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Betrayal by adluvshp

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,043

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Teddy, Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 12/30/2012
Last Chapter: 01/07/2013
Last Updated: 01/07/2013


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Victoire couldn't be happier. Tomorrow is her wedding day. Everything seems perfect... until she comes across a revelation that shatters her. 

~ A sequel to "Ending It" but can stand alone ~

Chapter 1: The Letter

A/N: This is a sequel to the one-shot "Ending It". However, you do not necessarily need to read that before reading this. This story can stand alone. Happy reading!

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Victoire smiled, for the umpteenth time that week, for absolutely no reason. She was happy, happy like she hadn’t ever been. Why wouldn’t she be after all? Tomorrow was her big day, her wedding day, when she’d finally be Mrs. Victoire Lupin. Her smile widened as she remembered how Teddy had proposed to her on her birthday. It had truly been one of the best moments of her life. 

Sighing, she looked around at the room in which she had been staying alone for the past five years, and a frown replaced her smile. The room was a mess, with clothes and cosmetics strewn around the place, thanks to her sister who had come over last night for some ‘sisterly-bonding’ before the elder Weasley became a Lupin.

Dominique was the complete opposite of her sister – messy and totally crazy. Nevertheless, Victoire was glad to have her in her life, though she didn’t show it often. Today, she made a mental note to hug her sister and tell her that she loved her, as soon as Dom came out of the bath. With that thought in mind, she set about tidying the room.

A few minutes later, as Victoire picked up Dominique’s coat from the ground and dusted it off, she found a piece of parchment that fell out of the coat pocket. Picking it up, she was about to put it back when she spotted the words ‘love’ somewhere in the middle of what she now supposed was a letter.

‘Oh dear Merlin, Dom has a boyfriend!’ she giggled at the thought and then felt slightly dejected that Dom had never shared her love interests with her, when Victoire always told Dom about every single man she even found to be cute. She bit her lip for a second, wondering if she should read the letter or not. She didn’t want to pry into her sister’s business, but then again, she was her elder sister and she had the right to know what was going on in Dom’s life. With a quick glance at the still-closed bathroom door, she straightened out the entire parchment and began to read.

Dear Dom,

Honestly, I don’t know why I am writing to you. Maybe because I am extremely nervous, and a million thoughts and emotions are running through my mind, and you are the only person to whom I can vent out these feelings. I can’t believe I am getting married tomorrow. I feel thrilled, but then, I can’t help but feel like something is missing. Is it too selfish of me to love you and want you even now? I know my thoughts should only be around the woman I am marrying, but somehow I can’t help but think about you too. I wish there were some way to keep both you and Vic happy – and happy with me. I know it can’t happen, and that is why I am grateful to you for still being a part of my life, if only just as a friend.

The love affair we shared for the past seven months is a cherished secret I shall take to my grave – secret because Vic should never find out that we had an affair while I was in a relationship with her, and cherished because it was a most amazing time of my life. In fact, sometimes I find myself wishing that we hadn’t ended it, no matter how shameful it is to admit.

Nonetheless, I hope that we both are able to move on from each other, that once Vic becomes my wife, I am able to give all my love to her, and that someday you find a guy who loves you and only you.

I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me. Please try to forgive me for all the pain I gave you, and try to move on.

Your friend,

P.S. Sorry for how formal this sounds – so unlike us. How sad is it that this is who we have to be now?

Still think about you? Amazing time? Love affair? Seven months?

Victoire’s hands shook. It was as if a knife had pierced her heart. Coldness gripped her soul and her mind felt disconnected. The words danced in front of her eyes and jeered at her as her vision became blurry. Never before in her life, had she felt so out-of-control, so helpless, so clueless, so vulnerable. Suddenly, every single moment she had spent with Teddy flashed before her eyes and each felt like a lie. Every word of love that he had ever said to her mocked her and every memory stabbed her heart further. She didn’t know how to make sense of the world anymore. Everything had shifted out of focus, nothing mattered, and nothing felt real.

A small part of her mind registered a fierce agonizing scream echo across the walls of her room. A moment later, another part of her mind registered that the scream had been hers.

“Vic! Merlin, Vic, what happened?” she heard a door slam, footsteps running towards her, and Dominique’s frantic voice reaching her, as if from somewhere very far away.

Tears continued to roll down her cheeks and her throat felt choked up. She was moments from breaking down into her sister’s arms as Dominique shook her shoulders anxiously.

Her sister.

Suddenly, the fog in her mind cleared and she flit her gaze to Dominique.

“Oh, thank God, you at least looked at me. What on earth happened? Why did you scream like that? I practically jumped out of my bath and rushed. What’s wrong?”

That did it. That unleashed the monster roaring inside her.


The younger Weasley stared at her in astonishment and pain as her sister’s palm connected with her cheek in a harsh slap.

