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One True Love: Another Year by DracoGal

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 11,329
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/Cho, Lucius/Narcissa

First Published: 06/09/2012
Last Chapter: 04/20/2013
Last Updated: 04/20/2013


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Second installment of the One True Love series. Hi, I'm Natalie Lily Potter. My boyfriend is Draco Malfoy, my best friends are Blaise Zabini, Rose Anderson, and Ginny Weasley, and to top it off, I have the best brother in the world, Harry James Potter. My life is one crazy ride.

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Chapter 6: Fearful

 Apparently, Harry had to go the Ministry of Magic for a trial regarding his underage magic. They were treating him like a bloody criminal! I had to go as well since I am the witness. I was somewhat excited as well because I didn’t have to be polite to Fudge.

The trial would take place in a few days, so up until then, we were helping Mrs. Weasley clean up the house. It was full of creatures, enchanted objects, and charms. Fred, Ginny, and I were in one of the bedrooms upstairs while Harry, Hermione, and George were in the study. Ron, Sirius, and Mrs. Weasley were somewhere else in the house. Poor Ron, he has to hear his mum nagging him about cleaning instead of being with his friends.

I opened a drawer to a desk and as soon as I did that, Draco appeared. “What the…?” I started but then he started talking. 

“I hate you. I don’t love you. I never did.” My eyes widened. 

Then he transformed into Harry. “I hate you. I never wanted you as my sister. You are stupid, worthless, and annoying.” My eyes watered. 

“Ridikulus!” I said. The figure vanished. I took a deep breath. “Stupid boggarts.” I muttered. 

“Nat, are you alright?” Fred asked as came over to me and wrapped me in a hug. 

“I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I ducked out of his arms and finished cleaning the room.

After the chores were done with, I went up to my room and sat down with parchment and a quill.


I miss you so much already. I can’t wait to see you on the Hogwarts Express. How have you been? What have you been up to? Send Cissy my love and tell Lucius I said hello.

Love, Nat

Short, sweet, and to the point. If he didn’t want to talk to me, he wouldn’t feel pressured to. I walked down to Harry’s room to ask if I could borrow Hedwig, but only Ron was in there. 

“Where’s Harry?” I asked. 

“In the dining room talking to Fred and George, why?” 

I gasped. They were probably telling him about the boggart. I thanked him and took off. I found the three of them where Ron said they were. They turned to me. 

“Hey guys.” I greeted. “Harry, can I borrow Hedwig? There’s a letter I need to send.” 

“Is it to Drakie-poo?” George teased. 

“It’s none of your business.” He rolled his eyes at me and I turned back to Harry. 

“Yeah, you can.” he said. “But could you come back after you send her off? I want to talk to you.” I nodded.

I took my time sending Hedwig off and walking back downstairs. I really didn’t want to talk to Harry about the boggart. He’d start reciting the big brother speech I’ve heard since I was little. ‘I’m always here for you; I’ll always protect you; there’s no reason to worry.’

When I got back to the dining room, Harry was sitting where I left him, but the twins were nowhere to be found. He motioned for me to sit across from him; which I did. 

“So what did you need?” I asked. He sighed. 

“Nat, I’m nervous about this trial. What if the Wizengamont doesn’t believe me and expels me from school?” 

I looked at him in shock. Whatever I thought he was going to say, I wasn’t expecting that. I smiled reassuringly and took his hand which was lying on the table. 

“Harry, you did nothing wrong. You were using magic to protect yourself, Dudley, and me.” He nodded. “And besides, I’m your witness. There’s no way they can beat us!” 

He laughed. “Yes, you are very good at persuasion.” 

“This isn’t persuasion, Harry! This is the truth we are talking about here.”

That night, I was lying in bed when there was a tap on my window. I went over and opened it. Hedwig flew in, landed on my bed, and stuck out her leg. I untied the letter and began to read.

Hello my Nat,

I miss you too, love. September 1st seems so far away. I was actually expecting you to write a much longer letter than you sent. It seemed as if you were afraid to talk me or something. Is everything okay over there? Is everybody treating you right?

The past few days have been nothing but pure boredom. I’ve just been wandering aimlessly around the Manor and sitting in my room. Nothing seems right without you here. Do you want to know the one thing I miss most? Your voice and hearing it every day. I wish there was some way I could see you before the train ride. When are you going to Diagon Alley?

Well Mother’s calling for me to hurry up and get ready. Fudge is coming over the house to discuss something about a trial with the Wizengamont.

I love you.


I giggled. He’s such a softie. I decided to write back the next morning because it was super late.

The days passed quickly until it was time to go the Ministry for Harry’s trial. He and I got dressed up and went to the Ministry with Mr. Weasley. He took the underground into London (which Mr. Weasley was absolutely fascinated with. “Trains, underground? Ingenious these Muggles!”*). Then we got into a phone booth which was the visitors’ entrance to the Ministry.

As we were walking, there was a huge banner of Fudge in the lobby. It took all of my self-control not to whip out my wand and curse it down. Mr. Weasley led us to the elevator and before it started up; Kingsley came in and whispered something in his ear. 

“That’s curious; thank you Kingsley. Well Harry, your trial has been moved up. It starts in five minutes.” 

When we got to the court room, which was just off the Department of Mysteries, I saw Fudge talking to Lucius. Was he in the Wizengamont? If so, it should be an easy win. We stopped right outside the door. 

“I’m sorry Harry, but I can’t go in with you.” Mr. Weasley said. “Just know that you did nothing wrong.” He nodded at us and walked away. 

“Alright Harry, let’s get this over with.” I said.

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*The quote from Mr. Weasley is from the movie Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. It belongs to Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling.