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Missing by Courtney Dark

Format: Novella
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 90,394

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/OC, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 09/07/2012
Last Chapter: 07/02/2013
Last Updated: 07/02/2013


Victoria Heron-that's the girl everyone is talking about. The girl I can't compare to. She went missing at the end of last year, and here I am, taking her spot, replacing her. Me, the girl who prefers books to people.

And maybe, Victoria's still out there, waiting to come back.

This year is going to be hell.

Thanks to moriarty. @ TDA for the perfect banner. Completed/Undergoing minor edits.

Chapter 8: Tori

Image by heartfelt. @TDA (previously phoenixn)


One year ago

Tori leaned against James, holding her drink in one hand. His arm was around her, tightened a little to keep her from toppling over.

He laughed at something Fred had said and grinned at Tori who smiled absently.

Tori wasn’t really listening.

She was watching Albus out of the corner of her eye. The way he held his drink uncomfortably, like he didn’t know what he was doing with it.

The way he kept shifting nervously, adjusting his glasses and looking around like he’d rather be anywhere else.

The way he laughed when Rose slapped him on the arm and teased him for being a nerd.

He suddenly turned and saw Tori staring at him. He grinned at her, and Tori felt her face flushing, something that never happened to her. She looked away, and pretended to listen to what James was saying.

Why couldn’t she get Albus out of her mind?

Of course, she could always go for him, if she wanted. He was hot, in a strange kind of way. Tori had never found boys like Albus hot before. She could get him, if she wanted to. She always got what she wanted, and Albus would be no different.

But she’d already gotten the ungettable. James-the guy who never dated, only had hook-ups with random girls.

Well, nearly got him, anyway.

Tonight was the night to seal the deal.

It was the whole reason she’d thrown this party down by the lake again.

“…do you think, Tori?” James asked suddenly, smiling down at her.

Tori blinked, realising he’d just asked her a question.

Fuck. She hadn’t been listening at all.

“Sorry, what?” she asked sweetly, shuffling closer to James. She could see Boring Becky and the twins looking at her expectantly.

They thought she and James were already a couple. She couldn’t fail to impress if she wanted to become the queen bee of the school.

“You weren’t listening to a word of what I just said, were you?” James said, and Tori was relieved that he was grinning.

She laughed airily. “Of course I was!” she said. “I’ve just…got other things on my mind.”

James gasped in mock horror. “Better things to do than listening to me? I’m shocked.”

Fred rolled his eyes. “Mate, you need to learn the definition of the word ‘modesty’. Incidentally, something you have none of.”

“Wow, Fred!” said Aine, who was sitting next to Mickey. The two of them kept looking at each other with these sickening little simpers. It made Tori want to puke. Why didn’t the two of them just get together and hook up already? They were her least favourite people at Hogwarts, at that made them perfect for each other. “Incidentally-that’s a big word, well done!”

Fred and James both laughed, and Tori glared at Aine.

She wasn’t funny at all.

She was nothing.

Just like everyone else here-Boring Becky, the twins, even James were nothing.

They were hers, hers for the taking.

Hers to get what she wanted.

Tori smiled at Aine. “You’re hilarious Aine,” she said, with a toss of her perfect blonde hair. “But if you don’t mind, James and I really need to go somewhere private. To talk.”

The twins suddenly giggled loudly, and Rebecca looked at her with big, stupid eyes. Fred wolf-whistled. “Go Jamesy!” he said. “Private time with blondey!”

James hit him. “Shut up, Fred,” he muttered, letting go of Tori’s arm.

She stood up and fluttered her eyelashes at him. “Please come with me, James,” she said, pouting. “It’s really important.”

To her relief, James grudgingly reached up and grabbed her hand.

Fred and Mickey laughed and whooped loudly, with cheers of “get it, Jamesy’ and so on. They were such immature little boys.

As she led James away from the party, Tori glanced back briefly.

Fred and Mickey were still laughing; the twins were giggling.

But Tori’s eyes went straight to Albus.

He was staring after them with a…wounded expression in his eyes.

Tori shook her head, and removed Albus from her thoughts. Then she and James walked in silence to the greenhouses, where they’d done it for the first time.

Once they were there, Tori leaned against one of the walls, as she had done that night, and tried to look worried.

James turned around to face her. He looked a little…irritated. That wasn’t good.

