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Storm by ob sessed

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Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 21,547
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: OC/OC, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 09/08/2012
Last Chapter: 10/28/2012
Last Updated: 10/28/2012

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In Milly Swanson's metaphorical world, she is a lone solitary ship,
bobbing along on a lake where life is peaceful and quiet...
that is until a storm blows into her world and turns her life upside down. 

Unfortunately that storm comes in the form of a bad-tempered Quidditch captain,
that does not know how to leave her alone..

Chapter 4: Slytherins
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…Geoffrey Wood…


While I’m sitting here in the empty changing rooms, I allow myself to think about that Wednesday evening not too long ago.


I mean what was I thinking? Why the hell did I kiss Milly fucking Swanson?


Not that it wasn’t anything short of amazing.


It was… It was… Merlin, I don’t even know.


One minute, we were talking about John and Quidditch and whatever then the next she was looking at me, her face illuminated by the falling sun, her cheeks tinged pink from the nippy breeze, and her lips, those lips, making me think entirely inappropriate thoughts about her. I couldn’t help it. I had to know what she tasted like, I needed to know if her lips were as soft as they looked… and bloody hell, they were softer. She was soft all over and the way she melted into me electrified an urge deep within me I didn’t even know was there.


I wanted her so bad. I couldn’t think of anything else but then it dawned on me… this is Milly Swanson. This is Teddy’s Milly. This is fucking Teddy’s… I mean… he thinks of her like his baby sister and I just go and kiss her. And not just any kiss. It was raw and intense and... well, Teddy would kill me if he found out.


But he wasn’t going to. Unless Milly told but she wouldn’t.


Oh Merlin, she probably hated me too.


I suppose I could’ve handled it better, but hell, I freaked out. I was a guy. We don’t do well in situations that involve the feelings of the opposite sex—or at least not me.


I was a renowned asshole. I don’t pretend to understand for a minute how they bloody think but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Relationships are the last thing on my mind. If I want to be the best Quidditch player the world has ever seen, definitely better than my dad, then a girlfriend was out of the question. Especially one like Milly; she required… attention and actual commitment. 


I sigh, raking a hand through my hair.


Milly will just have to get over it. I’ve got more pressing matters at hand. Like this Quidditch match that is going to start in less than an hour.


In ten to fifteen minutes, the room will be crowded with my team raring to get their hands on the Slytherins and I’d be standing in the middle, giving them the pep talk of their lives.


Or I hope so…


I’ve always come early to get my head down and concentrate. To the team, I am a strict control-freak captain but that’s only because I never let them see how much of a wreck I usually am before every match, this year especially.


Everything’s riding on these matches for us seventh years. Scouts are in the stands looking at us now and one wrong move could mean no offer letter. I know my parents are also in the stand, Mum will obviously be trying to keep Dad under control but he will be yelling and screaming his head off at me. Even amidst the cheering and chanting from all four houses, I could always hear his distinct voice. I always did and I could always feel the anger boil in the pit of my stomach. Some days, it spurred me on. Some days, I made mistakes because of it. Merlin, I’m hoping today was the day it would spur me on.


I look up as the doors burst open and voices filled the room.


“Hullo Captain!” Greg salutes me and drops his bag down with a thud. Seamus and Rachel follow in behind him, both of them giving me a cheerful nod.


“How are you guys feeling?” I ask, pushing my thoughts back.


“Terrific!” Greg announces.


“Ready to kick some arse!” Seamus roars.


“Slightly nauseous,” Rachel laughs. “But you know how I get. I’m ready when I’ve got my kit on.”


“So get to it, Chung!” I order. She rolls her eyes at me and disappears into the divide for the female players, which is actually just her.


A few long minutes later, James, Freddie and Martin stroll into the changing rooms with an air of arrogance that only Gryffindors can pull off so charmingly. Or so I was told by Madeleine Jones from Ravenclaw last year.


“You three are late!”


