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Obviously. by Lillylunapotter

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 2,967
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/13/2012
Last Chapter: 12/14/2012
Last Updated: 12/14/2012


Camp was going great until Voldemorts loyal minions decided to ruin it all.



Creds to Moriarty @TDA  to the amazing banner:) 


Chapter 1: 1. Monique P.O.V Arousing Feet

Hey reader you!

This is my first HPFF so pulllleeeeeeasssse don't be tooo mean ;)

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Monique P.O.V

 "I'm being serious, I actually got full markes. 100%. Nothing wrong. I actually got full marks! I'm not lying!" I cried hoplessly at Frances who was laughing at me.

We just got our results for the science test I got best in the class. Quite proud if I must say so myself! Science was my best subject, so  naturally I find it quite easy. Frances was just being horrible because she is a smart poo and she only got 25/27. 

"I actually got full marks. Actually! Like for reals. Actually!" She mimicked, laughing out loud again.

She can actually -omg I have to stop saying that word- be so annoying, imitating me. She knows I got full marks she just hates how I got a higher score than she did. *sigh* Peasants.

"Are you excited for camp or what!" Sabs screamed as she jumped onto my back with her test result in her hand. Camp was on Monday and all my best friends were in my group so I was super pumped.

In Hong Kong there aren't many places where you can go camping due to the pollution, but loads of scenic places to hiking which I did all the time with my mum. This time for camp our year group was going to be spilt in two groups and each group doesn't see each other for the whole week. My group was the bomb! I loved my group.

Group hot sexy bomb dot com:

1.Me obviously...

















All my friends in one team. Let me just shed a little tear.

Today is Wednesday so we stil have a few more maths classes left. Great.


"And can you all turn to chapter... uhh 3." Murmurd my Chinese teacher Mr.Chan.

I wish it was lunch. Don't get me wrong I love chinese class, it's just that ONE girl sitting RIGHT infront of me is getting on my nerves.

"Oh my god, so yesterday I totes hanged out with my bee ef ef  el Christa but I just call her Rista. She is soooo popular and hangs out with all the hot guys!" Daisy screeched over poor Mr.Chan. Honesty that man could not shout at a man cutting off his leg, but you gotta love that guy he never I mean n e v e r gives us homework. But DAISY omg makes me want to shoot someone. She and her so called "bffl" Sophia go to the middle of the field every lunch right in the middle of all the boys playing rugby to "play ball"/ throwing the ball back and forth stupidly and counting each time they catch it. And they so happen to do it right in front of oh! Would you look at that! Luke and Sean. Luke and Sean are two of my really good friends but they are still quite a mystery to me.

Anyway back to Daisy. 

She has this absouletly disgusting habit of taking off her shoes and leaving them somewhere in the school and walking around barefoot. Even in the carpark and in the toilets. What is great is that I get to sit behind her in Chinese so I get a lovely whiff of that oh so arousing smell coming from her black as coal feet.

If James and Freddie were here they would get an ear cleaner thingy and wet it, and slowly so Daisy wouldn't notice draw little pictures on her feet. I miss those two... and Dom and Lily and Molly and Rose and Scorp and all of them. Every summer Frances, most of my friends and I head over to Hogwarts for an intensive training so that we don't forget everything at a non-magic school. We don't go to Hogwarts because we live in Asia ( they only accept students from the UK)  and unless something terrifyingly dangerous happens we are not able to go there. 

Last time I saw James and Freddie they were teaching me how to master the knock-back jinx, which was six months ago.

I hope I'll get to see them all before summer comes along.

"Monique. Moniiiiiiiiquuuueeee. MONIQUE" 

"Yerp ok attention ready for action I'm here what."

"We've been at lunch break for the past ten minutes..... we didn't want to wake you up" Camilla laughed helping me gather my books.

Why is everyone laughing at me today. Not fair, I'm usually the one laughing at them.


"Hurry up! We are going to be so late!" Camilla called

"for what." I said lagging behind her. I was not going to run in a skirt. Last time that happened, oooooh man that was bad.

"For our assembly...duh." 

"oh.YEAH RIGHT lol ok coming" I said fast walking to the auditorium down stairs.

"Monique where the hell have you been?" screamed Milly and Frances from downstairs, this assembly was very important and if I was late I would be screwed!

James and Dominique would laugh so hard. Freddie would just pat me on the back and say "it's ok lass, I know how you feel. It's tough, it really is" and just solemnly go back to whatever he was doing with his life.

"Thank Merli-GOD we weren't late to the assembly today" sighed Sean as he slung his arm over mine and Lukes shoulders. Sean loved doing that, it made him fell quote Sean "Like a big cuddly great dane".


Almost all my friends were Wizards and Witches, as our parents usually fraternise with each other so we all grow up together. Same for my older sister and same for my parents. Both sides of m family have long history as wizards and we were pretty famous in the Asian society for Wizards and Witches. Obviously not as famous as the Potters, Weaslys, Malfoys or the Longbottoms. It is kind of cool to say my best friends in Hogwarts are all from one of the four families I just mentioned. Oh I live such a star studded lifestyle!

After school on Tuesdays, all the "magical kids" -as my mum likes to say- in our school meet up at around five and practice spells we just learned at home and sometimes with the older kids they have apperating classes. My sister just got her license to apperate to she brings me to random places like the top of some mountain or sometimes she visits our old house to see the occupants. 

Big words Monique! Occupants. Sends shivers down my spine.

Wow ok weird moment there talking to myself. In case you don't know me, I do that a lot especially in a test or when I'm reading. It makes me feel as though I have someone there in times of great loneliness. Yes I am that crazy bint you see in the corner rocking and crying No one loves me. I did that once with my friend Audrey at summer camp in New York. Everyone just looked at me like I was a Thestral or something except for the fact that you can't see them, unless you have very unfortuntely witnessed death.

Oh and by the way I don't think you really know me. Bit late there Monique!

I'm Monique I love eating food. I only eat tomatoes if something really bad is going on. I love animals. I love gymnastics and swimming and I am always seeker when we play at Hogwarts in the summer. I am the best in all the subjects to do with magic (not showing off just telling the truth).

I LOVE reading books. Listenting to kinda old music from a few years back like Alt-J and Two Door Cinema Club. I also enjoy a bit of rap here and there. I love science and Chinese and PE but all my Hogwarts subjecs are my personal favourites!

My wand is 13" Dogwood Dragon Heartstring and I was sorted in the summer to Slytherin with Sabs, Jason, William, and Sean.

Oh and I'm thirteen.

Haha :) Thanks for reading! Chapter 2 is being written as you read this!!

-Edited 15th November

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