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Summer in the Fall by jamessiriusgryff

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 22,294
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/OC, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 07/21/2012
Last Chapter: 10/14/2012
Last Updated: 10/14/2012


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James Sirius Potter is the Golden Boy of Hogwarts. Maybe not with the Professor's... who would prefer his brother, but with the girls. He is charming. He is Quidditch Captain. He has got what every sixteen year old boy would want. But when new student Summer arrives, he is challenged for once in his life. He doesn't understand this girl.

Chapter 4: Willow the Insane


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“Well, on the bright side” Logan says as we weave our way through tones of students with Fred towards the Gryffindor Common Room, “At least Albus didn’t mentioned the amazing party we have planned”

“Great” I mutter as a reply,

“Why are you pissed off at us? We weren’t the ones who cursed you mate” Fred says, this is basically the first thing he has actually said to me since his break up with Alice and it doesn’t only surprise me. I see the look of shock mirrored on Logan’s face.

“Coming from Mr Sunshine himself” I grunt back.

I know I’m being a complete git, and I don’t even know why but it is making me feel the tiniest bit better. Summer keeps ignoring me for some reason or another, not even the sneaky kiss for me either. It’s been a horrible week.

I haven’t seen Albus since that night in McGonagall’s office and my whole family seems to be steering away from me. Even Louis and Hugo, who have always looked up to me and wanted to be exactly like me, have stopped talking to me. Dom and Fred are about the only ones who understand. My own sister can’t even seem to look at me.

“Right, well I’m going to the Owlery” I state after many minutes of silence.

“Don’t blame us if Flitwick cracks it at you then” I hear the distance voice of Logan, he’s right. If I don’t get this Charms essay done by next lesson he’ll be sure to tell McGonagall, which isn’t exactly what I need.

I pass a bunch of Slytherin’s but can’t seem to spot my brother in there; I do however see Scorpius Malfoy with Albus’s other friend Xander Nott. He has some friends with some fucking strange names I can tell you that. I stop in the corridor and make my way over to them instead,

“Mind if I have a word?” I ask Scorpius, ignoring the fierce glares from the rest of the group, he looks surprised but excuses himself from the group and steps into the corridor with me leaving his disgruntled friend Xander behind,

“How is he?” I ask, not quite sure if I can even say his name for some reason, I know I pissed him off big time but Scorpius has always been friendly enough to me,

“He’s as good as he can be, you know?” Scorpius gives me a confused look as I nod charismatically trying to keep the conversation up,

“What happened to him? I mean, what did McGonagall do to him?” I couldn’t help myself, I absolutely needed to know. It has been all that was on my mind for the past week.

“Not much really, just banned him from the library for most probably been expelled.

“But I suppose for him, that’s the worst punishment he could get” I laugh, Scorpius snorts at this since he knows it’s true.

“He’s had a horrible week. I mean, you would know” He quickly corrects himself, “but how would you feel if he was snogging Summer?” I nearly trip over when he says Summer’s name.

“How do you know Summer?” I ask suspiciously, and how does he know how I feel about her?

“She’s my cousin, has she never told you?” Scorpius looks surprised, “I thought you guys were close. The way she was talking about you to me anyway” My heart skips a beat. She has told her cousin about me? Bloody fuck.

“Well what did she say?” I ask a little too eagerly, snap out of it. I am here to see how Albus is. But somehow, that just doesn’t seem to matter when I hear her name, voice or anything about her really.

“She knows you like her” He raises an eyebrow at me,

“I don’t like her” I retort back, way too fast.

“And when Summer knows something, she prefers for the guy to work. I mean, I think she does like you, but you can never tell with her. That temper of hers changes with the push of a button” He laughs,

“Yeah trust me, I already know that, but I don’t like her” I say again, if he tells her I like her than I am going to have to pound him into tomorrow. I don’t. I love her. But no one has to know that,

“Don’t lie”

“I’m not”

“You are”

“If that’s what you think” He shrugs, “But I know better”

“I’m not here to talk about Summer” I dismiss the subject and he smirks at me,

“Why are you talking to me then?” He asks, “I mean, why don’t you just talk to Albus about this?” He sighs at me,

“Because you and I both know he would lose his mind if I waltzed up to him and started a conversation like I did with you”

“You really don’t know your brother” He replies. I can feel the expression of my face feel stunned. I really don’t know my brother. I just can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t care about me.

