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Wicked Lies, Wicked Love by luciusobsessed

Format: Novel
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 68,134

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Andromeda, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Lucius/Narcissa, OC/OC

First Published: 06/05/2012
Last Chapter: 09/28/2016
Last Updated: 09/28/2016


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Sequel to Defiant Blood, Defiant Love


Lucius Malfoy: handsome, proud, arrogant.

Narcissa Black: beautiful, independent, hot-headed.

And when they clash, all hell breaks loose.

Chapter 8: A Quidditch Bouquet

The night had finally come. The first Quidditch match of the year was tomorrow morning, and it was time for Narcissa to finally put her plan into action. She had been pacing in her dormitory for the past hour and a half, waiting for the clock to strike 3 A.M. Vesper sat quietly on her bed, reading a book, and Nixie was down in the Common Room, probably snogging Drew near the fireplace.


Narcissa had managed to avoid any confrontation with Lucius since the Halloween party a few nights ago. Of course, she was still mortified that he’d come across her when she’d been dressed so inappropriately. The only awkwardness she’d had to deal with was the eye contact that usually only lasted a few seconds.


She looked over at Vesper, who was heavily focused on the book she was reading. Narcissa tried not to smile as she walked over to the bed.


“Vesper,” Narcissa started, sitting down beside her friend. “You’ve been spending an awful lot of time in the library lately.”


“No I haven’t,” she abruptly replied, shutting her book defensively.


Narcissa raised an eyebrow, giving her friend the I-know-you’re-hiding-something-from-me-and-you-better-tell-me-or-else look. Cheeks flushed, Vesper placed her book on the bedside table and blinked vigorously before facing Narcissa.


“Well perhaps I’ve committed myself to a bit more studying.”


“Vesper!” Narcissa shouted, throwing a pillow at her friend’s face. “Are you really going to lie to me?”


“Alright, alright!” she surrendered, sighing before Narcissa’s triumphant smile. “Maybe I’ve been helping a certain someone catch up on his studies.”


“By ‘certain someone’ you can’t possibly mean Dmitri Amador, or do you?”


Vesper bit her lip, too embarrassed to look up at her friend.


“You do!” Narcissa gasped. “And by helping him do you mean snogging him behind the bookshelves?”


“No!” Vesper exclaimed, grabbing Narcissa’s hand. “I swear we haven’t done anything! Honestly, I’ve only been helping him with his homework. He asked me to help him that night at the Halloween party and I agreed.”


“But you like him, don’t you?”


“Oh dear, would you look at the time? It’s three already!” Vesper blurted out in an attempt to distract Narcissa. She jumped off her bed and slipped on her cloak, picking up her wand.


Deciding to let her friend win this one, Narcissa slipped her own robe on as well and followed Vesper quietly down the stairs. They weren’t surprised when they came across Drew and Nixie snogging all over the sofa.


“Please don’t tell me you two are naked,” Narcissa whispered, frightened she’d be scarred for life if they were.


Nixie’s head popped up, her lipstick smeared across her chin. Drew sat up after her, straightening out his shirt and wiping the lipstick off of Nixie’s chin with his thumb.


“Honestly Cissy what kind of a person do you think I am?” Nixie joked, pushing her hair out of her face. “Is it time already?”


“Yes. Drew, lead the way,” Vesper asserted as Drew frowned in confusion.


“Lead the way?” he asked, standing up.


Narcissa turned to Nixie, crossing her arms at her. “You didn’t tell him, did you?”


“I forgot,” Nixie bit her lip, wiping her chin more. “I swear I was going to-”


“You said he had already agreed!” Narcissa quietly yelled, frustrated.


“Agreed to what?” Drew jumped in, trying to make sense of the conversation.


Narcissa turned to Drew. “Nixie was supposed to ask you if you would sneak us into your dormitory so we could…carry on with our plan.”


“You mean your revenge?” Drew asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yes,” she said through gritted teeth, stomping her foot. “My revenge.”


“I mean, yeah I’ll help you,” he shrugged. “But if anyone wakes up it’s all on you. I was asleep the entire time, got it?”


Narcissa nodded, glaring at Nixie as she followed Drew to the stairs. Now that it was finally time, Narcissa felt a bit of nausea rising up in her chest. So many things could go wrong and make this night end in utter disaster. If Malfoy woke up while she was in his room, he would make her life a living hell for as long as she lived (which wouldn’t be very long if they were discovered tonight). Taking a deep breath, Narcissa followed Drew up the stairs towards the boys’ dormitory, Vesper and Nixie behind her.


“What are you doing?” came the most dreadful voice that Narcissa could have possibly heard in the moment.


The four of them spun around to face Cilia, who was standing with her arms crossed at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled one of those wicked smiles, snarling at them once she realized what they were doing.


“You didn’t actually think you were going to get away with whatever you were about to do, did you? I knew you were all planning something, it was too obvio-”


Stupefy!” Narcissa whispered before Cilia could utter another word.


“Narcissa! You-you stunned her!” Nixie panicked. “She’s going to kill us!”


“Hush up, all of you,” Narcissa said, hurrying down to Cilia’s unconscious form. “I’m not going to leave her like this.” Taking another deep breath, Narcissa pointed her wand at Cilia and muttered, “Obliviate.”


“Did you just wipe her entire memory? Cissy I know you don’t like her but that’s really cruel-”


“Oh stop it, Nixie, I didn’t wipe her entire memory, only this memory. Now she won’t even remember encountering us.”


Using her wand to levitate Cilia’s body, Narcissa moved her over to the sofa and allowed her to plop down, a bit too hard for everyone’s liking. Then again, no one really liked Cilia anyway. Narcissa shrugged and turned back to her friends.


“Now that that’s all done, where were we?” Narcissa smiled, feeling better than ever.


She paused at each door as they made their way up, waiting for Drew to call out on the right one.


“It’s this one,” Drew suddenly whispered, pointing his wand at the large wooden door that stood rigidly on their right. He opened it slowly, cringing as a slight creaking noise filled the room.


Before entering, Vesper cast a silencing charm around them so that even if they did make any noise, nobody would hear them. Where was an invisibility cloak when they needed one?


The room was dark as they slipped inside, the only light emitting from a dim lantern that lay on the makeshift windowsill. The one disadvantage about Slytherin was that there were no windows in the Common Room or the dormitories since they were down in the dungeons. It was so stuffy that Narcissa could feel the sweat lining on her forehead, and her nervousness wasn’t helping.


Drew slowly shut the door and stood guard outside. Narcissa’s eyes found Lucius in the dim light, his body turned to the side. Approaching his bedside, she nearly sucked in a breath when she realized he was shirtless, wearing only a pair of black boxers. For a moment, she pretended she didn’t know who he was. Oh boy was he attractive given those circumstances. When she really thought about it, he was one of the most handsome boys she’d ever seen. Half the girls in the elite Pureblood society were after him. If they really knew him for the arrogant prat he was though, they’d be running in the opposite direction like Narcissa. Well, this wasn’t exactly running in the opposite direction, but it was an indirect way of doing it.


With a body of marbled perfection, she wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers along his fair skin.


Narcissa shook her head. What on earth was she doing? She hadn’t waited nearly two months to watch Malfoy sleep! She’d come to get revenge, to make him pay for what he had done to her. Nixie and Vesper were still searching his closet, trying to find his Quidditch uniform. Narcissa went to join them when she spotted his uniform draped over a chair next to his bed. She picked it up and held it out in front of her. Yes, definitely Malfoy’s. She tapped Vesper on the shoulder, handing her his uniform with a sly grin. Vesper started straightaway on re-designing it.


While Vesper worked on that, Narcissa headed back over to Lucius’s bedside and pointed her wand at his head.


Coloria,” she whispered quietly and smiled to herself. Lucius’s long blonde strands of hair slowly began turning black. “That’s just a little something extra, Malfoy.”


“It’s finished,” Vesper mouthed, freezing upon seeing Malfoy’s hair. Nixie stepped right behind her, erupting in quiet fits of laughter.


They left the dormitory as quickly as possible and headed back down to the Common Room, where Cilia was still knocked out.


“Did everything go as planned?” Drew whispered, keeping an eye on Cilia in case she woke up.


“Better than planned,” Vesper nodded. “Narcissa even improvised a bit.”


“What do you mean?” Drew asked, smiling hesitantly.


“What she’s means,” Nixie explained, “is that Malfoy is no longer a blonde.”


“What?!” Drew exclaimed with wide eyes.


“I cast a spell on Malfoy’s hair. It’s now black. As black as his soul and as black as my last name. I guess it was a way of leaving my signature behind. I made sure to jinx it so that he can’t get rid of it for at least a day or so.”


“God have mercy on whoever crosses you, Narcissa Black,” Drew said with the shake of his head.


“I’m so excited for tomorrow,” Nixie giggled. 


“Me too, “Narcissa smiled, her eyes glistening with satisfaction. “Now all we have to do is wait.”




“Hurry up, Cissy!” Nixie beckoned the next morning as Narcissa put on a smudge of red lipstick. 


She had barely slept from how skittish/excited/anxious she was. All three girls had been hysterical after their stunt last night, and had spoken for hours into the night about Lucius’s possible reactions.


“I still can’t believe we actually did it!” Narcissa exclaimed, grabbing her cloak and scarf as she headed downstairs, where Vesper was waiting for them.


“Finally! I thought you’d never come down,” she jumped up. “We’ve got to get going before the match starts.”


“Do you think he knows yet?” Nixie asked, biting her nails. “About his hair, I mean.”


“Probably. Most likely,” frowned Vesper. “I mean if he didn’t notice on his own, one of his friends must have mentioned it.”


“No doubt he’s noticed,” Narcissa scoffed. “That man has the vanity of the devil, which means he’s got a mirror or two, or a hundred, lying around.”


“What do you think he’s going to do to you when he figures it out?”


“Honestly, Vesper, I don’t care. Whatever it is, I’m going to be ready. I’m just content I can prove to him that he can’t get away with terrorizing me.”


They made their way across the school grounds towards the Quidditch arena. The weather was hot and dry, and Narcissa instantly regretted bringing her scarf. As they walked, they took note of the gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid, who was covered in layers and layers of thick clothes.


