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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310

Format: Novel
Chapters: 50
Word Count: 213,410

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Slash (same-sex pairing), Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/02/2012
Last Chapter: 10/20/2014
Last Updated: 04/02/2018


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Flick Saunders had a plan, becoming pregnant at 16 was not part of it. Having dropped out of Hogwarts, Flick spent her 6th year looking after her babies whilst being home schooled.

Now she's going back for her 7th year. The only problem is her friends didn't know she was pregnant and neither did the father...



Chapter 3: Chapter Three

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I froze as I continued to goldfish for a good twenty seconds before managing to pull myself together. "Um, h-hey," I managed to splutter. My hands gripping the buggy handles even tighter than before, as if he would suddenly know they were his and take them there and then.

"Is that Flick, your Flick?" Came a little voice from under the Quidditch stuff.

I watched as the pile of Quidditch robes moved and a face appeared: Lily Potter the second, youngest and only daughter of the great Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Sister to James and Albus and Auntie to my children (although she doesn't know that).

"Yeah, my Flick, Lil," he replied a hint of sadness in his voice. "So how are you?, I sent you letters all year and I got nothing back. I thought something had happened and then there were rumours you moved away as well as one that said you were dead," Albus blurted out in a rush.

I looked at his face and caught him glancing at Bentley and Aubri who were now asleep, a clear look of confusion on his face. He looked up and his green eyes met my blue ones.

Please god don't let Albus Potter be a Legilimens. Please, please, please.

I thought of the one thing that could be true and blurted out, "They're Ria's. Y'know my elder sister."

He looked down and back up again and opened his mouth but he was interrupted by Tessa as she magically appeared at my side, "Flick, Ria said hurry up," Tessa informed me.

"Bye," I said as I threw the vests on the side, it wasn't like Bentley and Aubri needed them. Merlin knows they don't need any more clothes, what with the amount they have back home.

I shooed Tessa out and followed her, hurrying down the street. Well as fast as you can hurry with a twin buggy with two sleeping babies inside. What had just happened, Al had seen me. He had seen my babies, his babies, our babies. Why the hell didn't I tell him? It's my own bloody fault I'm in this mess.

I frowned as Tessa was walking into a little coffee shop just off the main street. "Tess, what? Where's Ria?"

"Follow me," was all she said.

I followed her into the coffee shop which was fairly big, there were a group of black leather sofa's at the back and she headed for them. She sat down and patted the seat next to her. I sighed and made my way over to her, trying to avoid hitting tables on the way.

"What?" I repeated.

"You, back in the shop. Goldfish much?"

I laughed sarcastically. "Haha. Where's Ria and Oscar then?"

"Oh we're meant to meet them in half hour," she replied.

I looked at my baby sister, since when did she lie? "But - so why'd you lie just then?" I questioned.

"Because you looked like you needed rescuing. Can we have two butterbeer latte's please?" she added as a waitress came over.

"Rescuing from what?"

"Not what, who. I know something is up, so what's wrong, Fliss?"

"Nothings wrong." I protested

"Fliss, stop lying or I'll tell dad."

"Fine," I huffed, I really didn't need dad finding out about this. "If I tell you, you have to swear you won't tell anybody. I mean it, Tess, you can't tell any of your friends, no one can know."

She nodded, sending her blonde hair flying all over the place. "I won't tell a soul, Fliss."

"Well you know I was dating Al," she nodded again. "And you know I dumped him and then left school. Well the thing is, he's their dad." I whispered and pointed to my sleeping babies.

Her eyes widened, but not for long. I mean I had an inking she knew already, it was pretty obvious whose they were. And although she was only eleven I was pretty sure she could put two and two together.

"Does he know?"

"Course he doesn't know, Tess. If he did do you think I would have dumped him, or pretty much jumped a mile when I saw him in the shop. No. Of course he doesn't bloody know!"

"Jeez, no need to bite my head off. Calm down, Flick."

I noticed she stopped using dad's nickname for me, guess she didn't have the need to use it since I'd told her what's wrong. She's right, I do need calm down. The one bloody time I enter the wizarding world and I bump into him.

The one person I didn't want to see. Or did I? I mean he's still as gorgeous as ever what with his green eyes, messy black hair, that fine body, so drool worthy. And I guess I do still love him a little, but just tiny little amount. Oh no, I've got Albus Potter on the brain.

"I kind of told him they were Ria's." I whispered as I snapped out of my little daydream about Al.

"You what! You do realise she's going to kill you."