“What do you suggest I do then?” I ask impatiently, he takes a deep breath,

“It’s best to just say whatever is on your mind. Al likes to get straight to the point, so don’t ask any stupid questions like you asked me” He says,

“Alright, what do I say?” I must sound hopeless, because right now I feel like the greatest coward to have ever walked the Hogwarts halls.

“Mate,” Scorpius says clapping me on the back, “That one’s up to you. I really should find Lily now. She’d kill me if I were late” He gives me a sympathetic smile,

“Lily?” I ask in confusion, I honest to Merlin thought he had a thing with Rose.

I should never have been nice to him if he was going to shag my sister. That’s an exaggeration, I know. But I can nearly feel my knuckles whitening and Scorpius’ face being a magnet.

“Did I say Lily?” He lets out a nervous laugh, “I meant Rose. Yeah, Rose I’d better go find her” He pauses for a minute as if expecting me to say something, but then leaves in a hurry.

Well wasn’t that fucking strange?

“Wait a moment!” I shout as loud as I can, at least three separate groups of girls turn around and smile at me, probably hoping I was talking to them, “Scorpius!” I shout again and can see him stop; he’s right near the group of friends he was with.

“What? Mate seriously I think you should just talk to Al” He gives me an annoyed look before continuing to walk down the corridor away from me, I follow after him.

“No, this doesn’t have to do with that. Just – Just make sure you turn up at the party ok? With Albus? It would be a huge help, I can just talk to him there”

The party is being thrown tonight, so hopefully it’s a good turnout. Who am I kidding; it always is, let’s just hope it doesn’t get out of hand. Who am I kidding again; it always gets out of hand. I chuckle at the thoughts in my head; I am just so irresistibly funny and charming I don’t understand how Summer can resist me.

“I’ll be there” He smirks at me, “But don’t expect Al to be”

“Can you at least try and persuade him to go?” I ask, more like beg,

“Mate that is honestly a huge favour you’re asking of me” He sighs, rubbing a hand against his head,

“Yeah well, I might go a little easier on you guys in the first match of the season, ok?” I grin at him,

“No need. We’ll kick your arse anyway” He smirks and walks hurriedly away down the hall, he really must be terrified of Rose.

“You wish Malfoy” I yell, I hear him laugh before he is engulfed within the crowd.

One thing I know about Scorpius Malfoy, is that he will try his hardest to get what he wants. Not necessarily in an arrogant way, but he will. He would probably die before losing a Quidditch match easily. I’m a little surprised he wasn’t placed in Gryffindor, I mean, for a Slytherin and the son of a Malfoy he is rather easy to get along with. But I don’t see him as a brave type; he would probably save himself three times before someone he deeply loved.

By the time I get to the Owlery it feels like I’ve run a marathon. Honestly, it’s like they don’t want any fat students walking the corridors. If thy tried to get to the Astronomy Tower on a daily basis I think they would die. Not even joking. I’m a fit Quidditch player. How do you think some fat kid would do this? I snatch the black family owl Lily, Albus and I use called ‘Padfoot’ and attach the letter I wrote to my parents. By the way, I named it Padfoot, I remember all the stories my father used to tell me and Albus when we were smaller and just love my middle name.

Mum and Dad,

I’m sorry you had to come in to the school like that because of me. I know it isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last so be on the lookout. I honestly didn’t realise what I did would hurt Albus so much and he can have the girl! She is a lunatic! Anyway, I know I shouldn’t have walked out on you guys like that, and I hope you don’t think any less of me. I would never have tried in any way to provoke Al and the last thing I want you to think is that I’m a man whore. Which I’m not. Ask Lily.

Love James.

My mother will be shocked that I even know the word ‘whore’ she tends to think that sometimes I am still eleven years old. So I really am lucky Lily is here, she can’t get over how fast Lily is growing up. And I fucking agree. I personally think she is far too young for a boyfriend.

“Daydreaming there sunshine?” The beautiful voice of Summer echoes throughout the Owlery. I nearly jump out the window of shame when I hear her approaching me.

“A little” I reply, remember James. Don’t say anything stupid. She has already fucking told Scorpius about you and she thinks you like her. Which I don’t by the way remember? I love her. But she doesn’t like me. Which is a real punch in the gut.

“Thought you would be helping Fred and Logan. You should see them running around the castle frantically worrying if the drinks have arrived yet” She laughs at the memory,

“I know, they’ll kill me” I snort, picturing the look on Fred’s face when I finally show up to help them, “Let me guess; they got Dom involved and she’s already broken at least three glasses?”

