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Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy

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Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 42,648
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Cho, Draco, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC

First Published: 10/14/2012
Last Chapter: 09/10/2014
Last Updated: 09/10/2014


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The war is over and the Dark Lord has been defeated, but as the Golden Trio return to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year, the scars of the war remain. Hermione has been appointed Head Girl alongside Draco Malfoy. With an unknown threat lurking in the dark, is it possible they can build a new path that leads them all to something brighter?

Chapter 2: Mind Games
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He pulled away first, opening his eyes to see Hermione’s eyes blazing and her face slowly growing redder as she realized what had just happened. Not wanting to face her obvious fury, he removed his arm quickly and tried to stand up but tripped on his robes and fell against the wall.

“You! You, Malfoy! What the hell was that for?!” Hermione yelled in his face. “You. Had. No. Right. To. Kiss. Me!” she exclaimed, accenting each word with a punch. Positively fuming now, she faltered in her next sentence after seeing the look on Malfoy’s face; he was attempting and failing at controlling his emotions, his anger at her words showing.


“What, Granger? Couldn’t get the Weasel to kiss you?” he drawled, trying to escape her chocolate brown glare. “I have every right to do what I want. I’m also a prefect, much like yourself, Hermione, in case you forgot!”


His anger got the best of him and he began stalking away from her when he heard her say, “Wait, Draco. “ He stopped in his tracks and spun around slowly. Her eyes dropped down to the floor; her hands together and trembling slightly. “Thank you…I suppose I would’ve…I was hoping we could…” she raised her eyes to his before uttering, “Can we just forget this, please? I, I don’t mean to be rude, but I just think it’s best if word about this doesn’t get out. I'm not even sure what happened here anyway. Is that all right with you?” her cheeks flushed a little with the awkwardness of the moment but lost the remaining color when she saw the steel in his eyes.


“I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but agree with you for once. Goodbye, Granger,” Malfoy strode away before she could see the hurt in his eyes from her rejection. How could you be so stupid, Malfoy! You shouldn’t have even touched her in the first place! Oh bloody hell, this is going to be a problem… He thought to himself as he blindly turned corners until he found the Slytherin common room, where he immediately changed his expression to one of superiority and indifference.


Draco smiled a little as he remembered the outcome of that evening. Now, as he snuck glances at the witch across from him, he weighed his options. Both of them were the new Heads this year and would supposedly be sharing a dormitory, so he could try to charm her then. But, he could give her something irresistibly intriguing, starting right now, to make her fall in love with him. He only had to choose one option, and choose he did. Folding his Daily Prophet, he stood up and strode over to Hermione’s table and sat down, patiently waiting for her to notice him.


Slowly, she lowered her book and her gaze moved up to meet his; her brain taking a few seconds to register who it was sitting across from her. Her jaw dropped as she saw his smirk and stormy grey eyes looking at her. “Malfoy?”


“The one and only,” he smirked at her, attempting to convey casualty even though his heartbeat had started to speed up ever so slightly. “I was wondering, since we’re the Heads this year and we have to share a dormitory, could we at least try to be civil towards each other? I’m sure McGonagall would like it to ‘promote house unity’ as she says. I swear to Merlin I'm not trying to mess with you, I'm being completely honest. I'm trying to repay the favor you gave me earlier this summer.”


Hermione took a few seconds to answer, curious as to why Draco Malfoy was suddenly being so nice to her, the first time ever, except for that one ni-no, you can’t think about that, Hermione, she scolded herself. She exhaled, “All right, I suppose. But don’t even think about playing games with me Draco Malfoy, or I will hex you into oblivion.” With that, she snapped her book shut, stood up, and left Fortescue’s to go find Harry and Ron at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.


Malfoy just leaned back in his chair with his arms behind his head, a huge grin on his face, his plan already set in motion to make the muggle-born fall irrevocably in love with him.