“What do you want, Tori?” he asked, exasperatedly.

Tori gave her signature look, the look that made boys want to kiss her.

It worked. The exasperation slid from James’ face-he carefully laid a hand on her jawbone and pulled her towards him.

He was a good kisser. He was hot, unbelievably hot. She should want this, more than anything.

But she didn’t.

Something kept niggling at the back of her mind, telling her this wasn’t right.

But she was determined to make this work, so she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and kissed James harder, willing them to go away.

She unbuttoned his top button, and his grip on her waist tightened. She bit his lip and ran her hand up and down the hard muscles of his back.

Then suddenly, James pulled away, and looked down at her.

Tori stared up at him, with eyes as wide and innocent as she could make them.

“Tori…what’s wrong?” James asked, and his voice was husky…sexy.

Tori bit her lip. “I’m fine,” she said, in a voice as unconvincing as she could make it. A voice that was as fake as her long hair extensions.

James put his hands on her shoulders. He was taller than Albus, much taller. Almost too tall. Tori had to go onto tip-toes to kiss him.

Kissing Albus would be so much nicer…

“You’re not fine,” James said, and his voice was as serious as Tori had ever heard it. “So tell me what’s wrong. Please.”

Tori had to try very hard not to smile. Everything was working exactly as she had planned.

She always got her way…

“I just…I just don’t want you to think I’m a slut,” she said, her bottom lip trembling.

“I don’t,” said James, but Tori could tell her was lying. They’d done it on her first night here; of course he was going to think that.

But if this…relationship was going to go further, he had to look past that.

Or else Tori would look like a fool in front of the whole school.

“Yes, you do,” said Tori, trying to look like she was about to cry. Really, she was a sensational actress. Maybe she should think about getting into theatre…

“I know you do…and I…I mean…I’m not even your girlfriend!”


James reached a hand out to her, but she brushed it away, shaking with fake tears. “I know what you must think of me! That I’m just a…a stupid little girl who likes to get around! But I’m not that girl James, I’m not…”

“Hey…hey,” James put his arms around her and pulled her close. Tori buried her face in his chest, hiccupping. “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think those things about you.”

Tori looked up at him, her face wet with tears. “You don’t?”

He shook his head. “No. And to prove it to you…Tori Heron, would you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?”

Tori hid a smirk. It had worked! He’d fallen for her master plot. How could he not know this was what she’d wanted all along?

“Really?” she snuffled.

He grinned, and nodded. “Really,” he said. “I’ve wanted to ask you since that first night. I just…I didn’t know if you felt the same way about me.”

Tori giggled and reached up to kiss him. “I love you, James Potter,” she whispered into his mouth.

“I love you too.”

They went back to the lake together, holding hands.

The party was still in full swing.

Tori immediately spotted Fred, dancing with some poor, frightened Hufflepuff girl-he was swinging her around and lifting her up like she was a rag doll.

Mickey and Aine were also dancing, but much more awkwardly, like they didn’t know how to act around each other.

Pathetic. Aine could use some lessons in love.

Some sixth year Ravenclaw boys had set up a makeshift beer pong table. Clementine and Lavender were playing as a team, and Tori noticed one, dark haired boy glancing at them so often in was embarrassingly obvious he was into them

And then, on the side of the lake was Albus.

With Rebecca.

Tori felt a surge of anger rushing up inside her chest.

What the fuck did Boring Becky think she was doing with Albus?

Tori tightened her grip on James’ hand, and he looked at her in concern. “You alright?”

Tori smiled at him tightly. “Fine,” she said. “I’m really thirsty though.”

James got the hint immediately. “I’ll go grab us some drinks,” he said, heading off and leaving Tori alone.

Thank god. She was over talking to him. All he ever went on about was Quidditch, which had to be the most boring thing on planet earth.

Tori stalked over to where Rebecca and Albus were sitting.

“Becky!” she said loudly, and with a happiness that was so clearly fake she was surprised Rebecca couldn’t see right through her.

But then again she didn’t seem to be the brightest, socially.

She’d probably never had a friend in her life.

Both Rebecca and Albus turned around. Tori blinked. “Oh, hello Albus!” she said, as though she hadn’t seen him there. “Long time, no see.”

Rebecca frowned. “How do you two know each other?”

“We met in the library,” said Albus, smiling at Tori.

