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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150

Format: Novella
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 22,310

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Shacklebolt, Lucius, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna

First Published: 10/22/2012
Last Chapter: 04/28/2013
Last Updated: 04/28/2013


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When the door closed behind their backs Draco picked Hermione up in his arms. She opened her eyes and looked at him. A single tear was falling down his cheek and she saw him mouth at her, I'm sorry.


Chapter 6: Please Hermione. Please be ok.


Hermione gained consiousness. But she wasn't able to see. Have I gone blind? She wondered. She felt a soft fabric covering her eyes and a frozen metallic material grasping her hands. Have I been captured? She thought. A mental image came to her mind. Her being petrified and a man standing above her. You are mine now, that's what he had said. Yes, I have been captured. She wasn't going to panic. Panicing was all she did for months now. She refused to lose control. She must have been taken somewhere that no one can find her. The place had an intense smell of rotten, damp stone. The humid air didn't let her breath right. She tried to move her hands but it was no use. Her hands where chaind up against the wall. Suddenly she heard voices from somewhere far. Something was blocking the sound. She tried to make out what they were saying but all she could hear was mumbling. The voices started to sound as if they were closer and Hermione heard something that sounded like a doorhandle turn. With a loud creaking a door opened and Hermione tilted her head. She heard footsteps of what seemed to be two people. They were getting closer.


“Aha! It looks like our little Mudlblood woke up!” one man shouted. She knew that voice. That man was Fernir Greyback. “Its been a while Mudblood. And I haven't tasted you yet! I was always curious what do you taste like. Dirty blood sounds intriguing!”hissed Greyback.


“Shut it Greyback!” yelled the other man. Hermione didn't recognize that voice. It sounded a little farmiliar though. Someone approached her and she felt a warm breath on her neck. Hermione shivered but didn't open her mouth to speak. She felt a hand touching her face and a second later she was able to see. Fernir Greyback was an inch from her face. She yelped.


“Scared Mudblood? Oh yes, yes I think you are...”


“Greyback, back the hell OFF” Shouted the other man and grabbed him from the collar. She was able to see him now. Of course, she knew him it was Thorfinn Rowle. “If she comes in no use Lucius will let you have her. All for yourself...but until then KEEP YOURSELF TOGETHER!” growled Rawle “Do you understand?”


“Yes” hissed Greyback.


“Now, Mudblood, I am going to untie you but if you try to escape I am going to fucking kill you do you get me?” growled Rawle. “I'm going to kill you, but not before I have some fun with you...I am going to torture you sensless. I am going to make your life like you understand?”


Hermione nodded. Keep calm, I must keep calm, I am strong, I am. Greyback and Rowle turned their backs and left. They closed the door and muttered some enchantments Hermione didn't understand. Now untied she felt a little bit more comfortable.


She was able to take a look at the room. As she stood, gazing at room she shivered, as though its darkness was going through her spine. The rooms walls were in decay by neglect. Spiderwebs covered the corners of the room, tiny black spiders threading towards their prey. There were no windows, just one small. Cold, hesitant light streamed in through the cracked window, casting frightening shadows on the walls. The window was too high though, there was nothing she could to do to reach it. She was in fear but tried to keep control.


Over the door there was a big green metal sign that said “Many of our oldest family trees become a little diseased over time. You must prune yours, must you not, to keep it healthy? Cut away those parts that threaten the health of the rest. And in your family, so in the world. We shall cut away the cancer that infects us until only those of true blood remain.” Lord Voldemort.


Darkness is a form of loneliness, loneliness is a form of darkness. But I will make it. Hermione thought.


She heard the doorhandle turn again and she stood straight. The door creaked open again and Draco Malfoy entered the room. His presence was commanding. He started pacing towards her. She was trying to keep herself from shaking. As he approached her he grabbed her by the hair but didn't move. His face inches from hers.


“Now that you are awake, we can have a little chit chat Mudblood” Malfoy hissed in her ear.


“What do you want.” Hermione asked coldly. It was the first time she talked after she had woken up.


“What do I want? WHAT DO I WANT?” he screamed. “You are going to die Mudblood. In a paradegmatic way. You are going to set an example. We will kill you in front of all the Mugglebloods in Hogwarts. We are going to finish the Dark Lords wish. We are going to make the Wizarding World pure again.” he was getting paranoid.


“That will never happen Malfoy. You and the rest of the Death Eaters are going to rot in hell when you die.” Hermione whispered in his face.


He then turned red in anger. He punched her in the stomach. She was aching. He grabbed her my the hair and dragged her to the corner of the room.


“CRUCIO” he yelled.


Hermione screamed.




Malfoy left Hermione writhing in pain. He took a look at her and Hermione saw him shaking his head violently.


“No no no no” he was whispering. “Get out of...get...out” he said and ran to the door.


The door closed behind her and Hermione passed out from the pain.




Ginny and Luna were getting worried sick. They were sitting on Hermione's bed in the girls dormitories. She was gone since the afternoon. Ginny was pacing back and forth every now and then. She knew Hermione would never stay up so late. It was almost 5 in the morning.


“Luna I think we should call Harry, Ron and Nevill. Where is she? She is always back before midnight wherever she goes!” said an anxious Ginny.


“Maybe she got lost?”


“Lost? Hemione? There is no damn way she could get lost. She knows Hogwarts grounds like the back of her hand”


“Okay , you know her better than me. If you belive she is in danger then maybe we should call them.” Luna said


Ginny without even thinking anymore about it ran down the stairs. To her surprise she found Harry and Ron sitting in front of the fire in the Griffindor common room.

They weren't discussing, they were just sitting by the fire. Maybe they are waiting for Hermione too Ginny thought.


“Harry, Ron!”


Ron jumped up and fall again. “Bloody hell Ginny, you scared the crap out of me!”


“What are you doing here?”


“Just hanging around, eating somer pumpikin pasties, do you want one?” Ron said


“Ron shut up, Hermione is missing”


“She's what???” Harry said and got up.


“What the hell do you mean she is missing. She can't be missing. Hermione can't be missing!!!” Ron yelled.


“She has been missing since the afternoon” Ginny said.


“The Lake...”Harry said.


“The what?”


“The Lke. Last time I saw her she was at the Back Lake. We talked for a while and then she asked me if I could leave her alone for a while. I left and when she didn't come to dinner I thought she just wasn't in the mood. Oh my's my fault” Harry shivered.


“No Harry it's not your fault” Ginny said. “I'm going to go wake Mc Gonagall maybe she knows where she is. She will help us” Ginny said and ran to the portrait.


Harry turned around to see Ron crying next to the fireplace. “Please Hermione...please be ok...” he heard Ron say between his sobs.