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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 23,204
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/15/2012
Last Chapter: 12/16/2013
Last Updated: 12/16/2013

  "Never noticed, never seen, never heard. That's how it is right now for me Zee and I'd like it to stay like that for a while"
" maybe that's how you want it Lils, but as soon as he realises that your the green eyed girl, Potter's never gonna allow that to happen.

 Redhead Talitha Elfinbere has been chased by James Potter since he first saw her on the platform before their first ever train journey. But was it really Talitha that he ssaw ring revised, so only read the first two chapter, rest no longer makes sense :)

Chapter 6: Saphhire and Jade-coloured Rats and Italian Moonies

Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Maurader prequel ;)

"I told you not to change my hair colour idiot! What part of 'Blue eyes' don't you get! And I thought you had taste, you could at least make my hair brown instead of blonde!"

"Please don't hurt me..." Liam just whimpered. It was August 31st and as was tradition, Lily,Zahra,Alexa,Liam and Alex were all at Alexa's house, seeing as she was a Pureblood, so her house was big enough for all of them and all 5 of Alexa's younger siblings.

" It's true you know, brown hair looks better on anyone. "

Alexa, Alex and Liam all flipped their hair. Zahra, having black hair, and Lily normally having red hair both looked at the boys, slightly creeped out.

" you know..."

"if we didn't know better..."

"well actually Lils, do we know better?"

"You know Zahra, I'm not quite sure if we know better or not. How about we ask..."


" Hey, Alberta" the two girls chorused as Alexa scowled " do we know better?"

" DONT call me Alberta, but I'll just say no so you can continue-" she started but was cut off by Lily


"each other's sentences!" Zahra finished, and her and Lily burst into peals of laughter, much to the other three's annoyance.

" Why are you laughing so much?" Alex asked

"because we think, and by we, I mean Lily and I..."

"Both think that you, and by you, we mean you and Liam..."

"ARE GAY!" the two girls finished together, and then burst into laughter again.

"Alex better not be gay," Alexa muttered, too low for anyone to hear.

"Ha ha ha. Hilarious. " Liam said sarcasticly.

"Why thank you." the smirks could not be wiped off of the two girls faces.

"Anyways," Alex and Alexa said together and promptly blushed, but before Lily and Zahra could say anything, there were three wands pointing at them.

"Zahra, say a word and your butt will be kicked all the way back to the orphanage in India", Zahra noticeably gulped. Mia was an Indian orphan who's parents had been killed by her Uncle. They do not know wether her mother and father were magical, so she's been classified as a muggleborn. As the Indian Magic School, जादू के स्कूल ( place of magic) was too expensive for Zahra to go to, the orphanage sent her off to England, after Dumbledore had offered to take her in at a reduced price. Ever since she and Lily became friends, she's been living with her, so they have become practically adopted sisters.

Lily also gulped, as Lily's Mum and sister treated Lily and Zahra as freaks, which was why Lily and Zahra normally spent the Christmas and Easter holidays at Hogwarts. Having Zahra there for the summer holidays made things a lot easier for Lily.

" good, now shut up, so can we translate this year's stone. "

All but Alexa unanimously groaned as they hated Divination. Alexa got out the blue stone, witch matched the colour of Lily's new eyes.

Alexa had gotten the stone from her Great Aunt Mathilda, who supposedly was a great seer in her day, and was very pleased with Alexa when she took up Divination, much to her mother's displeasure.

Ever since third year, when the group came round Alexa's, the stone was activated to predict something that would happen it the upcoming year.

Zahra hated to admit the all the predictions had been correct so far, including the last one- one of the others shall become another, though it took a while for them to know this as the stone put the message up in Russian. That prediction was about Marlene- she was not part of the 6 that were there( Frank had come around) but she was still a friend. Then she had become one of them.

"ostende nobis tuam secreta"(reveal to us your secrets) All five of the group had taught themselves Latin, as well as the Zanity twins, so they could make up spells and also talk so no one could understand them.

The stone flashed orange before settling into a green colour with a strange message on top

" matchs fait, correspond cassé, mais se concentrer sur ceux réveillés.( matches found, matches broken, but focus on the ones awoken) it's French, Lily, can you translate?" Alexa asked

"Literally, or in a way that you can understand?" She got a glare from Alexa back. "Literally it is. Urm..."

Lily was silent for a couple of minutes, as she was the only one to take French in primary school. As she discovered the true meaning her eyes widened and she let out an 'aww' without meaning to.


" All I can say is that the relationship doctor is going to be back in town! " Zahra popped an imaginary collar, suddenly looking forward to all the relationships, and dates she and Lily could set up. "Now, back to my hair. Liam, I'll give you three seconds...1...2..."

