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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover

Format: Novel
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 152,505
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Pansy
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/29/2011
Last Chapter: 10/24/2016
Last Updated: 10/24/2016


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Hermione decides to take Muggle Studies during her 7th year at Hogwarts. Something goes wrong during a class project and she ends up finding herself in the future married to Malfoy, and to make things worse they have a child together. Now they must find a way to get back before they get stuck in the future forever.

Chapter 19: The Witch Named Gwen

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          Hermione packed up their minivan and got Crissy and her diaper bag ready to go out for the day. She made sure to owl Ginny before stopping by to visit. Harry had already gone to work at the Ministry, but Ginny told her to come on by.


                On the way to Ginny’s house they stopped at a video store and picked up some girly chick-flicks that they could watch with the boys out and also stopped by a local bakery and deli and got some fresh baked cupcakes that she couldn’t resist buying, as well as some homemade soup.


                Since Ginny know they were coming by, she let the wards down to allow them access into their home, since Ginny wasn’t allowed to be up and about on her feet.


                Hermione let herself in through the front door, locking it behind her. It was a miracle that she managed to carry Crissy and her bag plus all the food she brought along with her in one trip.


                Setting the soup down in the kitchen, Hermione took Crissy and the cupcakes into the living room where Ginny laid out on the oversized sofa looking like an Arabian princess surround by all kinds of pillows in different shapes and sizes…well an Arabian princess wearing sweatpants and an oversize t-shirt. She was sitting on a big fluffy down comforter that practically swallowed her whole where the pillows didn’t.


“Knock, knock. I come bearing cupcakes and movies.” Hermione said walking into the living room.


“Oh thank Merlin, I love you.” Ginny told her, reaching out for the cupcakes.


                Hermione went back to the kitchen to grab some napkins and plates, as well as two glasses filled with pumpkin juice. And walked back to the living room taking a seat in a chair next to the sofa.


“I also brought some soup in case you’re hungry for something else, but I figured you would want dessert first.” She smiled at Ginny, handing her a glass of pumpkin juice.


“Always.” Ginny said with her mouth full of frosting.


Hermione giggled. “So how are you holding up?” she asked her as she rooted through Crissy’s bag and pulled out a soft blanket that she laid on the floor by her feet and some toys for Crissy to play with.


“Ugh, going out of my mind. The doctor only wants me getting up to use the loo or to shower, but other than that he wants me off my feet as much as possible. And well Harry took his word for it. He practically carries me down her every morning and commands that I call him if I so much as has to pee or any other reason I need to get up and do something. This is completely absurd, because I need to pee like every ten minutes.”


“I know the feeling.” Hermione muttered.


“He treats me like I’m a fragile water balloon about to pop.”


Hermione raised an eyebrow up at her and smirked.


“Okay so maybe, I am like a water balloon. But all I have left is one more week or less than before he’s full term and ready to come out.” Ginny said rubbing her belly.


“Are you in any kind of pain?” Hermione asked her, sliding down to the flood to play with Crissy, who was busy crawling all over the place.


“Not anymore, I was having some early contractions a few days ago, hence the need to go on bed rest. But I’m fine now as long as I stay still, but I’ve been sitting so still lately, that this sofa practically has a permanent imprint of my bum.” She giggled. “But even if I am up and about I’m okay, no pain.”


“Good, that’s good.”


“So enough about me, tell me about you? Is there a reason why you’re practically glowing today, other than the fact that you have a bun in the oven?” Ginny asked her reaching over to grab another cupcake.


                Hermione blushed, not sure how much to reveal. She wanted to tell Ginny everything, but not sure how to without revealing too much about her and Draco’s predicament. How was she to tell her best friend that she lost her virginity last night to someone who used to be her enemy, even though she has actually been married to the man for at least 4 years now?


“Wait, what is that on the side of your neck?” Ginny asked.


Hermione reached up to her neck trying to figure out what she was talking about. “What?”


“That.” Ginny pointed to her right side. “Just below your ear…wait a minute, is that...” Ginny giggled. “Is that a hickey?”