“How does he not suffocate?” Nixie asked with suffering eyes.


“Well with his giant blood he probably has more tolerance to cold than you do,” Vesper pointed out.


Nixie rolled her eyes at Vesper, who always had to prove to be such a know-it-all.


Within a matter of minutes and lots of power walking, they reached the Quidditch stadium and ran up to the stands. The hard wood slightly creaked as they eagerly hopped over every other step, ready and enthusiastic for a chaotic breakout.


“Over here!” Drew called from the front of the stands, waving his hands in the air.


They pushed their way over to him through the crowd. Looking down over the arena, they noticed that the players hadn’t come onto the field yet, but the announcer, a Gryffindor named Drake Warren, was prepared and waiting for everyone to settle in.


“Welcome, everyone,” he shouted into his wand, which echoed his voice throughout the entire stadium, “to the first Quidditch match of the year, in which Slytherin and Hufflepuff will be playing, and-oh, here they come. And it’s the Slytherin team who flies out onto the field, led by their captain, Lucius Malfoy, who also happens to be the team’s skilled and champion never-defeated Seeker-oh, erm, well, it seems he’s recently visited a hairstylist. If you’re seeing what I’m seeing, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll notice that Lucius Malfoy’s charming blonde hair is no longer in tact, but is now a dashing color of black. Don’t worry, Lucius Malfoy, you’re still charming to me.”


The crowd erupted in laughter as Lucius whooshed by on his broom, his hair in a tight ponytail. Narcissa caught a quick glimpse of his face, his expression a constipated and angry one. Narcissa was already dying from laughter, along with Vesper, Nixie, and Drew.


“Just wait till they notice his Quidditch uniform,” Vesper got out through breaths.


Drake went on to introduce the rest of the players until the game started, pausing only to welcome the new members of the team.


“And the Quaffle has been released!” he shouted, catching the crowd’s attention. “It’s now in the hands of the Hufflepuff Chaser, Chelsea Moore, as she approaches Slytherin’s rings. Oh no, what’s this? Slytherin Beaters Dmitri Amador and Bruce Dexon intercept her, oh and she drops the Quaffle after taking a hard blow from a nasty Bludger. Good luck getting that healed, Chelsea. Slytherin Chaser Amelia Norman dodges the Hufflepuff Chaser and throws the Quaffle, making it through the ring! Ten points to Slytherin!”


Cheers erupted from the Slytherin stands, except from Narcissa, who still wasn’t fully satisfied. She cared more about pissing off Malfoy than winning the match.


“When are they going to notice already?” Narcissa whined, tapping her foot anxiously.


“Patience is a virtue,” Vesper reminded her, receiving a sharp glare from her friend.


“Lucius Malfoy flies up towards the stands, having spotted something, which seems to be the Golden Snitch! Seems like his new dark hair has been giving him a bit of luck-wait, what’s this? I could be mistaken, but there seems to be something written on the back of Lucius Malfoy’s Quidditch uniform.”


“Finally!” Narcissa blurted out, craning her neck to get a better look. But she wasn’t the only one. The players themselves had stopped to read what was written on Malfoy’s uniform.


“Lucius Malfoy, Blood Traitor,” Drake read slowly, his eyes widening at the last two words. “Oh dear, someone’s been messing with Malfoy’s uniform.”


The crowd filled with murmurs. Even Lucius himself was trying to look over his shoulder to see if it were true.


As soon as the phrase had been made obvious, Lucius’s voice filled the arena, only Lucius Malfoy wasn’t actually the one doing any of the talking. He, as well as everyone else, looked around, confused about where the voice was coming from.


“I, Lucius Malfoy, am a blood traitor and Muggle lover. I’ve been hiding it for years, but it’s finally time I stopped lying about my passion for the Muggle world. I, Lucius Malfoy, am a blood traitor and Muggle lover. I’ve been…” the phrase continued to play over and over again throughout the arena in Lucius’s own voice, frustrating the real Lucius Malfoy beyond comprehension.  


Narcissa spotted some of the teachers stand up and leave the stands, no doubt trying to find out who was behind all of this.


“Do-the-spell-now!” Nixie managed to get out, laughing so hard that her laughter was now silent.


Orchideous,” Narcissa whispered.


In an instant, pink flowers began to erupt out of the end of Lucius’s broom. He was muttering incantation after incantation, becoming more and more frustrated when his spells didn’t have an effect.


“Oh dear Merlin, something is terribly wrong with Malfoy’s broom,” Drake got out, muffling his words. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone was trying to play a joke on him.”


Lucius’s head suddenly jerked up, impatiently scanning the hysterical crowd. Finally spotting Narcissa, he glared at her menacingly, finally realizing this was all her doing. She’d never seen such hostility in his eyes, never felt so threatened in her entire life. She had insulted Lucius Malfoy beyond limitation, and instead of being scared to her wits, she was proud. Proud to have retaliated so powerfully, proud to have humiliated him so heavily, and mostly, proud to call herself Narcissa Black. For the first time ever, she felt more proud than Lucius Malfoy himself.




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