I nodded. "I know, it's just I couldn't exactly tell him there and then. 'Oh hey, Al, haven't seen you for a year. By the way these are your kids.' Yeah because that would have worked perfectly," I said sarcastically.

"Come on, we need to go. Or Ria will be killing us if we're late," Tess announced after rolling her eyes at my comment.

 I drank the rest of my coffee as I sat in silence listening to Tessa talk about her experince in the wand shop. Then proceeded to show me her new wand. Once we were ready I got out some money to pay for it as well as Tessa's.

"Let's go then."

I had just stepped foot outside the little coffee shop when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned and found myself looking into his green eyes, oh those green eyes. They make me go weak at the knees. I hung on tight to the buggy to keep myself upright.

"Hey, Flick, sorry about before," he told me, his eyes flickering towards Tessa. "Can I have a quick word. Please?"

I looked at Tessa and within a minute she had started walking up the street with the buggy. I sighed, there goes my support.

"Can we go in here," Al said indicating the coffee shop we had just come out of. "It won't take long. Honestly."

I nodded and went and sat at a table near the door, in-case I have to make a quick getta way, I thought.

"I'm sorry about earlier. It's just seeing you after so long. Flick, I sent you a letter every couple of days and I got nothing back except that you were being home schooled. I still don't know why we broke up."

"I understand, Al, I can't explain here but I will one day, I promise," I told him.

"How come you're here? Nothing off you for a year and then here you are in the middle of Diagon Alley..." Al trailed off.

"I'm starting back at Hogwarts," I mumbled, looking down at the floor.

"What! Really?"

I looked up and saw a smile forming, the smile I loved. I nodded.

"That's great, Flick! I'm going to owl the gang when I get home," Al said as he stood up. "Listen I've got to go as I'm meeting someone but promise me, you'll reply if I owl you."

I stood up as well and was taken aback when he hugged me. The smell of him came rushing back to me, how safe I felt in his arms. The woody smell, the smell of pumpkin pie and broom polish.

"I promise," I mumbled having seen the smile on his face. "See you around, Al," I said as broke away out of his strong arms.

"Bye, Flick," he called as he walked down the opposite end of the street.

"Bye, Al," I mumbled quietly as I headed back to the pub.

Ria was stood up holding Aubri, who was now awake but still had that sleepy look on her face. Oscar was playing peek-a-boo with Bentley who was still strapped in the buggy, so much for them having a decent nap.Tessa had a brown basket on her lap and was cooing at whatever was inside.

Ria took one look at me and said, "Uh-oh, what's happened."

Just as I was about to tell her, Tessa cut in, "She bumped into Al."

Ria raised her eyebrows at me. "Oh really."

"Look can we talk about this at home, please."

"Fine, come on then, let's go," she snapped as she handed me Aubri who buried her face into my neck an made a happy noise.

Tessa carefully rested the basket in Aubri's empty seat and took Oscar's hand. I looked at Aubri who smiled at me.

"What's mummy going to do, eh," I murmured as she blew a spit bubble making me laugh as I kissed her forehead.


We had gotten home from our shopping trip two hours ago and dad came home from work an hour ago meaning I was able to escape to my room after dinner, whilst dad spent time with Bentley and Aubri. When we got in I managed to see what Tessa had in the brown basket. It was a cat, dad had given Ria the money to get Tess a present and naturally she wanted an animal. So now we have a dark brown kitten running around our house called Cookie.

Ria, currently sat on the end of my bed, had been looking at me for the past five minutes. "So you bumped into Al," she stated.

I nodded from where I was lying on my bed.

"Was he surprised to see you? Did you tell him?" Ria questioned.

"Yes and No," I replied, staring at my ceiling.

"Seriously, Flick, you should have just told him when you first found out. You and I both know what it's like having one parent, think how Bentley and Aubri will feel growing up without even knowing him. At least we knew mum before she left. And now you're going back to Hogwarts where there is going to be no way of escaping, Flick. You're in the same house and you share the same friends for crying out loud!" Ria rambled on.

"You think I don't know that, Ri, you think I don't know that this is all my fault. It's my fault I never told Al, it's my fault Bentley and Aubri haven't seen him or won't know him. It's my fault they haven't got a daddy. It's my own stupid fault I got pregnant!" I snapped at her, whilst trying to hold back the tears.

"Hey, it's not your fault you got pregnant. These things happen, Flick," Ria said, looking at me, putting her hand on top of mine.

I avoided her gaze, I mean she is sort of right. It's not like we didn't use protection, we used a condom for Merlin's sake. I guess luck just wasn't on our side when it broke, then again the fact the packet had been in the boys dorm for Merlin knows how long, doesn't really help. And to top it off we weren't even drunk, we were both completely sober having just drank pumpkin juice and butterbeer all night. I let my thoughts wonder and I thought about that night...

It was March twenty-fourth, my best friend Dom's sixteenth birthday. All day she kept re-minding us that it was her 'sweet sixteenth', all day she kept going on about the party she was having later that night, all day she kept going on about what she was going to wear. Dom drove me mad all day but I loved her for it and it wasn't until we were getting ready did she actually shut up for a bit.

"Hey, Flick, guess what?" Dom called from the bathroom.

"What?" I replied half heartedly.

"I'm sixteen!" she squealed.

"I know," I called back as I wiggled my way into my bright blue dress.

"Wow you look stunning, Flick," Dom announced as she walked over to her bed in nothing but lacy black knickers and matching bra edged in pink. "What!" she protested as I just looked at her. "They were a birthday present off Vic."

I rolled my eyes. "Sure they were."

It's common knowledge Dom wears sexy underwear everyday, half of the boys in our year stare at her chest. Mainly because she leaves the top two buttons of her shirt undone, her tie slung low and wears a black bra, which you can totally see right through her shirt. There's Dom wearing pretty lacy things and then there's me with pink and blue knickers that have unicorns on them. I go for comfort rather than sexy, even Rose agrees with me.

"Oi, Flick, come on otherwise we're gonna be late," Rory yelled at me as she entered the dorm.

Rory's one of my friends as well as dorm mate, her real name is Aurelie but she prefers Rory. She loves partying and loves dancing, where ever there's a party you'll find Rory dancing away to her hearts content. We used to be best friends but things happened between us, Bridget aka Didge arrived and we broke up. Dom's been my best friend from first year, but Rory was my childhood best friend.

"You look really pretty, Rory," I commented. Rory was wearing a short black dress, gold flats (she's really tall and heels make her even taller), a gold belt and gold jewellery. Her blonde hair was up in a bun and her gold sparkly eye shadow really made her blue eyes shine.

"Thanks, Flick, you too. I'm off to find Didge," she said with a shrug before leaving us alone. I swear she goes about trying not to be nice to me all because of stupid things that happened.

"She still being a cow?" Dom asked.

I nodded as I pulled on my sparkly silver heels. "I don't see why she can't get over it. I bet Didge had been stirring again," I complained.

"Right you ready?"

"Yep let's go party!"

"You know Al's gonna being drooling all over you tonight."

I smiled. "I know and Frankie's gonna be drooling all over you Dommie."

She laughed. "Hell yeah, I'll be surprised if any of the boys aren't drooling over me. I mean I am the birthday girl and I look dead sexy." She indicated to her Purple dress she was wearing, the bodice was fitted and the skirt puffed out and it came just above her knee.

"Of course."

We left the dorm arm in arm giggling and crossed the Slytherin common room, the first years and some of the other girls gave us filthy glares because they weren't invited. We made our way through the castle with an inviability spell on us, to the seventh floor to where the room of requirement is and also where Dom's party happened to be.

"Happy Birthday Dommie," I whispered as I pushed the doors open after the handle had appeared.

The doors opened to reveal most of the fifth years, the Potter-Weasley family and a couple of sixth and seventh years.

"Happy Birthday!" They called in unison.

I danced the night away with Al, Dom, Rose and the rest of the Potter-Weasley family as well as my younger cousin Lily-Ann. I mostly danced with Al since he's my boyfriend, Dom was too busy snogging the face of Frankie. Looks like the guy finally plucked up the courage and either admitted he liked her or asked her out.

All night I drank Butterbeer or pumpkin juice, no way was I getting drunk not with what I had planned for tonight, no way was I gonna be doing that drunk. Who knows what might happen.

When the slow music came on and all the couples moved to the dance floor, I grabbed Al's hand and pulled him over. As we moved around the floor, I whispered in his ear, "Hey wanna commit this relationship."

Al pulled back and looked at me. "We've been together just over three years, I'm pretty sure we're committed, Flick," he replied.

"I was thinking of something else, is your dorm free tonight?"

I saw his green eyes look at me and a smile emerged. "I'm pretty sure it's empty."

We made our way off the dance floor and once we were outside the room we started running, except running plus heels equals bad idea and pain. "Ow!" I moaned as I kicked my shoes off.

"Want me to carry you?" Al joked.

I smirked and said, "Yes please," right before I jumped on his back. "Piggyback!" I called out.

