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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 36,447
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 06/11/2012
Last Chapter: 07/22/2014
Last Updated: 07/22/2014


The story of Rose Weasley and growing up. Told through diary entries, dialogue, and letters.

Chapter 3: Visits

Woo!! :D Chapter 3! I'm actually quite fond with how this story is coming along. :) I hope you enjoy it. :) 

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Disclaimer:  I do not own HP or the wonderful world these characters live in. All that credit goes to the lovely JK Rowling and her incredible mind.


“ROSE NYMPHADORA WEASLEY!” someone shouted and I groaned, rolling over in bed. There was a moment of panic when I started falling at hit the ground a moment later; I sat up immediately while rubbing my throbbing arm I had apparently landed on.


I glanced around and realized I was in my tree house, which explained the whole falling thing; I’d rolled right off the couch. As always, I was the epitome of grace.


The voice calling me had belonged to Al, I knew that the moment I’d heard it, which meant that he was downstairs in my room. This also meant I had about a minute before he tried coming up here, and frankly, no one but my mother was allowed up here.


I stood up too quickly and all the blood rushed to my head, leaving me dizzy for a moment. I sat on the couch and put my head between my knees, I only got this way when I was hungry. Right on cue, my stomach growled.

“Coming!” I yelled down to Al, not wanting him to even think about coming up here. He’d always resented the fact that he wasn’t allowed to come up here and would usually give me mere minutes before attempting to come up.


“You have thirty seconds, dear Rosie!” he taunted from below and I sighed.


“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I yelled and began descending the ladder. I made it to the bottom and hopped off onto the floor, landing without a sound, something I’d mastered years ago. One of the few times I actually managed to be somewhat graceful.


Glancing up, I realized Al was sprawled across my bed, his hands resting behind his head and a wide grin plastered on his face.


“Albus Severus, you better have a damn good reason for waking me up.” I said, glaring at him.


His left eyebrow shot up and he laughed. "Your hair is a mess. Besides, you realize it's nearly noon?" 

“And that’s what you came to tell me?” I snapped, flopping onto the bed beside him, “besides, there’s no way it’s noon.” I stole a quick glance at the clock on my wall and groaned, he was right.

“Can’t a guy visit his favorite cousin without having a reason?” he asked, smiling. He gave me a light shove but with my balance being so off after waking up, I toppled off the bed and landed on the floor with a crash. Twice in one day, it really was a talent.


Al burst into laughter and I groaned, though I couldn’t help but join in, laughing at myself.


“I’ll just stay here all day.” I said after flipping over and burying my face into the carpet, my voice muffled.


“You most certainly will not!” he yelled, jumping off the bed and lifting me to my feet by my arms, “we’re going to visit Uncle Fred and Uncle George!”


“We are?!” I said, clapping my hands together. One thing that always managed to make my day was visiting with them. Well, visiting Uncle George then stopping by the cemetery to put flowers down and talk to Uncle Fred’s grave. Uncle Fred was Uncle George’s twin but had died in the Battle of Hogwarts at age nineteen.


“Well, first order of business, dear cousin, is fixing that hair of yours.” He joked, picking up and strand of my hair and clicking his tongue as he dropped it back into place.


I stuck my tongue out at him and shooed him from the room, ordering him to wait downstairs as I bounced off to the bathroom to get ready.




June 13th, 2017


Dear Diary,


Today was surprisingly fun.


Albus stopped by at around noon, somehow I’d managed to sleep until then, to wake me and asked me to come to see Uncle Fred and George. Well, not so much ask as tell me I was to come with him.


I didn't mind him stopping by, Al was my favorite cousin, but don't tell Lily that, she'd be quite upset.



Making my hair presentable is actually far more simple than it would appear to be. There’s a product that was invented by a fellow witch with similar problems to my own. She has a mass of curly brown hair, much like mum’s, and the product is simple. You spray it in your hair, brush your hair, and poof! Your hair will no longer be tangled or frizzy or whatever other problems you were having with it.


The thing is, it returns your hair to its more “natural” state, so if you have naturally curly hair, it’ll still be curly, straight will be straight, etc. Lucky for me, however, there’s another product that you can spray in that’ll make your hair straight if you wish. There’s one to make your hair curly as well, but I definitely don’t need that one.


After two minutes, my hair was halfway down my back and nearly perfectly straight. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the curly, I just liked to change it up every now and then. I smiled at myself and made my way to my room to change into something presentable.


I settled on a pair of jeans and a v-cut grey shirt with my favorite light blue jacket and my blue Vans.


Excited to get going, I decided running down the stairs was the best choice, nearly falling on the way down and proud of myself when I made it to the bottom. I heard voices from the kitchen and made my way in there, finding Al talking to my father.


My father and Al sat across the table from each other, talking and eating from a bowl of pretzels between them. I rolled my eyes, the boys in my family never stopped eating.


“Ready to go, Rosie?” Al said through a mouthful of pretzels and I scowled. Though I should probably be disgusted by such behavior, I wasn’t, it was the nickname that had me scowling, and he knew it.


