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Second Chances by Drunaforever

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 28,200
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/16/2012
Last Chapter: 09/03/2014
Last Updated: 09/03/2014


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Luna and the gang return to Hogwarts after the war to finish schooling. Sounds like they will finally have a normal year with Voldemort gone, right? Little do they know what lies in store for them. 

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Chapter 11: The Rematch


 "Are you sure you're fine?"



I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'm positive."




"Your arm is feeling okay? You're ready? It isn't hurting or anything?"




"Yes, don't worry, it feels great!"




Terry sighed. "Sorry. It's just, you're our Seeker and that's kinda important, we don't have a backup Seeker or anything."




"I know, I know, everything's good. I can do this," I said, stretching my right arm. I was released from the Hospital Wing early last week with a sling to support me for a few days, and I was basically completely healed. I understood why he was worried, so I tried to cheer him up with my reassurances. It seemed to work, because he nodded and put on a smile as Audrey came inside from checking on the weather conditions.




"It's still snowing," She stated, though we could already tell by the white flurries in her hair. "But there's no wind, so that's good. For the game and for our warmth."




I smiled giddily. "I love snow."




She nodded and smiled too. "Same here! Christmas is so much better when it's a white Christmas."




Wow. Christmas was in a week and a few days.




I thought about the game as I stretched my arm more and straightened my Quidditch robes.




I would be playing Draco, and one of us would have to win. Only one.




I still wasn't sure about my feelings with him. I mean, he was my friend, but I felt that he meant a little more than that to me. But not like in love. Just a little crush. Or maybe... Maybe I was slowly falling for him. I wasn't sure. He had spent his spare time with me the last day I was kept in the infirmary, and we laughed and talked the whole time. That was a great bonding moment with him.




Terry's shout of a team huddle brought me back to the locker room and I swung my broom on my shoulder before getting closer.




"Alright guys, it's show time. The tie breaker. Just do your best, I know we can do it. It may be a little tougher this time, the Slytherin Keeper is back and she's good. Try to throw her off or distract her. Good luck everyone."




We breaked and got into our line as Terry began to walk into the field.




The crowd was screaming in cheers. Maddie's glance at the Slytherin stands got a raised eyebrow from Brianna. Maddie punched her.




I laughed and watched the falling snow. The snow was so peaceful and beautiful, the cheering and excitement of the game would bring it some energy.




I waved at Draco as we walked towards his team. He gave me a single head nod and Madam Hooch told the captains to shake hands. They did so and she blew the whistle, telling us to mount our brooms.








~Draco's PoV~




I did a few laps to warm up, passing Luna a few times (she was doing the same but going in the opposite direction) and we high-fived when we flew by each other.




I glanced around for the snitch, watching part of the game every few moments. I grinned at my Keeper, Astoria Greengrass, when she saw me. Astoria was the best Keeper I've seen in a long time, and the Ravenclaw team seemed to be struggling with her skill. They hadn't been able to score yet, I doubted they ever would, and we were in the lead already with ten points.




The weather was clear and perfect, so the snitch would be easy to find. I decided to get some more action and I flew in the midst of the game, darting quickly between players as I scanned the field for a golden winged ball. This was more fun than just flying on the edge of the game and hovering in air while looking, moving a bit every few minutes.




Luna seemed interested and she got in the game too. I saw her smiling wide at the speed.




We had an unspoken agreement to have a race, and I was almost ahead of her when I saw a glint of gold above me.




"And Malfoy's spotted the snitch!" Longbottom called from the commentary box.




I leaned forward and followed the snitch, skillfully weaving between posts and people to follow it. Luna seemed to be coming at it too, she was next to me but a few feet behind. I heard the sound of a goal. Our Chasers scored again.




I zoomed forward, almost close enough to catch it. Luna and I were now neck-and-neck. I glanced over at her, grinning.




Big mistake.




I'm not really sure what happened then. It was one of those moments you can hardly describe. But as I glanced at Luna then, I noticed something. I noticed how pretty she truly was. I noticed how great she looked with a glint in her eye and that Luna-ish smile, the wind blowing through her hair. I noticed how much she had changed. Because of the war, she became strong, and slightly more mature. She was still Luna, but she was more beautiful than the old one, she was more goofy and funny rather than awkward and insane, and now she had more friends.




One of those new friends being me.




Would I always be just a friend to her?




I didn't realize I was slowing down- all I could notice was Luna. I was now staring. Something had clicked then. But all of a sudden she thrust her hand out and caught the snitch, holding it high and beaming at the cheers of the crowd.




"And Ravenclaw wins!" Neville announced. "150-20!"




She was carried off by her team mates, and I felt sick. What was wrong with me? One glance at the girl and all of a sudden I feel like she's more than my friend.




But she could never feel that way about me.