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A Month in Paris by Dracos Sex Goddess

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,341

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 11/29/2012
Last Chapter: 12/05/2012
Last Updated: 12/05/2012

Two people roaming around the city of love after the war.  When they find each other sparks fly.

Chapter 1: Paris

Paris was always somewhere Hermione wanted to visit.  And a couple of months after the battle of Hogwarts, she did.  She sat at cafes and ate croissants.  She visited the Louvre, took an art class which she surprised herself at how good she was.  She transformed herself during her stay in France.  Hermione left behind all she loved to take time for herself; she needed to heal just like everyone else.


Her parents were safe at home in England now with all of their memories restored.  Harry and Ginny were busy fixing up Grimmauld Place while George occasionally helped.  She wished he would have taken her offer to travel with her, but he needed to spend time with his family.  Ron, what could be said about Ron?  He and Hermione didn’t see eye to eye about a month after the final battle.  Their relationship just wasn’t on the right path for either of them and decided they were better suited as friends.  The rest of the Weasley’s went back to their lives and tried to live them the best they could.


Now here she was.  Alone in Paris and having the time of her life.  The sights were magnificent.  The people friendly… occasionally.  Hermione had been learning French since she arrived; and was almost fluent now.  With a hotel room that had a Jacuzzi tub, separate sitting room and balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower she felt she was living the good life.  Relaxing on a blanket in front of that same tower she read her favorite book ‘Gone with the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell.




After the war he needed to get away.  His father was taken to Azkaban and his mother was gutting Malfoy Manor to get rid of all the heinous memories that lived within the walls.  Draco took her advice and went to stay at their suite in Paris.  The view was to die for.  It overlooked the open lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower.  He leaned against the balcony and breathed in the fresh air while gazing at the grounds.  And then something caught his eye.  Or rather someone.


Lounging on a light blue blanket in the park was a woman in a red dress.  Her chestnut hair cascaded over her back in delicate curls.  Her skin looked to be a light golden color, certainly tanner than his which wasn’t hard to accomplish.  She appeared to be reading a book and a smile lit up his face.  She didn’t seem to realize how appealing she looked laying on her stomach in her red sundress with her legs crossed in the air.  There was an easy elegance about her.  She was oblivious to the world around her.


He wanted to meet this girl and so he hurried out of his suite as fast as he could after checking himself in the mirror.  When he crossed the street and stepped on the lawn the girl in red was no longer there.  He spun around and checked in every direction but she was no where to be seen.  Draco sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets.  He thought perhaps it was all an illusion.  Maybe she was a mirage; he had wanted something good and beautiful in his life so badly that he had dreamed it all up.


He walked around town for a couple of hours buying fresh French food to stock his room and chatting with the locals.  Draco’s mother had forced him to learn French since they owned property in Paris.  He was grateful that she insisted for now he was fluent and easily maneuvered his way throughout the city.




Hermione sat at the small café called ‘Le Petit Paris’ sipping her coffee and eating almond raspberry puffs one morning.  She usually people watched while eating or reading and today was no exception.  For the past 10 minutes she observed the Parisians as they started out their days.  One in particular caught her eye.  A man with white blonde hair was strolling down the street across from the café.  She could have sworn it was him…but what would he be doing in Paris?


His father was in Azkaban and she heard from Harry that he and his mother would soon be on trial as well.  That all may have changed however.  She had been away for nearly a month now.  Leaving the money for her bill on the table Hermione collected her bag and headed off in the direction of the blonde man.


Something in her gut told her to follow him, to see if it really was Draco Malfoy.  To thank him for what he did for her and her friends; but once she walked in the direction he had been headed she couldn’t spot that head of blonde hair.  Sure there were a few blondes here and there, but nothing like the brilliant white of the Malfoy’s.


Sighing in defeat to herself Hermione set off for her day of museums, libraries and vintage stores.


A few nights later after spotting that same head of white blonde hair in the Cluny Museum, along the street at another café, and in a vintage book shop Hermione was frustrated that she never seemed to be able to catch the mystery man before he disappeared from view.  It was as if he wasn’t even there to begin with.  She thought she may have been going crazy.  Tonight would at least keep her mind off him for her cousin was visiting and they planned to go to one of Paris’ poshest clubs.




Draco stood at the bar staring at the back of the girl he had been trying to find all week.  He couldn’t believe that just like that she was here, right in front of him.  She wasn’t an illusion, she was real.  He thanked Merlin for giving him another chance to meet her.  He watched her for a bit as she danced with a friend of hers, another pretty girl but nothing compared to ‘his’ girl.  The girl his eyes were glued to wore a short black tight fitting satin dress with pink and silver pumps.  Her legs seemed to go on for miles and her body swayed to the music in perfect rhythm.


He could hear her laugh drift across the crowded floor.  It sounded like music to his ears.  Draco needed to see her up close.  He thought she was beautiful from far away, but he knew she would be even more gorgeous when he was able to look into her eyes.


