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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 3rd Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds

Format: Novel
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Word Count: 85,963
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Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 03/29/2009
Last Chapter: 10/16/2012
Last Updated: 10/16/2012


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After years of fighting to stay alive, everything comes down to one event. October 31st, 1981 is the night that changes it all. Some die, some are convicted and others never look back. What will bring them back together?** Read the 1st and 2nd installment.

Chapter 30: Hogwarts '95

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How is school? Lots of practical magic is done during third year so make sure that you’re keeping up with your studies and that you’re practicing. Your mum and I can’t wait to see you during Christmas holiday. I put a few galleons in the pouch for your next Hogsmeade trip. I hope you’re having fun this year. Behave yourself and I’ll see you soon.


Jayme felt a little flush after reading the letter from her dad. While she always liked hearing from home, she was at an age where independence was at the utmost importance. She cleared the coins out of the small brown pouch that was attached to the owl’s leg, gave the animal a small piece of her toast and watched it fly away.

“Parents?” her friend Tally asked.

“My dad. Sent some money for the next Hogsmeade trip,” Jayme said and took a bite of her bacon.

“If you go. The last time you wound up in detention. I had to spend the whole time with Toby,” Tally said and shot a dirty glance at her twin brother.

He gave her a large smile that showed all the food he had just shoved in his mouth.

“It’s not my fault that Umbridge is a complete munter,” Jayme growled at the memory of that horrible detention.

Tally’s eyes got wide with shock and Toby nearly choked on his from when he started to laugh.

“Jayme, you can’t talk about a professor like that,” Tally explained.

She looked nervous, as if somebody had overheard the conversation.

“She’s not a professor, she’s the devil,” Jayme said and started to gather her stuff.

“Where are you going?” Toby asked, his mouth once again full of food.

Jayme wrinkled her nose at him and Tally wiped bits of food off her sleeve.

“I still can’t believe we came from the same place,” Tally snapped and Toby rolled his eyes at her and swallowed the rest of his food.

“So where are you going?” he asked again.

“I…uh…I forgot my potions book,” Jayme said and started to walk away.

“But it’s in your arms,” Toby called as she ran out of the Great Hall.

Jayme slowed down as she entered the empty corridor. She was trying to get to the library before Potions started. Ever since she got back to Hogwarts, she was on a mission She wanted to find out more about Sirius. She wasn’t as dumb as her mum thought. Jayme knew that there was more between her and Sirius than just being old friends. However, Jayme found a lot of road blocks in her way. Not many people were willing to talk about a man who was known as a mass murderer.

She was almost to the library doors when she heard her name being called.

“Jayme!” she heard a boy call and considered ignoring it.

“Oy! Borchardt!” the boy called again.

Jayme turned around and for the second time that day, blushed.

“I was looking for you at breakfast,” he said as he stopped in front of her and tried to catch his breath.

Milo Wells. He was a very popular boy who was in the same year and house as her. She had been crushing on him since she began to think about boys in that way. It was easy to see that he would become a handsome man one day. His light brown hair was curly and unruly. And he had honey colored eyes that Jayme couldn’t help but stare into. The best thing was the fact that he was a half-blood wizard. She, in no which way, ever wanted to be with a pure blood wizard. While her mum encouraged her to marry a muggle-born when the time came, her grandparents were a little more into blood status. All the more reason to rebel.

“What’s up?” she asked, regaining her cool.

“Why are you going into the library?” Milo asked.

“I needed to grab a book,” Jayme explained and wished that he hadn’t found her.

“You’re going to be late for Potions,” Milo said and tugged on her robes, pulling her away from the library.

She looked longingly back at the library but figured she would just have to go back during lunch.

“Do you have your essay?” Milo asked as Jayme tried to keep up with his long strides.

“Of course. I’ve had it done since Monday,” Jayme bragged and waved her roll of parchment at him.

“I can’t wait to get in there. We’ve been on a roll lately,” he said as they turned the corner.

“Aren’t you going to sit with Romilda?” she asked with an undertone of jealousy.

He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders.

“Just because she’s my girlfriend doesn’t mean I want her as my potions partner. She’s rubbish at it anyway,” Milo explained and waited for her to catch up again.

“Rubbish at what? Being you girlfriend?” Jayme asked sarcastically.