I’m standing up now, having already changed into my kit, with what I hope is my ‘don’t fuck with me’ scowl on. They are arrogant but they fear me and I have always relished in that. I am taller than them and older and bigger. The only person bigger than me in this team is Seamus but that’s because he’s part-wilderbeast—or so goes the rumour that Greg, Teddy and I spread in fourth year.


“By a minute, Wood!” James cries out. “Don’t be such a mood-kill!”


I half-sigh, half-growl. “I’ll let you off but never be late on match day again!”


The three of them nod and scurry off to change. James Potter is the only one out of the three of them brave enough to talk back to me like that but I reckon I had been just as much of a cocky prick as he is when I was his age, when Aaron MacGregor was captain. I might’ve been an even bigger prick if I recall. But you don’t want to leave a coward with the Gryffindor legacy. That is why once I’m gone, James will be made captain and he probably knows it too. Martin may be older but Martin lacks discipline and the drive to win at all costs. James is as headstrong and single-minded as I am.


As everyone settles down to a silent hum and crowd around me. I let out a deep breath. 


“Listen up, I’m not even going to pretend that a victory is in the bag. Slytherin have been our toughest opponents in all of the years I’ve played on this team and they fight dirty. They’re tough, willing to take the risks to get what they want, but we’re not going to make that easy on them. We’re not going to go down without a bloody fight. I don’t care if you come out with a broken arm. Actually, if you don’t feel pain by the end of this match then you didn’t put everything you’ve got into it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want to win this so I’ll just show you. By the end, I will have more blood on me that is of someone else’s than my own because to hell if I’m going to let those dirty Slytherins beat us! So who’s with me?”


There’s a loud chorus of ‘fuck yeah’, ‘fuck the Slytherins’ and a whole lot of swear words that would make my Nana blush. We chant one last Gryffindor cheer and I allow my team to pile out of the changing rooms and onto the grounds. I follow behind and as I emerge onto the pitch, the noise erupting from every which way I turn suddenly brings on the roaring mutated butterflies inside me.


I will not lose!



My muscles tighten as I throw the Quaffle towards the outer right hoop, catching John off guard. He scowls at me as a loud ‘ding’ announces my fourth goal.


It’s a tight game. Gryffindor only leads 80 to 70 and we are already an hour into the match. Unfortunately, I was right. Slytherins played dirty.


 My arm throbs from where a Bludger had made contact with me but I push through, it didn’t matter how badly I hurt. I knew for a fact everyone is in the same boat as I am, Gryffindors and Slytherins alike. I wasn’t lying when I said it was going to be one our toughest matches—not only because Slytherins are decent players but also because it has always been the most physical match of the year.


I loop around one of the Roux twins just in time for Seamus to knock the Quaffle straight out of her hand with a well-placed Bludger. I lunge for it, the wind whipping me in the face causing my eyes to tear up, and just manage to grab it before the other Roux twin did. I swerve upwards and underhand pass it to James, who is whizzing past me and holding up three fingers. I nod to Greg who sees it too and we both start criss-crossing above and below James, causing a great deal of confusion for the Slytherins.


One… two… three… four…


James chucks the ball upward just as I pass by and I snap it up quickly. I don’t have long to bask in our triumphant play because I notice immediately that something’s wrong from the widening of James’ eyes. I have no time to turn and check what’s happening behind me so I raise my hand and shoot the Quaffle just as a broom collides with my head. Dots of white line my vision and there is a whooshing noise as I’m falling through the sky with my broom limp in my hand. I hear screaming, lots of screaming and warm liquid seeping into my mouth. Everything is in slow motion and it takes me awhile to register what’s happening before I snap back to reality. I grab hold of the broom with both hands despite the searing pain in my head and pull the tip forcibly till the broom shudders to a stop. With one hand, I wipe the blood from my eyes.






That was a load of bullshit and we all knew it!


Oh god… my head… I feel sick…




Bloody hell, I probably do… but I won’t leave this match!