I held on tight as we ran through the castle and down into the dungeons, the common room was empty except for the body on the sofa who had a graphic book in their hand, squirty cream on their face and a load of bubbles floating around them.

Al put me down as he went over to see who the latest victim of the seventh years was whilst I made my way up to the dorms, I stopped off in mine to drop my shoes off before racing across to the boys dorm. When I entered, I checked all of the beds and the bathroom for any of the boys, I even checked under the beds which is when Al decided to walk in.

"What are you doing?"

"Checking for boys," I replied as I threw myself into his arms. He picked me up and span me around the room. "I love you, Albus Severus Potter."

"I love you too, Felicity Louise Saunders."

We made our way over to his neatly made bed complete with a knitted blanket made by his Nana Molly. I lead down and he got on top of me, my fingers fumbling with his buttons as we kissed.

"Have you got anything?" I whispered as I undid his shirt.

This was the reason I was not gonna have sex drunk, I mean it's not like it was either of our first times. Please, I've been there done that and thankfully not caught anything. Me and Al kind of broke up in fourth year, in the month after my fifteenth birthday for a few weeks. I then got involved with Nolan Finnigan and after a week or two, we had sex mainly because we were drunk. Same with Al except he slept with Hattie 'bitch face' Nott.

She hates me with a passion all because I'm dating Al, of course when we got back together she rubbed in it that she and Al had sex and that she was his first. I honestly couldn't give two fucks whether she was his first or last, she's a stupid bitch who needs to stop trying to get into boys beds.

"I think there's some in the bathroom," he replied, giving me a kiss before walking off into the bathroom, throwing his shirt off on the way. I wriggled my way out of my dress and let it fall to the floor just as Al came back out.

I saw his eyes practically pop out of their sockets as he caught sight of me in my Lacy underwear (Okay so I might have been lying earlier when I said that I prefer comfort, personally I only were lacy stuff for special occasions).

"Wow, you look amazing," I heard him say as he came closer as I hopped onto his bed, he paused to take his jeans off before joining me.

I kissed him, his lips were warm and tasted like butterbeer. "You're not so bad yourself," I murmured as I ran my hand down his abs causing him to groan.

"You sure about this," he breathed into my ear.

"Positive," I whispered back, before kissing him again.

And of course the rest is history and eight weeks later that was exactly what the stupid pregnancy test was telling me.

"Oi, Flick, have you been listening to anything I just said," Ria yelled at me throwing a stuffed toy at me for good measure.

I blinked. "I was too busy thinking about something."

"Yeah, well what are you going to do? You can't hide them forever. I mean surely he asked who's they were when he saw you with them earlier."

I froze, shit! 

"Um. Ria, I kind of told him they were yours."

I watched as her blue eyes grew wider and her mouth dropped open to let rip except she didn't. "Seriously, Flick, you could have at least told him."

"I really doubt that the middle of Diagon Alley is the place to tell a seventeen year old boy that he is a father to twins."

Ria sighed. "Well you could have they were yours at least."

"Oh yeah, and then let him work out how old they are and let him think I must have cheated on him. I can't do that to him," I explained.

She sighed again. "Do you still love him, Flick?" I groaned and rolled over onto my stomach. "I'll take that as a yes then," Ria said smugly.

I threw my pillow over my head at her and mumbled, "It's complicated." I imagined she was rolling her eyes at me right now.

"Of course it is. I'll leave you to think about what you're going to do and when your going to tell him," Ria said.

I felt my bed suddenly become lighter and heard my door creak open as she left.

I groaned again, why couldn't I have just bloody told him when I found out. Oh yeah, I know because I didn't want to ruin his life. Don't get me wrong, Bentley and Aubri haven't ruined my life in fact they've made it better. I love them more than anything and they're my whole world. But what with Al's family being in the spotlight, I just didn't want that for them. I mean it was bad enough dating Al, so can you imagine throwing in the fact he knocked someone up.

I sighed and got up, making my way over to my desk in the corner of my room, moving my new textbooks over onto my trunk, I pulled out some paper and a pen and decided to write Al a letter.

Eventually after writing letter after letter, screwing up paper after paper I gave up and made my way downstairs to find Bentley and Aubri, I needed my babies to cheer me up.

Why is my life never easy?

A/N If you want to see Flick and Dom's dresses then check out my blog - the link's in my author's page. Al and Flick were both fifteen when they had sex for the first time, Al with Hattie and Flick with Nolan. At the time of the flashback they are both sixteen as Al's birthday is November and Flick's is February.

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