She and Romilda Vane, another Gryffindor girl in her year, had never gotten along. They were on opposite sides of the spectrum and neither one ever made a move to understand the other.

“Ha! You’re very funny, nerd,” Milo said with a goofy grin.

Jayme stopped in her tracks.

“I’m not a nerd,” she voiced and her nostrils flared in annoyance.

“Oh, come on. I was just kidding. You’re too mean to be a nerd.”

Jayme smiled at him, proud that he thought she was mean and brushed past him to enter the classroom.

“As usual, most of these essays were painful to read. Must I remind you all that although OWLs aren’t until 5th year, you must have an O to be in my Advanced Potions class,” Professor Snape explained as he was practically throwing the graded essays at the third year Gryffindors.

He was much nicer about the Slytherins’ parchments.

“As the outcomes become poorer, the essays will become longer,” Snape went on and stopped before Jayme.

He handed her the essay and a compliment.

“Keep it up,” he said coolly then whipped Milo’s essay back at him.

Jayme nearly snorted as she saw Milo’s flustered face.

“How did you get him to like you? Are you an undercover Slytherin or something?” Milo whispered as he grimaced at his grade.

She sneered at him and looked at her own grade. Full marks as usual.

“Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not a complete git,” Jayme said as she rolled her parchment back up.

“I’ll say this again. You’re just down right mean,” he said and crossed his arms in a huff.

Jayme giggled at him and heard someone clear her throat behind them. The two of them turned around to find Romilda a bit perturbed.

“What are you two talking about?” she asked in a shrill voice.

“All the berks that make up this class,” Jayme replied and turned back around.

She saw Milo mouth the word “sorry” at her and turned around too.

“Class is dismissed. Turn in your essays on my desk before you leave. I want a roll on the importance of knowing undetectable poisons by the next class,” Snape said and sat behind his desk.

He looked surlier by the minute as the parchments piled up. Jayme stayed seated.

“You coming, Borchardt?” Milo asked as he pushed his chair in.

Jayme saw Tally and Toby approaching as well.

“You guys should go ahead of me. I have to talk to Professor Snape,” Jayme explained while gathering her things.

“You really are abnormal,” Milo said as Romilda was tugging him out of the room.

“See you in Ancient Ruins,” Tally hollered as she followed them out.

“Professor?” Jayme approached as Snape was gathering up all the parchments.

“Yes,” he said slowly, not looking up.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked, fidgeting from foot to foot.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked, showing a tad more concern than intended.

“No. Everything’s fine. I just…”

She didn’t know how to come out with it.

“Spit it out, Jayme. You’re going to be late for class.”

“I want to ask you a question about my mum,” she paused and saw that his mouth was starting to conform into a frown. “And Sirius Black.”

Instead of a frown, Snape’s face sported a furious scowl.

“I have nothing to say about that fugitive idiot,” Snape snapped.

Jayme jumped a little but spoke again. “I want to know about their relationship. I want to know if he’s my real dad.”

Snape turned red. Very, very red.

“I’m not the person you should have this conversation with. I’m sure your mother would be more than willing to answer these questions,” he replied and seemed done with the conversation.

“No she won’t. She thinks I’m just a child that can’t handle the real world. I think I have a right to know who my father is,” Jayme demanded, feeling a bit more courageous.

“As I recall, you have a father at home who cares about you very much. You’re more like your mother than you know. You both have a tendency to hang around fools that are no good for you. Take my advice, stay away from boys like Milo Wells,” Snape finished and started pushing her towards the door.

“But Professor…” Jayme started but was pushed out into the corridor.

“Get to class. I’m not going to write a note for you,” Snape said and slammed the door.


The day had not gone as planned. During Ancient Runes, Jayme stomach began a low growl that grew with each minute that passed. Tally kept on giving her sideways glances every time her stomach acted up, so she couldn’t shake her off by saying she wasn’t hungry. During lunch, she had been cornered by Toby’s speech on why unicorns should have the utmost respect when Romilda told Milo that she would love to have one as a pet. Toby had dreams of becoming a magizoologist and had a passionate conversation about some sort of magical creature at least three times a week. Jayme liked that about Toby. She always thought that if more people were like him, the world wouldn’t be such a cruel place. And she also enjoyed seeing Romilda put down a notch. How could she not stay and watch? However, that took up most of lunch and Jayme had Defense Against the Dark Arts right after. Once upon a time, it was her favorite class. She remembered her first year, when Remus was her professor and how extraordinary the class had been. Even the year before she had learned so much from Mad-Eye. Well, she thought it was Mad-Eye. However, she had yet to learn anything from Dolores Umbridge. The only thing she had learned was when the Ministry got involved with Hogwarts, the school began to go south.