“I’M FINE!” my voice quivers and I grimace at the weakness I hear in it.


I feel my head gingerly and the pain nearly takes me off the broom again but at least the blood has stopped gushing out.


Everyone is looking at me dubiously but the match is resumed. It takes all of my strength to concentrate on what I’m doing. I find out that at least I had made that goal and that brings my tally up to five and Gryffindor to 90. The Snitch is still eluding both Michael and Martin and never in my life have I wished for Martin to find it faster. I don’t know how long I can last like this.


I watch the Quaffle spin out of control after a missed pass from Greg to James and I groan. Marcus, Milly’s little brother, catches it easily and scores for Slytherin. 90-80 now.




I turn my head and the searing pain strikes again. I want payback. If I feel like shit then someone else should feel like shit too, I decide. Preferably that asshole, Krum!


I catch the Quaffle from Rachel, who was in the goal post and head towards the other end. I drop it to Greg below me who then shoots forward. James is whirring around the pitch as Slytherins’ Beaters, Devin and Scorpius are smashing the Bludger back and forth, trying to catch him in their game.


“DAMN IT, SEAMUS, FREDDIE! GO FUCKING HELP OUT JAMES!” I roar at my two Beaters. They shoot forward instantly to try to steal the Bludger off of the Slytherins.


As I turn around, I find more bad news as Greg is being chased relentlessly by Audrey and Henry. I have Milly’s brother on my tail but I have to help him.


I make a whole bunch of unnecessarily fancy spins and moves, losing Marcus easily in the process. He’s young and inexperienced and I am a hell of a lot faster than the kid.


I fly towards Greg who passes it instantly to me.


The headache is beginning to get worse; there are moments where the world blurs by me and moments where the ringing noise in my ear drowns out everything else on the pitch. But I just can’t. I refuse to leave the match now.


I’m sprinting forward, knowing that all three Slytherin Chasers are right behind me and I know that within a few seconds, the Beaters will be after me too. But then I see it. The Snitch. It’s flying just beside the Slytherin post and both Michael and Martin are going for it. Martin is just that much further ahead and I see my opportunity for sweet revenge. I urge my broom to go faster and without a second thought, I aim my Quaffle just in time to ‘accidentally’ catch Michael’s broom tip, so slightly that from afar you wouldn’t even notice. The commotion from Michael spinning out of control distracts John and I win another goal, bringing me to six.


Oh shit!


I really did not anticipate Michael spinning straight for me… and I’m moving too fast to stop…


A loud crash explodes across the pitch and I feel the wind being knocked straight out of me, and Michael’s jaw catching me on my elbow. I don’t notice much else as I’m heading straight for the ground… except for my head… Oh god, my head… I can’t… I can’t breathe… shit.



When I come to, there are voices whirling around me. I can’t make out any of them and I keep my eyes shut, waiting for the ringing in my head to stop.


“Teddy, stop that!”


“I’m not doing anything, Vicky! Jeez!”


“You’re eating his fruit basket! His parents bought him that!”


“Well he’s not awake to eat it! What if it goes bad?”


“You’re incorrigible!”


“I’m in-what?”


“You two shut the hell up!” Seamus growls. “You are making this headache so much bloody worse!”


“I know,” Greg groans. “I feel like someone is trying to rip out my spleen from the inside out.”


“Merlin, that was a very physical match, wasn’t it?” Vicky points out. “I’ve never seen so many… injuries.”


“You have no idea, Vicky,” Rachel now adds. “I’m the bloody Keeper and I still manage to walk away with a broken nose and a sprained wrist.”


“I wonder how he’s doing,” Teddy’s saying now.


I don’t think I can deal with all of them right now so I keep my eyes close and listen on to their conversation.


“He’s fine,” a voice rings out. She’s here? “He’s far too stubborn to be that injured.”


There’s a chorus of laughter and I want to smile. She’s here.