“What!” Hermione reached into her purse and grabbed a compact mirror and held it up to her face. “Oh bugger.” Sure enough there was a red splotch on the right side of her neck, just below her ear. “How did I miss that this morning?”


“I guess someone got lucky last night.” Ginny wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.


And this morning, she thought, her face flamed up.


“Oh look at you blush. I haven’t seen you blush since we were teenagers.”


Hermione blushed harder still, examining the hickey on the side of her neck. Did he do that on purpose?


“At least one of us is getting some.” Ginny sighed dramatically. “Harry won’t touch me, thinks I’ll automatically go into labor if he does. And then the doctor say we can’t have sex for at least three months after the baby’s born. How long did you and Draco wait after Crissy was born?


“Oh um…a couple of months I guess, but then we were both so busy with Crissy that we were always just too tired to do anything else anyway.”


                Damn she hated lying like this, although there was probably some truth to that, Crissy’s birth wasn’t exactly under normal circumstances and it took a large toll on her body, what with being tortured by Draco’s father and all.


“Just wait, soon you’ll have your hand full with the baby, you’ll be too busy to do anything else. But then again you’ll be so happy and full of joy that it won’t matter in the end.”


“Yeah I can’t wait.” Ginny smiled wishfully rubbing her swollen belly.


                Hermione watched Ginny in envy. Ginny had gotten exactly what she wanted in life; the man she had been crushing on for years, a family of her very own with the love of her life. Whereas Hermione’s life or future hadn’t gone at all as she planned or at least envisioned for herself. She certainly never imagined Draco being the one and only for her, let alone start a life and family with him. But yet somehow it worked and she was happy. And they had a beautiful girl to prove it, she thought stroking Crissy’s blonde curls.


“How did you know?”


Ginny looked up from her stomach. “Hmm?”


“How did you know…when you fell in love with Harry? How did you know you loved him?”


“Oh well let’s see, well as you know it was pretty much love at first sight for me at least. And then during my first year at Hogwarts when the Chamber of Secrets opened by Tom Riddle and Harry saved me, well the feeling just grew stronger since. But he never felt the same way for me, at least not in the beginning. And then one day he finally saw me for the first time and not as Ron’s baby sister, but as me, Ginevra Molly Weasley the woman. And I don’t know it just clicked from there and we’ve been inseparable since. I’ve always know I loved him.”


“What do you think makes him different from the other guys you’ve seen before him? Ugh never mind I don’t even know what I’m asking.” Hermione shook her head.


“Haha, no I think I understand. It’s all about the little things. I guess I really knew that he was the one for me, when even through the bad and ugly stuff; he was always there for me and me him. Even when we fight we still can’t stand to be apart from one another.” She sighed. “Like I said I’ve always known. And once I knew he felt the same way, my feelings for him just multiplied and I couldn’t help myself. Harry makes me laugh and smile, but he also infuriates me and annoys me. But nothing can stop us from spending the rest of our lives with one another. “Til death do us part,” as muggles say. But like I said, it’s all about the small stuff; like your heart pounding like mad every time he looks at you, and how you can’t wait to see him at the end of the day, and how you can be in the same room together and not speak a word to one another and yet feel completely comfortable in each other’s presence, and how you can talk about anything and yet nothing at all and still understand each other. Does that make since?”


Hermione nodded. “Yeah I think I do. Like when you know the second he walks in the room without having to turn around because you get tingles and goosebumps along your skin.”


“Mmmm.” Ginny nodded. “Why all the talk about love and what not? Are you and Draco…okay?” Ginny asked.


“Hmm, oh yeah, we’re fine, I was just…reminiscing I guess.” Hermione told her with a flip of her hand hoping Ginny would drop it so she wouldn’t have to keep lying to her best friend. “It’s just pregnancy hormones I guess. I forgot how crazy they can make you feel some times, like constantly second guessing stuff and finding things that aren’t there. It’s like sometimes I find myself arguing about something really stupid with him just because I can. And stuff that’s completely pointless, but I do it anyway.”


Ginny nodded. “You’re talking about Gwen right?” She asked.


Uh no, not really and she didn’t want to think about her either.