It was on her way to Defense Against the Dark Arts when Jayme’s day really started to go awry.

Jayme was aware that walking well ahead of her was Gryffindor’s spectacular trio. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were all acting very suspicious, as usual. She knew what they were up to. They were headed towards the Room of Requirement, most likely for something to do with Dumbledore’s Army. She knew about it, almost everyone in Gryffindor did. Her mum had asked her not to join and Jayme really didn’t have a problem with that. She didn’t do well in crowds.

She did feel some sort of connection to Harry Potter. Her mum was best friends with Harry’s parents until they died and Harry was also very close to Remus. And there was the fact that Sirius was Harry’s godfather. And if Sirius turned out to be her real father then that would make her and Harry related in some sort of backwards, illogical way.

It didn’t take long for Draco Malfoy to pick up on the trio’s trail as well. He was a part of Umbridge’s Inquisitorial Squad, but in Jayme’s opinion he was a right git long before that. Before she had started at Hogwarts, her mother had given her a list of people that she should be careful of at school. Malfoy had been at the top of that list. Apparently, her mum and Draco’s dad had a history of bad blood because Draco took it upon himself to make Jayme’s life a living hell whenever he had the chance. Not that she took any of his bullying lying down. If her mum had taught her one thing, it was how to defend herself.

She couldn’t believe that the three in front didn’t realize that Malfoy was trailing them. She had to think fast. If he caught them, all of their hard work would go to hell. What Harry was doing was good and nobody could interfere with that.

Jayme pulled out her wand and pointed it directly at Draco’s back and whispered softly. “Impedimenta.”

Draco took a nosedive to the stone floor with a grunt and a crunch, signifying he had broke his nose. The trio whipped around at the commotion and saw a bleeding Malfoy and Jayme standing over him with her wand still out. She gave them a look, urging them to get away from the scene. Ron and Hermione started to run for it, however Harry stayed back, his eyes wandering from Malfoy to Jayme. She shortly lost her patience with him and started to yell.

“What are you waiting for? Get out of here!” she demanded.

He lingered for a few seconds, still looking astonished. Jayme was going to start yelling again when Harry finally turned his back and ran for it. She let out a gust of breath and looked at the injured boy at her feet. Malfoy had finally turned over to see who had attacked him.

“You,” he muttered.

His voice sounded different because of his injury but his eyes had revenge in them. Jayme gave him a frazzled smile and quickly ran off. The last thing she needed was to be caught at the scene of the crime.

She arrived at Defense Against the Dark Arts completely out of breath. This was bad. Very bad. She knew it was against school rules to attack another student, even if it was for a good cause. Even worse, she attacked Umbridge’s snitch. She was certain she was doomed for detention for the rest of the year. Maybe even expulsion.

Her stomach was churning when she took a seat next to Carys Leatherby, another Gryffindor girl in her year.

“All right, Jayme,” Carys said as she moved her books to give Jayme some table room.

Jayme offered up a weak smile and pulled out her own book. She practically buried her head inside of it.

It was a few minutes before Umbridge started up the class.

“Students, today we are going to discuss why it is never acceptable to use a curse or a hex on another witch or wizard,” Umbridge started in her shrill voice but was quickly interrupted by a three quick knocks on the door.

Umbridge looked a bit flustered by being interrupted but clicked her ugly pink heels all the way to the door to see who was there. Jayme knew who would be at the door and one quick peak over her shoulder confirmed her fear. Malfoy was standing there with his nose askew and blood all down the bottom half of his face and the front of his robes. She thought he could have at least cleaned himself up. She knew what was coming and quickly tried to make herself look as innocent as possible.

She heard the clicking coming back towards her and Umbridge cleared her throat to get the acquired attention. Jayme looked up at her and acted out her sweetest smile.

“Yes, Professor?”

“Mr. Malfoy just told me a disturbing tale,” Umbridge chirped.