And she seems to be getting along quite nicely with the rest of the group. A month ago, she’d be sitting in her room doing Merlin knows what. She definitely wouldn’t be here at my hospital bed.


“Come on, guys, we should leave him to rest,” Teddy sighs. “We might as well go and enjoy the victory party.”


So we won! Thank the freaking gods!


“Plus Milly has a date,” giggles Adele and I tense up at this piece of news immediately.


“It’s not a date.”


“Well I bet he’s waiting for you anyway.”


“Adele, shut up.”


“Who’s your date?” Teddy asks gruffly. I can at least count on him to be wound up about this too.


“John O’Donnelly!” Adele pipes up, and I can hear Milly groan, “not a date.”


I hear footsteps retreating from my bed and I open one eye to see Milly just about to turn away. My hand shoots out and holds onto her before she can move. Her eyes flutter to mine and I quickly close my eyes again, still unwilling to let her go.


“Uh… I’ll catch up with you guys in a second, I lost an…erm, earring,” she calls out to them and there’s a unanimous grunt of ‘okay’s.


As I listen to the double doors swing shut, I open my eyes to look up at her. She has makeup on and is wearing a dark red dress. She looks…


“What do you want, Geoffrey?” her voice is curt.


“I thought I told you John O’Donnelly is a prick,” I reply just as curtly, my voice dry from the lack of use.


“And I remember telling you it’s none of your business.”


She’s scowling, her lips pursed in a tight line. She’s mad at me… and so she has every right to be, I remind myself.


But she hasn’t tugged her hand away from mine yet. That’s a good sign.


“You can do better,” I tell her.


“Regardless of whether I can or cannot, I don’t think you have any say in my love life, Geoffrey,” she replies, her eyes weary and tired. “Now, I have to go.”


Milly turns to leave but I jerk her towards me roughly and she topples onto me, making me wince slightly but I ignore the sharp pain. I place my hand on the back of her head and pull her closer. I kiss her softly and just like before, she tastes of vanilla, something that I’ve never experienced before—and believe you me, I’ve experienced quite a few girls. Her hands fly to my chest, and if I weren’t in so much pain, I would’ve pulled her onto this bed with me.


Her lips are wondrously soft and I can’t help but take her full bottom lip between my teeth. There’s a murmur of shock from her that vibrates between our bodies…


Good lord, I’ve never felt more turned on than right now.


But this time, she’s pulling away. Her green eyes are wide and then they’re narrowing angrily.


“You’re an asshole!”


One slammed door later and I’m alone again. Bloody hell…


…Milly Swanson…


I’ve never been so angry in my life! How dare that prick go and kiss me like that? That’s… that’s harassment! I swear it is!




It’s bad enough he scared me half to death with that idiotic asinine stunt of his today.


God, remembering it now makes my palm go all clammy. I felt so helpless sitting there watching while his limp body fell through the sky. I wanted to run to him. I had a strong ridiculous urge to cry too, which made me think okay maybe I care about him a little bit. I mean as friends. But no, he then has to go and kiss me and make me lose any sort of good feelings for him!


Merlin, I need to calm down. They can’t know what happened. No one needs to know what happened. It was a mistake, he even said it, and mistakes can be swept right under the rug. No need for anyone to find out about it.


I begin calculating my breathing as I always do, trying to find that inner tranquillity that has eluded me for the past few weeks. I just need to put on a smiling face and head to the victory party.


I murmur the password to the Fat Lady and follow the dimly lit corridor into the common room, the onslaught of noise made me slightly frazzled for a few moments. There are so many people crammed into the room.


Oh goodness… I feel myself begin to sweat almost right away. Despite the recent emergence of this new Milly, people still make me rather anxious.


I stand rooted to the spot, contemplating whether or not to run before anyone noticed but I should have realised that the girls had a Milly-radar now and have honed in on my location long before I even registered their presence.


“There you are!” Adele smiles and swoops me into a hug. “We were about to send out a search party.”


