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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 32,926

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Lucius, Narcissa, Fleur, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny

First Published: 07/26/2012
Last Chapter: 10/14/2012
Last Updated: 10/14/2012

A Dramione Veela tale with twists! Not something you've read before I hope!

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

AN: So here is the chapter where we find out whom Draco’s mate is. It’s been so anticipated that I wonder if it could ever be good enough and that has caused much anxiety on my part as I wrote it. I’m so sorry if it doesn’t meet expectation but I am as happy as I could be with the end result. It is a short chapter as far as the story goes but I didn’t want anything but the Mate and the marking in this chapter so next one will be longer. Hope you enjoy! Clumsy!


Once Harry had left Narcissa had to return to the sitting room where Draco was waiting to begin his search. When she entered the room she saw Lucius almost sitting on top of Draco trying to hold him back.

“His mate is definitely here today, I cannot hold him back much longer. Are we all set up, love?” Lucius grunted at her.

“Let him go, it’s time.”



Lucius Malfoy reminded his son to be very careful and then had no choice but to let go and Draco took advantage-running out the back door. He paused for a moment to try and get a direction his mate was in and took off to the northeast in the direction of the garden.

Before he got to the garden however he came to a fountain his parents and he had sat at many times in the past and talked. There was one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen sitting there watching his approach with a very big smile on her face. She had very long wavy red hair and gorgeous green eyes. She smelled lovely as well and he paused in his hunt.

“You seem very familiar, do we know each other?” He asked.

“Yes we do. I’m Susan Bones; we were in the same year at Hogwarts although I was in Hufflepuff.” She answered cheerfully obviously happy that she was his mate.

“That would explain it. I didn’t associate with many from your house.” He said just as the wind picked up. “I have to keep moving on but it was nice to see you again.”

She watched him take off again sadly, knowing she had been mistaken. It would have been very wonderful indeed had she been destined to be his mate. She envied whoever was the lucky girl.


Draco was feeling very frenzied and that gnawing hunger Hermione had gone through he now understood. It was enough to drive someone mad! She’d had to deal with it for a long time and he only now thought that it must’ve been so much harder for her because they were together and close and she couldn’t give in to the urge.

He passed another girl not even bothering to pause because his senses were all turned off by her. His sight had made him stop for a moment with Susan but it was only one sense she caught so it wasn’t her. Aside from that, he already knew who his mate was and had known for most of the past year, he just had to locate her now. She was here somewhere.

Just as he broke through some trees he found her surrounded by his mother’s flower garden. His ‘Mione, his mate and lover. He stopped in front of her and cupped her cheeks as he watched her tears fall.

“I told you, love it was always you!” He said as he kissed her lips softly.

Hermione couldn’t stop the tears because she’d been so afraid. She’d witnessed him stopping and talking to Susan and had assumed he was lost to her forever and turned away. She hadn’t seen him continue on because of it.

All of a sudden he became rigid and stepped away from her.

“You don’t smell right!” He exclaimed.

“What? Draco what do you mean?” She asked feeling frightened by the way he was looking at her. Rage was showing in his eyes!

Just then Lucius and Narcissa ran through the same trees Draco had just moments before and witnessed his behavior. Lucius without thought jumped in front of Hermione to protect her.

“Draco, son, you need to calm down. I can explain it and you need to stop growling at me, I won’t touch your mate.” Lucius explained rather flabbergasted but cautious. Hermione was just lost and couldn’t figure out what the bloody hell was going on.

“Get away from her, she’s MINE!” Draco growled beginning to stalk forward.

Lucius growled back and it was a dangerous sound from a mature Veela, not something to be taken lightly. “If you step back I will step away from her and explain why she smells differently to you.”

Draco didn’t step back but he did stop prowling forward. Hermione let out an audible sound of relief and Narcissa just squeaked in her fear for her mate and her child.

“She smells to you like your mate, she smells like Hermione only she also smells of someone else, correct? Somebody whose scent you can’t place?” Lucius asked his son and received a stiff nod. “Hermione, now would be the time to announce your news because you obviously now know you’re his mate as well as he’s yours.”

With a grateful nod at Lucius she understood the problem. “Draco,” she moved forward slowly and cautiously as she cupped both his cheeks and looking deep into his eyes said, “Love, we’ve made a child together, I’m 6 weeks pregnant. We got pregnant the first night we made love.” She watched the confusion in his eyes melt away as it was replaced by wonder and peace and joyful happiness.

He leaned into kiss her and picked her up spinning around in circles. “I’m going to be a father, me…a daddy!” Draco said excitedly! They all laughed and were very happy.

“I’m going to be a grandma?” Narcissa cried and jumped into Lucius’ arms while he just chuckled. “Wait a minute!” She stepped back and looked at him as the young adults watched. “Lucius Abraxas Malfoy you have some explaining to do! How did you know she was pregnant and you hadn’t told me?”

Lucius cleared his throat and told the story very quickly. He may have been able to withstand the Dark Lords anger but Narcissa Malfoy could be much scarier!




Later that night found Draco and Hermione lying under the stars together with her head on his chest. They had decided to spend the night by the pond they visited on Hermione’s first official visit to the Manor on their surprise date. Tonight was a very special night for them and they wanted to spend it outside under the stars.

“You know, I’ve always loved to lay under the stars and dream. This spot we’re at I have spent many nights here wondering about life and things. This place has always been my escape and my place of peace which is why I wanted to come here to ask you to marry me. I want to spend our lives together and making a family together, please Hermione will you marry me?” He asked nervously as she leaned her head back to look at him. Seconds passed and then a minute and he was becoming a bit frantic inside when her face broke into the happiest look of joy and she crushed her lips against his with a yelp!

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” She said between happy kisses. Then the kisses took a decidedly different tone as their tongues met. They knew the time had come and although neither Lucius nor Fleur told them exactly how to do it or what it would feel like when they did, nature would always take its course.

Draco kissed his way down to her shoulder as Hermione raised his wrist to her mouth and both at the same time bit each other. Each was surprised because they expected pain from a bite not pleasure, but that is exactly what happened. They now belonged to each other in a way even marriage couldn’t have bonded them and as they made love under the stars that night the bonding was completed.

They would have their marriage ceremony sometime in the future and they would celebrate that day with their loved ones but in the eyes of magical law and the law of nature they were officially joined and bonded, they were officially married that night under the stars as the crickets sang their song and the sounds of night played. No man or woman on Earth or the beyond would have the power to break the pair because they were soul bonded now and forever more.


AN2: Please let me know what you think!!