It was the first day of sixth year, and Through the crowd came the tanned brunette with brown eyes and an equally tanned brown haired boy with blue-grey eyes by the names of Alexa Fields and Alex Chambers.

Next came the Ravenclaw quidditch captain Liam Bond, no relation to James Bond, with his messy brown hair and infamous grin in his face, as he had two beautiful girls by his side

The pale Lily Evans came in on Liam's Left side, with her once blonde, now red curls bouncing up and down, with her bright blue eyes shine falling flat compared to her old emerald eyes.

Zahra Brett came on on Liam's right side, her dark blue eyes darkening further as a scowl appeared on her dark ( I don't mean to sound racist by the way, sorry of it offends anyone) face, as she saw five girls in a group chatting to each other.

Marlene, Mary, Emmeline,Talitha and Alice were all standing in a group , talking most likely about boys, when Emmeline saw Zahra and held up her middle finger at her. This caused both groups to head over to each other and glare, Alice though felt about awkward and decided to find Frank.

"So, back for another year of stealing my limelight are we Evans. Oh look, you've even changed your eye colour! It looks very nice on you" Talitha finished of sarcastically.

"Piss off Elfinbere, just go find your boyfriend and then all of you 'gryffies' except Lily and Alice maybe, can leave us alone"

"Well look who's talking Mudblood , we're all so much better than you'll ever be. I know insulting us makes you feel better, cause we have everything you'll never have"

Zahra was shocked at the fact that Marlene was the one to call her a Mudblood. Ever since 1st year, Marlene was the person who got the most upset when she heard anyone being called it, especially if it was Lily or Zahra.

Marlene looked indifferent- a smirk was etched on her face, but the none of the Ravenclaws or the Gryffindors seemed to look further into her eyes, to see the blatant remorse behind them.

"Fine. I'll leave you and your untainted friends alone then. "

Zahra left for the train, her black hair flouncing as she walked, leaving both groups stunned at her emotionless tone.

"Where ya going Saph?" Lily shouted

"I'm going to find Amos, he'll know how to make me feel better. You better save me a space in a compartment, Jade!" Mia shouted back, smirking, and Lily also swore she saw a wink through her glaring eyes- Lily and Mia had started calling each other Jade and Sapphire, or Saph because of their eyes, but she didn't use it much, Red had taken over as her more used nickname.

"Wait, Amos, as in the love of my life? That bitch is such a, such a..." Emmeline trailed off, not being able to think of a cutting comment.

"Aww, poor Emmy, not able to think of a cutting enough comment. " Alexa fake pouted while the Gryffindors and Marlene glared at her. Liam and Alex had already gone to find a compartment, as they knew they would be no help. They weren't going to be needed, as Lily grabbed Alexa's arm and stated dragging her away from the Gryffindors.

"Come on, we're already losing brain cells just being here with them, now let's go before potter makes his annual declaration of love to Talitha, or me, if I'm unlucky enough"

However luck seemed to be on Lily and Alexa's side, but pure coincidence in the form of the slightly podgy but still reasonably handsome Peter Pettigrew tried to ruin Lady Luck's streak

The Marauders were collecting 'data' for James, who had gone off depressed into his carriage after finding his green-eyed-girl at the ball, and being unable to find her. So the remaining Marauders were collecting Year, House, Physical Features and height for every person who seemed of reasonable age on the platform. They were also told by James to watch out for any luggage left in the platform
" Maybe old habits die hard?" he suggested when Remus looked at him questionably.

So far, Peter hadn't had any luck completing a proper survey as all the girls were either:
1) Too in love with the fact that a Marauder was actually talking to them( take that Sally-Anne) or
2) too busy trying to add a double meaning to everything they said

Most of the surveys ended up like this:

Name: [ enter real name here/ name with some sort of sexual innuendo]

Year group: Old enough for you ;)

House: I'm close to a broom closet( if their not in Gryffindor)/ Gryffindor, so it'll be easy to have a fun time

Height- 5'- Oi! I'm not that short!( but they really were)

Physical Appearances- I'll always look good enough to be on your arm( and another wink) ;)

Peter was just glad they didn't know that the survey was for James- or the answers would have been a lot harder to read.

Peter was heading towards a group of girls when he saw them arguing. A lot of swear words were muttered within one group, especially after the girl called 'Saph' left. Then he saw a torrent of red head pulling a brown headed girl away from the group, as the others started talking about 'Jalitha'. "Couple names" Peter thought with a shudder. Most horrible things that a person can make up or say( except for giving 'the talk'. That's in a completely different category) is a couple name. He guessed that it was a James and [insert random girl here] couple until he came closer to the group.