“Did he? What was it about?” Jayme questioned and kept up her naive act.

“He was brutally attacked in the corridor just moments ago.”

Jayme looked back at Malfoy. He was feigning misery as well as he could.

“I’d call it an improvement,” Jayme commented with a grin.

She heard a snort of laughter and turned to see Milo covering his mouth. Umbridge pursed her lips then continued on.

“Mr. Malfoy informed me that you were the one that attacked him. Is this true?”

Jayme felt all eyes on her. This was Grade-A Hogwarts drama.

“I can’t say I know what Malfoy is talking about,” she responded as amiably as she could.

“Hand over your wand,” Umbridge ordered and held out her bloated hand.

Jayme was affronted and let it show.

“No,” she quipped quickly.

“Excuse me? Give me your wand now,” Umbridge commanded with a slight shake.

“How dumb would I be to just hand over my wand? It’s right here in this Ministry-approved text,” Jayme explained and held up her textbook.

Umbridge turned a quick shade of red and her lip twitched slightly.

“As a Ministry official, I order you to hand me your wand,” Umbridge said forcefully, “Must I remind you that both your parents work for the Ministry and the Minister of Magic takes my opinion very seriously.”

Jayme gritted her teeth and pulled out her wand. She practically threw it at Umbridge. Umbridge put the wand down on the desk and fixed a piece of hair that fell out of place.

She pulled out her own wand and pointed it at Jayme’s. “Prior Incantato.”

And there it was. A smoke image coming out of her wand that showed Malfoy getting hit in the back with a impedimenta curse and dropping like a ton of bricks. The class took in an audible gasp. Jayme glanced at Tally and Toby. The two had a look of concern on their faces. She looked back to Milo and saw that he was wearing an impressed smirk while Romilda and Carys both looked quite unsettled.

Umbridge looked positively peachy.

“Not only did you attack a student while his back was turned, you also lied about it,” Umbridge said with exaggerated disappointment and tutted at Jayme.

She was trying to keep calm but could feel her face burning with anger.

“Now, what to do with you…what to do. I’m sure your parents would want to hear about this. Two weeks detention and one hundred points from Gryffindor should do. We all make mistakes dear. Next time, just remember to be honest,” Umbridge sentenced and spoke as if she was talking about a day at the fair.

Jayme shot a glare at Malfoy. He was leaning against the doorway, a nasty smirk planted firmly on his face. She would have hexed him again right there, if it wasn’t for the fact that she would have definitely been expelled.

“I also think an apology is owed to Mr. Malfoy,” Umbridge suggested and blinked one too many times for Jayme’s liking.

Jayme practically growled. Umbridge cleared her throat again and folded her hands in front of herself, urging Jayme to carry on.

“I’m so sorry Malfoy,” Jayme did her best impression of Umbridge. “I’m sorry that you’re a sodding, good-for-nothing slime ball with the moral compass of a toad.”

At least that got a few laughs out of her fellow Gryffindors.

“I think another week of detention should do. You can think of a proper apology then,” Umbridge said with a painted smile and began to walk towards the front of the class. “And another fifty points from Gryffindor for the utter lack of respect you all show the other houses.”

Jayme grimaced and the rest of the class turned to face Umbridge once again. Jayme subconsciously began to stroke the back of her hand. She knew what was in store for her for the next three weeks. Her hand began to tingle in phantom pain just thinking about it. She hoped Harry Potter appreciated the sacrifice.


She had finally made it to the library. It had been a testing day but she had found peace and quiet and the book she had been waiting to read. She had figured out the week before that there was a book in the library that contained the family trees of almost all of the pureblood wizarding families. Jayme wanted to see where Sirius’s came from. The book was thick and if it wasn’t for the fact that the book had been alphabetized, it would have taken forever to find the Black family tree.

Jayme took out a quill and parchment and began writing down names. Jayme noticed that there was some inbreeding in Sirius’s family tree. Maybe that’s why she was so bonkers. They all had odd names and for some reason felt the need to name all the children after constellations. She saw some other surnames that she recognized. Weasley, Longbottom, she even saw Tonks, although she had already known that Sirius was related to her. However, she also saw Flint, Crabbe, Crouch, Lestrange and Malfoy. Jayme was well aware that almost all of the wizarding community were related to each other, albeit distantly. Mad-Eye had told her about the horrors of what the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr. did to Neville Longbottom’s parents. It was disturbing to find that Sirius was a cousin to one of the culprits, Bellatrix Lestrange. What upset her most was the fact that if Sirius was her father, then that meant she came from the same lineage as Draco Malfoy. It made her skin crawl just thinking about it.

