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The Year I Actually Learned Something from my Sister by smirkyhaha

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,786
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 11/11/2012
Last Chapter: 11/13/2012
Last Updated: 11/13/2012

 Max and Morgan Thomas have always been best friends yet polar opposite personalities. While they look identical the boys gravitate towards Morgan and her flirty personality complete with the perfection of teasing them, while Max has always been known as one of "the guys" and the smart twin. Yet with the arival of their sixth year the roles switch who's learning from who now?

Chapter 1: Beautiful Weasleys, Arrogant Weasleys, My Best Friends the Weasleys

Dear Maxie,


            I hope your train ride there has gone well, I have been thinking about you and you sister the whole day. I couldn’t even wait one whole say to send the two of you a letter! Everyone at work here at the ministry have been talking about their children leaving for Hogwarts. My dear friend Katie, who I went to school with, her daughter has just started as a first year, she was terribly nervous if you happen to see her please be friendly. What was her name? Oh lord I’m not even that old how could I have forgotten, well I’ll get back to you later on her name.

            I know not much has happened yet there. I do hope you have enjoyed seeing your friends again, I know how you and Morgan missed them. Well I’m sure you’ve had enough of your dear old dad, however it will be quite lonely at the house with only me and Jack, but we’re positive you and Morgan are having so much fun and doing so well at school, right? I know, I know you haven’t even started classes.


Love you,




            I put the letter down on my bed. I do feel bad for him I mean all he has to keep him company is the cat and Jack is often not the most pleasant of cats. However one would think he would learn how to function seeing as this is my sister and I’s sixth year at Hogwarts. Maybe he’s at his breaking point, maybe he’ll finally get a girlfriend. He’s always said Morgan and I are the only women he needs in his life, soon enough though we will graduate from Hogwarts and won’t even be there every summer. He’ll learn to live and let’s be honest Morgan will try to live off of him for as long as he lets her.

             “Your dad already?” My best friend Dominique Weasley asked from the bed next to mine. Dominique is easily the most beautiful girl in Gryffindor if not the whole school. She may only be one-eighth veela but it shows through. She has long platinum blond hair that draped perfectly no matter the position, like a silk curtain. While she lacked the most blatant Weasley trait, her face was sprinkled with light freckles and hazel eyes. Might I add she also has the most amazing legs due to her rather tall height and model figure.

            “You know him too well,” I said chuckling as I carefully place his letter in the drawer of my end table, this will be the first of many letters that will call this drawer home. “He just gets so lonely, I mean you’d think he wouldn’t be with all his half-siblings but he says they don’t understand him. Given they’re from our grandmum’s side so their muggles, still they’re siblings.”

            “I would try to offer some advice, however my family is pureblood and impossible to get away from whether I like it or not. What I’d give to be a Thomas like you and Morgan.”

            “See the benefit of being a Weasley is your not plagues with horrid names like Maxine.”

            “On the flip side I am plagued with many, many, many nosy cousins.” We both started laughing as images of her cousins protecting her from the many men who have tried to pursue a relationship with her but only left with a hexed arse and damaged ego. The latter was not always a bad thing.

             Suddenly there was a loud crash and yelling erupted from the common room. “I’m done, for real this time Fiona!” The familiar voice of James Potter yelled.

            “Well that’s just great because there is no room for your ego in this relationship, and as we all know the two of you are inseparable!” Fiona yelled as she threw her necklace he had given her for her birthday last year at him. She stomped up the stairs to our room and flopped face first into her bed.

            The first thing to learn about Fiona Finnegan was she may be the tiny but she has a temper to match a thorn-tailed dragon. Fiona and I had been best friends since birth. Her father Seamus Finnegan was and still is my father, Dean Thomas’s best friend, so naturally I grew up around her. Both of our fathers were single fathers so they often collaborated in their how should we call it, parenting techniques? That’s beyond the point however she resembled her father greatly she had mousy brown hair and a heavy Irish accent to match. She and James Potter have a had a tumultuous relationship for the past two years of our Hogwarts career, it constantly blew up in thunderous arguments yet were quickly resolved in repulsive lust generally in the middle of the common room.