"Urg! They are such bitches. And Boudicca looks hideous with those cheap, transfigured blue eyes. They don't even look right!" one sharp voice bitched

"Boudicca? Who, What?" two girls chorused, probably purebloods Peter reasoned.

"She's a celtic tribe leader, and was killed brutally by the Romans after being rebellious. She's famous for her red hair being in wild knots and tangles around her face, much like Lily and completely unlike the gorgeous Litha here" A voice that Peter recognised as Marlene McKinnon spoke, and as she did Talitha Elfinbere spun around and flipped her perfectly done red hair.

Peter did not stay much longer a he did not want Talitha to find out about the survey. He had no idea wether James still liked her but he didn't want to risk it. Though, if it did go wrong, the other Marauders would probably blame him anyway.

Peter was not as dim as people always thought him to be. Sure, he may find lessons, especially Potions hard, but he was very good at noticing the little details that others didn't, that if were in place were unnoticeable, but without them, the whole thing would fall to pieces. He was also very good at reading people, and he knew that Talitha didn't really hate James as much as she claimed she did, and she knew she didn't.

"Alexa, stop! It's fine! Zahra's just... upset. And she'll have Amos to cheer her up. Maybe you should let Zahra set you-"

"NO!" the one named Alexa shouted, attracting the attention of some people in the platform, including Peter. "just come on lil, and get to the train. Don't forget your trunk!" Alexa finished with a shout, as the girl started to walk away without it.

"Every single blooming-" the girl muttered as she made her way back to where her trunk was.

As Peter watched this, he remember who the girls were. Alexandra Fields a sixth year Ravenclaw Pureblood, and he guessed that the red head was Ms Evans as McGonagal and Slughorn called her many times in class. She was the sixth year that he was supposed to ask to tutor him last year, but could never really find in the corridor or on the Marauders Map. He thought this was strange; red hair wasn't the most common thing to have, but she still managed to get lost in the crowd, as is what happened again that day, when he tried to go survey her

"Damn it! How invisible can a girl make herself?!"

Lily, Alexa, Liam, Alex, the Zanity twins, and Frank were all crammed into an compartment when Zahra and Amos came in

"GO!" they all shouted, not willing to make space in the cramped compartment for the Ravenclaw and the Huffelpuff.

"Touchy, touchy guys. If half of you weren't boys I would say you were PMSing" Zahra smirked and kissed her boyfriend's cheek, as Lily and Alexa laughed. Amos Diggory was a 7th year, and a very popular one too, but had become extremely good friends with his girlfriend's friendship group.

"All that me and Amos came to say was that Jade and Bond have a prefect meeting to get to. Head Boy's that Ravenclaw you like Jade. He does still like you you know"

All eyes turned too Lily, and not a single face didn't have a smirk on it. Lily promptly blushed, and tried to get out of the compartment as Liam, Zahra, and Amos( who was the Huffelpuff 7th year prefect) left for the meeting left. She didn't get to though, as she was pulled down by the twins, who then sat next to her. She looked up at one of the twins' faces and into his grey eyes.

"So... Quidditch good? How's the Chudley Cannons? Still not won yet?" The twins for once ignored this, normally they would start talking about how they had a chance this season.

"Now Lily..."

"You have a crush I hear?"

"You know what else I heard, or at least I'm hearing right now- you and Simon copied me and Zahra"

"En contrare,my darling Red, we are twins..."

"As you can clearly see..."

"So It's natural. Anyways"

The twins shared a glance, and Lily was automatically nervous, while Alexa,Alex and Frank were cracking up

"Well, we'll have to question you later. "

"You have a meeting get to"

"Bye!" the chorused, and Lily was glad to be able to get out of their, it was becoming uncomfortable.

"Peter, what about you?" Remus asked " who did you find?"

Peter shuddered involuntarily " you look, I shouldn't have given them the sheet to fill, but I was lazy"

Remus sighed, looking at James in the corner, who was catching his snitch and releasing it periodically.


"Just tell me who the 6th year redheads are and be done with it"

Remis didn't even need to flip through the surveys-" Marissa and that's it"

Sirius wasn't in the compartment, James' parents had kept him and behind for the journey( they were still making sure that he had fully recovered physically from his Christmas torture) so the compartment was quiet and quite boring without his random outburst and comments

" Don't forget Evans" Peter squeaked, but Remus and James both ignored him, used to his supposedly incorrect data.

"Sorry, James, have to go to to Prefect meeting, buy me some liquorice wands. Don't forget to charm those sheep!"