Finally, it was time for everyone to return to the newly rebuilt Hogwarts for their final year. Hermione breathed in the smell of King’s Cross Station as she, Harry, and the Weasleys walked through to get to Platform 9 ¾. They all went before her, as she was making sure she had everything in order before she went through the wall and into the chaos. Set, she casually walked through the barrier…and right into none other than Draco Malfoy.


“Watch where you’re going, you idi-Granger! Head Girl going to be late on the first day? Not a very good impression, if I may say so myself,” Malfoy smoothly transitioned as he pushed himself off the wall fluidly and started walking with her, his trunk already having been put on the train. “Said goodbye to the Weasel yet? Give him a little kiss to placate him for awhile?”


They reached the train as he said this, nearly causing Hermione to drop her trunk on her foot. She turned to face him and practically spat, “No. Actually, Malfoy, Ron and I broke up in June since you obviously didn’t know. Now, since I can see you are to be Head Boy along with me, help me get my trunk on the train. “ He gave her a blank look, forcing a “Please.” out of her mouth before he picked it up by himself and got it on a rack.


At last, it was exactly eleven o’clock, and the Hogwarts Express was on its way with all of its new and returning students to start the new term after the war. Hermione and Malfoy began the journey in their respective compartments but left after about an hour to meet with McGonagall and the prefects to go over a few things with them concerning curfew, rules, and the like. With impeccable timing, Head Boy and Head Girl arrived at exactly the same time, much to the amusement of Professor McGonagall. The meeting took about an hour, after which the prefects were all dismissed. The Heads stayed to hear some words from McGonagall that concerned them only.


“Now, as you both know, the Heads usually share a dormitory separate from their Houses. However, because I know how the relationship between you two is…difficult, I am willing to make an exception in this case,” Professor McGonagall said politely. Malfoy and Hermione looked at each other for a second until Malfoy spoke up quickly. 


“I think that Gra-Hermione and I would both agree that it is in our best interests to share the dorm like usual, to not only promote house unity like you want, but also to try and set aside our differences and get past everything we’ve gone through over the past six years and, start fresh, if you will. So, we will be sharing the dorm together and do not see anything major hampering that. Thank you, from both of us, for making us Heads. We will make sure you don’t regret your decision,” Malfoy rushed out; making sure Hermione didn’t get a word in to denounce his statements.


With a slight nod, McGonagall left the compartment and the two Heads to themselves for the rest of the train ride. Almost immediately Hermione ripped into Malfoy.


“Why did you say we were going to share the dorm together when you and I obviously do not get along?” Hermione shouted.


He threw her a trademark smirk and said, “I already explained it to McGonagall. It’s to promote house unity and so we can get past our differences and start over,” his eyes met hers, his steel turning to molten silver. “I would really like to have a second chance with you, Hermione. This war, it changed me. I changed my views on everything, because I nearly lost everything. Don’t try to budge in, I am aware that you did lose everything and just recently got it back, but let me finish. I realized how I treated you especially, and Potter and Weasley, was completely wrong and incredibly juvenile of me. I’m sorry, and I want your forgiveness for all of my immature actions as a young teenager. I'm trying to make myself a better person, because you gave me the chance to be one. Can you forgive me, at least a little bit?” he said softly.


“W…well…um…I-I um, I suppose…Oh, all right. Yes, I forgive you. And also, I have something to say to you,” she took in a shaky breath and launched into it, “Thank you. Thank you for not revealing it was the three of us at Malfoy Manor. Thank you for…restraining, your aunt. Thank you for letting us go. Thank you for letting me save you in the Room of Requirement. Thank you for being you and for vexing me for all these years to make me better. Thank you, Draco. I’ve appreciated it a lot.”


She hopped up, gave him an awkward pat on the arm, and flew out of the compartment before he had fully absorbed her words. Well, well, Granger, two can play at that game, he thought before leaving the compartment himself and returning to the Slytherin one. It would be an eventful year for the Heads, no doubt about it.


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