She laughed--this time, it wasn’t a fake one. “Don’t you mean, I walked right into you and knocked you to the ground?”

Albus grinned, his bright green eyes shining. “Have you knocked anymore poor, unsuspecting students to the floor recently?” he asked. “Or have you learnt to watch where you’re going?”

“Hey, you can’t blame this all on me!” said Tori. “Someone needs to learn to carry less books around with him.”

Albus snorted. “What are you trying to say there, Barbie?” he asked. “That I’m too nerdy for my own good, perhaps? I get that a lot, you know.”

Tori. “I also happen to get called Barbie a lot,” she said. “Though I can’t imagine why…”

“Maybe it’s something to do with your stunning good looks and general attractiveness?” suggested Albus, flushing slightly.

Tori smiled at him.

He’d pretty much just told her that he found her attractive!

Which wasn’t that weird, really.

Every guy who wasn’t blind or stupid found her attractive. And why wouldn’t they? She had the sex appeal of a super model.

Rebecca on the other hand…

“How do you know Albus, Becky?” she asked, acting as though she’d come over here to talk to Rebecca, not Albus, her boyfriends younger brother.

“Chess club,” said Rebecca, looking embarrassed.

Tori raised her eyebrows. “Seriously? Chess club?”

“Don’t mock,” said Albus seriously, but there was a smile playing at the edge of his lips. “Wizard’s chess is a very manly sport.”

Tori snorted. “I wasn’t mocking,” she said. “I was just…surprised this crappy school even has a chess club.”


Tori turned, still smiling, to see James coming towards her with two cups of Firewhiskey.

“What are you doing here? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” His gaze fell on his brother, and his smile fell slightly.

Tori suddenly remembered him accusing her of flirting with Albus, when she’d first met him in the library.

She grabbed a Firewhiskey from James. “I came over to talk to Becky,” she said, smiling at her. “I needed some time with my bestie.”

Rebecca blushed, and hid behind her fringe.

She seriously needed to get rid of that-it made her look like some kind of goth vampire chick.

“Oh,” said James, as Tori took a large sip of her drink. “Right.”

Albus grinned at his brother. “Do we still have Quidditch practise tomorrow morning?” he asked, as James took a large chug of Firewhiskey. “You’re not going to be too hungover?”

“Me? Hungover? Are you calling me a lightweight, Al?”


The nickname suited Albus, Tori thought. And Albus was a dreadfully old fashioned name.

Albus grinned. “First match of the season is coming up-against Slytherin. Aren’t you worried?”

“Nah. Our team is awesome. Especially you, little brother.” He reached forward to ruffle Albus’ hair, but Albus managed to duck.

Tori laced her fingers through James’ hand.

Albus noticed. His mouth hardened.

He likes me, Tori thought, he likes me.

Not that she cared.

Tonight, she had gotten the boy that every girl wanted, the boy that every girl would kill for.

It didn’t matter that she felt nothing towards him, nothing romantically at least. They had sexual tension, obviously, but he was hot and she was hot, so that was a given.

All that mattered was that tonight, Tori had become the girl everyone wanted to be.

Within the week, everyone knew that Tori Heron and James Potter were the power couple of the school.

Everywhere she went, Tori could feel eyes on her. Girls looked at her with jealous expressions, boys wolf-whistled.

She absolutely loved the feeling.

Whenever she was with Rebecca, she went on and on about how much James loved her, about how they were going to be together forever.

This was a lie of course.

Tori actually avoided spending too much time with James, because when she was with him, he wanted to talk, and Tori could never find the right words to say.

The words that would make him believe she was in love with him, just like he was in love with her.

All they had was sexual chemistry, nothing more.

But James couldn’t know that, or she’d be back to square one.

Back to being the new girl no-one knew and no-one cared about.

Each night in the common room, when everyone was watching, Tori would curl up next to James on one of the armchairs in front of the fire. He’d draw patterns on her back with his finger, and she’d slip her hand inside his shirt.

Sometimes, usually when Rebecca was staring at them like she’d never seen people before, Tori would reach up and kiss James firmly on the lips.

He’d always respond by opening his mouth and letting her in.

And whenever she kissed him, Tori closed her eyes and thought of someone else.

Of Albus.

Of what it would be like to feel his warm arms around her, to feel his mouth on her.