Remus hurried down the corridor towards the prefect's compartment. As he got there he saw Amos Diggory, the seventh year Huffelpuff prefect, Liam Bond, and Zahra,the 6th year Ravenclaw prefects talking to Talitha Elfinbere.

He walked up to her, confused as to why she was here; he knew she wasn't a prefect, James had intercepted the letter at the end of 4th year by messing with all the delivery owls sense of direction, making them think that the person was at James' house. The amount of bird poop was outstanding, but they had found out what they needed to know. " hey, Talitha"

The girl froze and tensed up obviously, while Amos,Zahra and Liam groaned. Remus, having werewolf senses, could sense a change in emotion immediately, but attributed it to the fact that he was best friends with the boy who idolised her, and whom she hated passionately.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything," Remus started cautiously, as Talitha was well known for having a wild temper on some days, with an array of various spells, charms and hexes, and other days simply shouting things that she seemed to hope sounded good and believable, as if she had a split personality. "But I could swear I didn't see you here last year, I mean, I know a 'Talitha' when I see one" Remus finished off, trying to make a joke to break the tension.

"You are correct" Talitha started stiffly, "You didn't see me here because I'm a fifth year. I'm not even a Gryffindor, I'm a Ravenclaw!" Remus looked at the girl curiously, wondering if she was telling the truth.

The-girl-that-looked-like-Talitha-but-apparently-wasn't wasn't facing him properly, so he asked her to turn around. As she did, he finally noticed the differences between her and Talitha, but he couldn't be completely sure until he saw the two together

The girl's eyes were almond shaped, and a average blue colour, which didn't seem to look right with her red hair spilling over her shoulders, even though he had seen muggle pictures of red heads with blue eyes that looked amazing on them.

The girl was slightly shorter,
and even though she wasn't a stick thin size 6( UK size 6) model she was still extremely pretty, but in a less noticeable way. Remus guessed that she was either a half-blood or a muggleborn as she was wearing muggle clothes, and most pureblodded families preferred to dress 'regally', even ones who weren't crazy about blood purity like the Potters.

Talitha though, had brown eyes, which Remus had always thought to be warm, though he had never seem them like this as he was detested by association. She also had red hair, but had it styled in a high-fashion messy bun at the top of her head, and the girl's hair was obviously longer than Talitha's. Talitha, unlike the other girl, was one of those people who you were just drawn to, and if she was just a bit taller, easily could have been a model. She was as thin as a rake and was extremely tanned, in contrast to the girl, who was incredibly pale.

Talitha also had a lot of curves, unlike the girl who had a few, but where in just the right places. Talitha hated the fact that her parents were both halfbloods, and because they weren't very rich, you could always see her in the same robes or wizarding clothing, wanting to fit in with the right people.

"So who are you then?" Remus inquired, but the girl said nothing. Remus turned to look at Amos, Zahra and Liam, who seemed to be feeling awkward, the latter two showing it outstandingly on their faces as they turned toward the centre of the room, to face the new head boy and girl

A chocolate haired boy, with a muscular frame, a crooked smile and almond coloured eyes, stood up and welcomed the group and started introducing the prefects in his slightly Italian accent.

Remus listened closely, hoping to find some sort of name that would ring a bell, songs could find out who the Talitha lookalike really was.


5th Years

Corianne Greengrass* and Danté Notting*

6th Years

Severus Snape and Bellatrix Black

7th Years

Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy*

Remus' eyes widened in shock at hearing the newlyweds' names read out, while Bellatrix seemed to notice his state of shock and smirked. Snape was looking in his direction, but seemed to almost be looking right through him, into his soul. Pfft, course not! Remus knew that the Marissa lookalike was behind him, and after last year, it was no wonder she was ignoring him.


5th Years

Hilda Longbottom* ( Frank's cousin) and Joseph Lee*

6th Years

Amelia Bones and Mohias Nellingtop

7th Years

Bethany Hope and Amos Diggory


5th Years

Antoinette de la Ciaza* and Mark Chang*

6th Years

Zahra Brett and Liam Bond

7th Years

Cassandra Maloy and William Long*


5th Years

Ivy Harrison* and George Brown*

6th Years

Lily Evans and Remus Lupin

Lily Evans, Remus didn't think he knew a Lily Evans, especially not one in his house in 6th year. He could have sworn that their were only 4 6th Year Gryffindors: Marissa, Emmeline, Mary and Alice.