Jayme saw that Sirius only had one brother who died in 1979. He couldn’t have been more than 18. It made her wonder what happened. Both of his parents were deceased as well. It looked like Sirius was the last man with the Black surname. Jayme wondered what had happened to such an “ancient” and “noble” household.

“Toujours pur,” she said to herself with a frown.

“It means ‘Always pure’,” a soft voice stated.

Jayme nearly shot out of her chair. She hadn’t heard anyone approach and was shocked to find Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley standing in front of her.

“I figured as much,” Jayme responded and closed the book quickly.

“Interesting book. I’m sure my family is somewhere in there,” Ginny commented and looked a bit suspicious as to why Jayme was reading about the Black family.

Jayme gave short answer. “So is mine.”

There was an awkward silence. Hermione and Ginny were just standing, staring at Jayme while she was trying to think of why they had decided to talk to her in the first place.

“Ginny and I were just passing through when we saw you. I just wanted to thank you for earlier. Malfoy was trying to get us into trouble and you really helped out,” Hermione offered and smiled a little.

Jayme nodded but kept her mouth shut.

“I heard you got into some trouble over it with Umbridge,” Ginny asked quietly.

“Three weeks of detention and 150 points from Gryffindor,” she responded coolly and received a sympathetic look from the two girls.

Hermione leaned closer to Jayme and asked, “Have you heard about what we’re doing?”

“Yes I have but no thank you.”

“You’d be a great asset to us,” Ginny interjected.

“I think what you all are doing is great. I’m just not ready to be a part of it,” Jayme explained quickly, hoping to end the conversation.

Hermione looked a little put out but quickly recovered.

“That’s fine. We’ll let you get back to it. Thanks again, Jayme. You really helped us out,” Hermione said and left her with another smile.

Ginny followed suit.

“I would have thought she’d say yes. I’m certain her mum’s a member of the Order,” Jayme heard Ginny whisper to Hermione as they walked away.

She almost ran to them to ask what they were talking about but decided it was against her better judgment.

She opened the book again, but this time flipped to her mum’s family tree. The Calhouns. It ran a little further back than the Black family tree but ended in a similar fashion. Her mum was the last of her family. Jayme had heard a lot about her uncle Damien. She knew he had died during the first war and was considered a hero. She had not heard as much about her mum’s sister. She saw that under Courtlyn’s name it said “1961-unknown”. It made her very sad. How could you not know if someone was dead or alive? She was intrigued to find out what ultimately happened to her long lost aunt. Jayme realized that her grandmother was still alive. She had never met her mum’s mum and knew that she never would. Nothing nice was ever said about Elladora Prince Calhoun.

The tree had her mum marked down as being married to her dad and underneath them was her own name and the year she was born. There was nothing unusual there. Jayme knew that her mother came from a bad family. However, there was one concern that caught her eye. Next to her name was another. It read “Cillian” and underneath the name was two years “1978-1980”. It couldn’t be right. She was an only child. She thought that wasn’t something her mum could keep from her and definitely not for thirteen years.

Jayme decided she had enough and slapped the book shut. She returned it to the shelf and quickly exited the library. She realized it was nearly time for dinner and headed towards the Great Hall. She couldn’t stop thinking about who Cillian was. She went trying to figure out Sirius’s secrets but instead found one of her mother’s. In her opinion, it was all deranged.

“Hey,” she heard Milo breathe as he started to walk with her.

She just nodded her head in greeting. She had too much on her mind to talk at the moment.

“Are you alright? You ran off after Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor McGonagall was looking for you. See didn’t seem very happy,” Milo admitted and Jayme shrugged her shoulders.

She never even thought about what Professor McGonagall would think. It made her feel a pang of guilt.

“What happened? Why did you hex Malfoy?”

“He was about to attack some other students. I couldn’t let him just get away with that,” Jayme explained and it looked to be satisfactory for Milo.