“Yeah and I would’ve been rather put out with you if you missed my hard-earned victory party,” Rachel laughs.


“Always the modest one, aren’t you?” Victoire smirks. Rachel shrugs with a cheeky smile on her face. Victoire then turns to me and links her arm with mine. “You look amazing, Milly. How are you feeling?”


“Queasy,” I reply truthfully.


“Don’t be,” she says. “It’s a party. It’s about letting loose and making wonderful idiots of ourselves.”


“That’s what I’m worried about,” I laugh quietly. “Making an absolute tit of myself.”


“Oh, honey, I can guarantee you I’ll make a bigger tit of myself,” Adele informs me with a wink. “It’s my specialty. Plus I think the boys will have got that covered. Look at them.”


We all turn to stare at the large testosterone-fuelled group of boys standing by the drinks table. Teddy has one arm around James Potter and another one is holding onto a bottle of Butterbeer. Freddie Weasley, Martin Scofield, Greg and Seamus are all in a rather tight downing race; Greg losing horribly as amber liquid spills out from his cup onto his white t-shirt. Seamus eventually wins by a millisecond to Freddie and Martin’s chagrin and lets out a very impressive belch.


“Men,” Adele sighs.


“You mean boys,” I say. “I don’t think they’re quite there yet.”


“Good point.”


There’s a loud ruckus by the entrance and all activity seems to stop at a standstill, as the Slytherins have arrived. Their team are just as black and blue as ours but the difference is their demeanour; they’re all angry and morose and don’t look like they want to be here—but I suppose they would lose face if they didn’t show their… well, faces.


I notice my brother right away. He’s hanging back with his face cast down. He has a few bruised ribs from what he told me and the ugliest bruise ever on his back. I hope he knows that any outspoken words from him here in my common room will earn him a few more bruises from me.


John is also standing in the back, sporting quite a horrible black eye and a busted lip, but his face is blank. I reckon he’s probably angry too.


“Wahey! Look who it is!” Greg cries out, marching over to them, flanked by Seamus, James, Martin, and Greg. Rachel makes a grunting noise and I know if a fight breaks out, she’d be straight in there too.


“I suppose you’re here to see what a winning side looks like, eh?” James taunts.


“Shut it, Potter,” Michael Krum snaps. “We’re here because we’re good sports.”


The Gryffindors burst out laughing, with James slapping Greg’s back for emphasis.


“Well in that case, we’ll let each of you hold the House Cup when we win it,” Freddie says. “As ‘good sports’.”


There’s an angry murmur amongst the Slytherin team and I notice John holding back a blonde boy whom I think is Henry Roux.


If you win it,” Michael growls then smirks. “I mean how tough can Gryffindor be when their captain is stuck in a hospital bed for a few cuts and bruises.”


The Slytherins laugh. 


“You know you made an illegal move!” James roars. For a fifth year, he is quite rowdy. And outspoken. Merlin, he reminds me of Geoffrey.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Potter,” Michael replies curtly. “If he can’t handle the game then maybe he shouldn’t have been playing.”


I decide then and there that Michael Krum is a bastard. I don’t know anything about Quidditch but I know for a fact that his knock on Geoffrey was intentional and definitelyillegal.


He is a dirty cheating bastard!


But Geoffrey did get his own revenge, come to thin of it. He broke Krum’s jaw just before he passed out mid-air. Krum’s bandage is as clear as day even from this distance.


Our boys all make a growling noise and start towards the Slytherins, who also advance forward aggressively, but before any damage can be done, Teddy jumps out of nowhere.


“Hey there, guys!” he shouts good-naturedly. “No need for this. It’s a party! Winners or losers, both are welcome! Come on, there’s plenty of booze to go around!”


The two groups square off for one long minute before dispersing and I can feel the entire room exhale in relief, including myself.


“Except for fifth years and lower! Nothing for you but punch!” Teddy announces again.


