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Halloween Spice by aly grace

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 9,315

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Draco, Ginny, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: Lily/OC, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/30/2012
Last Chapter: 01/05/2013
Last Updated: 01/05/2013


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Every year, Scorpius Malfoy's Halloween party ends with Lily Potter blacking out and punching some guy in the face.

But not this year! I'm strong! I'm independent!

And I'm hopelessly in love with my brother's best friend. This should be fun

Chapter 2: Feathers, glitter, and a letter

“Lily dear, you have to come see this!” my Daddy called from the foyer. I sighed. Sometimes he was as bad as Gramps Weasley when it came to Muggles anymore. Their costumes fascinated him every year.


I checked the clock on the wall before heading to see what the kid was wearing, anxious to start getting ready for the party. 8:27. Okay, that’s plenty of time. The party didn’t even officially start until 11 anyways. Plus, being a 7th year, I had study hall first period meaning I could sleep in tomorrow. Kate, Arden, Dom, and Lissa should be on their way over any minute now.


When I walked in to see what costume had caught Daddy’s eye, I instantly laughed. It was a little in a pink tutu with purple sparkles and her red hair in a bun on the top of her head. She looked to be about 4, which is the same age I dressed up as a ballerina!


“Well don’t you just look absolutely adorable sweetie!” I gushed. The little girl turned bright pink, which brought out her little freckles! “What’s your name?”


“Keira” she said softly. “Hello Keira, I'm Lily. Okay, what kind of candy do you want, hmm?”


“Bubble gum!” She said so happily. “Good choice sweetie, bubble gum tastes much better than chocolate” I agreed. She wrinkled her little nose and I couldn't help but laugh. I gave her the piece of candy, her mom thanked us, and off they went!


How funny was that dear? It was like a flashback to when you were that small, freckles and all!” Daddy said with a small smile. “Daddy, I'm still that small! But yeah, that was adorable.” I laughed. And no, I'm not kidding about my height even though everyone else likes to. I'm 5’2 feet of pure awesomeness, obviously.


“Lily Luna Potter, get your butt upstairs!” A scream echoed throughout the house. Daddy raised his eyebrows slightly at me. “Kate, I'm guessing?” I nodded and dashed up the stairs. Kate, my terror of a best friend, was sitting on my bed, leafing through a magazine.


"You're late miss.” She said without looking up. I rolled my eyes. “It’s my house Kate; I can’t be late in my own house.” I argued, even though I know it’s useless. It doesn’t matter if you're 2 seconds late. In Kate’s mind, everything is organized, on time, and perfect. Me and the others love to knock some sense into her sometimes.


"Being the kind friend I am, I told Arden, Dom, and Lissa to come over a bit earlier so they would actually be here on time. You're just freakishly early, as usual.” I snapped. She looked up from her magazine and glared at me. She loves me, I promise.


Our staring contest ended when we heard crashing in the hallway, followed by a “Damn it!” Dear Lissa has arrived. We rushed out of the room to see Lissa in a pile of fluff, sparkles, and glitter. “Vasilisa Artemis Whitlock, what the fuck happened!” I exclaimed. Out pops Lissa’s head, pink feathers sticking out of her blonde curls, and she blushes madly. “I hate Apparating! And Apparating with all this crap? I'm lucky I didn’t get splinched, thank you very much. But whatever, don't ask if I'm okay or anything.” She huffed. I rolled my eyes and started to help her up.


“Shut up Liss. I know you’re okay because you weren’t crying hysterically. You know I care about you, you dummy.” I said, brushing the feathers out of her hair. If all the girls I’m friends with had a stereotype, Lissa would be the clumsy and adorable one, Kate was the anal and obsessive but funny one, I was the troublesome and sometimes slutty one, Arden was my slut buddy and the sarcastic bitch, and Dom kept us all in line but sometimes let loose herself! Speaking of, where were those two?


“Any idea where Arden and Dom are, guys?” I asked once we got Lissa and the costumes back into my room. Kate was sitting in front of the mirror curling her hair and Lissa was laying the costumes across my bed. I decided to simply ignore those until everyone got here. Instead, I quick hopped in the shower.


Once I was out, I heard commotions in my room. Rolling my eyes, I knew that Arden and Dom had arrived. I stomped in, ready to flip out at them for being so late (it was already 9:30), but Dom’s eyes were puffy and red and Arden looked ready to punch someone. Not normally a good sign.


“What the fuck is going on?” I asked, looking around the room. Dom sniffled a bit. “Henry cheated on me. With Diana.” She hiccupped. I scooped my cousin up in a hug. But I had no words to comfort her. She and Henry have been together for years, since we were all 12. They never fought, never argued. They were that couple everyone loved to hate but hoped they would get married one day. But of course Diana could make sure that didn’t happen. She had a vendetta against all of us for years and we have held our own. This was too far. There will be hell to pay.


“Dommy, don't you worry. I will take care of this, Henry will no longer have a dick, and Diana’s ugly face will be missing a nose by the end of this party.” I vowed. That made her smile a little.


“I just never saw this coming. How could he do this to me, to us? How could he be so unhappy and I was blissfully unaware?” Dom sighed.


“Because men are pigs who only think about one thing. They don't get attached like we do. You can’t trust them.” Arden explained. Her eyes were losing the wild look to them, but she still looked royally pissed off.


“Don't worry about him Dom. Make him regret this forever. Rock this costume tonight, hook up with some hot Quidditch player from Al’s team,” Lissa glanced apologetically at me. I rolled my eyes, “Oh and you might as well get piss drunk too. Just to top of your night of acting like Lily.” I winked, already forgiving Liss for her minor rudeness.


Dom laughed a bit at this. “Here, check out your costumes! Dominique, you're a peacock so you better start acting cocky!” Lissa threw the feathered costume at Dom, then tossed our costumes at their respective owners.


“I'm a cat.” Arden said skeptically, eyeing her leopard printed corset and black tutu. Lissa rolled her eyes, “You're a leopard dumbass. Sexy, spotty, and fierce!”


“Okay and I'm...what, exactly?” Kate asked, holding up her aqua blue dress that looked like Muggle mermaid tail. “Lissa this isn’t how mermaids actually look.” She said. “So what?! Halloween is fun! Look at me; I'm a pink sparkly butterfly! This isn’t how butterflies actually look in real life either.” Lissa replied, holding up her pink tutu and sparkly wings that fluttered like they were alive.


“Aren’t you gonna look at your costume Lils?” Lissa asked tentatively. I lifted mine up and was instantly floored. “The Black Swan? Oh my gosh Lissa you are an artist! Thank you so much!” I twirled my pixie of a best friend around in circles. The Black Swan was by far my favorite ballet, and I had even learned a few of the dances back when I was younger. But then I went to Hogwarts and forgot all about my dancing.


“I knew how much it meant to you, how much tonight meant to you. I thought you deserved something special.” Lissa smiled sheepishly, “So you like it?”


“Dude I love it! You’re seriously the best. You should do this for a living.” I said, hugging her tightly again. “But, it’s almost 10:30, so we need to get ready. Don't worry about a single thing Dommy bear, we’ll do it all for you. Hair, then makeup, the wardrobe!” When I clapped my hands, my little fairies and I were rushing all over to finish getting ourselves ready and to get Dom ready.


When we were finished, we all looked like hot stuff. Lissa had gone all pink; baby pink lips, hot pink nails, pink shows, and a pink bow in her blonde curls. Arden had straightened her light brown hair so it was dangerously sharp and straight. Her lips were a nude color, but her eye shadow and a bright orange and brown mix. Kate’s costume was so her, with its aqua hem coming a bit above her knee (any shorter and she would have had a fit), she had green and blue eye shadows and had done it so they looked like scales. Dom had her blonde hair pined back, but still some framing her face. The black and peacock feathered costume fit her perfectly. Her eyes were still sad, but they shone as she laughed with the other girls.


Then there was me. The black costume was cozy and silky, and the feathered skirt was just poofy enough to look perfect. The whole ensemble came to my mid thigh and the bodice was cute in a sweetheart shape (my favorite). My boobs looked amazing, like always. For makeup I wanted to look evil, like the Black Swan. So I put kohl and glitter around my eyes, bronzer to contour my cheeks, and a siren red lipstick and a clear gloss.


Just as we all were putting the finishing touches together, an owl tapped at my window. I turned and saw Tito, the brown speckled thing that just didn’t match his own at all. He stuck his leg out and nudged me, wanting a treat.


“Lils, whose owl is that?” Arden asked, noticing me over by the window. I turned and smiled, “Oh no one, just an old friend.” Arden rolled her eyes and shrugged.


Giving Tito a piece of bread, he hooted happily and flew away. I opened the letter tentatively, not really wanted my friends to see it. Excusing myself, I rushed to the bathroom and tore open the remaining bit on the envelope.




So you're really not going to tell me what you're going to be for my party? Two can play at that game, my dear. I’ll be waiting for you in the middle of your favorite room at midnight. See you then.




Whatever way this night turned out, it would definitely be one to remember…if I could remember it tomorrow, that is.