“I would have done the same thing. That guy is the worst of his kind,” Milo said and Jayme knew that he was trying to make her feel better about the situation.

She barely smiled at him.

“What’s wrong? You’re never like this after you get into trouble,” he questioned and looked sincerely concerned.

“I’m just,” she hesitated and was trying to decide what to tell him, “I’m trying to figure out some stuff about my family and it’s just not going as planned.”

Milo nodded his head a bit and he seemed to be trying to think of something.

“If it was me and I was trying to find stuff about my family, I’d ask the ghosts. They knew our parents before we did,” Milo said with a pleased smile.

Jayme stopped walking and Milo turned to look at her.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. My mum was in Gryffindor and Nearly Headless Nick is always trying to carry on with a conversation. Milo, you’re brilliant!” Jayme exclaimed and jumped forward to give him a hug.

She couldn’t even stop to think about how embarrassing she was acting. She quickly pulled away from him and made a mad dash down the corridor.

“I’ll see you later!” she hollered as she turned the corner.

It wasn’t very hard to find the Gryffindor ghost. He always trailed behind the students on their way to dinner. And there he was, trying to strike up a conversation with a few first years. Jayme ran up to them and gave the first years a look telling them to scram off.

“Sir Nicholas,” Jayme greeted and curtsied.

She was trying to butter him up.

“Ah, Miss Borchardt. To what do I owe this honor?” Nick asked in his most proper English.

“How long have you been Gryffindor’s ghost?”

“I’ve had the pleasure of being the ghost of Gryffindor tower for 503 years,” he said with pride and Jayme smiled back at him.

“That’s impressive. So you’ve seen a lot of students go in and out of this school?”

Nearly Headless Nick bowed his head in agreement. “Gryffindor had produced many great witches and wizards.”

“Do you remember my mum?” Jayme asked coyly.

“Yes, quite fondly. Another great Gryffindor. I heard that she is an auror.”

She nodded her head and continued. “What was she like during school?”

“Almost all of her family was sorted in Slytherin, so it was quite the steal when we got her. She was strong and independent. She was brilliant as well. An excellent duelist and one of the most powerful witches Hogwarts has seen in a very long time. And as I remember many of the male students found her to be quite breathtaking. Has anyone ever told you that you look very much like her?”

Jayme politely smiled at him. She had heard that loads of times. However, no boy at Hogwarts found her breathtaking.

“Did she have a lot of boyfriends?”

“Yes, she had a few. There was only one serious one that I can remember,” Nick explained then a grim look fell upon his face.

“Who was it?” Jayme asked eagerly.

Nick shook his head a little and almost knocked it loose from his neck.

“It was well before he showed his true colors. Nobody could have known…” Nick trailed off.

“Who was it? Was it Sirius Black?” Jayme asked overzealously.

Nearly Headless Nick was stunned to hear Sirius’s name and this time his head did become detached. Jayme gave him a moment to gather himself.

“So it’s true? My mum and Sirius dated?” Jayme asked, a little more calmly.

“Yes,” Nick answered but looked very sad, “It seemed as if they were destined to be together. They both came from dark wizarding families and were sorted into Gryffindor. The two of them were grouped with the best witches and wizards of the time. And then your mother got pregnant during her last year. It’s a shame what happened. Maybe that’s why Sirius Black turned out the way he did. To lose a child like that would be more than anyone could bare.”

Jayme had stopped walking. Her mum and Sirius did have a child together. A brother she never met.

Nick realized that Jayme had stopped and he turned to see were she went to. He looked a bit alarmed to find her in a state of shock. He thought she had known about her deceased older brother.

“Well…I should be off. I have to talk to the Bloody Baron about something,” Nick rambled and quickly floated off, leaving the scene he had just created.

Jayme was frozen in place. She thought how could her mum keep something like that from her. Her mum for certain had one child with Sirius, did that cement the fact that Sirius was her own father? What else was her mum hiding from her? What else had she lied about?

Jayme walked in a daze up to the owlery. She felt sick.

“How did he die?”

It played over and over in her mind. It said he died in 1980. He couldn’t have been more than two. Did he get sick or was he…Jayme couldn’t bring her mind to that place.

She called one of the school owls down and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill.

Who is Cillian?

She gave it to the owl and watched it fly off into the dark sky. There was no way her mum could avoid this one.