            “I mean how can he think quiditch practice is more important than our monthiversary?” She complained looking towards Dominique and me for support. I figured it was Dominique’s job to find some type of excuse for her cousin, seeing as she is related and it’s her turn since I dealt with multiple over summer holiday.

            Dominique receives my cue and starts to develop an elaborate and extensive excuse for her cousin. Most of which consists of his new duty of quiditch captain and the stress he is under and how proud she should be of him. I tune out seeing as this is too much drama for the first time, and by drama I mean overemotional complaining from Fiona. To escape the horrors of this train wreck I seek refuge in the common room.

            The common room as predicted was lacking in Fiona drama however it was busy with many excited students socializing and recounting every waking moment of their summer. I spot my friends by the fireplace lounging upon the couch and chairs surrounding it. My main friend group consists mainly of Weasleys with the exception of Fiona, my twin sister Morgan, myself. That’s not to say were no friends with others, don’t worry we don’t bite, were not vampires.

            My sister was dominating the chair she was sitting in spreading out as big as she could presumably to annoy James, seeing as it was his favorite chair. James on the other had was trying to act as though the chair no longer meant anything to him and was poorly pretending he was comfortable in his new chair. I sat on the couch facing the fire next to Fred. Fred was my closest guy friend and had been since he impressed me with his pygmy puff collection in first year. Give me some credit at the time I was not aware his father owned Weasley’s Wizard Weases, and before you ask no the name did not give me a clue because I’m sure you are aware that there are a bajillion Weasleys.

            My sister sat twirling her hair and teasing James with how desirable his chair was. My sister and I are identical twins and best friends, though contrary to popular belief we have very different personalities. While we share the same light golden skin due to our mixed background and chocolate brown eyes as well as the relatively long curly brown hair, our personalities in my opinion are polar opposites. Morgan thrives on attracting boys. She embraces our looks and flirts with everything that has a pulse; myself on the other hand would prefer to be one of the guys. I am pathetic when it comes to boys, I could tell you anything about them but seducing them nope, wrong twin. My sister for the most part the more outgoing as well she’s the type to talk to anyone no matter who they are she would talk to old Mr. Filch who terrifies and normal person with his looks along much less his personality. I’m shy I start blushing profusely whenever a teacher calls on me in class and forget oral reports in muggle studies. Last but not least of the major differences between my sister and I, is our value on education. School is the most important to me however my sister has not turned in a scroll or assignment on time since we started here.

            “Still a prefect, eh?” Fred asked as he eyed my badge, he’s never understood why I’d want to be a prefect. In his defense he is a carbon copy of his dad in physical appearance and attitude towards school rules.

            “It’s sorta a three year commitment,” I answered sarcastically, he laughed. He of all people knew that. His older sister and practically every cousin he has, has become a prefect besides him and James, for obvious reasons.

            “Were you having so much upstairs listening to my dear friend Fiona bitch about how perfect I am?” James whined to himself, the look on his face was pure annoyance.

            “You pegged it, James. You just know how much I enjoy listening to her whine and complain about how impeccably kind and relatable you are.” James rolled his eyes. Fred and I exchange looked it was our way of silent laughter, real laughter was practically begging for James to start bitching, which between you and me is worse than Fiona by far.

            “One galleon they’re back together by tomorrow this time.” Fred whispered in my ear.

            “I’m not a troll, you and I both know that the two of them’ll be snogging before breakfast, and I as many times before will lose my appetite.” I whisper back, he smiled. That’s probably the best thing about Fred he has the most amazing smile; it’s ear to ear and genuine. Now a days it’s hard to find someone with a genuine smile, then again if your father owned a joke shop you’d probably be pretty rehearsed at smiling and laughing.

            We were interrupted by Molly, another Weasley, who’s the head girl ordering us all up to bed. “You’ve all got a big day ahead of you tomorrow, best get proper rest. Everyone up to your rooms, that includes both you James and Fred.” She snapped. It will be interesting to see how they’ll react to having Molly as the head girl, this is the first year they’ve had a cousin be a head person. Well we had Teddy as a head boy in our second year but they looked up to him then so they didn’t challenge his authority.

            When I reached my room I could still hear Fiona bickering with Dominique of the validity of her cousin’s “reasonable” side. I had a feeling no matter how many times Molly told us to go to sleep it was going to be a long night.