“Pansy mentioned her that other day, about how the two of you practically gotten into a cat fight when trying to help Draco after he fell off his broom during the game a few days ago.”


“Well she was practically groping him and stripping him at the same time, right in front of me. Claiming she was “checking for injuries” that tart. And Draco is completely oblivious to her attraction to him. Says she’s just doing her job. And as far as I know a quidditch manager’s job isn’t to strut around the pitch in stripper heels and tight skirts and take Draco out on dinner “meetings” where it just happens to be the two of them…alone on these “meetings”.”


“You don’t think he’s cheating on you with her, do you?”


“No I don’t, but I know she wants to sink her claws in to him.”


“Have you talked to Draco about this?”


“Yeah, but he’s not worried and says I shouldn’t worry either. And that she means nothing to him, she’s just his manager and that’s it.”


“Yeah he loves you too much to do something stupid like get with her. I mean surely he knows you’ll hex him on the spot if he ever did.”


                She blushed at that, not because she was embarrassed that Ginny was right and her temper would get the best of her if Draco ever did something like that. But because Ginny claimed Draco loved her, if only that were true.


                They continued to sit and talk about their ‘old’ school days and unfortunately Hermione hadn’t found out anything new about how she and Draco really got together, other than the fact that, that they had a class together and we’re partnered up on a project, and apparently had been inseparable since. This was pretty much what Pansy said the other day.


               She did find out that Ginny had no problem with her dating Draco when she got together with him, but with Harry and Ron it took a bit of time for them to warm up to him and the fact that he was a Malfoy. She told Ginny about her interesting day shopping with Pansy and how she had to sit through hours of watching Pansy try on over a hundred wedding dresses, even down to the part when she took her shopping for lingerie.


               They managed to finish off the dozen of cupcakes she brought over before even touching the soup. And watched a couple of movies together, before Harry came home for work. The three of sat and talked for bit, before Hermione packed up her and Crissy’s stuff and headed home for the night. She hugged Harry and Ginny goodbye and promised to make dinner plans with them soon.


                She had a craving for Chinese food, again, especially egg rolls, and Draco would be home soon and probably hungry as well. She called the restaurant and put in her order, she would pick up their dinner on the way home.


                Draco had a grueling day at practice, instead of his normal routine of practicing catching and searching for the snitch, the coach had some sort of trainer come in and the whole team had to participate in this ‘all team workout’ where they ran laps and hit the gym all day, lifting weights and using muscles he didn’t know he had.


                It didn’t help that he was already exhausted from having little to no sleep the night before. A smile crept up his face, thinking what he did last night and this morning. Who knew bookworm Hermione Granger was so fantastic in the sack. He absolutely couldn’t get enough of her, she was like a addiction that he couldn’t quite overcome, but then again he didn’t want to. And the best part was she’s willing to continue on with this, and no school rules or prefects that they had to sneak around from here. Here they could do whatever they wanted, where ever and whenever they wanted. Merlin, he was getting turned on just thinking about all the possibilities.


                He quickly apparated home, where he hoped Hermione waited for him, preferably with dinner, because he was starving. Unfortunately he apparated to a dark empty house. No Hermione or Crissy and no dinner. She must still be at the Weaslette’s…or uh Ginny’s house. Hermione didn’t like that he called her friend Weaslette. But some habits are hard to break. He put his gear bag away in the closet and stripped out of his practice robes and quickly showered, then made his way back to the kitchen wearing a pair of old muggle jeans and no shirt.


                He went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. He thought about throwing something together to eat, when he heard a pop of someone apparating in behind him.


“Hey sexy. I’ve been waiting for you. Have you eaten dinner yet?” he turned around to face Hermione, except… “Oh Gwen, I thought you were Hermione.”


“Hmm pity. It would have been nice to be called sexy from someone as attractive as you and to answer your question, no I haven’t had dinner yet.” She told him with a coy smile.


“Oh I’m sure you’ve been called sexy a time or two from many men.”


“Yeah, but not from anyone of importance.” She stepped closer and frowned, but he could tell she was joking.


