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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 38,448
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC

First Published: 08/23/2012
Last Chapter: 02/07/2014
Last Updated: 02/07/2014

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                                           It's just another crazy year at Hogwarts, or is it?

Chapter 4: Because singing to a bottle of alcohol is totally normal...

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We arrived at the party, which was being held in the room of requirement though many people were still unaware of what the room actually was, the party was in full swing. Ava had insisted that we couldn’t get there until the midgets had left, Saffie had tried to put it nicely buy saying we would simply be ‘fashionably late’ I didn’t really get involved.

As soon as we walked through the doors Fred appeared and gave each of us a drink only for Charlie to appear a matter of seconds later to take my drink claiming that ‘I was far too young to drink!’ his efforts were pointless however because Fred just gave me a new drink as soon as Charlie had taken my first. I don’t understand why Charlie feels the need to be so protective over me, I am actually only a year below him but you would think I was actually two years old. You could always rely on Fred to supply you with a variety of different drinks and inevitably get you drunk.

The first week back had been irritating. The amount of times we had already been lectured about our OWL exams was frankly annoying and I was still angry from the awful quidditch practise earlier. As a song came on that everyone recognised, everyone rose from their seats which were scattered around the edge of the room, we all began to dance and try and sing the song at the top of our lungs. Of course none of us could sing for shit but it didn’t matter because we were having fun and by that time most of the people were are already too drunk to care.

It was funny watching some of the older students how were already hammered because they were just so hilarious without even trying to be.  We carried on dancing for the next few songs until we had finished our drinks and needed a refill. We spotted Scorpius and Al standing together by the drinks table. I was surprised but then again, maybe Al was just giving Scorpius the over-protective older cousin talk which went along the lines of ‘you hurt her and I will not hesitate in killing you’ or at least words to that effect.

We joined the two boys before Al could make too many death threats; actually they looked like they were getting along quite well. Well, stranger things have happened before. We chatted for a while, or at least Evie chatted to Al and Rose talked to Scorp. I was scanning the room for Ava and Saffie, god knows where they had got to. I was just looked in the corner when I felt my heart drop and plummet way below my stomach. I dropped my cup which smashed uselessly at my feet. My mouth gaped and my hand flew to my eyes so that I could wipe away the tears already forming in my eyes. Rose turned around shocked whilst Evie put her arm round me and tried to comfort me.

“What is it Fliss?” she asked worriedly, she waited for my answer but I just couldn’t make a sound so she too looked around until she saw them and realised. In the corner of the room was Nate and he wasn’t alone. He was fiercely snogging April Long who can only be described as the slut of our year. Every year just had to have one. It was clearly getting a bit heated between them and after a couple more shouts of ‘get a room’ he took her hand and led her out of the room.

The tears were now all down my face but I hastily wiped them away and reached over to the drinks table grabbing a whole bottle of fire whisky. That stuff was strong on its own but I didn’t care at all. I wanted to forget about what I had seen as quickly as possible. I had fancied Nate for a long time, as in about three years. We had always sort of been friends but that had been it. I don’t think he ever saw a possibility of anything else every happening between us.

I left the others and stumbled over to a seat in the corner which I promptly slumped into; I took a long swig of the fire whisky and almost gagged because it burnt my throat as I swallowed it. I didn’t bother dancing again; I don’t think my legs would have been able to hold me upright if I had tried. I had consumed the whole bottle of fire whisky and had since been given another by Fred. I had bypassed the tipsy stage, been through the giggling like a five year old stage and was now stuck in the ‘emotional drunk’ stage.

For a while Saffie came and sat with me but I just drunkenly whined about how much I loved Nate and asked her constantly why he didn’t love me back. She told me I should go to bed and I assured her that I would, eventually.  I just kept drinking and drinking. Trying to get Nate out of my fucking head.  I started to feel drowsy after the third bottle of fire whisky, I wasn’t even particularly aware of what was happening around me anymore and slowly it all just faded away. I think I must have fallen asleep.

The next thing I knew, I could feel strong arms winding themselves around me and hoisting me upwards, my eyes flickered open long enough just to catch sight of some messy dark brown hair and bright green eyes…James. I let my eyes fall shut again as he carried me from the room of requirement back to the common room.

When I awoke I immediately felt the painful throbbing in my head, I already regretted drinking so much because now I was suffering for it. I sat up, propping myself up against my pillows and wiped the sleep from my eyes. Suddenly the hangings of my bad were yanked open on all sides by the girls and Rose roughly shoved a small vial into my hand. It was filled with a psychedelic purple liquid which I recognised as a hangover potion. I hurriedly yanked the cork out of the vial and drank it in two gulps. Immediately my headache eased. I was so thankful that Rose had stolen the recipe from James last year.

“You came in late last night,” Saffie said lightly however almost in an accusatory type of way.

“Nothing happened,” I groaned. I wasn’t in the mood for any sort of interrogation, “or at least I don’t think I did anything…” I trailed off. Evie burst into unwilling laughter which she tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle. I snapped at her which made her stop soon enough.

“What’s so funny?” I moaned because Ava was now giggling as well.

“It’s just that you can’t remember the fittest guy in like the whole school carrying you back up to the dorm!” she giggled, “ahh, it was so romantic.”
“Ahh, wait, eww how is James as in MY cousin fit?” cringed Rose.