I swear the man should be a diplomat. He’s so good in these situations!


Teddy makes his way over towards us and slings his arm around my shoulders, sighing against me. “Holy shit, that was intense!”


“I wanted to chop off Krum’s head,” Rachel snarls, which makes me want to giggle.


Rachel is a small girl, just an inch taller than my five foot two frame, with big soulful brown eyes that cries for someone to just swoop in and protect her. But the girl is tougher than nails. I mean I’ve always known she was loud and boisterous but it was as if something snapped inside of her today when she was playing that turned her from cute little kitten to full on Bengal Tiger.


“Thank god, Geoffrey’s not here,” Teddy points out. “He would’ve made that situation so much worse.”


Geoffrey… why can’t everyone just stop talking about him? It’s hard enough trying to stop thinking about how his lips felt on mine, how gentle our earlier kiss was compared to the one by the lake or how he…


Oh god, Milly! Stop it!


“He would’ve clocked Krum in the face and broke his jaw again,” Rachel laughs.


“Boys,” Adele rolls her eyes. “Well boys and Rachel.”


As the three of them argue on about Quidditch, I notice the strained silent way Victoire is looking at Teddy. She is so tense I’m afraid she’s physically going to combust at any given moment. I want to say something to her but I have a feeling whatever it is that’s on her mind, it has a great deal to do with Teddy and she wouldn’t want him to hear.


“Hi Milly,” a voice sounds beside me and I look up to a pair of startling blue eyes.


“Oh, hi John,” I smile, feeling rather shy all of a sudden. “How are you?”


“Crap,” he grins. “Considering… but congratulations to you.”


“Me? I didn’t do anything.”


“Well you’re a Gryffindor,” he says.


“Oh right,” I chuckle awkwardly, realising that all conversation has stopped since John had walked over to me. “Uh…”


“Do you want to go somewhere… less crowded?” he jerks his head towards Teddy, Adele, Rachel and Victoire, and I nod eagerly.


John surprisingly takes me by the hand and pulls me through the throng of people and I hope to Merlin my hands aren’t clammy and gross. His however are rough and calloused, which I find quite appealing. He leads me straight out of the common room and into the empty corridor.


“Sorry,” he says sheepishly. “It was way too loud in there and to be honest, being in your common room is not helping me deal with losing to you guys. I’m a bit of a sore loser.”


I smile at his honesty. “It’s okay. If it helps, I’m not that bothered about Quidditch so I don’t think any less of you for losing.”


“Oh why thank you,” he laughs, taking a little bow in front of me.


I roll my eyes but laugh with him. John is really easy to talk to. I don’t know what the hell everyone’s problem is with him. He’s nice and funny. And cute.


“You look really pretty by the way,” he says.


I shift awkwardly from one foot to the other. “Oh… I mean… thank you.”


He chuckles, taking a step forward. “Where have you been hiding, Milly Swanson?”


“Me?” I gulp. “I-I’ve been… around.”


“I know,” his eyes darken just slightly and if I wasn’t sweating before, I certainly am now. “But there’s something different about you now.”


“I talk more?” I offer and John throws his head back and laughs.


“You really are something…”


Oh god, he’s leaning forward. I’m too dumbfounded to do anything but stand there and wait. I know it’s coming. The tight ball of nerves in the pit of my stomach know it’s coming. He’s getting closer…


“GO AWAY, TEDDY!” screams Victoire as she stumbles out of the portrait hole and bolts down the corridor. Teddy comes stumbling out after her, looking entirely bewildered, before turning his attention onto us.


“Milly! Oh thank god, you’re here!” Teddy runs over to me. “John,” he adds curtly, his eyes narrowing at the aforementioned Slytherin.


“What on earth happened?” I ask, choosing to ignore Teddy’s rudeness.


“I don’t know! One minute, we were joking around and the next, Victoire is having a bloody go at me!” Teddy throws his hands up in exasperation. “I just don’t know what to do with her!”