She just couldn’t get him out of her head.

It was driving her insane.

The next Sunday night, when the boys were all down at Quidditch training, and Tori was bored of talking to Rebecca, she decided to go to the library, to finish an essay for Professor Smith.

After her first disastrous Transfiguration lesson, Smith had decided to hold a grudge against her, had deducted at least fifty points and had given her two detentions for arriving in class five minutes late.

The last detention had been spreading manure in Greenhouse One, and had been a disgusting experience. Tori had ended up with dirt and grime underneath her perfect fingernails-she didn’t want to go through that again, so she figured she might as well complete the damn essay, while James wasn’t there to show off with.

Once she’d reached the quiet, muffled atmosphere of the library, Tori sat down at the table she’d first talked with Albus at, and tried not to inhale through her nose to much.

She grabbed a piece of parchment out of her handbag, and began to write in very large loopy handwriting, dotting each of her ‘i’s’ with a little heart.

“Well, this is the weirdest thing I have seen all day.”

Tori looked up to see Albus looking down at her. He was still wearing his Quidditch robes, and his usually flat hair was windswept

It made him look sexy.

She smiled at him. “Is a girl not allowed to do her homework in peace?” she asked. Albus didn’t smile, which confused her.

Usually he smiled at everything she said.

“That’s not the weirdest part,” said Albus. He didn’t sit down, just kept standing there, looking at her with a strange expression in his gorgeous green eyes.

Green eyes were so much more interesting that James’ brown ones.

“I’m surprised to see you here…alone. Usually you’re surrounded by people. You’re hard to talk to.”

“You can come and talk to me whenever you want, Albus. I’ve missed you.”

“Since when have you been dating my brother?”

His question took Tori by surprise. “What?”

“I saw you holding hands at the party last week, Tori,” Albus said stiffly. He wasn’t smiling. “Were either of you ever going to tell me?”


Tori gulped, feeling uncharacteristically nervous. She shouldn’t care that Albus knew she and James were dating…but she did. “I…I didn’t think you’d care,” she said quietly.

Albus shrugged, looking faintly pissed off.

God he looked hot when he was pissed.

“I don’t care.”

Tori smiled, and leaned a little closer to him. “Are you sure about that?” she whispered. “You’re not…jealous?”

“And why the fuck would I be jealous, Tori?” Albus asked.

He was definitely pissed off now. Oh, he was totally not jealous.

“You want me.”

Albus laughed. It was a cold, harsh laugh, not at all his usual warm one that made Tori’s heart flutter like a little girl. “You’re full of shit, Tori,” he said. “You think that…that just because you’re good looking everyone wants to be with you. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You’re just a slutty bitch who needs a good kick in the fucking stomach.”

Tori stared at him. His words stung, more than they should.

But he was right.

Everything he was saying was right.


“JUST STOP TALKING!” Albus shouted, completely losing it. “FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE…”

“OUT!” Madam Pince suddenly shouted, hurrying over and brandishing her wand furiously at Albus. “OUT! Look at all that mud, boy! Do you want to befoul the library…”

“I’m going,” said Albus, giving Tori one last, almost searching look. Then he turned around and stalked out, leaving muddy footprints all over the ground.

Tori stared after him,

She could go after him…apologise.

But then what? What would she say? That she didn’t like James, she was just using him to get what she wanted? That she really liked him, but didn’t want to risk her social status?

It would just confirm everything Albus had just said about her. That she was a slutty bitch.

Look at this mud!” hissed Madam Pince furiously, glowering at Tori like it was all her fault. She bustled away, muttering savagely under her breath about disrespectful students.

Tori closed her eyes and shut her books. She couldn’t concentrate anymore. If Albus was back from Quidditch, that meant James was too.

Maybe a good, long snog session would cheer her up, even if it was with the boy she didn’t love at all.

“Are you going to Hogsmeade this weekend?” Tori asked Rebecca, pinning photos from the last party at the lake up onto her walls.

They were sitting alone together in the dormitory-Rebecca was reading, as usual-something thick and boring for History of Magic.

Tori really wasn’t sure how she felt about Rebecca. She pretended to like her, pretended to be her best friend when really she found her rather dull.

