t mind being dead, she would see her mother again but her father would be very upset. She also didn’t want to leave her new-found friends. But she could not let them see that.

Bellatrix laughed. “No, no. We really don’t like spilling any pure blood; we’re far too valuable for that.” Luna kept quiet. “But there’s nothing wrong torturing you. CRUCIO!

Luna felt the curse hit her and she fell to her knees, shrieking. The pain found every crevice of her body and multiplied every time she screamed. She curled her hands and hunched over, trying to dull or lessen the pain. She felt tears falling from her eyes and she sobbed, “STOP!

Suddenly, the pain disappeared and Luna was curled on the floor, shaking from the after-effects. She felt weak. She started to pull herself up when Bellatrix cursed her again.

Luna fell back onto the floor, screaming and writhing in pain. The pain cut her open, slowly breaking her. She could distantly hear all the other Death Eaters laughing and jeering, with Bellatrix asking, “More? More for the little freak?”

Luna screamed and writhed trying not to speak, not wanting to let her win. Bellatrix laughed and Luna felt the pain intensify, ripping her from the inside.

Just as she started wishing for death, the pain ended abruptly again. She tried not to relax too much because she knew Bellatrix would just torture her again. Bellatrix crouched down next to Luna as she swayed, feeling dizzy. “Now let’s hope Daddy’s a good boy then?”

Luna didn’t respond and Bellatrix stood up. “Lock her in the dungeons. I don’t need her anymore,” she ordered.

Hands grabbed her and she didn’t fight them. Even if she wasn’t so exhausted, she would have never been able to struggle against them. They bound her wrists and threw her in a dark dungeon and shut the door with a bang. She asked tentatively, “H-hello?”

A weak old voice answered, “Hello… Who are you?”

She replied, “Luna Lovegood, who are you?”

“I’m Ollivander,” the weak voice responded, “Luna Lovegood: mahogany with phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches if I’m correct?”

“Yes it was, sir,” she said, trying to find the source of his voice so she could be closer to him, “Where are you sitting Mr Ollivander? And is it only us in here?”

He coughed and said feebly, “Yes we are, I’m in the corner. Are your hands bound?”

“Yes they are, but I can get to you, don’t worry.” She started moving towards him, her legs shaky but she was determined to get to him. He didn’t sound well at all.

She finally found him and he said, “There’s a rusty old water jug somewhere. You can cut the rope off with it.”

“Thank you Mr Ollivander,” she said, moving her hands up and down the side of the jug. When her wrists finally broke free of the rope, she held them and rolled them around, feeling her bones click. She sat down next to him and put a hand to her heart, feeling the loud thumps. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself, trying not to let the horror show on her face.

They weren’t going to kill her, she kept repeating in her head. She was safe for now; she would get out of here and make sure her dad was okay. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the damp wall.

They were quiet for a few moments and then she started swatting the air around her. “What are you doing, dear?” Ollivander asked timidly.

Gripping his hands, Luna said determinedly, “Mr Ollivander, we can’t allow the wrackspurts to get to us, that’s exactly what they want.”

In the darkness, she missed his bewildered look.