“Let me grab something to eat. I’m starved.” I said and made my way to the fridge. One of the joys of having a muggle-born mother is that we have some of the muggle technology and such and it makes things much easier when you can’t use magic.


I found some leftover waffles and heated them up in the toaster before dousing them in butter and syrup while my father and Al continued talking. After eating both waffles in a matter of a minute or two, I stood up and washed my plate before placing it on the drying rack.


“Shall we?” I said, beaming. My father yawned and stood up from the table, shuffling off into the other room.


“We shall!” Al said, offering his arm.


“Is he not coming?” I asked, gesturing in the direction my father had walked off.


“Nope, just the two of us, darling.” Al said, winking.


“Oh joy.” I said, jokingly rolling my eyes.


“Pshh, you love me.”


“Only because I have to.” I said, smiling, “hang on, where’s everyone else?” I asked, realizing for the first time the lack of my brother, mum, and James in particular.


“Out and about. Doing their own thing. Mum is out shopping with your mum and Lily, Hugo, James, and my dad are all off playing Quidditch, your dad’s about to join them, so that leaves the two of us.”


“How come I wasn’t invited to go do something?” I said, not really upset, just curious.


“Rosie, come on, you hate shopping. Plus Hugo wanted some intense training, he only has two years before he’ll be trying out for the Gryffindor team to play with the rest of us and my dad and James volunteered. Your dad’s going to go play keeper.” I sighed. He was right, I wouldn’t have wanted to join in anyways.


“Yeah, yeah. I suppose you’re right,” I said, “I suppose we best be off.”


“FLOO POWDER TIME!” Al said, beaming and running to the fireplace in our living room. That kid gets way too excited over the simplest of things.


~*~*~ 2 hours later ~*~*~


Al and I spent a while visiting with Uncle George at his house above the shop while it was lunchtime but afterwards had to return to work.


We talked with Aunt Angelina for a bit before leaving, she had sent the twins away to her parents for the week and was in desperate need of some alone time so Al and I left a little after two.


“Well… where to now?” Al asked, neither of us really looking forward to what was coming next.


“Flower shop?” I asked quietly and he nodded.


The two of us made our way through Diagon Alley, making small talk occasionally. One thing I’d always admired about Al was that we could be talking about absolutely nothing and it was never awkward.



After I'd fixed my hair, I made my way downstairs to grab a quick breakfast before Al and I left. While I ate, Al and dad talked for a while, bonding over pretzels and talk of Quidditch as usual.


Dad went to get ready as Al and I left. Apparently he was going to play Quidditch with Uncle Harry, James, and Hugo while the girls, aside from myself, were out shopping. You see, I’m not much of a shopper and they’ve pretty much all but given up on even trying to get me to say yes to buying even a new shirt.


Al and I travelled by Floo powder to Uncle George’s, causing Al far too much excitement, where we spent a few hours talking with him and Aunt Angelina before Uncle George had to head back to work. Unfortunately, Aunt Angelina had sent Fred and Roxy to her parents’ house for a while so we didn’t get the change to visit with them. A little after two Al and I left, making our way down Diagon Alley.




As was usual, Al and I split the cost of a large bouquet of sunflowers. According to Nana, they were the only flowers Fred could tolerate on any level. We made our way through the streets and out of Diagon Alley to the local Wizarding cemetery in London.


Uncle Fred’s grave was on top of a hill towards the center of the cemetery, meaning it was quite a walk. When we finally got there, I set the flowers on his headstone, tears already forming in my eyes. I could barely make out the writing on his headstone, though I knew what it said by heart.


Beloved twin, brother, son, and friend. A true Gryffindor


Fred Weasley


1 April, 1978- 2 May, 1998


Mischief Managed


I wiped what little dust was on his grave away and sat down in front of it, Al sitting beside me.


“It’s just horrible that so many died at such a young age.” Al whispered. This type of conversation seemed to happen every time we came.


“I hate that we never even got to meet him, yet I still feel so close to him. How’s that even possible?” I said, tears threatening to spill over onto my cheeks.


“I suppose it’s all the stories?” He asked, though I knew it was  more of a statement.


“I know… it’s just hard. I want to actually sit down and be able to have a conversation with him. To know Uncle George’s other half, and I don’t mean Angelina. To see the mischief they created and to understand why

everything is the way it is.”


“The way they always describe him, he was always so happy and full of life.” He said, smiling to himself. Al was always that way, always happy and smiling and so excited for what the day held in store, and I knew he hoped he would almost be the second coming of our Uncle Fred.


I smiled to myself through my tears, imagining everything that was to come. I knew that Al would drag me into his endless pranks; he needed someone to come up with them. I was always the brains behind his operations, but didn’t really take part in them… I was far too clumsy for that. The only time I held any measurable amount of grace was when I was on a broomstick.


For a while we both just sort of talked to Fred. Telling him what had been going on with the family and what we’d been up to lately. We told him about receiving our acceptance letters while on our brooms and about how excited we were to finally start school at Hogwarts.