“So what brings you here tonight? We didn’t have a meeting or something planned did we?”


“No, but I am curious as to who you plan to play for. You’ve been very mum, about your decision. Have you’ve chosen yet?”


“I’ve been thinking about it, but no I haven’t made a definite decision yet. I still need to talk it through with Hermione and get her take on it.”


Gwen rolled her eyes. “It’s not exactly her decision to make. It’s your life, your career. Not hers, why would you need her opinion about it?”


“Because she’s my wife and we have a family together. And I…we need to decide what the best course is for our family is. And if that means staying with the Bats, so be it or if choosing to play for the Cannons is the better path. Whatever it is, we decide together as a family.”


Gwen huffed out a sigh. “If you want my honest opinion. I think Granger is holding you back. She doesn’t know the sport like you and I do. So honestly why would her opinion matter one way or the other. She writes books. And if I remember correctly she doesn’t even like to fly.”


“It matters to me, her opinion is important to me.” What Gwen was saying was starting to piss him off.


“Fine, but I still think she’s holding your back or will eventually. Witch Weekly actually wanted to put you in their list of the sexiest wizard bachelors, but unfortunately you didn’t qualify, because well you’re not a bachelor.”


“I don’t care about a magazine article. That has nothing to do with my career.”


 “I know I know. But honestly how many professional quidditch players, do you know of that are married? Not very many. And the ones who do usually end up leaving the sport, because there are too many complications and distractions. And being a seeker, you need to be focused 100 percent. You can’t be worrying about whether or not you’ve fed the baby or some other insignificant thing like that. You can’t have distractions. Especially if you go play for the Cannons. Then you’ll have a long commute back and forth, and again like I said you can’t afford to lose your focus. And for the record being in a magazine article has everything to do with your career. It’s all about publicity, and popularity and without it you won’t have fans. And fans don’t want to worship someone who is being dragged by the old ball and chain and isn’t readily available for their pleasure.”


“So what exactly are you saying? Do you want me to leave my wife and child for my career?” Draco asked her tightly crossing his arms over his chest.


“No of course not. I’m just trying to say, keep your options open.” She told him taking another step closer to him. “But anyway enough about all of that, I really came here to check to see how you were doing since you’re injury a couple of days ago.”


“I’m fine, the healer already checked me over and gave me the okay.” He told her, wanting to get rid of her.


“I know, but I still would like to see and check myself.” She took another step towards him, boxing him up against the cabinets, but she tripped over her heels and pitched forward.


                He reached out and caught her, before she face planted into the floor. She grabbed onto his biceps and clung to him, plastering her body against his as she righted herself and stood up to her full height.


“Well it seems your reflexes are still as strong and fast as ever.” She told him not letting go of him or taking a step back, and if he wasn’t mistaken she clung to him more. “I can see you don’t have any bruising left.” She told him, her voice dropping down to a sultry whisper.


“How would you know, you didn’t even look.”


“Yes well it was hard not to notice, since you made my job so much easier, by not wearing a shirt.” Her hands ran down his chest slowly, bumping her hips against his. “Are you tender or sensitive anywhere?” she whispered as her hands continued to roam over his torso.


“Nope.” He told her through clenched teeth and tried to look just about anywhere but her, because if he looked down at her, he would also be able to look down the front of her blouse, which was already extremely low cut to begin with and damn it he was not going to be charmed, let alone get turned on by this woman.


                Her fingers trailed dangerously low, to the waist band of his jeans. Shit he needed to stop this now before he did something he would regret. He cleared his throat and tried to shift away from her, but she had him trapped between the kitchen counter and her body.


“Gwen. I think it’s best if you leave now.”


“Not just yet. I still have one last question.” She all but purred to him, looking up at him through her eye lashes.


“What?” he asked tightly as her fingers dipped, just barely beneath his waistband.


“Why her? Why would you choose to be with someone like Granger? I always thought you would end up with someone more worthy of the Malfoy name. If you don’t mind me saying, I think you could do much better. In fact I know you can do much better.”


“Gwen.” He warned, bringing his hands up to push her away, when a noise to his right distracted him, catching him off guard.