Taking another swig of his drink Draco tried to calm his nerves.  It was just a girl he told himself.  ‘Yes, but you have waited for this moment for a week and you have never gone this stir crazy over a girl before.  The only girl that actually makes you crazy is the bookworm and you don’t have a chance in hell with her.’  His mind was going a million miles a minute as his feet brought him closer and closer to the mystery girl.




“Hottie 11 o’clock and coming up right behind you.”  Hermione’s cousin whispered to her while still dancing.


Hermione didn’t dare turn around, she was nervous.  She had never been good with men.  Krum was just a date to a dance.  A very handsome and prestigious date but it never led to anything.  Cormac McLaggen was a mistake to say the least.  And Ron was well… Ron.


She felt a tingle on the back of her neck as the man came to stand behind her.  Her cousin smiled and turned to find a partner in the crowd.  Hermione glared at her cousin’s back and braced herself for what was to come.  The music changed to a slow number, Hermione just had to wait for him to make the first move.


“Puis-je avoir cette danse?”  Draco’s silky voice made its way into Hermione’s head and the wheels began to turn.


In French, Spanish, German whatever language he was asking her to dance in; Hermione would know that voice anywhere.  So she was right.  Draco Malfoy was in Paris.  She knew she looked different, but was it that big of a change that someone she had known for 7 years didn’t even recognize her?  Perhaps when she turned he would.  And so she turned.


Draco’s breath caught in his chest.  She was even more beautiful than he could have imagined.  Her delicate heart shaped face was framed with soft curls.  Her chocolate eyes adorned with thick lashes sparkled even in the dark night club.  Draco’s lips curled into a smile.  Her answering smile was lovely.  


Hermione never wanted to admit to herself that she wanted Draco Malfoy, but what girl didn’t?  He was gorgeous.  Absolutely narcissistic and rude; but there was something about him that always drew her in.  That bad boy image wasn’t lost on her.  Most girls went for the bad boy.  She wasn’t most girls though so she stayed away.  However, right now she had no qualms about doing whatever she wanted.  A war just occurred and she was ready to take every opportunity that knocked on her door.  If she wanted something then she was determined to get it.


Hermione knew he hadn’t figured out who she was or he would have been out of there in an instant and not holding her hand to his chest and placing his other around her waist.  She was quite enjoying herself.  It would definitely make a good story when she went home and told Harry and Ron.  Draco surprised her.  He was gentle and a fabulous dancer.  None of that swaying from side to side without moving your feet was going on.  He actually spun her out occasionally and twirled her about the dance floor.


Draco was afraid to ask questions.  He wanted desperately to know her name but the look in her eyes told him he could wait.  He held her gaze with every move, every spin.  It was like he was drowning in her.  He wanted to hold her even closer; being honest with himself he wanted skin on skin contact.  He plain and simple wanted her.


When a fast song came on they both paused not knowing what to do.  Should they dance together?  Hermione had been having fun formally dancing with Draco, but was she ready to be up against him?  She didn’t have much of a choice once he decided to pull her tight against his toned body.  They began moving against each other to the fast beat of the music and Hermione let herself go.  She pretended it wasn’t her former enemy she was dancing with, just a guy.  A very attractive guy.  A guy that she wanted.


Draco was enjoying the way the girl’s body moved against his.  He never knew anyone could be so sexy; so able to seduce him with just a dance.  He was lost in her; the way her body molded perfectly to his, how her hands felt upon his shoulders.  How his hands felt on her body.  She moved perfectly with the music, moving her hips side to side, tilting her neck back… and that’s when Draco saw it.  The thin red line across her neck.


Draco thought to himself ‘Granger?’ Oh Merlin… he looked back into the beauty’s face.  Her eyes were the same, her face shape the same, she had a dusting of freckles across her nose.  Her hair was a bit darker and less frizzy and she wore a bit of makeup.  But yes, it was definitely Hermione Granger.  She certainly grew up in the few short months since he had seen her and he was not going to pass up a chance with her.


He knew he didn’t look any different from the last time she saw him so why was she not pushing him away and screaming?  He thought maybe she was drunk, but he hadn’t seen her drink a thing since he arrived and her eyes didn’t seem glazed over, just intense with the way she was staring at him.  After a few more dances Draco was ready to take her right there in the night club.  He wanted to taste her plump pinks lips, her sweet glistening skin. 


Hermione felt the same.  This was her chance; her one and only chance to get him alone.  He didn’t seem to have a clue as to who she was so she would take full advantage of the night and fulfill one of her deepest desires.  The song ended and she looked into Draco’s eyes silently asking him to leave with her.  He gave her a short nod before Hermione held up a finger to say ‘Just one minute’ and she went in search of her cousin.


She found her by the bar talking to an American who was on vacation in France.


“Jess, I’m leaving.  Are you going to be alright getting back to the hotel?  Do you want to come now?” Hermione asked her cousin in a rush.


“Who are you leaving with?  Please tell me it’s the blonde hunk.”


“Yes it’s him.  I know him from school.  Are you going to be ok?” Hermione made sure to glance at the guy beside her cousin.  He seemed normal enough but that didn’t mean a thing.  Jess was a few years older than Hermione though and she could hold her own.  Karate classes and all that.