Ever since she’d been hanging out with Tori, Rebecca had started to get more attention from the male population at Hogwarts, which really irritated Tori. Rebecca was pretty, she had to give her that, but she wasn’t as pretty as Tori, and she always hid behind those dreadful black bangs.

Anyway, no-one seemed to notice that the only reason Rebecca was getting attention was entirely because of Tori. Lately she’d had more confidence, sure, but she never talked in big groups and blushed and stammered whenever a good looking guy talked to her.

“I don’t know,” Boring Becky said, as Tori stopped to stare at a photo of her and James. James had his arms around her waist. She was looking in the other direction, laughing at something Albus had just said.

She didn’t like it. Her real laugh made her mouth look big and ugly.

She pinned it just above the bed, so that you could barely see it at all.

“You should come,” said Tori, smiling at Rebecca. “I need someone to show me around-I’m new, remember?”

Rebecca laughed. “It’s hard to remember you’ve only been here for a month, sometimes,” she said. “Everyone already knows your name-most people have no idea who I am.”

Tori looked at her sternly. “That’s because you don’t get out enough, Becky,” she said. “But I’m your best friend now. People are going to start noticing you, okay? So: are you coming to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?”

Rebecca smiled. Tori was jealous at how pretty it made her look. “Okay,” she said. “Yes, I’ll come.”

Tori and Rebecca wandered around the streets of Hogsmeade which were, in Tori’s opinion, boring and drab.

“Is there nothing good to see here?” Tori asked, pulling her expensive fur coat closer. It was only October, but it was freezing.

Boring Becky frowned at her. “You don’t like it?”

Tori rolled her eyes. “Are you serious? This is the shittiest place for shopping I’ve ever been to. And I’m about to freeze my ass off.”

Rebecca pointed to a small building on the corner of the block. “We could go into the Three Broomsticks for lunch?” she suggested nervously, as though worried Tori was going to shut down this idea, too.

Tori wrinkled up her nose. “Whatever gets us out of this shitty weather,” she said, grabbing Rebecca’s thin arm and heading towards the little pub.

Inside it was warm, and there were several fires lit in their grates. Tori headed at once to a small table in the corner, where she could eyestalk the cute bartender from. Rebecca sat down beside her and Tori unbuttoned her coat.

An unattractive waiter came round with menus and Tori studied it disapprovingly. “Is there nothing on this menu that isn’t full of carbohydrates and won’t make you fat?” she asked, as Rebecca ordered fish and chips.

The waiter looked at her in disdain. “Are you going to order, ma’am?” he asked lazily.

Tori gave him a look, and flicked open her menu. She ended up ordering a butterbeer, which Rebecca told her were fantastic. She would’ve ordered firewhiskey, but she was underage, and the waiter looked cranky.

Then again, Rebecca was ordering a plate full of fat and grease, so what did she know?”


Tori looked around, and groaned.

The twins were rushing towards her, both clutching large handbags and wearing matching beanies.

“We wondered if we’d see you here!” said Clementine, sitting down and beaming at her.

Gorgeous coat, by the way,” sighed Lavender, sitting next to her sister.

Tori smiled. “Thank you,” she said with a girlish giggle. “I was just telling Becky here that James and I are madly in love.”

Rebecca frowned. “No you…OW!” she shrieked, as Tori stamped on her foot and shot her a glare.

Clementine sighed, as the waiter brought out Rebecca’s fish and chips and Tori’s butterbeer. “That is so adorable!” she said.

“You two make the perfect couple,” Lavender added, nodding serenely.

Tori giggled again, and took sip of her butterbeer.

Urgh. It was disgusting. All foamy and far to rich. She put it down.

“That’s good that everything is great with you guys,” said Rebecca, popping a chip into her mouth and giving Tori a strange look.

“It is good,” agreed Tori. “We’re getting pretty serious. I’m a little worried he likes me too much.”


Tori often did this with Rebecca. She would sit down and brag to her, making her relationship with James sound perfect, and the rest of her life enviable.

She would never dream of telling Rebecca that she had terrible, terrible experiences in her past-mistakes that had ruined her life, mistakes that had brought her here…

At that moment, the door of the Three Broomsticks swung open, and a gust of cold wind blew in.

Tori shivered, and glared at the person who was coming in the door-it was Albus, wearing a furry beanie. He was with his cousin, Rose.

Tori felt her heart thudding in her chest.