                Big mistake. Gwen took that moment of weakness and grabbed his face so he faced her once again and smashed her lips to his. In not just any kiss, but a full fledge snog, wild, open mouthed and hungry. He tried to pull away, push her away, anything, but she was latched onto his like a leech. That was until a loud crash in the kitchen distracted her enough to pull away from him.


                He looked over to his right, already dreading what he was about to see. Hermione stood there pale with a look of hurt and anger in her face, holding Crissy in her arms, and a mess of Chinese food on the floor at her feet. She stared at him with tears in her eyes. He was about to explain when she whipped out her wand and marched towards him. The hurt look of betrayal in her eyes now turned to fury. She walked right past him to Gwen and pointed her want right at her chest.


“Get out of my house before I hex you out. And if you ever set foot here again you’ll be sorry.” Hermione told her through clenched teeth, all while holding Crissy on her hip.


Gwen smirked at her, then apparated out of their kitchen without a word.


                Hermione left the kitchen without glancing at him, taking Crissy with her.


“Hermione.” He tried to stop her, but she kept walking.


                She walked to Crissy’s nursery, called for Ziggy and asked her to stay with her, then left heading back to the kitchen.


“Hermione wait.” He tried to grab her arm, but she whirled around and slapped him hard across his cheek, he didn’t even flinch.


“Don’t. I don’t want to hear what you have to say.” She hissed at him, tears forming in her eyes.


“Just let me explain, please.” He tried to step closer to her, knowing full well that she still held her wand in her hand and could easily do her worst to him, right here and now.


“Explain what? That fact that you were sucking face with that witch. Who you told me you didn’t have any feelings for.”


“I don’t. She kissed me; I had nothing to do with it.” He tried to explain.


Hermione crossed her arms and glared at him. “Yes well you seemed like you had nothing to do with it.” She told him sarcastically. “Actually it looked to me that you were rather enjoying it, because from what I saw you weren’t exactly trying to push her away.” She swiped at her eyes angrily.


He stepped closer, but she took a step back.


“Don’t” she whispered.


“Please Hermione you have to believe me.”


She shook her head. “How could you?” Her voice sounded raw. “How could you do something like this after last night? You know how important that was for me.” She wiped her leaking eyes again. “I thought you changed, but I was wrong. You’re still the same guy you were back in Hogwarts. Just looking for a good time, not caring who you hurt along the way.”


“No Hermione, I’m not that same guy. Not anymore. Please you have to believe me. Gwen just showed up unexpected and threw herself at me. And I know that sounds completely cliché, but it’s true. I don’t like Gwen, like that. I don’t want to be with her. And last night was important and special for me too. You weren’t just some girl I slept with.”


Hermione looked away and chewed on her bottom lip, her face red and tear stained. “I need to leave.” She whispered so softly he almost didn’t hear her.


“You don’t have to leave, honey.”


She looked at him and glared. “You got to leave and have your moment alone when you found out about your father, let me have mine.” She told him once again furious at him.


He didn’t argue. “Where are you going to go?” he asked softly.


“I don’t know. I just need time to think, I’ll be back in the morning. Please make sure Crissy’s gets fed and bathed before she goes to bed.”


“Hermione please don’t go. I’ll leave if that’s what you want.”


She shook her head. “No I need to do this. Give Crissy a kiss goodnight for me.”


                He didn’t even try to touch her, knowing she wouldn’t accept it if he did. He just nodded and watched as she apparated away. Well fuck he really screwed up this time.


                Hermione went to the first place she could think of. Home, or well her parents’ home, her childhood home. She apparated into the back yard where she wouldn’t be seen by muggles. The house was dark and empty. Walking up to the back door, she took out her wand and unlocked the door, letting herself in.


                The house looked and smelled the same as it always had. Except for the noises. The house was quiet, since her parents were still in Florida, so she was alone. So painfully and completely alone. She walked right past the living room, past the kitchen, went up the stairs and straight to her bedroom. Not bothering to turn on any lights along the way. Throwing herself onto her old bed she cried to hard she could hardly breathe.


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