“Only two so far”

She gives me a sly smile before edging a little closer to me, this is the first time we have had a normal conversation in about a week and she acts as if I’ve spoken to her about an hour ago. Why? Is she trying to make my head explode? Is she purposely driving me insane? She seems to always find me when she wants to. And then she kisses me and leaves. I’m not going to let that happen this time.

“So I was talking to Scorpius before” I say, and see a panicky look flicker across her perfect face before it quickly disguises itself, fuck she is good. “Anything you want to tell me?” I smirk at her,

She shoves me playfully into the wall before a smile stretches across her face,

“Well I didn’t see why you needed to know he is my cousin. You know, there are some things I don’t tell you, but there are other things that haven’t crossed paths” She is leaning on me and that is all I can notice, but did I hear wrong? Did she just say she hasn’t told me something? My head is buzzing.

“You know I never asked because I was a gentleman” I state, trying to keep my sanity level at a high, “But what happened at that club outside Beauxbatons?” She slightly pushes off me, but surprisingly her temper didn’t hit the roof which sort of scares me more.

That’s what I’m not telling you”

She smirks at me before leaning in closer as if she were about to kiss me, but stops. Our noses are millimetres apart. If I turned my head the slightest I would probably knock her out. But I don’t move any closer. If she thinks I like her, she is going to have to work too, not just me.

“Why were you running away from Zane Carrow?” Suddenly remembering how I first met her on the train, “And why aren’t you telling me?”

“Not important” She whispers before smashing her lips onto mine.

Don’t judge me. It’s just too fucking hard not to kiss her lips back. They are so soft. Softer than those white birds that you let fly at weddings, you know? I don’t actually know if they are soft but they look soft. I can hear her breathing against my neck and it drives me insane.

“Tell me”

I manage to let these words escape my lips before she grabs the end of my robes and pulls me in closer to her. I know I have no will power. You wouldn’t either if a beautiful girl named Summer was throwing herself at you.

I push her against the cold rock wall of the Owlery a little more fierce than I meant and I feel a smile stretch across her face. This time I’m in control. Not like in the Quidditch change rooms. I push my hands inside her robes and lift her so her face is level with mine and she moans. I lick her along her jawline before a menacing shriek nearly pops my eardrums out.


It’s funny because I didn’t drop Summer. I didn’t even tear my eyes from her. Summer winked at me and whispered,

“You’re welcome, sunshine”

This was too much. Willow whatshername has tears pouring from her face and I currently don’t give on single shit. All I want is Summer, but she has already attached her robe back on and left the Owlery.

I see her pass Willow and it happens in a heartbeat. Willow smashes her into the door. Summer didn’t fall, she didn’t even look at Willow before breaking into a fit of laughter. I try my hardest not to start laughing like Summer did, but the distant echoes of her giggling was too much.


Willow screams at me, she is approaching me so fast I thought she wasn’t going to stop. I thought she might continue running and break down the wall but she grabs hold of my shoulders in a very forced embrace and says,

“Nobody will know.” She lets out a shaky laugh, “We will be Hogwarts cutest couple and be voted the two most popular for graduation.”

“We will attend this party together and act like we are together in public.” By now I had backed away a few steps. Her eyes a widening and it looks like she has taken some kind of crazy potion.

“We will make everyone love us and only us”

It was more of a threat. And it actually sort of scares me. I know I’m in Gryffindor and everything. But this girl is a lunatic. An absolute crack pot.

“Why would I do that?” After a long pause, “Honestly why didn’t you just choose Albus?” I snap at her. Who does this girl think she is?

“Why would you do it?” She laughs at me, “You will do it because if you don’t, I will tell my father you took advantage of me.” I nearly laugh. Her father? Who cares about her father?

“By the way, my father is Minister for Magic. He will give you the worst reputation, you won’t get a job anywhere” She is talking to me in a polite, girly way, which is even scarier. It’s like her tears absorbed into her skin. What the fuck.

Honest to Merlin I have to stay with this girl for the rest of my life. If she tells her father, it will make the front page of every newspaper and magazine; I would put my whole family to shame. What the bloody fuck is wrong with this girl.

“But why would you force me to do it, when there is another Potter who likes you? Who actually likes you?” I ask,

“Because Albus Potter is quiet. He is smart, yes. But he doesn’t have the same features as you. Those popular, confident smirks of yours” She loses herself in a trance. She is actually dreaming about me. “Let’s face it you are more attractive”

“But Albus”

I say in a hopeless groan. But by then she had taken my hand and I let her, what the bloody fuck am I supposed to do? Get her father to expel me from Hogwarts?