Evie just rolled her eyes and laughed. How could Rose not realise (even if she didn’t think it herself) that James was widely considered the hottest guy ever to be born onto this planet, or probably the whole universe because from all the muggle films I have watched all the aliens didn’t exactly look like…well even mildly good looking.

When the others had finally finished giggling about the fact that James had carried me back to the dorm last night- I assured them it was simply because my brother is his best friend and he probably sees me like another sister because to be honest, Charlie and I do spend quite a lot of our holidays at the Potter’s house- the reason for my excessive drinking of the previous night came back to me. It had been a drunken haze for a while but now that I thought about, I could remember clearly.

It was all because Nate Parker didn’t fucking like me; I had been rejected in possibly the most brutal fashion. He had made his choice deciding that minimal clothe wearing April was so much better then mental head case, prone to word vomit me.

I suppose when I put it like that I see where he is coming from but that doesn’t mean I don’t wasn’t to cry and find my best friend from the previous night – yes I mean the gigantic bottle of fire whisky, it listened to my problems without interrupting which therefore qualifies it as best friend material.

“You should have listened to me and gone to bed when I suggested!” exclaimed Saffie her overprotective motherly side coming through.

“Well, I thought I might just have a little drink first. I could hardly pass up the opportunity when they was so much free alcohol,” I replied, trying and failing to justify myself. Saffie simply stared at me and have me a look as if to say ‘really? A little one?’ she then actually said, “Felicity Barker you were absolutely wasted, do not try and defend yourself because it is true!” she tagged on the last bit when she saw me trying to interrupt with a totally invalid excuse.

Is a girl not allowed to drown her sorrows anymore? I frowned at her and tried to tell her that I was fine, this was of course complete bullshit but heyho. Life goes on.

Ava looked at me incredulously, “Fliss, I saw you singing ‘where have you been all my life’ and ‘I will always love you’ to a bottle of fire whisky!”

I blushed; I couldn’t dig myself out of this while in fact I almost laughed at myself, thinking about how ridiculous I acted when I was drunk and upset.

It was about half past twelve before we were ready to head down to the great hall to eat because it was the day after the party none of us had been awake until about half past eleven by which time it was too late for brunch. Upon looking around, it appeared that many of the other people in the great hall were suffering after last night which made us all the more grateful that we had the hangover potion. As we began to eat, James, Charlie, Fred and Connor appeared.

“Morning” grinned Fred who was unnaturally awake and perky -seriously, I think he likes getting up early…weird chid.
“Hey” I said to the whole group all of which I knew well as they visited our house in the summer almost every year. 
“Are you alright now Fliss? You were pretty drunk last night” asked James, who actually sounded genuinely concerned, Charlie eyed James with what looked like either confusion or suspicion, I blushed and nodded. “Oh and quidditch trials are tomorrow at 11, I want the whole team there” he continued now addressing Al as well as me, “could you tell Nate as well, you will probably see him before me”

At the mention of his name I dropped both my knife and fork and they clattered onto the flag stoned floor. I jumped up and ran from the room, I didn’t want any of them to see the tears now forming in my eyes. 
Once Felicity had left, there was an almost painful silence which was broken by James,
“What did I say?” he asked completely bewildered  which was to be expected, he had no idea that what he had could have done to upset Felicity. The four girls all looked at each other and gave each other the ‘should we tell him look’ Ava nodded. This only succeeded in confusing James further.

“Will you just tell me why Fliss just ran off?”

“Well…” began Rose, not really sure where to start, “Fliss has sort of had a crush on Nate for a while, and well yesterday at the party she saw him…with someone else” 

“Which is why she ended up getting so drunk” finished James, “and I just asked her to talk to him! Shit” he muttered before running off after Fliss. As he ran, he grabbed the marauders map which was as ever sitting in him pocket. He then quickly muttered ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ then frantically started searching the parchment to see where she had got to. He just caught a glimpse of her standing in a corridor on the seventh floor before disappearing. James however knew where she had gone; the room of requirement. He sprinted up the stairs hoping that he would be able to get into the room and find Fliss. When he arrived the door was still visible upon the wall and was still slightly ajar. Clearly other things than telling the room not to let anyone know she was there, were on her mind. He slipped through the small gap in-between the doors. The room inside was small and not very well lit. It was also empty apart from Fliss and the small box of tissues that lay beside her. Fliss sat there sobbing; she looked up and saw James but didn’t say anything so he sat down next to her.

“I’m so sorry Snow” he whispered softly. Snow was the nickname that James had given her when she had only been five years old. At the time Fliss had just discovered the muggle fairy tale called ‘Snow White’ which soon became her favourite. Being a metamorphmagus Fliss used her gift to make her hair black and her lips red so that she resembled the main character of the fairy tale. From then on James had called her Snow. 

“I really liked him” she mumbled between stifled sobs. James didn’t really know what to say so he put his arm around her shoulders and just mumbled “I know Snow, I know.” He felt so bad, how could he have been so stupid? Of course he hadn’t known at the time but still, how could he have been so stupid?

“Fliss” he said. She looked up, her eyes red and blotchy yet she still managed to look beautiful he thought, even with tears streaming down her delicate face, to him she still looked perfect.

“Yes” she replied softly.

“You should forget about him Fliss, you deserve so much more than him, one day you will meet a guy who loves you back and he will be the luckiest guy in the world”

Fliss rested her head on James’ chest. 

Sometimes the cliché stuff you always hear in movies is just what you need to hear in real life.

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