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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark

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Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 47,402
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/10/2012
Last Chapter: 07/09/2013
Last Updated: 07/09/2013


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Five years have later. Draco having found Hermione lying in a pool of  blood, gets her to the hospital. He donated some of his blood to her, as she was on the verge of death. But, should he have done that?

“Who was it who gave me their blood then, if not you?”

“His name was Draco, dear. Lovely young man, I must say.” Her mom said.

Chapter 3: Sorry and Thank You
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Chapter 3 - Sorry and Thank you

Lunch time had dawned and Draco unlocked the door towards the counter where he was meant to sign out from. He across from where he stood, the brown haired witch was doing the same.




This was her chance, she thought. She walked towards the blonde, who was striding out of the Ministry. She quickly rushed to catch up with him. “Malfoy! Wait!” she called out. He finally halted and waited for her to be beside him. “Look, I’m sorry about that joke I played on you. I was supposed to thank you.” Draco looked at her baffled by what she was talking about. “Thank you for saving me when that accident happened. If it hadn’t been for you, my baby would not have been the only one who would have de-” his hand clamped her mouth, preventing her from finishing her sentence. Hermione looked into his eyes, there really was concern showing. And that too for her.




He looked into her chocolate eyes. He knew she was genuinely sorry for what she had done. He told her that it was okay, with his eyes. His eyes softened, because he knew that she had forgiven her.




He had forgiven her, that’s what she wanted…but why had he stopped her from finishing her sentence? All she was going to say was dead. She had thought that he would have smirked and say that she deserved to die when she would have said it, but his eyes spoke otherwise. He didn’t feel that way. She then widened her eyes when she noticed him leaning in closer and closer. She had to stop him!




What the hell was he doing?! Step back, Draco! Step back right now! But he couldn’t, his body had taken control of him, his mind not wanting to listen to his protests either. Stop Draco! STOP! He finally felt that he had control over his body and mind, and quickly backed away and hurried out of the Ministry.



He was going to kiss her! But at least he finally understood what he was doing and pulled back. Thank Merlin. She was about to push him back, but he beat her to it. She looked around the hall of the Ministry, everyone had their eyes on her. She quickly scurried out of the Ministry, turning a fierce red, away from the attention.

She was in such a hurry, that she stumbled into a solid figure. She almost thought she was going to fall but she was caught by two strong arms. She opened her eyes, finally believing she was safe and met a pair of sea green eyes. “I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Hermione sputtered.

“It’s okay. You seem to be in an awful lot of hurry.” he chuckled as he allowed her to stand up.

“Ur…yeah.” she smiled weakly. “I-I gotta go. Thank you for catching me.” she blushed and hurried to the direction of a small café.

“You’re welcome.” he smiled. He continued on his way to the Ministry.







A knock disrupted Draco with his work. Annoyed to be disturbed, he opened the door and saw that it was his secretary, Michael Foster.

“This was sent for you, it’s from your mother I believe.” he studied his secretary, he looked as if he knew what contained in the envelope. Draco was on the verge of opening it when Michael stopped him. “Wait! I-I’ll just leave and then you can open it.” Michael slowly back away and closed the door.

“What was that all about?” Draco shrugged and tore open the envelope.

“DRACO ABRAXAS MALFOY! WHERE WERE YOU AT OUR ANNIVERSARY PARTY?! WE SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU TO BE PRESENT AT THE MANOR AT 9:30 PM SHARP! I WANT YOU TO BE AT THE MANOR TODAY, AS SOON AS YOU FINISH WORK! DO YOU UNDERSTAND, YOUNG MAN?!” With that the letter burst into flames in his hands, burning them a little. He blew on his hands quickly, trying to get the burning feeling of his hands. He now knew how the Weasel had felt when he had gotten a howler from his mother in 4th year. He shook out from his reverie upon hearing laughter next door. Granger.




She was laughing her head off. She had heard clearly that Malfoy had gotten a howler. He damn right deserved it! As she continued to laugh, she heard the phone ringing. She picked it up and answered it.

“Granger, I can hear your bloody laughter right through the wall.” she could almost hear the grit in his teeth and anger in his voice.

“Oh yeah? I don’t care! You damn right deserve it! You think you’re so perfect, don’t you Malfoy? Well, hell, you are so not!” she sniggered. The phone disconnected immediately.




The nerve of her! That’s it! She was done for! He stomped out of his office and banged on Hermione’s door. “Granger! Open the damn door! Now!” he shouted. The door opened and he stormed inside, taking out his wand from his pocket. He pointed it at her and mumbled the words. Her nose grew bigger and was a bright red. Her hair an afro, dyed in bright rainbow colours. Her face painted pure white, with a big smiled outlined around her lips. Draco tried to keep himself from laughing, placing both hands on his mouth, but he just couldn’t control it. He burst out in laughter, freely.



Hermione glared at him angrily as he fell on the floor, grasping his sides, laughing. “MALFOY! CHANGE ME BACK! NOW!” she bellowed, but he continued laughing. “Change me back now or I will- I will-” he stood up from the floor and walked towards her.

“Or you’ll do what, Granger? Huh?” he stepped forwards as he challenged her. Hermione stepped backwards.

“Or I will…” she stepped further back until she was against the solid wall, feeling intimidated by him walking closer. Before she could move away from the wall, Draco’s hands trapped her on both sides of her head on the wall. She couldn’t go anywhere now.

She looked up and their eyes locked. The grey stormy ones bore into the caramel ones.
He stepped closer…closer…closer…



He leaned in closer to her face. Their lips level with each other now.

“What are you doing?…” Hermione whispered softly.



He didn’t know himself. What was he doing? His mind and body had taken control again. It wasn’t long until his lips brushed against hers slowly.




Hermione stop! No, don’t do it! But her mind and body had taken control of her and wouldn’t let her push the blonde back, who had pressed his lips onto hers. Instead, she brushed her lips against his, lingering the moment. Hermione tried to get control of her hands to shove his body off, but they were not working at her command.




She was kissing him back! What the hell does she think she was doing?! He thought.




Hermione opened her eyes wider as she realised what she was exactly doing. She picked up her hands, finally seeming to have regained control and placed them on his chest, pushing him away from her.



Draco realised what he had done and quickly hurried off to his office.


He slammed his fist on the table. What in Merlin’s baggy shorts was she thinking?” why had he kissed her? -Why had she kissed him back?! Why couldn’t he stop himself?! So many questions were flooding his mind, but he had answers to none of them. He didn’t understand what had gotten into him. Why didn’t he stop himself?! Why?! He grunted and slammed his fist on the table again, harder this time. This time the pain was unbearable. He groaned and chanted a Healing Spell at his broken hand.




Hermione had let her tears run free down her face. How could have done that?! How could she have kissed Malfoy?! How could she betray Ron?! This was not happening to her right now. Why had he kissed her?! Why had she kissed him back?! -Why wasn’t she able to stop herself?! Why?! So many questions running through her mind that she felt the room spinning around her. She dropped herself on her chair and breathed heavily, resting her head back. She allowed more tears to fall as she took a shaky breath.

She suddenly felt slight pain on her right hand. She didn’t understand why it was hurting because she hadn’t hit her hand against anything. Even more confused than before, she rested her head back on the chair and closed her eyes for a while.




He ran his fingers through his hair.

He then felt a tear run down his pale cheek. He brushed his finger on his right cheek and saw that it was a tear that had leaked out of his eyes, but he didn’t understand why.


Hope you all liked it! :)