“Who were you writing to?” She asks with a fake smile stretched across her face. She is so fake it almost hurts my eyes.

“What, so now you act like we are a couple?” I ask, honestly it’s as if she can’t hear me when she grabs my hand and we start walking back down to the castle together.

“So here’s the plan” She smiles, “We are going to coincidentally walk past Georgie Rawlings daughter,”

I think she is expecting me to nod or something, but I have fucking no idea who Georgie Rawlings is. She sighs,

“My god James, she is the Editor of Witch Weekly” She rolls her eyes at me, “Right so Annabelle, that’s Rawlings daughter will get a photo of us kissing and send it to her mother” She smirks at her own triumph,

“So then it will be published?” I ask, “I’m pretty sure no one reads that stupid magazine Willow” Why am I even talking to her?

I vaguely remember Summer whispering ‘you’re welcome’ to me. Because she basically set a trap. How is it that it is always fucking Summer.

“That’s cute” She gives me a sympathetic smile before pecking me on the lips, as casual as she can. “Just imagine the response. Willow Nott and James Potter. We will be the biggest news for at least a whole month”

Soon enough she has begun raving on about how we are to spend our holidays together. By the time we get to the castle she has invited herself over to mine for the holidays, organised our exact wedding plans and named our four children. I hope this is one large practical joke Fred and Logan are playing on me.

But it wasn’t.

She was serious about walking past Annabelle Rawlings and coincidentally enough, she happened to be sitting next to Albus Potter.

“You can’t expect me to kiss you in front of my brother” I confront her, but she still doesn’t seem to care as she grabs hold of my hand even tighter and throws it around her waist.

“Relax, we will be a few tables away. You know, acting like we don’t even notice her. She is probably trying to interview Albus over his fight with you, she does a lot of secret work for her mother” But I don’t seem to be listening.

She pretends to greet her Slytherin friends a few people down from where Annabelle is. I can see her staring at my hand around Willow’s waist. Oh and by the way, now I know her last name. It’s Nott. Knowing her, it will soon enough be Potter though.

She already has her camera out. What is wrong with people. People in general, you know? Willow notices this though and orders me to kiss her. That’s right, she orders me. There was no need, really. She threw herself on me anyway. First it was one quick peck on the lips. I thought that was it.

But no. She plunged her tongue into my mouth as far as she could, it took me by so much surprise. James. Think of Summer. How she was kissing you. Just pretend you are there. I kiss back. After about a solid minute she breaks off and secretly orders me to kiss her on the cheek. I do. I don’t want my whole family to be fired from their jobs.

My heart aches when I see the look on my younger brother’s face. This must be paradise for Annabelle. I’ve ruined my chances at ever apologizing to Albus. I see him stand, the look of his face says it all.

I push Willow off me. He has just stood and excused himself from Annabelle,

“Hey, Al!” I shout over the crowd’s voices, he pretends he doesn’t hear me. But I know he did. I leap over the table of people to catch up with him and touch him on the shoulder,

“Don’t touch me” He mutters, and shoves my hand off him to keep walking away,

“Wait, please? Can I talk to you?”

“Why? To say that you are actually keeping her as your girlfriend for once? To rub it in my face? What more do you want?” At least he isn’t shouting. That’s all I can say.

“No, I’m serious this is important” Surely he will know, I mean, I’m not much of a serious guy.

“Don’t you dare tell him James! Just remember!” I hear Willow’s annoyingly high voice shout over the crowd, she has tears pouring from her eyes, what the bloody fuck? Is this an act for the cameras?

“Tell me what?” Albus asks, and actually seems interested to know. She will ruin my family if I tell him. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Any suggestions?

“I knew this would cause so much drama, but I didn’t think you would actually inform your brother that we had sex!”

“That’s not true!” I yell, and I don’t know why I’m yelling because my brother is right next to me.

“Oh come on James, there’s no need to do this to Albus, remember; I chose you” She gives me a sweet smile before burying her head into my chest.

Mental problems.

I never thought I would ever know what torn feels like. You know when people say they are ‘torn’ on which path to choose? Well now I actually understand that.

All I’m left with is opening and closing my mouth three times.

“You thought he hadn’t told me already?” Albus mutters before exiting the room. There were frantic flashes of Annabelle’s camera throughout the scene too.

“Well, well, well isn’t this a bit of a tragic love story?” Annabelle smiles.


It’s not a love story.

It could be could tragic though.