After we’d finished talking to Fred, we sat in silence for a while before finally standing up to make our way out. We walked in silence, heads down. I was kicking rocks with my feet when I suddenly collided with something solid, causing me to fall to the ground. Three times in one day… not bad.


Al began laughing and I turned to glare at him before I realized he was standing next to another boy. He must’ve been the one I ran into. He offered his hand to me and I took it gratefully as he pulled me to my feet.


He must’ve been our age, no more than twelve, with very pale skin. He had a splash of freckles on his nose and the most incredible blue eyes I’d ever seen. He had long shaggy blonde hair that seemed to ceaselessly fall into his eyes, causing him to brush it back with his hands, which sent a wave of butterflies through my stomach.


Suddenly, I wished I hadn’t been crying so much. I probably looked like a bloody mess. Face and eyes red from the tears, hair probably a disaster.


“Thank you.” I muttered before quickly walking past him, causing Al to awkwardly thank him before running to catch up with me.


“What was that about?” Al asked me after a few minutes.


“What?” I asked, not really understanding what the big deal was.


“Why didn’t you stop to actually say anything?”


“It wasn’t necessary.” I said and Al seemed to drop the subject. He knew it wasn’t best to push me. Besides, there was nothing else I could’ve said. All he’d done was rudely run into me and then help me up. I sighed to myself and continued walking.




After Al and I left Uncle George’s, we knew it was time to visit Uncle Fred. You see, Uncle Fred was Uncle George’s twin, the one who had died in the battle of Hogwarts at only nineteen years old. Though we’d never known him, it was somewhat of a tradition for me and Al anytime we visited Uncle George. It had started when we were little and our parents would stop by and it had never stopped.


As usual, we stopped by the flower store and picked out a large bouquet of sunflowers for Fred, allegedly they were the only flowers Uncle Fred could tolerate.


Uncle Fred’s grave was in the Wizarding cemetery in the heart of London. It was amazing what we could hide from the Muggles, especially with the size of the cemetery.


We put the flowers on Fred’s grave and sort of talked to each other and to Uncle Fred for a bit as we usually did. Letting him know how the family was doing and what was going on. Telling him how we’d received our acceptance letters and everything else that had happened. Finally, we sat in silence for a while before deciding it was time to leave.


On the way out of the cemetery, I had one of my “Rose moments” and ended up running straight into someone. He was about my age and had extremely pale skin. He had shaggy blond hair that fell into his amazing blue eyes. He helped me up before I thanked him and left, Al in tow.




We ended up getting back home just in time for dinner. We walked in and the whole house smelled of soy sauce and dill. A huge smile spread across my face as my stomach grumbled and I realized how hungry I was. The smell meant one thing… my favorite.


My mother made a lot of delicious meals, but one had been my favorite since I was little. It was one of the simplest recipes in the world, but it was delicious. She put chicken thighs in a pan and filled the bottom of the pan and coated the tops of the chicken with soy sauce. She then sprinkled a small amount of garlic powder followed by dill on top of the chicken before placing it in the oven to bake for a couple hours.


I bounded into the kitchen, Al close behind and we both nearly tripped over ourselves while attempting to run to the dining room table just as my mum was pulling the chicken out of the oven.


“Nice of you to join us.” Mum said, smiling as we slid into our seats.


“You missed an amazing shopping day.” Lily said from across the table, beaming and standing up as she spun around, a skirt that I assumed was new billowing out around her.


“Looks great, Lils.” I said and she slumped into her chair, obviously knowing that I really didn’t understand or care about fashion or clothes.


“You really did.” Ginny said, smiling and patting Lily’s head. “We got a nice lunch and walked around Muggle London for hours. We’re going again next week if you’d like to join. We’ll even go watch a movie if you want.”


I sighed. I knew they would try to get me to go out with them a few times before summer was over and I was gone until Christmas. I felt like I had to oblige at this point.


“Sure, sounds great.” I said and nearly everyone sitting at the table stared at me in shock.


“Really?” Lily squealed and I couldn’t help but smile.


“Yes, really. I want to spend some time with you guys before I leave for school.”


Mum began gushing about how excited she was, followed with a full story of the day’s events from Lily, which I hardly paid any attention to. I couldn’t help it; I was still focused on that boy from the cemetery and the strange desire to want to see him again. I kept trying to push it aside, but it didn’t work.


After dinner, the Potters left and my family went off to do their own things. I made my way back to my room and read for a few hours before deciding to make it an early night.




Dinner was amazing. My favorite. Mum had a knack of making the most incredible food, but my favorite of hers by far was the soy sauce chicken she made. Al and I made it home just in time to eat dinner with everyone.


The whole thing seemed to go by in a blur. Before I knew it, I was agreeing to going shopping with the rest of the girls, much to my mother’s delight, and was being told of all the wonderful shops they’d visited while Al and I were out.


Finally, dinner finished and the Potters went back to their house. My family split off, everyone going to do their own thing. I read for a few hours before writing this and deciding on an early night. It was a fantastic day overall, but I can’t seem to get my mind off that boy. So silly of me considering I’ll probably never see him again. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll forget about him soon enough.


Well, I’m out for the night.



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