“WHAT IS WRONG? Dominique Weasley, how dare you, how dare you ask me what is wrong when everything has been wrong all along! How could you do this to me? You are my sister for Merlin’s sake! How could you have a love affair with my fiance?!” she screeched, waving the parchment in front of Dominique’s paling face. “Didn’t you think about me even once while screwing Teddy behind my back? And for seven months?! How could you, Dom? How could you?! You are sick and disgusting, and a sorry excuse of a sister. I can’t believe that minutes ago I was thinking about hugging you and telling you how much I love you. I HATE YOU now. I hate you for what you did to me. I hate you for ruining my life this way. My love, my wedding, my everything. I hate you. I--”, Victoire broke down in sobs, unable to continue. Her world had crumbled around her, and she was all alone now, all alone.

“No, Vic, you have to listen to me. I-I can explain. I am- I am sorry okay. I really am. I didn’t know what I was doing. I am so sorry. Please, please forgive me. I made a huge mistake, I promise Teddy is now all yours, only yours. We ended it, we-”, Dominique began to cry as well, hating herself for causing this pain to her sister. She wanted to wipe away the past seven months now. She had never regretted it so much, as she did now. How could she have let love make her weak enough to hurt her sister this way? How could she have committed such a sin? She wanted to take it all back now, to erase that love from her heart, and yet she realized she couldn’t, and her tears flowed freely.

“You calling it off cannot change the fact that it happened, Dominique. Teddy is not mine, not anymore. Do you think I can go through with the wedding after knowing all this? Do you think I can even look at him, or you, in the same way ever again? I’ll never be able to forgive him, or forgive you! NEVER! You betrayed me! You killed me, Dominique, you ruined me.”

“No! Victoire-”, Dom stretched out her hand to touch her sister’s shoulder, but Victoire turned around and disapparated with a loud crack, leaving her sister to merely grasp thin air and cry in anguish.

As Victoire apparated outside Teddy Lupin’s house, grief consumed her. She clutched her chest in pain and truly realized the meaning of ‘heartbreak’. It was just yesterday when she had been standing at this very spot with her fiancé and planning the renovation of his home. Today, it all felt like a beautiful dream that had been ruthlessly broken too soon, leaving her heart to shatter in a million pieces. 

How could he do this to her? She always thought he truly loved her with all his heart – oh what a fool she had been. He had betrayed her with her own sister, perhaps the worst form of betrayal ever. Aggressively wiping her tears, she banged her fist on his door.

“Open the goddamn door, you bastard!” she screamed.

A moment later it opened, and he appeared on the doorstep. His hair color immediately changed from black to yellow. He was confused. He was fucking confused to see her. Of course.

“Vic! What are you doing here? What’s wrong? I thought we aren’t supposed to see each other until the wedding!” he gave a nervous laugh, and then leaned forward to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her – heck he had been kissing her all along – with the same lips that he had kissed her sister with. She took a step back, and his brows furrowed.

“How could you, Teddy?” Victoire’s voice came out in a broken whisper as another tear rolled down her cheek.

“W-what happened?”

“What happened?! You ruined everything, you asshole! You cheated on me and that too with my own fucking sister! You thought I’d never find out, did you? Guess what? I found out, and one day before my wedding nonetheless, thanks to your bloody letter. You still think of her, you still want her; you still love her, just like you did for seven months behind my back! You had an affair with my own sister and yet I never saw a flicker of guilt and shame in your eyes! You were lying to me all along! You never loved me, Teddy, you never loved me!”

“N-no, Victoire, I love you! I really do. Please believe me, I love you a lot. Dom and I are over; I promise I’ll never commit such a mistake again. We’ll be married tomorrow, Vic, and I shall never think of anyone else but you! I am so sorry, Vic, please forgive me!” his eyes glistened with tears as well, he couldn’t lose her, he just couldn’t.

“DON’T YOU DARE! There will be no wedding. You and Dom betrayed me, Teddy, and I can never forgive either of you. I loved you, I dreamt of a future with you, I gave you all I had, and you do this to me? You give me betrayal in return, and yet expect me to forgive you, forget everything, and just proceed with the wedding like nothing ever happened?! What do you think I am?! I have feelings, Teddy, I have a heart – a heart that you broke so viciously.”

“Vic, p-please listen to me. I am so sorry. Everything will fall apart if you do this. I can’t – I can’t bear to live without you. You’re my life, Vic, please forgive me, please.”

“Everything will fall apart? Everything has already fallen apart! I am not your life because if I were, you wouldn’t have fucked my sister for seven months behind my back! It’s over Teddy, it’s over forever. Goodbye,” Victoire gave the man she loved one last painful glance before turning around and running away, far from him, and his betrayal – the betrayal that had destroyed three lives.

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