She watched as Albus and Rose chose a table on the other side of the room, and began to talk.

Albus didn’t even see her there.

Clementine and Lavender were now gossiping about a Ravenclaw boy Clementine liked, but Tori didn’t really hear them.

She was too busy watching the way Albus’ eyes lit up when he talked.

“Are you alright, Tori?” Rebecca asked, and Tori was forced to look away from Albus’ table. “You look odd.”

“I’m fine,” said Tori, a little more sharply than she had intended.

Rebecca blushed, and went back to cutting up her fish. In turn, Tori went back to watching Albus…

He had gone.

Rose was now sitting alone at the table, looking around absent-mindedly. Tori scanned the pub and immediately saw Albus going up the stairs that led to the boys bathroom.

She stood up immediately, without realising what she was doing.

“Where are you going?” one of the twins asked, as she began to leave.

“Bathroom,” she murmured, and began to follow Albus up the stairs.

Tori hesitated outside of the boy’s bathroom for only a fraction of a second before pushing the door open.

Her heels clicked on the hard floor as she walked in, and Albus turned around immediately.

The moment he saw her, he froze.

Tori smiled at him. “Hey Al,” she said, using James’ nickname for his younger brother, in order to lighten him up.

“What the hell are you doing in here, Tori?”

“Would it be obvious I was lying if I told you I needed to use the bathroom?”

Albus’ eyes twinkled, and Tori could tell her was hiding a smile. “Fairly obvious, yes.”

Tori took a step towards him, and was glad that Albus didn’t move away. “I need to talk to you.”


She took a deep breath. Why did she want to talk to him?

“Because I needed to hear your voice.”

It came out of nowhere. She couldn’t take it back. And she didn’t want to. Albus needed to know.

“Why?” he asked neutrally. His expression didn’t change.

Tori was very close to him now. Her heart was pounding loudly and she hoped Albus couldn’t hear. “I like you,” she whispered.

Albus didn’t say anything. He just looked at her.

Tori took this as a good sign.

Slowly, impossibly slowly, Tori reached up on tip toes and kissed him gently on the mouth, her hands placed softly on his back, as though she was afraid to touch him. She, Tori Heron, who wasn’t afraid of anything.

She liked him too much, that was the problem. So if he…if he didn’t like her back, it would hurt.

It would hurt more than anything Tori had ever experienced.  

She pulled away, and looked up at him, letting out a shaky breath.

She knew immediately he wasn’t going to kiss her back.

Feeling like the worlds biggest idiot, she took a step back.

“Tori, I…”

Tori held up a hand, trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to leak out of her eyes. “It doesn’t matter, Albus,” she said softly. “I get it. I heard what you said in the library the other day.”

She turned and walked towards the door.

I will not cry, she thought, I will not cry in front of Albus Potter.

Albus got to the door before her, blocking her way.

“I wish I hadn’t said those things in the library,” he said quietly, and Tori looked up at him desperately. “I was…angry. Angry about you and James. And maybe a little jealous.”

Tori stared at him. “Jealous?”

His cheeks went red, and he adjusted his glasses, looking down at his feet. “I like you too, Tori,” he mumbled, going even redder.

If anything, this made Tori want to cry even harder-out of desperation or happiness, she couldn’t quite tell.

“Then why…why won’t you…”

Albus let out a choked laugh. “It would be wrong Tori!” he said, staring straight at her with sincere green eyes. “You have a boyfriend-my brother for Christ’s sake! Plus, you’re older and…”

“I don’t care about any of that!” Tori insisted, and she realised she was gripping the front of Albus’ cloak. She quickly let go, embarrassed at how pathetic she must seem. “I just want you.”

“Then why are you with James?”

Tori didn’t answer. Couldn’t. because anything that came out would sound wrong.

He knows, was all she could think, he knows why I’m with him.

Albus shook his head. “If you can’t answer that question, then I can’t…I can’t do this.”


Albus shook his head. “Goodbye, Tori,” he said.

He opened the door and exited the bathroom, walking back down the stairs, towards the pub full of happy, laughing Hogwarts students.

Leaving Tori all alone, in the boy’s bathroom.

She felt numb with shock.

Never, never in her life had she been rejected.

Never had she felt as bad as she did then.

Slowly, she slid against the wall and sat down, her legs pulled up against her chest.

Then, she let the tears fall.

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