7th Years

Laura Chapman and Caden Russell

(* indicates people he welcomed as they were new. )

"Okay then, I'm Alonso Rotolo, your head boy and this is your head girl Rachel Pryor. Now we've got the boring introductions out of the ways, we just need to organise to patrol rota. "

The meeting went on, and Remus spent the whole time counting how many sheep James had already charmed to do handstands. He had already got to 68. At last, it was over, and Remus just noticed that the Slytherin Head Girl was yet to say anything other than 'No, nothing else'. He scrambled to get out of the Prefect's carriage, as he needed to tell James about the Talitha lookalike, and failed to hear Alonso saying " Hey, Lils! Can I talk to you quickly?"

Lily blushed hard when she heard him call for her. Even just hearing his slightly Italian accent was enough to make her melt slightly, and because it was so cliché, she hated it. She hated most things that were cliché, but I also depended who was being cliché, so Potter saying ' I've loved you since the moment I set eyes on you' didn't really help his case much, even when he was saying it to 'the green-eyed-girl'.

Lily was just going to ignore his calls, and try and walk out unnoticed, when Amos linked her arm with his, and walked her to the middle of the carriage, where Alonso was.

" Sorry mate, one tried to escape. " Lily glared at Amos, while he ignored her with a knowing smirk on his face "Damn you Diggory" Lily thought" you've been hanging with the boys longer than we thought. "

Amos and Alonso discussed something about ' making the most of their last year' while Lily was subjected to harsh glares from the Slytherin. She knew that if she wanted too, she could escape, but knowing that Zahra would be waiting for Amos, she didn't want to risk getting caught and the embarrassment of doing all that in front of Alonso

Eventually, Amos left, leaving Lily feeling slightly awkward, despite knowing and being quite close to Alonso for her first four years.

"So... Lil how was your holiday?" Alonso asked, but Lily was still distracted by his Italian accent

"Full of Italian cuteness" She sighed and then blushed as she realised what she had said. Alonso on the other hand frowned. " You went to Italy?" Lily just nodded, now feeling stupid " Where in Italy?

Lily was completely stumped for making up fake place that sounded Italian, until she remembered her muggle geography lessons-"Siena, we visited the plaza and it was beautiful."

Alonso nodded, still slightly frowning at her dazed look that she had from when she was presumably thinking of the boys she had met on holiday.

"Yeah, um- What happened to your eyes? They were... perfect emeralds and now their... flat, boring blue , things!"

Lily giggled at his description of her eyes, making Alonso grin widely. "A creep thinks he's in love with me" Alonso's eyes widened thinking about someone else with Lily, and she saw something in his eyes that she didn't quite recognise. "Yeah, weird right! Dont know why anyone would even want to kiss me!"

Alonso opened his mouth to protest but Lily continued on, not allowing him interrupt" But the thing is, he probably wont recognise my face and all- so Liam changed my eye colour and shape and stuff, so I look kinda strange. "

"While I'm at it, I feel like I haven't seen or talked to you properly in 2 years, with last year being your OWLs and the year before that being mine. "

OWLs? OWLS! Lily had completely forgotten about her OWLs. She didn't even think she had gotten her results, though she thought that to be because of either Frank or the Zanity twins, more likely to be the latter, as Zahra,Liam,Alex or Alexa showed no implication of getting the results either. Lily had completely blanked out, tuning in just to hear "anyway I'm gonna be seeing you a lot this year hopefully"

"W-wh-what?" Lily stuttered. Did he really just say that? Lily could feel a blush creeping up her neck, as Alonso flushed as well. "Sorry, not in a perverted way or anything" Lily could feel herself slump slightly in disappointment, which made herself blush further.

Alonso leaned in closer, to whisper to Lily, but she couldn't concentrate properly with him so close. " I meant that the Slytherin hates me as I'm what-she-calls-a-blood-traitor(a/n twist on Miranda for y'all Brits out there :D ), which means I might find it difficult doing all the heads duties on my own. So I was kinda wondering if you would help wouldn't be on top of you're prefect duties, just sort of instead, though you would still do patrols with Liam, but you don't have to, I mean it's okay if you don't want to I mean your a really beautiful girl and I would understand if you didn't want to spend time with me because there are better people and..." Lily cut Alonso off as he started to ramble.

"Its fine, I'd like to help you." Lily then surprised herself and Alonso by suddenly stepping closer to him, making them within kissing distance and their hearts race. She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear" Good Luck with Miss Pureblood over there, if looks could kill, she'd be in Azkaban by now. " Alonso chuckle and both of their hearts sighed in relief when the two of them stepped apart.

"Thanks Lily, see you at the feast!"

Kay everyone! First chapter of the proper book! *mutters* took a damn while too. Peter's not quite gonna follow the same path as he normally does in stories, but I might make the ending the same as the great J.K.Rowling or I might not. Alonso's going to be very important, especially with his gorgeous Italian accent ;).

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