“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be fine.  You know me.” Jess said with a wink.  “Anyway, be safe and have fun.  You deserve it.” The girls hugged and made sure to set up a time and place to meet in the morning.


Tearing herself away from the bar Hermione made her way back through the crowd and to the exit where Draco was leaning casually against the door.  He looked like a model with his blonde hair falling in his eyes, a white button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows and a pair of dark wash jeans.  She was ecstatic that she would finally get her chance at the Slytherin.


“Etes-vous pret a quitter?” Draco asked the beauty in front of him if she was ready to leave.


“Oui.” Hermione nodded and smiled as Draco led her by the hand out of the club.


The walk down the street to Draco’s hotel was mainly a silent one.  The pair glanced at each other from time to time or at their hands which were still intertwined.  Hermione felt a warmth spread throughout her body at the contact of Draco’s skin.  She was positive that he felt nothing, but she was wrong.  Draco’s body was burning at the feel of the Gryffindor’s skin on his.


Hermione walked into Draco’s suite ahead of him.  It was magnificent.  Creams and sky blues in rich fabrics decorated the space.  She was in awe that the Malfoy’s would sleep somewhere that was so opulent and nothing like the manor.  Before she had a chance to take it all in she remembered why she was there.  She was a woman and she wanted a man.


Before Draco had time to relax the dark haired beauty’s lips were on his.  She grasped the back of his neck to pull him closer so she could deepen the kiss.  He was shocked to say the least, but thrilled none the less.  He wanted her badly in the night club and it looked like he would get his wish.  He forced his tongue into her sweet mouth and heard a low growl come from deep within her throat.  Draco was even more aroused than before.  He went to grab for her dress and rip it off, but Hermione pushed him away, forcing him to fall backwards onto the couch.  She climbed on top of the bewildered Slytherin and continued to assault his mouth until his lips trailed down her neck leaving hot open mouth kisses.


“Draco…yes touch me…please.” She moaned not even noticing her slip up.  But Draco did.  He grinned against her neck and continued his trail of kisses down to her chest until she forcefully pulled his head back up to hers and claimed his mouth once again.  


His hands moved along her body eventually unzipping her tight black dress and broke their kiss, sliding it up over her head.  Draco discarded the piece of clothing on the floor.


Hermione moved in to connect their lips again but he held her back and drank in the sight of her.  His eyes grazed over the black sheer panties and matching bra she was hiding under her clothes.  Her flawless skin glistened from their heated actions, her chest was heaving bringing his eyes to rest upon her breasts.  Draco kissed his way from her ribcage across her chest and to her ear.


He nibbled on her earlobe causing her to whimper before whispering seductively to her.


“You’re fuckin’ sexy Granger.” Hermione stilled at his words.  She started to hyperventilate and pushed him back until she could look into his deep grey lust filled eyes.


He knows it’s me?  Bloody hell!  HE KNOWS IT’S ME!’ Hermione screamed in her head as she looked at Draco.  He hadn’t let her go when she pushed him away, in fact he had held on tighter seemingly afraid that she would run from him.  His mouth slowly lifted into a smirk.  ‘Ahh, there’s the prat I know.’


“You…you- but how?  I mean… when?” Hermione sputtered out finally.  Draco’s smirk dropped much to her surprise and he brought a hand up to her face to gently brush across her cheek.


“I knew at the club.” He whispered and trailed his hand down to her neck and across the red line on her throat; the scar that his aunt had given her.  “I’ve been looking for you since I got to Paris.  I saw you on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower reading, but when I got down there you were gone.  Of course I didn’t know it was you, but I just knew that I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on.  And then I saw you in the club tonight.  At first I didn’t recognize you, but then I saw the scar and everything clicked.  I looked past the subtle changes and saw you.” Draco explained as Hermione’s breathing became less labored.


She began shaking her head until Draco brought his hands up to cup her cheeks.


“Why did you bring me here?  You knew it was me; there was plenty of time to get out of all of this.  Why… just why?  And why aren’t you running now or kicking me out?” Hermione asked in wonderment.


“I’ve been searching for you ever since I got here.  And deep down I know that I’ve wanted you for much longer than I care to admit.  But then to realize that the girl I was instantly drawn to by her carefree afternoon of reading on a lawn in Paris is actually you, Hermione Granger, I just feel like the luckiest guy right now.  And even more so by the fact that you aren’t running away from me either, especially when I’m sure you knew who I was right away, am I right?” Draco smirked and raised an eyebrow.  Hermione just nodded.


“I could fool myself into believing something else, but I know what I want.  The war is over.  I can be who I want to be.  I can love who I want to love.  Take a chance on me Granger.  I won’t let you down.” Draco looked longingly into Hermione’s eyes.   She smiled brightly at him and brought her lips to his then pulled back a bit.


“Draco Malfoy, a chance with you is all I’ve ever wanted.”





A/N:  I have no affiliation with Harry Potter, 'Gone with the Wind' by Margaret Mitchell or "Le Petit Paris' a cafe in Paris.

French Translations:

"Puis-je avoir cette danse?" = May I have this dance?"
"Etes-vous pret a quitter?" = "Are you ready to leave?"

"Oui." = "Yes."