I sigh heavily. “Look, Teddy, go back inside. I’m going to go find her.” I turn to John and smile sadly. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”


He smiles back. “It’s okay.”


I say bye to him and then quickly walk towards where I last saw Victoire. I’m not entirely sure where she’s run off to but I have a vague idea. A lot of people tend to go here when they’re upset. It’s the quietest most beautiful spot in Hogwarts if you know what time of day to go. Right now, I’d imagine it to be just that.


I take two steps at a time and am at the top of the Astronomy Tower in record time, mentally high-fiving myself as I spot the blonde sitting on the edge of the tower. She turns to look at me with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks, and even though she’s blubbering like a baby, Victoire still looks gorgeous.


When I cry, I look like a mountain troll…


“Hi,” I say gingerly, moving to sit beside her.


She sniffles and then wipes her nose. “Hi.”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


There’s a long silence as we both turn to look at the vast navy blue sky dotted with millions and millions of iridescent stars. Already, I can just make out the dark grey clouds rolling in. A clap of thunder startles the both of us and then small droplets of water begin to cascade down onto the ground noisily.  


“We were having our annual Potter and Weasley barbecue this summer,” Victoire spoke, her voice shaky and hoarse. “Of course Teddy and Nana Andromeda always come; they’re practically family anyways.” I nod. “We were all running around because the younger ones wanted to play hide and seek. Teddy and I decided to hide in Uncle Harry’s old shed…” She sniffles and pushes her hair back. “Merlin, before it, Teddy was just Teddy to me. He was the guy that was just there. My friend, Teddy.”


“But now? What happened, Vicky?” I ask, hoping my use of her nickname would spur her to carry on with the story. I’ve never used it before, never felt like I could.


“We were joking around and then there was this silence, you know the silence?” Victoire asks me and I nod vigorously. I know that silence. “He kissed me. The dickhead kissed me! And everything changed! He wasn’t just Teddy anymore, he wasTeddy, this great, amazing guy who I’ve known all my life.” Her blue eyes soften and her lips turn upwards just slightly and I know I’ve lost her to that memory. A few seconds pass and a scowl replace it and she’s narrowing her eyes at something in the distance. “But you now what he did after? He laughed. He laughed and then Roxy came and that was it. He never mentioned it again. In fact, he’s out there, running around with all these girls like I don’t even exist!”




“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?”


“What? No! It’s just… yes,” Victoire sighs loudly, putting her face into her hands. “God, Milly. I’m pathetic! I’m so pathetically in love with him!”


“You should tell him!” I say, imagining a Teddy and Victoire wedding and how utterly gorgeous their children would be. Actually, maybe they shouldn’t get married. I don’t think it’s fair on the other kids if Teddy and Victoire reproduce.


“Are you kidding? No way! Milly, he can never know about this!” Victoire cries out, grabbing hold of my hands. “Please promise me you won’t tell!”


I sigh. “Okay, okay, I promise.”


“I know I’ll get over him,” she says but I think it’s more to herself than it is to me. “I don’t want to love him.”


“If you want to get over him, I think having a go at him all the time won’t help,” I point out to her. “Teddy is a boy, Vicky. He’s as oblivious as the next guy and terrified of relationships so the last thing on his mind will be how much he’s hurt you. He won’t even think it’s possible so no matter how much you yell, he won’t get it.”


“What do I do then?”


“This goes against my better judgment because I think you and Teddy are perfect for each other now that I think about it,” I tell her but Victoire just grunts in response so I continue quickly. “But ignore him. Just don’t work yourself up over anything he does. Don’t speak to him. Because being friends with him won’t help and yelling at him won’t either.”


She tilts her head at me and grins. “For someone who’s been hiding from people all her life, you sure understand them, Milly.”


I laugh. “What can I say, when you’re quiet and listen, you learn a lot.”


“Thank you,” Victoire smiles and reaches over to hug me. “You’re a good friend.”

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